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Mt Vernon

Mount Vernon, located near Alexandria, Virginia, was the plantation home of the first President of the United States, George Washington.

Vernon Square Vernon Ave Bill Clinton George Washington

Next up: I'm at Mt Vernon where & are in closed door meeting on opioids, C…
Our engineering team in Mt Vernon NY has completely outdone themselves with this MASTERPIECE! . This is the beauty o…
Mt. Vernon Police get award for battling distracted driving
We're Read about our latest opening here: CDL Fuel Driver MT. Vernon, TX -
i am The Most Uncomfortable in the most bougie coffee shop in mt. vernon, a lady just gave me a dirty look for cleaning up my own spill
S/O to your Nixa, MO location on Mt.Vernon. Top notch team members that made me not so homesick for a bit. Tell them thanks!
The only lot with many open spaces is the 28-S, 3 blocks behind the bookstore on Mt. Vernon Avenue.
If you're arriving for class, go straight to 28-S, 3 blocks behind bookstore on Mt. Vernon Ave.
We're at 27 Mt Vernon Ave Fl 2, Mount Vernon, NY. We don't have classes, but we've got plenty of free expertise on biking!
If you're across Cleveland, there are plenty of spaces in 28-S. It's 3 blocks behind bookstore on Mt. Vernon.
Look for Sebring Expo's ED, Melissa at the Midwest LSA Expo in Mt. Vernon, IL Sept. 6-8!
Lawrence... played in Mt Vernon with him. Victor Urena
Excited to be part of the mt Vernon team
Thank you to the Bowies' Mt Vernon team for paying a special visit to the Juntos Todo Es Posible…
I remember help my people out in Mt.Vernon to help out
42 F to start today in Mt. Vernon (ME). Summer resident who's leaving early for Florida told me, "It's like I slept…
I'm just a faint memory to some people that went to bethel and mt vernon I've found on social media lmao
Some of the POWER from the sound system battle at the that took place on Saturday in Mt.Vernon
These two have been spotted in Mt Vernon Longview and White Pass.
He should have been buried at Mt Vernon. If that was his request, we should have honore…
Why was A crypt for George Washington built in the Capitol when he wanted to be buried @ Mt Vernon?
When will & the new Taliban-like censors of history descend upon Monticello? Mt Vernon? The great historical pur…
Home for sale in Mt Vernon, IN by agent Rick Mileham. Use showoff’s Virtual Staging to see your decor choices.
Heading up to Mt Vernon to visit Skagit Valley College. Meeting my professor and setting up Summer term. — feeling accomplished
Congratulations for another successful International Food Festival at The Boys and Girls Club in Mt Vernon, NY on...
Congrats to 12u (Burzynski) on their first place finish in Mt. Vernon
My daughter @ Mt. Vernon: . Tour guide: look @ these amazing dentures!. Daughter: um, aren't those made out of the teeth of slaves?. *crickets*
Trojans to come from Jim Hood to Mt Vernon to Rilla Road to baseball facility.
Overcoming obstacles through art. previews this weekend’s Mt. Vernon Art Fest tomorrow with
Did you know that Thomas Edison himself put the first electric wiring into Mt Vernon?
I trust Lund Washington is making wise choices in managing Mt Vernon in my absence.
Paintings up at Palisades Cafe in Mt. Vernon Iowa. Just for the next 6 weeks.
I live near the parkway and Mt Vernon. I think the turkeys like it there in the woods
I am looking for a buyer on 175 Mt. Vernon Drive
Keen to hear from my beloved "Patcy" and how things go at Mt. Vernon. I must write her tonight.
Mt Vernon ~ 45 Ehrbar Ave, working fire (10-26) FD o/s reporting fire blowing out the windows on the 5th floor of a 6 story OMD
My Parents &I would like to come. Mom loves garage sales. I don't know where your home in Arnold is.…
Got this bit of wisdom in my tea cap today. Perched it on my George Washington/Mt. Vernon blanket.😉
*** good song by one of mt vernon local artist. Blast this song!
Loved Monticello myself not as much at Mt Vernon but still cool to see
I am looking for a buyer on 108 Mt. Vernon Ave
MT. Vernon 2019 SG, Peyton Meadors, mentioned as a player to watch in the BC Fieldhouse Varsity League
GW would enjoy this modern sketch, I think. He kept many in his 'mancave' at Mt. Vernon.
Been to Mt Vernon? I highly recommend it! I live a/b 12 miles from Georges fathers farm! Not much to see,except his mothers & fathers grave!
THANK YOU rep Surovell - folks in my office (in Reston) rant about this daily. It's unsustainable for me…
Mt Vernon ~ 67 S 5th Ave, PD on scene escorting construction workers through an abandon school checking for squatters.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Mt. Vernon has picked up 1.78 inches of rain since midnight.
Clinic this Sunday w in Mt Vernon looking forward to it.
The at We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of month at Mt Vernon Restaurant
The Mt. Vernon boys basketball camp starts Tuesay. There is still time to sign up @ Jefferson…
Cider School is coming! Register now for Oct 9-13 & Perry Production in Mt Vernon, WA.…
100mi isn't the entire system, but is ~entire above-ground system. Why is tamping noted for L bridge, L'Enfant, an…
A crash is blocking the offramp. in on CA-178 WB at Mt Vernon Ave
Made it 600 miles to Mt Vernon IL. Alternator died..🤔..hope today is less eventful..on to
I coveted a townhouse on Mt Vernon Square. Went Bolton Hill before moving to the county. Ag…
We did Mt Vernon then Monticello over three two days ...we had a good time even the kids lol
This Friday Night at Mt. Vernon High School come and support a great cause! $2 Dollar Donation
Wounded Warriors walking from Mt Vernon to Arlington Cemetery this morning talk about PTSD and other issues.…
*** Sues Rendezvous in Mt Vernon shut down.. they should've had a grand closing party.
Mt. Vernon Sentinel.. I'm sure the kids enjoyed it!!!
See our latest NY and click to apply: Part Time Nabisco Merchandiser- Yonkers, Westchester,... -
Snow Geese flying over Daffodils ~ From this early morning adventures up at Mt. Vernon. Sunrise was not that...
And businesses that tout themselves as local... You hire people who live in Mt. Vernon? Or Capitol Hill? Or West Seattle?
Ok Mt Vernon people, it's my turn... What was I best known for in high school??
Mt Vernon Rd, Hy-Vee in Cedar Rapids will be hosting its ~ 4th Annual "Fabulous, Fun, Facts, Fur, Festival" ~...
I got sick from the one near Safeway in Mt. Vernon so that's my vote
see you there? Parked right outside the convention center, corner of Mt. Vernon & 7th
Central Square before Silsbee Street. Mt Vernon on the left side of the track
see you there? We're parked at 7th & Mt. Vernon, right outside the convention center
K9 Moose & Danno are having a blast at the Ides of Bark event in Mt. Vernon.
For me it was my hometown of Mt. Vernon, Indiana. How about you?
CRASH: N. Red Bank Rd north of Upper Mt. Vernon Rd. North and south bound lanes will be blocked for next 20 min.
Annual family trek from Vancouver to Mt.Vernon/La Conner in Washington State to see the daffodils & Auntie. So beau…
JDL assaulting peaceful protestors right now at Mt. Vernon. These are the people who want to defend AIPAC and the occupation.
"Beats & Bloodys" at The Belvedere, Mt Vernon. Hopefully we win & will be getting a generous donati…
In the dog house? Stop by Blooming Acres this week...10% of in-store sales this last week of March is being donated to Mt Vernon's Post Prom
States Attorney Kim Foxx and other Ministers join Pastor Johnny Miller at their Family and Friends Day at Mt Vernon
We took Spawn to see the baby lambs at Mt Vernon & had lamb chops for dinner. She gnawed the bones.
Any of y'all taking a sociology and good paper topic just look into the Mt Vernon King district in Columbus every major sociological theory
We're at 7th & Mt. Vernon, right at the corner of the convention center
This might be a great fit for you: Barista (US) - 1181 S Mt Vernon Ave, CA
Alright...Now I'm Curious... Mt. Vernon and Ben Davis High School. What was I known for?
G2G2 Mt Vernon TX Deli for fried chicken special. Great employees like Cade, Heather, Micah, Lindsey/ALL there
We are planting TODAY! Setting up the site for the Nick Thalasinos Healing Grove Memorial. Join us, M Street & Mt.…
Every led by kmp1906 @ Macedonia Baptist Church of Mt. Vernon,NY
I want to know why the ny times gives a job to jason nickels a convicted killer who killed Paul Delano with shotgun in MT Vernon NY in 1990
Discovered that both Baltimore and D.C. have Mt. Vernon areas!
To be the best gotta beat the best. Rams vs seed & defending champ West Potomac tonight in CSHL playoff Rd 2. 7:15pm…
Antoinette Parks interviewed on Bounce TV today talking about Creole Kitchen. Creole Kitchen is located at 1052 Mt. Vernon…
ASSAULT: Huff & Mt Vernon - HMA assaulting HFA in green Mitsubitshi sedan parked to front of liquor store, children…
J.b smoove dead from where I'm from ..crazy I'm more Bronx side but mt. Vernon second residence
The cow in front of a plaque at Mt Vernon
Spirit Airlines is the only airlines that stops in Mt Vernon & Fordham Road
Vigil for Timothy Caughman in Mt Vernon organized by
Lafayette monument in Mt. Vernon for a vigil called by after a white Hampden resident murdered
Another vigil for Timothy Caughman in tonight. This one in Mt Vernon.
If you want to start out your Friday night right, head over to Spirits of Mt Vernon on Read St and Charles St...
Mt Vernon, looks like everyone in line is getting a system so far without preorder
Revelry and song right now at The Wright Place, 2695-G Mt. Vernon Ave. .
i brought your book from you at the store on mt. Vernon. Im not finished but your story is amazing. It needs to get recognized.
oh no!! Mt. Vernon not too far from my hometown!!
I think I saw you at Mt Vernon, IL tonight.
Some snowflakes here in Marion. Mt Vernon had some decent snow falling there
This was a great read. Was at Mt Vernon recently & guide very much glided over Washington as slave owner.
in Mt. Vernon is the worst Target I've ever been to and I am definitely writing corporate!
just found out, quite a run for the Mt. Vernon Ladies!
My brother just facetimed me as he was passing an ORB bus at Mt. Vernon IL. He wondered if you were having bus problems? 😕
a friend of mine just posted on my FB she saw your buses in Mt. Vernon, IL around 6:30...told her you're enroute to MN 😀
If you missed the February blood drive at St. Luke’s, please join us for the next blood drive at Aldersgate...
Mourners paid tribute to New York’s first black mayor, Ronald Blackwood, who died last week.…
My child will not be attending a Mt. Vernon public school next year. Back to a private school! .
Some extraordinarily low turnouts in loyalist parts of North Belfast. Ballysillan was soft too but not like this (M…
meet me suesrendezvous 96 Gramatan Ave Mt vernon Ny!!! S/o to all my…
lawrenceburg. So mediocre 😂 but not mt. Vernon so I think it's acceptable
Property damage accident at Middle Mt. Vernon Rd. and Broadway Ave.
Yellow Line: Normal service has resumed at Mt. Vernon Sq.
Be careful what you find at Mt Vernon Rd Hyvee
Green Line: Expect residual delays to Greenbelt due to an earlier signal problem at Mt. Vernon Sq.
A female pedestrian was taken away on a stretcher after she was hit by a car near Kansas Expwy and Mt. Vernon. Traf…
Mt. Vernon is inching closer to completely falling off the face of the earth
Buffalo's Jordan Jenkins went nuts today in the Semifinals. 26 points in a 50-43 win over Mt. Vernon.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
A crash has the carpool and left lane blocked. in on I-215 SB before Mt Vernon Ave, stopped traffic back to I-10, delay of 12 mins
trny update from Mt Vernon OH: VB lose to Community Chr (Ohio) 49-47 in OT. Will play at 6pm tomorrow.
there was a church directory paper from Perryville found on a trash can in Mt Vernon.
Margaret Gray would love to show you the at 86 Rolling Hills Road
Once I come back I'm never leaving mt Vernon 😂😂😂
Upset in Class 3A! No. 23 Buffalo takes down No. 6 Mt. Vernon. Highlights/reaction on at 6.
mt Vernon go from super country white boys to white boys that wanna be shooters SMFH
Yellow Line: Expect residual delays to Mt. Vernon Sq due to an earlier train malfunction at Pentagon City.
Mt Vernon makes me have mixed emotions. People are really nice here or extremely mean. There's no in between.
Rains baseball leading 10-0 over Caddo Mills in the 2nd game of a tournament double header beat Mt Vernon in game 1 earli…
4:30 pm - Mt. Vernon at 21 F. Traversed meadow with dogs. Foot of snowpack again frozen solid. No sinking in anywhere.
Money ball from Chance Wells knots things up at 14 in second vs Mt Vernon
In AA you’d have Mt Vernon, Spring Valley and New Ro 1-2-3. Then Fox Lane-Scarsdale at 4-5. Seems about right what it should be
Here's Bronson, he's a 2 year old Mini Pinscher. He was found on Mt Vernon and Brundage on 2/2. His Kern County...
"Mt Vernon, WA - In a resounding recognition of the threat of climate change, a Skagit County jury has refused to...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Trinity, Mt Vernon - Episcopalians in the Anglican Communion of the one holy catholic and apostolic church proclaiming Jesus Christ is Lord!
Ernesto Rivas, charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting Mt Vernon officer Mike McClaughry, appears in c…
16yo Austin Gonzales is due in court this morning in Mt Vernon. He's charged w/attempted murder in the shooting of officer Mike McClaughry.
BOLO-RECKLESS DRIVER: 10th St & Mt Vernon - HMA driving white pickup truck high rate of speed, "all over the road", last seen SB
Putting U Street as final stop on board then deciding to turn train around at Mt Vernon is not cool
WestPo, Mt Vernon players named all-conference; 1st team includes ht…
North Posey @ Mt Vernon – The Varsity ONLY girls game will start at 6:00pm (cst) on Nov 18, 2016
As many as 600 people here for Bill Clinton, solid turnout for Cornell/Mt Vernon
People lining up for Bill Clinton's early vote rally at Cornell College in Mt Vernon
First Republican voter I talk to in Mt Vernon, Missouri defends Trump: "That was in 2005, when he was a Democrat."
Boys Golf will host Mt Vernon today at Kokopelli 4pm.
David Howell snags a pick-six for the JV Tornadoes to put Tville up 27-6 over Mt Vernon. That might be Top Play Tuesday material.
Was originally the homes of servants to those on Louisberg Square or Mt Vernon or Beacon
signs still don't show any trains past Mt Vernon Square.
why are the next train signs so useless? Is there really no service past Mt Vernon Square or do your signs just suck?
quad cities to Peoria, south to Springfield, back roads to 57 now at Mt Vernon
Crossing light moved in storm on 7th and K st NW on corner of Mt Vernon Square
Mt Vernon beats Bedford North Lawrence. Now onto Crown Point at 2:15pm. If we win we play Fishers or North Central for tourney championship.
The Rise & Run Color 5K in Mt Vernon is at 8AM on Saturday, June 4.
4/30 was Mt Vernon clean-up day. A volunteer sweeps to prepare for Chalk the Walk!
For those who are close enough- fellowship meeting hosted by Grace Baptist Church in Mt Vernon on Saturday! Then...
Lot happening for Mt Vernon big man Greg Calixte. Offers: Sam Houston St and St Peters. Interest: Iona, Buffalo, DePaul, Stony Brook, Denver
(PIC) Jake McDorman: on the set of 'Limitless', Mt Vernon, 2/11/2016
The intersection of Mt Vernon & Sandy Springs Circle will be closed Monday prior to the morning rush- 4 detour info
.Michael Dunn of Mt Vernon waits to enter Wells Fargo Arena
A bit of history.very strong era.Mt Vernon had Rodney Mccray and won, but Revelli and Graves won as seniors.
Trees in Mt Vernon must be 9 FT above the sidewalk & 18 FT above the street. Spring time reminder to keep your trees in ordinance. Trim it!
This one might be at Mt Vernon & Caroline. Call came in as a person slumped over the wheel, veh running in middle of street
until you figure out these refs stay off of here. The girls sectional championship between Greenfield and Mt Vernon pity
Join WIKY on Saturday for the Grand Opening at Juncker Brothers in Mt Vernon! Win an Arctic Cat ATV at 2pm!
Ok. My Mary has to come through Mt Vernon to see me in Winchester. Official
Wyldlife has been cancelled for North Posey tonight. Wyldlife is still on for Mt Vernon tonight 6:29pm
you'll have to try Al's Steakhouse on Mt Vernon Ave in Alexandria VA sometime ;) Place has been there 30+ years.
A 2005 Toyota Sienna was just scanned near Mt Vernon, NY 10552
I helped get these funds approved to fully repair this important bridge that connects Pelham & Mt Vernon.
Hats off to Fairfield Inn in Orangeburg, SC for having a pamphlet wall w/ such grt variety. Everything from Mt Vernon to Ron Jon Surf Shop
Brennan Neal (Whiteland) '19 6'3 Forward had 15pts in JV debut in win over Mt Vernon last night.
John Adams left his wife for years at a time to serve his country. George Washington left Mt Vernon for Valley Forge.
Kids listening to tour guide Ron with Mt Vernon in background
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a car stopped on the shoulder on Exit 161: US-1 N / Ft Belvoir / Mt Vernon, Lorton on - Drive So...
Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill... has a show on 09/19/2015 at 11:00 AM @ Oh... in Mt Vernon, OH
Game tomorrow morning at 9am against Miller Grove in the back gym at Mt Vernon
Front of house Manager at Ryleigh's (Mt Vernon): Ryleigh's Oyster is an upscale Restaurant and...
it's always like this in skagit county wa. Especially Burlington and Mt Vernon. Did survey nobody responded.
Gas light out. Corner of Mt Vernon and W Cedar Sts. BH
TRAFFIC HAZARD: Mt Vernon & Johnston - BF in her 40ies NB on street in nothing but a pink towel; RP is in tow truck following with lights on
That Dog interview I was talking about ... transcript here it's half way down. Search "Mt Vernon" on page
UPDATE: 4 people hurt in huge crash on I-5 near Mt Vernon. 3 are at at Skagit Valley Hospital. 1 is at Harborview in critical cond.
Ever been to Strongbox in Mt Vernon on St Paul St?
Photos of our class at Mt Vernon, Baker Center, LBJ Ranch and Bush 41 Library (photos by Grant Miller)
Spring tour is in full swing! Excited to be at Central Christian church in Mt Vernon, IL tomorrow night!
Stop and go traffic in on I-70 WB between 6th Ave and Mt Vernon, delay of 17 mins
Well done in Mt Vernon, and producer of the Skagit Valley Highland Games July 8-9.
Mt Vernon native Diddy arrested in LA for allegedly assaulting son's football coach w kettle bell. More on
Mt Vernon -Thurs. 6/18 meter 24 unavailable from 0800 - approx. 1100. After that, meter calibrations will limit loading to north lane only.
Largest turn out for reporting polls: Ravenwood/Mason District (147) and Kirkside/ Mt Vernon (147); close is Hollin Hall/Mt. Vernon (145)
I had the Orange Layer Cake, my team from the Sport Clips on Mt Vernon gave it to me! So delicious.
The teacher protest has reached the Skagit County Court House in Mt Vernon. Teachers will be back to work tomorrow
It's Drama Week on Listen to win tickets from Mt Vernon High School &
Today we went to Mt. Vernon. It was gorgeous & educational. Thank you to our amazing guides & chaperones!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I can see a bright future for Mt. Vernon after witnessing that fight between 6th graders in the street
Panthers will play Montgomery tomorrow at 4:30 in Mt. Vernon to wrap up regular season.
Sandy Springs memorial service to honor the life & contributions of Eva Galambos 2 p April 24 at SSUMC 85 mt vernon
Game over. Spring Arbor Cougars - 3, Mt Vernon Univ - 6. Go to to see results or watch a full replay.
I think I just saw mr. ritchey walking down mt. Vernon ❓
Here are some of this week's headlines: City of Mt. Vernon receives best possible audit review ... Mt’neers down...
Sizzler on Mt. Vernon got free wifi? Lol
Out of this world spacexcorp @ Carnegie Library at Mt. Vernon Square
Big day for Indian sports: boys golf @ Dewitt, boys tennis & Oelwein, girls tennis @ Mt Vernon
My car has tried to hydroplane the whole way to mt Vernon :-)
2 Mt Vernon women rescued from this car in the Saw Mill River. Off-duty city cop to the rescue. CBS2 News @ 5
Drinking George Washington's Whiskey - The biggest question on my mind before a recent trip to the Mt. Vernon dist...
See a virtual tour of our listing on 227 Nix Road
Spring Arbor Cougars at Mt Vernon Univ has started. Go to to watch the game live.
The Small Business Community of Mt. Vernon & Lisbon invites you to Shop Small year round!
We are looking for a buyer on MT VERNON
Dorry Kee is looking for a buyer on MT VERNON
Didnt you go to Mt. Vernon for elementary school — Yes
Inova mt. vernon hospital just called me back ☺️
Today we take on Mt. Vernon at their place. Come out to see a great conference game!
An interesting time-lapse look at historic preservation by dragging entire buildings around near Mt. Vernon Square:
there was a Mt. Vernon jacket in the drama room ceiling 😳
vehicle on fire on University Pkwy south of Upper Mt Vernon - southbound lanes
Great field trip to Mt Vernon today with
Get your tickets now! The EIBB Spring Subscription Concert is at the Mt Vernon Middle School on 4/25:
as far as actually downtown goes I got nothin, but mt Vernon/that area around Homeslyce could work???
by bk_dream85 It's going down Friday 4/24 club Mansion in Mt Vernon,Ny.My home away from home.T.R.E will be in the …
God bless the gas station in mt Vernon that pumps your gas for you🙌
Posey: ISP just arrested a 26 y/o Mt. Vernon man for Incident occurred in Mt. Vernon.
The kids loving the view at Mt. Vernon.
All purpose parts banner
ATTENTION! If anyone in Mt. Vernon finds my baby please DM me. We want him home!! Last seen at 3:00😭🐶 Please RT!
Room 11 had a wonderful day at Mt. Vernon!
Comet tennis defeats Mt. Vernon today 8-1. Wins by- Cole, Intud, Schaufelberger, Brannon and Oestreich. Great win for the Co…
Happy Earth Day! Great views at Mt. Vernon Place, our neighborhood.
Mt Vernon NY is a bit cooler since this appeared...
duke park is *** tho I wish they'd pave mt Vernon it be nice up there
Someone in Mt. Vernon come save me from this auto shop .. I'm stranded till after one😩
When I get gas in Mt. Vernon, it's always cheaper in Scumerset. When I get gas in Scumerset, it's always cheaper in Mt. Vernon. 😁
Mt. Vernon, IA. Cornell College Chapter of will be hosting a Drug Policy Week April 27-May 2.
Join members of the CRCSD Board for a "Chalk Talk" from 9–10:30 a.m. on Sat., April 25, at the Mt. Vernon Rd Hy-Vee
& Knox co career center in mt Vernon text me
Good luck to the WGS Track Teams at the County Meet today at Mt Vernon HS
MHS 9th Grade Baseball travels to Mt. Vernon today with first pitch at 5:00 pm.
The Aurora Advertiser did an excellent article on Mt Vernon's Rep Mike Moon listening post on medical marijuana.
John Augustine Washington III agrees to sell Mt Vernon and 200 acres for $200,000 to the Mount Vernon Lad…
Dispatch says train derailment at 17th & Santa Fe is a domino effect. A 2nd train backed up is blocking E/W traffic all the way to Mt Vernon
Mt Vernon baseball improves to 2-0 with a 4-3 win over Salem today. Same two teams meet in May at Busch Stadium. Tickets
Middletown right back in this. Jordan Bryan a spark. Mt Vernon leads 17-14 w 6 mi in half
if U go to DC for Cherry Blossom, do not miss DC National Arboretum, Arl Cemetery, Mt Vernon for scenic views&bonsai&blooms
New stops for the next couple of weeks: To place an order simply leave a comment under this thread or send us a message and we will have it on the truck for you! We always try to carry extras with us but demand is high and we only have so much room. All products and prices are listed in the About section of the main page. Make certain to check this page the day of the delivery in case there are any changes. Saturday January 31st 11:00am Paducah, KY Southern Pride Rest Stop 12:30pm Metropolis, IL Rest stop off Hwy 24. 1:30pm Marion, IL Menards 2:30pm Mt Vernon, IL Old Burger King by Kmart 3:15pm Salem, IL Walmart 4:00pm Centralia, IL Walgreens 5:00pm Shiloh, IL Target Saturday Jan 31st 11:00am Springfield, MO @ Walmart (Kearney Rd) 1:00pm St. Robert, MO @ Walmart 2:00pm Rolla, MO @ Walmart 3:00pm Sullivan, MO @ Flying J 3:45pm St. Clair, MO @ The Ranch House 4:30pm Washington, MO Lowes Sunday Feb 1st 10:45am New Madrid, MO Dollar General 12:15pm Sikeston, MO Drury Inn 1:15pm Cape Girardeau, MO Walmart 2: . ...
Girl Scouts where are you??? This admin needs cookies!!! Brodhead or Mt Vernon preferable. Would rather a local girl get my money. :)
It has finally left mt Vernon biggest machinery load in Ohio! Linda holt Hawkins
Wedding band found at Mt. Vernon Walmart turned in to police:
BREAKING: Two people flown to hospital after car crash on Green Valley Rd. in Mt. Vernon. More on at 4:25 a.m.
Russell Doup- when are you coming to visit me in mt Vernon ohio! Write me back David O'Brien
The Mt. Vernon girls basketball defeated Warren Central 59-36. Sydney Shelton led the team with 17 points. Ariana Sandefur had 13.
Mt. Vernon: Woodlawn's girls basketball team beat Ramsey 54-36 at the Sandoval Tournament.
The amount of trains in Mt . Vernon is unreal.
You disrespect the syphax clan and the decades that my great great grandmother worked on mt.vernon to free her son
hooray! Very exciting “The new Baked and Wired coming to Mt. Vernon Square will have a liquor license:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Come out and support your varsity cheerleaders tonight @ Mt. Vernon!
What times the basket ball game Tmr vs mt Vernon
Cookie reminds me of someone I know from Mt. Vernon, NY lol
FINAL: Mt. Vernon girls 14-2 after 74-39 win over Warren. Shelton 17, Sandefur 13, HJohnson 11. LJohnson leads WC with 14. MVFri.
playing at mt vernon fireworks. Awesome song.
Had a great time with this Rockstar NMD travisjust, straight out of Mt. Vernon, OHIO!!! Where they…
as someone who didn't grow up in Mt. Vernon I am always impressed with how supportive the student body is at the games.
if a deal has been made w/ Mt Vernon Plaza, then why is mgmt still taking tenants to eviction court?
Wrestling picks up a big conference win vs Mt. Vernon tonight- 53-36!!!
Day recap 1/13: Freshmen got the only W with a 30-5 win over Mt Vernon to improve to 3-2, while JV (0-5) & Varsity both lost (4-8)
From to to we want JUSTICE! Tomorrow 7AM meet @ Mt. Vernon Sq Park. We march to protest jump-…
I have been on spironalactone for 11 months and I'm in Mt Vernon, I couldnt even if I wanted to
If you need to travel US36 west toward Mt. Vernon tonight, be advised that the superload is still on 36 due to...
He means MT Vernon Davis promises Tomsula he will not skip offseason program.
Mike and the Mechanics Live On Stage at Birchmere Music Hall - Feb 27. Tickets: featured in NBC s Science of Love
So excited to see mt. Vernon on Friday 😍😍
Mt. Vernon girls look to rebound tonight against 2-win Warren Central. This game will air Thursday night on Channel 9.
Man Mt. Vernon Square is crawling with G-man cars tonight. Anyone know what's up?
BLAT Vodka- Zero Impurities.which means ZERO HANGOVER! Visit us to find out more. 400 E. 3rd St., Mt Vernon, NY
Nothing better than a Rivalry Game! Orphans vs Mt. Vernon Rams this Friday
3 alarm fire raging in Yonkers on Inverness road. NRFD and Mt. Vernon covering fire houses in Yonkers.
Dennys is the safest place in mt vernon right now
Can't be seen too much in these mt vernon functions 😂
Be Careful out there Folks. Just a short drive down from my house down Niles to Mt Vernon and up to Co Cos and we pass People jaywalking in dark areas , others riding bikes along the side in the road with no lights or reflectors on the bikes, and just plain stupid people walking along the road and not on side walk . Drive safe and watch for stupid people in cars and on foot. Have a Happy New Year .
I went to Great Centennial AME Zion in Mt Vernon, NY tonight. What a Joyus celebration we had Rev. God Bless!
my *** everyone from Mt. Vernon in this hotel... 😩
Happy New Year shout out to my Mt.Vernon King @ Top Of The Rock NYC
2 Chainz showed up to Mt. Vernon's watch night service!!
Filling up gas at Chevron on Mt. Vernon and Niles will never be the same...
Great service at Grace Baptist Church in Mt. Vernon, NY. Happy New Year to everyone.
Det. Murray and Officers Painchaud and McFetridge at 4th & Mt. Vernon tonight - CCPD New Year's neighborhood event.
You'll find me at da club (@ Mt. Vernon Country Club in Golden, CO)
Imma have to go to mt.vernon this weekend 😏
Indiana Mt Vernon Blue Water Goblets Set of 2 by artzybitz via
Casino Night at Mt. Vernon Country Club! Uhhh ... Where are the slot machines?
Will AAA drive me from Akron to Mt. Vernon tomorrow morning??
Patterson park was where it was at. Walked home to mt Vernon once with a broken ankle.
Congratulations to Matt Heck & Andrew Heck, the Mt Vernon-Lisbon CDG Volunteers of the Month for December!
Det. Murray and Officer Walters at 4th & Mt. Vernon handing out pretzels, cookies - CCPD New Year's, come on down!
From high on Mt. Vernon across this nation
I got a bottle of it from Mt Vernon about a month ago. Powerful stuff
7 p.m. tonight at State & Front and at 4th & Mt. Vernon - free cookies, pretzels, drinks and a movie for residents courtesy of the CCPD.
Mt. Vernon strikes deal for MRC property
High temp in Mt. Vernon today was 19 F at 2 pm. Since then thermometer has dropped 8 degrees, to 11 F. Looks like a bitter cold night ahead.
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