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Nastia Liukin

Anastasia Valeryevna Nastia Lyukina (born October 30, 1989) is an American artistic gymnast.

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Olympic Champion talks values and hard work on SMU campus
I was at that Nastia Liukin Cup in Greensboro, NC. I remember her well. And when I foun…
Just found the transcript from when I first noticed Morgan Hurd at the Nastia Liukin Cup in 2014.…
Olympian Nastia Liukin talks values and hard work on SMU campus
Nastia liukin is the greatest gymnast of all time don't @ me with ur false opinion
Nastia Liukin wore a 2018 Evening Collection gown to the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards.
WU: JWU alum, comms/digital for 🇺🇸, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin all the way!
Here at Delta Gamma's lectureship featuring Nastia Liukin who will speak on values and ethics
I think I found NASTIA LIUKIN TWIN!! This beautiful girl Lily Padgett competed this past Sunday…
Tomorrow's the day I could have hung out with NASTIA LIUKIN but no "I have to go to school"... so basically I'm gonna be miserable all day👍🏼
Tomorrow Delta Gamma will host olympian Nastia Liukin for annual Lectureship in Values & Ethics.
Nastia Liukin is so special to us here at The Tumble Gym; most of our TTG coaches were younger than her when she...
Mario Lopez, Mya, Chelsea Kane (who overall placed 3rd instead of 2nd), Riker Lynch and Nastia Liukin (who didn't even…
Nastia Liukin basically wore my wedding dress to the Emmys...
Idk why nastia liukin is at the emmys but her dress is gorg.
Celebrating second birthday this weekend with an awesome sale! star choker & more ⭐️…
Did she say anything about Nastia Liukin winning the 2008 Olympic AA gold, what Komova losing in 2011 and 2012?
The Olympic Games are coming back to LA in 2028! Check out the full version of my 28 questions:…
5-time 🥇took a stroll in the LA hills to answer 28 questions. Full 👉…
Did not know this was happening. That's Jared Fogle in the front, next to Nastia Liukin and Mel B?
On page 31 of 175 of Finding My Shine, by Nastia Liukin
Iraq vote you to be When Nastia Liukin. -helps on his dog..
Nastia Liukin: My Biggest Competition on Dancing with the Stars Is … via
Quick reminder that Nastia Liukin is the greatest gymnast to ever do it
So excited that the 2018 Kim Zmeskal's Texas Prime Meet will be a Nastia Liukin Cup Qualifier for both juniors and…
Thrilled to announce the 2018 Nastia Liukin Cup Series schedule! 💞
The 2018 Brestyan's Las Vegas Invitational has been selected as a Nastia Liukin Cup qualifying Invitational!...
The 2018 Nastia Liukin Cup Series schedule has been announced! These are the meets where you can qualify to the Cup:
That moment you get a message from your idol wearing a choker 😩😍 ❤…
Afraid of failure? How would you bounce back from doing it in front of 20,000 people?
Nastia Liukin is so talented I wish I was an olympic gymnast :'(
Have you heard? The Sears Centre will be hosting the Nastia Liukin Cup and the AT&T American Cup in March!. More:
Are you ready for the Nastia Liukin Cup? It's going to be a big one this year!
Whoa. Shades of Nastia Liukin at 2007 worlds on beam from Bama.
The fact that Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson are both happily married and also best friends is the most wonderful thing in the world
Updated list of Nastia Liukin Cup qualifiers. More coming this weekend!
Updated Nastia Cup qualifiers list. More coming this weekend!
Tickets for the 2017 and Men's are on sale now! | http…
Tickets are on sale now for the Nastia Liukin Cup!
The Cup and Elite Team Cup return to on March 3 & 4. .
While on the subject, Carly Patterson (Athens in 2004) & Nastia Liukin (2008 in Beijing)- both Texans now
Rebecca Lowe and Nastia Liukin talking gymnastics: and this is the best commentary we've heard about gymnastics all week.
Hey NBC, if Nastia Liukin is the expert at women's gymnastics (aka former gold 🏅), why is Tim Daggett doing all the talking? Mansplain that.
- If you are going to have Nastia Liukin in the booth, have Tim Daggett pipe down long enough for her to speak once in a while!!
I wish Tim Daggett would stop correcting Nastia Liukin, especially about the beam.
I wish Tim Daggett would stop cutting off Nastia Liukin on commentary about women's gymnastics. You ain't been on that beam, Tim. She has.
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Nastia Liukin Knows a cold badass that farts slugs
Nastia Liukin Does a cold ride that flashes jugs
The Coke commercial where they show the clip of Nastia Liukin crying tears of joy during her gold medal moment in '08 gets me every time !!
Former Olympian Nastia Liukin posts her apartment on Airbnb for charity via
Nastia Liukin is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Primetime was the worthless Al Trautwig, Nastia Liukin and Tim Daggett.
Not one but TWO Bar Method shout outs by Olympians!! Check out Nastia Liukin and Dara Torres!
Want to see art in motion, experience a vicarious thrill. Listen to what Nastia Liukin says about Simone Biles
I liked a video Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin Named to the Team - 2008 Olympic Trials - Day 2
Nastia Liukin is the most adorable person ever
Anyone watching Olympic gymnastics live stream right now is it me or was Nastia Liukin definitely just trying to figure out who had cocaine?
Live like an Olympian in Nastia Liukin's apartment in Boston for 1,250 a night!
A former gymnast brings her shoe style to Rio
Long live the days of Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson! These girls in are sub par at best.
Well, if they’re Tim Daggett or Nastia Liukin, it’s allowed.
Little Giant Ladders
that's fine, I can go have Nastia Liukin 😎
"No one has even come close to her," Nastia Liukin, 2008 Olympic gold medalist about 2016 Olympic gold medalist Si…
Wellness advice from a former Olympian... no surprise to us that it includes "It’s important to find...
they said some cuties on the America team, Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson
Good as gold! This year's U.S. Olympic woman's gymnastics team is totally unstoppable! https:/…
HAH! At this point they should, esp if GOLD ALL-AROUND MEDALIST Nastia Liukin can't provide factual coverage w/her expertise. 😒
I'm over here watching an interview with Nastia Liukin thinkin she looks 36 but she's 26. But tbh maybe I just looks 13 and I'm 23.
So cool -- An Olympian lists Bar Method as part of her morning routine!
my dad just said "let's see if SHE could do that" after the commentator pointed out Raisman's wobble. . the commentator is Na…
The women's gymnastics will never get better than it was with Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin in 2008
Nastia Liukin: Never seen anything like this women's gymnastics team
Can we start a petition to have Jonathan Horton, Courtney Cupets and Nastia Liukin replace the rest of the NBC cast??
I'm just trying to really take it one day at a time, because for me - and I know this sounds
Nastia Liukin needs to be told how to work out, too
Shawn is my fav too omg but Nastia Liukin will always be the best in my eyes
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Watching in 2 uniforms in our collection. Pink: Nastia Liukin. White and blue: Domique Dawes. ht…
I like the part where Al Trautwig is explaining the Soviet gymnastics program to Nastia Liukin, whose parents were both…
I can't believe this was 8 years ago! Row 1: Usain Bolt in lane 4, Nastia Liukin wins bronze for...
It's 2016 and Nastia Liukin is still goals
I also want to get out there in the world and do some acting and fashion and modeling.
I just looked up some of her routines...Incredible! Then I fell into a Nastia Liukin hole.
Inspired by Train and recover like an Olympian! (via
YES. And then Nastia Liukin referred to the move by its proper name, without screaming at him. She deserves a medal, too.
genetics and different body types. Nastia Liukin was also very small too.
"At this point in time, nobody can beat Simone Biles," Nastia Liukin, 2008 Olympic gold medalist said.
Nastia Liukin: John Orozco's emotion brought me to tears
I wonder if Nastia Liukin has any regrets about her comeback in 2012. What if she came back sooner?
Nastia Liukin revisits memories of legendary Karolyi Ranch
Nastia Liukin revisits memories of legendary Karolyi Ranch
Omg Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin used to be my favorites 😍
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And I met Nastia Liukin. This sport is unreal :')
besides Nastia Liukin all of the other announcers suck for gymnastics and it's really annoying
Rest of crew is same: Al Trautwig, Tim Daggett, Andrea Joyce and now Nastia Liukin.
.just opened its coverage of the U.S. Nationals with footage of a baby Nastia Liukin at a training camp. Love. 😍
I've heard rumblings that it's Nastia Liukin's dad.
Nastia Liukin is basically my goal 😩
Oh my gosh... Nastia Liukin looks sooo old...
Is it just me or does Nastia Liukin look completely different than she did in 2008? -- yes, I know it's been 8 years.
I want to hear Nastia Liukin and Tim Daggett's opinions on the vote.
Nastia Liukin, Gabby Douglas, AND Simone Biles are in st louis and i cant see them in person 😢😢 tickets are sold out
Nastia Liukin is a part of NBC's Gymnastics coverage! This is happening!
What? No mention of the fact that the Liukin is named for Nastia's dad?. AM I WATCHING NBC!?
one of these days, I will be watching the Nastia Liukin Cup, or the P&G championships or the Olympic trials, in person 😫🙏🏼
is Nastia Liukin even real she used to score 16.600 on uneven bars she's not real
I get to see Nastia Liukin tomorrow! And a few other Olympians!
Also 2008 AA question came up wrong b/c Nastia Liukin was spelled "Luikin." Bet Shawn designed it.
Big Names: Mike Breen, Nastia Liukin, Albert Breer: ESPN has extended its lead NBA voice. In other news, Nast...
"If you're afraid of failure, you don't deserve success." -Nastia Liukin. More quotes:
Who's at Pick up an autographed copy of at the concourse!! Or: https…
Does anyone in Auburn have the book "Finding My Shine" by Nastia Liukin I could borrow for a couple hours today??
Waiting for the day I wake up and I'm Nastia Liukin.
Nastia Liukin attends the "Equals" Premiere during the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival -
In beautiful people news . . .: Nastia Liukin Former Olympian Nastia Liukin at the premiere of Equals during t...
the Liukin family. Valeri and his daughter Nastia Liukin
5 Rings, 5 Things: Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin 5 Rings, 5 Things is a column of my blog in which I dish out 5 fun facts about
Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin are goals, nbd or anything
Don’t ever be afraid to dream too big. Nothing is impossible. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve it.” Nastia Liukin
I think the 2008 olympic women gymnstics team was my fav. Alicia Sacramone,Shawn Johnson,Nastia Liukin, Bridget Sloane. So awesome to watch.
"Focus on the journey, not the destination." Pictured: Nastia Liukin
I added a video to a playlist How Well do Dancing's Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin know each other?
I added a video to a playlist Nastia Liukin and Sasha Farber featuring Derek Hough - Week 7 -
I've wanted to be Nastia Liukin since I was 7 and to this day that still holds true
I remember seeing Samantha Partyka win bronze at the 2013 Nastia Liukin Cup. Looking back:
Excited to kick off our 7th yr of sponsoring the NL Cup! Good luck to everyone! See more
Can nastia liukin just get married already so she can stop milking the wedding
Thanks, Looking forward to HOF inductions. Also, so many weddings in 2016:Sasha,Tara, Nastia Liukin,Shawn Johnson!
"You don't always get stronger on the days that everything comes easily to you.” -Nastia Liukin
Nastia Liukin - Stops by Dancing With The Stars for Practice - April 2015
Meet our Member Monday Ultimate Cheer and Dance. Ultimate's official host is Gold Medal Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin.
who was more robbed pixie lott or nastia liukin, toughest question evER
I had a dream last night that I was best friends with Nastia Liukin🏅
Liukin wears a black leather jacket. Read More :
wow, Nastia Liukin looks so stunning in her black jacket. 28 pics
Nastia Liukin would have made such a bomb center flyer
If you haven't ordered Nastia's on Amazon yet they have a 30% off holiday discount. Check out:
Nastia Liukin congrats former partner Derek Hough on his win! See what she said:
In an All-Star season would you want to see Nastia Liukin paired w/ Derek Hough, Sasha Farber or Mark Ballas?
We were doing inversions in yoga (aggressive) and the teacher said "not so girly, Chloe." Wait, I'm not Nastia Liukin when I do a handstand?
Epic save from Nastia Liukin. Love her and her exercises.
Nastia Liukin spotted as she landed at LAX LA International Airport -
it's like 5 am and I'm 256 weeks back on nastia liukin's instagram
American-Russian Gymnast, Nastia Liukin discusses being a celebrity in college and it's advantages & disadvantages.
The only reason Derek didn't win last season is because Nastia Liukin is an ice queen. Otherwise, it's basically guaranteed he'll win.
Still in love with Nastia Liukin, if anyone's wondering. (Yes, I know, no one was wondering.)
Gymnastics, especially in my family, is more than a sport. It's our life, it's our careers, it's our family business. Nastia Liukin
I'm thrilled to share with you that my memoir is now available for pre-order http…
Nastia Liukin - 2015 Salute to Women in Sports Reception in New York City
I preordered my copy of book to get yours go here
Holy crap! Check out this amazing balance beam save by Nastia Liukin
Can you hear Nicole Scherzinger, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin laughing in the distance?
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Set daily, monthly, and. long term and . Don't ever be afraid to dream too big... -Nastia Liukin
when you skip hoco to meet Nastia Liukin and it was totally worth it
Olympic gold medalist NastiaLiukin was all BAM! …
Is Tea Ugrin the Nastia Liukin of Italy? The petite blonde looks and swings Bars like the 2008 Olympic champion. Great lines and toepoint.
when you bump into someone on your way to class and realize it's Nastia Liukin 😕
can Nastia Liukin please come to Washington 😩
"If you're afraid of failure then you don't deserve success" - Nastia Liukin
you look like a combination of Nastia Liukin and Luna Lovegood 😍❤️
What an honor it was to be with the World Cup Allstar athletes to meet Olympic World Champion Nastia Liukin tonight🏆
My girl got to meet Olympic Gold Medalist, Nastia Liukin tonight at WC. Such an incredible honor!
Pretty exciting the Cosmic ray got to meet Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin. @ World Cup Allstars
So cool to meet 2008 gold Olympic medalist Nastia Liukin today!!
Nastia Liukin is 15 min away from me RN Are you kidding me
So thankful to have met the one and only Nastia Liukin!!😍😍 thank you so much for coming and inspiring me💘
Cassidy and Olympic gold medalist nastia liukin. So amazing!!!
Here is a throwback to when Nastia Liukin was featured in our Final Dismount Column of Inside Gymnastics...
Nastia is coming to ENA on Friday go to for details. Check out this video
Nastia Liukin was at the Rangers game last night. My worlds are colliding.
Bent the bullet like if Nastia Liukin had three times the amount of extremities and was playing twister with two more colors. Idek man.
Nastia Liukin and Miss America are in the same building as me right now. I just wanted everyone to know.
Olympic gold medal-winning American gymnast Nastia Liukin is in the building tonight, got a decent ovation.
Great having Nastia Liukin, Ryan Lochte, and other in Had fun shooting:
Sydney Johnson-Scharpf was a junior standout at the 2013 Nastia Liukin Cup!
Nastia Liukin should make an honourary appearance on this wall...such a great champion..just missed a World AA title
When your friend thinks Nastia Liukin is engaged to Ryan Lochte
With decorated Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin at the Head of the Charles
Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin repping in today 🇺🇸
How cool!! Some of our gymnasts met USA Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin and rower Mary Whipple on the Road to Rio tour in Boston today!!
When you casually introduce yourself to Nastia Liukin.
Thanks & for having us tonight!Can't wait to be back for Nastia Liukin Cup & AT&T Cup in March http…
I miss the years when Alicia Sacramone, Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, and Rebecca Bross did gymnastics
List of songs was released for Week 4 - Nastia Liukin & Derek Hough dancing to "Variations on Dark Eyes"
'Dancing with the Stars' premiere shockers: Rumor Willis in first, Nastia Liukin in third: . Our users f...
All set for Dancing with the Stars with Nastia Liukin. Paired with Derek Hough, we're looking at this season's winners!
Nastia Liukin Spotted at Filming at Times Square in NY: via
Not even gonna bother watching DWTS because it's obvious that Nastia Liukin is gonna win...
going to see nastia liukin and Derek Hough I'm crying
Nastia Liukin coming at Dancing with the Stars rehearsals -
Nastia Liukin filming on the set at Times Square in New York -
Nastia Liukin seen at dancing with the stars rehearsals in hollywood march 14 2015 x16 -
Nastia Liukin Seen at Dancing with the Stars rehearsals in Hollywood March 14-2015 x16
Is there any doubt that Nastia Liukin won't win Dancing With the Stars? And she's competing with Shawn Johnson's legacy again as well.
wow 15-20 hours elite gymnast Nastia Liukin worked out at least 36 hours
Interview: Nastia Liukin Talks 'Dancing With The Stars': via The Best of Luck to Nastia and Derek Hough.
Nastia Liukin will forever be the love of my life😭💃
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I'm so happy Nastia Liukin is going to be on
Former gymnast & Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin teams up with Derek Hough on Dancing with the Stars! Can't wait to see their dances 🌟
such a beautiful floor routine for the amazing junior Juliette Bossu, the young French Nastia Liukin !
Nastia Liukin +200 to win dancing with the Stars probably good
Nastia Liukin is gonna be on dancing with the stars 😭❤️
Plano Native, Olympic Champion Nastia Liukin Is Poised to Win Dancing With The Stars: There are some simple re...
20 bucks says Nastia Liukin wins Dancing with the Stars
Shooting an interview with Nastia Liukin & Derek Houghs,dancing with the stars rehearsal
Nastia Liukin is the prettiest dancer/gymnast ever 😍😍
Love the show! Nastia Liukin is a Russian born American, who won Olympic gold in Gymnastics in Beijing. C'mon guys :P :)
A lock Nastia Liukin is in Dancing with the Stars finals. She's talented and paired with Derek Hough.
Like I've seen Nastia Liukin and Gabby Douglas and all kinds of other cool people
This week last year I met Nastia Liukin, Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman, and I talked to Sam Mikulak 😱
The 2010 Olympics was like watching twilight for men: Shawn Johnson or Nastia Liukin.
Nastia Liukin to American Ninja Warrior’s Kacy Catanzaro: No, you're an inspiration to me!
I feel like Shawn Johnson just faded away from the gymnastics community and Nastia Liukin is everywhere
Nastia Liukin, Alicia Sacramone, Danell Leyva, John Orozco, Aliya Mustafina... with the exception of Aliya, all Americans :o
Good luck to Alyx Bridis competing this week at the Kalon Ludvigson Invitational national trampoline and tumbling competition in Salt Lake City! Ludvigson is the U.S. tumbling champion paralyzed in an accident last year. Alyx will be there with Olympic champions Nastia Liukin, Daniela Silivas and Dominique Moceanu; world champions and Olympic silver medalists Courtney Kupets and Chellsie Memmel; and U.S. Olympians Missy Marlowe and Elise Ray.
i will never understand why Jay Glazer is in Subway commercials with Michael Phelps, Nastia Liukin and Pele
Cris Collinsworth and Nastia Liukin talking about snowboarding. That's the kind of insight I want to see during the
2008 Olympic gymnastics all-around gold medal winner Nastia Liukin sits down to chat with Maria Sharapova about Russian culture and food, and about taking time away from being a competitor to work for NBC for the Olympics.
Fitness Tip of the Day: Subway has their marketing campaign marching hard during the Sochi games with some big name athletes... Michael Phelps, arguably the greatest Olympian of our time - not a bad spokesman, not sure they're swimming in Sochi but I'll take it. Nastia Liukin- 08 games smoke show gymnast, fine by me. CARL EDWARDS? NASCAR extraordinaire? Carl, don't come at me with a cold cut combo like it's the key to your training.. and what training are u up to exactly? Just staying trim enough to fit in that fireproof suit? And Apolo Ohno? That Hawaiian speed skater.. wasn't he a bust in 06 and '10? Having to hang on for a silver in the relay or something? Sweet bandana head band bro, if you want to endorse my 6 inch meatball sub, maybe win when it counts. So fitness tip of the day I guess is subway is actually really bad for you.. bread and cheap meat isn't gonna get you in shape, but you might be able to drive better or something..
A couple of pics of our KPAC Athletes and Nastia Liukin shooting promos for the Nastia Liukin Cup in Greensboro, NC and the Winter Olympics.
I loved the fierce five but Nastia Liukin will forever be my favorite Olympic gymnast
Nastia Liukin - Balance Beam - 2008 Olympics All Around: via and again
Nastia Liukin on NBC promoting the Nastia Liukin Cup to be held February 28, 2014, Greensboro Coliseum.
Nastia Liukin is still doing Subway commercials. She's literally beyond irrelevant, WHY.
"I think Jay Glazer and Nastia Liukin could really move subs." -- Subway Marketing Team
If Nastia Liukin wasn't in all these subway commercials they would be quite annoying but she's perfect so ill keep watching
That Subway commercial reminded me how much I love Nastia Liukin
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Do you think Pele got to meet Nastia Liukin through Subway? I hope he did. He deserves it.
Nastia Liukin gets 2,000 likes on Instagram in 6 minutes... The most I have on any picture is 85😁
Congratulations Bailey Ferrer on being the first Nastia Liukin Cup qualifier!. Congratulations Bailey Ferrer on...
Nastia Liukin is and forever will be my favorite gymnast.
Alabama, LSU, and Auburn's Gymnastics coaches were there to scout today. Congrats to all the girls that made it to the Nastia Liukin Cup (:
Every time I see Nastia Liukin's name I think of that special move in Street Fighter.
Just saw a Nastia Liukin commercial. I remember having a huge crush on her when I was 14...then she disappeared. Thank God she's back
Just saw a subway commercial with Nastia Liukin in it... I would so Fold Her!
When Nastia Liukin says, "Um—yum" I want to throw something at the TV.
Nastia Liukin can we date plz thx pik u up @ 10
Yo real talk tho, Nastia Liukin can get the ring anytime
I could watch Nastia Liukin eat subway all day
I don’t care how hot you are Nastia Liukin, I won’t eat subway.
I see you, Nastia Liukin. I see you.
Nastia Liukin needs to quit talking in these Subway commercials if she still wants me to marry her.
I have no idea who Nastia Liukin is
Nastia Liukin is at Berkeley for a gym meet what!
just got my tickets to the 2014 Nastia Liukin Cup and AT&T American Cup! sooo excited! & no classes on Fridays so I'm going :)
nastia liukin was st uc berkeley today. WHAT.
Nastia Liukin is honestly too good looking.
Everytime a Subway commercial comes on I bust a nut because of Nastia Liukin
I used to have the BIGGEST crush on Nastia Liukin
The things you notice as an eating disorder dietitian.The Subway commercial with Nastia Liukin has her "stats" listed on the commercial as 5'3" and 99# for all the world to see. This puts her at a BMI of 17.5, significantly underweight. (Yes, I calculated it when I saw it. It's what I do.) I get that she's a gymnast and they are, generally, smaller than most. But, what message are adolescents and teenage girls getting when they see these numbers?
Nastia Liukin could straight get it
Who is this Nastia Liukin?!??? Her bday is a day before mine and she's only a year older AND she's a gymnast? OHKAY! 👍👌
Nastia Liukin hasn't vaulted since Beijing and is still doing Subway commercials. A definite "keep gettin dem checks" all star.
Michael Phelps: signature jalapeno kick. Apollo Ono: green peppers, load it up. Nastia Liukin: um, yum. I see your sexist ish, subway.
Just put Nastia Liukin in every commercial
If Nastia Liukin eats at Subway then it must be top shelf.
I'm not sure why Nastia Liukin is doing commercials for the Winter Olympics... but I'm not complaining.   10% Off
Her name is Miss Liukin if you're Nastia.
Whenever I hear someone say Nastia Liukin I think they are saying "Nasty Loogie".
Wasn't really into her during the Olympics, but nastia liukin definitely does it for me now
I have to believe Nastia Liukin's agent got fired after allowing her to be in Subway commercials saying "ummm, yummm" 15 times.
Nastia Liukin is so thirsty in the commercial!
nastia liukin might sound like an STD but thanks to subway, I now know she's kind if cute.
I would do naughty things to Nastia Liukin
Every time I see that Subway ad, a Nastia Liukin sounds like an unusual sexual act.
Barring injury my daughter Jade will be heading for the US next month to take part in two gymnastics competitions. The first is the Nadia Comaneci International Invitational in Oklahoma in mid-February and the second is the Nastia Liukin Cup in Greensboro, North Carolina. It will be a great experience for her.
I should be studying for finals, but instead I'm making a collage for Nastia Liukin
Nastia Liukin will be visiting XM on Wednesday, January 15th at 4:15 pm!.
Nastia liukin spotted on gossip girl
At a lunch with some olympians, including Nastia Liukin!!🙈😊
Nastia Liukin's bar routine in the movie stick it is unbelievable.
I have discovered that Nastia Liukin studies the same major as me at New York University. Filling out my transfer app as we speak
The Spanish Subway commercials get Pele. We get Nastia Liukin & Mike Lee in the English version. Advantage: ESPN Deportes.
If anyone has any questions they would like me to ask Nastia Liukin when I interview her Jan. 23, please comment on this status or send me a message.
Performance by 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin at the 2013 Progressive Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular held the Jamestown Savings Bank Ice ...
Nastia Liukin Cup Series begins this weekend with the Atlanta Crown Invitational -- good luck to all the gymnasts!
Nastia Liukin doing a commercial for Progressive
Alley Raisman beats out Nastia Liukin for the last spot on the 2012 summer olympic gymnastics team.
Champion Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin knows what it means to train hard. The 2008 Olympic all-around champ, who is also the child of two...
hey guys! I have a meet this saturday at 1 pm if you're in the area i would love for you guys to come and support my team and i :] its at haas pavilion and its free admission! nastia liukin and a few other olympians will be there too!!!
My WCW for this week is Nastia Liukin. Don't know who that is, watch the Olympics.
This is exactly how we see it here at Gymnastics Plus. You don't have to be a team member to excel in all the benefits gymnastics can give you. “Even if kids don’t love gymnastics, if they start at any age with some classes, they can learn so many different things — they can build a lot of character, strength, flexibility, and courage. Hopefully, they can also develop a sense of fearlessness.” -Nastia Liukin, Interview with
Topic for Jan. 13th Summary: Should cheerleaders be banned from performing at professional sporting events? print this page Discuss topic Introduction Author:Jo Box ( United Kingdom ) Jo has an undergraduate degree in Law from Cambridge and is currently studying for the LLM. She is a European Debating Championships Semi-Finalist, John Smith Mace Finalist and former Director of Debating at the Cambridge Union Society. Created: Sunday, January 31, 2010 Last Modified: Sunday, January 31, 2010 Context Professional cheerleaders can be found across a range of sports including American football, basketball, rugby league and wrestling. They are particularly popular in the USA but can also be found in other countries. For example, many teams in the Australian National Rugby League are accompanied at matches by their own cheerleading squads. These squads are mainly made up of women, and are paid considerably less than the men who make up the teams that they support. This debate is not about banning cheerleading as ...
Does anyone have any contact info for U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Champion, Nastia Liukin? I think I would really like to take her out for a nice Subway dinner. Maybe some frozen yogurt. If there's time.
Gymnastics Pictures of World Champion and 2008 Olympian Nastia Liukin …read more
Nastia Liukin made her mark in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, but now the gold medal winning gymnast is ready to take on the ice and snow of the winter
Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin may not be competing at the 22nd Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, but she is gearing up for her new role as NBC Olympic broadcaster.
We are 98 days from the beginning of the 2012 Olympic Games in London! Fans here will have the rare opportunity to see the USA’s top gymnasts, including Nastia Liukin and 2012 team members fresh from the Olympic Games when USA Gymnastics brings the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions here on Nov 15 at 7:30pm. Group tickets are available now at
Why is Nastia Liukin still pitching subway, should be Gabrielle Douglas by now, no? What do you think
If you want to laugh, watch how little trust Subway has in Nastia Liukin to read lines about a sandwich and sound natural.
Nastia Liukin looked so beautiful in her floor routine performance choreographed by Travis Wall !!!
Who needs Playoff Football when the skating & Gymnastics Spectacular is on?!! Wait, I do. Although I will wait on Nastia Liukin to finish.
I had a dream I was riding around in a car with my friends Andres and Eddy Garcia and of course our buddy Tom Hanks. (what the heck) And while we're driving I spot Nastia Liukin driving away from the mall in her Land Rover. And a little later in our journey I make a joke in front of Tom and nobody laughs...
Nastia Liukin, is not nasty lookin' at all! That's all i have to say about that .
The Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular will air this Sunday from 1-3 pm EST on NBC. Featured skaters include Kurt Browning, Elvis Stojko, Joannie Rochette, and Ryan Bradley. Gymnasts include Nastia Liukin and Jordyn Wieber.
“Nastia on the Routine we Never Saw: WOW. There is no gymnast in this world that dances like this.
We flipping that white girl no Nastia Liukin
Nastia on the Routine we Never Saw: 2008 Olympic All around Champion reflects on her time at the 2007 World Ch...
Nastia Liukin has to be the best gymnast out there
It's because you absolutely love the sport. --Nastia Liukin
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