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Music Midtown

Music Midtown was a large music festival held in Atlanta, Georgia from 1994 to 2005. It is once again resurrected for 2011.

Billy Idol Piedmont Park

Music Midtown unveils eclectic lineup for 2017 in Piedmont Park.
mom I can't wait to see you at music midtown 🌈🀘
Nice!!! I'm hitting music midtown to see Bruno. I'm super hype
This past year at music midtown when I saw ke$ha she told us to not give up on her & that she will soon put out mus…
Trying to go to Music Midtown but I don't wanna go both days. I only wanna see Bruno Mars, Future, Wiz, and Big Sean.
Any upcoming Atlanta dates other than Music Midtown?. How bout a late night show at the Wing Factory?
Excited to get home ONLY bc I get to buy my music midtown ticket...oh and to see my friends and family...πŸ‘€
I'm thrilled to know you are real!!! you could just come to music midtown in Atlanta with me! 🀣
Hoping to go to music midtown festival at Atlanta, GA. Gonna be crazy
I honestly can't wait for Music Midtown!!
Just preordered Kesha's new album bc she is FINALLY free from Dr. Luke and I'm excited for the new music she promised us at Music Midtown.
I gotta get me a ticket to music midtown fr. My boy wiz gonna be there
Celebrate Summer in Midtown w/ FREE Summer Concerts by the Partnership & Gotham Early Scene
tip for Music Midtown...don't wear a jacket. It will literally be over 100Β° (Fahrenheit). You will be very unhappy.
🌍 FREE Diversity Music Festival in Midtown, July 12-16. 🎸 Full lineup at
Just booked the hotel for music midtown fest in ATL 😝
Getting all the pieces together for the Midtown State Fair at Libbie Mill - Midtown Sunday, July 16th 11-4! Music...
Happy birthday ! Love and miss you. Excited for music midtown round 2 ❀❀❀❀
So glad he's coming back for Music Midtown, I wasn't in town for his concert
If anyone fancies a fun day of live music, good food and a few beers. Come down to The Midtown Summer Market this S…
Future will be there it's like midtown music festival or something like that but Bruno is the main performer.
Playing at the Blue Monkey in midtown Friday night . I believe we start around 10
Got Danna and I tickets to Music Midtown instead of getting myself the weekend pass to the BB&T Atlanta Open. She's made me a changed man πŸ˜ͺ
Best welcoming to NYC is covering buildings as you come out of the Midtown tunnel.
Major music festival partners with gaming company
Midtown Beach Music Series: Spare Change performing tonight from 6-9pm, check link for more information!
Who would like to buy my music midtown tickets?
I need someone to dance the night away at music midtown & lordes concert with
Passing up on warped to pay for music midtown, I guess this is growing up.
I might go to at Music Midtown in Atlanta, GA - Sep 16
Oh, I forgot to tell y'all that Kelly got me Halsey tickets AND music midtown tickets for my bday.. + I woke up to…
Can't wait to see at Music Midtown 😌
I saw them at Music Midtown in Atlanta, 2003. πŸ˜‚
We over here workin just wait on it new music coming soon Joseph Stanley .
I just realized I never uploaded pics from music midtown day 2. Here's Lana, B.O.B, and Eminem
A pic from a while ago at music midtown. If you get the chance to see B.O.B DO IT best concert ever!
Even tho music midtown was forever ago I saw this pic of B.O.B and found my self πŸ˜‚
throwback to the time when we saw B.o.B at music midtown:-/
Is Zac brown band or Eminem opining music midtown?
Crossing my fingers that will be playing Music Midtown this year...
If you are going to Music Midtown on Saturday and are NOT going to the Electric Ballroom stage at 3:30 (AKA then you're the WORST!
Music Midtown lineup is solid af this year. TOP headlining 😭
Ummm *** yeah I'll pay $125 for a music midtown ticket JUST to see Ke$ha perform Tik Tok
just bought a ticket to Music Midtown. officially seeing TØP 3 times this year βœŒπŸΌοΈπŸ˜‚
Music Midtown is the move this year
Yeah, the Music Midtown lineup is kind of a bummer...
I'm going to at Music Midtown in Atlanta, GA - Sep 17
I need to go to Music Midtown this year 😩
The music midtown lineup this year is trash... Unless they're holding out on us
The music midtown lineup is so bad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I want to go to Music Midtown. But I'm poor, so.
Am I the only one who's bummed with the line up of this year's Music Midtown? Miss the days when this festival was Midtown.
Taking volunteers to go to music midtown with me. Let's get lit
Wow... extremely disappointed in Music Midtown's lineup this year. I'd only be going for Ke$ha. πŸ˜•
By the way, are playing music midtown. If that doesn't excite you like it does me, reevaluate your life.
July - September consist of trying to learn every song of every artist that's going to be @ Music Midtown
Shoot music midtown trash this year .. We need this in the ATL
Music midtown is the weekend we go to Europe 😩😩😩
If Ke$ha is going to music midtown im going to music midtown
So we're all going to music midtown right?
Music midtown lineup is disappointing this year πŸ˜‘
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Like I seriously need someone to go to music midtown with me.
Still can't get over how trash the music midtown lineup is
Music Midtown will never be as good as the year (and other great artists) were thereπŸ’”
I for SURE need to go to Music Midtown in September.. 😭
James Bay is going to be at Music Midtown pls I love him I must go
Gotta get to music midtown this year
Music Midtown lineup graphics have Big Boi third line down, but Twenty One Pilots is a headliner? In ATL? What is this pasty nonsense?
BREAKING! Music Midtown to be headlined by The Killers, twenty one pilots, Beck, deadmau5
Can someone pay for music midtown tickets? I'm broke but really want to go
The music midtown lineup this year is amazing 😍
Atlanta! It's been too long. Come be with us at Music Midtown.
This tank is literally us after we saw the Music Midtown lineup.
Music Midtown's lineup is absolute garbage this year. πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
Take me to see at music midtown so I know it's real 😩😩😩
hey Kevin see y'all at Music Midtown in ATL! Xxoo hope you are writing awesome lyrics.
they have the free wifi/charge your phone centers in midtown now. All the crackheads use it n play old music n smoke k2
In the midst of Yonge & Eg construction, these buskers bring exciting life & awesome music to the heart of Midtown.
This might be the Music Midtown weekend. Always about this time of the year.
Enjoy your long weekend in MIDTOWN, lets have fun and Celebrated with live music ,you can…
Currently going though music midtown pictures and videos. Post concert depression.
Drake/Future, Queen Bey, AND Music Midtown - September is about to be too lit. πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™πŸ½
Saturday, I djayed a cool Prince themed happy hour in midtown Houston, TX. Everybody dressed from head to toe in...
I miss you both and can we have a music midtown night again please ASAP !!
MY BABY Music Video. If you like it please share it dear fellow artist (Midtown) via
This is so fantastic! The Ann Arbor Pioneer bands continue to excel in so many ways so proud of the music that...
Reno beer hall The Saint opens - The Saint, the newest taproom and music hall in Midtown, opened its doors Apri...
you wanna go don't you lol . If you coming it can possibly be the one in midtown lol
Due to threat of rain tonight, Midtown Beach Music has been moved into Kings Bowling.
Head out to tonight from 6-9 for their Midtown Beach Music Series. This week, we will be shagging to very groovy Catalinas!
Head to tonight for the Midtown Beach Music Series feat. The Catalinas 6 - 9 p.m.!
More Midtown Beach Music tonight. Join us in Raleigh from 6-9pm. Music from the Catalinas
Tonight's the night for more Midtown Beach Music. Join us in Raleigh for refreshments and music from the...
Can't wait for music midtown this year
New men's mag seeks writers for movies, music, fitness, clothes & more (Midtown)
$6.00 martinis and live music out on the patio. Stop in midtown and check out Robbie Berry live at Henry's.
An ideal evening includes a classic and live music at from the team behind
Happy Birthday Music Man ... Have a blast at Red Door in Midtown my boy . You deserve it . Luv u ...
Heather Thornton has a show on 05/06/2016 at 07:00 PM @ Jazz Midtown in Kansas City, MO...
Having a blast playing music for Midtown Atlanta YoungLife fundraiser at This is a…
I miss music midtown on a daily basis
Okay, it's Jazz Guitar & Cocktail Wieners out on the patio at in Save some for me!:)
ok this was literally him at Music Midtown why is this so accurate
Have you had a chance to jam out at the Midtown Beach Music Series yet? You'll have another opportunity to...
Jazz Guitar & Cocktails out on the patio tonight at in Come join me!
Check out our feature on THIS Midtown's next headliner, German house band Satin Jackets!
Ima try to get to come with us to Music Midtown festival here in September
Wonder if is still trying to do Music Midtown this year ?
I wanna go to music midtown this year
instead of studying I'm watching videos from music midtown bc I miss it
I'm already so excited for Music Midtown it's unreal
you need to come for music midtown. I bet the lineup will be so good!
at in Midtown! Nothing like gorgeous music to go with my mid-afternoon iced tea 🎼🍹
Midtown Getdown starts June 11th, come and enjoy some of the best music, art, and food!
Read what inspired architect Annabelle Selldorf when designing the new Hall. https:/…
My photo of Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Music Midtown is featured in this French article. .
~~>June 11th is our first Midtown GetDown! From 4- 10 pm enjoy a free all ages event! Combing music, art, and food! ht…
Music Midtown was so much fun! Elle King, Billy Idol, Vance Joy, Panic at the Disco, and of course…
how can i find the entire lineup for the 2015 midtown music festival?? Searched their FB, Website, Ticket site.nothing :(
Friend are too cheap to go to Music Midtown or they are not into music - I really don't get that - people are weird
Going away party for a mainstay at Truman's (at in New York, NY)
Website Builder 728x90
A ticket for the TWD convention for $22 but I can't find one for the music midtown 😩😩
I need to win the lottery and I need to attend music midtown and then I need to win the lottery again
I need 2 see drake I need 2 buy my music midtown ticket
That moment when came back... 2011. Look for an upcoming GIA episode featuring Music Midtown.
can you bring some to my school in Atlanta when you come for music midtown
Trying to convince my dad to go with me to Music Midtown. πŸ˜‚
Music midtown got a good roster this year too. Just to name a few
2 things: 1) music midtown is like SO soon 2) meet and greets for this tour or nah?
We announcing the people that been selected for music midtown on podcast.
Those who worked wit me before will be first for music midtown then the rest will fall in after.
Now everybody can't work music midtown. Ima need ppl for a ksu football game (Sat)morning and a Charlie Wilson show at Chastain that (Sat)
Music midtown update. Not 100% set in stone but might be having a 30+ ppl tent. Last year was 25+ and they made like $400-$450 for two days
I'm headed to Midtown Music Fest. Drake and Elton John headline Friday night which one should I attend longer?
Surprising my sister with a Music Midtown ticket because she is the best. I can't wait to see her reaction ❀️ I'm coming for you, Drake. 😘
Join us in Celebrating Grown Folks Music Festival on Saturday: Heights at Midtown Atlanta , GA - On…
Holy crap. I just realized it will be my 3rd consecutive year going to Music Midtown. I have no idea who I'm excited to see.
Anyone trying to go to Saturday of Music Midtown this year? I can only go to Friday, so I'm lookin for someone to split the ticket cost with
I want Music Midtown tickets just to see Hall and Oates
It's been decided I have to go to music midtown 😩
I can't believe it's only 3 more Fridays till Music Midtown!
Music Midtown! My mom and I need some mother-daughter bonding time and seeing Elton John would be perfect πŸ˜ŽπŸ™
Ha sorry... Music Midtown in Atlanta. Trying to not be the guy who puts tickets on social media for all 2 claim
news: Billy Idol returns to Atlanta, GA for Music Midtown (two day festival)...
I really thing you should follow me. I GO TO MUSIC MIDTOWN EVERY YEAR
I added a video to a playlist Midtown Madness Main Menu Music
I'm so ready for music midtown oh my god
sponsored Music Fest at North Hills Midtown Park 3-8pm today! and other food trucks too
I liked a video Bastille - Oblivion - Live from the Honda Stage at Music Midtown
1. Jealous af I'm not at Gov Ball. 2. Need to see Drake. 3. Need to go to Birthday Bash. 4. Need a Music Midtown lineup ASAP
My bio is a true story in case anybody was wondering.. It happened at music midtown in atlanta
Lana will be performing at Music Midtown in Atlanta in September!
Cocktails and music in midtown west
Eminem did work at Music Midtown last year. Ran thru like 40 songs 😩
Music Midtown is gonna be crazy tho, same weekend as the Hip Hop Awards too
yo awesome live music at Louie's in midtown okc ;)))
Indigo Midtown is the place to be tonight! Live Entertainment, great music and great drinks with…
i'm actually p close to bonnaroo rn apparently everyone in ATL goes up there and then music midtown's here in the fall
On our quest for a cheap happy hour in midtown we found Murphy's Pub..the music went from Green Day to angry Celtic Rock.
Really wanna know this year's Music Midtown line up
Anyone know when the music midtown lineup is announced?
A Sunday afternoon at North Hills you won't want to miss - live music from in Midtown Park, 2-8pm!
& Timeless. Go get a at and and kick off your weekend
Driving through midtown Atlanta with my trap music blasting and white girl outfit on.
This weekend don't miss out on the for and amazing .
music fest always set you back a lot. Went to music midtown in atl last year. Spent a lot
We're one week away! Chris Rogers Music will be performing at Music @ The Row – Midtown Stages during Country...
Catch her at the next Midtown Songwriter Series on June 12 --> Rachel Brashear brings new attitude to music
Midtown Events is getting ready for a big weekend of music starting with Kickin' It Country on Saturday, June...
at Midtown Music by pole dancing by text names to 571.224.3494 for f…
I pray I wake up tomorrow and see the music midtown lineup. I can't take this wait any longer.
bc I want to go to Music Midtown again 😜
announces That Is Midtownβ€”more live music, games and local vendors, every Second Sat. at MARRS building: ht…
HEY u should perform at music midtown festival in atlanta ;-))
We saw in midtown today as we was selling our fantastic music, networking, and meeting diffren't people.
Come out for a night of worship, great music, and fun. My church, the Midtown Bridge will be out in…
This Gibson Midtown has so much class. .
If you love live music, great food and drinks, then we've got the event for you. Join us on 6/13!
We have killer music festivals in Atlanta, though. Shaky Knees was huge. Counterpoint will be great. Music Midtown. Gah!
. Jam with the Fam.Tom Carter and the BigFandamily 5/22 at 9pm.Midtown Sundries Ft Mill!!!
. FLASH!!. Tom Carter and The BigFandamily is playing Midtown Sundries in Ft Mill! Friday 5/22 at 9pm!!!
Head down to tonight for the Midtown Beach Music Series to see a free Band of Oz concert at 6:00pm:
I have to wait another month for the lineup to music midtown Ssomeone KILL ME I
with Tinta at Music Midtown. Miss you boo πŸ’™πŸ˜˜
Another at Midtown Ladies Night edition hosted by Music by
Hip music in the background and the coolest architecture in the foreground...Lounging poolside at Hyde Midtown is...
to Music Midtown and seeing Lorde live
10+ famous people in a music video that had no real concept ? I guess
Can you PLEASE play at Midtown Music Festival in ATL in September? That would be amazing.
Don't hate just because they rock. Remembering Music Midtown 2007 (?)
We're live tonight in Midtown OKC at Elemental Coffee's Rose Party! Join us for food, music, pink…
Hey Melissa. When will Music Midtown lineups be announced?
I would like to go back to music midtown this year
For everyone that will be in town this weekend, I'll be playing some music down at the Midtown Wine Bar on Mt.
No, music midtown is the same weekend as the South Carolina game.
Commons at North Hills Beach Music Series features Band of Oz and InterAct on Thursday, May 21 at 6 pm.
I thought so! So, first time here; where's the "midtown" of LA with all kinds of fantastic music?
Join us this weekend at The Monarch Festival! Listen to music and eat delicious food in the heart of Midtown! We...
The Midtown Men to have 3 very special guests in NYC concert
Another Ladies Night edition at Midtown. hosted by Music by
holding on to you by tΓΈp reminds me of music midtown so i listen to it all the time
Dear Midtown: is it true that music and parties start at 8pm at the earliest? Does Sarah Louise work at night?
Really wanting to go to music midtown again this year πŸ™Œ
Don't miss at Midtown Beach Music Series in this Thursday!
Home from Pops. It was pretty good β€” 60's themed: TV theme music, "Mad Men" montage, and Midtown Men β€” a quartet of stars from "Jersey Boys"
I have a strong feeling that Drake is on Music Midtown lineup cause he's been hitting up a lotta festivals and he didn't put ATL on his tour
Last time I was wearing this outfit, I was dancing on a table amidst a sea full of people watching perform at music midtown πŸ˜©πŸ˜–πŸ˜­
oh lol not sure yet, it's for music midtown. it was in late September last year
Is this is true. This the same weekend as music midtown. Dead *** concerts all week for me.
The Kitchen at is now open, pairing a southern-inspired menu with live music and art. –>
I've been lucky enough to experience many adventures this year like Music Midtown, Aerosmith and PCB,…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Some of Baltimore's best live music graces Midtown's peanut covered floors. Tonight is Pat Owens, and tomorrow...
I just wanna be back at Music Midtown 😭😭
from diary of a wimpy kid till now I've admired you and I saw you couple months ago I saw you at music midtown ily
Music Midtown was so awesome this year
I'm not! I've been wanting to go lol. I've conquered the hangout and music midtown, now bonaroo is on my list 😁
Found Gig... $2500 Music Recording Studio - Built Out (Midtown): Professionally equipped, comfortable and re... @
Guys I know this was two years ago but I think I was roofied at music midtown 2012 now that I think about it
it's Alex with Music Midtown all over again
I met her at music midtown and flipped out. So glad I'm not the only one that recognizes her.
omg such a rebel. How was music midtown?
One week today = recital and master class featuring the amazing Jane Marsh! Admission is free!
and I miss music midtown bc Bastille
I am playing the piano at Uncle Charlie's Midtown tonight---music from about 6 p.m. to 3 a.m-open microhphone all night long.
β€œ.killing it on the Macy's day parade.” They ALWAYS kill it. Saw them at Midtown Music Fest in ATL.
because I miss my roomie this week πŸ˜˜πŸ‘― @ music midtown ✌️
You can now pick up our debut album at goner, shangri-la, spin street, and midtown music shop! Trample…
Thanks to staff and students of Institute of Music for performing at our Midtown Holiday Celebration at train station
He goes to Grace Midtown--awesome. They have great music. Got turned on to LB due to Tenth Ave. North. Kanene is leads sis.
We are all about music and all that Jazz! Stay tuned for a very musical Christmas.
you guys should stop by Music Midtown next year! we would be absolutely thrilled to have you guys!!
don't wanna sound all ungrateful but i wish Lorde had performed Yellow Flicker Beat at Music Midtown even though it wasn't released yet...
β€œ: My favorite band / artist that I've seen at Music Midtown is _.” and red hot chili peppers
If you missed Midtown Music 2 this past Saturday, tonight's episode will let you know how 2 hours of it went down.
tbh i'm still thinking about that Lorde concert at Music Midtown. I would see her again in a heartbeat
im still salty that Lana didn't perform Brooklyn Baby or Old Money at Music Midtown but I got to hear Ultraviolence so I'm ok
Really wish Aer had performed an entire show at Music Midtown
can I just go back to music midtown
Omaha! kicks off his 2 week tour w/Midtown Marauders tonight at The Waiting Room! Tickets are only $5. Music at 9 pm.
My photo of Gregg Allman performing at Music Midtown in September is featured in this article at Pollstar...
This Saturday November 11th, we will be playing at club Steam Miami (Old Vagabond) in Midtown Miami.…
he was at music midtown in September this year!
throwback to music midtown while Lana was performing πŸ˜©πŸ˜«πŸ’”
Live Latin Music and Free Salsa lessons in Dunwoody, Buckhead and Midtown Atlanta:. - Wednesdays @ Eclipse Di...
Midtown Fact: Delane Lea music studio once stood on Kingsway opp Holborn tube where Boots is recorded there.
I still have really bad PCD from Midtown Music Festival, you were so amazing πŸ™Œ
I'm going back and watching my videos of Lana at Music Midtown. 😭😭😭 so many feels. ❀️
iPhone today, Music Midtown tomorrow, LA Sunday, I'm not complaining
I wish I would have went to music midtown
Midtown Men feat. singers from the Jersey Boys w/ (@ Cincinnati Music Hall in Cincinnati, OH)
Someone gave me a groupie button the day before music midtown and it was just so fitting i loved it
Watching my videos from music midtown, take me back😭😭😭
Get to see again tonight 😁😁😁 they were amazing at music midtown so excited
John Legend should be playing background music at a mid-priced steak house in midtown manhatten
If you're in Midtown head over to for an afternoon of live music for Sunday Live!
me too but her best live performances are either Lollapalooza or music midtown so you can google those (Lollapalooza is πŸ‘)
Live music, no cover, at all locations tonight! at Huey's Midtown + 7 more acts. Line-up:
One of my favorite highlights from last night at Jazz Midtown.The jukebox.Willie Dixon,
Front row @ the Midtown Music Festival in Atlanta with http:/…
We're live Sunday Funday 10-1ish at !! set your clock right and join us for food, live folk music, drinks, and fun in MIDTOWN!
Checking out reds midtown, like that the music isn't offensively loud.
This guy is on par with Hendrix and Jack White. nuts!!. Reignwolf - Are You Satisfied? - Music Midtown: via
- able to :(( so pls pls come back soon cause I saw y'all at music midtown and it was amazing πŸ’˜
I so regret not making myself front row at Music Midtown for , I didn't know them then, but now they're my favorite.
Lana Del Rey watching Eminem performing yesterday at Music Midtown!
The view from the hill at Music Midtown. @ Midtown Music Festival At Piedmont Park-
Make the weekend better w/4 passes 2 Destination Zero at Music Midtown +our After Party! Follow & DM for details
β€œI have to go to Music Midtown. I will sell a lung to go :))”same
$125 for Music Midtown, $50 to join the MLS ATL Founder's Club, $35 to join Terminus Legion & $29 to join American Outlaws. I need money.
To supplement not going to Music Midtown, I got tickets to see the Avett Brothers, Moon Taxi, City and Colour and possibly The NBHD. Help.
If Jack White or Eminem are announced on Tuesday to do Music Midtown
Atlanta has Music Midtown- We should have a three day event in the fields in Jackson-Banks Woodstock was..
they came to Music Midtown this year and I couldn't go asdfjkencsm. Arctic Monkeys was there too. 😩 -C
CL's 2013 years in photos from abandoned Atlanta spaces to Music Midtown to a local Trayvon Martin march and more.
but when they played this at Music Midtown.
u don't have to let me go to the bathroom mr bartula just know I saw u going a little too hard at music midtown
Saw them put on a smoking set at music midtown. Get ready to dance
My photo of Imagine Dragons performing at Music Midtown 2013 is featured in this article.
same omg I saw them at music midtown words can't describe :)
Wish I coulda gone to music midtown to see Weezer, you're lucky
Everyone going to see the tonight at Track 29 is in for a treat! They ripped up Piedmont at Music Midtown!
This is one of my favorite photos that I managed to get at Music Midtown a couple of weeks ago. This shot of...
My photo of Anthony Kiedis and Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers headlining Music Midtown in Atlanta a couple of...
ATL afta we shutdown music midtown we kickin it at Reign Night Club
Headline of the tech newspaper the other day: "Music midtown fails to dissapoint!"
what's the plan with the meadow being closed from Music Midtown?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Music Midtown, TomorrowWorld, BET Hip Hop Awards, A3C. Atlanta is the music capital.
take me back to FOB and music midtown best weekends of my life
Can I plz go back to music midtown 😻
The line for the bathroom at music midtown be like
I am impressed not only with what an amazing experience Flux continues to be... a night of transformation and experimentation in the streets... but also how amazing the crowd is, and it is a crowd. At the end of the night the streets were fairly clean, unlike Music Midtown, where I was dismayed to see the whole park littered, people throwing trash everywhere.
CatMax photos from Music Midtown 2013 have popped up on Pollstar and can be seen at the link below.
Who forgot to tell me that arctic monkeys were at music midtown
Wish i would have gone to see RHCP at Music Midtown
Kendrick came to mine last year, hopefully he will again! . But I just saw him at Music Midtown!
Tempting. Don't think I'd make it in time, though. Saw them 2 weeks ago at Music Midtown. You won't be disappointed.
Here's one of my pics of Thomas Mars of Phoenix getting a lift to his destination from the crowd at Music Midtown...
doing his thing at the Music Midtown, Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Sept. 21, 2013
2 Saturday's ago it was Music Midtown. Last weekend it was Stomp. This weekend its fishtank cleaning and house cleaning. *** Somethings wrong about this!
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