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Nasarawa State

Nasarawa State is a state in central Nigeria. Its capital is Lafia.

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From lagos pass a night at the NIGERIA AIR FORCE BARACK CENTRE makurdi,now from Makurdi to Lafia,Nasarawa state..
I will be delivering a lecture today at the Nasarawa State University on the "Agenda for the National Confab". Do you have any q…
I sensed danjer..right wen d hausas landed nasarawa state in keffi..for a meeting..they are called YAN IZALA..they did their final meeting on sunday monday bombblast.evry one in keffi nw dnt sleep.we suspect dis guys
Pals, in less than three months, an anthology titled: Voices From Our Pens (An Anthology of Short Stories & Odes (Poems) to Nelson Mandela) By My Intelligent students of Our Lady of Apostle's Girls' College, Akwanga, Nasarawa State, edited, compiled and Introduced by Me- JOEY Anzaku. The anthology was read and praised by Lubasa N'ti Nseendi, professor of English Education from Congo Republic; Idris Amali, Professor of English & Literature, UniMaid; Professor Shamsudeen Amali, OFR, former VC of Nasarawa State Univ., Keffi (NSUK); Denja Abdullahi, National VP of d Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA); Mrs Fouzia (Indiana); Mr P.D. Moles, Lecturer Dept. Of English, NSUK & Moses Joseph, Lecturer at Federal Poly, Nassarawa. There written comments will b posted sooner Dan later. The basic aim of d anthology is to serve as a testimonies of the greatness & celebrates the world famous celebrated man after Christ on earth, Dr Rolihlahla Mandela Madiba (Nelson was given to him by 1 of his school teachers). The anth ...
May d departed souls in yanya maraba abuja boarder to nasarawa state dis morning rest in perfect peace. Amen
| Nasarawa State Govt. mulls International Market in Lafia - News Agency of Nigeria
I tank God 4 safety journey 2 NASARAWA STATE @ akwanga and its environs 4 my field trip
Welcome to the website of Zion First Baptist Church Lafia in Nasarawa State Nigeria a cooperating member of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. This is the First Baptist Church in and around Lafia. We are a multi-lingual church and worship in Hausa, Yoruba, and English languages. We meet every Sunday t...
Is this description correct? —> “...Nyanya, on the border of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Nasarawa State, North Central. Nigeria”
Hmn! NYANYA, jst 50mins drive to my house, i still cnt imagine it. D very boundry of FCT nd Nasarawa state, where u get cnfused if its evn rili part of Abuja u are in or Nasarawa, a very busy place anytym any day, a park on d express, where u cnt pass without been delayed by traffic, a town and a market. I cnt jst imagine how many lives dat hav been lost. It's so sad, humans burnt as if they were grasshoppers, differnt parts of bodies scarterd all over d place. Those going to offices, markets, homes, nd traveling fall victims. Its just so sad nd pathetic. I still cnt imagine hw it happens. May their souls RIP.
I work in Mararaba area of Nasarawa state, just hundreds of metres from Nyanya, I could possibly have been at the scene of today's blast. All glory to God. My sympathy goes to the families of the Bomb Blast victims. R.I.P.
What do men gain in killing inocent soul (the inocent at nasarawa state) R.I.P inocent brotherz & sisterz.
Professor Mohammed Akaro Mainoma, Ag. Vice Chancellor of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK) has said the Federal Government has an obligation to keep funding state universities across the country. This is coming after the Federal Government threatened to stop assisting state universities...
A Group under the aegis of the Good Ambassadors of Nasarawa State (GANS) in its first congress meeting held at the Faculty
Mates! Hope we can still place Jummai Samuel in our memory? Her wedding comes up on 3-5-2014, at Bege Baptist church kayarda, nasarawa state. Lets tryna be there to identify with her... ONE LOVE
Student Scholarship to be Paid May. The Nasarawa State Scholarship Board is finalizing modalities and verification to pay the 2013 bursary to the Nasarawa State Indigene Students who had applied for the scholarship to ensure the commencement of payment by the end of May 2014. Congrats in advance. Taal is working, Nasarawa is changing.
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God will save us!!! I wake up dis mornin planin hw to go wrk in nasarawa state at masaka, then my fians ask me nt to go wrk 2day eccept 2morow then i agree, so after next of 1hour i just had a penful and hurible news for a Bomb Blast in nyaya fct Abuja. A penful story is many was killed on expected God please answer our prayer we need your deliverance in Nigeria and the world wide (Amen)
CONDOLENCES I wish to condole with the families of the hapless, innocent victims of the Bomb Blast today in Nyanya, Abuja. It's grieve my heart, and I know many good-spirited Nigerians are mourning today on account of this disaster and other similar ugly incidence in the recent past. I also wish to condole with the FCT Minister, Sen. Bala Mohammed and the Nasarawa State Governor, Alh. Tanko Almakura, for this terrible act that occurred in their domain. Finally, I wish to condole with Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. Just yesterday, he was celebrating on the wedding ceremony of his daughter. Unfortunately, he woke this morning to this terrible news of Bomb Blast that claimed many lives. I can image the pain and disgust. Littler wonder he visited the scene of the incident almost immediately, the swiftest he has ever done. At this time of tragedy, let's all put behind political innuendoes and interpretations and confront the issue before us. Blames won't solve anything. Nigeria is under threat. We must ...
If u are considering relocating to state for work, don't let today's Bomb Blast discourage u. NS is green [agriculture].
Nasarawa State University keffi Nigeria vice chancellors football competition kics off today
Nyanya is in nasarawa state tho. It's just that proximity wise it's close to abuja
Wat!! See heat!!! I'm sure ovens were first made in nasarawa state..
Who is d man for Nasarawa state, come 2015? PDP or APC?
The Bomb Blast wasn't in abuja but Nasarawa state
D best man to rule nasarawa state is engr AA sule let us youth pray 4 hm to come & comtes 2015
Two weeks back the Army confronted alleged terrorists camping somewhere in Nasarawa state resulting in fatalities. Before any investigative probe could be carried out some sympathisers raised alarm that innocent civilians were the targets of the military action. Nasarawa State Governor said same. But military spokesman countered warning that Abuja is targeted. Few days after, Abuja was bombed. What a country! When some of these so-called governors speak you will think they are active sponsors of terrorism. Tell me why a state governor will speak as if he is waging war against the institution of the Nigerian Army. No one is in support of extra legal executions but why is it that some of these state governors in these terrorism infested states are more concerned about protecting alleged terrorists than taking proactive measures to save innocent people from been killed? Are we really prepared to salvage Nigeria or are we more comfortable seeing Nigeria go to ruins just because of some religious bigotry?
".this is happening in a country where the security institutions are better protected than public places."-Nasarawa state attorney general.(on ait's matters arising)
Nasarawa state is nt save every village hv been facing crisis oh God may u never allow ur pple 2 perish in vain
What a tragedy, this morning at El rufai bus carriage, Nyanya Nasarawa State, how people lost God's given precious life in the name of satanic and faceless animals called Boko Haram. But, by the way, why should such govt. bus carriage be allowed for the use of other public transport lines. What's the use of military check points, it does mean that they're only there to cause traffic jam nothing more. By this morning incident all military check points be thrown open because they are USELESS. Govt. should hold all their staff working at that El rufai carriage at Nyanya, Nasarawa State near Abuja and probe them thoroughly.
Frnds pls pray 4 me as am about 2 enback on journey frm kaduna 2 nasarawa state dis afternoon dat God will see me true.
My heart goes out to all the families who lost someone in the Bomb Blast earlier this morning at the Nyanyan park (Nasarawa State)
Another Bomb Blast in nasarawa state, may allah help us.
The late departure of Glo Nigeria Premier League side Crown FC from Lafia, Nasarawa state back to their base i...
where do you see welcome to Nasarawa state please?
security personnel block of major express linking Abuja to satellite towns in Nasarawa State.
The rumoured explosion in Masaka, Nasarawa state, has been confirmed to be untrue.
BREAKING NEWS Just now Hon Natheniel Agyo Mesa of Action progressive Congress a member representing Lafia North in Nasarawa State House of Assembly decamped to People Democratic Party PDP.
That Nasarawa state bothers me. It is like a break / breach in the line of security just thinking. Hope those BH guys do not have any operational base/cell there in Nasarawa. Just wondering o!
IQ4News Nigeria: is the major transit point from state where majority of workers...
4 wat is whort... The Bomb Blast was in Nyanya, Nasarawa State not FCT. 4 doz of u blabin abt insecurity in the nations capital
Book Haram kills hundreds in Abuja An early morning explosion had left Scores of people dead and several others maimed following a bomb explosion at a motor park in Nyanya area of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Nyanya is a satellite town bordering the FCT and Nasarawa State. According to reports, the explosion occurred in a section of the park allocated to luxury buses popularly called “El-Rufa’i buses.” Worst hit was the area where vehicles plying Abuja-Ilorin-Kabba were parked. Workers on their way to their workplaces were most affected. An eyewitness, who survived with a deep cut in his right leg, told our correspondent that the explosion occurred while he was calling passengers into his car. He claimed that human flesh littered his car and others around it. A combined team of security agencies and fire fighters are currently retrieving bodies and putting out fire at the scene. The incident had led to disruption of movement into Abuja from that area with many workers, who were on their wa ...
Another bomb explosion in Nyanya area d boundary between Abj and Nasarawa State ,May God help us out of dis problem IJN
Another massive blast at the thickly populated Nyanya, Nasarawa State this morning has left no fewer than 80 people dead. Is this a strategic move to enter the FCT? Whatever happened to the CDS pledge to route Boko Haram in April?
it is out the outskirts of Abuja though 15mins from Aso Rock but a town before Nasarawa state
Call your friends who live along Abuja-Nasarawa State Express way. Show love and if you can go to National Hospital and donate blood!
For the records, Nyanya is Officially in Nasarawa state,mind you it ain't Maitama.Government just don't care.
God tank u this moni 4 ur protection over the bomb plast this moni 4 Nyanya nasarawa state on my way going to work God may ur name b praise.
When are we going to experience peace in nigeria, A terrible Bomb Blast took place in my area this morning, don't be affraid my friends, i am secured... No loss, No lack, No limitation. Just thinking of moving away from Abuja(Nyanya). Nasarawa State on my mind. Father! All i am praying is thine kingdom come.
Bomb Blast killing more than 300 peoples @ Nyaya pack in Nasarawa State incase if you have somebody there pls try and him/her weather he or she is among those that died in the incident that happen pls is important.
We all residin' at Abuja metropolise fear death as Bomb goes off at Elo' fai. National motor Park at Nyanya Nasarawa state almost, may souls of d Victims rest in d bossom of God, Amen.
May the soul of those that die in this morning Bomb Blast in Nasarawa state near Abuja, Rest in perfect peace Amen.
Bomb Blast reported in Nyanya, a surburb between Abuja and Nasarawa State @ about 7.00 this morning. Casualty unknown figure.
Unfortunately today, Nyanya Garage in Abuja near Nasarawa State is attacked and many many many LIVES have lost by the Explosion... So Sad...INNOCENT LIVES..some of those dead may have been planning to attend the commemorations of CHRIST DEATH today after sundown. So so so so SAD..
There was a story in the news Thursday; PremiumTimes reported that over 30 Fulani, especially elderly—those above 70 years who could not run—were massacred by the Nigerian army in Nasarawa state, according to eye witnesses. The Punch also carried the story, stating that the Defence spokesman, Maj.-Gen. Chris Olukolade was not sure who did what and was investigating. There was another story in SaharaReporters, the same Yesterday in which gunmen, the same type of dare-devil, multi-ability, trans- state, gunmen who ride on 50 bikes, all clad in military uniform, massacred 20 villagers in Zamfara state, and as they do in the multiple states they operate in, burned all in sight, clearing out the northern habitats. There is little doubt that genocide of the north is systematically being permitted and is openly in progress in Nigeria. Whether it is ‘Boko Haram,’ whose sponsors this government keeps protecting, the unknown bike riding, camo-wearing, helicopter aided, murdering incendiarists, or it is the ...
Father we thank You for living us alive to see the 9th Years of Mr Moses Adigashi Alade the First Utushoho of Agbashi, Chairman traditional council Ekye Development Area Doma Local Government Nasarawa State today.
Sincere Heart Felt Sympathies goes to the Families of those who lost their Lives at the scene of the Bomb Blast early this morning at Nyanya, Mararaba in Nasarawa State where about 270 people died. Which Way Nigeria? When will this madness stop?
Nyanya is in Nasarawa State, it's far from abuja, and the traffic will make it hard for help to get there.
May we pray for our brethren dat lost their lifes dis morning over bomb explosion along iyanya maraba motor park nasarawa state at 7:15am .ABUJA be vigilant
Bomb expro in yanyan part of nasarawa state dis morni killing many people god hav mercy!
Nasarawa state uni, keffi admission list is out. To all those dat applied check urs
Unbelievable hatred, fury, unholiness and death unleashed in Nyanya, Nasarawa state, Nigeria, this morning.
Another Bomb Explosion has been reported to have hit Nyanya Area (the boundary between Abuja and Nasarawa state. Details shortly
"Bomb Blast In Abuja, Many Feared Dead 14th April, 2014... will claim Nyanya is in Nasarawa State.
Nigeria let's not relent in our prayers o another explosions in nasarawa state nyanya
Bomb Blast in nyanya bridge in nasarawa state,nigeria,May God purnish the bombers nd expose the rest of them 4 wastin innocent lifes just like that in jesus name,amen. Pls like,shere or text "amen
didn't hear it. Nyanya is far from where I am. Its nasarawa state but right next to abuja
'Nasarawa State Is Poor, Its Lawmakers Are Rich': [Daily Trust]Lagos -Lanre Suraj is a rights activist and the...
‘State is poor, its lawmakers are rich’ that's how nigeria is govern.
"‘State is poor, its lawmakers are rich’ cc
"‘State is poor, its lawmakers are rich’.
‘State is poor, its lawmakers are rich’.
Msugh Ityokura (Guardian): A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nasarawa state, Omar Nurudeen corroborated the .
Msugh Ityokura (Guardian): In Nasarawa State, the Tivs who constitute 30% population according to census figures available to the.
| &State is poor, its lawmakers are rich&- Sunday Trust
‘Nasarawa State is poor, its lawmakers are rich’. Written by Nurudeen Oyewole, Sunday Trust. Lanre Suraj is a...
Nasarawa State University keffi Admission list is out.
Breaking: Insurgents strike again, kill six farmers in Nasarawa No fewer than six Tiv farmers were killed and several houses burnt today by suspected Fulani insurgents at Tse Azer village in Kadarko District of Keana Local Government Area in Nasarawa State. Reports say among the people killed was a popular local chief, Godwin Achim. Achim was said to have been attacked by highly armed insurgents. Sources said two persons are missing and could not be traced as at the time of this report. The source said: “Our chief, alongside five others were attacked and killed by the terrorists. “Others are still missing.” It was gathered that the insurgents were armed with sophisticated weapons. They invaded and burnt the villages belonging to the fleeing Tiv farmers.
NSUK 2013/2014 Admission List is Out Online . The First Admission list of the Nasarawa State University for...
A businesswoman, Oyemowo Gabriel, 39, on Friday begged a Grade 1 Area Court in Aso Pada, Nasarawa State, to be...
Bishop Kukah becomes Chairman/Pro-Chancellor of NSUK Governing Council. On Tuesday 8th April 2014, The Governing Council of the Nassarawa State University, was Inaugurated with Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, as Chairman/Pro-Chancellor of the Governing Council. The inauguration took which place at the Government House, Lafia was chaired by His Excellency , Umaru Tanko Al-makura , the Governor of Nasarawa State. Other members of the board are: Alh. Umaru Suleiman Azores (Member); Mr. Emmanuel Bako (Member); Alh.Ibrahim Khalil Dahiru (Member) and Barr. Joshua Barau (Member). See more at:
WHERE ARE THE LEADERS OF THE TIVS? A couple of days ago the governor of Nasarawa State paid what I now realise was a solidarity visit to Keana where some ravaging fulani nomads fell to the superior fire power of troops of the Nigerian army. Almakura blabbed about the in...
NASIEC SERIAL OF ELECTION FRAUD IN NASARAWA STATE: A gateway to 2015. Apparently moved by the recent political development in Nasarawa State we are duty bond to challenge the credibility of NASIEC as independent body. Perhaps we may say NASIEC has come to lay foundation for 2015 ELECTION FRAUD. Its seem to me the last Local Governments election in Nasarawa State was staged to test various fraudulent procedures for rigging 2015 ELECTION in the state. What we seen was a background to 2015. The planners of the sham ELECTION has accomplished their mission but the battle is far from over. Those who rigged should not cry where they were rigged. And 2015 is INEC turn.
NASARAWA HERDSMEN PROTEST KILLINGS IN ABUJA The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) Nasarawa State chapter yesterday in Abuja demanded the arrest and prosecution of soldiers allegedly responsible for the killings of 32 Fulanis in Rugar Ardo Sodangi, Nasarawa State. Speaking during a protest on the killings at a joint press conference, leaders of the Fulanis among them Alhaji Baba Usman Ngelzarma MACBAN National Secretary, and Alhaji Salihu Musa Umar National Assistant PRO and Alhaji Mohammed Hussaine Nasarawa State Chapter Secretary were unanimous in condemning the recent rising antagonism to Fulanis in parts of the country. Hussaine said what happened in Keana was genocide and should not be swept under the carpet. He said: “The Inspector General of Police M. D. Abubakar recently dispatched the DIG in charge of operations, Mr. Michael Zuokumor to our dear state to resolve the crisis between the Fulani and our Tiv counterparts. The effort yielded positive results as both parties ...
ANOTHER NASARAWA REP MAY DUMP APC FOR PDP Category: Inside politics Published on Wednesday, 09 April 2014 05:00 Written by Musa Abdullahi Krishi Hits: 586 Member of the House of Representatives from Nasarawa State, Ishaq Ahmed Kana, is set to leave the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Daily Trust has learnt. When contacted, Kana simply replied via text saying “who told you”? It was gathered that Kana held a stakeholders meeting with some of his coordinators across the various wards of his constituency of Kokona, Keffi and Karu, over the weekend in Keffi where he informed them of his resolve to leave the APC. At the meeting, which was held at VIP Hotel in Keffi, Kana reportedly told the stakeholders that he wants to leave APC because being in the minority, he faces isolation at the National Assembly. Kana’s defection will bring to three the number of APC House members from Nasarawa State who defected to the PDP. The others are Reps David Umbugadu and Haruna Kigb ...
Submitted by richardalijos on Mon, 04/07/2014 - 22:22ANA NASARAWA Elects New ExcoByIsaac Attah Ogezi It was indeed a time of stock-taking for the Mallam Al-Bishak-led executive of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Nasarawa State chapter, after piloting the activities of the branch for the p...
I think the Gov of Nasarawa State may indeed ve questions to answer if he is d one that invited "international hunters" in his words or fulani mercenaries that ve been wrecking havoc on Tivland? I can't tell when hunters ve gone international.
An exclusive with the Executive Governor of NASARAWA State, Nigeria, HE Umaru TANKO Almakura.
Politice is easier game but people make it so complicated. Nasarawa state election always involved troubles earern their, this and that
Nasarawa State will be the yard stick for future State Electoral Commission's election conducts. People will resist injustice.
Hassan Adamu, th former MCAN Sec-Gen Nasarawa State Chapter (NS/12C), wil add a feather to his cap as his weding wl com up ds Saturday inshaa Allah in his home town (Zankan, Jama'a LG, Kaduna State).
We r yet to knw wat z election in nasarawa state...
Apc election is 2day oo i tut de election is genaral kai dat is must divelesh governon we ever have in nasarawa state can never be de true blod of nas/st vary evil man kai munafuki
Daily Trust shared the following link and had this to say about it: Traditional ruler knocks Almakura on insurgents traditional head of Gwer West in Benue State, Ter Tyoshin, Chief Daniel Abomste, yesterday urged the Federal Government to beam its searchlight on Nasarawa State gover...
Stoping people from excising their right to vote to me, its undemocratic and its also encourages apathy.If you believe you won an election and the electoral body,saddle with the responsibility of conducting election,says the election were marred with irregularities hence the need for a rerun.A true politician and a democract would mobilise more supporters and employ all necessary legal mechanism to see to it that,the rerun election is not mar by irregularities again.What we are witnessing in Nasarawa State, is just a battle for supremecy between the Excutive and the legislature.The masses who are imporvirish by their corrupt acts,are use as dogs,sorry thugs to attack who want to sideline their corrupt polluted ideologies.After using the unenligthened masses,they dump in the trash pin of poverty untill the next election.We the privileged educated ones,are not helping situations.Instead of us to educate them on all these vice,we again pollute the conciousness by preaching gospel of hatred and diacotomy amo ...
when you want to fight us, we don't let you and can't find us. But when we want to fight you, we make sure that you can't get away and hit you squarely ... and wipe you out.when The enemy advances, we retreat and get more balanced. Stanley for APC chairman Nasarawa state
We of the A P C. FAN CLUB, Praying for successful byelection of 3LG. in Nasarawa state today. May the vote be ours in A P C, Amin.
Our life is so precious lets come in one and transform nasarawa state so that we can enjoy it like b/4.
The Policemen at checkpoint along Garaku/Gudi highway should dress properly in their unifoam not mofty please.I almost fainted when i saw six men armed with AK47,on my way to Lafia.Beckoned and stopped vehicles,plighing the road from both lanes.The number of vehicles parked and the point,known to be den of arm robbers.One has to feel jittery.From a distance,one could mistake them for "gentlemen of the road"The Inspector General of Police and the Commisioner of Police,Nasarawa State should take note please.Its was not funy at all.
Nasarawa state house of assemby,u re digin ur adress ur selves,remenber de electorate are watchin cost we are nt fools.2015 is approachin.
Nasarawa state house of assembly ur thinkin is nagative
The All progressive congress, APC,Nasarawa state with to condemn in strongest terms the Action of the Pdp in...
life goes on in Nasarawa State Lafia
Akwanga in nasarawa state is in shambles now please pray for us.
we applicants, we fully support PDP in re run threelocal government election in nasarawa state. which slatted on monday 7/4/2014.
Nasarawa state has bn transformed by Taal but more needs to b done 2 bring credible & positive leaders onboard 2 consolidate this achievements,the youths hv 2 support d candidature of ppl lk Arc Stanley Buba for Apc state chairman @ d forthcoming congress because he represents youths agitation for change!
in 3 local government ares of Akwanga,Obi & Nassarawa,& a number of wards all over the state were concluded in court last week with judgment fixed for this week Friday.but hm.Modibbo's NAISEC (not surprising anyway) had gone ahead to announce today Monday as date for the re-run over matters which judgment are being awaited.Am not a Lawyer,nor claim to be one,but know of fact that statusqou is supposed to be maintaned once a matter's in Court,these issues not exception.The irony of the whole thing is that Taal's APC government, first went to this same Court,when it felt it's interest as being threatened, to get an order restraining the Nasarawa State House Of Assembly from taking any action over the controversies that trailed Modibbo's NAISEC announced results,& doing that with clear demonstration of desperation & confusion, with the now popular & famous (but for the very wrong reasons) Innocent Lagi- Attorney General & Commissioner For Justice,reducing himself to a Bailiff &,climbing the fence of Nasar .. ...
I do wandered sometimes if some people in nasarawa state are normal,how can somebody said that Eggons want powers,then fine you that don't want the powers then live them to have them,your right reasoning is the peace the state want.
Shooting, burning of tyres and tension in Akwanga, Nasarawa State, as PDP supporters and police clash in protest against the conduct of elections fixed today in three council wards the state election body says the recent election into the local council were inconclusive.
Prince awal & BABY BADIYA CUP start on 22 of this mouht end on 26 we are invert our fans wedin nasarawa state 2 come warch the mode foot ball
Nasarawa State Government is set to conduct a rerun election in the 3ree LGAs which results was declared inconclusive, and these LG are: Keana, Nassarawa and Obi respectively
Mass exodus from Taraba Thousands of Tiv farmers have fled their homes in Taraba State, following continuous attacks by Fulani Herdsmen. At least 15 Tiv farmers have been massacred and over 100 injured in separate attacks at the weekend. A deputy inspector-general of police, at the directive of President Goodluck Jonathan, toured the affected areas at the weekend. His visit did not deter the assailants, who continued their onslaught on Ibi, Wukari, Donga, Takum, Gassol and Bali local government areas. Six Tiv farmers were reported killed while 14 escaped with injuries when the assailants invaded three villages in Wukari on Friday. The carnage spilled to Ibi where more than five Tiv villages were torched by over 400 Fulani fighters on Saturday. The authorities were not certain on the number of casualties in Ibi and Gassol. Acting Governor Garba Umar has asked the fleeing Tiv to return to their homes as he imposed a 24-hour curfew in Ibi yesterday. Umar will today meet with senior public servants from the a ...
Unidentified gunmen attaked Giza of Giza Development Area in Nasarawa State, killing from 5 to 19 and seting ablaze the palace of the paramount ruler
Goodmorning friends. Goodmorning Nigerian. Goodmorning Nasarawa State.the home of solid minerals.
God when shall shading and killing of innocent souls stop in Nasarawa state?
Governor Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa State has ordered investigations into the finances of the state’s Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board.
♛♛ DHQ: Military Operation Yielding Results in Benue, Nasarawa: Defence Hqs Al-Makura calls for review By George Okoh The Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade, Sunday in Makurdi said the military operation in Benue and Nasarawa States, where suspected Fulani Herdsmen have killed scores of people, was yielding good result. But he added that the military would continue to *** the success of the operation in order to make adjustments, where necessary. He spoke just as Nasarawa State Governor, Alhaji Tanko Al-Makura, called on the military to review its operation in the state, following Thursday’s killing of herdsmen in Keana Local Government Area. Olukolade has however assured the people of the readiness of the military to probe the killing of the herdsmen. He said: “At the moment, we cannot say we know anything about what happened until the matter is fully investigated and the true picture of what actually happened is known. “Let’s be sure of the nar ...
Today is akwanga election .we need free and fair election.alhaji modibo (nasec) chairman ur lies end manupulation.all eligible voters should come and vote.up chun mada,up akwanga.up nasarawa state.
I knw dat de EGGONS jst want power in de state. Dis ar my prayers to them. May God destroy dia evil plot as he did to pharo of Egyt. May dia evil plot Destroy them like a wild fire. May God bring peace back to nasarawa state. Any body trying to ignite crises dat iz capable of wipping all de youth of Our state should die a hurrable death. Jst say AMEEN
Soldiers kill30 muslims\fulani in nasarawa state nigeria a day b4 yesterday
If yes we de pple of nasarawa state need a divident of democracy, here is taal vote him in for more nd more..again nd again.
Eggon every were you go, Ombatse rule your world, Nasarawa state now you are talking.
Soldiers kill 30 fullani herdsment in nasarawa state on 3 aprl 2014
APC Governor Tanko Al-makura of Nasarawa state does not support the killing of insurgents in keana who have been terrorizing middlebelt states of Benue, Plateau & Nasarawa. He says they were simple mouners.
i lost my depertment sister at hill colleg of education gwanje akwanga nasarawa state at depertment of economics/social studies as final year student (N.C.E .3)
Life at Azara dev area,Jangwa village in Nasarawa state,no light,no network,Help me Lord to overcum.
The nasarawa state commissioner for justice,Innocent lagi, is vindicated for scaling the fence of Nasarawa state Assembly Complex to serve a court order restraining the state assembly members from interfering with the local government election by NBA nasarawa state chapter.The commissioner corraborated the NBA's position by stating that he swore an oath to protect the law,and that he did what he did to stop Nas.House Assembly from breaching the law.
ALERT: Nigerian soldiers invade Fulani village, kill 30 - At least 30 people of Fulani ethnicity have been killed by a team of soldiers in Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, residents have said. Most of the deceased were said to be over 70 years old who were not fast enough to flee the rampage. Read more here:
Fulani Herdsmen have been accused for attacking and killing innocent Nigerians,and everybody was blaming the Federal Government,the Federal Gov. Decided to order the Military To the affected Areas for Action, the Nasarawa State Governor is now blaming the Military for un professional Conducts and killing Innocents Herdsmen. What is the way out confused Governor of Nasarawa and Benue State?
Truck-loads of soldiers conducted a morning raid on settlements of Fulani herders in Nasarawa State yesterday,...
So,a group of soldiers organized themselves,took a trip from Abuja to Keana in Nasarawa state and murdered about...
Tanko Al-Makura remained silent while armed gunmen ravaged Nasarawa state has come out to declare that the recent raid by soldiers on.
How do u see d use of military might on Fulani Herdsmen in Nasarawa State?D Governor was surprised at d turn of event.
killing of 50 peacefull innocents in Keana, Nasarawa State. And I asked, where were the soldiers ...
The military killed the wrong Fulani Herdsmen - Nasarawa State Governor & the Osana of Keana, Emmanuel Elayo
I think Defence HQ must investigate d killing of d Fulani Herdsmen in Nasarawa state. Both Emir and community leaders say they are innocent
Hmm...sad times. Over 30 Fulani Herdsmen killed in Keana, Nasarawa state in cold blood by Nigerian soldiers while...
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Gov. Umaru Al-Makura of Nasarawa State has called on FG to review the military operation in the state to guide against civilian casualties.
Latest News | News Break Nigeria Gov. Umaru Al-makura of Nasarawa State has called on the Federal Government to...
Slaughtered herdsmen not insurgents - Governor of state, north central
military rule of engagement in Nigeria is scaring if they didnt carry out d killing in Nasarawa state den who did ?
Governor of Nasarawa state paid condolence to the victims who where murdered by the soldiers.
Nigeria’s military authorities say they have not received any report of killings by its troops operating in Nasarawa state.
whose army murdered 20 Fulani souls in Nasarawa state? That is an invitation to a fresh chaos against the Tivs
Nasarawa Gov. Tanko Al-Makura says the state govt had concluded arrangements to upgrade the Lafia Township Stadium to a world-class status.
Ethno-Politics in Nasarawa State: It has become obvious that politics in the state has taken a dimension of ethnicity. Political parties are no more associated or recognized by their objectives or ideologies but, now with tribal loyalty. This was evidenced in the last held local government councils' election where some PDP loyalists branded the APC as Fulani party. This was the indoctrination on the people which really worked in the state western senatorial district. Analysis has shown that the National PDP Chairman (immediate past and present) are Fulani by tribe; the PDP Board of Trustee Secretary who is from this state Alhaji Walid Jibrin is not only a Fulani man but the Sarkin Fulani of Nasarawa state. Equally, Distinguished Senator Sodangi is Fulani by tribe and many more. The question is: Which party is more of Fulani in the state - PDP or APC?
Lets talk politics. So far, by the chairmanship election conducted in Nasarawa state, we can be able to predict the forth coming 2015 election in the state. Even though the governor tried all possible ways to rig the election (13/13.4 4) after which the effort he made proved abortive and has no alternative rather to call a spade a spade. Wish to symphatise with some political aspirants that hide under the shade of one polical party. We firmly and strongly stand for BARADE 2015. INSHA-ALLAH
Its raining here in Akwanga of Nasarawa state right now, how about your place?
Nasarawa state delegates pls be active not passive in the on going National Conference
First heavy rainfall in nasarawa state since I don dey camp, under d sun or in d rain with dedication and selflessness, nigeria is ours nigeria we serve.
what a rainy day here in keffi Nasarawa State
Alhamdulillahi, it was raining in majority part of Nasarawa state. mashaa Allahu
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No more tazarce in nasarawa state,up 2 down p d p sak
Heavy rainfall in keffi nasarawa state
I will like to enquire on those said to be representing Nasarawa State at the National Conference. Please this is important! Anyone with this information should share and also how we can pass a message across to them. We don't want our delegates inactive. Thank you!
Very heavy rainfall at Lafia,the state capital of nasarawa state... What a blessing! Thank GOD
There's no 2ways abt it, The People Democratic Party, PDP are wining Nasarawa state in the 2015 General elections. Support our leadears nd support ur Great party. Vote wisely, Vote PDP. Power to the people!!!
Is raining at keffi in nasarawa state now.
I just want to wish all mothers all over the world happy mothers' day especialy my sweet mother mrs Bridgeth Njoku,my luvly sisters mrs Augustina Nwabilo in Nkpor onitsha & mrs Helen Chukwu in Nasarawa state,i luv them all
Nasarawa state is atleast now a reference point to Nigeria in terms of democracy, but?
Good evening friends,this is to inform all Wakama youths that there is going to be wakama youth meeting on 6/4/2014 at RCM school,Aloce by 12pm. According to the statement made available to newsmen in Wakama,Akun development area of Nasarawa state. The statement urged all wakama youths to be in attendance as crucial issue will be discussed. The statement also described wakama youths as one,united.
Lafia — The Nasarawa Police Command, Tuesday, arrested the Nasarawa State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Innocent Lagi, for  scaling the fence of the State House of Assembly to serve a court order. Lagi was at the Assembly to serve the officials with a court injunction restrainin...
As Toto people of Nasarawa state continue clamouring for change, will the coming in of our newly elected council of Toto LGC in person of Alh Musa O. General bring that wind of much awaited change? I Hope for a new Toto, let the people of Toto Arise for possible change that is on the way coming.
My dear people of nasarawa state our security agency are trying there utmost best to curtail any crisis that put it ugly head.we can help them to achieve that goal of eradicating all crimes in the state and nation.all they needed from us,is for us to be law abiding citizen and give them the information that would help them to do there job effectively incase if there is any.PEACE for one is PEACE for all.
Praised. Be to Almighty God for this wonderful rain in Lafia Nasarawa state these evening! It cool now. Enjoy yourself frnd
It is raining season already in Lafia (Nasarawa State Nigeria ) This sunday evening is higly blessed has the Lord shawaur us with the blessing of rain.
Thank you Jesus. Today's unveiling of the new excos was a mega success! Glory to God in the highest. Its my night in NCCF Nasarawa State. And it has been God!
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Find us Search for health/medical facilities in Nasarawa state
Wat a wndrful rain here in Lafia, the state capital of Nasarawa state
Why would Agabi from the southern Zone contest for Nasarawa governorship come 2015? Has he not known yet:Going by the zoning formula,being the status quo in Nasarawa State since the inception of this democratic dispensation,that the governorship position,come 29th of May,2015, is rightfully reserved for a candidate from Nasarawa North to occupy?Adamu Abdullahi(Gov. 8yrs-Nas. West), A. Doma(4Yrs-Nas.South),and TA'AL(Incumbent-Nas. South).Agabi,as you can see, ought to shelve this governorship ambition of his until Nasarawa North have equally exhausted their rightful chances.Mind you, TA'AL is banking on sympathy and perhaps,performance in office, to seek reelection otherwise,he too,ought not recontest.AYI WA MUTUN,AYI WA ALLAH.
Oh Allah Alhamdullilah alhamdullilah alhamdullilah 4 this special rainfall that is coming right nw in nasarawa state oh Allah give us more beneficent because of this rainfall
What a serious rainy in Lafia, d capital city of Nasarawa State. Alhamdulillah.
It rains heavily in Lafia, Nasarawa state right away. Alhamdulillah.
So happy and the weather is so cool b/cos the almighty has showered his blessing with rain in lafia nasarawa state capital, glory be to almighty ALLAH.
O Lord tank u 4 my journey marcy 2 were men live wit winshece and wizard. Wlcm 2 d home of solid nd mineral (nasarawa state) lafia in particular?
Alhamdulillah it is raining here in lafia nasarawa state
Alhamdulillah it's rainy in Lafia now Nasarawa state capital. I kindly say bye to heat my regards to meningitis its colaborator until we meet in dry season next year if God spare our lives.
A total blackout in LAFIA, the Capital of Nasarawa State, RAINING AWAITING.
Allahu akbar,it is raining in Adogi- Lafia,Nasarawa state capital. God bless us ameen
Please,the killings in Benue and Nasarawa states should stop,4 God's sake
God shawer us with his blessing through rain 2de in Agwatashi,obi LGA, Nasarawa state, Nig.
recognitn 2 all FUTMINNA students in Kogi, Nasarawa State, Abuja FCT. Am tellin dem 2 let jam on campus now cos its happenin
Commissioner of injustice jumped through the fence in nasarawa state
President Goodluck do you know what is going on between eggon and alago of Nasarawa State?
Jabez bawa is a big lier triying to smell the good name of Hon Ishaq Kana a national assembly member representing kokona,keffi and karu in nasarawa state. I just spoken with him now, he challenge jabez bawa to provide a video or any proved to justifying his allegation.
Nasarawa state 2012 NYSC batch ,B, corp members POP night at stadium hotel lafia, it wasint an easy race but above all, we all scall through, missing d live of my EX corpas friend's May God ALMIGHTY bless u all.
Troubling times are here in Nigeria. The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina announced on Wednesday, March 25, 2014 a decision of the National Economic Council (NEC) chaired by the Vice-President, Namadi Sambo: Due to incessant clashes between nomadic Fulani cattle herders and farmers, the Federal Government of Nigeria has decided to set up a committee to work out modalities for establishing grazing reserves “across Nigeria.” Let me state here what the Minister cited as advantages of the grazing reserves; I would add my commentary to each “advantage” cited: 1. He said that grazing reserves would help to check the smuggling of arms and ammunition across Nigerian borders by foreigners who come into the country disguised as cattle grazers. COMMENTARY: It makes no sense to think that a purely immigration problem can be solved by an internal creation of grazing reserves. In comparative narrative, I see no rational nexus between stopping smuggling in of cocaine and creat ...
Can we vote now? 1EWUGA 2TA'AL 3MATHEW. ur vote is ur right please feel free ma lovely people in Nasarawa state pls public vote
IS THIS TRUE? Uneasiness, as insurgent camps are uncovered in Lafia STRONG indications emerged Sunday that insurgents carrying out attacks on Tiv communities in both Nasarawa and Benue States may be camping in Shinge and Kwandere areas of Lafia. It was also gathered that the attackers who arrived the volatile state in their hundreds in the name of international hunters are also being camped in Doma local council of the state where they allegedly cross over to neighbouring Benue to unleash havoc. The Nasarawa State Commissioner of Police. Idris Ibrahim, had confirmed the presence of strange persons in the state to journalists prior to the conduct of the recent council elections, but was quick to add that were hunters on routine activities. With the heightening tension between both states, the presence of the "hunters" is fuelling speculations that state authorities may have allegedly been backing pushers of the agenda to annihilate the Tiv people for political reasons. From Sunday Guardian 30 March, 2014
Yesterday,the Hon. Member representing Kokona/keffi/karu Federal Constituency Nasarawa state;Ishaq Ahmed Kana announced his defection to PDP after due consultations wit youths and stake-holders in N/state.As a sociolist and a political maverik,the law maker is convinced that his charisma is not enough to attract support from the masses should he stay in APC with the likes of Abdullahi Adamu and Arc Stanley Buba. The Hon Reps member read the writing on the wall and he interpreted it yesterday.
Pls can smone feed me wit the result of the remaining lgc election in Nasarawa state, i mean the three inconlusive lgc(nasarawa,obi and akwanga)
Two day's to go @ orientation camp keffy Nasarawa State
Silas Dodo, a 38-year old civil servant, has prayed an Upper Area Court, in Mararraba, Nasarawa State, to...
People shld stop comparing d three wasted years of APC with d good,historic and twelve democratically years of PDP in Nasarawa state. The first eight years PDP centre it activities on Education by creating University,polytechnic,school of Health,school of Nursing numerous 2 mention but a few. The second era of Ali Doma there was massive employment,Road networks,poverty eradication,Badakoshi program above all peace...
ATTACK ON SSS HQ BY BH Attack on SSS HQ by the notorious rebelious group called Boko Haram this morning (Sunday the 29th of March 2014) in an attempt to release their detained "Captured In Action" colleagues was repelled by the reinforcement from the NA. I have been saying it often that the SSS is derailing and unnecessarily expossing itself. In the past, it was not easy to know the locations of SSS Offices in various States Capitals of the Federation, but the case is no more so today when a Billboard like Sign Board of "DEPARTMENT OF STATE SERVICES" is openly showing the Headquarters in Abuja. The fact that insurgents could spring a surprise attack on SSS HQ before the attack could be repelled by a reinforcement from the Army means the SSS is out of tune. The worst expeced was to hear that an attack planned on SSS HQ was foiled, which means, it was still in planning stage. It is obvious that if security Intelligence of Aso Villa is left for SSS alone, the villa would also be attacked in the same maner. T ...
How National Assembly should handle post – National Conference referendum — Hon. Chinda By Emman OvuakporieHon. Kingsley Chinda is the Deputy Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Customs. He represents Obior/Akpor Federal Constituency of Rivers State. A legal practitioner, Chinda speaks, in this interview, on Rivers political crisis, the National Conference and other matters.You moved a motion on the floor of the House on the need for the President to interface with the Academic Staff Union Polytechnics (ASUP) to end the on-going strike embarked upon by the union. This is the seventh month of the strike action. How do you feel about the strike?It is really unfortunate that we have to close down our institutions of learning. I think we need to do things to avoid the closure of our institutions of learning because the time we lose during these closures can never be recovered. I followed up after I moved the motion and I can state that the strike was suspended but it resumed about a mo ...
Public lecture @ Nasarawa State University. Topic important of marriage in islam by sheikh muhammad from university of abuja
What Gov Abdullahi Adamu did 2 us when He was d Gov, of Nasarawa State, we d real indigine of Keffi, we appropriated him so much, after all nobody is perfect.
God save Nasarawa state frm de hands all evil.
Kaduna State Commissioner of Police (CP), Umar Shehu, on Wednesday, marked his first month in office parading armed robbery suspects among others. But he confessed he had not been able to make any arrest over the attack that killed scores of villagers in Kaura Local Government Area (LGA) of the state, and the banditry that almost on daily basis happens in communities in Birnin Gwari LGA. Asked whether any arrests had been made over the killings in three villages in Kaura LGA on March 14, the police boss said: “No, we have not made any arrest. Investigation is still going on. And we are on the trail of the killers. But all stakeholders in the areas concerned will be holding a meeting very soon, so we can find an end to this problem”.  Parading the suspects, Shehu said that on March 18, operatives attached to Kawo Division acted on a tip-off and arrested two suspected car snatchers at Unguwan Kanawa, Kaduna while driving a Mercedes Benz (ML 320 Jeep) with registration number Kano AE 883 BCH, dark gr ...
pls d good people of nasarawa state we need peace n nothing but permanent peace. Let us love one anoda n shun those selfish individuals in our societies like Abdullahi Elayo of this group. Thanks may Allah bless us.
ICRM exams loading in Nasarawa state
A call to every youth of nasarawa state.Arise ocompatorate,let's take back our right by doing the right thing and saving our future and that of our children by electing credible,competent,inteligient and accountable persons to govern us.let us all join our hands and support the Labaran Maku youth solidarity forum for the actualization of dream of a better Nasarawa state.VOTE Labaran Maku 2015 for governor.Nasarawa state.
REFERENDUM FOR THE RECALL OF HON. TANKO ADAMU MAIKATAKO (MEMBER REPRESENTING LAFIA-CENTRAL CONSTITUENCY) FROM NASARAWA STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. WHEREAS The Nasarawa State Independent Electoral Commission (NASIEC), released the results of the 10 out of the 13 Local Government Councils conducted on the 22 March 2014; AND WHEREAS Not satisfied with the results of the election, the PDP-controlled House of Assembly shortly resumed in the flow of the Chambers, constituted itself into Election Tribunal and invited all NASIEC Commissioners to hear and determine election complaints against the very letter and spirit of the Nation's Constitution And the Nasarawa State Local Government Election Law 2009; DISTURBED By this brazen rascality and attempt to circumvent the Constitution by the inept Assembly despite the readiness of the already constituted Election Tribunal charged with this onerous constitutional responsibility to swing into action, the Honourable Attorney General informed them not to invite NASIEC Commi ...
May God bless fulani pple in nasarawa state
Hello buddies, I'm on my way to Keffi, Nasarawa state. Pray for me for a safety journey.
Nasarawa Assembly Calls For Attorney-General’s Sack For Jumping Fence On 27 march 2014,The Nasarawa State House Assembly has called on Governor Umaru Al-Makura to immediately relieve the state Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Innocent Lagi, of his appointment over misconduct. The House reached a resolution to call for the sack of the Attorney-General after it deliberated on the issue of misconduct raised by the Majority Leader, Godiya Akwashi, PDP- Nasarawa Eggon West. ‘Offence’ Akwashiki, who brought the issue under matters of urgent public interest, said Lagi came to the complex during plenary and scaled the fence to gain entrance into the Assembly. He said that the commissioner took the decision having been stopped by the security at the gate. The Majority Leader wondered why the Attorney-General could engage in the scaling of a fence. He said that by such act “Lagi is not fit to occupy the office of Attorney-General.” The Assembly, therefore, resolved that Lagi should be sacked ...
PDP power, pls lets remain calm n focus now that we tested our strength in just concluded lg election n we understand dat APC will no go anywhere in d state(nasarawa state) what remain now is for us to united n one in order to come out wit acceptable candidates in all elected postions.
By the special grace of God, we wil change the government of nasarawa state come 2015.
Guardian No Ebola Virus Outbreak In Nigeria, Says Health Minister Saturday, 29 March 2014 21:22 Written by Chukwuma Muanya (Lagos) and Emeka Anuforo (Abuja) Category: National chukwuTHE Federal Government yesterday dispelled fear about the Ebola virus, saying there is no outbreak of the infection in Nigeria. The virus is known to cause Ebola virus disease (EVD) in humans, with a case fatality rate of up to 90 per cent. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Ebola is introduced into the human population through close contact with blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected animals. “In Africa, infection has been documented through the handling of infected chimpanzees, gorillas, fruit bats, monkeys, forest antelopes and porcupines found ill or dead or in the rainforest.” Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, said in Abuja yesterday that speculations on purported outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Nigeria and the alleged death of one affected person in Nasarawa State is ...
I, update my self 2 nasarawa state 4 rearch.
On my way to Nasarawa state Insha Allah, pls ur prayers is needed friends
Update your maps at Navteq
In Collaboration with all the IMO YOUTH in Nasarawa state.. AWO-OMMAMMA YOUTH FORUM (A.Y.F) Heartily invites you to the INAUGURATION and LAUNCHING of their ALMANAC. Date: 30th march 2014. Time: 1pm prompt. Venue: Igbo hall,Opp. Police State Headquarters, Mkd.Rd. Lafia. May the Almighty God Bless you as you Honour our Invitation. Come1Come All
Lord God of the Angel Armies we lift our Nasarawa State afresh before your throne of grace. We go beyond the noise within and the noise without. We join our faith together on this forum and we unseat the forces of insecurity across the land. We allow things to begin to work again in every state in Nigeria. We release fresh creativity into the private sector. We speak clarity back into our educational system. Almighty Father who manipulates the affairs of men to suit your own sovereign council. ...We ask you to manipulate the affairs of all the political alliances in our land so Nigeria be favored in the outcome. All pronouncements of anarchy we reverse and turn to pronouncements of good salary for our people. Heavenly Father we ask that Ur light will shine upon our Nation Nigeria and let anything that represent darkness be destroyed in your name. We reject and destroy every negative prophecy against our state and command them not to come to pass.
Electricity Supply: North’s Hydro Power Projects Hold The Aces Osigbesan Sultan Luqman — March 29, 2014 As successful bidders for the 10 power plants built on behalf of the three tiers of government by the Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) prepare to pay about $5.8bn for the thermal stations, OSIGBESAN SULTAN LUQMAN writes that the focus has now shifted to the second phase of the Power Roadmap – construction of more hydro power plants in the country, especially in the North. For most Nigerians, Friday, March 7, 2014 passed on like any other day they left home to hustle for their daily bread. But for the country’s power sector, it is now a day of significant history, as a consortium of investors – foreign and local – successfully put up their financial bids for the 80 per cent equity of the 10 thermal power plants built by the Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) under the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP). It was a realisation of a vision conceived way back in the year 2004 ...
Someone send me an sms n I cant help it but share his mind. NSSG should send an Executive bill to d NSHA banning d use of gate into govt offices & private houses,but through d fence by all,not just members of d executive council as exemplified by d Hon.AG/com. for justice.What a lawyer(lowyer)is Innocent Lagi?NBA should avail d public with d ans while we await d prize from H.E.d governor to Lagi(an olympic athlete)for his 'extra-ordinaryloyalty.God ve mercy n save Nasarawa state.amen.How wo na think am fencing things no more gate.l
Al-Makura has sidelined me –Luka: Deputy Governor of Nasarawa State, Damishi Barau Luka, could be described as...
its clear that Al-Makura is not d right man 4 job but who is? Nasarawa state politics is so messed up along ethnicity
too much grammar but point noted. But I still have this problem with my state (Nasarawa) too much talk but less action.
Nasarawa State Independent Electoral Commission hassled over election result. The Nasarawa State House of...
Re: Almakura Has Set The Pace In Nasarawa State Throughout the course of my struggles, activism and stay on t...
kudos mtn for the upgrade on ur network especially at nasarawa state here. Ur 3.5G network is now at a super speed download nd brows
Lol! Police arrest Nasarawa Commissioner for jumping state House of Assembly fence Via
Stop painting old roadsstate, construct new one even if is 10km
is more or less a burden to APC. He has totally spoiled the image of that party in Nasarawa state.
recorded her first case of virus in Abuja, F.C.T. Victim, a 15 yrs medical student of Burham Univ Nasarawa State
| Nasarawa State Independent Electoral Commission chief to ... - Federal Ministry of Information
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The new airport built by the Bauchi State government has been named after Nigeria’s first Prime Minister, Abubakar Taf…
EBIRA PEOPLE (part 1) Total population; 1.4million. Languages; Ebira language. Religions; Christianity and Islam The Ebira (also spelt Igbira or Igbirra) These days Ebira is no more pronounced or spelt "Igbira or Igbirra" because it is considered to be insultive to most of the Ebiras but then, Ebira people are an ethno- linguistic group of Nigeria. Many Ebira people are from Kogi State, Kwara State, Nasarawa State, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and Edo State. Okene is said to be the administrative centre of the Ebira-speaking people in Kogi state, not far from the Niger-Benue confluence. ORIGIN OF THE EBIRAS. An elder beats the Agidibo to salute the spirits (Photo by EbiraView) Ebira Tao is the largest of the several Ebira groups found in about 8 states of Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The other sister groups are Ebira Koto and Ebira Mozum (Kogi state), Ebira Panda, Ebira Oje/Toto (Nassarawa state), Ebira Etuno (Edo state), Ebira Agatu (Benue State) Ebira Oloko (Ondo/Oyo/Osun ...
The Athletics Federation of Nigeria need not go far looking for who to represent Nigeria in High Jump in Athletic competition as Commissioner of Justice, Nasarawa State showed his athletic skills when he jumped over the fence of the State House of Assembly
Bloodbath in Benue as Fulani Herdsmen, Tiv clash claims 50 lives Fresh hostilities between Fulani Herdsmen and Tiv youths claimed 50 lives at Gbajimba, the Guma Local Government Area headquarters in Benue State, yesterday, even as a youth body, Northern Youth Leaders Forum (NYLC), claimed that about 3,300 youths may have been killed by Boko Haram in the North. Sources said that the crisis which is regarded as the bloodiest so far, has left several casualties on both sides with heavy gun battle still raging in the besieged town at press time. Women and children were still fleeing to nearby villages and Makurdi, the state capital, for safety. Eyewitnesses said that the suspected Fulani invaders who stormed Gbajimba early Sunday morning were repelled by armed Tiv youths who engaged them in a bloody fight, a development that made them to regroup and relaunch a stronger attack in the afternoon. “They came in large numbers very early this morning from Awe Local Government Area of Nasarawa State and made an at ...
My name is Martins Sylas Martins, 2003 graduates set of Goveernment Science School Wamba, Nasarawa State. I want to first welcome you all to this great congress, as an old student of science school wamba, u are authomatically a member. Here we are going to relate issues that concerns us, here also we shall look deep into youth development, empowerment n other issues that has been a great challenge to a common Nigerian Youth, ranging from drug abuse, unemployment, social vices n other related problems. This congress will also help u in reaching those u have forgotten for long, so as a member, do help us by addin any friend of urs who is an old student of GSS Wamba. This congress shall be binded by love n unity. The benefits are far beyond common explainations. Once again u are welcome n remember to be ur brothers keeper.
AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN APPEALING FOR Federal Government INTERVENTION IN THE ONGOING ATTACKS ON TIV PEOPLE IN NASSARAWA AND Benue StateS AND ANNEXATION OF OUR LAND BY ARMED Fulani Herdsmen AND HIRED MERCENARIES FROM NASARAWA AND OTHER NORTHERN STATES AND NEIGHBOURING AFRICAN COUNTRIES It is with heaviness of heart that we the members of Ayatutu Congress, a socio-cultural group in Tiv Land, write to appeal for your intervention in the ongoing attacks on Tiv people in Nasarawa and Benue States and annexation of our land by Fulani Herdsmen and hired mercenaries from Nasarawa State, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, etc. Your Excellency, the Tiv people who are predominantly farmers in the past have had series of conflicts with Fulani Herdsmen, the Jukun and other tribes as fallout of competition for farm land. These crises used to occur mostly among the Tiv people living in Taraba and Nasarawa States and they usually stopped at the border towns of Benue State with Nassarawa and Taraba States. T ...
NSCDC Deploys 5,575 Officers To Monitor Nasarawa State LG Elections NAN The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Nasarawa State said it deployed 5, 575 personnel to provide security in Saturday’s local government elections in the state. The NSCDC Commandant, Mr Amos Andekin, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lafia on Thursday that the deployment was to ensure smooth conduct of the elections. He said the command was working in collaboration with other agencies to monitor and ensure violence-free elections. Meanwhile, a joint Security Committee comprising the Police, Civil Defence, DSS and other security agencies had expressed their readiness to ensure security of lives and property before, during and after the elections. The Commissioner of Police, Idris Ibrahim, made this known when he briefed newsmen on Thursday. Ibrahim said there would be restriction of movement from 12 midnight on Friday to last through the duration of the elections. He said genuine travelers passing through th ...
Ekiti 2014: Incumbency versus divine power Written by Wale Adeleye Tuesday, 08 October 2013 Ekiti is one of the states in Nigeria with the highest numbers of academics. The average relatively young boy in Ekiti is so bold that he will tell you. “I know what you know “and this underscores the state’s motto, “Fountain of Knowledge.” This factor also buttresses the popular statement in Ekiti that no elected governor can be voted for a second term, because there are arrays of refined individuals who are waiting and can govern the state as well. Power of incumbency, in political parlance, means that the existing holder of a political office normally has a structural advantage over challengers during an election. It is on record that over 80 per cent of incumbent candidates always defeat their challengers. A race without an incumbent candidate is usually called open seat because of lack of incumbency advantage and this type of seat is keenly contested. Incumbent candidates usually have structures, acc ...
B-R-E-A-K-I-N-GNews!!! PDP Reclaims Adamawa, As All 280,000 APC Members Decamped To PDP. 280,000 Adamawa APC members decamp to PDP, back Jonathan for 2015 “I want to inform you that with the recent happenings in Adamawa APC under Nyako, a man who is popular in impunity and undemocratic activities, all faithful members of the former ACN numbering over 280,000 have moved to PDP to replace the undemocratic elements that have perverted the PDP since 2007 who have moved to wreck APC the same way they destroyed PDP,” he stated. THE crisis rocking the Adamawa State wing of the All Progressives Congress (APC) since Governor Murtala Nyako decamped to the party in a controversial manner yesterday took another dimension as over 280,000 members of APC announced defection to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The development came as the Nasarawa State Deputy Governor, Dameshi Barau Luka said President Goodluck Jonathan is a project of God and must be allowed to come to fruition by Nigerians if the country ...
Why are we CHURCHES OF CHRIST in Nasarawa State left behind?
Gunmen invade senators farm house, steal 104 cows - Gunmen in the early hours of Sunday invaded the farm house of senator Solomon Ewuga, in his country home in Nasarawa state and stole 104 cows. Mr. Ewuga, was recently indicted by a Nasarawa judicial commission of sponsoring an ethnic militia, Ombatse, that killed scored of security operatives last year. See how the gunmen carried out the operation:
Faculty of agriculture Nasarawa State University inaguration on board right now. *** an join us.
Hea I am in nasarawa state polythecnic hopin 4 d best to come by, with my hard work..I must b ready to face my am praying. to GOD 4 d BEST
Nasarawa state goverment the will do there election on saturday the will elect master chairman and master counselors A P C and P D P the will fate for chairman and counselor .
Arise Nigeria, calls on good people of Nasarawa state & her political alia to come out and vote 4 PDP come Saturday.
Where are the delegates for CONFAB representing Nasarawa state?Have they heard and seen what Agbakoba and Tunde Bakare did?If no,they should also follow the path of these delegates in rejecting the 12m that they are suppose to be given as allowance and rather see it as service to the nation.
Police Arrest Man With Explosives In Rivers State Efforts by the Rivers State Police Command to rid the state of criminal elements yielded fruits yesterday, with the arrest of 30 year-old man in possession of explosives. The Police said the suspect was arrested in Ndele Town in Emohua Local Government Area of the State at about 2:30pm. Also, the security outfit said detonators and a cordless wire were recovered from the suspect who gave his name as Aliyu Ibrahim. Parading the suspects before newsmen in Port Harcourt on Monday, the State Police Commissioner, Mr. Tunde Ogunsakin, said the suspect was a member of a kidnap syndicate based in Ogbogoro town in Rivers State. Ogunsakin explained that Aliyu also confessed to be a member of a bank robbery syndicate operating between Port Harcourt and Akwa Ibom State. He further said that the suspect had bought the explosives in Port Harcourt with the aim of taking them to one Alhaji in Yobe State before he was arrested. Ogunsakin said, “The Rivers State Police C ...
CONGRATULATIONS! I deem it neccessary to congratulate all the Nasarawa state programme athelets over the 100% increment on their pay packages as announced by Hon.Silas Ali Agara Special Adviser to the Governor on sports development today during a meeting held today at the Lafia township stadium. He stated that governor has approved the increment with effect from this month.After the announcement,the whole stadium went agog with jubilation and praises. Some of the sportsmen expressed their appreciation thanking the S.A for championing the cause to improve their salaries after over six years of recieving peanuts as take home package. Taal is working,Agara is working and Nasarawa is changing!
THE TRANSFORMATION OF LOkO-OWETO BRIDGE: TRANSFORMATION ALL ROUND Loko-Oweto Bridge popularly called the Unity Bridge is undergoing Massive construction. The Local Oweto Bridge was started over a year ago and it is at the moment at 36 percent completion. The Bridge connects Loko in Nasarawa State to Oweto in Benue; when completed, it will reduce travel time from Abuja to the South-east by more than two and a half hours. It will be an alternative for people going to the South, thereby reducing the problems sometimes experienced on Lokoja Bridge over the Niger. Also, it will reduce the traffic on the Abuja-Lokoja Road.
Who said hon. The deputy govr treatment was done by the governor of Nasarawa state, let the person listen to precious fm now
Response to the Miyetti Letter on Suswam My attention has been drawn to a letter sent to President Jonathan by the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders’ Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) on 24 February, 2014, titled, “MR. PRESIDENT, CALL GOVERNOR SUSWAM TO ORDER NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.” As much as the title of the letter is threatening enough, the content is much more threatening. The MACBAN made certain constitutional claims as follows: “The Constitution is very clear under Chapter IV of Fundamental rights, Section 41, sub-section (1), which says, ‘every citizen is entitled to move freely throughout Nigeria and to reside in any part thereof and no citizen of Nigeria shall be expelled from Nigeria or refused entry thereof or exit therefrom .’ The Constitution also expressly under Section 42, sub-section (1) (a) forbids the imposition of any disabilities or restrictions on any citizens by any executive or administrative action against any citizen of any ‘community, ethnic groups, place of origin, . ...
Thans to Almghty Alah 4 a succeful paper presentation on investment opportunity in solid mineral resources of Nasarawa state.
2015: Governor Almakura Will Win in Nasarawa State, with or without Deputy Governor and Sen Barr Solomon Ewuga's Support
Corruption: EFCC grills sacked Justice Olotu for 7 hours Barely two weeks after being dismissed from office, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, yesterday, interrogated sacked Justice Gladys Olotu for over eight hours over corruption-related issues. The embattled female judge, who has already challenged her untimely removal from office in court, was accompanied by two of her sisters and lawyer to the EFCC’s Intelligence and Special Operations Section following an invitation by the anti-graft agency. Olotu, 55, who wore a Polka-dot dress and arrived the office at 9am, was still being interrogated by the operatives of the anti-graft agency as at the time of filing the report. But there were indications she could be granted bail on self recognition by the operatives. A top source at the EFCC said Justice Olotu was invited to clarify issues relating to property and bank accounts allegedly traced to her by the anti-graft agency. The source alleged that many judicial officers, including Olotu hold a ...
i want A P C to win all local government election nasarawa state
College of education akwanga ,nasarawa state
If Senator Abudullahi Adamu Said,"Over his dead body he will not live to see Christian Rule Nasarawa State by 2015".Then, i want to say emphamtically clear to him and his supporters to start Digging his GRAVE before His dream prove abortive.if christians in that state can collectively agreed to cast their vote into one ballot box by 2015 what will hinder them not to produce a Governor.Iam Monsmith From River-Benue Axis Nasarawa state.
Its only God will determine wether Gov.Tanko will rule Nasarawa State in 2015.but i pray we need another person to come not He.the person will solv our socio-political and economics illness that we are facing ever since the creation of nasarawa the way,Is Nasarawa a Muslim State alone".At least let christians should be given to Power to run the State.
Nigeria leader said, Nasarawa state are very lucking to have Solomon Ewuga in this state
Innalillahi wa'inna ilaihiraji'un the mother of former nasarawa state commisioner of education ( yusuf .A. Loko) has kick de bocket lets pray for her may her soul rest in perfect peace amen mother we love you but Allah love best featured in NBC s Science of Love
God choice the right politicia to our local government may almighty god defend,protecte,safegard your follow servant oh god we are apostles for peaceful conducting nasarawa state local government election united we stand.
College of educa tion Akwanga Nasarawa state
I like college of education, akwanga nasarawa state
Pls my brother /sister of Eggon who is the person representing us as governor of nasarawa state 215?
The UNITY of APC in keffi & indeed in Nasarawa state is non-negotiable but if that is a threat to you,yes I mean ''you'',you can hug a transformer. Up APC the new party for a new brand Nigeria.
ADAMU A. USMAN(A.A)has been appointed by the nasarawa state nulge president Abdullahi Abubakar as secretary of forum chairmens of NULGE nasarawa state.
Tanko Almakura has done the impossible thing in nasarawa state, P.D.P has no envy over the plan. 12years back their adminstration is not democracy rather parcial democracy. Peoples right is not taking in considration. Political rights is given to those with upper hand.
goodmorning people of Nasarawa State, on saturday is name to be 'Chairmanship an Councilorship Election', i urge all citizinship of nasarawa state to be law abiding in order to have peaceful election an co-excitence as God fearing. an again i would like, to advice my people keep away from insolent an violence, which may resolved distraction an among other. pls my fellow youth go out an contributive positively an wisely an the rightful person, that may represent an emulate the life Mandela, an able to work for the our local government, an the state at large, long live nasarawa state, long live local government, an long live people of nasarawa state. God's bless us all.
Good people of Nasarawa state good moning 4rm MAI YAMMAN LAFIA (Sharif).
Senator Abdullahi Adamu has declared that with their defection from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressive Congress (APC), the PDP, as a party died a natural death in Nasarawa state.
Governor Umar Tanko Almakura a pioneer A P C lead Governor in Nigeria has demostrated true democracy who's principles and policies has touched the lives of people positively in education, health, rural electrification , water supply,road construction, and the enhancement of economy in internally generated revenue of the state. This giant strike taken by Gov Almakura has rescue the state from the siege of poverty, collapsed infrastructure , and underdevelopment that lead to citizens living a quality life that is unbefitting of humans. This style of leardership by Gov Almakura is worthy of been supported and emulation by other A p c governors as well as sister political parties in the country. Becouse the aspirations and yearnings of the electorate are fufilled and the agony ,sorrows in them are wiped out completely with joy and commendation for good governance. As the local government polls approches in Nasarawa state , i believe with the examplery leardeship of Gov Almakura in the state we will all supp . ...
State coordinator for Miss VIP Nigeria 2014 needed in. ENUGU, ABIA, ABUJA, KADUNA, NASARAWA and IMO. Call...
God,we pray for the forth coming LGC election in Nasarawa state,that may you God help us to chøose a better leaders that their leadership qualities is worth of emulating,and to end the incesant killing and communal crises in Nasarawa state.
God let ur wil b done on dis first comy loc al goverment election in nasarawa state on saturday. PDP is 2 ocupy poses in jsus name
Hi f peace is the victory of nasarawa state,good morney all   10% Off
Hello beloved friends. I believe you have emailed to God this morning. It's very necessary. The life that is constantly in touched with Baba in heaven would hardly become a victim of devil's tireless attacks. Live a victorious life today! Your friend Pastor Patrick O.A. Ochala, FCS Nasarawa State
"Ekah" one of d cultural festival in Opanda (umaisha) development Area toto local government Area Nasarawa state Nigeria.Do u like dis cultural festival? YES or NO.
Pls we should pray 4 our local government election coming up saturday ( nasarawa state local election.)
Dis-engaged youth from nasarawa state civil service frown face with governor Al-makura, why most LGC di-senged staff will be consider without the youths with impresived certificates that were di-sengaged from the state government not consider, is this not a political conspiracy my dear people of nasarawa state,
Houz pls letz come out in mass to vote for candidate of our choice* those we tink can savege us frm polities of bitternes* under-developtmt,* those dat ll creat atmospher of job creation. Long live Nasarawa state
You are our eye in FCT ABUJA God bless you, bless Nasarawa State.
Our friend n brother Mr Sunday Abdullahi Madaki A.k.A (Ambassador) of Anduwayo Nasarawa,Nasarawa State, student of Nasarawa State University keffi 400 level. he has gone back to almighty Allah may his gentle soul perfectly rest in peace (Ameen).
TIME!!! Everytin has a peculiar time for it.TIME 2 Build & time 2 distroyed. time 2 gether & time 2 scatter.time 2 love & time 2 hate.time 2 born & time 2 die.time laugh n time 2 cry. Time 4 war & time to make peace.dis time is for local gov elections.we shall not make war,we shall not die, we shall not destroy, we shall not hates, we shall not cry.We shall WIN.happy n peaceful elections nasarawa state. Nasara namune (ISA)
Nasarawa state local government election is coming on saturday by his grace(god) please members vote wisely and be careful because we love you so much, and please don't participate in following risk please 1. Rigin 2. Violence during electing 3. fighting with inec of...
Akpede: 'You'll Not Enter My Class If...' A lecturer in the department of Mass Communication Nasarawa State University Keffi, Mr. K. S Akpede, has warned students of the department that they will not be allowed into his classes, if they fail to abide by the department's code of dressing. He gave this warning while delivering lecture on Photo-journalism, last Wednesday. He reminded the students of an existing rule, in the department, that requires them to appear on their black and orange dresses every Wednesday. And anyone who flout the order will not be allowed into his next class. He said the uniform does cost much to procure, and wonder why many have not gotten theirs. In his characteristic manner, he chastised the students and warned them not to dare him. He said he is going to appear in his own dress code, to give him the moral bearing to punish those who would disobey him. It would be recalled that the department approved a dress code for the students at a congress convoked by the former HOD, Prof. E ...
Nasarawa state local gov't election on saturday by God grace.
APC only party prepared for elections- APC Chairman “Did PDP conduct primaries?” this was one of the questions the Nasarawa State APC Chairman Arc. Stanley Buba asked the crowds at Toto, Nasarawa ,Karu Keffi, Kokona and Akwanga LGAs recently. The answer was the same everywhere NO!NO!! and NOI!! The people said what they saw. , He accused the PDP of planning to fail and cry foul at the end of the day after going into an election ready to lose. accusing them of not conducting primaries or campaigns. "Only APC is ready for this election!"
Nasarawa state local gov't election is commented on saturday by God grace,May God give us a good leader.
Special invitation to all lover's of A P C in respect of their chairmanship campaign which will hold on tomorrow morning at Awe Local Government Area of Nasarawa State. Announcer {Abubak'r Durille} for the technical crew.
The Nasarawa State House of Assembly has summoned Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura to appear before it on Wednesday, March 19.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Behold, the new anointed Governor of Nasarawa state comes 2055.
4 Plur 4 ta'al mision for nasarawa state 2015
Our condolence goes to the Lafia Emirate council and to His Royal Highness the Emir of Lafia and chairman nasarawa state traditional council of chiefs Alhaji Isa Mustapha Agwai the 1st over the death of Santurakin Lafia alhaji Musa Abbas II.May Allah grant him Aljannatut firdausi.
Nasarawa state L.G.C election is cuming up on 22nd march 2014 i.e dis cumin sat, May God help us.
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