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Natasha Curry

Natasha Curry is an anchor at CNN Headline News and a fill-in for Robin Meade on Morning Express with Robin Meade.

Carlos Diaz

May we present to you, the many voices of Natasha Legovanlis (aka 👏👏👏
Currently enjoying curry mayo with a side of sweet potato fries 👅
Natasha and her problems with chairs/couchs and Elise's face please 😂
Yep this happened . Natasha in front of Elise like this 🔥😍.
the fourth picture kills me because of how Elise (I'm positive it's her) is looking at Natasha
Of course Natasha mentioning Elise in every video 😏
Natasha putting Elise in her lap while her hand is in her *** is too hot 😏
I can´t believe Natasha and Elise did that. Literally, eating each other :D
This scene is just so amazing and also NATASHA in a corset 😍
Hope everyone is staying nice and toasty on this fine Christmas Eve / Hannukah Day, from your friendly neighbourhood Natasha!…
big thanks to Natasha for warm and welcoming service, plus great curry tip! Your Chicago friend.
Elise was grinding hard into Natasha she literally ate her face and she pushed her t-shirt up. They needed a cold shower xD
Friendly remember that Elise was grinding hard into Natasha 😏. I can stop thinking about what they will do in the mo…
Happy Festivus! The airing of grievances: I'm upset we don't see Natasha Curry on TV anymore!!
I'm laughing so hard look at Natasha's face 😂 These two are dorks and too cute
Can you believe Natasha and Elise have chemistry on and off camera and now their voices too? Their chemistry is out…
Natasha's hand on Elise's arm and lack of personal space again 😏❤
Look at the way Natasha is looking at Elise and that little smile. I´M SHOOK
Find someone who looks at you the way Natasha looks at Elise 😍
Natasha Negovanlis and Kat Barrell interacting I love when my favorites do that ❤
The song ends and Natasha and Elise keep looking at each other 😍
The way Elise is looking at Natasha ❤
Agreed. But I think Elise was avoiding looking too much at Natasha cause she would have lost her train of thought. LOL
We all agree that Natasha was more into looking at Elise with love/heart eyes than singing right? She is so proud o…
The way they are looking at each other and Natasha's smile when she sees Elise is looking at her too . I'M NOT OKAY
and the way Natasha looks at Elise too ❤
I agree Elise magic happens everytime Natasha and you are in the same room together ❤
Natasha was extremely happy when Elise was singing kfnfmfmfmlff dead
Can we just talk about how Natasha is looking at Elise during all the song? I'M SO DEAD
Friendly remember that these two are too comfortable with each other, Natasha's head in Elise's lap and Elise's boo…
Tomorrow Creampuffs Natasha and Elise singing together ❤❤❤. Ah I can't wait. Also, Natasha that look...
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Natasha: The lovely Elise Bauman and I, my lovely Carmilla series co-star Elise Bauman... Also, she is so excited f…
I really love how Elise leans into Natasha and then Natasha looks at her with heart eyes ❤
Natasha and Elise it's your choice but you should kiss 😏 I find this too hot
I saw this video, this is Natasha and Elise or Laura and Carmilla?
I understand now why Natasha was so sleepy the first day :D
Natasha: Elise is out of town visiting her family and I´m dying. I can´t believe I missed that moment when I watched the video
Folk that eat chips cheese and curry together need executed
Natasha killing all of us with that smile .D
Friendly remember that these two are Natasha and Elise and not Carmilla and Laura :D . I love everything about this…
Natasha is Kaitlyn´s date tonight for the Streamys, unexpected but I love it!
Natasha is very excited to go, she just wants to spend time with Elise alone xD
Me too me too! Natasha will blog the trip right? Maybe we can see if they sleeo together in the same room or not ;D
What if Elise and Natasha are sitting at their panel and Elise smiles and says "I finally got to go to comic con with…
I will probably die if they tell us that they are dating! Natasha can´t hide her crus on Elise anymore xD
I love Natasha and Elise relationship it´s so pure, intimate and gold I can´t! Okay I ship them xD
Update your maps at Navteq
Yes yes everything is perfect and also, all of this is unscripted I love it, Natasha and Elise improvising skills on point :D
What do you think sets Carmilla apart from a host of other vampire shows?. Steph: the wonderful chemistry between El…
I ship them so hard imagine if Natasha and Elise after Carmilla ending tell us that they are dating I would die!
Can we talk about how Natasha kept checking on Elise, THAT’S THE SWEETEST THING I´VE EVER SEEN!
The way Natasha is looking at Elise and the tongue thing are killing me . I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
Natasha: We take turns being tops. Elise: It's about sharing, guys
Find someone who cares for you the same way Natasha cares for Elise
thanks, im crying. Natasha care about elise so much.
About 3x20 kiss: *dead*. Natasha: "I don´t think anyone´s complaining that you missed your entrance". Kaitlyn: No one…
Late excuses worked on my teachers in secondary school. I have a feeling the cordoned off police area on the curry mile wont cut it today
This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life . Natasha wipping away Elise´s tears . CRYING
Natasha and Elise reacting to Hollstein make out and sex scenes give me LIFE
"I would date Laura because she looks like you" I´M SHOOOK NATASHA
Natasha and Elise are matching clothes again?
Same,,,look at the way Elise is looking at Natasha *dies*
It could be amazing if we get to see their reactions..I bet Natasha and Elise will cry :(
"The way Natasha and Elise look at each other´s lips". Yeah and this was their first interview.
Natasha and Elise casually hanging out on the floor :D
Natasha I'm waiting for you to say something about Elise's song
If Natasha is too excited and can't sleep due to Carmilla act II today is because there will be many Hollstein cute/hot scenes right?
If u haven't start eating ur maggie curry with cheese , start now its hella amazing after u let it melt😭😻
And we still have Natasha and Elise´s challenge maybe next week? They should sing together *dies because I´ve imagined it*
I don´t want to end I don´t know what to do without Carmilla and I need Natasha and Elise to work together forever *cries*
When will Natasha and Elise release their first single too?
Natasha with glasses is my weakness
Natasha: I will be there with my AMAZING co-star Elise Bauman . me: DEAD
Because A: look at Elise beaming at Natasha and B: what is personal space?
Natasha, the way you are looking at Elise is killing me
Natasha to Elise and Kaitlyn: Get home safely you two!. me: I LOVE THEM
"What’s that? Yeah, this is also awkward for me. It’s ok". Natasha is such a dork JAJAJA…
Elise about Natasha: Working a different sort of relationship from Carmilla, if you don´t know we play lovers *laug…
Elise about working with Natasha: "It was so great to work with each other again with such a new dynamic" . me: When are we gonna watch AA?
thank you!! The movie is extraordinary I love it so much!!! Natasha and Elise are amazing, so talented
Wow I´m so happy for you your pic with Elise is amazing!!! So the movie is good? And Natasha and Elise as besties?
From yesterday's interview when she talked about her magic chemistry with Natasha
Okay Natasha not Cassie because she is too straight right? :))
Fan: Who's a better kisser Natasha or Winny? . Elise: They both have their own strengths. me: You mean Natasha right…
Spencer: "One thing that you and Carmilla really have in common is stealing other people´s food". JAJAJAJ Look at Na…
Natasha and Elise with glasses . Yeah they look so good :D
Sexuality: Natasha and Elise talking about their "magic" chemistry
Elise: "Magic happens when we call action and Natasha and I are on screen together" *crying* YES NEGOVANMAN IS MAGIC
Ayesha Curry is on Chopped Junior and I'm living for it
Uncomfortable memories of for Nicholas Witchell, Natasha Kaplinsky & others.
Please Natasha tell us something about season 3 a few spoilers... the waiting is killing us!!
Natasha Stallworth Brandon Welch... this the worst cypher I ever heard in my life.
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The way Elise is looking at Natasha :D I miss Negovanman!!
Geez this Natasha girl tjo.This is the rough side of the tjooo this curry is extra hot..
Oh gosh Serame is so soft for the corrosion phela those ones are abrasive... Natasha hold your curry please! 🙄
Natasha and Elise my favorite Canadian ladies :D
a true gentleman offers that God sent-sushi...guess that missus is stuck with the curry...😁😆
The sushi I just had was sent from God. is eating some dead chicken curry noodle thing.
This look between Natasha and Elise is killing me
No one has as bigger crush on Elise than Natasha does
No one — and I mean ABSOLUTELY NO ONE — is bigger a fan of Elise Bauman than Natasha Negovanlis
Natasha to Elise: My little theater nerd . me: *dies*
Elise: ''There was something wet on my face.''. Natasha: *Trying really hard not to make inappropriate comments* https:/…
Nat: Who is more excited than the creampuffs that you are in NYC with me? . Elise: U by Kotex . Nat: IT WAS ME! . Your crush is showing Natasha
"Mi period is not even a joke". Natasha laughing with Elise is the best thing in the world .
Homemade chicken curry and rice for and natasha. Chicken, rice and broccoli for me
Ayesha Curry is so cute! all the ppl who hate on her are bitter lonely *** she's so wifey goals
Natasha and Elise know how to kill the fandom
Natasha and Elise dancing moves on point
Elise: I like to send you a message Natasha..First of all... Natasha: Nooo, you´re pretty. me: DEAD
"You look so cute and pretty' - Natasha negovanlis about Elise Bauman
Natasha is such a gentlewoman!!! She offered her hand but Elise is the usual dork xD
Natasha please, can you post this Negovanman selfie? Creampuffs will appreciate it!
Hot bubble bath, curry for tea and watching the Liverpool game with vodka and munch can't beat it
If Curry did this Sportscenter would lose its mind.
Tickets are selling fast for the night on 1st June. Don't miss out!
Natasha is the biggest fangirl when it comes to Elise
Look at them Natasha and Elise are so cute *__*
I can´t wait to watch Natasha and Elise tomorrow on :D
Natasha has the biggest crush on Elise. She always wants/tries to kiss her . My OTP is beautiful.
Goodevening miss Wally natasha from st mary galina curry mutton with white rice tun up r bun up?
Natasha saying she has the biggest crush on Elise ok you are killing me, Negovanlis!!!
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I asked them for a pic. Elise pulled Natasha's head over and pretended to bite it. I fell in love again❤
I´m so weak everytime Elise touches Natasha :D
curry w the shot just tell em to call me Stephanie 💭📽 I love you ♡
Delicious prawn curry for all the family 👪 . I used to always buy 💷 the jars. But not now I have learnt to cook clea…
Never forget how Natasha smiles in this gif
Elise and Natasha in glasses duck me up
I love guys who smoke curry and inject it like heroin
Stephen Curry, James Harden & Jeremy Lin gather in new spot to celebrate the Chinese New Year!
Lebron's face when Steph Curry took the ball from him last night 😂😂😂
"How cute is this exclusive still from the film?" We know Natasha, you and Elise are too cute
Carmilla season Zero Natasha, Elise, Annie, Matt and Nicole! OMG! I want to see Mircalla Von Karnstein and is Ell gonna appear? 😏
Natasha stop looking at Elise like that because 💜
question: what do u love about Laura and carmilla'a relationship?. natasha: so what I love about my PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP …
Sophia, Natasha and a creampuff I'm fine
Oh Natasha and Elise adorable little girls 💜💜💜
Today's lunch was Thai Mango Curry. I messed up & added too much coconut milk but…
Whenever someone compliments Natasha she always points at Elise & thanks HER & that's so sweet. They're truly amazing http…
Elise's reaction to natasha's 'flutter of panic' 😂😂
My brother is def. related to Steph Curry, for how many times people say he looks like him.
"Elise, you understand that my tongue has been in your mouth?" Natasha please 😂
Natasha and Elise don't stop doing this things 😜
The way Natasha is looking at Elise 😍
Out for a curry with then off to get some last minute food shopping, prep start tomorrow.
Natasha and Elise in the top 10 of the hot 100! Congratulations ladies and :)
Remember the buttons Natasha gave to Elise? well I'm just giving you guys some Negovanman feels
I don't think it's appropriate to order a curry for myself at 9pm on a Sunday when I've already eaten dinner. But it's s…
The way Elise is leaning to Natasha though ***
This Massaman curry can definitely somf
My mom fall in love with your mother's curry puff😂😂😂
Steph Curry and his wife are goals af
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Pls la move on natasha. Hang dok ulang video steph curry dgn anak dia again and again kat part "you're too loud daddy, be quiet"
Once upon a time, Steph Curry was the cute kid in dad's moment...
I can watch this over and over she just to cute “how could you not want a daughter? 😊😊😊😩
Steph Curry and the Warriors might have won the game, but Steph's daughter Riley Curry won the postgame interview.
Steph Curry's daughter wins the night (via
Riley Curry tells Stephen Curry to be quiet. 😂.
Oh yes I did *ahem*. If you play your cards right Natasha you might soon be dreaming of a microwave curry :)
Homemade hummus blended, homemade curry sauce made ready to marinate all night...who said I can't cook? 🍤🍖🍗🍝
(Thailand) Red Thai Curry with Prawns and Snow Peas. This dinner is quick, delicious, light and a sp
Following his presentation, joined the fellas on GameTime:
Congratulations to Steph Curry, an MVP on and off the court.
steph curry got a lineup for his mvp ceremony but not his wedding ceremony. ball is LIFE
The lovely and talented Natasha Curry has gone and got herself her own salon in Sandyford (so proud)! Please like...
"Daddy, why are so many Russian girls named Natasha?"
Horrible-Police killed Natasha McKenna, shot her with taser while handcuffed htt…
“Steph Curry loses the defense for our
who is that.? :O when I went I met HLN's Natasha Curry
Am I the only indian who does not like fish or goat curry?
I really miss Natasha on TV and wish her the best and hope to see her back soon. HLN is not good now. Will not last. Best wishes and God Bless Natasha!
.Stephen Curry took full advantage of his time in D.C. (Official Photo by Pete Souza):
Today is our amazing stage/production Natasha's birthday! To celebrate- cake, curry, beer and a performance in Burton!
Stephen Curry (sore right ankle) will not play. Shaun Livingston will start in his place tonight in Indiana.
Curry putting in WORK on w/ 17 PTs + 8 ASTs as lead 62-55 at the break. Diaw has 11 for SAS.
Something great to try during your visit to Sri Lanka - String Hoppers and Curry
you or Natasha Curry should take his slot
It's the weekend, where are you Natasha Curry?Miss YouExpress
Just walked from home to casuarina curry. Tired af man 😂😂😂
We're also available on Natasha bought our Medium Sauce & didn't regret it! 👪 http:…
Communal Curry lunch cooked by our very own Natasha and Gavin - Yum!
I want to be watching elf in bed with chips and curry sauce, but no
.leads the to 14-2 mark and is named the West's player of the month
check out I started it here in Vegas. We've been on CNN weekend express with Natasha Curry.
Learning how to cook, long overdue. Took my rice and curry to university and ate with (Fasila) then Natasha in the canteen 👍
.just added a new line to Natasha Ryan's unconventional love song 'you're the chicken to my curry' - brilliant!
Cheat night but ordered our curry from the wrong curry place and it's vile 😩
Feel the rain on Your skin! You go Natasha bedenfield 💁💁💁 only thing I need to feel is a curry down my fat neck
Momma Singh is making a curry, my day has been made 😊 ♡
Honestly done nothing.. Bath.. Hot water bottle, dads homemade curry and maybe even read the skins book now😑
I'm gonna get you a coffin shaped like a french fancy and prawn katsu curry shaped flowers
Q: What do you call a dinosaur that drinks curry? A: mega sore ***
"Sorry curry master has ran outta chilli sauce cause natasha drank it, you can have garlic mayo"
Craving some more of natasha's birthday cake, and that curry mh!!!
Dolly just asked for a Thai green curry in an Indian restaurant
Meanwhile, I'm on my second curry of the day.
Ordered egg friend rice chips and curry source sitting here then I noticed there's no chips what *** !!!
Meeting him later after his maths remedial to buy CURRY O
my sister is dipping orange slices in curry ketchup... she says it's really nice and that I should recommend it to you 😂
Tony helped himself to some of the Thai curry after Natasha was done and he ate thoughtfully for a moment. He was quietly --
Slimming world cottage pie and chicken katsu curry made we are on a role today Pete Guy — feeling organised
Loved checking out...I mean watching Natasha Curry on last week w/ the Seattle crew ;)
Craving satisfied!!! Ayey! Post-exam meal😤 (with Natasha, Gian, and William at Monster Curry) [pic] —
hello, not sure if you know Natasha Curry from but she did a great story on our program. We would love a
Outstanding article - Thank you, Major General Curry and Natasha Curry - The Truth about the founding of the...
Great just DM'd you! Love a good curry and chit chat so will definitely be at the next one. -Natasha
I miss Natasha curry on the weekends
hi Natasha! How many people does this recipe serve? x
Great way to spend a rainy Sunday eating too much curry with & hope you enjoy your evening
I just realised Natasha Curry is no longer on the show. Her beauty is almost as great as yours. What is she doing now? JPL
Back in England and getting a curry tonight! Love being home 😍
Berry won't last.wish Curry the best.she now gets to have her weekends off!!
Nah Xavier and Natasha are still my only true friends 😴
Aw gad the chicken curry a just made is humming😷 in the bin it goes
Look at me eyeing up that Thai chicken curry
not gonna lie all I had out of that curry was the chicken 😂🙈
the watch-now icon for on the CNN for Iphone app says "with Natasha Curry"
where's Natasha Curry? Haven't seen her on months & turn it every weekend until she's back on air
protection 😒 but I'm going to bed kik me tomorrow 👌
I'm gonna wait to get my tattoo lol but I'm getting my gun soon
says me I'm 16 ask my mom I do what I want now 😐
I'm buying my gun and getting tatted soon Idc
Big kickin' it with Lynn Hayes Natasha Conway-Long Bobby Djmarvel Curry at the WNBA All-Star...
na! Mix the chow main and the rice, cover in curry sauce then put the mix on the prawn ***
I miss being bestfriends with Natasha 😒
trade u one LA taco plate for one Jamaican curry plate 😌😩
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oh! I think you have me confused with Natasha curry.
mom: "omg so cruel ok I'm going vegetarian too". *buys three big bowls of mutton curry four hours later*
She is a beautifull person and a good smile. Natasha where are you now? Lyn berry is baeutifull too but they did wrong to you like NBC Today Show with Ann curry too.
Introducing: The Bristol, a new pub and curry house in The Great Hall on Queen West via
Man. I miss Natasha Curry and Carlos Diaz... I feel like Lynn Berry is easy on the eyes but not the spunk that Natasha had
Recommendations for a house in please! Thank you... no place that does chicken tikkas and vindaloos.
Photo: We finally had a cooler day today so it’s night tonight. Homemade butter chicken & roti...
Thank u lord for another day truly blessed and highly favored if it wasn't for u there would be no me thanking u fall all u are doing for my girls they have came a long way and you are still giving the doctors the wisdom to heal them and blessing them in so many ways all I can is thank u Jesus for breaking the chains and I know my girls Nashondra Lamons and Natasha Curry are greatful for all u have done and are going to do thank u jesus
Lol I don't think ima win this arguement about steph curry with Natasha lol
Cheers Natasha. I'm currently eating a curry on my own because my life is one success after another :)
Indian boy goes "Someone was trying to be racist calling me curry pot" Black girl goes "Wait, but Curry's NICE though" LOO…
My sister is putting her curry in a cup of water to wash the sauce off.. 😶 people dont believe me when i say she is strange 😐
The Thai green curry I cooked is sooo spicy... Better watch and get some tips. Need my chef to come home!
Just heard a v interesting story about our curry-loving UKIP candidate - - will be …
He's not a racist "Last night he came home at 10.30pm with a curry" Father defends UKIP race-row candidate .   10% Off
Not hungover, just mega hungry... Why got nuggets and curry sauce last night is beyond me, was very grim.
how am I a *** Lol I'm the nicest person I just won a playoff game -Stephen curry
where is Natasha Curry and Carlos. This is getting old quick. first my Raffer now these. stop it. Natasha is better than Robin
Tell us granny's secret curry spice blend and we will sow it, grow it, grind it. DM us or use hashtag Get i…
If you are cooking any spicy family favourites this weekend then we'd love to know your 'secret' spice blends. …
Which one sounds like your kind of dish - cool & creamy, or fierce & fiery?
What a treat! We had the lovely cooking an amazing lamb meatball curry for us today
if Michael leaves hire Natasha Curry late of HLN!
Steph Curry doesn't do dunk posters. . Steph Curry does game-winning shot posters.
Got home from the party and made instant curry noodles!
Click the link to read The Daily Mail’s feature on 's new book-
Leftover curry for lunch and having the free garlic bread I got with it for dinner! Tuning into this student life lark
So bummed that Natasha Curry is not on headline news anymore!!
Ordered so much curry for myself that the restaurant gave me a free garlic bread...
Having a drink waiting for our curry :-) — feeling hungry at Chew Valley RAJ
Killer red Thai curry and pad Thai! Dirt cheap hole in the wall with great food! — at Thai Shan Inn
“Just had my first quorn curry and have to say it was amazing yeah Save the Animals
yeah defo! We need a ton of deodorant for your curry pits too :)
Omg my mum's bought a book on menopause's so she can "get over my hot flushes and eat curry!" 😭😭😭
hehe I bought salt and pepper chips and a curry box with veg and crispy chicken 👌 best tenner ever spent ❤️
My dad just made me take a curry house selfie with him
What a dumb move! new Prez fires Natasha Curry and Carlos Diaz. I miss them on my weekends!!
Where is Natasha Curry? She's the only reason I watch HLN.
Ay Obama said Curry is the best shooter. ☺
So great to coach our next generation of assisters alongside my dad, the great Dell Curry. Thanks
Just wondering where Natasha Curry is? I miss her :) How is she? Is she coming back?
Bring back Natasha Curry & ! What were ya thinking?? Btw let go of Lynn personality!
If I wasn't at work I'd treat you all to the Rinse Curry that made last year
Had to cancel Redz. The heartbreak of knowing that I won't be eating shredded chicken and curry triangles for another week is devastating.
senior year can't come fast enough man cause as soon as they say natasha curry I'm running across thts stage and out the door 🙌👋😂😂
Check the time and my dad and brother are downstairs making tuna curry.. I'm sorry but that just doesn't sound nice to me at all
Natasha sat down and I'm like 'Whats that smell? It smells like an Indian just threw up' and Natasha say 'It's my curry noodles you racist'
Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God - PlayStation Vita -
has made me cook curry, tamales (warmed those up), salsa, biscuits, Panko chicken. BAM!
Yum, Yum! Curry Burger made by Natasha, longtime member of Lydia's Lovin Crew...
HLN's Natasha Curry's dress options for the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards
What happened to Natasha Curry, I liked her??
Need something extra fast to go with your Try our new range of Chutni’s available in your nearest h…
they are canceling shows also like showbiz tonight and letting ppl go downsizing I don't agree with letting go of Natasha Curry
I miss Natasha Curry and sports guy Carlos Diaz
Hi our Whitefield branch is most certainly open. Come and join us for a curry whenever.
Get rid of please we want Natasha Curry! Make it happen. She's better at it.
and replace her with Natasha Curry. Natasha isn't as stuck up. how many signatures do I need to get her replaced?
I'm bringing pizza and, spring rolls and a ready meal curry so we can share 😊
Came home to homemade soup and my favourite curry☺️👌 this then a skate if the rains stays off👏 perfect after a easy day
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
SO WE WERE ON CNN THIS MORNING HERES THE TIMES IF YOU MISSED IT. Hi y’all!. . The donut segment was just on the...
She is missed, bring her back, very good anchor lady.
im sorry but im more saddened to know that Natasha Curry left HLN. :(
I was unhappy to say the least when Natasha Curry left lol.. man we the only ones that know about this anchor life
anytime boris says something to Natasha sobek always has to make a comment
I would loose my head if it wasn't for Natasha Curry keeping me straight! Your the best :)
lol. Natasha Curry from CNN took her heels offf for me last time i was in studio. lol
no I'm sorry I went to make chapatti and and Natasha did lol.
missing Natasha curry , my is really boring without her
want natasha curry and Carlos Diaz back. Why fix what's not broken. Also miss Clark howard. Dont turn to nbc plz.
I just realized that Natasha Curry is gone f…
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