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Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is a type of professionally-managed collective investment vehicle that pools money from many investors to purchase securities.

Mutual Funds

Whether you're a value investor, a trader, or mutual fund investor - we can all make money in the
Most of the investors and advisors focus on either absolute return or annualised returns (CAGR/ XIRR), ignoring...
Where's the LHS Class of 2017 mutual fund that we can all put our money from graduation into and become millionaires at 55?
Did you know? MOAMC Mutual Funds are ranked 'Best Funds to Buy' in all 3 equity mutual fund categories via…
PPFAS Mutual Fund - a lone sane, rational voice in the overcrowded PMs. Doesn't hesitate to say they'l…
which is a specialized cell to address your Mutual fund related queries. -Anay 2/2
Mutual fund consultants always lie, they are real
When storing your wealth, you have so many choices. A Money Market Mutual Fund is absolutely worth looking into.
Old Mutual moves to protect UK Dynamic Equity Fund from excess growth
Top 4 rules while choosing a mutual fund for you - most importantly, know what your risk appetite is.
Our macro fundamentals are strengthening, so no worries: Anand Shah, BNP Paribas Mutual Fund - The Economic Times
Why did a mutual fund sell Forward Microfinance for Rs 1,051 only when they know the scrip is valued much higher?
Why do we love gold? The economic value of gold. Read our latest article here:.
Here's all you need to know about Reliance Dual Advantage Fixed Tenure Fund XI - Plan B
valuations are peaking, be cautious: Nimesh Shah, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund .
How should beginners select mutual fund? Gujarat
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The difference between stock SIP vs Mutual fund SIP. Whichone is better & why I Can explain u both the concepts ?...
Tax queries: Is the status of the InvITs equal to a mutual fund?. The status of the trust is not equal to a mutua..…
The session on "How to read Equity Mutual Fund Factsheet", is now live!. Join in -
Dear Sir,. We request you to visit our website or reach out to your nearest…
Which mutual fund is the best in small cap or multi-cap funds if I want to invest 2k per month? by Gaurav Mishra
Extend model to industry: BSE chief via
Are the mutual fund industry players missing the Big-picture (Big-Data) ? .
Do you know the difference between a mutual fund and an index fund?
| I want to start with a monthly investment of Rs 1,000 and would increase as the years pass. .
Mr. Jayesh Gandhi, Fund Manager at Birla Sun Life AMC will share his insights on Mutual Funds shortly. Stay tuned!…
Come to us for unparalleled advisory in the domain of mutual fund investments. Call now on 022 2288 0808 or email i…
Flooded with cash, mutual fund managers canfind enough ideas in an expensive mkt..
Fund managers increased their holding in these 20 blue-chip companies in April..
I shall leave my mutual fund where it is then! Hasn't been performing like most EMs but what are you…
Planning to invest? Here's a look at top performers between May 15-May 19
Update your maps at Navteq
Setting aside a fixed amount of money each month to buy a set mutual fund, ETF, Stock Index, or stock is a great habit to form!
But everyone can't put in 10% because not everyone works. Unless you create a gigantic mutual fund for the whole country.
Instead of creating an entirely new bureaucracy and moving a major portion of wealth to mutual fund mana…
4 rules to remember while choosing mutual fund schemes - Some investors choose a scheme that is rated high by m...
But if the government forces to pay into any 401K or mutual fund, just to fulfill a tax, how…
See you soon at Stop by to learn about our DCIO mutual fund offerings and to hear Bryan Jordan gi…
greater if he had simply invested Daddy Conbucks millions in an unma…
New post: Trading of mutual fund units stops when dividends are declared
The world's largest hedge fund told clients that US stocks may drop 11% if Trump is impeached http…
Mutual fund managers continue to provide retail investors with low cost access to the market.
best part of the etf vs mutual fund battle is freeing up capital from MF firms back to investors to use in better ways
The growth fund they've registered is a clone of their existing LG mutual fund so you can tell from that what'll be like.
True story: I liquidated an aggressively-positioned mutual fund on Monday for a down payment on a house.
ETF fees have dropped by nearly 1/3 since 2009. That, and the move to passive, have dragged down mutual fund fees.…
He also was able to gather an awful lot of data from running the Old Mutual best ideas fund
we were SMAs and a mutual fund subadvisor
See our latest CA and click to apply: Mutual Fund RFP Analyst -
Ask ET Mutual Funds: Should I invest in a mutual fund or make a fixed deposit?
“Just 10 percent of mutual fund managers in the U.S. are women”.
Simple Solution! Book profits, buy nothing & then take the year off. So who needs to be in US.Stocks now. Notta Mut…
Here are stocks driving this hot mutual fund, run by of in my IBD report:
28.Portfolio Income is one which you get when you obtain paper assets - Shares, Bonds, Debenture, Mutual Fund & the rest.
Effect of Monetary Policies on the Relationship between Advertising and Mutual Fund Flows (
Mutual fund managers should just pick the stocks that go up.
US News did a really great article on how to get "to and through" retirement!
"ETFs will pass mutual fund assets by 2025" -- & kick off ETF Day at Caesar's
please contact SBI Mutual Funds for your Mutual fund related queries.
Your next ETF might be run by a mutual fund company.
Some eye-opening truths about mutual fund SIPs by
Is your mutual fund account FATCA compliant? If not, it may be blocked after April 30 - ...
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
A question asked most often - How to select the best mutual fund?
Savings Accounts . Mutual Funds . Educational Trust Fund . Educational Insurance . Life Insurance . Scholarships. .and much more on hand.
investment minister discusses mutual benefits with Silk Road Fund in Summit…
5 points to keep in mind before redeeming your Mutual Fund. Click here to understand all of them: http…
would love to see Japanese mutual fund literature at the time advocating for putting a big chunk of wkl…
We all have different investment objectives and financial goals to meet, and there’s a mutual fund for every need.
Three high school girls I overheard in the Ridgewood Starbucks . "You should totally invest in a large cap mutual fund"
Part of the FACTA guidelines I guess. Standard ques when you open a mutual fund account, NPS, almost…
Congrats to Great 4-way fund management debate between CEOs of Aberdeen, Investec, M&G and Old Mutual.
Puerto Rico bankruptcy continues to hammer some mutual fund NAVs.
Why do people say when you purchase a you are 'buying' the fund manager?
We are deeply saddened by the loss of founder and mutual fund extraordinaire, Jack Donahue. .
Financial mutual launches new fund in partnership with awarding up to £1m a year to various causes https…
Here are the Mutual Fund Firms That Have Lost Money Because of the Puerto Rico Bankruptcy
Market at record highs, are you making Post your Mutual Fund queries & they will be answered live on…
Old Mutual appoints Zizipho Nyanga CA(SA) as new CEO of Masisizane Fund
SIPs should be the primary vehicle for small investors: Chandresh Nigam, Axis Mutual Fund
Over 20 yrs, Equity Fund delivered 20%+ CAGR- 1L invested at inception=Rs 43L+ today. Click to know…
Research capability of a fund house is critical: Sundeep Sikka, Reliance Mutual Fund - T...
Should you invest in ETFs or Mutual Funds? Some factors to consider when choosing: https:/…
I prefer to invest in mutual fund because of higher returns possibility!
Build an emergency fund to put plan B in action. Contact now to know how!
Are you investing in the right Equity Fund category to achieve your financial goals? Read to know more.
See you joke but I have money stored away in a mutual fund ready to purchase your ring at any second
Mutual Fund assets in April'17 stood at 19.26Lakh Cr,up from 17.55 LakhCr,last yr;No of Folios have risen by 77 Lakhs,to…
Should I invest in smallcap or balanced or largecap schemes? Questions abound. Is there a common sense approach?.
Mutual Fund Star Ratings are Flawed, but Investors are to blame for taking them at face value
I-CAN takes you through some of the best Mutual Fund practices you can follow!
Mutual Fund Terms: Things you need to know when investing in Mutual Funds
Beth Combines Ethereum Modern technology as well as Deep Discovering to Create a New Generation Mutual fund -…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Problems of plenty.. goes to show that even our so called "experts" have no clue wat to do -
(Literally Dr. Wiley always says it's basically just sophisticated gambling because the com…
Indian mutual fund companies are getting close to Rs 4500 Cr per month from Public , so its very hard for Market to opt for Big fall
Mutual Fund Ratios alpha, sharp,sortino, information are effective when funds stick to their mandate. Indian MF 🤔
Hello.. Can one go for MIP mutual fund plan if one wish to invest lu…
FM saying Equity funds can earn ATLEAST 18-20% CAGR. 😘. they should be sacked & crucified if that doesnt happen.
please list equity intelligence Ltd or mutual fund investment option. Small investor can subscribe or buy them
Direct mutual fund schemes fare better than regular plans. Here is why.
If your mutual fund had in it...perhaps you should fire your CFP.
''The poor shareholders'' Hope you dont have a 401k or mutual fund...
"The mutual fund industry is a marketing industry & not an investment industry"- John Bogle. http…
Put 300 dollars in my Bovada mutual fund. and it's gone
Equity mutual fund inflows hit 4 month high of Rs 9,429 crore in April. Mutual Funds going strong. Indians realising financial assets best
Client shares what you need to know about plan in her new blog post:
gotta remember to start a mutual fund that'll automatically be used to fund my own assassination should I ever join the CIA
not easy. Flooded with cash, fund managers can't find enough ideas in expensive mkt.
BNY Mellon and FundVantage selected by TOBAM to provide services for its first U.S. equity offering:
Watch S.Naganath of DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund share his views and outlook on the market:
When should an investment portfolio be rebalanced, and why? U.S. News offers insight @
Half of had less than $25,000 to invest when they first started w/ an Learn more:
: Top funds underperform benchmarks in 2017 Returns from mutual fund equity schemes have not kept pace w…
Compliance Manager, Mutual Fund Complaints: Sun Life Financial: "This role can be based out…
It's like reading mutual fund terms and conditions 😂
Mutual fund inflows in equity hit 5-month high in April
teams with Donnelley to provide US mutual fund reporting solution. Read more: $NTRS
Highlights from Q1 17: "RI funds in 16 of 18 fund classes outperforming in short, medium or long-term" htt…
leverages Merge1 to capture msgs,satisfy need…
By choosing a neutral position, we did well during volatility: Amandeep Chopra,
Summer holidays - Best time to utilise your free time. Join to learn about Mutual Fund Investments. https…
Wow! How did they manage that since every index provider, mutual fund, ETF and derivatives contract uses the closing price?
Breast Cancer Awareness
When choosing a fund which helps you meet your goals, trust a Mutual Fund distributor, not your nosy neighbour.
Investor always make money , So start SIP in Mutual Fund
Start SIP for wealth creation in mutual Fund
Should mutual fund firms pay more on investing writing in their financial literature? suggest 'yes'.SubOnly
Mutual fund insiders info. dolly khanna, and many investors bought same time. T…
A good reminder to check turnover and embedded capital gains if investing in a mutual fund through a taxable accoun…
Very bad experience with mutual fund. NAV allotted but then tkn back. Customer care responded very bad and asked me to wait.
I'm 20 and I just invested in a retirement mutual fund 👵🏽
IPRUTOUCH is a simpler and faster way to invest with ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. Experience convenience at your f…
There was a mutual fund crisis in the 60s. The 80s were just one financial crisis after another: junk bonds, treasury bonds, s…
Fund managers r seeing growth n value at 80 PE for Avenue supermarket. Nothing mutual about it only…
We had Mr.Kailash Kulkarni- CEO, L&T Mutual Fund visit us today, and had discussions on financial literacy.
More key speakers' sneak peaks at what they'll discuss at the Mstar Invstmt Conference in another IBD report: http…
Food for thought for the vulnerable lot who fall prey to subscription services, mutual fund distributors in this eu…
Industry hacks are piling on since that the fiduciary rule has been delayed. Bad for small investors.
Allowing electronic distribution of mutual fund prospectuses would save investors $4bn over 10 yrs.
I've lost like $150 in a mutual fund over the last week. My dad caught on to my Trump texts.
Do you believe in these myths about Mutual Funds? Read this article to bust them.😎.
Investment Profile is important to determine good things about Mutual Fund. Fund For A Friend by
reliance Mutual Fund has introduced An amazing platform where people will get proper Financial investment Fund For A Friend
Play the interesting quiz right here to know more about Mutual Fund & investment. Fund For A Friend by
My answer to Should I invest in mutual fund when the markets are high?
;). Not always, that's why we emphasise on analysing each Mutual Fund before investing...
sir could you kindly suggest me which kind of mutual fund can I invest for my children's education for 15 yrs, est 5k/mth tks
From the Archives: I'll take the best performing mutual fund, right?
Do you think larger Mutual Fund perform better???
Here I thought fund recommendations were based on the clients goals, objectives, and risk tolerance. Silly...
Make your mother feel special, with Kotak Mutual Fund
Skip 1 Domino's pizza/month & put that money into a SIP in equity mutual Fund for 25 yrs you will get Rs. 8626708/- at the…
How do I reduce clutter in my mutual fund portfolio?
WUT? Insurance stocks are in every mutual fund...pensions buy them...if 2.5 million lose their jobs they can't pay mortgages
Go to Vanguard and invest your money in a all in one fund and let everything. Do it for you…
5 things to remember before investing in a debt mutual fund - Debt mutual fund investors are slowly waking up t...
I miss the days when I was excited about new pokemon games. The most exciting part of my day was starting saving to open a mutual fund.
You know a diversified portfolio is important, but do you know when you need to rebalance it?
New report reveals influence of on corp. transparency
HYPOTHETICAL. A financial advisor recommends a mutual fund to you. That fund has a "sales load" (fee) attached to it. You…
Mutual fund CEO salaries rise in 2016-17; loss-makin... Read more:
Retirement planning: Plan your retirement for income through mutual fund investment. - Personal Finance &...
A mutual fund will eventually buy 25mm to 50mm and still 1% position. Think option w no expiration
"enough to buy the world’s largest fixed-income mutual fund,Vanguard Total Bond Market Index,which has about $145B"
So true. Here's the proof: the federal DC plan (TSP) has average fees of just 0.029…
So if someone said, hey Mr Greg, you have put 10% your whole life into a mutual fund,…
Mutual Funds Weekly: Active fund managers are losing even when they win
What is rebalancing and when should you do it? Here is a recent article from U.S. news that helps break it down.
We update you on sure peer-to-peer donation & mutual aid fund scheme that can empower members in an efficient way.…
Want to know the top 10 schemes and top 10 AMCs by AUM Size? Read here:
Today, writes about an unusual mutual fund disclaimer that investors should learn by their hearts.
Wilma q nahi InvITs in your mutual fund. Good or bad?
With a 4-year return of 17.19%, the fund has outperformed the benchmark but lags behind the category (19.91%).
ELSS is nothing but an equity-oriented scheme of a mutual fund for which you are eligible to claim the tax benefits.
Five mutual fund schemes which have returned an average of 20 every year via
What to do when the market is so high? 4 experts weigh in.
What is an InvIT and why you should know if your mutual fund invests in it. at his best:
Fund my mutual fund_ hedge fund manager jim chanos continues to sound the warning on china ... -
Very good primer by on InvITs. InvITs in your mutual fund. Good or bad?
$$ An average mutual fund investor underpeforms the index. But can you guess by how much??
Sponsored: my mutual fund advisor website -
Mutual Funds start giving exit options to investors so they can invest in InvITs. Should they? My story
Your mutual fund advisor is costing you HUGEEE! Guide to Robo and DIY investing.
Why Axis Focused 25 mutual fund is lagging behind its peers - Economic Times
Obtained valuable insights on the mutual fund industry from this great podcast by Thanks for highlight…
What is a Mutual Fund & Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds ( Hindi )
You are a LIAR! He doesn't have financial ties to them! He bought an ETF! An ETF is like a mutual fun…
If he had taken the money given him back in the 70s & put it into a target mutual fund, it would've gr…
InvITs in your mutual fund. Good or bad?
Please pray that my mutual fund money hits my checking account by Tuesday morning so I can wire my funds for closing at 10:00 am that morn 😰
Yeah, the model was absurd. I don't get why so m…
No. He has a mutual fund that is investing in foreign countries all over the world like 50% of the rest of…
Market at new high: what should equity and mutual fund investors do?
New post: InvITs in your mutual fund. Good or bad?
Accidentally swiped right on a mutual fund on Tinder
Another Large Investor Calls on Whole Foods to Explore Sale - Mutual-fund manager Neuberger Berman is calling o...
Once passive mutual fund is now joining in the effort (with Barry Rosenstein) to drive Whole Foods into a sale:…
Dhoni behind the stumps is faster than - Mutual Fund are subject to market risk. Plz read the offer document carefully before investing.
Just like you can open a mutual fund but never invest in it, you can become a Christian yet never become a disciple. h…
Is this a reason for mutual fund performance over index in India?
The no brainer way to invest in Just like a mutual fund, buy a little bit each week, no matter the price.
Financial Planning is about more than just investments- and it certainly isn't about selling you a mutual fund or a life insurance policy!
I added a video to a playlist Why to Invest in Mutual Fund
Top 20 Mutual Fund Companies by assets (see chart)
How even staid pension and Mutual Funds are starting to behave like activist hedge fund investors via
We're on line. Where shopping makes a difference improvi...
Aamdani athanni kharcha rupaiyya In india Rich people can buy mutual fund and get their best returns fo…
And what about Mutual Fund investors investment in LIC and ITC? Does that not make us party to tobacco industry! Th…
As ING you had a ton of mutual fund options from various fund companies. You can't also go on about…
Investing in Mutual Fund helps you secure your child’s. future. Know More:
So can I put you down for a donation to the "kick the crap out of in mutual combat" fund? 😏
The 1% mutual fund fee is being carried out on a stretcher as we speak.The 1% advisor…
please mention if you are referring to SBI Credit Card / SBI Mutual Fund transaction.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
"The largest Mutual Fund in US is bigger than the biggest bank in US and this may happen in India too" -
SEBI will allow mutual fund investments through digital wallets
With time, even SMALL investments can achieve BIG dreams. Click here to open a Mutual Fund account & invest in SIP:…
How to find the best mutual fund? Does Ratings or historic Performance help to pick the right one?
I'd take a 12% Interest rate in a Mutual Fund rather than a 2% Interest rate in a bank that lends out money to borrowers
Put your mutual fund knowledge to test and answer this
Elder Financial Abuse: As a society, we have a long way to go to get a handle on this endemic problem.
SEBI has approved a proposal to allow investments up to Rs 50,000 per mutual fund per financial year using e-wallets http…
Some differences between direct and regular Mutual Funds that you have always wanted to know, read on:
With mutual fund research widely available in the 2000s, investors suddenly learned a lot of funds were not that good.
Series D: Fund industry makes a play for the DIY investor - The Globe and Mail
Amandeep Chopra – Group President & Head of Fixed Income, UTI Mutual Fund, makes news again! Read his full inte...…
Invest in equity through the mutual fund route. Learn more about SIP here:
Mutual Funds have fairly strong protections against their managers making side bets. Hedge funds and PE? Not so much
Arihant Superstructures hits new high as L&T Mutual Fund buys stake..
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Investments up to Rs 50 per mutual fund can be made using your e-wallets: Here's all you need ...
How reliable is to invest in a Mutual Fund in Pakistan
As long as investors are willing to chase fads and past performance, the industry will keep churning out new funds https:…
Be stock specific and bottom-up opportunities will appear: Pankaj Tibrewal, Kotak Mutual Fund…
Pls elaborate the impact of GST on mutual fund industry & IFA
Purely focussing on returns ignoring Risk may not be good says
Do you thrive on stress? Else, take a systematic approach to ELSS. See how.
online new financial service credit card Insurance mutual fund by
Research capability of fund house critical: via
Late night studying for in Series 6 exam tomorrow. Need a mutual fund?
A mutual fund dividend is different from the dividend u get from equity. It is Your own money paid back to you
ET: L&T MF is up for COMPLETE SALE. Last year L&T MF tried to a minority stake sale but were unsuccessul says ET.
The game changers of the mutual fund business. One of the cleanest companies of India
RCB's innings was quicker than 'Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk. Please read the offer...
L&T Finance plans to sell MF business .
Buy Miche Bag Online!
ET Wealth Interview: Sundeep Sikka says dont be adventurous with multiple debt fund managers.
*How to choose best mutual fund. Mutual Funds are one of the best ways to create wealth in long-term. But there...
should always seek expertise of good houses
Can the push for low bps mutual fund fees be detrimental to consumers or investors in any specific way?
- Here are some of the common mistakes mutual fund investors make
This govt is not for the middle class..they cut EPF interest..they cut bank deposit interest.They force…
There is more value in largecaps and IT stocks: Taher Badshah, Invesco MF
If they say "allocate your savings" it sounds boring. They call buying a mutual fund investing because it sounds more sexy.
The Mutual Fund Assembly Line - Henry Ford started his famous assembly line in 1913 for mass production of the ...
international q: If mutual fund types are stand alone and you need to buy one type at a time, what order would you buy them in?
I worked in one for a mutual fund company,and it was a pretty decent job. We had a lot of decision mak…
Learn new languages & frameworks with our Mutual Fund Explorer sample app built with Lightning components:
Guide to Robo and DIY investing. Your mutual fund advisor is obsolete!
See how is increasing mutual fund adoption for Franklin Templeton
Term of the Day : Mutual Fund - An investment vehicle that is made up of a pool of funds collected from many in...
Anytime, anywhere. Investing in a mutual fund is now just a few clicks away.
ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. Review of one of the popular Large Cap fund.
Should you buy government bonds directly or take the mutual fund route? Find out via
Fireworks unlikely on earnings front; like private retail financials: Kotak Mutual Fund
"Always pick the growth option,unless you have a specific need to receive regular income.":
ELSS helps you to save under Section 80C, it is better to invest via SIPs to maximise returns. .
Delighted to see the 4-kinds-of-money approach of endorsed by one of India's most credible mutual fund ex…
Our analyst assigns Bronze and Neutral ratings to three schemes from Sundaram Mutual Fund.
Which is the Best day for SIP in Mutual Fund? via
Are you worried about your any kind of financial / insurance / Mutual fund related problem? Feel free to call :...
The older the more interest that has accumulated on their mutual fund 😇💪🏼
Invest with proper knowledge. Ask your mutual fund question now.
Ask any mutual fund investment related question and get answers from experts. Ask here:
Share of AUM of direct schemes increased to 14% at the end of March 2017 quarter from 4.2% in March 2014 quarter.
Why mutual fund SIP returns vary for investors.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
There are days when I regret not have kept some 10k in a mutual fund in 2007 and forgetting about it till now
All you must know about SIP in an ELSS mutual fund
Learn how Mutual Fund schemes can help you attain financial freedom and become a http…
Mutual fund penetration in India vs global average and other emerging markets .
Alert! . Invest in your children’s dreams with Mahindra Mutual Fund NFO ending on 4th May, 2017. Click to apply…
Mallya's bail was quicker than . "Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, read all documents before investin…
Along with the weekly mutual fund advertorials I don't know why I still subscribe.
Apologies for this. We will have our Mutual Fund Director speak to you to resolve this. Thanks
Vanguard is pulling in more money than all other mutual fund and E.T.F. companies combined
Sir if you feel the same ? Than why double taxation for mutual fund advisors in india ? Why no one listens to us ? https:/…
Why are Mutual Fund Managers running scared?. Cash holding of Equity MF's up at nearly Rs 40 Cr end of March. 6% of A…
Is it part of a portfolio with a mutual fund investing or does he own this specific company stock?
SBI Pharma fund: A plan to secure your future financially - Pharma is one of the leading Mutual Funds sectors t...
Vanguard announced expense ratio reductions for 15 mutual fund shares. | by
that stumping by Dhoni was faster than the ad Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk
Delighted to share - SBI Mutual fund has been awarded Asia's Most Trusted Mutual Fund company by International...
Mutual fund industry has been the big driver of domestic flows ;
We're Click to apply: Operations Analyst 5 - Mutual Fund Processing/Operations - MN
Net Assets (% Growth) in FY 2016-17. Negative growth recorded in Gilt Fund & Gold ETF on y on year b…
growing at 8-9X all other mutual fund companies combined...triumph of low cost investing…
Mutual Fund giving strong support to all the families those who are investing for more than 5 years
Vanguard is cutting commissions for 15 mutual fund shares | by
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