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Nash Grier

Nash Grier, born December 28, 1997 aged 16, became famous through social networks, especially the Vine, which recently reached 6 million followers.

Cameron Dallas Will Grier Carter Reynolds Hayes Grier Sam Pepper Shawn Mendes Jack Johnson Taylor Caniff Justin Bieber Aaron Carpenter Matthew Espinosa Matt Espinosa Jake Paul James Yammouni Crawford Collins Curtis Lepore Ariana Grande

if anyone wants half price tickets for amplify message me for a code, you'll get to meet: Nash Grier, Hayes Grier & Tyde Levi πŸ’™
If any of you want half price tickets for Amplify message me and I will give the code, you get to meet Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, And more πŸ’—
Happy birthday to Stan lee, Maggie Smith, John Legend, Nash Grier, Jim Chapman and many others, have a great day everyone. (:
I believe that one day I will meet Nash Grier, and look at his big blue eyes and say how much I love him
i'm really looking forward to the day i will can say everything i feel for Nash Grier
When the cravings hit so hard I become exactly like Curtis. . Moody girls be like... w/ Nash Grier, Alx James
If I can't have Harry Styles can I have Nick Robinson instead or maybe Nash Grier? :((
Mbf so I can add you to a solo dm w/. πŸ™Š Josh Devine. πŸ™Š Nash Grier. πŸ™Š Austin Mahone. πŸ™Š Crawford Collins. Just choose one πŸ˜‰
I could use Alfredo Flores, or Cameron Dallas or Nash Grier one of them if u have them. Oh and Demi if u have her
Nash Grier asks fans to after his brother's car accident:
what happened?! Nash Grier trends hashtag for his brother Hayes Grier >>
Update: Nash Grier has released more information about Hayes Grier's condition https…
If Donald Trump said the things Nash Grier + Sam Pepper did, everyone would be in outrage, but we can forgive them..why?
Be the next follower of Nash Grier would be spectacular,for some people this is stupid but to me it is everything
I forgot the Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier and Carter Reynolds existence
If you're one of those beliebers or someone who is pressed on internet famous people like Cameron Dallas or Nash Grier you are so weird
How dare you allow your mind to even have the slightest thought of comparing Bucky to Nash Grier. Hasn't James Buchanan Barnes had enough?!
Nash Grier is gonna be in a movie and the fact that i will watch this bc my fave halston sage plays makes it so hard like he's not an actor.
"you got brown hair and blue eyes, you look like Nash Grier"
and when Nash Grier, JC Caylen, and Cameron Dallas made a video about their expectations in girls
u lowkey look like a combo of Nash Grier and ASAP ***
Go follow Nash Grier on Instagram, him feed is the best! user: Nashgrier β™‘ you won't regret it!
Lookin' at Nash Grier ' s snapchats / instagram photos
the only person who makes me smile when I'm crying: Nash Grier
There is nothing more adorable than Nash Grier , if you don't believe in me see that boy
Nash Grier is my shade of gold nashgrier
fave if you don't have Nash Grier follow
I love when Nash Grier close his eyes and smile when is hugging a fan, is so cute and grateful
No matter the color of the sky, who makes my day more beautiful is Nash Grier.
Every day I dream of having the opportunity of a day be able meet nash grier, view his wonderful smile, and feel his hug
I love Nash Grier more than i love free pizza
Nash Grier with sky together are one of the bests things on earth bc they relationship it's so cute and sincere
I can't believe I will meet Nash Grier !
my smile is very lucky to have Nash Grier as a reason
Nash Grier My goals for this year is meet you (pls check your dms)
Nash Grier is the reason of my everyday smile, eu te amo (pls check ur dms IT'S IMPORTANT)
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could you let me 3000 pesos?πŸ˜‚ Is for me to meet Nash Grier, his ticket is so expensive.πŸ˜‚πŸ’”
Who else needs to see themselves on Nash Grier following list,
There is nothing more adorable than Nash Grier , see this:
Nash Grier wanna kill me with his posts on instagram
You're a gift to the world Nash Grier
Nash grier is an amazing guy and l love him more than everything
why has Nash Grier looked so good lately this is not right, this is not fair, what is life?
i just want Nash Grier to know that he is my entire world and he deserves all the happiness there is to have
I need this hug more than anything in this life, I need Nash Grier
It's more than clear that I love very much very much much Nash Grier
Go subscribe to Nash Grier YouTube channel! also turn on him notifications! I love him videos β™‘
Nash grier this boy is the reason of my smile always..
Nash grier i’d be the happiest girl in this world if you follow me, but that’s impossible it is not?
Bella Thorne Makes Out with Nash Grier for New Movie - Just Jared: Just JaredBella Thorne Makes Out with Nash ...
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If she stans Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carpenter, or Carter Reynolds then she remembers this.
Being famous would still be pretty cool though but I'm no Nash Grier or Jeydon Wale or Luke Hemmings or... well I could keep going on.
dms with the sister Of zayn ( illimited ) John shahidi ( illimited ) , 1 dm with Tyler posey and 3 with Nash Grier
Nash Grier looks kinda like John Travoltas ugly stepson, in that he kinda almost looks like him from the side, before blinding you w/ ugly
If you follow add you in chat with . Nash Grier and Shawn Mendes or Justin Bieber or James McVey
having so much fun watching vines shout out to to Matthew Espinosa, Nash Grier, and Cameron Dallas!!!
I liked a video Nash Grier,Cameron Dallas, Matthew Espinosa and The Magcon Boys old/new VINES
Girls in my class were talking about Cameron Dallas,Nash Grier,Carter Reynolds and a bunch of other *** guys that I used to like. πŸ’₯πŸ˜‘πŸ”«
2 yrs ago I followed Nash Grier n he followed me back n hes still following me now, might DM him Chris Maloney nudes
Breast Cancer Awareness
i’m an ordinary girl who loves Nash Grier
Who remembers when Alx James & Nash Grier used to be friends and they made like a million vines together
Next Management may have signed Nash Grier but the number of their new faces killing it on the runway this current season…
If you're confused on my username Grier is Nash Grier and Rutherford is Jesse James Rutherford from The Neighbourhood
Go add the Nash Grier on Snapchat, to not miss any news about his daily life. He is amazing!
And if you don't know why I'm forever linked to Verne Lundquist and Nash Grier, read this
one day I will hug Nash Grier and say how much I love him
i really hope one day i will meet Nash Grier
When will Nash Grier come to brazil so i can see his beautiful face personally
Nash Grier no matter what you choose to do, I will always support you!
Nash Grier, will you notice me one day?
I wanted to end the year saying that Nash Grier followed me, but I think it will not be able
when will i get my Nash Grier follow?
When your friend is staying in the same house Will Grier ( Nash Grier's older brother) stays in.
I will never be able to explain how much I love Nash Grier
Nash Grier will be always in my heart
.explains why she called out Nash Grier
life is hard when Nash Grier dont wanna DM you
Nash Grier my followers list has awesome people and you should join
I liked a video from RATED with NASH GRIER (The Playlist EP1)
I liked a video from TRUTH OR DARE with NASH GRIER (The Playlist EP 2)
Nash Grier, Alex and too far away . Ps: stealing this
Ariel Winter dragged Nash Grier to the pits!
.SLAMS star AGAIN for being homophobic
my heart belongs to Nash Grier but sh don't tell him
Vine star used a teen army to try and vote a careerbackup into the Game AND IT ALMOST WORKED
nash grier is beautiful and I love him more than anything and I wish he would follow me
I meant if you hate Nash Grier I hate you
i can not wait to hug nash and tell him, he's everything to me, Nash grier is my life, my world.
Nash Grier maybe i can not be the best fan, but i love you so much and i will always support you
i hope one day luck can hit me in the face and i can say i have Nash Grier 's follow
i love Nash Grier more than anything
i just want Nash Grier to know i exist and that i love him
can I come give you a hair cut pls bc I don't want those locks turning into Nash Grier
the relationship of nash grier with their fans is so cute and lovely I'm proud to be part of this family
waiting for a light to make Nash Grier notice me
nash grier smile could light up the whole world, please never let it fade away. I love you so much it hurts.
Its a good day for Nash Grier notice me
I will never understand how people meet Nash Grier on the street like I lose my mom in my house so
I hope that someday I can meet Nash Grier!! It's my goal
Nash Grier and Matt Espinosa look so hot
giving out solo DMS with Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Nash Grier and others! Fave for DMs
*to the tune of that Carly Rae jepson song* I really really really really hate Nash :) hate Nash :) hate Nash :) I hate Nash Grier.
Did y'all know that Nash Grier's older brother, Will, got banned for a year in football for using HGH and has a cocaine addiction πŸ˜‚ bruh
Seriously guys I'm going to be the next Nash Grier vine sensation. Plz donate to my gofundme and for every donation I will rescue 1 puppy
Nash Grier looks like Junie B Jones with long hair
Toby turner just said Nash Grier should get a Hollywood walk of fame thing? Toby no !!
why was Nash Grier on my television I'm appalled
Nash Grier came on the tv so I shut off the tv
Just watched 'The Outfield' ft. Cameron Dallas, Joey Bragg, and Nash Grier. The movie really makes you think about your future.
Leave it in 2015:. Nash Grier. Carter Reynolds. Sam Pepper. Taylor swift. Miley. Trump. Hating feminism . ...feel free to add
Reminder that this account wasn't made to discrimate any Youtuber and/or their work. Except for Sam Pepper & Nash Grier. …
Im giving away a Nash Grier, James Arthur and Eleanor Calder! Yes or no? . -Jen
Fav if you would like this account. I have Matt Espinosa, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Alyssa Shouse, Jacob Whitesides, Grant Landis
Cameron Dallas - King of Pop. Carter Reynolds - King of Rap(e). Nash Grier - King of having eyes with a bluish colour
Imagine if you were a soldier who lost his legs in war and the celebrity that visited you in the hospital was Nash Grier.
magcon boys... do you know, Cameron Dallas, Matthew Espinosa, Nash Grier, Shawn Mendes, Jack & Jack, Aaron Carpenter and else?
I heard Trump is going to name Nash Grier as his running mate
and it was a odd juniors and Nash Grier, Nate garner, Austin mahone, Hayes Grier SAWYER HARTMAN Shawn Mendes, joey graccefa
Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is Nash Grier if it makes it cheaper he doesn't have to come with clothes
Does anybody want a solo DM with Justin Bieber, Nash Grier or Miranda Miller?
for a DM with. Nash Grier, Chris & Crawford Collins, Jacob, Taylor Caniff, Seb, Grayson and Ethan Dolan. (MFB)
Nash Grier been taking fashion advice from professor Snape
Just saw a Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas vine for the first time in forever. Ruined my day.
I wanna met Nash Grier , Paul Wesley, Daniel Gillies and Michael Clifford ... I love them, like oh my god *-*
What celebrity annoys you the most? β€” Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas and Carter Reynolds (plus that blonde Jack guy)
Exclusive behind-the-scenes feature with Nash Grier on Jack Sanders
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you're Niall Horan or Shawn Mendes or Dylan O'Brien or Aaron Carpenter or Cameron Dallas or Nash Grier or Liam Payne :)
o I didn't know Will Grier was Nash Grier's brother. odd
Will Grier took two L's today, one for the suspension and the other for still being related to Nash Grier
How exactly did Nash Grier get on Time's 30 Most Influential People list? What has he done to influence the world? Oh right, his looks sorry
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Gave people Leigh Ann's number and said it was Nash Grier :)
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Nash is a prince and sky's his little princess
Why does Nash Grier's and Matthew Espionsa's hair look so much better than everyone else's?
Who wants to play omegle hunt for a Nash Grier dm? Rt
Nash Grier's brother is on Dancing with the Stars and truth be told this is more like Dancing with the D-Listers ft. Paula Deen
Being a foreigner is not always easy 😁 Football means soccer to me w/Nash Grier (Vine by
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I was wrong you don't look like shrek you look like a Nash Grier fanboy wanna be who a only aspiration in life is to date a man
Nash Grier where are you now that I need ya?
Lol which ones if I’m allowed to ask? I just found out what Nash Grier is
Hi! I see u like Nash Grier and think u might like "Dark" .Plz let us know what u think :)
is it just me or does this look like Nash Grier?
I would do anything to meet Cameron Dallas ,Nash grier,Shawn Mendes or Hayes Grier
I liked a video Hayes Grier DANCING around with STARS NASH GRIER & ANSEL ELGORT over MAGIC |Collins
Nash Grier looks like a tattooless Ronnie radke.
Vote for either Nash Grier or Cameron Dallas for King of Young Hollywood 2015
If you're a "fan" of Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier, they are currently at Umami Burger at the Grove.
Nash Grier is in Bart Baker's Blank Space and Anaconda parodies omg he looks like a cute fish!.
When you try and show your friend something on your phone and he grabs it w/ King Bach... (Vine by Nash Grier)
Joe Weller's internet melt videos are so funny especially the one with Nash Grier :)))
"We look like Nash Grier," πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ holy crap your eyes are brighter than my future πŸ‘€
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Guys, I found Nash Grier's long lost family
MTV: "joined by Nash Grier, the blue-eyed boy wonder with a fanbase bigger than Justin Bieber’s" ummm what??
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My knees are free of ash. My edges are laidt. My teeth are whiter than Nash Grier. I now know the Lord.
Nash Grier looks so much like trash oh lord
Nash Grier on the blue carpet with and (August 16)
he's way too fit Nash Grier or Ricky Dillen should play Horton
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I just had a whole conversation with someone that thought I was watching the home run derby with Nash Grier in Hawaii . Thanks
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Trying to decide if I hate Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, or weekly chris more??
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Carter Reynolds,Nash Grier,Curtis Lepore&Jack Johnson are perfect examples of why making white boys famous for no reason is a bad idea
Forever waiting for Dahvie Vanity, Austin Jones, Sam Pepper, Nash Grier and Carter Reynolds to make a collab channel called Horrible People
In Nash county, now I know where Nash Grier got his name πŸ˜‚
Meet Black Singles 300x250
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Matt Espinosa, Nash Grier, and Cameron Dallas are the best people. Pinky swear. God, I love them.
when the Nash Grier look alike on your swim team is 16 but you are only 14
Sam Pepper follows Curtis Lepore, Nash Grier and Jack Johnson, it's like a little clan of trash
Would you rather kill Nash Grier or Curtis Lepore?
If you like Nash Grier, Curtis Lepore or any of those people I do not want to ever speak to you
Nash Grier is a very smart man. Just know that.
What does Nash Grier have to do with Marie Claire?
hi, would you guys like a sponsor for Jack Johnson, Ricky Dillon, and or Nash Grier? Pls dm me, I'd be happy to be your sponsor!
When you catch your friend dishonoring the 'Bro Code' w/ Nash Grier (Vine by
aww don't be so mean here's Nash Grier,Sam Pepper,Acacia Brinley and JasonVeeOneEye in one picture 😁😈
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I liked a video from Taylor Caniff 'Share A Poison' with Nash Grier, Matt Espinosa and
I sometimes get good ones like Halsey, Aaron pauley, Austin Carlile, and 5h but most of the time it's only like janoskians and Nash Grier
except my online friend has to like Katy Perry + Taylor Swift + Cameron Dallas + Nash Grier + Jack x 2 + Cara Delevingne . rules apply k
Thanks to Vivian 5 girls have called or texted me asking if I am Nash Grier or Cameron Dallas. I said yes
if only Nash Grier,Alex Ramos, Austin Jones,Ben Cook and Carter Reynolds could get stabbed with a chopstick I'd be the happiest person alive
sponsor for sponsor? I can sponsor you with Crawford Collins or Cameron Dallas or Nash Grier or Alli Simpson
girl wearing Nash Grier sweatpants at the grocery store: respect yourself
I liked a video Nash Grier & Cameron Dallas on Good Morning America GMA full video
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Nash Grier makes me want to hit my face against a brick wall
What we actully do in are hotel rooms with Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier and Aaron Carpenter: via
"Instead of 420 Blaze it how about you 420 Praise it, Praise da lord" . wise words by Nash Grier
That one dude in the Boyband who doesn't fit in w/ Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carpenter, Hayes Grier
Siri always messes up my directions Cameron Dallas, ... (Vine by Nash Grier)
Jack and Jack, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Shawn Mendes push up contest
The vine guy Nash Grier was named after Nash Bridges. Check the dates. He was named after Nash Bridges.
I can give you an account with 900+ followers with Lucas Cruikshank , Madison pettis, Shane Harper, Nash Grier, and Jacob w
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I keep wondering if Nash Grier has Down syndrome
I liked a video from COTTON BALL CHALLENGE | Carter Reynolds, Nash Grier, and Hayes Grier
bringing back the dancing vines Nash Grier- oh hayes 😭
I have daniel sahyounie James Yammouni, Nash Grier, and some other viners. Could we trade for zayn?
I'm interested. Can you trade me with zayn? I have liam, daniel sahyounie James Yammouni and Nash Grier.
When Whoopi Goldberg is in your dressing room (Vine by Nash Grier)
Hey it's faith again um I will pick the winner for the Nash Grier when I get home and after that we will do little mix. πŸ‘»πŸ™Œβ€¦
Good night. I love Ela, Tove, Tanika, Chris, Lara and all my friends and followers and Nash's fans and last but not least the bae Nash Grier
Chris Collins, Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas are my baes
Is it just me or does Nash Grier look like the rat from flushed away?
lowkey actually think Nash Grier & Cameron Dallas's clothing line isnt too bad
I think i'll do dms, but I don't have very many people. I have Christian Delgrosso, Rudy Mancuso, Nash Grier, Jack Johnson, and some more.
Shame on you Nash Grier, For not even taking one moment of your time, To take a picture with a beautiful young lady.
I still can't believe Alan thinks Nash Grier is cute
Nash Grier is a celebrity the same way Gilderoy Lockhart is a successful wizard.
l have unlimited solos and l have a Luke DM and Josh Devine and Nash Grier and JB and l have group dms with 5\5
Karmin, Bo Burnham, Philip DeFranco, Matthew Inman and even Nash Grier are all doing very well financially
You know who is more influential on the internet than Nash Grier and Tyler Oakley? . The activists in Ferguson that have been livestreaming
Shane Dawson & Miranda Sings wrote a book. Cameron Dallas made a movie. Nash Grier went on tour. Do YouTubers think they can do anything.
can we take a moment bc a combination of Alec Bailey and Nash Grier is literally Michael Blood
for a DM to Nash Grier. Must be active with notifs on βœ¨πŸ’•
White girls don't close their mouth when they say "Oh My God" Cameron Dallas πŸ˜‚ (Vine by Nash Grier)
I have a boyfriend already, mom. His name is Luis Coronel, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, and all those other famous hot guys.
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GRIER & FOUSHEE NEWS: amazing video go check out Nash Grier's new video β™₯
My family messes Nash's name up so much. They call him Nash Bridges which I don't get because that sounds nothing like Nash Grier...
if you want to be in a solo group dm with Nash Grier, jai & Beau Brooks, conor maynard and Ariana Grande.
Guys this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill, there are people out there STILL worshipping JB, Nash Grier and Sam Pepper + more
"Sam Pepper, Nash Grier, Taylor Caniff, and Cameron Dallas are the reason I hate the internet."
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Why are Nash Grier and Sam Pepper in my english class
Nash Grier was ROBBED! of a Nobel Peace Prize this year. Ugh.
It's villain day. I should've dressed like Nash Grier and Sam Pepper. I should've dressed like trash.
can you Dm me to Jake Miller, Nash Grier, Jack Johnson, Calum, Luke, Ashton, Michael, Christian Delgrosso, Jai and Beau Brooks?
Adding to the list of DMs: . Nash Grier. Cody Simpson. Jake Miller. Logan and Jake Paul. The Cab
it happened to me last night aha I thougt Nash Grier had followed but it was fake acc πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I bought the biggest bottle of Arizona tea today, call me Nash Grier
emm...I do not know any Cameron Alexander Dallas. Hamilton Nash Grier and Hayes Benjamin Grier!... Oops...
Happy birthday! Nash Grier, Jim Chapman, Denzel Washington, and Stan Lee share a birthday with you!
Nash Grier is using Justin for publicity and so more people will know about him
I hope today Nash Grier will do a follow spree. SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE TO KNOW COMES OUT πŸ“
I will sleep dreaming with Nash Grier's hug and kiss, ahg I want this 😫❀️ good night
Nash Grier, Matthew Espinosa or a dinosaur? we will never know.
I hope Nash Grier will have a movie someday. I would totally go watch it in the premiere night.
i love you Nash Grier brazil love you folllow me back ?please please
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if you're wondering what I want for christmas well that is pretty easy.. Nash Grier
How to catch a Nash Grier: put a bowl of fruity pebbles in a room and when he wanders in lock the door
I know we all have a strong reaction for Gemma, Nash &others, but our religion shouldn't spread hate, …
When a girl from your school mentions "nash grier"
Watch from Nash Grier its so funny ,
I can't believe it, nash grier why are you so mean 😠 not all the muslims are bad. I'm done. Bye
Nash Grier is so ignorant, pathetic.
Fans of Nash Grier can now pick their own by following or checking the hashtag at
It frustrates me that Nash Grier is famous and has money, for doing nothing
nash grier come on guys.. This is not fair.. He apologized ..
change your *** picture boy, you look like a tan Nash Grier
YouTube dot come slash back Grier Nash
white, ignorant, sexist, homophobic, racist boys like Nash Grier being famous tbh
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irrelevant people like Nash Grier, Carter Reynolds, Taylor Caniff, Acacia Brinley, and Alex Ramos are the absolute scum of the earth
Nash Grier, Carter Reynolds, and Cameron Dallas are all trash. How can people support uneducated teenage swine? πŸ˜­πŸ˜’
Puberty hit Jack Johnson so hard that he became Nash Grier
People should stop making Nash Grier fan pages, I like David Pastrnak but do you see me making a David Pastrnak fan page? No
you both make me sick .. especially john "Nash Grier" Barbetto
"OUIJA MOVIE PARODY" | Nash Grier: via lol I serious was nash the one with std or what?
β€œLol @ salty *** € Nash Grier or Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town where's the difference
FOR A DM TO.. Shawn Mendes. Jack Gilinsky . Nash Grier . Matt Espinosa. Jack Johnson . ️Mbf me and have my notifs on(send me the proof)! β™₯
for crystal meth . Fav for Nash Grier
Sam Pepper and Nash Grier should make a video together if they havent already, they seem so similar to me
In his own words, popular user Nash Grier explains the story behind that controversial video:
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