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Nate Parker

Nate Parker (born November 18, 1979) is an American actor and musical performer who has appeared in Red Tails, The Secret Life of Bees, The Great Debaters, and Pride.

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I disagree black feminists hate black men as well. Both Casey Affleck and Nate Parker had white femal…
And the black feminists were more than happy to trash Nate Park…
Cosby conspiracy theorists, Nate Parker apologists, and R Kelly enthusiasts meeting Weinstein and Spacey supporters for the…
All the "white men get away with being sexual predators & no one ruins their careers so why ruin Cosby's/Nate Parker's" fol…
Did you see the films BIRTH OF A NATION&HIDDEN FIGURES starring Nate Parker&Taraji P.Henson??
If Peter Parker went to the club this prolly what it'd look like
Umm.. Nate Parker raped that woman ,and in fact wasn't the woman black?
I found his instagram page and he has a photo of him and Nate Parker. Just smiling it up. Like why would you still have that photo up???
More likely to get D.W. Griffith's Birth Of A Nation than Nate Parker's. That's what has ppl concerned. I hope we're wrong. But I doubt it.
You think Nate Parker didn't want Birth of a Nation to turn a profit? Or McQueen felt that way about 12YAS?
I added a video to a playlist Nate Parker - When the Black Man Dives into Forbidden Waters - Accused
nate parker raped A Girl in college & got off & black men get raped by other black men & women everyday where's the outcry
Nate Parker is banned from films bc he was ACQUITTED of rape but can be mayor of for raping…
Nate parker had one accuser which he denied from the beginning.
Nate Parker also has only had the one allegation. R. Kelly has had multiple…
It's some of the same ppl who headed up the LYNCHING of Nate Parker's "Birth of A Nation" after he said he r…
Because Nate Parker learned from his actions and keeps doing it. Lmao wym?
But didnt they have Nate Parker on tape too. Wasn't visual, but still a tape nonethele…
Why did you take my comment as support for R Kelly, and not as bashing Nate Parker?
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YES, They were mad b/c he dared push traditional marriages over homosexuality...that will get you immedi…
Nate Parker isn't "taking care" of multiple young women locked away from their families in an undisclosed location.
Just curious how is any different from Nate Parker?
Didn't follow the others but def researched nate Parker he didn't rape anyone
She did the same with Nate Parker. I was so disgusted.
How was working with Nate Parker? — Amazing! I felt like i was truly perfecting my craf...
Y'all really gotta stop making excuses for men like R. Kelly & Nate Parker. They're trash, canceled.
Fascinating how R. Kelly hasn't gotten a fraction of the vitriol Nate Parker got when Birth of a Nation was...
3 active NBA players have played 15+ seasons all with one team:. Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks. Tony Parker Spurs. Manu…
Black people, we have already proven that we are Black men first... I mean race first. R. Kelly, Cosby, Nate Parker, Ja…
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•Umar Johnson is a fraud. •Bill Cosby admitted it. •Nate Parker alluded to his guilt in a BET interview. •OJ wrote a b…
Who was President at Penn State when Nate Parker raped a female student who later committed Suicide? Graham Spanier
"Birth of a nation, shoutout to Nate Parker, they take the spotlight off you when you a shade darker". , The Manuscript
She tried to do the same for Nate Parker and he said no. Y'all don't deserve black women. .
Congratulations to HHP graduate Dr. Nate Parker, pictured here on graduation day with his co-advisors, Dr. Dan O'Connor and Dr.…
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White celebs like Woody Allen & Casey Affleck deserve the same backlash that has been so easily doled out to Bill Cosby & Nate Parker.
Serena will have a mixed kid. that's ok. Janet Jackson has one..ok. Mixed Jesse Williams dates white woman..NO. Nate Parker white wife..NO!
true. But there are also: Bill Cosby, Nate Parker, Tarun Tejpal, Shiney Ahuja, RK Pachauri, whose careers have finished.
I added a video to a playlist The Birth of a Nation Official Teaser Trailer (2016) - Nate Parker
Can we honor Birth of A Nation & Nate Parker at the BET Awards. It would be a great ...
"Let's go steal a national monument," Nate said, rubbing his hands together gleefully. Parker lit up at the idea of…
I can't even watch and enjoy Beyond the Lights anymore because of crusty a** Nate Parker
nate parker can get all this brown skin thrown @ him , the good Lord took his time on that man !! 😩
All this love for Jordan Peele probably got Nate Parker sick
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was Nate Parker convicted or was he accused?, hmm different hung, was he out on trial?, your a hypercrit
Nate Parker been at home all award season.
Also bookends Nate's initial state. Parker learns that people are a resource, not pure obstacles, and learned from Nate et al.
Casey Affleck won the Oscar but Nate Parker got blacklisted...🤔 Y'all figure this out.
Except with Parker, which made it stand out so much. She grows up during the thing. Nate recovers, but Parker actually changes.
Nate's drowning in pain, Hardison is adolescent, Eliot is recovering from being really bad. But Parker was just plain broken.
Race, privilege and a bad attitude: Why are Nate Parker and Casey Affleck being treated differently?
Have you seen the film BIRTH OF A NATION starring Nate Parker the slave rebellion of Nat Turner!!!
in general. Like with Bill Cosby or with Nate Parker for instance
this reminded me of the Nate Parker thing. I felt that some people weren't holding him accountable for the allegations in
you can't tell me John Lewis doesn't look like Nate Parker in this photo.
This Casey Affleck vs Nate Parker Discourse - White women, you need to blacklist Casey Affleck, you need...
First Nate Parker makes birth of national while married to a white woman, now the man behind "get out" is married to a white woman. Smh
abafuni nje Gabi. Bayatshelwa, but they know better. The Nate Parker scandal should have been the time for everyone to clean house
Rain clouds linger over the western side of Mount Desert Island. Thanks to Nate Parker for…
Me: Pass the ball Nate. Pass the b... Nate:
why did some black feminist keep saying they didn't go hard at Casey Affleck like they did nate parker bc he's not their responsibility?
Ben Carson was asked if he saw Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation and replied, "I prefer the original..."
Who defended Nate Parker? He was actually found innocent of the crime. Affleck just settled out of court 👀
TFW you as black feminist helped take down Nate Parker but then realize you've been had when white ppl don't reciprocate ht…
This by Casey Affleck seems far less apologetic and more dismissive than Nate Parker's statement but what do I know? https:…
Supposedly Nate Parker was too dismissive in his apologies and how he addressed his past. But peep this article
and is continuously accused of racism but was still nominated for his movie hackshaw ridge, but Nate Parker was accused of
Don't compare Casey to Woody, Polanski or Nate Parker. Just Don't!! He had all evidence to prove he is not guilty.
that's correct. I'm asking why wasn't that extended to Nate Parker? He had to defend his wife and daughters.
DGMW-I'm glad Peele's wife isn't being attacked, H/W before the Penn allegations came up, Nate Parker had to defend wife and daughters
Why arnt there think pieces about how Jordan Peele have a white wife diminished his credibility re:black stories a la Nate Parker 🤔
Cuz *** wanna compare him and Nate Parker like it's the same thing cuz they ***
Remember when y'all claimed that Nate Parker's downfall was that he wasn't contrite enough for your tastes?
Nate Parker acquitted of his charges but black women and *** still slander him like he did it, y'all move just like white peop…
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big fan here, would love to hear your thoughts on Nate Parker and Casey Affleck, given the Affleck accusations and his silence
Kind of curious as to whether Casey Affleck faced same type of scrutiny Nate Parker (who has been acquitted) faced ?
Nate Parker let the gas get to him, and thought that 17mil was gonna carry him, & forgot he was putting out a subpar movie
So, why didn't y'all get Casey Affleck out of here the way y'all did Nate Parker again?. Someone give me the SparkNotes v…
I'm not well versed on what's happening at the buuut didn't Ben afflecks brother get sexual harassment claims, like Nate Parker?
Anthony Anderson talking about women being harassed in the workplace is... interesting. AND Nate Parker is nominated. Lol. Okay.
with Chris Greene, Nate Parker, Sarah Parker and Aisha Tyler at the NAACP Image Awards!
By the way, Nate Parker, Casey Affleck, Mel Gibson, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski - all have different crimes and misdemeano…
the proof is in how the first response to media attacking rapists like Bill Cosby & Nate Parker among others is to defen…
I'm happy to see Travis Knight on the debut director but seeing Nate Parker over Eggers is a crime.
Earlier this week: Some in Hollywood see a double standard in awards season treatment of Casey Affleck & Nate Parker
My only point despite where I stand on both. It's clear that Nate Parker would never be on that stage. Smh.
I love that the obvious difference between Casey Affleck 👨🏻 and Nate Parker 👨🏿 gets exactly 21 words in this piece.
interesting reading on Casey Affleck vs Nate Parker reactions
Sexual aggression charges for actors Casey Affleck and Nate Parker, but only one is being shunned for
Congrats to Nate Parker and The Birth of a Nation
So grateful for liberals with the courage to stand up to the real villains of 2016: Amy Schumer, La La Land, and Nate Parker. 🙄
Nate Parker & Jean Celestin are rapists who do not deserve awards for exploiting the lives of Nat Turner and the rape victim who is now dead
This week you can catch The Birth of a Nation, Nate Parker's fiery biopic of Nat Turner's slave rebellion.…
Nate Parker portrays Nat Turner's slave rebellion in the insightful & shocking biopic
A short comment I wrote dissecting why Casey Affleck's past is being treated differently from the Nate Parker case. https:/…
Nate Parker sending an urgent email to Mel Gibson
Nate Parker's fan base now includes Al Sharpton, Harry Belafonte, and Mel Gibson.
Mel Gibson is defending Nate Parker: "I think he's innocent"
Mel Gibson gives his take on the boycott of Nate Parker and The Birth of a Nation
Mel Gibson on Nate Parker, " I think he's innocent of all that stuff."
Why did you add Nate Parker to this list
defends director over rape backlash - "I don't think it's fair"…
If they took down Nate Parker & birth of a nation they need to do the same with this.
Why Casey Affleck's sexual harassment case won't derail his chances (& why Nate Parker's rape case did):
I honestly think chocolate is where it's at have you seen Lance Gross, Idris Elba, Tyson Beckford, Mekhi Phifer, & Nate Parker🍫
Written before that it’s been fascinating to watch Nate Parker lose traction on his film & career while Affleck’s h…
Trading an account with Mitchel Musso, Nate Parker, Sarah Stalker and more follows
Mel Gibson comes to the defense of 'Birth of a Nation' director Nate Parker
Mel Gibson on Nate Parker controversy: "He was cleared of all that stuff. Unfair."
Mel Gibson finds it in his heart to defend Nate Parker
I just feel like if I really believe what Dr. King said, 'Injustice a...
Maybe Nate Parker woulda thought about that before he raped someone who went on to kill themselves. Gibson needs to…
I liked her until she caped for rapist Nate Parker.
Who at gave Mel Gibson a place at the Director's Roundtable & let him excuse Nate Parker? Tone deaf AF
Okay thanks hey did you see the film BIRTH OF A NATION the slave rebellion led by Nat Turner starring Nate Parker???
From Ryan Lochte to Nate Parker , here are 10 celebrity apologies of 2016
Mel Gibson is coming to Nate Parker's defense: "He was cleared of all that stuff."
The Birth of a Nation review – biblical passion and cheesy emotion - The Guardian
Actually how Nate Parker handled his scandal irritates me more. The woman you raped kills he…
Let's just say I take back .5% of my criticism of Nate Parker's interviews. That's all I have to say about that.
Nate Parker and Casey Affleck were accused of similar things. Bill Murray has also been accused of spousal abuse.
Where are all the "feminists" and moist newscasters like Anderson Cooper who attacked Nate Parker to campaign about Mi…
Wonder why Kodak not getting the Bill Cosby/Nate Parker treatment.
.on all the reasons Casey Affleck is getting treated differently than Nate Parker:
I added a video to a playlist Is this Rape? Nate Parker, Bill Cosby, R.Kelly, Kobe Bryant
These same people will dig up every court doc of Nate Parker+weigh every piece of circumstantial evidence as irrefutable pro…
The type of due diligence that the white liberals and black feminists in the media put Nate Parker through, it won't happen…
"I can't believe Tyler Perry made more money than Nate Parker movie we don't support black men"
Tyler Perry has elite connections that Nate Parker doesn't have, also the movies serves two diff purposes which affects sales
I wrote about the differences in how Casey Affleck and Nate Parker are being treated.
Casey Affleck was accused of Why isn't he treated like Nate Parker was? via
I honestly wanna see if media gives Casey Affleck the same treatment they've given Nate Parker, when Manchester by the Sea drops.
Amid the uproar over Nate Parker, why is no one talking about Casey Affleck? via
Super valid points made on The Read about how poorly Nate Parker has handled this whole situation.
Given rapist Nate Parker & his rapist accomplice wrote a fiction of N.Turner's wife raped as reason 4 the slave rebe…
The documentary Nate Parker released w Birth of a Nation is on & is called Rise Up: The Legacy of Nat Turne…
I and my lady were disgusted at the young lady who could not understand the story is about Nat Turner, not Nate Parker and
The root cause of some Black Women's hatred of Nate Parker isn't his acquittal of Rape but the fact that he is married to a White Woman.
Nate Parker and Jimmy Butler could be related lol
Nate Parker is a rapist. Just like the officer who killed Eric Garner is a killer even though he wasn't charged.
Son I didn’t even know Nate Parker is married to a white woman? Irrelevant. Super irrelevant.
Derrick Rose did it. Bill Cosby did it. Nate Parker did it. Kobe Bryant did it.
Oprah reached out to Nate Parker like she did with Jamie to let him know that he was blowing it, but Nate sent Oprah to voicemail. 😂😂
Nate Parker is no Steve McQueen. THE BIRTH OF A NATION is a flawed, immature film, but also necessary to understand today's America.
Nate Parker a "sociopath".so u won't support his movie.Steve Jobs was a "sociopath"...but u still copped that iPhone
I recommend anyone to see The Birth of a Nation. You don't have to like Nate Parker, but it's a movie that should be s…
White feminists are happy to stand by black women to take down Nate Parker but they aint around to help sistas get justice for…
Nate Parker criticizes rape case coverage: ‘Do they care about anyone involved?’
my takeaway is that is an excellent performance by Nate Parker. He was Nat Turner, like Jamie Foxx was Ray Charles
Nate Parker's rape trial predates The Great Debaters, Beyond the Lights, Pride, Red Tails, and so on. Why this film? Why…
Why are people acting as if Nate Parker is the only person ever to write or mention Nat Turner
It ain't about Nate Parker no more, it's about Nat Turner. And I'm sure the rape scene was to make the movie histor…
The history of Nat Turner has been slandered and hidden. Nate Parker obviously did deep research.
I'm not seeing . Nat Turner's story does not need Nate Parker to be told
Let me ask something: if a rape didn't motivate Nat Turner to lead a rebellion, why does Nate Parker feel it should in hi…
So Nate Parker made a movie about Nate Parker not Nat Turner. Lmao
Can we ever really separate the art from the artist? Brad Pitt, Nate Parker & the Woody/Polanski/Mel conundrum .
Another view on Nate Parker's movie. //‘The Birth of a Nation’ Is an Epic Fail via
Nate Parker looks like cable Jamie Foxx to me.
What if Nate Parker is just Jamie Foxx from two paper cups with a string tying them together?
Rumor Report | Nate Parker's 'Birth of a Nation', Kevin Hart on Hollywood Walk of Fame
Nate Parker and Robin Roberts discuss the use of the Bible and Christianity to back slavery and systemic racism
I've concluded that actor/director Nate Parker must be a graduate of the Donald J. Trump Charm School. He is a...
awesome show...knowing our history is our Civil Rights! Thanks to Nate Parker for his sacrifice and perseverance
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I can only imagine the pain she would be experiencing now to see Nate Parker promoting his new movie, “The Birth of…
This is how the gender politics of Nate Parker’s ‘The Birth of a Nation’ were sidelined by 2 years of htt…
Question: Looking at R. Kelly, Afrika Bambaataa, Bill Cosby and Nate Parker, is it possible for you to separate the ar…
Nate Parker's interview provided us a perfect example of DARVO .
I wish Nate Parker would stop talking.
Anderson Cooper did a half-assed job on Nate Parker 60 Minutes interview. Very disappointed in his lack of prep. Se…
Brother to Brother: An Open Letter to for Thank you
Ya don't have to like Nate Parker to watch Birth of A Nation. I can't stress how important this film is. It's history told unapologetically
Everyone knows where is the UK, USA, Canada, France, Spain... but not a lot of people know where in the Czech Repub…
Only reason I want to watch The Birth of a Nation is for Aja-Naomi. . Other than that, Nate Parker can go head with all that other b.s
Nate Parker says he doesn’t ‘feel guilty’ over suicide of woman he allegedly raped:
Nate Parker doesn’t apologize for rape allegations on insists is "bigger than all of us"
Anyone who's mad at Nate Parker for not apologizing for a crime he was acquitted are the fools, not Parker.
follow me during I sleep and maybe tomorrow will be a good day if at the morning i see "Nate Parker follow you…
The sister of Nate Parker's accuser speaks out against the rape scene in "Birth of a Nation"
This, from the sister of Nate Parker & Jean Celestin's victim, is BRUTAL.
I watched the 60 Minutes Interview with Nate Parker and I see two different men. He's clearly remorseful in the newer footage vs the old
Why do people want Nate Parker to apologize if he wasn't convicted of anything and doesn't feel like he did anything wrong?
Nate Parker spent 17yrs believing he was wrongfully charged & rightfully acquitted. Liability aside, an 180-degree turn…
Nate Parker can miss me w/the crocodile tears... A drunk woman cannot consent and he & his boy are RAPISTS.
I'm so glad Nate Parker has forgiven himself and feels vindicated😒. Guess he forgot about the horrifying court transcripts.
Nate Parker says he won't apologize over rape case:
Nate Parker addresses college rape trial in "60 Minutes" interview: "I was falsely accused"
Nate Parker addresses rape case in emotional '60 Minutes' interview
"‘The Birth of a Nation,’ Nate Parker’s Heralded Film, Is Now Cloaked in Controversy" by BROOKS BARNES and CARA BU…
Nate Parker is never going to give you what you want. Either see BIRTH OF A NATION or don't, but it is what it is.
Was sad re: your interview with Nate Parker.Expected more of you-Who was responsible for your tragedy? No one was- U know it
Nate Parker doesn't apologize on '60 Minutes': 'I was vindicated': 'The Birth of a Nation' arrives amid rape ...
Nate Parker is an actor. Nat Turner is a Hero. I will not deny Nat Turner his just due. I Salute Slavery is bigge…
knows Nate Parker rape case has been out for forever just like the Bill Cosby thing too angry to see
Food for thought: what’s the difference between Nate Parker and Bill Clinton’s background? Is why they are seen differently?
Wow. This Andre Allen character in Top Five is *** near Nate Parker...
Nate Parker is here at MacArthur for his movie premiere.. you would think it's the met gala the way these people are dressed lol
Dear Bill Cosby, Nate Parker, Derrick Rose. We love you for your talent/abilities, but even w/your fame/fortune you MUST resp…
Listening to Nate Parker - Birth of a Nation actor speaking passionately at NSU about his film on Nat Turner.
Nate Parker says Colin Kaepernick’s protest is a form of resistance in the spirit o
The subject of Nate Parker's 'Birth of a Nation' gets stage treatment in 'Nat Turner in Jerusalem': Theater Review…
Folks mad at Jesse Williams for supporting Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation but still support Chris Brown. Stfu forever!! Y'all…
The FBI is now involved in the Will people rake Brad Pitt over the coals, Nate Parker-style?
'The Birth of a Nation' is bigger than Nate Parker
What happened when Birth of a Nation’s Nate Parker was asked to apologize to his accuser’s family at
So what Nate Parker & Jean Celestin rape of Jennifer drove her to suicide after their harassment caused her to drop out of college at 18 ...
BBCNewsEnts: Nate Parker's gets standing ovation in Toronto
Birth of a Nation gets standing ovation in Toronto: Actor and director Nate Parker receives an enthusiastic w...
People are saying Hacksaw Ridge is Mel Gibson's redemption film. So, will Nate Parker have a "redemption film" soon too?
I won't support Nate Parker and his film and I won't support Mel Gibson and his film.
Gabrielle Union on Nate Parker's rape: I cannot take these allegations lightly.
"Silence certainly does not equal 'yes'.” pens powerful op-ed on Nate Parker:
“Birth of a Nation” star Gabrielle Union speaks out on Nate Parker rape allegations
And this op-ed by Gabrielle Union on being raped, her role in Birth of a Nation, & Nate Parker is a must-read:
.co-stars in 'The Birth of a Nation' & speaks on Nate Parker controversy:
Gabrielle Union is speaking out about Nate Parker's rape allegations in a powerful op-ed.
Gabrielle Union breaks her silence on Nate Parker's rape allegations.
3. Basically Gabrielle Union did a "let me save my career so I don't get Blacklisted like Nate Parker" move by distancing…
Why rape survivor Gabrielle Union did Nate Parker's "Birth of a Nation" (WireImage)
Gabrielle Union wrote an op-ed for the LA Times: I cannot take Nate Parker rape allegations lightly
Here is the full clip of and I talking about male privilege and Nate Parker on
Penn State Alumni Pen Open Letter in Support of Nate Parker: The statement from four former Penn State studen...
What I said in is obvious here: Nate Parker isn't showing remorse for what happened, but that we found out. http…
The amount of hoops people jump through to defend people like Nate Parker, or Woody Allen instead of believing actual vict…
Anthony Anderson of "Black Ish" is in extreme hot water for telling TMZ "We should focus on the fact that Nate Parker is a great guy" WOW
Anthony Anderson speaks up for Nate Parker in the midst of accusations .
Fox Searchlight reportedly moving ahead with plans to have Nate Parker promote The Birth of a Nation in extensive...
The conversation surrounding Nate Parker's rape allegations and future of The Birth of a Nation is more than…
Anthony Anderson is standing by "Birth of a Nation" director Nate Parker after rape allegations resurface.
Now people are saying "don't watch Blackish" bc Anthony Anderson said something in support of Nate Parker. Whew. Cmon ya…
New Pittsburgh Cou. Anthony Anderson on Nate Parker: Here’s ‘what we should focus on’
My piece on why the traditional Hollywood PR machine cannot spin Nate Parker's alleged rape: https:/…
The reason I'm not boycotting "Birth of A Nation" because of the Nate Parker rape case
As I read the stories about Nate Parker and the woman's suicide, I saw a commercial for a movie directed by Woody Allen.
Nate Parker was found innocent by a jury, so it's disgusting seeing his name dragged through the mud for clicks. By the trades no less!
Sasha defends Woody Allen, of course she'll defend Nate Parker. So done with her.
Quick reminder that if you're avoiding Nate Parker's work, you should DEFINITELY avoid Woody Allen's, Roman Polanski's, Cha…
It's right to be upset about Nate Parker, but you should also be upset about Woody Allen. There can't be this racist dou…
Nate Parker is just one in Hollywood. Others like Woody Allen and Bill Cosby get away with it, too.
If your defense for Nate Parker is "what about Woody Allen or Roman Polanski?"... what are you really saying?
I will never understand the logic that Bill Cosby and Nate Parker should get away with rape because Woody Allen did. Rape is wrong. Period.
Woody Allen should not have gotten away with rape either. Stop using him to silence outrage about Nate Parker.
Wow those of you using America's history of wrongfully accusing black men of rape to defend Nate Parker are absolutely atroc…
The brother of Nate Parker's accuser speaks out, revealing that his sister killed herself
Personally, Nate Parker lost me when he said "the preservation of the black man" was contingent on not playing a *** black…
This re: Nate Parker could also be said about Trayvon's killer. But I guess a conspiracy theory gets them tuned in.😒 http…
The Bill Clinton sexual assault incidents and HILLARY Cover Ups are in the same category as NATE PARKER but yall still…
Nate Parker's assertion that he has "five beautiful daughters" and a "lovely wife" sits very uneasy with me, given what he's defending.
Whats done in the dark will ALWAYS come to light responds to woman accusing him of rape. via
This statement by Nate Parker's accuser's family is interesting. Even they find the timing of this suspect
The accusations against Nate Parker make for grim reading (cw: sexual assault):
Nate Parker 'devastated' by suicide of rape accuser:
Here's everything we know about the Nate Parker rape case:
Search Trends (2016-08-17): People are searching for Nate Parker
Sister of Nate Parker's rape accuser speaks out 4 years after sister's suicide:
Jesus. That transcript of the call between Nate Parker and the woman he raped is a tough read
Spotted in the Jezebel comments section, re Nate Parker
Here’s what you need to know about the rape accusations against Nate Parker
I liked a video from The Irony of the Nate Parker Rape Case
Nate Parker’s rape accuser committed suicide in 2012
guardianfilm: Nate Parker 'devastated' by suicide of rape accuser
1999 rape case swirls around Nate Parker and his film "The Birth of a Nation"
My observation of black men's reactions to the Nate Parker rape allegations tell me they have no concept of consent and…
Nate Parker 'devastated' by suicide of rape accuser | Guardian
I don't see how you can read that Nate Parker transcript and still defend this dude. If you wanna see the movie, fine; but do…
2 years after his rape accuser died by suicide, Nate Parker talked about why people shouldn't take their own lives: https:/…
why can't black men say, "wow, I wish nate parker wasn't a rapist" instead of blaming this on structural racism.
Nate Parker 'devastated' by suicide of accuser
So even Nate Parker's accuser's family suspects the fake outrage is propaganda, and they want no part of it
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Nate Parker 'devastated' by suicide of rape accuser The Guardian World News . Nate Parker has responded to the sui…
Nate Parker 'sorrow' at news of accuser’s death
GuardianUS: Nate Parker 'devastated' by suicide of rape accuser
Family of Nate Parker rape accuser releases statement, saying they are "dubious" of case's resurfacing
Birth of a Nation star Nate Parker responds to news that the woman w...
Nate Parker 'devastated' by suicide of rape accuser
Pitching a buddy comedy with Nate Parker and Bill Cosby called "Bottoms Up".
Nate Parker Responded to the Death of His Past Rape Accuser via
Bottom Line: I see Nate Parker's acquittal from rape charges the same way I see George Zimmerman's acquittal from killin…
So you're saying Nate Parker is the new Woody Allen, then?
"Nate Parker and Bill Cosby were acquitted.". So was Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman and many who we know are guilty. Acquittal=/=innocence.
Y'all mad at Nate Parker because his wife is white.. ...but LOVE Jesse Williams who comes from an IR relationship? htt…
Wood Harris, Luke James, and Nate Parker are dream baes. What am I gonna do now 😱
I don't care what Nate Parker does in his personal life is based on a true story. It's bigger than him.
Nate Parker, former Penn State student and member of the wresting team, is the writer, director, and star of The...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Pretty safe to say Nate Parker is the new Denzel Washington
So much beautiful cinematic Blackness Ryan Coogler & Nate Parker will be giving us.
With BIRTH OF A NATION coming I imagine this would be updated as well...Nate Parker. “BEYOND THE LIGHTS”. “RED TAILS”
Where do you find a Jesse Williams, or a Nate Parker, or a Michael B Jordan or a Bryshere Gray
The Birth of a Nation by Nate Parker (Tuskegee Airman)! Slaves movement to gain Freedom.
Amazing panel discussion with creator and cast of Birth of a Nation at Nate Parker,…
Nate Parker as John Stewart, Jake Gyllenhaal as Kyle, no idea for Hal? lol Miles Teller would be perfect as Guy
This is why Nate Parker is getting all my coins with birth of a nation. The fact it's called birth of a nation is just.. lol…
Black History Solstice continues w Nate Parker "I didn't start from mud & feces at the bottom of a slave ship. I'm an original."
why do you only suggest three black actors for film roles like Michael B., Nate Parker, and Donald Glover?
Patrick Wilson, Nate Parker and Zac effron for Hal, Jon and Kyle Rayner..
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