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Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi (born 17 September 1950) is the current Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat.

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Next mascot of ‘Incredible India’ is... Narendra Modi . Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma thinks the Prime Minister i…
Must Watch superb reply by PM Narendra Modi to Asaduddin Owaisi in parl...
PM Narendra Modi raised triple talaq issue to polarise voters in UP: Asaduddin Owaisi.
PM Narendra Modi calls for greater economic engagement with New Zealand
So it is that Mr Azam Khan researched on the price of dress of Shah Jahan and of PM Narendra Modi. Did CM of UP awarded him a Ph.D.!!
Read the Letter by Ratan Tata to PM Narendra Modi after Cyrus Mistry's Ouster.
Congress leader Anand Sharma said PM Narendra Modi and Union Govt should stop politicizing action of armed forces for narrow political gains
Congress' leader cautions PM Narendra Modi over remarks on national security - The… |…
What's going on? Narendra Modi championing gender justice: Politician as social… Be Found
Narendra Modi championing gender justice: Politician as social refo...
Narendra Modi championing gender justice: Politician as social reformer
The most illiterate PM of independent India, And the award goes to Narendra Modi. .
PM Modi lays groundwork for water war in battle with Pakistan; India’s plans to review the 1960 Waters Treat…
This was real "fixed" match between Modi & Sharif for fake Surgical Strikes via
Modi-Amit Shah's surgical strike on UP has left Mayawati-Akhilesh in doldrums
RKPA with backing of 1.38 lakh farmers writes to PM seeking introduction of
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PM Modi's remarks justify Israel’s action against Palestine: CPI to remind her anti-Ind but Pro-China move in 1962? ht…
Intolerance row: Aamir Khan's hatred for Narendra Modi goes back a long way
Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif are playing politics over dead bodies, says former Baloch CM. Would Bhakts Quote...
Narendra Modi is a bubble. After elevation in his party, his first tes...
Fantastic report from Beijing on what's gone wrong in the China-India relationship and Pak factor - https:…
You once told if Narendra Modi wins will leave India, what happened of that A$$H…
With tech push, Prime Minister’s Office now more in touch with the common man via
Skill India Flagship programmae Narendra Modi , but there has to be real time monitoring through Mobile App like "Garv".
ji -Thank U for this piece. Even American media unmasks Modi, which Indian Media is supposed to do.
Himalayan Niti Abhiyan’s representation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the state 8th October...
Change the name of Feroz Shah Kotla to Narendra Modi and its pitch will start spinning
seriously you are the best PM not for helping but also for listening amm admi. The best PM NARENDRA MODI
To. Sri Narendra Modi. Prime Minister. The Government of India. Mr. We hope, you will be able to hear the mass...
India & Brazil are natural partners, linked by common values of democracy & shared aspirations for progress & peace.
India still has work to do on rule of law under Prime Minister Narendra Modi ... via…
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Congis rascals told US not to give visa to Narendra Modi. If Trump wins, these Islamist panderers will all be put o…
sir `NARENDRA MODI'app has some problem to download. Playstore has some problem I'm trying to download
Our aim is to empower & transform lives of people across the country: PM Sh. .
Now, after looking at these circumstances, is it a surprise that Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe share such great rapport?
At the programme in Ludhiana, spoke on the key role of MSME sector in the transformation of Indian economy.
SC/ST hub to ensure actual participation of underprivileged sections in process of nation's development & prosperity,…
Unwittingly set to poach Cong votes in Goa & Gujarat to help BJP win. My col in ht…
India can play major role to strengthen global economy: PM Narendra Modi - The Times of India via
Quartz Why Prime Minister Narendra Modi should step in to save filmmaker Karan Johar Quartz The virtual banishment…
Why minister should step save filmmaker
E basta is a new and revolutionary initiative by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a part of Digital India.This...
Honorable Prime Minister of India - Narendra Modi : Stop the insane culling, torture and killin... via
Modi favour to Nawaz? With surgical strikes, India may have strengthened Pak govt's hands against its army
- Why haven't you apologised for meeting Nawaz Sharif: Anurag Kashyap to Narendra Modi
Micro, small and medium enterprises will show the way to future growth in Punjab, says PM Sh. Narendra Modi
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The surgical strikes were a result of firm will power of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and valour of our forces: MP CM Shivraj…
Modi favor to Nawaz Sharif? With strikes, India may have strengthened Pakistan govt hands against its army h…
If BJP/Narendra Modi want to live up to the good governance promise, their Maharashtra govt must put MNS bullies where th…
Pretty sure that devp. Works and decisive leadership of narendra modi will take d country to a new ht.
I liked a video Pervez Musharraf said Narendra Modi is *** of all time 2016
Donald Trump praises PM Narendra Modi, Hindu community, calls him a 'great man'
Donald Trump praises 'great man' PM Narendra Modi for fast-track growth, says he is big fan of Hindus and India
Last October for this time for BRICS 2016 PM Narendra Modi and President Jacob G. Zuma kept...
Now take revenge again we are waiting... . To, Narendra Modi, Ram Madhav
Cool hashtag bro. Do you also include the fans of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Geert Wilders along with Narendra Modi?
People talk about Indira Gandhi of 1971 as the Iron Lady.I would say Narendra Modi is the Iron Man of today:Saurabh Shukla
Sacrifices of BJP workers in Kerala will not go in vain: .
Narendra Modi sold tickets of Gadar to Bhakts and showing them Besharam
Terrorists that our neighbours exported killed our jawans. India will never forget this: PM Narendra Modi via
Has PM Narendra Modi's Swachh Bharat Mission got off to the right start? via
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Narendra Modi has played the War Bugle. Tomorrow General Arnab Goswami will launch war against poverty in Pakistan
As per Kautilya War against our enemy is last option
Calicut (Kerala): I trust that under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi we will witness development & growth: MP CM Shivraj S…
Defence Minister of France calls on PM - Narendra Modi (press release) (blog)
Narendra modi's foreign policy is the weakest of all time & he is the weakest PM of the century !
PM Modi calls Pakistan sole exporter of terrorism; exhorts Pakistani people to force their leaders to mend ways.
Modi calls Islamabad sole exporter of terrorism; asks people of Pakistan to fight against poverty.
Can PM Modi shape South Asia like Indira Gandhi did in '71?
What do Pakistan people think about the leadership of Indian PM Narendra Modi? by Tanvi Vanza
Bank with no CEO and 20% bad debt should be Narendra Modi's bigger worry than Pak
PM Modi speaks to people of Pakistan: Let's go to war, against poverty, unemployment. let's see wh…
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday met the Army, Navy and Air Force Chiefs of Staff to discuss the prevailing…
We are ready for war but lets fight against poverty: Narendra Modi's statement is the victory of diplomacy of PM Sharif
In Modi speech, a powerful case for strategic restraint - The Indian Express
Narendra Modi Govt has started Isolating Pakistan. This time he didn't Invite ISI to Investigate Uri Attack
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A day will come when people of Pakistan will go against its own Govt to fight terrorism: PM Narendra Modi
Mocking Narendra Modi for NOT going to war is ridiculous. Nobody except some loonies want it
Pak leaders read speeches written by terrorists and sing about Kashmir: PM
Narendra modi s foreign policy is the weakest of all time and he has no idea how to deal with mischievous pakistan .
Actually it is Ex CM Narendra Modi who is mocking PM Narendra Modi
'N' for 'Narendra Modi' is a best buddy of 'N' for 'Nawaz Sharif'. 'I' for 'Imran Khan' is anti-war as 'I' for 'Islam' te…
India*. The Prime Minister believes only in rhetoric : Md Salim,CPIM
The best way to finish Pakistan is to loan Narendra Modi to them! Even the Taliban will be speechless! 😉😂😂 http…
Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh and GOI need to grow a spine and like Barkha Dutt.
Ajit Doval is known as an Indian James Bond. Some say the most powerful person in India after PM Narendra Modi.
PM Narendra Modi turns 66:Cyrus Mistry has recollected how he got a lesson in leadership during his first meeting
PM Narendra Modi turns 66: How bigwigs like Anil Ambani, Kumar Birla, Amitabh Bachchan wished him on his birthday …
UP 2017 elections: ‘Narendra Modi fears his clothes will get dirty’, says Rahul Gandhi
PM Narendra Modi avoids meeting farmers as his 15 lakh suit will get dirty: Rahul Gandhi via
Narendra Modi has never taken selfie with a farmer: Rahul Gandhi - Times of India
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Now, Baloch activists in Melbourne, too thank PM Narendra Modi
Nov 2011: PM Manmohan Singh said Kingfisher needs to be helped out. Sep 2016: PM Narendra Modi ensures Rs.6630 cr of Mallya pr…
Former Prime Minister and JD(s) leader Deve Gowda thanked PM Narendra Modi for "exposing the despicable culture"...
PM Narendra Modi accorded ceremonial welcome on arriving in Vietnam: Modi, the first Indian Prime Minister to visit…
An IAS officer got a call from PM Narendra Modi at 10 pm for THIS.
LMPE The world’s trust in India has grown: Narendra Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a freewheeling int...
I added a video to a playlist Narendra Modi funny speech while praising and respecting Atal Bihari
Narendra Modi conspiring to derail Delhi government's good work: Sisodia - New Kerala
Who is a better Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Read here. ..
Happens only in BJP - Narendra Modi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee via Pls watch and feel nostalgic
PM Modi’s Vietnam visit is to signal India’s presence in South-East Asia: NEW DELHI: Narendra Modi's to visit...
PM Narendra Modi setting up task force to prepare action plan for the next three Olympic Games
To avoid Rio repeat, PM Narendra Modi announces Task Force to plan for next three Olympic Games. .
My vision for India is rapid transformation, not gradual evolution: PM Narendra Modi. via NMApp
Has Madam Sonia ji or their Prince said anything on this. Their arrogance is high: Narendra Modi on rising prices unde…
Narendra Modi best suited to be India’s next Prime Minister if elections held now: Survey
"This bus was inaugurated at the Indian Parliament in Dec 2015 by the Hon. PM Narendra Modi."
Villagers in dark about why PM Narendra Modi said they have power via
Khaled Ahmed attempts to trace the impact of Narendra Modi's rise to power in Pakistan's political arena.
Narendra Modi changes the narrative by backing on I-Day
Narendra Modi sends a message to Pakistan in Independence day speech
PM Narendra Modi: Facing up to the threat within saffron camp: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has give...
Nitish Kumar flays Narendra Modi crop Insurance scheme. Bihar Chief Minister today alleged that the...
AAP challenges Narendra Modi & LG Jung for the proposal scrapping the Delhi assembly passed in parliament.
PTI_News: Unit one of Kudankulum nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu dedicated to the country jointly by PM Narendra Modi and Russian Pres…
sir we are proud to two Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi ji to India's top of the world
:) :) . PM Narendra Modi has understood gives not votes:
PM Narendra Modi has understood cow gives milk, not votes:
Here I am pointing important point about the corruption which our PM-Narendra Modi did with President of USA-Mr. Barack Obama.
On social media, can PM Narendra Modi displace his good friend, US President Barack Obama? - Economic Times
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Donald Trump and Narendra Modi have different backgrounds but their abusive groupies are very similar .
"Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, Elon Musk: Why are they so influential? " on
Mukesh Ambani has Sonia Gandhi in one pocket and Narendra Modi in another. So nothing will happen.
Narendra Modi: What is your favorite photo / social media post of Narendra Modi and why?
Send your good wishes to Indian contingent participating in Rio Olympics via 'Narendra Modi Mobile App'.
Mr Modi's social media momentum is slowing
Over Rs 35 crore spent on advertisements by Modi government on 2nd anniversary, reveals RTI. https…
PM Modi doing every bit to boost morale of Indian contingent for Rio, Govt ups spending on athletes. via NMApp
Thank you India for supporting me, says after being cleared of doping charges
Make in India' enters Rio Games village . via NMApp
Across the aisle: Silence-new gold standard of governance https:/…
SCMP: Narendra Modi’s key ally in home state of Gujarat quits over caste protests
I am grateful that Prime Minister Narendra Modi helped me get justice. Hope to win a medal in Rio:
Bhaskar Khulbe becomes new secretary to PM Narendra Modi - Times of India (blog)
PM is scared of AAP, says after offers to step down. https:/…
Rahul Gandhi's fresh jibe at PM Narendra Modi in 2 days, this time bullet trains - The Economic Times on Mo...
Point... Why should I vote for Narendra Modi in 2019 elections? by Jayant Kumar
PM is still silent, but cow vigilantism is a hot topic of discussion elsewhere htt…
Narendra Modi government spent Rs 35.58 crore on advertisements in print media highlighting achievements after... http…
resignation proves one thing for sure that Narendra 'Chowkidar' Modi's 'chowki' is feeling the tremor of Dalit Quake.
A Manipuri who did MA with PM in Gujarat University tells about their story.
In 2006 I wrote to Min of Sports; allowance of athlete was lower then officials who travel along. Thank you PM Modi.
[Replug] will surely sack before 2017 Gujarat polls |
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru wrote more books than Narendra Modi has ever read. What a spectacular fall, India !
Narendra Modi is 'chowkidar' of the corrupt, says
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru slept with more women than Narendra Modi has ever ogled. What a spectacular fall, India !
In 2001 Gujarat Congress said. BJP has made a Light weight as CM . He is not a known Face. He is an outsider. on Narendra Mo…
Activists photoshop pellet bullets on Mark Zuckerberg and Narendra Modi – for Kashmir.
trip to for SAARC summit will help Islamabad not India | |
Bhaskar Khulbe becomes new secretary to PM
Future is going to be technology driven, we need to embrace it. . via NMApp
A look at how PM Modi saves time on foreign tours:. MODI: 40 countries in his 20 trips. MMS: 18 countries in 15 trips.
PM Narendra Modi attends wedding reception of Avishkar, son of Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi in Delhi.
If person like Behan Mayawati,Ram Vilas Paswan,Meera Kumar are dalits then in India every one is dalit including Narendra Modi etc
I liked a video Press Conference: Episode 49: Narendra Modi is a better PM than Manmohan Singh, says
Pranab Mukherjee and Narendra Modi congratulate Vijender Singh for making India proud: Vijender…
What's going on? President Pranab Mukherjee, PM Narendra Modi congratulate… Get Leads ->
Bihar defied the high-octane campaign by Amit Shah and Narendra Modi and voted Nitish Kumar directly hooked on powe…
Narendra Modi deserves a big hug for sparing India ! Keeping Subramaniam Swamy out of the Cabinet was the smartest decision!
PM Narendra Modi at Reception hosted by Mayor, Durban City hall in Durban: via
ETN Arrest of Tamil Nadu fishermen: Jayalalithaa writes to PM Narendra Modi again: She urged the Centre to ta...
Narendra Modi greets Pak PM Nawaz Sharif on Eid: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday greeted the nation...
Indian PM Narendra Modi called Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the occasion of Eid. He also Wished him well for his health…
PM Narendra Modi calls Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to wish him
Prime Minister of India,Narendra Modi will Visit Kenya On 10th July.He will NOT meet RAILA ODINGA.
ICYMI: The 45-second video you need to watch to get Narendra Modi's interview Arnab Goswami
Great to hear World Bank president saying "I am a big fan of PM, Narendra Modi bcoz he does something that all great le…
Sonia Gandhi and Sushma Swaraj distracting Narendra Modi from eying Hina Rabbani Khar during his college days.(1977) ht…
Fast track implementation, focus on outcome: PM Narendra Modi.
What do Narendra Modi and Donald Trump have in common?
Gaurav Bhatia had addressed PM Modi repeatedly as Narendra Modi on Times Now on Super time speaks volume of his poor…
The Greatest Indian All-rounder to play under the captaincy of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Narendra Modi.(1984) htt…
Rashid Alvi calling Narendra Modi stupid in a media show; the audience gives it back at once with closing...
Rio-bound boxer Manoj Kumar reaches out to PM Narendra Modi – Here's why!.
PM Narendra Modi and FM Arun Jaitley to select Raghuram Rajan's successor, not a panel...
BJP is only best nationalist Political Party of Hindustan by whom best developement will be done Under Leadership of PM Narendra Modi jee.
Digvijaya Singh promises Rs 2 lakh reward to anyone who bought tea from Narendra Modi
The way is blaming Narendra Modi, by this winter he may claim his epic cough n khansi is coz of Modiji ☺
Narendra Modi, Allahabad Uni was once 'Oxford of East', but not due to Murali Manohar ... -
. When US Peoples respected PM Narendra Modi a lot, UP People have to love Modiji a lot.
Dear PM Narendra Modi ji please Save India from this innocent pe…
.In post Hindu India, stories will be written about how Narendra Modi used to throw Xtians to Tigers in…
PM Narendra Modi and President of the Swiss Confederation, Schneider-Ammann, hold talks in Geneva
Ambit says India is undergoing structural resets driven by PM Narendra Modi and RBI Governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan.
Narendra Modi, Siddaramaiah: Build Metro from Silk Board to Tin Factory on ORR, Bangalore in... via
This is why the Supreme Court of India called Narendra Modi a modern day-Nero
Mexico is an important partner for India's energy security. We are looking to move beyond buyer-seller relationship, says PM Narendra Modi a
New Post Shedding 'hesitations of history', PM Narendra Modi points to future in his address to US Congress - T...
Is America using Narendra Modi and India against China? -
Bad news.. india needs healthy Rahul Gandhi for next three terms of Narendra Modi.
PM Narendra Modi asked me to visit India, very honoured to have that invitation: Sunita Williams
Narendra Modi praises Indian film industry for bringing the enchanting Swiss landscapes to its audience.
Lord Vishnu conquered. the World with three footsteps.Narendra Modi is doing it with 5-leg tour!
If PM Narendra Modi talks of stats which are incorrect, how do you trust leaders: Kapil Sibal via
India-US relations matter: In a matter of days, Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, will arrive in Washing...
May 26th marks two years since Narendra Modi took office as Prime Minister of India. His career, in covers
don’t have any choice left other than sitting in PM Narendra Modi lap: Actor OM Puri
5 chords PM Narendra Modi hit right with Make in India.
PM Narendra Modi's official website is now accessible in six regional languages.
Sonia ji says Narendra Modi is not Shahensha. Agreed, Modi ji is frm a humble family but elected PM & pride of India https…
India Inc shows growth spreading by end of PM Narendra Modi's sophomore year.
India Inc cheers government nod to first-ever capital goods policy. Read and Share via Narendra Modi app
2 years of Narendra Modi government: 10 steps that transformed lives of small investors.
Hon'ble PM, Sh. Narendra Modi at the 65th Plenary Session of the N.E Council 27th May'16 Shillong,
Our Government will never let the nation go in wrong direction: PM Narendra Modi. via NMApp
Sardar Patel was the Iron Man of India. Narendra Modi is Irony Man of India. Both come from gujrat.
Governments are formed to fulfil the dreams of the people: PM Narendra Modi. via NMApp
Narendra Modi rated as best Prime Minster so far
Narendra Modi is still the best leader for India & will ever.
Special issue: 'Narendra Modi and his mode of governance' available now in Journal of Asian Public Policy
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Apart from Paresh Rawal, here are 5 others who could play PM Narendra Modi with ease- .
Narendra Modi is 'India's reformer-in-chief', Barack Obama writes in Time magazine
To praise PM Narendra Modi's govt good work in favor of Muslims is a very good, welcome & healthy practise of democracy.
Dr ManMohan Singh viz-a-viz Narendra Modi.Making mistakes is better than faking perfection
A ceremonial welcome for PM Narendra modi as he commences his official programmes in Iran
Even after being dropped by Modi even though Pachauri was retained? r hilarious!.
Congress will legally fight vindictive CBI case against Harish Rawatji. Misuse of CBI by Narendra Modi.
The cat is crawling out of the bag; indeed is the unofficial Team B of Two sides of the same coin.
Prashant Bhushan: Arvind Kejriwal can even join hands with Narendra Modi if it suits him - Times of India
ndtv: Harish Rawat warns PM Narendra Modi: Even an ant can trouble elephant
PM Shri Narendra Modi &Amit Shah to attend oath taking. ceremony of Shri Sarbananda Sonowal today at 4:30pm in Assam http…
Under PM Narendra Modi's leadership villages are being lit for the first time resulting in spontaneous celebrations.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and most of his ministers are expected to attend an event at India Gate to be hosted by mega star Amitab...
Apple launching an incubator in India is an inspired idea because, let's face it, no one is going to build iOS
Smart City list in India – top 5 key takeaways: Lucknow tops Narendra Modi govt list of 13 new cities - Finan...
praise PM Narendra Modi for his forward looking, visionary agreement.
Harish Rawat slams Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, says 'even an ant can trouble elephant'.
PM Narendra Modi signing India, Iran pacts including agreement to develop Chabahar port is very good.
Nobody can describe O Rajagopalan's victory then PM Narendra Modi "In Kerala, Persistence of BJP has paid off"
Harish Rawat Warns PM Narendra Modi: Even An Ant Can Trouble Elephant: "Sometimes even an ant can trouble an ...
S L Bhyrappa-heaped praises on Narendra Modi saying he is the best Prime Minister India had since Lal Bahadur Shastri.
I thank to mr Narendra Modi for Iran visit it will be very useful for India
PM Narendra Modi celebrates two years of governance in style, launches song.
Apple CEO Tim Cook, PM Narendra Modi discuss plans to manufacture in India
Public drunkenness common in India, as bitter peasants rue broken promises of criminal Narendra Modi regime and national fai…
Narendra Modi first Indian PM to address a joint meeting of the US Congress in over a decade. via…
Prime Minister of India H.E. Narendra Modi met with Leader of Revolution minutes ago.
Is India's Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) really helping India to get better? by
NaMo Daniel Craig to be in Delhi, may meet PM Narendra Modi - Times of India: Times of IndiaDaniel Craig to b...
Long on PM Narendra Modi, Carlyle says India to offer best PE returns in the world ht…
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Nitish Kumar fears Lalu Prasad Yadav, no match to ‘world class leader’ PM Narendra Modi: BJP leader via
ETEnergyworld | PM Narendra Modi arrives in Iran; Chabahar port,energy ties high on agenda
2 Years : 23 May 2014 Pics. CM Narendra Modi meeting his mother ahead of swearing-in ceremony
Narendra Modi is d true big leader after Bhagat Singh,sardar Patel.Changing life of each Indian
Watch the making of Sri.Narendra Modi's wax statue at Madame Tussauds, London!
.A look at how PM Narendra Modi saves time on foreign tours
PM Narendra Modi's Iran visit aims to firm up political, commercial ties: Chinese President Xi Jinping was in...
Narendra Modi has wife & Mehabooba & Anandi ben have Husbands. Even Anandi ben is being shifted as Governor, Punjab soon.
Special Thanks to Central Govt. PM Narendra Modi g for giving the Suuport to CM Shivraj sing. The other states should learn & take plans.
Narendra Modi's Skill India is the next big thing for businesses looking for a path to Asia
We stand resolutely to help the Government and people of Sri Lanka. Assistance being rushed on emergency basis: PM Narendra Modi.
Thanks to Indian premier Narendra Modi for despatching two shpis with flood relief material to Sri Lanka.
NaMo Narendra Modi greets Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on birthday, this time correctly - India...
Narendra Modi ji I Thank You very much for your Birth day greetings to me. Guruji Natyacharya Sri S Balachandra Raju. Author of 97 Music books
Many congrats to our dynamic leader PM Narendra Modi and our honourable Sri. Amit Shah Ji for a dynamic victory.
Narendra Modi ji's call for the nation of "Congress free India" has got a great success.Bharatiya Janata Party Jindabad. Jai Hind
Film City should be named after Narendra Modi. Anupam Kher had said Modi made Indian Cinema Popular
Two years of your government - Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Narendra Modi. Here's a glimpse of what we have...
Tim Cook to land in Mumbai; meet Vodafone CEO, Airtel Chairman and PM Narendra Modi during his visit
Subramanian Swamy writes to PM Narendra Modi; wants RBI governor Raghuram Rajan to be .
In May 2015, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim found the policies and work of Indian PM Narendra Modi visionary.
Narendra Modi is just glorified 'Navjot Singh Siddhu' with 2002 massacre spots.
PM Narendra Modi must stop ecommerce entry tax in Gujarat by -
I liked a video Gujarat's fake development with Narendra Modi
.Narendra Modi's bid to play his Gujarat tricks will also be defeated by the people of Kerala. The LDF will win a d…
Subjects listed in Narendra Modi's Gujarat University degree were not in syllabus, says ex-professor via…
PM Narendra Modi with his mother at his official residence in New Delhi. She returned to Gujarat after spending...
What on earth is Gujarat CM Anandi Patel smoking? BJP is in power since 1995 and Narendra Modi was CM from 2002.
Anandiben blames Narendra Modi for water scarcity in Gujarat. 😝
Technology empowers the less empowered: PM Narendra Modi via
New post (I was mocking Narendra Modi: Congress MP Vijay Darda) has been published on
Exclusive: “I request Narendra Modi to help me get justice” -
Bilawal Bhutto attacks Nawaz Sharif over ‘friendship’ with Narendra Modi
International Yoga day to be a mega event at Chandigarh. PM Narendra Modi to perform yoga asanas at Capitol Complex on June 21.
Fake Bhagwat Geeta was presented to Barak Obama by Narendra Modi.
MPCC prez Ashok Chavan hits out at Narendra Modi, Devendra… |
Sonia Gandhi refused to travel by Mi8 VVIP Squadron Helicopters !! PM Manmohan Singh & PM Narendra Modi have no problems.…
Are bhai,the AAP Internal Lokpal is the highest body of justice above the Supreme now'Narendra Modi hazir ***
Top 10 news today: Narendra Modi education, relief for Salman… |
What's going on? Bengal polls: Narendra Modi urges voters to cast votes in… Get Leads ->
Narendra Modi is now rubbing waxy shoulders with John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill
Shri,Narendra Modi bhai,is the best pm of ours countory
India's strength lies in the villages: PM Narendra Modi.
This is how long it will take India to have a Silicon Valley: // Narendra Modi announced his pla...
Narendra Modi says he didn't go beyond high school. Gujarat University VC says he is MA first class. Who is lying?
BREAKING NEWS: Arvind Kejriwal attempts suicide after knowing that Narendra Modi has a First Class in MA
Amartya Sen's shoelaces are reportedly more intelligent than Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.
Govt ready to clear $6.5 bn of Iran's oil dues, seeks clarity on payment channel ahead of Narendra Modi's visit
PM Narendra Modi got a first class in MA from Gujarat university. via dekh le bhai...
GUJARAT,,the motherland of 2 brave SARDAR,,the lions,,Vallabhbhai Patel & Narendra Modi,,
What did Narendra Modi accomplish and lost in 2015?
No sky is going to fall when it becomes known that Narendra Modi is not a graduate and then a Master of Arts in...
Ashok Gehlot accuses Narendra Modi, Amit Shah of trying to...
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