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Hehee.. JJ speaking on behalf of Musi Maimane! Hey sisenjeni kwaPower FM
as for Musi Maimane is his wife no Jew?
If you meet or see Musi Maimane please say hello 👋 to him and ask him how is the disciplinary hearing of Zille going just for control
Speaking like a proper unifier and a future president-DA leader, Musi Maimane at the DA EC elective conference:
Kusiwe kodwa- someone is saying in their dermatology exams they were asked - what does Musi Maimane and Blade Nzimande have in common
Musi Maimane would still be a pastor
You see now, the same feeling we have about people like Musi. if this woman is an ANC…
DA leader Musi Maimane says his party will continue to fight against corruption. .
Musi Maimane & the want to sell to the highest bidder in the West. He recently visited apartheid…
DA leader Musi Maimane says the apartheid system valued machines rather than the workers
DA leader Musi Maimane says DA will continue to fight against corruption
To me Xolani Gwala sounds more like John Robbie,there is no difference,he is sounding like Musi Maimane,no respect for the president
Musi Maimane was more mature than them all
to say the least! An ANC MP used the F- word on Musi Maimane but apparently was deaf to that…
leader Musi Maimane says disturbing violence last night, shows true state of the nation.
Remember the Mandela name has been adopted by Musi Maimane and the DA. They used it against the ANC.
But once things descended into chaos and DA leader Musi Maimane tried to intervene, several ANC MPs,
Musi Maimane,you make a lot of sense,so does Julius Malema and Nkwakwa.
No but guys why does Musi Maimane's accent flex and change like that?. Is he not tired of being a fraud by now?
More police coming into Parly precinct. Musi Maimane addressing after walking out of the House
thts brainwashed Musi Maimane, wht ever he is doing or saying ws told by white DA leader, he is jst a face
Musi Maimane says they will be in court tomorrow against Zuma!
Musi Maimane's support of Israeli Apartheid simply confirms that the DA has no problem with Apartheid.
Musi Maimane always refer to Nelson Mandela when ever attacking Zuma...Boy where is Tony Leon? Why don't you use yo former Leaders?
must be smiling now that she made a good decision choosing Musi Maimane over Lindiwe Mazibuko.
What do you make of the painting depicting DA leadership Musi Maimane, Helen Zille and James Selfe?
Musi Maimane must've had his tail between his legs when this was published...DA RECEIVING MONEY FROM...
I swear if the Republicans wanted a face to represent themselves they would use Musi Maimane's face.
Hellen Zille and Musi Maimane are better leaders than Zuma and his corrupt cronies.
If was given puppet maimane vacant I wauld vote the DA,
Who is leading DA, Musi Maimane or James Selfe. Looks like Musi is just a puppet.
dat is gud I dea I think if musi maimane n julius malema with their parties work 2gether 2fight zupta.and his zupta must fal
How does an ordinary citizen go about having a meeting with Musi Maimane. Friend and I have serious matters we need advice on-help!!
My husband shared a flight with Musi Maimane and Helen Zille. They were flying economy class
Gana Magashule, Lindiwe Mazibuko, Mbali Ntuli, Musi Maimane and Blacks in the DA are Monkeys according to Zille&Sparrow
on that musi maimane look mfana looking Hot gentle sister pic and on point
Musi Maimane makes me want to vomit !!
Watching HardTalk on DSTV Ch 400. Musi Maimane is on. The interviewer is quite biased towards the ANC in my view.
Musi Maimane displayed statesmanlike composure in the face of the blatant hostility of Zeinab Badawi who was mostly rude and aggressive
tbh I changed the channel. I'm listening to Musi Maimane's interview on BBC and white frankly I'm feeling DA rn..
how utterly presumtious and one sided Zain Abadawi was on Musi Maimane! Clearly she has Sudanese blade to stab RSA!
Musi Maimane is lying. He comes from being Priest, does not have that Bussiness experience as he says,check his CV
😂😂😂 the presenter of BBC exposed Maimane dat he is not fit for leadership,I salute Zeinab Badawi of BBC
Same Musi Maimane and his DA were rushing to march to Nkandla & now they are moving on...
South African politics: DA finds it's own "Barack Obama" in Musi Maimane
Congratulations to Lindiwe Mazibuko for eventually realizing that she is black & will always remain like that, especially to Hellen Zille's eyes. I wish Musi Maimane, Thuli Madonsela & all other fellow blacks who voted for DA, can also wake up & smell the coffee
Citizens Our dream has come through AgangSA and EFF new political babies are in parliament. Mr. Julius Malema you have win the minds of your enermies. You are in parliament make changes crush the nkandla and Gupta team with the assistance of the energetic leaders like Dr Ramphela ,Musi Maimane ,Lindiwe Mazibuko and many more. Make life to be difficult for corruption use all the democratic and constitutional obligations to wipe out corruption and proceed with the nkandla saga in fact justice must be done in this country
Monkeys like Musi Maimane and Lindiwe Mazibuko maybe? DA never liked and will never like blacks. Good for making tea only.
To all the Gautengers,on Wednsday lets make Musi Maimane our Premier
Stolen the face of Musi Maimane on the posters and on live shows ABUSAFANI, away with airbrushes ha ha siyandichaza esgezo ngoba most of my DA frends get so annoyed and emotional bona bazithuka yonke imihla inkokheli zethu n we take no offence, injalo nani nizoqina
Musi Maimane is too he Running for President or Premier?
Jst like this Maimane guy.Strue.Crash them Musi.
Gareth Van Onselen's attack on Musi Maimane shows that DA is deeply divided. No wonder Lindiwe Mazibuko has been subdued of late.
Now that's Khongolose for you, waar was Jy Musi Maimane and your DA?? Salute!!!
Sometimes thingz can disturb ur mind ,the likes of Musi Maimane he got a big mouth now cause of ANC , during apartheid he was not de to say NP AYISAFANI but now he is free he can say whatever he want ,when his Uncle Botha and his aunt Zille separated black man,where was he to say AYISAFANI , now he is using de same toilet with his uncles , he forgot where where he comes from ,ANC liberated us , I thank U.
It's only the hopeless,clueless & visionless ,and, it's only those who are politically unwise & politically confuse who view Mmusi Maimane as a hero and great leader. Maimane is jst a rented black fronter,a meodicrity & a confuse right winger who knows nothing other than speaking abt Nkandla, corruption & president Zuma *Vote against arrogance with no ideology of DA by voting for the liberators of the ANC*
This election has nothing to do with Race (for me). I think the ANC were the right party to take SA forward in 1994 and that under Mandela and Mbeki the country was headed in a good direction. Unfortunately I feel that under Zuma (who is just a puppet for those around him) the ANC has taken SA backwards with politicians spending money on things that will improve their own lives as apposed to the lives of the people who put them in power, the corruption and misspent funds have become almost laughable. I don't dislike the ANC, I do dislike Jacob Zuma and his current government. The only way to change thugs is to vote the ANC out because that's the only way that things will change in that party. I carry a DA card and I'm proud to do so, come on Musi Maimane for premier! Come on the DA!
yet the stooge musi maimane contemplate an alliance with EFF in Gauteng. The DA speaks with forked tongue. They desperate
This DA Obama wanna be can fool anyone but not us, Musi Maimane and his rented allies are campaigning with dishonesty as he is undermining the facts. Musi says the ANC of Madiba & Mbeki was better than the one of Zuma, however the fact is which happens to be the truth that Musi is not talking about in 94 Nelson Mandela was contested by Tony Leon of DA, in 99 and 2004 Mbeki was contested once again by Leon of DA which had Zille. We know for a fact that even if Mandela was the ANC president today he was still going to be contested by this DA.
Calls Musi "little Obama".@ least doesn't get booed when he speaks. Wt do u think abwt dt
We are allowed to dream and to day dream # Musi Maimane is also allowed to dream but in reality Maimane know that it does turn out ►
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I think DA is experiment in Guateng with Musi Maimane, they want to see if having a black person as a candidate will get the votes
Is either Malema is an entelect or people who are around him are powerful.CIC is super mona nna akenawo geole stena kenogo saluta just lyk i salute Musi Maimane whos an entelect pushing rong agenda.
Musi Maimane and Lindiwe Mazibuko can speak joh...they are confidence on stage i see Obama on Maimane
So this thing of "Gauteng Premier candidate" has became a title for Musi Maimane as the media address him, it will soon be over.
Somehow I see the DA losing the Western Cape. In 2009 the DA won the WC bcoz they pulled DeLille's ID party wich had the coloured vote onboard. The DA failed to deliver for the coloured community which means the coloured vote is not guaranteed to any party. Then there is thta stupid Obama wanna-be called Musi Maimane in Gauteng. Despite the etolls, Gauteng will either go to the EFF or ANC. The DA's continued hatred for Zuma has infact let them down. The more they mention Zuma its the more the black vote for Zuma is guaranteed! On the overall the ANC will get a landslide victory...
Had n awesome day at the DA Rally On stage... 1.Helen Zile 2.Musi Maimane 3.Lindiwe Mazibuko 4.Ghana Makhasule And more. Performances where Kwesta,The Muffinz,Glen Lewis,Bongi,The drum girls,Zulu dances,Xhosa dance ai JD Sana they were great.n more Remember your vote can make a change To the next so you can Make a change . the future is in your Hands its your choice . but remember You vote so YOU ! can make a change ;-)GO OUT AND VOTE.
The "obamafication" of Musi Maimane of the DA doesn't resonate with the unemployed Youth. He does not appeal to to the hopeless, young, unemployed youth. The DA has failed to speak to a large constituency of Young,Black and unemployed Youth. The DA's focus on Jobs have fallen by the wayside during their election campaign. If you're able to read between the lines, you'll notice the Keywords YOUNG, BLACK ,UNEMPLOYED YOUTH!!!
These are going to be the most entertaining elections - thanks to the likes of and
Yho this political analyst on is spot on DA and Musi Maimane!!!
ANCYL playing the racial lines once again. I think they should not be given platform these one. Musi Maimane's white wife has nothing to do with the Siyanqoba. phewu. Young people can not be led by these bunch of leaders.
Lmao so this ANC guy just called Musi Maimane the young Obama?
The SA Barack Obama aka Musi Maimane ; must see the real leader today cic malema in action ; not fake ; we are our selves always. Fighter mananza
ANC has done a lot for this country in the past 20years, Lindiwe Mazibuko and Musi Maimane Speaks this American English Accent bcos of ANC,
Lets put musi maimane as the leader of gauteng
Among presnt politicl leadrs d followng stand out 4 me:Themba Godi of APC,Floyd Shivambo of EFF,Musi Maimane of DA,Bandu Holomisa of UDM,Thuli Madonsela of ANC.Im sure u wl 4 once agree wth me on tis 1
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Indeed Musi Maimane will be a very charming GP Premier neh! *Campaign*
During the Musi Maimane believed he was Obama, Hellen Zille believed she was black.
Well, here is my view about Musi Maimane: I do not believe that Musi is faking Obama, I think He is inspired by Obama's leadership style. just like Steve Biko was inspired by Robert Sobukwe, and Patrice Lumumba who inspired by Kwame Nkrumah. leaders are inspired by other leaders and in a modern society like ours, it is good to have young leaders like Musi, and we should build a society that embraces such leaders.
Democratic Alliance Gauteng Premier Candidate Musi Maimane has described the province's e-tolls as a job-destroyer
Please tell musi maimane he will never be barak obama
Kwa Musi Obamafication.Maimane is trying to hard just like
Musi Maimane: "A vote for the DA is a vote for JOBS! When the DA wins, YOU win!"
Watching Musi Maimane speak. he speaks with passion, truly inspirational
Musi Maimane is singing Zuma's praises,he wants to be Peter Mokaba or Obama,he's confused!
Musi Maimane almost sounds evangelically convincing.almost is the operative word but not quite
Rent building for R1per year if you vote DA for small businesses? Really? Musi Maimane.
Hai Musi Maimane & his Obama style campaigning though.can't he come up with his own campaigning style
Watching Rally on SABC2.yoh Maimane is a great Orator. Im really impressed
Gauteng Premier candidate Musi Maimane says South Africans cannot have a better life without jobs
He banna Musi Maimane has bcome Obama of Gauteng.kunzima
lmfao! Watching the DA rally, then Musi Maimane introduces their candidate 4 GP Premier while playing the ROCKY THEME SONG on the back round
Musi Maimane has a bright future in South Africa's and Geordin Hill Lewis who is yet to be unveiled
Gauteng Premier candidate Musi Maimane welcomes supporters to final rally ahead of elections
Musi Maimane is no comrade. Not sold.
more like a church music show.Pst Musi Maimane will be taking the stage soon!
*** is wrong with DA stealing EFF songs. Musi maimane jou swine !!!
As for saying Musi Maimane sounds like Madiba at the DA rally this morning  really
Musi Maimane you are the BOSS for GP Premiership. I wish I was in Gauteng to support you.
Listening to Mbuyiseni Ndlozi and Musi Maimane taking on their ANC opponnts on any front makes one realise that at ANC there's no education!
Musi Maimane is not charismatic at all! He is not for the people at all. He just sounds rehearsed. All the DA blacks infact
Shem dissing Musi Maimane, *** forget he knocked his artists money, brown died without a cent because him!
POWERFUL! | Where were you with your DA Musi Maimane?: via
musi maimane looks so holy holy on his DA poster. almost tempted to vote for him.
I dunno, but Musi Maimane looks a promising leader. His past is the recipe for a good leader.
Musi Maimane is lying! has shares in Group5 nd thts the only company tht gets construction tenders in the Western Cape
Does Maimane Musi think black people are born corrupt? Why he think all black political parties are corrupt?
why Maimane Musi is scrolling his IPAD, does he rely on notes..?
Quotas and BEE Musi Maimane and the DA say is "racist"
The Obamafication of Musi Maimane won't earn the the black vote!
Musi Maimane keeps saying that its not about race. But why is he a DA GP premier candidate? Why Lindiwe, Ramphele? Its about race chief.
The Obamafication of Musi Maimane won't earn the DA the black vote, writes
What is your take? A brief assessment of parties to vote for: DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE Pros: - The DA has in the Western Cape indicated that it can govern and that it can govern smartly. Proponents of the DA readily indicates the cleanliness of the Mother City, the degree of public order and the non-corrupt state of governance of the DA in governing. The DA also indicates that there is a general order structure in its party and that leadership is not permanent or totalitarian, as in the case of eg the IFP or UDM where leaders are seemingly irreplaceable. One of the DA’s strongest and progressive upcoming leaders seems to be Musi Maimane who is also rhetorically well endowed. The DA boast that it is today one of the most representative parties, both in terms of leadership and also in terms of membership. Cons: - The DA is often criticized for having an overly ‘White privilege’ protection agenda as also indicated by its recent candidate list where Whites are over represented. Marred by a seemingly passive ...
I think Musi Maimane is a dinamic young man with a great future. Possibly as leader of DA.
DA leaders campaign in Soweto: DA leader Helen Zille and DA Gauteng Premier candidate Musi Maimane are on a ca...
So the so called bricks seen by kitchen madam of Lindiwe Mazibuko and garden boy Musi Maimane could not be captured by their media friends.
I would like to hear a comment from Hellen Zille, Musi Maimane and Lindiwe Mazibuko on this matter. I don't want to say .
When one observes the utterances and aspirations of some in society today such as the DA's very own Mbali Ntuli for example, it comes as no surprise that indeed Steve Biko was right to make the distinction between 'blacks' and 'non-whites.' In fact one would go as far as to argue that most of the DA's so called 'black' leaders can better be described as 'non - whites' according to Biko's definition of the term 'black.' I have no doubt that someone like Mbali Ntuli would have served the Apartheid regime with the utmost pride believing as Biko would argue that only 'non-whites' can govern, become economists or engineers and we 'blacks' are bound to nothing more than perpetual servitude. Political parties such as the DA have attracted and even developed a cohort of 'non-white' leaders in the likes of Musi Maimane, Mbali Ntuli and Lindiwe Mazibuko to name but a few. The inability of Maimane for example to explain the DA's position on Black Economic Empowerment and whether he is for or against it is exactly be ...
So we worked at the Musi Maimane event today ... Walter Sisulu Square right in the middle of SOWETO was turned blue ... Musi Maimane gave me goose bumps today ... he is one PHENOMENAL GUY ! and a great speaker !
Ayanda Allie-Paine ke ngwana kasi but she's not pronouncing Mmusi Maimane's name right, she says 'Musi'
It is coming from party funds and many Businesses contribute to party funds. Musi Maimane is explaining on 702 right now.
Radio786. 100.4FM CT. 7:45: DA's Musi Maimane and Jackson Mthembu of the ANC debate the
Whoa, what did Musi Maimane do to Sushi king? This is childish...
Dalton if DA is to be taken seriously they must fundamentally embrace black economic empowerment and affirmative action. They must stop co opting clowns and immature Lindiwe Mazibuko and lack depth Musi Maimane as black tokens.
Part one of thedone and dusted. Great speeches delivered by Helen Zille, Musi Maimane and Lindiwe Mazibuko. success stories on DA run municipalities including the WC province presented by leaders of the municipalities. Lastly, vigorous and robust campaign to be continued as delegate will be casting their vote tomorrow morning. May the best Candidates emerged!
I for see a Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama style race when Lindiwe Mazibuko and Musi Maimane contest for DA presidency
According to ANC Nosimo Balindlela was one of the under performing Premier in the Eastern Cape province, thats why she was recalled. This comes after Balindlela whose the former member of Cope, ANC joined the Democratic Alliance yesterday. The Spokesperson of DA Musi Maimane said they have confidence in Balindlela no matter what the ANC Said. Political Analysts says the decision of Balindlela to join DA doesnot have a huge impact, althought it is a significant political victory of DA.
People(members) of DA including their leaders Helen Zille,Lindiwe Mazibuko,Musi Maimane etc are realy crazy! since when DA are representing poor people? Since when Jacob Zuma and ANC became a enemies of poor people in South Africa ???
Zille calls for a new party to fight the ANC ! Shame on Lindiwe Mazibuko, Musi Maimane and some other African DA members. The "Madam" see no benefit of having you in her party(DA). Lindiwe Mazibuko is bright, clever, intelligent and a young leader. You must come back home in the ANC ! Viva ANC Viva !
Musi Maimane on 702 with Seriously seriously impressed by this dude.
I like DA spokesperson Musi Maimane's invitation to the models. A bit of calmness and solution- finding in the hysteria.
How the DA can win Joburg - Meet Musi Maimane our Mayoral candidate and your ward candidate - Rosebank Primary 9May 6:30 for 7pm
This is the link to the SAFM website: and to SAFM's streaming audio: Listen in - I'm on now!
Correct link for Zapiro interview this afternoon at 3pm with Karabo on SAfm is
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