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Namadi Sambo

Mohammed Namadi Sambo (born August 2, 1954) is a Nigerian politician and currently the 4th Vice President of Nigeria.

Vice President Vice President Namadi Sambo President Goodluck Jonathan President Jonathan Peoples Democratic Party Kaduna State David Mark Ado Ekiti Boko Haram Babatunde Fashola Ekiti State Ayo Fayose Presidential Villa Mohammed Namadi Sambo

Thank God we do not even have people like Namadi Sambo, Atiku Abubakar as VP at a time like this. I've > 100% confidence…
Where is Namadi Sambo,the immediate past Vice President?Is he politically irrelevant???
Let them thinks whatever they thoughts. We the fortunate ones knows that osinbajo is not in anyway namadi sambo!
Lmao that one is in Namadi Sambo mode...
Imagine Namadi Sambo in Osinbajo's shoes right now... Niaja for just dey like that...
Imagine it was a Namadi Sambo Buhari Had to Hand Over to. In all Things we should find ways to Be Grateful Abeg.
A far cry from and elite version of Namadi Sambo.innit?
Don't mind them, they want another Namadi Sambo. Smh
Namadi Sambo the ghost worker will be swearing for hero. He didn't let the guy shine one bit. See Ag. President Osinbajo shining upandan
Ben Bruce is only trying to twist what we knew. Namadi Sambo's house. Project was awarded 2013 wt monies paid
Where is our former Vice President Namadi Sambo
very possible..Every Governor he donated towards has been a hit from back to back..from Namadi Sambo...
Where is former VP Arch Namadi Sambo? . Is he really in this politically influenced Country?. So much silence form that camp!!!
Where is dis gentle man- Alhaji Namadi SAMBO? While other members of dat govt are being queried,nothing is heard of dis man.
What will you discover by the time you bugged the bunkers of OBJ, GEJ, Turai, Barkindo, Edwin Clerk, David Mark, Na…
for President Jonathan which was slated for last Saturday without the involvement of the Vice President Namadi Sambo . (3)
Breast Cancer Awareness
It is interesting to note that Namadi Sambo didn't commit any act of corruption in the last administration. He never gets mentioned.
if Amina Namadi Sambo chose suratul Fatihatul khitab, she could have save her Hsbd from been embarrass at political Party in Kano
Thank God we don't have likes of Namadi Sambo as Vice President.
One thing we should understand is that even PMB die today, Osinbajo will take over not GEJ or Namadi Sambo. PMB will be back stronger
VP Yemi Osibajo might have done more work now than d whole tenure of Namadi Sambo
As far as i'm concerned, in trying so hard not to be a Namadi Sambo, our VP has turned Minister of announcements. That's all really.
There's no way Gej would have taken all those decisions without Namadi Sambo knowing about it. Why's no one calling him out?
By the way why's Gej taking all d blame for things that went wrong during his regime? Where's Namadi Sambo or bc he's a northerner?
Lol. His job spec is basically the same as Namadi Sambo under GEJ, cut ribbon and smile for the camera
already you have freedom. Because of the freedom Namadi Sambo an Igbo descendants became VP as Northernmost
the joke is that namadi sambo was so irrelevant. Neither have been impressed obviously.
Yemi Osinbajo over Namadi Sambo. Pls don't let's argue that one 😂😂😂.
Please where is Namadi Sambo, Labaran Maku? Is it not there turn to dance?
I think we as Nigerians are still too used to Namadi Sambo, that is why we are surprised that a Vice President is actually do…
Why didn't you attack the then national assembly when you were Namadi Sambo's aide?
Our patron Arc. Namadi Sambo will take it from here. We will not stand and watch lose their jobs anyhow - NIGHOWU
We are trying to reach out to former Vice President Namadi Sambo to speak on the issue.
But Namadi Sambo is the real houdini of the GEJ administration.
GA - see when next you're travelling, hand over to Yemi. Me - why?. GA - look at him, he is as bored as Namadi Sambo https:/…
Namadi Sambo was the Vice President of the country as well, nobody blamed him for the failure of the past government.
Namadi Sambo, as Vice President, can boast that his administration completed 125 Almajiri Schools. How about ATiku?
Do we even have a governor in Lagos State? Meanwhile looks like the spirit of Namadi Sambo has entered the deputy governor lagos state.
It would be evil comparing Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo with Vice President, Arch. Namadi Sambo.
Namadi Sambo was the highest act of corruption in Nigeria!
Did Namadi Sambo ever say anything when he was VP?
Most memorable thing I recall Sambo saying was that his name, Namadi, comes from the Saudi city of Medinah/Madina
Did we ever get to see VP Namadi Sambo do an interview that was broadcast? Live or not? 😶😶😶
Listening to the PY talk makes me remember Arch Namadi Sambo. The man has not been heard of since May 29. PDP 2019 agenda?
Listening to prof yomi Osinbajo talk about the economy making sense makes me think of namadi sambo.
But hey! Where in this world is our former V.P. Arc. Namadi Sambo? At least something brought his boss GEJ out from hiding against his wish.
Mr. Namadi Sambo has never articulated national economic matters as I just saw Prof Yemi Osinbajo did.
PDP zones 2019 presidency to the North.. Pls Namadi Sambo should be made their candidate.
Where's Namadi Sambo even? You'll be hearing about all these former VPs but not him, ghost former VP?
Mr Vanishing Spray! The guy may openly steal billions &no one will remember to probe him" : Meanwhile where's namadi sambo na"
Epp namadi sambo. Mention his name in nus once in a while 😟
Where are the following gentlemen:. 1. Gabriel Suswam. 2. Emmanuel Uduaghan. 3. Namadi Sambo. It's too early for oblivion.
So what has been happening to our fmr Namadi Sambo.
. Was also ashamed when she had to ask me Is it true this person's father couldn't recite Suratul Fatiha?. Namadi Sambo's gaffe
Osinbajo is playing an active role in Gov't. I can't remember Namadi Sambo on a mission like this
Namadi Sambo was the highest paid actor in the world between 2011 and 2015.
Two yrs ago today I ad my friend sugar eat our sallah rice ad ram in zaria home of former nigeria VP namadi sambo,
My people, where is Namadi Sambo and Adamu Muazu. Its being a long time. I was told that no matter how ugly, NORTH don't criticise NORTH
NAMADINA SAMBO. Since he left office as Nigeria’s Vice President, Namadi Sambo, is best known to have been...
Dako yafi mishi. It is quite shameful that at this stage, Namadi Sambo is struggling to recite Fatiha. How does he even pray?
Lol go and argue with Namadi Sambo. I know I'm right.
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Namadi Sambo gave a definition to the office of the V President. Prof Osinbajo is giving a counter definition to that office.
How much has VP Namadi Sambo stolen or is it all about GEJ?
Even Arch. Namadi Sambo looks confused in that pic. be like "how can I tap into all this"
Where is Architect Mohammed Namadi Sambo?. Haven't heard from him since after he left office.
I can answer questions on behalf of Namadi Sambo if you guys
Mohammed Namadi Sambo is Certified Architect, his professional field is architecture!
Let it be known, David Mark,Okonjo Iweala,Alison Madueke,Namadi Sambo aspired leadership to steal
namadi sambo seized to be called VP on 29th of May virtue of that you are an ex media aide.
Wonder how my former great VP Namadi Sambo is fairing??
When last did u hear the name NAMADI SAMBO?? Hope d man has not gone AWOL
But rili what work was namadi sambo doing then, coz yemi osinbanjo is everywhere, always busy, but what did uncle namadi do when he was vp?
Lmaoo if this is true, Namadi Sambo was a lowkey Vice-President and even a more lowkey THIEF. 😩😩😩
Namadi Sambo, CEO/Founder Lord of the Anonymous Kingdom. Defender of the realm of Absence
Vice President, Namadi Sambo commissioning stoves and N5bn has been approved for it Under the "Ministry of Environment" ... EL-O-EL
Namadi Sambo and Abdullahi Adamu represented who? Nobody represented anybody
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See What wife of Namadi Sambo (Nigeria s Vice President) plans to do after Leaving Aso Rock -
Transition: FG Inaugurate 16-member Committee to be headed by VP Namadi Sambo
Most people have congratulated GMB except for Namadi Sambo.Maybe he is looking to close the show with a Fatiha prayer.
Breaking news, jimi n ambode will play a frndly match today by 6pm, abanikoro n fashola players, d 2 goal keepers re tinibu n namadi sambo
President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo paid a condolence visit to the family of the late...
that's not true, go to Kaduna, where Namadi Sambo is the custodian of the State's treasury, Yero has failed
a vote for Ramalan yero is a vote for out if work Namadi Sambo who will take the governors office.
President Goodluck Jonathan and his vice Namadi Sambo have condoled with the family of late Special Adviser (cont)
to vote for Ramalan is the same as vote for Namadi sambo whose mission is to ravage our great state takecare and painstaking therein
Mohammed Namadi Sambo de-camp from PDP to APC. Wow what a total turn around
President Jonathan, Vice President Namadi Sambo and former Governor Alamiyeseigha paid a condolence visit to the...
Voting El-Rufai as governor of Kaduna is better dan Namadi Sambo as VP of advantage to de people of Kaduna
Let it be on record that Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo has (in the last 6 weeks) worked harder than Arch. Namadi Sambo in the last 6 years.
Nigeria does not deserve a 73-year old President – Namadi Sambo: As they jog, 40 Nigerians were ki…
Me and Nigeria Vice President, Namadi Sambo at Banjul Airport on 18/02/2015. Fresh news? Visit
We're working hard to transform Nigeria 'Sambo: Vice President Namadi Sambo has said the administration of President…
"Who is the Vice President of Nigeria?" Honorable Namadi Sambo, I think
10 new thermal power plants’ll add 4,700MW to national grid: Vice President, Mohammed Namadi Sambo yesterday…
We've solely focused on GEJ,but Namadi is an accomplice. What has been d major contributions of Namadi Sambo to this failed administration?
Follow up to LRT: . Give him (Namadi Sambo) an assignment & u can go to sleep. By the time u wake up, he will ask u what the assignment was.
Vice President Namadi Sambo has relocated to Kaduna State to woo the electorate for the March 28 and April 11 resched
Gejmyvote Sambo relocates to Kaduna to woo voters: Vice President Namadi Sambo has relocated to Kad...
The running mate of President Goodluck Jonathan in the March 28 presidential election, Vice President Namadi S...
I think the Kaduna rally has so far been the biggest by APC... Its been a standstill To think the Vice President Namadi Sambo is from Kaduna... I don't want to imagine what will happen when APC gets to kano.. The state will be practically shut down. Block votes for APC in the north... Buhari's chnace of winning has never been this big... APC! Change!!! Change!! Change Jonathan!!! FeBuhari14
Jonathan promises 10m jobs if re-elected From YINKA FABOWALE AND OLUSEYE OJO, Ibadan President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, promised to create 10 million jobs within the next five years, to reduce unemployment rate in the country if re-elected in the February 14, 2015, presidential election. He made the pledge at the famous Mapo Hill in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, during a rally organised for him by the Oyo State Presidential Campaign Committee of the PDP, headed by the Minister of State for FCT, Oloye Jumoke Akinjide. The National Chairman of the party, Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu, on the occasion, presented the party’s flag to the governorship candidate of PDP in the state, Senator Teslim Folarin. Jonathan stated that he would ensure that his office and the PDP create at least two million jobs every year through the Presidential Job Creation Board, headed by the Vice President, Namadi Sambo, and made up of government officials and private sectors, adding that statistics at his disposal showed that ab ...
more than 5 decades the business inclined people of the South East of Nigeria had to fly to other regions just to board an international flight,it took a man named Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to correct this unexplainable injustice Two weeks ago Vice President Namadi Sambo was in Enugu to commission the air-conditioned USB fast DMU trains for the Enugu intercity mass transit! He also commissioned the Enugu aba- Portharcourt firstclass rail service which was in the doldrums for decades Only a mad man will ask them not to vote for a man that has made it possible for them to travel from Enugu to -PH for just =N= 650 The pictures is the Thank you turnout crowd for President Jonathan today in Enugu. Goodluck is the Man for the Job.. and Share if you
Sokoto PDP Guber Ticket Crisis Lingers There appears to be no end in sight to the crisis surrounding the Sokoto Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial flagbearer ahead of the February general election as Vice-president Namadi Sambo could not resolve the differences among the aspirants. The Vice President, who was in Sokoto yesterday to broker peace among the aggrieved aspirants of the PDP, ended up telling journalists that they were on course hence the interest of the party was supreme. With the response of the Vice President, and those that were in the meeting, it was obvious that the Sokoto PDP is still in for a big tussle of political acceptability. While the reconciliation meeting with all the four aspirants lasted, journalists were, however, barred from the hall where party supporters were briefed. On his part, the deputy governor and one of the principal contestant, Barrister Shehu Shagari divulged that the reconciliation meeting was inconclusive. “Like I said at the meeting, we have discuss ...
“I don think iv ever watched Namadi Sambo our Vice President speak. I don't think so” sigh
present documents supporting their claims Recently two top politicians in the country the Vice President Namadi Sambo of the PDP and
Kaduna Inter-City Train Services Commences Operation *the Kaduna-Abuja rail line 100km/phr route will be commission in weeks. The Rail Transformation has hit the North East zone again, as the intra-city train service connecting major areas in Kaduna has been commissioned by Vice President, Namadi Sambo. The commissioning ceremony took place at the Kaduna Junction Rail Station where the Vice President said that our government was committed to resuscitating and modernizing rail lines in the country to reduce transportation problems, especially in the rural areas. Arc Sambo, said that more modern coaches would be procured for intra and inter-city rail services. He said the intra-city rail service will run through Kawo, NDA, Sokoto Road, Central Market, Kaduna Junction, St. Gerald, Television Garage and Deeper Life Stations. He said Kaduna was the second city after Lagos to have the Modern Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) service. Maj Gen Muhammadu Buhari cancel the Lagos train project initiated by former Governor ...
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when Goodluck Jonathan was the vice-president, he wasn't noticed likewise Namadi Sambo. Do you think yours will b different?
Abuja-Kaduna Rail Project was commissioned by 'Yar adua when he was president and Namadi Sambo was the Silent achiever of Kaduna State.
BUHARI'S FIGHTERS PLANS TO ATTACKS JONATHAN/ SAMBO BUSES President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign team suffered a major setback today in Nigeria’s in the core north as commercial and private drivers refused to take campaign vehicles already painted in the PDP and Jonathan /Sambo campaign brand from Kaduna a state to Kano metropolis citing fear of attacks by citizens opposed to the President’s return to office after the 2015 elections. Several drivers who were approached to drop off the campaign vehicles complained that Dr. Jonathan has failed the north and they could not in good conscience be seen driving vehicles with his campaign logo between the two most important cities in the north. The drivers were offered N70,000 each but weren’t swayed to take the vehicles numbering 80 to Kano from the Kaduna government house where Vice President, Namadi Sambo and Kaduna State governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero had them purchased and branded for President Jonathan’s presidential campaign in Kano. As at the tim ...
VP Namadi Sambo canvasses creation of new state out of Kaduna: The vice-president urges Nigerians to be peacef...
The Kaduna State Governor, Ramalan Yero, has announced the establishment of a state- owned University of Technology in Kafanchan. Mr. Yero was speaking as the guest of honour at the annual Kagoro Cultural Day. also known as Afan Day Festival, in Kaura Local Government Area of Kaduna State. “In view of the challenges being faced in securing admission into universities by our students, our administration has concluded plans to upgrade the Kafanchan Campus of the Kaduna State University, KASU, into a full-fledged University of Technology,” Mr. Yero said. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Vice President, Namadi Sambo, who also attended the event, congratulated the people of Kagoro for sustaining the age-long cultural event, which dates back over four centuries and is celebrated every New Year Day. In his speech, the Chief of Kagoro, Ufuwai Bonet, thanked Governor Yero for the numerous development projects he brought to the local government and appealed for their completion. The traditional ruler expressed happiness ...
El-Rufai, supporters sneak out of 2015 Afan Festival at Kagoro: Some drama played out today at the 2015 Afan Festival held at Kagoro when a visibly frustrated FCT Minister and APC governorship candidate in Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir Ahmed El-Rufa’i sneaked out of the event midway. The former Minister was obviously reacting to the overwhelming show of support showered on incumbent Governor Mukhtar Ramalan Yero by the people of Kagoro and Southern Kaduna. The APC flag bearer’s supporters were eclipsed by a massive support mounted by PDP stalwarts in the zone. El-Rufa’i had disregarded protocol on arrival at the event long after the Vice President, Arc. Namadi Sambo and all other top dignitaries were already seated. The former Minister refused to acknowledge the presence of other guests and the host, Chief of Kagoro, Mr. Ufuwai Bonet. El-Rufai and a handful of his supporters were seen driving out of the venue of the event long before the Chief of Kagoro delivered his speech. His arrival and exit were b ...
VP Namadi Sambo told INEC that his Bachelors, Masters degrees certificates from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, were co…
The Code of Conduct Bureau, CCB has cleared Vice President, Namadi Sambo to contest the 2015 election.
Loool "My Bachelors and Masters degrees certificates consumed by fire - Vice President, Namadi Sambo
Even Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is more popular than the VP, Namadi Sambo
Jonathan has done it AGAIN. President Jonathan & his vice, Namadi Sambo are going to spend N4 BILLION ON FOOD & TRAVELS IN 2015. Yes o, N4 BILLION is what Jonathan has budgeted for himself & his vice for food & travel in 2015 but that if Nigerians allow him. In the budget proposal submitted to the National Assembly by Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, the same woman complaining there is no enough money, this is what we see: The Presidency has a total budgetary allocation of N26.6 billion (N12.9 billion for personnel, N11.1 billion for overhead & N2.5 billion capital development fund whatever that means). Jonathan will spend N1.9 billion on travels and transport, while others under the President’s office will spend N1.3 billion on local travels and transport & another N621,067,913 on international travels and transport. Travels that are of no benefit to the Nigerian selling okpa on Iweka Road in Onitsha. Vice President Namadi Sambo will spend a total on N42.4million on travels & transport, while oth ...
Governor's like Kwankwaso and Goje need to coach Ramalan yero and Namadi Sambo on how to lead their people.
Nigeria’s Corruption Machine Fights Back As Cabal Donates 21 Billion To Battle “Integrity” Candidates of Poor Masses, by Peregrino Brimah Nigeria’s Cabal have come together to fight the overwhelming popular and prosperity choices of the frustrated, suffering masses as the battle lines for the 2015 electoral contest are drawn, with the ruling PDP party sticking by embattled and corruption defined President Goodluck Jonathan and his vice, Boko Haram links Security Department, SSS investigated Namadi Sambo; and the opposition party, the APC selecting two candidates known for their integrity; former military President, Muhammadu Buhari and former Attorney General of Lagos State, Pastor and Professor Yemi Osinbajo. The Cabal in a hasty dinner with Mr. Joseph Makanju of Dangote Company as chief fund raiser, and controversial Jerry Gana as chair, raised a whopping sum of over N 21 Billion towards buying a victory for the incumbent, President Jonathan. For a nation of about 40 million voters, the staggeri ...
Since my recent decision to leave PDP, i have received so many comments from different segment of the Katsina political class and other interested commentators on my decampment to and my choice of APGA as the political party i hope to build and take to people for the purpose of actualising my 2015 Katsina Project. While some supported the decision others were of the belief that i should have either aligned with any of the gubernatorial aspirants of either APC or PDM to get a certain reward when success is achieved or better still, choose a 'better' party other than APGA! The cheering news is, so far nobody has told me that i was wrong to have left PDP! This is a decision that is not open for discussion! I wish to heretofore address some of these concerns; It is a known fact that until yesterday, Monday 8th December, 2014, the biggest obstacle to realising my political dream was none other than PDP! I have never for the 4 years i was in PDP knew any of its good sides, assuming it had any. It was EFCC, ICPC ...
"Then Jonathan should be ready for another all-out war,this time with Namadi Sambo! Kaduna will fall to APC!
"- How many of you know the present Vice President?" Namadi Sambo GCON
Voting has commenced in Kaduna State for the PDP Guber primary election with the Vice Pres. Namadi Sambo in attendance
Today, Namadi Sambo cannot talk to Kaduna PDP, Bayelsa is holding parallel congress. What sacrilege? GEJ is just graying rapidly.
It must take a special kind of madness, if not utter bigotry to blame Namadi Sambo and absolve GEJ, for this govt's failures. Kagawa of GMB
Namadi Sambo is the worst human being and most corrupt person ever from Nigeria...
Aisha you need to know that vp don't have power, you know that atiku is far better than the useless namadi sambo
I think Namadi Sambo is the most insignificant politician in Nigeria. I wonder how he won the governorship election in Kaduna back then
If he hadn't given Idiagbon free hands, Idiagbon wouldn't have done what he did. U can see Namadi sambo
Alhaji Namadi Sambo.. Still.. I think I have only seen one picture..
and it all has to do with his closeness to Arch Namadi Sambo ... Only Gani Fawehinmi (of blessed memory) was different Sir
Am hearing that GEJ will drop Namadi Sambo and pick Gen Ali Gusau as his running mate...hmm Naija Kenan!!!
VP Namadi Sambo is representing President Jonathan at ECOWAS Emergency Summit on Ebola in Accra. /1
Aisha Namadi Sambo would have made a fine 1st lady. But her husband, her husband. Sigh
I have never been the one to criticise President Jonathan about his promise but this video adds a critical twist
So there's a story in town that Namadi Sambo said to pdp delegates "Nigeria sai...?" And they replied "Buhari"... Epic if true!!
Hamilton Collection
Because of power Namadi Sambo is behaving like Nnamdi, while IG of Police Sulaiman Abba is behaving like Solomon Aba
How desperately dishonest can a man be?
Is this not enough proof Jonathan was party to a one term deal ending 2015
Cc: "proof GEJ was party to 1 term deal ending 2015"
YOBE BORNO KANO AND OTHER BOMB BLASTS IN NORTHERN NIGERIA. Nobody teaches the bird to fly, nobody teaches the child to grow, nobody teaches the rain to fall and nobody teaches the sun to shine, so also nobody can stop the rain from falling, nobody can stop the sun from shining, nobody can stop the river not to flow and nobody can dry a river, ocean or sea. It's all comes as a nature. Islam has been protected by the power of the nature by ALLAH (SWT)! Killing of innocent lives in Northern Nigeria will not hinder the growth, power and socio-economic development of Islamic world. Because there are millions of the innocent muslims souls in the Islamic world. The present administration of President Barrack Obama, and the rest of world leaders. President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, Vice President Arch. Muhammadu Namadi Sambo, David Mark, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal and the rest of National leaders, 36 Governors, 109 Senators, 360 Honourables Federal House of Reps, 774 Council Chairmens, 8,540 Councilors, Tra ...
A disgrace to us.RT Namadi Sambo, the north and history, by Emeka Nwapa via
News Break Nigeria The National Economic Council presided over by Vice President Namadi Sambo on Thursday...
U will agree with me that These kids, Davido and Wizkid are more popular than our Vice President Namadi Sambo.
Namadi Sambo "" there are more billboards than there are projects""
Somebody asked me: "who is Namadi Sambo?" and it took me close to 5 minutes to remember.
IGP Abba was summoned to the office of the Vice President Namadi Sambo at the State House, Abuja
If ur for Regional Politics 4get it. IG, Namadi Sambo & NSA are ALL Northerners yet they met to Arrest Tambuwal. Just think Nig…
If APC is an Islamic party & PDP is a Christian party, is Namadi Sambo (VP) and Adamu Muazu (Chairman) and others in PDP Christians too?
How can you compare me with Namadi Sambo? How much has he stolen?
Meanwhile. I learnt Shema is one of the possible replacements for Namadi Sambo
“I’ll Shoot You And Nothing Will Happen” – Sambo’s Police Guard Tells AIT Staff = Journalists on their way to cover the presentation and acceptance of the presidential expression of interest and nomination form of the Speaker, House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, narrowly escaped being shot as they were attacked by the security details attached to the Vice-President,Namadi Sambo yesterday. The Nation reports that a convoy of the reporters was attacked at Aso Drive junction (close to the Three Arm Zone) as the Vice President, who was on his way back from Jumat prayer at the National Mosque, passed the junction. A Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Buba. K, triggered the attack when he ordered the arrest of Mr. Emman Ovuakporie, who is a Senior Correspondent with the Vanguard newspapers, claiming that the reporter beat a security cordon mounted by the security details of the Vice President. Buba could not be convinced that one of the mobile policemen attached to the VP’s security ...
OBJ PRESIDENTIAL TICKET. The political talk in town as the parties manoeuvre to pick their presidential candidates dwells more and more on what permutations would guide their choice of presidential tickets. Except there is a major tumult in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the existing ticket of Goodluck Jonathan and Namadi Sambo would survive, muted calls for GEJ to replace the VP as a running mate in the 2015 elections, notwithstanding. The situation is far less certain in the All Progressives Congress (APC), whose half a dozen contestants of both well -tested aspirants and new ones get set to fight for the party’s ticket, it would be presumptuous therefore to hazard any guesses as to the character of the presidential ticket. Still, former President Olusegun Obasanjo pre-empted any outcome of the APC presidential contest when a few days ago he urged parties to stick to tickets that put premium on the religious imperative of the country. He did not, of course, mention any particular parties, ...
PDP WOMEN LEADER ADVISES GEJ. PDP Women’s Leader Advises President Goodluck Jonathan not to Choose Sambo as Running Mate Posted by Publication Directorin NEWS, POLITICSon October 20, 2014 8:59 pm / no comments A Peoples Democratic Party’s women’s leader, Hajia Binta Kuraye, has advised President Goodluck Jonathan to choose a running mate different from his present Vice President, Namadi Sambo, if he wants to win the 2015 Presidential elections. Kuraye while speaking at a press conference in Abuja revealed she believed Sambo was not a worthy candidate as he has done nothing notable for the people of the North-west region since 2011. The indigene of North-western Nigeria said this in reply to a statement by a PDP chieftain, Hon. Bello Haliru earlier that the region has endorsed the Jonathan/Sambo candidacy for the 2015 elections. She said, ‘‘Vice President has not done anything for the people of the region since he assumed office in 2011. Sambo was lying to the President that things are under con ...
Namadi Sambo "What is the name of the Senate President of Nigeria?
10 years from now, Namadi Sambo is probably going to be that Vice President nobody remembers. what does that man do btw?
After Jonathan, the next has to be Namadi Sambo, I prefer a humane president. We can't spread the stupidity in Ekiti State nationwide.
Wouldn't recognize if he walked past> "PSA. . This is Namadi Sambo, Vice President of Nigeria. Cc
When Kunle Ade Wahab, former head of BMPIU, presented his books of reading The public presentation of three volumes of books of reading titled Construction and Housing in Nigeria, by Kunle Ade Wahab, a former a Special Adviser to the President on Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence Unit (BMPIU ) from 2002 to 2007, was held at the Shehu Musa Yar' Adua Centre in Abuja on 9 October 2014. The books (Construction Economy and Management, Housing Explorations and Maintenance of Building and Infrastructure) are a compendium of material generated by Professor Wahab, who is currently on the board of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) and whose professional and academic interests cover Building, Building Surveying, Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Construction Management. The event attracted stakeholders in the construction industry, with a representative of the Vice President, Namadi Sambo, serving as Special Guest of Honour. It was also graced by and the Chairman of SURE-P, G ...
Dr. Ahmad Gumi was detained in Saudi Arabia for terrorism and was released bcos Namadi Sambo, Yakowa and late Andrew Azazi intervened.
Photo: Shekau looks different in his videos - - Namadi Sambo (Vice President)
Nigeria Begins 54th Independence Anniversary Celebration The Federal Republic of Nigeria will in 7 days time complete 54 years as a sovereign nation. The Federal Government has therefore lined up series of activities to mark the anniversary in a big way. Activities for the week-long ceremony are set to begin on Friday with a special jum’at prayer at National Mosque, Abuja. Briefing State House Correspondents after today’s Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku said the Council, chaired by Vice President, Namadi Sambo, deliberated over the celebration activities brought to its notice by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Sen Anyim Pius Anyim, According to Maku, the Muslim prayer will be followed by an inter-denominational service at the National Ecumenical Centre, Abuja on Sunday. On Monday, he said that President Goodluck Jonathan will give out national honors to deserving Nigerians at the InterNational Conference Centre, Abuja. According to ...
Vice President Namadi Sambo has decleared change of his name 2 Nnamdi Somto 2day @ Enugu state grand rally 4 the re_election of Jonathan2015
Just told my mum same. She doesn't deserve Namadi"Amina Sambo; a true symbol of a woman who dignifies herself. I just wished she
President Jonathan Urges Nigerians to be advocate of humanity in the face of terror. President Goodluck Jonathan has challenged Nigerians to be advocates of humanity in consideration of the millions of people affected by wars, natural disasters, sickness and famine and those working to relieve their sufferings. Jonathan, who was speaking through Vice President, Namadi Sambo, gave the charge at the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa on Tuesday during the commemoration of the World Humanitarian Day in the country. The event which was organized by the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons, NCFRMI, and the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, has the theme: “More People than Ever before Need Our Help”. Jonathan regretted that “those in need desperately require our help but our ability to reach out to them is sadly increasingly challenging and at risk.” He said humanitarian workers have no other agenda than saving lives and delivering the basic necessiti ...
Cleric cautions Nigerian leaders From JOHN FWAH, Kaduna FORMER Chairman of Da’awa Coordination Council of Nigeria, Sheik Ahmad Lemu has said that greed, selfishness and lust for wealth by those entrusted with duty of stirring the affairs of the country is the bane of the present uncontrolled corruption and insecurity bedeviling the nation. The cleric stated this while receiving a letter of appreciation from the Sultan of Sokoto and President Jamatu Nasril Islam (JNI), for the feat of making the Muslims Ummah and Nigeria proud by getting the highest award in Saudi Arabia in Kaduna recently. Sheikh Lemu added that it is time for the people in leadership to come down to their senses and work with the fair of Allah. “The current set of leaders has to do more to move the country foreword and this is only possible if they put away greed and selfishness from their minds and work sincerely for the people. “I am an elderly man now and will not hide any fact from you because of my desire that you be bet ...
So Arc Muhammad Namadi Sambo GCON is not a good husband ???
Vice President Namadi Sambo gave the assurance in a speech he delivered at the 2014 World Humanitarian Day celebration held in Abuja today
Nigeria now trades electricity under global conditions Govt: Vice-President Namadi Sambo said in Abuja that ...
"Anti-Corruption front has given Namadi Sambo 2wks to restore peace in d north or be declared No1 enemy of d north."
C-O-N-F-U-S-E-D!!! Nigeria Is Worse Under President Jonathan - Gov Fashola. The out-going governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola, has declared that Nigeria as a country is worse under President Goodluck Jonathan's administration. Fashola added that the lot of Nigerians has gotten worse since the incumbent President and his deputy, Namadi Sambo,assumed office. Do you Agree with Fashola? * Chidi Cali's Response. 1] Is freedom of speech worse off? 2] Are the roads worse off? 3] Are the airports worse off? 4] Is our Imports going up or down 5] Is our general economy worse off? 6] Is power worse off? 7] Are the trains worse off? 8] Is the queue in Filling stations worse off? 9] Are the elections worse off? 10] Is Agricultural development gone up or down? 11] The number of Dams built in the last 4 years and the last 30years, has it gone down? Is this the best was for Fashola to inform Nigerians of his intention to vie for Vice President position in 2015?
. A PRESS STATEMENT BY THE NORTHERN ANTI-CORRUPTION FRONT (NAF) ON THE LONG SILENCE OF THE Vice President ON THE PLIGHT OF THE NORTH. 16th AUGUST, 2014 A time comes in the life of every nation where youths arise to correct the irresponsibility of their leaders. As far as northern Nigeria is concerned, that time is now. We the youths of northern Nigeria have reached a stage whereby our collective silence has become betrayal to posterity. To redress the irresponsibility of our political leaders, we must examine the hierarchy of leadership and focus at persons at the apex from which power naturally flows down. The weight of political power in northern Nigeria rests on the shoulders of Arch. Namadi Sambo, who as the Vice President of Nigeria, holds the highest political office in the region, hence being number one citizen of northern Nigeria. A critical examination of the antecedents of the Vice President reveals a leader who is out of touch with the reality of his region and who has deliberately distanced hi ...
Vice-President Namadi Sambo said recurrent expenditure in the 2013 budget would be reduced to 68.7% from the 71.5% recorded ...
- Any girl that exposes her Cleavage Isn't a WIFE - MATERIAL {Namadi Sambo } 1994.
there re no guarantees. Namadi Sambo with his popularity as VP readily lost Kaduna in 2011 -fair and square.
Namadi Sambo is a nice guy.Very loyal to work with
The MDGs Summit has now been officially declared open by H.E. Arc. Namadi Sambo
The Maternal maternity rate has been reduced from 545/1000 in 2010 to 350/1000 in 2012. The target is 250/1000. -H.E. Arc. Namadi Sambo
The MDGs have helped galvanize development planning and implementation worldwide -HE. Arc. Namadi Sambo.
HE; Arc Namadi Sambo, Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria declaring the summit open.
It's like a Namadi sambo coming out to contest for presidency by 2019. Just imagine the joke.
"Insurgency: Group Threatens to Declare Namadi Number 1 Enemy" and persona non grata in the North except at
The duo of Namadi sambo & jo-na-tan has not in anyway proved that being educated automatically give one d qualities of good leader
Yaya Toure has been on Namadi Sambo mode since the Community Shield match.
“lmao what would be priceless would be who he nominates? Namadi Sambo?”Sanusi lamido
President Jonathan, AY, Namadi Sambo, Lepacious Bose at Private Screening of Omoni Oboli’s Movie at the Villa
A Kaduna Residence owned by Namadi Sambo was burnt down following his Election as Jonathan’s Vice-President... 4/9
Wait so we even have a Vice President... Huh!? Namadi Sambo or whatever his name is. He just have that position for decoration, USELESS!
In our society today, people frown upon those who make use of their left hands. I've heard of stories where parents did a lot of barbaric things to prevent their child(ren) from using their left hands. The barbaric things ranges from piercing the left palms of their children to prevent them from writing with it, slapping their left hands at intervals and so on. Why is this so? Do these parents feel/think that their wards will not grow up to be successful individuals when allowed to use their left hands? Or is it a culture in some parts of the country? Or simply put, ignorance on the part of these parents? We have a lot of successful individuals here and abroad who are left handed. President Obama of the US is one of them, our Vice President, Namadi Sambo, Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola and so on are just a few examples that comes to mind of those who actively make use of their left hands and are proud to display their left handedness in public.i kno most of u guys here re right handed;Am proud t ...
Minister of Youth, Mr. Boni Haruna with the Vice President, Arc. Namadi Sambo at
OSUN PDP MEGA RALLY STATEMENT AS REGARDS OSUN AUGUST 9th GOVERNORSHIP ELECTION. Osun State would be properly policed,we would not fold our arms and allow miscreants and so called militants to take over our state,if you are a miscreant and you come to Osun State, you would be dealt with seriously by our security agents on ground-~Presidential statement "Omisore is one of the best engineers in Nigeria, recognized by United Nation and we've been together for the past 40years" ~Arch. Namadi Sambo "Support Omisore and Adejare Bello for governor and deputy governor, I don't know osun people still love PDP like this, thank you for your love,victory is sure" ~PDP National Chairman Alh. MU'azu "APC kiletun fe di losun ibo te di le ekiti te ni ward kan kile tun fe di lo sun" ~Alh. Gani Olaoluwa Asejere "With the powers conferred on me, I hereby drop the same anointing on Omisore and declare you governor of Osun state" They (APC) are badly beaten In Ekiti State 16-0 ~ Ayo Fayose (Gov Elect, Ekiti State) "For insult ...
Yesterday there was an attempt by suicide bombers to kill the main opposition leader to President Goodluck Jonathan's government in the person of Muhammadu Buhari. The suicide bomber was trailing the convoy of Buhari for a while and deliberately rammed into his convoy, spreading bloodshed at Kawo junction in Kaduna. By the grace of God and the help of Isa Al-Masihu (Jesus the son of God), though the jeep he was riding on was affected by the blast, he was not hurt. Some of his aides are seriously wounded and in the hospital. Buhari in a statement issued yesterday called it an assassination attempt. According to him I was personally involved in a clearly targeted bomb attack today along Ali Akilu Road, Kawo-Kaduna at about2:30pmon my way to Daura, Mr. Buhari said. The unfortunate event, clearly an assassination attempt, came from a fast moving vehicle that made many attempts to overtake my security car but was blocked by my escort vehicle. We reached the market area of Kawo where he took advantage of our sl ...
A very big thanks to everyone that send me birthday wishes, most especially all my ILLUMINATI BROTHERHOOD MEMBERS, and my Vice President Excellence Architect Namadi sambo, may ur days be long sir
THE BLAME GAME ON "TERRORISM" IN NIGERIA: WHO IS Boko Haram? 1. "Boko Haram is a fallout of the internal crisis in the PDP" - Late General Andrew Owoye Azazi, Jonathan's Security Adviser *** Not too long after that speech he died in a "helicopter crash" which official cause has not been released till date *** 2. "Boko Haram is sponsored by General Muhammadu Buhari" - says CAN, Edwin Clarke, and every other group or person that loves hearing and believing lies from the PDP *** Jonathan's government never ever bothered to tell the world any evidence linking the man with terrorism 3. "Vice President Namadi Sambo met with Boko Haram in Saudi Arabia in August 2012" - News reports (easily verifiable on Google for those who don't have the newspaper cuttings) Questions: How did he know Boko Haram leaders such that he could meet with them? Who introduced them to him? Who facilitated their meetings? *** September 2012 "Boko Haram" nominates General Buhari among those to negotiate on their behalf, obviously in obedi ...
Arc Namadi Sambo hasn't reacts to the twin bomb blast that exploded yesterday in his so-called home state Kaduna State..
Dear Somebody in the Highest, . In all of the mess going on in our country, grant us all the unbelievable quiet calm of Namadi Sambo.
Vice President Namadi Sambo, says lack of access to funds, is the major obstacle to the growth and development of...
Kaduna Govs/Deputies enjoy "24 hour curfew". From Makarfi, Stephen Shekari, Namadi Sambo, Yakowa and Ramalan Yero every one has locked us.
Latest News | News Break Nigeria Vice President Namadi Sambo has decried the high rate at which commercial banks...
If what happened to Buhari early 2day can be tested on d lives of David Mark ,Namadi Sambo,Chief of Army staff etc Boko Haram will die today
Meanwhile the VP Namadi sambo is in Mecca performing lesser hajj.
He was elected in 2011, with his Vice President Namadi Sambo under the prestigious Peoples Democratic Party
"Who was the last person you called today? sambo
IS Vice President Namadi Sambo SCHEMING TO DUMP HIS GODSON GOV. RAMALAN YERO OF Kaduna State? It is getting clearer that the relationship between godfather Namadi Sambo and his godson governor Muktari R.Yero of Kaduna State is becoming frosty by every passing day. This can best be confirmed judging by the political schemings and permutations all directed at depriving governor Yero from contesting the 2015 governirship election currently going on within members of the inner circle, and foster children of the Vice President. It all started few months ago, when a blood relations of the Vice President by name Inuwa Abdulkadir openly declared his intention to contest the gubernatorial position comes 2015. After that, then came a very strong rumor which suggested that Vice President Namadi Sambo had decided to dump his godson governor Ramalan Yero, for his former political associate, late I. Balat. Infact this rumor was so strong that governor Yero had to come out in the open to distance himself from the altern ...
The Vice-President, Namadi Sambo, has disclosed that work will soon commence on the 3,050 megawatts Mambilla Hydro Dam in Taraba State.
Look Namadi Sambo is linked to our family. I could have chosen to jump on GEJ's hat but I ain't like that same as my fam
THE 20 QUESTIONS ABOUT Boko Haram 1. Which of the PDP presidential candidate hopefuls is implicated as late NSA Andrew Azazi inferred, that after being deprived in the PDP primaries, went on to upgrade Boko Haram to its today level of sophistication? Atiku? IBB? Gusau? Saraki? 2. Was NSA Andrew Owoye Azazi truly killed for exposing the major sponsors of Boko Haram among the PDP presidential primaries contestants? 3. Is Boko Haram really a kill-yourself-to-win strategy of northern elite to occupy the presidential slot? If so, why did the northern elite, when they had the chance give the slot to southern Obasanjo? 4. Why has Boko Haram never crossed the Niger or Benue bridge and only limits its destruction and terror to the north and north residing Nigerians? 5. Why does Boko Haram exterminate and eliminate the farmers it lives near and that are its only source of food and sustenance? 6. What is their agenda? Judging by their only recognizable mission, are they set out to destroy farming in Nigeria and the ...
Just bcos i share 50naira airtime to namadi sambo President Goodluck Jonathan started requesting me to send airtime him can share to him? Your comment pls
Foiled assassination attempt: Sheikh Zakzaky gives more detail By Ibrahim Usman Following the recent foiled attempt at Sheikh Zakzaky’s life at his Gyellesu residence, the Sheikh gave further insight into the episode at the end of the Nahjul Balagaha studies at the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria on Monday (16th June, 2014). Excerpts: “This is further detail of what I have said on the Hurras Parade Day. I could remember I have said it during the previous Nahjul Balagha lesson in the month of Rabi’us Thani. There was a time on Saturday, a group of security operatives visited the areas where I reside for an operation, and it failed. This time around it was Friday, when we celebrated the Nisfu Sha’aban Maulud. They laid siege on the way with the intent of making an ambush, Allah thwarted their plan. They came back (to Gyellesu Area) around 1 p.m. in six vehicles through three different routes, thereby surrounded the house from all angle. There was also provision for reinforcement, expected later du ...
- Constant Bis Subscription for your girl Leads To a Longer Relationship. - Namadi Sambo.
How I wish namadi sambo daughter is among them, I would v bin d happiest man on earth
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Just imagine all because I send recharge cards to Namadi Sambo, President Goodluck Jonathan his flashing me. Good morning to you.
‘Eastern rail system to begin by August’ The eastern rail line, abandoned for almost three decades, will be functional by August, Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) Managing Director Mr Adeseyi Sijuwade has said. The corporation, according to Sijuwade, will not reverse the new fares it started last week. There was a spontaneous protest on the heels of the hike in fares last Tuesday. One of the corporation’s newly-acquired equipment was vandalised by “hoodlums”. The eastern line runs from Port Harcourt to Maiduguri. It is the nation’s second major rail trunk; the first being the western rail line, which runs from Lagos to Kano. The western line has been the corporation’s only reliable and functional rail corridor for over a decade. Sijuwade, who spoke in Lagos, admitted that the rail line’s take-off date has been shifted twice due to logistics and security reasons. He said work was at an advanced stage, adding that the corporation would soon open its doors to passenger traffic. He said: “I ...
The Federal Government on Monday in Lagos reiterated its commitment to boost rail transportation with a promise to provide more infrastructure. President Goodluck Jonathan disclosed this during the official inauguration of two Diesel Multiple Units train sets and six air-conditioned passenger coaches at the Nigerian Railway Corporation Terminus. Jonathan, who was represented by Vice-President Namadi Sambo, said the Federal Government had commenced the implementation of a 25-year transport sector development plan across the nation. “This is part of the concerted efforts of our administration to steadily improve the railway rolling stock. It is the beginning. Within the next few months, more rolling stocks will be delivered. My presence here today is to further show the full resolve of this administration to bring Nigeria at par with modern railway services available globally by constantly upgrading our rolling stock. “The ongoing railway rehabilitation will continue because of adequate funding from reg ...
Vice President Muhammad Namadi Sambo has called on insurgents to embrace peace and harmonious co-existence as no religion preaches violence. Speaking at the launch of the one point nine billion naira international Islamic centre appeal fund, the Vice President said Islam abhors violence and no faithful should support or promote such. NTA News24- reports that the centre is under the auspices of Sheikh Muhammad Dahiru Usman Bauchi foundation
THE LIES THEREIN. WHERE ARE THE ALMARJIRI SCHOOLS? "There is one "Almajiri School" in Buzaye, a small village near Bauchi Town in Bauchi State, which VP Namadi Sambo commissioned with fanfare 7 months ago. It is still empty with not a single student in attendance. More worrisome is how it came into being. The school has been existence long before GEJ came to power, and all the FGN did was rehabilitate it and change the name to an "Almajiri School", and then transfer the students to the only other school in that village." Although I no longer live in the Northern part of Nigeria to investigate the unsubstantiated claims that the FGN under GEJ has built from scratch 289 so called Almarjiri schools, but alas residents in this clime have inundated by inbox with messages that allegedly exposes the lies inherent with this so called achievement. To this end one wonders why the dishonesty in renaming a school that's already in existence an Almarjiri school then transfering out the current pupils, eventually leavi ...
EKITI 2014: PRESIDENCY, POLICE SET CLAMPDOWN ON APC LEADERS. In what appears a major clampdown on the leaders of the All progressives Congress (APC) orchestrated by the Presidency for trumped-up charges, there are strong indications that a special squad of top police officers from Abuja have arrived Ekiti State to put APC leaders out of circulation ahead of the June 21 governorship election in the state. The move was an outcome of a meeting held at the Ekute, Ado-Ekiti home of Chief Clement Awoyelu, who is said to be the chairman of Security Committee of the Fayose Campaign Organisation. It follows last Sunday’s attack on Governor Kayode Fayemi and members of the APC, which led to the killing of an APC member, Taiwo Akinola, during a peaceful rally of the party in Ado-Ekiti. As a prelude, the Commissioner for Integration and Inter-governmental Affairs, Mr. Funminiyi Afuye, a lawyer, was assaulted and whisked away to Abuja on a trumped-up charge of shooting Taiwo Akinola, while attempting to absolve the ...
Namadi Sambo isn't doing anything in Nigeria, he should also go and watch the world cup live in Brasil.
Namadi sambo said it they are at war in Ekiti and Osun. Things are really taking shape, ready for war.
If them like may dem go bring Namadi Sambo, they no go pass Group Stage *RFTL
Nigeria’s Vice President Namadi Sambo is leading a surprising push for the sale of a key police security...
Vice President Namadi Sambo appeals to the insurgents to embrace peaceful co-existence as no religion preaches violence
Highlights: Vice President Namadi Sambo sues for peace in the country.
Namadi Sambo“In the Old Testament, who had a talking donkey?
If Mr. President is incapable or tired of the job, he should call Namadi Sambo and get both of them to resign as a team
this is not scam!The trains were commissioned on monday by Vice President Namadi Sambo.
Sambo kicks off N40bn road expansion project in Abuja. Vice President Namadi Sambo, on Thursday, kicked off...
What is the connection of Vice President Namadi Sambo with the group?
Namadi Sambo is the most useless V.President in the history of Nigeria.
Latest News | News Break Nigeria VicePresident Namadi Sambo, on Thursday, kicked off expansion project for the...
What is Namadi Sambo doing in the villa,
What about Namadi Sambo, has he congratulated the new emir, SLS? I don't think so.
Pls has anyone seen or heard about the whereabouts of Amina Namadi Sambo? She seems to b below d radar lately
Namadi Sambo." We are going to war" 18th April 2014 at the inauguration of campaign committee on elections in ekiti & osun.
If Namadi Sambo said the election in Ekiti will be war what did Buhari say inn 2011
Jonathan Unveils New Railway Vehicles In Lagos President Goodluck Jonathan has commissioned two Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) and six 68-seater passenger coaches, all air-conditioned, acquired by the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) from China, as part of infrastructure meant to further enhance the revitalisation of the railway system. President Jonathan was represented at the event by Vice President, Namadi Sambo. “This is another rmanifestation of the current government’s sincere commitment to the development of railway in the country,” he said yesterday at the Iddo, Lagos Terminal. The president further stressed that the railway remained top of his administration. According to the NRC managing director, Adeseyi Sijuwade, the new railway vehicles meant to be deployed formass transit train services, are expected to increase the number of passengers moved by railway in Lagos from the current 16,000 to 22,000 daily. “These DMUs will free upa number of our heavy locomotives currently being used for ...
Fares: Angry passengers burn NRC stations, loot offices There was pandemonium at the Nigerian Railway Corporation stations in the Agbado and Itoki areas of Ogun State on Tuesday as some passengers and hoodlums set fire on the offices after vandalising them and carting away some amount of money. PUNCH Metrogathered that the uproar, which began at about 7am when passengers were boarding trains, was over a hike in the fares. Our correspondent learnt that the fare to Oshodi for the economic class shot up from N150 to N230, while the executive class went from N500 to N750. The Vice President, Alhaji Namadi Sambo, had come to Lagos on Monday to inaugurate two new air-conditioned coaches at the Iddo Terminus. The new trains were expected to increase the daily train passengers in the state from 16,000 to 22,000.
PEOPLES' REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA: UNLOCKING THE AFRICAN POTENTIALS! I want to use this opportunity to thank those who celebrated our FALLEN HEROes and as well joined us in the foundation laying of our NEW NATION! Most importantly, it has become imperative to shed more light on the relevance of our identity and our course! We, BIAFRANS especially the IGBOs, have NOT come to CONQUER or RULE over people neither have we come to ENSLAVE human beings created by GOD. At no time have IGBOs come together as ONE to engage in a warfare all through their history till we had to defend our RACE from extinction by the HAUSA/FULANI-led hostility between 1967 - 1970 purely driven by RACIAL HATRED, ARAB-MUSLIM expansionism and White Economic Imperialism. Various accounts of history have tried to vindicate the war especially the school of thought suggesting the Nzogwu Coup and d personality of Gen. Odimegwu Ojukwu who tried to control the OIL-RICH Niger-Delta region. We won't join issues with ZOMBIES because one of the principl ...
Imagine namadi sambo changing the oba in these southern states!!
Recently, rustlers carted hundreds of cows belonging to VP Namadi Sambo in Kaduna. So, Fulanis & Jos people, come 2gether..
It is happening live, right now in Lagos, the launching of modern Railway trains & coaches by HE Namadi Sambo. The trains will operate Lagos - Kano as well as Lagos mass transit..they are high speed with comportable chairs just like airplanes.. Congratulation to NRC and to all Nigerians!
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Namadi Sambo Inaugurates new air conditioned Railway trains
I dunno why "having Namadi Sambo as our Vice President" is like "Lupita Nyong'o wearing a bra" tho... Like WHAT IS THE NEE…
Alhaji Namadi Sambo said his party is going to war in Ekiti governorship election,what does that mean?
VP Namadi Sambo exchanging pleasantries with the Pakistani President on official visit to Nigeria at…
An undertstanding of Nigeria and how Nigeria works- and for the very hopeful Nigerians to have more faith in hope for a better Nigeria!! Question to Mr. Festus Odimegwu: What was your experience like moving from the organised private sector to the public sector, that is, the national population commission with all the politcking and bureaucracy? You see, politics doesn’t have to be stupidity and irresponsibility. In fact politics is the highest form of national service you can enter into where you can serve your fellow countrymen. It should be an honour to serve in a political position but to serve properly not the nonsense we see in Nigeria. In the organised private sector, the underlying objective is the profit motive. To be in the public service and provide citizens with what they need and deserve, you must have God inside you; that is why it is the highest form of service. Many people in our public space now don’t know anything about God. Forget all their hypocrisy about prayers and all that, beca ...
Please is Namadi Sambo still Vice President?
REVEALED! FAYEMI's ATTACK: SAMBO OFFERS MOPOL SELEKERE N17MN TO ASSAULT THE GOVERNOR. Much are outright coming out this morning about the abuse of constitution, dastard act against an an incumbent Governor, Kayode Fayemi by OC Gabriel Michael Selekere yesterday during the peaceful rally of APC in Ado Ekiti where a member of APC was reportedly killed by the police. Reports coming in indicate that Selekere was with VP Namadi Sambo at Pathfinder Hotel, in Ado Ekiti, Saturday night when other guests had left for their various destination. The VP was in a long hours meeting with selekere, a native of Bayelsa State and a distant cousin of the President. The working committee members of PDP had involved VP to compel the security to work with PDP candidate Ayodele Fayose, who had already written a 5 pages letter to the national leadership of PDP stating all the machination needed to unseat Gov Fayemi. Part of the machinations required was asking the National Leadership to influence the Presidency to provide him a ...
Just realised that both Goodluck Jonathan and vice Namadi Sambo have lost their younger brothers in office.
Ekiti PDP rally :: Namadi Sambo - Fayose has changed President Jonathan - Fayose is a changed man Godswill Akpabio - You have a changed man Adamu Muazu - Fayose has changed DG AFCO Dapo Anisulowo (Anilad) - Oshoko is a changed man I don't know whether to congratulate Ekiti kete on this "CHANGE" agent or weep frankly considering an imminent CHANGE in fortune of the people... God help us..
By Dr. Gary K. Busch They Fulani are a minority tribe in all Country but Guinea only. There is also a long historical trail to these conflicts. These ethnic conflict groups extend far beyond Nigeria’s borders. The Fulani (Peul) are the remnants of the old Fulani Empire which dominated much of West Africa, and can be found in Guinea, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Chad, Mauritania, Sudan, Egypt, Ghana, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire. They are a minority tribe in all but Guinea. The Kanuri (of Bornu State) are the descendants of the Bornu Empire (1380-1893) which was a continuation of the great Kanem Empire founded centuries earlier by the Sayfawa Dynasty. In time it would become even larger than Kanem, incorporating areas that are today parts of Chad, Niger and Cameroon. These two Muslim ethnic groups make up the large majority of the members of Boko Haram. The sense of diminishing power and the concomitant rise . ...
Namadi Sambo(VP)now@ mainland hotel,oyingbo. Fed taskforce backed by polcemen takes over rd from oyingbo- iddo.Mission unknown
Vice President Namadi Sambo has appealed to supporters of the PDP in Ekiti State to work toward ensuring victory for the party.
So many road blocks as Namadi Sambo visits Jos to commiserate with the families of the bomb blast victims.
Apparently, it's dawned on Namadi Sambo, that he risks losing office in 2015, if he fails to consolidate position in the north
is under lockdown because VP Namadi Sambo is visiting bomb blast sites...
Vice-President Namadi Sambo and the leadership of the PDP yesterday met with some aggrieved governorship aspirants in …
DECEIT! FAYOSE ‘IMPORTS’ CROWD... Deceit! Fayose ‘Imports’ Crowd From Oyo, Ondo, Osun States To Welcome Jonathan, Sambo, Mark, Others June 7, 2014 President Goodluck Jonathan; his Vice, Namadi Sambo; and the Senate President, David Mark; on Saturday 7th June, 2014, stormed Ado Ekiti, the capital city of Ekiti State to lend support to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP’s) governorship candidate for the June 21 gubernatorial election in the state, Ayo Fayose. However, the mega rally which is coming about two weeks after that of the incumbent Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, was majorly populated by PDP supporters from neighbouring states. The crowd which flooded the Kayode Oluyemi Stadium, venue of the mega rally were mostly from Osun, Oyo and Ondo States, this development only lends crecedence to the claims of the ruling party which claimed that those at rally were ‘imported’ from outside the state. On close examination, most of the supporters wore tribal marks which are features of people from ot ...
•Meets Malian President President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday sought spiritual solution to the terrorist activities of the Boko Haram sect as some Senegalese Mallams were at the Presidential Villa to pray for him and the nation. The group of clerics was led by Khalifah Sheikh Ahmad Tijani Inyass, the grandson of the late Shehu Tijani Ibrahim Inyass, the founder of the Tijjaniya sect. They met the President for about an hour at the First Lady’s Conference Room where they offered prayers for an end to the security challenges facing the country. The spiritual leaders were in the country to attend the Maulud celebration of Ibrahim Inyass Gombe but were invited to the Presidential Villa by President Jonathan for spiritual support. Speaking to State House Correspondents after the meeting, spokesman for the group, Ahmed Tijani Sanni Alwalu said it was a historic meeting since former leaders, Yakubu Gowon and the late Aguiyi- Ironsi had also invited the sect to pray for the country in the past. “It is a his ...
for example,somebody ask u to chose between Patients jonathan and Amina namadi sambo,which one will you chose?
I should simply think if Mr. Jonathan would not set foot on Borno soil during this trying time, Alh. Namadi Sambo should simply take it upon himself to visit Borno(Chibok) on president's behalf but as No 2 citizen in Nigeria.
Asunogie Nurudeen wrote: Pastor Ayo most certainly needs tutorials on the subject the parlous path to Jericho! If he had done this his sense and judgment of humanity will not be lame and jaundice! APC and PDP, the North and the south may become partisan because they fear becoming otiose if they lose members. But God whom the likes of Ayo purport to represent does not get enhanced or diminished by the people who profess belief in or spurn Him! Men of God walked pass the armed robbery victim on the narrow and crime infested way to Jericho but he was aided by a man who had no gallery to play to. Every genuine man of God is not partisan. He is not suffocated by the fumes of religious haughtiness or schism. A man of God who highlights the politicization of religion is bogus and devilish! Such a man should be mute in his shame. The complicity in the projection of base religious sentiments gnaws at the soul of society! Ayo's deportment on this score is so terminally bewildering and deeply agonizing. It is so bra ...
Emir of Gombe buried THE late Emir of Gombe, Alhaji Shehu Abubakar, was laid to rest on in his palace in Gombe on Friday evening. The Emir died on May 27 in a London hospital. The Chief Imam of Gombe Central Mosque, Imam Aminu Pindiga, led the funeral prayer. In attendance were Vice President Namadi Sambo, the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, PDP National Chairman Adamu Mu’azu and Gov. Ibrahim Dankwambo of Gombe State, FCT Minister, Sen Bala Mohammed, that of Transport, Alhaji Idris Umar as well as the the Deputy Governors of Gombe and Bauchi, Tha’anda Rubainu and Alhaji Sagir Aminu-Saleh respectively.
GOVERNOR RAMALAN YERO TO WED IBB’s DAUGHTER, HALIMA? Blows 15m Weekly on Chartered Plane to Minna Emir of Zazzau lambasted for turbaning him Dallatun Zazzau Our Roving Correspondent examines the growing concerns and criticisms Governor Mukthar Ramalan Yero’s capitalist oriented style of leadership and many instances of outright corruption, waste and mismanagement of public funds in Kaduna State The disquiet in the Governor Ramalan Yero-led Kaduna State according to keen watchers has everything to do with bad governance and welfare of the people the embattled governor is leading. In most of the Face book postings which were monitored by DESERT HERALD weekly citizens described Yero’s short stewardship at the helm of affairs at Sir Kashim Ibrahim House as one characterized by “corruption with impunity, insensitivity, ineptitude in discharging official responsibilities and an administration that has no focus and vision for the state and its increasingly jobless citizens”. Yero’s decision without m ...
DAME Patience Jonathan is more noticed than Namadi Sambo
JUST PASSING BY, Can som 1 please tell me hw many times our Vice President Namadi Sambo smile in a day?
pledge to Nigeria my Country To be faithful, loyal and honest To serve Nigeria with all my strength To defend her unity And uphold her honour and glory So help me God. Description of Flag White vertical stripe sandwiched between two green stripes of equal dimensions. Symbolism of Flag Elements White stripe denotes peace and unity and is also symbolic of the Niger River bisecting the countryside. The green stripes represent agriculture. Nigerian National Anthem Version 1 Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria's call obey To serve our fatherland With love and strength and faith The labour of our heroes past Shall never be in vain To serve with heart and might One nation bound in freedom, Peace and unity. Version 2 Oh God of creation, Direct our noble cause Guide our leaders right Help our youth the truth to know In love and honesty to grow And living just and true Great lofty heights attain To build a nation Where peace and justice Shall reign. Nigeria today: The Fourth Republic On May 29, 1999, Chief Olusegun Obasa ...
Obinna Franklyn Ejike: . Does NIGERIA HAVE A Vice President ? His name is namadi samboBut do. we have...
News; Former President H E Olusegun Obasanjo wants GEJ to drop his VP Namadi Sambo for the Governor of Jigawa State . Me; Baba when did you become head of Northern Political Leaders? Please don't take us for a ride ooh! Go and face your party's crises that has rendered you impotent in taking political decisions in your own state.
In the history of Nigeria, I have never seen or heard about a Vice President as docile and passive as Namadi Sambo. The only time he's been in the news is when his brother died and when his cows got stolen. He should be given the award of the world dumbest VP ever!
Former Military President, General Ibrahim Babangida yesterday described as laughable, the call by Islamic sect, Boko Haram on President Goodluck Jonathan to resign from office as condition for peace to reign in the country. General Babangida at an interaction with newsmen at his Hill Top mansion, Minna, Niger state as part of activities to mark his 71st birthday today also declared that he had no link with Boko Haram. He challenged Nigerians to unravel those behind the Islamic sect and its origin rather than point accusing fingers at innocent citizens. He said that there were other sensitive issues confronting the nation which were also deadly, but were being swept under the carpet. Babangida said: “From my own observation and reading what the media write, I want to say you have not done more studies, you have not done more investigations and researches to find out the causes of this Boko Haram and even communal clashes within the Fulanis, Gwaris and other tribes in the country. Somebody should be ab . ...
?? ...If u see vp namadi sambo pls call he coward... In d midst of terror in ur norther home, sambo is hiding in asoRock'villa, attendin ceremonies and signing contract's files,smiling home wit kiss back, vp sambo can fluently speak hasusa-fulani boko'haram's language, but gej can not,... vp sambo clearly understand boko'haram people culture and way of life, but gej do not,... Govt is teams work and boko'haram are his people, sambo can represent presidency in chibok,, vp namadi sambo stil alive or dead??
ECOWAS Leaders Endorse Jonathan’s War On Terror Saturday, 31 May, 2014 HEADS of states and governments of the Economic Community of West African Sates (ECOWAS) met in Accra, the Ghanaian capital, at Friday’s Extra Ordinary Session to endorse President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign against terror. They also pledged to offer full support to guarantee Nigeria victory against insurgency. This came as Jonathan held a closed-door meeting with some Islamic clerics from Senegal Saturday, as part of ongoing dialogue with religious groups. Of particular interest to the leaders of the West African sub-regional body was Jonathan’s mobilisation of international support in the war against terror. Apart from the issue of insurgency in Nigeria, the leaders also deliberated on the situation in northern Mali and election in Guinea Bissau. In a communique made available to State House correspondents in Abuja, the leaders expressed heartfelt sympathy and solidarity with President Jonathan and the entire people of Nige ...
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