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Natalie Morales

Natalie Leticia Morales (born June 6, 1972) is an American news anchor for NBC's Today.

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Wondering how much it cost Lauer to get rid of Natalie Morales, the one that Lauer was boinking?
[Author: aceshowbiz-com] . The 'Your Body Is a Wonderland' hitmaker has been on 'a few da...
A new romance! John Mayer finally moves on from ex Katy Perry by 'finding love with actress Natalie Morales'
I really appreciate that Natalie Morales is on all shows now.
He has a new love! John Mayer is 'dating actress Natalie Morales' - Daily Mail
via John Mayer is 'dating actress Natalie Morales'
I spoiled myself looking at IMDb. Natalie Morales!
Last episode was really fun. "Angry" Emily was great! I also really liked Natalie Morales as Green Fury/Fire.
I don't know anyone that watches Powerless but I just saw a photo of Natalie Morales w green hair from the show & now I might check it out.
Do you think that by now, someone has died on every inch of the earth . And other thoughts while in a Lyft, by Natalie Morales
Losing a pet is never easy. For kids it can be even more difficult. Here's one take on how to handle it
"Emma Stone rec'd the Salux towel to me. I really like it."
Supernatural, Octavia Spencer as John, Malcolm Barrett as Dean, Aldis Hodge as Sam. (Natalie Morales as Castiel.)
To all my fellow Natalie Morales, Today Show and Access Hollywood fans!
I learned what looked good on my petite frame, and to this day, I...
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Staging Star Wars storm troopers after someone goes into a porta potty! Hi Natalie Morales! Miss you on th...
The Miss Universe Pageant will be on August 23 (9-11 p.m. on NBC, ET) with Bret Michaels and Natalie Morales to co-host, live from Las Vegas
Our journeys are what connect us and reveal our humanity to one another. — Natalie Morales
Looking forward to the 2010 Miss USA Pageant, Sunday May 16 on NBC, 7 p.m. ET, hosted by Curtis Stone & Natalie Morales live from Las Vegas.
Actially, I think I remember Natalie Morales on Today saying 267 days or so. That's why we have problems with resolutions.
Cannot take seriously on when so stridently silly on Miss Morales.
I wish Natalie Morales still be with the Today Show. She did excellent job where evet she was placed.
I just found out that Natalie Morales is hosting Access Hollywood now and it actually makes me really sad.
That was a great book. They swapped Billy Bush & Natalie Morales (she went to Access Hollywood?) & I'm very.hmm about it.
ICYMI: Janet chats with Natalie Morales, Tim Omundson & Chuck Bryant at LA Podfest!.
Please, please have a skilled grammar expert edit the text of Natalie Morales' docudramas.
Natalie Morales explores the friendships that helped Diana through the lowest moments of her marriage to Prince...
Check out how and are supporting kids wellness through phys activity
Audrey Hepburn, for me, was the end-all, be-all style icon.
enjoyed Natalie Morales cooking this morning on show. She and Marsala sooo cute makin flan speaking Spanish 🎅🏼
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NAACP host discusses with Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover this year's nominees.
I have crazy eyebrows, so it's crucial to tame them. Just like you...
”Furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed ” Natalie Morales -
where is Natalie Morales miss seeing her on the morning show
My dad was a big runner. Growing up, I watched him do half marath...
Great article about what to say to your children when pets die. It's often not WHAT we say but HOW we say things! htt…
Comedienne Kathy Griffin is banned from The Today Show AGAIN after alleged spat with news ... via
One hazard of our job on TV is people are always checking us out and ...
Plus Bird will be donating a portion of his ticket sales to Everytown for Gun Safety.
To me, running is therapy. It's mood-altering and gets my endorph...
So why did the Today Show ever replace Natalie Morales with Billy Bush?
go away, bring back Natalie Morales.
Andrew Bird and Natalie Morales team up to fight gun violence with moving short film |
Some of the best writing I've done, whether I'm shooting a story o...
I feel better all day if I start off by eating healthy. Breakfast...
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On NBC's "Access Hollywood" on Monday, Natalie Morales sorta admits "SNL" is totally one-sided, but hey it's funny!
It would feel better if you brought back Natalie Morales. Get rid of TH.
The first thing I do after work is take off my TV makeup with a ...
If someone is not treating you in a way that you like, remember ...
I miss you on every day Today Show.Not the same without you and Natalie Morales.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
PLEASE, PLEASE! HAVE YOUR NEWS CAST DRESS PROFESSIONAL! Not like they are going 2 a club! Take a look…
Sure, sell me that when Natalie Portman is Thor, Miles Morales, and Ms. Marvel lead the MCU films.
The king of country never slows down! is setting the world on fire with his new duet with
Go, Natalie, go! Check out how Access Hollywood and Today Show West Coast host Natalie Morales incorporates...
Even the busiest routines can fit Thanks for the love, and
just read Sassman interview (You are missed on east coast. Not the same without you. 😊
I love learning about celebrities routines :)
Great to meet Natalie Morales from The Today Show & Access Hollywood! Thanks for being so nice to my kiddos!!…
Does anyone else see Natalie Morales on Access and cringe at this career turn? Oof.
I think you're great on the show-perfect w/all of the co-hosts etc. Why does Natalie Morales have to talk over u relentlessly?
"Well it's not surprising, but it seems like the whole world operates on East Coast time" 🙂Accurate
.reveals her new morning routine since moving to LA
DTN Entertainment Natalie Morales dishes on her new morning routine since moving to LA: Natalie Morales share...
In high school, I did a little track and field and ran on my own. In...
Hi! Would you be interested in being a part of a project for Natalie Morales?
Access Hollywood’s Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover will moderate this year's Celebrity Tributes.
Kit Hoover and Natalie Morales emotional tribute to Billy Bush Daily Mail Online: via
Our and share their thoughts on the Access Hollywood Trump footage from 2005.…
Where's Willie Geist when you need him? Bring back Natalie Morales. No more frat boys like Billy Bush, please.
Al Roker v. Billy Bush on Ryan Lochte interview, Natalie Morales didn't come off any better than Bush:
congrats to suspending Billy now Natalie Morales for covering it!
Billy Bush was a great fit for the show. He's perfect for the relocation of Natalie Morales. Thanks
no, you’re wrong. The show that moved Natalie Morales across the country because of her affair with Matt has a conscience
The desk is getting smaller and smaller everyday!! Willie Geist gone Natalie Morales gone! What or who is the problem?
BB hasn't been on AHL for sometime. Natalie Morales is Kit's new partner.
it's Natalie Morales, I guarantee it. She's exacting her revenge for getting swapped off Today for Billy
where in the world is Billy Bush is he out with Matt have affairs with married women like Natalie Morales she had to move to la
Bright and early Monday morning, “Today” host Natalie Morales read an NBC statement regarding the suspension ...
Yes, now you can bring back Natalie Morales back to the Today Show.
in my opinion it was a big mistake to get rid of Natalie Morales for Billy Bush. I miss her !do not understand !
what's going to happen to now that you have sent Natalie Morales off to L.A. ?
Natalie Morales needs a sleek and updated new set
Now you can bring back Natalie Morales!
Have you apologized for replacing Natalie Morales with Billy Bush?
So can Natalie Morales start packing her bags to head back to NYC?
Which Bush is mentioned more tonight at the Billy or W?
Natalie Morales gets the last laugh.
NBC shifted all those Blacks around & sent Natalie morales to the West Coast because they knew this tape was coming
They traded Natalie Morales for Billy Bush. Whoops on that one NBC.
Well NBC should've never swapped him with Natalie Morales to begin with so...
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it was a mistake to trade him for Natalie Morales anyway. Bring Natalie back!
And I honestly have no clue why Natalie Morales would want to leave doing real journalism on Today for celeb fluff on Access Hollywood...
Someone at NBC has to be second guessing that swap of Natalie Morales for Billy Bush for the Today Show...
Wondering if rethinking trading Natalie Morales 4 Billy Bush. Hope genius who brokered that is on u…
For me, Billy Bush is a *** poor replacement for Natalie Morales!
He got promoted to Today Show & Natalie Morales is on Access Hollywood now. Worst trade. Ever.
Natalie Morales being the one to ruin Billy Bush's career is some sweet, sweet payback
and this is the man who took Natalie Morales place!! Bring her back
Natalie Morales is on 'Access Hollywood' reporting lurid incident involving Trump and the NBC colleague who replaced her at 9…
Can we have Natalie Morales back on and send Billy Bush literally I don't care where?
I can't believe that the replaced Natalie Morales with Billy Bush. Seriously ?? 9am hour ruined. Click,…
Not sure if that Natalie Morales for Billy Bush trade was ever really a good move NBC...
The Today Show fandom has been dead forever but the Natalie Morales fandom is still going strong 💪🏼❤️
Thought: demotion for Natalie morales and strange for Billy Bush to join after Lochte n Trump. Maybe it's way of grabbing..
Oh god the other natalie morales is talking about Billy Bush and RIP my mentions.
ken I'm putting my money on Natalie Morales as the leak. Billy in essence stole her job
Can't stand Billy Bush. Stopped watching Today Show when Billy Bush joined. Loved it when Natalie Morales was on th…
they broke it themselves. A race between Natalie Morales and NBC news.
Natalie morales is BETTER than Guthrie. tamra Is better than Bush
She really is a hard role to cast!. Also, Natalie Morales is born to play Renee Montoya/The Question.
My picks, so far. Denise Thé and Lisa Joy, showrunners. Sarah Shahi as Huntress, Natalie Morales as Oracle and... Black Canary is tricky.
Did you see when visited the Arch last year?
It was the news no one wanted to believe. . Natalie Morales hosts Robin Williams: Behind Closed Doors, premiering...
Watching Access Hollywood. Seems odd to watch news woman Natalie morales on there. 😫
Willie Geist left, Natalie Morales left, so it's just Tamron Hall, Billy Bush, and Al Roker now.
Please explain why B. Bush is on The Today Show and Natalie Morales is on Access Hollywood?This is a really bad joke right???
Robin Williams' friends open up to Natalie Morales about what he meant to them on Behind Closed Doors, Sunday at...
Loved this REAL conversation between & about Botox & fillers
the world deprives us of Natalie Morales far too much
So Nicole has been cast, meaning my Amy Acker & Jasika Nicole MOTW show is no more. But how about Amy Acker & Natalie Morales MOTW show? 😎
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Natalie Morales looks she is internally screaming as the co-host of Access Hollywood
get rid of Tamara Hall, bring Natalie Morales back. Hall is terrible
To lose Natalie Morales AND Willie Geist on the has completely shattered my morning routine.
You are losing me as a viewer It is not the same without Natalie Morales and Willie Geist!!
NBC's Bought New Home In Brentwood for $6.8 million and her Hoboken house is on Sale.
NBC's now with Access Hollywood. Find her Net worth,Salary, House and Career.
If I was HRC, I'd never give another press conf. News isn't journalism anymore, it's entertainment. They're Billy Bush & Natalie Morales.
Natalie Morales takes us on a journey into the life of Robin Williams Sunday at 9ET/8PT.
I agree and love the Steve Harvey video!!! Natalie Morales is a jewel!!! jp960
Aly Raisman Interview with Natalie Morales on Today | LIVE 8-16-16 via
So proud of Al Roker and Natalie Morales standing up to Billy Bush on Hope Bush is getting chastised +coaching.
Less Willie Geist on Today and no Natalie Morales all for more Billy Bush? No thanks. That guy is worse than Seacrest.
Guess Billy Bush is the new Regis, but we gave up Natalie Morales for this???
get Natalie Morales back to NY and get rid of T. Hall. She is zero compared to Natalie. Please
When Billy Bush said "calm down", Natalie Morales looked over at Al Roker like...
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Billy Bush is trying to defend Lochte on Today and Al Roker and Natalie Morales are DRAGGING him.
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After allegations of an affair with Natalie Morales, Is Matt Lauer the right Interviewer concerning truthfulness?
Is it hypocritical for Matt Lauer to interview anyone about "Truthfulness" amongst allegations of having an affair w/ Natalie Morales?
Seek out the clip of Billy Bush cornered by Al Roker and Natalie Morales on this. Women and POC see this 'storyline' differently.
When you share an article on Natalie Morales's new house and it becomes a top post on FB for the topic and a...
Natalie Morales buys $6.8m LA mansion as she completes... via dailymail
As someone who watches the Today Show, I am very depressed Billy Bush is replacing Natalie Morales
Yep, I could live in Natalie Morales's new house.
'Today' anchor Natalie Morales spends $6.8 million on a Brentwood Traditional *Heard Matt had something to do w/this
I want to hear ask Matt Lauer about his affair with Natalie Morales when they were both married. come on.
Anyone think Natalie Morales from the Today Show looks exceptionally great while hosting RIO? Wow - she looks the...
Dunno, but it was prob getting a bit awkward with natalie morales there on the beach tbh.
felt bad for how rude Natalie morales and Al Roker were to u when talking about Ryan lochte they were completely unprofessional.
fire Natalie morales & al rooker they were rude & obnoxious to Billy Bush on air.. Today Show should be ashamed ..
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Natalie Morales wasn't having any of Billy Bush's Lochte apologia, either. Good for her.
Love how you guys are having so much fun. Kit you make Natalie Morales transition so easythe best Kit Hoover
Look who Jodi and Ashley saw in this morning! NBC's Natalie Morales - shopping with some friends.
Should be Natalie Morales, Matt Lauer, and Hoda!! Not liking Meredith and her mumbling!
I think Natalie Morales is skipping entirely (she's pregnant).
"Did you know that some people think Natalie Morales and I have had sex? Wild! Alright, here comes Malawi" - Matt Lauer
Meredith isn't much better. They should've had Natalie Morales do it!
supposedly Matt Lauer and Natalie morales hooked up
Where is Natalie Morales in all of this? She is Brazilian, correct? Why isn't she commentating? I love Meredith but...
it's not all bad, Natalie Morales is down there so
Someone better keep an eye on Laurer and Natalie Morales in Rio. They've canoodled at past Olympiads.
All these commercials help pay for Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales' room service bill.
exactly. Then Natalie Morales 1/2 Euro-Brasilian self had the nerve to say the country embraces all races and has no problems
Hope Natalie Morales is doing the NBC coverage. She's still fluent in Portuguese.
More Natalie Morales, less of everyone else.
Natalie Morales wearing our Button Earrings on Access Hollywood for the Opening Ceremony!
Actress spoke with about her routine incl.
Watch my Natalie Morales videos here! Enjoy and please like and share!
I get having pride in your heritage but why is Natalie Morales pretending Brasil doesn't have race problems?
I would have loved to have met Buster Keaton.
I mentioned the possible Matt Lauer/Natalie Morales Today Show affair to my mom and I've never seen her google something so intensely.
Ask SAM: Where's Natalie Morales?: Q: I have not seen Natalie Morales on the “Today” show in about two or more weeks. Has she moved t...
plus that interview she did for the Today Show also, Natalie Morales mentioned that she was working on a follow up to Reflejo
It's good to see at even though not on the (Natalie Morales-Rhodes see U in LA.)
In the Olympics mood, celebrating with one of my favorite Today's Show girl. Natalie Morales
Actress Jennifer Garner tells TODAY's Natalie Morales that it's not always easy being a mom in the spotlight when…
Natalie Morales fix your right sleeve😄
my mom's:. "Google search". "Where is Natalie Morales from 'The Today Show'?". "Google search"
where is Natalie Morales I haven't seen her in a while , please tell me you didn't let her go.
can i ask what may be a dumb question, but where is Natalie Morales?
i never ever would have guessed that Today Show Natalie Morales was half-Brazilian/half-Puerto Rican
Furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed.
New edit for Natalie Morales. It's about what if she ever joined It's fake, thank goodness! Enjoy
Robin Williams: Behind Closed Doors featuring Natalie Morales premieres August 28 only on REELZ.
Awesome-sauce!!! Had such a fun time with Kit Hoover and Natalie Morales and the whole crew!!
Meet actress, writer, user of Ambient Lighting palette
How about the Lovely Natalie Morales also! Sure do miss on Today, but glad you are happy too!
Natalie Morales (the awesome one from The Middleman, not the other one)
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Natalie Morales Matt Lauer and the 'Today' show are constantly facing an assault from ...
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Matt Lauer reveals why he addressed Natalie Morales departure rumors
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Today Show News Anchor, Natalie Morales joins ysc 2016 Must watch: via
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Natalie Morales: Matt Lauer and the &show are constantly…
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is REAL quick to report on a RUMORED affair between Matt Lauer & Natalie Morales, but nothing about Roger Ailes
Natalie Morales Has a clean guy that trips thugs
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Silly little boy God only made one Natalie morales and baby that's me .
Natalie Morales' all female going away party aka Matt Lauer's dating pool.
Because he's a man. Same reason lied & the same reason you or me would lie. Who gives a rats behind?. htt…
Everything about this guys is so unlikeable Matt Lauer Addressed Natalie Morales affair on Today Departure Rumors
Today Show's Natalie Morales has all-female farewell party after denying Matt Lauer 'affair'
I bet Matt Lauer is going to miss boinking Natalie Morales when she leaves for the West Coast. Allegedly.
Although everyone strongly denies an affair, typically the woman gets transferred.
Natalie Morales has a point: The Matt Lauer affair rumors are not only laughable — they're extrem...
Nope jezbels .com was so wrongs on this article about nataile morales leaving and moving to los Angeles is so...
New post: ". Natalie Morales shares pictures from her all-female farewell bash. " .
Today - Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer deny affair rumors (again!)
Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales address second round of affair rumors
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Why isn't Natalie Morales a big star? This pains me everyday. I mean, when I remember.
Natalie Morales puts her foot down regarding ridiculous Matt Lauer affair rumors: With the news that Today's ...
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