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Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi (born 17 September 1950) is the current Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat.

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She can't protect anymore. Now Corrupt Vasundhara Raje protecting since 1 Year and now Narendra Modi
Arundhati Roy is a Man Booker Prize winning author and a political activist. - Arundhati Roy said that after the defeat of Red Army in Afghanistan by Islamist resistance in 1989 -- India's extremist Hindu groups made alliance with the US and Israel. Both main political parties, Congress and BJP -- whether in government or Opposition, they're controlled by the extremist elements. It's India's ruling elites which has created the hoax of terrorism -- Muslims and Moists. Both parties treat Muslims as second-class citizens. She gave the example of the Chief Minister of Gujrat in 2002, Narendra Modi, who look over the massacre of over 2,000 Muslims in Gujrat state and creating 150,000 Muslim refugees -- is now projected as the next Prime Minister of India by some of India richest families like Tata. She mentioned that 150 million-strong Muslim minority has become a hostage to Islamophobia and terrorism. While they're blamed for every terrorist act -- no body in India mentions the war going on them in Occupied K ...
Mark Zuckerberg in India & will meet Narendra Modi - To discuss on how can Pooja feel lonely when she is with 20 others :poop:
Narendra Modi pitches for closer cooperation with Canada in N-energy:
Indian Prime Minister,Mr Narendra Modi will be the first Indian PM to address in Australian Parliament next month at a G20 summit. Among host of world leaders,only 3 will address at the federal parliament. 1. Chinese President,Xi Jinping 2.Britin's PM,David Camaroon 3.Indian PM,Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi run away from studio during interview by Karan Thapar - YouTube
Narendra Modi was directly in touch with the BSF during the flare up, which is rare for a PM. … … …
Gujarat High Court slams Narendra Modi govt for failing to protect religious buildings during…
Narendra Modi felicitates Kailash Satyarthi who wants to help PM's pet projects:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on..
Narendra Modi seeks blessings from khap leaders in Haryana: Prime Minister Narendra Modi ...
PM Narendra Modi to launch portable PF account, unified portal for labours: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch a host of welfar...
Now, Narendra Modi plans to make a first-world city
Shah Rukh was to leave India upon Narendra Modi become PM of India, what is his revised schedule ?
With NIA in, Mamata Banerjee accuses Narendra Modi of attacking federalism
Sharad Pawar takes on Narendra Modi, says he was 1st defence minister to visit Siachen
On PM Narendra Modi, Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga says 'history may say, this was the time of India's rebirth'.
on Friday - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had hit back N C P leader Sharad Pawar at a rally in Baramati -
Indian prime minsiter Narendra Modi and Sonu Nigam website hacked by Pakistani Hackers Pakistan Zindabad proud of Pakistani Hacker
Abracadabra and all is well? Not. India, America and political theatre: I give you Narendra Modi via
As Agriculture Minister, Sharad Pawar had banned export of onion four times, said Narendra Modi
How can I convince our PM Narendra Modi to start making currency notes with photos of prominent people other than Ma…
Now I feel respect to Shashi Tharoor and want to salute him, not because he accepted the "swachh bharat abhiyan" challenge from Narendra Modi and obviously not because he is a congress MP :D :P...but because of the Empire Debate London...
Top Ten of the day: 1. New Delhi says Indian Armed Forces are fully ready to respond to repeated provocations by Pakistan forces along LoC and International Border in Jammu. 2. Prime Minister says situation arising from repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan will be normal soon. 3. Rahul Gandhi says Mr. Modi has done nothing to stop Pak shelling. 4. Narendra Modi promises to implement river linking project to resolve water problem for Haryana farmers. 5. Indian Meteorological Department issues cyclone alert for the north coastal Andhra Pradesh and south Odisha. 6. Supreme Court refuses to fix any cooling off period for judges to take up government assignments after retirement. 7. Eric Betzig, William Moerner and Stefan *** win Nobel Prize in Chemistry for improving the resolution of microscopes. 8. Global crude oil drops to a 27 month low under 91 dollars a barrel. 9. Samajwadi Party elects Mulayam Singh Yadav as its national President for next three years. 10.Cricket: West Indies beat India by 124 ru ...
Then and now: The Thackeray cousins on Narendra Modi | The Indian Express:
56 inch chest has proved again ... First time Govt has given free hands to BSF Jawan to give appropriate answers to Pak. First time India PM has commented in such serious issues after 10 years .. & last but not least first time TV anchor Arnab Goswami appreciate Narendra Modi & his Govt for taking right step in ceasefire violation issue. He said Pak that we have no longer Manmohan Singh sarkar it is Modi sarkar & hence Pak will get tough & hard response from India in each time .
Narendra Modi is the man who believes the people of India are Chutiyas. And they're actually, I strongly agree. When Gujarat elections were held, he blindly followed Swami Vivekanand. When he won elections and came Valsad where statue of Swami was decorated. He did not even look at it and insulted. In national Elections, he blindly followed Sardar Patel and build costliest and largest statue. After winning elections, he forgot him and in memory of Gandhiji, he started 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' very dramatically. Being aware of the thing that he was shot dead by one of his chaddidhari man. And now when Maharashtra Elections are ahead every day news paper is publishing, "Shiv Chhatrapaticha aashirvaad, chala deu modi na saath" This is yet another insult to Shivaji Maharaj who is worshipped here as a God. Whenhis party is crying for fund, how it is arranging money for these large advertisements? How 17 out of 22 of his cabinate ministers have become crorepaties? How Finance Minister is the richest amongst all ...
Swachh Bharat Mission: Clean India is responsibility of all 1.25 billion Indians, says PM Narendra Modi - Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his nationwide cleanliness campaign, the 'Swachh Bharat Mission' or 'Clean India Campaign' from the Valmiki Basti in New Delhi on Thursday. Addressing the n…
Narendra Modi announced that he would "clean up" India. Could this help to stop dengue fever? http…
In a bid to improve the India's image PM Narendra Modi recently kick-started a campaign to clean…
Some Selected General Awareness = [1] When was Gunners Day observed? Ans – September 28 [2] Who sworn in as president of Afghanistan? Ans – Ashraf Ghani [3] Who inaugrated India Food Park at Tumkur in Karnataka? Ans – PM Narendra Modi [4] Who was appointed as the new Bangladesh High Commissioner to India? Ans – Syed Muazzem Ali [5] Who won Malaysian Open doubles tittle of tennis? Ans – Leander Paes and Marcin Matkowski by defeating Jamie Murray and John Peers [6] Who released the Living Planet Report 2014? Ans – World Wildlife Fund (WWF) [7] What was the theme of the Living Planet Report 2014? Ans – Species and Spaces, People and Places. [8] Yudh Abhyas 2014 is the military exercise between? Ans – India and US [9] Who was appointed as president of Passenger Vehicle Division by Tata Motors? Ans – Mayank Pareek [10] When was World Tourism Day celebrated across the world? Ans – 27 September
President Obama is interested in after hearing about Indian PM Narendra Modi's practice? Wow!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
When Bill and Melinda Gates recently met with Narendra Modi, India’s new Prime Minister, toilets were high on the agenda, along with vaccines, bank accounts, and health clinics.
The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, & his views on China. He is simply being honest. Those who judge him must watch this video and then judge him.
China sends a strong message to Narendra Modi, by expert
For 10 years they had a mandate. They also gave Delhi what they wanted. To appease their leaders farmer land was taken…
Modi for governments that concur with each other Propounding a new theory, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today so...
Narendra Modi given free hand to armed forces|Taazi News
News Traders have still not mustered the courage to report.
Irrespective of political affiliation, people want to succeed
Not to worry, PM Narendra Modi didn’t sell out on IPR
Under Narendra every Indian youth will respond along with Army. Rajnath warns
What kind of an elected leader leaks a story that claims he’s given his armed forces a “free hand”? Narendra Modi: Pakistan of Democracy.
Rahul Gandhi has called Narendra Modi as leader of opposition! Just when I thought he has become too boring!
I saw the meagre house of Narendra Modi my head bowed at its simplicity! However really awed at the megalomaniac complex cal…
Really cool photo of tribute to Narendra Modi. ht
Narendra Modi should repeal these obsolete Laws
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Narendra Modi is PM and not leader of opposition. That is the point we are discussing.
Chain reaction: India needs hygiene education as well as new toilets: A toilet provided by the NGO Sulabh Inte...
Chain reaction: needs hygiene education as well as new toilets | Nitya Jacob .
I have not targeted Narendra Modi, it's the BJP which needs to answer; it doesn't know how to treat allies: Uddhav Thac…
This is my 'U' turn, I am one of those who criticize Narendra Modi but when it comes to M gonna standwith him
Narendra Modi has done nothing to stop Pakistani shelling: Rahul Gandhi - Daily News & Analysis
Times have changed. Now you don't need Bhujbal but you need Buddhibal: Narendra Modi in Nashik
PM Narendra Modi addresses a rally in Mahendergarh (Haryana)
Mark Zuckerberg's coming to India. I can bet Mr. Narendra Modi will tell him the "We play with a mouse, not snakes" story…
PM Narendra Modi's welfare reforms need to get bigger and bolder - The Economic Times
These polls will decide the fate of Haryana: PM Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi still an icon, but voter has a lot else on mind
NaMo PM Modi greets people on Maharishi Va... - Economic Times: PM Modi greets people on Maharishi Va...Econom...
NaMo PM Narendra Modi has done nothing to stop Pakistan's shelling: Rahul Gandhi - Economic Times: PM Narendra...
Prime Minister Narendra Modi should focus on Pakistan not Maharashtra: Shiv Sena - Economic Times
PM Narendra Modi addressing a rally in Sonipat(Haryana)
Haryana polls: Let PM and CM work together like part of Team India, says Narendra Modi
Re: Any views on the saffron of Indian National Flag?
"Question must be asked whether Ebola isn’t also the Narendra Modi of sleeping sickness”.
"Behind the scenes all are won. Their names and symbols may be different but they are one and the same: Narendra Modi
Sums up nicely what a lot of my Modi-fied friends r feeling- long way to meet the expectations of first-time voters-
Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that he is not a typical politician who makes promises and then forgets but he is a 'sevak'
Rahul Gandhi's turn 2 whip up nationalist fervour. Do NM or RG realise where this can take us? via
Coining catchy and deceptive slogans is one thing. Delivering insincere and fraudulent promises another.
National leaders, such as India’s new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, can make or break their country’s business climate.
I give you Narendra Modi... from Good to see the establishment warming up to positivity
Say whatever you want about the man, but yesterday at Madison Square Garden, Narendra Modi was a complete rock-star. The event was followed by Indians all over the world and set the internet abuzz with hashtags like and Hot *** was that speech worth watching. Modi was at his oratorical best; whipping out …
Look, I don't like Narendra Modi, but these Economist stereotypes of "dirty poor India" & Indians in the US are lazy
My answer to Who is the better Prime Minister, Narendra Modi or Atal Bihari Vajpayee?
dnt hve a time to attack on con-NCP but his. Entire time spent on calling Narendra Modi 'Afzal. khan' and Amit Shah 'Adil shah'!
Bangladeshi PM hands over TMC-Jamaat link documents to Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi and Sir Jadeja are trying their best to repair the damage Himesh Reshammiya has done with Gujarat's image.
Top Ten of the day: 1. Narendra Modi rules out any alliance with Indian National Lok Dal; Says Election Commission should take serious note of Haryana Government okaying land deal involving Robert Vadra and DLF. 2. Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray alleges BJP is trying to bifurcate Maharashtra; Asks BJP where was the respect for Bal Thackeray while snapping ties with it. 3. Series of ceasefire violation by Pakistan across the border and Line of Control; Five civilians killed in Pak firing in Arnia sub sector; Three infiltrators gunned down by Indian Army in Tangdhar sector. 4. Home Minister Rajnath Singh asks Pakistan to stop ceasefire violations. 5. Election Commission issues notice to Union Minister Nitin Gadkari for alleged violation of Model Code of Conduct. 6. Number of pro democracy campaigners dwindle in Hong Kong as people return to work. 7. Three scientists share Nobel Prize for Medicine for discovering brain's positioning system. 8. Crude prices slip to multi year low owing to a build- up in su ...
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today appreciated Assam Chief Minister Mr Tarun Gogoi and his team for participating...
The parent body of the BJP, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), has decided to help Narendra Modi with the cleansing river Ganga (1/3)
United colours of Narendra Modi in America: A capacity crowd of nearly 20,000 star struck Indian-American gave...
Mumbai: Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray said that he sees no 'Modi Wave', a day later he denied making any remarks on PM Narendra Modi. On the other hand, N...
GQ India - What a man's got to do: Narendra Modi's rockstar US tour.
All Indians that don't vote for Narendra Modi r agents of Pakistan. All opposition in India have come f…
Narendra Modi's visit to the US sought to reinvigorate relationships between the US & India: http:…
Narendra Modi has not fulfilled promises in 100 days: Anand Sharma: Taking potshots at Prime Minister Narendra...
Remaking in India: The debate over what Narendra Modi actually achieved in the US and in his f...
Era of alliances over, want full majority: PM Narendra Modi in Maharashtra: I had urged people t... Gujarat Times
We will put the best Metro of India in Mumbai within our tenure: Narendra Modi via
Uddhav slams Raj Thackeray for praising Narendra Modi too much 26 Feb 2013.   10% Off
L K Advani praises PM Narendra Modi, but not at the cost of Atal Bihari . Vajpayee who is still No. 1
Gk updates of last month 1st September : ★ After Over 800 Years, Nalanda University reopens in Bihar. ★ Nifty reaches the 8000 point mark today for the first time. 2nd September : ★ India wins the ongoing ODI Series in England 3-0 with one match still remaining. This is the first win in a bilateral series in England after 24 years. 3rd September : ★ Former Chief Justice of India P Sathasivam appointed as the Governor of Kerala. ★ NDA Government completes 100 days in Office. ★ PM Narendra Modi returns from Japan after five day visit. 4th September : ★ A bus carrying 50 passengers washed away in flash floods in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir. ★ Andhra Pradesh Government announces that the new capital will be established in Vijayawada region. 5th September : ★ India celebrates Teacher's Day on the honor of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. ★ India and Australia signed a civil nuclear deal to allow export of uranium to India from Australia for use in power generation. ★ Sania Mirza of ...
Vishal Bharadwaj is the same assole from harami Mahesh Bhatt camp who signed against PM Narendra Modi. .
Defused grenade found on PM Narendra Modi's standby aircraft; probe ordered New Delhi: In a security scare, the Air India crew on Friday night found a defused grenade in the business class of an Air India jumbo aircraft, which was kept as an emergency standby for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent US visit. The grenade was found on board the Boeing 747-400 which was operating the Mumbai-Hyderabad-Jeddah flight, airline sources said on Saturday. Indian security agencies have launched an investigation into the discovery of the defused explosive. Confirming the development, Air India officials guardedly said that "a probe is under way" to unravel how, where and when the major security breach occurred. On landing at Jeddah, the incident was reported to the local security agencies who took over the aircraft, the sources said. According to AI sources, the Boeing 747 was an emergency standby aircraft intended for use by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in case his regular aircraft developed any last minute snags. ...
Truth is that the Congress gave troubles to farmer cultivating Basmati rice: Narendra Modi
The dark side of hype of Narendra Modi
WASHINGTON DC -- Free Balochistan Campaign USA in a Press release Monday said the people of Balochistan have pinned great hopes on the summit meeting between President Barack Obama and Narendra Modi and has expressed optimism the two would address the question of Balochistan independence as one of the world’s top burning issues that needs urgent global attention. The DC-based FBC said the camaraderie between the leaders of the world’s strongest and the world’s largest democracies brings a glimmer of hope for the long suffering people of Balochistan. “It is heartening to note Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama would be meeting twice in as many days,” the FBC said. The FBC pointed out to the two world leaders France-sized Balochistan is one of the few last remaining strongholds of secularism in southwest Asia, but the state of Pakistan is trying to promote the allies of the Islamic State to counter the secular political fabric of Baloch society. The FBC said the demand by the ...
No one knows how to use body language better than Narendra Modi.
I like Narendra Modi because even after spending a few days in USA, he won't come back with a fake American accent like mos…
Here's a picture from PM Narendra Modi's US visit that you didn't see :-) Can you guess the name of the car ? Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama met in US.
Impressed with Narendra Modi, Barack Obama expresses interest in yoga
Barack Obama and Narendra Modi sought to repair strained relationship between their nations...
India PM Narendra Modi in first radio address - BBC News: BBC NewsIndia PM Narendra Modi in first radio addressBBC NewsPrime Minister...
Asaduddin Owaisi pretty much nails it as to why Muslims don't yet trust Narendra Modi -...
Don't kill your enemies, chop their wings. Narendra Modi first stole Mahatma Gandhi from Congress and now broom from Kejriwal. Good morning.
Narendra Modi joins millions in nationwide mission to clean homes and public spaces on Mahatma Gandhi birth anniversary.
Can Indo -US deal pave way to destroy elusive D-company having patronage in Narendra Modi needs to get Dawood Ibrahim.
Why Rep. Aaron Schock R-Ill. was in NYC last weekend: It's about India PM Narendra Modi via
Kumuda Banquets Team a part of the Clean India Drive today .. Proud of our PM Narendra Modi's Bold initiative to sweep the streets of India.
Narendra Modi, the Prime Minster of India visited New York and did some classic New York things. Also, some...
Answer by to Why is Narendra Modi so poor at English?
Third showman of India is Narendra Modi. first was Raj kapoor & second was Subhash Ghai.
Friends, Good morning. Hope everyone of you is having a great Navaratri festival. Today is the eighth day of Navratras with just one day left. Enjoy your heart out. Today is also the birth anniversary of father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi. Remember we are starting country wide "Swachch Bharat " abhiyaan to realise the dream of the great Mahatma, which is "cleanliness is godliness." We are proud of our Hon'ble PM shri Narendra Modi for starting this unique initiative to clean the country in ONE year starting from today. I thank my leader and Hon'ble Prime Minister for giving me this opportunity to participate and contribute to this programme. Let's all take a pledge to ensure a clean Bharat much before the appointed date of 2-10-2015. Have a great and clean day!! May The Goddess Amba give us strength to succeed in our mission.
PKDL made it to the US Congress!!! US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard made a stop at PKDL studio recently and picked out a few outfits for her official meetings with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is currently visiting US. Wondering which designers she picked? Her selection included Faraz Manan, Zara Shahjahan, Aisha Kadeeja as well as a couple outfits from our very own PKDL Eid collection. We can’t wait to share her pics with you guys in PKDL outfits!
Economic Times Koramangala Inc cheers PM Narendra Modi's 'Make in India' call Economic Times On account of push to the manufacturing sector as opined by the industry expert in the region, manufacturers of Koramangala have hailed the recently launch of Make in India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The industry insiders expected an additional ... Thank you America: PM Modi hard sells India but will the funds pour in?Firstpost How White House Prepped For A Fasting Prime MinisterNDTV Modi lunches with Kerry, Biden on final dayThe Hindu Zee News -Times of India -Business Standard all 4,653 news articles » Firstpost Asian Games Day 12 Live: Mary Kom wins gold, Sarita refuses to accept medal Firstpost ... - Sarita Devi starts crying on the podium. Then she refuses to accept the medal and puts it on the Korean's girls neck. Park Jina had beaten Sarita in a controversial semi-final. Emotional scenes, Sarita can't stop crying. This is amazing. It being reported that ... Asian Games 2014 Day 12 Live: MC Mary Kom p ...
Afternoon re-up of my story on how NDA may be crumbling as Narendra Modi-led BJP grows bigger - The Economic Times
PM Narendra Modi charms 2 powerpuff girls in US New Delhi: Among Narendra Modi's numerous meetings in New York, two stood out for the quality of his interlocutors. Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu Congresswoman (from Hawaii), gifted the PM the copy of the Gita she used to take oath of office. His second meeting was with Nikki Haley, the feisty Republican governor from South Carolina, a child of Punjabi immigrants, whose political future is particularly bright. Gabbard became a practising Hindu from her mother who practises Chaitanya Vaishnavism propagated by ISKCON. Her father, a Christian, is believed to be a singer of kirtans. She is not only the first Hindu but also among the first combat veterans, having served two deployments in the Middle East. Gabbard is a passionate yoga practitioner, and, according to the MEA spokesperson has enthusiastically greeted Modi's suggestion that the world celebrate an international yoga day . Gabbard will probably make her first visit to India as a guest of the PM. "She ...
Gautam Adani denies speaking on behalf of PM Narendra Modi to journalist Rajdeep Sardesai .
A joint editorial by Narendra Modi & Barak Obama ( ) in Washington Post A renewed U.S.-India partnership for the 21st century As nations committed to democracy, liberty, diversity and enterprise, India and the United States are bound by common values and mutual interests. We have each shaped the positive trajectory of human history, and through our joint efforts, our natural and unique partnership can help shape international security and peace for years to come. Ties between the United States and India are rooted in the shared desire of our citizens for justice and equality. When Swami Vivekananda presented Hinduism as a world religion, he did so at the 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago. When Martin Luther King Jr. sought to end discrimination and prejudice against African Americans, he was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolent teachings. Gandhiji himself drew upon the writings of Henry David Thoreau. As nations, we’ve partnered over the decades to deliver progress to our people. Th ...
Rockstar Himesh Reshammiya at the Release of Coffee Table Book on Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Goregaon, Mumbai. .
Replug - Narendra Modi gifts Bhagavad Gita to Barack Obama at the dinner in The White House |
PM Narendra Modi has reached White House for ... -
The menu for Narendra Modi's private dinner at the White House Monday night was a simple one--warm water--as the Indian Prime Minister arrived in Washington in the midst of a strict nine-day religious fast.
Karan Thapar ‘s Coke-crazed advice to Narendra Modi | IndiaFacts Karan just wait for ur Thappad...not far away
Both PM Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama are joined by 20 attendees at the dinner.
A joint editorial will be written by President Obama and PM Narendra Modi in a leading journal: MEA
US President Barack Obama escorts PM Narendra Modi to dinner at their first meeting in the White House
PM Narendra Modi met 11 CEOs for breakfast but later met them individually too: Foreign Ministry. Live Updates
After showing strength in New York, Narendra Modi meets Obama over dinner in ... - Deccan Chronicle
After showing strength in New York, Narendra Modi arrives in Washington to ... - Deccan Chronicle
Narendra Modi speaks to thousands of Indian Americans, NRIs and US politicians at the historic Madison Square Gardens in New York. Read on:
Amongst a crowd of Indian Americans outside Madison Square Gardens who had come to watch Narendra Modi speak,...
Todays new in India !!?? Tomorrow..will!!?? STATUS OF DALITS IN GUJARAT Background Information & Atrocity against Dalits Gujarat, located on the eastern side of India, has a population of 5 crore 20 lakh people. The state is broken up into 26 districts, which are made up of 225 blocks. The current ruling party is the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), which has been in power for the last 17 years and has a clear majority in the Gujarat Assembly. The BJP Chief Minister Narendra Modi has remained in his position for the last three terms. Over the past several years, the state has been hailed as one of the most progressive states in India, and the BJP, whose main slogan is “Vibrant Gujarat,” has played a major role in pushing for that growth. Religion and Caste in Gujarat Even with all of this progress, the state continues to remain deeply divided over caste and religious boundaries. Among the four major religions practiced in Gujarat – Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, and Christianity – there is an establi ...
Rajdeep Sardesai starting fight with Narendra Modi supporters at Madison Square Garden
John Oliver on Narendra Modi in US - Last Week Tonight - 28th September, 2014 john oliver india modi New York america narendra modi in america
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I found many similarities in PM Narendra Modi and Gautam Buddha
First priority is to create jobs in India: PM Narendra Modi tells American CEOs - Deccan Chronicle
Narendra Modi to come Delhi tomorrow to participate in a meeting of BJP parliamentary board.
Narendra Modi government moves to repeal 323 archaic laws: Moving to weed out archaic laws, government has identified at least 323 Acts to be repealed and bills in this regard would be pushed during the next session of Parliament. It is also working to junk 700 Appropriation Acts passed by Parliament over the years, which have no relevance anymore as they have one-time use of enabling withdrawal of funds by the government. "While a bill is pending in Parliament to repeal 32 amendment Acts and four principal Acts, we plan to bring another bill to repeal 287 similar Acts," Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told reporters here. The bill introduced in Lok Sabha during the Budget session to repeal a total of 36 Acts is now with a Parliamentary Standing Committee which is expected to give its report ahead of the Winter session likely to begin in November. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, soon after taking over in May, had identified repeal of "archaic" laws and rules as one of his priorities. During his address at ...
"India is open-minded. We want change. Change that is not one sided. Infrastructure development is a big opportunity; it creates jobs & enhances quality of life of our citizens." "Want to convert the Supreme Court judgement on coal allocation into an opportunity to move forward & clean up the past ," tells PM Narendra Modi to CEOs of MNCs in New York.
Our PM Narendra Modi was greeted by The Wolverine, as he gave his speech in New York to a crowd of 60,000!
There's so much fuss about Indian PM Narendra Modi's visit to Washington. But the fact is that he is not being treated the same way as Manmohan Singh was during his trips by the Americans. During his 2005 visit, Singh addressed a joint session of Congress. Later in 2009, President Obama gave a state dinner in the White House in honour of Singh. There's nothing like this for Modi. So the Modi-fied Indian media is barking up the wrong tree.
Photos: The protests outside that Narendra Modi and Madison Square Garden won’t see via
Here's why Indian-Americans at Narendra Modi's speech were celebrating.
Indian PM Narendra Modi on his five day visit to the US --- he was welcome from thousands of Indian Americans at Madison square-
Below is full text of Narendra Modi's speech at United Nations: Mr. President and distinguished delegates, Let me first congratulate you on your election as the President of the 69th session of United Nations General Assembly. It is a truly a great honour to address you for the first time as the Prime Minister of India. I stand here conscious of the hopes and expectations of the people of India. I am also mindful of the expectations of the world from 1.25 billion people. India is a country that constitutes one-sixth of humanity; a nation experiencing economic and social transformation on a scale rarely seen in history. Every nation's world view is shaped by its civilization and philosophical tradition. India's ancient wisdom sees the world as one family. It is this timeless current of thought that gives India an unwavering belief in multilateralism.Today, as I stand here, I am equally aware of the hopes that are pinned on this great assembly. I am struck by the sacred belief that brought us together.An ex ...
The Indian Prime Minister’s office statement on the meeting between PM Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu
He covered the grass root level so well, it will bring everyone together: PM Narendra Modi supporter at Times Square
Modi ji is a great leader, he is awesome: PM Narendra Modi supporter at Times Square.
New York: PM Narendra Modi supporters listening to his speech at Times Square
NaMo Narendra Modi invokes Indian pride at Madison Square, bag of goodies for ... - Hindustan Times: Hindustan...
From which place of newyork sh. Narendra Modi addressed the people of indian origion? A. Times Square B. Medison square C. Statue of liberty D. None of these
PM Narendra Modi to meet Barack Obama in White House today
All India Radio presents : • Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets a rockstar reception at New York's Madison Square; Grand event a message to Obama government that Indian-American community can no longer be ignored in policy making. • Narendra Modi holds bilateral talks with Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu to increase cooperation in cyber security, agriculture, and water management. • O. Panneerselvam to be sworn in as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister today; Jayalalithaa to move Karnataka High Court for bail. • Scrutiny of nominations for Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana today; Nationalist Congress Party in talks with Samajwadi Party for possible alliance in Maharashtra. • US President Barack Obama admits US underestimated IS militants threat in Syria. • In Incheon Asian Games, India to figure in the Men's and Mixed Doubles Tennis Finals;Women's Hockey team to meet Korea for a place in the Finals.
Naa koi hain na koi thha Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji jaisa hats off now finally India is running on d path of development !
He made one last ditch effort to save his life. He called Narendra Modi, now India's Prime Minister. He was then the Gujarat Chief Minister.
Yami Gautam super thrilled by Narendra Modi speech. Biggest blow to secularism yet. This is too much !
Narendra Modi had emphasised skill development. He wants people to be job creators too.
Two most influential politicians i have ever seen in my life. 1) Atal Bihari Vajpayee 2)Narendra Modi...
Atal Bihari Vajpayee opened India for Indian Origin Foreign passport holders with OCI and PIO. Narendra Modi merging and makin…
Abraham Lincoln becoming US President & Narendra Modi becoming Indian Prime Minister is reassurance to power of Democracy indeed.
CM Hunt:: . CM Hunt: AIADMK MLAs likely to meet, choose new Chief Minister. PM Narendra Modi calls for w...
Today, Narendra Modi addresses the largest gathering of Indian Americans in the U.S. ever. We'll live blog from there
Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets t 69th Session of the UN General Assemb New York. (Agence France-Presse) The Indians who draw crowds of adori fans are usually tall and sultry, with washboard abs and elaborate outfits, Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan - described by some as the Brad Pitt of I - or Priyanka Chopra, the bombshell actress, singer and model. But this time it is a teetotaler and bach who has boasted of his 56-inch chest a wears a simple cotton shirt. Narendra Modi, India's new Prime Minister, will receive a rally fit for a ro star at Madison Square Garden on Sun His rags-to-riches story mirrors the rise Gujarat, the Indian state that he gover and that gave him and his Bharatiya Janata Party a landslide victory in Indi general election in May. His new profil has also allowed him to return to the United States; the State Department ha revoked his visa in 2005 over his allege role in deadly religious riots in Gujarat three years earlier. For Modi and his supporters, the visit, which include ...
Narendra Modi in US: PM to address a packed Madison Square Garden today . Jayalalithaa spends night in jail; AIADMK meet today to decide new TN CM
Narendra Modi is visiting the United States for the first time since his recent election and his sold-out speech may be the largest ever gathering to hear a foreign leader speak on American soil. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the Indian community at a grand public reception at Madison Square Garden Sep 28 will be beamed live on giant screens at New York’s iconic Times Square.
For the first time, I am feeling pity on Shri. Narendra Modi, the way in which US is treating him. No guard of Honour, No address to US Congress, No State Dinner. Hope US gives a better respect in his future visits as an Indian PM. To salvage his honour, atleast PM Narendra Modi has Hired Madison Square Garden and giving speech. Its a sincere request to those Indian groups which are planning to protest outside Madison Square Garden during PM's speech, to call off the protest and participate in the event.
Citizens Court: Indictment of The Prime Minister of India - Narendra Modi indictment proceedings will be telecast live throughout the United States on September 30th. Come Join us On Sept30th in front of White House, Washington DC.
DNA - India - Bangladesh won't allow soil for extremism: Sheikh Hasina to Narendra Modi -
Convicted politician is called Chief Minister, while Prefix Prime Minister is not being used with Narendra Modi. WHY?
I will be disappointed if when Barack and Michelle Obama meets Narendra Modi, media run a headline with "POTUS and FLOTUS meets…
'You will feel the difference in India': PM Narendra Modi writes in Wall Street Journal
PM Narendra Modi comes out to greet Indians outside the hotel in New York
Crowds in mid town Manhattan welcome PM Narendra Modi on his arrival at New York Palace Hotel
Watched "Nayak" portrayed by Anil kapoor and thought this was movie but seeing Narendra Modi in real is just unbelievable.
Waiting for Narendra Modi to join Aam Aadmi Party. Arvind Kejriwal to join Congress and Rahul Gandhi to join BJP. Wow! W…
After listening to short names of Narendra Modi (NaMo) and Rahul Gandhi (RaGa) two politicians left politics forever. 1. Harish Goyal ( HaGo).. & 2. Mukesh Tomar (MuTo).. Supriya Sule and Govardhan Tiwari are not responding. And Chobeyram Dubey and Lokesh Datta commits suicide !!!
Indias new Tucanos Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has shown caution on the
"Indira Gandhi had great faith in Dr Vikram Sarabhai and would readily make allocations for whatever he asked, Sarabhai, born in an aristocratic Gujarati family of businessmen, had no interest in money and dedicated himself to make India go places in space." . Dr S. Nambi Narayanan Dr S. Nambi Narayanan, who pioneered India's liquid propulsion system that is now at the core of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket system, says Sarabhai didn't have to try push hard with the Prime Minister to get the nod for space projects. I wonder how can Narendra Modi, PM of India "forget" Dr Vikram Sarabhai in his tribute speech while ensuring he mentions RSS/BJP politicians who have no connection with a PSLV or ISRO .What a shame!!
US courts have issued a summons for Narendra Modi. India is a country where human rights violators get promoted to Prime Minister, but in the US, they get summoned to answer for their crime!!!
"He has made us proud" "A glance of him is enough" He is the most dynamic Prime Minister" "Friday, working day but wee are here to see Narendra Modi" - Indian Americans at Times Square to watch Modi's speech. Feeling Extremely Proud B-)
Welcome to USA our Prime Minister. Of India Shri.Narendra Modi
Modi: strengths of India and the U.S. can be used for inclusive and broad-based global development to transform lives
Standard and Poor's (S&P's) today improved India's outlook to stable from negative saying the new political formation under PM Narendra Modi at the Centre has the capacity to push reforms and put the country back on high growth trajectory.S&P has affirmed the 'BBB-/A-3' sovereign credit rating on India and revised the outlook on the long-term rating to stable from negative. Stable outlook reduces risk of any possible sovereign rating downgrade.
I always thought you cannot make economics simpler than Gurucharan das.(his book India unbound is such a masterpiece And a must read for all)untill I heard narendra modi speech on the ocassion of" Make in India".surely deserves to be one of the landmark speeches of modern India. High time to start a open elective somewhere in our colleges for the sheer brilliance of modi's oratory skills.
Lets join the hands for the cleanliness ! . Keep the surroundings clean and tell others to do the same. Hope to...
Narendra Modi wants people to devote two hours a week on cleanliness - A day after the Cabinet cleared a five-year-long Swachh Bharat Mission, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday asked people to devote at least two hours a week towards cleanliness, saying he will himself set out with a broom as…
Inspired by P.M Narendra bhai Modi, I'm fasting for Navaratri - first time ever!
A human rights group has obtained summons against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his alleged role in the 2002 Gujarat riots as state Chief Minister.
US court issues summons against Narendra Modi
Modi: "I also strongly believe in possibilities of technology and innovation to transform governance, empower people http:/…
Modi: "In education, innovation, and science and technology, the U.S continues to inspire India."
Modi: Indo-US ties "in securing our seas, cyber space and outer space, all ... profound influence on our daily lives"
Narendra Modi is expected to be in USA, for about 100 hours. Yet Modi will have to attend upto 50 high end meetings in USA. Har…
So now as SRI Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister of INDIA with a record breaking performance , Lets join hanDs to help him to take INDIA to d Top
We should walk together, work together and progress together : PM Modi. LIVE updates .
So excited!. Our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is soon going to reach New York 😊.
story of u sir to u RTThe story of Akshaya Kalpa’s Dr. Reddy
India rubbishes allegations against PM Narendra Modi in US court:
A US court orders Indian PM Narendra Modi to answer allegations of "attempted genocide" over deadly anti-Muslim riots
Lawsuit hangs over India leader's 1st US visit: Federal court in NYC summons Indian PM Narendra Modi to respon...
AAP must act to Stop loot of Poor .
New York court orders Indian PM Narendra Modi to face 'attempted genocide' charge on US visit, though protected by immunity as head of st...
PM Narendra Modi launches 'Make in India' campaign with portal, logo - Business Today via
Narendra Modi leaves for US visit America ready to welcome
Arvind Kejriwal to sit on Dharna for demanding Narendra Modi s Government to declare Martians(Mars Living Beings) as Minorities!!
Doordarshan runs visuals of Manmohan Singh on Modi's visit to US that is OK..economic policies are same,no?
, India will be open and friendly for business, ideas: Narendra Modi
US court issues summons against Narendra Modi via
1993, Modi outside the White House: 2014 Modi inside the White House
FOUR REASONS WHY MODI IS THE MAN OF THE MOMENT FOR INDIANS ABROAD. Those assigned to carry Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s baggage as he lands in New York this month won’t be able to lighten his greatest burden — the expectations and sheer anticipation of not only a billion people he leaves in India, but the 4 million Indian Americans. There are many idioms and adjectives deployed to convey the significance of a moment: “inflection point”, “epochal,” “critical juncture,” “historic intersection,” “paradigm shift”. But how does one articulate the meaning of a moment virtually unknown to three generations at home, and for those in the largest Indian diaspora abroad? Indians today idealise their greatest generation — every home has a story of an acquaintance, an aunt, a grandfather that gave of themselves to the cause of India’s Independence struggle. Independence lives on in memories and grainy films as a crucial historical moment. But that moment of greatness has escaped two ge ...
Nitish Kumar's '56-inch chest' barb on Narendra Modi due to jealousy: BJP
Where were those Supporter of Shiv Sena who where asking for vote in the Name of Narendra Modi not on Hindu card ?
Modi: "History tells us that India's natural instinct is to be open to the world."
Formal orders issued making incharge of govt in absence of PM Narendra Modi who is on a US visit
US court summons Narendra Modi over 2002 Gujarat riots
"Laut Aao Trisha" is a sly at Narendra Modi's acche din. People waiting for the return of something that's never going to come.
Can India’s Prime Minister Ever Escape His Controversial Past?: At this time last year, Narendra Modi was lega...
Modi: Indo-US partnership "in the unfinished and urgent task of combating terrorism and extremism"
Predictable, ACJ fiels ATCA claim against Narendra Modi in the USA, did the law Minister and External Affairs not anticipate…
with protests in US! tried to keep him out of UK last year too
Everyone notices Narendra Modi in this pic but did you notice white guy in RSS uniform 😉
PM Modi to be conferred honorary degree in US cc =
PM Narendra Modi enjoys immunity, cannot be issued summons: US via
.gets inside the heads of Indians in the US preparing for mega Modi visit: .
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
| For exhaustive coverage of US tour: READ
US court issues summons against PM Narendra Modi on 2002 Gujarat violence
US court summons Narendra Modi in 2002 Gujarat riots case. Source:India Today.
"Ekta ka sandesh" - The Message of Unity by Mr. Narendra Modi This short film with an inspiring message from Mr. Modi on what Unity means; how India finds Un...
MODI IS GIVEN 21 DAYS TO RESPOND TO US COURT !!! New Delhi: A US court has ordered Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to answer allegations that he failed to stop anti-Muslim rioting when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat, overshadowing his first trip to the United States as his country’s leader. The civil case before a New York court seeks compensatory and punitive damages from Modi for crimes against humanity and extrajudicial killings under the Alien Tort Claims Act and the Torture Victim Protection Act. Modi has 21 days to respond. The petitioner in the case is the American Justice Center, a non-profit human rights organisation, acting on behalf of two survivors of the 2002 riots in the western Indian state. “There is evidence to support the conclusion that minister Modi committed both acts of intentional and malicious direction to authorities in India to kill and maim innocent persons of the Muslim faith,” the petition said. After years of being unwelcome in the United States, Modi arrives for ...
Watch Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speech in English minutes after witnessing the launch of PSLV-C23 rocket carrying five satellites from France, Sing...
"Shout Out" to Giving Back to Society TheDC team sends a warm shout out to the group "Giving Back to Society" who are helping to transform our beautiful hills - one toilet at a time. Even though in his Independence Day speech our Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi did emphasize on the need for providing proper sanitation facilities to each and every family, however no concrete efforts have been taken up by the GTA or WB Government to implement any such schemes. Currently - 'Giving BACK to Society' - has been successful in raising funds from doners and have started construction of 8 new latrines in a forest village called Babukhola in Bagora forest range. What is amazing about this initiative is that the fund raising has mostly been undertaken online and the donors are spread all over the world. Even though they may be far, the "Darjeeling Spirit" is alike and kicking. It shows that people do care and stand up to help when you are doing a good job. You can join the group and become the part of the g ...
Its no less than welcoming a new year for Mr Narendra US.Modi you surely are Man of Words and Action..Sir you need not spell anything...Your presence defines and speaks what you are for India.
What my team said in January. .. "INDIA will lead the world under the leadership of Respected Narendra Modi ji". Will be proved. . Slowly but definitely. देश चला मोदी के साथ ji
PM Narendra Modi launches 'Make in India' campaign in Delhi.
On September 27, 2013, Dr. Manmohan Singh went to the US with a begging bowl called "Donate for India." Exactly an year later, Mr. Narendra Modi is going to the US with a Lion called "Make in India." "Theek hai" vs "Jai Hind." Different leaders, different perspectives, different approaches.
12000 Bulls to get slaughtered on this Eid. - By Order Maharashtra Government. THis is the proof... Hindu Community Shame Shame... Narendra Modi
Indian PM Narendra Modi is in USA. What we r hearing is that Modi is going to get a red-carpet welcome.. US citizens r throwing such a grand welcome that is unprecedented. No Leader has got such a grand welcome. He will be addressing a big rally in New York. I am excited because his speach will be all over the big sreens of Times Square, New York... All I can say, for years US didnot give VISA to Modi.. Now .. when he arrives then he takes whole of USA for a ride... Many Modi haters will be sulking . hehehehe
Washington, September 26 – Center for a New American Security (CNAS) President Richard Fontaine has prepared a press note in anticipation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrival today in New York for a five-day visit to the United States. Following an address in Madison...
Farma companies have paid Narendra Modi for election campaign now modi hikes drugs prices to repay the debt.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Before India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, touches down in New York City today for the United Nations General Assembly, a New York lawyer has sued him in US court. The lawsuit (PDF) filed yesterday holds Modi and the Indian government “responsible for the deaths of thousands of people” in clashes between Hindus and Muslims in the Gujarat riots […]
Despite our legitimate disgust with the fanatics, US Federal Court's summon to Narendra Modi is nothing to celebrate. Remember US' relationships with despots across not merely the world but also time.. Idi Amin to Pinochet to Zia ul-Haqs to Saudis.
This is not in India. These are special buses carrying thousands of Indian Americans from Pittsburgh to NewYork to welcome Our PM Narendra Modi at the JFK Airport.
So Nawaz Sharif raised the K-bogey again , he met Ban Ki-moon and just like Jawaharlal Nehru he asked the United Nations to interfere in this issue and expedite the actions. Waiting for the day when Barack Obama , Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו meet -up to do some real business with Pakistan ! (if you know what I mean)
25th September 2014, PM Shri Narendra Modi speech at the Launch of the ''Make In India''. Join us online at Donate at
No holiday on October 2; Govt employees to take cleanliness pledge All central government employees have been asked to be present in their offices on October 2 to take cleanliness pledge as part of the Narendra Modi government's 'Clean India' campaign.
To China, India is the country of peace and humanity .Do not insult our country. We have not Nehru but we have Mr. Narendra Modi
All central government employees will have to be present in office on October 2, Gandhi Jayanthi, the day when PM Narendra Modi will launch ‘Clean India’ campaign, and take the cleanliness pledge. . The employees will be administered ‘Swachhata Shapath’ (pledge of cleanliness) in their offices, the directive says.
Narendra Modi's Latest speech in 2013 on Salman Khurshid's Pak Biryani Protocol in Jaipur
No media people from India even attempted to follow our Manmohan Singh for 10 years like they are following Narendra Modi..! Ultimately everyone realises only Modi can save India...!
India PM Narendra Modi set to begin key US visit: Mr Modi, who was the Gujarat Chief Minister at the time of t...
HON Prime Minister Shri.Narendra Modi told in his 15th August Speech about "Clean India GREEN INDIA" & told citizen to start a mission of cleaning the India. On his path Our Administration,District Panchayat, Citizen & Bharatiya Janata Party of Dadra & Nagar Haveli started this mission is all Panchayat Under the leadership of BJP State-President Shri.Digvijaysinh Parmar till 2nd October 2014 "CLEAN DNH GREEN DNH".
Narendra Modi (second from left) outside the White House in 1994 along with G. Kishan Reddy (first left),...
ISI using White House portal to defame Narendra Modi in US: MD Nalapat.
Why India and Pakistan Are Always Fighting -- Explained Israel and Palestine. India and Pakistan. Romeo and Juliet. What do all these have in common? They belong together but for some reason remain doomed to never connect. India and Pakistan in particular, having been born out of one land, have many similarities in culture, cuisine, and sports. Why then are they always fighting? You would think that with a new Prime Minister in India, there would be the chance of a fresh start, but despite his desire for peace, Narendra Modi has had a hard time creating a meaningful dialogue with his Pakistani counterpart. The problem here isn't animosity, it's figuring out who in Pakistan is really in charge. To understand the scope of this challenge, the NSA tapped Modi's phone (without a court order, of course) to listen into his conversation with the Pakistani government just last week: Modi: Hello, this is Modi from India. Who am I speaking with? Melodious Female Voice: Hello, this is Alka. I'm the receptionist for P ...
Narendra Modi is one reason. A Hindu nationalist and leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Modi became Indias 15th Prime Minister in May.
Narendra Modi returns to his stomping ground as Prime Minister after a 14-year exile via
New York Times takes a jibe at Narendra Modi on his credit rush. htt…
Cabinet headed by PM Narendra Modi postpones decision on revision of natural gas prices.
From Joe Walsh wiki: "Walsh campaigned to get Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, a diplomatic visa"
Siddaramaiah to welcome Narendra Modi: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will receive India Prime Minister...
New Delhi: With barely a week to go before Barack Obama and Narendra Modi meet for the first time, Americans are discovering that the new Prime Minister is no pushover. As inter-agency meetings to give concrete shape to an imponderable Indo-US summit began within the Obama administration last fortnight, documents surfaced in Washington which pointed to a hitherto unknown role played by Modi in securing the withdrawal of Pakistani forces from Kargil at the heavy prodding of then US President Bill Clinton. These documents, which were shared by well- connected sources in Washington and are now in the possession of The Telegraph, have convinced those working on the September 29-30 summit that Modi was not a stranger to foreign affairs even in 1999 when he visited the US as a pracharak of the RSS. Modi’s visit took place five days before Nawaz Sharif flew into Washington and agreed after a day-long meeting with Clinton to pull out of Kargil, enabling a ceasefire in the conflict that worried the world because ...
I underestimated Narendra Modi. Watch my interview with India's Prime Minister, this Sunday at 10 am + 1 pm ET on CNN ht…
Salman Khan says let's give Narendra Modi some more time Salman Khan, who is excited to host Bigg Boss Season 8 spoke in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to a report in mid-day, Salman feels that Narendra Modi deserves to get some more time to prove himself. Salman was quoted in mid-day saying that it has just been 100 days and let's give him some more time as everyone deserves it. Salman also said that let PM Modi have the freedom and we have unanimously elected him as our Prime Minister so let him have that respect.
NOOOT EXCEPT 2 PROTECT FROM ISLAOBAM --Narendra Modi should be denied visa: US lawmakers to Obama administration -
The only way BJP can repeat their Loksabha performance in the state assemblies is by projecting Narendra Modi as their Chief Minister.
Long term strategies: Narendra Modi aims to play global...
Still waiting for Narendra Modi's killer move.He turned things around as Chief Minister.Expect the same now.
Narendra Modi congratulates New Zealand PM on election victory
PM Narendra Modi's eyes will be on MOM on Sept 24: New Delhi: As the Mangalyaan will ente...
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Narendra Modi proves that North East Indians are not Indian to Chinese President Xi. How ? | TNT Magazine
Narendra Modi - All muslims are Nationalists & ready to die for INDIA. * Subramaniam Swamy last seen at a Country Bar *
Narendra Modi is delivering Shri Ram Keynote Oration at Delhi University's SRCC. Blow to Modi for not delivering lecture at IIT Delhi.
On the occasion of Shri. Narendra Modi's birthday,collected funds for Kashmir flood relief at State BJP headquarters ht…
PM Narendra Modi serves Xi Jinping tough dose of reality in Delhi.
today i'm very happy that our Prime Minister shri Narendra Modi praised muslims that they are also an important part of this country.
Bill Gates met Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari at his residence here in New Delhi, set to meet Narendra Modi?
Narendra Modi's mother handed him money for Jammu Kashmir Relief Fund when PM met his mother on the occasion of his Birthday. Read More:
Bill Gates meets Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari; to meet Narendra Modi today
UP CM takes dig at PM Narendra Modi over bypoll loss: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav Thursday too...
Seen earlier: Chinese President with President Pranab Mukherjee and PM Narendra Modi at Rashtrapati Bhavan
Gujarat's Chief Minister and Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi attends a convocation ceremony at PDPU at Gandhinagar
What PM Narendra Modi can learn from the by-election results.
ETO Will PM Narendra Modi get an encore at New York City's Madison Square Garden?: There’s talk that our PM mi...
Narendra Modi's proudly showing Xi Jinping the Sabarmati riverfront is reminiscent of Chandrababu Naidu's insistence on showing Bill Clinton the Necklace Road in Hyderabad. Another instance of a Potemkin village kind of development. The Necklace Road now is dirty, crowded, narrow and food court laden strip. These people will never learn. And you are showing a riverfront to a man who grew up and rose to life in Shanghai.
For PM Narendra Modi, President Xi Jinping, a Walk by the River, Dinner and
From getting a birthday gift of Rs 5,001 as a donation towards Jammu and Kashmir flood relief, to signing bilateral agreements with the Chinese President Xi Jinping on his 3-day visit to India, it has been an eventful day for our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here is a compilation of pictures that narrate how Narendra Modi spent his 64th birthday as the Prime Minister of India: PM Modi welcomes Xi Jinping in Ahmedabad:
Beautiful :Today Amazing Sabarmati River Front, Ahmedabad is famous in whole world cause Narendra Modi & Xi Jinping histrotic meeting held here today. Chinese r so impressed after seeing this place,
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