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Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is a 2004 comedy film co-written and directed by Jared Hess and Jerusha Hess and stars Jon Heder as the title character, Napoleon Dynamite.

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Chris used to watch Napoleon Dynamite in different languages because he watched it so much
I know this is really fat but I'm hungover & I put a cookie straight into my pocket without wrapping it like freakin napoleon dynamite. 😭🍪😔
whoever recreates the dance from Napoleon Dynamite wins my love
me too. He comes at u cold af. Plus it's funnier if u picture it in a Pedro voice from Napoleon Dynamite
Truth: I was just like perdro on napoleon was hot
Patiently waiting for the Napoleon Dynamite 2 release date 🤣
The scene where Napoleon Dynamite put tater tots in his pocket but it's just me saving more drafts
Napoleon Dynamite needs a 2nd movie 🤣
People who are like this are Uncle Rico from Napoleon dynamite
I will never not laugh watching Napoleon Dynamite😂
The dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite will never not be funny
This s lead char. was named after a man its dir. met while doing missionary work- https:/…
When you're watching Napoleon Dynamite and you find
Napoleon dynamite connects with me on a deeper level
Look what I got yesterday .. I dont know what to officaly name it, but the nickname is Tina, from Napoleon dynamite
Big game tonight vs Team Burke at 7:30 at CCH. Theme is Pat Burke or Napoleon Dynamite. Show out
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Yea it's that song from the end of Napoleon Dynamite but also it's a joyful ear treat for a sunny day.
If someone hasn't seen a Napoleon Dynamite, like how do you deal with that person?
I've just met my new neighbours... I smell of salt and vinegar crisps and am dressed like an extra off Napoleon Dynamite 😔
I refuse to be happy until Netflix adds Napoleon Dynamite
that's also Uncle Rico from napoleon dynamite
Why machine gun Kelly look like a mix of napoleon dynamite & Austin powers
cue Napoleon Dynamite reference.ever take that thing off an sweet jumps? Sweet truck man
yes! That too! But when I hear that, I go straight to Napoleon Dynamite in my mind(nun-chuck skills, skills in magic) then laugh
Jude pulled better moves than Napoleon Dynamite
The BDC Brunch starts with that one White Stripes song that plays over the opening credits in Napoleon Dynamite.…
cinefix's best color-graded movie list is a must watch. So far I've finished Moonrise Kingdom, The Fall, Big Eyes and Napoleon Dynamite 🔥💕
have you seen Napoleon Dynamite when Rico throws the steak?
They needa put napoleon dynamite on Netflix for real
Woke up to feed inori and my phone is going off with snap chats from my sisters literally dancing like Napoleon dynamite 😂
I made a Star Wars/Napoleon Dynamite mash up with my friends via /r/StarWars
American Dad or Napoleon Dynamite? — I'm from Idaho so I have to say Napoleon Dynamite, ...
harry potter series, moonrise kingdom, napoleon dynamite, beauty and the beast, up, 10things I hate about you, the…
Napoleon Dynamite is in the top 10 for sure
So far this weekend the kids and I have watched the wizard of oz, the original Willy wonky and napoleon dynamite.
Colts . Napoleon dynamite ...but no dim sum
glennon looks napoleon dynamite. And throws like Uncle Rico. Sell the team already!
Someone come watch Napoleon dynamite with me😭
got a diet mtn. dew this morning, and the cashier pulled a Napoleon Dynamite & told me I didn't need diet.
should go get Nick Foles since he's the better of the 2 Napoleon Dynamite looking quarterbacks
Aaron Ruell, the guy that plays "Kip" in Napoleon Dynamite, was born in Fresno CA and went Clovis West High School. http…
I think it's a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and Marylin Manson.. 😂💯
Hunter S Thompson, Jimmy Fallon, and Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite walked into a bar... . I'm still waiting on the punchline, but they're here
Like the lovechild of Carrie and Napoleon Dynamite, Megyn Kelly is the oddball hero of a truly impressive, eccentric teen horror.
'Napoleon Dynamite' blew up my career.
Just when I think Nick Viall is a buff, horned-up Napoleon Dynamite, he cries on a date because of optimism.
Napoleon Dynamite (2004), dir. Jared Hess. "whatever i feel like i wanna do. gosh!"
We were just wondering whatever happened to Napoleon Dynamite! Turns out he's been doing voiceover...
lol Jon Heder is in the movie Jmo recommended and all I ever see sadly is Napoleon Dynamite
Jon Heder is kept in a sensory deprivation tank until someone hires him to play Napoleon Dynamite in a commercial
Napoleon Dynamite's Uncle Rico and in - watch it on Amazon Prime - get a DVD at
The Miranda Sings show is so bizarre and wacky. In the same vein as Pee Wee Herman and Napoleon Dynamite.
There's been a Napoleon Dynamite reunion... sort of.
Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro recreate classic ... via
Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro recreate classic scene twelve years on for Burger King
Abed, Napoleon Dynamite will be in 4 their film's opening of the via
Stars of Napoleon Dynamite reunite for a Burger King cheesy tots commercial: Cheesy Tots are available now for a…
The 'Napoleon Dynamite' stars reunite for a cheesy snack.
Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro are back! But this time it's for Burger King...
12 years ago the kids wanted a movie. 12 years ago I went to Blockbuster...a store that sold movies. 12 years...
I really just wanna watch Napoleon dynamite
She mad bc they dunkin on her unseasoned chicken, week kneed, Napoleon Dynamite daughter
My Napoleon Dynamite loving heart just exploded.
Whoa! Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunite for Burger King’s cheesy tots:
Put on school of rock,napoleon dynamite,nacho libre,mean girls, nightmare before Xmas or longest yard, I can say every w…
every single time you post, I think about the time you cried over Napoleon Dynamite. Such a good day.
People are talking about Napoleon Dynamite. Maybe next they can discuss Deadwood and other great things about 2004.
Remember Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite? This is him now. Feel old yet?
The Napoleon Dynamite Burger King ad just reminded me that I had a crush on Jon Heder back in the day??
They're back: Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunite for BK commercial
Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Reunite for Burger King Tater Tots Commercial via /r/videos
Watch Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunite in Burger King's new commercial
Stay home and eat all the freakin chips Kip! Napoleon Dynamite Stars Reunite In Burger King Ad:
People are saying they want a sequel to "Napoleon Dynamite?" Why? Do we really want to relive the part of our lives when that was a "thing?"
Check out this new trending ! sitting, lonely, staring, napoleon dynamite, fhe
New on sitting, lonely, staring, napoleon dynamite, fhe
Napoleon Dynamite stars reunite in stupidly charming ad for Cheesy Tots:
Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro are back…for Burger King, that is
SEE IT: Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunite for commercial
From the Web: Napoleon Dynamite returns ... to promo tater tots
Napoleon Dynamite returns ... to promote cheesy tots |
'Napoleon Dynamite and his buddy Pedro have reunited for this hilarious Burger King...'
WATCH: Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunite for commercial
Burger King has a new ad with Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Sánchez. I can't remember the last time I craved BK as mu…
Time capsule reveals Napoleon Dynamite was actually Napoleon.
I can't wait for 2017's Napoleon Dynamite himself is going to be there!
so reminds people of Napoleon Dynamite and I remind people of Kimmy Gibler. nice
I'm going to put this out there. . My most disliked movies. 1. Napoleon Dynamite. 2. Independence Day: Resurgence. 3. Starship Troopers 2
it says vote for Pedro like in Napoleon Dynamite
If only Pedro was running for president of the USA... .
mostly just because Napoleon dynamite is my favorite movie.
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so you would say kip from Napoleon dynamite, not Napoleon dynamite of course
This whole campaign has been like napoleon dynamite, lots of fun to talk and joke about but pretty terrible to actually watch.
lmao I was Rex from napoleon dynamite for Halloween & some people in b ripp thought I was a trump supporter 🇺🇸
. I will follow Napoleon Dynamite's lead every time.
This reminds me of Pedro making a piñata of Summer in Napoleon dynamite
Napoleon Black Dynamite as a strong alternate title
My mom really quoted Napoleon Dynamite this morning
For election day, I give you Hunter Pence doing Napoleon Dynamite dance.
Waiting on Tim Duncan to dance like Napoleon Dynamite...
I think Napoleon Dynamite was working our polling place. Thankfully us old timers already knew the drill and where we had to go.
Gregg Popovich is going to 'Vote For Pedro' from Napoleon Dynamite this election season
Trump plagiarized NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. "Vote for Pedro and all your dreams will come true".
Does anyone else see that closing speech was plagiarized from NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. "Vote for Pedro" and all dreams come true
Everyone should watch Napoleon Dynamite today see we can figure out if it was actually good
Did everyone just forget about Napoleon Dynamite?
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Napoleon Dynamite was a really weird moment in our nation’s cultural history
what about step brothers.. or napoleon dynamite. You could pick almost any scene from either, and they're more top-10 material.
BREAKING: Pedro Sanchez becomes the 45th president of the United States after a landslide win. Napoleon Dynamite wi…
It's 9AM on Election Day and I haven't seen a single picture of Napoleon Dynamite yet—is my phone broken?
my life is one ongoing Napoleon Dynamite analogy
FILM OF THE DAY: 'Your mom goes to college'. Go see Napoleon Dynamite tonight. It'll be sweet…
The beginning of deja vu is the song from napoleon dynamite
I think I just saw steal a campaign slogan from Napoleon Dynamite! Happy everybody!
Coworker this morning: "You know what still makes me mad to this day? The fact that they never made a sequel to Napoleon Dynamite."
My film recommendations for the week in Birmingham read more
Gosh! Napoleon Dynamite is the man of the moment
After baseball, he went on to star as Pedro in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite."
Can't decide who you'd prefer in tonight's US . Choose Napoleon Dynamite at the inst…
"If you vote for me, all your wildest dreams will come true." - Pedro ("Napoleon Dynamite"
When ur feeling confident & wanna cut your hair off but have to reel urself in bc in reality you'll look like pedro from n…
“Vote for me and all your wildest dreams will come true” was *literally* Pedro’s closing argument for stu-co prez in Na…
was a rare breed with a faultless m.o.: “Just follow your heart.”
Chewing Gum is kind of like Awkward Black Girl meets Napoleon Dynamite but British.
Bathrooms are getting very specific. This is a restroom for Deb from Napoleon Dynamite.
Wondering how many people are going to pencil in Napoleon Dynamite for president like I am.
"Kids these days don't know the funny jokes. Back in my day, the Internet was *random* and *viral* and *VLOG*. Napoleon Dynamite."
Bring us your best "Vote for Pedro" from Napoleon Dynamite and get a free Iced coffee today…
TONIGHT! Head to the fantastic Special showing of Napoleon Dynamite!. http…
Napoleon Dynamite. I'm talkin' about the groin, did you wanted to do you never act on your girlfriend?
No white guy ever rocked a durag more legitimately than Kip did in Napoleon Dynamite. https:…
You re-watch 'Napoleon Dynamite', and there's a lot of thrift shopping t...
(watching Napoleon Dynamite and had to look up "bodaggit" ( dingleberry)
Brock Huard reminds me of Don from Napoleon Dynamite
I just realized the Shawn from the WZUP radio station on MARTIN is Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite
12 years later and I just realized Summer from Napoleon Dynamite is Haylie Duff???
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Lol the mean girl from Napoleon Dynamite has a show on The Cooking Channel
UPDATE: your remote for your DVD player is broke so you can't use the Netflix on there and the only DVD you brought were Napoleon Dynamite
Created this mark for TRUMAN CAGE, an talented LA music composer – he also created the score for Napoleon Dynamite.
Bob, I didn't know Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite was in a band (singer in the middle).
Are you trying to be Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite?
It's really good. It's kind of like if Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite had a son and the movie's about their relationship.
Donald Trump is Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. . "I wish I could go back in time. I'd take state."
Actor Jon Gries. best known for role as Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite. new film. called Another Man's Gun. : IAmA
Napoleon Dynamite has nothing on this kid
so another kid came up to me and told me I sound like Napoleon Dynamite what's happenin to today
Almost forgot this one from the zoo on Saturday... Napoleon Dynamite daughter is still…
I'm at Upland by myself and they play "Canned Heat" from Napoleon Dynamite. I'm feeling this. Lol
Forbidden Planet has a Pedro toy from Napoleon Dynamite "vote for Pedro" 👍
now I wanna make a Napoleon Dynamite meme about "Sharing my satellite radio subscription, so things are getting pretty Sirius" 😱
*sees John Heder in any movie that's not Napoleon Dynamite*. Hey look it's Napoleon Dynamite
I've never been there, but: potatoes, the Snake River, reddest of red politics, Napoleon Dynamite?
Justin Timberlake's new song reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite's dance solo. That's all I see when I hear this song. Lol
Napoleon Dynamite. The Station Agent. Mommie Dearest. Mildred Pierce. The Talented Mr. Ripley . Movies I watch EVERY single *** time they're on.
I love it! Looks like Napoleon Dynamite and Elaine Benes in the training set
Keytuiar and the Napoleon Dynamite dove hand motions? Color me intrigued.
Hey, Can I Have Some Of Your Tots?: Want to make a Tater-Tot Casserole that would make Napoleon Dynamite reach...
I am currently working on a theory that PROVES that Dwight K. Schrute is actually in fact Napoleon Dynamite
"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? *** no!" - Jon Heder, in Napoleon Dynamite
Jon Heder was paid $1,000 to play Napoleon Dynamite. The movie grossed over $40,000,000 in the United States.
Some kid in my class pulled out a cart of Chik Fil A fries and the scene from Napoleon Dynamite is currently happening
Ok but can Jon Heder still do the Napoleon Dynamite dance
"Why do wear that bright orange vest? The orcs'll see you at night" -Jon Heder in character as Napoleon Dynamite
was Jon Heder overlooked for best actor for his role in Napoleon Dynamite?
John Elway calls in the none other Uncle Rico as qb from Napoleon Dynamite fame baby
Jamie Benn sounds a little like Napoleon Dynamite
I spend too much time dancing around at the printer 🙈 sadly no Napoleon Dynamite though
Ay I just want to give a shout out to Napoleon Dynamite for the Solo @ the rally .
Producers of Napoleon Dynamite are coming to Lipscomb University tomorrow
Forgot how funny Napoleon dynamite is
I have never seen Napoleon Dynamite and apparently that's a sin.
Every time I watch Napoleon Dynamite I think of
Napoleon Dynamite is my favorite movie of all time
buy the time machine in Napoleon dynamite
This is the second time I've watched Napoleon Dynamite today. Partly because I'm too lazy to change the DVD. Mostly because I love it.
Napoleon Dynamite has literally brought light to my life again
Lizeth come over so I can read you the Napoleon dynamite script 😊
why look like Pedro from Napoleon dynamite ??
"I like your sleeves; they're real big." Watching Napoleon Dynamite, oh man.
it's a quote from Napoleon Dynamite lol
Why would Napoleon dynamite be so funny
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Napoleon dynamite is my spirit animal
Watching Napoleon Dynamite for the first time in forever and I just realized where hipster fashion came from.
The farmer guy from Napoleon Dynamite cracks me up 💀😂😭
Napoleon dynamite was such a underrated movie
The more you watch Napoleon Dynamite, the funnier it gets
Girls only want boyfriends with great skills. -Napoleon Dynamite
In other news Napoleon dynamite is on
The whole script of Napoleon Dynamite in one picture. you're welcome 🌚🐳
Who wants to watch Napoleon Dynamite with me?
Napoleon dynamite will always be my favorite
I'm suppose to be doing my midterm assignment but instead I'm watching the greatness that is Napoleon Dynamite 😂😂😂
"i see you drinking 1% is it cause you think you're fat? cause you're not. you can drink whole milk if you want." i 💜 Napoleon dynamite
just me in general because I am Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite is a geeked movie.
"I just told him that the guy from Napoleon Dynamite is a better actor than he is." "Oh boy."
domain names
I'm watching Napoleon Dynamite and he makes me happy
Napoleon Dynamite is always funny. God I'm dying.
Johanna and I have been quoting Napoleon Dynamite back and forth on snapchat all night and I'm lovin' it
I wanna have a movie night and just watch Napoleon Dynamite while eating Chinese food, is that to much to ask for
forget the act, forget sleep, I think I'll watch napoleon dynamite.
I didn't know Riff Raff was in Napoleon Dynamite
"wow Britton you look like Napoleon dynamite today!!" 😊😊😊
I can actually use the Napoleon Dynamite quote "Your mom goes to college." because mine actually does lol
"I'm gonna put this in the list of American things I don't understand: Forest Gump, Dr Seuss, & Napoleon Dynamite." 😂 😂
This sounds like an updated Marvin-Gaye *** shake version of the 80s music in Napoleon Dynamite. I'm not mad.
"Pokemon Snap was like the Napoleon Dynamite of N64
watching 100 Rifles (1969) w/Raquel Welch, Burt Reynolds & Jim Brown. Odd fact: the director is father of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.
My Saturday motivation is this simple fact.The film Napoleon Dynamite had a budget of $400,00. Went on to make $46.1 million at box office.
Not at all, even in order:. 1 Garden State. 2 Harold and Maude. 3 Lars and the Real Girl. 4 Napoleon Dynamite. 5 La Cage aux Folles
nothing can approach the cinematic excellence of Napoleon Dynamite except maybe Wayne's World or Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
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Ron Rivera, coach of the carolina panthers hasn't had this degree of success since he was principal in Napoleon Dynamite. This is not Juarez
Mary Angela Chastain Kennedy "Pastor have you watched Napoleon Dynamite?" Me "yeah". Angela "Tina come eat your...
Coming up at 2.50pm, Jon Heder's showing off his skills in Jared & Jerusha Hess's comedy Napoleon Dynamite
not a lot of box sets give you Napoleon Dynamite, Slumdog Millionaire, AND 12 Years a Slave
why does Austin look like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite?
After playing Uncle Rico in 2004's Napoleon Dynamite. Brian Van Gorder has become the blitz happy DC of ND
Congratulations to Napoleon Dynamite on his first win tonight!
It's Movie Monday! The Hive is featuring Napoleon Dynamite & Rush Hour 2 and serving free popcorn! htt…
Napoleon Dynamite is the weirdest movie 😂
Just went through airport security with Paul Rudd and Napoleon Dynamite. Paul Rudd tested positive for explosives, probably coz he da bomb.
Napoleon Dynamite was a great French revolutionary leader
Well there's your problem Rams. You got Napoleon Dynamite to play your QB, should have got Uncle Rico.
If Elaine Benes had a love child w/ Napoleon Dynamite & they put him in dance class, the result would be what I just did on
Uncle Rico's character in Napoleon Dynamite is loosely based off of my high school football career.
I got to hang with Napoleon Dynamite this Holiday at Trunk or Treat. Lake County Fairgrounds Crown…
Little Giant Ladders
For Halloween do I dress up like Napoleon Dynamite, Tyson Beckford, Steve Jobs, Malcolm X or Michael Cera???
Stewart looks like a mix between Napoleon Dynamite and John C. Reilly.
My personality is Napoleon Dynamite mixed with Micheal Cera
If you can't work a Napoleon Dynamite or Nacho Libre quote into everyday conversation, you need to rethink your life.
if you do Napoleon Dynamite I swear to God you are the GOAT 😂😂😂😂
I haven't watched Napoleon dynamite in so long😂😂 I need to find that somewhere
I'm gonna be Napoleon dynamite for Halloween
The background music in Hotline Bling sounds like the background music for Napoleon Dynamite
yes... If your first name is Napoleon and your last name is Dynamite and you hang out with a strange guy Pedro
im watching napoleon dynamite for the first time how have I never seen this
that Napoleon Dynamite sure can dance
Man that Hotline Bling and Napoleon Dynamite Meme is too funny, think I'm watch that tonight...
Napoleon Dynamite tossing slop and screaming at the llama "EAT YOUR FOOD" . except it's me feeding my kids breakfast before …
I truly feel that deep down in my soul I am Kip from Napoleon Dynamite 💝💝
Napoleon dynamite only eats quesadillas duh
*receives text* "I'm dressing up as Napoleon Dynamite because I love Halloween and candy." -my grandmother
Hbd Napoleon dynamite, hope the big 18 is turnt as can be 🎉
'Hotline Bling' is the Napoleon Dynamite dance of 2015
I think of Napoleon dynamite when I look at my nails. Chickens have large talons.
Hey look Napoleon Dynamite got a haircut
look, I didn't plan on getting drunk and watching Napoleon Dynamite it just kinda happened
This got me so weak. Napoleon Dynamite was that dude though.
My pops came up with it watching Napoleon Dynamite 3 years ago
Napoleon Dynamite is like one of the funniest movies ever made.
A good movie should make u laugh cry and lose 15 pounds. Thanks Napoleon Dynamite
yes 911 I can't find the scene in Napoleon dynamite where he's selling Tupperware&the husband can't break it and the wife is so disappointed
Rather have Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite then Matt Cassells stupid ***
Did Christin really just ask me who Napoleon Dynamite is? 🙃😯
Andrew Luck sounds a lot like Napoleon Dynamite during some of his press conferences.
Just saw Napoleon dynamite with a drake shirt on
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has never seen Napoleon dynamite what is wrong with you
Check out what I found.Napoleon Dynamite (DVD, 2005) via
Hotline Bling video reminds me of a cooler sexier version of the Napoleon Dynamite dance at the end of the movie 😜
“You think I got where I am today because I dressed like Peter Pan over here?” –Diedrich Bader ‘Napoleon Dynamite’
I've high-key been waiting all week for this tot bar & Napoleon dynamite. Thankyou for making dreams come true.
Don't forget pulse at 6:00 in the youth room followed by a tater tot bar and napoleon dynamite.
Is it just me or does Phillip rivers remind you of Uncle Rico from Napoleon dynamite
say "I" if you agree that should be Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween 😂
Why's Phillip Rivers throw the ball like Uncle Rico from Napoleon dynamite 😂
Cassell has an arm like Napoleon Dynamite's uncle
Napoleon dynamite been had them Margielas
Eli Manning be lookin like Napoleon Dynamite with a helmet on sometimes. He be having this dufus lookin expression on his face...
Currently looking for people to squad with me for Halloween to be the cast of Napoleon Dynamite. I'm 100% serious . Bring tots
Pocket full of shrimp call me Napoleon Dynamite 😂😂
I didn't mean to look like Napoleon Dynamite. even the eyes were an accident🙂🙄
Napoleon Dynamite Vinyl Sugar Idolz Figure He's out to prove he's got nothing to...
I feel like popcorn, coke, watching some Napoleon Dynamite and a Series of Will Ferrell movies.
When you realize lifted his platform straight from Napoleon Dynamite...
I picture Ryan Mallett's life being EXACTLY like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite two years from now
I feel like Drake is just copping Napoleon Dynamite's moves...
Does Foles look like Napoleon Dynamite- am I the only one that sees that?
Rashad Jennings got the energy of a Napoleon Dynamite
Cards fans are like Uncle Rico in Napoleon in the past. We have 11 rings they say.
The person I made for forensics looks like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite
You're like a metrosexual Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. :)
I'm that one kid in 6th grade that knew the WHOLE Napoleon Dynamite dance
This kid is saying that Napoleon Dynamite had a deeper meaning, he's like 14 and clearly has never seen Napoleon dynamite
Funny Kid dances like Napoleon Dynamite in Sacramento Kings wins game
"Got canned heat in my heels tonight, baby." *hits sweet moves like Napoleon Dynamite*
I'm still in disbelief that Haylie Duff is in Napoleon Dynamite
I think Gustav Holst looks kinda like Napoleon Dynamite
What do Mr Bean, Napoleon Dynamite, Jim from American Pie, and Rocky all have in common?
Men need feedback from a "Good Women" or they end up like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite! Kiss &…
Matt Wilson is the only one who can pull off a perfect Napoleon Dynamite impersonation
Still the best political speech ever on Napoleon Dynamite. "Vote for me and I'll make all your dreams come true" - Pedro
He look like the Tyler perry version of Napoleon Dynamite
not sure if I should watch The Sandlot or Napoleon Dynamite 📼
“Napoleon, don’t be jealous that I’ve been chatting online with babes all day.” –Kip ‘Napoleon Dynamite’
white person (to hispanic with mustache): You look like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite!! . Hispanic: you look like the fat lady in bridesmaids!
anyway, i hate when people say i look like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, and next time someone does, i'm calling them a racist to their face
some dumb racist white lady called me Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite today like *** i dont even look like him. *** i actually have a stache
Everyone has a bad Macho Man impression in them just the same way everyone has a Borat and Napoleon Dynamite in them
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