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Natasha Richardson

Natasha Jane Richardson (11 May 1963 – 18 March 2009) was an English actress of stage and screen.

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I'm still sad Natasha Richardson is dead
Our school had a visit today from Mrs Richardson-Hodge, the Minister of Education for Anguilla in response to our fund ra…
Liam Neeson opens up to Anderson Cooper over the death of his wife, actress Natasha Richardson. Her legacy lives on…
“She’s keeping three people alive at the moment: her her and her Liam Neeson found comfo…
Saw the movie in the early 90s with Robert Duvall and Natasha Richardson. And when the s…
This week's review: THE HANDMAID'S TALE from 1990. Some deep and well-meaning themes in this film but they are drow…
Bringing it home: we close out in discussion with awardees Natasha Aric of Projec…
Natasha Mariea Kayln Harvey Katherine Margareta Shramek Joelle Hedgepeth you ladies came to mind first when I...
I read the book in the 80s when it came out and then again later, I mean it's great…
Pretty sure the onscreen chemistry between Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson taught me what chemistry looks like
*** I didn't know that the mother of annie and hallie from the Parent Trap, natasha richardson, was dead, my childhood is ruined
Natasha Richardson is the guest judge on this Christmas episode of top chef and I’m LITRILLY SOBBIN
"We have to stop and be thankful for our spouses. Because, one day, when you look up from your phone, they won't be…
Last weekend was the first Premier League gameweek without Tony Pulis or Sam Allardyce since the release of "Wild C…
I just realized how eerily similar Emma Thompson and Natasha Richardson look.😳👀
Oh yes. Made extra sad now by Rickman’s passing. In the same way I found Neeson’s performance more po…
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Forage your own herbs and make some delicious herbal tea in a Primula glass teapot!. 📷: : Natasha Richardson
Would you rather screw Leona Lewis or level Natasha Richardson
That movie makes me miss Natasha Richardson terribly.
Natasha Richardson was the best thing abt him.
Before tragedy struck, Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson had a fairy-tale marriage
Oh my heart. Watching Wild Child and I cannot help getting emotional over Natasha Richardson. What a beautiful woman. You are so missed 😩
May both of these Queens Janelle J'Nelle Richardson and NaTasha M. McKeller get to bless the stage. They’re truly...
Two words summarize the difference between what Canadians call healthcare and US healthcare: Natasha Richardson
Aw gawd, now Vanessa Redgrave is showing Joan her own family album pics of Natasha Richardson. This is gut wrenching.
Natasha Richardson in her first film, GOTHIC, for her mother's director Ken Russell. Happy birthday, golden girl. X
1963 Gabriel Byrne as Lord Byron and Natasha Richardson as Mary Shelley for Ken Russell's…
That is a great book, I read it in high school. Didn't like the Natasha Richardson ve…
I read the book and saw the original film with Natasha Richardson, Faye Dunaway and Robert Duvall. Have…
The book was excellent, as was the Duval/Natasha Richardson movie. I'm scared to start watching because tod…
Ah, so of course she'd end up being played by both Alice Krige and Natasha Richardson.
A bit reminiscent of Natasha Richardson, and Lynn and Corin Redgrave all passing in the same week.
I always felt too young and selfish to have children of my own.
As I grew up in that world and saw how much it affected her world...
I wake up every morning feeling lucky - which is driven by fear, ...
Natasha Richardson in Patty Hearst, Paul Schrader’s 1988 biopic. Schrader will intro the film on Sunday at 6pm.…
I know the pressures of being the daughter of a great actress. Bu...
KenRussell as film director is magus. And Natasha Richardson
Congratulations, Natasha Richardson! Stare at my lower leg!!!
Eden Richardson and Lauryn John-Baptiste beats Natasha Hillyer and Soumeya Anane 6-0 6-0 at Loughborough
I knew that for this movie to work it had to be very hot and very...
Congratulations on your Nomination for the Natasha Richardson Award for Best Actress.
The Parent Trap honestly never gets old👌 Natasha Richardson is literally flawless😍
I'm not the kind of actress that goes home with the character. I ...
I will forever miss you my love. Natasha Richardson
God bless you and love you Natasha Richardson
A film is a director's vision... there is, however, much input an...
What my father especially taught me was to not always take the sa...
bizarrely this has been amended this pm to remove ref to his heroes Greg & Natasha Richardson
TBT: Amy Adams & Natasha Richardson, Liam Neeson's wife at time, she was a sweetheart & died in a ski accident 2009.
That's funny. I knew both of my cousin was pregnant. But hey bestie Natasha Richardson is there something you...
Here for OIL. Last time I was here was in 2003 watching the incredible Natasha Richardson star in The Lady From The Sea X
Part of the reason for moving to New York was the sense that it j...
Watching the Lindsay Lohan version of The Parent Trap and forgot that Natasha Richardson died and now I am sad again!!
Paul Schrader and Natasha Richardson the set of the brilliant Patty Hearst, one of my favorite…
there's like a couple celeb deaths that have stuck with me. . Anna Nicole, Natasha Richardson, Brittney Murphy, Amy Winehouse, Prince etc
Natasha Richardson (b. 5/11/1963) in the 1992 revival of O'Neill's ANNA CHRISTIE. Via
Hollywood star. Natasha Richardson murdered by the rap world.
I mean, only the story between Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid like. They belong together in real life.
Natasha Richardson 2009 miss and love you forever
Amfar today Natasha Richardson last amfar and public appearance she was part of it.
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Actor Liam Neeson on his wife Natasha Richardson’s death, and how organ donation has brought his family solace...
Liam Neeson finds love seven years after tragically losing wife Natasha Richardson
That picture is of him with his late wife Natasha Richardson. She died in a ski accident some years ago.
Liam Neeson says he is dating an “incredibly famous” woman seven years after losing his wife Natasha Richardson in a skiing accident.
Liam Neeson has barely dated since his wife Natasha Richardson (pictured) died in 2009, but he has now announced he is dating someone
of all the name that needs to link him why Kristen? a big downgrade from Natasha Richardson lol
Liam Neeson has found love seven years after passing of wife Natasha Richardson
I had a really hard time watching it after Natasha Richardson died because Liam REALLY was a widower now :(
Liam Neeson reveals late wife Natasha Richardson sang to him at their wedding
Blow Dry! Ah, bless. I'd forgotten that one with the lovely Natasha Richardson and Rachel Griffiths. He was so good in that.
Oh wait, I forgot Natasha Richardson is in it. I don't think I can handle both of them together just yet.
this is like when Natasha Richardson died, I literally can't imagine the film industry without him
Was on Natasha Richardson's Wikipedia page and she donated her organs so someone is walking around with Natasha Richardson's heart
oh god, with Natasha Richardson. Why do people die
Alan Rickman and the late Natasha Richardson. Yep, as in Mrs. Liam Neeson. The movie is Blow Dry.
Natasha Richardson. A harmless fall with no obvious injuries, and she's dead hours later. Scary and sad
just remembered Natasha Richardson dies of cancer in this film. Has Rickman ever died on screen from skiing into a tree?
Natasha Richardson...Alan Rickman...please don't let the curse of Blow Dry take Josh Hartnett.
Sad to hear about Alan Rickman. One of my favourite films of his is "Blow Dry" with Natasha Richardson. Pulling out the DVD tonight.
natasha richardson in maid in manhattan - Yahoo Image Search Results
natasha richardson maid in manhattan - Yahoo Image Search Results
Still can't believe that Natasha Richardson died almost 7 years ago😟
Natasha Richardson refused lifefight 1st but when one called later, none avail. 2.5 hr ride in ambulance did her in.
Liam Neeson opens up about late wife Natasha Richardson's touching song
I'm still bummed about Natasha Richardson, but Yay and Amen to Marion Ross!!!
Liam Neeson talks about his late wife Natasha Richardson
Liam Neeson reveals details about his wedding to his late wife Natasha Richardson:
Yes hard to watch for awhile after Natasha Richardson's fatal skiing accident
Liam Neeson: Natasha Richardson Sung to Me on Our Wedding Day | Wetpaint, Inc. - via
You guys! Liam Neeson reveals that Natasha Richardson serenaded him on their wedding day:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Liam Neeson reveals his super romantic wedding song with late wife Natasha Richardson:
updates Natasha Richardson for rank 1033 to 759
Liam Neeson reveals sweet detail about wedding to Natasha Richardson via
Liam Neeson on his late wife Natasha Richardson...
Actor Liam Neeson shared the sweetest story about his late wife, Natasha Richardson, on the Radio Andy show on Thursday.&Neeson
Natasha Richardson for designs. Love this attitude & those pants.
Saw a trailer of and sadly remember tony Richardson and Natasha Richardson
It's worse when you think about how Natasha Richardson died. I cry when she first meets her mom!
beautiful! Vanessa Redgrave carrying her daughter, Natasha Richardson, in London (1971) (via raffaellacarra)
"We're Joely and Natasha Richardson and we're here to design clothes and lose our children and pets" - The 90s
In this episode of Sherlock Holmes, Holmes is in a foul mood, and won’t rest until Watson is also unhappy. . Bonus Natasha Richardson.
Natasha Richardson though. I think I want to watch Caberet after Maid in Manhattan.
I'd be more concerned as to how the corpse of Natasha Richardson ended up in a therapist's office.
I loved the weird and wonderful one with Sean Bean and Natasha Richardson
They're just children. Can't get excited about it. Preferred the Sean Bean/Natasha Richardson version.
Liam Neeson was comforted by knowing his wife Natasha Richardson was able to donate her organs ❤️
Liam Neeson's wife Natasha Richardson passed away at age 45 after an ski accident in…
I just want a love like Nicholas Parkers and Natasha Richardson
I don't want to tag Genie and she has sought medical care so not she is taken care of. But will never forget Natasha Richardson
I always go back to what happened to Natasha Richardson. She fell while skiing. Hit her head. Died 2 days later.😢😢
Hearts That Matter UK. Liam Neeson Found comfort in his decision to donate his wife Natasha Richardson's organs.
"Ms. Miller is a revelation here, the most realistic Sally since Natasha Richardson won a Tony for the part"
Actress Natasha Richardson made one of her earliest screen appearances in this '80s -
Hi Natasha, Thank you for your positive feedback, we really appreciate it! :) Feel free to nominate the
Just catching the last half hour of on Film4 starring the late Natasha Richardson.
I can't fall out of love with Natasha Richardson. How does one get over this woman???. 😢😢😢 Liam Neeson.
a good sign. Although ever since Natasha Richardson's death from the skiing accident, I never am certain.
Photo: andreasanterini: Natasha Poly and Jamie Dornan in “Corps D’Elite” / Photographed by Terry Richardson...
once turned down the iconic role. But for what reason? | E! -
TIL that Liam Neeson turned down the role of James Bond because his wife-to-be s... [r/movies]
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Liam Neeson is badass, but not so much when it comes to women
Natasha Richardson was sooo elegantly beautiful.
Actress Natasha Richardson has died after suffering injuries in a ski accident, according to a family statement.
Liam Neeson success and sorrow, talks about his personal connection with on 60 Minutes
Nothing quite as heartbreaking as Liam Neeson's interview with Anderson Cooper, talking his late wife.
I remember Natasha Richardson being my first white woman spirit animal after watching
I still get upset when I see Natasha Richardson in films.
The Parent Trap is the epitome of a Sunday afternoon film. RIP Natasha Richardson!
Love the wedding photo shoot scene in The Parent Trap but it always gets me! 🙈💖 Natasha Richardson was absolutely stunning 👸👼
Hangover status: just cried when I saw Natasha Richardson in a trailer on a DVD.
once saw a Poirot with a v young Benedict Cumberbatch and lovely Natasha Richardson.
Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson Married July 3, 1994 - March 18, 2009) (her death)
Michael Neeson, son of Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson, to play Michael Collins in The Rising.
Not making a "The Parent Trap" musical while Natasha Richardson was still alive, was a HUGE mistake.
A Song for Mama: Natasha Richardson: boyz || men via
Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson's son opens up on his late mom's fashion legacy
How this actress' son coped with her untimely death -
I feel like my outfit today has been halfway between Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap and Natasha Richardson in The Parent Trap.
Natasha Richardson a la Parent Trap. Best movie wardrobe of all of the 90s 😎
I found your doppelganger! I knew you had the same features as someone.. the lovely Natasha Richardson.
you and i :Liam Neeson natasha richardson - YouTube
ps: Helen Mirren was in a movie with Christopher Walken & Natasha Richardson!
there HAS to be a story about how Natasha Richardson was after a man who looks JUST like Liam Neeson (her husband before passing) in MIM
Around the same time, Natasha Richardson died. I was found to be an angel of death and re-ported back to the
I have never realized what Liam Neeson and his family had gone through. It must be really, really hard for a...
Morning! My Natasha Richardson rose looking beautiful in the morning light. Lovely start to the weekend.
I've gotten so used to Diva Cabaret that Natasha Richardson singing it seems strange and unusual now.
"The Parent Trap" night! :D One of my fave childhood movies! RIP Natasha Richardson.
Have you ever lightly bumped your head then spent the next 19 hours worrying you were going to drop dead like Natasha Richardson?
Natasha Richardson as Mary Shelley and Gabriel as Lord in "Gothic" by Ken
I mean sure Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson are charming people but there’s a depravity beneath the surface there.
Natasha Richardson receiving her headphones at the stand Balmoral Show - well done
Vanessa Redgrave and her two daughters Joely Richardson and Natasha Richardson.
also I was the only who knew who natasha richardson or christopher reeve were + how plywood is made. I've been christened "trivia student."
So much love for you Natasha Richardson x
I can't believe that Natasha Richardson's mum is Vanessa Redgrave 😳😳
Not going to lie, one of the many marvellous things about The Parent Trap is Natasha Richardson & the nanny Chessy 😍😍😋😋
Natasha Richardson looks so lovely in this film on bbc2
am I the only one who thinks she looks like a mix of Natasha Richardson (RIP :'-( ) & Emma Thompson?
it makes me sad watching it now tho :/ Bc Natasha Richardson
Liam Neeson's son on mother Natasha Richardson's death: 'It was ...
I get so sad about Natasha Richardson like she was/is one of my fav actresses
OMG I remember when Natasha Richardson died that was so tragic 😭
In your morbid world it would be about Lindsay Lohan's drug problems & Natasha Richardson's untimely death. No wacky antics :(
in memory of natasha richardson. 1963- 2009: plz. Share. An. Comment
Sometimes I forget that Natasha Richardson died and I get sad
My response would be "anything with Natasha Richardson in it."
Makes me sad every time I watch the Parent Trap and remember the fact that Natasha Richardson has passed away💔
It's Saturday night and I am watching 'The Parent Trap' - I always forget that Natasha Richardson died a few years back.
Natasha Richardson was so pretty in The Parent Trap.
Watching The Parent Trap. Though I enjoy it, it makes me sad with the loss of Natasha Richardson.
A classic movie featuring the late great Natasha Richardson
"You are so insensitive to Natasha Richardson and it's the one thing I do NOT like about you." -
Watching the Parent Trap and feeling so sad for Natasha Richardson :(
SHCC looking forward to co-hosting cricket this weekend. Get down to Richardson Park to watch th…
Can't believe new Patty Hearst film could be better than Paul Schrader's weird, wonderful 1988 biopic with the ferocious Natasha Richardson.
Liam Neeson's son Micheál opens up about life after Natasha Richardson's death:
I remember at the show there was a flower named after Natasha Richardson an awful loss another fab actress so sad
great knowledge of the rules there Natasha. Proud of you babe xo
Now compare what had happened to Liam Neeson's son when his Mother died suddenly. there is a vast difference to Prince
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
with Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson winning best supporting Actor and Actress respectively.
I saw Gerald Green in a movie last week "Patty Hearst" with Natasha Richardson. He played F.Lee Bailey - horrible wig.
the White beautiful movie in the '30s, Shanghai. With Natasha Richardson and Ralph Fiennes.
Totally only just found of that Liam Neeson was married to Natasha Richardson 😢
Somehow managed to jump back into the Natasha Richardson rabbit hole and now it's 2009 all over again and I'm depressed
I saw it in 2000 with Alan Cumming & Natasha Richardson - still absolutely one of the best shows I've ever seen!
Watching the Parent Trap & Natasha Richardson is so much like my mam I can't cope
Natasha Richardson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia shocking tragedy.
Made in Manhattan is on. Or as I call it, J-Lo killed Natasha Richardson and I will prove it someday.
“Still can't believe that Natasha Richardson died...” 😔😔
Still can't believe that Natasha Richardson died...
Breaking news, Natasha Richardson was her name. She was married to Liam Neeson and passed away
Love watching but still can't believe Natasha Richardson is gone. 😇💙
I once saw a movie, Asylum. Starring Natasha Richardson and Marton Csokas. The ending is very powerful. However, don't watch it.
I still cry over Natasha Richardson tbh.
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Loved that book. It was made into a film with Natasha Richardson.
I remember how I cried when Natasha Richardson died. 😭😭😭
You know who I miss? Natasha Richardson. She was fantastic. RIP.
It's so bittersweet to watch the movie (the newer one) "The Parent Trap" now. Natasha Richardson was so beautiful and fabulous.
I don't think I'll ever get over Natasha Richardson's death 😭
Girl, I'm obsessed with that movie. Natasha Richardson will always be a freaking babe.
Watching The Parent Trap & it makes me feel so sad for Natasha Richardson & feel sorry for Liam! Such a tragic death & horrible to think of💔
Natasha Jane Richardson (11 May 1963 – 18 March 2009) was an English stage and screen actress. Her f
and the late Natasha Richardson. Terrified me as a child, that episode! I love them all.
Look at Natasha Richardson. She walked around talking after her ski accident & later died. You just never know...
Best to hold off on jokes. Harrison Ford seems to be okay, but head injuries are unpredictable. Remember poor Natasha Richardson.
Whenever I hear about head injuries, I still think of the late Natasha Richardson
natasha Richardson was walking and talking after her aciddent before she succumbed to her head injury
Ask Natasha Richardson. No joke, anything involving the head should be treated as potentially serious.
I was going to mention Natasha Richardson, but she didn't get immediate medical help like he did.
I just heard. I don't know why, but it reminded me of Natasha Richardson
hopefully, but you never know with head injuries. Remember Natasha Richardson
Head injuries are tricky. Look at what happened to Natasha Richardson. Can never be too careful.
Scary...that makes me think of Natasha Richardson. She walked away from her ski accident and collapsed later.
you can walk away with head injuries and then show signs of brain swelling or something. Like Natasha Richardson
makes me think of Natasha Richardson, tbh
'Cuts on his head' 😦😦😦. Praying it does not become brain trauma like Natasha Richardson. 💗💗💗💗.
The more I see Liam Neeson's career, the more I'm convinced Natasha Richardson used to pick his scripts for him.
in memory of natasha richardson. 1963- 2009: Wow my Natasha. Richardson video got 117 views. Awsome
We are simultaneously excited & humbled by the dedication Natasha Richardson '20 shows to others: …
you might also be interested to read about Natasha Richardson. the thing to watch for is the sign of anger.
Liam Neeson & Natasha Richardson at New York Premiere of "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian"
Every time I see Liam Neeson, I just get sad about Natasha Richardson.
I just realized what Katy Perry's outfit reminds me of: that outfit J.Lo stole from Natasha Richardson in Maid in Manhattan.
it's been almost 6 years and my heart still hurts for Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I think Maid In Manhattan is a movie about how Natasha Richardson's character is in love with J.Lo
Paying tribute. Liam Neeson saw on 17 years after Natasha Richardson starred in the show:
Liam Neeson sees Cabaret on Broadway—can't believe it's been 17 years since his late wife Natasha Richardson starred:
Liam Neeson went to see the Cabaret revival years after Natasha Richardson's debut. His "emotional evening":
After this, the EMT started telling me about how Natasha Richardson died and I refused the hospital but now I'm paranoid
She wasn't as great as Natasha Richardson:-)
Had no idea natasha richardson was dead :( dissertation research can be depressing sometimes!
Head trauma is no joke I hope you're having it monitored! Remember Natasha Richardson thought she was fine too :(
TIL this was Natasha Richardson's final film appearance.
u remind me of Natasha Richardson circa like 1990 on these pics
Check out what I found. Wild Child DVD. Starring Emma Roberts, Alex Pettyfer & Natasha Richardson. New. via
I wanna go skiing but then I think of Natasha Richardson
Actually just SOBBED during the Parent Trap when Hallie meets Natasha Richardson for the first time.
the fact that Natasha Richardson died just like that saddens me so much
Natasha Richardson? do you remember anything about the movie?
I will never get over Natasha Richardson's death
Natasha Richardson was such a beauty, and an amazing actress, definetly one of my fav's
Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid in The Parent Trap
I know I'm doing alright when Natasha Richardson's version of "Maybe This Time" produces zero emotions in me.
such a classic. And the Joni scene is even more poignant now, having lost Natasha Richardson. :(
I miss Natasha Richardson. She was a Sally to remember!
That part in The Parent Trap in which Natasha Richardson wears sunglasses and smokes a cig while worrying about seeing Dennis Quaid
Mar 2009: Natasha Richardson dies after Quebec skiing accident
every time I watch wild child I find it so hard to believe natasha richardson isn't here anymore 😢
Watching Wild Child and now I'm sad about Natasha Richardson
you, again, made me cry tonight! But Emma channeled Natasha Richardson with Life is a Cabaret!!! Wow...
I just realised that JLo, Stanley Tucci, AND Natasha Richardson are each in at least 2 of the movies on my list.
Manziel should worry about riding the pine too much for his future. /s/ Natasha Richardson
Speaking of generational divides, NeuroMOOC team (ave age 30) didn't know who Natasha Richardson was and I didn't ...
Watching 'Maid in Manhattan' not only is it a great film! Jennifer Lopez and Natasha Richardson look amazing and are both incredible in it!!
We need this for the big table in Media Nadia Martin Emily Richardson Natasha Crawford Allison Smith lol
More from the The Mad Hatter story. MODELS: Roland bray, Lottie Richardson and Kyra Harris . MAU: Natasha Flower...
Don't know how the two of you kept a straight face! Congratulations on receiving the Natasha Richardson Best Actress Award xx
Also, Vanessa Redgrave sounds eerily alike with her (deceased) daughter Natasha Richardson.
Photoset: Congrats to Gillian Anderson on winning the ‘Natasha Richardson Award for Best Actress’ for A...
. Delighted that you won the Natasha Richardson Award for Best Actress at The Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Congratulations. !
Congrats to on winning the 'Natasha Richardson Award for Best Actress'!
Natasha Richardson was the definition of class
"The fact I'm standing here is remarkable" says as she takes the Natasha Richardson Award for Best Ac…
Is it just me or do Emma Thompson and Natasha Richardson look almost exactly alike??
it's THE BEST. the first time i watched it after natasha richardson died, i was so sad for liam.
Now it's the Natasha Richardson Award for Best Actress presented by Idris Elba
Well done to Gillian Anderson who takes the Natasha Richardson Award for Best Actress
Gillian Anderson wins Best Actress gong at London theatre awards  : Nominated for the Natasha Richardson award...
1998's Parent Trap remake is just as charming as I remember. LiLo is enchanting. Natasha Richardson looks freaky like Emma Thompson!
A production I still remember now is Natasha Richardson in Anna Christie in 1990,wonderful!
Photo: Vanessa Redgrave with her daughters, 20 month old Natasha Richardson and a new born Joely Richardson...
Director Tony Richardson, father of Joely & Natasha Richardson, dies in 1991.
"Stone has wanted to play ever since she watched Natasha Richardson sing Cabaret as a 9-year-old girl" about Sally Bowles.
1977 in NYC is a good one too. The Paul Schrader Patty Hearst movie is awesome. Natasha Richardson, Ving Rhames, Dana Delany
Last time I saw Streetcar was on Broadway in 2005 with John C Reilly, Natasha Richardson & Amy Ryan. So this one has a lot to live up to...
The Parent Trap is flawless. Natasha Richardson, you are missed.
Natasha Richardson was a great. I get sad every time I watch one of her movies, now. 😔
Watching the Parent Trap and still can't believe that Natasha Richardson is dead
I'm watching The Parent Trap. I still can't believe Natasha Richardson is dead. 😔. I love though! 😘
Drat, I thought you were talking about the 2001 Alan Rickman and Natasha Richardson. It was a cute film.
Natasha Richardson said she was fine, and /look what happened/. *Nicola's naturally being neurotic; it's not a trait she-
LMAO no joke i can recite this movie front to back fav i was so sad when natasha richardson died she was so good in
Everybody loves a winner so nobody love me... ♫ "Maybe This Time" by Natasha Richardson
I miss Natasha Richardson. She was so beautiful.
I don't know if it's on Netflix. But if it has Natasha Richardson in it then we're talking about the same one!
Maddy just found out that Natasha Richardson died; I feel like a parent who just told their child Santa doesn't exist
Watching The Parent Trap and literally crying because Natasha Richardson is dead
It was after B's accid't & Natasha Richardson died in 2008 we got them
Watching the Parent Trap and it's so sad because I just remembered Natasha Richardson died 💔😢💔
to Studio 54's first wonderful Sally Bowles, the late Natasha Richardson, with Alan Cumming in 1998.
Wow, sounds like a great cast. I have the Alan Cumming and Natasha Richardson cast recording
Natasha Richardson was one of the most beautiful people on the planet... So stunning...
Consider Natasha Richardson, ski accident, blow to head, up and around, partying, next day drops, dies
Hey Natasha, I just wanted to say that I love you more than I love bacon, and we both know how much I love me...
anything with Natasha Richardson is beautiful. Add JLo and you have a partyyy 😄
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