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Nancy Grace

Nancy Ann Grace (born October 23, 1959) is an American legal commentator, television host, television journalist, and former prosecutor.

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I just found my tenth little missing white girl, now I can finally get my card stamped for a free foot massage from Nancy Grace.
Need a feisty white brod like Nancy Grace
When Letterman leaves, they'll replace him w/Wolf Blitzer & Nancy Grace. They'll go on every night and look for young missing white planes.
Replace Letterman with Wolf Blitzer and Nancy Grace. They could be on every night searching for missing young white planes.
So you want a guy ripped like Adam Levine, but he has to be cool with you being built like Nancy Grace?. -how I got unf…
Please stop Megan Kelly drama!She's become the Nancy Grace of Fox.She demands her guests almost contrive stories to explain events.
The votes for scariest villain of all time are in!. 5. Leatherface. 4. Freddy Krueger. 3. Jason Voorhees. 2. Michael Myers. 1. Nancy Grace
they were just showing the fight on the Nancy Grace show about how Kelly wants to sue
Omg on the Nancy Grace show they were just talking about the fight between Abby & Kelly
yes I was the "fool"..fell for Nancy Grace & Robin Mead's awful tease...NOT FUNNY to think of Nancy Grace before lunch!
On-air flare-ups between TV pundits trigger our spidey sense here at PunditFact, especially when the hot topic is a murder case gripping the world’s attention. So when Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace got into a spat over the Oscar Pistorius murder trial on Good Morning America, we had to dig in. Pi...
No matter how Megan Kelly tries she'll never hold a candle to Rachell Maddow. She's just another tabloid Nancy Grace. Fox News CNN
Julie Chen: Nancy, you've been evicted from the Big Brother House. . . Nancy Grace: No, Julie, you're evicted.
Nancy Grace. Oven. Head in the oven. Squawk box.
There are some people who take Alex Jones and Nancy Grace seriously. Be terrified, America.
Dear Vogue: Next I want Honey Boo Boo and Phil Robertson on the cover, then I want Nancy Grace and Alex Jones. They'll fly off newsstands!
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During a Good Morning America interview about Oscar Pistorius, Nancy Grace only wants to focus on the sprinter's XXX habits with Dan Abrams and Josh Elliott.
tool of the week. Vote A Judge Joe Brown held in contempt. B Nancy Grace blurting out on GMA or C Bobby Knight referencing rape
"Nancy Grace is the Alex Jones of dead children." khgjfggha
I can't stand Nancy Grace, but this was awkward and funny.
Nancy Grace, crazy hashtags, and NHL goal controversies
Nancy Grace new hair cut is really cute on her
Macon, Ga is trending. Hometown of Mike Mills, Nancy Grace & Little Richard. I bet they throw a heck of a pajama party together
I've always loved Mercer and the way they're in Macon, GA and how they have about 8300 students and how Nancy Grace we…
NEW WORLD ORDER: Again taking a bit of a detour from my usual Post, but some of this does have some validity. I was listening to Glen Beck this morning, who I usually not a big fan of his because he is too much like Nancy Grace, but this morning well something he said did ring true. He began by saying the old USSR intentionally allowed itself to go bankrupt which makes no sense, and would be far too expensive. Most of their entire Navy fleet was allowed to sit at docks, ad rot, including their boomers which alone would have cost Billions. However, with the Administration we have now many of his theories are ringing True. Because of the mismanagement of this Nation, we are no longer the Superpower of the world. Now that has gone to China & Russia. Though Russia no longer has the economic power it one had. By combining forces with China, together they have become the leading power in the world. Russia has the Naval Fleet that I am sure is in the process of being repaired after years of Neglect. Chi ...
Ya know who is happy, really happy, in a very practical, if perhaps not personal, way about the media (and thus, our) obsession with Flight 370? President Obama, President Putin, President Assad, President Maduro, President Rouhani, and any other beleaguered politician, because no one is paying any attention to their problems and designs any more. Millions of people at risk, and we're obssessing over 239. It's as bad as Greta Van Susteren and Nancy Grace's obsessions with missing pretty young blondes. Although Greta is acting like she's the Lead Investigator for Flight 370. "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic." While probably mis-attributed to Stalin, that seems the operative force at work here. Meanwhile, in the background, the politicians toil unobserved, unaccountable.
I'm very tired of seeing Nancy Grace bash pit bulls. This page is dedicated to all the dogs in need of rescue and homes and hopefully to inform people of the true facts about the breed. It's also a place for people to come and talk about how one sided Nancy Grace can be. Once she has an idea, there is no stopping her!!!
The ex-husband of convicted killer Susan Smith tells Nancy Grace he’s not surprised at reports that his ex-wife is paying off inmates to watch for guards while she reportedly has sex with her prison girlfriend. “It doesn’t surprise me…she’s a very manipulative person,” David Smith said.
CNN should have Nancy Grace "prosecute" the "blade runner" on her show ...she has shown the world her stupidity when it comes to so called journalism time and time again
Ironic that Nancy Grace's make up looks like Tammy Faye Baker's AFTER a crying stint.
"We don't pay for interviews and Amanda will lie, so what's the point?" Nancy Grace, on why she would not ask
Whether or not you think OJ Simpson is guilty, you can sort of blame him for brining us Nancy Grace and Greta Van Susteren
Watch: Neighbors Testify in Blade Runner Trial: Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the effec...
I’ll preface this post by saying that I am a Jodi Arias supporter. Did you know Jodi Arias prior to Travis’s death? I never knew her before this case and the first I ever heard of her was while watching CNN and then HLN (which I will never watch again). I have sent about 10 cards to her over the past few months and received 2 replies. It seems to me HLN was biased from the start. Maybe this was due to being on the losing side of the Casey Anthony trial and wanting to rehabilitate their credibility. I watched the trial starting with Jodi’s testimony only (silly me I like to hear from eyewitnesses and not “background ear-witnesses providing commentary based on unproven clairvoyance). The daytime commentators were okay and didn’t seem too biased, but the nightly triple punch from Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell, and Dr. Drew served to distort the public’s view of the case. You often hear the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”, but the mere fact that that phrase needs to be repeated so oft ...
I really can't stand Nancy Grace. She's one of about five news personalities I absolutely loathe. The others include Anderson Cooper, Bill O'Reliley, Chris Matthews, and Shepard Smith.
Watching 5 minutes of Nancy Grace & her guests talk about George Zimmerman my head is exploding. There is no honest dialogue just screaming.
now, Nancy Grace using Dezirae as a ratings boost. I guess she squeezed Casey Anthony all she could. Not a single one of these media people were outraged until it was a sweet little blonde who was killed. This happens all the time, the reunite families has been the goal for years. And, Nancy, there is no "Child Protective Service" in Vermont- check your facts before you report. A judge makes the call to change custody in this state, NOT the case worker. All of this attention on the DCF employees, what Judge who reviewed the case and signed the order?? It was an elected/appointed OFFICIAL who signed off on her return, NOT a State Employee. National Media is such a load of horse hooey.
Wow, u really were duped by the media. I suggest you read Alan Dershowitz on this case, & avoid Nancy Grace.
Pierce Morgan is getting sacked, good maybe CNN is one step closer to becoming a decent news channel again, you know unbiased reporting and things like that, not some Englishman so conceded and condescending that he couldn't get a job in his own country so he has to come over here to educate us "savage Americans" you know what Pierce? Your dumb and maybe you getting kicked will gain CNN a new viewer, now if only we could get Nancy Grace off the
...cont'd... also get rid of Fareed Zakaria, Nancy Grace, Don Lemon...
... Is that a challenge? Nancy Grace, Graham Norton and Tony Kornheiser.
Attention Jeff Zucker: Bring on more NEWS! After all , it's called the Cable News Network. First they turned HLN, which stands for Headline News, into a soapbox for Nancy Grace, now CNN is turning into a showcase for movies and special series. Aren't there already 200 other channels doing that? Make a bold move, Mr. Zucker-Now that you've dumped Piers Morgan, fill the time with news!
People who should not be on TV: Nancy Grace, Don Cherry, Any Kardashian, Sheryl Underwood, Cedric the Entertainer,The Fountain Tire Guy
Defender of white men who shoot unarmed black teenagers and frequent HLN guest Frank Taaffe is in danger of losing that HLN gig now that there's audio of him calling Oprah Winfrey the n-word, but Taaffe was recently confronted on HLN's air, by Nancy Grace, about other racist remarks he's made, and b...
Remember Frank Taaffe? He's the neighbor of George Zimmerman who spent much of last summer engaging in screaming matches with Nancy Grace on HLN. More recently, he joined Grace to offer up his defense of Michael Dunn, a man he doesn't know, but believes was probably justified in shooting and killing...
I want this guy in Florida to get off just to watch Shepard Smith and Nancy Grace have simultaneous strokes on the air.
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I've got the same birthday as Ryan Reynolds, Weird Al Yankovic, Nancy Grace, and Miguel... i think it's a good dayyy
Woohoo! Go Lisa Lockwood! Please meet our "Women Who Change the World" Leadership Award Winner. Thank you Lisa, for all your inspirational work! We appreciate your dedication :) Through reinvention and career consulting, speaking opportunities and national media appearances, Lisa Lockwood has solidified her place as the leading authority on reinvention. Lockwood’s personal story of transformation, detailed in her celebrated memoir, Undercover Angel: From Beauty Queen to SWAT Team, serves as an inspirational example of how she successfully combined optimism and reinvention to reach unparalleled heights. Lockwood now dedicates her life to teaching people how they can reinvent themselves with the power of determination and perseverance. Lockwood has been a repeat contributor to national outlets including Jane Velez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace and The Steve Harvey Show; her work and consulting has been profiled in publications nationwide. Reinventing YOU! The 10 Best Ways to Launch Your Dream Career is her second ...
Wow no Frank Taaffe on Nancy Grace. Wonder what happened there? Maybe this:
Aw this girl on Nancy Grace said that Jordan Davis was her first kiss. 😔
Do I expect too much from juries? If they find this *** guilty of 3 counts attempted 2nd degree murder, how come they didn't find him guilty of 2nd degree murder for killing Jordan? I mean, I know there was at least one hold out, but it's just not reasonable. They say he can get 20-60 years as it is, so that's good. Guess I'll have to watch Nancy Grace and listen to that loud mouth Frank Taffee.
Arnab is most of Nancy Grace and a bit of Rameez Raja.
That arrogant Frank Taffee is on Nancy Grace again pray tell why? He brings nothing but his angry white man attitude.
After watching Nancy Grace tonight I'v come to the conclusion that she and Frank Taffee deserve each other...both as rude as he**.lol
Nancy Grace is over here showing a video of Bruce Lee with nunchucks. I can't.
Guys I've been watching CNN at the airport for so long that I have the Nancy Grace commercial memorized. Can I hug my boyfriend yet ❄️✈️😫
Is it socially acceptable to watch youtube videos of Nancy Grace on ?
Saturday Night Live and Drake poke fun at Nancy Grace. Via Hulu. Posted by Jay
Dr. Drew and Why keep booking this idiotic, ADMITTED white supremacist/racist Frank Taaffe?
George Zimmerman's de facto spokesman is now on air defending another man charged with murdering a black child
seeing good reportera like comment with 'wow' 'horrible' etc makes you guys look more like Nancy Grace than anything
Is Nancy Grace in a relationship with Frank Taaffe, She can't do a show without having him on. Both are a disgrace to what wa…
Love listening to you! I don't listen the Nancy Grace anymore because of wacky Taffe. Missed you
My favorite way of spending Valentine's Day... Waiting on a verdict and watching for Nancy Grace to release the lawyers. Any word Deshon Knoflicek?
Watching HLN, And I am baffled at the man that shot the black young man (while the victim was in his OWN car) for playing loud music!! Where's Nancy Grace on this ridiculous case??
Nancy Grace Jane-Velez-Mitchell It is sad Jacksonville, FL being in the spotlight for such terrible 'stand your ground' consequences once again, where are minority youth are once again dead... Obama once again proves his case against gun violence... Over and over again... once again ...
Informal poll...Who is more detestable: Judge Judy or Nancy Grace?
Nancy Grace 'stunned' Dunn jury still out- I'm not shock, he only murdered a black thug wanna be. Sad but that's what a lot of people think.
WHY President of RIP R U allowingAwhite supremacist on air
HLN Nancy Grace says she’s “stunned” the jury in the Michael Dunn murder trial has not reached a verdict after deliberating for more than 11 hours. 
Nancy Grace is back and everything is not what it seems. Will she find that love and understanding that she’s been seeking? Will Martha get what she deserves or will Krystal take over for good?
Bill when will you make a statement on Nancy Grace again?
Nancy Grace 'stunned' Dunn jury still deliberating
Jordan Davis is the second coming of Travon Martin people. if your following the case,A young black teen gun downed for being in a vehicle that was playing loud music at a gas station in Florida.( sounds familiar) This case didn't get some much publicity, but it's very similar to what the trend is starting to look like. A black unarmed teen, that the country wouldn't miss dead or alive. I was watching Nancy Grace I believe Tuesday night and she was interviewing a gentleman for the defense team, and one of the first thing he said was 2 of gentlemen that were in the car with Jordan Davis,have a background of being criminals, really, that justifies the reason to shoot and kill a young man that has no intent to harm you Michael Dunn. But it's crazy how the jury is deliberating over a guilty verdict, really! I pray that this guy doesn't get off man, and we as people must take these situation in, because this is starting to become a trend. Ijs
Hi Nancy Grace. Is there no existing law that states citizens don't have the right to take law into their own hands ?!
Nancy Grace would be my ideal friend in every sense.
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Nancy Grace: Why do you keep booking this white supremacist? / cc:
Dear Stop putting this white supremacist on your show. Thanks,. MoJo.
ALLOWEDAIRTIME NOAIRTIMEtime NdefenseOF favors racist? ask the …
ALLOWEDAIRTIME NOAIRTIMEtime NdefenseOF favors racist? ask the Pres
Nancy Grace 'stunned' Dunn jury still out | via
IF any of these TV people (Nancy Grace, Vinnie Politan, Jane Veles Mitchell, CNN broadcasters would get out from their hig-rise apartments, their gated communities they could see all the bad things the rest of us have to fear!!! Sorry , but they have no idea.
Lame, dude. Really lame. Lame like Nancy Grace calling the cops on her granddad.
Nancy Grace just took the words out of my mouth. Dunn is there in the courtroom like...
Nancy Grace decided that the best way to quote someone swearing on national television was to spell it out. "This S-H-I-T is going down now."
Never wake up ill, and have no coffee ( still ill) hearing the sucking sounds of John Legend!!! I guess it's better then Nancy Grace yelling
TRIAL UPDATE: Nancy Grace is stunned the Dunn jury is still out!
God espn is killing sports by how they analyze stories. Enough of incognito. Rather watch Nancy grace. Or have a tooth pulled
Nancy Grace and her signature handcuff necklace. Nuff said
Nancy Grace makes me sick. I watched her show last night for the first time in a long long time, ( since the Zimmerman trail ) and at the bottom of the screen the caption kept reading "white man shoots black teen over thug music" . The shooter is claiming self defense, why not post that at the bottom of the screen, did the shooter say hey turn off the "thug" music or I will shoot you, or did he claim the deceased threatened to kill him and appear to grab a shotgun. He had a split second to decide to get his firearm and to fire his weapon at a perceived threat of great bodily harm or death. Constantly during the Zimmerman trial she refers to Travon Martin as a child, and last night she refers to the victim in this case as a child, my question is how old or large does one have to be to "outgrow" being classified as a child. I know she was a prosecutor, but when she became a television host she should quit being so biased. She even threatened to "turn off " the mic of one of her guests who disagreed with ...
I have been watching shows like Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew on Call about the Jordan Davis and Michael Dunn case. I would have to say that I too have asked someone to lower their music BUT in my case it was one man playing a song that was saying that I want you to suck my d*&^ and I want to do blankity blank to your P*&^^% in front of elementary school age kids on school grounds while picking up his 7 year old daughter. I don't care what music you listen to but if you are on school grounds especially elementary with kids all around you DON'T play dirty music. He, a white man, was very angry that a Hispanic woman was telling him to do what he felt was his right, which yes, but very inappropriate on school grounds.
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I don't understand why Nancy Grace has Frank Taffee on her show? Even though I don't agree with anything that comes out of his mouth, she could at least let him talk! She is famous for not letting her guests speak.that's her style like it or
Watching the verdict of Jordan Davis. Please tell all the black folk you know to stay away from Taffy's area in Florida. He is the friend of Zimmerman. This man is so RACIst other than to expose him to the public I have no idea why Nancy Grace continues to argue with this freak of nature.
Deliberating on Jordan Davis what about black on black Killing does the media even care Nancy Grace al Sharpton They don't care about Jordan Davis or The travonMartin case all they care about is Making money and I'm the last person that's racist they need to talk about the first 48 and all the Killing The media chooses what they want talk about I feel sorry for the Martin family and the Davis family
Frank Taaffe will be on Nancy Grace tonight (8:00 pm est) to set it straight to her one more time. In the meantime, the jury is approaching 9 hours of deliberations atm, and they were granted access to see the dry easel again. Michael Dunn will be found not guilty, or the jury will be hung because there are holdouts who want him convicted regardless of the (lack of) evidence, although I don't why any of these jurors would think like that. Do you? ~ Jason
Currently tuned in to Nancy Grace: The Killing of Jordan Davis, The Michael Dunn Trial. All I have to say is: Florida, you better get this verdict right. You messed up once with the Trayvon Martin case, please do not make an a** out of this state again! Uhmm Frank Taaffe, who are you again? You sound so stupid & ignorant!
I don't why Nancy Grace & Dr. Drew keep bringing Frank Taaffe back to their shows.He's upsetting alot of viewers.
Why does Nancy Grace have this racist POS Frank Taaffe on?
Frank Taffee from Trayvon Martin case is Cleary prejudice now he coming to the man defense who killed the black 17yr old for having his music too loud.get his but Nancy Grace
I wish Nancy Grace would stop bringing Frank Taaffe on the show.
I fell asleep with fever an stomach ouchy grumbly/sinus crud I've had for weeks ,where every hair and toe nail hurts. Ya probobly know this crud, ya feel all better-then it knocks you out, ya fall into a trippy sleep, but your awake, determined to get up, in between trippy dream state.. yup that one..I fell asleep listening to Nancy Grace sparing with Frank Taaffe (freind of George Zimmerman), again as he now defends Micheal Dunn but we all know he is just defending his right to carry a gun and use it whenever he wants..I wanted to shoot the TV cause again why Nancy, just why bother with him? I know I know rating but anyways I'm not a gun owner, so with HLN TV playing in background, woke to "Forensic Files" or "Crimes of Passion not sure which.I must have reached pinnacle delirious fever, body ache state by this time because I found the Narrator and this crime funny enough to laugh out loud, as I changed out of cold sweat drenched sleep wear, chilling and laughing till my face hurt.Did ya know when ...
Some I'm watching Nancy Grace and they are talking about the Michael Dunn case and from what I can tell is that Dunn had no reason to shot the at car and when we was getting cross examined he change his story numerous times... If they find not guilty I will be so shocked
Why does Nancy Grace or anyone keep having Frank Taaffe the most Racist *** I've ever seen on their show. Michael Dunn murdered that Teen.
I love watching Nancy Grace rip apart *** guests like Frank Taaffe.
So why is George Zimmerman'S friend Frank Taaffe on Nancy Grace? Is he for white guys killing black teens?
I so like when Nancy Grace cuts off George Zimmerman's BFF, Frank Taffee's microphone and he just sits there like he has a dunce cap on. You go girl !
Ugh...the supporter of killers is on Nancy Grace, you guessed it that wackadoo Frank Taaffe.
Frank Taaffe doesn't think before he speaks and Nancy Grace calls him out every time.
Why is Frank Taaffe still getting shine...why does Nancy Grace give this fool country?
I understand there is controversy here but seems to me there very well could have been more to this poor girls death than soda. I know kids who drink 2 liters like its nothing in just an hour or two... she had bruises everywhere and had a seizure somehow why do i think they caused the swelling not the soda. Plus on Nancy Grace it states 2.4 liters of soda and water. Then this statement she had 2.4 liters on top of that then water. So I wonder what the facts r. Free Republic Browse · Search General/Chat Topics · Post Article Skip to comments. Parents Accused of Daughter's 'Grape Soda Murder' .9News ^ Posted on 2/9/2014 4:57:16 PM by nickcarraway Two US parents accused of killing their daughter by making her drink more than two litres of soft drink and water in a cruel and bizarre act of punishment have pleaded not guilty to her murder. Father Randall Lee Vaughn, 41, and stepmother Mary Vaughn, 58, face charges of murder and child abuse following a two-year investigation into the death of 5-year-old Alexa ...
After Michael Dunn shot and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis during an argument over loud music at a Florida gas station, he returned to a hotel room with his girlfriend and ordered pizza, prosecutors said in court Thursday. As jurors view surveillance video from the gas station, HLN’s Nancy Grace as...
I'm watching Nancy Grace and I don't know why she's giving that *** Frank Taaffe a voice of hateful racism. I'm sick of him and that other *** George Zimmerman.
you are the anti-Nancy Grace nobody needs to be tried in the media. Keep up the good work. In response to Woody Allen story
HLN host Nancy Grace joined CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday to discuss George Zimmerman’s planned charity boxing match against the hip hop icon DMX. Grace said that Zimmerman is essentially going to be “profiting off of a crime” by participating in this boxing match, a violation of the “Son o...
I day dream about Nancy Grace as the final segment in a Human centipede, comprised of Rush Limbaugh, Bill o'Reilly, Al Sharpton and Greta VanStrusen.and it's Taco Tuesday at Golden Corral prior to the attachment procedure.
Justin Bieber has been arrested for DUI and drag racing but what about the people around the 19 year old star? Nancy Grace discusses. Subscribe!
Frank Taaffe on Nancy Grace tonight to discuss Michael Dunn case
Frank Taaffe is scheduled to take on talk show host Nancy Grace tonight. At issue is Michael Dunn, the Florida man accused of shooting an black teen.The Michael Dunn case is being compared to the Trayvon Martin shooting.Taaffe is a noted apologist for George Zimmerman who was acquitted of murdering
When Knox was found guilty I would not have wanted to be within a hundred miles of Nancy Grace..but if I was I would have walked up to her smiling *** and said... Casey Anthony!
Watched 2 minutes of the news and came to the conclusion that it is amazing how Nancy Grace and CNN only give a *** about a murder if an attractive woman like Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony, or Jodi Arias are on trial. Who has to screen the suspects mugshots and gets to say hot enough for the news or no thanks you're a Sasquatch and not even a bored blogger is gonna watch you sizzle like bacon.
I have a thought for the morning. It expounds on a point I made in a comment yesterday, but that has stuck with me and gelled into something I think is worth sharing. I--Rhonda Kay, the Director of this rescue--am harsh. I offend people every time I open my mouth. Sometimes I absolutely mean to and sometimes I don't, but one thing is for certain: it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. Why? They say you can catch more flies with honey, right? Well guess what? I have no interest in catching flies. I am only interested in jerking a knot in the tail of a community that allowed almost TWO THOUSAND DOGS to be destroyed in 2012, and probably just as many in 2013. (Those official numbers aren't in yet.) Think about it. If those dogs were children and not "just dogs," who would you want advocating for them--Kelly Ripa or Nancy Grace? Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'll watch Live With Regis And Kelly any day over Swift Justice With Nancy Grace. . .when I want to be entertained. But if we were throwing c ...
O my watching Nancy Grace how in the world could someone defend George Zimmerman. My thought if he didn't have just a history he would be able to get a job. Zimmerman get over it!
A much as I dislike Nancy Grace, I felt compelled to share this story. Is this gonna be the next big thing? Are we bored with the knockout game already?
ICYMI: Mason Tvert of responds to viral Nancy Grace interview that sparked an "SNL" parody
Pot users "shoot," "stab" and "strangle," says this Nancy Grace vid. Also: Here's the "SNL" clip mocking her:
HLN’s Nancy Grace has long been ripe for a Saturday Night Live mockery, and with her crusade against marijuana last week, the sketch comedy show tore into her tonight. Grace (played by Noël Wells) interviewed several people benefiting from Colorado’s legalized pot. “What about the babies?!?!” she kept asking, because that’s literally the crux of her entire argument. Grace then teased: “Part six of our annual Jodi Arias special. Question: Was she high on pot? Yes.” Watch below, via NBC:
You’ve seen Nancy Grace debate MPP’s Mason Tvert on marijuana policy — — now see Nancy Grace take on Nancy Grace!
Now who would you like to see Jason Beaver or my friend Frank Taaffe on Nancy Grace? See you on the 8th Frank!
Jon Daly just said the greatest thing on "At Midnight". He said, and I quote "Nancy Grace is human garbage"
FOX premiered a new show called Rake tonight. If it is successful, can the spinoff *** be far behind? (Insert Sara Palin, Nancy Grace, etc jokes here.)
I blame Nancy Grace for Casey Anthony getting away with murder.
Noel Wells as Nancy Grace. I can die happy now.
Hey Support Frank Taaffe going on Nancy Grace tonite @ 8pm HLN
I could do without Noel Wells ever doing Nancy Grace again.
Noel Wells is trying, and it's a solid effort, but the silence during those Nancy Grace punchlines is deafening.
In case you missed it last week, MPP's Mason Tvert debate with Nancy Grace has gone viral - even SNL spoofed it this weekend!
Daily Caller: Watch Nancy Grace debate herself about the effects of marijuana [VIDEO]
Nancy Grace debates herself about the effects of marijuana | The Daily Caller
Nancy Grace is the best Megan Mullally character.
"The Dumbest Thing Ever Said About Weed" Nancy Grace our lol have no clue
"Let he who is without... oh, it's Nancy Grace. Some people deserve to die." *whack*
Nancy Grace is one of the stupidest people that is allowed to be on tv
Say what you want about Nancy Grace. Actually say what you want about anybody. I'm alone in my house. I can't hear you.
Nancy Grace lost her mind over legal marijuana on
New Nancy Grace video shows her debating herself over the effects of cannabis use
If youre ever mad at your mom, just be glad she isnt Nancy Grace.
I still don't get why Nancy Grace still has her own show, tbh.
One in the chamber.sorry nancy grace
Any thing you say or do will held against you .. b'more careful what you say .. they got her *** . but we all...
I was watching some old white *** named Nancy Grace and she doesn't like weed
more like the Amazingly Idiotic Nancy grace.
really though is there anyone more disgusting than Nancy Grace
Is Nancy Grace in panic mode over the chance of national legalization of marijuana?
Lmao Nancy Grace killed me when she said she wanted to give dude a finger necklace. I was rollin.
I need Nancy Grace, I don't like this phony on her show
I don’t know Nancy, If I were high, Mortal Kombat would be pretty near the top of the list….
i love you NANCY GRACE!! i cant wait to see your show to night!!!
Nancy Grace is on an entirely different level of stupidity
Nancy grace seems like she doesn't get enough ***
I want to see Nancy Grace melt down like that!!
"Nancy, somewhere out there is a man wearing a snuggie and shower shoes and he is only half as crazy as your...
Perfect example of the media's crazy behavior. Nancy Grace doing her show wearing a sparkle glove in 2005.
Nancy Grace needs some one to gorilla fk her then smoke her out on some of that fine legal weed
Watching Nancy Grace's story on a guys mom in my platoon that went missing and still hasn't been found. Praying for him and his family 🙏🙏
I liked a video Nancy Grace Debates Nancy Grace on the Effects of Cannabis
Nancy Grace, Marchand, Tortorella might be my top 3 free punch in the faces but like I dislike so many ppl especially in the nhl so idk
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Because of Nancy grace Dallas will never ever ride a bike or walk, run, play, anything out of my sight. 😳
Nancy Grace deserves a slap for this
Nancy Grace welcomes a bakery owner and comedian Katt Williams to her show
Wow Nancy Grace is one special woman let me tell you
SNL's Nancy Grace talks about legalization of marijuana in Colorado with a pro-pot bakery owner and comedian Katt Williams (played by SNL host Drake). Of course, this skit is making fun of Nancy Grace's recent claims that people on pot shoot, stab, strangle each other and kill whole families. ...
Nancy Grace is right...Here's the proof
Nancy Grace is an incompetent arrogant lady. She doesn't deserve her own show.
Nancy Grace states "People on pot shoot, stab and strangle each other"
American Idol, but with Nancy Grace, George Zimmerman and Amanda Bynes as the judges.
Nancy Grace says that weed makes people violent. What do y'all think?
Nancy Grace held a heated debate over the use of
Television show host Nancy Grace went into full blown attack mode after the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado. But a new video uploaded to Youtube shows an interesting dichotomy between her statements about marijuana during the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial, and her commentary abo...
In the last few years we have seen a major awakening about the medical uses of In and voters have even moved to legalize recreational marijuana in what was the biggest change in drug war laws we have seen since the start of the so called war on drugs. Apparently CNN host and legal consultant Nancy Grace hasn’t gotten the memo
Saturday Night Live mocked Nancy Grace's over-the-top reaction to Colorado's legalization of recreational marijuana this past weekend, but that sketch has nothing on this brilliant YouTube mashup from Reddit user risbia.
Nancy Grace gets into a heated debate with herself about the effects of marijuana in this amusing video from Plixpop.
Noël Wells took on the role of Nancy Grace in an SNL sketch last night which did a spectacular job of skewering the HLN host for her recent tirades on the evil
Nancy Grace...The best argument EVER against legalization of marijuana
Wow Nancy Grace.most annoying white woman in the world
Nancy grace is one of the stupidest females on the planet
Nancy Grace Should start doing stand up, she makes me giggle.
Nancy Grace you are thee dumbest female alive please retire annnd stfu
Nancy Grace might be the most idiotic person I know
Nancy Grace is easily one of the worst people ever.
I think Nancy Grace should probably just stop..
Nancy Grace thinks Reefer Madness is an up to date documentary.
*** Nancy Grace actually got before a national audience and said that weed makes you violent and children shouldn't see adults drinking soda.
Nancy Grace is a dumb as they come in this country.
Saturday Night Live boiled down cable news show host Nancy Grace this week, portraying her as an insane woman who hates marijuana legalization because of her all-consuming fear for the wellbeing of "the babies."
Oh Nancy Grace, you are such an cunnihole.
Nancy grace and women like her are what's wrong with America!
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Nancy Grace is an *** Glad She got roasted by the SNL cast.
On Tuesday, Nancy Grace claimed that people on marijuana shoot, stab and strangle each other, and that children shouldn’t bear witness to their parents drinking soda.
How does Nancy grace have her own show?
Nancy Grace is an Archon running under an obsolete protocol.
Omg...SNL.Nancy Grace.I'm in tears of laughter here!
Saturday live doing nancy grace lol
Nancy grace from HLN is so contradictory on the subject of "pot".
Nancy Grace says pot causes people to murder. Yeah, and cocaine puts you to sleep and ecstasy makes you argumentative.
It appears Nancy Grace has gone to pot.
I hate Nancy Grace. very much. That is all.
Anybody else think Nancy Grace is hott?!
Nancy Grace needs to loosen up and smoke something.
Nancy Grace has to be one of the stupidest people I've ever heard speak...
If Nancy Grace has a husband I'm sure he's on suicide watch.
Nancy Grace needs to go the way of Mama Cass.
Marijuana Nancy Grace is a blowhard on HLN who pretends to be an expert on many topics. One of those topics is now apparently marijuana and its scary, scary addictive, dangerous properties. Even though she knows less than most 10 year olds about weed. Likewise, her show featured a segment and debate...
I want Nancy Grace to die in a fire.
I wonder what Nancy Grace thinks of me.
Friday marks one month since Heather Elvis, 20, of Myrtle Beach disappeared. WPDE NewsChannel 15's Allyson Floyd spoke with CNN Headline News' Nancy Grace about the case.
Nancy grace, please do the human race a favor and jump off a cliff.
Apparently Nancy grace is a crazy nut screw ball
I can't stand Nancy Grace... simple as that
Nancy grace is the most arrogant and ignorant person ever.
Does Nancy Grace ever know what she is talking about?
Whoever gave Nancy grace a show should be psychologically evaluated.
Nancy Grace is possibly the biggest joke on the face of the earth.
oh my gawd, Nancy Grace is so stupid!
Nancy Grace makes me wanna throw up all day long forever and ever. Ugh.
Nancy Grace is the profoundly stupid.
Nancy Grace continues her record breaking string of horrific television shows:.
do you have any connection to Travis Alexander? Or are u just one of Nancy Grace or JVM's nutcase fans?
Irish man checks into Dublin hospital complaining of 7 week erection. Dr. prescribes 3 episodes of HLN's Nancy Grace.
Nancy Grace says that pot smokers are lethargic & do nothing but veg out on the couch all day. I'll keep that in mind today when I train two hours at the gym...or whenever I read about Micheal Phelps making history with his gold medals.Also, the next time I see someone vomiting on the side of the road from being drunk, I'll make believe weed has worse effects than that.not.
I've never done an illegal drug in my life, but I gotta say something about this moron Nancy Grace proclaiming that pot smokers are lazy, lethargic, sit on the couch, veg out, and do nothing. Micheal Phelps won 8 gold medals, smoked pot, and was anything BUT lazy. Josh Howard of the Utah Jazz, Mike Adams from Ohio State, Jerome Simpson of the Cincinnati Bengals, Jordan Schafer of the Houston Astros, Ross Rebagliati the Olympic Snowboarder, Randy Moss of the 49ers, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants, what do they all have in common? They've all either been caught in possession of pot or openly discussed their pot use. Even if it's legalized I won't be using it, but I gotta say, for someone who outweighs most of these men to say that THEY are the lazy ones is idiotic. Why do people listen to her garbage?
So, if what Nancy Grace says is true; she could hypothetically beat Joe Rogan in a fight. We should set up. I...
Appearing on HLN Wednesday afternoon, former NBA player Charles Barkley challenged Nancy Grace's suggestion that all marijuana users are just fat and lazy. In fact, we can now add Barkley to the list of pot smokers who managed to make something of themselves despite experimenting with the drug.
Just watched the Nancy Grace thing. Who actually listens to this woman?
On Monday, HLN host Nancy Grace attacked people who use marijuana recreationally as “fat and lazy” and added that no one would want, for example, their babysitter to be high while performing their duties. On Tuesday, anchor Brooke Baldwin sat down with comedian Kevin Hart and rapper Ice Cube and inv...
Is it possible for Nancy Grace, Mama June, and her disgusting offspring to all somehow be tossed from an airplane and then they all land directly into the worlds biggest wood chipper that empties out into shark infested water? If so, I'll GLADLY donate to the company that does this.
Jane Velez Mitchell and Nancy Grace are worse than the serial killers they report about
In the most succinct outburst of outrage in the wake of the Ethan Couch sentencing, legal expert Nancy Grace said that the presiding official in the case, Tarrant County Juvenile Judge Jane Boyd "n...
Also wish Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell would stop yelling "Bombshell!" when nothing is new.
How much do I want to freak myself out about Missing White Girl Syndrome?. Enough to watch Jane Velez-Mitchell AND Nancy Grace. 😏
Hi friends, I am a Nancy Grace junkie as well as Dr Drew, and Jane Velez Mitchell, I saw on tv tonight that a women wrapped her new born baby up and stuck it i to the microwave and cooked it as her own mother said she walked outside! i was ready to die when i heard this! As well as baby Elena who has been all over the news ,her bones were found In a garage. I'm so truly sickened and saddened. I want who ever is out there to know that there are options... I will take in any child, whatever ther color ,race, or handicapped. No I am not part of a organization.. Or want any money, i just want to save these angels life. But truly want these evil acts to stop. For any one out there that may feel that there is no other options there is. I will figure it out for them. Please post this on your site so that the lost, knows that there is someone who will love their children and murder is not a option, just needs to contact me .. I won't tell anyone. Just give me there child so I can give them a better home . ...
If there's an uglier person than Nancy Grace, I've never seen one.
Nancy grace who i love, was kicking *** tonight on Extra.
Time to watch Nancy Grace all night 👵
What would you pay for Nancy Grace placenta, Murray?
Tried to watch Nancy Grace Mysteries, but its not a Whodunnit, Its a Nancy-Already-Knows-Who-Dunnit. No mystery in the show
My Mom is recording Nancy Grace and I can't change it 
Impossible to tear myself away from the CNN marathon of "Nancy Grace's Mysteries of Scientology." I should be OT Clear in a few episodes.
Nancy Grace got me dying with this loud, angry man junk
Is there a meaner nastier woman than Nancy Grace? An hour in a room with her would be worse than water boarding.
Lifetime has those dangerous women movies too. I think if I can get the case to the attention of Nancy Grace it'll be $.
You might be on to something. But I have to watch Nancy Grace first. She's a true and to us all!
Me? Oh...just watching Nancy Grace go on and on and on and on about Casey Anthony...still. Shoot me now. PS-Has...
People like Nancy Grace feed into railroading the innocent (see Jodi Arias) and nothing can be done to stop it.
Nancy Grace is the Honey Boo-Boo of late night TV. Don't say you haven't been warned...
"If I have to look at one more shot of Justin Bieber's buttcrack, I'm going to commit a fellony" -Nancy Grace
Shut your *** Nancy Grace. Why is this on every commercial break?!
Hamilton Collection
Nancy Grace needs to shut up and sit down!
Is Nancy Grace the most annoying person on TV?
Who knows? But with presenters like Hannity, Cole & Nancy Grace they weren't working on ..
. Rather, courage is fear of God's judgement by repenting of sin and placing ones faith in Christ alone, by grace alone.
did ever tell the your Jesuit teachers at that salvation is Christ alone & grace alone & not works based?
Your salvation is works based & is null & void. True salvation is based on Christ alone, not Mary, grace & faith alone not works
ugh Nancy Sue what would I without you thank ya sm 😛
Everything n Nancy Grace depresses me. o
Yesterday was partly about an old fat guy that demands cookies. But enough about Nancy Grace.
I see nobody got me a dead Abby Lee Miller or Nancy Grace for me for Christmas.
If word ever gets out that Nancy Grace has been joking with us this whole time, she'll go down in history as the funniest …
Eph 2:8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—it is the gift of God— not by WORKS so that no one can boast.
Law keeps us limping in the dark;Grace sets us walking in the light.
As long as we have the Grace of God,failure is not final.
What are the unwritten rules on following back under 18 followers?. I'm not auditioning for to Catch a Predator or a future…
domain names
Wait my moms name isn't even nancy grace
Merry Christmas kak .. May Jesus's grace, love and blessings be with us abundantly
Out of all my presents today, my favorite was a gift from God in the form of a baby boy yrs ago. My Lord, Jesus Christ. …
Thanks for giving me Jenny McCarthy's opinions on medicine & Nancy Grace's opinions on law.
“she jealous of Nancy Grace. Cold game.”
she jealous of Nancy Grace. Cold game.
Too bad they don't have Valtrex for people who watch Nancy Grace and reality TV.
Merry Christmas, everyone! Especially Nancy Grace and Eugenie Wu, our last two drawing winners. Congrats!
Jonmichael, Peyton, and Nancy Grace got dream light pillow pets. I wanted one! But it's ok I got everything else I wanted for Christmas.
I love Nancy Grace. That being said, Happy Christmas to all y'all!!! ;). I'll be redneckin' it with 'the fam' at the local casino.there go my chips! ;)-
Nancy Grace is on the NICE list! Join them to Track Santa on Christmas Eve and find out if you're on the naughty or nice list. Fun, games and unexpected surprises!
Watching Nancy Grace Mysteries and she is talking about JonBenet Ramsey... today is the 26th anniversary of her murder which still remains unsolved... Merry Christmas and RIP Jon Benet.
Nancy Grace WOW! She makes me sick... Yes its the 17th-18th anniversery of that beautiful angel JonBenet Ramsey's death bet EVERY single year really? We know the datails-HORRIFIC, terrible unimaginable,but give it a rest let HER & her mama R.I.P.
Watch “Nancy Grace Mysteries: Rae Carruth,” Friday at 8 p.m. ET on HLN. NFL star Rae Carruth and girlfriend Cherica Adams seemed like the perfect couple. Carruth was a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers and Adams was 8-months-pregnant with the couple's child. Like any other night, the football…
Watching Nancy Grace Mysteries. The story of Jon Bennett Ramsey. This story just makes me sick. Can't believe no one was charged with her death. It's been since 1996 and all the money they had. Seems as if they would have the answers.
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Watching Nancy Grace Mysteries-- I can't get over her necklace. It's a very large set of handcuffs (at least 3 in dia). Intriguing.
What do YOU think? LBN-COMMENTARY By James McAuley: The case of Ethan Couch — the drunk 16-year-old who mowed down four bystanders in a Fort Worth suburb with his “super duty” F-350 pickup truck, but got off with 10 years’ probation after his defense team’s psychologist blamed “affluenza,” or a state of immense, amoral privilege, for the crime — has become something of a national outrage. But here in North Texas, the reaction hasn’t been quite so vehement. Most of the vitriol has come from elsewhere: a somber and scandalized Anderson Cooper, excoriating the psychologist who testified for the defense; and Nancy Grace, the helmet-haired high priestess of outrage, demanding on “The View” that the juvenile judge who handed down the sentence “be thrown off the bench”; the petition to that effect on, which has garnered 20,000 signatures.
I can not stand Nancy Grace! I hate her just as much as Bill Maher.
If you found Nancy Grace and a dog abandoned in a hot car on a hot day, and you had to choose which one you'd break out, what would you name the dog?
Nancy Grace are you freakin hypocrite, you for real, as a Da you should never ever get caught dui and if you are, you go to jail and lose your job as a DA.
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