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Nancy Reagan

Nancy Davis Reagan (born Anne Frances Robbins; July 6, 1921) is the widow of former United States President Ronald Reagan and was First Lady of the United States from 1981 to 1989.

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After the Bush cartel tried to kill Reagan, Nancy did her best to p…
Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush and now Melanie Trump, three of the classiest first ladies of my time.
Here's a little factoid that might cheer you up: Nancy Reagan has croaked!
Even Reagan caved to the left, gave amnesty to millions of il…
Reagan and Nancy walking on the shore - talking about the Grenada crisis.
American President and his wife Nancy in the Ronald Reagan pub in Ballyporeen, Co Tipperary during th…
Correction not "his" - it is "our" border wall. A wall approved back in the Reagan da…
You do know that both Nancy Reagan also gave advice to Ronald. I've discussed my partner's career w…
Nancy Reagan, your dreams have been realized!
please come to "Squeamish"! My Sharon makes my Nancy Reagan look like Rue McLanahan..
I recommend visiting the National Shrine of our Lady of Czestochowa outside…
and his ridiculous li'l pistol brings to mind Nancy Reagan and her tiny little gun.
Come join us for National Aesthetician Day on October 15th!!
The GOP seems to have learned how to prop up a presidency from Nancy Reagan
Guess who's the classist First Lady since Nancy Reagan 👠That's right 🌹Thank You ⭐️
Congrats from the 80's. Nancy Reagan would be quite proud of this waste of resources.
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Interesting fact - Nancy Reagan was written in Golden Gate Park, SF. Hippy mecca.
I am a big believer that eventually everything comes back to you. You get back what you give out. ~ Nancy Reagan
When Reagan said he had no recollection of anything, I thought h…
I understand your ignorance and stupidity. You have said only one reasonable thing today, just out of Nancy Reagan…
Lamar? John Birch Society, you dodged that stupid bullet. This bullet is a whole nother trainwreck. You…
Gosh, I, had to Really Look at that Photo to Recognize ONJ. Are You Familiar w…
Illustrated with a photo taken at Nancy Reagan's funeral. I think people would want to see political differences put a…
welcome to the inevitable 80s horror flick equation. I can’t help but think Nancy Reagan created it as an abstinence promotion
Nancy Reagan would be so proud of them
Pretty sure this is the Nancy Reaganest fact to ever Nancy Reagan.
I thought that was Nancy Reagan's astrologer.
Hillary knows that Nancy Reagan was the real hero of the AIDS crisis. Ferret Code: 5396711
Odd fact I've learned in Nancy Reagan book research: When she was in high school, it was possible to get a varsity letter in…
And everyone thought it was crazy when Ronald Reagan was rumored to have consulted Nancy’s astrologer…
back and i felt something heavy and my friend nancy screamed "REAGAN" and this is the first thing that came to mind
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One of my favorite photos. Tom Selleck, Nancy Reagan & Princess Diana of Wales. November 1985.
Jackie Kennedy didn't go away, neither did Lady Bird Johnson, Nancy Reagan etc.
Joan Didion on Nancy Reagan: "She took refuge in a kind of *** elegance.". Reagans shared much in common with Trumps.
This is what real class, beauty and caring looks like. Haven't seen it since Laura and Barbara Bush, and Nancy Reagan! Love this!
Can you imagine Barak and Michelle Obama, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, or George and Laura Bush doing that?
When Ronald & Nancy Reagan begin to look like Race Leaders, you know Jesus comin
Pence in this photo reminds me of the way Nancy Reagan used to gaze up at Ron.
Ya why dont U get ur OujiBoard out, ask Nancy Reagan how worked out!!
Boo! Jackie Kennedy & Nancy Reagan would not be happy with this.
Cal-Berkeley administrators channel Nancy Reagan and just say no. They should try it more often. It's fun;>)
Pretty sure Ronald and Nancy Reagan had two horses, my great aunt gifted them one when he was inaugur…
Anyone heard of Bobby Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nancy Reagan? Lots of relatives working in administrations.
Right after Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan & Michelle Obama who favore…
Watching in Paris I saw a little Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan in her poise and disposition.
She's no Jackie Kennedy or even a Nancy Reagan
In line with Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan.. Our is going to set the bar for future First Lady's ...
Cut from the same cloth as Jacqueline Kennedy & Nancy Reagan, Melania Trump is a wonderful Ambassador for the American People to the World !
Happy Birthday to , Kevin Hart, Fred Dryer, Burt Ward, Tia and Tamera, Eva Green. Today was also Nancy Reagan...
Anne Frances Robbins to Nancy Davis to Nancy Reagan ~ what a curious American life story. Mother of Patti Davis & Ron Reagan Jr.
Mike Pence has the Nancy Reagan gaze down. He's the real First Lady.
Nancy Reagan has finally been reunited with her one true love, the entire cast of Diff'rent Strokes.
Listen to Nancy Reagan: just say no!
Nancy Reagan went to the hospital and thanked the SS agent who saved her husband, has the Klansman's wife done the same?
Eleanor Roosevelt said this first. Nancy Reagan repeated it years later.
Do you know how controversial and important Mapplethorpe was in the 80s. He made Nancy Reagan grabbed he…
Nancy Reagan was against LGBT, until her daught…
. Nancy Reagan was against Stem Cell until Ronnie got Alzheimers, so . . .
1. Now will Scalise be for gun control?. You know, like when Nancy Reagan came out for stem cell research after Ronnie got Alzheimers.
Nancy Reagan said just say no, our youth have been raised with no boundaries & if it feels go…
Prince Charles called his marriage to Princess Diana a 'Greek tragedy' in letters to Ronald and Nancy Reagan
Prince Charles' letters to Nancy Reagan reveal 'Greek tragedy' of marriage via should not made public
Prince Charles's astonishing hand-written letters to Nancy Reagan reveal his anguish over his...: qua
Prince Charles known as finish of marriage to Diana ‘Greek tragedy’ in letters to Nancy Reagan –…
With that logic, its Nancy Reagan's fault for the failed War On Drugs for not making sure the kids sa…
Sure wish that Ronald & Nancy Reagan were alive to give Rump crap over what he is doing to America
Because she has creepily assumed the duties of First Lady and Chief Advisor in a way that would make Nancy Reagan blush.…
in 1986 Ronald and Nancy Reagan join families to honor victims of the Space Shuttle “Challenger” explosion at the…
Imagine 3 Obama pals mockingly posed with a White House photo of Nancy Reagan. You can't - they wouldn't. Someone take out th…
Nancy Reagan doesn't kill people, Nia Peeples kills people.
I was always fascinated by the fact that "Just say no" Nancy Reagan had to marry Saint Ronnie because he had knocked her up
WH pastry chef remembers Nancy Reagan was so picky about dessert, he often wanted to kill himself. She made him work 48 hours straight once
Jackie O was a true icon of style. But the late Nancy Reagan (accompanied by Pres Obama) reminds me of .…
Obama couldnt go to funeral of Justice Scalia/Nancy Reagan, Memorial Day service at Arlington or WWII memorial? But I regress
Obama skipped the funerals of Nancy Reagan and Justice Scalia. Trump is skipping the funeral of the White House Correspo…
That's alright. Patti Davis and Ron Reagan (Ronald and Nancy Reagan's kids) marched to their own tunes, too. Their parents survived
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Y'all Nancy Reagan and Bette Davis got ready for their weddings in the room that I'm getting ready in
worst First Lady in history right now. Even worse somehow than Barbara Bush and Nancy Reagan
She took example from Nancy Reagan, who, as Nancy Davis, "...gave the best *** in Hollywood", according to Peter Lawford.
Nancy Reagan and at State Dinner for King Fahd 1985 8x10
At least Rob Ford, Nancy Reagan and Tim LaHaye all died in 2016 too.
Prince, Castro, Muhammad Ali and Nancy Reagan all left us in 2016 im irrelevant.
really Jackie Kennedy was. I think Nancy Reagan was. Even Barbara Bush was better
if conservatism is supporting a First Lady who poses nude, call me a liberal any day! I'm sure Nan…
yet, no show for Nancy Reagan and Justice Scalia🙄.. cannot wait until gone! 20th😊
I want to be buried in Nancy Reagan's grave because I know it'll really bother her
Four First Ladies have received the Medal of Freedom: Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter & Nancy Reagan.
Here is a picture of President Reagan and Nancy Reagan waving from the limousine after the Inaugural Ceremony.
when compared to Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan? PLEASE! Can't wait to see "it" leave! Her behavior was DEPLORABLE!
Joe Biden was definitely my favorite First Lady. Right behind Nancy Reagan.
Does it show that the card is signed Nancy & Reagan Reagan?
If you're making your judgements like "Nancy Reagan would have voted for Hillary therefore Hillary = Reagan," you're ridiculous.
So did reagan.however he had Nancy to run interference. Who has Trumps back? His kids?
Reagan on the South Lawn, holding a t-shirt (a gift from Nancy), ready to depart for Camp David via Marine 1. 1986. http…
Nancy Reagan aboard Marine One with the Reagans' dog "Lucky," Jan. 12, 1985.
An old picture with Nancy and Ronald Reagan.
uncle Joe, we will take Nancy Reagan who actually DID SOMETHING MEANINGFUL while serving with President Reaga…
Without her there was no complete him. -- Colin Powell on Nancy Reagan
Read Ronald Reagan's letter to Nancy Reagan on their first Christmas in the White House
I saved Kitty Kelly's bio on Nancy Reagan from the skip. The Carter era is fascinating. Trump is Nancy.
Ronald Reagan, Patti Davis, Nancy Reagan, Ron Reagan and Michael Reagan in front of their Christmas
"Nancy Reagan on Ice. It's not even ice capades, they just bring her out in a block of ice."
Does anyone else think Jane Wyatt and Nancy Reagan look alike?!
Ooh! Then we could have Jay Z and Beyoncé play Ronald and Nancy Reagan.
Well, Nancy Reagan was a 2nd wife. . What's 1 more? Ha. I don't think that's why she's objectionable. .
. star talks with about playing Nancy Reagan --> http…
. star talks with about playing Nancy Reagan -->…
I aspire to have a marriage like Ronald & Nancy Reagan's 💞
What did Jane Wyman have to say about Nancy Reagan?
Auction offers glimpse into personal lives of Ronald and Nancy Reagan:
"Theirs was a love story for the ages." Brian Mulroney reads a love letter from Ronald to Nancy Reagan.
Too bad Nancy Reagan can't claim credit as our first female president
Ronald & Nancy Reagan starting fall Presidential campaign today 1980, near Statue of Liberty:
Don't remember Jane Wyman or Nancy Reagan accusing Ronald Reagan of rape either.
Nancy Reagan graduated from Smith and Hillary grad from Wellesley.
Andrea Mitchell kissed Nancy Reagan's *** but bashes Hillary on a daily basis. Hoping for an anti-semite in the White House?
Remember when Nancy Reagan met with Edwin Meese on a tarmac during the Iran Contra Investigation?
hey David, I'm sure you would take Ed Meese and Nancy Reagan's word too right? On Meeses Plane? lol
"Hellcats of the Navy" was scripted pseudonymously by a blacklisted writer. So a Commie got Ron and Nancy Reagan together.
Patti Davis gave a touching, funny and at times frank eulogy for her mother Nancy Reagan during her funeral services on Fr…
Patti Davis said her mother Nancy Reagan told her she was happy *** marriage passed
Nah. It's Nancy Reagan in fancy dress as...Toyah Wilcox.
It is a shame that does not have the class of a great First Lady like Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan.
Jackie Kennedy or Nancy Reagan or Laura Bush, this woman has no more class (dignity) admirable traits than Ms. Clinton.
I think Nancy Reagan was all uptight about drugs because Ronnie was blowing a lot of coke in the Oval Office and couldn…
too bad Nancy Reagan isn't with us. Ronnie's love hating Trump and speaking out against him would carry weight.
Its because she didn't use her crystal ball or consult her astronomer like Nancy Reagan used to do for Ronnie. LOL
Interesting that two former First Lady's ,Nancy Reagan &Laura Bush were and are supporting Hillary. Telling
The end of a long line of first ladies like: Roselyn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara, Laura Bush, Betty Ford?
Can you imagine the media stinkfest had Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan taken rides from convicted sex offenders?
In the tradition of Jackie O, Nancy Reagan & Laura Bush, Melania Trump will bring class to the WH!.
Nancy Reagan and Mr. T. Just look at those fools, pitying each other.
All the DNC needs to do is borrow Nancy Reagan's drug slogan:
they're not feminism they're Nancy Reagan in drag
While I respect her advocacy on issues like stem cell & Parkinson's research, Nancy Reagan was, sadly, no hero in the fig…
Remember when Hillary praised Nancy Reagan's work on AIDS. Just 2 months ago. Why is she different than Trump?
❤️💙 I already feel like I'm Nancy Reagan so
I believe that people would be alive today if there were a death penalty. Reagan
but Mr. T had relations with former First Lady Nancy Reagan. Happy Birthday Mr.T
I do not believe in abortion at will. I do not believe that if a woman...
"Why don't men write love letters like Ronald wrote to Nancy Reagan?"
Reminds me of the fact that Obama did not attend funeral services for either Justice Scalia or Nancy Reagan.
Nancy Reagan when she heard Margaret Thatcher call her husband Ronnie
Y'all remember first ladies with class??? Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush.
. Nancy Reagan tells Judy Woodruff about meeting actor Clark Cable in New York :
Am watching the Voice and U can't imagine Jackie Kennedy or Nancy Reagan participating on the show
Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has died of congestive heart failure.😥 She was 94. 
I will say that there's only one First Lady I don't really like, and that's Nancy Reagan
"Nancy Reagan, an Influential and Protective First Lady, Dies at 94" It's been a month. She is missed .
"He was fireworks. He was art. He was drugs that Nancy Reagan told you not to take." Dave Zirin on Prince
I condemn Obama for putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. It should have been a great American like Nancy Reagan or Margar…
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Visitors pay respects to Nancy Reagan at presidential library in Simi Valley
May both Ronald and Nancy Reagan rot in *** for starting the war on drugs and destroying the black community with deat…
At the Bernie rally in NYC. Sanders acknowledges the Stonewall riots. Clinton thought Nancy Reagan helped the AIDS crisis. Major difference.
And Jane now clings to his side. Reminiscent of Nancy Reagan when Ronnie was losing it.
Jane's clinging presence reminds me of Nancy Reagan covering Ronnie's Alzheimer's.
He forgot to mention John Edgar Hoover, Ronald and Nancy Reagan who poured crack & cocaine in our neighborhoods
Just like Nancy Reagan our youth and drugs are important understands. Build that wall
Nancy Reagan was one of 5 First Ladies who began their careers in public service as League members.
Just took about 2 books from the library today about President Reagan and Nancy Reagan.
At last together again, RIP Nancy Reagan we'll miss you and pls say hello to "The Gipper", God Bless http…
Nancy Reagan's casket arrived at Reagan library. Obama is too busy to attend funeral though. Golf, I guess.
The funeral for former First Lady Nancy Reagan will be held on Friday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California
Nancy Reagan will be buried at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library next to her husband
Watch: White House flag lowered in honor of Nancy Reagan
Reaction to death of former First Lady Nancy Reagan at 94 - Washington Post
Should the next First Lady look more like Nancy Reagan or Barbara Bush or like those who pose nude in GQ?
REALLY?! No one mentioned the noticeable absence of former First Lady Barbara Bush @ Nancy Reagan's Funeral.
Former US First Lady Nancy Reagan dies at 94 - Reuters
Mitch McConnell has announced he will block all efforts by Obama to replace Nancy Reagan.
Patti Davis, daughter of Ronald & Nancy Reagan, describes their undying love for one another
Nancy Reagan was a wonderful, sweet lady. I tell you, I really enjoyed being around her.
Just read article in abt her relationship w/mom Nancy Reagan. Sad, poignant & heart felt.
Daughter Patti Davis shares an adorable prank Nancy Reagan played on her husband
Nancy Reagan: Love Triangle: Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman, and Nancy Davis -- All the Gossip Unfit to Print:
Wise words from Patti Davis at Nancy Reagan's funeral. Great reminder for parents.
If I accept Oliver Stones offer to direct me in the role of Nancy Reagan, this footage, will be, invaluable.
Eaton Rapids native carries Nancy Reagan's casket as member of 'Old Guard' via
Rusty Humphries talk to Dinesh D’Souza about Hillary, Floyd Brown about Nancy Reagan and what happened in Chicago?
Former U.S. First Lady Nancy Reagan (R) joined by daughter Patti Davis at the premiere of the film "Stuart Little 2"
Tom Brokaw first met Nancy Reagan during her husband's run for governor of California in the 1960s. He was...
Update your maps at Navteq
Public is invited to pay tribute to Nancy Reagan at the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda now through March 20.
dude its not martha stewart, its a news anchor at Nancy Reagan's funeral.
He didn't pay for the dress though; it goes to the national archives like Nancy Reagan's dresses.
taking lies to a new level. After telling Scott Pelley she didn't lie then losing MI cause of her bailout lie & Nancy Reagan's lie.
Love Betty Bowers. "Hillary Clinton says Nancy Reagan had a “low key advocacy” for AIDS. Yes, in the sense that...
Column: Nancy Reagan's mission was her husband - Prescott Daily Courier
Nancy Reagan was 'embarrassed' by the current Republican candidates
America mourns Nancy Reagan, but the President stays away: Relatives from TEN White House families ...
"It is appalling to see parades...proclaiming *** pride'... What in the world do they have to be proud of?" Nancy Reagan, Boston Globe, '81
Hilary said Nancy Reagan started a conversation about AIDS? Klaus Nomi speaks for me:
I had a wonderful dinner with Kim and Kanye talking about our memories of Nancy Reagan
It's the same kind of revisionism & poor history that makes Nancy Reagan a "AIDS activist".
Hillary Clinton lies to praise Nancy Reagan (), lies to criticize Bernie Sanders (
“My mother had one great talent…she knew how to love & she loved one man more than the world” Nancy Reagan's son Ron.
Nancy Reagan was laid to rest today next to President Reagan in Simi Valley, CA. Heaven needed a First Lady, so God called…
Nancy Reagan brought back dignity to the WH? *** Brought it back? As if Pres Carter and Roselyn were not dignified? Shame on you
Former First Lady Nancy Reagan will be laid to rest today beside beloved husband “Ronnie.”.
What an elegant service for Nancy Reagan, forget politics, their love story inspiring..
To me, if you didn't run your mouth about Ted Kennedy at his funeral (who actually killed someone), you don't get to do so for Nancy Reagan.
The Frirday we'll all remember as the day we all had the same dream about Nancy Reagan strangling the dog from Legally Blond
And Jim Baker brings up Nancy Reagan '52 meeting w/ then Pres of Screen Actors Guild, Ronald abt being on commie list. America at its worst.
Nancy Reagan remembered at funeral as a woman who "knew how to love": About 1,000 relatives, dignitaries and f...
Cool phrase from Diane Sawyer eulogy about Nancy Reagan: “She never hardened differences into definitions.”
Funeral service for Nancy Reagan begins. Watch live:
w/ Hillary Clinton pays tribute to Nancy Reagan's "extraordinary" "grace and strength" after the assassin…
Former Governor Pete Wilson talks to reporters at Nancy Reagan's funeral.
Note from 'Ronnie' to Nancy Reagan to be read at her funeral today by Brian Mulroney
Did Dennis Miller who once said,"Nancy Reagan reminded him of Nicholson as the Joker,"seriously chastise Obama for not going to the funeral?
A family friend of the Reagans shares why he's heading to the Nancy Reagan visitation
Sad 2 see Nancy Reagan go today. Politics aside, Nancy & Ronnie were a true Love story, that I admired greatly. RIP http…
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"I'm not afraid to die. You know, I'll see Ronnie again." -Patti Davis shares what her mother Nancy Reagan thought about dea…
.NOT going to Nancy Reagan's funeral but to Austin? Seriously? &Cuba over Scalia's? Despicable!
Anjelica Huston, Katie Couric and more are expected to attend Nancy Reagan's funeral.
Tom Brokaw to speak at Nancy Reagan's funeral
Obama is going to a music festival instead of Nancy Reagan's funeral? America's leader doesn't even have respect for American heroes
'The United States is a better place because of you': Condolences fill book for Nancy Reagan at the Nixon Library:
Senator Jeff Brandes kills Ronald Reagan specialty plate just as Nancy Reagan dies.
Obama goes to fun fest in Texas rather than Nancy Reagan's funeral? Sad.
Flags in Richmond County, NC were not lowered for Nancy Reagan. Any idea why not?
Over 5,000+ people signed a petition for Fetty Wap to perform 'Trap Queen' at Nancy Reagan's funeral
Nancy Reagan was married to the guy that started the downfall of the middle class.MSNBC treats her as if she was a saint
Frank Sinatra being told by the President to stop dancing with the First Lady, Nancy Reagan.
Public can pay tribute to Nancy Reagan at through March 20
Among the invited guests to the funeral of Nancy Reagan...Anjelica Huston, Wayne Newton, Tina Sinatra and Mr. T
Parsippany (NJ) Daily Record: President Obama to skip Nancy Reagan funeral for festival . More -
When it comes to Trump, I invoke the spirit of the late, great Nancy Reagan
White House to lower flag for Nancy Reagan.. Related Articles:
was Michelle Bachmann even invited to Nancy Reagan's funeral?
Y'know, I skipped Scalia's funeral and I won't be at Nancy Reagan's either. Where's my bad Dennis Miller joke?
Obama skipped Scalia funeral, now Nancy Reagan's. If the guy was any more low rent, he'd be a Spring Break destination -Dennis Miller
We will remember Nancy Reagan tomorrow on
President Obama 'will not be attending' Nancy Reagan's funeral Does it have to be a democrat funeral for him to go?
When someone tries to talk about what a saint Nancy Reagan was. Or…
Nancy Reagan: A Tribute. By Congressman Joe Wilson. Everyone in the modern conservative era knows the...
BO to skip Nancy Reagan's funeral in favour of S by Sw festival
Same here, Monroe. First, Scalia & Now FLOTUS, Nancy Reagan yet he can speak at Nelson Mandela memorial. This is a joke to him.
Obama will miss Nancy Reagan's funeral, as he did Antonin Scalia's
First he blows off a SC justice funeral, now Nancy Reagan's. Is there a bigger POS on earth than Obama?.
White House confirms Obama 'will NOT be attending' Nancy Reagan's funeral
President Obama SNUBS Nancy Reagan's funeral so he can speak at hipster festival
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Paula Abdul, Joni Mitchell, you, Mother, Nancy Reagan, Linda Blair, Founder of the Salvation Army, running out of ro
Sign this petition for Fetty Wap to perform "Trap Queen" at Nancy Reagan's funeral
Santa Fe College flags are at half-staff by order of the governor in honor of the late Nancy Reagan.
Herald Diary: What Nancy Reagan would not swallow in Scotland, and how to speed up a bank queue in Glasgow.
The death of Nancy Reagan, whose real name is Anne Francis the First Lady of the United States for 8 years
"Just say no!" Nancy Reagan was influential as an anti-drug crusader. Michael Jackson & the Flintstone Kids...
A complex woman with grace & character. Nancy Reagan broke from GOP on social issues was pro choice, raised millions for stem cell research
Rest in Peace, Nancy Reagan. . Here's an image of her with Space Shuttle Columbia in July of 1982. (Via
American Flags at half-staff as a mark of respect for the memory of Nancy Reagan
We're saddened by the loss of Nancy Reagan. In her honor, here's a pic of her w/ Space Shuttle Columbia in July 1982
The relationship between Ronald and Nancy Reagan was a beautiful thing. They represented the best of America.
RIP Nancy Reagan. One of the great First Ladies in American presidential history.
RIP Nancy Reagan, First Lady of Style. Thank you for bringing Jennifer Miller to the White House
Dr. David Courtwright, UNF history professor, spoke with about former First Lady Nancy Reagan.
Why does death whitewash someone's life? First Scalia, and now Nancy Reagan and Ronnie by proxy. Marc Antony was wrong, their evil lives on featured in NBC s Science of Love
Peyton Manning retired. Nancy Reagan follows Ronald Reagan to heaven. Sad to see the era of class coming to an end.
Oakland Tribune editorial: Nancy Reagan a was model of true devotion
Governor Brownback orders flags to fly at half staff in honor of Nancy Reagan.
Nancy Reagan had the ideal perch to advance women's rights. She didn't use it | Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy
People talking about Nancy Reagan being a saint, while she promoted The War on Drugs thus sending millions to prison for no good reason
Nancy Reagan seemed like a very nice lady but there is only so much Saint Ronnie talk I can take. Oozing up now like a broken septic tank
Flags are flying at half staff today in memory of Nancy Reagan. My thoughts & prayers are with the Reagan family. https…
Pretty sure if Nancy Reagan was a liberal I could call her a soulless harpy and get away w/ it, but as a conservative she's a saint right?
Hoda and Kathie Lee show saying Nancy Reagan had second hand clothes oh yeah
I am weirdly sad about Nancy Reagan but really happy for Thomas Barrow so it's ok.
I will never forget how much Nancy Reagan loved her husband. I may not agree with her political values and policies, but I won't be hateful.
Nancy Reagan was a class act &dedicated so much of her life to public service, sharing her hope and joy with all of us. S…
Goodbye, Nancy Reagan. I kind of hope Saint Peter looks like Mr. T.
Trust me as an urban minority I love Nancy Reagan house else did all those cops make that overtime harassing me for a joint my friend had?
Nancy Reagan was the ultimate example of "The First Lady", take heed!
Ohio's top Republicans mourn loss of Nancy Reagan. Kasich, Portman issue statements on passing of former First Lady.
Ohio's top Republicans mourns loss of Nancy Reagan. Gov. Kasich, AG DeWine, Sen. Portman issue statements on...
I remember Nancy Reagan and her treatment of AIDS victims and her support for the war on drugs. Sorry she died, but she was …
Let's not make Nancy Reagan out to be a saint. She turned her back on Rock Hudson and did nothing to help AIDS patients.
Regime TV CNN praising Nancy Reagan like some kind of saint. No mention of AIDS crisis Reagans ignored and exacerbated.
Kwani there is no candlelight vigil for Nancy Reagan. . Paul walker's relatives in Kenya even held a memorial drive.
When Jacqueline Kennedy refurbished the White House, she was celebrated as saint & genius; when Nancy Reagan did it she…
Please take a moment to read my newest blog as we have learned Nancy Reagan, president to the late Ronald Reagan,...
Piers Morgan keeping those American career opportunities open by sticking his tongue firmly in Nancy Reagan's ghost rectum on GMTV.
Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has died at age 94 of heart failure
News - Nancy Regan Dead at 94: Former First Lady Nancy Reagan died today in Bel-Air, Ca...
Ronald and Nancy Reagan got married in 1952 and had two children together - Patti Davis, an actress, and Ron Jr., who pursued careers in
Nancy Reagan the Best First Lady we've ever had. Her. husband my hero Captain Ron, the Best President we've. ever had (period).
Taking bets on which fawning Republican eulogy of Nancy Reagan touts her support for marriage equality. I'M KIDDING! https…
Rock River Valley residents keep in mind Nancy Reagan, spouse of native hero
This is a sad day for America. Nancy Reagan had a good heart, and she will be dearly missed.
A timeless love story. Can only imagine their beautiful reunion! Nancy Reagan will be missed. She was pure class! ❤️
Reagan biographer Craig Shirley talks about the passing of Nancy Reagan, Al Jazeera America, 3.16.16: via
Nancy Reagan, dead at 94, left impact on West Michigan
Former US First Lady Nancy Reagan passes away...
Former US First Lady Nancy Reagan passes away
Kinda worried they might bring Nancy Reagan back to life like they did Colonel Sanders.
At 10: Nancy Reagan passes away at 94. How the former First Lady is being remembered in WI.
'Sad day' as First Lady Nancy Reagan dies at 94
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