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Naftali Bennett

Naftali Bennett (born March 25, 1972) is an Israeli businessman and a leader of the National Religious, right-wing political party The Jewish Home, as well as the extra-parliamentary movement My Israel.

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Apparently, this is how "rabbis" of the Eida Haredit talk: Haredi leader calls a "swine":
Who will fight back before they give the rest up as well
Naftali Bennett incites more extrajudicial executions by lionizing this soldier & his own history of "killing Arabs"
She is not alone. In Israeli cabinet she is usually overshadowed by rabid Zionists like Avigdor Libermann & Naftali Bennett.
I am ready to assist you in winning what is rightfully ours- JudeaSAMARIA
He was, initially — and should have been shot dead right then, long before this stupid scene.
"A soldier who is sent to the battlefield cannot be a murderer. Period." -Naftali Bennett
Chair of The Jewish Home, Member of Knesset Naftali Bennett on the war crime committed by an IDF soldier in Hebron.
Israel's minister of education, Naftali Bennett, weighs in on IDF execution of wounded Palestinian.
Israeli MK Naftali Bennett adamantly defends the IDF soldier who shot & killed an incapacitated Palestinian on video htt…
There is no such thing as refusing to serve. Period. **. Just as I was the first to stand up for a just...
Why don't you trust Israeli judicial system to pass judgement on suspected attackers? No to extrajudicial …
he wasn't running at Anyone he was lying on the ground, a war crime is a war crime
Naftali Bennett: Judgment is not done by those sitting in their living room watching a B'Tselem video just seconds after a terrorist attack.
According to Education Minister Naftali Bennett, the soldier in question is not a murderer. “Have we lost our...
sad but true. especially, Naftali Bennett. and Ayelet Shaked is his favourite in Habayit Hayehudi. Got her in the cabinet.
.still think you read unbiased information on Wikipedia...? . Naftali Bennett, member of the Israeli Knesset:...
Ha! I misread this as Naftali Bennett. lol
I wish there were something that Israel could do to
singing Slichot in Hebron last night. So beautiful, thanks
To opposition MKs asking where Yair Lapid is: You really want to punish Naftali Bennett for sitting shiva for his dad?
Naftali Bennett's balancing act on issues of religion & state in
Free them from Hamas & Abbas and they will happily run as fast as they can to the USA or Europe.
A7 'Why Wait 67 Years to Teach Arabs Hebrew in Kindergarten?: Education Minister Naftali Bennett says the prog...
"I'm like Naftali Bennett when it comes to McDonald's. I will never apologise for McDonald's," is a thing that I just said.
One of the more interesting troll comments I've received this month. For what?
. Hi Naftali:. What do you think about my New York Senator, Chuck Schumer? Know this, he knows history and he has a compass.
Naftali Bennett:"have reached new moral bankruptcy".They now attack after asking for water!
Naftali Bennett's Balancing Act: This may highlight how barren the political arena in Israel...
If anyone is interested in reading Israeli here's a good one : Naftali on Israel’s Jewish Terrorists
Naftali Bennett Announces his Solution to the Giyur Dispute - Bayit Yehuda party leader Education Minister ... -
Little Giant Ladders
He shared a platform w Hamas - who Blair's been talking to 4 last 3 months. Wd you talk to Naftali Bennett?
Naftali Bennett working on compromise solution to renegade conversion court dispute
Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced that in the coming year, Israeli-Arab students will begin learning...
Except there has been a Response. Has condemned Naftali Bennett who Shared a cabinet with netanyahu
Naftali Bennett seeking compromise solution to 'rebel' conversion courts
Aggressive policies isolating Israel- The world is no longer turning a blind eye...
Israeli army prepares to block flotilla destined for the Gaza Ghetto. Naftali Bennett calls it a "terror flotilla"
Huge news tomorrow from Don't miss it
perfectly fine jewing it up without the help of the Jewish Agency or that fascist Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett: “I don’t believe that Palestinians deserve human rights, but I demand they teach tolerance!”
How is opposing "Jewish extremism": Minister of Education is Naftali Bennett!
Jewish Home party head Naftali Bennett's campaign spending appears to have been illegal
I love the ignorant lying trolls! . said no such thing because the Golan is ALREADY ANNEXED!
Naftali Bennett say Israel annex bcuz no longer country.
Worryingly if Naftali Bennett’s outlook towards the Palestinians and their identity is as rejectionist as his...
Wait - the gave Naftali “I’ve killed lots of Arabs” Bennett a moral platform with an anti-terror op-ed?
Terrorism of any kind shouldn't be tolerated.
Member of govt who committed atrocities against Gaza Naftali Bennett on Israel’s Jewish Terrorists is part of problem
Most Israelis want the rest of the West Bank, as they keep showing us by illegally settling there, Naftali Bennett said so.
At least he wrote it. Now he has to say what he'll do to prove he believes it.
. Ivanka Trump Kushner is Jewish. Keeps kosher and observes Sabbath. Trump's for Israel.
"I've killed lots of Arabs in my life and there's no problem with that" -Naftali Bennett, member of Israeli governmnt
So hypocritical for Bennett to legitimize settlements while arguing for tolerance; that is the problem, not solution.
Naftali Bennett: Terror is terror even when it originates from within.
I think moderates will watch her closely while Naftali Bennett as minister of education is even scarier.
Scott Walker with Naftali Bennett, who has boasted of killing "lots of Arabs in my life." Also why the yarmulke?
A smirk that says, "I've killed lots of Lebanese problem with that":
"Levin joins minister Gilad Arden who demanded annexation of 'Area C' in response to Fatah-Hamas unity deal, to minister Naftali Bennett..."
Should Israel fire BDS supporting proffesors from Israeli universities? If they support boycotts they start with themselves
Imagine if Gilad Erdan, Gideon Sa'ar & Naftali Bennett establish a new party!
Progressive?- Labour Friend of Israel/apologist for likes of Moldovan thug Lieberman, Naftali Bennett and other Zionist squatters.
Big Gathering right now in Brooklyn NY to protect Har Hazaisim (Mt. Of Olives cemetery) from Arab desecration. .
I wonder if Natalie Bennett (good) ever gets mistaken online for Naftali Bennett (evil).
Assad fanboys who deny Assad has serious crimes to face (war crimes) have lost ALL right to call Bibi, Naftali Bennett etc war criminals.
Naftali Bennett says Wikipedia should be ‘Balanced and Zionist in Nature':
I asked 'how long' till did a puff piece on proud Arab-killer Naftali Bennett. Didn't expect her to start with genocidal Shaked.
13/5/2014 Gaza. Naftali Bennett: "Oslo is dead. Responsibility is now shifting to us.".
"Meet the Ministers Education Min Naftali Bennett Is this the regime defends?
peeps like him is the reason why ppl like Shaked, Bibi, Naftali Bennett etc win elections in Israel.
Video: Israel’s Min of Diaspora Affairs Naftali Bennett’s message at the 5th Global Forum for Combating...
Naftali Bennett and Nathalie Bennett. Newsreader accident waiting to happen.
MK Naftali Bennett guest of honor at AMIT 90th yr celebration
You mean the same Bennett who boasted of how many Arabs he has killed? That one?
i he runs into Bibi & Naftali Bennett they'll teach him a lesson or 2 & put him in his place.
Too Narrow To Move?: Plessner was referring to Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett, th...
1/2 Walker also met Naftali Bennett & Herzog but the visit's highlight is a photo of him giving Steinitz a neck tie..
Do Black lives matter in Israel?: Naftali Bennett, leader of the right-wing Jewi...
I just got a nice wave from Naftali Bennett 😂
Naftali Bennett, Minister of Diaspora Affairs, speaks on anti-Semitism, and Israel's work in Africa, China and India.
"Jw Home" Naftali Bennett: "I have no patience for political games that compromise the security of Israeli citizens.".
You're not alone ! Trying to do anything in my power to fight antisemitisme and blind hate for Israel.
what is going on with the kashrut in Israel? How can they privatise lisences and it not be connected to the Rabbinut :( ?
"Big fight of this generation is to speak the truth.Again and again.".
To be anti doesn't cost you anything. Must fight back together, shed light, never b silent.
Jewish Home Chairman, Naftali Bennett said tonight that “It’s a perfect night for the nation of Israel, The right-wing …
Bennett in spotlight over 1996 Lebanon attack: Naftali Bennett, leader of an ultra-nationalist Israeli party a...
Just listened to Fareed Zakaria's 'interview' with Naftali Bennett -incredible this passes for serious discussion. I guess that's not aim
Bennett to Ynet: You Do Not Have to be Complimentary but Don't Lie - Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett on ... -
Naftali Bennett is the anti-Messiah of American Jewry, says Rabbi Eric Yoffie:
Bennett Cites Agreement with Netanyahu During Campaign: Bayit Yehudi party chairman Naftali Bennett says he an...
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Bennett And Ariel are Heading Towards Agreement - Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett met with his number two ... -
Decisive Meeting Between Bennett and Ariel on Wednesday: Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett will on Wednesday...
Well said, Bennett! . Naftali Bennett says the contentious legislation is 'an internal problem and I don’t think...
Naftali Bennett tells US to mind its own business over Jewish state bill. Indeed, it should, by cutting military aid. h…
Naftali Bennett: Abbas is the driver of the death car and the terrorists his emissaries (Haaretz)/he blames 'everyone' else
Greetings Mike. East Jerusalem or Temple Mount is why Israel and Palestine must cooperate just like Naftali Bennett hinted at ...
Israel's minister of economy, Naftali Bennett, tells us Temple Mount, Haram al-Sharif, will reopen tomorrow.
Naftali Bennett, leader of the Jewish Home party, yesterday warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that his party will destabalise the coalition government if the premier doesn't expedite settlement construction in the West Bank.Haaretz newspaper, wh
So now Naftali Bennett is accusing John Kerry of Jew-blaming. Via
"Naftali Bennett is Israel's Minister of Economy and Chairman of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) Party" same page
40 is being conducted in tandem with a Share 12 inShare0 Email Reuters in Ramallah, Tuesday 17 June 2014 11.40 BST soldiers inspect a car outside the city of Hebron. Photograph: Omer Messinger/Zumaoffice Press/Corbis Israeli forces have detained more than 40 Hamas members , the military said, in a West Bank crackdown on the Islamist group that is being conducted in tandem with a search for three missing teenagers. Israel blames Hamas for the abduction of the Jewish seminary students, who went missing last Thursday. Hamas has neither claimed nor denied responsibility for the kidnapping. Since the disappearance of Gil-Ad Shaer and US-Israeli national Naftali Fraenkel, both aged 16, and Eyal Yifrah, 19, Israeli raids have spread from house-to-house searches though darkened homes in Hebron, a Hamas stronghold, to other parts of the occupied West Bank. "We are turning Hamas membership into a ticket to *** " Naftali Bennett, a far-right member of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's security cab ...
Naftali Bennett received repeated applause from the Israeli audience at the Herzlia Conference when he spoke about releasing terrorists. He also said that the new Fatah-Hamas alliance is the end of the Oslo Accord. Anyone who runs away from terror is pursued by terror. His sovereignty program will create a new reality. Can anyone say that Gush Etzion is occupied. How can a people be an occupier in his own land? The world won't like it? The world will get used to it as they did when Menachem Begin annexed the Golan Heights.
Bayit Ha-Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett is upset that Yesh Atid is creating obstacles for the passage of a bill...
The same self-hating Israeli establishment which so strongly condemns the Jewish youth of Tag Mechir (Price Tag) for defending themselves, almost never bothers to condemn the Nazi anti-Semitism of Arab Muslims who spray paint swastikas on the graves of leading Jewish rabbis. The anti-Semitic Israeli news media hysterically attacks Tag Mechir Jewish youth for retaliating against Arab terrorist mass murder. Israeli political opportunists like Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett call Tag Mechir youth "Jewish terrorists" for spray painting slogans and slashing car tires of Israel's sworn enemies. But the voices of these evil "journalists" and politicians are strangely silent when Arab Muslims carry out acts of Nazi hatred.
Naftali Bennett is urging Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to annex Jewish settlement blocs in Judea and Samaria.
Check out the latest episode of my CBN News show "The Watchman," featuring my interview with Caroline Glick about her new book, "The Israeli Solution," plus my sitdown with Israel's Minister of the Economy, Naftali Bennett (much more to come from the Bennett interview on the 700 Club show very soon):
Israel Hayom is Pravda, mouthpiece of the prime minister,”-- Naftali Bennett. Proportional representation
Interesting to see Naftali Bennett challenge Adelson and Bibi's mouthpiece Israel Hayom, who he compared to Pravda.
Naftali Bennett says Israel Hayom is "the mouthpiece of one man – the prime minister." Occasionally, he stumbles upon the truth.
that include two people who are non-Jews. One person who is a left wing Zionist... Yes I may be closer to Naftali Bennett but
Naftali Bennett is a deluded individual. Watching Fareed Zakaria interview him is giving me anxiety.
CNN interview with Israel’s economics minister Naftali Bennett:
The Twentieth Century thesis is anti-Semitism on an industrial scale, along with scapegoating Jews for both capitalism and Soviet-style communism. But, thank God, the 20th C. is over. The two competing contemporary antitheses are the territorial nationalism of Naftali Bennett and the settler movement that swears to never give back even a bit of Judea and Shomron, versus the more secular minded insistence of Yair Lapid - יאיר לפיד that the Haredim do their fair share of the heavy lifting by submitting to either military service or at the very least national service of some sort. This Sunday there will be a demonstration/protest by the Haredi in the heart of capitalism, Wall St./the Financial District, of all places. There will also be a counter-demonstration/protest by religious Jews who recognize there is much wrong with haredi leadership, decision making and prioritization. It seems to me that the physical expression of this cultural battle in the ongoing metaphysical war ought be represented ...
Israel’s Huge Bubble of Denial By Jonathan Cook February 27, 2014 The 24-hour visit by German chancellor Angela Merkel to Israel this week came as relations between the two countries hit rock bottom. According to a report in Der Spiegel magazine last week, Merkel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been drawn into shouting matches when discussing by phone the faltering peace process. Despite their smiles to the cameras during the visit, tension behind the scenes has been heightened by an diplomatic bust-up earlier this month when Martin Schulz, the president of the European parliament and himself German, gave a speech to the Israeli parliament. In unprecedented scenes, a group of Israeli legislators heckled Schulz, calling him a “liar”, and then staged a walk-out, led by the economics minister Naftali Bennett. Rather than apologising, Netanyahu intervened to lambast the European leader for being misinformed. Schulz, who, like Merkel, is considered a close friend of Israel, used his sp ...
Naftali Bennett: all the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River belongs to Israel irrevocably
Naftali Bennett: “It’s a bit frustrating when people come from outside and think they have a magic solution. And then when it fails, we’re stuck with the consequences...”
Honored to announce Naftali Bennett, Israel's Minister of Economy will be closing keynote at March 4th in NYC http…
An interesting interview with Naftali Bennett, the bête noire of the Israeli left
Check out the profile on Minister Bennett below:.
Israeli foreign minister shifts to center A European ambassador in Israel last week told a senior Israeli politician that his country is following with wonder the recent moderate declarations of Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman. The ambassador wished to hear from the politician, who knows Liberman well, how to interpret the change that came over the foreign minister since he was acquitted of charges of fraud and breach of trust and returned to the government. This conversation took place prior to Liberman's speech before the members of the Commercial & Industrial Business Club on Feb. 7 in Tel Aviv, in which he defended US Secretary of State John Kerry from attacks by politicians of the Israeli right. The warm embrace he sent to Kerry, and the declaration that "When there's conflict between the unity of the people and the unity of the land, the unity of the people is more important," surprised the Americans and earned Liberman, at least temporarily, the designation of responsible adult. The barb he direc ...
Refreshingly straight-forward and no-nonsense interview with Naftali Bennett. For once, he tells things how they...
In The News / Source / Haaretz When squeezed, both Netanyahu and Abbas will accept Kerry’s plan Netanyahu and Abbas have not even met once during John Kerry’s marathon peace planning – yet the forces pushing both leaders to accept will be stronger than those holding them back. The moment of truth has almost arrived. After endless visits, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will soon present the interim American framework to both sides. Although Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have repeatedly criticized each other for their domestic audiences, they will both reluctantly support the American initiative because their political fortunes and legacies demand such action. Netanyahu is a seasoned politician who has mastered the ability to remain in power. He is Israel’s second longest-serving prime minister and has won three elections. Ministers Yair Lapid and Tzipi Livni, chairpersons of parties together accounting for 25 seats in Netanyahu’s coalition, have vow ...
Naftali Bennett basically has no hair. How does he manage to clip his kippah on his head?
what, Bayit Yehudi is leaving the coalition? Wonderful news!
You are an unparalleled disgrace. An embarrassment for all Jews who believe in G-D.
Naftali Bennett: The world will believe in us when we believe in ourselves Powerful, stirring speech
"A Palestinian state will inevitably bring war and destruction and sorrow to Israel," Naftali Bennett, EM of Israel. Messiah will end THIS!
Naftali Bennett again showing why he'll never be PM of and why Bayit Yehudi will sink.
Naftali Bennett promises current coalition will last "a long time" and that he would respect peace deal if signed
Naftali Bennett: Western peace efforts keep blowing up in our faces via
Majority of Israel leaders oppose 2state solution for messianic reason.Blame to justify occupation.
Naftali Bennett is doing great work, bringing Hareidim into the work force.
Those who think wants 2 dump for Labor - Why is he excluding &
Who is the "Chief Scientist", how does he help the Israeli economy, and how can he help you?.
Yesterday hundreds of Charedim called our new employment call center, following yesterday’s post.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Bennett Working to Elect More Dati Leumi Rabbonim - Minister of Religious Services Naftali Bennett and Deputy ... -
The road will be bumpy, but in a few weeks we will change the reality in Israel.
Without this process, the State of Israel would be facing a huge socioeconomic crisis within a few years. **
For the first time in decades our government is connecting the charedi world to service and employment. **
I wish the members of the committee success. ** We must not let small details conceal the big picture: We are making history. **
Tomorrow the Shaked Committee enters the final stretch. We begin voting on the clauses of the Equality of the Burden Bill.
ORTHODOX LEADERS IN NORTH AMERICA AND ISRAEL SUPPORT WOMEN'S PRAYER IN THE EZRAT NASHIM AT KOTEL Leading Orthodox men and women, including rabbis and communal leaders, have signed a letter in support of preserving women’s customary group prayer in the Ezrat Nashim (women’s section) of the Kotel. The letter, sent to both Economy Minister Naftali Bennett and Cabinet Secretary Avichal Mandelblit, endorses the Original Women of the Wall’s (O-WOW) right and commitment to continuing women’s group prayer which has been customary at the Kotel for 25 of the 46 years of renewed Jewish presence at the Kotel. There are 23 signatures and more are arriving daily. O-WOW calls upon the Israeli government to uphold the rule of law and enforce the court rulings that have validated women's religious rights in the Ezrat Nashim of the Kotel. Further, O-WOW calls upon Israel, as guardian of the Holy Sites of many religions, to guarantee freedom of access and religious freedom for those seeking to worship at those si .. ...
Is 'sorry' really the hardest word to say?
Delusions of grandeur: Naftali Bennett seems to have gotten a bit ahead of himself, believing that he and his ...
A very important speech of Naftali Bennett. Have to see for understanding what at stake today.
Charedi youth -Utilize our new call center for Charedi employment training.
Our kids future is more important than compliments from our allies.
Great moments in Obama Administration diplomacy: After being criticized by Israel's Economy Minister, Naftali Bennett, for his recent remarks re the "peace process", John Kerry played the same old card he always plays - Vietnam: I have to tell you, my
INSS speech with English subtitles. . Jews of the world – share and spread the word!
"I have to tell you, my friend, I've been, quote, attacked before - by people using real bullets, not words."John Kerry to Israel's Economy Minister, Naftali Bennett, a veteran of two of Israel's toughest special-forces units and could undoubtedly kill the Secretary of State with his bare hands were he minded so to do.
The economy minister, Naftali Bennett, a sceptic of the peace process, recently toured the Far East, saying he was bringing a “light to the gentiles” by way of Israeli business.
Avigdor Lieberman has criticized Naftali Bennett's remarks about John Kerry. Hear a report in Yiddish.
Hiking Giv`at Harut in the Ramon Crater. The spectacular Har (Mount) Ardon is in the background. . Heaven.
Different people, same goal. In this week’s Parsha, "Tetzaveh"...
FM Lieberman: I see Naftali Bennett running to the microphones but I don't see him running to the opposition
Palestinian state will ruin economy, Bennett warns - Times of Israel: Economy Minister Naftali Ben...
I'm now troubled as to whose policies are more ridiculous and destructive - Naftali Bennett or Avigdor Lieberman? Truly moronic men
FM Lieberman: John Kerry is not a member of the settler council and he has a right to think differently than the screaming Naftali Bennett
FM Lieberman will give a speech this morning in Tel-Aviv. Will back John Kerry's peace efforts & criticize Naftali Bennett for attacking US
Economy Minister Naftali Bennett has accused the United States of making mistakes in regional diplomatic efforts that have lead to threats on Israeli security. The Bayit Yehudi leader told Israel Radio on Thursday that "wrong decisions" made by Washington during the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace process have partially lead to the deluge of recent missile attacks from Gaza on southern Israel.
Hareidim Protest Yeshiva Funding Freeze: 'We're Ready for War' Thousands of hareidim protested Thursday at the entrance to Jerusalem and in Bnei Brak over the sudden freezing of funding for all yeshivas, which was ordered retroactively by Finance Minister Yair Lapid on Wednesday. Lapid's decision to cut funding came following a Supreme Court ruling Tuesday, stating that the government should stop funding yeshivas with 18-20 year-old students who received draft calls and did not enlist. The ruling came despite Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon's orders to defer such steps until new laws on the issue are passed in the coming weeks. The protests Thursday turned violent in the clashes between hareidim and police, as one officer's weapon was stolen, and mounted police were called in to break up demonstrators. Four protesters were arrested in the course of events. Rabbi David Zicherman, a source close to Lithuanian-hareidi leader Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, was among the organizers of the protest. During the confrontat ...
"I declare that establishing state in heart of country will pulverize economy” --Econ Minister Naftali Bennett, yest.
The New York Times reported last week on a spat between Benjamin Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett that was noteworthy for what it didn't report.
Excellent analysis by Naftali Bennett Leader of the opposition? (though some scenarios really hypothetical)
Feb 06, 2014 - In response to threats from the international community to impose boycotts against Israel should the negotiations with the Palestinians fail, Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett stated, “I... Watch Now on
Minister Naftali stated, “I suggest to any one who states that Israel will be a pariah to...
Naftali Bennett is threatening to join the opposition.
I congratulate the Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein on his decision to close the case against Daphni Leef.
freedom of expression in Israel justifies using some common sense and leniency in her case. 2/2
Naftali Bennett: Leader of the Opposition?: The departure of the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party from the ...
Israel: A State Divided? 12:30PM EST 2/3/2014 Joel C. Rosenberg The very fact that Israeli leaders on the center-right of the political spectrum are getting so anxious, even angry, strongly suggests two rumors are true: The Obama administration and the Europeans are putting enormous pressure on the Netanyahu government behind the scenes to say yes to an American-crafted peace plan; and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seriously contemplating agreeing to deeply painful and enormously controversial concessions, possibly even dividing Jerusalem and rolling Israel back to her pre-1967 borders. Many analysts have felt for the past year that Secretary Kerry’s frenetic efforts to jump-start the Israeli-Palestinian peace process were going nowhere and doomed to failure. Now there is rapidly growing evidence that Kerry has driven the two parties into the corner and that he appears to be putting the most pressure on the Israeli side to make the deepest concessions. Here’s what we know so far: In his address ...
Naftali Bennett says that his party Habayit Hayehudi will leave the coalition if the peace deal isn't in like with the party's values
Brief cabinet crisis averted by pro-settlement minister’s apology for criticizing Netanyahu [As we watch escatological events unfold, we watch Israel, God's Timepiece.] DEBKAfile Special Report January 29, 2014, 9:03 PM (IST) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday, Jan. 29, demanded Naftali Bennett, the pro-settlement Jewish Home party leader and Minister of Industry and Trade apologize or be sacked, for brusquely criticizing his proposal to leave Jewish settlements in a future Palestinian state. The minister apologized without delay, regretting that “his concern for Israel’s future and security” was taken as a personal attack on the prime minister, whose leadership in difficult circumstances he respected. But he didn’t climb down. It was his duty, the minister stressed, to voice his belief that abandoning Israel citizens to Palestinian sovereignty was a dangerous notion that must be dropped. debkafile: A cabinet crisis has been averted for now over the concessions urged on the prime minist ...
A conflict between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a right-wing political partner, Naftali Bennett, could reshape Israel’s governing coalition at a key moment in talks with the Palestinians.
Dear Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו, just because the truth hurts, does not mean you have any right to censor Naftali Bennett. It's funny how you can go out and demonize Iran at the UN without a single solid piece of evidence and yet you will attack one of the only MKs who is actually serving the needs of the people who voted him in to begin with. As a person who supported you and voted for you in the past, I am absolutely outraged at your behavior. This is a country and you are the PM, not the Godfather of some Knesset mafia! Why don't you go off and enjoy your 20,000 shekel ice cream with your corrupt tax-haven money and let people who were actually voted in take control take over from here.
Naftali Bennett: "Enough with the games. We will no longer play word games: ’67 lines’ means the division of Jerusalem; giving up the Mount of Olives where Menachem Begin, Rav Kook, and Eliezer Ben-Yehuda are buried; and giving up the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, and the Old City."
Seeing as she doesn't stand a chance to conclude her negotiations with the Palestinians successfully, after the right has outmaneuvered her on retaining the Jordan Valley, Minister Tzipi Livni (far center) is livid. Naftali Bennett suggested she might do better negotiating with, say, Ferengi…Photo C...
Apparently President Mahmoud Abbas is even willing to meet ‘radical minister’ Naftali Bennett.
"The Israeli Economy Minister, Naftali Bennett, added: “We awoke this morning to a new reality. A reality in which a bad deal was signed with Iran. A very bad deal. If a nuclear suitcase blows up five years from now in New York or Madrid, it will be because of the deal that was signed this morning.” And as bad as the deal is, it was worse. It was France that had walked away from it, calling it “a sucker’s deal” in early November, but French demands were incorporated into the interim agreement." Read more at
Naftali Bennett sticks it to Christiane Amanpour -
ISRAELI STATUS UPDATE FROM AMERICANS FOR PEACE NOW (APN) June 24, 2013 APN's daily news review from Israel Monday June 24, 2013 Quote of the day: "...Maybe the 'shrapnel in the buttocks' is actually the party of the brother Bennett, Habayit Hayehudi: so small, but so painful." --Yedioth commentator Nahum Barnea quotes the phrase that Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett used to describe the Palestinians - to describe the reason Israel is not negotiating with the Palestinians.** - Front Page News: Haaretz Yaakov Frankel to replace Fischer as Governor of Bank of Israel The Star is Born who brought unity to the Palestinian streets Police: Suspect in youth bar confessed to murder Increase in waste separation for recycling catches state unprepared With the encouragement of the court, women beginning to sue employers for discrimination in wages Yedioth Ahronoth Return of the Governor - Yaakov Frenkel returns for another term The last term ended with a grating tone: Frankel was forced to return 238 thousand s ...
Economics Minister and Bayit Yehudi party head Naftali Bennett told the Washington Post Friday that Israel “will not allow itself to be threatened by a maniacal regime that holds nuclear weapons,” in response to a question about the Iranian threat. “I think what matters are not the words but the centrifuges. We have to be very cognizant of whether Iran continues to accelerate the pace of uranium enrichment. Over the past year, they’ve tripled the pace,” he noted. Bennett told the Post's Lally Weymouth that while he highly respects Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the two also have “profound disagreements.” “Netanyahu supports — and he truly does support — building a Palestinian state within Israel,” Bennett said. He explained his opposition to the idea: “What we’ve learned over the past 20 years is that each time we gave up land of ours, within a very short time frame, terrorists initiated severe attacks from that land and killed thousands of Israelis. “People don’t realize ...
Injecting a 'terror state' into the heart of Israel is 'national suicide,' Habayit Hayehudi chairman Naftali Bennett tells The Washington Post.
19/06/2013 John Lyons from the Australian GET REAL ON PALESTINE, CLINTON TELLS ISRAEL FORMER U.S. president Bill Clinton says Israel has no alternative for its longer-term welfare than agreeing to a Palestinian state because of sheer demographics”. “The question (to) confront is: is it really OK with you if Israel has people in its territory that will never be allowed to vote?” he told Israelis yesterday at a function to celebrate the 90th birthday of President Shimon Peres. “If so, can you say with a straight face that this is a democracy? If you let them vote, can you live with not being a Jewish state? The comments came as an influential Israeli politician said any two-state solution was dead. Naftali Bennett, the Minister for the economy, said Israel should annex the majority of the West Bank and not allow a Palestinian state. “The idea a Palestinian state will be formed in the state of Israel has come to a dead end,”he said. “Never was so much time invested in something so pointless. Th ...
Bennett urges restraint after attack on Rabbi Stav - Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett on Monday urged restraint...
by Gil Ronen A Knesset Channel poll indicates that if elections were held today, Labor would receive 6 more seats than it currently holds, rising from 15 seats to 21. Likud / Yisrael Beytenu would shrink from its current 31 seats to an abysmal 26 seats. Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid would sink, too, from 19 to 17 seats, while Naftali Bennett's Bayit Yehudi would rise slightly, from 12 to 13 seats. Shas dips from 11 to 10 seats, and UTJ loses one seat as well, going from 7 to 6. Meretz grows two seats stronger, from 6 to 8 seats, whereas Tzipi Livni's Hatnua shrinks from 6 to 4. These results, if they reflect public opinion, should come as a shock to nationalists, since they show Likud and Yisrael Beytenu down to a total of 26 seats from a total of 42 until the last elections (Likud had 27 seats and Yisrael Beytenu 15, in the 19th Knesset). This means that the "right wing and religious bloc," as it was known until the latest elections – which includes Likud, Yisrael Beytenu, Bayit Yehudi, UTJ and Shas – has o ...
The aim of ramped up settlement building in East Jerusalem is clear: as with all settlements on Palestinian land, it changes the facts on the ground (in the words of settler politician Naftali Bennett), and makes the prospect of any clear division or Palestinian ownership very difficult to envisage.
Ashdod union chief: Naftali Bennett is a populist cabinet minister who's feeding the public nonsense. By Avi Bar-Eli and Ora Coren | May.19, 2013 | 11:26 AM |  1   The government is putting together competing plans for how to keep the country’s port operating in the event dockworkers walk off their jobs to protest reforms in the sector. The Transportation Ministry has begun exploring the possibility of bringing to Israel foreign labor to stand in for striking workers and has discussed the idea with various overseas companies. Meanwhile, Economics and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett has raised the idea of bringing in Israel Defense Forces troops to operate the ports. Both ministries are also examining the possibility of opening augmented loading and unloading facilities for container ships at the privatized ports of Eilat and Israel Shipyards. The talk about employing troops is very preliminary, but it signals how big a confrontation may be ahead as the government moves ahead with plans to permit . ...
Senior gov’t minister Naftali Bennett, challenges President Shimon Peres for suggesting Jerusalem is ready to...
Israel Adopts Sundays-Off The first vote on new legislation in the 19th Knesset was initiated as a joint effort between Yesh Atid’s Rabbi Dov Lipman, Jewish Home’s Naftali Bennett, and surprisingly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Easily passing the vote, the Knesset decided that Sundays would now be an official day off from work. MK Rabbi Lipman said, “I missed having a day off like in America, so I’m proud to have introduced this legislation. Now I’ll be able to go to baseball games like I used to.” Lipman was surprised to learn that MKs don’t actually work on Thursdays, Fridays and of course, Shabbat, thus with Sundays off, his work week dropped down to a mere three days. Also, he discovered that baseball isn’t as popular in Israel as it is in America, so he won’t be going to as many Sunday games as he planned. In order to make up for the lost Sunday hours, two additional hours of work have been added on to the regular Monday through Thursday workday schedule, which means Israelis ...
Naftali Bennett's speech to the brainwashed crowd of MASA, in Jerusalem, was interrupted by Diaspora ethnic-Jews who identified as: "Jewish anti-occupation a...
Naftali Bennett's speech at a MASA event in Jerusalem was interrupted by Jewish anti-occupation activists from the Diaspora in response to his stated position on…
The Stone Age few weeks ago a military judge, Major Amir Dahan, acquitted four Palestinians of the charge of “attempted murder by throwing stones at vehicles”. He stated that "throwing stones can, under some circumstances, have the character of a lethal offence, carrying the near certainty of a danger to human life - but under other circumstances it might be no more than a prank without the potential of serious damage, by a young person who had barely crossed into the age of criminal responsibility". This verdict angered Housing Minister Uri Ariel of the Jewish Home party, who said in the beginning of last week: "This is no way to render judgment in Israel. It is about such things that we daily utter the prayer “O restore our judges, as of old”. We should not tolerate even one stone. We must not forgive even one stone . A stone kills". Later this week, the head of the party joined Ariel. The well known Naftali Bennett, Minister of Economy, made a public call to change the rules of engagement so a ...
Naftali Bennett, leader of Jewish Home, has signed coalition agreement with Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu. Not long till a new govt is sworn in.
The "Jewish Home" party headed by Naftali Bennett Sr"y has signed the coalition deal with PM Netanyahu.
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Habayit Hayehudi's Naftali signs agreement to join new coalition
Habayit Hayehudi's Naftali Bennett signs agreement to join new coalition
And another on Naftali Bennett, leader of religious zionist & nationalist Jewish Home
Analysis by : It's Naftali Bennett's coalition, and everyone else is just his "brother"
Arutz7: Bennett and Lapid Agree to Give Up Vice PM Title: Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid have reported...
GAGGLE 15/03 9: It was getting close to extra 14day deadline BibiNet had to pull a coalitn govt togthr, but he has. He got Naftali Bennett's
Bayit Yehudi chairman MK Naftali Bennett: Rock throwers are trying to murder and they need to be treated accordingly.
In the NYT far-right racist Naftali Bennett is "dynamic" and corporate racist Yair Lapid is "center-left"
NYT: Netanyahu Prepares to Accept New Coalition Agreements to be signed today with Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid.
Sara Netanyahu reportedly throws a wrench in the new Israeli coalition because she doesn't like Naftali Bennett.
Naftali Bennett, as he predicted in the , has a hand on the wheel of power. This is going to be interesting.
The True Source of Religious-Secular Tension in The Arrogance of (and now Naftali
Bennett's arrogance and how the national religious forget history
Religious Zionism's conservative wing accuses Naftali Bennett of 'attacking the crown of Torah' | |
Charismatic Naftali Bennett's star is rising in Israeli politics, a bad omen for democratic governance via
Naftali Bennett's proposal for Israel to annex Area C pushed politicians to debate Palestinian issue in last election
Bennett: 'I wish to congratulate my friend Yair Lapid for his leadership': Habait Hayehudi Chairman Naftali Be...
Barring last-minute inclusion of another party in Netanyahu's coalition, Naftali Bennett will have power to bring down the government.
Whoa, Naftali Bennett is the new pope! he's that good!
reporting Yair Lapid to be Finance Min, Naftali Bennett to be Min.Trade & Industry. Yesh Atid MK to take Education portfolio.
BREAKING NEWS: Naftali will be minister of trade and industry
'All *** has broken loose': Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party leader Naftali Bennett has become an errand boy ...
This is interesting. MT Naftali Bennett - not what the Religious Zionists expected
Naftali Bennett - not what the Religious Zionists expected
Naftali Bennett - not what the religious Zionists expected - Haaretz: HaaretzNaftali Bennett - not what the ...
Naftali Bennet? :-) MT Jay on Bennett: “He’s explosive in passing game and really good blocker, that’s what sets him apart."
CONTINUE to PRAY for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Lapid and NAFTALI BENNETT to COME TOGETHER in UNITY...
The True Source of Religious-Secular Tension in Israel: The Arrogance of Ben-Gurion (and now Naftali Bennett)
Hamodia Article about Boycotting Settlement Goods to Protest Naftali Bennett’s Coalition on Leaving the Charedim Out.
The best part of Chuck Schumer's speech today is that Naftali Bennett faxed it over this morning.
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Are the religious among the national religious going to protest Naftali Bennett ?
Moshe Feiglin and Naftali Bennett: Israel’s new generation - The Hill's Pundits Blog
Naftali Bennett is making a commitment to refrain from settlement freeze part of his price for entering a coalition
Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid and Jewish Home party chair Naftali Bennett have reportedly come to an agreement regarding which ministerial portfolios each party will demand as a condition of joining a coalition with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud-Beytenu party.
As usual, cogent analysis from Bernard Lapid: Doubt The Benefit Of The Doubt Posted: 08 Mar 2013 12:16 AM PST From Open Zion, a feature of The Daily Beast, where I have a regular column. Yair Lapid, the darling-du-jour of Global Israel, is negotiating to enter the government in an ever-tighter alliance with Naftali Bennett, the rightist captain of Greater Israel. Lapid wants, he says, to deal with "equality of burden,"the conscription of Haredim into the army, and keep Haredi parties out of government. Bennett--not one to reject any effort to make the IDF central to Israeli life--is happy to go along. He may well get the Finance Ministry for his troubles. On its face, this alliance is a betrayal of Lapid's voters--Tel Avivans with cosmopolitan attitudes, and fearing international isolation--who hardly expected the settlers' leadership to be Lapid's soul-mates. But let's give Lapid the benefit of the doubt, at least before we yank it back. The problem of "equality of burden" is not simply a mat ...
Yair Lapid's veto of MKs' participation shows he fears harming the alliance with Habayit Hayehudi's Naftali Bennett.
Heated Emotions as Bennett Tours Mir Yeshiva Bayit Yehudi head visits Israel's largest yeshiva, in a sign he means business regarding hareidi enlistment. Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett visited Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem Monday morning and was scheduled to visit Hevron Yeshiva later in the day. With over 7,500 single and married students, Mir is the largest yeshiva in Israel and is also believed to be the largest yeshiva in the world. Many of the students are from the United States and Canada, however, and are not eligible for IDF service as they are in Israel temporarily. Some yeshiva students gathered when Bennett approached the yeshiva and hurled abusive language at him. However, most of the people who greeted him were polite, and Bennett appeared steadfast in his message that a reform in laws regarding hareidi enlistment is necessary. After meeting the heads of the yeshiva, Bennett said that "the first thing that everyone must do" is to get to know the hareidim better. "The principles that we see ...
In his first address to the Knesset, Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett on Tuesday rejected any possibility of an agreement that would lead to the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Isr...
The Myth of the "Start-Up Nation" Those critiquing Naftali Bennett's expansionary political views have been too silent on his economic views. The shrill voice of the deficit-hawks makes it difficult enough to formulate a critique of extreme free-market economics in America let alone a few thousand miles away in Israel, but I think greater attention should be paid nonetheless to those Israeli's pointing out the entanglement of American-exported economic ideas and the territorial injustices. Shlomo Swirsky of the Adva Center has a helpful report on this, "Israel in a Nutshell: A Different Introduction to Israeli Economy and Society." "Hi tech has given Israel the shining image of A Start-Up Nation, to use the title of Dan Senor and Saul Singer's book. Yet hi tech industries and services hardly represent the nation as a whole, as they employ not more than 10% of the Israeli civilian work force. Furthermore, most of them are located in the center of the country, in and around Tel Aviv... For Israelis lucky en ...
Likud-Beiteinu received only 24.5% of the soldier's vote, not much more than the party's portion of the general vote (23.3%); the big winner was Naftali Bennett's Habayit Hayehudi, with a whopping 15 percent of the soldiers' votes.
Israel defines itself as the Jewish State and, as the years pass, Israel does indeed become more and more Jewish. Naftali Bennett, who, for a while, appeared to be the rising star of the current election...
In the absence of Likud moderates in the next government, following their marginalization on the party’s election slate, Yair Lapid will be the representative of liberal Israel.
Naftali Bennett can personally thank Jeremy Gimpel for losing 2 -3 seats because of Gimpel's moronic statements
Naftali Bennett has said he will make changing Israels working week so we get SUndays off a priority
Right-wing bloc reaches 61 seats, Center-Left at 59; over half of Yesh Atid voters chose party in days preceding the election.
Update your maps at Navteq
Naftali Bennett does not imply anything. He states openly: no state for Palestinians, ever. And Israel should annex 60% of the West Bank.
Some ideas about Israeli prospects, aired last night: A discussion about the Israeli Elections with David Remnick, Editor of The New Yorker; Mort Zuckerman, Editor-In-Chief, U.S. News & World Report; and Dennis Ross, Counselor at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. It cues up to play. In my experience the sound is very bad for the first minute or so, and then finds its pace:
If I were Naftali Bennett, I'd be bemused, shall we say, that Bibi chose to speak with Zahava Gal-On before calling me:
Naftali Bennett, Director of the Yesha Council, guiding journalist Yair Lapid in a tour in Samaria, 2010
Via - Naftali Bennett's party set to get extra seat -
Lesson learned from article 'Israel's Right Turn' on Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett: NEVER despise humble beginnings.
Israel's election has put a suave former TV news anchor and political novice in the role of kingmaker, and he has signaled he would use his power to try to move hard-line Prime Minister Benjamin...
Those who say there's no honor among thieves haven't heard of Naftali Bennett
Israel Straight Talk Shuli Mualem, deputy chairwoman of the IDF Widows and Orphans Organization, just became the last person elected into the Israeli Knesset. What got her in was the last 1% of the vote that was largely comprised of votes by Israeli Soldiers. Way to go Israeli soldiers! How symbolic! *** Here she is on stage while the leader of her party, Naftali Bennett, declares to the world that Israel will stand strong vs. her adversaries. ***
Consider this: a coalition anchored by Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett... Netanyahu is a hypocrite
I'm smiling. But I'm sure a lot of my left wing friends are feeling bruised! Jewish Home Gains Surprise Vital Seat
Yes, that has to be the reason why Mr Netanyahu telephoned Mr Naftali Bennett today
Israel: elections; media, towards one more seat for right: The right-wing 'Jewish Home' party of Naftali Bennett...
Codes and parliamentary elections in Israel Parliamentary elections were held in Israel on 22 January. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition parties reach a compromise between the budget negotiations, announced last October, in the early election would take place. Netanyahu's popularity is quite high, as expected for the elections in Israel did not surprise. Entered into a joint election list led by Prime Minister Netanyahu's Likud Party of Israel Beiteinu, led by Avigdor Liberman'ın was the winner of the elections. The new leader of the leftist vote (Sell Yehimoviç), the Workers' Party, founded by former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on November 27 Hatnuah (Move) ATID Party Party was split between yes and journalist Yair Lapid'in established. Although Naftali Bennett Jewish Center Party, a new party that represents the growing power of the settlers living in the occupied Palestinian territories with a long tradition for the Labour Party has become so powerful. Radical religious parties maintaine ...
Bibi, mind your manners. Now not only is Naftali Bennett waiting for your pleasantries call, but Shuly Muallem of BY is too. Achdut, kids.
Jewish Home gets the call it was waiting for: Prime minister speaks with Naftali Bennett as he begins tentative ...
Two days after the national elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Habyit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett and congratulated him on his achievement. The two did not schedule a meeting.
PM Netanyahu's secretary found Naftali Bennett's phone and he called the Bayit Hayehudi head (now w 12 seats) this aft
Naftali Bennett - A rising star of Israeli right. No more appology, No more BS, No more peace deal crap...
Naftali Bennett dedicated this song to on Galgalatz today:
David Landau says last-minute "mass recoiling" from ultra-nationalism of Naftali Bennett explains Lapid surge
My letter in today's Jerusalem Post: Bravo to Yair Lapid for pulling off the biggest coup in Israeli political history. Ditto Naftali Bennett. Clearly, the two of them are drawing the younger generation of thinking voters who have the smarts to show the old guard that their days are numbered. A clean and logical coalition of Binyamin Netanyahu, Lapid and Bennett would allow us to bid good riddance to Kadima, as well as to the utterly unlamentable Tzipi Livni, while making sure the burglars of Shas and UTJ are left out in the cold. Bibi took a trouncing because of his hubris, as well as his stupidity in letting himself be henpecked into destroying his working relationships with quality people. Woe betide us if Mrs. Netanyahu continues to control her husband and we end up with an even nastier version of the status quo ante. J.J. GROSS Jerusalem
I did not vote for BY. This is no secret! However it is clear that the coalition that everyone is waiting for is Bibi/Yair/Naftali! Anyone who has any connection to Bibi please ask why BY has not yet been included in the round of calls in the pre-coalition talks!! If this is because of Sara - it is insane!! It is clear to EVERYONE (except perhaps Shelly Y and Sara N) that the country wants and needs a coalition lead by Bibi, with YA and BY at his side. It is VERY worrying that he is talking to YH and Shas before BY!! The country will not forgive Bibi if personal differences with Bennett get in the way of doing the right thing for the country!! Cc: Danny Hershtal; Jeremy Gimpel; Jeremy Man Saltan; Daniel Mush Meyer
Naftali Bennett must be feeling like a woman waiting for that guy she met at the party to call her. Oh why isn't Bibi calling?
Israeli media reporting that Naftali Bennett's Jewish Home party will reach 12 seats after all soldier votes are counted.
According to the near final results of the elections, Jewish Home will be awarded a 12th Knesset seat, making it the 4th largest party
Naftali Bennett set to be Israel's powerbroker after (via
Bennett set to get extra Knesset seat Votes of 220,000 soldiers, diplomats and prisoners may cause minor shift in Knesset seats Habayit Hayehudi is expected to win an extra Knesset seat, apparently at the expense of one of the Arab parties, according to a count of 70% of the soldiers' votes. This would bring Naftali Bennett's party to a total of 12 mandates.
New on +972: Final results posted, Naftali Bennett's party rises to 12 seats
Yair's torch Op-ed: Elections show Israelis have had it with PR stunts, want new breed of politicians Emanuel Rosen Published: 01.24.13, 10:06 / Israel Opinion The 2013 national elections produced a confused Knesset, but also a very clear message: Many Israelis from both the Right and Left, particularly the younger voters, have had it with the spin doctors and the zigzagging; they are less impressed by eloquent speeches and impressive body language and are waiting for something different, new, fresh and clean. They are waiting for people who say what they mean and mean what they say. Netanyahu released the last spin into the air a moment before the polling stations opened. Kahlon, Bibi promised, will lower the cost of housing. The plan was obvious. The public believes Kahlon, so maybe it will not think this is a trick but a real revolution in housing prices. But most of the public does not believe anymore. The vast majority of Israelis despise these tricks. Turbulent Mideast Apocalypse tomorrow / Eitan .. ...
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The polls were a rebuke to Netanyahu, and the “centrist” Yesh Atid did very well. But far-right extremists are steadily gaining strength.
We’ve exceeded Shas! ** Now I hope the soldiers, specifically them, will help get Shuli Mualam into the Knesset. She’s the widow of Moshe Mualam of Golani, who was killed in the helicopter tragedy. She heads the “IDF widows and orphans” organization, a dedicated nurse and a wonderful person. ** We’ll know in a few hours…
awesome. Translation of Venn diagram Red circle: There is no Occupation Blue circle: There is an Occupation Green Circle: What is an Occupation? Intersection Red Blue: Bibi Netanyahu Intersection Blue Green: Shelly Yachimovich Intersection Red Green: Danny Danon Intersection all three: Naftali Bennett. New purple disc: Yair Lapid.
Naftali Bennett's Jewish Home party was just elected into the Israeli Knesset in an impressive fashion. Exit...
Bennett holds the golden thread: Naftali Bennett feels, with good reason, that if it weren’t for him, Habayit Ha...
"Bennett ... [shows] there are no internal forces within Zionism that can stop this descent to ***
So under Israel’s racist system, Naftali Bennett can propose annexing West Bank as long as he doesn’t call for giving votes to people there
“I will do everything in my power to make sure [Palestinians] never get a state." -Rising supremacist Naftali Bennett.
Naftali Bennett is Israel's id, the country's drift to the right a function of Western permissiveness
Been reading about Naftali Bennett and Jewish Home; what a hideous stain on America and Israel he is. Very scary where it's headed.
'Zionism’s New Boss' an article about religious zionism today and naftali bennett via
Netanyahu grasping for coalition amid Israel election deadlock this really impact Israeli politics?
Israelis went to the polls on 22 January, with implications for the peace process with the Palestinians, Israel's relations with the international community and the crisis over Iran's nuclear programme. Here is a guide to the elections and their outcome.
Netanyahu grasping for coalition amid Israel election deadlock extremerightwing parties wane around the world
Funny how right-wing coalitions are just fine with while progressive ones are illegitimate
Lost in the love fest for former TV celeb Yair Lapid, aka Mr. Change; the fact that one of his closest advisers is veteran sleaze politico Ehud Olmert. On Jan. 13 Haaretz wrote: "Lapid's choice of Olmert as an adviser is puzzling. Why Lapid, who wants to be perceived as a fresh new hope, is seeking the advice of the insider Olmert, especially with the new cloud hanging over his head, is not self-evident."
Will Netanyahus' get over personal row with Naftali Bennett to form gov't of LB, Yesh Atid, Bayit Yehudi & Livni?
Because successive Israeli governments have obliterated the geographic separation between Israel and Palestine, we must look at the landscape as one population.
Why not? He is exchanging winks with Naftali Bennett as we speak.
By Gilad Atzmon Most commentators on Israeli politics fail to see that notions of Left and Righ...
still hasn't called Naftali Bennett since elex. I got confirmation from source close 2 Bennett of 's scoop.
Yair Lapid's & Naftali Bennett's thinking that you can focus on housing prices and forget about the occupation is detached from reality
So Israeli PM Netanyahu retains power , albeit with a narrow margin. After winning an even split of seats in parliament PM is working to form a new ruling coalition. a task made more difficult by the unexpected success of centrist parties. No major policy changes should be expected as they will likely retain its hardline stance on Iran's controversial nuclear program and debate will continue over dormant talks with the Palestinians over the Mideast peace process. Israeli-Arab conflict polarized the voters. Palestinian officials see little hope that a new government will change the Israeli stance... So in this case things don't change they just stay the same!
And current event # 3: Exit polls indicate that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was successful in his reelection bid despite significant parliamentary losses for his conservative Likud party. JERUSALEM – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emerged the bruised winner of Israel's election on Tuesday, with his hawkish bloc unexpectedly losing ground to resurgent center-left challengers, exit polls showed. Israel media reported Wednesday that with nearly all votes counted, each bloc had 60 of parliament's 120 seats. Commentators said Netanyahu, who called early elections three months ago expecting easy victory, would be tapped to form the next government because the rival camp drew 12 of its 60 seats from Arab parties that traditionally are excluded from coalition building. But his weakened showing in an election he himself called earlier than necessary could complicate the struggle to forge an alliance with a stable majority in parliament. The 63-year-old Israeli leader promised during his election ...
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