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Murder She Wrote

Murder, She Wrote is an American television mystery series starring Angela Lansbury as mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher.

Jessica Fletcher Angela Lansbury Cabot Cove Midsomer Murders Chaka Demus Diagnosis Murder Perry Mason Adam West Jerry Orbach Angela Landsbury Hallmark Movie Channel Miss Fisher Jonathan Brandis Happy Days Ernest Borgnine

Is it me or does Merkel look like Jessica Fletcher from "Murder She Wrote" Ironic isn't it…
can't think of any!Jessica Fletcher adapts her book in Murder She Wrote &Sally frm DickVanDyke Show were closest I could get
Watching a unique episode of Murder She Wrote where someone does the sensible thing and arrests Jessica Fletcher!
Murder Most Foul!? Murder She Wrote has trained me well. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
the pic looks a little like Angela Landsbury-Murder She Wrote. Maybe she can solve ur problem.
Deep, dark secret that I've never told anyone: I love Perry Mason, Murder She Wrote...and Colombo.
Added four video clips of Melissa Sue Anderson in Murder She Wrote to my website,...
I have season three of Father Brown from library! I Reminds me of Angela Lansbury's, Murder She Wrote! No blood, gu…
well we'll do a Murder She Wrote-style lean into that theory but never confirm one way or the other till the finale
This Australian 'Murder, She Wrote' seems to be heavily populated with cockneys
Murder she wrote. Is Jessica Fletcher a serial killer who successfully frames others? A lot of people die around her..
Watching 'Murder She Wrote', set in Australia. Reckon the nearest any of the actors got to Oz was watching Crocodile Dundee.
Cooking some sausages and watching Murder She Wrote. Midnight ✊🏻
How To Get Away With Murder She Wrote: a spinoff featuring Jessica Fletcher as she pieces together the many crimes of Annalise Keating
Knitting, watching Murder She Wrote and having a cup of tea. What a time to be alive
*murder. But I love the idea of a show called Mordor, She Wrote.
Drake Murder she wrote ft ty dollar and juicy j
my grandparents really enjoyed Murder She Wrote
Murder she wrote .. not explaining ...stone the crows πŸ˜‰
Now it's like murder she wrote once you getter out them clothes 🌸
The actress who plays Miri will go on to kill John Astin's character in a Murder, She Wrote episode.
love Murder She Wrote me. Count me in
Unless she wrote a letter then turned around and shots herself, I'm going with murder
Can't pay attention to news horror, watching Jeff Conaway and Martin Landau on "Murder She Wrote"
This is one of my favourite Murder She Wrote eps: Harvey Fierstein, Patrick McNee and an amazing woman police chief.
Gregg Henry either kills people or gets got on Murder She Wrote. No in between for him.
Murder She Wrote ep shout out to Newhart-- townsman Chester himself encourages Jessica to run for mayor using same pitch he made to Bob
Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote starts in front of whiteboard with six words: victim, killer, sleuth, motive, means, and opportunity.
Been watching "Murder She Wrote" tonight. Enjoying imagining how Jessica Fletcher would shut down the Republican n…
The two Cox's Courtney and Ronny on Murder She Wrote right now. Daytime telly.
Having grown up with Beauty and the Beast AND Murder She Wrote, the singing Angela Lansbury video is everything I never knew I needed.
Just discovered young Angela Lansbury was a stone cold fox. Reruns of Murder She Wrote just got weird for me.
"When you played a tennis pro on Murder She Wrote, do you remember the actress that played 'Sissy'? Was she a total B? She seemed like it."
stop what you're doing - Mrs Brady is in an episode of Murder She Wrote on the ABC right now.
I love that throw on Murder She Wrote late at night. Jessica Fletcher and her typewriter causing mayhem were ever she goes.
yesss high five to for still watching Murder She Wrote! Me too, buddy, me too.
You mean Angela Lansbury from the CBS show: Murder She Wrote?
I think it's important to be reminded that Murder She Wrote was on for 12 seasons. All hail Angela Lansbury.
Hip Hop needs to stop sampling "Murder She Wrote" by Chaka Demus & Pliers and not giving them credit.
My roommate does not know Chaka Demus & Plier's Murder She Wrote.πŸ™Š This is worrying. πŸ™Š.
Check out Murder She Wrote from Chaka Demus & Pliers, same danceable beat but less Pitbull.
Just watched Andy Garcia mug Jessica Fletcher in an episode of Murder She Wrote.
John de Lancie in this Murder She Wrote episode, acting exactly like Q from Trek. the 80s were a *** of a decade, man
Murder She Wrote is much better when you get the subtext that Jessica Fletcher is boning every cop she meets after each episode.
Namjoon is giving me life with those 80's, Jessica Fletcher of "Murder She Wrote" glasses back there.
Talking about Murder She Wrote and Hannibal came up; I want to see the version where Will Graham is replaced by Jessica Fletcher
Why has no one ever made a Murder She Wrote game? I love Jessica Fletcher.
Binge watching Murder She Wrote. Can't find Cabot Cove on a map. Suppose it's a ghost town now, everybody must've been murdered
the fictional town of Cabot Cove from Murder She Wrote has a murder rate of 149 per 100,000? That's 40x the national average.
Half on a space cake in a dutch coffee shop with Murder She Wrote playing...
Out w/the old people tonight to see think Murder She Wrote meets Agatha Christie
Jerry Stiller's cop character in this Murder She Wrote not too appreciative of Jessica's incredible crime solving skills. He'll learn.
Midsomer Murders, what is up with that? Is everyone in "the country" friends with Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote?
I was told Murder She Wrote was appointment TV for Ron Clark. Still love the idea of the Marxist watching Angela Landsbury religiously...
Actress Tricia O’Neil (Murder She Wrote, Hart to Hart) is 71. Singer-keyboardist Mark Stein of Vanilla Fudge is 69.
I'm actually kind of watching Murder She Wrote. I must be afraid to let folks start explaining Yesterday's Results to me.
So do I. I have the complete TV series on DVD. I also have about 35 of the Murder She Wrote paperback books. Most were gifts.
I endorse my young voter status! Even though I watched two episodes of Murder She Wrote and went to bed at 9:00 last night.
When i see the one i like, it's like "Murder, She Wrote"
I'm enjoying this in a completely unbelievable Murder She Wrote kind of way. Geared for the Grave by Duffy Brown
If you're at a party w/ Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote, you have a 1 in 7 chance of ending up dead.
Good Morning! Lets all have a Jessica Fletcher at the end of Murder, She Wrote day!
Why the heck do they play the murder she wrote theme song on the mcvities advert?
Murder she wrote and Saturday kitchen what a start to Saturday not forgetting my boiled egg and soldiers
Watching Murder, She Wrote. This is how I'm pretty much going to spend my week off 😊
Murder, She Wrote. Top quality viewing for a Sat morn. This guy has an incredible mullet
Murder, She Wrote is the classic and the best which began my life obsession with crime shows. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
I only watch Murder She Wrote in anticipation of her getting it wrong one day. I have prepared a special victory dance for such outcome.
Murder she wrote is the best programme evaπŸ‘
Watching Murder She Wrote. Spoiler: the pig in the blanket did it. something about an inheritance.
Dear Do you realise you're actually broadcasting Murder She Wrote?. Now?. During the daytime, in 2016, on a Saturday. Is this deliberate?
I'm up, i plan on doing an array of constructive things this morning*. *probably watch murder she wrote and Saturday kitchen
Some reggae favs:. Murder she wrote . Turn me on. It wasn't me . No letting go . Tempted to touch . Action
they call me grandma and tell me to go watch Murder She Wrote. But I saw Hendrix Live. They got Nilly Vanilli.
So many soap stars were guest stars on Murder She Wrote. Genie Francis is in this episode.
Murder She Wrote, the only show with Angela Lansbury, Adam West , LeVar Burton and Jerry Orbach all in the same episode
This episode of Murder She Wrote has LaVar Burton, Jerry Orbach, Ernest Borgnine and Adam West.
actually... I've never seen the show. Is it up there with Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote?
In completely unrelated news, after last weeks Holby City phase, I now can't get the Murder She Wrote theme song out of my head
I was more of a Murder She Wrote kind of girl! But that Perry Mason always got his guy!
Jonathan Brandis in an episode of Murder She Wrote :/
When I discovered my GCSE boys group last year enjoyed Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder it turned everything around!
Oh, Midsomer Murders is back! Yeah, that's right, Midsomer Murders. I love them all. Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Columbo, Diagnosis Murder...
Just when you think you've sat down to an evening's viewing of Songs Of Praise, Heartbeat and Murder She Wrote...
Perry Ellis is a little upset the game went so long because he ran out of Metamucil on the bench and he forgot to DVR "Murder She Wrote".
Pitbull and Lil Jon made a reggaeton version of "Murder She Wrote" and it's the worst thing I've heard in 2016 so far.
dear alibi, Death in Paradise is only bearable to watch ONCE. I want Diagnosis Murder and Murder She Wrote.
Watching the episode of Murder She Wrote where Lansbury goes into VR with Kevin Sorbo. The 80s were awesome.
Jessica Fletcher's charming white Victorian in Cabot Cove on the TV show "Murder She Wrote" | hooked
Just watched the Murder She Wrote that's an homage to the Psycho house & Universal Studios & boy was Jessica Fletcher NOT scared at all
Murder She Wrote by Chaka Demus will be on my
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If it's murder you know she wrote it 🎧
Remember how AngelaLansbury alws happend 2B arnd every homicide in Murder She Wrote but was nvr a suspect? Same for CNN & every plane crash
SCJ News: Murder, She Wrote: Novelist sets mystery in Mount Rushmore State: Despite the fact that they were bo...
Don't know if should be proud or ashamed that I've gone through all 12 seasons (26 episodes each) of Murder She Wrote in less than 2 months.
I can't listen to murder she wrote without dancing I miss dexters an I wanna come visit lol
UDR Radio Murder She Wrote on UDR Radio the home of Great African Hip Hop
Once I get some chicken in my tummy and under these covers? It's gone be murder she wrote
Adam West, Ernest Borgnine and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast are in an episode of Murder She Wrote, together.
A lot of good TV back in Little House days. Dragnet, Get Smart, Murder she Wrote
So if this was Murder She Wrote, and someone was trying to kill you, they'd make you an omeletteπŸ™ƒ
Call 911 I think I've found a murder scene - Murder She Wrote Preview on Google Play:
Just found my lost car keys. I didn't watch 8 seasons of "Murder, She Wrote" for nothing.
believe it or not there are already TWO murder she wrote themed podcasts currently active.
"slitting your throat this how it goes new mill is the team or its murder she wrote" - Que$t 😳πŸ”₯
I'd be interested to know the level of contemporary Lansbury love. Are you aware of murder she wrote?
Can't wait to finish this box of Chardonnay and watch, Murder She Wrote
Sitting here smiling like crazy while watching Murder She Wrote. Angela Lansbury is ICONIC ❀️
-Anything to declare?. Yes, Angela Lansbury should have got an Emmy for Murder She Wrote. -Ma'am this is an airport. 12 YE…
I still want to reboot Murder She Wrote with Whoopie Goldberg as Angela Lansbury character.
I used to love to watch Murder She Wrote and always wanted to visit Cabot Cove.
Born this day 1925: Angela Lansbury - played Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote. Set in tiny Cabot Cove, ME where dinner party = murder.
Also, Jonathan Brandis is on this episode of Murder She Wrote and it's making me a little sad.
Sitting down with dinner, turn on TV, Murder She Wrote is on, Patrick McGoohan is the guest star.
I also watched Murder She Wrote at 1am last night. Thank you Hallmark channel. Jessica Fletcher=BOSS.
Tom Bosley listening to Pepperidge Farm commercials on a loop before auditioning as Sheriff Amos Tupper on Murder She Wrote.
Cops should watch Magnum PI, Murder She Wrote, LAPD, Mentalist, Hill Street Blues & CSI and solve some crimes.
"Murder She Wrote" was my ring tone for years, I could play it & cycle past, she'd definitely love that!
John Astin on Murder She Wrote is too fun.
Me and my husband screaming when we see Vicki Lawrence on Murder She Wrote might be a loud cry for help.
I wish they had a 'Murder She Wrote', 'Matlock', and 'Lawrence Welk' marathon on election day.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
it ain't true fam. I was mindin' my biz. Get me Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote
Jessica Fletcher did not laugh at the end of Murder She Wrote this morning. What is happening with the world
Jessica Fletcher is a mystery writer on Murder She Wrote
Bet Jessica Fletcher would want me watching Murder She Wrote in which I'm doing right now πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Um, Murder She Wrote marathon? Yes please. Jessica Fletcher is my spirit animal
Currently watching Murder She Wrote - it's Friday night - oh dear 😐 If ur one of Jessica Fletcher's relatives don't invite her to visit...
Old Man Lad! A young lad with the power to go to Early Bird Specials and watch "Murder She Wrote"!
Murder She Wrote drinking game:. do a shot every time Jessica Fletcher commits a felony in the name of 'snooping around'
I'm watching 'Murder She Wrote'. This is the episode where Jessica Fletcher dresses up like a hooker and goes to...
Go to bed early & be fresh for 1st class of semester or stay up watching a "Murder She Wrote" & "Matlock" marathon. What Would Jessica Do?
By the fourth episode of "Murder She Wrote" shouldn't Jessica have just been huddled in a dark corner wondering how she became death?
I'm watching Bill Mahr on an episode of Murder She Wrote, now I'm torn
I love Captain Janeway. Love Kate Mulgrew. I especially love her in episodes of Murder She Wrote.
watching Murder She Wrote on the Hallmark channel 😎
Dark & Gritty reboot of Murder She Wrote where Jessica Fletcher becomes possessed by the antagonists she writes about. Murder She Wrought
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Jessica Fletcher investigates the untimely demise of a flamboyant hypnotist on today's Murder She Wrote.
I don't know which Tom Bosley character I'd stab the most - Father Dowling, the sheriff in Murder She Wrote or Mr Cunningham from Happy Days
"They have the instincts of Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote and the wherewithal of Barney Fife." DAREDEVIL -
original Murder She Wrote can be viewed as a Hobbesian parable in which Jessica Fletcher embodies the ideal sovereign.
Jessica Fletcher is on the case this morining in Murder She Wrote
Only in the land of Murder She Wrote can we follow up the mother from the Partridge Family with Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazzard
Day's been sorta rough, but Paul Winfield & Jerry Orbach just showed up in the same episode of Murder She Wrote so I guess it's leveling out
Ahoy there Shiphead, now you REALLY gotta stop with the Murder She Wrote and pedal yer happy *** in here for...
everyone on TV reads the missing girl paper. It's on Murder She Wrote too.
*plays Murder She Wrote to start my morning*
I'm watching a "Murder She Wrote" episode that costars both Rue McClanahan and Linda Blair. And it makes feel weird and tingly.
Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote. She writes books but also meddles in police business m8
Some dude just delivered the wrong pizza to Jessica Fletcher on this episode of Murder She Wrote and I have never been more offended.
Lawd! Today on Murder She Wrote - George Clooney! Plus Buddy Hackett, Arte Johnson, Steve Lawrence to round out the episode's cast
Shane commented, "It seems like such a happy tune!" And yet, Cabot Cove, where Murder She Wrote is set has the...
Does anyone else watch Murder She Wrote with the small hope they Angela Lansbury will start singing "Worst Pies in Londo…
I've just realised that the "iZombie" tv show is essentially Murder She Wrote, but Angela Lansbury eats brains.
Angela Lansbury was so off her *** on every Murder She Wrote, she was supported by scaffolding, digitally removed during the edit.
TV reboot idea: "Murder She Wrote: San Andreas" Whenever Angela Lansbury and The Rock show up to town, somebody dies in an earthquake.
Fell asleep to a podcast about Murder She Wrote. Failed to solve murders in the nightmare about a little old lady killing people.
watching an old movie, Murder She Wrote's Angela Lansbury gets very Double Indemnity Barbara Stanwyk.
I just realized that Castle is Murder She Wrote and you are Angela Lansbury.
Murder She Wrote becomes an interesting show if you assume that Angela Lansbury plays a serial killer framing innocent pe…
it's an Internet mystery. Get Jessica! (Drew or the chick from Murder She Wrote.)
TV gods please put 'Murder She Wrote' back on Saturday mornings. I need my Jessica Fletcher fix
Sabrina Erdely is to rape what Jessica Fletcher of "Murder She Wrote" is to, well, murder. It follows in her wake.
Maine! Very nice. That's where the old show 'Murder She Wrote' with Angela Landsbury was made my friend:-))
Re-boot of Murder She Wrote: Instead of a novelist she's a blogger, Cabot Cove is a subreddit & Jessica Fletcher is played by Ryan Reynolds.
I've found Murder She Wrote, and Diagnosis Murder, rather comforting at times of great stress
I really wanna watch Murder She Wrote now... Or Diagnosis Murder! My student days were spent watching both those shows!
First political party to guarantee only Cabot Cove based episodes of Murder She Wrote will be repeated in UK gets my vote.
yeah I have the complete set of Murder she wrote on
& when I hit it ima kill it like . Murder she wrote
Playing this Murder She Wrote beat... *shakes head* *bows*
I'm watching Murder She Wrote and don't know how I got to this point in my life
Been watching Murder She Wrote on TV. People shouldn't invite that woman over, someone is always getting killed.
Boring night going old school watching Murder She Wrote loved that show lol
Captain Janeway is in this episode of Murder, She Wrote. That is all.
Very important message from mom: "I'm watching a Murder She Wrote from 1992 and their cell phones are huge"
It was murder she wrote after that first twist .
I'm gettting ready for a "Murder She Wrote" marathon starring my favorite mystery sleuth who is STILL alive
Two sips of Henny and it was murder she wrote
When you realise Chris brown used the tune from murder she wrote in post to be πŸ‘€
Murder she wrote fi real fi real. Murder she wrote. Murder she wrote. Murder she wrote
I was thinking more like Kojak. Or Murder She Wrote
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murder she wrote when I hit I'm kill it, I'm get it like murder she wrote
Just watched series 1 of The X-Files. Can't believe how much it rips off Murder, She Wrote.
One of my past enjoyments was to listen to Mancini and imagine his music as TV themes. Murder She Wrote will never be the same
I plan on spending the last 8 hours of being 33 in style: by watching golf, climbing into bed early and binge-watching Murder, She Wrote.
"Yall came just in the nick of time, I was about watch some murder she wrote" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
In 2015, we have the ability to stream Cheers and Murder She Wrote - Murphy Brown deserves no less, people!
Every time I see a Murder She Wrote episode where Jessica goes to the SW, I want to visit the SW of the country too.
Not if it ws a *** fine cup of tea. I've spent my Easter hols watching Columbo, Murder She Wrote + Judge Rinder (repeats too)
My powers are strong tonight, I correctly identified the actor in a minor role in murder she wrote as also being Sebastian's brother in
I swear Murder She Wrote is on loop at my parent's house. There's no rush to come round
What's real uncanny is how often he happens to meet the defendant beforehand. He's almost as jinxed as the Murder She Wrote lady
please play Chaka Demus and Pliers, murder she wrote
can I be the quiet but deep train ticket inspector that helps solve the mystery in a Murder She Wrote style?
Banacek? Murder She Wrote? That weird show with John Ritter's son? What are you watching?
. That should be about Angela Lansbury/Murder She Wrote, let me know if the link doesn't work!
I watch Murder, She Wrote every night. At least 1 episode. Have you seen this jolly performance?
Murder Murder Murder she wrote is it a Love Crime
In other news: Murder, She Wrote is on.
Every actor in the 80s was either in Murder She Wrote or Hardcastle and McCormick. That's a law of nature.
Tunes into game. . Witnesses two short handed goals against on same major penalty. . Switches to Murder She Wrote. .
I have officially turned into my mother: watching "Murder She Wrote" (on Netflix).
[on an unnamed pilot she didn't get cast in] "IT WAS NOT MURDER SHE WROTE, THAT WAS LIKE FIFTY YEARS AGO. WHAT AM I, LIKE EIGHTY-FIVE?"
Vladimir Putin isn't "missing". He's binge watching all 14 seasons of Murder, She Wrote on
Murder She Wrote will always be my get upπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
Yeah , it's turning into a 90hr episode of 'Murder She Wrote' set in Scotland
I've been watching too much Murder, She wrote I'm really sorry
Murder murder she wrote a love crime
Murder She Wrote by Flameezy ft. Luxland on via
I love when they play Post to Be w/ the Murder She Wrote beat. It gives me a reason to shake my *** to the song lmao.
"Each night, the applause serves as a reminder that this moment is special."
Castle, CSI or Murder, She Wrote? Find the series that matches. quiz
Wrote a poem:. Suck my *** Matlock. Meet me by the dock. Then we'll get on the boat. And I'll kiss the ol chick from Mur…
Also in that piece on Lansbury, director Michael Blakemore being a bit colonial about Coward:
"Murder murder murder she wrote . Love crime"
Murder murder murder she wrote . Love crime
The second oldest registered member of Actors Equity: Angela Lansbury. And still masterful on stage.
"murder" she wrote. "your password must contain at least one number and one upper case letter" the screen said. "murd3R" she wr…
I defy anyone to flick past an episode of Murder She Wrote titled 'Corned Beef & Carnage' β™‘
.captures the "Blithe Spirit" of Angela Lansbury, vital @ 89. (To some of us, she's always Mrs. Lovett.) ht…
NYCIF meet-up is tonight! I * might * have inadvertently created some Murder She Wrote fan fiction for the occasion:
Ah yes! That Murder, She Wrote episode with a young Bryan Cranston way before
Murder She Wrote + Justice League. She went from superhero to substitute teacher. Now a hero has fallen & they need her help.
Just finished an episode of Murder She Wrote with Len Cariou as a guest star, now watching Blue Bloods.
I'm going to imagine you do that like Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote.
What do u do when u can't sleep? I've decided to watch old episodes of "Murder She Wrote" starring Angela Lansbury.
Turns out he's talking Midsomer, she's talking Murder She Wrote.
Haven't watched an episode of Murder She Wrote in ages. Every episode of Midsomer Murders has me guessing a lot.
. Murder She Wrote has equal acting/plot lines,Perry Mason closing may get better ratings than r Patriots super bowl win.
for any fans that care Jim Caviezel now on Murder She Wrote on Hallmark Movie Channel. I know, showing my age.
VOTE!! Which 90's series would you like to see back on the telly : The X-Files, Beverly Hills 90210 or Murder She Wrote? HERE'S WHY: Good news for all the X-Files fan! Fox is trying to piece the supernatural story back together with the original actors Mulder's David Duchovny, Scully's Gillian Anderson. The Problem? They're both wrapped up in other projects at the moment making it difficult to synchronise every one's schedules.Here's to hoping the series can make a comeback to grip a whole new generation!
Let's all celebrate Bryan Cranston and Linda Hamilton as a couple on Murder She Wrote
Murder She Wrote is my new Friday night jam. Who needs Hawaii 5-0 or Midsomer Murders?
I just went from a marathon to a "Murder She Wrote" marathon. A lot of people die in Cabot Cove.
Just switched over to a very sensitive "voodoo in New Orleans" episode of Murder She Wrote.
papi's walking around singing murder she wrote. this is who I'm going to turn into folks
This man on Murder, She Wrote is straight BEGGING a truck stop waitress to love him.
It's been a while so . Meat Is Murder, She Wrote. Morrissey and Angela Lansbury team up to solve animal cruelty crimes ht…
I love how Post to be samples murder she wrote
Actors you recognise from episodes of Columbo and Murder She Wrote, and plot lines riddled with more holes than the defence
When you need to stop posting Murder She Wrote gifs and comparing them to *** sex.
domain names
'I love garlic, Harry Styles and murder she wrote'
I didn't know Murder, She Wrote was on Netfilx! ^_^. I have officially reached a new level of old lady!
Murder She Wrote and a bag of cocaine.
The murder she wrote theme tune is the bomb
we bout to drop "Murder She Wrote" to capitalize on all the excitement from tonight, right?! Right! Can't wait!
is that murder she wrote omf I'm laughing
Watching Murder She Wrote. I think I've unlocked the secret Gillon McLachlan cameo.
They played murder she wrote last night. I will always have such a blast with that song.
Dame Angela Lansbury, show's creators and cast talk about Murder, She Wrote:
The MURDER, SHE WROTE theme is on my Christmas playlist. For reasons.
I still love the song Murder She Wrote
Murder she wrote, murderrr she wrote πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
loved T&T with Mr T which was preoduced in Canada..I pity the fool!! grrr loved murder she wrote dobt forget about Matlock
How can you ever get bored of watching Murder she wrote.
Supreme Murder she wrote Tee am start
The song "Murder She Wrote" comes on and you're automatically in that club in "Save The Last Dance".
I've spent the entire work day so far fantasizing about watching murder she wrote when I get off.
It's like murder she wrote, once I get you out them clothes.
Will someone please make a mashup of Murder, She Wrote and
The tossed in a Murder She Wrote bit...Dame Lansbury should be proud or mortified h…
Did I really miss another NFL national TV blowout on Sunday night? Smh. I got caught up in a "Murder, She Wrote" marathon on cable. Lol.
Yo when a female get mad smh it's murder she wrote 😩 it's like they turn into the person you never seen before ! Be like who tf is you
I like that cheeky sample of Murder She Wrote in that song
Murder she wrote. When I hit it I'mma kill it I'mma get it like
My Twin Pretty ASF though πŸ’… im TALMBOUT, Murder was all she wrote βœ”οΈ
Started "George Gentley" on Netflix, just finished all 12 seasons Murder, She Wrote ... We like these 'cozy' mysteries! Suggestions?
Murder murder murder she wrote. Love crime
This Murder She Wrote sample in Post To BeπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ . kudos to Omarion, Chris, and Jhene.
Murder She Wrote... . The only way to stay faithful in a relationship is to be in a relationship with someone you truly Love.
"If it's murder, you know she wrote it..."
When I hit it Ima kill it, Ima get it like. MURDER SHE WROTE
It was murder she wrote.. Your name in blood
guys, please. I'm trying to catch up on Murder She Wrote.
I stand by my statement that Murder, She Wrote is the best. Lady writes a bunch of books, makes a ton of $ and travels wherever.
All now, I've still got "Post To Be" on repeat, lol. I really like the 'Murder She Wrote' references on the song man.
Murder She Wrote has to be my fav song. *dutty wines* murda shee wroote na na na murda she wrote
Reading autobio. Never figured him and murder she wrote lady a good match. The hottie in bed knobs and broomsticks?? Yea.
When murder she wrote comes on at a party I get prepared to wine and kotch but in my heart I'm BEYOND tired of that *** song
TV writers get exceptions? Jessica from Murder She Wrote or Castle?
beyoncΓ© sang 'murder she wrote' about all the songwriters she got rid of
I am so glad you are down with Murder She Wrote
Comin fo yo throat..its murder that she wrote
He was interviewed on CBS today. On Murder She Wrote or whatever.
TV sets on fire! Another case of Larson! Jessica Fletcher on a Magnum P.I./Murder, She Wrote crossover episode.
And all this time I thought it's Shabba Ranks who sang "Murder She Wrote"..
New Netflix obsession. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Sexy Murder She Wrote meets Downton Abbey. (Which may appeal only to me, that's fine)
Oh man, It's Hayley Mills AND Erin Moran from Happy Days! This Murder She Wrote is gonna be good
My top 3 shows: Midsomer Murders, Murder She Wrote and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.I need to widen out in my entertainment
prepare yourself for Murder She Wrote, Perry Mason, and Walker Texas Ranger
I'm torn between this and Murder She Wrote marathon on Hallmark Movie Channel. Love both!
Tonight's Murder She Wrote: John Saxon as a celebrity chef with a...Transylvanian? accent. (I think it's supposed to be Italian)
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