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Myles Munroe

Dr. Myles Munroe (born ) is the president and founder of the Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI)and Myles Munroe International (MMI), a Christian growth and resource center that includes leadership training institutes, a missions agency, a publishing company, a television network, radio and Web communications, and a church community.

Dr Myles Munroe

Good Morning, Purpose is when you know and understand what you were born to accomplish. Vision is when you see it in your mind and begin to imagine it says Dr. Myles Munroe. Let the Word of God (2 Tim 3:16) paint your reality. Live a life driven by a passion to bridge the chasm between the status quo & the reality that it paints. When fierce resistance hits trust Grace to carry you through as you persevere - Phil 4:13, Matt 7:24-27. Remember it has been Said that Vision without action is merely a dream - James 2:20, 26. Action without vision just passes the time - Pro 29:18 . Vision with action can change the world. Ensure God is the source your vision not mere selfish ambition. If God is source then the vision will benefit family, community & nations. “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on . ...
KNOW YOUR ENVIROMENT! Man is a WRECK outside of God's ENVIRONMENT. - Myles Munroe.
When you create a reason(s) for you love for someone you create conditions. Conditions create expectation. Expectation creates disappointments. Disappointments lead to conflict. Conflict without the knowledge to bring resolution creates divorce. Divorce is a death of a decision to love and this death leads to social decay. - Dr. Myles Munroe
"Deep within you is a seed of greatness waiting to be germinated" Dr Myles Munroe.
FROM DETENTION TO DISTINCTION I remember living the 'street life' got locked up and passed my time listening to ghetto leaders Tupac and NAS dreaming big dreams from my cramped jail cell, but just a short while later, my teaching on distinction has gone global, with people quoting my leadership like Myles Munroe and John C. Maxwell. ~ O. Anyado 2014.
"Don't exchange your singleness for frustration." Dr. Myles Munroe
WOW! False Prophets Are No Longer On The Down Low New Orleans Bureau 07/20/2014 We have just received a video of Myles Munroe preaching some outright Lies and Foolishness! In this one video Myles Munroe not only says that Jesus is not the Good News – but we as Christian should preac…
Most people's cars last longer than their marriages" Myles Munroe"
Dr Myles Munroe gives an insightful teaching as to why we should regulate change. Enjoy and spread the things you learn
"Getting married does NOT bring two families together - that invites interference." Dr. Myles Munroe
FOR SINGLES ONLY: YOU CAN STILL BE ROMANTIC WITHOUT COMPROMISING GOD`S STANDARD ON PURITY Posted by Nwafor Chidi Kenneth on February 15, 2014 at 4:13pm in My Thoughts It's not only sex, kissing, cuddling etc that melts a woman's heart. Practical experience has proved that there are so many ways on how to be romantic without disobeying God. These ways are cool, fun, romantic and yet not sinful. You shouldn't commit fornication or disobey God just because you want to please him/her. Be romantic and yet not sinful in the following awesome and cool ways. 1) Take her out on a date and when she comes, look at her in the eyes genuinely and tell her that she is the most beautiful, also compliment her dressing and if she has a new hairstyle compliment but don`t over do it 2) Opening doors and pulling out chairs may not be a big deal to you but it makes a lady feel special especially in public places 3) This is 21st century, surprise her with a fresh red rose not artificial rose. 4) Write a small love note and plac ...
Hi do u remember me? I went to laterna to search for Maximising your faith by myles munroe, as agreed, but they don't have it
Feeding on Myles Munroe's diet this morning...its so refreshing.
Wednesday Wisdom:. Failure is a temporary detour and should never become a permanent address. - Myles Munroe
True leadership demand a constant monitoring of what gets into your heart. Myles Munroe
Check out Rediscovering the Kingdom by Myles Munroe, Christian Paperback, Hope! via
Vision is foresight with insight based on hindsight. Myles Munroe.
One bey come in the barber shop to charge he ankle bracelet i almost leave with the myles munroe cut
This is an example of how wanna be bootleg reporters try to unravel someone's ministry with soundbites. Please...
Our first day at the Bahamas before Dr. Myles Munroe's Kingdom Training Seminar. Good stuff!
unbroken, Life's greatest lessons by Hal urban, & Understanding the purpose & power of prayer by Dr Myles Munroe.
Listen Myles Munroe speaking truth on right now.
"Don't live with someone who loves you, live with someone who knows how to love you" - Myles Munroe
"The key to success is not power alone but knowing and using authorized power." - Myles Munroe
Myles Munroe blows my mind every time I listen to him preach
A disciplined man is a free man. Myles Munroe
"When purpose of something is unknown, abuse is inevitable."- Myles Munroe
Ingredients determines what kind of cake you will have ~Myles Munroe Word!
TEACHINGS BY MYLES MUNROE , they're really contradicting wat de WORD of GOD says. n de millions he is leading astray,he has a LOT of hearers
"The poorest person in the world is a person without a dream." Dr. Myles Munroe
I believe the teachings of Myles Munroe are very seasonal and God inspired;. Those who diligently study the...
Myles Monroe needs prayer. It sounds like he's gone way too far to say that the attractiveness of Christ's work... http:…
Myles is making sue he doesn't lose his mega-church when the one world religion comes into full effect. 6 years...
Myles Munroe said Jesus is not the good news, and that we shouldn't be preaching Jesus, we should be preaching... http…
Ok I like listening pastor Monroe in the radio but, can someone tell me what's the name of this teaching or...
Looking forward to be at Dr. Myles Munroe Kingdom Training Seminar in Nassau this week
The longest way to success is a shortcut-Dr Myles Munroe
Ignorance of purpose does not cancel purpose. - Myles Munroe.
the purpose of everything is not known.-Myles Munroe.
everything in life has its purpose.-MYLES MUNROE.
THE DEFECT OF DEMOCRACY: . "The RULE OF LAW is at the mercy of those who RULE THE LAW." -Myles Munroe
"You.cannot create great things until you believe you were created to create great things- believe in your greatness." - M…
The Power of Character and Leadership. The Power of Character and LeadershipMyles Mu...
"Mediocrity is a personal trait and so is Excellence. Sloppiness is no excuse for individuality."- Myles Munroe
"The secret to success in times of confusion is going back to DEFAULT- the Creator." - Dr. Myles Munroe
Someone needs this The most important information a person should posses is the knowledge of his usefulness. Sitted deep inside you is the seed of greatness. You have been wired with great potentials to fulfil destiny. The fact that you are still alive is a proof that your contribution is needed in this world. Never you think that you are just an ordinary person. If you truly understand your worth you would give NO one the permission to look down on you or to make you feel inferior. Few weeks ago I heard of a young undergraduate from Maritime Academy, Oron who committed suicide just because he got jilted by his girlfriend. If this guy understood his potential he would never have to kill himself simply because somebody said NO to him. Listen to me, REJECTION is NOT fatal. IT IS SIMPLY SOMEONE'S OPINION. The fact that someone says NO to you doesn't mean that no one will ever say YES to you. Infact, the quicker you forget those who reject you and move ahead with a smile, the faster you will get to meet and a ...
As if you needed any more proof that Myles Munroe is unfit to get this.
In this great message Dr Myles Munroe teaches that longest way to achieve success is to use short cut. Listen and use the keys to success.
SEVEN GREAT TRAGEDIES THAT CAN BEFALL A MAN: In an age bedeviled with depression, regrets and the likes it is possible to live a fulfilled life. Gods thoughts towards us are always thoughts of peace and not of evil. However most times men fall into some challenges because of their choices. Below are seven great tragedies that can befall a man on the journey of life. 1. REFUSAL TO BE BORN AGAIN : If you are not saved you are not safe. Any man outside God's kingdom is heading for a disaster in this world and in the world to come. 2. LACK OF VISION/PURPOSE: When purpose is not known, Myles Munroe says,'' Abuse is inevitable''. Scripture says ''Where there is no vision the people perish''. 3. WRONG MARRIAGE: It is better to remain unmarried like Apostle Paul than to marry the wrong Person. Wrong marriages has succeeded in capsizing the ship of so many. 4: SEXUAL IMMORALITY: This has more grave consequences beyond your imagination. It is not cheap. By means of a whorish woman, a man is reduced to a loaf of bre ...
Today's Effective Kingdom Living post: 7/23/14 From this distance the world looks so peaceful, beautiful and friendly. As I write this I am thirty four thousand feet above the Pacific Ocean on my way to Australia. If only what I see from this perspective was the reality. The aqua-blue shimmering crystal ball of a planet we all call home. Just like a child I dream as I look through the window of my silent flight wondering why there is so much strife, conflict, hatred, contention and warring among the inhabitants of this beautiful planet. Why can't we just live together? What is the source of this perpetual human need to fight, degrade, devalue and destroy his own fellow planet dweller? For fourteen hours of my flight I ponder this age old question and on arrival to my destination, I still wonder! Despite the modern media's preoccupation with sensational issues such as globalization. The DaVinci Code. The New Discoveries of Egyptian Pharaohs, the advancing plight of AIDS, the gathering cloud of the Bird Flu ...
The wealthiest place in the world is the cemetery. There lie buried companies, inventions & best-selling books that were NEVER created. In the cemetery is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential. There is a treasure in you that must come out. It is your potential. Don’t go to the grave WITH YOUR TRESURE STILL WITHIN YOU. - Dr Myles Munroe
DAILY TRUTH TITLE: THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT! FOCAL SCRIPTURE: Acts 13:36, "For David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell asleep. FURTHER READING: Acts 13 Shalom Daily Truth Reader, May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be multiplied unto you. Amen. I welcome you brethren, to today's dose of unadulterated truth with Christ's love! Can it be said about you, that you served your own generation. Today is my birthday and my utmost desire before I am taken to heaven by the grace and mercy of God, is that I served my generation. Most people think that by serving their generation they most be a Myles Munroe or a David Oyedepo. You can serve your generation in a great but not noticeable manner, in the sight of many; but with such effect that generations after will thank God you came. This brings me to the butterfly effect, a name coined by Edward Lorenz, derived from the theoretical example of the details of a hurricane being influenced by minor perturbations equating to the fl ...
"Discontent is the seed for CHANGE. You will never change what you tolerate." - Dr Myles Munroe
Preoccupation of the body of christ with doing good things which are not right is Satan's most successful strategy. Dr Myles Munroe.
.the saddest and the poorest man on this planet is a human without a dream, and yet the most frustrated person in this world is the person with a dream but hasn't experience the reality of that dream.Dr Myles Munroe😊
This last paragraph really encouraged me. Every man should read "The Fatherhood Principle" By Dr. Myles Munroe
We have accepted flawed philosophies perpetuated by our culture.-Dr. Myles Munroe — reading The Power of Character in Leadership
Only when our beliefs align with our conscience can they manifest in strong conviction.-Dr. Myles Munroe —...
“Succession is not just achieving success. Succession is preserving Myles Munroe.
You were created not just to exist but to live a fulfilled and significant life. -Myles Munroe
Myles Munroe a 're potential is untapped power .. like an uncharged magnet
I added a video to a playlist 10 Principles and marks of a Future leader - Dr Myles Munroe
“Life without purpose is time without meaning.”. Dr Myles Munroe
"Obedience to LAW is personal but never private. Personal violation of the Law is a threat to National Security. Obey Laws"- Myles Munroe
Never trust an untested man or woman. - Myles Munroe
currently reading the Spirit of Leadership by Dr. Myles Munroe.
"True leaders never seek followers, followers are attracted to true leaders" Myles Munroe
Understanding the purpose and power of prayer by Dr. Myles Munroe
"The foundation of trust is integrity" Dr Myles Munroe
I just finished reading Dr Myles Munroe's "The Glory of Living". I came across a powerful statement which should guide our daily lives.
the longest way to success is a short cut- Dr. Myles Munroe
"He gave you status, when he called you". -Myles Munroe
"When you're free you don't need to be accepted". -Myles Munroe
"Environment is more important than life because it sustains & protects life. Guard your environment." Myles Munroe
"You're only a father if you sustain what you produced". -Myles Munroe
"Whether negative or positive, parenting has a powerful and inescapable influence. ". Kingdom Parenting by Myles Munroe.
...Until you grow to the place where you do not need another person to define your life or your identity. - Dr Myles Mun…
""The people who change the world are people who have taken impossible out of their dictionaries",Myles munroe"
When you believe in your dream and. your vision, then it begins to attract its. own resources. Dr. Myles Munroe
"Environment conditions should be screened, analyzed, and adjusted to feed, activate, and foster the release of potential…
"The Creator hid your future where He knew you could not miss it.inside you. Don't go to your destiny...become it" -Myles Munroe
... U should send that to Myles munroe.
Leaders don't allow the past to dictate or entrap the future - Myles Munroe
Seein wat Myles Munroe said now lol
Disappointments come as a result of unmet expectations. -Myles Munroe
"Choose your association based on your destination"-Dr. Myles Munroe
Enjoying lunch with Myles Munroe , Basilio Patino and Ricardo Hererra and their spouses
Myles Munroe preaching last night in a Kingdom conference we both taught in Panama this past few days
The discovery of self is the birth of leadership. Dr. Myles Munroe
Waiting and dating by Myles Munroe is a cool book. I recommend it for both independent and dependent singles.
Don't ever become so preoccupied by who you want to be that you forget who you are - Myles Munroe
"Character is when your words your deeds and your actions are one"-Myles Munroe You never disappoint sir. Never.
""Religion preoccupies man until he finds the Kingdom." - Myles Munroe (
God will not let you see what you can't get. -Dr. Myles Munroe.
Please read "Single, Married, Separated and Life After Divorce" by Dr. Myles Munroe. This book is great and it helped me.
Prime Minister of St. Maarten Sarah Wescot-Williams and other government leaders welcomed Dr. Myles Munroe and...
Dr. Myles Munroe will be in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Oct 19th, 2014. You don't want to miss this..!!!
The rule of Law is at the mercy of those who rule The Law .. Dr. Myles Munroe. Success Seminar
We are not saved by doing good works, (Jesus took care of that) we are save for the purpose of doing good works - Dr. Myles Munroe
The Bahamas-based author, motivational speaker and leadership mentor, Dr. Myles Munroe argues that, Freedom only...
"Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer" by DR. Myles Munroe ☺
Youth alive is here guys let's go - Dr. Myles Munroe, Pastor Lavard, Flame, Monty G, Dr. Dave Burrows and more.
Thanks to for this self discovery and motivational book In Charge by Dr. Myles Munroe
Morning Food for Thought courtesy of Dr. Myles Munroe - Understanding God's Plan. (Showing how Heaven/Kingdom of...
We do not need more politicians in leadership, we need more leadership in politicians. Dr. Myles Munroe.
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"You don’t need to be married to fulfill God's purpose for your life"- Dr. Myles Munroe: Myth of Singleness
Dr. Myles Munroe: The Leadership Principle & Power of Mentoring and Succ...: via
"Character is a commitment to set a value without compromise." -Dr. Myles Munroe-. So, there is something we… —
"The longest way to success is the short cut". Dr. Myles Munroe
DR. MYLES MUNROE "Just like a tree trapped in a seed, your destiny is not ahead of you but trapped within you." Myles Munroe
"Knowledge or ignorance. The choice is yours." - Dr. Myles Munroe
Character is the most powerful force for Leadership. Dr. Myles Munroe
"The Greatest Tragedy in Life is not Death,.but its Life without a PURPOSE. ...without PURPOSE life has no meaning"- Dr. Myles Munroe
Nothing changes until your mind does. Dr. Myles Munroe
Dr. Myles Munroe and Bahamas Faith Ministries International is doing it in a big way with "KidZ Alive Conference".
"Truth is an original information"and Jesus said i am the way and truth wich is "the original information that gives you Life! Dr. Myles Munroe
Man is like an onion. His potential is exposed one layer at a time until all he is, is known by all." - Dr Myles Munroe
God places people in our paths and us in theirs that we might be a blessing to each other. Dr. Myles Munroe
True success is not a project but a journey. By Dr. Myles Munroe
"Your future existed before your present. The future is a product of the manufacture's past that's why God is not worried about you." - Dr. Myles Munroe
Copies of Dr Myles Munroe's "Principles and Power of Vision" and "Understanding Leadership" available. It's advisable to get yourself a copy. :)
Believe this...God made us perfect for HIS purpose not for other people's opinion...Myles Munroe please keep on preaching!
"Don't be a pigeon If you were born to be an eagle." - Dr Myles Munroe.
Today's Effective Kingdom Living post: 6/17/14 Worship is intercourse with God, and He isn't willing to be contaminated by the junk in your spirit. Therefore, He requires that you clean up your life before He comes to live with you. Once you have purified your attitudes, priorities, and motives, He can believe what you say to Him in praise. He can trust that you are really blessing Him when you say,”Bless the Lord” or “Glory to God.” In spirit and in truth is the bottom line for praise and worship because you can't fool God by trying to fake something that isn't in your heart. True praise requires integrity of heart and humility of spirit that are not easily attained. Those who persevere, however, receive the high prize of God's favor and God's presence. God isn't looking for you to have a Holy Ghost fit. Screaming, jerking, and falling on the ground do not mean that you are worshiping God in spirit. They may mean that you are having an emotional fit. God doesn't want you to have a particular feel ...
As King of everything, God is the standard setter, the rule establisher, and the Judge of all things. That's what it means to be King. ~Myles Munroe
Religion is man's substitute for the Kingdom and that is why it cannot and will never satisfy him. Only the Kingdom can solve man's eternal problem. ~Myles Munroe
Any time a man starts to dominate another human being, he is out of Gods will. Men were created to dominate the earth, not one another. When this occurs, power is abused then authority is forfeited: Dr Myles Munroe
"Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration, motivated by passion, generated by vision, produced by a conviction, ignited by a purpose." -- Dr Myles Munroe
The 7 Characteristics Of An Eagle And Why They Are Lessons For Good Leadership by Built2last: 5:42pm On Dec 29, 2012 1. Eagles Have Vision If you ever happen to see an eagle sitting high above the tree or cliff of a stiff mountain, watch closely and see how attentive the bird is. The body sits still and the head will be tilted side to side to observed what is happening below, around and above it. Even if its flying close by, you can observe how keen its eyes are looking for its prey. Eagles have a keen vision. Their eyes are specially designed for long distance focus and clarity. They can spot another eagle soaring from 50 miles away. Does this characteristic ring a bell in your mind? I am sure it does. Look at great leaders of this world who have come and gone. There are many great leaders that came and went but one characteristic that is common in all is "Vision". Vision is a successful leadership characteristic Take Abraham Lincoln for example. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, ...
Silence can never be misquoted. Myles Munroe.
"Leaders abused power and called it politics.They covet the other man's position and possessions and called it ambition" -…
“A man leads with his mind while a woman leads with her heart.” ― Myles Munroe, The Purpose and Power of Love & Marriage
IDEAS OUTLIVE MEN & CAN NEVER BE DESTROYED The only way to defeat a BAD IDEA is with a BETTER IDEA. -Dr Myles Munroe
Your purpose is greater than your failures and mistakes - Dr Myles Munroe
MY THOUGHTS ON MARRIAGE Do you see a person wise in their own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for them. (Proverbs 26:12 NIV). After the wedding, most of us stop learning new things about marriage, raising children, the uniqueness of our spouses etc. We believe that we know enough to get it right forgetting that nothing stays the same and this include our marriage, spouses and children. Zig Ziglar opined that "one of the definitions of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." I urge you to get a new book today from Gary Chapman, Jimmy Evans, and Dr. Myles Munroe on marriage and relationships if you want to improve the quality of your marital experience. Remember, to launch out a career, people invest about 18 to 20 years of study, I think marriage should never be less than that. Selah | Victor Akunna Relationship Catalyst Family Affairs
'Unless you establish moral standards and priorities for yourself, you will have no real beneficial restraints on your life."- Dr. Myles Munroe
"Marriage is still a good idea because it is God's idea. Marriage is a foundational institution that predates all other institutions. Procreation is NOT the primary purpose of marriage. Sex is NOT the primary purpose of marriage. Marriage as God designed it is like a precious gem: a fusing of two different elements into one. Godly marriage develops over time. Godly marriages grow strong under pressure. Godly marriage is a fusion that creates oneness." ~Dr. Myles Munroe Thank you Mommy and Daddy for showing me these biblical martial principles. I understand now why the two of you could be in separate places of the house growing up and I ask one parent a question and get an answer, then go ask the other parent the same question and get the same exact answer the same exact way. Lol! You two are two separate elements not bonded together, but fused together and because of that fusion, my brothers, Preacha Man & Javious, sister Teaira Peterkin Richard, and I are all tremendously blessed! Thank you for not not o ...
It has been said,"Eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are rare. Sight is a function of the eyes, but vision is a function of the heart. There is no greater source of hope and confidence than that of vision. Every great act that has positively impacted human history was a result of vision. Vision is the key to unity, the magnet for commitment, and the motivational stimulus for personal and corporate discipline. Be a man of vision.~ Dr. Myles munroe".
YOU MUST READ THIS Wherever Jesus went, people will always find Him out, either on the mountain or wilderness. Why? Because He has something to offer them, and they know that He has what they need. Jesus was always sought after. He never lacked gathering, in fact, He worked at sending people away or walking away when He needed to be alone. People who train themselves to be useful to humanity and are passionate about meeting people's needs can never be stranded in life. They are too useful to be useless. They are too needed to be discarded! Even if they are in a hole, people will go after them. If Myles Munroe decides to hold a conference in the wilderness, i am sure many will find their way there. If Ben Carson decides to build his own pediatric neurosurgery hospital in another planet, he will surely be located by people who need him. And many others who are a blessing to our world. This isn't too say they are indispensable, but they cannot be ignored. Jesus went about doing good. What good have you commi ...
The Kingdom of Heaven is an invisible country that functions on a currency of trade and transaction. The Kingdom of aheaven's culture is love; its atmosphere is Hope; and its common currency is Faith. Myles Munroe
Hey West Coast Swing Dancers, Jeremy here. I'm a little late in making this announcement, but there is an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the best WCS dancers in the world, Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham Munroe!!! If you were around last year when we hosted them for a WCS Weekend Intensive, you know we have an amazing time learning the latest and greatest from Myles and Tessa. This year's event promises to be just as good if not better. (I still get compliments about that event almost a year later.) From beginner dancer to advanced, there is something for everybody at this event. If you are able to go and looking to take your WCS dancing to the next level, make plans to be at this event. It's being held in Vancouver, BC on June 28th and 29th. Details can be found at the following event page - you have any questions, please feel free to contact either myself or Rebecca Savoca and we'll do our best to answer them for you. See you on the dance floor! Sincerely, Jeremy Virden
The poorest man on earth is a man without a vision!...Myles Munroe
YouTube the power of your potential Myles munroe
You can always determine what you can do by the dream that is within you. You shouldn't allow any other human being to judge your potential. Others may not be able to see your purpose, and your abilities are determined by your purpose. Whatever God is causing you to dream is a revelation of your ability. Responsibility is really "respond-ability" or the ability to respond to the requirements of your vision. - Dr. Myles Munroe
Persistence will keep you moving forward, yet you need passion to feed your persistence. ~ Myles Munroe.
Passion says -- You might as well give up, but, I'm not going to quit. If you knock me down, I'm going to get up again. I'm going to keep getting up untill you get tired of knocking me down. ~ Myles Munroe.
"The greatest failure in life is being successful in the wrong assignment" (Dr. Myles Munroe). What has GOD assigned you to do?
please i wuld like to know d title of sunday's msg by myles munroe. Thanks.
When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable ~ Myles Munroe
Happy Father's Day to Baba God who adopted us through His one and only Begotten Son Jesus. Happy father's day to father Abraham, through whom we have the promise Happy father's Day to GEJ the best President so far in Naija land. Happy father's Day to all my mentors, Dr. Myles Munroe, Robert T. Kiyoski, Bishop David Oyedepo, Dr. Cosmas Ilechukwu, Pastor Chris Oyakilome, Rev. Sam Adeyemi, Bishop T.D Jakes, and Brian Tracy. I see the result am looking for in these men. Finally, Happy father's day to my one and only Dad, The most handsome man on earth whom i draw inspiration from whenever i look into his life today, i always challenge and encourage myself to be focus. He's indeed a man of discipline and he works by principles which has earn him the result he has today. I began my life as an Entrepreneur through his help.
SINGLE LIFE TIP: Your first focus should be on becoming yourself, not on finding another "self". -Dr. Myles Munroe ~BreakFree
"The number one opposition to the Kingdom of God is religion." - Dr. Myles Munroe
Love is not a feeling... Love is a Law and Law has no feelings. -Dr Myles Munroe
""Not everything that looks urgent is important.identify what is important and focus on those things TODAY!"- Myles Munroe"
Dr Myles Munroe just made me feel like im nt yet living, there's more 2 me than ds...
It's the first time I'll be in the same room with Dr. Myles Munroe - a few feet away from me, listening to him speak as an Apostle of Purpose. Here in IBADAN, Nigeria, West Africa - at Harvest House Christian Centre. So I got my notes filled after a very long time :) father was a Baptist Minister in the Bahamas with 11kids and one wife, Myles was the 6th child; they were as poor as *** first diagnosis he could rationale about their poverty was - his dad's ignorance about success! first action point for him... he left his daddy's church! is predictable; it isn't by luck, but it's governed by laws (as spelt out in God's manual - the Bible), and it's no respecter of persons or religion either! however is your greatest enemy - you cannot live beyond your knowledge! on moving out of his dad's church, he says: could be stuck to the religion destroying you that you become so loyal to your destruction! dad (90yrs) now attend his (Myle's) church in the Bahamas - no more given to religion, but truth and life! fee . ...
I enjoy myself with Dr Myles Munroe today
Thank God for dis gift of Grace in d body of christ,Dr. Myles Munroe who came to ibadan from Bahamas 2day to Release Us to Gain Momentum,i awaits 2moro session-9am@ harvesthouse,
Thank God for a great day like this in God's presence with Dr. Myles Munroe @ Harvest House Christian Centre... It was a blessing in every sense.
Yesterday, Myles Munroe made some profound statements about change
Dr Myles Munroe has been such an inspiration to my life.
What a great priviledge to be under d raw grace and anionting from Pastor Myles Munroe.
The graveyards are full of great men and women who never became great because they did not give their ability responsibility. Dr. Myles Munroe
"You can't plow a field by turning it over in your mind" Myles Munroe
Myles Munroe is one of the powerful speaker in this days that i know of his teachings through the website of the kingdom teachings, he has taught to many people around his environment. The people who live with him daily are so fortunate to have such powerful servant of God. Also Munroe is an humble servant of God who is willing to preached the Good News of the Kingdom,because this is the main word that God really want his colonies in this Earth to live on to colonize this Earth with his Kingdom Concept and His characters.
Tonight with Dr Myles Munroe live was powerful. Thank you God for the deep revs from Your word. Friends if you are in Ibadan tomorrow, it's the last day with Dr Munroe @ Alpha Cathedral of the Harvest House Christian Centre. Akobo Ib. Come and gain momentum and receive direction for your life.
'Some are so afraid to give that they become poor' Dr Myles Munroe
Am refreshed after a wonderful meeting with Dr Myles Munroe
What a wonderful day with Dr Myles Munroe at Harvest House Christian Centre,I'm a blessed man.
I am blessed, I shall not remain d same, thanks to u Dr. Myles Munroe, Harvesthouse Christian Centre, d place to be
It's my baby's birthday eve.with Dr Myles Munroe in Bahamas. What a refreshiny way of celebrating God's faithfulness.
All thanks to Dr. Myles Munroe, my life will never remain d same, I am awed in God's presence through you, HarvestHouse Christian Centred place to be
'Its so hard to get Christians to tell the truth' Ps Myles Munroe
Dr Myles Munroe once said: Success is not measured by what you've done compared to what other people have done. It is not outbidding other people, you can always find people less than you, therefore you think you successful. Success is measured by what you've done compared to what you should or could have done. The only person who knows how successful you are is you and God. So stop comparing yourself to other people, you might find that you not even on your first step to success.
I exist to transform follower into leadership by Dr Myles Munroe
Myles Munroe live in Harvesthouse Christian centre. You can watch online via
Dr Myles Munroe live in my church HarvestHouse Christian Centre Ibadan!
Success in life is a result of decisions not prayers ~ Dr Myles Munroe
"Leadership is key to human preservation, growth, and change.No matter what condition a society or nation finds itself in, it didn't arrive there by accident. Someone led them there" Dr. Myles Munroe.
The Bible said God has made us Kings and Prince to reign on earth. Rev 5 v 10. Something struck me here. Look at this scripture Psalm 115 v 16. Here is a hard raw truth I learnt from Myles Munroe visit. God doesn't want us in heaven , He wants us to reign here on earth as kings that's why he provide healing to keep you healthy . The devil wants you to go to heaven so he can rule this earth. If you ain't convince with these , pause and ask yourself this. " Why do Good people keep dying while the bad ones lives long ?
God's presence is the only essential ingredient in worship by Dr Myles Munroe
I'm so happy and blessed, Myles Munroe at HCC Ibadan
Its silly to expect things not to so says Dr. Myles Munroe. Eye opening quote I must say!
MUNROE IMPACT AFRICAN CITY! Dr. Myles Munroe arrived in the city of Port Harcourt to address an audience of over one hundred thousand in the oil-rich city of Port Harcourt hosted by Dr. David Ibiyome. The record crowd responded to four session of Character in Leadership and Kingdom Principles with excitement. Dr. Munroe was invited to return the city later in the year.
The nature of a thing determines the behavior and performance of a thing. ~ Dr. Myles Munroe
FROM THE PASTOR's DESK Hurdles To Answered Prayer (Cont’d) 2. Mental Assent rather than Action: This hurdle is a variation of the previous one. Mental assent looks so much like faith that many people cannot see the difference between the two. Mental assent means intellectually accepting the Word as true— admiring it and agreeing with it— but not allowing it to have an impact on you, so that it doesn’t do you any good. In essence, mental assent agrees with God but does not believe God. The mental assentor affirms that the entire Bible came from God, that it is God’s revelation, and that every word of it is true. When a crisis comes , however, he says, “Yes, I believe the Bible is true, but it doesn’t work for me.” He often quotes Scriptures he doesn’t really believe. For example, he might mentally affirm the promise, “God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4: 19 nkjv), but never trust God to do so by making personal application of this .. ...
Dr Myles Munroe ALREADY IN IBADAN!!!. Yes! The day has finally come. Are you ready? . The stage is set and the...
Releasing your potential requires a willingness to move beyond the familiar into the realm of possibilities. Myles Munroe
We are ALL special. You know why? ..because.. "When God looks at you, He sees things everybody else ignores." - DR. Myles Munroe
" The most important thing for you to discover is your gift" Myles Munroe
"Compromise cancels you; whenever you compromise you cancel your power to influence others". Myles Munroe
"Character is the most important possession humans can have" Myles Munroe
When a couple marries, they are no longer two individuals. They become what the Bible calls “one flesh.” Genesis 2:24 puts it this way: “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” Unfortunately, people make decisions that lead to the breaking of marriage bonds. To better understand the extreme pain of separation and divorce, think about what happens when a marriage bond comes apart. The married couple does not revert to being two individuals again. Instead, they become two parts of the same one-flesh marriage, torn away, with huge, gaping emotional wounds. Dr. Myles Munroe shares: “People will say, ‘Well, my husband and I separated.’ That’s not true. You tore, and that’s where the hurt is. You actually tear, and parts of you go with the other person. That’s why breaking a relationship is so difficult because you lose a part of yourself forever.” Don says, “There wasn’t an aspect of my life that wasn’t torn ...
Leaders choose their friends based on their destination. The eagle is another animal that God identifies himself with. Eagles are the only birds that can fly five miles in the air. No bird flies higher than an eagle. So when an eagle is in top flight, if he meets another bird up there, it has to be another eagle. What does that mean? If you keep running into pigeons, you are flying too low. Gossip, complaining, criticizing… my advice, go higher. Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future. Show me your friends, I know who you are. - Dr. Myles Munroe They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. – Isaiah 40
34 “A broken spirit who can bear it?” (Proverbs 18:14 NASB). The Bible says that no person can bear it when his or her spirit is broken. Not only is it impossible to bear, but it is also impossible for a person to mend. God alone can mend a broken spirit. “A broken spirit comes from a broken heart,” says Dr. Myles Munroe. “When you have had your soul torn, it affects your entire life. It causes you to have a depressed spirit. The trauma of a broken spirit is very real, and it is almost hellish in the sense that no one can save you from it. God is the only one who can repair a spirit.” Dr. Linda Mintle says, “Nothing in God’s economy is beyond repair. God does His best work with broken pieces. If you look in the Bible, He takes people who are broken and wounded, and He restores them and uses them mightily. With faith and a belief in Jesus Christ, you can be totally transformed and free. That is a promise.” God promises to save anyone whose spirit is broken and bruised. Turn to Him for hea ...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
DR. MYLES MUNROE:. "Poor people talk about Money. Rich people talk about Things. Wealthy people talk about Ideas. *** who you are?"
The purpose for yo job is NOT pay but work-Better not to do something and knowing WHY than doing any thing anyway withought knowing WHY!!! Where purpose is not known ab-use is innevitable-Dr Myles Munroe
Hi friends, Dr Myles Munroe is in South Africa on 28&29 August for a first ever marriage and leadership conference at the Sandton convention centre. For those interested, please send me a message.
Dr Myles Munroe will be in the house today, Monday, 5pm, . And Tomorrow for a Business and Leadership session by...
A boat that is still cannot be turned no matter how long or how far you turn te wheel. If u stay stuck in your present rut with no attempts to get out of it,your dreams will wither and die. Start moving and the gentle touch of God will begin changing you and helping you to achieve seemingly impossible dreams. God is your partner. Myles Munroe
POTENTIAL "The graveyard is packed with potential." * Potential is dormant ability. * Potential is untapped power. * Potential is reserved energy. * Potential is "kept" capacity. * Potential is unleashed talent. * Potential is unused success Whatever you have done is no longer potential. Because, its already been revealed. Potential is what you can achieve that you haven't accomplished, yet. "The greatest enemy of your progress is your last success." Don't ever trust what you've achieved. It will trap you. Don't ever get caught where God USED to be. * God is potential. * God is the source. * God is a God of potential. * Everything was created with potential. * Everything possess potential. * Potential is a product of purpose. * Potential precedes purpose. For More Info.. Get Myles Munroe's Book "The Power of Potential."
Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable ~ Dr Myles Munroe
It's Monday Again! As I sit down to type this broadcast something keeps running on my mind. Why have we been complaining so much about things that are not working in this country and overlooked the advantage that, can mean for our businesses? I know you may me wondering what is wrong with this guy, but the truth is there is an enormous opportunity in this country more than you can see in 70% of the nations of the earth. Opportunities are everywhere, but only a few people are seeing the opportunities. A high percentage of those seeing the opportunities are also not maximizing them. Opportunities abound on social media, relationships you have, information you get directly or indirectly everyday, television can give you so much opportunity if you choose what you watch rightly, the internet is the widest source of opportunity presently only if you will use it right. In an unrelated event, my best friend of 9 years and WIFE of 7 years is a year older today. Also if you are in Ibadan Dr Myles Munroe will be at ...
"Are you concerned about finding the "right" person? The best place to find a godly person is on the road to God's Kingdom. In God's schem of things, we generally find what we need and want when we are not actively looking for them, but are focused instead on the Lord and His Kingdom. When our eyes are steadfastly fixed on God, He brings everything else into our sphere" Munroe Matt6:31:34
A lot of men spend their time looking for the perfect woman. God will never give a man a finished woman, he gives u the raw material, ur job is to shape her into the woman u want. A good man produces the woman he wants and he's proud of her. Never marry a man who can't improve u-MYLES MUNROE.
Took out yesterday to See Dr Myles Munroe and she had fun. . . And she took…
Ur Purpose is not in ur marriage, it's in u... - Myles Munroe
Until Purpose ls Discovered,Existence has no meaning. Myles Munroe
Mental Conditioning : The word Conditioning is an extract from the old or middle English word "Condicioun", meaning: a particular mood or state of being. As a Verb, it means : 1. To put in fit , 2. A proper state , 3. To accustom or inure , 4. To form or Reprogramme & 5. To restrict , limit or modify. Simply put, it is the reprogramming or put in alignment, something geared towards a thing. Therefore, mental Conditioning is the act of adjusting, programming, aligning & modifying the mind geared towards a thing or Process. Success & positive thinking today, is a result of mind conditioning. Often times , I observe that successful people have a way of doing things. Meaning, based on their desires & aspirations, they condition & culture their lives, in such direction. Today, some of us live life vulnerable, without a pattern or a defined course. At such, anything goes. In fact, you hear people say " anyhow e bi, na so oo!!". Permit me to say, anyhow life, attracts anyhow things. Unpurposeful way of living, . ...
"The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but its life without a purpose. Without purpose life has no meaning" - Dr. Myles Munroe.
This week we are excited about our Compassion 201: Self Discovery growth track. Our focus will be on understanding authority and learning key principles from Dr. Myles Munroe's book on authority. God has established authority for protection, development and deployment. He never intended authority to be for controlling and abuse others. AUTHORITY based on God's idea means that He has given authorization to someone else in the earth to represent Him in part to help you succeed.
You were born to make history and not to protect it- Myles Munroe
Greatness is not a gift, but a result. It is the result of survival. To be a leader, ask the question "what is the Price?" Dr. Myles Munroe
Encouraging words from Myles Munroe "Jesus made Christ legal and He walked for 33 years and 6 months. God was legal because He had a body but He knew He had to give that body up. Christ knew that He would have to release Jesus. So Jesus took Christ to the cross and Jesus died not Christ and before Jesus died he had a talk with Christ and He said to Christ, "Dont forsake me, you promised that if I lay myself down, your going to come back and get me and I hear Christ telling Jesus, "Ill be back in three days to get you" Why? because even though Im going to die, my work is not finished and I still need you to keep me legal because I got to come back and create the church. Jesus died not Christ. Christ left the body of Jesus. He went down into Hades, Sheol in the depths of *** He walks up to the devil, He grabs him by his belt and he yanks the 3 keys hanging on his belt-death, *** and the grave and said, "Ill be back for you later. I just came to get the keys" Amazing if you want to understand this more th .. ...
The key to life is discovering that YOU were not born to make a living but YOU were born to "MAKE A DIFFERENCE". - Dr. Myles Munroe
Great new book: FROM ETERNITY TO HERE Rediscovering the Ageless Purpose of God ...
As the plants need dirt and the fish need water, so man needs God. If man is to realize and maximize his true potential, a relationship with God is not an option. It is a necessity. If man is to become all he was purpose to be, God is not alternative for man, but a requirement. Dr. Myles Munroe.
"Marriage is the Foundation of the Family" - Myles Munroe. Genesis 2:24 NLT. This explains why a man…
Love is a decision to commit to met the needs of another person for life without expectations. -Dr Myles Munroe
24 RELATING WITH A GODLY PURPOSE 7 ways to have a meaningful relationship In recent years there has been much debate about whether a person should date before marriage or just court the person they intend to marry. According to Webster's Dictionary, dating can be defined as an engagement to go out socially with another person, often out of romantic interest, courtship alternatively can be defined as a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually in the hope of marriage). In more simple terms dating is perceived as a fun social outing, which could lead to marriage and courtship is perceived as a social outing where both parties have an intention of marriage in their minds from the outset. Campaigners for both camps lay down strong arguments as to the virtues of their particular viewpoint, to the extent that some singles are confused as to what to do if they desire to enter into a relationship with someone of the opposite sex. Would I be perceived as being non-spiritual if I date so ...
The world renown Dr. Myles Munroe continues his life work teaching the people of God about Kingdom living.  In this affluent message you'll learn what Munroe calls…
Check out a talk by Myles Munroe titled Why Men Need Vision as well. Was a life changer for me as well
Waiting and Dating (A sensible Guide to a fulfilling love relationship) by Myles Munroe. A must read for Christain brothers and sisters. Let us receive the grace of God to do it the Christ way which is the best way.
Ideas r seeds of destiny planted by God in the mind of humankind. When ideas r cultivated,they become imagination. Imagination,if it is watered n developed, becomes a plan. Finally if a plan is followed it becomes a reality. By Dr Myles Munroe
D price for grtness is RESPONSIbility-Myles Munroe
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Vision is the Source and Hope of life.The greatest gift ever given to mankind is not the gift of sight but the gift of vision.Sight is afunction of the eyes,vision is a function of the heart.Vision makes suffering and dissapointment bearable,it generates hope in the midst of despair and provides endurance in tribulation.It inspires the depressed and motivates the discouraged.See beyond your eyes and live for the unseen.Your Vision DETERMINES your DestinY.(culled from the principles and power of vision by Dr Myles Munroe )
"Don't marry a man who can't teach you the Word of God." -Dr. Myles Munroe :-)
I know Myles Munroe only for his fame till this time. I should read at least one of his works by this month.
TIPS on LEADERSHIP, From (One among my Mentors on Leadership area). 1. You must believe that you...
"Anyone who develops his gifts and talents will become a commodity" ~Myles Munroe
'Nonetheless my "manch. 'The only way 4 u 2 move 4ward is 2 initiate desired change & 2 address unwanted change constructive. Think about my "manch? (Dr. Myles munroe)?
yeah.. Myles Munroe was in my church today. Service was awesome
What an Awesome SUNDAY with MYLES MUNROE and BRIAN TRACY Live in my church 2day!
It's dangerous for a woman to marry a man who doesn't know God, because she won't know where he's taking her. -Myles Munroe.
Visionaries see great things in their minds. Many visionaries are in the graveyard. They had visions,but their visions never made it to mission.When a visionary becomes a missionary,you have a man or woman who is going to change the world. Dr Myles Munroe.
Thank God have been in dis church ish for a while, everyone will just be forming motivated but they no hear half of wetin myles munroe talk
You can always tell what God wants to do for you by who He sends to you- Myles Munroe.
A tree does not eat it's fruit. So fruit, is not meant for you; it's meant for us. If you don't bear fruit, you're a robber- Myles Munroe
You spend hours working on your body but none working on you- Myles Munroe
Reading the bible is not a religious activity, it's a survival activity - Dr Myles Munroe
Dr Myles Munroe live at the water brook.
Dr Myles Munroe's message during the second service at was wondeful
I had an awesome time in church today with the world renowned preacher,myles richly blessed.
Love is CARING- anticipating a need and meeting it. . ~Dr Myles Munroe
Love is a decision to commit to meet the needs of another for life without expection. . ~Dr Myles Munroe
Love is a choice. Love is the response to UNDERSTANDING the value of a thing. Love is the act of the will. Love is not emotion. ~Dr Myles Munroe
Waiting and Dating: A Sensible Guide to a Fulfilling Love Relationship - Myl
"The key to all INTER-PERSONAL relationships is the quality of your INTRA-PERSONAL relationship" Myles Munroe That means getting along with yourself is more important than getting along with me. If you don't like you, you cannot love me. So the most important person you want to fall in love with is not another person, its YOU- yourself.
"The most powerful force on earth is an Idea. Everything on earth is a product of Ideas and began as an idea, So I ask. Are your ideas right?" Dr Myles Munroe
"We need leaders who are more interested in people than in private ambition!!!"~Dr. Myles Munroe
The Purpose and Power of Authority: The Purpose and Power of Authority Dr Myles Munroe (Author) Buy new: ...
Myles Munroe, BRIAN TRACY live at 7.30, 9 and 11am. Watch streaming online: or listen at
"Success is not a pursuit...but the result of obedience to the Divien and Natural laws of Life established by the Creator"…
murdock Munroe. Where there's no vision, the people perish but even the vision perish when there're no people.
A man without christ yahshua is headless- myles munroe
Fear is dwelling on all that could go wrong instead of what will go right. Dr MYLES. MUNROE
The wealth of your resource is limitless if you allow God to open your eyes to their possibilities. Dr Myles Munroe
Come and dra virtue from God as Dr. Myles Munroe speaks at the today at eko hotels by 10am
Join us this Sunday (8th June 2014) as The Waterbrook hosts Dr. Myles Munroe,
Be different. Stick out like a sore thumb. Join the few -Dr.Myles Munroe
When you pray, desire what you ask for. Refuse to be distracted or interrupted. -Dr.Myles Munroe
You must have a goal you desire so strongly you will go after it no matter the expense -Dr. Myles Munroe
When we want something so bad we can taste it, an urgency energizes our efforts -Dr. Myles Munroe
“Kingdom Now and Dominion” theology.  Please explain them and identify strengths or errors. Related to teachings of Dr. Myles Munroe. Thanks
PERSONALLY DISCIPLED BY Dr. Myles Munroe!! Words Cannot Describe the Tremendously Great Honor it was for Dr. DeNae & I to be Personally Discipled IN THE HOLY LAND OF ISRAEL by These GREAT WORLD CHANGING, KINGDOM GENERALS Dr. Myles & Pastor Ruth Munroe! I Know that We have Recently Posted so Much but believe me, the Half has yet been Told! Don't Miss the full Report @ Champion Kingdom Center This Sunday & Hear about the Our Amazing Experience @ The Empty Tomb! The Garden of Gethsemane! The Upper Room! Judea & Samaria & So Much More!! We look forward to Seeing you there!! @ 12243 Nationsford Rd zip 28134
I would like all of My friends to know that I am very busy with My World-Wide Preaching Ministry Because I will be putting My Ministry Soon on TBN which is a World-Wide Preaching Ministry Network that is All over the World and has Spiritual Leaders Like Pastor Creflo Dollar and Bishop TD Jakes and Dr. Myles Munroe and Joel Olsteen Benny Hinn Bishop Clrence Mc Clendon and many more Famous Tele Evangelists From All over the World. I will be Hosting a World Conference this Summer in New York at the Marriot Hotel that Seats about 2700 People and I will be inviting many of these Famous Tele Evangelists and I will be the main Speaker. I have many people at this time Working under My Ministry that will be Assisting with many things like Prayers and mnay More things under My guidance and instructions. What A MIGHTY AWESOME GOD WE SERVE! HE IS WORTHY Folks! GOD is Doing amazing things in My Life at this time and here this; as many of You may not Know, but I am also a Professional tennis coach for the Past Twenty Y ...
After all, everyone has a mentor. Some their mentor is 'Rythym City, or Days of Our lives or generations etc. Soapies!' Some it's the gang leader or the swaggalicious artist or singer they idolise on TV. For me and the others, we have Coach BF Rams, Myles Munroe, Daddy KK, Robert Kiyosaki, etc. We all grow togethEr, however, re tla bona gore who makes the future fulfilling and legitimately successful. You are what you listen to! P. Christ.
" The secret to greatness is in serving everyone else. " Dr Myles Munroe.
''we do not perform according to our abilities, we perform according to our beliefs.' - John Banda (in everyday motivation). ' We live our thoughts and manifest them in our attitudes.' - Myles Munroe (in The Spirit of Leadership). It all boils down to how we see ourselves from the inside. Whatever we see ourselves to be on the inside is what we will offer to the world, to our employers, to our businesses, to our clients, to our spouses etc. If you want to produce better results, start believing better. Read the right material, study more, learn more. Do what ever it is that will improve your confidence as we head towards the weekend. Its from the inside out. For those going to church, dont waste time listening to pastors who are still preaching more about the devil than about Jesus. Be Blessed.
Everything that happened in my life produced me,even the negatives,even the things I might have failed in,the things that I have made mistakes with,they were fantastic classrooms for me and I believe the best thing in life to do is not to regret and try to change what happened but to interpret it properly,maximize it and use it to serve other people and that is what I want to do with my past. (DR. MYLES MUNROE)
Worship in the Kingdom of God Part # 3 speaker, Dr. Myles Munroe Sunday Service - May 18th, 2014
Opening up “Understanding the Purpose and Power of Woman” by Myles Munroe again.
It is sad that most marriages today end in divorce. It does not have to be so. Many people believe no matter how you try that marriage will eventually end with divorce. Another wrong belief about marriage is that marriage has to sad and filled with problems which you have to bear. This is also not true. Your marriage can work if you are determined to work on it. Many of us attend workshop, seminars and training programmes to get tips on how to run our businesses effectively. But when did you last attend a marriage seminar or buy books to know more about Marriage. Myles Munroe a well known marriage minister says what will make your marriage work is knowledge and not love. Love is not enough to sustain marriage. Seek knowledge. Don't be ashamed to go for couple's counselling when you are having problems at home. Take advice from experienced ministers. Buy books and CDS on marriage, discuss what you have learnt from the books and ministrations with your partner. Be commited to making your relationship work. ...
"The commonly accepted definition of "single" is a myth. To be truly single means to be "ALL ONE", separate , unique, and whole." Dr. Myles Munroe
LeMays In Israel with Munroe's DeNae LeMay I are having the greatest exploration of this Amazing Country of Israel with Dr. Myles Munroe & Mrs Ruth. The sights we have seen Today will Amaze you. Capernaum, The Synogugues Jesus Taught in, the House Jesus & Peter lived in, Damascus Rd & So Much More. The Bible is literally coming alive to us all the more as we add Physical Pictures to our Spiritual Faith & Belief in God's Word. We will never be nor read the bible the same again!. Enjoy these & Stay Tuned as there is so much more to come!
Leaders are successful because we are not scared to fail.Dr. Myles Munroe
Myles Munroe - The Power Of Purpose (Azusa '90) -…: go on youtube urself and pull these sermon up u will b blessed :)
Dr. Myles Munroe - Make Your Marriage a Success: To all my married and those thinking about it. A must need to veiw
Dr Myles Munroe - Singleness: I was blessed 2 meet this Powerful man of God back n 1998 A real blessing2the kingdom
Dr. Myles Munroe - How to Face The Future with Fe…: effective in gods eyes for your purpose!!
Dr Myles Munroe's newest book on Character - it's a must read for anyone who has the slightest inclination of leadership( I mean leading ourselves first...).
Blood may be thicker than water, but it is not thicker than promise. -Myles Munroe-
"Never sacrifice the right thing for a good thing." Myles Munroe
Would you marry you if you knew you the way you knew you. By myles munroe
I AGREE 1000% w/Gina, he was SET UP! When I heard Myles Munroe speak so highly abt of him. I said ppl won't like it.
Build buildings to produce leaders and not to hang your name onMunroe
People generally fall into one of three groups: the few who make things happen, the many who watch things happen, and the overwhelming majority who have no notion of what happens. Every person is either a creator of fact or a creature of circumstance. He either puts color into his environment, or, like a chameleon, takes color from his environment. — Dr. Myles Munroe
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