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Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppet Christmas Carol is a 1992 American musical comedy film adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, starring Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge, directed by Brian Henson, produced by Jim Henson Productions, and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

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You too Michael. Thanks again for cheering my family with Muppet Christmas Carol!
Family settling in for annual viewing of Muppet Christmas Carol. . I'll go out on a limb and guess that Trump has never seen this movie.
It's time for a Foley family favorite on the blog---Muppet Christmas Carol.
All streaming versions of Muppet Christmas Carol have cut this song, which is tragic. Revisionist history in action!
I really enjoy Muppet Christmas Carol. But nothing can top Muppet Family Christmas.
just got into a brutal family fight over whether to watch Love Actually or Muppet Christmas Carol
Muppet Christmas Carol is always my favourite Muppets film until I watch Muppet Treasure Island and then I'm like nah. Treasure Island wins
none of these lol, what about The Grinch, The Santa Clause, Muppet Christmas Carol w/the babies fighting mid-movie, classics lmao;)
nothing beats A Muppet Christmas Carol. Great one liners ...light the lamp not the rat... we're Marley and Marley...
Child no.1 has returned in order to give critical, running commentary on Muppet Christmas Carol. 😕
those are ace as well! just watched Muppet Christmas Carol last night. Classics indeed...
A Muppet Christmas Carol didn't make any of these, for shame
Home sickly watching Hercules, Mulan, Muppet Christmas Carol and writing programs for 2017 clients. Lookin’ up,
Why is this needed? It's obviously the Muppet Christmas Carol. End of.
Skipped out of work this evening like Kermit in the Muppet Christmas Carol. Tralalala!! 🎄🎉🐸 only 4 more sleeps!
Went carol singing earlier and now I'm properly Christmassy. Cementing it by watching The Muppet Christmas Carol again
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Getting into the Christmas spirit by watching our fav The Muppet Christmas Carol!
Muppet Christmas Carol for life. I can actually recite it.
Snarfling scraps of nutmeg maple butter cookie dough like Miss Piggy in Muppet Christmas Carol "testing" chestnuts.
And just by starting muppet Christmas carol I'm in tears over Jim passing again he's still my hero ❤️
Is it just me that's noticed that all of the rats in The Muppet Christmas Carol are left-handed?
There can be only one ( no-NOT Highlander) - The Muppet Christmas Carol- with the greatest actor ever...Boz
I'd like to watch a prequel to A Muppet Christmas Carol in which we get to see Michael Caine running a small bank with Statle…
one of my fave parts of Christmas. Looking forward to the Santa Clause & the Muppet Christmas Carol :)
Guys seriously I need an answer: why, WHY, is the song Belle sings in Christmas Past cut from every version of Muppet's Christmas Carol now?
The Muppet Christmas Carol continues to be magnificent.
can we not all just agree that Muppet Christmas Carol wins it now?
I have a soft spot for the Hanson Christmas album, as well as every song from The Muppet's Christmas Carol.
Scrooged, The Muppet Christmas Carol and Frozen - a few movies on tv this week
Time for the Muppet Christmas Carol! Tisn’t the season without it. 🎄❤📽
Housework done (granted I was doing some of it at half 5 this morning) and now sitting cosy on my couch watching Muppet Christmas Carol! ❤🎄❤
I'm still not over the fact that when A Muppet Christmas Carol moved to DVD they cut When Love is Gone. Not. Okay.
"Silly! And weird! And LOUD!" - Gonzo and Rizzo’s banter is The Best Bit of Muppet Christmas Carol…
Muppet's Christmas Carol: One of Caine's most enjoyable performances. Animal was underused. Light the lamp, not the rat.
I'm just trying to watch the muppet Christmas carol
I thought that the Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack needed more appreciation, so I wrote a thing.
so disappointed with Muppet's A Christmas Carol, had higher expectations
The Muppet Christmas Carol is my favorite Christmas movie ever 🎄
I don't what tune this is but I've kinda made Peter Frampton work? Also one of the Muppet Christmas Carol tunes.
I'm listening to One More Sleep 'Til Christmas by The Muppets (Holiday) on
My mum's up for Christmas, a takeaway is on its way and A Muppet Christmas Carol is on ☺
If the winner isn't 'It's a Wonderful Life' or 'Muppet Christmas Carol' we're clearly looking at FIFA levels of corruption.
tbf, Muppet Christmas Carol is pretty close to the Dickens story anyway.
PlexPy (Pip's Media Server). The Muppet Christmas Carol was recently added to Plex.
Muppet Christmas Carol is he best film
Nah, everyone knows the best Christmas film is Muppet Christmas Carol! :)
Still pisses me off that When Love Is Gone is missing from my DVD of Muppet Christmas Carol. Such an oversight
Last night I watched THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL. It broke me down & put me back together again. (cc
24 years since mum, aged 16, went to see Muppet's Christmas Carol at the cinema with Kermit has aged much be…
Muppet Christmas Carol is basically untouchable, it's definitely in MY canon.
Hey, folks, what do you consider the latest entry to the Christmas Canon? Rudolph? Muppet Christmas Carol? The Phil Spector album? Other?
Muppet Christmas Carol needs a DVD edition that doesn't pointlessly cut Belle's song so I don't have to drag out my vcr every Christmas
have you seen A Christmas Story? That's my favorite. That and Charlie Brown Christmas and Muppet Christmas Carol :)
. Muppet Christmas Carol. Miracle on 34th St. Charlie Brown Christmas. A Christmas Story. Elf (only Will Farrell movie I watch)
Muppet Christmas Carol, It's a Wonderful Life, the first chapter of Fanny & Alexander. latest addition: Carol
I feel like Alexander Hamilton becsuse there's a million things I haven't done...namely see A Muppet Christmas Carol for the first time
umm...nobody wants to watch The Santa Claus that many times. throw A Muppet Christmas Carol in there.
It greatly bothers me not enough people have watched the muppet christmas carol. My fav christmas movie ♥
Now I know it's not Christmas yet, but I really want to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol now. Oh help me when Christmas comes.
start watching a Muppet's Christmas Carol... Watch it almost every day til Xmas.
YO watching muppet Christmas carol and a ad for the making of lion king came on.
Went to visit my parents and they were watching The Muppet Christmas Carol. Legends.
The Muppet's Christmas Carol is the best Christmas movie & Michael Caine is the best Ebenezer Scrooge. Don't fight me on this.
Oh pants 😞 due to tiredness muppet Christmas carol has made me well up already 😥. I just love that tiny green tim
Forcing my landlord of a bf to watch Muppet Christmas Carol & trying my best not to guilt trip him by comparing him to Scrooge: impossible
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. By which I mean I hummed a tune from Muppet Christmas Carol in early November. Soz.
Is it too early to watch Muppet Christmas Carol?. Asking for a friend
Sometimes you have to remember the big picture - Muppet Christmas Carol - Marley And Marley via
Caught m'self singing tunes from Muppet Christmas Carol while doing dishes in the kitchen.
Okay it's official: we can now watch Elf and The Muppet Christmas Carol. Much better than fireworks...
Can it be December already so I can watch Muppet Christmas Carol?
Muppet Christmas Carol, Home Alone, Scrooged for me. (I tend to discount ones where Christmas is incidental to the story)
Muppet Christmas Carol m8, part of the Holy Trinity with Bad Santa and Trading Places.
We're very pleased to announce the winning film from our festive vote is The Muppet Christmas Carol! . Date and time…
I added a video to a playlist Muppet Christmas Carol - Scrooge
Decided to put off watching muppet Christmas carol until the 5th of November. Because I mark holidays in movies.
down for a MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL and THEN SOME! ... it hurts less when u smile or LOL :)
"A Muppet Christmas Carol," "The Holiday," and "Love Actually" may be Christmas movies, but they are acceptable to watch year-round.
*Wife says that it is too early for A Muppet Christmas Carol.*. *Meg sings the entirety of "Scrooge" (the opening number).*
How big is this cake if cutting it takes an hour and i’ve got muppet christmas carol on already.
Muppet movies, espec Muppets Take Manhattan or Christmas Carol, love the humour and the songs!
P.S. The Muppet Christmas Carol is my all-time favorite Christmas movie. That gets watched on Christmas Eve. XD. I HATE WAITING THAT LONG!
came out on christmas, christmas movie. But if you want an actual traditional one. Muppet's Christmas Carol
That sounds better than Christmas24. And if it's showing The Muppet Christmas Carol, then all is forgiven.
What are your favourite Christmas movies? Mine are The Muppet Christmas Carol and The Santa Clause 🎄😊
Muppet Christmas Carol is my favourite. Not even ashamed
Jim Henson's everything - esp Muppet Christmas Carol with Michael Caine. Art of storytelling reaching both adults and kids!
Watching The Muppet Christmas carol w/the foster kiddo bc looking forward to Christmas is the only thing getting me through this election.
oooh so off the top of my head, Elf, Nightmare Before Xmas, Gremlins, Die Hard, Muppet Christmas Carol, The Grinch...
Today I wanna sit @ home in my PJs & watch Christmas movies. White Christmas, The Grinch, The Muppet /Mickey's Chri…
Almost choked on one of those Reese's cups stuffed with Reese's Pieces because I got too emotional about The Muppet Christmas Carol
Muppet Christmas Carol is one of my favorite movies ever
American Horror Story or The Muppet Christmas Carol, what to do, what to do??
Baseball is boring. Muppet Christmas Carol is on HBOFAM, fam.
*wakes up in a sweat*. Why did they cut "when love is gone" from every DVD and Blu-ray release of Muppet Christmas Carol since 2002?
if i watch Muppet Christmas Carol everyday in the month of December will I turn into a muppet?
11. My favourite time of year is the lead-up to Christmas and I always watch A Muppet's Christmas Carol
is that A Muppet Christmas Carol? Hm... 5:30pm. That's like 1:30am or 2:30am (I think depending on daylight saving) for me 😕
When is an appropriate time to watch The Muppet's Christmas Carol for the first time this year hmm
🎄Christmas Special Screening of The Muppet Christmas Carol🎥 Just £4 tickets are now on sale every Saturday...
Monsters vs aliens or a muppet Christmas carol
Like, I know a ton of people love it, but Past in A Muppet Christmas Carol is very out of place with the film's aesthetic.
EXACTLY + we watch A Muppet Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve so if any bit was going to be the best bit, it would be that.
Got excited knowing that soon* I can watch A Muppet Christmas Carol & I won't be hated on. *calm down! it means in about 3 weeks.
Wanted: One scarf that WON'T make me look like Micheal Caine in A Muppet's Christmas Carol
I just listened to the entire muppet Christmas carol album
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I'll join you! Although I do watch A Muppet Christmas Carol several times a year!
Moonlight, The Handmaiden, and the Muppet's Christmas Carol are all coming to my local art theater!
why did you take off a Muppet Christmas Carol? why do you hate me and not want me to be happy? what did i ever do to you?
HALLOWEEN IS OVER time to watch the muppet christmas carol on repeat and bake mince pies and drink a pint of baileys!
don't worry, I had Home Alone and Muppet Christmas Carol on earlier 😈😈
Don't forget The Muppet Christmas Carol, that is proper good too. PLEASE tell me you've seen that…
In other news our Christmas stock came in today. Does this mean I can now start watching "Muppet Christmas Carol" & listening to Brenda Lee?
Are we putting on a production of Muppet's Christmas Carol? Is that what's happening?
argues that Muppet Christmas Carol is a surprisingly respectful interpretation of Dickens's novel.
you guys will just have to draw my face on a sockpuppet to provide commentary + sing along during Muppet Christmas Carol
"Have you ever seen the the Muppet Christmas Carol? It's the Christians carol, but with muppets!!" -Lexi
Good gosh, even Marley and Marley from The Muppet Christmas Carol think the Orioles are deader than a door nail now. Four games behind Jays
had the Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack on earlier, can't wait for Christmas! 🎅🏼
What's that? have added classic family films to their film schedule & one of them is The Muppet Christmas Carol? Fantastic!
I am listening to Muppet Christmas Carol at 9:30AM in August. Honestly I need adult supervision at all times
Loved her in Muppet Christmas Carol and Sunset Boulevard :) x
We're watching Muppet Christmas Carol at C's request. I think we might just steer into the skid and watch White Christmas next...
muppet Christmas carol is the only Christmas carol
Whoever did this combined my love of the Muppet's Christmas Carol, and my love of drag race! Kudos you!
Must resist urge to sing the Scrooge song from Muppet Christmas Carol out loud as it comes up on shuffle. It's 1:45am.
The only time I've ever heard "skinflint" was in A Muppet Christmas Carol. Now I've heard it IRL thanks to "Don't Tell The Bride".
The muppets are super hit-n-miss, but I love 'em. Muppet Christmas Carol is the best movie version of Christmas Carol hands down.
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite just finished and we've moved on to the Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack.There's-no Globe here too.
Muppets from Space better than Muppet Christmas Carol? what are you smoking? Gonzo an alien? He's a whatever always was
it is, cos it's a soap opera and a mashup of lots of his work. Actors we like, great set similar to Muppet Christmas Carol...
The scene in Muppet Christmas Carol where they laugh and then shudder? That one. ""
I thought for a second this was about Muppet Christmas Carol
The THIRD attempt at ordering A Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD. The THIRD time that a seller sends a different edition than they listed.
I'd hazard a guess not many people cry at the Muppet Christmas Carol. Just me because it was my late father's favourite tv show.
February definitely feels like the wrong month to be ear wormed by Muppet Christmas Carol songs.
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You know what *** Every film with Michael Cane in, except for Muppet Christmas Carol.
Muppet Christmas Carol is one of the best adaptations of the source material.
Looks like the Marley-faced door knocker in Muppet Christmas Carol.
"The Great Muppet Caper is bad because of Michael Cain"- 14 year old who thinks A Muppet Christmas Carol is The Great Muppet Caper
Melinda looks like one of 's girls from the Muppet Christmas Carol.
Heck, my sister is 11 and she's not read a classic novel and the only classic novel film adaptation she's seen is the muppet Christmas Carol
Tbh I'm just always down to watch a Muppet Christmas Carol.
No crime worse in Christmas cinema history than the removal of "When Love Is Gone" in some copies of Muppet Christmas Car…
I can't watch the muppet Christmas carol now because of Ben Carson singing Bless Us All...
I shouldn't have watched a muppet Christmas Carol yesterday as now I have the songs stuck in my head
xD It made me laugh too! And he actually did it once! In the blooper reel for Muppet Christmas Carol I'm pretty sure.
Rathbone in The Court Jester (1955) rivals Michael Caine in The Muppet Christmas Carol for playing absurdity ABSOLUTELY STRAIGHT.
Really enjoyed until I noticed that Pierre in his top hat looked like Dr Bunsen Honeydew in the Muppet Christmas Carol.
Yes I am listening to the Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack as I prepare to go out. Wanna fight about it?
LOL this was hilarious! A little Muppet Christmas Carol parody.
Caine's performances in A Muppet Christmas Carol, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Deathtrap and California Suite are faultless.
Love all of Michael Caine's films… from Harry Brown to A Muppet Christmas Carol to The Dark Knight to The Italian Job!
I feel like Muppet Christmas Carol is finally getting its due. Muppet Treasure Island next, please!!
Someone needs to delve into the backstory of the ghost boxes that sing with the Marley brothers in Muppet Christmas Carol
I actually don't think I've seen much of 3. Reeks a bit of grabbing. Muppet Christmas Carol is going on here shortly.
Is a Muppet Christmas Carol on? That's good although I really like the version with Patrick Stewart and Richard E. Grant too.
yep, Bob Cratchit. May add more Muppet Christmas Carol characters if I can think of some suitable training data!
love the Muppet Christmas Carol, also glad to hear love for the Alastair Sim version. It's the version I grew up with.
It must nearly be time to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol. Love Dickens AND Kermit.
Watching a Muppet Christmas Carol with my babies.
Maybe Muppets in Space is like Muppet Treasure Island or Muppet Christmas Carol. Acknowledged as movie in-universe.
yep I love A Christmas Carol. Favourite movie version has to be the Muppet Christmas Carol!
Nice! Anthony well on the way to replacing the rat from the Muppet Christmas Carol as my favourite Rizzo.
I'm teaching Dickens this term and I find him so dull??? Can I just show the kids The Muppet's Christmas Carol instead?
I have a confession to make. I listen to the Muppet Christmas Carol Soundtrack year round.
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can we still watch muppet Christmas carol?
I'm so excited about christmas I've already watched elf and muppet's christmas carol 🎄
Still think the Muppet version of the The Christmas Carol is one of the funniest & heart breaking movies ever.
never too early, I always have my first watch of Muppet Christmas Carol about the start of September
We have a winner. Evita!. Though mildly regretting not doing a dissertation on Muppet Christmas Carol.
Really wish Rizzo had a bigger role in the last two muppet movies. He stole A Muppet Christmas Carol...
A still from the cut original Jacob Marley scene from 'A Muppet Christmas Carol'.
everytime my friend and I go2the fringe we come back on the train singing Muppet Christmas Carol songs!! Why?!
Muppet blr - ( )fozzie bear, rizzo the rat, the grea, LINK:.
Not saying I'm ready for Christmas. But if the Muppet Christmas Carol was on, I wouldn't change the channel.
I never even read A Christmas Carol I literally just watched the muppet version for revision I'm laughing
Somehow I found my way to the Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack and I'm just gonna go with it.
Thank the Lord! Oh: The Muppets Movie, Muppet Christmas Carol & The Muppets. (If they can't love the Muppets
Everyone knows the best Muppets movie is Muppet Christmas Carol!
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I've just thought of someone else you look like!! Have you ever seen Muppet Christmas Carol?!
Shame. I would say Muppet Christmas Carol - and probably Muppet Movie too - could make a case for Canon inclusion.
Jim Henson was the first time I was ever sad that a celebrity had died. Cried when I saw the credits of Muppet Christmas Carol.
thats like my family, but with Muppet Christmas Carol
who's your favorite Muppet? Two of my all-time favorite movies are Muppet Treasure Island and their version of A Christmas Carol
Time to get planning Hooper. I assume we'll be singing muppet christmas carol tunes on the train as per usual? :P
nothing really it's not the muppets , I mean Christmas carol is awesome, it's just office to extras to muppet
How about Michael Caine and co-stars passing a shop called Micklewhite's in A Muppet Christmas Carol?
"Hmm, ideal role? I want to be the Michael Caine of the next MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL. Shot for shot, like the remake of PSYCHO." Anna K rocks
No worries, you can borrow the DVD later, Claire. Also ICYMI the Muppet Christmas Carol music is on Spotify.
I want to watch but I'm the middle of my one-woman rendition of The Muppet Christmas Carol...
Now watching The Muppet Christmas Carol. I'd say it's a strange time of year to watch it but it's pretty gosh darned wintery outside.
For some reason, my brain is mixing 'Well did you evah' from into 'Thankful Heart' from The Muppet Christmas Carol.
Reminds me of how I stopped my folks from watching Muppet Christmas Carol 'cuz Yet to Come's warping CG in the trailer scared me
What if The Muppet Christmas Carol was a sequal to the Batman Begins trilogy where Alfred goes corrupt after inher…
well, that and muppet Christmas carol, right?
It's 10.56am and I'm watching A Muppet's Christmas Carol alone. This is exactly the life I pictured for myself
I always liked Gonzo too, especially in A Muppet Christmas Carol
What makes Michael Cain's performance so brilliant in Muppet Christmas Carol is that he essentially acting with puppets! Brilliantly!
Tonight we watched A Muppet Christmas Carol starring Michael Cain. . Been a long time. I cried when Beaker gave Scrooge the scarf.
Muppet Christmas Carol. Every time Michael Cain cries, I wonder why I do this to myself.
Best part of Muppet Christmas Carol is Michael Caine giving an A+ acting performance and his co-stars are literally fe…
I've never actually enjoyed Michael Cain in a movie and unfortunately he's sucking the joy out of A Muppet Christmas Carol.
I want a deep mans voice so I can roar at kids like Michael Cain in Muppet Christmas Carol
I like that in A Muppet Christmas Carol, Michael Cain plays Scrooge as seriously as if it were a big budget BBC production
I spent the majority of the day searching for Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD but everywhere had sold out and I'm not very happy about this
Watching my baby (17 y/o) bro watch the Muppet Christmas Carol for the first (!!!) time. He's dying laughing. My life is complete.
Muppet Christmas Carol in HD is STUNNING u guyz.
Number 4 as I count down my list of top five Scrooges: Michael Caine in A Muppet Christmas Carol
Muppet Christmas Carol & Ernest Saves Christmas are now streaming on Netflix. Why are you even still reading this?! . 📺🏃💨
My family enjoys singing along to Muppet Christmas Carol together, it's quite cute.
So which one of you guys is going to stream Muppet Christmas Carol?
Muppet Christmas Carol and Galaxy Quest double feature. I think we're ready for thanksgiving now.
Yes, the Muppet Christmas Carol leaves me weeping. Don't judge me! Not as good as George C. Scott. Look forward to sharing with kids.
Dear Netflix, . How dare you stream the version of A Muppet Christmas Carol without the most important song?!. Sincerely,. The Sane World
of all the roles Michael Caine has played, Ebenezer Scrooge from Muppet Christmas Carol will always be my favorite.
It is NEVER a bad time to watch Muppet Christmas Carol.
Muppet Treasure Island was pretty good, but Muppet Christmas Carol was pretty moving (for a Muppet movie)
Muppets --- GREAT!! Paul Williams' songs for the Muppet Christmas Carol.sappy, awkward.he needed some help that never materialized.
We spent Christmas Eve with members of the Free Syrian Army and watched the Muppet Christmas Carol
Muppet Christmas Carol while ginger snaps bake and the snickerdoodle dough rests.
"Life is made up of meetings and partings. That is the way of it." ~Bob Cratchit about Tiny Tim (The Muppet Christmas Carol)
My top 10 Christmas movies that I think everyone should watch: 1. The Gathering with Ed Asner and Maureen Stapleton 2. The Gift of Love, a Christmas Story with Lee Remick 3. The Muppet Christmas Carol with Kermit the Frog and Michael Caine 4. The Night they saved Christmas with Jacklyn Smith and Art Carney 5. A Hobo's Christmas with Barnard Hughes and Gerald McRaney 6. A Muppet Family Christmas 1987 7. The Christmas Box with Richard Thomas and Maureen Ohara 8. The Christmas Carol 1938 with Reginold Owens and Gene Lockart 9. That Special Night with James Garner and Julie Andrews 10. Mickeys Christmas Carol
Typical Friday: Start nodding off reading Sherlock Holmes, then pass out with the lights on watching the Muppet Christmas Carol.
In the process of watching the 1951 A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim (last night was 1938's version with Reginald Owen). Next on the list is the 1970 Albert Finney version. Then 1984's George C. Scott version. I'll round it out with Scrooged from 1988 and end it all with 1992's A Muppet Christmas Carol. Humbug.
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Muppet Christmas Carol kicking off holiday break
Muppet Christmas Carol just disappeared off of on-demand. Christmas ruined.
This Saturday December 21 at 2:00 we will be showing the movie. A Muppet Christmas Carol...lots of fun for all... http:…
“Very sad and upsetting day. I need a Muppet Christmas Carol to cheer me up.” you're up.
Oh yeah, this is why A Muppet Christmas Carol gave me nightmares when I was a kid
Biggest takeaway from this umpteenth viewing of THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL - songwriting is unparalleled. Lovely stuff.
I am watching THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL because kept talking about it last night and BECAUSE IT'S GREAT.
Christmas Carol's basic moral: "If you don't love Christmas, you'll get the crap scared out of you: Muppet style.
Finally I am. Thanks:) Watched Christmas movies all day. lol Feeling the Muppet Christmas Carol. Reminds me of my childhood. :)
Verdict: Lady Gaga & Muppets Holiday Spectacular will not put you in the spirit of the season like A Muppet Christmas Carol.
The Muppet Christmas Carol Cratchit Family genealogy: For kids that haven't done a lot of punnett squares yet.
"The Muppet Christmas Carol" is by far my personal favorite rendition of Dickens' classic.
Did I dvr the muppet christmas carol today? You bet your *** I did
watching Muppet Christmas carol love this film :)
The VHS tape of THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL has snapped and is unfixable. We'll likely get a replacement DVD the next time we see one.
The Muppet Christmas Carol is perfect in every way
Muppet Christmas Carol time at the Davis' liverish one
everybody thinks they're so clever when they say Die Hard is their favorite Christmas movie when Muppet Christmas Carol is clearly superior
It's between The Muppet Christmas Carol and The Family Man for me! :)
Finally watching Elf for the 1st time this season. & I also got to see The Muppet Christmas Carol earlier.
muppet Christmas carol. Also, guess what I just watched
And maybe after I'm done watching Muppet Christmas Carol I'll watch The Ref.
Home, watching Muppet Christmas Carol and decorating my Christmas tree. No finals til Wednesday!
Muppet Christmas Carol time. one of our favorite Christmas movies…
I'm actually going to watch Muppet CHristmas Carol tonight. love that film.
Watching a muppet christmas carol with my little ones
The Carol is the definitive version of A Christmas Carol.
Alright time for muppet christmas carol
I wish the only mice that existed in this world were the adorable Muppet ones on Muppet Christmas Carol.
Bourbon nog, a tree, The Muppet Christmas Carol and my wife knitting our stockings. Checkmate, Christmas.
The muppet christmas carol is a great film!!
Watching the Muppet Christmas Carol. Not ashamed. Rizzo the Rat and the Great Gonzo are hilarious.
Sad news. We regret to inform you our VHS player has eaten the tape of MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL. We must sadly move out of the 20th century.
Snuggling, knitting, and watching the Muppet Christmas Carol by twinkle light. (We Need a Little…
Fire, muppet Christmas carol, and Xmas pjs.
is it wrong to play power hour while i watch Muppet's christmas carol.
.just reminded me of the awesome that is Muppet Christmas Carol and now I'm watching songs on Youtube:
The Muppet Christmas Carol is the best version in my humble, muppet loving, opinion... second only to Scrooged.
"Muppet Christmas Carol" kicks your favorite Christmas movie's ***
If you didn't come see A Christmas Carol and you don't have an excuse don't even bother talking to me until February.
Muppet Christmas Carol is seriously where it's at
Writing as the Muppet Christmas Carol plays on the television. Like a boss.
Atheists can take away Christmas, but they can never take A Muppet Christmas Carol, that's inside here(points to chest).
"Leave comedy to the bears, Ebenezer!" I just love The Muppet Christmas Carol.
A Muppet Christmas Carol in English with Swedish subtitles. Conspicuously none over the Swedish chef, hurdygurdying, lol.
I hope A Muppet Christmas Carol was on your list.
Home for less than four hours, and we're already watching A Muppet Christmas Carol. It's good to be home!
A great song from a Muppet Christmas Carol-It Feels Like Christmas
White Christmas is definitely my favorite Christmas movie followed closely by Christmas Story, Muppet Xmas Carol, and Die Hard.
The decision has been made: tonight's movie with dinner is THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL.
Home from a lovely Lessons & Carols service at church. Now watching Muppet Christmas Carol, signing Christmas cards and drinking egg nog!
Muppet Christmas carol and angel hair with shrimp and lobster cream sauce. Heaven!
muppet Christmas carol and local brew. What're you up to?
I never get tired of watching Muppet Christmas Carol
The amount I love The Muppet Christmas Carol cannot be normal for an adult. I watch it every year. And I don't even have kids.
Muppet Christmas Carol and some teriyaki beef jerky. Can't beat it.
Also, my favorite Muppets at Christmas is A Muppet Family Christmas (despite not being actually as good as Christmas Carol).
You know it's time for Muppet Christmas Carol
Meet up with friend for Muppet Christmas Carol at a cinema where you had to go through the Narnia cupboard to get in, fake snow everywhere!
My husband is so wonderful — he's taking an evening off from hobbies and friends to watch The Muppet's Christmas Carol with me.
On the agenda for this evening: Sugar cookies, egg nog (with rum, duh) and A Muppet Christmas Carol.
I enjoyed that movie. But for me personally, hard to beat The Muppet Christmas Carol.
It's just not the holidays until I get to watch Muppet Christmas Carol - I am sublimely happy right now.
My favourites are A Christmas Story, The Bishop's Wife, The Muppet Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life. Get me in the mood.
Watching "Muppet Christmas Carol " with Emmett.bunch of kids we are :)
The Muppet Christmas Carol oh go on then if i must ;)
Muppet christmas carol and hot chocolate. Thats just what this sunday evening needs.
A Muppet Christmas Carol will never get old.
The Muppet Christmas Carol and Prancer. Best Sunday movie day eeeveer.
The Muppet Christmas Carol has got to be my favorite version!
A Muppet Christmas Carol before football, don't mind if I do.
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