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Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi (born 17 September 1950) is the current Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat.

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Narendra Modi government finally manages to break the Swiss bank black money vault – Economic Times
Narendra Modi: We want centres intervention against the inhuman forcefull act by Mamta Baner... via…
Narendra Modi . "The Agriculture Minister is from here, yet he is unable to save farmers. He has...
Chinese President Xi Jinping, PM Narendra Modi discuss how to contain differences - Eco…
I watched Dangal, liked the actors as well as the movie: Chinese President Xi Jinping tells PM Narendra Modi...
Nawaz Sharif stares at PM Narendra Modi and President Ashraf Ghani like a jilted lover. Move on, mate!
PM Narendra Modi has gone abroad fewer times than Manmohan Singh but no one knows because MMS left no mark wherever he went…
Kashmir unrest: Narendra Modi government should engage with separatists, says Sushil Kumar Shinde
Narendra Modi government should engage with separatists, says S...…
Narendra Modi was First Vulture of Independent India who visited Mumbai during Terror attack to Politicise it.
India’s rapid growth can bring dividends for the entire region, especially in Sri Lanka:PM Narendra Modi @ Sri Lanka https…
PM Narendra Modi visits Sri Lanka, brings to fore ‘shared heritage of Buddhism’ on Vesak Day…
Respected Prime Minister Sri,Narendra Modi ji. Sir with due respect i just want to know why Indian government is not thinking
Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharief both figure in the list of corrupt politicians.
France: PM Narendra Modi interacts with French President Emmanuel Macron at Elysee Palace in Paris.
Resistance builds to Trump's Paris exit - Macron hosts press conference with Indian premier Narendra Modi promi...
Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi met with Russian and Indian business leaders
EXCLUSIVE: NBC News' joins Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi ahead of tomorrow's International Economic Forum in Ru…
Narendra Modi speaks live from St Petersburg International Economic Forum all eyes on Putin
Nidhi Razdan of NDTV ripped by British MP Barry Gardiner over Narendra Modi being invited to UK
From The Economist Espresso: Piecemeal politicking: Narendra Modi -- all over the place, getting nowhere.
The clear camaraderie and bonhomie between Barack Obama and Narendra Modi was. easy to see. Respect for India grew.
PM Narendra Modi latest speech with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Saint Pe low…
Vladimir Putin meet Narendra Modi to discuss the Kundankulam Nuclear Power Plant.
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant on the discussion table between Narendra Modi and Vladimir Putin.
Narendra Modi is a most corrupt politicians in the world and the chief minister of Gujarat and current 14th Prime...
Priyanka Chopra and Narendra Modi both are great actors.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Create Indian Architectural Services"IArS" in the line of IAS, IPS and IFS. - Sign...
sir, cong. snooped on you but you kept your focus on Narendra Modi , you should've opted for bifocals
As a political opponent i may make fun of this ignoring, but as a proud Indian National it's shameful
Priyanka Chopra meets PM Modi in Berlin, some Indians find her attire not sanskari enough, posture disrespectful
Meeting with Angela Merkel, Narendra Modi suggests India will adhere to Paris Agreement, even if US quits
Before release of their movie, actors visit two shows - that of Kapil Sharma's and Narendra Modi's.
Terrorism poses grave threat to future generations: Prime Minister in
Very good interaction with German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Narendra Modi. via NMApp
India needs to become self sufficient first.
Re-plug: My blog on what the HC Gupta conviction in the case means for the bureaucracy…
Corrupted politics by Narendra Modi and associates.
Modi : A Great Hope Of Light . Will he be able clean the Indian Political System alone?. Read Whole Journey…
Modi government only 'inaugurated, renamed' UPA projects: Shiv Sena
PM greets people of Goa on Statehood Day - Narendra Modi (press release) (blog): Narendra Modi (press……
When Priyanka Chopra met Narendra Modi at Berlin: Here's what she wore - The…
Economic Times - India waiting with open arms for German investments: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
You want this type of FOE,. I Appeal Narendra Modi Govt to kindly act on this and Pass a law setting Certain Bounda…
TY ! our PM Narendra Modi will be visiting France. Hope bonds will get more stronger
Woman SPG security detail with PM Narendra Modi at Delhi airport as he departs for 4 nation tour.
Why did go all the way to Berlin to meet the PM? Was it a part of her PR script?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi should also expand relations by moving countries such as Argentina, Norway, Slovenia and Bosnia!
Sir narendra Modi,the youth icon and my inspiration will one day make India no1 country in the world
Three years of Narendra Modi government: From surgical strikes to triple talaq, NDA gets big thumbs up from India,…
PM visits 'bursting with friendliness': Foreign media
Manmohan Singh Slogan - Work Hard In Silence Let your success make the noise. . Narendra Modi Slogan - Only make noise no…
PM Narendra Modi says during joint statement with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, "we are made for each ot…
India-Germany can be 'made for each other' only if India manages to iron out the trade wrinkles. My take
69% of India believes Narendra Modi is 'best ever Prime Minister': Survey
Angela Merkel ‘ignores’ Narendra Modi’s handshake, AGAIN!. 😂 he's not for a handshake, should have used soap first
Mar. Narendra modi and his mother a rear image
Priyanka Chopra is getting slammed on social media for not being "decently" dressed during her meeting with PM Modi. https:/…
Check out these pictures of and catching up in Berlin!.
Trump attacks Germany again on day Narendra Modi visits Berlin
☺News Sponsored by Priyanka Chopra meets PM Narendra Modi in Berlin thanks to a lovely coinciden...
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PM Narendra Modi departs on two-day visit to Spain; to discuss trade, technology with top leaders
Now, the government has change and the stand must also be changed if the pilot is right Narendra Modi
Such entries against Mr. Narendra Modi in relation to the payment from Sahara group have no rel…
Asaduddin Owaisi attacks PM Narendra Modi, says government has no policy to end militancy in Kashmir
Kandla Port will be on Global Map soon : Narendra Modi -
Country's longest river bridge-The Dhola-Sadiya, to be inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi on Friday.
Nitish Kumar, who has often praised PM Narendra Modi, decides to skip Opposition meet at Sonia Gandhi's house.
..contd Narendra Modi from so long. Dirty Worms you three are on Earth
Today Last year . Prashant Bhushan: Arvind Kejriwal can even join hands with Narendra Modi if it suits him .
BJD MP Bhartruhari Mahtab has appreciated Narendra Modi and his government through a fresh column
PM Narendra Modi has made one-night stays mandatory for the Union Ministers who visit North-East India – an...
Sachin Tendulkar meets Narendra Modi, would like to bat for 'Swasth Bharat'
Sachin Tendulkar and Anjali meet PM Narendra Modi to discuss Sachin: A Million Dreams -
BJP planning to celebrate 3 years of Narendra Modi government in grand way - The Economic Times
Narendra Modi govt aiming to make North East India a gateway to South East Asia
Indian High Commission and Joint Opposition were tight-lipped about 40-minute talks between Narendra Modi and Mahinda Rajapaksa.
When an alert Narendra Modi saved the lives of DD journalists and camerapersons. via NMApp.
Technical glitch stops one of Modi's choppers in Sri Lanka A helicopter, which was part of Prime Minister Narendra…
I don't think Narendra Modi should be Person of the Year. What do you think? Vote now!
PM breaks new ground by meeting Indian Tamils in Sri Lanka!.
Corrupted politics by Narendra Modi and associates
PM Modi lauds spirit of Indian origin Tamils, announces construction of additional 10,000 houses in upcountry areas.
Narendra Modi in Sri Lanka: PM is transforming India's foreign policy through soft power and cultural diplomacy
PM Modi in Sri Lanka: The PM visits Sri Lanka's iconic Buddhist Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy.
Narendra Modi diktat paying off: India infrastructure projects on a roll. via NMApp
View: Kashmir could turn out to be Narendra Modi's biggest failure via
Sri Narendra Modi ji and his beloved mother
Today 10.05.2017 PM Narendra Modi latest great speech on Buddha on Buddh... via
Narendra Modi praises Muttiah Muralitharan; great honour, says cricketer
.We are confident that execution skills of Sh will help Indian Railways complete this proj- a…
A glimpse of PM Narendra Modi's high school exam sheet of Mathematics.(1966)
PIB omits Muslim delegation telling Modi: Cow vigilantes, love jihad, all this is creating an atmosphere of fear. https…
Help:. This woman is looking for her husband. He left her 50 years ago, but never granted her divorce. Her husband's name…
Narendra Modi in Sri Lanka: We need to strengthen, not separate, threads of unity and harmony says PM…
Congratulations to Shri Narendra Modi and Ministers for TeenSaal. example of transparent and good governance…
Controversial Kolkata Shahi Imam, who attacked PM Narendra Modi, RSS over 'lal batti' is finally de-beaconed!.
PM Narendra Modi sets up task force to formulate credible policies on employment. via NMApp
New post (PM Narendra Modi arrives in Sri Lanka, meets President Maithripala Sirisena) has been published on W ...…
So what if Jagan Mohan Reddy met Narendra Modi that does not mean that gives a shelter to corrupt leaders
Narendra Modi to embark on two-day visit to Sri Lanka on Thursday. bhai
New ICSSR chief: Caste because of invasions, Narendra Modi is best Prime Minister via
Why Atal Bihari Bajpai has much more respect then Narendra Modi ? You got your Answer ?
Narendra Modi ji please help me in Punjab National Bank loan I am in business in 15 years ***
Narendra Modi is an ascetic, he hasnt disappointed: Nassim Nicholas Taleb via
Bhai, Not everyone who is opposed to aadhaar has have foreign tours like Narendra Modi. Who btw was also opposed to AADHAAR.
Narendra Modi governance going again in Atal Bihari Vajpayee way. Overconfidence. Hope the results in 2019 are not same as 2004 elections.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji & Narendra Modi ji. Two of the greatest leader of india.
Live: President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades and PM Narendra Modi issue a joint statement, in Delhi
President Erdogan during his visit to India will hold discussions with Pranab Mukherji, President, Hamid Ansari VP and Narendra Modi, PM
Karma'll always haunt you Bihar result a ‘referendum’ on Narendra Modi govt: Arvind Kejriwal
Here’s why Marc Faber is praising Narendra Modi, Raghuram Rajan and Urjit Patel..
Narendra Modi asks States to speed up infrastructure spending
PM Narendra Modi to chair NITI Aayog&Governing Council meeting today
Narendra Modi becomes first Prime Minister to visit Dadra and Nagar Haveli after Morarji Desai.
thank you i pruod of you narendra modi my name is NIHAL KHAN is king KHAN baschiachar khatam karo
I am sure Modi Toadies will troll TIMES of India instead of TIME for this brutal write-up 😂😂😂 
Narendra Modi is one of the most influential people in the world.. 💐😀
Nitish Kumar meets Sonia Gandhi, calls for Opposition unity to take on PM Narendra Modi.
India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi “is a maestro of the art of political seduction”
Pankaj Mishra's brief bio of Narendra Modi, who's on list of the world's most influential, is worth reading https…
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Share your ideas directly with the PM ji on 'Narendra Modi App' now!
Every Indian is special. Every Indian is a VIP. ~ Narendra Modi
Meanwhile, BJP is functioning, like the Congress, led by a High Command of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. Other BJP leaders a…
Shri Narendra Modi : Prime Minister of India. via NMApp. He works 18 hours a day in all 24x7
How PM Narendra Modi's Mudra Yojna is encouraging women to be entrepreneurs. via NMApp https:/…
PM Narendra Modi is known to be an extremely workaholic person among his peers and critics
K Chandrasekhar Rao to take up quota bill with Narendra Modi.
Narendra Modi used to say he would do in 60 months what others did in 60 years. On NPAs, failure to act in his 3 years has/w…
Energy of 125 crore Indians will take nation ahead, all should be agents of change - Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi Ji…
Narendra Modi and the BJP Organisation- from civic polls to central elections. via NMApp.
Its All About Prime Minister of India Sir Narendra Modi's Information Account :. Follow all PM fans now!…
PM Modi to honour bureaucrats on Civil Services Day
What Narendra Modi does on counting day. via NMApp.
CM Narendra Modi for sounding an early alarm about the security threats posed by Aadhaar.
Top story: 'CM Narendra Modi for sounding an early alarm… see more
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's roadshow in Surat, Gujarat: A sand art for Swachh Bharat at Parle Point.
PM Narendra Modi to today give away awards for excellence in public administration at the 11th Civil Services Day function in…
Who had written to the Bank that he couldn't service the loan as he was in charge of Narendra Modi campaign in 2014.
Youth focus of PM Narendra Modi's vision.Amit Shah to Bharatiya Janata for bjp.
Let's complete that, shall we? "Big win for NDA-led Indian government, headed by BJP leader Narendra Modi.". Thank you.…
UP CM beats PM deadline on red beacons
Under Gandhi Ji we practised non- violence even against foreign oppressors. Under Narendra Modi, we sleep well after killing…
Swachh Bharat is a part of preventive healthcare initiatives: PM Narendra Modi. via NMApp
Great work by Narendra Modi. Hope Vijay Mallya is crying in custody right now
Indian PM Narendra Modi gets zero votes in TIME readers' poll of influential people
Now . If news of Arvind Kejariwal's milk bursts, then the blame lies on Narendra Modi.
India and Malaysia have built a thriving economic partnership: PM Narendra Modi. via NMApp
PM Narendra Modi expected to visit Israel either on his way to, or return from G-20 Summit (Hamburg) in July .
Infrastructure: Narendra Modi government orders UP CM Yogi Adityanath to speed up National…
An Appeal from Honourable Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi to the Citizens of India on Fuel Conservation. @
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Politics of doles and appeasement stands no chance against Narendra Modi. Congress has to beat him at his own game. https…
PM Narendra Modi to address Smart India Hackathon 2017 Grand Finale at Ahmedabad via
Sharing copy of letters addressed to PM Narendra Modi ji on Qadian-Beas rail link & setting up 2nd line of defence in bo…
Here's what Anna Hazare wrote in his letter to Narendra Modi via
Have you heard about the section of the Narendra Modi App? News & social networking both!
President Trump looking forward to hosting PM Modi later this year: White House
The Opposition, primarily BJP opposed it. The then CM of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi, opposed this Bill: Veerappa Moily
Congratulations to countrymen on passage of GST Bill. New year, new law, new India: PM Narendra Modi
if you loved this new look of PM Narendra Modi .
PM Modi addresses depression as an issue to be looked out for during 30th edition on Mann ki Baat.
New Year, New Law, New Bharat, cites PM Narendra Modi on passage of GST bills in Loksabha.
Why is that moneyed uppercaste Muslim women like Bdutt, Saba Naqvi, Farzana Versey etc don't make this their cause? https:/…
We don't need such MP's in the Parliament, they are a shame to this Nation
The most powerful Indians - The top 3 are and Mohan Bhagwat. also enter. https:…
PM Modi gets SOS from pregnant triple talaq victim Shagufta, kicked out by hubby for refusing to abort | h…
"I wrote to PM Modi to end 'triple talaq'. I voted for him. I hope triple talaq goes". Red flag for prigs. https…
Perhaps the biggest tragedy that has befallen India under Narendra Modi is that secularism has become a bad word. We have deeply regressed.
Just realised that Arvind Kejriwal has been stalking Narendra Modi from 1996.
I had a dream Prime Minister Narendra Modi resigned. :|
Pregnant Muslim woman, divorced & left to die on the road by her husband writes to to end https:…
What's going on? PM Narendra Modi to meet MPs from Maharashtra today - Financial… Be Found
If you seriously want some action against arrogance and violence by MPs, please sign this and share it with all... https:/…
UP is not Adityanath's private property. U are people's representative, not Modi's.
so this is what Modi and BJP want to stop and they are villains:
PM Narendra Modi met BJP MPs from different states at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg in Delhi.
Birthday Greetings directly from my PM Narendra Modi You can get one too, sign up at
I wish BJP was in Power in Centre and State and Narendra Modi was PM
Lok Sabha passes all four GST Bills; PM Narendra Modi congratulates people. via NMApp
Narendra Modi app&website has this exciting section called 1 can network with influencers in society at national&i…
I am also warned not to criticize Narendra Modi and Amit Shah who "are blessed & divine chosen one by Divine Mahakal to chang…
Donald Trump to host Narendra Modi for US visit later this year Satyam Shivam Sundaram & Gh…
After Uttar Pradesh success, to be BJP's star campaigner in Narendra Modi's Gujarat.
Sonu Sood wants to show Kung Fu Yoga to Narendra Modi
Terrorism has thrown a big challenge to humanity: Narendra Modi
Vittorio Colao, Kumar Mangalam Birla may have met PM Narendra Modi to seek support for speedy merger
Nicely acting done by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi: Elect Azim Premji, the Most Generous Indian Alive, as 14th President of India - Sign the Petition!
Blessed are all of us who will be talked of by d next generation to hv been born in d period when Narendra Modi wr…
As of now Narendra Modi's biggest nightmare is that Rahul Gandhi will retire from politics
Just sharing-a view: Doubts about India's economic fate are rising as Narendra Modi's power grows. Read why
State elections in India: The party of Narendra Modi wins a decisive victory in Uttar Pradesh via
PM Narendra Modi launches 'a pledge to build a new India', on NaMo app. via N…
Narendra Modi: Nominate and elect Shri.Lal Krishna Advani as the next President of India
Narendra Modi's Message - My Idea of India. Wov great video. Pl see RT
My article on why I think Mr Arun Jaitley is indispensable to PM Narendra Modi's government. .
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
World's 1st hospital on train in india. Thank you Indian PM Narendra Modi ji
No credible opposition to PM Narendra Modi in India today. Vote bank politics has given way to a new national vision.…
Honorable Prime Minister of India - Narendra Modi : Stop the insane culling, torture and killing of... via
Watch -Yogi Adityanath gives credit of UP win to Narendra Modi and his polic…
An American’s analysis of Narendra Modi and politics is something you must not miss today ! via
UP results show the narrative is whatever Narendra Modi wants it to be
Narendra Modi passes test with flying repeats 2014 show in .
Congratulations, honourable Prime Minister dear Narendra Modi for the mind blowing success and we wish you to...
The BJP Party of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has won elections in the country's biggest state of Uttar Pradesh by a landslide.
But why blame him? Isn't he the one who inspired Narendra Modi to apply for Prime Minister job?
Sir you and Narendra Modi has a long way to go and Hardik patel will even loose his identity after Gujarat Election...
Missing Arnab Goswami's reporting of Narendra Modi's victories, it was like Tony Grieg's commentary to Sachin Tendulkar's…
UP elections 2017: Hard work vs Harvard: PM Narendra Modi takes a dig at critics. at his best again.
PM Narendra Modi waves to supporters in Ram Nagar, he is on his way to Lal Bahadur Shastri memorial in Varanasi
PM Narendra Modi, first sitting PM to visit Former PM Lal Bahadur Shastri's ancestral house. What were the...
Six months at home, PM Narendra Modi to visit 5 nations in 2 months now
PM Narendra Modi pays floral tributes to Shri Morarji Desai, on the occa... -
The amount of hate for Narendra Modi on Rajat Sharma's channel is quite shocking.
Our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji's speech today at our International Yoga Festival led by Pujya... https…
why you are happy with Narendra Modi? Getting phographed with is no credit, who lives on the praise bhakts?
Elections in UP has turned into an 'Utsav': Modi . Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Mirza…
Security beefed up ahead of PM Narendra Modi's rally in Manipur
KamalHassan in Buckingham Palace to attend Indo-UK Cultural Exchange celebration 2017. Hassan’s name chosen by PM Narendra…
Unfortunately, Mr Modi has chosen to make more enemies for himself and his party with this visual. Worse nobody...
addresses rally in UP's . Follow LIVE updates on
Hope the people understand better by the mesmerizing words of Shri Narendra Modi.
Rare pik. Narendra Modi sitting on the bank of the Ganga in the Himalayas.
Narendra Modi, when he was Guj CM, used to allege center's injustice to Guj farmers over MSP of cotton. Now he is doing the…
I liked a video Watch life story of Narendra Modi in '7 RCR' fact, hard work is much more powerful than Harvard...Narendra Modi - via featured in NBC s Science of Love
Wow, are DU students actually going to fight Narendra Modi and the BJP? Impressive.
Live: PM Narendra Modi addresses an election rally in Mirzapur
UP Election 2017: Will BJP suffer in Varanasi with millenials unhappy against MP Narendra…
Hey blind Bhakts! This Jawan is also Indian n Deshbhakt n even a Hindu, so you all must support him.
Modi made the comments through video-conference as 29th edition of International Yoga Festival opened in Rishikesh.
"Hard work is more important then harvard" . - Narendra Modi
Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee giving Sermons to Narendra Modi about previous Governments. (2000)
Narendra Modi: Greed & Fraud of one person ruins the lives and dreams of 1100 families - Sign the P... via
Now BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur takes his plea to PM Narendra Modi, says he is being tortured…
UP voters giving vent to their anger over 15 years of loot in the state: PM Narendra Modi
Everywhere I go in the participation of people in rallies seem to multiply: PM Narendra Modi addresses rally in Uttar Pradesh
Narendra modi ji I think now it's time for president rule in Kerala.
UP Elections 2017: ‘Hindutva’ still on BJP’s agenda even as PM Narendra Modi pitches for ‘vikas’
Will PM Narendra Modi be the first person to know ‘why Kattappa killed Bahubali’? .
WATCH via ANI FB: PM Narendra Modi addressing an election rally in Mirzapur
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In will millenials' frustration with their MP Narendra Modi hurt BJP? https:/…
PM Narendra Modi to address public rally in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh
Salim Khan "If Muslims want to live in India, they must respect country". Will Javed Akhtar & Umar Khalid understand?. https:…
Battle for Lucknow: Are the stakes higher for Akhilesh Yadav or Narendra Modi? -… |…
Narendra Modi likely to visit Israel this year, first Indian PM to visit Jewish nation. | READ
Congress ruined Manipur, BJP will bring development in 15 months: Narendra Modi via
Fearing getting gaoled if Narendra Modi govt stabilizes,old thugs marching hand in hand on the path of National...
Narendra Modi since taking oath every day he has worked but Kejriwal since oath he has every day...
Priyanka Gandhi's dig at PM Narendra Modi: UP doesn't need adopted sons, it has its own .
Our government is for the poor, the underprivileged, the marginalised and the farmers: PM Narendra Modi in Barabanki, UP htt…
Narendra Modi govt gives LPG connection under BPCL scheme a Digital India boost to make it available at doorstep…
Narendra Modi holding UP Government Responsible for atrocity on Dalits in the State
Lookalikes of PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah to campaign for BJP candidates via
PM Narendra Modi in Bijnor rally: Most jokes on Google are about one Congress leader - India Today…
Narendra Modi is the only Prime Minister of this country who beg for respect, others deserved it
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PM Narendra Modi addicted to one-liners, acronyms and jumlas: Abhishek Singhvi - Financial Express
Narendra Modi to Visit Israel In June.. the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the Jewish state since its formation.
My experiment with Truth : PM Narendra Modi. My post experiment with truth : Sonia Gandhi and Congress
Dr. Subhash Bhamre along with Shri. Narendra Modi ji and Cheif of Army Staff Bipin Rawat during PM's NCC Rally at P…
Ashish Nehra giving advice to Narendra Modi on development.
Akhilesh Yadav is not Narendra Modi. He doesn't enforce his will on the people, he listens to them.
Narendra Modi has this to say about Sachin Tendulkar while addressing students of the country -…
PM Narendra Modi asks students to take inspiration from Sachin Tendulkar . Read story in https…
Sachin Tendulkar thanks PM Narendra Modi for citing his example to students .
Narendra Modi is pulling India back to the 1970s - The Washington Post
After Barack Obama's exit from White House, Narendra Modi is 'World's Most Followed Leader' on Social Media.
PM Narendra Modi to address public meeting in Goa - The Indian Express
PM Narendra Modi greets spectators at Rajpath after parade
PM Narendra Modi to arrive for Republic Day celebration shortly
In last 70 yrs we got only 4 sincere PMs . LB Shastri. PV Narasimharao. AB Vajpayee. & Narendra Modi.
Narendra Modi the best PM of the World. No matter your personal view about him. I ♥ MY INDIA
NCP is naturally corrupt. Since the time the party was born nothing has changed: Narendra Modi
Crown Prince of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan to hold talks with PM Narendra Modi in New Delhi today. ht…
Donald Trump talked to Narendra Modi. Reportedly, Trump disconnected phone when he said "See you soon" and Modi asked when u wa…
National Bravery Awards: Make your mind strong, PM Narendra Modi to children. via NMApp
Sachin Tendulkar, dilip kumar, PM Narendra Modi. If possible, call Manmohan Singh and make him speak as well.
What's going on? PM Narendra Modi congratulates Pravind Kumar Jugnauth on taking… Be Found
Narendra Modi as the famous Rembrandt self portrait,1660. Artwork by Mayanglambam Dinesh Singh, an Indian Illustrat…
What's going on? PM Narendra Modi lost currency after note ban: Kanhaiya Kumar -… Be Found
Donald Trump and Narendra Modi will be best friends’ via Kumar need not jump D gun and…
Narendra Modi and Donald Trump will be ‘unparalleled friends’: Shalabh Kumar
Prime Minister of Narendra Modi we have the not Jallikattu to access beta rule India true
Key to Rural Development in J&K Dr. Sudershan Kumar. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, during his address to…
Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji becomes world's most followed leader on social media.!!!
Prime Minister lays wreath at the War Memorial, IMA in Dehradun - Narendra Modi (press release) (blog)
Former Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Najeeb Jung Protesting against PM Narendra Modi after removal from the Post, New…
Efforts on to fulfil Tamil Nadu’s cultural aspirations: PM Narendra Modi. via NMApp
Rakhi Sawant has Narendra Modi printed on questionable places on her dress
Narendra Modi to be crowned as 'Most Followed Leader of State' via NMApp
PM Narendra Modi takes a Dig on Lutyen Media twisting Manmohan Vaidya statement on Reservations . Reaffirms that RESERVATI…
Why is Narendra Modi focusing more on North Eastern states? by M Satish Kumar
Narendra Modi to become most followed leader of state as Obama leaves office...
This is a big n tight slap on Narendra Modi who has been foisting false cases on AAP MLAs n ministers
1 dollar will soon be Rs 15 due to Narendra Modi: Nalin Kumar Kateel BJP MP: via
Alok Kumar Verma is all set to take over as the Director of India's CBI. His appointment was cleared by a panel headed by PM Narendra Modi.
The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, pledges to promote football in the country.
Those issuing Fatwas & Threats against PM Narendra Modi must realize that there is no tax imposed on Day Dreaming. Carry on…
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