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Nat Turner

Nathaniel Nat Turner (October 2, 1800 – November 11, 1831) was an American slave who led a slave rebellion in Virginia on August 21, 1831 that resulted in 60 white deaths and at least 100 black deaths, the largest number of fatalities to occur in one uprising prior to the American Civil War in the southern United States.

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ICYMI: FATE OF THE FURIOUS director F. Gary Gray becomes first black director to make $1 billion movie -
Listen to 01 Nat Turner.mp3 by Akbar Britton on
... ... ... Novelist won 1967's Pulitzer for his novel The Confessions of Nat…
Chief Sailer is listening to Nat Turner at the 8th Annual Living Museum.
Whenever black folks congregate together at work, it's always an issue. But no problem when white folks do. Think we're pulling a Nat Turner
I love where Black comedy is right now. Young *** like Michael Che and Jerrod Carmichael are killing it
Men shouldn't be allowed to get welfare
That was the funniest thing I've heard all week.
In the south we're taught about how Eli Whitney revolutionized the economy and how John Brown was a madman and Nat Turner was a sociopath
Why celebrate Jackson and Lee instead of John Brown or Nat Turner?
The love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things
I'm no nat turner. I don't die. I'm kunta kente.
this dude raynard def related to the folks who sold out Nat Turner
Discover Nat Turner & What Compelled Him to Lead a Slave Revolt in 1831
I think the real " Nat Turner" is in heaven smiling down on . Thanks my brother for goin against the grain.
"You can't be woke AND oppress women. Decide if you want to be Nat Turner, or Ike Turner. You do not get to be both." -…
**NEW UPDATE** 2 of the biggest & Gemini Lovell takes on nat turner JOIN NOW
Before you talk about religion getting in the way of creating revolutionaries remember Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, and Malc…
Are you okay with Kerry James Marshall painting Nat Turner?
That's like saying the slave masters provided and inspired the slaves (Nat Turner, Harriett Tubman)…
Nat Turner - He was an enslaved African American who led a rebellion of slaves and free blacks in Southampton Count…
Nat Turner, John Horse, Charles Deslonde, Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vessey, Amistad: that is Black Price of freedom is death.
The TV World wants you to forget about people like Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, Martin R Delaney, Robert Smalls, etc...
Have you seen the film BIRTH OF A NATION starring Nate Parker the slave rebellion of Nat Turner!!!
I assume that means we should all be more like Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner, right? Immigrants with a dream.
The things you learn while helping your kid research slavery: Nat Turner, John Brown and Dred Scott were all from the same Vi…
"I'm sorry I named my daughter 'Paige.' It seemed funny at the time.". - a confession of Nat Turner
Pro-Tip: Attucks & Nat Turner are great day 1 name drops for white people taking a black history course. Clarence T…
birth of the nation would've had a greater message had the revolt been about Nat Turner wanting redemption to free slaves after
nobody does fake better than Hollywood, & when skies quickly turned all Nat Turner after apparent win of white-mansplaining-La La, well...
There is reason that after Nat Turner it was against law to teach slaves to read-except for Bible of one or two per…
White America will justify George Washington's imperialist, white supremacist violence, yet Nat Turner's rebellion is fr…
These same men feared slave revolts, especially after Nat Turner's rebellion in 1831
no the recent film on the Turner revolt was not. perhaps closer to Kyle Baker's fine graphic novel, Nat Turner.
I added a video to a playlist James Baldwin Speaks! The Confessions of Nat Turner: with William
Wait until Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Olaudah Equiano, and Sojourner Truth pop up. It'll be magic.
As a teacher I'm limited by the time period I'm assigned, but I make a point to teach Nat Turner's Revolt in contex…
.Oooh! Rufus just went Nat Turner on that guy!
The Birth of a Nation review – biblical passion and cheesy emotion
I liked a video from Discussing Freedom Fighter Nat Turner On Location South Hampton
Jalil Muntaqim is today's Nat Turner. He fought and continues to fight by any means necessary for Black liberation.
. Not Viking but a whole lotta Nat Turner in me, for good reason!
Witness Nat Turner’s extraordinary story of strength and love. In cinemas today.
I love being cancelled on. Nothing better than being at the house
Belief + doubt = Sanity (Nat Turner's Bible at the National Museum of African American His…
Nate Parker & Jean Celestin are rapists who do not deserve awards for exploiting the lives of Nat Turner and the rape victim who is now dead
domain names
I love the Stanford lessons and Lesh's Nat Turner lesson from Why Don't You Just Give Us the Answer
A2 Confessions of Nat Turner as graphically represented by
A2 Can't think of any "go to", but last year used newspaper accounts for Nat Turner and some WPA slave narratives
Read an excerpt from graphic novel Nat Turner by on
Congrats to the 14 black actors and actresses nominated for a Golden Globe.
portrays the revolutionary life of Nat Turner in this week's
reminder: Charles Burnett's NAT TURNER: A TROUBLESOME PROPERTY is streaming on Amazon Prime. If you haven't, see it. If you have, revisit.
"Don't believe everything you see on the Internet" - Nat Turner
All my time not devoted to my master's service was spent either in praye...
See, when I relive my Nat Turner fantasy I'm wrong. But she can dress up as a slave master and refer to her...
Friends of Nat Turner Park honored all our princesses with The Change Agent Certificate of EXCELLENCE. How...
Looking forward to many more discussions by descendants of Turner rebels and people involved in rebellion!
Click to a copy of The Birth of a Nation: Nat Turner and The Making of a Movement book with
Not sure who to report his too. Downed tree Wallach pl and nat turner way nw.
This week you can catch The Birth of a Nation, Nate Parker's fiery biopic of Nat Turner's slave rebellion.…
Update your maps at Navteq
Nate Parker portrays Nat Turner's slave rebellion in the insightful & shocking biopic
On our screens now, the "searingly impressive account of the Nat Turner slave rebellion"
Nat Turner led the most famous slave rebellion in history & is a true hero...
slave killing his master during the Nat Turner's rebellion, 1831. (colorized)
The tale of the 1831 Nat Turner slave rebellion hits the screens.
The Birth of a Nation tells the true story of Nat Turner, a preacher and slave turned leader of a rebellion.…
Not a single slave under Nat Turner 's rebellion that got caught before him rattled him or his plan out. And they...
2mrw night I'll be stopping through Jazz Cafe w/ Nat Turner. Special guest opener see y'all 2mrw!
Okay thanks hey did you see the film BIRTH OF A NATION the slave rebellion led by Nat Turner starring Nate Parker???
'The Birth of a Nation' - film about Nat Turner's 1831 Slave Rebellion.
Watching Roots 2016 version on DVD. They give mention to Nat Turner's 1831 slave rebellion in Virginia.
11/5/1831- Nat Turner tried, convicted and sentenced for slave rebellion.
Off the top: Anderson Paak, Black Milk & Nat Turner, Robert Glasper, Lust for Youth, Kendrick
Nat Turner, Garvey, Malcolm, and Huey all my icons so you know what it is one love 💯
Having soon discovered to be great, I must appear so, and therefore studi...
This is what 2pac spoke of in Mortal Man x Nat Turner 1831 i see it with clear eyes
Amerikkka showed it's true colors... and those colors are all white
Trump will have control of the CIA, the FBI, the IRS, the NSA, drones and nuclear weapons. Healthcare: gone. Well done, Ame…
Before Nat Turner could fight back, he needed an enemy to fight against. Now we have one. {{-_-}}
Hope y'all prepared to Nat Turner if need be.
Got two options: we either ne on some Nat Turner or Go to Africa
Oh Yea they doing a movie on Nat Turner. How many time they gone keep banging this slavery shxt in our head
Need to check out that Nat Turner film now
Y'all act like we didn't learn about nat turner in school. Y'all wait for a movie to read up.
Tap into the spirit of Nat Turner and Malcolm and MLK. Get rid of that spirit of fear
1928 was last time Republicans had the White House, the House and the Senate. The Great Depression was in 1929.
It's going to be some 1813 Nat Turner, if they try me!
not me I was Nat Turner in my past life
We all just have to pull a Nat Turner frfr
Nat turner knew, Malcolm x know, Dr king even knew he just aint have the heart
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Nat Turner my hero thanks for birth of a nation the real one
Unless Trump and Pence are assassinated before 1/20, these next 4 years will be very reminiscent of 1831, a Nat Turner type of revolution.
there is no perfect time - but, revolution without strategy is suicide. Nat Turner style.
I hear people saying they're scared to see what Trump does, Nat Turner taught me to not be scared of any racist mf's
Let the legacy of Nat Turner, Malcolm X, Susan Anthony, and Harvey Milk guide the next four years of Leftist Resistance, peaceful or not.
I'm gone be the new nat turner then
It's about to be Nat Turner, 1831 up in this mf.
Aye how that Nat Turner movie start off? "Brothers we've been chosen"
Gonna be lookin like the house party Nat Turner's slave owner had. Smh.
We need to start going nat turner on they ***
The spirit of Nat Turner is trying to take over me. I need sleep.
yall got to watch that Nat Turner movie man
May just Nat turner a trump supporter tonight.
on everything Ima pull a Nat Turner
Folks, no matter who wins, you are indeed witnessing the "Rebirth of a Nation" and it ain't about Nat Turner
Nah fr, if Trump wins and his supporters start getting bold. Best Believe my inner Nat Turner will come alive.
He's won ok I get that...but let some BillyBob call me *** tomorrow and ima call forth the spirit of Nat Turner on someo…
Ima be real yal, Nat Turner was going around telling other slaves to obey they masters, so Wayne really not doing nothing new…
I would love to see Black children dressed as great world changers for - Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Ida B. Wells, etc.
Birth Of a Nation is a must watch. Tough watch, but must watch! I didn't know of the Nat Turner story at all.
Nat Turner and George Carver are not African-American heroes Captain Phillips and Sully are.
The Other Wes Moore book was mandatory reading for incoming students at TCU. I'm thinking Nat Turner movie should be mandatory at HBCUs.
Nat Turner wasn't the first black man to lead a slave rebellion like that jus so y'all know..
everybody must go see Birth of a Nation, the story behind and about Nat Turner's slave rebellion. a great movie and a great…
All ik is Nat Turner let a slave rebellion and was hung for it and that's who the movie is on so ...
She illustrates women played a bigger role in Nat Turner's slave rebellion than the movie projects.
We saw BOAN. Not sure if it was about Nat King Cole or Nat Turner. It was bad filmMaking 😳
I saw Birth Of A Nation a film about the Nat Turner slave rebellion last Friday. I recommend that you go and see th…
I remember "learning" about the slave rebellion & Nat Turner, but actually seeing the visual ...
I and my lady were disgusted at the young lady who could not understand the story is about Nat Turner, not Nate Parker and
The story of Nat Turner is handled quite well, as his development from slave to preacher to rebellion leader is executed thoroughly.
I was like *** FINALLY a major motion picture with about a slave rebellion, with our black man Nat Turner!
I agree Carl, Imagine the sense of pride for young folks to visualize Nat Turner and how spirituality drove him. Sabotage!
TIL The former mayor of Gary, Indiana had a piece of Nat Turner's skull and unveiled it with Bill Cosby.
Nat Turner's skull was just returned to his family. Our story on how it fell into the hands of a former Gary mayor:
My pastor Rev. John E. Jackson was there when the remains were given to Nat Turner's family
Skull thought to be Nat Turner's, now in possession of former Gary mayor, to be returned to descendants. Kw...
Before you see The Birth of a Nation, read up on the former mayor of Gary who claimed to have Nat Turner's skull.
The former mayor of Gary, Ind had Nat Turner's skull??? 😳.
my takeaway is that is an excellent performance by Nate Parker. He was Nat Turner, like Jamie Foxx was Ray Charles
Now that we have a Nat Turner movie, I'd love to see movies about:. Harriet Tubman. Marcus Garvey. Haile Sellasie. Fred Hampton. Shirley Chisholm
I'm so thankful for Nat Turner and the many brave slaves that broke the chain.
Nat turner is one of my favorite stories...I think intricate details like that should be accurate
In Search of Nat Turner – Lapidus Center for the Historical Analysis of Transatlantic Slavery
You all are right though, Nat Turner's story is important, as is the character of the people behind the creation of "BON."
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Some of yall dont even know who Nat Turner is 😪😪
And the movie is about NAT TURNER. But leave it to a ww and her white feminist perspective to undermine a film because of her own bias. Bye.
Why are people acting as if Nate Parker is the only person ever to write or mention Nat Turner
Parker's film tells the story of Nat Turner, a slave and preacher prone . khal: Again, I chalk a lot of this up
It ain't about Nate Parker no more, it's about Nat Turner. And I'm sure the rape scene was to make the movie histor…
The history of Nat Turner has been slandered and hidden. Nate Parker obviously did deep research.
What Birth of a Nation Gets Wrong About Religion: Gray gives a portrait of Turner as a religious fanatic who ...
It's an unnecessary scene that did not happen in Nat Turner's life.
I swear they never taught me about Nat Turner in school
Mainstream history tries to paint Nat Turner and John Brown as mentally ill radicals, but both of these men were well-organized & ready.
The 4 times great granddaughter of Revolutionary Slave Rebellion Leader Nat Turner is in the Chapel today, right n…
Nat Turner was mass murderer who murdered (and raped) women and children in cold blood!
It's gon be like 1831 .. Nat Turner in this Mf
it's so sad to me. But also sad that many history books in schools never mentioned Nat Turner
6 Things You Should Know about Nat Turner and His Rebellion: Here are six other aspects of Turner’s life and ...
I feel the same way but this is a little different Bc most people don't know the Nat Turner slave revolt story
Your ancestors were not docile. Slave rebellions were more frequent than your history books say. Stay woke.
Nat Turner and Nightjohn both are astonishing in that regard. Just takes whatever he's given and refashions it beautifully.
Nat Turner's rebellion is an amazing true story. It needs no fictitious additions to captivate an (cont)
So the movie Birth Of A Nation suppose to be bout Nat Turner 🤔
They don't want you to know about Nat Turner.
Everyone go support The Birth Of A Nation. Nat Turner's story is extremely necessary for the culture. In theaters today!
This incredible film comes out today. Support this remarkable story of Nat Turner.Well done Nate !
I'm not seeing . Nat Turner's story does not need Nate Parker to be told
I care about the type of representation rather than representation. Will view docs on Nat Turner tho.
Gonna go see that Nat Turner movie tomorrow too, it's lit
Get your copy of "Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion: Including the 1831 Confessions" at Afriware.
Let me ask something: if a rape didn't motivate Nat Turner to lead a rebellion, why does Nate Parker feel it should in hi…
My criticisms: 1. There aren't more movies on Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, etc. and black resistance, 2. See…
YOU HAVE TO READ THIS! The depiction of Nat Turner is false. ‘The Birth of a Nation’ Is an Epic Fail
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Nat Turner’s Rebellion, 1831. Born on Oct. 2, 1800, in Southampton County, Va.,the week before Gabriel was...
psst Charles Burnett's Nat Turner movie is on Amazon Prime. pass it on...
a brutal gang rape wasn't the catalyst for Nat Turner's rebellion. In fact he believed that God called him to lead.
So Nate Parker made a movie about Nate Parker not Nat Turner. Lmao
I am ashamed I know more about Kanye and Kim Kardashian than I did about Nat Turner. Birth of A Nation. Never again will I Sleep Walk...
Nat Turner's Bible spoke to him of possibility and empowered him to rise up via
The oppressors shook about this Nat Turner film
Nat Turner Was Far From Alone: A brief history of some of the more noteworthy slave revolts in the Western He...
I already know A birth of a nation not gonna tell the whole truth of Nat Turner cause you know it's Hollywood lmao
With so much of the movie being drastically different from reality, it's only importance is making people aware of…
you right, Nat Turner killed some white folk for this lmao you know the slave owners still own the story? I aint payin them
I liked a video Birth of a Nation: A Tribute to Nat Turner
‘The Birth of a Nation’ Cast Talks Resurrecting Nat Turner on Film & the Controversy Around It ht…
It's funny how the world can be so critical on Birth of a Nation when majority of the critics probably never even studied Nat Turner.
DO YOUR HISTORY!!! Catch me on Nat Turner doc TONIGHT @ 10PM est on National Geographic…
How Birth of a Nation manages to exclude women from Nat Turner's rebellion:
Just read that atlantic article on "Birth of a Nation." Have you read Kyle Barker's "Nat Turner?".
Nat Turner's story DOES need to b e heard just don't care to hear this one
no I'm saying after researching the Nat turner story there is no proof his wife was ever gang raped
Nat Turner and the forgotten women who resisted slavery
I don't believe Nat Turner's fight is more important to my salvation than Solomon Northup's
look up Nat Turner on Google I'm sure you'll enjoy what you read😂
i wrote about "The Birth of a Nation" and the real Nat Turner for this week's
Thank God we have a Nat Turner in the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan!
Nate Parker is an actor. Nat Turner is a Hero. I will not deny Nat Turner his just due. I Salute Slavery is bigge…
Need to find a black woman that is woke to attend "The Birth Of A Nation" Nat Turner movie with me.
Listening to Nate Parker - Birth of a Nation actor speaking passionately at NSU about his film on Nat Turner.
Slightly learn about Nat Turner but quickly cut after you become interested in learning more about, Revolting
Why do we all know about the Cotton gin ? 🤔 but not the history of Nat Turner
an Actor that's playing Nat turner but he in a lot of stuff
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Dedication of is history teacher's jam! Bush shoutout to Nat Turner, Roberts on Plessy, and just seeing John Lewis
"The Birth of a Nation" Nat Turner slave rebellion will arrive a day early in Charleston at the Terrace...
Will you go and see the highly anticipated film BIRTH OF A NATION starring Nate Parker the slave rebellion of NAT TURNER???Oct 7th
“Nat Turner in Jerusalem” is perhaps best regarded as an earnest gloss that will evoke different responses.
Had no idea they skinned Nat Turner after killing him. White ppl are evil and weird af.
Nat Turner's bible is on display at the which opens today.
Nate Parker says Colin Kaepernick’s protest is a form of resistance in the spirit o
That is exactly what I said I stand for again again call me Nat Tu…
And of course the sensationalism serves all sides. I'm surprised Nat Turner even knew how to read. I will go take a look.
I was told Nat Turner's bible is in the new African American Museum. It was donated by the family that once owned him.
Since the 1940 U. S. Census screw up, do you think it’s fair to ask the candidates how do they regard “Nat Turner?”
“Nat Turner in Jerusalem” is an earnest but static play, as iconography tends to be
Top Crimes of Benghazi. Theft of Haitian $. Nat'l Security at risk. owned by the Saudis. Soros Puppet. all of the above
We are working on the class schedule now and we are making sure you will be able to take the class.
Nat Turner's Bible... I'm looking forward to seeing when it opens, important history to know
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The subject of Nate Parker's 'Birth of a Nation' gets stage treatment in 'Nat Turner in Jerusalem': Theater Review…
Nat Turner in Jerusalem review rebel’s last stand fails to inspire
The new two-hander opened with a 72 ShowScore. See what critics & members are saying:
It was a koon who sold out Nat Turner on Blood Sunday👀
Nat Turner in my past life... Bob Marley in my last life back again. . Look into the eyes of a young *** who survived against all the odds
just posted a new review of: Nat Turner in…
How Nat Turner explained the slave revolt he led
A new play depicts Nat Turner as "Christian martyr, prophet and avatar of divine vengeance" https:…
"Review: ‘Nat Turner in Jerusalem,’ an Avatar of Divine Vengeance" by BEN BRANTLEY via NYT The New York Times
VF’s Graydon Carter on the Nat Turner literary battle, Bob Gottlieb’s career in letters & more from the Sept. issue https:/…
Argument been going on since William Styron (Sophie's Choice)wrote The Confessions of Nat Turner as 1st person AfroAmer slave.
I got Nat Turner inside of me, I got Harriet T. I got Marcus Garvey Bey, I got every single of one of my ANCESTORS inside of…
That doggone Goldie Taylor! I've been waiting for this! Nat Turner's story needs to be told/seen!
Y'all "love" people like Nat Turner, Angela Davis, and Harriet Tubman but say was "tripping?" How does th…
Good read by on 1960s studio attempt to make a Nat Turner film and the black artists who opposed it.
Gabriel Prosser died right as Nat Turner was born. Coincidence?
Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, and Toussaint rolling over at these *** smdh
Nat Turner did it Toussaint Louverture did it yall praise them but disown this brother, finding out who the real revolu…
Finally stop looking for reasons to claim Johnson was crazy was John Brown, Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey crazy? The man was angry
Time will give Micah his place as it did 4 Malcolm X, Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner in there time of fighting oppression
don't you know it was a cabal? Kunta and Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey and.
"Stripes earned from pipe burners, mo hits than Ike Turner; RUTHLESS *** Nat Turner, Yeen get the picture yet?" ~MBT
My 15yr old sister who is a junior at McNamara asked who Nat Turner is. My family is CLEARLY not doing our job 😓 but neither are our schools
If CW is one of our intellectuals, we are doomed. MLK, Paul Roberson, Sojourner,Nat Turner turning over in graves
Hollywood even made Matthew McConaughey into Nat Turner lol
I've never thought of it that way before. Nat Turner & Denmark Vesey: Southern Rebels. There's heritage for you.
Prophet's of Rage by Public Enemy . introduced us to:. Nat Turner. Marcus Garvey. Knowledge of Self. Denmark Vesey. Gabriel Prosser. Nelson Mandela
Nat Turner,Malcolm X,Fred Hampton,Che' Guevara and Bob Marley all together equal me.The spirits of these man live through me.
Only if Kurtzman had a bit of Ali, Nat Turner, KRS One, & Bootsy in him. Otherwise you're probably just Kyle Baker
Ok. All the slave movies are old man. If any newer one we need is Nat Turner. We ALSO need a film about King Mansa Musa.
Prince Whipple, Frederick Douglas, Nat Turner etc. At least 1 moor African American man should b on US currency. Shout out 2 Harriet tho
I'm sorry, but it's time you recognize my representation of Nat Turner in his iconic slave rebellion as Oscar-worthy.
Nat Turner' s rebellion turned every slave into the enemy instead of just the ones who resisted
In fact, white slave owners actually started cracking down on Black services after Nat Turner’s rebellion because of the role…
4 songs into and... boy is it trash. I'll finish the rest later
Green & Gold, baby! Wish I could run out onto Lambeau right this second,
Uh oh... Did Ted T pick the wrong DT?
With the 27th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the select UCLA DT Kenny Clark!
And I almost forgot what a legend Nat Turner was, trailblazer.
Drake got a lot of *** that used to hate him paying attention. If he drops a classic with Views, he'll gain a lot of new fans
I don't follow college, so as usual, I'll rely on to tell me if my make good picks in the
put your MONEY where your MOUTH is, Nat Turner!
My heroes work like 20 hours a day to make their dreams come true and accomplish their goals. I don't want anything that bad
I get depressed when I think about how much I could've accomplished by now if I wasn't so in love with doing nothing
Listen to The Rebellion Sessions by Black Milk & Nat Turner on check it
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Is it fair to compare the brutality of slavery with the brutality of Nat Turner’s Rebellion?
"What would Nat Turner with a burner do?"
Nat Turner's rebellion is my favorite moment in black history. The man is a hero
Until I leave this plantation... I make it clear that I am Nat Turner
"maybe they fear if they hear it five times in the mirror, nat turner will appear."
Andrew Jackson fought privatized central banking like a champ. They should have used Nat Turner. That dude was a badass.
20 min into . I like this dude energy and mentality
4th Grade, got quite the scolding by Mrs Krayton for my essay on Nat Turner as a freedom fighter.
Correction:. "I pray you sing a new song.". Nat Turner is coming! . THE BIRTH OF A NATION: Trailer http…
Inspiring speech tonight by and can't wait to see his Nat Turner rebellion film, Birth of a Nation https:…
Just home from a screening of Inspired by life of Nat Turner, this epic tale of the famous... https…
They might as well put Nat Turner on the back of the new Harriet Tubman bill
Good spot! I think that one posted is a copy by someone. But the Turner in the Nat Gallery does have masts.
Klay on another planet right now. My goodness
Darkskin conscious men are in style. We are the new bad boys of 2016. You want a Nat Turner not a Curtis Jackson
Update your maps at Navteq
I liked a video from Return Of The Quiet King Part 3: & Turner
Ms. Ernestine about to be the female Nat Turner
Can't wait to see if Ms. Ernestine goes Nat Turner on that plantation. . , isn't that correct Rev? .
I'm ready for this Nat Turner movie now
never in my life did I think I would see the nat turner story in theaters. never. nat?! nat black *** turner?! nope. so I HAVE to be there.
I'm so proud of song in the country. Panda!!! Good music 2016!!!
No more slave movies. Unless you gonna do that Nat Turner story I don't want to see these type of movies NO MO'
New Movie The Birth of a Nation (No not the racists KKK recruiting one) is about Nat Turner and his rebellion in 1831 Virginia.
Help I said you could be racist to white people and the ghost of Nat Turner appeared and pistol whipped me in the neck
New x Nat Turner album came at the right time for me 🙌🏼
The other day in class we were watching a trailer for that Nat Turner movie and the trailer used "Strange Fruit" by Billie Holliday
One sister who was captured with Nat Turner went to the gallows cursing those white Devils she showed no FEAR whatsoever more like Kalushi
There needs to be some sort of prize just for having the brass neck to subvert the name Birth of a Nation to a movie about Nat Turner.
Trailer for Nat Turner's top prize winner THE BIRTH OF A NATION is here: Best Picture- Oscars 2017?
We don't need JFK! why not Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Ida B Well or yourself? Stop worshiping rich white males
digging Huey P. Newton and Nat Turner as the good guys
"By the time O.J. allegedly committed the murders, he was so white, he made Carlton Banks look like Nat Turner" 😂😂😂
Marriage & Relationships, Part 3: Resolving Conflicts in Marriage & Community at
name it after Nat Turner, we killed him. It's all good. I know it was just an example.
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