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Nat Geo Wild (stylized as Nat Geo Wild or abbreviated as NGW) is a cable/satellite TV channel focused on animal-related programs.

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Nat Geo or Squoo's first album cover? It's giving me Florence + The Machine or The Civil Wars style of intensity.
Nat Geo's famed 'Afghan Girl' Sharbat Bibi arrested by FIA in Peshawar
'Afghan Girl' goes from Nat Geo cover to police mugshot:
Let's all argue whether this is the Afghan girl from Nat Geo or Elijah Wood as Frodo
AP, Chronicle of Higher Ed, McClatchy, Baltimore Biz Journal and Nat Geo know how to party.
Super cool to have some talented and adventurous friends. Nice work Cory Richards for becoming one of Nat Geo's...
What happens when Nat Geo sends six renowned photographers to Yellowstone National Park for 18 months?
Nat Geo giving you a run for your money on Panda facts - copyright infringement ??
Six Flashes in the Rain. To quote a time honored phrase from old school Nat Geo coverage https:…
For see what it was like to be a Nat Geo photographer in the old days: https:…
I appreciate nature the most from a five star hotel bed watching the Nat Geo channel
I'm addicted to Animal planet The history channel and Nat Geo
The irony that Nat Geo Wild are airing a show about hunting Bluefin Tuna while promoting endangered species.
So if watch Nat Geo, Discovery, Sky Arts + Movies & not use BBC services, how is that value paying £150 for nothing?
A Trip to the San Diego Zoo from Nat Geo and Books! via
What does *** look like? animations for Nat Geo explore the underworld https:/…
These whites are crazy !. The lion whisperer on Nat Geo Wild is some crazy program.
Nat Geo goes wild for virtual reality
Story of the Day! Nat Geo covers the Sanctuary's work h…
AMC, Nat Geo explore Baby Animals in the Wild. Read more: $AMCX
I wish I had someone to get high with and watch Nat Geo Wild
I just be watching Nat Geo Wild documentaries all day..
Stop by and get an autograph at one of the meet and greets with Dave Carraro from Nat Geo's Wicked Tuna!!!
Nat Geo magazine has become more like a science news mag. That's not what readers buy it for..
Air Crash Investigation, Nat Geo reveals the horrors of being airborne. Tonight at 11 pm, only on Nat Geo.
A great article about Kansas's own Nat Geo photographer Jim Richardson.
Hi Mr.Anderson.Whitney Johnson, Deputy Dir.of Ph at Nat Geo suggested me to show my work thanks
How great is this footage of a gray-headed kingfisher in Video: Nat Geo ... (Vine by
watching Nat Geo's documentation about Malaysian Airlines 370, the missing plane
I'm super excited about "The Story of God" with Morgan Freeman on Nat Geo. My schedule just reminded me. Lol It was that important to me.
Andrew Bishop, of Bishop Lyons Productions writes to me: "I hope all is well! I received this from our Nat Geo...
Nat Geo reveals new show Undercover Angel in May 2016.
Nat Geo's ultimate Montana Road Trip - traverses "The Backbone of the Rockies" and includes Glacier National Park:.
Nat Geo is asking the tough questions: Which of these animals is tougher? Wolverine vs Lynx
Reimann's Snake-Necked Turtle fans, now is your time to shine - vote for it to grace the cover of Nat Geo!
Crocs After Dark on Nat Geo . sounds interesting. Wildlife programmes after dark always work don't they? 😉
Thrs a Nat Geo's documentary on india's mangalyaan and such a proud feeling watching it.
Scare Tactics: The reason they call Donald Trump a racist is because the Democrats are afraid of losing black voters to Do…
I'm willing to bet that every single Liberal Pundit railing against Trump's border wall lives in a gated community with a …
Why haven't they released the final Missouri victory for us yet? Could it be because Cruz's guy runs Missouri?
Nat Geo Wild but for Jakarta's traffic survivors.
I can watch 1000 scary movies and sleep soundly, but if you really wanna keep me up show me a Nat Geo special on spide…
(Nat Geo whisper). Notice how the single women over 30 develop the desperate look of a gazelle that realizes it only has moments left to live
*** I usually just go to Instagram for the awesome Nat Geo pics.
I would like a bajan to narrate for Nat Geo
Afghan Girl is among my fav Nat Geo cover. It's been over 30 years now and still breathtaking
Man love watching Nat Geo and Animal planet...especially when they show the Lion being the King of the Jungle
Enter to "Explore the Outdoors" Nat Geo Kids Prize Pack from Planet and
Watching Deadly instincts on Nat-geo wild n the narrator said "the tiger n her cubs are eating the prey with no conscience" sounds Nigerian
My son prefers it (Nat Geo books, books about football, sports figure bios.) but that's been its own problem.
Lmao.I'll be alternating BTW the game and Nat.Geo.Wild
Ok I've traveled the world. Me watching Nat Geo channel.
How its made. How they do it. Big bigger biggest. Aircraft investigation. Nat geo.
Giant tortoises all over my dreams either a positive omen or too much nat geo Instagram but also maybe both.
New Nat Geo Wild favorite: Snakes in the City 🐍 Uncle Bruce, TV is calling you!
I'm an avid watcher of the Nat Geo channel, where I watch shows about how t...
View strong images of Carnival festitivies taken by our Nat Geo photo community
Nat Geo Wild is the best channel on tv. Don't debate me.
CNN does that on purpose. They don't want to people to know about that grift.
Watching these animals on Nat Geo is kinda like watching the
Nat Geo Wild & hanging with is a Thursday night well spent☺️
Community, aesthetics give Nat Geo's user photo site more members than population of Tucson.
Nat Geo has the best shows. Wicked tuna top 3 tv shows.
Early to Rise. I saw this on Nat Geo View.
I saw a new Nat Geo Kids magazine w/ a koala on it and I was poker-faced but then there was a sub-caption like '30 bird facts' and I was !!!
Proud of our first Nat Geo Dozen published photo!
By far the best thing I have ever learned from Nat Geo:
My Nat. Geo. funded genetics prof. just posted a short essay that I wrote on polymorphisms in risk-taking behaviors as reading for his class
The everyday program! 'crocs in action'. I love it and 'bearhood' on Nat Geo Wild! The narrators too are brilliant! Learn 4m the animals!
y brother-in-law recently won the Nat Geo Adventure Photo Competition with this photo of me.
Funny enough, I just listened to this yesterday. Classic "jungle" moment.
As if Asheville wasn't already a great place to go to college, Nat Geo Travel has named it a best city destination
Nat Geo documentary on Colombia and narrator is pronouncing it "Columbia". 🙁
Tackling the largest natural wonder with least equipment ever with and the
Provoking the bear with a drone? National Geographic has lost all credibility. Murdoch production.
Here's some good work from Nat Geo from back in 1998. Rather than spend 30 minutes on a sitcom today, tune in to...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Enjoy this beautiful Nat Geo ad for Morgan Freeman's New Show About God. Adweek says it Is the Answer to Our Prayers
Proud of our first Nat Geo Dozen Selection! Street time-slice in New Orleans
you just sang, I will always love jews? That's what made him mad? Soft skin.
People often misunderstand Cesar Millan, the "dog whisperer":
that isn't in 3D.. Uliza nat geo wafanye special edition
Hot off the (word)press! He Named Me Malala: Television Premier via mymamihood
Nat geo, animal planet, discovery channel, ID channel, and AE are the GOAT of tv.
That's a wrap on day 1. Nat Geo museum is such a unique conference venue 😍 a wall of mag. covers:
Why yes, I'll be having a watch party for on Monday. How about you? It'll be on commercial-free...
Will you be watching on Monday on I will!
This week's episode about the downfall of Nat Geo is in "Your Documentary Daily" via
I think I watch too much Nat Geo ...
Celebrate the the Nat Geo way. 10 pictures of the "Superb Owl": https:…
Nat Geo staffer Erin Block just returned from a winter adventure in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
I liked a video Nat Geo and Doomsday Preppers came a KNOCKIN' - Thanks but no Thanks!
Breast Cancer Awareness
[AMA Request] Employees (or ex-employees) of National Geographic. For a sense of Nat Geo in its Rupert Murdoch era, and for awesome stories…
According to Nat Geo maned lionesses in Mombo area of Botswan's Okavango Delta
I beg you to turn on the Nat Geo channel and watch the documentary "Super Squirrel" .. It's American ninja warrior for squirrels
'Vanishing Kings' to be screened on Nat Geo in February!!! . NG Wild Europe/Africa - 02/07/2016 . NG Wild SE...
According to Nat Geo, if in the wild, there's no such thing as rape 😂😂
'Banged Up Abroad' on Nat Geo.. don't smuggle narcotics kids
If you love nature then our channel have some awesome content from Nat Geo
Wednesday 02/03 Watch Big Fish Texas on Nat Geo!. The creators of that series are such badass gals! 💜. https:…
Banged Up Abroad on Nat Geo made me to never consider being a drug trafficker, the jails in some of thess countries
I was watching "Bad *** Animals" on Nat Geo earlier, they were talking about how otters are bad *** when they're in a group. ..individually?
Man, National Geographic makes this grizzly bear look as innocent as Netflix made Steven Avery look. Come on, Nat Geo, I saw The Revenant.
The Adventure Blog: The 20 Best Hikes in the World - According to Nat Geo
Finishing out the year with a flurry of short-story submissions and a visit to "Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology " at Nat Geo.
"He stabbed her right into her belly... this is called Traumatic Ejaculation". -Wild Sex, Nat Geo. Brutal bed bugs are 💗
useless as f. Only channel worth having is Nat Geo Wild, and even then you can find the same shows on youtube.
There's some documentary about animal sex on Nat Geo titled "Wild sex" and my sis and I are having a laugh about it😂😂😂
they got the best of Big cat week on Nat Geo Wild tonight
This guy opted to watch Nat Geo Wild instead of Man U vs Chelsea.
Nat Geo almost got 1.5 billion likes on their posts in 2015... That is wild.
"The Best Adventure Films of 2015" - Great picks from Nat Geo, but they forgot
Suriname students help us monitor changes in monkey distribution impacted by illegal gold mining (Nat Geo)
14 minutes away from another exciting episode of "Life Below Zero" on Nat Geo!
Nat Geo has a documentary about Zambezi River and surrounding area/culture that isn't annoying.
Saudi women today voted for the first time ever--small-scale but historic. With a Saudi photog, our Nat Geo report: https…
28 Nat Geo staff share the 2015 photo they can't quit thinking about:
Nat Geo, NFL, WWE, NBA and MLB are the top 5 social media brands according to - Full List Here
The Saints and Strangers movie special on Nat Geo is actually better than I expected. They did a great job with the Native American language
hasn't Rupert Murdock owned Nat Geo for years? I thought he'd owned the channel since about 2007?
See the photos of the youngest Nat Geo photographer in the world Hawkeye Huey on
Yo this *** on Nat Geo call himself tryna live in the wild and the *** mule straight dipped on em 😭😭😭
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Whales amaze me, they are so huge and graceful but that newest Nat Geo Instagram photo is scary. 👀🐋
When people I know go on holiday via plane I like to tell them in detail about Nat Geo's Air Crash Investigation episodes I've watched
Too Check out this for Nat Geo Creative's youngest photog:
National Geographic plans to air the first-ever live brain surgery, and it will happen in Ohio.
It's 3am and I'm watching Nat Geo documentaries.
Filming & exploring the Nat Geo Earth Explorers at today!!
There's been a lot about he holocaust & Nazi's on Nat Geo lately and maybe I'm just more sensitive to it because of that.
Trip to Cambodia, GoPro Hero+, Flipkart voucher - 3 reasons to participate in our contest. And oh, your MudShot…
Watching the mistery on Nat Geo of the Malaysia flight MH370 that disappeared last year.
Spruce up your desktop by downloading a beautiful submission to the Nat Geo Photo contest
The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it. Marcus Aurelius. Pic Nat Geo
Nat Geo Kids Listen for Wacky Bird Sounds: Discover the very best videos about birds YouTube has to offer – br...
I've become addicted to Nat Geo Wild recently 🐍🐊🐲🐸
Share your best work in the Nat Geo Photo Contest:.
what happened to some channels like Blitz, Sony Max and Nat Geo?
just watched YouTube Revolution on Nat Geo. amaze!
Lady at work hooking me up with exclusive Nat Geo documentaries 👌
We're excited to announce SEASON TWO will air on htt…
The Martian is an extended series in Nat Geo/Knowledge Ch with a lot of trivia to kick the inner geek in you. It's the best to say about it.
Ohio is 3rd in the world on Nat Geo's Top 10 Places to See Autumn Leaves! -- National Geographic via
Good morning, im watching dolphins rape each other on Nat Geo Wild
You are exactly Who, What, Where, you are supposed to be. And you are Lovely!. Pic Nat Geo
Another good read in this month's Nat Geo Traveller India: on the dinosaur trail in Gujarat.
Good one Lots of aviation and space in this issue of Nat Geo Traveller India.
We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake. Francis Bacon. Pic Nat Geo
On vacation in S Afr, my wife and I saw turtles grooming a warthog; published in Herp Review. Nat Geo's coverage: https…
the Indiana Jones exhibit at the Nat Geo museum is awesome!
Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Pic Nat Geo
Nat Geo channel to air Live brain surgery
Nat Geo will be airing the first live brain surgery from UH Case Medical Center later this month!!! I live here!!!
News and Nat Geo's main photography pages if you like that kind of stuff. Also, Trevor Noah
"I met this boy at Firefighter Training. He say he going to work at Nat Geo then dunno how he suddenly become security guard."
Hey, thanks for the follow. Now (he said, shamelessly), what's the best way for me to pitch ideas/articles to Nat Geo Trav?
When they aren't airing crappy reality TV anyway. Discovery is worse about that than Nat Geo.
I didn't think you would 😂. You only watch Nat Geo and the Discovery channel 😂
I would love a car makeover show mega challenge between discovery, nat geo and CH4 teams
Nat Geo sold to a company that has a history for not believing many of the core conversations that are written about in the mag.
Nat Geo, it seems, have sold their soul. Very sad to hear.
Except what I just snatched from the Nat Geo field guide.
We can be friends if you watch Nat. Geo.
No way! Nat Geo has a show about me carrying food trays at work!
The way Nat Geo looks going forward. Thanks Terry.
Join and Nat Geo photo editors for a night of photos and beer! https:…
Been binge watching Locked up Abroad on Nat Geo since I got home, this is an unhealthy obsession 😩
yeah, I feel the same way. Hopefully Nat Geo will release more info about the decision and how it will help them.
how and where can I watch these nat Geo India shows online?
Water rushes over Iceland's Gullfoss waterfall in this Nat Geo Photo Contest submission
If you think your job *** remb there is a guy dubbing for nat geo, watching animals having sex & saying " mada prajnan k l…
In other news, I cried about Nat Geo being bought by Murdoch :( pls don't change
Have you ever wished your photo could be on the cover of a Nat Geo magazine? Find out how:
I also feel ... betrayed seems like a strong word but I can't think of a better one ... that Nat Geo SOLD to him.
I swear *** become nat geo historians as soon as my history professor ask some *** question
If you want all the awesomeness of Nat Geo, but no Rupert Murdoch, read us
BREAKING NEWS... Just yesterday on Nat Geo Wild, it was. announced that a very dangerous snake had just. been...
Nat Geo selling its media to Murdoch to keep society finances from collapsing is like a library selling all its books to keep …
Wow, Murdoch takes control of National Geographic & this morning Nat Geo post atack on enviros: Mr. Environmentalist
Was Nat Geo's financial health so dire? Great story in Wapo
Nat geo goes back in my family to 1920s~In those days you were a member of the Society~Going for-profit w/Fox is like death
Honestly think my dream job would be traveling the world learning about other cultures with like Nat Geo or something
I could see this guy in my Toyota... PC nat geo
OPINION: Murdoch purchases National Geographic for infotainment synergy
What can you do to promote world peace? . Go home and love your family. ― Mother Teresa. Pic Nat Geo
Looking forward to upcoming articles on how now Murdoch owns Nat Geo, too
Nat Geo's been losing credibility for a while now. A special magazine on Angry Birds Star Wars? Da fuq?
early camera trap image by pioneer Michael Nichols of Nat Geo - the beautiful Bachi cooling down http:…
Climate sceptic Rupert Murdoch has just bought a 73% Stake at Nat Geo. No more climate stuff in there then! Time to cancel subscription?
sad day for Nat Geo, tragic day for climate change & science.
Reading a Nat Geo in the auto shop and weeping over these trips. Hiking in the Himalayas, safari camp on the banks of the Mara river..
Hunted with Trooper John and Miguel. John is the star of Nat Geo's" Alaska State Troopers"
Spent yesterday salmon fishing with Nat Geo friends joshhumbert and - shot with my knektusa…
Watching Life below Zero on Nat Geo. Over at 9pm. HUGSXX
Check out Banged Up Abroad on Nat Geo - via Tata Sky Mobile
I liked a video Lumia x Nat Geo and the Mexican Ring of Fire: Achieving more with Microsoft
Currently at the global headquarters of Nat Geo
Morgan Freeman to Visit Joel Osteen's Lakewood Megachurch as Part of 'The Story of God' Nat Geo...
It's official - Morgan Freedman IS God. Star to host ‘The Story of God’ for Nat Geo - via
thriller, crimes, nature like Nat Geo or Nat Geo Wild. or the movies of BBC nature. the coast of Great Brittain. nd ither😊
Nat Geo Wild..who the heck names a tiger B1 ?! Wtc kind of name is "B1"...his name should be big boy
I watch a helluva lot of Nat Geo Wild at night
25 stunning national parks photos submitted by the Nat Geo photo community
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