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Myles Turner

Myles Turner (1921 – 1984) was a warden of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania from 1956 to 1972. His efforts enabled the park to survive its formative years and grow into one of Africa's finest parks.

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Paul George, Thaddeus Young, Myles Turner, Monta Ellis and Jeff Teague are the starters for the tonight
Jeff Teague, Monta Ellis, Paul George, Thaddeus Young and Myles Turner start the second half for the
Thaddeus Young, Myles Turner, Monta Ellis, Paul George and Jeff Teague all back in for the
9 from Myles Turner in the first and Paul with 3 steals. Won't leave out Stuckey with the bench production. They dont wanna believe the hype
Myles Turner leads the with 9 points, Thaddeus Young with 7 points and 2 steals, Paul George has 4 points, 3 steals & 2 assists.
In the portion reporters were allowed to see, Myles Turner split time with Kevin Seraphin with the starters in 5-on-5 settings.
come to the Indiana Pacer fanbase. New coach interesting free agents, Myles Turner and of course Paul George.
Pacers were 11th in pace but they want to be much faster. They will be fun. Myles Turner is much better than people…
Myles Turner is still in the concussion protocol. Nate McMillan said it's doubtful that Turner will play in preseason ope…
Jeff Teague, Paul George, Myles Turner, Al Jefferson, Monta Ellis, Thad Young... you think this personnel is 6th.
I think you can practically count on Karl Anthony Towns & Myles Turner to lead this frontcourt soon.
PG13, Teague, Monta Ellis, Thad Young & Myles Turner arent better lol?
I was so excited to be in Myles Turner’s top 30
Myles Turner and Glenn Robinson are gonna be beast off the bench.
One day the people who didn't believe in you will tell everyone how they know you.
Everyone won't do what you'll do for them.. So watch what you'll do for people 💯
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I see a lower ceiling than most Pacers fans, but that viewpoint gets destroyed if Myles Turner grows into an absolute beast this year
DeAndre Jordan, Myles Turner, Devin Booker & Kristaps Porzingis admit that they do slide in them DM's
[SW voice] He asked me "Do you like Myles Turner?" & I said "Honestly, I usually make a left after a couple blocks".
do you even know who Thaddeus Young and Myles Turner are?
hey Alex when does the Myles Turner article come out?
Myles Turner looks fantastic in this scrimmage. Stuffed a Cousins post up, then drained a 3
Reason 1: It's the wrong type of phone.
Paul George , Jeff Teague, Al jefferson, myles turner, ty lawson, Monta Ellis, they up there tryna get rudy ***
The last date Frank Ocean possibly hinted at us is November 13, 2016
Myles Turner has been playing on the Select team like he should be on the varsity team.
why isn't Kevin Love for Paul George & Myles Turner being discussed? Would be a good move for both teams
My life is complete, I have been blocked by Myles Turner
RIP to all the students who start school next week
if you listen to him , FAV if you think he trash
Paul George and the rest of Team USA raves about the play of Myles Turner via
I'd do anything for the people I love. ❤️
I want everyone to know MICHIGAN IS JORDAN!
There's a developing beast in Indiana.
I like Uzi new tape . Quite the banger
Myles turner red carded in the 60th for cussing out the ref and parents 💀💀
Everything I see about is highly annoying
My next article will be about Myles Turner (rookie season and where his contributions stack up in Indiana Pacers history.
After watching tons of Team USA footage, I've decided that Myles Turner is underrated and will one day be an All Star
"Man, you got a good one." Paul George's Olympic teammates raved about Myles Turner.
much like how the Pacers did with Myles Turner. If Prince excels he could find himself starting much like Myles Turner did
Paul George en Team USA lovend over Myles Turner. "He's going to be good."
Myles Turner works really hard. Myles Turner will be good. Mike believes in Myles. Mike is smart. Be like Mike. https:…
Indiana Pacers Retool Around Paul George, Myles Turner After losing in the first round of the NBA…
Cheers David, Pacers fan since I was a kid, fave player is a tough one, but right now Myles Turner would be around the mark.
Myles Turner is a midrange assassin who can defend the rim. Like this artist's rendering of an enormous David West:
DeAndre Jordan, Myles Turner, Devin Booker and Porzingis talk about sliding into DMs. 😂
Teague was hurt and al is going to be a backup for Myles Turner who will be really good to
I think the two main guys (Paul George and Myles Turner) will surprise a lot of people next season. Their work ethics go u…
Thad Young, devoloping Myles Turner and vet off the bench and Larry still making moves
Some random players that I think are gonna be really good that no one mentions: Myles Turner, Trey Lyles, and Zach Lavine.
2nd best two way player in the league with PG who is young. Myles Turner is young and extreme upside. Great relationships also
Jeff Teague, Monta Ellis, Paul George, Thad Young and Myles Turner. Pacers have a TEAM this year 👀
Teague, Monta, PG, Myles Turner, and now Thad Young. I'm liking this.
Jeff Teague and Paul George with a young budding Myles Turner? Not bad Indiana.
Boston should low key try to rob Indiana kf Myles Turner. He's worth the pick and some.
Today's contribution to the movement: Kevin Durant on rookie Myles Turner, "We're Family"
Pacers’ George Hill, Myles Turner, and GRIII attend walk the red carpet
If the Pacers can't get Teague or Conley.. Ellis . Kent Bazemore. PG. Marvin Williams . Myles Turner would be 🔥🔥
with Paul George and Myles Turner with g hill and Ellis yes u r lol
lol keep dreaming the pacers are better with Paul George and Myles Turner lol u all are first round at best
I am sure that if they want to win (which they do), then they would take $18 million to team up with Paul George and Myles Turner.
he would be perfect with Paul George and Myles Turner
Jared Dudley on the Pacers. "I love Paul George and Myles Turner. You can build around them."
update won the finals, and added James Harden, Melo, Myles Turner 😏
So is Michael Jordan. Yet he drafted Frank Kaminsky over Justise Winslow and Myles Turner.
Big news: PF/C Myles Turner has accepted an invitation to participate with USA Basketball Team Select, his age…
what do you think of a starting line up of 1 Jeff Teague 2 Monta Ellis 3 George Hill 4 Paul George and 5 Myles Turner ball
but Hibbert turned out to be garbage. We struck gold with Myles Turner
How about this as an option if free agency fails?. PG: George Hill . SG: Monta Ellis . SF: Paul George . PF: Brice Johnson . C: Myles Turner
George Hill, Montae Ellis, Jimmy Butler, Paul George and Myles Turner would be a pretty naughty starting line up just saying...
Conley running point. Ellis and Pg on the wing. And Brice Johnson and Myles Turner down low 😲🔥🔥🔥
Sign a power forward like Ryan Anderson and then start Myles Turner at center. Turner will get stronger and can recover fo…
I'm cheering for Paul George-Vogel-George-Myles Turner, but I don't want Dwayne Casey to get fired. Drake and Toronto don't deserve to lose.
Jonas Valanciunas just grown man'd Myles Turner in the low post.
Kaminsky was decent this season. But the next four picks: Justise Winslow, Myles Turner, Trey Lyles and Devin Booker. Welp.
*** after Kaminsky got drafted by the Hornets the next 4 guys off the board were Winslow, Myles Turner, Trey Lyles and Devin Booker...oops
Play-makers need to be Paul George, Monta Ellis, and Myles Turner. The rest needs to find a way to be a cohesive role player.
Happy National Columnist's Day to ! Bob's column on Myles Turner here...
Frank Vogel has a lot of pieces to work with in Solomon Hill, George Hill, Paul George, Monta Ellis, Myles Turner
asst coach Popeye Jones was a little upset that Myles Turner got called for the foul! 😂.
"Bleacher Report on Instagram: “Nik Stauskas puts the sauce on Myles Turner & George Hill is sh..." via
Indiana uses good ball movement to get Rodney Stuckey feeding Myles Turner down low, uncontested for th...
Myles Turner focused during drills with coach Popeye Jones.
Rodney Stuckey throws it up and Myles Turner throws down the reverse alley-oop jam.
Myles Turner and Ian Mahinmi both with 2 fouls. Jordan Hill might find some minutes tonight if the foul trouble continues.
May not seem big, but the Cavs have already drawn two fouls apiece on Ian Mahinmi and Myles Turner. Still 6:08 to go in the 1st.
Yikes! Myles Turner picks up his 2nd foul in about 1 minute. Ian Mahinmi already on the bench with 2 fouls
Two fouls on Ian Mahinmi in the first 5:15 mean that Myles Turner is set to check in for the fashionable Frenchman.
But little firepower after him. Over the same 16 games, Monta Ellis has scored 20+ only twice, George Hill once, Myles Turner once.
Ian Mahinmi, Myles Turner & Monta Ellis with 6 points each for the in the 1st Half
This year Devin Booker and Myles Turner have been very good. And Bobby Portis clearly has a bright future.
Paul George leaves Pacers win as Myles Turner shines on birthday...
We know that Paul George, Myles Turner, and Ian Mahinmi will get better since we have witnessed their great work ethics.
I would be intrigued to see what a Pacers offense would look like with Ty Lawson, a 3&D SG, Paul George, Myles Turner, and Ian Mahinmi.
If the Pacers don't make the playoffs with Paul George, Myles Turner, and Monta Ellis on the roster, Frank Vogel will get a pink slip.
Prediction: Pacers will have the six best players on the floor. Paul George is five of them & Myles Turner the sixth
Paul George leaves win as Myles Turner shines on birthday
Myles Turner is the Andrew Wiggins of today
Myles Turner picks up his second foul at 6:19 mark. He’s not very pleased with the play, thought DM flopped
Last nights leading rebounder was Myles Turner with 15 boards!
Myles Turner had 24 and 16 last night? Oh lawdy.
Coach Vogel discusses Paul George's health and explains what led to Myles Turner's terrific game last night:
Myles Turner is the 1st rookie with 20 Pts and 15 Reb in a game since Chuck Person in 1986-87.
Myles Turner reaches back and throws it down! . VIDEO:
Myles Turner celebrates his birthday with his 3rd double-double of the season as Pacers beat Pelicans, 92-84.
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rookie Myles Turner perfecting that corner three:
I still find it crazy that Myles Turner is literally 3 moths older than me is in the NBA and making thousands of dollars
Going from Rick Barnes to Frank Vogel must have been like going to bed in 1956 and waking up in 2016 for Myles Turner...
Myles Turner sliding around without his shoe on defense 😂😂😂
Larry Bird found a gem in Myles Turner
By the end of their careers, Larry Nance Jr and Myles Turner are going to be those "how tf were they not lottery picks" guys.
Benjie Paras giving more analysis on Myles Turner's hairstyle than on the basketball game he's paid to analyze. 😠
Myles Turner really out here rocking the Dave Chappelle in "Nutty Professor" hair and y'all just gonna let him?
Texas last year? Played Jonathan Holmes less at stretch 4 to make room for Myles Turner. Didn't go as well.
Monta Ellis led the with 6 1st quarter points Myles Turner & Jordan Hill with 4 each
I hope it's not going to be high volume Monta Ellis the whole game. Paul George and Myles Turner were essentially side shows in the first.
Myles Turner looks a bit like Aldridge. Nice J.
Daily Fantasy: Go with Ed Davis or Myles Turner as your PF today
Kyle Lowry, making up for Myles Turner & Evan Fournier. Still not going to win in my GPPs though.
Pacers rookie Myles Turner adjusts to the NBA lifestyle
I'm going to the Myles Turner signing after all
Anthony Davis is the latest version of Myles Turner.
Anthony Davis is like the better version of Myles Turner
.hold on for a 108-105 victory over powered by Paul George (27 PTs) + Myles Turner (24 PTs).
Slow starts for Myles Turner and Paul George, but their fellow starters making up for it. Hill/Ellis/Mahinmi with 20 of 22 points.
I took a bar and was getting really hyped about Myles Turner so I bought a jersey online and got it today and it's a Danny Granger lol smh
How intoxicated was Michael Jordan when he picked Frank Kaminsky over Myles Turner?
Frank Kaminsky went ahead of Myles Turner last June lmao
Myles Turner is really good. Him having Dave Chappelle's haircut from The Nutty Professor affects my feelings on him though.
Myles Turner has slowly climbed the ladder and is on their heels
And in 2 mins i'll have Myles Turner and no Mike and after That, AD-Noel and no mike, just put the request up my man
Myles Turner (18.0) has the second highest rookie PER in NBA franchise history (min. 30 GP), behind only Clark Kellogg (20.3).
I may be emotionally unstable to make this decision but where can I bet all my money that Myles Turner will be the greatest of all time?
Jeff Teague, C.J. Miles, Paul George, Myles Turner, and Ian Mahinmi would be fine with me. As long as some bench depth is solved as well.
Two possibilities to replace an injured Nerlens Noel in the Rising Stars Challenge: Indiana's Myles Turner and Lakers' …
Tristan Thompson, Rudy Gobert, Nerlens Noel, Jordan Hill/Myles Turner, and Nikola Jokic have all done well.
Paul Millsap is 2000% better than Myles Turner will ever be
Myles Turner was born the same year Kobe Bryant was drafted, 1996.
Oh, you know, Myles Turner just driving and dishing like he's a 7-foot Steve Nash...
LeBron got blocked by Myles Turner & Evan Turner this year, see the correlation ???
Myles Turner is probably the ugliest guy in the world. My god. Can't watch Indiana Pacer games.
Myles Turner with the block on Lebron. Why does every Indiana Pacer center make their name off him 😂😂😂
The Cavs may have WON, but LeBron James will still have Myles Turner nightmares tonight. cc:
LeBron went up for a dunk, just like he always does ... . But this time, rookie Myles Turner flat-out denied it:
Myles Turner blocked LeBron at the rim. 👀.
LeBron tries to dunk on Myles Turner...NOT TODAY!! vs
Myles Turner blocked LeBron's dunk attempt and pinned the ball to the backboard
hoops fans might want to see what Myles Turner did to LeBron James tonight:
I would take Myles Turner over everyone not named Karl Anthony-Towns.
I might enjoy watching Myles Turner the next few years.
Jeff Green, Myles Turner, Jordan Hill, and Norris Cole making great value plays. How many do you have in your lineup?
Quinn Buckner, “This is smothered chicken all day!” Myles Turner making Lebron look foolish outchea!
I'm in a serious debate with my friend about Myles Turner vs Karl Towns. Who's better?
How's your fantasy lineup looking for tonight? Myles Turner and Jeff Green could be solid value plays
In his 1st NBA start, Myles Turner drops a cool 20 Pts with 6 Reb. He's averaging 19.7 PPG in his last 6 games.
Two things from 1) Myles Turner will be a star. 2) Paul George calls the shots with the
I really don't understand why the Pacers don't start Myles Turner
Myles Turner and Devin Booker are both so good and so young, wow.
Need to get Myles Turner & Devin Booker on the Lakers some how
Joe Young to Myles Turner got me like
Myles Turner is the real deal, needs to be starting and shouldn't be slept on.
In his last 3 games Myles Turner is 30/41 from the field. That's 73% and averaging 23.7 ppg
Myles Turner with 30+ points. Joe Young with 16 plus 8 ast. .
How many points did rookie Myles Turner score in Tuesday's win in Phoenix? Reply with answer & to enter. Random winner…
Nate McMillan tells me Myles Turner will start the second half with Ian out, Frank wants him to get some experience against Tyson Chandler
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Can't agree with starting Lavoy Allen over Myles Turner. Just can't. Luckily MT and Joe Young should get plenty of minutes
Myles Turner, a rookie who just got back from missing 6 weeks with a broken thumb, has 24 points on 11-for-13 shooting.
Myles Turner, Joe Young, and Glenn Robinson are playing very nice basketball tonight for the Pacers.
Myles Turner and Joseph Young should see a lot of minutes tonight. Glenn Robinson should see some increased time too.
Just feels like the Pacers need a 4 to pair with Myles Turner going forward. Markieff Morris? Terrance Jones? Patrick Patterson?
Who would you rather start at PF when the team uses the big lineup? . Keep in mind, Myles Turner is back.
rookie C Myles Turner had X-rays on his fractured thumb on Monday and has been cleared to resume full basketball activities.
Vogel added that with Jordan Hill out, Myles Turner may see playing time tomorrow at Chicago:
It will be so good to get Myles Turner back!!!
Myles Turner scheduled to get an x-ray Monday. If cleared, Vogel will insert him in contact work in practice, and then take it day by day.
Myles Turner will have an X-ray tomorrow, and could be cleared but won't be inserted right away if that's the case, they'll ease him in.
Injury report for tomorrow:. Paul George (upper respiratory infection) is questionable. Myles Turner (chip fracture, left thumb)…
Job done, faith restored Jordan Hill's game has me fanging for Myles Turner to come back and bolster the big-man stocks.
1) If they suck last season, they don't sign Monroe but they get a nice draft pick. Maybe Mudiay (swoon) or Myles Turner. What's better?
Myles Turner helps a young patient figure out a video game at Pacers' visit to Riley Children's Hospital.
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Pacers' center Myles Turner fractures hand, will miss time
Pacers have considered calling up a big man from Fort Wayne with Myles Turner injured. But they decided not to do it for now at least.
Pacers links: Pacers win in Boston, lose Myles Turner to thumb injury
Pacers' Myles Turner to miss at least four weeks
Myles Turner is out 4 weeks with a thumb fracture. He tried to stay close to his teammates Thurs. My story:
Nate Taylor of the Indianapolis Star said that the Pacers are unsure if Myles Turner's thumb will heal...
Rotoworld_BK: Surgery is a possibility for Myles Turner?
Wire: Surgery is a possibility for Myles Turner? - Myles Turner | IND
Indiana G Rodney Stuckey (ankle) is questionable and F Myles Turner (thumb) is out tonight versus Minnesota.
In today's the will be without rookie Myles Turner for at least 4 weeks:
Rotoworld - Surgery is a possibility for Myles Turner?
Surgery is a possibility for Myles Turner?
Frank Vogel also said the will not promote a player from Fort Wayne with Myles Turner out.
coach Frank Vogel said team has considered recalling big from Ft Wayne after Myles Turner injury, but decided against it for now.
The Pacers are still not sure if Myles Turner will need surgery to repair his left thumb or if it will heal on its own.
Recommendation by :Myles Look for Monta Ellis to start ...
Myles Turner expected to miss at least four weeks with fractured thumb
Really wanted to see Myles Turner against KAT. .. Get well soon. Keep working it.
Up - The Pacers' bench will miss the presence of Myles Turner, writes
The Replay: "Well, at least the Colts still lead the AFC Sloth, right?"
Myles Turner's thumb needs further evaluation according to the Indiana Pacers.
Pacers rookie center Myles Turner injures thumb in win over Celtics
Myles Turner has a fracture in his hand and will be further evaluated back in Indy
Paul George leads the with 15 1st Half points but also has 3 fouls Monta Ellis with 9 & Myles Turner with 6 points & 1 blocked shot
Ran my first batch of rim protection numbers for the year, top 5 (min 50 minutes). Ezeli. Gobert. Dedmon. Myles Turner. Biyombo
Pick up W.Chandler or Crowder...16 team H2H don't know who to drop from ( Myles Turner,Zaza Pachulia)
Frank Vogel really has Jordan Hill in here instead of Myles Turner.
Mudiay, Porzingis, Stanley Johnson, Tyus Jones, Myles Turner, Trey Lyles, & Devin Booker all added to that list.
have a Jordan Hill, Solomon Hill, George Hill, Paul George, CJ Miles and Myles Turner on their roster. Oh yeah and Chase Budinger.
Pacers Grizzlies game: Myles Turner is going to be good and Why is Chase Budinger's hair on George Hills head??
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Champs: pacers runner up: pacers MVP: Paul George ROY: Myles Turner and Joe Young
yeah forsure, and they have GRIII who can hop out the gym, and don't sleep on Joe Young and Myles Turner.
Myles Turner scored just 7 points tonight, hitting just 2-8 from the field & 3-6 from the FT Line but contributed on the boards
Myles Turner ugly game offensively going 2-8 from field and 3-6 from the line BUT eight rebounds, five blocks, three assists. SLEEPUH
Quinn Buckner in the house at tonight along with Myles Turner, Chase Budinger, Jordan Hill and Toney Douglas.
Myles Turner surprises a kid with a gaming session is his new “Kid Cave”.
People who are very basketball savvy prefer Roy Hibbert & David West over Monta Ellis, Jordan Hill, Myles Turner, and Joe Young.
Pacers go big with PG @ 3, Myles Turner and Lavoy Allen up front.
Nice duck in by Myles Turner. Lavoy Allen had ball up top & could’ve hit the midrange but saw Turner deep. Little move in the paint & score
Myles Turner and Jordan Hill at the 5; Lavoy Allen at the 4; PG at the 3; Miles at the 2 and Hill at the 1 will create a lot of trouble
Justin Anderson and Myles Turner seem like nice ones... Besides KAT (I LOVE KAT)
So Larry Bird calls Myles Turner the best shooter on the team, and then Turner goes 0/5 tonight? 🐸☕️
Myles Turner with the REJECTION. Can't wait to see more of those in his career!
At 4:54 mark, Myles Turner is the first big off the bench checking in to run with the first unit.
Frank Kaminsky , Karl Anthony Towns or Myles Turner is gonna win ROY
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Here's Paul George's interview from media day, in which I asked him about Myles Turner (12:15 mark).
Larry Bird thinks Pacers rookie Myles Turner is the team's best shooter.
I got drafted by The Pacers! I get to play with Paul George, Monta Ellis and Myles Turner!
Hey Mark , when do you think that we could get together for lunch and a Cigar? Reaction to get Myles Turner? Good Night Sir!
Pacers could still run some 4 out, 1 in sets with Myles Turner on the perimeter and Jordan Hill/Lavoy Allen on the inside doing dirty work.
1st unit is far better than last year. . George Hill. Monta Ellis. Paul George. Jordan Hill. Myles Turner
Roy Hibbert and David West are addition by subtraction. Jordan Hill and Myles Turner are a superior front court with modern style.
Just did a phone interview with Myles Turner (who is working HARD in Indiana. The article will drop …
Paul George is working out in Indy with rookies Myles Turner, Joe Young, Rakeem Christmas. They've also been fishing & …
Monta was really good for DAL as an offensive catalyst. Joe Young, Myles Turner, Jordan Hill, Christmas. I like it
VIDEO: Myles Turner shoots 3s, learns from Popeye Jones
Indiana rookie Myles Turner is being viewed as the steal of the draft after tearing up the NBAs Summer League
So is Kelly Oubre, Stanley Johnson, Rashad Vaughn & Myles Turner more physical & athletic than Justise Winslow? Hmm..
Mudiay, Devin Booker, Bobby Portis, and Myles Turner were the most impressive rooks from SL to me. Jordan Mickey shocke…
Myles Turner and Joe Young were both named to the All Orlando Summer League Team. Both played lights out all tournament.
Paul (George) Hill. Solomon Hill. Jordan Hill. CJ Miles/Myles Turner. Best of luck to and Mouthful next season.
Jordan Hill and Myles Turner will be good in Indiana
Paul George, G. Hill, S. Hill, J. Hill, CJ Miles & Myles Turner is grossly underpaid Sir, I like the way you think
Starting line-up will probably be George Hill, Monta Ellis, C.J. Miles, Paul George and Ian Mahinmi/Myles Turner.
This is a game I'm actually interested in watching. Magic (White) has been the best part of OSL not named Stanley Johnson or Myles Turner
Myles Turner is 2nd in the Summer League in points per game. He averages 18.7 PPG. Only Aaron Gordon averages more with 21…
Myles Turner leads the Summer League in blocks with 4.3 BPG. The next closest player is Maurice Walker with 2.0 BPG.
Myles Turner just blocked a shot this high up the backboard. Running out of superlatives for his week.
End of the 1st quarter in the League: Pistons 21, 13. Myles Turner: 8pts/2rebs. Joe Young: 2pts/2asts
Myles Turner is more valuable than IT+Terry Rozier IMO
Who would you compare Myles Turner game to?
Winslow, draftees get chance in Summer League: Barely a year ago, Justise Winslow and Myles Turner were high s...
Myles Turner is the 5th Texas freshman to be drafted, joining Cory Joseph, Tristan Thompson, Avery Bradley & Kevin Dura…
End of the 3rd quarter in the League: Heat 71, 51. Myles Turner: 14pts/8rebs. Jarell Eddie: 13pts/5rebs
How dumb are the Pacers gonna feel when Matt Stainbrook out plays Myles Turner in the
Not sure who is more intriguing on IND Summer League roster.Myles Turner or the old school greatness that is Matt Stainbrook
I might have jumped the gun on the Myles Turner pick by the Pacers, I've only read good things about him so far. Need to watch more film.
Congrats to a local kid from Tarrant County ->Myles Turner goes to Indiana with 11th overall pick in NBA Draft.
With the 11th overall pick, the Indiana Pacers select Myles Turner.
Myles Turner bout be on def jam comedy or get drafted?
I think Myles Turner could be Serge Ibaka. But I think that's a long shot.
That's quite the hairdo and look Myles Turner be sporting. No mirrors in his hotel room apparently.
The Indiana Pacers will select Texas center Myles Turner with the No. 11 pick in the NBA Draft, league sources tell Yahoo …
The Indiana Pacers are looking hard at Texas center Myles Turner -- and shopping Roy Hibbert *** the trade market, sou…
Myles Turner has a shot like a dead-eyed Bill Cartwright, and the running gait of Mr. Glass. Please do not let this happen.
Absolutely dont want Myles Turner. Hes a Roy Hibbert clone, I dont want another lol
I'm not opposed to Portis. Really anyone OTHER than Myles Turner and Willie Cauley-Stein. Both are Roy Hibbert Jrs...
Celtics trying to trade up to select… Myles Turner?: We’ve heard… (New Post)
Article in on our Big 33 player - Myles Turner...Good Luck Saturday Myles, know you will represent McD well.
Phil flew to Vegas to see Christian Wood and Myles Turner... And Porzingis
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I wonder what Phil thought of Myles Turner yesterday. He could be an excellent fit if the Knicks trade down as well.
Frank Kaminsky and Myles Turner take spots 10 and 11 on 2015 Draft Board.
Myles Turner is the biggest sleeping giant. Elite rim protector at 7-foot and can stretch the floor. He was misused by Rick Barnes at Texas.
Players the Thunder has interviewed in Chicago: Stanley Johnson, Myles Turner, Terry Rozier, Tyus Jones, the Harrison …
Magic should take best big man left between Cauley-Stein, Kristaps Porzingis, Myles Turner, Frank Kaminsky or Bobby Portis
If the Suns stay at 13, hoping they give Myles Turner or Bobby Portis a chance. They need rebounding
In Vegas today at Great group: Myles Turner, Rondae Jefferson, Justin Anderson, Jarell Martin, more
Column: One lottery team in the NBA Draft will hit the jackpot drafting Texas center Myles Turner (
Right now, has Myles Turner of Texas going No. 14 to Turner spoke with
Do we take a raw big man like Myles Turner, or a sure thing like Jerian Grant? :))
I honestly think I want Myles Turner .. Bird said he will take best available though. Maybe Kelly Oubre if he is there
As far as the draft, I'd like to see Indy take strong looks at Frank Kaminsky, Bobby Portis, Myles Turner, and Kelly Oubre if they're there.
Myles Turner, Trey Lyles, and Kevon Looney are all intriguing potentials too but can any of them play C?
If I were an NBA team and i need a big I'm drafting Karl-Anthony Towns and Myles Turner before Oakafor comes into the picture.
I looked up alum in reference to Myles Turner calling himself a Texas alum in his exit YouTube. You only have to attend to be one
“Texas freshman Myles Turner will enter the NBA Draft.” Dumb
Longhorns freshman Myles Turner (Euless Trinity) is headed to the NBA Draft. One of nicest kids I've ever featured.
Most NBA Draft Mocks have the Pacers drafting a big man currently. Some mocks have Texas center Myles Turner as the best options for Indiana
will have a top-10 lottery pick Bring on Myles Turner, Kevin Looney or Trey Lyles...
HBD Myles! Schools not the same with out you but you're moving up and doing great things. ☀️
happy birthday Myles stay blessed and safe today !
When someone start playing Iggy Azalea's album in the car
Rap Juice doesn't work for everybody 😂
See you again by wiz khalifa is such a sad song knowing it's about Paul walker😪
ICYMI: and I took a look at Texas big man Myles Turner (with video):
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