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Musical Director

A Music Director may be the director of an orchestra, the director of music for a film, the director of music at a radio station, the head of the music department in a school, the co-ordinator of the musical ensembles in a university or college (but not usually the head of the academic music department), the head bandmaster of a military band, the head organist and choirmaster of a church, or an Organist and Master of the Choristers (a title given to a Director of Music at a Cathedral, particularly in England).

Music Director Winterland Ballroom Lance Anderson American Thanksgiving New York Second City Stevie Wonder Tim Rice David Bowie Les Miserable Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

President and Musical Director are ready for Freshers' Fayre!
sadly not. Milton McDonald I believe. And as the brilliant Musical Director.
Director of Music: experienced and inspirational leader required committed to musical excellence at the school
Farah Khan: 'I like to entertain all audiences with my films': The director says there is a twist to the musical heist drama.
Musical rehearsal went well, considering I'm not a musical director - for our play with its player grand piano. Blocking fun starts tomorrow
With the first preview for "The Last Ship", with Artistic Director Tom Ridgely, quickly approaching, check out...
our play director yelled at me the other day and I would have told her off but then I remembered I control the lights for the musical😏
Seriously you are a Music Director of a musical you should probably learn how to teach it
I'm really lucky my school has an amazing musical program and an awesome director
at the Recording Studio with the Musical Director of WWE, Jim Johnston!!!…
seeks Music Director to determine, oversee appropriate mix of musical programs
Late night catch up with the latest and the musical choices of director Steve McQueen. You'll love it
It's Today's video is brought to you by our musical director, Caleb Brown: "Hit Me" by Dirty Loops
I'm assistant director for Beauty and the Beast the musical at the middle school I went to
Well he DID almost turn FFXV into a musical just because he enjoyed LesMis. Dunno if he's that good of a director then
I'd like to see a director's cut of The Addams Family with the musical number restored.
We have received this request for help in SF:. I need a musical director for my musical theater company to teach... http…
We're running a workshop on 26th June with our very own Musical Director Phil Wilcox - come and sing with us!
Musical director Adam Blackstone gives advice to inner city youth at Faith City Church Sunday.
The first ever Music Director to make a kiss a musical note
Our Choiroke massed numbers are arranged by our Musical Director Kaytie Harding
"At musical". Director: Break a leg!. Me: "Falls off stage and breaks both legs and an old woman's neck"
In the vexed world of musical contests, makes a change to stand above reproach.
Lining up tunes with guest Linda Prosser Director of Commisioning 5-30 Our musical theme is HEALTH Tune in 4-7 pm
So I was assigned to be the DIRECTOR of our musical show talent for our PD10. I am so STRESS! So help me GOD. 😕😔📢👓
LIVE: winner & musical director joins us to chat her win!
I thought about you on Friday when my director made me sing turning tables. I said man I need Ben here.
Excited to be Musical Director for Llangollen Panto this year :-D
I am unsatisfied with my souvenir program though. I only got 2 signatures. One from my teacher and one from the musical …
Nelsons to debut as BSO Music Director: Andris Nelsons is scheduled to make his debut as conductor and musical...
Here's our Assistant Musical Director Alex ready to welcome everyone at the Societies Fayre!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
New musical director for RMB Conference is Ralph Schmitt. Ex
With our associate choreographer Lizzie and associate musical director Theo.👍😉
"Musical theater director who is shocked by the turnout of people auditioning for the lead role" PIPPIN 😂👌
Congrats to our marketing director Joelle Robertson for winning a "Best Supporting Actress in a Musical" Elly!
We didn't win best musical, but performing with my In The Heights cast was totally worth it, especially seeing our director cry. 😭😂💕
dan kanter (justin bieber guitarist and musical director) was sitting near me and I waved at him before the show aired and he smiled at me
president of choir, student director of musical, dance captain, coolest person ever, super smart, your resume is GAME
Please support musical director and all-around great guy.
When the Music Director of the musical you're in thinks your involved with much
Really good first choir practice with our new Musical Director, who introduced us to some lovely music. New members alw…
(Jobs for Musicians) Musical Director for Les Miserables - Price Campus at Utah State University (UT)
Congrat's to my drummer Dion Langley who I promoted to Musical Director for my tour band The Ty Marquis...
To Parents and Actors: I have said this before but on the eve of another callback - I am going to say it again! Acting is fun, a big part of why we love to get onstage is the excitement. But, the other side of the coin is disappointment. if you want to be an actor, whether it is now in youtheatre, in high school or you want to do this professionally someday.please recognize and accept that there will be as much disappointment as excitement. Its not a happy thought but it is a true one! For every role you get - there will be two or three that you don't. I've been told I was "too young"," too old" , "didnt have the vocal chops for the role", was the wrong "look" etc. Everyone has been told those things on numerous occasions - at least everyone who has stuck with acting :) That being said, please know that every Director, Musical Director and Choreographer for whom you audition, really is hoping you'll do great, hoping that you are the perfect person for the role. At any audition, though there will be 4- ...
Happy Birthday LARRY DUNN!!! An American musician. With his funky keyboard playing, Larry helped transform Earth, Wind & Fire into one of the all-time most successful R&B bands in the world, with sales of more than 100 million albums worldwide, 6 GRAMMYs, 13 GRAMMY nominations, 4 American Music Awards, 32 Gold & Platinum/Multi-Platinum Records & Albums, a Star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame, induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (2000) and the Songwriters Hall Of Fame (2010) as well as other industry awards. In addition to playing organ, synthesizer, piano, keyboards, and clavinet with the group from 1972 until 1983, Larry held the position and handled the responsibilities of the band's Musical Director. As one of the key people behind the scene, much of the group's musical success can be attributed to him. In addition, he rehearsed Earth, Wind & Fire for live stage performances and wrote many of the musical segue ways and medleys. Larry had major creative influence in, and is proud of his contributi ...
El maestro Beto Jimenez Maeda sera instructor para el 3er New York City Mariachi Conservatory Conference 2014! Alberto “Beto” Jimenez Maeda Coming from a family with generations of talented mariachi musicians, Grammy Award Winning Producer, Arrange, Composer, and Musical Director, Alberto Jimenez, also known as “Beto”, has sustained this tradition and has continually blazed new trails in the mariachi world. Born in Mexico City, Musical Director of Mariachi Divas, Alberto Jimenez attended the Nacional School of Music in Mexico City where he studied theory, composition and musical arranging. Alberto Jimenez became a member of the Mariachi De America De Jesus Rodriguez de Hijar in 1985 and continued to be an esteemed member for 20 years. During those years, he had the honor of accompanying internationally-acclaimed artists, such as LOLA BELTRAN, ROCIO DURCAL, AIDA CUEVAS, AMALIA MENDOZA, LUCHA VILLA, MIGUEL ACEVES MEJIA, VICENTE Y ALEJANDRO FERNANDEZ, LUIS MIGUEL, among others. Alberto Jimenez al ...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Good afternoon Our Carol Concert will be on Thursday 11 December at 7.15 pm at Central Methodist Church with Tom Lambert as our new musical director. Rehearsals will commence at the beginning of November. This year our pantomime is Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves by Alain P Frayn and will be held on 22 – 25 January 2015 at the Civic Hall. The production team will be Producer : Vanessa Buckley, Choreographer : Philippa Gibson-Wriggles and Musical Director : Jill Lambert. We will confirm the date for the auditions during the next few weeks. Our production for 2015 will be Seven Brides for Seven Brothers to be performed 25 – 28 March at the Civic Hall. We will be in touch when further details are confirmed. Meanwhile if you require any further information please contact our secretary, Lynn Taylor, 01484 719689. or email: lynn.taylor62
96 SOLD OUT SHOWS!! Thank you Gaslight Fans for making "BEACH BLANKET BEE -BOP" our most successful Spring Show in Gaslight History!! THANK YOU to our GREAT, hardworking Cast, Tech Staff, Brian Gawne Tech Director , Tiffer Hill Stage Manager, Front of House Staff, Box Office Staff, Kitchen and Pizza and Ice Cream Staff, our Writer and Director, Peter Van Slyke, Musical Director and Pianist Linda Ackerman, Pianist Lisa Otey, our entire Gaslight Band, Designer and Scenic Artist, Tom Benson, Costume Designer and Seamstress , Renee Cloutier and her Staff, General Manager and PR, Becky Gilmour, House Manager Jess Malisewski, and our Box Office Manager Sharon Higgins!!Truly an AMAZING TEAM!!
Tonight at 9! A collection of some of North Beach’s own jazz musicians, headed by guitarist Ned Boynton. San Francisco based Ned Boynton is an educator and player who brings a unique approach to guitar. With his playing, he has injected himself into the fabric that shapes the music community. “Boynton comes… with a bit of cool guitar that made me hit the internet to find out where I could hear more of him. He is a hidden gem. – Jazz Improv Magaizine Boynton is founder of the group “Cafe Americain”. He was Associate Director of Jazzmasters Worshop from 1999 to 2007,a featured artist at the Smithsonian Jazz Cafe from 1999 to 2007, Musical Director and featured artist for Enrico’s Sidewalk Cafe from 1997 to 2006, and a Featured clinician at The 6th North Wales International Jazz Guitar Summer School in Wrexham, UK, August 2005. Here Ned taught 80 students over 4 days and played in concerts with Bucky Pizzarelli, Anthony Wilson, Gary Potter and others. ‘ Ned has played with guitarists Romane, ...
If you think a musical director is more important than promotion, I fear your mind's ability to prioritize.
SABIAN Hanging backstage with Blake Shelton and Omar Tavarez (musical director and drummer for Pitbull). Two very...
US Soccer has an official tequila. Musical director is the least of their issues.
Wait... can't promote but they can hire a musical director? Sweet.
Just anything that doesn't feel so contrived to garner interest. A national soccer team doesn't need a musical director
NDTC BUZZ!!!. "It has been an exciting challenge over the last year and a half being Musical Director…
.named musical director for US Soccer
Two of my greatest passions collide w/signing of as Musical Director for the & .
Tune in 2NITE to and catch Client performing LIVE! Full BBE band w/ as musical director!
If Lupe is the musical director of the US national team then they're losing every *** match by 3 goals
Amen! MT Director of Jack Megan, his brother and their offbeat off-Broadway musical
I.D.I Director, Nicole Hamilton has been commissioned to choreograph for Toronto's summer musical, "The Singers!" ..
members of band, musical director of Show, and many famous int'l artists set to perform at UN on 6-June!!
Opportunity: Musical Director to lead our Greenwich based choir, into its 50th yr (2015) & beyond. Interested? pls RT
Whitburn Band have regretfully accepted the resignation of Musical Director Anne Crookston. Full press release -
Congrats to OFA director Jack Megan & his brother Tom. Their award-winning musical opens today in NYC:
Director of Jack Megan and his brother provide a sampling of their offbeat off-Broadway musical
the aMAHzing Broadway musical director, Seth Rudetsky, is coming to teach a Masterclass in Could you share/RT this info?
Thankyou to Elizabeth Donald for our National Operatic & Dramatic Association Review of our Aladdin Jr show! Aladdin.Jr Project Theatre 16th -17th May 2014 Falkirk Town Hall Director Shona Nicolson Musical Director Kirsty Nocolson Choreographer Allyson Eadie The children of Project Theatre worked their own bit of magic in their latest offering- from their Arabian Nights opening to the magic of the lamp, to the carpet rides, to their lovely movements and tableau that led up to Aladdin’s presentation to the Sultan as a Prince and to the romantic conclusion. In her first principal role Elise MacGregor created part of that magic as she grew into the part of Aladdin and made clear what an independent character he was. Likewise Samantha Niven as Princess Jasmine gave a good account of herself as modern woman resisting her father’s attempts to marry her off and choosing her own man. Her duet with Aladdin in A Whole New World came across tenderly as did the romantic reprise which ended the show with them ...
Opening night for Cinderella The Musical! . Check out this interview with Director Wilfie Pyper on U105 earlier...
The cast when they know the director is going to yell at them after stopping the production during a musical number: ht…
Brighton Belles have a brand new Musical Director. Looks like they had loads of fun!
Happy Birthday to Gary Dennis Hines (born on May 20th) - musical director, conductor, arranger, musician (Sounds of Blackness).
Had a dream I was directing a musical. Litro want to be a director rn
respected director: Vincent Minnelli - versatile director - the director did his best in each genre of cinema - drama, musical, etc
I also forgot Raphael Saadiiq is the musical director of this show until right now.
Great choice! “And Raphael Saadiq is the musical director of
And Raphael Saadiq is the musical director of
I’m - director, songwriter and first-time Fringer w/"We Can Be One: A Musical About Coming Home” for
Just got off the phone with the director of Evil Dead: The Musical. I got the part! Professor Knowby, here I come. Woo!
Review of 'OJ the Musical' opening n just 15 cities including NY BABY! Opens June 17th Tix at
Whoever is the is the musical director for Love & Hiphop is amazing.
BIG NEWS - It's official via Yahoo Movies - OJ: The Musical will be coming out on iTunes and all major VOD...
Who is Artistic Director Tim Dang, and why did he write a musical about Our deep dive: http:…
please wish our musical director Sandra a happy birthday today.
Why did artistic director Tim Dang make a musical about That and more in my longform:
My team just love to sing that we need to find a karaoke bar in Vegas! Hooray for My Musical director Mike Laygo platinum record holder, stage director Thage, Jocelyn Laygo marketing and George -CSO I ran out of memory
LAURA HALL, the musical director from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, will be returning to teach and perform at The Improv Shop over the July 4th weekend. Stay tuned for details.
I'd like to tell you what is a good vibe. getting to work and ya musical director is playing Mozart on a grand piano just next to where your guitars are set up for the shows. That's a good vibe it really is.
All I can say is.what a night! What a night! The Divas show was something special. Tamika Caldwell, Kay Harrison, and Ashia Bello set the roof on fire. Travis Higgins, awesome job as Musical Director. The band really did their thing! Javon Green, Heather Marable, and Candi Bleu-The Artist, great job and thank you! Thank you Mack Jones for an excellent job as host/MC. Thanks to our makeup artists, Cynthia Botts and Michelle Trent for an amazing job. To the True Fellowship Youth Outreach and Mentoring staff, thanks for your hard and support. Finally, to my family, friends, church family, sponsors, vendors, Lorraine Bailey-Carter , Angela Phillips, Inga Davis Evangelist Motivational, 986 sound crew, and everyone that came to support. If I missed anyone, charge it to my head and not my heart. Much love! Peace & Blessings. Good night.
WISH is my stage name and it was "born" when I`ve settled in United Kingdom in 1981, where nobody could pronounce my real name - Wieslaw SEREDYNSKI. I have only... over 50 years of experience behind the piano. Having studied privately in Poland under internationally renowned teachers, but first of all under the guidance of my father - TADEUSZ SEREDYNSKI - Musical Director and Conductor of Radio Orchestras, Theatres of Opera and Operetta. I am fixture at piano for a variety of cruise ships and hotels around the world and a composer of number of works for shows, radio, TV and touring theatre troupes, in addition to staging and directing shows. Modestly speaking I have also won prizes in song competitions, but in the past. My newer compositions have been appreciated by my audiences on ships, in hotels or on my channel on YouTube - WiSH and His Music. And some of them maybe are still special, maybe even emotional especially to those for whom they were dedicated. My family home was always bursting with music . ...
I had the amazing pleasure of working with Suzanne Vega and Gerry Leonard (David Bowie's Musical Director). Here...
A Tribute to the LAST WALTZ - The Music of THE BAND On the American Thanksgiving in 1976 at San Fransico’s Winterland Ballroom, THE BAND performed their final concert. They called this evening their ‘LAST WALTZ’ and invited many of their friends to join in the celebration. Martin Scorsese’s film of this event is recognized as one of the best concert films of it’s era. Producer and Musical Director, Lance Anderson, has put together an All Star Canadian cast of award winning Blues and Roots musicians to perform the music of that memorable evening. Backed by a band that includes Jerome Levon Avis (Levon Helm’s godson) on drums and vocals, Terry Blersh (guitar), Dennis Pinhorn (Ex Hawks) on bass, Rob Gusevs (Blood, Sweat and Tears) on organ and Lance Anderson (Maple Blues Award winner ‘Keyboard Player of The Year’on piano and vocals, this is a group of seasoned veterans who love this music. The band will also include a four piece horn section including, David Dunlop on Trumpet, Gord Meyers on ...
What a dream come true yesterday. I sang swing with a HUGE orchestra. You should have seen my face when the launched in to Cry Me A River. Thanks so much to Colin Scott and all at the Belfast Pops Orchestra. And then after at Flame. What a fantastic night I had there to. Today I'm meeting with my Musical Director of Miss Saigon. Good times.
Natchez Little Theatre is thrilled to announce the cast for its final production of the 66th Season, the musical, "Legally Blonde." The show will be directed by Layne Taylor, with Terrence Robinson as Musical Director, Shemeka Ware as Choreographer, Don Vesterse as Assistant Director & Stage Manager and Stacey Carden as Stage Manager. The cast will feature new talent making their NLT debut and some familiar talent that we've come to depend on. Starring as Elle Woods is NLT newcomer Erica Condon and as her nemesis another newcomer Leah Pounders as Vivienne Kensington. The male leads are Nance Hixon as Warner Huntington III and Tyler Brown as Emmett Forrest. Morgan Mizell will portray Paulette of the Hair Affair. The Delta Nus will be played by Arden McMillin as Margot; Alethea Shelton as Serena; Sydney Parker as Pilar; Hannah Hargis as Gaelin; Kaytlyn Nicole Walker as Kate; Jordan Waller as Leilani and Joanna Johnson as Dana. The Harvard Law School Faculty & Students are Michael Kent Gemmell as Winthr ...
Billingshurst Choral Society Our next concert is a feast of choral music spanning two hundred years of music. The main work is Beethoven's 'long underrated masterpiece' (Penguin Classics), his Mass in C; less well-known than the Missa Solemnis, but more direct, more dramatic and more emotional; pure, passionate Beethoven. The programme then moves forward a hundred years to Vaughan-Williams' Benedicite, or 'Blessing'. A bright, celebratory opening and a triumphant ending provide the bookends to a reflective, typically Vaughan-Williams passage with the choir accompanying the soprano soloist. The journey in time is completed by one of our finest contemporary choral composers, Bob Chilcott. After singing in the famous choir of King's College Cambridge, Bob sang in the King's Singers before turning to composition. His Requiem is a serene, meditative work, full of wonderful harmonies and worth hearing just for his setting of 'Thou knowest Lord'. The concert is conducted by BCS's Musical Director, George Jones . ...
Louis Theroux gets a singing lesson from a professional Musical Director. Funny free BBC video clip from Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends.
Arrived at the Gold Coast with Mike Stewart our Musical Director. The Foenander Brothers
Helston Theatre Company and staging a double bill of entertainment at The Epworth Hall, Helston on 28th & 29th March at 7.30pm During the first half of the evening the feelgood comedy Alternative Accommodation will be performed which is about family life and getting on. After the interval the group will perform a selection of song and dance numbers from your favourite musicals ranging from The Mikado to Oliver! entitled Musical Memories the production features a cast of 27 plus guest soloists Angela Thomas and Anthony Richards. It promises to be a great evening’s entertainment and £2.00 from the sale of every ticket will be given to Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of George Shutter our supporter; friend and Musical Director who died earlier this year. Tickets are available from 01326 568936; Heathercraft or on the door.
Get to know Andy Stott, Head Sessionista and Director of Popular Music Performance at RNCM. Andy is a graduate of the University of Leeds, where he gained a BA(hons) in Music and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. In his final year, he was awarded the Lord Snowden Prize for outstanding achievement in music. In 2005 he graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a Masters Degree in Education Management. Andy has enjoyed a high profile career as a music educator and is currently the Director of Popular Music Performance at the Royal Northern College of Music. As a performer, Andy has worked as a session drummer and percussionist in a wide variety of musical genres, including Jazz Orchestras, Brass Bands, Symphony Orchestras, Choirs, Musical Theatre Pit Orchestras, and Rock and Pop Bands. His performing career developed into working as a freelance Musical Director, and in that role he has appeared on the international stage performing with singers and musicians across the UK and in Barcelona ...
A stint as Music Director of an award-winning musical took Chuck Mead to places he never thought he’d go.
"I was like 'why don’t you just be the musical and creative director of the tour?' (to Nick). Everything you see out there…
We are pleased to announce that Mr Kevin Spencer took over as our new Musical Director on Monday 10th March, thanks go to to Ray Jeffery MBE
Meet the cast and director of Fame - The Musical, coming to the Belgrade's Main Stage from Mon 2 - Sat 7 June!
Fred Kaz, legendary musical director at Second City, dies
One of the victims who died is from the Netherlands and Dutch media reporting its musical director was killed.
Roughan Silver Band and Musical Director Keith Anderson in Concert with special guests The Lindsay Chorale,...
Dan Kanter is Justin Bieber's Musical Director and lead guitarist, and his wife, Yael, runs the popular e-commerce vintage fashion boutiqe,
We're in need of a Musical Director for our spring 2015 production Hot Mikado - if you are interested, drop a line to productions
And Bengali Movie Bindass Bindass movie story: Tollywood the most popular hero Dev is the first film are played by two to one. The one with the hero of the movie is simple village boy and played a ultra modern engineering young boy. Visitors can see the movie hero of the role reversal. Otherwise Sayantika lives in a village and Srabanti lives in town and she is a modern girl in this movie. Tracklists in Bindass movie: Bindass is an upcoming romantic and dramatic movie is right. But Bindass will be a songs movie too. Bindass movie music composed by hot and favorite singer and musical director Jeet Ganguly. V. Music will release the film’s Bindass movie songs. At a glance: Movie name: Bindass Director: Rajib Kumar Biswas Banner: Shree Venkatesh Films Pvt. Ltd. Produced by: Srikanta Mehta Cast by: Dev, Srabanti, Sayantika and more others Music by: Jeet Ganguly Audio: Vmusic Cinematography by: Kumud Verma Written by: N. K. Shalil Genre: Romantic and drama Language: Bengali Country: India Releas date: May 20 ...
Choir Club Brings Music to Havana, Cuba.-The Yale Glee Club choir from the United States, comprised of students from that prestigious university, is giving a single concert today at the Minor Basilica of the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi in Havana. The vocal group is touring Cuba from March 10 to 15, with performances and cultural exchanges in Havana and Matanzas. Along with Cuban choir Entrevoces, directed by Digna Guerra, the Yale Glee Club will perform many pieces of Caribbean music, among them, compositions by *** Lopez-Gavilan, one of the most prestigious contemporary musicians on this island. According to Jeffrey Douma, musical director of the project at Yale University, Cuba is a very musical country, and has excellent choirs. During a previous visit, Douma became acquainted with many Cuban songs, such as "El bodeguero"(The Shopkeeper), which it now includes in its repertoire. According to choir critics in the U.S., the Yale Glee Club choir is among the best university choral groups in that co . ...
You guys shizz just got real, I JUST booked my venue for me very own show! So now I just need a pianist, musical director, a band and OH, yeah to actually write the thing, small detail.
OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR program advert spaces. The official program is nearly ready, if you would like your business advertised please get in touch with me and i will place you in direct contact with the musical director. The programs are A5, for a 1/4 page, the cost is £25. a half page is £50 and a full page advert is £75.00. Back page is available at time of this message and costs £85. This musical is at the Rep from 26th-29th March
Counting down to the : nominated for Best Musical Director
Counting down to the : Clinton Zerf nominated for Best Musical Director
Aisling McCormick, Musical Director of Discovery Gospel Choir, shares her experiences about how the arts can be used to break down social, racial and educational barriers.
Following on from our best ever result in our short history at the South West Areas (4th Section), Verwood Concert Brass "B" Band require a permanent Solo Euphonium player. We rehearse on Wednesdays, 7.30 - 9.30 in our own purpose-built band hall (BH31). VCB is a very friendly and sociable organisation with a lot of laughter alongside the music-making of the 1st and 4th Section bands, the Training Band (for both adult and junior learners) and our enthusiastic "Acorns" group. PM me in confidence. Barry Harkcom (Musical Director, Verwood "B")
Big thank you to all those who came to the concert last night and all of the performers. It was a fantastic evening! Thank you to our musical director Paul Edlin for a superb first semester and concert with us. We are very much looking forward to the future with you and the continual development of the society! Also a big thank you to our President Ryan Crooks, for all of his hard work with the society over the last three years and especially this year, you have been brilliant!
Only 2 more days until our Open Day! We are really excited about our Open Day on Saturday from 10am till 2pm. We hope as many people as possible will come along! All ages and abilities welcome! Come and try out a brass instrument or if you can play already come and join the band! We hope lots of young people will want to join our new training band which will meet on Monday evenings at 6pm. There will be activities for children and a raffle too. The Griffin serves a range of light lunches and main meals as well as coffees and teas, so plenty of refreshments are available. This is your chance to meet our new Musical Director, Mr Chris Wooding. Come and bring the whole family! Look forward to meeting you!
Looks great! Fantastic score - can you please tell me who the Musical Director will be? 😊
Musical director baby has all the feels
Take a look at this little musical director! Absolutely fantastic! She really feels the music!
Tonight I am recording one last bonus track for indika..with our musical director.then September it's live !!
You know it! Musical director brings all the hottest beats.
Sandbach Transport Festival - 2014 Sandbach Transport Festival supported by our main sponsor Burns Garages, Congleton, Car Experts who care, since 1918. Committee members are busy putting the final detail into this year’s 2014 free entry event. The festival showcases two days packed with a huge variety of vehicles from vintage to new with the event building up to a superb mixed parade of 250 vehicles on the Sunday through the town. Organisers have changed the format to include a Classic Car Show on Saturday on the Common with a Music Festival on the Cobbles. Nantwich Town Band will be entertaining the car enthusiasts on the common with various sets throughout the day. The band in November 2013 celebrated with a 30th Anniversary concert under new musical director Rob Stevenson. Music Acts confirmed for Saturday are Shae, Sam Lyon, Phil Maddocks & Nick Bayes, Josh Walker Band, The Robin Pierce Band, The Eyres and Dirty Vertebrae. Care has been taken to provide a mix of styles that will grow with intensity ...
'PWD' Audio in Market: Director Kiran Govi known for lovely musical films in the past 'Payana and Sanchari' ha...
Endorser, Musical Director Robin DiMaggio sat down with B.o.B. for an episode...
YES me too I also watched part of high school musical in my director's office today it was surreal
Musical director baby has all the feels.
Fans of ELAINE STRITCH in DC area: go see this film!!! And meet my dear friend Rob Bowman, Elaine's longtime musical director, who will conduct a talk-back. Don't miss!
I'm not the one to brag nor post my business but I feel like this will encourage everyone to chase their dreams. As I wrapped up a meeting this evening my business Events by Elaqui with my WONDER BUSINESS PARTNER Sherry Williams she informed me of a couple projects we have coming up along with major budgets to manage. I'm a brother from the hood, only had a mom who did her best to raise 4 children on her own. Faced Struggle after struggle, but GOD! Now I manage, blessed with a business, and a musical director. I now understand the conditions I had to face aligned me for this position for this season. I exchanged the feelings of being left behind, abandoned or not fitting in with chasing all that GOD has for me. To see the manifestation take place makes me want to inspire any and everyone to pursue their dreams no matter what your condition is continue to make FAITH and press towards the success GOD has predestined for you. Have a BLESSED NIGHT and I PRAY this encourages you. Love You ALL! Now GRAB ...
Director: "it's musical theatre so it doesn't really matter how well you sing it.". *two minutes later*. "Your tone is nasal.".
That awkward moment when our musical director doesn't know when our curtain opens.
"I’m the father of 2 boys. My eldest is 14 and my youngest is 8. They’ve never set foot on a regular school before. Because my wife and I have taught them ourselves at home. Crazy, I know. Difficult? You bet. But it’s been a wonderful adventure and the results have been amazing. Like what? Here’s a list from the top of my head… · Our relationship with our children is deep and strong. The time we spend together has paid off handsomely. · We feel that we’re able to pass onto them our values and our faith in a much more effective way. · Our kids have a love for learning. For them, learning is fun. They love reading and art and play and imagination. · They have time to pursue their passions and develop them. My youngest son, 8, is a wonderful singer and is taking voice lessons. He also paints beautiful paintings. My eldest, 14, is a musician, a musical director, a columnist writer, photo editor, website developer, and many more… · They’ve got a “real-life” education that’s ...
Rickey Minor is the musical director, interesting.
Icon of Chitown's iconic Second City fades into sunset, LITERALLY.
If you could pick a way to go out, this would be a good one. RIP Fred Kaz:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
We would like to welcome our new Musical Director Camilo Gonzalez . Camilo has recently moved to wonderful Canberra from Colombia and brings a rich and varied musical experience to our group. We are really excited about what he will be teaching us. Our Jazz program for this year is coming together and we are very excited about performing at the Merimbula Jazz Festival over the June long weekend. Want to hear some fantastic Jazz... Merimbula will be the place to be:-)
Protip Stay friends with your high school band director(s) so that you can ask them for musical help in years to come
Off to Sydney to write some arrangements with my Musical Director Graeme Press.
Doc Severinsen – The Very Best Of Doc Severinsen – Doc Severinsen might be one of the most underrated band leaders in all of jazzdom.  You never hear his name mentioned with the greats, but think about it- the man was Johnny Carson’s Musical Director for decades.  I snagged this album off itunes, and was delighted to hear him do more than just the theme from “The Tonight Show” (though, yes, of course, that song is on the album).  His arrangements run the gamut from smoky, Cotton Club jazz (check out “Georgia On My Mind”, and “Stardust”), to light, dreamy modern jazz (“City Lights”, “Take The A Train”).  There’s sleepy genius in “Sicilliano”, and a melancholy after-hours feel to “I Can’t Get Started” (with Tony Bennett, the only vocal track on the album).  The only constant throughout is Severinsen’s signature trumpet, bright and sharp, yet somehow warm and luxurious.  Listen to “Begin The Beguine” or “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You”.  I could thro ...
‘Pretty Woman’ musical in the works: Director Garry Marshall is reportedly developing a Broadway musical based...
Real talk though, Nick Jonas is the musical director on Demi's tour so if he's there tomorrow, I may go into cardiac arrest...
Guitarist, songwriter and musical director, tells us about his current pedalboard.
Raise YOUR horns's a legend for you - Our Musical Director,
I'm going to be the director of AM: The Musical starring Ashely Tisdale as Sharpay and it's gonna suck
Zion's Choir Accompaniest, Elizabeth Tuazon, is Musical Director for "Adrift in Macau", a noir-themed musical comedy at Towie Theater, 5205 Hohman Ave., in Hammond. The last weekend of performances is this weekend: March 13-16. More info at Congrats Elizabeth!
Fred Kaz, the musical director at the Second City comedy theater for 24 years and a legendary personality and talent at the comedy theater, has died at the age of 79, Second City said on Wednesday.
So excited to have helping me out as Creative AND Musical Director on the
Musical Director required for Military Wives Choir at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. CV & letter to: Sandhurst
Bobby Wells former Musical Director for The Dupree’s and Kenny Simmons former member of the Motown Records Hall of Fame recording group “The Commodores” have traveled the world together in the last 15 years with “America’s Show Band” the fabulous “Infernos.” Their summer 22 cities “2013 -Keeping New jersey Strong Tour” has performed for 250,000 New Jersey fans and admirers. Performed at every concert has been the Hurricane Sandy Relief inspired song “Keeping Jersey Strong” written by Wells & Simmons, which was recently performed at Union Beach and other disaster battered cities. As well as for Governor Christie at his election night campaign at Convention Hall in Asbury Park on election night. Bobby Wells and Kenny Simmons have many stories on their years on the road with celebrities and entertaining antidotes. The ultimate guests on any television or radio show, we look forward in captivating your audience with stories and truths about the music business and the history of one of ...
Marianne Girard and I had an outstanding performance last night. She was the 12th Annual Winterfolk music festivals finale and she graciously invited me to share the bill. We played right after Toronto's musician/producer extraordinaire, David Bradstreet accompanied by Jason Fowler. During there show, they started telling stories about me ! I had taught music and poetry to Jason when was 11 and had encouraged him to follow his musical talent and passion. I am honored and profoundly grateful. Jason Fowler is a highly respected Toronto singer/songwriter, session guitarist and producer. He has released six independent CDs under his own name and has played on over 100 albums. In addition to his own successful solo career, Jason is also currently the Musical Director & Guitarist for renowned Irish tenor John McDermott, and has toured with him since 2001. Jason has played with a who’s who of the Canadian roots music scene including Anne Lindsay, April Verch, Amy Sky, Marc Jordan, Susan Aglukark, The Cottars, ...
Well, here we are, opening night! So many people have put everything into this show, Me and Georgia have been living and breathing Annie since it was cast last June! Our family will agree!!! Ha Its been a thrilling experience and I think I may be smitten now, ha ;-) Everyone in AMS have been great and made Georgia feel very welcome. She has her own special thank yous to do privately but on behalf of us both Id like to thank everyone at AMS and backstage crew, especially Producer/Musical Director extraordinaire Richard Allan, Choreographer Susan Hughes, AMS president Scott Ramsay, pianist Marina Kyle and all our fellow cast members!!! This is the very first time Annie has been performed at The Webster Theatre so lets make it a good 'un!! 'Break a leg' everyone x
Tonight I was blessed to meet Chip Kelly, the Musical Director for Marvin Sapp. Just getting in from Recording. I want to wish my friend Neal Garon a Happy 45th Birthday. He and family are greatly involved in worship at Brightmoor Church. They can sang too! Be on the look out for Matthew Matt Garon. I'll keep you posted. Very long but productive day. My Inner Healing Class was great again tonight. Ask God to heal you. Don't be bound. Be set free. Dig deep and let God break up fallow ground in your life. Don't be ashamed and don't let the devil tell you lies that God never said. He is the Father of lies.
KUDOS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN LAST NIGHT'S "HERE AND NOW" - We had an especially warm and fun evening with sneak previews of three new shows in development by ANDREW APPEL , JACKIE GIBSON, and STEVE MASTERSON and birthday celebrations for Andrew and Steve- We had a great hearty audience and each performer did an excellent job with their segment... Our musicians totally rocked the house...Musical Director MICHAEL SOBIE skillfully led the band and tore up the piano for Andrew and Jackie (and me) and BILL NEWLIN masterfully provided Musical Director duties for Steve.JORDAN RICHARDS provided the grooves (and swoons) on bass and TOM BOWE on drums, was, as always the heartbeat of the organization- Special thanks to my friend STEVE RAWLINS for getting me to the church on time, to KIRA ALVAREZ for her stalwart support, DON BOGEL for an exceptionally good sound night, JACOB and STAN and the staff at MBar for their hospitality - and an extra special OLYMPIC Thank you to my friend MARC SALTARELLI for going so far be ...
STAFF UPDATE: SSTI is pleased to announce the addition of Andrew Austin as our Musical Director for the Summer of 2014. Mr. Austin brings years of experience to our program from both the field of education and some of the nation's top Equity Regional Theatres. His full bio is posted below. Join us in welcoming Mr. Austin to the family! "Andrew Austin is a composer, pianist and conductor currently living in Norfolk, VA. After graduating from college, Andrew moved to New York City where he worked at several arts schools, while freelancing as a conductor for many theatres and universities in the NYC area. Since that time, Andrew has music directed almost 100 productions of operas and musicals across the country. Recent theatres include Theatre Under The Stars in Houston, TX, Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, ME, Gateway Playhouse on Long Island, and Virginia Musical Theatre in Virginia Beach. Currently, Andrew is teaching and music directing for the Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk, VA, which is pre ...
Northern California native Frank Martin continues a career as a pianist and keyboard player that has found him performing with everyone from Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige, Madonna, and Jennifer Hudson, to John McLaughlin, the Richard Bona Band, Trilok Gurtu and Larry Coryell, to Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Chris Isaak, Elton John and Bruce Springsteen. Owner of a San Rafael Recording Studio, Production credits include label artists as varied as Al Jarreau, Angela Bofill, Lisa Fisher, and Mimi Fox, to Indie artists Ellen Honert, Karen Blixt, and Nicolas Bearde. Sessions as the Arranger/Producer have included artists as diverse as Turtle Island String Quartet, Tuck & Patti, Dori Caymmi, Hiram Bullock, Randy Brecker, Patrice Rushen, Joey DeFrancesco, Buddy Montgomery, and Alex Acuna. He has traveled as Musical Director for artists Patti Austin, Angela Bofill, Narada Michael Walden, and Roy Ares to name a few.
Happy New Year! Welcome to the new “The Actual Dance” We begin the year 2014 with a new look, new direction and new ambitions for taking The Actual Dance to new and more audiences. There is a new look for 2014. It reflects our own new perspective of what the show means. With the insights taken from audiences we have come to understand that the show is really a love story. When better to introduce a love story than on the eve of Valentine’s Day. The Actual Dance, the love story, will have its premiere on February 13th at the Smith Center for Healing and the Arts in Washington, DC. Click here for the details. The New York premier will take place early in April. Stay tuned for details. We have great ambitions for 2014 and beyond. In addition to the new theme and look, we have a new director, Kate Holland and we have a Musical Director, Eli Zoller. Even if you have seen the show in 2013, which was directed by the fabulous Jessie Roberts with sound design by Jon Roberts, you will be moved by the ...
Peace... If you have ideas/suggestions for the wknd please... post them here or leave us a message. The Organizing Committee: Timothy Green -Sheltons BC Cemetery Windy Hampton- WIIA Makini (Anita Hearn) Shakur- WIIA Deborah Norris Kennard - School Reunion Jammie (Fuzzy) Simon - Sheltons BC Cemetery Derrick Collins - Musical Director, WIIA Grey Jones - Administrative Coordinator, WIIA, BCDC DJ Rogers - Bear Creek Riders, WIIA Our mission is to practice, promote collaboration w/in our community. Romans 4-6 4 For as in one physical body we have many parts (organs, members) and all of these parts do not have the same function or use, 5 So we, numerous as we are, are one body in Christ and individually we are parts one of another [mutually dependent on one another]. 6 Having gifts (faculties, talents, qualities) that differ according to the grace given us, let us use them: *Every contribution is valuable, whether it's picking up trash or being a speaker.*
WE NORMALLY DON’T REMEMBER THE ORIGINAL CREATOR & INVENTOR. IT IS ALWAYS A SIN. TIMES ARE CHANGING FAST: - Formation and Evolution of the famous instrumental number “POPCORN” Gershon Kingsley (birth name is Götz Gustav Ksinski), was born on October 28th 1922 (age 91) at Bochum, in Germany). He is a contemporary ‘German American’ composer, and is a pioneer of ‘electronic music’ and the ‘Moog synthesizer’, and is founder of the ‘First Moog Quartet’, as a partner in the electronic music duo ‘Perrey and Kingsley’, and also a writer of rock-inspired compositions for Jewish religious ceremonies. Gershon Kingsley is most famous for his influential electronic instrumental composition "Popcorn". His work garnered recognition with a ‘Tony Award’ nomination for Best Conductor and Musical Director, two ‘Clio Awards’ for his work in advertising, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the ‘Bob Moog Foundation.’ The Instrumental music number/song – “Popcorn” was original ...
" In 2011 Fife poet and songwriter William Hershaw obtained permission from Morag Corrie to record the poems of her father, the famous 20th century playwright, Joe Corrie. These would be set to traditional and contemporary folk and acoustic arrangements written specially for the CD. Respected producer and musician Erik Knussen was commissioned as Musical Director and funding was obtained from Fife Council. The talented pool of Musicians involved included The Hershaws, legendary Folk singers Davey Stewart and Fiona Forbes, clarsach player Jenn Knussen and Fife’s freshest acoustic music phenomenon, The Dandylions. The aim of the project was to celebrate the work of a Fife writer who had exerted a major influence on British/Scottish drama and literary culture and to re acquaint a modern audience with Corrie’s poems and songs. Featuring sixteen songs, the CD encompasses a range of musical styles from driving blues and country/gospel to unaccompanied traditional singing - all celebrating the timeless words ...
On behalf of Pickle - I am truly honored to have been able to share the stage with such a talented group of people - Marsha Waterbury, Tom Shelton, Ciarán McCarthy, Amber Mercomes, Tracy Lore, Siena Yousi and Wills Spangler. And lucky to work with my wonderful Director Nick DeGruccio and Musical Director, Darryl Archibald - And such a backstage crew - Don Hill, Luke Yankee, Erik Smith and Stacy Nezda. Thank you all for your love, pets and scratches and treats (oooh! the treats!). I will miss you all so much. It was really a wonderful Christmas Memory!
Larry Goodpaster, who is celebrating his 15th year at Beck Center for the Arts, has received a Special Recognition award for Outstanding Body of Work from the Cleveland Critics Circle! Larry is currently Beck Center's Director of Finance and Business Administration, and over the years has been the Musical Director for many, many productions here. We are proud to have Larry as part of our Beck Center family. Beck Center also won the categories for: Best Choreography: Martín Céspedes, SPAMALOT Best Musical Direction: Nancy Maier, NEXT TO NORMAL Superior Achievement has also been awarded to: Best Musical Production: SHE LOVES ME and SPAMALOT Best Actor: Chris McCarrell (NEXT TO NORMAL) and Dougfred Miller (SPAMALOT) Best Actress: Jessica L. Cope (SPAMALOT) and Rebecca Pitcher (SHE LOVES ME) Best Director: Scott Spence (SPAMALOT) Best Scenic Design: Russ Borksi (HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES)
Lea Salonga singing A Whole New World with the Musical Director of Hong Kong Disneyland. ☺️☺️
What an amazing show last night...AWAKENING starring Sierra Boggess, joined by her sister Summer Boggess on cello, her dad Mike Boggess on guitar, and Brian Hertz on piano as Musical Director! Her debut CD of the live show AWAKENING is now available.
AUDITION ANNOUNCEMENT! Casting 3 singing actors for Jack & the Beanstalk, an operetta for children - Jack: Tenor Mrs. Nimble/ Giant's Wife: Mezzo or Soprano Trouble Man/ Giant: Bass or Baritone Audition at the Yocum Institute for Arts Education. 1100 Belmont Ave. Wyomissing, PA 19610 on December 16th at 1PM & December 19th at 10AM. Please prepare: 1. a song from the Gilbert & Sullivan Repertoire - all music from the show taken from G&S. You must provide your own sheet music or accompaniment recording on MP3 or CD. 2. a short children's folk/ fairytale to tell as a representation of your storytelling/ acting capabilities. (eg. Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel & Gretel, Three Little Pigs, etc.) Director: Beverly Houck, Musical Director: Ray Rhoads. Rehearsals will begin the week of January 6th and will be scheduled during the day as possible. Performances will be on Saturdays, April 5, 12 & 19 at 10am, April 12 added 1pm, April 6th at 6:30pm. There are also added tour dates (TBD) during the school day in ea . ...
Watched Bill Cherry perform his Elvis impersonation show this evening on the AQ. Definitely one of the best I've seen. So, for contrast, I performed my Broadway show in the Captains Bar. I was very happy to see Memphis Jones and his family, Sam Thompson ,Elvis's bodyguard for years, and Joe Guercio, Elvis's Musical Director for years, enjoying my performance. On to Natchez.
Electronic Device Insurance
LVH - LAS VEGAS HOTEL & CASINO HOSTS 5TH ANNUAL TOYS FOR TOTS EVENT Las Vegas, Nevada (November 26, 2013) – The LVH – Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is proud to announce it will once again host a benefit concert for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program, sponsored by Cadillac of Las Vegas on Saturday, December 14, 2013. The event will be hosted this year by popular Las Vegas entertainer, Clint Holmes, along with his wife, Kelly Clinton-Holmes. Zowie Bowie is Chris Phillips and violinist, Lydia Ansel, of Zowie Bowie will also be co-hosting the festivities. The theme of this year’s event is “Las Vegas Loves The Beatles” and features the entertainers performing their favorite Beatles songs, as well as their favorite holiday songs. David Perrico returns as the Musical Director this year, along with his 12-piece band and featured singers, Naomi Mauro and Laura Shaffer. Scheduled to perform are Las Vegas legends, Pia Zadora, comedian Steve Rossi, star of stage and screen, Adrian Zmed, the duet ...
We won the Wootton Bassett Arts Festival, Chairmans Cup!! I am such a proud Musical Director, thankyou to you all xx here's to Cheltenham next year...
PRESS RELEASE: B&L APPOINT NEW M.D The Broxburn and Livingston band are delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Stone as Musical Director. Paul began playing baritone at the age of 7 and went on to become principal euphonium player in the celebrated West Lothian Schools Brass Band, winning Scottish, British and European titles as well as several individual awards. He later attended the RSAMD to study euphonium with David Dowall, electro-acoustic composition with Dr Alistair MacDonald and trombone with Kevin Thompson and Lance Green. During his time at the RSAMD Paul was awarded The Countess of Munster Musical Scholarship, The Barcapel Music Award, The Robert McCreath Memorial Prize and The Governors Recital Prize (Brass.)He has performed with Scottish Brass (BBC SSO Brass Quintet), RSNO Brass Quintet, Brass Ensemble and Big Band and numerous musical productions and freelance orchestras. Paul has also enjoyed performances with the RTE Symphony, Ulster Orchestra and Czech National Symphony Orchestr .. ...
SEASON’S CHANGE BRINGS A NEW SOUND TO EDISON   October 30, 2013--FORT MYERS- The Department of Fine Arts and Humanities will be hosting its fall concert series at the Barbara B. Mann at Edison State College with performances on November 17 and 26, and December 4, 2013. The concert series, under the direction of Dr. Thomas Smith, Musical Director at Edison State College, is sponsored by the Follett Education Group, B & I Contractors, and LCEC.   "This musical tradition is in its 37th year and the performing groups are better than ever! I want to encourage everyone to come on over to the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall on the campus of beautiful Edison State College, and take advantage of this wonderful free concert series!" said Dr. Smith.   Nov. 17th at 3:00 p.m., Edison State College Symphony Orchestra Sponsored by Follett Education Group:  The ESC Symphony Orchestra will open their portion of the program with the Concerto for Two Flutes in G Major by Domenico Cimarosa, featuring outstanding E ...
Sending congrats to Robin DiMaggio, used to be my drummer, now Musical Director for the Arsenio Hall Show.
THEATREWITHIN LENNON EVENT WITH SPECIAL GUESTS: Celebrate love, life and Lennon and join us for a joyous night of music at Theatre Within's 33rd Annual John Lennon Tribute -- Friday, December 6 at Symphony Space, NYC. Without question, this is one of the best line-ups we've ever assembled, featuring first time Tribute performers Steve Earle, Raul Malo (lead singer of the Mavericks), Marc Cohn, Teddy Thompson and Dana Fuchs. They'll be joined by returning fan favorites Joan Osborne, Bettye LaVette, Toshi Reagon and Musical Director, Rich Pagano of the Fab Faux. Tickets Are On Sale Now!
ATTENTION! Live From Los Santos: The Music of Grand Theft Auto V Concert. doors at 8pm! (70 minutes) Musical Director & Conductor: Om'Mas Keith i have tickets if you want to come, just hit me up to get on my list! This event takes place at St. Paul the Apostle church (405 W 59th St). Grand Theft Auto V comprises an entire universe filled not only with action, but with sound, thanks to the dynamic score from composers Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, and Alchemist & Oh No. For one night only, this talented group of artists along with more than 20 supporting musicians will come together to perform the game's score, live to a very limited audience at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear this incredible collaboration perform the score, combined with art and game visuals to offer a completely unique and immersive live experience. 17+
Tonight we are excited to announce that The "World Famous" Cigar Bar has David C Johnson performing. He is one of SW Florida finest musicians! He has toured with Grammy Award winning legends, The Neville Brothers. He is also Musical Director of the Aaron Neville Quintet, with performances on David Letterman, Jay Leno, the Today Show, Ellen DeGeneres and The Martha Stewart Show to his credit. So plan your Saturday night here with us!!
This will be a great concert. Live Arts Maryland's Musical Director was a close friend of Marvin Hamlisch. All...
Heading to Trinity United for my first Sunday back as Musical Director! SO excited!
ROCK CHOIR SINGING WORKSHOPS Come along and join in! Tom, the Musical Director, will be conducting two singing workshops.
Delighted to announce that David Young will be the Musical Director of CUOS for the forthcoming year and production of The Magic Flute!
Lyric Band performs at Wareheim-Myers Mansion On Wednesday evening (July 3) the Lyric Band will be performing in the Hanover Historical Societies' Summer Concert Series at the Wareheim-Myers Mansion, 305 Baltimore Street, in Hanover, PA . The program will feature patriotic songs that will get your 4th of July holiday started! The concert will begin at 6:30pm, and will be held on the lawn next to the mansion. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy a great concert before you go to see fireworks! The program will be conducted by Dr. Galen Leitzel, Musical Director, and Erick von Sas, a member of the bands' tuba section. See you there!
Thanks for being part of today's show. Alan Lindstrom, and The Sunday Allsorts Show, is back next week at 1pm. Up next: Sing It! Swing It! with Cliff van Tonder, Musical Director of Surrey Music, then at 5.0 pm The Classical Collection, this week local mezzo soprano Janet Shell presents Suite On You, and at 7.0 pm Under the Radar with David Durant, with a songstress from Seattle in the USA who is currently visiting Europe, Tae Phoenix, Then, at 9.0 pm It's All Good with Debbie Hyde Enjoy the programming, and
Michał Kubicki described the whole picture: Let me use his words as a quote: Michał wrote: "OK, got safely back home from one of the greatest events I've ever been to, Ibanez Guitar Festival. All done in a profoundly professional way: airport pick up, daily schedules, interviews, soundchecks, lights, food, but most of all, great people from Meinl Distribution and Ibanez Artist Relations. Kudos to Stephan Killermann and Bastian Krämer At Meinl for inviting us to the event. Big thanks to Herr Meinl, the most friendly boss I've ever encountered. Next up are the great Artists: - an excellent Musical Director, an Educator and, most of all, one of the greatests guitar players of all times, Mr. Paul Gilbert. - Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes and Matt Garstka, our polish drummer within a supercollider band Animals as Leaders. - Andrew Lauer, you ned to check him out if you haven't done that yet. Great bass, but also a great voice and a very nice guy too. Listen to his solos! Felix Lehrmann, one of the most universal ...
Russell Grant and Musical Director, and former member of Only Men Aloud, Ross Leadbeater invite you to a ‘Glamorous Night’ in celebration of Ivor Novello – the most successful British musical theatre composer of the first half of the 20th century.
Tomorrow's release on Calliope 22 Music is definitely a rare cut and release for me. It has been in my archives for some time. It features Mark Kelley of the Legendary Roots Band from Fallon/Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame ect) Adam Deitch who has graced the cover of Modern Drummer Magazine and has played for many hip hop, jazz and soul legends including Redman, 50 Cent, Fugees, Scofield, Justin Timberlake, Lauryn Hill, Wycleff Jean and Talib Kweli He has two projects of his own Lettuce and Break Science. It also features guitar legend and Berklee School of Music Professor Jeff Lockhart who was Brian McKnight's Musical Director who has also played with the Hathoway Sisters, Dido and Beyonce. This is my favorite song off of my first EP that was cut in 2006 and hasn't been available to the public. I do hope you enjoy it! It is also Mixed and Co-Produced by J. Chris Griffin who is the one of the main sound designers for Reason and a mixing legend. He has also cut records with John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Kanye West ...
Follow us!, Join us! Stourport-on-Severn Brass Band have been providing live music to local areas and further afield for over 40 years now. We are a friendly community band, who want to promote and improve the playing of people of all ages in local and surrounding areas. Our players generally come from the Wyre Forest, but also from as far as Worcester, Pershore, Droitwich, the Black Country and Birmingham, all are welcome! Having recently recruited a new Musical Director – Oli Wilson – we are really looking forward to the band’s future improvement and what we can achieve as a team. Oli is really enthusiastic, really encourages us to play well as a band and improve individual playing. We are a band of mixed abilities, and all of us are encouraged with our playing in a very pleasant way. We are ambitious and keen to move the band forward. The band enjoys playing a good variety of music and has a sensible schedule of concerts, contests and social events, which aim to strike a balance with those who .. ...
Das my boy. With the Official Blues Brothers Revue... Paul Shaffer as Musical Director, Produced by Dan Aykroyd, and Judith Belushi.
Today is the Birth Anniversary of CARMINE COPPOLA the American Composer, Flautist, Editor, Musical Director, and Songwriter who contributed original music to The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Godfather Part III, and Apocalypse Now, all directed by his son Francis Ford Coppola. CARMINE COPPOLA played the flute. He studied at Juilliard, later at the Manhattan School of Music and privately with Joseph Schillinger. During the 1940s, Coppola worked under Arturo Toscanini with the NBC Symphony Orchestra. Then in 1951, Coppola left the Orchestra to pursue his dream of composing music. During that time he mostly worked as an orchestra conductor on Broadway and elsewhere, working with his son, legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, on additional music for his Finian's Rainbow.Carmine contributed to the music performed in the wedding scene in The Godfather (1972). Later, his son called on him to compose additional music for the score of The Godfather Part II (1974), in which he and his father received an ...
Music Hall & Variety is alive and well. On behalf of the British Music Hall Society Colin Simmons for Showscope Productions presents 'at enormous expense’ A Night Of Summer Music Hall With Your Chairman: Keith ‘Appy’ Hopkins, Supported by the golden voices of Mr. Simon Bashford - Miss Verona Chard and the illusions of Richard Leigh, Musical Director: David Carter. Tuesday 11th June at 7.30, CAA, 20 Bedford Street, London. Tickets on the door at £6. Great Raffle and a very cheap bar.
York Light Opera Company is proud to announce the arrival of York Light Youth. York Light Youth is a new venture for the Company and is aimed primarily at young people between the ages of 12 and 18. This new branch of the York Light Opera Company will be spearheaded by John Hall and Mike Thompson taking on the roles of Director and Musical Director respectively. We are delighted to announce that the inaugural production of York Light Youth will be Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, taking place at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre from 23 to 26 October 2013. The show will be cast following three days of workshops in August, with the bulk of rehearsals scheduled for Saturdays. There will be a meeting on Tuesday 09 July at Lidgett Grove for any adults interested in helping out in anyway. Expressions of interest should be directed to mail Further information will be available shortly. In the meantime, we hope you will be as excited as we are at the news of this exci .. ...
It went so well the first time, we are doing it again! Can you can sing, play an instrument, juggle? Dance the cha-cha? Deliver stand-up comedy? Our ace Musical Director, Kathy French, can use you for this exciting sequel to the wildly successful ACT talent/variety show. We are looking for unusual acts to fill out this second time around! There will be a cash prize for first place, along with other prizes for 2nd and 3rd. Results will be determined by audience votes. There is no ticket sales requirement but remember the competition is being judged by the audience members, so you'll want to invite all your friends to vote for you! There will be a required rehearsal, Wednesday June 5 at 7:00, to put together group acts and figure out the order of the show, logistics, and technical needs. SHOW: Saturday June 8 at 7:00pm. REQUIREMENTS: Contact Kathy French at kathyfrench.mkto join the cast. Prepare your act, come to the rehearsal, and find some friends to attend!!!
SANDOSENANG SAPATOS (TP's Musical on Father's Love) Musical Adaptation/ Libretto- Layeta Bucoy Based on the book of Dr. Luis Gatmaitan Set Designer/Director-Tuxqs Rutaquio Composer- Noel Cabangon Co-Composer/ Arranger/ Musical Director – Jed Balsamo Lights Designer- Katsch Catoy Sound Designer-TJ Ramos Costume Designer-Leeroy New & Slim's Fashion & Art School Choreographer – Gerald Mercado Artistic Director: Nanding Josef July 13 -21, 2013 July 18, 2013 (Thur) 10am and 3pm July 19, 2013 (Fri) 10am and 3pm July 13 and 20, 2013 (Sat) 10am and 3pm July 14 and 21, 2013 (Sun) 10am and 3pm Tanghalang Huseng Batute Cultural Center of the Philippines When wheelchair bound child Susie is forced by the Shoes in her dream to leave dreamland, she must face what she perceives as her shoe maker father's disappointment with her disability or risk not being able to face his love. Based on Dr. Luis Gatmaitan's Palanca award winning short story for children, with music, dance, several pairs of shoes and the Shoe Fairy, ...
We are very pleased to annouce our Musical Director for Phantom is Ian Govan. Ian worked with Stephen on our award winning "Les Miserable" and Leading Notes "Boy From Oz". He has just finished musical directing "Anything Goes" with BLOC.
NO COVER CHARGE: Tonight Live On Stage @ The Copper Door, James Clay Garrison: Greatly influenced by the rhythms and musical styles experienced during his years as a child in Spain, James Clay Garrison became a virtuoso guitarist and vocalist at a very early age, recording his first LP at only 15. Already an experienced performer, he went on to tour the U.S., Europe, and Asia with various bands throughout the late 80’s. James moved to Los Angeles when then untouchable guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, made his group, “Private Life” an offer to record on the WB label after Edward had seen the band perform in James’ home base, Shreveport, Louisiana. During those first years in Los Angeles, James fronted and helped gain recording contracts for several popular 80’s Sunset Strip bands, wrote and recorded a variety of original material, and worked with the legendary Ray Charles as Writer/Producer/Musical Director. James recorded and/or performed with such artists as Stephen Stills, Brian Wilson, Van Halen, ...
My Way, A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra will be the next show at Southwest Playhouse. Show dates will be June 7, 8, 9, and 14, 15, and 16. The shows on Sundays (June 9 and 16) will be 2pm matinees, while all the other shows will be at 7:30 nightly. The SWPH box office will open for reservations June 3 for season ticket holders and the next day, June 4 for all other playhouse patrons. The box office phone number is 323-4448.   This show has an amazingly talented cast, Director Jeri Zitterkob, boasted. We have some of our best SWPH performers in this wonderful show featuring favorites of Sinatra’s famous recordings. The cast hails from several western Oklahoma communities. From Clinton, the cast includes: Korbet Moore, Cris Hart, and David Case. Cast members from Weatherford include: Dean McSpadden, Melissa McSpadden (also the show’s Musical Director), and Josh McSpadden, Kaelie Dickerson, Karena Van Horn, Michael Berrong, Charissa Zoschke, Ingrid Law, Marilyn Simmons, Ashley Underwood, Joel McCoy . ...
Join Silk Entertainment and Keymoe Music Services on a night called Soul on Sundays at one of South London's premier nightspots... A night of live music on Sunday 2nd June and every first Sunday of the becoming a popular and eclectic event... Live music featuring the resident band SOS Quartet ... Musical Director and Keys – Maurice Childs-Smith Bass – Clint Williams Drums – Rowland Shaw Guitar – Ian Lewinson Playing Soul, RnB, Gospel, Reggae etc There are guest singers and for those who love to sing or do spoken word there is a chance to take advantage of the open mike. All compared by Delroy Murray of the 291 Club fame The night is completed with the talented DJ Silk spinning the grooves you want to hear! All this every 1st Sunday of the month @ Scandals 82 Norwood High Street SE27 9NW Doors open 7pm Show 8pm sharp!! A night not to be missed, so come along and join us for this warm and captivating evening. £5.00 on the door Bar and food available For more info email Keymoemusicor call ...
Musical Director: Marilyn Maye 2011 Bistro and MAC Award winner for Outstanding Vocalist, Kevin Dozier, had a wonderful 2010 year, as he made his critically acclaimed Feinstein's debut, and had sold-out runs at The Laurie Beechman Theatre,
West Somerset Brass Band: We are looking for a committed Musical Director who is excited by the prospect of im...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
CARMINE ROJAS – Bass Guitarist, Musical Director, Composer & Producer Many of you will be fans of Joe Bonamassa, and you also might be aware of his equally talented stage mate / bassist Carmine Rojas who is currently recording/touring with Jo. He started in 2005 with the recording of You and Me, and has continued to date, culminating in five studio CDs, in addition to a number of live DVDs. Carmine Rojas is a bass guitarist, musical director, composer, and producer. In addition to his work with Bonamassa, Rojas is also well known for recording with David Bowie and Rod Stewart, his musical styles include rock, R&B/funk, and jazz. He’s toured and played alongside Tina Turner, Keith Richards, Stevie Wonder, Ron Wood, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, *** Jagger, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Peter Frampton, Al Green, Carly Simon, Ian Anderson, Paul Rogers, John Waite, Steve Winwood, Billy Joel, Herbie Hancock, Lee Ritenour, Julian Lennon (Musical Director/Bassist), John Hiatt, Carole King, Beth Hart, Bobby ...
Musical Director: *Jarvis Cocker* A brand new kind of heavy metal music, with moving pictures: 100 years of steel on film with soundtrack...
Did you know? Tim Chaisson was chosen as Musical Director for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s...
Meet Tom Wakeley, Singing Tutor Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) is an accomplished musician, vocal coach and musical director. He is highly regarded by all those who have worked with him and his list of credits speak for themselves. His West End shows include: Musical Director (MD) of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Aspects of Love at the Prince of Wales and By Jeeves at the Lyric; Assistant Musical Director of *** Yankees at the Adelphi; and he was in the orchestra of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Lust, Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Phantom of the Opera, City of Angels, She Loves Me and Cameron Mackintosh's Miss Saigon at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Tom will be teaching Musical Theater from May 21 to May 26, 2013, 9:00am to 5:00pm, at the PETA Theater Center. For more info, contact PETA through 0906-211-5003 meann.espinosaMusical Theater Course in Manila is made possible by Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) in collaboration with the British Council. Tara Cabaero, Mara Paulina Ma ...
Reading on American Blues News - T Bone Burnett is Musical Director for Honoring Levon Helm
In musical rehearsals it is customary for the director to sing their instructions to the cast.
And there was one boy lego singing where I thought a female vocal would suit better, but I'm no musical director
{OFFICIAL} 130213 Kangta as a Musical Director for SBS' new drama (1538X1118) |2P -
Terry L. Tuck's first love is his faith in Jesus Christ. After many years as musical director in the Christian...
yes he is. I composed the score. Musical Director and DJ I followback if you choose to follow. We in Auckland in May.
Rex Salas was also the musical director for 'The Velvet Rope Tour.' It was a pleasure to meet him in IN.
I want to wish Rex Salas, the musical director of The a Happy 51st B-Day today.
Choir? No, reminds me of Shinn, my wonderful caring director, my friends, and all the musical opportunities I miss from Jackson
Pops Fernandez to Homer Flores: "and Homer, our musical director, will PLAY his ORGAN". lol
Always awesome to get a shoutout from musical director Dieter Ruehle at STAPLESCenter!
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Congrats to my favorite assistant director and the cast/crew of Seussical the Musical
Bonne Chance! (If you need a director...1 of my fondest dreams is to direct a musical... For real!) ;)
Today has been the best..the coming together of so many talented people orchestrated by the Lea Singers musical director Benjamin Goodson
Thank you & musical director Miguel Harth-Bedoya for presenting a wonderful program today for Nancy Lee Bass' memorial.
I can't wait until tonight.. my director announces next year's musical.
Welcome director/producer Shakina Nayfack to THE CRAFT: The Musical development team!
Your KSDJ program director, award-winning "Most Likely to Relate Everything to The Lion King" is at TLK: The Musical. Life = complete.
looking forward to being social! Will be a little late waiting for a friend to sing down the phone to a musical director!?*
Who is the Musical Director for these awards?!?
Well done to Catterick Brass and our musical director John Pearson on their successful 2nd place! We play tomorrow, Come on MCB!
My old choir director came to the musical and said really nice things to me and it made me so happy.
I don't understand how someone with no musical background can argue with the Choir director about how a song should be sung??
Honor to hang with my friend Greg Phillinganes tonight. Musical Director and Keyboardist.
but look he ain't even the director for musical .. its some girl name Steph and Mr Watkins forreal forreal
Do you aspire to be a director, choreographer or Music Director? We offer an MA Musical Theatre Creative Practice.
Watch out Berlin Florian Friedrich, Musical Director for Hedwig & the Angry Inch is coming!
By 1977 Joe Jackson (educated at The Royal College of Music) was a musical director for the TV programme 'Oppurtunity Knocks'. That's from
Never refer to a musical director as 'sound'. It's the same as calling an actor a 'turn',
What if: Kanye was the musical director for Les Miserables...
What happens when three drunk girls are listening to For Good and crying about their musical director? Well, it is NOT pretty.
I've just fired the whole cast of SHOPPING LIST MUSICAL. I can do that. I'm the creative director. The boss.
Alethia is the story of The Gospel of John done as a musical. Congratulations to the director and the actors!
We are SO VERY proud of our director, Sandra Hodges. She is playing the part of Mahalia in A Gospel Musical of...
Hey Felix wanna do an interview on tomorrow? I'm one of the new hosts and also the musical director for the show now.
and I with world's best musical director, STANNY! 1st place, Grand Champions, Best Band,…
Do yourself a favor and go see Starr's Mill's: Urinetown, The Musical, tomorrow night. Great cast, crew, director, and live orchestra. 🎭
HOUSE OF ARTS Harmony from Chaos Our world is in turmoil. Countries at war, widespread recession, poverty and moral uncertainty affect the lives of everyone in one way or another. To reflect the atmosphere of the moment, Martyn Bagnall - Musical Director and Conductor of the Dubai Singers and Orchestra - has chosen to present two pieces by the great composers Mozart and Haydn, both written during a similar period of disturbance and uncertainty. “The music of Haydn’s Nelson Mass and Mozart’s Coronation Mass succeed in lifting the spirits to a higher plane, and far above the trouble of the moment “ says Martyn. “The different ways in which the two composers set the words of the mass are intriguing and, as always, their music is uplifting, energetic and exciting. Our orchestra and soloists are of a very high standard and I am very excited to be able to direct these works in Dubai" Dubai audiences will have the chance to hear these marvellous works on Friday 15th March at the H Hotel Dubai at 8pm. . ...
LAUREN WHITE~"MEANT TO BE" - AVAILABLE NEXT MONTH Lauren White is an accomplished vocalist who seamlessly blends the worlds of jazz and cabaret. With the release of her new cd "Meant To Be", Lauren brings a fresh take on an eclectic collection of music from great composers like Dave Frishberg, Alan Broadbent, Melody Gardot, John Coltrane, Joshua Redman, Stephen Sondheim, Bobby Troup and Susan Werner. Featuring arrangements by Quinn Johnson (From the Grammy Winning "Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Big Band" and Steve Tyrell's longtime Musical Director) and Eli Brueggemann, (currently the Musical Director of "Saturday Night Live"), Lauren White's "Meant To Be" crosses genres with it's compelling vocal performances and thrilling instrumentals from world class musicians like Quinn Johnson, Trey Henry, Ray Brinker, Hussain Jiffry, Kevin Winard, Bob Sheppard, Kleber Jorge and Bob Mann. Produced by Quinn Johnson. Executive Producer: Clifford Bell. Lauren has performed from coast to coast from the legendary Cinegrill at ...
DEAR EDWINA AUDITION WORKSHOP Saturday march 30 10am - 2pm This workshop will enable auditioners to work with Director, Musical Director and Choreographer of Dear Edwina for hours, not minutes. this workshop is offered but is by no means necessary to be cast in the upcoming show! bring your music, dress to dance (a lot) and plan on reading form the script and getting to know the artistic staff for the show. This show will be cast with actors ages 6-14 only! Cost $40 yOU WILL BE ABLE TO REGISTER FOR THIS WPORKSHOP BY NOON TODAY THROUGH OUR WEBSITE. CLICK ON THE "REGISTER FOR CLASSES OR BUY TICKETS HERE" LINK ON THE HOME PAGE
Delighted to hear that the tickets for The Concert on March 27th in St.Marys Church Clogheen , are selling very fast. It's looking like it's going to be sold out. Funds in aid of St.Mary's Church. It is going to be a very special evening of gospel song, music , and prayers of inspiration. It will be a candlelight vigil with Fr.Pat Butler and music will be by myself, Paddy O'Brien and John Hogan and Fran Curry is Musical Director. Extra tickets are now on sale from Post Office in Clogheen, Creeds Shop in Burncourt,and John Quirke Jewellers in Cahir. Also available from Cashel Post Office and Danny Ryan Music Shop Tipp Town x
Musical Director, shaping & molding this Music to Cradle these Young Gifted Artists... Director Roy Hudson, Musical Director, Tommy Newman, Ray Smith & the orchestra always absolutely amazing, Tracy Gilland Shillabeer, choreographer (congrats!) Chris Rich, and all the others who worked long hard hours, and the dedicated cast, thank you. It was awesome.
In October 2013 our Principal Cornet player will be leaving the band to go to university. Our cornet section is currently short of full strength but is made up of committed, reliable players and we are looking for a strong, committed player to join and lead the section. The band is not currently taking part in full band contests but would be keen to do so in the future when our circumstances permit this. We do, however, have a full diary of engagements throughout the year that include bandstand concerts and formal concerts as well as the usual round of village fetes. This is reflected in our programme that is made up of a mix of challenging concert works and brass band standards. The position will initially be that of Co-Principal Cornet, moving to Principal Cornet in October. Expressions of interest and requests for further information should be sent to the Musical Director at md.msbb
Conductor and pianist Charles Darden, who performed many times with the Washington Square Music Festival, died in his home in Dublin, California on February 20. We remember his talent with great pleasure. Friday, March 7, 2008 Charles Darden Bio Charles Darden is Director of Music of the Anglican Church, and Director of La Chorale De Bons Choeurs, on the island of St. Barts in the Caribbean French West Indies. He is a graduate of The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. He grew up in California and was the founder and conductor of the Berkeley Free Orchestra. In 1970, Seiji Ozawa appointed him Apprentice Conductor to the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Later, he was twice a Conducting Fellow at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra where he studied with Leonard Bernstein. In 1975, Lorin Maazel appointed him Conducting Assistant to the Cleveland Orchestra. He was later appointed Musical Director of the Ballet Rambert in London and later Principal Conductor of the Dance Theat ...
Into the Light with the BBC Elstree Concert Band A dazzling array of musical lights will be on display as the BBC Elstree Concert Band perform their latest programme of music for wind band. There will be a spotlight on a royal road whilst light of a different kind, in flame and fire, will be released into the audience in the form of Philip Sparke's famous "Year of the Dragon". Rounding off our theme is "Into the Light" by Jay Bocook, with its intricate use of musical effects and tones. As usual, stage lights will be shining brightly as we showcase some of our favourite tunes of the moment from the stages of London's West End. And no concert of ours would be complete without some film music classics including our own James Bond tribute. After another busy year, we are delighted to be back at St Pancras in a convenient central London location. As ever the Band is conducted by its exuberant Musical Director, Andrew Morley, and the evening promises to be yet another entertaining night of top quality music. Wh ...
Stage and Theatre Review By Charles Foster Carmichael “Aida” An age-old Egyptian tragic tale that’s been told since the 1700s and made into operas and plays got the Broadway treatment by the renowned team of Sir Elton John and Tim Rice in 2000 and garnished an impressive five Tony Awards, is now on stage at the High Street Arts Center in Moorpark. With a large production team, many straight from the Conejo Players camp, Director Shawn W. Lanz has assembled an impressive cast of singers and dancers to bring this timeless tale to life, adding a few quirky additions for flavor. We start with the oldest story on record, (retold for the stage by Linda Woolverton, Robert Falls, and David Henry Hwang). Aida, a Nubian Princess (Darrienne Lissette), is captured along with many of her slaves by a handsome Egyptian captain, Radames, (Nick Newkirk--who also doubled as Musical Director). She keeps her identity a secret, naturally, even though Radames’ wacky and conniving Nubian servant, Mereb, (Jonathan Ortiz) ...
ON-CALL VOCALS Dubbed As Baguio City’s premiere Vocal Group, On-call vocals is a highly select group of three or four vocalists performing three-part harmony, accompanied only by the piano. They began in 1999 in a resto-bar called Pilgrims’ Cafe along Session road, Baguio City, doing renditions of classic standard hits, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s love songs all arranged in tight harmony that is distinctly On-Call. MEMBER PROFILE DR. DENNIS P. FLORES- Musical Director, vocal arranger, accompanist/pianist. Doctor of Medicine, Family Physician. Took up piano lessons since 6 years old, but basically self-taught. Began his professional musical career alongside his Medical profession, in 1989 after graduation from Medical school at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. JETT F. ACMOR Vocals- tenor, chose to pursue a professional singing career since 1992. Since childhood, he recalls singing and travelling are the things he loved most to do, and twenty years later, he is still gratefully at it ...
Bassist, Writer, Composer, Producer, Musician, Musical Director, and Philosopher.   Rio, a creative and versatile bassist, has been holding the groove down for many years.   Rio was born in St. Louis, Missouri. The youngest of four growing up in the 70’s funk era, he was influenced by music at an early age. Rio’s home was typically filled with music, as his mother was a singer for the church choir and a brother that played guitar. Rio picked up on the correlation between music and the mood it creates, long before picking up an instrument, He also saw it as a viable vehicle for self-expression that would counter his shyness. He began following various artist/Bands such as Sly & the Family Stone, Parliament/Funkadelic, Earth, Wind, and Fire. He was initially drawn to the drums, which he played in his elementary school band as well as the trumpet. As his brother would share with him what he knew on the guitar until it became obvious that Rio was more interested learning bass lines. Rio felt “that’s ...
A letter from Ted Chamberlain, our new Musical Director: Good Harmony, Gentlemen!! I want to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself to you and if you haven't been coming around lately, to invite you to come join us and help us fill the risers! My name is Ted Chamberlain - some of you may know me from when I first started singing with the SeaChordsmen as a teenager back in about 1980! Or maybe our paths have crossed at other times over the years. Well, Barbershop had a very influential roll in my life!!! Although I had a strong singing and musical upbringing before finding barbershop, there was something about the style of music and ringing chords that immediately drew me in. And I must tell you that I was litterally blown away when I first heard the SeaChordsmen in that initial rehearsal I attended more than 30 years ago. I WAS HOOKED!! This love of Barbershop litterally guided my career choice (Vocal Music Educator - and now Private Voice instructor as well). I have been a lover of quartetting ...
URGENT ADVERT: Wicken Brass Band from Cambridgeshire has a vacancy for a new Musical Director.
With just hours to go until the live BRITS 2013 show, Tech Music School wish three of its recent alumni and one of its most popular tutors all the very best, as they prepare to perform in front of a star studded crowd and a predicted 6 million plus TV viewers.     TMS London visiting tutor, Jon Shone, is the Musical Director and keyboard player for teen sensation One Direction.  As well as performing live with the guys tonight, Jon is about to embark on a world tour with 1D and has been busy rehearsing with them for the past couple of months.  If all this wasn’t enough, Jon has kindly found time to visit us at TMS London, tomorrow (Thurs 21st) to talk to students and host a Masterclass.     Joining Jon tonight with be two of TMS London’s most successful, recent graduates Sandy Beales (1D Guitar) and Dan Richards (1D Bass) Sandy and Dan will also be joining 1D on their world tour.  Our loss, young girls all over the worlds gain.   Also   TMS London guitar graduate, Ross O’Reilly, will be per ...
Now it's time for MYTHOLOGY - The official CD & DVD release date is TODAY. The Guys, David Munro our Musical Director, the Cast, the Crew, everyone in Marketing and Admin - We are all waiting with baited breath to see the reaction to our new show. We are so excited about it and hope you all love it.
alright everyone i had an amazing weekend. after playing four nights at the wonderful Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe in grosse pointe with RJ Spängler and the Planet D Nonet (thanks to Planet D for being amazing musicians) I headed up to Ann Arbor yesterday, where I formally accepted the position of Musical Director at the Canterbury House. I couldn't be more thrilled to start this new chapter in September! Then I hustled over to The Ravens Club and played an amazing show with The Heather Black Project. But WHILE ALL THAT WAS GOING ON... on the other side of the world (literally), Tasha Patamapongs and her band were performing six of my arrangements at the Mellow Motif plays 'Jazz for Lovers' Concert! in Bangkok, Thailand! I heard that the performance went great, and I can't wait to hear the recordings. Congrats to Tash and crew for a successful and energizing show, and a great turnout (over 800 people, I'm told!) Oh, and also, I bought a Hammond M-101 organ yesterday. And an accompanying leslie. Found the d ...
We would like to thank all who supported tonight's concert at St Thomas's Church and made it such a success. Special thanks to Richard Simpson, Anne Rowe, Pat Penno & all those who provided a marvellous supper. Last but not least, our Musical Director, Roy Wilton & Accompanist, Rob Parkin.
Sone great music on show here today at the Welsh Open! The boss, Gareth Ritter, showing us his great ability as Musical Director with M1 and now sublime playing with M2.
The Elgar ChoraleWe are . . . The Elgar Chorale is a mixed voice choir of up to 40 singers, many of them professional musicians, with a busy programme of concerts taking place across Worcester, Worcestershire and beyond.Under the leadership of the founder and Musical Director, Dr Donald Hunt, the ch...
Tom is Musical Director for this annual show. He also plays the roles of Albert Parsons and a coal miner from Blair Mountain.
In a Professional Band, the Musical Director, Guides the Band from the first audition to the last gig. The Musical Director MUST Know How to put TOGETHER a band that is right for the music that's NEEDS to be Presented, as well as the Know how to Rehearse the Right Personnel that would be able to Effortlessly Execute a High-Quality Event . Top M.D.s are Never Lacking for work and those who are Great stay in High Demand by Top Artists who will settle for Nothing Less Than The BEST !
The Woodville Concert Band would like to thank Andrew Cheek who recently retired from his 13 years as Musical Director. We will all miss him but he leaves us sounding better than ever with lots of great music and some wonderful memories. Thanks Andrew, all the best for the future!
Opus 5 I got to hand it to you, to my 4 dedicated musician's who stand behind me to make OPUS 5 the only Frankie Valli & Four Seasons Premier Tribute Band a reality in the works, I'm so very proud and honored to be standing and performing with you guys beside me now and on the big stages to come. You all did such an awesome job the other day. What more can I ask but that you guys are what I needed to make my dream come true in forming my Band. You all bring the willingness, respect, the dedication, your precious time, and most all your friendship & honesty to Opus 5. Also a very special High 5 to my Musical Director who has worked so hard in preparing the songs in their respective arrangments.Mr. Levi Soto. I also wanted to let all my fb friends/family here in the U.SA. and overseas, agents, producers, and all related to the music business that Opus 5 is ready to boogie down on stage. Also a very special thanks to Ned and Lew for standing beside us in our project that's just about to take off! www.o ...
Pleased to learn that Joshua Bell is now Musical Director of the Academy of St Martin in the Fields. Only just heard about this.
Wow!! what an incredible production of "Les Miserable" by the very talented Fusion Theatre. Not a weak link in this fabulous show and many memorable moments. Few favourites would be "Master of the House", " One day More" with the chorus of over 85 teenagers. Among the excelllent cast a moving performance of my favourite " Bring him Home" by Boyd Rodgers ( Jean Valjean) and amazing talented performance by the young Gavin McNally ( Gavroche) and a death defying leap of faith in the suicide of Rory Collun ( Javert). Huge conratulations to Director/Musical Director - Ian Milford and Choreographer - Rebecca Leonard, another production to be extremely proud of, oh and did I mention that was the Dress Rehearsal!!! If you get a chance go and see this production, you will not be disappointed
Very happy to announce I will be Musical Director of the the 1st UK Tour the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.
It gives me great pleasure to share with you the results of what our Fundraising efforts in December helped with to honor Lionel's Charitable Heart at Christmas and New Years.   Together, as Lionel's Fan Club we raised $1500.00 to adopt the Benitez Family. (Victims of Hurricane Sandy) Lionel in return, matched our fundraising efforts which gave us a total of $3000.00 to help this during this devistating time. Your donations bought a television, sofa and loveseat to replace the items that we're detroyed.    I would like to thank each and every member that either gave to this project or made a donation to their own charities to honor Lionel this Christmas and new years. I would also like to thank Mr. Chuckii Booker (Lionel's Musical Director at the time, for his donation of $500.00 as well as Lionel's Matching Donation of $1500.00! A VERY SPECIAL Thankyou going out to Ms. Tory Connolly Walker, for not only helping us find the Benitez family but communicating with them on our behalf and traveling to the ...
Good Monday morning everyone! There is likely to be a meeting with the Musical Director towards the end of this week. If you have any more songs to put forward do please post them here today and tomorrow! Thank you.
Amazing week coming up! Musical Director for Ovations tomorrow night at the Convention Centre!! Guest speaker is Premier Kathy Dunderdale with MC Krystin Pellerin of ROD! Got to jam with her for an hour yesterday and we had a laugh! Also, sharing the stage with the lovely Dana Parsons and Janet Cull. Fri and Sat it's the KAEBand @ The Martini Bar and next week I get to be Dan Hill's duet partner at the Delta! Pinch me, deadly times! with Glen Collins, Mark Peddle, Evan Smith, and Scott Mansfield.
In 1914 the Borough Polytechnic Institute gained a new Musical Director: none other than Ralph Vaughan Williams,...
CLOSE UP ON Roman Diaz. Musical director, percussionist, and vocalist of The Cimarron Project. Catch Ramon and Cimarron Project this Friday at Entour Entertainment Presents: The APAP World Music Showcase. Roman Diaz (Musical Director, Percussion and Vocals) Master percussionist, scholar and composer Román Díaz is regarding as a “living repository” of Afro Cuban music. Having performed and recorded with the likes of Merceditas Valdes, Raices Profundas, Los Marqueses de Atares, Jane Bunett, Juan Carlos Formell, Orlando “Puntilla” Rios, Paquito D’Rivera, Oriente Lopez, and Giovanni Hidalgo. As a member of the seminal rumba ensemble Yoruba Andabo, he aided in the creation of the sound that has defined rumba since the 1980’s in Cuba and all around the world. The evolution of Guarapachangeo incorporating Bata and the once archaic cajón into modern rumba is the legacy of the late Pancho Quinto (founder of Yoruba Andabo). It is piously carried on by Román Díaz. As a producer, he has brought toget ...
We are thrilled to announce that we will be returning to the stage for the 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival for 2 shows only. We are excited to be performing in a new venue this year and we have welcomed a new Musical Director and a new member. We will be performing on Thursday February 28th and Thursday March 7th at 9:30pm. Put these dates in your diaries folks! Watch this space!
Lions Youth Brass and their Musical Director Nigel Birch are delighted to announce that they will once again be assisted by the Double Champion Fodens Band for their next major project. This is a two day recording project in February where along with some great concert items and a selection of solos from the bands array of talented musicians, the recording will feature a solo from John Barber, Principal Trombone of Fodens, and also Glyn Williams the Fodens Principal Euphonium. Mike Fowles the Fodens resident Musical Director is also assisting with the preparation and production of the recording. The recording will feature some great compositions, by those with a Sandbach connection, including composers Andy Scott, Ian Raisbeck, Dr. Peter Meechan, Kevin Birch and even a duet by the Fodens legend Harry Mortimer. The recording has been commissioned by Sandbach Lions Club and will be supported by Glyn Williams Music. Glyn has recently supplied the band with some new Sterling Instruments in conjunction with a ...
So happy that I've been selected as Musical Director for Hunter Ryan Herdlicka's Austin concert on Jan. 24 & 25 at Austin Cabaret Theater. The two night event is expected to sell out. A little about Hunter: His critically acclaimed show at Feinstein’s at the Regency had New York audiences buzzing… on the heels of his performance with Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch in Broadway’s A Little Night Music. Don’t miss one of the hottest, talented young singing sensations of our time!
Working alongside Master William Pickering as Musical Director has been full of laughs and interesting jokes. Come and see what Award-Winning ENCORE Youth Theatre has to offer this February Half-Term with an Incredible Cast, a Fabulous Artistic Team and a Super Talented Production Team.
For those of you who don’t know us well, TACSY is a brand-new, professional-quality, Theater performance and training program. This program was created to continue and build on the wonderful work done by the “On Centerstage” program at the Suffolk Y JCC following the recent retirement of Producer Barbra Bresin and the closing of that program. TACSY was created by theater veterans Rochele Seskin (Co-Artistic Director, Director) and Sid Cherry (Co-Artistic Director, Musical Director) partnering with the Suffolk Y JCC. Rochele and Sid have, collectively, more than 40 years of experience working in professional theater including Broadway, Off-Broadway, Broadway Touring, Regional and Local Shows. They have also, during that time, worked on over 70 productions starring kids of all ages. Every show and event produced by TACSY is guided by the belief that each child possesses a unique talent and deserves his or her own special place on the stage. For more information, feel free to message us at this page .. ...
Singing Workshop with Dr Jonathon Welch AM, (Founder of Choir of Hard Knocks) Message from Yvonne Corstorphin, Cool Harmonies Community Choir Leader Hello fabulous fellow singers, Cool Harmonies are very excited to be hosting Dr Jonathon Welch AM (founding Music Director of the Choir of Hard Knocks) for a singing workshop here in Coolum next February, and would like to invite you all to take part in what will be a fun and inspiring afternoon of song. The details are: 'Afternoon with Jonathon Welch' Sunday 17th February 2013 Coolum Civic Centre Park Street (nr Coolum Library in Jack Morgan Park) 12.30pm till 2.30pm Cost $30 Jonathon is a gifted Musical Director who passionately celebrates community music making whilst providing a teaching experience of the highest standard, so this is an opportunity not to be missed. Attached is a flyer for your information that you are welcome to forward to others. We are asking participants to register and pre-pay to secure their booking so please contact me as per belo ...
Mac-Haydn people have been celebrating the holidays, and have plans for the new year as well: Monica M. Wemitt featured in Cohoes Music Hall’s Christmas show; Jimm Halliday provided costumes for that show. Ed Knight (apprentice 2012, numerous children’s theatre and main stage roles) sharing the Christmas spirit in Melodies of Christmas at Proctor’s Theatre. Karla and Kelly Shook, Scott Wasserman, Meagan Glogower (and we may have missed someone and apologize if so) were singing and dancing it up at Little Theatre On The Square in Sullivan, IL, with Joshua Zecher-Ross, who holds twin titles of Artistic Director and Musical Director for the theatre. Julie Drahushuk (usher for many years) will be hitting the road as the tutor for the boys playing Pugsley in “The Addams Family”. Rob Richardson home for Christmas break, he’ll be back on the road with “Jekyll & Hyde” and then back to NY when the show hits Broadway in the spring. Lou Crocco spending “White Christmas” at the Kennedy Center.
On Monday 17th December 2012 at our Christmas lunch meeting Alma Cronin, Musical Director of the Crescendo Rotary Choir and honorary Rotarian, presented our club president Vic Walker with a cheque for £1810 representing the net proceeds of the concert held the previous Saturday at the Salvation Army Hall in Worthing. The occasion was a sell-out.The money will be used to alleviate hardship for needy children and families in our area. President Vic cangratulated Alma and the choir for their excellent performance. The event was made even more enjoyable by the performance of the S.Army band who were magnificent as always. The audience joined in in the singing of some carols and the evening was adjudged a great success. The Choir's next concert will be held at Our Lady of Sion School, Gratwicke Road Worthing at 7.30pm on Saturday 29th June 2013, Enter this event in your diaries NOW!
2012!! Wow what a year. Got married, gained a 5 year step-daughter, turned 40, moved house about 6 times, toured with two world class artists…. After 11 months of hard work has sadly come to an end. Thanks to everyone who supported and invited me into their lives. For all your kind words, gifts, photos and general nice stuff. A big thumbs up to the wonderful amazing people in Texas - Debby Sutton and her inspiring students at PGHS Texarkarna. I had a truly inspiring 10 days in Texas. Big respect to the musicians from New York, Canada, Texas & the UK who joined us on our various tours and projects. Huge thanks and gratitude to Ramin Karimloo for hiring me in as his Guitarist & Musical Director, trusting me to put bands together & share my experience with musicians all over the UK, US & CN. It was a huge learning curve - challenging emotionally and musically but I hope the future brings more of the same. Good luck with Sheytoons and may your journey continue. As always love & respect to Darren Hayes for t ...
Sensational evening last night. The Blue Bishops with a little help from The Chairs really rocked it. Terrific audience (over a hundred) had a great time and gave us some excellent feedback. We had our usual smattering of musos including Andy Renton from 3AM who very kindly sat in drums with The Chairs, whose drummer left them in the lurch at short notice, on a couple of numbers. Thanks also to Don Craine from The Downliners Sect for his support since we started out on this journey. He is always up for doing a number with any band that asks him and does it with good grace and class. It was an honour to welcome Martin Turner (Wishbone Ash), *** Avery (Kinks), Denny (The Crazy World of Arthur Brown), Bob Hokum (Bob Hokum Band and Musical Director of The Ealing Festival), David and Jack Sinclair (DS3), Paul Long (The Riotous Brothers and BBC Radio) and Tim Renton with his lovely wife Sandy. It was very gratifying to receive so many great comments and words of encouragement from these seasoned veterans and e ...
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The Adult Studies Division wraps up its semester this Sunday with two great Jazz Performances in Zipper Hall: • At 1:00pm: Led by Willie Muillo- The high power big band, The Session Squad, will perform the great standards in the big band repertoire. • At 5:00pm: Musical Director, Liz Kinnon, will lead the Jazz Combo -a dynamic 11-piece ensemble- through be-bop and Latin-flavored arrangements of jazz standards by jazz icons.
Fabulous OLIVER AUDITIONS with CAMUS on Sunday. We had so many brilliant people , we could have cast TWO SHOWS!! It was an exhausting day from 9am til 6.30pm and then more auditions last night. We have a brilliant production team Richard Stockton is Musical Director and Duncan Hamilton as Director and me?..Well I'm just the humble Choreographer !!!
Another wonderful write-up for THE FREE RESIDENCY from CABARET HOTLINE ONLINE: Jonathan Whitton, a Bistro & MAC Award Winner, and well known for his starring role in several productions of HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH, is not just a talented vocalist and actor: he is a cabaret performer out there on the leading edge of the world of cabaret. Jonathan is not content to simply sing a bunch of songs interspersed with self-indulgent patter. He throws his own personality in each song he presents. He sings from the heart, and freely add his own stamp and personal feelings to his songs - while remaining true to the original lyric and intentions of the songwriter, often mining the lyrics to expose every gem and golden vein. For this show, Jonathan was joined by experimental musician and NYU Musical Theatre Writing Program Graduate Aaron Jones as Musical Director. Together they presented what they called "re-imagined takes on songs from an eclectic group of songwriters" like Amos Lee, Kate McGarrigle, James Shelton, an ...
Today the cast of Hairspray are off to Geelong for the Victorian Music Theatre Guild Awards to perform. Congratulations to Andy McCalman for his 2 nominations for Musical Director (Hairspray & Sunset Boulevard) and Todd Jacobsson (Link Larkin) nominated for the Dancers Award. Chookas also to Damian Muller (sets for BLOC's Oklahoma), Lynne Muller (Costumes Oklahoma) and to sbc who picked up a nomination for Technical Achievement. Jack Richardson has been nominated in the junior category for BLOC's Narnia and BCC Into The Woods. Hope you all have a wonderful night and bring some bricks home to Ballarat!!!
Hope that everyone is doing well! Some announcements should be heading your way soon! In the meantime, come check out the musical "Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings" at New Villages Arts in Carlsbad running through the end of the month! It's a fun show featuring a talented cast and it's sure to get you in the mood for the holidays! I'm the Musical Director as well as the piano player, so make sure to stop by and say hi! For more information, visit
Ronnie Dandan on 1st Keyboards and Musical Director, Baher Shenouda on 2nd Keyboards,John Conley on Bass,Patrick Earl Danao on Drums,Romy David on Guitar.
Alright now on Saturday December 1th at 7pm at Celebrity Centre we will be presenting a Concert on Drug Awareness hosted by Award-winning Producer/Director Sal Rinella featuring Aaron Denver Crites, Sean Dennison, Jon Rosenthal, Jon Statham, Mike Brumfield, Mario Coleman, Brittany Bexton, Landon Funk, Gary Weilage, Jessica Rose Greenwood and Suzahn Fiering. Musical Director Mel Nelson Show Producer Jaz Dorsey Special Guest Speakers Mr. Marc & Anne Vallieres. Celebrity Centre is located at 1130 8th Ave. South 2 blocks from Greer Stadium with plenty of FREE PARKING. The Event is FREE so bring all your fiends.
Had a great rehearsal! I can't wait until people see this band. They are really going to love it. Lez Les Warner is the best musical director/Drummer and the passion in this band is astounding! GMOS is on the move!
History Theatre's "Christmas of Swing" opens with a bang: screaming jets, wailing sirens, the staccato of gunfire, all against a shifting backdrop of war footage
One of the most recognizable figures in local music may be less-known for his own gigs than the ones he sets up for others.
Monday Thoughts on Christmas: We all are familiar with the song Jingle Bells. Some history on the song. The Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah, Georgia was known as the Jingle Bells Church. It was there in 1857, while serving as the church's musical director and organist, James Pierpoint finally copyrighted One Horse Open Sleigh, the Christmas carol known as Jingle Bells, which he had composed in Medford, Masschusetts, at least seven years earlier. You can imagine Pierpont sitting at the organ playing this song for the congregants every Christmas Eve. The man had a complicated life. He moved to the South and fought for the Confederacy, while his brother, John served as a Union Army chaplian. He died impoverished though his nephew was a great financial titan, J. Pierpont Morgan, said to have more money than the U.S. Treasury. Something to think about how long ago this song was written and is still being sung even today.
CHURCH REVIEW !!! Mount Olivet Lutheran Church 5/10 MacroTiger Mt. Olivet on 2012 Nov 25, 10am mass 50th St. MPLS ... MacroTiger rating 5 out of 10 * 1. processional hymns, magnificent, Holy Holy Holy never goes out of style, 10/10 2. special music: abysmal 1/10 2a. choir quality 7/10 2b. selection of music 1/10 2c. opera guy, 3/10 3. sermon.. nice enuf, but twice as long as acceptable ( ELCA wd do well with dispensing w sermons altogether) 6/10 4. Hymn selection: great ! 9/10 5. Hymn execution: horrid, 2/10... liturgist chopped most of the stanzas off these excellent hymns. Suggestions for Mr. Olivet's future improvement... Dear Mt. Olivet Music Director, pls admit yourself into a *** Chi Minh re-education camp and stop abusing the excellent voices of your choir by having them sing absolute crap. Dear Ministers of Mt. Olivet, pls get the balls to kick your musical director when he errs so grievously and pls, pls, pls, gut your sermons down to a manageable length, say 20 seconds to four minutes. We will . ...
would like to wish Mal Read all the very best in his new venture as Musical Director of Gwaun Cae Gurwen Band.
Whoever didn't attend this wonderful Christmas concert. missed a great one. Hopefully you'll attend next year which will be even greater.
Another audition?! Yes-um. This one is in Maplewood: The Strollers in MAPLEWOOD (is holding auditions for BOTTOM'S DREAM, a family musical based on A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. Audition dates Monday, November 26, at 7:30 Wednesday, November 28, at 7:30 Callbacks Thursday, November 29, at 7:30 Performance Dates January 18 and 25 at 7:00 PM January 19, 20, 26 and 27 at 2:00 PM Audition Location: The Burgdorff Center For The Performing Arts 10 Durand Rd., Maplewood, NJ 07040 (NJ Transit train station is at the end of the street) Director Carol Cornicelli is seeking 8 adults for the lead roles and 13 children to play Titania & Oberon's faeries, changling child, and 4 mechanical (town craftsmen) apprentices. Actors should be prepared to sing a short song and read from provided scripts. Musical Director Ebony Wiggins will play for the auditions so please bring sheet music if you have it. Rehearsals will begin on Mon, Dec 3rd and are generally 3 nights a week, with a break for the holidays. It is not necessary t . ...
This is my favorite time of the year because it's time for our Christmas Show. This year it will be at the Riverside Hotel and Casino in Laughlin. Opens Nov.27 til Dec. 2. Then back again Dec. 11 til Dec.16. Christie Copeland, Shannon Huslig and Treasure Guffy headlines the "Joy of Christmas" along with Janoe Kalawa. Craig Keyes is musical director with Willie Leleua on bass, Mark Speights on guitar and John Plows on drums. Kalelyn Koval leads a very talented group dancers that include Angela Acosta, Samantha Seipel and Nadia Abulet. You will truly feel the joyous of Christmas is this joyful Hot Lava production of the Christmas Holidays. Come and visit with us. Still got some open seats. Riverside Hotel and Casino. Happy Holidays.
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