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Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppet Christmas Carol is a 1992 American musical comedy film adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, starring Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge, directed by Brian Henson, produced by Jim Henson Productions, and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

Michael Caine Muppet Treasure Island Tiny Tim Christmas Story Bob Cratchit Charlie Brown Christmas Charles Dickens Jerry Nelson Ebeneezer Scrooge Jim Carrey Patrick Stewart

Muppet christmas carol and hot chocolate. Thats just what this sunday evening needs.
A Muppet Christmas Carol will never get old.
The Muppet Christmas Carol and Prancer. Best Sunday movie day eeeveer.
The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of my favorite holiday shows!
The Muppet Christmas Carol has got to be my favorite version!
A Muppet Christmas Carol before football, don't mind if I do.
Muppet Christmas Carol is on!! So happy they didn't play it last year
The Muppet Christmas Carol is on ABC Family right now!
The Muppet Christmas Carol is probably my favorite holiday movie!
Watching the muppet Christmas carol with the kiddos then work!
Watching A Muppet Christmas Carol and sending out Xmas cards!!!
Mds breakfast and the muppet Christmas carol 󾌰
Stuck what to do with the kids today? MOVIES FOR JUNIORS £1.50 a ticket or £1 when you book online to see some great kids films. Planes - 10am Deespicable Me 2 - 10:10am Muppet Christmas Carol - 10:20am
Snuggled up watching the muppet Christmas carol=perfect
Watching a Muppet Christmas Carol with a bunch of kiddos.
Muppet Christmas carol with the boys. Been doing this since they were born. :)
The Hollywood Theatre presents The Muppet Christmas Carol and puppet making station today!
Cosied up watching Muppet Christmas Carol with the kids :) :)
Drinks... Presents... Muppet christmas carol and great company xxx
Come one, come all! Tonight's Family Christmas Movie Night is still on with a showing of The Muppet Christmas Carol being held in the Parish Hall Auditorium beginning at 6:30pm! Hosted by the fantastic Fellowship Committee and Jay Gallien, professional entertainment event director.
Watching The Muppet Christmas Carol! Haven't seen it in years!󾔒
The Muppet Christmas Carol is by far the best Christmas movie!!!
Singalong Muppet Christmas Carol - most festive afternoon in the world!
Watching the muppet Christmas carol with Blake love it!
Today at Noon - family "you vote" movie. Will we show "The Muppet Christmas Carol," "The Polar Express" or Disney's "Planes"? All who attend get a chance to win a $30 gift card to the movie theater in Derry!
Uncontrollable weeping at the muppet christmas carol...
Watching the muppet Christmas carol. With the girls &
Muppet Christmas Carol... Still the best Michael Caine movie out there
Muppet Christmas Carol. I'm way to excited for this lol
About to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol movie.
who's got a copy of Die Hard 1 & 2/Gremlins/Santa Claus Versus the Martians/Muppet Christmas Carol and is gonna be unable to visit family for xmas due to work/money/personal reasons (and is going to be in/near Bmore)? wanna bake cookies with me and drink hot toddies and have a movie marathon? misfits xmas? secular cookie feast? yis/yis??
A Muppet Christmas Carol man I love this movie soo much
Watching muppet Christmas carol with a hangover and Doug the dog
The Muppet Christmas Carol to start off my day? of course!
Sat watching Muppet Christmas carol with little man xxx
Muppet Christmas Carol on netflix that's my Christmas wrapping film sorted.
Sitting watching the Muppet Christmas carol with my kidos.
Muppet Christmas Carol is the best Christmas movie of all time.
Need a good Christmas Movie to watch? The Clubhouse has several Christmas movies available to watch for free, such as, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Disney's A Christmas Carol (Animated with Jim Carrey), Elf, Four Christmases, Fred Claus, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey), The Home Alone Collection, It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, The Muppet Christmas Carol and The Polar Express. Come on down and get your holiday started off right!
Muppet Christmas Carol. At the house. As soon as I find the remote.
A bit of Muppet Christmas Carol, why not :)
Is watching muppet christmas carol :)
A Muppet Christmas Carol :) ...may be my favorite Christmas movie!
Watched The Muppet Christmas Carol last night with my nephew
Muppet Christmas carol with Brandon Atwood!! Missing mom Carol Allen :) love this movie!
A muppet Christmas carol wow what memories this brings back
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About to watch Muppet Christmas Carol with some buddies! :)
Watching the Muppet Christmas Carol. It warms my heart.
watching The Muppet Christmas Carol :-) Now its Christmas woohoo
Muppet Christmas Carol n a cup of tea
Watching the muppet Christmas carol with my baby girl..
Watchin the muppet christmas carol so like this film
A muppet Christmas carol, gotta be the best Christmas film. EVER!!!
The credit union is sponsoring a FREE Holiday Movie for the entire family at Howmet Playhouse on Saturday, Dec. 14 at 3pm. The movie is "A Muppet Christmas Carol". We are asking for donations too, of non-perishable food items for our Credit Union Food Drive going on thru December. There will be a box in the lobby of the Playhouse for all donations. See you at the movie!
A Muppet Christmas Carol at Basement Cinema tonight! 8pm start, free entry and free popcorn!
Watching A Muppet Christmas Carol and decorating the tree!
A muppet Christmas carol is the best telling of that story
Watched the Muppet Christmas Carol last night with my Timmy.
Watching the muppet Christmas carol with the boys love Christmas
Watch the muppet christmas carol maken dinnner. Dont judge
The Muppet Christmas Carol is on. It's the little things.
Pizza and a Muppet Christmas Carol fun afternoon!
Watching a Muppet Christmas Carol in front of the fire
Hoping the muppet Christmas carol will sort this hangover 󾌢
Watching the muppet Christmas Carol with the kids
Muppet Christmas Carol, putting up the tree, finishing Christmas shopping! YAY
It's time for Muppet Christmas Carol! LOVE this film
Cuddling and watching muppet Christmas carol with my husband!!
Is it weird that I think Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp & Helena Bonham Carter is a Christmas movie? Maybe it's my Victorian brain talking after watching a Muppet Christmas Carol, but yes, completely different films ;)
Muppet Christmas Carol is by far Michael Kane's finest work, hands down
A Muppet Christmas Carol...still the best movie interpretation of that book ever made. No one can pull off Bob Cratchit like Kermit the Frog.
That moment you realize Ebeneezer Scrooge from "A Muppet Christmas Carol" is Alfred from the Christian Bale Batman Series... EPIC!
Albert Finney's musical is a classic, Muppet Christmas Carol is genius, best Muppet movie ever, and some TV ones are great too.
Because I've never seen it, but anyway there's A Muppet Christmas Carol so there.
Well, I just made myself a Muppet Christmas Carol playlist and I am going to listen to it.
The George C Scott Christmas Carol movie was on earlier. Its good, but its not the Muppet Christmas Carol.
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It's 52 days till Christmas. Muppet Christmas Carol expires on instant in 47 days. Where is love?
I dedicate this to the government to all of them Muppet Christmas Carol - Marley And Marley
In remembrance of the great Jim Henson, whose birthday is today, I would like to share one of my favorite quotes, spoken by Kermit the Frog in A Muppet Christmas Carol: "It's all right, children. Life is made up of meetings and partings. That is the way of it." What a good man he was, who brought us all, with his art, so much joy.
my usual train struggle only with Muppet Christmas Carol
the Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island (when they are older of course :D)
Christmas has come early! Watching muppet Christmas carol to get in the spirit for Christmas Carol!!
then you MUST watch Muppet Christmas Carol - it's hilarious
Is it a bit to early to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol?
Eh, less schmaltzy than most Christmas films. I like it. That and Muppet Christmas Carol are my go-to xmas films.
Yes I'm watching The Muppet Christmas Carol in August. Live with it! ;)
So I was just sitting eating a sandwich when suddenly I decided I really wanted to watch a Muppet Christmas Carol. . ?WHY?
I'm really upset I lost my Muppet Christmas Carol DVD, but this means that now I can get the BluRay.
you should be watching a muppet christmas carol like I am, it's August 25th, or "2/3rds of the way to Christmas Day" day.
I dreamt about Christmas. And when I woke up I had one of the songs from Muppet Christmas Carol in my head. Something on my mind?
I know it's not Xmas but gonna watch the muppet Christmas carol today.
Muppet Christmas Carol just came on shuffle on my ipod, its too soon for watching this yes?
It is too early in the year to watch Muppet Christmas Carol...yes? No? Hmmm...
Random thought.. Muppet Christmas Carol - its the best! I like Scrooged, too.
Hannah hart said her favourite movie is the Muppet Christmas carol. Same girl. Aw man
Correction: The mule's name is Ebenezer. As in Scrooge. Not sure how got that wrong after starring in A Muppet Christmas Carol.
You should know that I awoke to the sounds of Muppet Christmas Carol this morning. That is all.
Also, The Muppet Christmas Carol is the movie I have seen the most ever. I would hate any cover of any of the songs from it
best Michael Caine moment was every part of Muppet Christmas Carol
Harry asked to watch Muppet Christmas Carol again today :-) Love the songs in this film!
in a Muppet Christmas Carol they had like a million and one kids
Now all I can think is Sam the Eagle in Muppet Christmas Carol. He is Mr. Carson, all the way.
Literally all I want I do right now is knock back a few cosmopolitans and sit down to watch 'A Muppet Christmas Carol.'
A Muppet Christmas Carol with arts and crafts time. :)
Today, I: took my car to the shop, watched Pan's Labyrinth, worked out, watched Muppet Christmas Carol. Now wat?
View from 7th floor: it's like opening shot of A Muppet Christmas Carol (without the Muppets, obviously)
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RóFro wants to watch Muppet Christmas Carol instead of football. Football on laptop, Muppets on telly. I can live with that.
Urgh I hate Christmas movies :( the only one I like in Muppet Christmas Carol.
have you never seen a Muppet's Christmas Carol?! Greatest christmas movie ever!
I didn't know you had Muppet Christmas Carol!!! My favorite!!! Only have it on VHS and don't have a VCR hooked up. :-)
Definitely not watching the Muppet Christmas Carol and absolutely not getting a little choked up about Tiny Tim.
Muppet Christmas Carol is actually the best.
Taking down the Christmas tree made me feel super empty inside. I need some Muppet Christmas Carol stat.
Me and the rooms have been singing "It Feels Like Christmas" from The Muppet Christmas Carol all morning and we can't stop!! Send help!
Eating the last of the Turkish Delight and watching Muppet Christmas Carol with my lad.
The Muppet Christmas Carol - The Muppet characters tell their version of the classic tale of an old -
Looking foward to seeing the new Muppet movie with staring it will be the best since A Muppet Christmas Carol
we still need to buy the latest muppet movie and muppet Christmas carol
Finally watched 's review of Muppet Christmas Carol; he and have great comedy chemistry.
Watching The Muppet Christmas Carol even though its after Christmas bc it's a good movie dammit
I have, of course, watched Muppet Christmas Carol. Which is the same.
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Things I don't care for that the rest of humanity does: biscuits, The Muppet Christmas Carol, oven chips, meringues.
I have the last song from Muppet Christmas Carol stuck in my head and it is literally making me cry.
I've only seen the Muppet Christmas Carol, so I'm going to remedy that now.
If it's a musical and doesn't involve Muppets: AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! *sticks on Muppet Christmas Carol*
The best Muppet movie since A Christmas Carol? I'd say so.
Which is the better A Christmas Carol? Disney or Muppet?
A Muppet's Christmas Carol is probably the best film ever.
My digestive system is back to thinking food is a terrible idea, but at least I have songs from Muppet's Christmas Carol stuck in my head?
Joi_the_Artist This one and Muppet Christmas Carol are my "go to" movies for high-stress/low mood da59g
How do I explain to my daughter that Christmas is over and The Muppet Christmas Carol is no longer relevant to life???
The Muppet Christmas Carol: To view the flash content, please go to The Muppet Christmas CarolTis the season for...
I once cried all the way through A Muppet Christmas Carol because drugs
I have two! We watched Muppet Christmas Carol on one this Xmas, and my Labyrinth tape gets watched plenty :)
Fab - thanks. I deleted in the end as needed space for christmas delights such as Muppet Christmas Carol.
Ditto. Though humans were prominent in Muppet Christmas Carol, that was also a function of the story they were telling.
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I'm watching a muppet Christmas carol tommorow in school 😄😀😃
think about the creepy spider in Muppet's Christmas Carol. Now think of Gervais in Stardust. They're the same
It's already been done. The name of that movie was... A Muppet Christmas Carol.
So the Bluray edition of Muppet Christmas Carol is missing the scene that is the emotional crux of the entire film. What the *** Disney?
"Hey KT...they fixed ur laptop...they also salvaged this copy of Muppet Christmas Carol..?" YES!!! would have been super sad to lose that ;)
Have you seen/heard Michael Caine's commentary on Muppet Christmas Carol? I can't stop enjoying; it's good.
Every time I watch A Muppet Christmas Carol, I realise what an *** Dickens was not to put Muppets in it in the first place.
You know the scene in Muppet Christmas Carol where Michael Caine wakes up all excited and indecisive? That's how I feel today. Fun ahead.
Everytime I hear 'heatwave' I think of the rat in A Muppet Christmas Carol- "This is my island in the sun. Oy Oy!"
Watching The Muppet Christmas Carol with Taylor and her lovely family.
One ex bought me Muppet's Christmas Carol & Jurassic Park just cause I gave her a massage. It was a momentous day.
I should be un-sick by the end of the week. Remind me about the book when we do "A Muppet Christmas Carol" then, if still on?
Watching The Muppet Christmas Carol. I think The Techling is in denial.
Belated for new arrival - how often do you get to follow someone who was in Muppet's Christmas Carol? Garn.
Watched Dark Knight Rises again. Must say it was hard to take Alfred's emotional pleas seriously having recently seen Muppet Christmas Carol
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So i have watched Dumbo and Peter Pan tonight a Muppet Christmas Carol
(Jan 2) Dear Diary, I barfed all over the place so we didn't go see "Muppet Christmas Carol."
Every time he does this I think of that rabbit in Muppet Christmas Carol
cant believe thats you in muppet christmas carol. How old were you when you did it.
muppets are my go to to restore faith in humanity. Watched Te Muppets after Aurora, Muppet Christmas Carol after Sandy Hook
Christmas tree has been put away and the last showing of a Muppet Christmas Carol is just about over.
Even unique people have to be in some sort of group.Its just like Muppet's Christmas carol and Chris Nolan Batman..very loosely
In celebration of the last day of Christmas we are watching the muppet Christmas carol
Muppet Christmas Carol music playing up in hurr.
muppet Christmas Carol, but tht was weeks ago. Oh we'll, 'Death' didn't take me.
{just dies} we have our muppet christmas carol characters for christmas eve next year! Now, what to do for Easter...
Michael Caine has stolen a living. He is exactly the same in everything, including Muppet Christmas Carol. Fact.
Time to put Christmas back in a box and to help undo everything that watching Elf, Scrooged and Muppet Christmas Carol did for my Christmas spirit, I'm going to watch something deliciously sci-fi to do it. Empire Strikes Back it is!
Had a lovely walk with Twinkle. Now, before I remove the Xmas decs, I'm watching Muppet Christmas Carol, that my friends son gave me.
TV that's made me cry. 1.The end of Alive when he waves that little red shoe. 2. Muppet Christmas Carol. 3. Splash live.
After a fantastic day with Gabbers, I'm now enjoying the space heater and watching Muppet Christmas Carol. Happy vacation.
Muppet Christmas Carol is just too good.
The Santa Clause, Muppet Christmas Carol and Little Women - all my favourite childhood films! Bloody love Christmas
A sign of a well spent youth is when I recognised Michael Caine from Muppet Christmas Carol rather than Italian Job..
*phew* have commandeered a TV for Muppet Christmas Carol... On other hand, mum is about to explain why Simon Mayo is so good on Radio 2
the Muppet Christmas Carol is the best version of a Christmas Carol, hands down. Introducing it to the little man!
100% wrong...Michael Kane, A Muppet Christmas Carol, is not only the best version, but also the best holiday movie of all time
*watching "Muppet Christmas Carol"* *hears "Bless Us All"* *fights hard not to cry* Jerry Nelson was the best Muppet singer. No arguments.
This week is Christmas Movie Week! We are showing a Christmas Movie every afternoon. Here is the schedule: Tuesday - A Christmas Carol (with Jim Carrey at 3:30 pm), Wednesday - Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (4:30 pm), Thursday - Muppet Christmas Carol (3:30 pm), Friday - Miracle on 34th Street (1:00 pm) and Elf (7:00 pm). Hope to see you here! Free popcorn!
One poorly boy curled up on the sofa & Muppet Christmas Carol on perfect Monday me thinks!
I feel sorry for all who don't get to enjoy screams and tears of joy when she listens to the Muppet Christmas Carol sountrack.
Prue thinks Muppet Christmas Carol is weird. Clearly, I've failed her. My favorite movie (behind Dirty Rotten Scoundrels).
I love A Muppet Christmas Carol, but it makes me horribly aware of my own mortality. Which is a weird feeling to have around Fozzie Bear.
No. The best Christmas movie ever is obviously A Muppet Christmas Carol...
My favorite christmas movie is Muppet Christmas Carol! Always has been! :)
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Newest Sketch - "Charles Dickens & Rizzo the Rat" Why is Muppet Christmas Carol your favorite Christmas movie…
Not a Santa film, but my favorite Christmas movie is A Muppet Christmas Carol.
My favourite part of the whole Muppet Christmas Carol movie is when Rizzo kisses Gonzo on the nose for no real reason.
“Nearly time to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol again.” I'm staring as Bob Cratchit so for 12 shows I am Kermit The Frog!
Don't forget our movie day on Wednesday. It's Mickey's Christmas Carol (a short film) followed by A Muppet Christmas Carol (a feature length film). Bring a friend! Bring snacks! Hope to see you there. Noel Wien Library at 11:00 (doors open at 10:45).
Since the Guthrie is showing the Muppet Christmas Carol movie, I've got the Muppet show theme stuck in my head
Hey guys, So in working with the school for their Holiday movie marathon, A Muppet Christmas Carol will be shown at 5:00pm on Monday, followed by National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. We won't be able to have the Santa photoshoot unfortunately but they might need someone to pass out candy canes at the event. The show is open to all, so tell everyone that you think will come out. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals, Charlie
love love love Muppet Christmas Carol. Esp. when Sam eagle is all like " it is the Amer, uh British way"
Gotta love the Muppet Christmas Carol but I also love the George C Scott and Patrick Stewart versions as well
Holiday Inn (wonderful!) and the fantastic Natalie Wood version of Miracle on 34th Street; also Muppet Christmas Carol.
I'm gonna be positive on a negative day for Ireland by simply quoting wee Tiny Tim from the Muppet Christmas Carol:"God Bless Us,Everyone"
*watches Muppet Christmas Carol* Man, this is making me miss Jerry Nelson. Such a great voice, he had.
Watching "Muppet Christmas Carol", the definitive interpretation of the tale. I'm sure Dickens envisioned Bob Cratchit as a frog all along.
Don't miss the Narberth Dicken's Festival this Saturday Dec. 8th from 12-4pm! This FREE Dicken's Themed event transforms the town of Narberth into 1840's London, as Ebeneezer Scrooge and all the characters from A Christmas Carol roam the streets for an afternoon. There are activities for all ages, horse and carriage rides, professional musicians, carolers, ice sculpting and authentic vendors and street food. Before the festivities begin you can get into the spirit at the free showing of the Muppet Christmas Carol at the Narberth Movie Theatre at 11am. Kids, come be a "cobbler's apprentice" at Swan Dancewear and decorate pointe shoes! Girls can have their hair styled like the Royal Ballet dancers too! Look forward to seeing you on this festive day!
Michael Caine is good in Muppet Christmas Carol, but he'll forever suffer in the shadow of the most masterful Scrooge. (Buddy Hackett.)
Two more days until I can watch a Muppet Christmas Carol and not feel bad!!
Ant is making me choose between Muppet Christmas Carol and Serenity. I think he wants to watch the Muppets.
I'm working on a comprehensive list of movies I must watch this holiday season. So far it includes The Hobbit, Les Mis, Muppet Christmas Carol, and It's a Wonderful Life. Additions? Matt Jessie Sammie what are our family holiday favorites?
officially the proud owner of Muppet Treasure Island and Muppet Christmas Carol. Thank you Black Friday :)
Muppet Christmas Carol, Miss Piggy “I suppose that on the blessed day of Christmas one must drink to, a Mr. Scrooge, even though he is odious, stingy, wicked, unfeeling and badly dressed! (GASP) I love that the little girl piggy’s gasp here as if saying someone is badly dressed is the worst thing anyone could say about someone. LOL
Going through the movies of our youth, I've introduced Yoko to the muppets and we just watched Muppets Take Manhattan a little bit ago to prepare for the Muppet Christmas Carol during Christmas (Now she's emotionally invested!!!). But more importantly, Grumpy Old Men was watched so we could Then watch Bad News Bears (even though she hates sports movies) which then allowed her to trust me enough to watch Ladybugs (which I have helped with over time by watching Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack which I gatewayed her by first watching the National Lampoon Vacation movies and Nothing But Trouble based on her like of the original Ghostbusters) so we can now watch Sidekicks. As everyone should know by now, all roads lead to The Expendables 2.
I've watched A Muppet Christmas Carol, Charlie Brown Christmas, and now I'm watching The Santa Clause.
New on Blu-ray this week: Muppet Christmas Carol, Patton, Planes Trains & Automobiles, more
Time to go buy a couple of Xmas movies. Arthur Christmas and Muppet Christmas Carol going in the collection today. :)
Muppet Christmas Carol after Polar Express with another legendary actor Michael Caine.
Nov 1st: Now I can watch Muppet Christmas Carol, Gremlins, Die Hard, and Love Actually as much as I want!
On a muppet binge this weekend. Started last night with the new movie, now watching Muppet Treasure Island. Next is Muppet Christmas Carol.
Recently read "girlfriend wanted." Muppet Christmas Carol is great, but I think Muppet Treasure Island is the real masterpiece
Remember in the Muppet Christmas Carol when Michael Caine sings "I Like Life"? That is so me right now! really...I mean it...
starring Michael Caine as Scrooge in The Muppet Christmas Carol (Disney Home Entertainment) singing Thankful Heart There is a little "joke" at the end of the...
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So, I'm already really excited about Christmas! And, if you're one of those stupid people that read the last sentence & immediately thought, "I hate when people talk about Christmas and it's not even Halloween yet!" then get over yourself. I swear if you leave me a dumb comment, I will delete it and hate you a little. ANYWAY, as a family, we always watch "White Christmas," "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas," "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever," "Elf," & "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I also personally watch, "While You Were Sleeping," "The Holiday," "The Muppet Christmas Carol," "The Nightmare Before Christmas," "Mickey's Christmas Carol," any "Doctor Who: Christmas Special,"Sleepless in Seattle," "Bridget Jones's Diary," the "Harry Potter" series, & "A Christmas Story" (because it's on tv ALL Christmas Day). What movies do YOU watch?
I don't own the Muppets. Disney does. This aired in 1992 after... I have no clue. I thought it was interesting, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it. P.S. I kn...
Watching Muppet Christmas Carol because that's what G wanted to watch. It's never too early to start celebrating Christmas!! ;)
Too early to watch a christmas movie? I think not. Muppet christmas carol before bed. Theres a Tiny Tim somewhere in the world.
Robert Louis Stevenson's classic pirate tale takes on a life of its own in the hands of the hilarious Muppets! Muppet Treasure Island - the Muppets' very first action-adventure- is the fun-packed music-filled, high-seas swashbuckler the entire family will enjoy over and over. Featuring a rollickin...
Watching The Muppet Christmas Carol, cause its just too good a film to watch just at Christmas :D
Is it too early to watch muppet Christmas carol :0
Going home. Put pjs on, and watch disney films. And feel sorry for myself :-( it too early to watch Muppet Christmas Carol :-)
is watching the muppet Christmas Carol and eating chocolate ice cream! :)
Time for that 20 year tradition. Muppet Christmas Carol.
Ugh I hate getting out when its nasty outside. Back from walmart, now getting cozy on the couch with my liz. She decided that she wanted to watch the muppet christmas carol. Lydia is taking a nap and I'm pretty sure Emma is too lol. Sawmill when clay gets home!
Loving that I had to explain what "Scrooged" was to P (Georgina Wolstencroft), and even better that she knew what it was after I said about the "Muppet's Christmas Carol"!!! ha ha ha x
Visions of righteous play/plague memories- and I love them all as a Son should to Mother and Father (honor and loving correction). Love knows no shame and I love the love in my heart. and "God Bless Us, Everyone," Robin the Frog as Tiny Tim, from The Muppet Christmas Carol, 1993"
The first appearance of Ebenezer Scrooge. Transcript: In life, the Marleys had been business partners with a shrewd money-lender named Ebenezer Scrooge. You ...
My Uncle Howard died the same time as Mr.Henson, so I Remember what a Loss it was to say Good Bye to Both of Them...What a Great Visionary. I Loved and Appreciated His Art and Still Do :) One of My All Time Fav's is Muppet Christmas Carol. I watch it All Year :)
I remember seeing, Muppet Christmas Carol and thinking, THAT is not Kermit...
is it wrong that I am watching The Muppet Christmas Carol in September?!
& Muppet Christmas Carol best ever muppet movie :)
As for everyone who is currently quoting the muppet christmas carol to me, you may live.
It's only September but we don't care - The Muppet Christmas Carol is on LOVEFiLM Instant!
You're becoming a guy! So so far from The Muppet Christmas Carol...
Last FREE Movies on the Beach are this week. Muppet Christmas Carol tonight & Puss in Boots tomorrow on rooftop at dusk on NASNI.
(have you never seen A Muppet Christmas Carol??)
"Muppet Christmas Carol" has been my favorite since I came out (1992). Gonzo as Charles Dickens is pretty great.
Muppet Treasure Island and Muppet Christmas Carol will forever be two of the greatest films ever made.
And of course, Nightmare before Christmas, and The Muppet Christmas Carol. Part of my annual Christmas filmfest!
ha seriously! We were going to watch it tonight! so does Muppets Treasure Island, and a Muppet Christmas Carol!
Morning all. Can someone explain to me why I have “One More Sleep ‘til Christmas” from The Muppet Christmas Carol going round in my head?
Fewer films make me happier than this one. "Muppet Christmas Carol" COMMENCE!
Chris is sitting (or should i say standing in front of the tv and conducting to) the Muppet Christmas Carol. Still one of my favorite Christmas movies, and if it keeps Chris happy and occupied.well, i don't care what time of year it is!!
So apparently my parents have not watched a DVD since I was home at Christmas. Why? Because "Muppet Christmas Carol" just popped out of the dvd player.
We've got some updates on The Muppet Christmas Carol UK cinema re-release here
We've now confirmed that The Muppet Christmas Carol is DEFINITELY getting a UK cinema re-release on 23rd Nov.
A limited 20th anniversay re-release of The Muppet Christmas Carol is scheduled for 23rd November in the UK.
We might have this wrong, but it looks like The Muppet Christmas Carol is getting a cinematic re-release in the UK.
I want to watch A Christmas Carol. Now to decide which one- A Muppet Christmas Carol with Michael Caine as Scrooge or the TNT one with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge?
Disney PMVs: Muppet Christmas Carol: Some more Disney PMVs coming your way! This time we've got a little bit of...
Christmas in July. First the Muppet Christmas Carol, now the George C. Scott version.
The Muppet Christmas Carol is finally arriving on Blu-ray this year, this coming November.
The Muppet Christmas Carol is coming to Blu-ray in November!!! I'm like so pumped right now! With that AND The Santa Clause coming to Blu-ray this year, it's gonna be an epic Christmas.
I've got good news to keep you from feeling sad about the recent massacre. The entire Santa Clause trilogy (starring Tim Allen & Eric Lloyd) will finally be released on Blu-ray disc on October 16th, as a trilogy set & on their own. What's more, The Muppet Christmas Carol will have a 20th anniversary edition on DVD & Blu-ray around that time, & both Prep & Landing specials will be on DVD & Blu-ray! But there's no word yet on when Brave will be out on DVD, Blu-ray & 3D Blu-ray, but they're being pre-ordered on Amazon already. It's a shame that a place to escape our problems was the victim of a massacre heard of all over the country, a movie theatre that is. I just hope security's beefed up in any theatre, by the time Finding Nemo returns in 3D in September.
Prior to any official announcement, Walt Disney Studios has announced intentions to bring the Muppet holiday classic, Muppet Christmas Carol, to Disney Blu-ray on November 6, 2012 as a 20th anniversary edition featuring all new bonus features.Bonus ...
So after a "Man of Steel" trailer that I found strangely moving *** ,) I was treated to Tom Hardy reaching new heights in Batman villain-dom, a cool flying Batmobile (or whatever,) slight touches of "The Dark Knight Returns"(!,) the batcave and bats (glaringly absent from "The Dark Knight!!!",) and me getting weepy over random things (haven't they learned from "Muppet Christmas Carol" not to do THAT?) I'm not some Nolan fanboy, more of a 90's cartoon or Frank Miller fanboy, yet, especially as a huge Batman fan, and someone who wasn't even that big on "The Dark Knight," I was blown away!!!
I can't believe it had taken me so long to see the new Muppets movie! It's awesome! Reminds me of all those Christmas Eve's watching Muppet Christmas Carol with my family.
The Muppet Christmas Carol is finally coming to Blu-ray on November 6th with brand NEW Bonus Features!
The Muppet Christmas Carol is coming to blu-ray! It doesn't get much better than Michael Caine & Muppets.
2nd day in a row going to VA Bazaar. Picked up Apocalypse Now Redux & Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD all for $6. Successful Sunday.
To celebrate Christmas in July, I shall watch The Muppet Christmas Carol and A Muppet Family Christmas... And by the end of the month I must watch A Christmas Story.
so my kids are making the babysitter watch "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer". its the 4th of July... i can only blame myself and my sister Carly Stokes, who obsessively over the years have watched "A Muppet Christmas Carol" to the extreme annoyance of our other family members... who knew the love of Christmas movies was genetic? ... It's in the singing of the street corner choir...
~ I probably watched The Muppet Christmas Carol over a dozen times before the age of ten, so why is it that I JUST NOW found out that Michael Caine plays Scrooge? MY LIFE IS A LIE. ~
Mm.cookies and A Muppet Christmas Carol with Roz and Liv
Is it sad that I'm watching The Muppet Christmas Carol right now?
When I'm homesick, I watch the Muppet Christmas Carol on youtube!
On this Halfway-to-Christmas day, After careful deliberation, I have settled on The Muppet Christmas Carol as my movie tonight. (Congrats Kermit & Gang).
Muppet Christmas Carol is still my favourite film. And it's got to be Gonzo or Rizzo!
Here is one from our catacombs : (Xmas) Movie Poster of the Day: The Muppet Christmas Carol
Everyone loves the modern classic holiday film "The Muppet Christmas Carol", but after searching online for a full length theatrical trailer it appears that ...
Muppet Treasure Island. Not as good as A Muppet Christmas Carol, but it'll do. Can we just rewind back in time into childhood?
Wish me and Dana had a place of our own then we could have a Muppet night watch The Muppet Movie ( not the new one the old one ) and The Muppet Show the first 3 Seasons then in December watch The Muppet Christmas Carol :)
Muppet Christmas Carol [VHS]: Brian Henson directs his late father's creations in the Charles Dickens classic, t...
he is Sam P Eagle playing the schoolmaster in Muppet Christmas Carol
Finally watched The Muppet Movie last night. Doesn't hold a candle to Muppet Christmas Carol or Muppet Treasure Island. The best part was Sheldon as a Muppet!
Hey there, it's me again. I know that Muppet Christmas Carol comes after Muppets Take Manhatten, but I do not have that movie at the moment so instead, here ...
Here's the original version of "When Love Is Gone" from Muppet Christmas Carol. It's the whole song, too.not just clips. also see the alternate version he...
Muppet Treasure Island = awesomeness. Not quite on par with Muppet Christmas Carol, but then it does star Tim Curry.
Muppet Christmas Carol. Great movie & a girl I went to school with was in it.
Muppet Christmas Carol has all the best gags, both verbally and visually.
No doubt about it, it has to be Muppet Christmas Carol
ONly two days til long weekend on Holy Island. but first must watch Muppet Christmas Carol for video clip for tonight's group discussion where we will be 'Exploring Mercy'...
Just a shared moment from childhood from the Muppet Christmas Carol to cheer up a friend. Don't even worry about it. x3 This is by far my favorite movie of a...
The Jury is Out. Which is better? Muppets take Manhattan, The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, Muppet Treasure Island, Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppets from Space, Or The New Muppet Movie? I guess we should throw in the Muppet Babies Star Wars Episode, I really liked that one.
Just thought of Muppet Christmas Carol when young Scrooge says 'I love you' and Belle says 'You did, once' and welled up a bit
Looking forward to the new Muppets film in 2012? In the meantime, tune in for A Muppet Christmas Carol, on Film4 today at 5pm.
I always forget how creepy the ghost of Christmas past is in "a Muppet Christmas Carol".
watching A Muppet Christmas Carol with my family. rizzo the rat is my homeboy
"After all, there's only one more sleep til Christmas!" - Muppet Christmas Carol
Jimmy Stewart's 'It's A Wonderful Life' kiss was censored for over-passion in 1947 /Really?
Pressies wrapped. Cup of tea. Sofa with Noah. Tash rockin in the kitchen. Muppet Christmas Carol on. This is it !. See you in 2012. Out xxx.
Good morning from Florida. We have watched Elf and Muppet Christmas Carol. Today it's got to be Love Actually and Scrooged!
I'm watching A Muppet Christmas Carol. It's probably my favourite Muppet-based Dickens story after A Tale of Two Kermits.
Muppet Christmas Carol. Undoubtedly the best thing Michael Caine has ever done.
Who's watching a Christmas movie today? Muppet Christmas Carol, Santa Claus The Movie, Fred Clause all filmed at our UK studios. Merry Xmas!
I'd like to see a Muppet Christmas Carol prequel in which we'd get to see Michael Caine running a small bank with Statler and Waldorf.
Free Ticket to new Muppet movie WYB The Muppet Christmas Carol dvd @ Amazon: Rating: 0 Posted...
The Muppet Christmas Carol > all other versions of A Christmas Carol
here is a trailer I made for the original R-Rated version of A Muppet Christmas Carol
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