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Natasha Curry

Natasha Curry is an anchor at CNN Headline News and a fill-in for Robin Meade on Morning Express with Robin Meade.

Robin Meade Carlos Diaz

Uncomfortable memories of for Nicholas Witchell, Natasha Kaplinsky & others.
Please Natasha tell us something about season 3 a few spoilers... the waiting is killing us!!
Natasha Stallworth Brandon Welch... this the worst cypher I ever heard in my life.
The way Elise is looking at Natasha :D I miss Negovanman!!
Geez this Natasha girl tjo.This is the rough side of the tjooo this curry is extra hot..
Oh gosh Serame is so soft for the corrosion phela those ones are abrasive... Natasha hold your curry please! πŸ™„
Natasha and Elise my favorite Canadian ladies :D
a true gentleman offers that God sent-sushi...guess that missus is stuck with the curry...πŸ˜πŸ˜†
The sushi I just had was sent from God. is eating some dead chicken curry noodle thing.
This look between Natasha and Elise is killing me
No one has as bigger crush on Elise than Natasha does
No one β€” and I mean ABSOLUTELY NO ONE β€” is bigger a fan of Elise Bauman than Natasha Negovanlis
Natasha to Elise: My little theater nerd . me: *dies*
Elise: ''There was something wet on my face.''. Natasha: *Trying really hard not to make inappropriate comments* https:/…
Nat: Who is more excited than the creampuffs that you are in NYC with me? . Elise: U by Kotex . Nat: IT WAS ME! . Your crush is showing Natasha
"Mi period is not even a joke". Natasha laughing with Elise is the best thing in the world .
Homemade chicken curry and rice for and natasha. Chicken, rice and broccoli for me
Ayesha Curry is so cute! all the ppl who hate on her are bitter lonely *** she's so wifey goals
Natasha and Elise know how to kill the fandom
Natasha and Elise dancing moves on point
Elise: I like to send you a message Natasha..First of all... Natasha: Nooo, youΒ΄re pretty. me: DEAD
"You look so cute and pretty' - Natasha negovanlis about Elise Bauman
Natasha is such a gentlewoman!!! She offered her hand but Elise is the usual dork xD
Natasha please, can you post this Negovanman selfie? Creampuffs will appreciate it!
Hot bubble bath, curry for tea and watching the Liverpool game with vodka and munch can't beat it
If Curry did this Sportscenter would lose its mind.
Tickets are selling fast for the night on 1st June. Don't miss out!
Natasha is the biggest fangirl when it comes to Elise
Look at them Natasha and Elise are so cute *__*
I canΒ΄t wait to watch Natasha and Elise tomorrow on :D
Natasha has the biggest crush on Elise. She always wants/tries to kiss her . My OTP is beautiful.
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Goodevening miss Wally natasha from st mary galina curry mutton with white rice tun up r bun up?
Natasha saying she has the biggest crush on Elise ok you are killing me, Negovanlis!!!
I asked them for a pic. Elise pulled Natasha's head over and pretended to bite it. I fell in love again❀
IΒ΄m so weak everytime Elise touches Natasha :D
curry w the shot just tell em to call me Stephanie πŸ’­πŸ“½ I love you β™‘
Delicious prawn curry for all the family πŸ‘ͺ . I used to always buy πŸ’· the jars. But not now I have learnt to cook clea…
Never forget how Natasha smiles in this gif
Elise and Natasha in glasses duck me up
I love guys who smoke curry and inject it like heroin
Stephen Curry, James Harden & Jeremy Lin gather in new spot to celebrate the Chinese New Year!
Lebron's face when Steph Curry took the ball from him last night πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"How cute is this exclusive still from the film?" We know Natasha, you and Elise are too cute
Carmilla season Zero Natasha, Elise, Annie, Matt and Nicole! OMG! I want to see Mircalla Von Karnstein and is Ell gonna appear? 😏
Natasha stop looking at Elise like that because πŸ’œ
question: what do u love about Laura and carmilla'a relationship?. natasha: so what I love about my PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP …
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Sophia, Natasha and a creampuff I'm fine
Oh Natasha and Elise adorable little girls πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Today's lunch was Thai Mango Curry. I messed up & added too much coconut milk but…
Whenever someone compliments Natasha she always points at Elise & thanks HER & that's so sweet. They're truly amazing http…
Elise's reaction to natasha's 'flutter of panic' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My brother is def. related to Steph Curry, for how many times people say he looks like him.
"Elise, you understand that my tongue has been in your mouth?" Natasha please πŸ˜‚
Natasha and Elise don't stop doing this things 😜
The way Natasha is looking at Elise 😍
Out for a curry with then off to get some last minute food shopping, prep start tomorrow.
Natasha and Elise in the top 10 of the hot 100! Congratulations ladies and :)
Remember the buttons Natasha gave to Elise? well I'm just giving you guys some Negovanman feels
I don't think it's appropriate to order a curry for myself at 9pm on a Sunday when I've already eaten dinner. But it's s…
The way Elise is leaning to Natasha though ***
This Massaman curry can definitely somf
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
My mom fall in love with your mother's curry puffπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Steph Curry and his wife are goals af
Pls la move on natasha. Hang dok ulang video steph curry dgn anak dia again and again kat part "you're too loud daddy, be quiet"
Once upon a time, Steph Curry was the cute kid in dad's moment...
I can watch this over and over she just to cute β€œhow could you not want a daughter? 😊😊😊😩
Steph Curry and the Warriors might have won the game, but Steph's daughter Riley Curry won the postgame interview.
Steph Curry's daughter wins the night (via
Riley Curry tells Stephen Curry to be quiet. πŸ˜‚.
Oh yes I did *ahem*. If you play your cards right Natasha you might soon be dreaming of a microwave curry :)
Homemade hummus blended, homemade curry sauce made ready to marinate all night...who said I can't cook? πŸ€πŸ–πŸ—πŸ
(Thailand) Red Thai Curry with Prawns and Snow Peas. This dinner is quick, delicious, light and a sp
Following his presentation, joined the fellas on GameTime:
Congratulations to Steph Curry, an MVP on and off the court.
steph curry got a lineup for his mvp ceremony but not his wedding ceremony. ball is LIFE
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The lovely and talented Natasha Curry has gone and got herself her own salon in Sandyford (so proud)! Please like...
"Daddy, why are so many Russian girls named Natasha?"
Horrible-Police killed Natasha McKenna, shot her with taser while handcuffed htt…
β€œSteph Curry loses the defense for our
who is that.? :O when I went I met HLN's Natasha Curry
Am I the only indian who does not like fish or goat curry?
I really miss Natasha on TV and wish her the best and hope to see her back soon. HLN is not good now. Will not last. Best wishes and God Bless Natasha!
.Stephen Curry took full advantage of his time in D.C. (Official Photo by Pete Souza):
Today is our amazing stage/production Natasha's birthday! To celebrate- cake, curry, beer and a performance in Burton!
Stephen Curry (sore right ankle) will not play. Shaun Livingston will start in his place tonight in Indiana.
Curry putting in WORK on w/ 17 PTs + 8 ASTs as lead 62-55 at the break. Diaw has 11 for SAS.
Something great to try during your visit to Sri Lanka - String Hoppers and Curry
you or Natasha Curry should take his slot
It's the weekend, where are you Natasha Curry?Miss YouExpress
Just walked from home to casuarina curry. Tired af man πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
We're also available on Natasha bought our Medium Sauce & didn't regret it! πŸ‘ͺ http:…
Communal Curry lunch cooked by our very own Natasha and Gavin - Yum!
I want to be watching elf in bed with chips and curry sauce, but no
.leads the to 14-2 mark and is named the West's player of the month
check out I started it here in Vegas. We've been on CNN weekend express with Natasha Curry.
Learning how to cook, long overdue. Took my rice and curry to university and ate with (Fasila) then Natasha in the canteen πŸ‘
.just added a new line to Natasha Ryan's unconventional love song 'you're the chicken to my curry' - brilliant!
Cheat night but ordered our curry from the wrong curry place and it's vile 😩
Feel the rain on Your skin! You go Natasha bedenfield πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ only thing I need to feel is a curry down my fat neck
Momma Singh is making a curry, my day has been made 😊 β™‘
Honestly done nothing.. Bath.. Hot water bottle, dads homemade curry and maybe even read the skins book nowπŸ˜‘
I'm gonna get you a coffin shaped like a french fancy and prawn katsu curry shaped flowers
Q: What do you call a dinosaur that drinks curry? A: mega sore ***
"Sorry curry master has ran outta chilli sauce cause natasha drank it, you can have garlic mayo"
Craving some more of natasha's birthday cake, and that curry mh!!!
Dolly just asked for a Thai green curry in an Indian restaurant
Meanwhile, I'm on my second curry of the day.
Ordered egg friend rice chips and curry source sitting here then I noticed there's no chips what *** !!!
Meeting him later after his maths remedial to buy CURRY O
my sister is dipping orange slices in curry ketchup... she says it's really nice and that I should recommend it to you πŸ˜‚
Tony helped himself to some of the Thai curry after Natasha was done and he ate thoughtfully for a moment. He was quietly --
Slimming world cottage pie and chicken katsu curry made we are on a role today Pete Guy β€” feeling organised
Loved checking out...I mean watching Natasha Curry on last week w/ the Seattle crew ;)
Craving satisfied!!! Ayey! Post-exam meal😀 (with Natasha, Gian, and William at Monster Curry) [pic] β€”
hello, not sure if you know Natasha Curry from but she did a great story on our program. We would love a
Outstanding article - Thank you, Major General Curry and Natasha Curry - The Truth about the founding of the...
Great just DM'd you! Love a good curry and chit chat so will definitely be at the next one. -Natasha
I miss Natasha curry on the weekends
hi Natasha! How many people does this recipe serve? x
Great way to spend a rainy Sunday eating too much curry with & hope you enjoy your evening
Update your maps at Navteq
I just realised Natasha Curry is no longer on the show. Her beauty is almost as great as yours. What is she doing now? JPL
Back in England and getting a curry tonight! Love being home 😍
Berry won't last.wish Curry the best.she now gets to have her weekends off!!
Nah Xavier and Natasha are still my only true friends 😴
Aw gad the chicken curry a just made is humming😷 in the bin it goes
Look at me eyeing up that Thai chicken curry
not gonna lie all I had out of that curry was the chicken πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ
the watch-now icon for on the CNN for Iphone app says "with Natasha Curry"
where's Natasha Curry? Haven't seen her on months & turn it every weekend until she's back on air
protection πŸ˜’ but I'm going to bed kik me tomorrow πŸ‘Œ
I'm gonna wait to get my tattoo lol but I'm getting my gun soon
says me I'm 16 ask my mom I do what I want now 😐
I'm buying my gun and getting tatted soon Idc
Big kickin' it with Lynn Hayes Natasha Conway-Long Bobby Djmarvel Curry at the WNBA All-Star...
na! Mix the chow main and the rice, cover in curry sauce then put the mix on the prawn ***
I miss being bestfriends with Natasha πŸ˜’
trade u one LA taco plate for one Jamaican curry plate 😌😩
oh! I think you have me confused with Natasha curry.
mom: "omg so cruel ok I'm going vegetarian too". *buys three big bowls of mutton curry four hours later*
She is a beautifull person and a good smile. Natasha where are you now? Lyn berry is baeutifull too but they did wrong to you like NBC Today Show with Ann curry too.
Introducing: The Bristol, a new pub and curry house in The Great Hall on Queen West via
Man. I miss Natasha Curry and Carlos Diaz... I feel like Lynn Berry is easy on the eyes but not the spunk that Natasha had
Recommendations for a house in please! Thank you... no place that does chicken tikkas and vindaloos.
Photo: We finally had a cooler day today so it’s night tonight. Homemade butter chicken & roti...
Thank u lord for another day truly blessed and highly favored if it wasn't for u there would be no me thanking u fall all u are doing for my girls they have came a long way and you are still giving the doctors the wisdom to heal them and blessing them in so many ways all I can is thank u Jesus for breaking the chains and I know my girls Nashondra Lamons and Natasha Curry are greatful for all u have done and are going to do thank u jesus
Lol I don't think ima win this arguement about steph curry with Natasha lol
Cheers Natasha. I'm currently eating a curry on my own because my life is one success after another :)
Indian boy goes "Someone was trying to be racist calling me curry pot" Black girl goes "Wait, but Curry's NICE though" LOO…
My sister is putting her curry in a cup of water to wash the sauce off.. 😢 people dont believe me when i say she is strange 😐
The Thai green curry I cooked is sooo spicy... Better watch and get some tips. Need my chef to come home!
Just heard a v interesting story about our curry-loving UKIP candidate - - will be …
He's not a racist "Last night he came home at 10.30pm with a curry" Father defends UKIP race-row candidate .
Not hungover, just mega hungry... Why got nuggets and curry sauce last night is beyond me, was very grim.
how am I a *** Lol I'm the nicest person I just won a playoff game -Stephen curry
where is Natasha Curry and Carlos. This is getting old quick. first my Raffer now these. stop it. Natasha is better than Robin
Tell us granny's secret curry spice blend and we will sow it, grow it, grind it. DM us or use hashtag Get i…
If you are cooking any spicy family favourites this weekend then we'd love to know your 'secret' spice blends. …
Which one sounds like your kind of dish - cool & creamy, or fierce & fiery?
What a treat! We had the lovely cooking an amazing lamb meatball curry for us today
if Michael leaves hire Natasha Curry late of HLN!
Steph Curry doesn't do dunk posters. . Steph Curry does game-winning shot posters.
Got home from the party and made instant curry noodles!
Click the link to read The Daily Mail’s feature on 's new book-
Leftover curry for lunch and having the free garlic bread I got with it for dinner! Tuning into this student life lark
So bummed that Natasha Curry is not on headline news anymore!!
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Ordered so much curry for myself that the restaurant gave me a free garlic bread...
Having a drink waiting for our curry :-) β€” feeling hungry at Chew Valley RAJ
Killer red Thai curry and pad Thai! Dirt cheap hole in the wall with great food! β€” at Thai Shan Inn
β€œJust had my first quorn curry and have to say it was amazing yeah Save the Animals
yeah defo! We need a ton of deodorant for your curry pits too :)
Omg my mum's bought a book on menopause's so she can "get over my hot flushes and eat curry!" 😭😭😭
hehe I bought salt and pepper chips and a curry box with veg and crispy chicken πŸ‘Œ best tenner ever spent ❀️
My dad just made me take a curry house selfie with him
What a dumb move! new Prez fires Natasha Curry and Carlos Diaz. I miss them on my weekends!!
Where is Natasha Curry? She's the only reason I watch HLN.
Ay Obama said Curry is the best shooter. ☺
So great to coach our next generation of assisters alongside my dad, the great Dell Curry. Thanks
Just wondering where Natasha Curry is? I miss her :) How is she? Is she coming back?
Bring back Natasha Curry & ! What were ya thinking?? Btw let go of Lynn personality!
If I wasn't at work I'd treat you all to the Rinse Curry that made last year
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Had to cancel Redz. The heartbreak of knowing that I won't be eating shredded chicken and curry triangles for another week is devastating.
senior year can't come fast enough man cause as soon as they say natasha curry I'm running across thts stage and out the door πŸ™ŒπŸ‘‹πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Check the time and my dad and brother are downstairs making tuna curry.. I'm sorry but that just doesn't sound nice to me at all
Natasha sat down and I'm like 'Whats that smell? It smells like an Indian just threw up' and Natasha say 'It's my curry noodles you racist'
Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God - PlayStation Vita -
has made me cook curry, tamales (warmed those up), salsa, biscuits, Panko chicken. BAM!
Yum, Yum! Curry Burger made by Natasha, longtime member of Lydia's Lovin Crew...
HLN's Natasha Curry's dress options for the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards
What happened to Natasha Curry, I liked her??
Need something extra fast to go with your Try our new range of Chutni’s available in your nearest h…
they are canceling shows also like showbiz tonight and letting ppl go downsizing I don't agree with letting go of Natasha Curry
I miss Natasha Curry and sports guy Carlos Diaz
Hi our Whitefield branch is most certainly open. Come and join us for a curry whenever.
Get rid of please we want Natasha Curry! Make it happen. She's better at it.
and replace her with Natasha Curry. Natasha isn't as stuck up. how many signatures do I need to get her replaced?
I'm bringing pizza and, spring rolls and a ready meal curry so we can share 😊
Came home to homemade soup and my favourite curryβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Œ this then a skate if the rains stays offπŸ‘ perfect after a easy day
SO WE WERE ON CNN THIS MORNING HERES THE TIMES IF YOU MISSED IT. Hi y’all!. . The donut segment was just on the...
She is missed, bring her back, very good anchor lady.
im sorry but im more saddened to know that Natasha Curry left HLN. :(
I was unhappy to say the least when Natasha Curry left lol.. man we the only ones that know about this anchor life
anytime boris says something to Natasha sobek always has to make a comment
I would loose my head if it wasn't for Natasha Curry keeping me straight! Your the best :)
lol. Natasha Curry from CNN took her heels offf for me last time i was in studio. lol
no I'm sorry I went to make chapatti and and Natasha did lol.
missing Natasha curry , my is really boring without her
want natasha curry and Carlos Diaz back. Why fix what's not broken. Also miss Clark howard. Dont turn to nbc plz.
I just realized that Natasha Curry is gone f…
So glad Lynn Berry is doing the news lately. I'm just not a fan of Natasha Curry's reporting style. Sorry, not sorry
I just realized that Natasha Curry is gone from HLN also
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Sad that Natasha Curry has left HLN. Word is that she moved back west. Too Bad...things change.
Askville Question: Why have I not seen Natasha Curry on Headline News lately : News
Is it Saturday yet? Getting toes done with my girl then getting into a little drinky drink🍸🍻
Thanks for joining Natasha Curry & Dr. Daniela on HLN Weekend Express. We discuss Jodi Arias on the stand. How does Jodi Arias answer the jury questions?
So the Noles won, thank you Entertainment Tonight for giving me my pop culture updates when Natasha Curry is off duty
Lord its me again please watch over my daughters one is at smith hospital and the other got admitted to sgmc how busy is the devil but god got them so get back satan we have no room for you so all my family and friends please keep my daughters Shon Lamons and Natasha Curry in your prayers and thanks to my sisters for keeping all the kids i cant be to both hospital but i had to go and check on shon thanks Mr.Lamons for staying with her.
Bringing in the New Years with one of my Best Friends Natasha Curry.. We did Thanksgiving and Christmas so we might as well bo New Years together...Gotta love her
Sorry! I've just had a curry and watching toy story 3 with my mum and mike☺
I have been completely sober now for over 5 years. In that 5 years I have went from being homeless to owning and running 2 businesses, one which has made national television on CNN/Headline news with Natasha Curry. I have a home, a wonderful wife, awesome kids , full time jobs, money in the bank, 2 vehicles and a clear mind. I say all this for those of you out there that may be struggling with addiction that is destroying your life and others around you. There is a cure, there is hope. Don't give up on your self. I am available anytime to anyone who wants to get and stay sober. It's not easy, but it's so worth it. Here is my cell number 702.813.6392
: Lay loves to eat curry puff when he comes here
Watching Bridget Jones in bed with 2 cats, wife, a baby bump and a tummy full of turkey curry and shortbread biscuits.
Thank you CNN/Head line news with Natasha Curry for doing a story on us.
Hey guys can u tell me what happened to Natasha Curry?
There's nothing like after Christmas shopping with the bestie, Natasha Curry. Augusta here we come
curry? You should be eating turkey leftovers.
I have finally caved to peer pressure and downloaded Candy Crush! GOOD GRIEF!! I'm hooked. And I had just completed a lengthy Angry Birds detox, too. Thanks, Natasha Curry. This is all your fault. 󾌩
Enjoyed my friend Natasha Curry and the two young ladies lol the girls really have grown up on me that make me and Natasha younger lol time have really pass us by
Can't wait for this Christmas curry I'm starving!!!
"Is it a chicken curry or is it a reindolf curry? You aren't in it are you mate?" This is why I love
Good Sunday morning! Sipping my coffee watching HLN with Natasha Curry.only.Natasha left the network last week. Hm.
Uuugh Moesha on lol Natasha Curry is too.smh I think I'll just play the game lol .
Up drinking my coffee and watching HLN Weekend Express with Natasha Curry Good segment on R Kelly.
Been up since 4:30 this ninja doesn't sleep in my body is used to getting up this early so coffee and sportcenter it is until natasha curry comes on and waiting for the family to get up love me some HLN in the morning...
you can read more about Natasha Curry biography, ethnicity, husband, married, divorce, race, legs, baby, age, height, HLN, feet, boobs, is Natasha Curry black and more. Natasha Curry is anchor/ host of HLNs Weekend Express with Natasha Curry and regularly fills in on Morning Express with Robin Meade...
News about the HLN anchor Natasha Curry, Adam Bomb and more TV updates from AJC Radio and TV Talk:
TV briefs: news about Natasha Curry of HLN, Adam Bomb at Q100, the Weather Channel & Adult Swim:
The changes continue at HLN: anchors Natasha Curry and Carlos Diaz have left the network, TVNewser has learned.
At Niesha AttituderealRude Lee-Sullivan chilling having a good time with Natasha Curry tripping at these crazy shoes
Looking forward to speaking with Susan Hendricks on HLN this morning! Weekend express with Natasha Curry.
Natasha Curry of has such an amazing rack! Would love to get her and Robin Meade together with some baby oil!
I wish i could do a threesome with Robin Meade and Natasha Curry
Natasha Curry should borrow one of Lebron's headbands.
Good Morning everyone!! with Natasha Curry starts in 5 minutes on HLN! So tune in!
Natasha Curry is so sweet. Took her heels off so I wouldn't look so short.
To be a woman and work on you MUST be loud for no apparent reason all the time. Too much TMZing. See Natasha Curry and new girl. Dang
Nice to see Natasha Curry this morning, have a great day to u all (:
Call me crazy but I think Natasha Curry is really attractiveπŸ˜‰
Good morning to u all, miss my but love my Natasha Curry, love her smile (: Hope u guys have a great …
Am I the only one that wakes up on Saturday morning just to stare at Natasha Curry's forehead on
Good morning! Natasha Curry here! A couple lost 500 pounds together! We’ll show you the amazing before and after pics plus what sparked the remarkable change! Some people hope for a little company in the hot tub -- but not an alligator! We’ll show you what police discovered! Should parents be responsible for their child bullying another kid? What if that kid feels so threatened and overwhelmed that they commit suicide? We’ll talk with the experts to find out what every parent and child needs to know. Critics are slamming Elle Magazine for how it shows actress Melissa McCarthy on the cover. We’ll show you the picture that has everyone talking about. I’ll see you on Weekend Express with Natasha Curry right now on HLN!
Natasha Curry is so annoying. She tries to copycat Robin Meade by attempting to laugh like Robin and put on a cutsie-pie persona like Robin, but with Robin it is natural. Natasha's is all fake. Her voice is so irritating and her neck looks like it has a spare tire around it. I have to switch channels when she comes on!
.talking holiday toys with Natasha Curry on Tune in October and November to watch!
Natasha Curry is one beautiful woman. Turn to HLN now!!!
I think Natasha Curry CNN would make beautiful Wonderwoman.She is n my top 10.
Natasha curry. Wow, finally showing some leg,good for you
Chris Gardner & Natasha Curry discuss how you can pursue goals, dreams at any age
Somehow I can't stop thinking Robin Meade and Natasha Curry are sisters.
Natasha Curry and Sam . . . the HLN/News weather-girl . . . look good today . . . caramel & cream . . . sort of like Lauren Rowe & Kim Dean?
Nothing caps off a great day then a good fight right? . S/N: I have a new crush.NATASHA CURRY lol I'm about to...
Natasha Curry is ready for some football!
You're as wise as a school bus safety owl! We teach students, like this! SOAR always my friend!.
what the *** happened to Natasha Curry's tan on her face? She's orange today lol
I'm following just cause of Natasha Curry she's dope.
Why am I not watching weekend express wit Natasha curry?!? I watch it every weekend when I wake up
I would send natasha curry sum money for her baby.after all I'm b rich! Lol
I just met Natasha Curry host of while I was headed to the Center to tape tonight's episode of
Is love a feeling or emotions or a sickness
Natasha Curry thank you for sharing our story and helping save lives you are an amazing women.
Wanna Be My *** β€” tf I look like ? is this Natasha Curry , just so I know & don't start tripping ?
Great to be back with my amazing team. BIG thanks to Natasha Curry for filling in!
Love her-remember watching her in Seattle. She looks great. Seattle news made her look frumpy and wear ugly clothes. So glad to see her on HLN. !
Former CNN host Larry King 'spits some rhymes' with Snoop Lion. HLN's Natasha Curry has more.
A fan freaks out at a Beyonce concert when she touches him. HLN's Natasha Curry has more.
Nope just filling in for lovely Natasha Curry! Are you the new host of Weekend Express?
Hay I'm on tonight hosted by Natasha Curry!
Natasha Curry... Pretty sure she's a complete sentence...
Watching Showbiz tonight and Natasha Curry is so incredibly gorgeous! She is not overly Hollywood, but not ratchet either.
Excited to be a guest on this evening on with Natasha Curry - a fellow native like me ; )
CNN Natasha Curry still fanning the flames of racism, just can't let go. The Jury spoke find something else to focus on.
Best part of watching is Natasha Curry. Promote that woman!
I'll be a guest on Weekend Express HLN tomorrow at 9:30am EST. Tune in to hear my wedding tips!
OH MY GOSH! I just passed Natasha Curry at the CNN center and she said "Hello" to me! My day has been made!!
How do we get Natasha Curry to tone it down? This network needs tons of help choosing and directing their talent.
Robin Meade and Natasha Curry from HLN could get the same time.
Natasha Curry said "F-A-M-U". Between her and Lolo, I can't take any more pretty women saying mind-numbing things.
Maybe, but I see Natasha Curry alot.btw, where can I get your music?
Natasha Curry arrives at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards at The Beverly Hilton on June 16, 2013 in Beverly Hills.
Back at it again on HLN Weekend Express today with the awesome Natasha Curry.
I like headline News, but am sickened by Natasha Curry's voice, cackle, & delivery. Why is she still there? She must have something on the producers, or has a sexual relation with one of them. Doesn't HLN know they have one of the most annoying broadcasters in the business? I have tried several times to "hang in there" and bear it, but it gets to the point of wanting to act like Elvis and shooting my TV. How embarrassed Robin Mead and the rest of the crew must be having Natasha there. I liked Natasha back in the day when she was with Bullwinkle. But must turn the channel before Natasha can ruin my morning. She has to be better at Anything else, but HLN wants us to be Highly Annoyed on our weekend, or anytime Robin has "Better Things To Do". It's a sad day when a major news channel continues to keep one of the most annoying people on TV while loosing viewers. Go ahead Natasha...Cackle For Us You Talentless ***
Hi guys! is Natasha on this weekend? I haven't seen here Weekend Sneak Peak she puts on
I dunno. He's down with the HLN girls though; Robin Meade & Natasha Curry both.
Everybody in the airport is watching ! I love Natasha Curry though.
Put your dad on TV for father's day! with Natasha Curry is looking for your videos:
in p2 i swear u gave me a rotten curry puff in the school bus. Anyway its been a long time since we met all the best to you!
ahhh Natasha Curry.. always a good choice
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