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Nancy Grace

Nancy Ann Grace (born October 23, 1959) is an American legal commentator, television host, television journalist, and former prosecutor.

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what happened to your show? I DVR it and it's recording as Nancy Grace @ 7 then Nancy again @ 8. Am I missing something? 😂
If a fan boo's a pitcher 4 throwing 2 first base to hold a runner on, he is sentenced to an elevator ride w Nancy Grace.
yes, saw Gone Girl. it had a lot to say about our society, the medias & human nature in general. & it skewered Nancy Grace!
America. I implore you. Please stop paying attention to Nancy Grace.
it was good! Makes u think about how much influence the press has on a case! The Nancy Grace affect. Won't say more
There wont be the usual coverage. Just Nancy Grace. You can thank their new guy for screwing this UP!
Wednesday at 8pm ET I will be on with Nancy Grace! LOL!
Dropped out of high school. Maybe he didn't give her the time a day. She was normal at one time. They said on Nancy grace!
Nancy Grace could star as the dumbest! Just think "Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest!
I just read what you said to Nancy Grace, you sir are National hero for that! *hi-five
I agree with Seth! Dumb and dumber is coming out how did Nancy Grace not get the part Dumbest so it would be proper
I know it's old news but Props to for calling Nancy Grace out
I'm going to be on Nancy Grace Wednesday :)
Maybe Wendy Davis will be the Nancy Grace of Republican crimes on MSNBC. "Is Mitt Romney the leader of a human trafficking ring?"
Channel surfing ... Steelers, The Voice, and Nancy Grace ... Great night for TV
Rory taking hiatus from golf to focus on court case; might spend 2 WEEKS on stand. Can't wait for Nancy Grace's take.
please have Seth Rogen and Nancy Grace on your panel.
Nancy Grace is so intimidating and watching ppl argue with her is hilarious.😂
Pretty positive Nancy Grace is just 500 rats working together in a woman suit
Have you guys ever seen the Nancy grace show? Because it's awful. Why is she yelling so much...
Is there really anybody out there that gives a rat's *** about Jodi Arias? Or Nancy Grace, for that matter?
Nancy Grace is fascinating. She succeeds in spite of being shrill and acting like your aunt at Thanksgiving after a few glasses of wine.
Never really cared for Jane Velez-Mitchell, so no biggie here. Just wish they would get rid of that god awful Nancy Grace.
My wife took me to see Gone Girl for date night. They could have named that movie, "bad things only pretty white girls in America can get away with". ;) Speaking of, do you think Nancy Grace will ever look for an ugly child? Good thing the media is not sensationalized! Now I got to go and watch special coverage of "Ebola in Dallas", I haven't got the entire story but from the graphics on CBS 11, millions must have died.
The new Twin Peaks is just Nancy Grace yelling that the main suspect obviously killed Laura Palmer, which is terrifying e…
God has plenty of grace to get us through the storms.
If replaced Nancy Grace I think we would all be better off. Well, except Nancy Grace.
uhhh :P no im hardly an ordained monk :P there is a special place in *** for me though. somewhere near politicians and nancy grace
Gone Girl did remind me how much I hate Nancy Grace again
Gone Girl will make you want to play some kind of Nancy Grace drinking game
When did "Caricatures of Nancy Grace" become the greatest movie monster of the modern era?
CNN is the Nancy Grace of missing Malaysian airplanes.
How so? Media 'satire' in the film is trite & obvious. Book references Nancy Grace & 24 hr cable news & leaves it at that.
Of all the things I loved about Gone Girl, the way Fincher eviscerates Nancy Grace's crazy *** is my favorite.
*** Carrie you are just a Nancy Grace segment waiting to happen
Nancy Grace on a beach wearing only a thong.
Saw Gone Girl, didn't read the book, loved it, acting was great, loved Missi Pyle as the Nancy Grace character
Saw 'Gone Girl.' Too bad about Doogie and Nancy Grace.
media Nancy Grace & Fox/CNN picked story up because endless public interest by the community. Not law enforcement.
hm maybe I thought that b/c of the Nancy Grace character in all the commercials (as annoying as the real thing)
In nails a Nancy Grace ish character - just nails it, to the point where you wanna kick a TV set.
I cant wait to hear Nancy Grace's review of Gone Girl
Didn't know Germantown High's own is in Gone Girl until I saw it today. She's terrific as a Nancy Grace/Megyn Kelly divagogue.
Man I hate the chiefs more than I hate Nancy Grace
Imagine an argument between Donald Trump and Nancy Grace
Nancy Grace accusing me of kidnapping & running a weeklong marathon of fake outrage to have me arrested
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no. Bad idea. I would wind up crying on Nancy Grace or something.
Nancy grace 'bated so hard during Gone Girl she broke a nail
Just every moment we begin again. Monday, 10/6/14 at 10:00 am EDT on Simply Grace Radio. Nancy Feth...
the only thing that changed from the ending was the Nancy Grace-type lady. Besides that, it was the same
...killed by their husbands through a Nancy Grace like proxy.
Just unlocked Nancy Grace in Shjust got real.
I kept seeing Nancy Grace over and over. Did you think it was sexist at all?
Gods word makes sure the house you build will be built up straight @ Grace…
I want to thank Nancy Grace&Jane Velez for saving life with that 4 hour Jodi hatefest on HLN last friday
Nancy Grace just said Christian and Muslim tattoos meant the guy in OK was covered in radical ideology - Christianity is radical
a private note to another friend of hers and the Sheriff gives that note to Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell
Is it too much to ask that Juan Martinez,Jane Velez&Nancy Grace issue a public apology to this child & her father?
All I want is for Juan Martinez,Jane Velez&Nancy Grace to issue an apology to and I will stop posting
Nancy Grace & jane velez Mitchell need to get a life. jane velez Mitchel isn't a attorney. Move on.
has a 5 hour bash marathon on tonight via Jane Velez&Nancy Grace
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If Jane Velez&Nancy Grace is going to tell a story,they should b objective&tell both sides
The prospective jurors get to watch Jane Velez&Nancy Grace on friday&kill Jodi on monday. Dam shame
About to finish watching Jane Velez Mitchell and prob Nancy Grace and then off to bed to catch my flight tomorrow :)
made the careers of Jane Velez,Nancy Grace&Juan Martinez,the thanks she get is the death penality?shame
I was watching Forensic Files, which comes on before Nancy Grace.
Nancy Grace one of the Dumbest humans alive on planet earth, oh and btw!she's educated, has graduated, yet hands down the dumbest person next to the bush's lmfao
How many have to die to alcoholism or smoking but it is way worse and legal Nancy grace or a glorified female version of Dr Phil that fakes her news locations and stories organized propaganda
Nancy Grace was discussing how the children are in more danger because they are with "a paranoid schizophrenic"- phrase she repeated
Nancy Grace was blathering on about something that only made me more upset when I realized what it was.
I swear Nancy Grace is so rude and snobby. God *** that lady has no chill.
Nancy Grace is like a good time to leave the office after a Drupal dev?
u got a better chance smoking a J wit nancy grace
If I were an investigator, Nancy Grace would be a suspect in all these missing kids cases. She need something to report every week
Can someone please give Mike Tyson a show where he just calls out dumb questions asked by the media? I'd watch that over Nancy Grace anyday
It's amazing to me that Nancy Grace is still on TV.
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WOW! Understandably, no sports here but Nancy Grace is covering the Dolphin's miracle last Sunday
Nancy Grace Nugget. Having an attitude of gratitude can unlock your blessings it's up to you . Your…
You are no better than Nancy grace let's convict before evidence.
I'm not sure whose worse Nancy Grace from GMA or Bill O' Reilly. That's a hard decision...
My dad just tried to impersonate Nancy Grace and i think i died and came back to life
agreed. left hook to Nancy grace Cnn host should be suspended for hehe-hoho
CNN should suspend Nancy Grace and Brooke Baldwin for comments about Ray Rice getting a job as a street sweeper. The tone was racist
so you know as much as Nancy Grace and Bill O'Reilly on the Lance Armstrong topic. Not valuable to me.
Diet tips with Nancy: eat all the junk food quickly because then all you have left is the healthy stuff.
When does the Nancy Grace crossover special hit Stop giving Ray Rice press. He is a bad dude.
I'm willing to bet Nancy Grace is foaming at the mouth right about now
they r saying bombshell on dr drew now? Good grief nancy grace!
no she is not! She is amazing!! Nancy grace is where I get all of my current facts! I know, auntie is rubbing off on me (:
Nancy Grace😲😝 is a steaming pile of 🐕💩! You don't have to be old... you've been hanging around auntie too much 😁
When Nancy Grace retires and shuts her stupid mouth many parties will be thrown
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I do NOT for the life of me understand how Nancy Grace gets people on her show. She has to be the rudest person on!
Nancy grace don't let nobody slide lol
Oh then I missed some minutes cause of Nancy Grace phew
Nancy Grace covering the missing children story that Pat Collins broke...get him to call her to go on camera now
CNN is about to ask Nancy Grace about Ray Rice. Unless you get paid to watch this crap, I highly advise you turn off your…
Nancy Grace on, and it seems a Montgomery Co., MD woman diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia disappeared with her two children.
I'm "Nancy Grace". TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Nancy Grace sure does like to holler, doesn't she?
If you like Nancy Grace then your vote shouldn't count.
Do you think Nancy Grace will have some valuable insight?
Tune into Nancy Grace tonight at 8pm on HLN as SCK partner Robert Schalk discusses the days breaking legal stories.
The NFL needs an owner like Cuban. He'd be on Nancy Grace right now saying Goodell has got to go.
Glad to see Nancy Grace got rid of those barrettes in her
Nancy Grace can be a lil Extra, but she says what I'm thinkn all the time! LOL
Watching Nancy Grace...Jesus I hope these children are alive and ok
who needs Amber Alert when you have Nancy Grace? It's our duty as citizens to make this go viral.
Nancy Grace Selling Atlanta Home, Building New House - A whimsical treehouse and playroom are reminders of an unex...
I can't listen to Nancy Grace speak
Nancy Grace just mentioned pizza and I can't remember the last time I had pizza.
She was. To this day, do not like Nancy Grace. She was out of her depth w/ Johnny Cochran. She's not 2 smart.
Nancy Grace taught at the Georgia State University College of Law (& business law at Georgia State's business school)
Is it just me or is Shepherd Smith as annoying as Nancy Grace but less annoying than Rachel Maddow.
CNN Nancy Grace doing better job than Foxes' Shepard Smith. :^(
Whoa... Mr. Parks just admitted on Nancy Grace one shot was fired inside the car. Forensic evidence will tell the story.
These protest are for the freedom of who is a political prisonner of war by Juan Martinez&Nancy Grace
Rita Skeeter could give Nancy Grace a run for her money.
Haven't said anything about Tony Stewart, but with some considerable depth in racing background, an understanding of the absolute joke of what's called "media" today, and some common sense, I can say this. Any body but Tony. If any one of the other drivers would have struck and killed Kevin Ward you would NOT have known about it. If Kevin ward would have been black, President Obama would have been holding a press conference to comment on the tragedy and how "Kevin could have been his son", and Eric Holder would be on a rampage to ban sprint cars to make Americans safer and MSNBC would be reporting it as a hate crime. If it would have been Jimmy Johnson that hit him, nobody would be able to believe that Kevin could have been so foolish, now Jimmy will have that on his concise and make it so much harder for him to win another championship. Arrogant "reporters" like Nancy Grace (what a joke) that probably haven't even seen a picture of a sprint car, feel the need to comment on it that Tony "mowed over a fel ...
Nancy Grace loves a good amber alert
Remember when Cody Rhodes called Nancy Grace an ignorant sweathog?
too bad *** like Nancy Grace have a bigger audience to spew bullshizzz.
Hamilton Collection
They all suddenly become experts, even Nancy Dave Moody's piece it's good.
My aunt considers Nancy Grace a legitimate voice of public justice. I assume a good chunk of her demographic does 2
David on HLN's Nancy Grace program discussing his previous interview with Kansas shooting suspect Frazier Glenn Miller Website: ...
I think Jodi representing herself is part of her wanting to have a say during jury selection, and no more. There's really no other reason I can think of that would make logical sense (not that I've seen much evidence that Jodi tends to stick to a logical path). I'm willing to bet we'll see her revert back to her attorneys as soon as jury selection is complete. But this speaks to a larger issue with Jodi, and that's her narcissism. If supporters are writing to her and saying things like "Jodi you are so much smarter than Juan Martinez" "With your high IQ, you should be a lawyer" "It's too bad you didn't represent yourself during the first half of your trial, you would have easily swayed the jury and showed the jury what a lying bully Juan was" "I bet the jury thought you were one of the attorneys when they first saw you. You're so professional looking and so well-spoken" "You should totally defend yourself, you have thousands of supporters who are on your side. Nancy Grace and HLN are only showcasing hater ...
HLN needs to fire Jane Velez Mitchell, Nancy Grace and Dr Drew
Christian suspense: celebrity in trouble! Endorsed by Nancy Grace!  
The State Department is the Nancy Grace of international affairs.
As John Stossel put it, Nancy Grace covers "Breaking... news"
Johnnie Cochran gives Nancy Grace advice on how to turn murder victims into personal wealth
I'd like to think of *** as a place where Jenny McCarthy and Nancy Grace talk to each other as loud as possible. For all of eternity.
You know it's a good day when Nancy Grace refers to Jessica Fletcher (Murder She Wrote) lol
I liked a video Nancy Grace staff: 'Reaction in control room was crazy'
can Nancy grace disappear? I promise we'll start looking in 2020 for her.
Nancy Grace tells dad missing son found alive:
Missing boy found in basement, dad finds out on live TV
Whenever I'm feeling calm and rational, all I have to do is watch a clip from Nancy Grace - boom, I'm a bumbling mess of anger again.
Happy for this dad! But this is EXACTLY why I wouldn't mind at all if Nancy Grace went missing. *insert many expletives here*
HLN's Nancy Grace reveals to the father of a missing 12-year-old Detroit boy that his son has been found alive in the father's basement. For more information...
I cannot stomach no matter the outcome of this, I absolutely cannot stand you Nancy.
Nancy Grace and Mike Francesa in the same room would be a great form of torture
Nancy Grace tells dad missing son found alive
Something is terribly wrong, if his father did not know he was down there! Missing for nearly two weeks!
If I was given the choice to save the planet from destruction or punch Nancy Grace in her smug face, I would choose the latter everytime.
Tough to choose today's favorite moment between the US moving on and Nancy Grace being furious that a child was alive.
How does Nancy Grace still have a television show?
Nancy Grace really needs to die blood
that dude was SO happy to hear his son was alive.. dude bout to have a heart attack on Nancy Grace xD
When Nancy Grace told dude his son was in his basement.
The kid was found in the basement...check out the dads reaction O_o
Did you see the Nancy Grace clip? His reaction seemed a little false to me.
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Ok, I'm seriously trying to figure out how Nancy Grace found out about this before the news media and the rest of the family? Something fishy about the timing of this while he's on her show. Hm...
In the middle of a Nancy Grace interview last night, Charles Bothuell learned that his 12-year-old son, who had been missing since surreptitiously leaving his family's house on Father's Day, was found alive in the basement.
One of the problems with men is that when we're looking for things we don't move things around! Our keys will be...
Nancy Grace tells father of missing boy that he's been found alive
Yo...Nancy Grace with the ill set up. Worst acting performance of all time. A real father would've been out that studio so fast to go see his son.
This guy's acting is worse than a WWE character
00 Nancy Grace is never shy about telling someone like it is and calling BS. Watch as a father reacts to Nancy’s statements… Reports TMZ: One of the most bizarre scenes on TV in a long time played out on Nancy Grace’s show Wednesday night … when she broke the news to the father of …
Nancy Grace tells father missing son has been found on air - in a move that proves Nancy Grace is a monster robot, she breaks news to father on air.
Nancy Grace tells man his missing son has just been found… in his basement. Incredible reactions shots ensue.
Daily reporter Joe Beck discusses this case with Nancy Grace...
Watch: Nancy Grace drops bombshell on dad of lost boy
Live television is breeding ground for must-see moments. Here is the one you need to see. Detroit father Charles Bothuell IV went on Nancy Grace to discuss the disappearance of his 12-year-old son Charlie who
Well I was watching Nancy Grace when she broke the news and I just cannot get over the father I didn't believe his reaction
Nancy Grace interviewee nearly strokes out on live TV. What's with those hideous witchy false eyelashes?
Nancy Grace interviewing a cancer patient: "Did you know you are going to die a horrible, painful death?"
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The identification of 14-year-old Nancy Grace Daniel is a long and complicated story, one that involves a number of people across several different organizations through nearly four decades. Although the story is tragic, it ultimately serves as a beacon of hope for those who remain nameless victims. The story begins with the discovery of an unidentified young woman’s body hidden intall weeds along the shore of Lake Mann on March 12, 1977. She had been deceased for several months, and no trauma or cause of death could be identified. An autopsy was completed and the victim was reported to be a black female, between 13 and 17 years old, standing between 5 feet 1 inch and 5 feet 4 inches tall with black, braided hair. An earring and ring were found with the body, which was adjacent to a pair of white pants. Nancy Daniel's body was located on the shores of Lake Mann in 1977, but she was not identified until 2014. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the District 9 Medical Examiner’s Office investigated ...
paused a Nancy Grace video and this was the glorious screen capture. Thought you might love it
God, this was good >> Nancy Grace tells dad missing son found alive:
What in the *** Gets me every time that Nancy Grace. Can't wait to hear what the step mom has to say mmhhm😑
right. seemed like classic Nancy Grace ish to me
if your child ever goes missing or some hurt them, Nancy Grace will find some justice...that heffa is bad
Video: The Moment Nancy Grace Stuns the Father of a Missing Boy Into Silence - Boy Found in Basement.. via
Somebody need to check this trick...Nancy Grace was EXTREMELY disrespectful to the father of the missing 12 year old boy, clearly he ain't know his son had been found smdh
Sometimes I wonder if Nancy Grace could look like even more of a flaming *** -I was just proven wrong.
Father learns live on 'Nancy Grace' missing son was found in his basement: Matt BradwellDETROIT, June 26 (UPI) -- A Detroit father le...
needs to do an episode on nancy grace telling Charlie bothuell that his missing son was found in his basement 😂😂
Nancy Grace is a dumb inconsiderate b!tch. What part of the FBI searched the basement don't you get? And he's on tv... At what point of time is appropriate to check his cell phone? I can't stand her
Final thought: the only time I have ever enjoyed Nancy Grace was in this moment.
Nancy Grace just told a barista she was adopted.
[VIDEO] Nancy Grace Tells a Man Live on TV that His Missing Son was Found Alive in His Basement
A biopsy has concluded that Nancy Grace is made of vomit.
After 11 days the missing boy from Detroit has been found in the father's basement. Nancy Grace reported the news to the father as she was interviewing him live on TV. Check out his reaction!
Come to think of it, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Nikki Finke and Nancy Grace were somehow the same creature.
and the dad was in Nancy Grace trying to get the word out on his missing son and she (cont)
TMZ Live: Rob Kardashian -- Family Concerned Drug Problem is Out of Control -
Why did Nancy Grace feel the need to immediately take an accusatory attitude with this guy who's child was missing? Real classy!
As police were announcing they found 12-year-old Charlie Bothuell V alive in the home authorities had searched three times before, cable TV news host Nancy Grace delivered the news to his father in a live interview.
Nancy Grace stunned her guest with a baffling piece of news.
I really dislike Nancy Grace. She seems to put on a sympathetic facade for the dead and grieving, but she seems to be a vulture that feeds off of people's tragedy.
A Nancy Grace interview Wednesday night got dramatic when the host told a father his son, who had been reported missing eleven days ago, had been found in alive in his basement.
Wishing there was a filter for absolutely no nancy grace pictures/articles :(
Nancy Grace: Aaron Hernandez Taking Double Murder Charges 'Very Lightly': Things went from bad to really, real...
He had the moral code of a Jack Bauer but the libido of a Jack Tripper. She had the looks of a Grace Kelly and the voice of a Nancy Grace.
HLN Nancy Grace Nancy you can yell KIDNAPPED all you want but the fact is SHE LEFT WITH HIM ON HER OWN FREE WILL .SCREAM IF YOU WILL.
Nancy Grace looks like big bird off sesame street featured in NBC s Science of Love
The worst thing is getting sucked into a Nancy Grace episode.
yes glad he is safe. He's overwhelmed by all the press. Especially Nancy Grace interview
I wouldn't wish this on anyone normal but I want Nancy Grace to find out about that photographer dude
I like to yell at Nancy Grace on my T.V. when I drink, if any of you wanna party.
Jane Velez-Mitchell is almost as annoying as Nancy Grace
And a very wise one, at that. We hid all from Nancy Grace months ago when she slandered the Young Naturists of America.
"Hide all from Nancy Grace" was the easiest decision I made today.
I get all my dating advice from Nancy Grace.
Watching Nancy Grace...why? I have no idea because I really don't care for her
Nancy Grace could never win dancing with the stars. . First time she did the splits she would stick to the floor!
did you know Nancy Grace was in Ghostbusters?
*** we've gotta wait 15,000,000,000 years for the sun to consume the earth and erase all trace of Nancy Grace's existence.
Nancy Nell was the epitome of Christian grace
Spoiler alert: grows up to be Nancy Grace
Can you pass on to Nancy Grace that she is RUDE, RUDE and often extremely RUDE, please. And or take her off the air.
Teen found with stab wounds fights for life
Hey just sayin I like u way more the Nancy Grace and Vinnie don't have nothing on You Lol
has the ASPCA ever came after you for comparing Nancy Grace to dogs
Hi Paige! Yes we did! Check out our own update here: Thx for making sure we were aware!
- Missing teen found with sex offender after car chase . [recognized from “Nancy Grace” show] .
New details: A cashier at the Grosse Tete truck stop said she recognized the missing girl from Nancy Grace's show. .
have some respect Nancy Grace she has a name you should be ashamed of yourself!
Proud to live in a society where nancy grace uses hashtags like
My initial thought was that this was a Nancy Grace parody account.
I cant even lie Nancy Grace is attractive.
What if Nancy Grace's hashtags are like an elaborate horse ebooks type hoax? Who ever they hired to come up with these is an evil genius
Coming up @ 5:33 & 6:33: Nancy Grace stirs controversy with posts about Mishawaka mother’s death
Nancy grace, jhene aiko, damario brown...Don't deserve to breathe my air.
Nancy Grace show leads cops to missing girl
what a coincidence, I vomit every time I hear Nancy Grace's name
Done listening to Casey defending nancy grace! I will not listen to his stupid show anymore.
Nickname of the year!Oh, you mean for the dead woman? I thought we were talking about Nancy Grace...
Nancy Grace is a disgusting PIG. More offensive than Redskins, by a longshot. Take her trademark!
If you're ever bored, go read Nancy Grace's hash tags. It's the most entertaining thing you'll read all day.
Nancy Grace uses to discuss Osceola woman's death
Thanks to a viewer, a missing 16-year-old girl has been found and returned home!
Thanks to a viewer who recognized a missing FL girl she has been FOUND!
Teen found with multiple stab wounds, fights for life
and pulling an Ashleigh Banfield / Nancy Grace parking lot stunt in the studio...
Every moment is filled with the power, majesty, goodness and grace of God.
Nancy Grace show leads cops to missing girl -
Thanks to a Nancy Grace viewer, 16-year-old Ashley Lyon has been brought to a Louisiana hospital after her parents say she was lured from her Florida home by a registered sex offender. Take a listen to Scott Hollbrook who called 911 to report the sighting Wednesday night.
I hate all news broadcasting services because they try to sell sensationalism instead of actual news. CNN, FoxNews, Headline News, Al Jazeera... all biased to some side, buncha talking heads, trying to come up with the most insane stuff just to get viewers. If it bleeds, it leads. Quite frankly, the prime time televised execution of Nancy Grace, Bill O'Reilly, and Wolf Blitzer would be best for the world. Alas, that will never happen. at least, not until Sweeps Week.
HLN TV host Nancy Grace is making big headlines this week! Grace implemented the controversial hashtag "while talking about Amanda Ezra, the 24-year old mother of 3 who died during a car accident last Sunday. She's receiving a lot of backlash on social media, and now we'd like to hear from you, Michiana. Do you think Grace's hashtag was insensitive and why? Your comments may even appear on live television during our morning show!
you shouldn't have quoted that. I was talking about Nancy Grace
Chocolate! HLN is a news network. (Nancy Grace) But after hours they have a show called Forensic|Files. Good stuff.
If you ever caught Nancy Grace's show on HLN during the George Zimmerman trial, then you've probably seen Frank Taaffe. Taaffe was an open and avowed white racist, and
Nancy Grace's news stories heighten the interest of middle school students
Breaking News: Cheryl Moniz; Angel Sister of mine is being held against her will. we have til the 13th to save her...I sent her white roses and have ordered edibles and candles...Address to My Older Sister Much Wiser Sweeter Kinder Than I prayers for your safekeeping.From Robert the Bruce 3 and my entire family To Her Including Barack Obama, Alan Grayson, Bernie Saunders Harry Reid Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Nancy pelosi, barbara boxer Nancy Grace. Sean Hannitty Rachael Maddow Jon Stewart Steven Colbert. They said to many dedications.So call 1-800FLOWERS and tell them no there can never be enough love for Queen of London Ontario...
Thanks cuz! You're more awesome than a Hologram of 2PAC flipping off Nancy Grace!
I'm probably gonna watch some *** Nancy Grace before I'd be willing to watch soccer (or Nascar).
Feeling a little like Nancy Grace this morning.
I love Lenore Skenazy and what she stands for! She is the anti-Nancy Grace!
Nancy Grace is there to protect our children, but who will protect our children from Nancy Grace?
Tony Bruno is the Nancy grace of radio
How does someone as crappy as Nancy grace even get air time
I prefer to think that I am related to Laura Jane Grace and not to Nancy Grace.
This is a testimony of Angel. While over at the coast, Nancy Grace Keppeler and I were taking a walk through one of the many beautiful Giant Redwoods groves and ran into a man named Angel who was traveling through the area. He was listening to some guitar music I was playing nearby and as we approached our car to leave, He started to ask questions about God and how his life had so many questions about where he stood in his personal walk. At one point we asked him if he had a Bible and he went to his car, dug through layers of clothing and goods returning with a tattered personal bible he had obviously read for many years with verses marked throughout his book. He was feeling confused and continued to ask many great questions pertaining to his life and the events that had troubled him for so long. At one point, Nancy asked him if we could pray for him and he replied yes, please. Through our prayer, He asked Jesus to come into his life and transform him from the inside out, the sinner's prayer. Just the rig ...
Nancy Grace put her misunderstanding of history on display in a recent segment on CNN’s HLN channel, when she claimed that noted antigay activist...
If we had Judge Judy, Dr Phil, Dr Drew, Nancy Grace, Judge Mathis to occupy most important field in us office america would have been better
I'm planning on geeking out over the O'Bannon v NCAA case. Its the Casey Anthony trial for people who watch ESPN instead of E! & Nancy Grace
There are no words, no book, no poem or song to express how I feel about Neil. Any sane man would be gone by now. It's not just my illness. It's that he has volunteered to be a victim of this disease with me. The victim of every bad side effect of my medications. The foul mouthed, out of control demon I become on steroids. The victim of the kicking, flailing madness they call seizures and the black and blue marks on his skin from trying to protect me from myself. The victim of the second pain he endures every day. I know from having children that he would gladly take this relentless pain on himself and set me free if he could. Guys are usually embarassed at having to buy a womans ( monthly ) supplies. Needing to buy adult diapers at the drug store we always use;where everyone knows us and our position must be *** Nevertheless; he carries on joking with the pharmacists like this is in any way normal. This man works twelve hour days on his feet selling cars, comes home and I'm asking for stuff before he ...
It's theater not documentary, like Nancy Grace. We're not used to that kind of TV (they don't take it too seriously)
In case you didn't already dislike Nancy Grace as much as me and some others do:
It's just like the stuff Nancy Grace does. We don't have TV like that here do we
Folks: Nancy Leveson's book "Engineering a Safer World" is available as a free PDF. You have no excuses.
Nancy Grace be like "I tell the stories of the victims. I speak for those who can't speak for themselves" *but the victim…
She so so so annoying . She talks like the Nancy grace inking and she talking about her dog non stop
Nancy Grace epitomizes everything that is wrong with the media.
Nancy Grace finds her self unable to speak a word after no young white girls are kidnapped for month.
Bill O'Reily melted his face half off eating out Nancy Grace's toxic hooch. Then he got into TV.
Nancy grace is a hard faced female.
WARRIORS, one of our members is in the Emergency Room as I write this! Nancy Grace Mullins, was brought in by her son. She hasn't been well all week! Please pray for her!
Serious question, does ANYBODY watch Nancy Grace? If so, Why?
Forensic Files is getting to be one of my favorite shows despite the fact that the torment of watching Nancy Grace on the show makes my head want to explode like Gallagher hitting a water melon with a sledge hammer
You can also abuse your influence on *** Nancy Grace.
So, how do we explain your obesity, nancy grace? You sure seem like a lazy fat *** who eats way too much... Most people I know who smoke weed are pretty slender... So? Hmm?
I've become such the mother head, 2 thirty am, now Sunday morning, went to bed aft. the race, got up came upstairs to check on mom and recover her, make sure everythings okay, no snakes roaming around, looking at the stars, listening to the crickets, watching Nancy Grace repeat, cats are sleeping, thinking about my life and watching mom's chest rise and fall...
The Kardashian's, Nancy Grace, Rachel Madcow, Nancy Pelosi, and Kathie Lee Gifford. The most annoying people on the planet.
Former USF classmate (and UGA assistant professor) definitely didn't stick to Nancy Grace's narrative on Slender Man last night.
Nancy Grace is seriously trying to say that because these two girls listened to death metal that was the reason for them stabbing that girl 19 times. Can i just slap Nancy through the tv?
We are having a Joke COMPETITION. This is Day 3 of a 28 day competition between myself, Kevin Jones and Matt Stanton. Just comment with the number you liked best. Voting will end at 8 pm. 1. Donald Sterling was recently voted the most hated person in America. Nancy Grace vows to reclaim her title next year. 2. Cher and Cyndi Lauper are on tour together this summer. I need to call my *** friends and make sure they didn't have heart attacks. 3. A new study says the number of overweight and obese people has jumped from 857 million to 2.1 billion in the past three decades So clearly Grease is finally the word in more places than America.
Ok here's a public forum. You having a Memorial Day cookout you got room to invite 5 ppl. Based on theory they'd come to it & the 5 ppl have to currently alive. What 5 ppl from entertainment, sports, or culture you inviting? And you got 5 definite blocks of ppl you dnt want there who you blocking? I'LL go 1st the 5 invitees are Ric Flair, Gary Busey, Ralphie May, Ariane Douglas "Cameron From WWE, & Megan Good the 5 blocked are- Hillary Clinton, Nancy Grace, Jesco White/his whole fam, Kevin Hart & Jesse Jackson
Nancy Grace speaks to a 73-year-old woman who police say was run down and nearly killed in an alleged murder attempt by surfer Jill Hansen in the parking garage of the victim's apartment building.
On the scale of Nancy Grace to Pee Wee Herman, how horny are you?
I cant stand Dr. Phil and Nancy Grace, they both think they know everything.
From Jackie Archer: For those that live in Cherokee County and may have been the recipient of a political mailer speaking to my attendance record for City of Holly Springs (CoHS), please note the following: During my tenure as City Councilwoman for CoHS I did take time away from the CoHS City Council because I had no other choice due to a diagnosis of Lung Cancer. August 2, 2005 I was headed to an appointment to meet my family when an SUV pulled out in front of me on Trickum Rd just S of Hwy. 92. The impact of the car accident was enough to warrant an ambulance ride to Northside Hospital Cherokee. After a series of tests, x-rays and scans the ER Doctor came into my room and told me and my family that there was NOTHING wrong with me from the car accident. The Dr. went on to say there was something wrong in that there was "something" the size of his fist in the lower portion of my right lung. I was admitted to the hospital and had a lung biopsy the next day. After another 24 hours of waiting for pathology r ...
Wore 1 time size small white Nancy Grace dress 15:00 825-2632 comes with head band.
Legalized recreational marijuana use is already hotly debated, so when you throw Nancy Grace into the mix it's bound to get downright fiery! Thanks to her,
***GET THEM ALL NOW***PART 1 IS FREE***GET THEM ALL NOW*** TRUE GLORY PUBLICATIONS PRESENTS THE DIARY OF NANCY GRACE 1-3 BY: STARLETTE SUMMERS ALL NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON FOR KINDLE READERS!!! CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW AND GET THEM BOTH NOW!!! PART 1 ***FREE*** Nancy Grace is a little girl screaming for help and searching for her mother's love. Emotionally, physically and sexually abused by the hands of her own mother, revenge is looking bittersweet as Nancy faces her own inner demons, one being her best friend. 2 Nancy Grace is back and everything is not what it seems. Will she find that love and understanding that she’s been seeking? Will Martha get what she deserves or will Krystal take over for good? 3 Nancy Grace is back trying to control her sick mind. She has the mind of a child and half of it belongs to her best friend Krystal, Nancy's imaginary friend. Against her better judgement, Nancy goes back to the only place she knows and learns some shocking news. No one is safe, including Nancy. Read .. ...
I'm so sick of Nancy Grace. Every time I watch a crime show or watch I.D. Here she comes, popping up to give her two cents worth of the obvious everybody already knows. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the next police report I read at the office that she doesn't pop her over made up face over my shoulder to say "whenever a child becomes missing, the police begin their investigation with the parents and work their way out from there!" in her exaggerated Southern accent. Get out of my head Nancy! Oh, and Shame on You! :) there, I feel better! shows
Off-color and I apologize for that, but dang! It would explain SO much and it might also be Nancy Grace's trouble as well.
Jaden was just mentioned on Nancy Grace. I hope he is found soon!
Saw this on Nancy Grace last night. Definitely worth a share!
Let's define "terrorist organization." A terrorist organization is an organization that makes you feel scared all the time and makes you change your behavior. What does CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC do all the time? That's right. Wolf Blitzer? Terrorist.Glenn Beck? Terrorist. Nancy Grace? Terrorist. AND her plastic surgeon.
I can not stand NANCY GRACE ... She is rude, obnoxious, and uses the death of innocence people to make her money! She finds people guilty when in America your are innocent until proven without a doubt doubt!! Someone needs to just slap her!! I am more than willing if some will pay to fly me out there and bail me out when I get arrested ... 😊
Ugh. I think the only problem I could see with Ann Coulter and Nancy Grace fighting to the death is that one of them would survive.
Donald Sterling interviewing with Anderson Cooper, ehhh, now if he were talkin too Arsenio Hall, Tavis Smiley, Nancy Grace, Howard Stern, or Sway from mtv then I would listen
If you are fond of simple and traditional American political categories, Nancy Grace is a mystery. We the people, we're told, are "liberal" or "moderate" or
It's a pretty sad state of affairs when you almost have to toss members of your own family out of a softball game that you are umpiring for heckling you. When I say family, I mean my own wife, Jennifer J Culbert, mother, Nancy Grace Culbert and father. By the way, Dear, that ball you thought was too low that I called our daughter out on, it was a strike, because I called it a strike. So there!
Dr. Drew needs to wrangle in the guests on his own show like Nancy Grace does sometimes. He lets them get too carried away.
Transcript from May 7th show; Nancy Grace, Andrea Vogt, Anne Bremner discussing CCTV film, is it Amanda Knox?
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