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Mrs Merkel

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Mrs Merkel is a politician that told truths prior to media sway. We can't take all of you. And that little girl cried.
Congratulations to Mrs Merkel. Just wish we had someone with as much stature among our political classes today
Congratulations! Could your party ask a common man's question to Mrs. Merkel? Who is responsible for r…
Top: German far-right party vows to 'take back our country' and 'hunt Mrs. Merkel': The co…
"We will hunt them. We will hunt Mrs. Merkel, or whoever else. We will get our country and our people back,” AfD he…
.candidate Alexander Gauland: "We will chase them. We will chase Mrs Merkel or whomever else." http…
I hope that Mrs Merkel will form a pro-European government now that will push for the reforms the EU urgently n…
That's how the Germans made it. Index the jack boot of Mrs Merkel
Even Mrs Merkel has blood on her doorstep’!
“I am Syrian(Muslim), /treat me kindly (when I rape your girls and beat up your boys) bc Mrs. Merkel has invited me…
Thank you Mrs. Netanyahu for your friendship and dedication
*VIDEO A. "What you hear from me is what I knew, and I knew nothing about it "! (1…
So you are merchants now Mrs Merkel?
Pros act like:. I'm not happy about what She said, but She is very clever. honoured to have this smart Chancellor
Until now 6 hours and it will be tonight for Mrs. Merkel very late until she goes to bed! We are curious! (2) .
Sorry to say, but our Mrs continues to ignore the relevance of for Hard to bear
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Mrs Merkel heart must be gladdened seeing this
Good question!. 'Has mass surveillance been curtailed since Mrs. Merkel?. for their…
Only 20% of people want immigration from Muslim countries to continue. Even Mrs Merkel has made a U-Turn and wants to sen…
Pakistan? Indonesia? Bangladesh? Nigeria? Somalia? Iran? Turkey? None of the above! Paris yesterday,thank you Mrs Merkel.
Mrs Merkel. Germany. . The farce she will leave behind her while she *** on her lavish pension. .
"Mrs Merkel... finance minister [Wolfgang Schäuble], and other top politicians regularly come to classical concerts" https…
In 'Express' land; FM in Germany plotting with Mrs Merkel. (Note to Scottish Tory candidates - she's the Chancellor) ht…
During warned of effects of Mrs Merkel's open door EU asylum policy and were called he? https:…
People in office are thick for saying things without thinking like Mrs Merkel & sad *** Khan
Simple choice on Thursday. Vote to leave the EU or vote to be governed by Mrs Merkel. No Paul Daniels to fall back on now either.
George & Amal Clooney visited Mrs Merkel recently to blow sunshine up her backside..the deluded FOOLS!
"I am from Syria, you need to treat me nicely. I was personally invited by Mrs Merkel" - actual quote ht…
Mrs Merkel's chair wobbles very . She knows well. Have shown that the last elections.
This is why should be used in moderation, Mrs Merkel
And that was BEFORE the influence of Merkel and the ECB. Say NO to
"We've been through 100 years of female emancipation and liberation. The mistakes of Mrs Merkel are now threatening that." - Nigel Farage
I agree with you but tell this to our politicians esp. to Mrs Merkel
I know Mrs.Merkel 'ldnt like too much remembering this😊
Mr Putin is certainly in complete agreement with Mr Orban - Mrs Merkel is such a bully. There, there, Victor, Vlad feels for you!
Fam.Clooney visiting Mrs Merkel, any better visiting a refugee home, to work for a better climate for refugees in Europe/World
didn't Mrs Merkel meet Mrs Clooney who brought along her husband?
After meeting Merkel, Mr and Mrs Clooney met David Miliband who runs an aid charity. Is Gorgeous George going to run for president
do not threaten the British people , we may take it for a bit , but be warned , it is not a sign of weakness Mrs merkel .
Gunther Krichbaum is reported to be an elected MP & close ally of Mrs Merkel, so his "opinions" matter
Deustche Bank:. Do you understand now what is trying to hide under the rug Mrs. Merkel & Schäuble looting at the same time other countries?
Really Mrs Merkel? Have you mentioned this to VW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, Bosch etc...
Muzzle your attack dog, Mrs via too weak to stand up to her & rest Vote to leave!
How dare the Germans patronise us! Muzzle your attack dog, Mrs Merkel
What reforms ? No treaty change = no real change, what a load of tosh Mrs Merkel.
- Everyone does as they are told by Mrs Merkel apart from UKIP!
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Mrs Merkel's stopover was a gift. Merkel visit a gift to Erdogan
.Arrogance from Mrs. Merkel! Now we haven't seen that before have we.
. But strong & hard push-back on her within 48 hours by 3 PM: = No Mrs
I'd advise leaving the whole 'Who do you think you are kidding Mrs Merkel' patter at home, it's very unattractive to us moderates
Who do you think you are kidding Mrs Merkel? Try a holliday in Warmington-on-Sea.
Mrs Clooney accompanied her husband for talks over tea and coffee with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Chancellery in Berlin to
Love Mr&Mrs Clooney meet w Angela Merkel to discuss the migrant crisis .
That Turk knows how to deal with stupid EU and Mrs. Merkel!! He should try DT!!
He's praising Mrs Merkel. What does that tell you?
Hands up all who think Mrs Merkel is an award winner..apart from John Kerry and our very own David Cameron?
Erdogan suggested that Mrs Merkel to suck his *** she promised to think
Mrs Merkel's asylum policy is hardly delivering greater security for Germany and other EU states.
Mrs. Merkel will convert these misogynistic migrants’ attitudes toward women into something more in line with German progressive attitudes
refugees need shelter and Governments can do more. How does meeting Mrs Merkel and plastering it all over the papers help?
Angela Merkel supports David Cameron's EU reforms - they will "benefit Europe as (cont)
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Mr en Mrs Clooney are having tea with German Chancellory Angela Merkel to talk about migrants…
Karl Lagerfeld goes there. Not happy with the German Chancellor: "Mrs Merkel's migrant-friendly look".
We all know that Mrs Merkel has never been in her right mind. Madness to let in over a million
Such faith in Mrs Merkel,well she did win an award didn't she?Your words/smile, is this all genuine David?
Mrs Merkel is too busy trying to shore up Cameron's fudge deals on EU to bother with that problem.
Mr and Mrs Clooney meet with Angela Merkel to discuss the migrant crisis .
Mr. .Why you support Mrs. who destroys Germany with her politics.
Mrs Merkel says she is getting confident about UK deal with EU via
give them an inch and they will take a mile Mrs Merkel!
Mrs. Merkel I'm a third time married man only my wife can call me hun.
Mr/Mrs. George Clooney to ask Merkel what they can do to help w "refugees" - how abt taking in 10 or 100 at home?
Happy days? Mrs Merkel laughs next to Minister of Economic Affairs Minister Sigmar Gabriel, at the Bundestag in Berlin, Germany
If ever we needed someone like Margaret Thatcher it's now.Imagine Mrs Thatcher having a"little chat"with Mrs Merkel ✌️
.Let me ashure you Mr Cameron, the 'Hook' is and will be all Mrs Merkel (form. known as 'The EU') has to offer..
Croatia president blames Angela Merkel for refugee crisis: "Mrs Merkel called them, and now she's pulled the h...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Bring it on Mrs Merkel and we will go..they sell us £b of cars yearly so be very careful or we will stop buying
Which is why Mrs Merkel should be presented with a list of DEMANDS by Camoron, not a begging list!.
West germany or germany is still germany, move on, and as for calling merkel michelle, isit a crime for buhari to eye mrs obama
I ended up with a B in English because Mrs. Rigby gave me a 0 for a paper I turned in
The lustre around Frau Merkel's "star" fades more quickly than it did around Mrs T
Shoutout to Mrs. Merkel for being a great teacher and friend (and sightsinger) to all of us these 4…
Meeting over. Mrs. left, with a brisk walk, without a single word. Those who know Germans, know also what this means.
He can ask the husband of Mrs. Merkel what his role is ;-)
Pressing for Greek concessions, Merkel and Hollande keep Tsipras waiting
'UK had trade DEFICIT with EU of £56bn last year. Why wouldn't Mrs Merkel agree to tariff free trade if we left EU?
Mr Obama is hand in glove with Mrs Merkel so no surprise at all.
What Mr.Obama should know.When he is sitting on the bench and Mrs Merkel is standing in a front of him he should get UP.
i'll see to it that Mrs Merkel is not going to let it get classified. can admit they goofed
You see? Here's Mr Tsipras having lovely smile at Mrs Merkel again!! He must have crush on her.
Mrs Merkel, history was generous to you- thanks to Gorbachev's generosity you got a second chance. Will you deny Greeks …
Grand words Mrs Merkel. Will your actions match your words this time? I have my doubts so please prove me wrong .
Deleted scenes from Reservoir Dogs: Mrs Pink threatening to set fire to the cop.
Mrs Merkel channelling a bit of Julie Andrews
Mrs Merkel said that G7 leaders shared her goal of keeping Greece in the euro & that it delivers on a plan that can satisfy its creditors.
Those Germans don't like us Americans. Don't believe me? Look at how German Chancellor, Mrs. Merkel, was talking...
ok good there's this teach named mrs.merkel and I just now made the connection
'I know i said ISIS were going down, but you first Mrs Merkel'
ze Germans and Mrs Merkel likes to own a few Irelands over in Greece, so is business as usual
Nigel and UKIP have forced Cameron & co. to run to Mrs.Merkel, pleading for crumbs to show the British people. Too late Dave.
Mrs Merkel has recently been favouring this look… (location rather than dress).
About 70% of Germans are also favourable of Mrs. Merkel. This is a real achievement
G7 committed to limiting global temperature rise, says Angela Merkel - video
"Captions please Obama did you say zat it's zis long? *** right Mrs Merkel you liddle minx!!! :-D
.Mrs. Angela Merkel is paying attention heavily to the European financial markets including Germany's Dax. How strong is economy?
You are not dealing with any people Mrs Merkel, you are dealing with Greeks! So don’t be demanding.
Smile! Glum G7 leaders and guests pose for group photos
Coward leadership! The planet will be burnt out by the end of the century Mrs !
Because Mrs Merkel & Mr Obama can only answer questions of journalists, I offer to answer questions about
. He's laughing ... She just Put him on a Promise. Nice Mrs Merkel. Dear David Cameron.
. Nice Mrs Merkel put him on a Promise . Twist again David Cameron. or . Call me Farage.
- okay guys, lets do something, Mrs. Merkel can't do.
New blog post: 'Take a walk, Mrs Merkel - dispatch from high above the G7 summit' with tadpoles and ring ouzel
Mrs likes a nice sausage with her beer on a Sunday morning
Readout of the Secretary-General's meeting with H.E. Mrs. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Ger…
2 speed we get to same point at differing speeds/times...So Mrs Merkel UK still comes to an end just not a…
Members of the Greek negotiating team are traveling to Brussels to prepare the meeting of Mr Tsipras with Mrs Merkel and Hollande
Poverty on agenda this morning at Will & Mrs Merkel ensure talks are 🌎🌍🌏.
Big shout out to Mrs. Merkel ,Coach Chiera and Mrs. Brennan and all of the staff and students of Colonia for attending Eric's Run/walk
If Mrs Merkel were to gift UK with EU treasure it's likely would still want exit
A new side of Mrs. Merkel. Strangely aroused?
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Because Mrs. Merkel and asuterity policies poverty rates soared.
To think that Mrs. Merkel is the right way to European progress is ridiculous.
After their "field" trip,they checked each other for ticks. was for bugs!
Of course it is not solved yet, Mrs. Merkel. It will take at least an age. Stop wasting time with Tsipras. Wake up.
Barack Obama arrives in Germany for G7 summit in Bavaria: Mrs Merkel is hoping...
.doing a Padmé Amidala: "now Mrs Merkel, let's discuss a new Treaty". .
Mrs Merkel attempts to amend ISDS in Canadian-European Economic Trade Agreement (CETA). Harper not amused
Mrs Merkel - the poor man's Maggie - is very cross indeed. German people want to protect the culture of their country http:/…
A German reporter has given Chancellor Angela Merkel an unusual birthday present at a news conference in Brussels. The journalist wished Mrs Merkel a happy b...
Sami Khedira: "Happy birthday, Mrs Merkel. It was an honor. "
Sam Coates, David Charter and Michael Savage The Times - 03 June 2014 “Europe tells Britain to increase taxes” * David Cameron was told to tear up his economic policy by Brussels yesterday, hours after being warned by Angela Merkel that Britain faced being ignored over who should become president of the European Commission. The prime minister faced a double reminder of the difficulties in store on the eve of a critical G7 summit and urgent talks with the German Chancellor. There is growing alarm that Mrs Merkel, who is thought to be one of the UK’s strongest allies, could now allow a sceptic of Britain’s planned renegotiation with Europe to take the top job in Brussels. She told a press conference yesterday that she was pressing for Jean-Claude Juncker, the former Luxembourg prime minister and arch federalist, to head the European Commission, in the face of staunch opposition from Mr Cameron. Her comments came as the commission urged the British government to raise taxes, provide more affordable c ...
David Cameron is on a collision course with Angela Merkel after the German Chancellor backed a Continuity candidate as the next president of the European commission. Mrs Merkel announced she wants Jean-Claude Juncker to get the key post despite the Prime Minister making clear he views the former Luxembourg leader as a symbol of Europe's past. Now on one hand I see this as the beginning of David Cameron's battle against Europe to negotiate a new deal prior to the UK's ''promised'' EU referendum. And on the other one I wish the President of the European Commision Jean-Claude Juncker, all the best in his new job.
( the defensive bullying of the Russian president ) I look with great astonishment at this odd image !!! How can a head of state who is supposed to be respected, however is not ashamed of overtly practicing such kind of tow-bit bullying on a respectable woman in the estimable position of Chancellor Mrs Merkel?!!...Alas, it seems that personality of that young bully thug still vividly lives inside Mr. President Putin over the last five decades, that come out into action with its full-fat ugliness & cruelty when it's exposed to a pressure !!, this eccentric character also has strange hunger towards the parade to beg love and affection therefore do not hesitate to singing in a night club,horse back riding,swimming,diving,skiing, fishing,hunting game and in the same time demonstrate love of animals!!,practice of judo,flying military jet,submarine dive and parade his brand recorded swaggering walk in front of the TV cameras ...But Mr. President you just happened to prod a bit harder the hornet's nest, conseque ...
is the American gun lobby trying to push us in a war ? The PEOPLE OF EUROPE WANT PİECE WİTH RUSSİA, MRS.Merkel
Mrs Merkel you're right indeed: "Mr Putin has lost touch with reality".
The two-faced Germans are letting Putin wreak havoc By SIMON HEFFER PUBLISHED: 01:40 GMT, 8 March 2014 | UPDATED: 01:40 GMT, 8 March 2014 79 shares 176 View comments As Europe’s leading power, a global economic titan, and a nation that has sought since 1945 to set an example of peace and democracy, Germany ought to be at the forefront of demands for sanctions to be imposed on Russia after its outrageous behaviour in Ukraine. But it has signally failed to discharge its moral duty towards Europe. The main reason is self-interest because the German economy is massively dependent on Russia. Not only is Russia one of the main markets for its exports, but its industry and homes rely so heavily on the country’s gas and oil. What’s more, Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel (who grew up in a Soviet-controlled area east of Berlin) and her Kremlin counterpart Vladimir Putin (who once worked for the KGB in Dresden) have a pretty strong relationship. Too close for comfort: Angela Merkel with Vladimir Putin, on ...
Mrs. Merkel is the daughter of a priest, but she acts like a bulldozer in Germany putting retirement people in poverty.
Mrs. Merkel is a power-hungry woman, reminds me M. Thatcher going for the Falklands in the eighties
Mrs. Merkel forgot history, that Germans murdered and slaughtered 34700 civilians, children and woman, men in Kiew Sept 1941
Mrs Merkel pushes aside all the German guilt of history that Germans killed 18 Million Russions WW2.
Putin calls EU's bluff, I can't wait for Russians to turn off Mrs Merkel's gas & oil. 60% of Germany's gas & 40% of their oil !!
Will Mrs. Merkel, use this crisis to push through new nuclear power stations ???
Well Mr Obama, Mr Cameron, Mrs Merkel, Mr Ki-moon you really showed that nasty Mr Putin! Try reading some Tom Clancy prophetic yet again.
As a former East German, Mrs Merkel has no illusions about Mr Putin | The Economist
Schroeder literally couldn't be more of a sell out Mrs Merkel’s predecessor, Gerhard Schröder, took this app...
Great time to the home counties, then, and export it to Mrs Merkel
Putin seems to have swapped suits with Mrs Merkel.
But in aren't living so many German speakers anymore as well as Mrs Merkel is actually not Mr Putin. ;-))
Mrs. Merkel is the sweetest lil lady
G8 is over says Merkel and Russia appears to be preparing for a military "invasion". So what now Mrs Merkel?
Whenever Mrs. Merkel speaks, I sort of sit up and listen. She's none too pleased with Russia!
A Ukrainian protester carries a poster depicting Vladimir Putin with a muzzle and the plea, "Mrs Merkel! Stop the...
Russia will form its own bloc if excluded from the G8. Mrs. Merkel should consider keeping Putin inside, pissing out.
vlad must be quaking! As for merkel I thought she was just playing mrs. fat unattractive democracy hating german woman as usual.
Mrs Merkel, speaking ahead of an EU. summit in Brussels, said the current. political situation also meant the G8. effectively no longer exists.
.Mrs. Merkel to be certain this news or rumor, the Venezuelan democrats, affirming or denying its demand response
Mrs. Merkel: Please stop the genocide in Venezuela. 80 tons antiriot ammunitions flight SkyLease KY503 to Caracas. Thanks.
ya lo pedía The Economist... "ignore the parliament, Mrs Merkel, and pick the best woman for the job" (Lagarde)
Gregor Gysi: Mrs Merkel, you are talking with fascists in Kiev! vía
im so hurt they made Ezra so evil I loved him ! And i miss Caleb ! :( but im not sure I just wouldn't get why mrs D would
To say that the tensions within the European "Union" are getting unbearable would be an understatement. First,..
Dear mrs for you i made an appointment at 14 00 pm. Do you need to color your hair also? See you in the
"Mrs Merkel told Mr Putin the referendum violated Ukraine's constitution". . Yes, but Crimea now appears to be in Russia, not Ukraine...
Mrs Merkel will not like QE it goes against Germany's Weimarian instincts
Just learned that the regular amazon placing of my book in German history is No 2, right between Mrs Merkel and Mein Kampf!
Guess Mrs. Merkel is thinking: " You took Mario Gomez and now you wanna treat? Go away"
The invading Russian soldiers also were entitled to vote in the Crimea? Mrs. Merkel also voted to protect its gas reserves?👎
And we would soon end under the Russian dominion. We have to improve the EU. Stop Mrs Merkel and her burocrats. Then...
Putin is a v mean guy He brought his big black dog in meeting with Mrs.Merkel of Germany in past despite knowing Merkel is afraid of dogs :)
Don't agree. All countries involved should meet and negotiate a way out of the crisis. Mrs A. did a lot 4
Gregor Gysi from "Die Linke" party: "Mrs Merkel, you are talking with the Fascists in
My cartoon Friday Mrs Merkel throws away her crutches.
Putin to Mrs Merkel today: Crimean people express their will in full accordance with international law LOOK!
Could u tell that to Mrs merkel and France & Spain & Italy & the rest because they all say NO reform NO reform vt DC get 0
Mrs Merkel - you could demand referendum on East Prussia (aka "Kaliniingrad") which was German for thousands of years.
Isn't it amazing tha could detect mrs. 's handy and not an aircraft?
As I said, big fan (even admirer..) of Mrs Merkel and her handling of the issue. Proper stateswoman...
Standing well outside of the monarch's personal space, Mrs Merkel reached gingerly over to shake the Queen's hand...
Germany's Angela Merkel urges 'strong' UK in EU In an historic address to both Houses of Parliament, she said Britain and Germany shared the goal of a "strong and competitive" European Union. "United and determined", they could act as a beacon to the rest of the world. But she stopped short of committing to specific reforms saying it had to be a "step-by-step" process. David Cameron is pulling out all the stops during Mrs Merkel's one-day visit because he sees the German leader as crucial to his aims in Europe. Beginning her address in English, before delivering the main part of her speech in German, she said: "Some expect my speech to pave the way for a fundamental reform of the European architecture which will satisfy all kinds of alleged or actual British wishes. I am afraid they are in for a disappointment. "Others are expecting the exact opposite and they are hoping that I will deliver the clear and simple message here in London that the rest of Europe is not prepared to pay almost any price to keep ...
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to address both Houses of Parliament and have tea with The Queen during a symbolic one-day visit to the UK. Mrs Merkel will follow in the footsteps of other leaders, such as Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, in addressing MPs and peers. She will later hold talks with the three main party leaders, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband. Her support is seen as crucial to the success of Mr Cameron's European aims. The prime minister has said that if the Conservatives win the 2015 election, he will seek to renegotiate the terms of the UK's membership of the European Union and put the outcome to an in-out referendum of the British people in 2017. The Guardian reported on Wednesday that Berlin was prepared to offer "limited opt-outs" to the UK over its future compliance with existing EU directives and to make sure some other regulations were more flexibly enforced. Read More: BBC News UK-Politics ---
Mrs Merkel and Mrs Ashdown must be looking up receipies for "Humble Pie"
"Is Mr Schulz a social democrat candidate or a candidate of Mrs Merkel and the CDU?" asks Alexis Tsipras (GUE/NGL)
What's up with the Germans? Schumacher now Mrs Merkel. RTGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel ...
Angela Merkel has been confirmed as German Chancellor for a third term, at the head of a grand coalition, by a vote in the Bundestag. The coalition between her centre-right CDU/CSU bloc and the Social Democrats has a huge majority, with 504 of the 631 seats in the lower house. Mrs Merkel was confirmed by 462 votes, with nine abstentions. Germany's tough stance on fiscal discipline is unlikely to change under the new coalition. The SPD's membership voted on Sunday to back the coalition after painstaking negotiations. The new government dominates parliament - 504 seats out of a total of 631. This means that the important arguments will be held between ministers within the government - rather than on the floor of the Bundestag. If Social Democrats, for example, want a softening of the financial discipline of the last few years, they would quickly bump against the ever-present Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, who remains in his post. The Social Democrats took a swipe at him in the election campaign, accu ...
Aktuell: Angela Merkel clears way for national minimum wage: Mrs Merkel, speaking at a meeting of business lea...
I am ill due to yeast all over in our flat. My stomach becomes very big and hard. My body is forming excess of ammonium due to yeast. I have tooth pain. We cannot sit in one room. We are waiting for your reply. Ask AOK to help me. My condition is because of your experiments. This is a medical case of negligence. My stomach can burst at height. I want that AOK should arrange now my departure to India and all experimental details and reports should be given. I have nothing to eat. I am surviving on few fruits and some rice-dal-curry. How long it can go? Do not ignore it. It is an emergency. You have made our lives *** Mrs Merkel you do not understand that my stomach will burst and he will die of some serious disease like cancer. What is your problem? I have complained to UN and will complain everywhere. You have to stop these worthless experiments. In 10 years of life in Germany I will take mostly health reports and few clothes. It is your world class science and life. No one will dare to come to Germany .. ...
Fresh reports in German media based on leaked US intelligence documents are prompting damaging new questions about the extent of US surveillance. Der Spiegel suggests the US has been spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone since 2002. Another report says Mr Obama was told in 2010 about the surveillance and failed to stop it. The spy row has led to the worst diplomatic crisis betweeen the two countries in living memory. Leaked documents say a US listening unit was based in its Berlin embassy - and similar operations were replicated in 80 locations around the world. The German interior minister has been quoted as saying such an operation, if confirmed, would be illegal. On Friday, Germany and France said they wanted the US to sign a no-spy deal by the end of the year. As well as the bugging of Mrs Merkel's phone, there are claims the NSA has monitored millions of telephone calls made by German and French citizens. 'Obama's green light' Der Spiegel claims to have seen secret documents from t ...
President Barack Obama promised Mrs Merkel he knew nothing of the alleged phone monitoring - that's even worse Mr. P
Spying row: Merkel urges US to restore trust at EU summit 24 October 2013 Last updated at 18:34 Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has said it is "really not on" for friends to spy on each other, referring to alleged US snooping on her phone calls. On arrival at an EU summit in Brussels Mrs Merkel said "we need trust between allies and partners, and such trust needs to be restored". She said she had given that message to US President Barack Obama when they spoke on Wednesday. Other EU leaders also voiced concern about the scale of US surveillance. The spying row threatens to overshadow EU talks on the economy and migration. Mrs Merkel has demanded a "complete explanation" of the claims, which came out in the German media. She grew up in former communist East Germany, where secret police surveillance was pervasive. Her delegation in Brussels confirmed she had met briefly to discuss the issue with France's President Francois Hollande, who has expressed alarm at reports that millions of French calls have bee ...
EARLY BIRD NEWS UPDATE @ 7AM WITH ORANGE UGANDA DON’T BLAME M7: Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda says President Yoweri Museveni should not be fully blamed for the increasing cases of corruption in the country. The coalition’s executive director, Cissy Kagaba, says anti-corruption agencies that deliberately allow their work to be interfered with ought to share the blame. In a report released Monday, Human Rights Watch said despite promises throughout his 27 year-long reign to fight corruption, Museveni's government's patronage politics and lack of political will continue to undermine the fight against corruption in Uganda. MERKEL PHONE SPIED ON: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called US President Barack Obama after receiving information that the US may have spied on her mobile phone. A spokesman for Mrs Merkel said the German leader "views such practices... as completely unacceptable". Mrs Merkel called on US officials to clarify the extent of their surveillance in Germany. The White House said Pre ...
GK UPDATE 24 SEPTEMBER 2013 Vista Equity to take Greenway Medical private in $644 million deal Greenway Medical Technologies Inc will merge with a privately held electronic health records provider owned by Vista Equity Partners in a $644 million deal. Vista, which owns Vitera Healthcare Solutions LLC, will pay $20.35 for each Greenway share - a premium of about 19 per cent to the stock's Tuesday close of $17.13 on the New York Stock Exchange. Angela Merkel wins historic third term in German elections Angela Merkel is heading for a third term as Germany’s chancellor, as exit polls showed she could even be on course for the historic achievement of an absolute majority in the country’s parliament. An early projection by the state broadcaster ARD on Sunday evening showed Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democrat party (CDU) winning 301 seats in the 598-seat Bundestag, enough to form a government without a coalition partner. It had been expected that Mrs Merkel would be forced into a “grand coalition” with her ...
German Chancellor Angela Merkel Wins Historic Third Term - Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party has won Germany’s election, but finished just short of an absolute majority, official results show. Mrs Merkel urged her party to celebrate “a super result”... Read more
At last! Thank you, Mrs Merkel :-). Angela Merkel: Brussels should return powers via
Merkel and Putin view exhibition of disputed art: Germany's Angela Merkel and Russia's Vladimir Putin have visited an exhibition featuring art looted from Germany by the USSR in World War II. Reports said Mrs Merkel had intended to use the visit to the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg to ask for the items to be returned. But she toned down her remarks saying that Russia and Germany would continue talks about the issue. Mr Putin said the war art issue was "very sensitive". He said it was "hardly worth starting an argument now" and added that the two sides should seek "ways to resolve it". Mr Putin denied there had been any suggestion of cancelling the visit. "We had not cancelled anything, we just wanted to see if we would have enough time," he told reporters at a news conference with the German leader. Mrs Merkel, who was in St Petersburg to address the annual St Petersburg International Economic Forum, said it was an important step that the works were now on public display for the first time. "It gives ...
Germany-Turkey diplomatic row erupts over EU bid: Germany has summoned the Turkish ambassador in a row over Turkey's bid for membership of the European Union. Turkey's EU Minister, Egemen Bagis, has accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of using the Turkey issue in her campaign for re-election. Berlin earlier blocked a plan to resume EU-Turkey negotiations next week. On Monday, Mrs Merkel sharply criticised Turkey's crackdown on recent anti-government protests, saying the police action was "much too harsh". Mr Bagis hit back on Thursday, saying that if Mrs Merkel was looking for "internal political material" ahead of Germany's September elections "this should not be Turkey". 'Unacceptable' On Friday, German foreign ministry spokesman Andreas Peschke said it had summoned Turkish ambassador in Berlin, Huseyin Avni Karslioglu. Mr Bagis's comments about Chancellor Merkel had been "unacceptable", Mr Peschke added. He stressed that Turkey's negotiations with the EU were being held up for "technical reasons", ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
In an interview, Mrs Merkel said the high levels of youth unemployment in Europe represent a "huge crisis", comparing the eurozone's difficulties with post-Communist eastern Germany. Speaking to the BBC, she said that when unemployment soared after the fall of the Berlin Wall, "many young people ... only had jobs because they moved to the south." Mrs Merkel said: "I think it's unfair that it is the young people especially who have to pay the bill for something they didn't do. "But there's no way around it. We have to manufacture products or offer services in Europe that we can sell." Her comments are the latest indication of Germany's concern that the prolonged economic crisis in southern Europe is putting the European project under strain. Germany is seeking to attract more migrants from crisis-hit countries to meet its own shortage of skilled workers. In the interview, the German Chancellor emphasised the need for economic reforms that would make Europe more competitive rather than insisting on limits t ...
"Three barriers block Germany taking on that leadership—all understandable ones. The first and hardest to surmount is historical. Even the word for leader, Führer, conjures up terrible memories. Having twice plunged Europe into war, many Germans believe their country's duty is to be a bigger version of Switzerland: economically prosperous, politically modest. The second reason for Germany's reluctance to lead is the belief that the ultimate cause of the euro-zone crisis is the laziness of southern Europeans, and that if only they were as productive as Germans none of this would have happened. The solution, on this view, is for the rest of Europe to become as hard-working and fiscally prudent as Germany. Mrs Merkel's third reason for failing to lead is tactical. Germany, goes the argument, will get more done if it guides from the rear. With hostility growing around Europe, too much Teutonic assertiveness will be counter-productive. Moreover, moral hazard is a problem. If Germany seems ready to open its ...
Germany wants a more powerful Europe to have the last word on national budgets. But other countries are giving this short shrift. This new tension was evident when Italian prime minister Enrico Letta made his first official visit to Berlin last week. With furious voters at his back, Mr Letta insisted: “I’m not here to justify domestic choices… We know German citizens have no intention of telling us what we have to do.” In this showdown over austerity, it is Germany that has blinked first. Berlin, which has overseen Europe’s austerity policy since the start of the debt crisis, is now indicating that it is relaxed about eurozone countries failing to hit their deficit-cutting targets. In the case of France – Germany’s key partner in Europe – Mrs Merkel is now offering an alternative prescription: economic reforms that will reduce labour costs in the long term. The move is a necessary recognition of the deep unpopularity of insisting on spending cuts at a time of acute pain; the average unempl ...
Mrs Merkel is said to be furious with her aides over the gaffe that was uncovered by local reporters. More than 600 items looted by the Nazis that are still used by the government.
Mrs Merkel caught with Stolen Loot, will she be Charged with receiving Stolen Property I wonder?
France and Germany mark treaty Mr Hollande and Mrs Merkel posed in front of the Brandenburg Gate France and Germany are marking the 50th anniversary of a treaty that helped to reconcile the two former foes. The German and French leaders have been holding talks in Berlin and there will also be a joint session of the two countries' parliaments. The Elysee Treaty was signed by Charles de Gaulle of France and Germany's Konrad Adenauer on 22 January 1963. Despite ups and downs in the relationship, Berlin and Paris have been key shapers of the European Union. De Gaulle described Europe as "a coach and horses, with Germany the horse and France the coachman", and the co-operation between the two nations has been the foundation stone of the European project, the BBC's Europe editor Gavin Hewitt says. Reception German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande met figures from the arts world at the French embassy in Berlin on Tuesday. Wim Wenders, the German film director, recalled his links to ...
In a move that will be grasped by British Eurosceptics, Mrs Merkel told Germany that she will repress Europe's biggest financial markets and fight to strengthen the EU's grip on banking.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged her country's continuing support to Greece, during her first visit to Athens since the eurozone crisis erupted nearly three years ago. Mrs Merkel was met by Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on arrival in Athens. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said on Tuesday that tough austerity measures across the eurozone were necessary if the currency bloc wanted to contain the debt crisis.
Mrs Merkel has decided she must avoid the potentially dire consequences of a Greek exit ahead of next year's elections in Germany.
Mrs Merkel tells a joke about George Bush, who went hunting with friends. Funny joke about George Bush. Angela Merkel speaks in English. Funny
These pictures of Mrs Merkel's multicoloured wardrobe have been collated by Duth graphic designer Noortje van Eekelen, 30.
Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, has had a bad run of late. A consensus has taken hold among Germans that her Italian, Spanish and French counterparts outmanoeuvred her at the European Union summit, on June 28th and 29th. Despite this Mrs Merkel remains more popular among voters than any potential rival or her party as a whole
"European officials argue that just getting Mrs Merkel to agree in principle to discuss things like the mutualisation of debt would be a big achievement, as would getting the French to talk about surrendering the powers of the Fifth Republic. Yet talking is one thing, agreeing quite another—and there is still no sign of accord among leaders."
Wow. If supplanting Mrs Thatcher in being the most iron lady was her goal, Mrs Merkel certainly already succeeded.
So, it seems that Greece is to stay in the Euro.I bet Mrs Merkel is pleased, she is now one step closer to TOTAL EUROPEAN DOMINATION!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
BTW, Hollande is VERY nice: Don't expect Le Pen to make "proposals" with 300 nukes at her disposal, Mrs Merkel.
Mario Monti looking quietly.presidential at Camp David. It makes me a little bit proud to see him always seated in position of prominence, with the leaders of France, Germany and the UK . I suppose it does help that Mrs Merkel doesn't have to worry about being groped by the Italian PM...for a change.
Sporting gesture: Mr Cameron hugs Mrs Merkel after Chelsea won on a penalty shoot-out in Munich last night
Alexis Tsipras' answer to Angela Merkel: "Mrs Merkel is used to addressing political leaders in Greece as if there's a protectorate here"
Raising the spectre of a Greek exit, the German Chancellor said “solidarity for the euro” was threatened by the ongoing political crisis in Athens. Stock markets around the world fell sharply with fears mounting that a euro break-up could lead to renewed financial turmoil. The FTSE-100 index of Britain’s major companies fell by two per cent to 5465, with bank shares hit particularly hard.The cost of Spanish government borrowing also hit a record high since the single currency was introduced because of concerns that the crisis will spread.Today, François Hollande, the new French president, will be sworn in and, in an indication of the concern gripping Europe, will almost immediately travel to Berlin to hold talks with Mrs Merkel that will be dominated by Greece’s plight.
THE respite in the euro crisis lasted a few short months. Now, despite a €130 billion ($169 billion) second bail-out for Greece, a fiscal compact agreed on by the euro-zone leaders in December, and €1 trillion of cheap long-term loans from the European Central Bank, the night terrors are back. How dispiriting that Europe is still so ill-prepared for the ordeal to come. Time is short. In France voters have given their new president, François Hollande, a mandate to alter the “austere” course set by his ousted predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, and to focus on growth. Mrs Merkel says she will not change the fiscal compact, but Mr Hollande needs something to show voters in legislative polls next month. More threatening is the second election looming in Greece, where parties are struggling to form a government. If a majority of Greeks again vote to reject the spending cuts and reforms that go with their country’s bail-out, then euro-zone governments—in particu ...
Everytime they mention Mrs Merkel I get an image of Mrs Merton,
What's the difference between Mrs Merkel and Mrs Merton. Let's have a heated debate.
Quote of the day: "Nobody should get carried away by a hope that the euro zone is embarking on a radical new course. Calling for growth is like advocating world peace: everybody agrees that it is a good thing, but nobody agrees how to do it. Mr Draghi’s ideas, as far as they can be divined, are to promote structural reforms to make labour markets more flexible and encourage entrepreneurship. Mrs Merkel echoes this, saying promoting growth need not cost billions. Liberals add that a key to higher growth is to remove barriers to the EU’s single market, particularly in services. Yet Mr Hollande is against such ideas. His programme for France, which has one of the biggest public sectors in the world, is mainly about more spending and more taxes. In the EU he wants common European project bonds to finance infrastructure, a capital injection for the European Investment Bank (EIB) and a redirection of EU regional funds towards jobs. Much of this can be done so long as Mr Hollande does not try to reopen the a ...
"The Pot calling the kettle black." First of all I agree with German Chancellor Angela Mrs Merkels gesture of threatening to boycott Euro 2012 in Ukraine in condemnation of politically motivated imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko by the pro Moscow Yanukovych puppet regime in Ukraine However, I would like to ask Mrs Merkel whilst on the topic of things, or more to the point people, who are Ukrainian, to answer for the German Governments duplicitous and totally hypocritical stance when it comes to protesting about the imprisonment of Yulia Tymnoshenko on the one hand, whilst having until recently imprisoned and persecuted a completely (and already proven) innocent man for crimes instigated by her own country's recent Nazi history whilst simultaneously failing to pursue other former Nazis probably still at large in her own country, one of whom had even held a Government post in post war West Germany. I say that without even mentioning the amnesty from further investigation given to German citizens ...
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