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Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi (born 17 September 1950) is the current Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat.

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I never dreamt of becoming something, I always dreamt of doing something: Modi in Aap Ki Adalat. Watch out BJP Prime ministe, Narendra Modi grilled by India TV's editor-in chief Rajat Sharma in Aap Ki Adalat. For more content go to Full Episode:
India PM Narendra Modi has met Goldman Sachs CEO and chairman Lloyd Blankfein during a Business Breakfast with American CEOs in the US. Modi invited ...
After ruling for 10 years, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul amd its clique, the loyal gang have lost their sense of appreciation. Salmam Khurshid, the self-boosting lawyer, Sanjay Jha and some others comment that the huge crowds that greet Narendra Modi are stage-managed. Does the congress take these Australian crowds as fools. Are they dumb driven cattle? The moment they give such a silly response congress loses thousands of votes. Even after series of defeats congress does not introspect. Even their high command also goes on pursuing this kind of public stance. It is the surest way to their total liquidation. The famous writer/authour Chetan Bhagat says that Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi together sholud, like Narendra Modi, boldly replace the old outdated congress leaders with younger blood. However, people believe that first of all these three heads rather the block- heads must be removed. - Rajnikant R Pandya.
Earlier in cricket Saurav Ganguly changed the attitude and now Narendra Modi changed the world thinking about our Bharat (India). Jai Hind .
Narendra Modi govt to allow foreign firms to commercially mine, sell coal, open door to Rio Tinto: Source
G-20: With focus on black money, Modi boldly goes where no govt has gone before The ninth G-20 summit in Brisbane, Australia (15-16 November) will be known to the posterity for two tall pledges made at the high-profile meeting of the grouping which is also being seen as the new Bretton Woods system that is governing the world now. One relates to the international arena while another one is India-specific. Or shall we say the latter is Narendra Modi-specific? From the world perspective, the biggest takeaway is the fact that the host Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia vowed that the summit will deliver on an initiative to add $2 trillion to the global GDP within the next few years and add more than 2 percent to the global economic growth and millions of jobs. This is a tall order indeed. Probably it is the first time in the history of G-20 summits when such a big concrete deliverable has been promised. Evidently, the world is moving away from talk fests and focusing on time-bound concrete deliverables. ...
Photo: India PM Narendra Modi, US President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet at G20 summit in Brisbane
I added a video to a playlist PM Narendra Modi in Australia: Cooperation on black money tops agenda -
High Court of Gujarat Hearing Today- Spl Cri Ap # 4515 / 2014. Nishant Varma vs Narendra Modi affidavit case. Issuance of notice to modi
Each time I see a list like this and I don't find my name, I go back to work: The world’s 25 most powerful people according to Forbes: 1. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia 2. Barack Obama, President of the US 3. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China 4. Pope Francis, Head of the Roman Catholic Church 5. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany 6. Janet Yellen, Chair of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve System 7. Bill Gates, Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 8. Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank 9. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Cofounders of Google 10. David Cameron, cofounder of Google 11. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia 12. Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway 13. Li Keqiang, Premier of China 14. Carlos Slim Helu, Honorary chairman of América Móvil 15. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India 16. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon 17. Francois Hollande, President of France 18. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Cha ...
has just created a whatsapp group 200+ and added Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and Narendra Modi.
I am a devout believer in Sanatana Dharma, I strongly believe that Narendra Modi is a reincarnation of Swami Vivekananda,In his younger days NaMo was a wandering saint in Himalayas in search of Eternal truth of Life.I. believe NaMo is a Rajarshi. Mark my words Narendra Modi's name will be etched in Golden words in World History as a Creator of Modern India.
Must Read, Decide & Share : ** Trust Vote : Maharashtra" Many people are saying BJP cheated people, took support from NCP and betrayed SS. Lets calm down and see what has happened in last few months. Past : 1) In the past, BJP and SS had always decided the number of seats only after a discussion between party leaders What was different ? : SS declares that they will contest on 151 seats and nothing less than that without consulting the allies (BJP and smaller parties). Even after repeated request from BJP and other allies, SS was never ready to contest less than 151 seats. They asked BJP to fight on 119 seats whereas BJP got 122 seats alone. This adamant behaviour led to a split in old allies. So was it justified? Couldnt SS fight on a few lesser seats to keep the alliance intact? *** 2) BJP leaders and PM Narendra Modi decided not to attack SS however leaders from SS used all kind of bad words against PM Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah. (Adil Shah , Afzal Khan, Narendra Modi ka baap "Father" c ...
PM Narendra Modi greets people of Singapore on their National Day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday gr...
PMO India Narendra Modi arrives at Brisbane, Australia for G-20 Summit. PM arrives in Brisbane, Australia for the annual summit of Group of 20 of the world's developed & emerging economies. Narendra Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Australia in 28 years since Rajiv Gandhi in 1986. Courtesy: TIMES NOW
Following her Peace Prize award in October, Yousafzai said in her speech of thanks: “I ask Narendra Modi and... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Narendra Modi is taking VVS Laxman to Australia. In other news, Aus PM has dropped Glen McGrath and Shane Warne from the welcoming party.
PM Narendra Modi with PM of New Zealand John Key and PM of Australia Tony Abbott, at the East Asia Summit
"Good gesture to build relation PM Narendra Modi invites Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev to join his delegation to Australia...
Dear Rahul Gandhi, Are you celebrating Narendra Modi's birthday or Nehru's birthday!?
670 Question Asked in Various Recent Exams (SBI, IBPS RRB, IBPS PO) 1. What is the capital of Guyana? - Georgetown 2. National Journalism Day is observed on which day every year? - 17 November 3. Apollo Hospitals tied up with Pharma firm - Sanofi 4. Mohammad Ghouse, passed away in Chennai. He was associated with which sports? - Cricket 5. Expand COMPAT - Competition Appellate Tribunal 6. Indian men hockey team clinched gold after how many years in Asian Games? - 16 years 7. India won how many gold medals in 17th Asian Games? - 11 8. Expand TS GENCO – Telangana State Power Generation Corporation 9. Who is Michael Phelps? - US swimmer 10. Indian Railways on 10 October 2014 celebrated its ……… Annual Railway National Awards - 59th 11. PM Narendra Modi addressed Indian- Americans at world famous Madison Square Garden.Madison Square Garden is situated in which city? - New York 12. J. Jayalalithaa became first incumbent Chief Minister to be convicted for corruption and was sentenced for 4 years in Jail . ...
President Pranab Mukherjee, PM Narendra Modi invited to National Games: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee are expected to attend the opening and closing ceremonies of the much-awaited 35th edition of the National Games, to be held in different venues across Kerala early next year. The state is hosting the sports carnival, one of the most significant domestic sports events of the country, after a 27 year gap. The fortnightly event is scheduled to be held in various districts of the state from January 31 to February 14. The National Games Secretariat spokesperson here said the Prime Minister is expected to be the chief guest of the opening ceremony on Jan 31, while Pranab Mukherjee is likely to attend the closing ceremony on February 14. Both the ceremonies will be held at the new greenfield stadium of international standards, which is under construction nearby Karyavattom. The state government has already extended an official invitation to both Mukherjee and Modi and both of them ...
All eyes on economic reforms agenda of govt Narendra Modi built his reputation as a skilled administrator when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat for nearly a decade. His first six months as Prime Minister have been dominated by decisions that have played to his administrative strengths.
Nearly one third of PM Narendra Modi's cabinet charged with crimes - Attempted murder, waging war on the state, criminal intimidation and fraud are some of the charges on the rap sheets of ministers Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appointed to the cabinet on Sunday, jarring with his pledge to cl…
President Barack Obama meets PM Narendra Modi ; calls him a 'man of action'
Narendra Modi is telling that clean the surrounding first you clean your home then clean the surrounding pehle ghar badlo desh badlegi jai bharat jai hind
Anand Sharma, "We have not given any invitation to the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi)." - who cares.
Cabinet rejig: Narendra Modi inducts go-getters and vote-getters Prime Minister Narendra Modi expanded his team on Sunday by appointing 21 new ministers, four of them in the Cabinet and three others as ministers of state with independent charge. The exercise had the stamp of deft hand play by the Modi-Amit Shah duo as it looked to beef up administrative efficiency while taking into account political requirements. Manohar Parrikar, Suresh Prabhu, J P Nadda and Birendra Singh have been inducted into the Cabinet, while health minister Harsh Vardhan and railway minister Sadanand Gowda have been replaced and given lesser portfolios. Nadda moves into the health ministry and Suresh Prabhu, who left Shiv Sena to join the BJP just before being sworn in, replaces Gowda as railway minister. Parrikar has been given the defence portfolio, while the Haryana Jat leader, Birendra Singh, has got rural development. While Vardhan has been given science and technology, Gowda has been shifted to law and justice. Reports were ...
Narendra Modi uses his first speech to the UN as Indias Prime Minister to renew his countrys call for reform of the Security Council.
Narendra Modi government has taken right path to reform, says World Economic Forum's MD Philipp Rosler - Th...
President, Vice President & PM Narendra Modi , with newly inducted Ministers, at Rashtrapati Bhavan
. No one can run the state like Arvind Kejriwal ,& no one can run the country like Narendra Modi
Sajjad Lone Exclusive: Modi is Kashmir's friend Key excerpts from interview Narendra Modi is not an enemy of Muslims or Kashmiri people. I'm not crazy to want to commit political suicide. Only a small faction of Kashmiri people are opposed to Modi. Modi is seen as a pro-development man who can turn around the fortunes of people of valley. Had a very fruitful dialogue with PM this evening. Discussed making Srinagar a smart city and also a new tourist corridor. PM responded very positively to the suggestions made by me. Never has any govt in the past 25 years got the army to apologise after an accidental killing. Northern Army command's apology shows how Modi is different from other PM's. Kashmir's best chance for peace and development is under Modi and BJP. Wrong to suggest I have sold out to BJP. I will contest elections as an solo unit. Not ruling out a post poll alliance with BJP in case I manage to win a few seats and the BJP needs me. Primary aim of election is to rid Kashmir of the two families who h ...
News Hey Guys Chatpati news of the day hurrey For more hot news like the page of n phool2tv network Like N share this link already know that an invitation has been sent to PM Narendra Modi, and# Salman Khan personally met him on Thursday. Now if the grapevine is to be believed Salman has invited Shah Rukh Khan to the reception on November 21. Apart from Bachchan,# Aamir Khan, Roshan, Padukone and# Kareena Kapoor Khan include in the guest list. "The guest list features actors, politicians, sportsmen and corporate honchos. In a thoughtful gesture, Salman has also sent an invite to Shah Rukh," a leading tabloid quoted its source. Royal Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad has been booked for the wedding and it would be followed by a reception in Mumbai on November 21.
BREAKING: Finance Ministry to send notice to Shiv Sena asking for entertainment tax Shiv Sena with its U-turns and contradictory stands provided a lot of entertainment. This was evident not only during Maharashtra government formation but also during Narendra Modi cabinet expansion earlier yesterday. Read more:
Narendra Modi expands Union cabinet, inducts 21 new ministers:
I congratulate my good friends Y S Chowdary, Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Brother Bandaru Dattatreya and all others who took oath as ministers in Union cabinet. I wish them good luck and hope that they all work to take the Nation to greater heights under the visionary leadership of Hon'ble Prime Minister shri Narendra Modi
With millions of Indians living in poverty, Narendra Modi must be so proud of such worthless expenditure.
Visionary& statesmanlike remarks by PM Narendra Modi at UNGA has made us Indians proud.The voice of common Indians articulated by him.Great-
Lets catup up with Indian Politics, Is to catch up with ……PM Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi ji is now trying to promote and integrate Ayurveda with Allopathic Practices. He must not be aware that "Rasha Shastra", the art of adding heavy metals to crude forms of herbs (and very important aspect of Ayurveda), is indeed very very harmful to humans. The metals used commonly are Mercury, Arsenic and Lead. These can cause serious long-term side effects and even cancer! Remove Rasha Shastra from ayurveda, it will be safe but still the relatively rare and subjective efficacy can be attributed to the Placebo effect (Inert substances evoking a psychological tolerance to chronic symptoms such as pain), which even sugar pills can elicit when patients are made to believe in them. Aware people should check for themselves. Inefficacy of Ayurveda has been proven by 'independent' 'Indian' scientists! In Medicine a drug is used only after Chemical, Animal and Randomized clinical trials and that too if the Benefits outweigh the risks. Ayurvedic medicine, majority of them, currently have been proven t ...
Modi adds 21 new ministers to cabinet - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expanded his council of ministers on S...
Prime Minister Narendra Modi s speech at inaguration of Sir H N Reliance Hospital
BBC News - Narendra Modi: India PM visits holy city of Varanasi
Thanks very much with great salute to shri narendra modi ji for adding professor shri sanwarlal jaat of ajmer in central ministers cabinet.
No new Shiv Sena minister, Uddhav may pull out of Narendra Modi government
Chandra Shekhar(1990),Atal Bihari Vajpayee(1998) & Narendra Modi(2014) were the only PMs not to take oath in the Durbar Hall
~Modi~. All the memories of those compartments trains passengers became alive. Those memories are very emotional.
Dear Friends, We are proud to be associated with "Swachh Bharat" initiative from Sri. Narendra Modi / PMO India / Government of India!! Let us help in our capacity to reach out to 125 crore people. Please do inform about Swachh Bharat Initiative to your family, friends, neighbours, relatives & colleagues. Swachh Bharat - Swasth Bharat Thank you! Desh Pehle Team
RANCHI: Jharkhand Congress has moved to the Election Commission of India and sought its intervention into the induction of Hazaribag MP Jayant Sinha in Prime Minister Narendra Modi council of ministers. Congress claimed Narendra Modi has strategically inducted Jayant Sinha (into his cabinet) from Jh…
Narendra Modi has made chutney of the media in India.
BJP is quiet since I explained Article 370 to Narendra Modi: Ram Jethmalani
Modi expands Cabinet with 21 new Ministers - The Narendra Modi Government has expanded his over five-month-old Cou...
21 new ministers join PM Narendra Modi's government
Why is that Narendra Modi is such good friends with all these Babas accused in multiple land grabbing cases?
new ministers: An eclectic mix of states,professions
if u rearrange the letters NARENDRA MODI, u get. RARE DIAMOND.. isn't amazing!
Narendra Modi-led NDA government works 24x7 - Narendra Modi doesn't even waste a Sunday on frivolity. Otherwise, he could well have done his cabinet expansion - a substantial one that expands his ministry by a third with the induction of four cabinet ministers, and 17 ministers of state, three with independent charge— on a week day. The subtle message is this: government works 24x7.
Narendra Modi has 'adopted' a Village. His Team has been given the task to completely to Transform the Village - on Photoshop
Modi is 'one man cabinet', ask Rajnath and Gadkari: Congress - Zee News
While Narendra Modi is busy with . Arvind Kejriwal is busy with . Different leaders Different Prio…
By denying shivsena respectful share in ministerial births narendra modi just put a first nail in its coffin..
The Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena rift widens as Sena leader Suresh Prabhu quits the party to join Narendra Modi's cabinet. Prabhu...
After hearing the short names of Narendra Modi. (NaMo) and Rahul Gandhi (RaGa) two politicians left. politics forevr 1. Harish Goyal
PM Narendra Modi invokes RSS ideologue, tells youth to make life meaningful
PM Narendra Modi expands cabinet, inducts 21 new faces
Goa was never so lucky as far as direct representation at Centre is concerned. Team Modi now has 3 Goan connections: http:/…
Narendra Modi again shows his word is law
Looking forward for the upcoming visit of PM Narendra Modi in Australia. Good luck Mr PM. Be shine.
Jharkhand Congress moves to ECI, after Narendra Modi inducts Jharkhand MP into Cabinet
4 cabinet ministers of 21 sworn in; BJP-Shiv Sena tension reaches breakpoint
News from P.M NARENDRA MODI . ""SHARE IT"". Lets use INDIAN app TELEGRAM instead of Whats App. It is the first...
digvijaya singh ✔ Follow. Why so much excitement about Cabinet Expansion ? Modi doesn't...
UDF and LDF...if you see events you'll know how close they are. They are experts at shadow boxing. Its like WWF of TV: Narendra Modi
[Interview] ‘BJP under Modi will become like Congress under Indira’ - KN Govindacharya |
Eminent lawyer Ram Jethmalani today said Article 370, which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir, was part of the Constitution's basic structure which "nobody can touch" and claimed BJP was now "quiet" on it as he had explained its importance to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "Article 370 is a part of the basic structure of the Constitution because we have incorporated it in accordance of the wishes of the then Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir. "It is now a final article which nobody can touch. It is the understanding of the Kashmir Committee that this kind of a thing (repealing of Article 370) is out of question," Jethmalani told reporters here. However, the Rajya Sabha MP said that the successive state governments in Jammu and Kashmir never raised any objections to modifications made to the Article from time to time. "There were no objections from J&K government ever to any modifications on Article 370. If you do not like any amendments, vomit it out, but democratically," he said. The forme ...
Meet the new Cabinet ministers Two technocrats, two hard-boiled politicians are India's new Cabinet ministers... From a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh pracharak to a Union Minister, technocrat-turned politician Manohar Gopalkrishna Parrikar, left, a three-time Goa Chief Minister, is known for his administrative acumen and clean image. Manohar ParrikarAn Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay graduate in metallurgical engineering and among the Bharatiya Janata Party's first members in Goa, 59-year-old Parrikar has been instrumental in raising his party's profile from just four members in the state assembly in 1994 to its present status as the ruling party with the highest number of seats in the state assembly. Spearheaded by Parrikar, the BJP won 21 out of 40 seats in the 2012 assembly election. An unassuming man, Parrikar, who launched a campaign against the Congress-led government on the issue of illegal mining in the state, emerged as the rallying point for anti-Congress sentiments. He was the first BJP chi ...
Now it is clear what the problem between BJP and Shiv Sena actually was... Shiv Sena didn't want Suresh Prabhu to be included in the cabinet, while Modi insisted that considering his excellent record in Vajpayee govt. Result: Shiv Sena has now lost both ways... Not only it lost a good and talented leader from the party, but also it will lose an opportunity to be in power, from the state and also from the BMC, There is also a very high chance of revolt or split in the party... Let's see what happens! Hats off to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah duo! After a very very long time we have seen a live example of "Kachcha chabaa jaana aur dakaar bhi na lena..." Dear Pakistan, be alert! If Modi can do this to just political rivals, can you imagine what he will do to you, the actual enemies of India???
Wah modi ji! Modi ke god liye huye gaon me ek bhi muslim ghar nahi. Ye itefaq hai ? ya janbujkr is gaon ko chuna gaya hai.? Padiye times of india ki report. VARANASI: The village officially adopted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday and reportedly by the Rashtriya Swayemsewak Sangh in 2006, does not have a single Muslim resident. Jayapur is dominated by Kurmis, a traditional votebank of Apna Dal which was the only ally of the BJP in UP during the Lok Sabha elections. In fact, Modi had Apna Dal MP Anupriya and her mother Krishna Patel, who now are at loggerheads, at his side when he addressed an election rally in Varanasi's Rohaniya assembly segment, from where Anupriya eventually won. READ ALSO: PM Modi adopts Jayapur village, assures region's development Rubbishing media reports speculating on the reasons for him selecting Jayapur for adoption, Modi on Friday said he chose the village because he heard its name first while campaigning for LS polls. Five people had been killed in a fire following el ...
5 takeaways from today's cabinet expansion: Talent counts: Red carpet for technocrats PM Narendra Modi has beefed up the talent pool in his cabinet by bringing in technocrats like Suresh Prabhu despite Prabhu not being in the good books of Shiv Sena boss Uddhav Thackeray. Harvard educated Jayant Sinha has also been brought in despite his father Yashwant Sinha not being a favourite of the PM. Sinha is expected to be a global financial ambassador for Modi and will play an important role in convincing foreign investors to invest in the India story. Prabhu is a favourite of the PM, who deeply values Prabhu's skills as an effective administrator. Realpolitiks takes centrestage Modi's election campaign was about high rhetoric but today's cabinet expansion was crafted in realpolitiks. Modi tried to balance regional and caste considerations in the allocation of portfolios. States where the BJP is hoping to grow like West Bengal have been given space in the cabinet. Jharkhand where elections have been announced ha ...
Twenty-one new faces were inducted in the Narendra Modi government's first cabinet expansion Sunday.
Dear Narendra Modi ji and both are set for has again lead the way for you Business Management Symposium 2014
PM Narendra Modi: Ayurveda & allopathic fields are not enemies. I do not know why they have been presented so.
Bhubaneswar: The Odisha BJP Saturday launched its membership drive with a target of enrolling 40 lakh members in the state in the next six years. Senior BJP leader and Union Minister for Environment and Forests Prakash Javadekar said the party would enrol 40 lakh members. "Last year, the Odisha BJP had only 3 lakh members. But, around 46 lakh people voted for the party in 2014 elections which shows the Narendra Modi wave in the state. We hope the party will enrol 40 lakh members as the poor are with BJP and Modi," Javadekar told media after launching the drive in the state. The membership drive is part of a nationwide programme, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi Nov 1 in New Delhi. The minister said the people are now thinking beyond roti, kapda and makaan and want development besides jobs. Stating that the Modi wave is still continuing in the country, he said Odisha politics is changing and the BJP is emerging as the number one party in the state.
2. Who is the author of the book - " The Man of the moment : Narendra Modi " ? A: Baruna Roy B: Chetan Bhagat C: M.V. Kamath D: Amish Tripathi
Ayurved is living of standard. Way of life. Narendra Modi @ World Ayurved Conference।
Telegram is neither Indian nor a Modi initiative; WhatsApp users cry foul A number of smartphone users of Lucknow were in fix after receiving a message urging to boycott the American messenger service, WhatsApp and instead chose Telegram, the ‘first Indian social media application’. Later they found that it was a fake message and there was nothing Indian about the suggested messaging application. The message even bulldozed into the user’s emotions by urging to chose the Indian application and by doing so, be part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ mission. "PM Modi ne naara diya hai 'Make in India'. Aaiye pehel karen, American Whatsapp ki jagah 'Telegram' ko apnayein. Akhir ye pehla bharatiya social media app hai,” read the message sent on users’ WhatsApp. “One has to pay Rs 56 yearly for WhatsApp and there are around 20 Crore WhatsApp users in India. Quitting the application will save Rs 1,120 Crore from going out of the country. If the Chinese can boycott it and opt thei ...
The new Ministry of Narendra Modi seems to be an advertisement for a Coaching Class "3 IITians, 1 CA topper, 1 Silver medalist..."
PM Narendra Modi participates in Ganga cleanliness drive at "Assi Ghat',
Indians in the List Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his debut in the world's most powerful people list. He ranked 15th on the Forbes list. Modi was credited for the massive reconstruction projects in his home state of Gujarat. His administration promises to bring economic rejuvenation to other beleaguered parts of India. The next Indian on the list is Mukesh Ambani at 36th rank. Ambani has business ventures in petrochemicals, manufacturing, oil and gas production, and now wireless sectors.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
FB- 366 MUST READ!! An interesting comparison that I came across while comparing stats today. Why is Mr. Modi maintaining an abnormally large workforce? Total Staff Count- During Dr. Manmohan Singh- 112 staff members During Narendra Modi- 356 staff members Ministers- 74 69 (*currently, may increase in future as NDA's trend shows) So who ACTUALLY followed the golden rule of 'minimum Govt & maximum governance' for 10 years? Modi govt. is no match. from was far ahead in terms of vision.
Suresh Prabhu quit Shiv Sena, joined BJP in morning and then sworn in as a BJP member in afternoon. and yet not a single 24X7 news channel had even slightest idea of what was going on!!! Epic politics by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah!!! Now Shiv Sena is check-mate!!!
Only one person can not bring change. we must support and do our best for make better & clean image of Surat Please Share...Please Share...Please Share... Varachha Road Mota Varachha I Support Narendra Modi Narendra Modi
Swach Bharat of Narendra modi by his biggest fan
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today attended the Eknath Ranade Birth Centenary celebrations at Vigyan Bhawan as chief guest. Praising the late RSS leader, Modi said it was an honour for him to get a chance to pay tribute to a leader who has always been a source of inspiration.
On his recent visit to Assi Ghat, the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi interacting with the Chairman, Sunbeam Group, Varanasi, Mr Deepak Madhok. As Assi Ghat has been adopted by Sunbeam Group, so is the tete-a-tete about the recent developments effected by Sunbeam with cooperation and support of all kashivasis !
Rarest of the Rare Photo PM Narendra Modi with Eknath Ranade. – Birth Centenary of Vivekananda Rock Memorial Architect at Kanyakumari
Bharatiya Janata Party, Siliguri District Committee congratulate Sri Babul Supriyo for being included in the Cabinet of Sri Narendra Modi Ji. We wish him success and the very best.
Cabinet expansion; Narendra Modi is no way different from Mrs Indira Gandhi, both are autocrats
Current Affairs: 09-11-2014: ` International Affairs: ` Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit will begin next week at Beijing, China. This is 26th APEC Summit. National Affairs: ` PM Narendra Modi will expand his Council of Ministers tomorrow afternoon. In a major breakthrough, Punjab Police Yesterday arrested chief of Khalistan Liberation Force, Harminder Singh alias Mintoo, and one of his aides and claimed that Pakistan’s ISI was making “concerted efforts” to revive terrorism in the state. Union Minister for Agriculture Radhamohan Singh has said that the government is all set to launch the Blue Revolution on the lines of the white revolution which played a big role in increasing milk production in the country. The Blue Revolution envisages transformation of the fisheries sector with increased investment, better training and development of infrastructure. New Appointments: ` Goa Health Minister Laxmikant Parsekar has been sworn in as the state’s Chief Minister. Note : Goa’s chief mini ...
The decked-up historic Durbar Hall of the Rashtrapati Bhavan will play host to the first-ever expansion of the Narendra Modi government on Sunday. Former Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar will be the star attraction at the ceremony as he is all set to land the coveted Defence portfolio, thus enabling him to be part of the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS). He resigned from his CM post on Saturday, paving way for his Cabinet colleague in Goa, Laxmikant Parsekar, to become the Chief Minister of the State. Apart from Parrikar, other leaders who gave indication of their inclusion in the Cabinet include Rajya Sabha MP Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Lok Sabha MP from Telangana Banadaru Dattatreya and Asansol MP and Bollywood singer Babul Supriyo. TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu had earlier nominated party MP Y S Chowdary to become part of Team Modi. The Cabinet formation, however, appeared to a hit a last-minute hurdle over the inclusion of Shiv Sena MPs. Modi was keen to have Suresh Prabhu in his team, but the Sena wa ...
Hallmark of a Great Leader: Installs, Erects and Commissions Mr Manohar Parrikar who is like Modi Version II-totally detached from materialism and decoupled from family lineage linkages. He gets the most important position of his Cabinet, considering possible combined attack by China & Pak, huge big procurement of weapons and equipment from indigenous sources and procurement thru imports. The consideration is pure meritocracy-honest, hard worker, ego free, decisive, growth oriented with passion to do good for India. No envy, jealous, paranoid or the fear of identifying and establishing his own competitor. These were reasons for the SG's doctrine of the Rising Son and Declining Congress. Quick learner, hard worker with passion to do the best for India and Indian people-PM Narendra Modi
Probably for the first time ever since Narendra Modi formed the government at the Centre, West Bengal chief...
NEWS » NATIONAL VARANASI, November 8, 2014 Updated: November 8, 2014 19:21 IST Modi takes 'Clean India' Campaign to the Ganges : : Nominates UP CM and cricketer Mohammed Kaif Prime Minister Narendra Modi pushed his clean India campaign to the ghats of the Ganga on Saturday morning and coopted the Chief mnister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav into the campaign by nominating him among nine public figures to carry forward the programme in the state. Narendra Modi launches Clean Ganga Campaign from Assi Ghat, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Photo: Prashant Nakwe Mr. Modi descended on the Assi ghat which had been sanitised by security and cleaned up by the Municipal authorities in the wee hours of the morning for the function at 8.35 am and headed straight to the river bank to perform Ganga pujan amid chants of 'Har Har Mahadev" by his supporters. After a 15 minute prayer ritual, the Prime Minister picked up a spade and began vigorously digging out silt on the bank as news crews recorded the act. Significantly, he d ...
Gd. A/Noon Wid My Nee Muskaan Koko Kajol Read why Bollywood actress Kajol admires Narendra Modi New Delhi, Nov 7: Kajol, the dusky beauty of Bollywood and the hand washing brand ambassador, has applauded Narendra Modi's hand wash campaign, which has become the talk of the town. She said that the Prime Minister's backing has raised the importance of this issue, which should be inculcated in everyday life. She said,"Modi himself talked about how hand washing is important and I was like, 'Yay hand-washing is important and the Prime Minister also says so'. After that, the programme has grabbed a lot of attention. It has kind of become fashionable and a trend." On her visit to New Delhi to promote the 'Help a Child Reach Five' movement at the World Economic Forum regional summit, Kajol said,"Hand wash is the need of the hour instead of just a habit. Hand wash is the first basic and cost effective step that we can adopt to prevent any disease. It was taught to us when we were kids, but we have forgotten about i ...
Sachin Tendulkar hints at major sporting plan for India with Narendra Modi.
Prime minster Narendra Modi run for unity on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel birth anniversary via
Today, I am here with you as your representative: PM Narendra Modi
I wanted to visit Varanasi earlier, but had to change my schedule due to cyclone in Andhra Pradesh: PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi to reshuffle Cabinet on Sunday: This will be Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first expansion a...
Top 5 posts shared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on LinkedIn: Narendra Modi has made sure that he embraces a...
Varanasi has a very special place in my heart, it has made me their own: =PM Narendra Modi
Today happiest and memorial moment for paldi people. "Paldi" village among of all villages in Baghpat district is selected for "Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana" launched by Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.. "Paldi" village is adopted by Baghpat MP Dr. Satyapal Singh for great development. All city facility will provided in village like 24 hour electricity and water, road, IT enabled schools, beautiful ponds and other total 19 department of Central government will directly work on our great village.
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott calls up Narendra Modi to discuss agenda for G-20 Summit in Brisbane. ( PTI )
From one Prime Minister to another: Narendra Modi's special gift to Shinzo Abe
PM Narendra Modi arrives in Varanasi, first time after assuming charge: Prime Minister Naren... via
Narendra Modi is now going to Australia. I can't believe he became the Prime Minister of India just to travel the world.
hello frnds lots of request of appointment so we decided that after 3 month mr. Prime Minister sir will do all appointment for one month continuasly so those who wanna do appointment with sir plz comment here its golden chance for u only urgent appointment plzzz Message from team Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi ranks 15 on Forbes’ List of World’s Most Powerful People; Mukesh Ambani on 36, Lakshmi Mittal on 57
Salman Khan Invited PM Narendra Modi to Attend Arpita Khan’s Wedding It was Floating Around Since The Wedding News of Arpita Khan Came Out on Media and Now, The Bollywood Megastar Salman Khan Personally Invited The Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi Sir to Attend The Wedding of Khan’s Sister, Arpita Khan. Salman This Evening Met The PM Along with His Sister Alvira Khan in Delhi Where He is Shooting for His Film, Bajrangi Bhaijaan. He had a Bit Conversation with PM and There Invited Him to Join Their Family Function. All are Expecting, The Response of PM will be Positive and He will Make Arpita’s Wedding Memorable by Giving His Presence. The Wedding will be Held on November 18 and Expecting to be The Most Expensive Wedding of Bollywood.
There is no money left in 289 accounts in the list of 628 furnished by multinational bank HSBC, according to Supreme Court appointed SIT on black money. This means that almost half the account holders may have evacuated whatever funds they had parked in these accounts. Not a bad achievement during first 150 days of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister!
Fight from Varanasi if you want to stop Narendra Modi: RUC to Mulayam Singh Yadav - Bubblews via
Uddhav Thackeray & Shiv Sena's nuisance value to Narendra Modi matches that of Jayalalitha to Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Please guys cooperate n don't have food from mcd, dominos🎲, pizza hut🍕, KFC🍗 just for a day only one day 4TH NOVEMBER (4/11/2014) coz Narendra Modi had told that if we have our indian products for a one day the price of dollar will come decrease down in too-speed so kindly please forward this msges as far as possible at date (4/11/2014) there should be 90% peoples who will have indian products. Share as much as possible plzs.!!!
Italian marines case: Italy PM speaks to Narendra Modi
Three Indians in Forbes list of world's most powerful: Narendra Modi, Mukesh Ambani, Lakshmi Mittal
Narendra Modi ranks 15th on Forbes power list; Vladimir Putin tops list again
Narendra Modi's attempt to use Sardar Patel to eclipse Indira Gandhi does not befit the PM of India -:
If Sardar Patel was architect of 'Modern India' then Narendra Modi will be the architect of 'Changed India'.
Why Priyanka Gandhi is a dud and Narendra Modi will continue to rise - Page2 - The Economic Times
(Can never ever forget Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's function in joining India: Narendra Modi) has been published on...
Arun Jaitley’s new Budget team takes charge Finance minister Arun Jaitley's new budget team is in place with Hasmukh Adhia — who served as principal secretary to Narendra Modi during his second term as Gujarat Chief Minister's office — being appointed the new financial services secretary. Adhia's appointment, which came late on Monday evening, coincided with the formal launch of the preparations for the 2015-16 Budget
50 nations, including and US, back Narendra Modi's call for Day. The Economic Times.
Dr. Subramanian Swamy International Day of Yoga . Soon. - "Yoga is an invaluable gift of our ancient tradition. Yoga embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature," - PM Narendra Modi. As many as 50 countries - US, Canada and China most recently — have signed up for co-sponsorship of a draft resolution which India's UN mission is preparing for declaring June 21 as international Yoga day. The resolution will be submitted soon to the UN secretariat with the government looking to aggressively push for its adoption before the end of this year. The list of co-sponsors includes China, Japan, Indonesia and South Korea and also South Africa and Nigeria. Neighbours such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka were amongst the earliest to sign on. Latin American giants Brazil and Argentina too have c ...
What's going on? PM Narendra Modi should follow the footsteps of Atal Bihari… Get Leads ->
After blaming Chandrababu Naidu, now KCR is blaming Narendra Modi for the failure of governance in Telangana. Who next? Ban Ki Moon?
PM Narendra Modi visits Siachen Glacier on Diwali"Today India sleeps peacefully because you stay awake day and night" …
Do you approve of Narendra Modi skipping Indira Gandhi's memorial event?
This animation song is dedicated to our Mother India as a tribute to the Swachh Bharat Campaign initiated by our Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi j...
Hon'ble Sri Pranab Mukherjee ji, Sri Narendra Modi ji and Smt Mamta Banerjee ji, you are cordially invited to my b day celebration on 15th Nov 2014. Being an Indian it is my right and duty to invite our President, Prime Minister and Chief Minister. Mr. Musharraf u r not invited.
The Narendra Modi government is all set to amend the Lokpal Bill. The Department of Personnel and Training's...
guru Baba Ramdev has proposed a new national school board focused on "Indianising" the system
Hyderabad Muslims slam Bukhari HYDERABAD: The invitation extended by Shahi Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his son's dastarbandi, while ignoring Prime Minister Narendra Modi, invited the wrath of a cross-section of Muslims in the city on Friday. Bukhari was slammed by several groups for sending wrong signals about the Muslim community with his act, while others lashed out at him for "occupying" the Jama Masjid. Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi accused Bukhari of playing "politics of essentialism". "Islam has no pope and he is no Shahi Imam. He has been illegally occupying the mosque for his narrow reasons and treating it as his personal property .Bukhari doesn't even represent a fraction of the Muslims. He fails to realise Muslims want development and a life of dignity ," Owaisi said while adding that "Bukhari is a liability for Muslims and has no right to interfere in the foreign affairs of the country." He alleged that both the national parties, ...
Narendra Modi is incarnation of god, says new ICCR chief
Next week, Salman Khan is flying to Delhi to meet Narendra Modi. No, the star has not developed political ambitions...
It is very unfortunate controversy created by Jama Masjid Imam Syed Ahmad Bukhari to invite Pak PM while insulting our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi by decline to invite on 22nd Nov-14 anointment ceremony. What kind of message Bukhari trying to send our country? Mr. Bukhari pls remember Indian Muslims believe in Modi not Sharif.
2007-58 ₹ 2GB internet 30 days ☆2008- 78 ₹ 2GB internet 30 days ☆2009- 98 ₹ 2GB internet 30 days ☆2010- 105 ₹ 2GB internet 30 days ☆2011- 120 ₹ 2GB internet 28 days ☆2012- 155 ₹ 2GB internet 28 days ☆2013 -155 ₹1.5GB internet 28 days ☆2014- 175 ₹ 1GB internet 28 day ☆2014- 95 ₹ 500 MB 15 days 2014 - 250 ₹ 2GB 30 days And... What will happen in future ? The rate of net recharge is increasing day by day, that's why Mr Narendra Modi has asked to switch off mobile data for that day, it's only one day you have to keep ur internet off.. Bcz of that all sim companies will suffer loss of approx 300 to 400 crores and they will reduce net prices upto 90%.. It's a request to all to keep off the net pack for that one full day on 31/10/2014.. Share this message to all ur Frnz..
Rare Pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Living as a Sadhu in his Youth http:…
Recalibrating foreign policy Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now interacted with the leaders of four of the five countries/regions — SAARC, China, Japan, Russia, and U.S. — on the list of foreign policy priorities mentioned in the President’s address to the opening session of Parliament. It is, therefore, an appropriate time to take stock of the underlying changes in the directions of India’s foreign policy. In other words, is Mr. Modi’s foreign policy likely to differ from that of Sonia Gandhi-Manmohan Singh?
Narendra Modi needs to bring the perpetrators of the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom to justice. He won't, because in 2002... http:/…
MR. NARENDRA MODI SEEM TO BE COPYING ME !!! He wears the Khadi Half-Kurta which was almost my uniform during college days. I never knew him then. I saw him using the same pen that I use, (same color, same make) during his swearing-in ceremony as a Prime Minister. I bought it at least 10 months back. Now today's newspaper, I saw that he wore the same shoe (same color, same make) while he went to Patel Chowk on Sardar Patel's Birthday that I bought two years back. Sad, no one is going to trust me. Everyone will think that I have copied him. BY THE WAY, ARE YOU AWARE THAT PT. JAWAHARLAL NEHRU ALSO USED TO WEAR MODI JACKET??? :D
Congress fumes even as PM Narendra Modi talks of Indira Gandhi
See the love and respect to Our P M Simplicity Honesty Selflessness Patriotism all in one and he is P M Narendra Modi
After nearly 50 years, the primary school at Karamsad, Anand District, where Sardar Patel studied, has been restored with parts of the buiding converted into skill development center and a memorial. The trust run school LAY NEGLECTED which could not be renovated for WANT OF FUNDS and had been approaching the STATE GOVERNMENT for hep. The last care given by state Government was in 1998 by Keshubhai Patel Government. Subsequent government led by Mr. Narendra Modi as Chief Minister kept on quoting lack of funds as a reason. SUDDENLY, the funds are abundant...
This inspiring Narendra Modi during in 2014, is going to be cherished by an entire generation :)
" manadalada mathu " ,from narendra modi on 2 nd November at 11 am .
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assumption that in prehistoric mythological times India had mastered genetic...
Is PM Narendra Modi the new age 'Sardar Patel'? -
Why Nehru-Gandhi family is now targeting Narendra Modi? Listen from Swamy: via
Narendra Modi sir don't create another freedom struggle for free TAMILNADU. Pls take a action.
New Delhi: One of PM Narendra Modi's first global imprints could come soon with the fructification of his proposal - which he announced in his UNGA speech — for an International Day of Yoga. As man...
Lalu Prasad Yadav making fun of Narendra Modi over Prime Minister candidate post
PM Narendra Modi greets people of MP, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Haryana on foundation day
its great to know the news today that India's Prime Minister Hounerable Mr Narendra Modi will be visiting our country Fiji next week .
Warren Anderson directly responsible for Bhopal Disaster. He was CEO of Company. Narendra Modi not responsible for Riots. He was…
After Shri Narendra Modi became a p.m. of India 6 times the rate of petrol and diseal is less
PM Narendra Modi to launch BJP's membership drive today
Music video dedicated to PM Narendra Modi's Campaign, has crossed one million hits on YouTube
Syed Ahmed Bukhari, Shahi Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid, recently named his 19-year-old son Shaban Bukhari as his successor. The teenager will be anointed as the 'Nayab Shahi Imam' (Vice Imam) at a ceremony on November 22. For the ceremony, the Shahi Imam of the country's largest mosque has sent out invitations to several Indian and foreign political leaders, nearly 1,000 religious leaders from across the world, and others. Also on the invitee list is Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. However, Bukhari has failed to invite his own Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to the event. Though, he has sent out invites to several ministers, including Rajnath Singh and Dr Harsh Vardhan & Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif.
Meet the new ICCR chief: Narendra Modi avatar of god, bigger than: . Meet the new ICCR chief: Narendra M...
PM Modi pays floral tributes to Sardar Patel before flagging off "Run for Unity". LIVE updates
Who wont get inspired when himself wields the broom &joins Swachh Bharat Mission! Very significant effort htt…
Dear did you suspend these 15 lakh accounts?
Narendra Modi must put Jakarta at the heart of India’s strategic imagination: . "There is no major...
Hot in Fashion: 2014 will go down in history as the election of Narendra Modi: … see more
Narendra Modi merges myth and reality to say plastic surgery fixed Ganesh's ... - The...
Narendra Modi to be star attraction at Devendra Fadnavis’ grand swearing-in -
"Narendra Modi's defiance of science." Karan Thapar questions PM's claims on plastic surgery in Vedic times.
Narendra Modi Magic working well. I would save at least 20 a year. Petrol Rs 70.45, diesel Rs 57.94 in Bangalore Bangalore, Oct 31, 2014, DHNS: Petrol and diesel prices in the City touched a 15-month low with the reduction effected by oil companies on Friday. Petrol will be cheaper by Rs 2.65 a litre and diesel by Rs 2.49 a litre in Bangalore. A litre of petrol and diesel will now cost Rs 70.45 and Rs 57.94 respectively with effect from the intervening night of October 31/ November 1. The existing price of petrol and diesel per litre in Bangalore is Rs 73.10 and Rs 60.43 respectively. This is the sixth reduction in petrol prices since August.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with other leaders and the citizens across the country take the unity pledge before the flagging off the run for unity tod...
Even after losing badly in loksabha election, Narendra Modi is a LOP for him , what a positive thinking
Shri.Devenddra Fadnavis became 17th Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The oath taking ceremony was held in Wankhede stadium in Mumbai which saw massive turnout from all parts of Maharashtra. PM Shri Narendra Modi and Party President Shri. Amit Shah graced the occasion along with CMs of Gujarat,Chattisgarh,Goa, Rajasthan, Haryana and A.P, Punjab. Leaders from Congress,NCP and ShiveSena also witnessed the event of anointment of Shri. Devendra Fadnavis as Chief Minister of Maharashtra.
"If you love someone, set him free. If he comes back, he's probably Uddhav Thackeray!" ~ narendra modi
It is perfectly fine not to give credit to Narendra Modi for petrol & diesel price reduction . But don't blame him when they starts increasing. Okay? LOL
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre here today. Located in the heart of south Mumbai, th...
This is ultimate-- Yamraj to Santa: "Tumhari koi aakhri khwaish hai !! . . Santa -"I want to see Manmohan Singh speaking to Salman Khan's wife at Narendra Modi's wedding. Yamraj fainted.!!!
As the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid drew flak from Muslims for inviting the Pakistan Prime Minister to his son's anointment as his successor but not Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government refused to get drawn into the controversy, terming his remarks as ‘voices from the wilderness’. Asked to react to the invite to Nawaz Sharif, external affairs ministry spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin said on Friday, "We don't respond to voices from the wilderness who are always clawing to get space, and your mind space." The Forum for Muslim Studies and Analysis (FMSA) in Aligarh accused the Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari of insulting Indian Muslims by inviting Nawaz Sharif to a Nov 29 dinner to mark the anointment of his son Shaban, 19, as the Naib Imam. India Islamic Cultural Centre (IICC) president Sirajuddin Qureshi has also criticized the Shahi Imam's remarks. Qureshi, who heads the iconic institution with large number of elite community members, said that Imam Bukhari should admit that the Narendra Modi is headi ...
PM Narendra Modi to launch BJP's membership drive. BJP membership drive begins today, aims 50 lakh new members
Bourses have blast post-too; hit new peak Riding high on a slew of positive developments on domestic and global fronts, the shares galloped in the just-concluded week with the key benchmark indices scaling never seen before levels. Both the S&P BSE benchmark Sensex and CNX Nifty conquered new historic peaks in post-Diwali week on persistent buying on hopes of more reform measures from the Narendra Modi Government.
Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has attempted to reach out to the Indians residing in Metros, cities, villages and remote areas all at the same time. He will address on AIR at 11am tomorrow, Sunday, 2nd Nov 2014. All AIR, FM, DTH stations to stream live. Also, at 8pm in the evening, regional AIR stations will relay the speech in the local regional language too. This is the ideal way to express his ideas directly to the public. In recent times, the media has hogged on to the judge's chair. Let the public be the judge, henceforth.
* Swachh Bharat MISSION - IMP FACTS * Swachh Bharat Mission - (Ek Kadam Swachhata Ki Aur) launched on 2nd Oct'2014 (2) Logo – created by Shri Anant Khasbardar of Kolhapur, Maharashtra has won the Logo design contest (3) The Tagline “Ek Kadam Swachhata Ki Aur” was given by Ms.Bhagyasri Sheth of Rajkot, Gujarat. (4) The concept of Swachh Bharat is to pave access for every person to sanitation facilities including toilets, solid and liquid waste disposal systems, village cleanliness and safe and adequate drinking water supply. (5) The Mission aims at fulfilling the dream of clean India of Mahatma Gandhi by his 150th birth anniversary in 2019. (6) PM Narendra Modi appointed Bollywood actor AAMIR KHAN as the Brand Ambassador of the Swachh Bharat Mission. (7) Prime Minister roped 9 celebrities including cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, industrialist Anil Ambani, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Kamal Haasan, Goa governor Mridula Sinha, yoga guru -- Ramdev and the team of TV s ...
How many times has Narendra Modi as Guj CM celebrated Sardar Patel's birth anniversary before?: Anand Sharma,Congress
Bharara in damage control mode over Modi summons: Madhav Nalapat. US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, has sought to "cover up his informal involvement in the 25 September issue of summons to PM Modi by the Southern District US Federal Court in New York". Apparently anxious that a further expose on his role would be carried on 19 October in continuation of The Sunday Guardian report on Bharara in the issue dated 12 October (Bharara, other US officials 'assisted those behind court-summons to Modi'), the US Attorney in NYC filed papers that day itself before the US Federal Court in the southern district of that city, averring that as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi enjoyed immunity from court proceedings for actions committed by him. In doing so, he was carrying out a request from the US Department of State. However, Bharara made it clear that the legal process would resume, should Modi demit office. The court gave the complainants against the PM 15 days to respond to the State De ...
If the latest guideline of Supreme Court is to be followed, the entire list of black money account holders should be out by the early hours of October 29. The Apex Court has ordered the Narendra Modi-led central government to reveal the entire list of perpetrators who are guilty of stocking up unaccounted sums of money. A day after the government revealed the names of Pradeep Burman (Promoter of Dabur India), Pankaj Chimanlal Lodhiya (Rajkot-based bullion trader), Radha Satish Timblo (Director of Goa-based mining company Timblo Pvt. Ltd), the SC lashed out the government to give the complete list of the black money holders to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) and the court too. Any predictions before the list come out tomorrow; please mention in the comment section below! The long list of tax violators have been demanded by the SC and list has come up through a social messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ which reads that Wikileaks has leaked secret information which contains names of 20 politicians who have a ...
On the same day, attended an inauguration where he met Mukesh Ambani/Narendra Modi and also launched website. :|
Oh my god. Mr. Narendra Modi has done a great job. 600+ people have already get caught for black money... Have submitted in Supreme Court.. It's time to open the envelope Ab ki baar modi sarkar..
After taking oath Narendra Modi may take first decision of rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits. Govt will pay all money
Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi congratulated Dilma Rousseff on her reelection as Brazil’s head of state
Narendra Modi ruling from Delhi. Devendra Fadnavis ruling from Maharashtra. Thinking to change my name to Rajendra Thackera…
Big enthusiasm for Narendra Modi's Madison Square-like event in Sydney
K.P.Nayar speaks of a puzzle that keeps America waiting for an answer [Post Editorial, The Telegraph dt. 22.10.14]. The other countries are also presumably eager to know the answer. “Three weeks after Narendra Modi left stateside, an enduring puzzle for the Americans continues to be his Navaratri feast. It is now is very limited, but privileged, circles that agencies of the government of the United States of America went to extraordinary lengths to ascertain if the Prime Minister, in the privacy of his hotel suite, was consuming anything other than warm water during his stay in Manhattan. . “The Prime Minister spent 102 hours in the US last month. Making a liberal allowance of 32 hours during those four days for sleep, ablutions, getting ready for meetings and transit, he had to 70 hours to spare for official engagements. The Prime Minister had 35 structured meetings during those 70 hours, not including the now well known speeches at the Madison Square Garden (and others).How does anyone do so much o ...
Point of View - T J S George Modi's popularity & power are re-inforced. How will he use them to conquer the challenges facing him? Now that the festival of lights and fireworks is behind us (with a bonus ban on Chinese *** , we can return to our customary festival of political fireworks. The excitement produced by the Assembly election results is yet to die down although Maharashtra has a semblance of unity after tortuous oneupmanship games. It was yet another Narendra Modi triumph, no doubt about that. For the rest, what we see is a maze of interpretations, explanations and anticipations. Ploughing through this labyrinth, we can see at least six lines of thought. Take your pick. The era of coalitions is over and so is the relevance of regional parties, say BJP circles emboldened by the party going solo and doing well. But this is a premature claim. In Maharashtra a tactical understanding amounting to a coalition became necessary so that the BJP could proceed towards forming a government. Haryana got ...
Congress leader Digvijaya Singh dares PM Narendra Modi and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat to disclose names of all black money hoarders.
AAP MLA from Trilokpuri, he should be held responsible for Riot. Narendra Modi was CM of Gujarat, but he can't be held responsi…
Ganesh Ji had a Plastic surgery, said Narendra Modi. And Bhakts want the world to take the Joker seriously
Rohit Sharma and Zaheer Khan with Narendra Modi during the inauguration of HN Reliance foundation hospital.
Narendra Modi's money love triangle with the Ambanis. When is a donation called a bribe?
Plz Share it to everyone .To fulfil Gandhi’s dream of clean and healthy india, Narendra Modi launched Swachh Bharat, a historic first ever biggest mass movement after Independence on October 2, Gandhi Jayanti. So I would like to request all of my friends to join Swachh Bharat movement to make a clean india."VIJAY KUMAR"
C24NEWS.COM TEAM... Narendra Modi inaugurates Reliance Foundation Hospital A very old hospital has got a new life today. In a way it is the new beginning for the hospital: PM Narendra Modi Medical equipment is expensive, should be made in India Gareeb se gareeb vyakti ko ilaaj milna chahiye The increasing number of infant deaths is very worrying"PM Narendra Modi Aamir Khan,Anjali Tendulkar,Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan RFHospital Inauguration India now boats another World class medical institution, says Nita Ambani MRT team
Maharashtra polls:Narendra Modi putting his prestige at stake by becoming the chief campaigner -...
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Hope there isn't any marriage in Reliance Family soon. They can ask Narendra Modi to dance or play flute or drum
Special Report: PM Narendra Modi to attend Manohar Lal Khattar’s swearing-in .
BREAKING: Amit Shah just advised Narendra Modi not to call Rajdeep a NewsTrader.
NITIN GADKARI TO INAUGURATE ELECTRONIC TOLL COLLECTION SYSTEM ON DELHI-MUMBAI ROUTE VIA HARYANA, RAJASTHAN, MADHYA PRADESH, GUJARAT & MAHARASHTRA ON OCT. 31, 2014 The Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari will inaugurate the Narendra Modi government’s ambitious plan of collection of toll through Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) on Oct. 31. ETC has already been installed at 55 Toll Plazas and their integration with CCH operators has almost been completed on the Delhi-Mumbai route via Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat & Maharashtra. A pilot project for Interoperable ETC system of 10 toll plazas between Mumbai (Charoti) and Ahmadabad has already been tested and seamless ETC on this section is successfully in operation. The central Government has issued orders to incorporate ETC lanes as a mandatory clause in the contracts awarded for all the Highways projects in future. Action will be taken to include ETC system by means of supplementary agreement in those projects which ...
Narendra Modi, : Ahead of the Game - Shocking Revelation He will succeed, because, historically, in India only "danda" works !! OMG, Delhi is changing ! Hope it gathers momentum and stems the rot !! AHEAD OF THE GAME Narendra Modi’s prime ministry is not the big gamble it seems. By N.V. Subramanian (29 September 2014) 28 September 2014: In some ways, Narendra Modi’s prime ministry appears more counter-intuitive than those of his predecessors. You would imagine that he would seek to make friends and allies in the ruling establishment to stabilize and strengthen his position. By that logic, he would placate his party colleagues in and outside the government and the extended Sangh Parivar which assisted him to gain power. He would wire the permanent civil service in his favour and give it a share of power as happened in the previous United Progressive Alliance regime. He would curry favour with the press, appear beholden to the fat cats of the financial world, and gush at big business. Counter-intuit ...
.Do you know what took the cake? Jairam Ramesh was chosen ahead of Narendra Modi as IOTY nominee last year :D
Answer by Amit Kumar to I have a small recruitment agency and want to support Narendra Modi's "Make in India" moveme…
PM Narendra Modi's logic for pruning imports is in line with his 'Make in India' programme.
[Cover] How BJP seeks to become the default party of governance. And what it means for India |
"India, 20 others set up Asian Infrastructure Invest Bank. read more: Get out now!
Yesterday the lone Muslim family in our neighbourhood received the maximum Diwali gifts and sweets than any other Hindu family. Of late we also received sweet red rice and other sweets on Eid. While today a young muslim man who is an electrician donated blood to my seriously ailing grandfather in emergency, to whom on other day I was convincing for Narendra Modi. The message is all obvious that India is a land of absorption for all beliefs and truly secular in character from its ancient past. We must celebrate this high ideal by disapproving seldom extremism while leaving ample space for dispassionate debate on archaic irrational values.
PM Narendra Modi pays tribute to Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel on raising day of the force,salutes them for the…
Amity is a crook University>>PM comes to the rescue of former Amity professor to get her due
At first glance mistook for BigB 🙊 "Aerial shots of PM Narendra Modi en route to Siachen (J&K) today
welcomes 's gesture spending Diwali wid soldiers kick out
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Substitute non-essential imports, make them in India, says Narendra Modi
'The nation sleeps in peace because. you are awake', says Prime Minister. Narendra Modi in Siachen.
Gujarati HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Gujarartis friends in India and across the World and also to our respected loving Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi :) :)
Very great step by Narendra Modi Ji...even uf he inspires atleast one tenth of the present students it will be great achievement fr India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday paid a surprise visit to Siachen to celebrate Diwali with soldiers posted at the world's highest battlefield and hailed the role of the armed forces in securing the country.
TOII Country proud of your valour, PM tells ITBP on raising day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Fridat paid t...
New Delhi, Oct 24 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday greeted the Indo-Tibetan Border Police on its 53rd Raising Day and said the country was proud of the valour and service of its men and officers. “On the Raising Day of ITBP, I salute our brave ITBP personnel. We are proud of their […]
Thanku Joy. Sharing for those interested.Power of Utube) “Kiran Bedi on Narendra Modi’s Diplomacy http:…
India, 20 others form Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: The Bank, to be headquartered in Beijing, is expec...
AAP welcomes Narendra Modi's gesture of spending Diwali with soldiers
Blog: Why Priyanka Gandhi is a dud and will continue to rise
Top 20 narendra modi speech, best speech ever
Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Sabarimala shrine ahead of Mandalam season. May declare it as a national pilgrim cent…
Doordarshan and YouTube bring to you the Swearing-in-Ceremony of Narendra Modi as the 15th Prime Minister of India. The Union Council of Ministers will ...
That is Narendra Modi we salute him
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Narendra Modi government’s transparency: RTI replies will now be online - India Tomorrow
Various groups calls on PM Narendra Modi, at Raj Bhawan, Srinagar: via
On Diwali today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent some time with the soldiers posted on the heights of Siachen Glacier to send the message that all Indians...
Good news for transparency, bad news for journalists. RTI responses to be put online.
Being Narendra Modi wrote: New Delhi: The NDA government has started filing charges against individuals having illicit accounts in overseas banks, clearing the way for disclosure of names of those who have stashed black money abroad, and triggering speculation that some prominent politicians may figure on the much-awaited list. Sources said that prosecution has been initiated against one foreign account holder, ...
Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauds ITBP on raising day - The Economic Times
To complete any action strategies are very important and i appreciate Narendra Modi who accompalish his tasks by first making strategies
Khattar will be the next c.m of haryana : - bjp choose manohar lal khattar ,who won from karnal by 63773 votes to Chief Minister s post. Sh. Khattar was close to R.S.S and narendra modi,and Amit Shah particularly. But that was the fact also that khattr supports khap panchayats and their setup openly.
GET READY !!. BJP set to inform SC it is seeking fresh Delhi polls.
Amazing story of a businessman who gifted cars, flats to staff Savji Dholakia came to Surat after he dropped out of school. His story is what dreams are made of. For the last few days, Surat-based diamond exporter Savji Dholakia has been inundated with job applications. Every day, 35-40 resumes are landing at his desk from people eager to work for him. Overnight, Dholakia appears to have become a highly sought-after employer. Image: Savjibhai Dholakia received the GJEPC award from Narendra Modi when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Photographs, courtesy: Hari Krishna Exports There is good reason for that. Last Sunday, the 50-year-old founder and partner (manufacturing and management) of Hari Krishna Exports gave away flats, cars and jewellery to over 1,200 of his employees as part of a radical "loyalty programme". Image: Employees gifted with cars, flats for Diwali. Photographs, courtesy: Hari Krishna Exports The idea was to "extend gratitude" to employees who had helped the company grow. So, 491 em ...
A very humble gesture by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi ji, by celebrating Diwali with the bravehearts at Siachen. Also, the gesture of being with the grieving victims of the National disaster at Jammu and Kashmir was one of a kind.
AAP welcomes PM 's gesture of spending Diwali with soldiers in
Opposition in Disarray Following Prime Minister's J & K Visit on Diwali Day. Opposition parties are attacking PM Narendra Modi for his Kashmir visit on Diwali day. These attacks appear to be a frustrated reactions to the Prime Minister's rapport with the people of India, including J&K. : Firstly the Congress & Panther's party leader said, Why didn't the PM visit Kashmir during Eid instead of Diwali ? BJP leaders pointed out that the PM was in Kashmir just 4 days before Eid during the worst floods of the century. They have forgotten that there were no Eid celebrations in Kashmir, only relief & rescue operations. They have forgotten because they were busy celebrating Eid in their cozy homes ! : Ruling National Conference & Congress are alleging that the relief announced by the PM is just not enough ! True, it is not enough, & the PM knows about it. What he has announced is for immediate repair/rebuilding of houses, & buying the much needed equipment for 6 hospitals which were affected by floods. When PM m . ...
Interesting piece by on dealing with futuristic thinking:
Chaos ka Baap -AAP (nothing original) Yesterday Ashutosh was saving the skin of Congress and today --
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Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday attacked Pakistan for its repeated violation of ceasefire along the international border and the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir, saying it did not even spare Diwali. "Pakistan should stop ceasefire violations. We have never provoked or started the firing. We have always retaliated," Singh said at a ceremony at Surajpur in Greater Noida to mark the 53rd Raising Day of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police. "India believes in peace. They didn't even spare Diwali," the Home Minister said. Early morning on Diwali, Pakistan Rangers violated ceasefire several times and resorted to firing on border outposts along the International Border in Samba, Kathua and Jammu districts as Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Jammu and Kashmir. On the border dispute with China, Singh said the two countries must talk. "We should resolve the border disputes with China through talks. We also want peace but with respect," he said. "We sleep peacefully because you guard our borders and sacrifi ...
Arun Jaitely never won an election in his life . People have voted for Narendra Modi .Ppl will demand answers from Modi. Jai…
AAP welcomes PM Narendra Modi's gesture of spending Diwali with soldiers
Former Pakistan President and Army Chief, Pervez Musharraf, has hit out at PM Narendra Modi. In an exclusive interview with Rahul Kanwal, Musharraf has said that the Indian Prime Minister is not for Indo-Pak peace.
Aam Aadmi Party supports Prime Minister Narendra Modi's gesture of celebrating Diwali with soldiers at Siachen
Narendra Modi government takes RTI to another level: All replies to be put online - Economic Times via
PM Narendra Modi comes to the rescue of former Amity professor, helps her get her due PM cares for gener…
Meenakshi Lekhi hits back at Pervez Musharraf for targeting PM Narendra Modi - Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Meenakshi Lekhi on Thursday took potshots at former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf for his provocative statements against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he is no one to s…
PM Modi Grants Additional Rs 745 Crore to Rebuild Homes, Hospitals in Flood-hit Kashmir SRINAGAR: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an additional relief package of `745 crore for the flood-hit Valley during his visit to the State on Thursday. He arrived here in the afternoon to spend Diwali with the people who lost everything in the calamity. In a meeting with Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and other functionaries of the State government, the Prime Minister also took stock of the relief and rehabilitation work. He interacted with representatives of major political parties, fruit and saffron growers association, hoteliers, shikarawalas (houseboat owners), travel agents, NGO volunteers, academicians and members of the handloom sector. He assured them of help, adding that the country shares their grief. “The Prime Minister reviewed the work related to re-construction and restoration of damaged houses and public infrastructure, including roads, bridges, schools and hospitals,” Union Home Secretary Anil ...
Salman Khan, who is busy preparing for his sister Arpita Khan's wedding, will most likely get a chance to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the ceremony.
CHINA Vs INDIA - It was a pride moment for every Indian, on 27.09.2014, when our PM, Narendra Modi delivered his speech at UN General Assembly in Hindi, with full confidence and control. Understandable, that now steering is in hands of pilot who not only drives the country but also speaks. But, he alone cant do miracle for steering the economy,system and bureacracy. Now, its time for every Indian to participate in the development of the country enabling India to compete with countries like China. Need is there for paradigm shift similar to Chinese who are having good system & policies. Present, rural India is far behind then urban India. Need is there to take rural India along with urban India, so that they also start thinking what urban India thinks, without missing our culture and values.. Today, entire world is looking towards India, as if miracle is going to happen. No Miracle will happen because there is no magic stick. To compete with China.. India needs to have balance in economics and major need . ...
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi made a surprise visit to Siachen. Addressing officers and jawans of the Indian Armed Forces at Siachen Base Camp at a ...
Israel seals long-delayed $144 million missile deal with India India will take possession of hundreds of Israeli-made Barak missiles for its battleships late next year, following approval of a weapons deal between the two countries that had been delayed for years. The purchase deal was approved by India’s cabinet committee on security matters, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to the Times of India. Under the plan, India will take delivery of 262 Barak 1 missiles over the course of about five years, starting in December of 2015. These will be deployed on the country’s 14 battleships, which have suffered from dwindling missile supplies in recent years, according to the Indian navy. The Israeli Defense Ministry refused to comment on Israel’s extensive military relationship with India. However, an Israeli source defined India as “a strategic state” with respect to Israel’s military exports and confirmed that the deal is indicative of the close relations between the two countries. ...
During his Motion of Thanks speech on the President's address in Rajya Sabha on June 11, 2014, PM Narendra Modi made an appeal to the fellow parliamentarians...
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday paid tributes to ITBP personnel on the raising day of the force and saluted them for their bravery.
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to the rescue of a professor in Noida. Former Amity University professor Kavita Surbhi wrote to the Prime Minister about how the university hadn't given her gratuity when she quit.
With *** empty sweet boxes and wrappers littered all over the streets after Diwali celebrations, the cleanliness campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be taken more seriously.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had decided to spend the day with flood victims of the valley and understand the troubles that they were facing. He announced an addition package of Rs 740 crores for the ...
The team at Cactus Communications had created a Rangoli for Very encouraging to see the words and vision of PM Narendra Modi having such good impact! With this level of participation, The dream of is indeed not far!
Pakistani Journalist Javed Choudhry praising Narendra Modi and his simplicity -
Want to attend Narendra Modi's public event in Sydney? Here's how you can attend the event. Listen to this special podcast to learn all the details about the Sydney event being held at Olympic Park.
Narendra Modi spent his first Diwali after becoming Prime Minister with soldiers posted on the heights of the Siachen Glacier to send a message of national u...
Is Finance Minister Arun Jaitely misleading Narendra Modi on Black money issue and trying to save his friends in other political parties ? This is an ANGRY letter from Ram Jethmalani to Arun Jaitley on 23-10-2014
Who is this man who features in every speech by Narendra Modi? An article here.
Narendra Modi talks to cross-section of Jammu & Kashmir people hit by flood: Prime Minister...
Narendra Modi knows which ball to hit for a four, which to hit for a six, which to leave. His haters will never be able t…
Narendra Modi *** selling like hot cake in Bihar this Diwali cc communal crack…
India stands shoulder-to-shoulder with you: Narendra Modi tells Siachen troops: New Delhi: On Diwali today, Pr...
India's PM Narendra Modi is misguiding people by saying that he will celebrate Diwali with Kashmir Flood victims. Flood victims are mostly muslims who don't celebrate this festival of our Hindu Brethren. He is actually going to celebrate Diwali with army & few of his puppets (who all are like RAWANs for us) in Srinagar.
Narendra Modi to celebrate Diwali with soldiers at Siachen. Abhishek Manu Singhvi: He is just copying our. Err. Oops!
Narendra Modi's with flood victims has a Kutch precedent
Babasaheb got the Bharat Ratna when there was a BJP backed Govt. in Delhi, years after his death: Narendra Modi
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