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Mrs Claus

Mrs. Claus is the wife of Santa Claus, the Christmas gift-bringer in North American and European Christmas tradition.

Santa Claus Cheryl Ladd North Pole

Santa: Mrs Claus doesn't do it like that! Why is there an owl in the background? It looks angry...
Kids loved meeting Santa and Mrs Claus at the Rose Theater.
Who do think think keeps Mrs Claus company while Santa is doing his thing?
Santa calls Mrs Claus mama. This was later used by ACSlater to Jesse Spano in Saved By The Bell.…
Stop by and get your photos taken with Santa Claus and Mrs Claus at Better World Books during First Fridays Hometow…
Santa likes Johnny Walker Blue Label. Reminds him of his first date with Mrs Claus.
Even after a night of endless cookies those look very very nice, better not let Mrs Claus see them... *** *** ***
Christmas Eve Christmas jumper selfie... Mrs Claus! Last panto before crimbo (aka day off!) it's…
and Orlando Bloom assume the roles of Mr & Mrs Claus at a LA children's hospital!
Just watched the xmas advert. So good love the chic Mrs Claus. (Better than John Lewis, who ruined my moulin rouge song)
Am I the only person who thinks Mrs Claus should've been played by Helen Mirren?
My vote goes to Marks and Spencer. Genius to focus on Mrs Claus!!!
Nearly every person my age will go "Idk who Liz is" & I'll be like "OH REALLY? Santa ClausE 2 & 3" then they're always like "OMG MRS CLAUS"
Hillary is a witch in Mrs. Claus's suit. Please We need TRUMP!!!
"Of course you aren't going to look very presidential if you walk out there looking like Mrs. Claus!"
I hate the new grandma emoji.. it looks like Mrs. Claus. I'm a grandma not Santa's wife
I'm giving away something for you on CHRISTMAS IS COMING ♡SANTA & MRS.CLAUS♡. Get it here -
can it be december already so I can post gifs of liz as mrs claus
i can just imagine you in a Mrs Claus outfit with a glass of wine in your hand. xx
Santa and Mrs.Claus made their appearance in 50th annual Ragamuffin Parade! Fall has officially arrived!
❤️ Is it your little ladies first Christmas this year?! ❤️. ✨ ✨
>you finished the pancakes. >smile when you see them. >give *** a thumbs up. "Hey Mrs. claus, lookin' fine as ever!"
>Look at your sweater. >You really don't want to be Mrs. Claus right now. >Put it on anyway. >For Bits. "Well. Givve it time?"
>Well that's... Heartbreaking. "It's different, though. He would've been Rudolph.". >Knock on the bathroom door. "Delivery for Mrs. Claus."
New location this year for Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, during Christmas in the Village, December2-4. They will...
I just saw Santa and Mrs Claus at point pleasant park!! Omg 🎅🏻🙈
Hi when can we book Mrs Claus visit? Missed out last year and trying to be organised for once! Thanks a bunch
Hi when is Mrs Claus at Pollok House going to be available to book? We missed out last year and trying to be organised! Many Thanks
I figured it out! The stork brings babies. Where do they get em? Santa. Santa and Mrs.Claus have all the kids and give them to the stork.
I love Halloween I do but I can't deny my inner Christmas angel. I am Mrs Claus and I can't wait for December
When you have to crop out the unnecessary people in life cause you have a great picture with Mrs. Claus ☺️💕
and Mrs. Claus fly past the Seattle Space Needle
LEGO Holiday Creator Set of 2 Minifigures - Mrs. Claus and Santa with Red Sack (10245
I do a wide variety of services and yet they are all connected. From Mrs. Claus to being a Shaman, it's all just me…
Please support Mrs Claus in the Alzheimer's Association: The Walk to End Alzheimer's Thank You
I feel productive and prepared! I already have a group of things for Madalyn for Christmas! 🙌 just call me Mrs. Cla…
recap ft the handsiest Mrs Claus ever and Pauls awesome pick up line .
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris pose with Mr and Mrs Claus at her birthday party – Daily Mail -
Little Girl singing 'O Holy Night' to save the spirit of Christmas & Mrs Claus (Cheryl Ladd) is weeping ... me too 😳
Oh my, now Mrs Claus (Cheryl Ladd) is in prison and there's singing there too 😳
And Cheryl Ladd is Mrs Claus and she's singing too 😳
Tomorrow-Breakfast with Santa, pictures with Santa & crafts with Mrs Claus at Prairie Grove Methodist Church from...
may or may not have an exclusive interview with Santa and Mrs Claus next week.take THAT Diane Sawyer!
Notice to all parents, this Saturday at 11am, Mr and Mrs Claus will use Mi Casa Supper Club as the Baja pit stop...
Mrs Claus was delighted to stop by Lynnwood School and thank them for supporting . Wow, they also sup…
please tell me Dan isn't dressed as Mrs Claus
Mrs Claus with a guest appearance from prancer
ok Mrs Claus said be here at 3:30 sharp
Mrs Claus can lay some sick beats and make some sick cookies
Santa and Mrs. Claus are in the house. Bids for Kids continues until midnight tonight. Come on up or call in to...
I love that the Snow Queen is Mrs. Claus/Carol from the Santa Clause.
Sorry! What I meant to say was no truer Elf have we ever seen.. so says Mrs Claus and Me!
Notre else will you ever see says mrs. Claus and yes me!.
i thought santa gives things not smashed them... someone tell mrs. Claus to give him back his milk n cookies😂
Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the entire elf work force!
my senior superlative should be Most Likely to become Mrs. Claus
Speaking of Julie, .is Mrs. Claus in premiering SUN 8/7c! Part of via …
You think Mrs. Claus is ever jealous Santa doesn't ask her to sit on his lap?
Went and found Santa, Mrs. Claus and the reindeer today! First Christmas parade of the season!…
Mrs Claus must be pretty disappointed
Today I learnt the first name of Mrs Claus. It's Janice. She spelled it out for me.
because you're the grinch and I'm Mrs. Claus 🎅🏿
Saw Glenn Beck on TV the other day and he looked like Mrs. Claus. Thanks a lot UNSEE! .
Come say HI to Mrs. Claus tonight & tomorrow after the annual tree lighting at
New Byers Choice features an artistic Mrs. Claus, jolly old Saint Nick, and a happy young elf with letters to Santa! htt…
Join Santa and Mrs. Claus for a pancake breakfast at Troppo, Nov. 21 and Nov. 22!
Your pet can have his or her photo take with both Santa and the lovely Mrs. Claus. We're grateful to this busy...
Would you like to have a photo of your pet with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Click for the details of their visit to Pet...
I'm like Mrs Claus! Lol! Its Baxters birthday first so will get that out the way then order his bed x
I got so many compliments on my Santa and Mrs. Claus sweater today it was great
(Mrs Claus will always be called Ann to me idek why)
oh god I better get my knitting needles out and get Mrs Claus on it
if you're Santa can I be your Mrs Claus?
Santa & Mrs. Claus were spotted in the Amherstview Lions Club's 35 annual community parade this morning.
Santa is coming. Confirm your time to meet him and Mrs. Claus. Hillary
Spent this morning in the studio with some very important people! Santa Claus, Mrs Claus, the Russian…
Who would've thought dressing up as Mrs. Claus could restore holiday cheer? Tune in to Charming Christmas tonight 8/7c on
We were at the Christmas Light Switch On tonight & lucky got to meet Mr & Mrs Claus! http…
Mrs Claus is preparing to visit from 28 November. Don't miss out!
So great to catch up with Mrs Claus! @ Stone Mountain State Park, Atlanta Ga
bloody *** calm down Mrs Claus we've got a whole banging summer to get through first!
Remember when naya posted that mrs claus manip and we thought someone hacked her
Don't worry I do it in real life, too. I have a Bonnie Raitt stripe coming in. My Mrs. Claus days are on the horizon.
i finished Mrs Claus :) I had to improvise a little, but i think she still came out cute :)
when I had the 👤 gap in my teeth and I played mrs. Claus in a school play. Then there's my pretty mom.. 😂😂
NEW clip on from wanna watch me get and over my
Santa's photo album on his phone consists of 2% Mrs Claus and 98% Niall.
Angel come be my Mrs. Claus in Dec and July!!.
or "what Mrs. Claus doesn't know won't hurt her"
Santa in the house and he's lookin for a spouse, where's Mrs. Claus she a *** *** ***
What Mrs Claus is up to on Xmas Eve
Meet Black Singles 300x250
We just received the Mrs.Claus by Temptations click here to see it!
What's in the Sleigh? Mrs. Claus-Approved Snacks for Santa Claus on the Big Night (PR Newswire) TH
"What did Mrs Claus say when she looked up at the sky? ""It looks like rain, dear!""
Mrs. Claus, who I'm pretty sure is Rebecca's favorite.
where Santa&Mrs Claus can get a good nights sleep
Mrs Claus wants a white Christmas looks like I'm gonna have to *** in her face
"SANTA CAME! HE CAME!" - Excited children on Christmas morning (and Mrs. Claus)
From the Archives: Join Santa and Mrs. Claus for a Heart Healthy Holiday
Makes a couple of gallons of margaritas and spends the next month plowing Mrs Claus like a field.
Santa and Mrs. Claus out for a nice afternoon drive after a hard night of work.
Jerks off to the top celebrity nude scenes DVD. Mrs. Claus doesn't mind because it's an art film
Forces Mrs. Claus to watch with him.
Mrs Claus will be sore, just saying.
Mr. and Mrs. Claus getting ready for a long winters nap.
Listen to Mrs. Claus about her night
by dancing and performing in a Mrs claus onesie to get strangers or anyone to smile and laugh :)
'Twas the night before Christmas; all through ICU Not a patient was stirring, not even bed 2. The propofol hung on the dripstand with care With hopes that the day-shift soon would be there. When outside the door there arose such a clatter I sprang from the desk to see what was the matter. I found my trainee with a porter and nurse And moribund patient; I've rarely seen worse. "Haemorrhage, hypoxia, resp effort was poor. Tubed down in resus with sats through the floor. Into deep coma with thiopentone, But maybe too late - both his pupils are blown." "He was dressed all in fur from his head to his foot, And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot. Near a sleigh full of toys he was limp on the ground With eight distraught reindeer just wand'ring around." As night turned to day we assembled a plan; Was there aught we could do to assist this poor man? Carbon monoxide from breathing in smoke Had done nothing to help when he'd suffered this stroke. His brainstem infarcted; we called in his wife And to ...
Would you rather. RT: dress up us Santa and mrs Claus for the Christmas Day with Luke. FAV: with Michael
He has to explain to Mrs. Claus about all that Lipstick in his beard.
Eats turkey out of Mrs.Claus's butt
Goes on a three day bender with Mrs. Claus
Helps Mrs Claus perfect her blowing technique
Nikki6969 - Santa gets the works from Mrs Claus.
Spends time with Mrs. Claus. Asks her to tell him he is on the "Naughty List".
Mrs. Claus with the photo bomb... Making cookies...
Sleeps it off in a Tijuana jail cell and promises Mrs. Claus he'll change.
Hot tubs with Mrs. Claus and sips a hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint schnapps.
Watches the elves absolutely rail on Mrs. Claus' *** .. (holiday bonus time!)
Trades his red suit for Mrs. Claus' favorite black garter belt.
hidey holes for little treats. I think Mrs. Claus might enjoy the occasional hot chocolate in the throne when Santa is busy.
Thanks for a wonderful Advent Window finale, Santa and Mrs Claus, you really do know how to go out in style in Malvern Road!!
Find the amazing Mrs Claus Christmas Bender quickly in Cool Gifts for Kids Store. Here for orders at an exceptional value - don't pass up!
Mrs. Claus and a bottle of Jack Daniels.
I could see it padded and covered in the red velvet with some pillows for comfort. a place for Mrs. Claus to snuggle in. Maybe with some
What did Santa say when Mrs. Claus asked about the weather? It looks like reindeer.
Bludgeon's a baby seal so Mrs Claus can make him new mittens for next year
kicks out all the elves and Mrs Claus from the workshop starts drinking heavily.
In an alternate universe, does Catwoman become Mrs. Claus? I can kinda see Batman as Santa.
After riding all night, he gets into bed with Mrs. Claus and rides some more!
has Mrs. Claus try on the Victoria's Secret lingerie he got her
Makes up excuses to tell Mrs. Claus for why he'll be getting in late the other 364 days of the year.
Suggests Mrs Claus does one more job ;)
chloemorgane:. Mrs Claus thought you were very naughty… but she liked it ;). ...
Mrs. Claus with some elves watching and getting involved.
Gives Mrs. Claus a slap on the *** for every child on the naughty list that year. .
I just broke mrs. Claus' wooden head off her wooden body. drama
Gets all up in Mrs. Claus' stuff. It's a long year.
Santa's elf didn't look like I expected, as he was dressed in a Comcast/Xfinity uniform. Mr. & Mrs. Claus gave me cable and wifi in my apartment. Wow, just in time for the college football playoffs/bowl season! And I don't have to go searching for wifi any more. What a gift! Mr & Mrs Claus are very generous -- thanks friends!
Removes his hernia belt while Mrs. Claus massages his nuts
What would Santa say? Rita Ora strips down to skimpy black bra and dubs herself 'Mrs Claus' for…
I found Mrs Claus at it's the most wonderful night of yr: Rene Rancourt singing Xmas carols…
2 of my 4 grandsons visiting santa and Mrs Claus at Westover. Great display of lights and Christmas atmosphere. Visit there if you get the chance, behind the old shop n save on dead end street.
We've heard from Mrs Claus. It looks like the North Pole Elves have predicted a stormy night. You know what that means.
Jingle bells, jingle bells. Santas smoking weed. Mrs Claus is on the floor, she's overdosed on speed.
santa baby is such a sexy song like if i could sing I would 100% sing it in a sexy Mrs Claus outfit js
So who saw Santa and Mrs Claus on the today?
"Mrs Claus 🎄 Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!! I think Santa just had a heart attack!!!
Santa loves Liam Payne's smile more than he loves Mrs Claus' smile.
Santa is very hungry. Mrs Claus won't make me something to eat because I told her I love One Direction more than her.
Did Santa just hear the angels? Oh wait, Mrs Claus was just playing the new One Direction album.
Been like Mrs Claus today deliverying the magic mascara.. Clair Tucker, Joan G Walker, Margaret Messenger let me...
worried about dressing as Mrs Claus tomorrow. The red cocktail dress coupled with the white beard will surely frighten the children.
Just to let everybody know what you are getting for your visit to Santa Claus at Stephenstown Pond on Saturday 13th December as there seem to be some confusion regarding prices etc., so here goes.€10 per child is the charge with no charge for adults. For that you get, a Santa parcel with additional sweets included, mulled wine (non alcoholic) and home cooked mince pies, a visit to Santa where you can take your own family photos, meet Mrs Claus as she works in the kitchen, see the elves in Santa’s workshop plus lots of festive Christmas market stalls etc., free raffle during the afternoon, FREE car parking on the day. I think you will find if you check that this price is both lower and more competitive than any nearby (and indeed further afield) similar Christmas experience. Come along and enjoy a great afternoon as always with the man himself.
Welcome to The North Pole Adventure Oklahoma City, Oklahoma The North Pole Adventure is a one-of-a-kind interactive Christmas attraction for the entire family and will be open to the public beginning November 28, 2014 until Christmas Eve. The Adventure will be located outside of Crossroads Mall, in fully heated structures, in the SW corner of the mall parking area. North Pole Adventure features a life-size replica of the North Pole, including; The North Pole Welcome Center (Learn all about the North Pole, even take home some goodies with you, courtesy of Santa of course.) Santa's Post Office (See where Santa answers all of the letters kids from around the world send him, and even send a letter to Santa while your there) Elf University (See the actual classroom the elves got to school in. Kids will even be able to sit in the elves classroom chairs, do some school projects, all with the help of Santa's elves) Mrs. Claus Kitchen (See where Mrs Claus prepares dinner for Santa, the elves and even the reindeer. ...
Anyone have a Mrs Claus or Elf costume i can use this weekend (one that doesn't make me look like a tart- its for work) Thanks x
Don't forget about Mrs Claus coming from the North Pole! She willbe at & littleoptions…
Children wrote and posted letters to Santa, took part in biscuit decorating in Mrs Claus’s kitchen & even a visit to the magic Elf school!
Rumor has it Santa and Mrs. Claus will be stopping by Winter Wonderland to make sure the kids stay on the nice list!
Mrs. Claus' helpers, Shirley McCoy and Louise Kastner prepare goodie bags for all the boys and girls.
It's getting close one week to go till our Annual Christmas Market 🎅 any toys, bric and brac be very glad.. 😝 so mark Sunday next the 7th of December on your calendar and come along to The Courtyard Ferns @ 1.30pm numerous stalls loads of fun for all the family 🎅 also a visit from Santa and Mrs Clause 😃
I would love to be the Mrs. Santa Claus for my family, relatives, & in the community
My Mother learned at an early age how precious life is. I think that is why she lived every Christmas like it might be her last. As a child it wasn't hard to talk me into being her little helper elf. All the work we did in preparation just made it all the more special. If you are related to us in any way you have likely at sometime experienced my Mother's legendary Christmas hospitality. In later years standards slipped some as the elves became a bit more responsible for the work under the watchful eye of Mrs Claus. Christmas has always been the highlight of my year probably because of my Mom and all of this. It was the time of year that was always too much. Together we... Shopped too much Ate too much Baked too much Wrapped too much Decorated too much Sang too much Cooked too much Laughed too much Spent too much And according to some lived too much This year it is hard but it just isn't in me to not do Christmas. Even if it means I might at times miss her too much and cry too much. I will try to ...
I didn't even have all the decorations out yet and he was already making moves on Mrs. Claus
Clay with Mrs. Claus last night at Northern Lights! :)
thinkin bout dressin up as Mrs. Claus for this holiday turn up.
Got this cute Mrs. Claus costume in the mail today from I'll be altering it for an 🎅🎄🎁🎉 http:/…
Mrs Claus pisses me off, the little ***
Been making some pretties while I've been in bed. Will share soon! Also got my daughter into beading!! She just made a necklace for her Mrs Claus costume for the school panto!
Santa and Mrs Claus arrive at Cafe O'Play this morning. We are excited for their arrival for our Santa Mini Sessions!
they posted there letters with mrs Claus while Santa was eating pies. Then they got to see him. Had 2very excited lil boys ☺️🎄
OMFG this bottle of Mrs. Buttersworth is dressed up as Mrs. Claus
Roger and Linda Armstrong of North Little Rock relish their roles as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. Read about this...
If they got to meet Mrs Claus they must have been Nice and not Naughty
Electric Santa Clause and Mrs Clause, arms moves and head moves, candle in their hands lights up. Stands 2 ft tall. 25.00 set
beautiful handmade ceramic Mr & Mrs Clause. Santa is 19 inches tall and his bride is 16 inches. They are very large and just beautiful. price is $45
Santa needs to go back to his workshop & build Mrs Claus a nice toy..
From Mrs Claus to Santa Little Helper.Lets find even the little ones a Christmas outfit to look great in for...
Busy week this week. Monday 6-8pm. Petes pizza frozen Christmas event. 4571 Gateway park blvd Sacramento Tuesday 8-10am Breakfast with Santa At the Westfield galleria Mrs Claus and the Snow Princess Tuesday 5:15-7:45pm. Chick-fil A Pleasant Grove Free face painting and balloons Wednesday night we will be at the KRM Christmas Party supporting families like ours with children with Cancer Saturday Frozen sisters at Hallmark Westfield Galleria in Roseville 12-2 pm.
Santa and Mrs Claus are in Tramore on Wed 5-8. Nice Christmas Carnival happening to turn on new lights.
Enjoy free Stories with Santa and Mrs. Claus events at in
Good Morning Santa's Drive. It is now the First of Dec lets get christmas fallen on everyone now! So how this works i ask that u inbox me with your kids names, ages girl/boy. I will pick 10 names a day, at which point once i have the information of these 10 families then Mrs Claus will b ready for delivery. I will continue to pick 10 names a day until all gifts are gone. If u know of anyone that needs a little bit of help this christmas please inbox me. I have toys here from newborn all the way up to 11 years old. Maybe someone u know is pregnant and needs a little bit of help, i have lots of newborn toys.Well i think i covered all bases. I will start taking names at 9 am give everyone a chance to read this post. LET CHRISTMAS BEGIN!
Great, we can't wait to meet Mrs Claus!
Hi all, Do you want to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus? Are you looking for a fun, family-friendly event for the whole...
Having to file sexual harassment complaints against Mrs. Claus.
Elf-ellent! Give yours-elf a pat on the back. See you on the 10th. Mrs Claus will be providing drinks and nibbles!
Great day out yesterday at the RDS seeing santy and de toy shows her face was priceless shes so excited RDS was brill well worth it gettin to chat to Mrs clause and al and few amusements den straight home to watch poler express and do de tree couldn't of asked for a better day xxx
Thank you Kroger for sponsoring the visit from Santa and Mrs Claus and for the Christmas cookies and milk! Another thank you goes to Shad Ramsey RedDoor Photography who snapped photos free for the families all evening. Visit the website/folder to view and download your photos.
Santa and Mrs Clause at Qutie Pies, LLC!! FREE photos by a professional photographer! See their page for details :)
my boys meetin mrs Claus at Slane Castle. 🎁🎄
What did Mrs. Claus say to Santa when she looked in the sky? "Looks like rain, dear." Laugh Your Comedy!
Just replaced Mrs Claus's tampons with party poppers.
Just pushed Mrs Claus down the stairs
Its going off in the Pub tonight. Mrs Claus is windmilling her *** & Rudolph's doing a punjab dance with his *** out!
After sex, I like to wipe up the *** with my thumb, wipe it slowly across Mrs Claus's forehead and whisper, "Simba".
Santa and Mrs Claus waiting for their close-up on this morning.
Bring the kids and join us for our holiday open house on Saturday, December 6 from 6-8 pm! Santa and Mrs. Claus...
Just replaced Mrs Claus' tampons with party poppers
Brookfield Jaycees hangin with Santa & Mrs.Claus after helping out the village. Knew then who was in it for the r...
Mrs. Claus: Why aren't you getting ready for work?. Santa Claus: I think they have an app for that now
This year I decided to be a mrs claus too the children suffering with the aids virus going to many hospitals and giving gifts there's a gofundme on my page if you can share the link I would greatly appreciate it it's for the kids ...thanks everyone be blessed.:-)
Did you know The actress who played Mrs. Claus in the HM movie Mistletoe Over Manhattan played Miss Shields in the movie A Christmas Story!
Mark your calendars ! December 20th from 2 -4pm, Santa and Mrs. Claus will be visiting Arlington, swooping...
Zoë sat with Santa & Mrs. Claus and turned in her Christmas list.
Mrs Claus has just turned delivery truck away.
“Trying to meet 5sos is like trying to meet Santa Claus, you can't unless you're asleep.”. Then how did …
A fantastic day was had by all yesterday! Santa and Mrs. Claus were delighted with a huge turnout!
So, yeah, I'm Santa Claus. I guess that means I have two beards: the one on my face...and Mrs Claus.
Just saw Santa & Mrs. Claus get out of a Toyota Camry. Christmas is ruined.
Think I'll get Mrs Claus that HTC, shhssshh don't tell her its her 'suprise'
Oohhh I do love requests. East 17 stay another day, for Mrs Claus! . She loves it 🎅
It's time I busted out my mrs Claus outfit! 🎅🎄
I dress up as Mrs my stockings and my thong.and I get 3 favourites. What's the point?
Christmas is getting closer! I've got to say if this were Mrs. Claus, Santa would be divored or happly married!!!
Wareham Crossing winter events start tonight, come out for Hayrides, Carolers, and Mr. & Mrs. Claus...starting at 6pm
Why does Mrs. Claus get to sit at home while Mr Claus delivers all the presents?
Santa is coming to RE/MAX Integrity!! Please come out and take a free photo with Santa & Mrs. Claus! This...
Look who's busting the fierce boots watch out Mrs. Claus! Boots ade 4 walking
if Mrs Claus bring me this necklace with the Angels on it and/or these Colombia 11's this Christmas I'll let her sit on this bea..👀
Santa & Mrs Claus had a great morning at the 40th Anniversary of N Miami Day Parade!
Mrs Claus working away in santa's workshop ... Our clients are about to get a visit from jolly st rick!
* SANTA'S HOUSE EXPRESS * Join us this festive season for a magical experience, ride the express train to visit Santa's Manor Home where lot's of his friends will warmly welcome you, meet the elves (who will have lots to show you & entertain all the family), visit the workshop & meet Mrs Claus who will have many stories for you about the man himself! Then join Santa in his reading room, he is looking forward to meeting you all!! Don't forget to leave time to visit the North Pole Village, there will be lots going on here along with market stalls for some Xmas shopping, and a cafe area to grab a nice Christmassy hot drink! Our popular dates are selling out fast! Just a reminder to you all to book your preferred date to avoid disappointment :) To book & for more info & FAQ please visit you to Susan McFadden, Marietta Doran & friends for dropping in this week for a sneak peak of Santa's Sleigh :)
What my husband wishes Mrs. Claus would bring him for Christmas! jrbuckendahl
Santa and Mrs Claus Castle. $25.00 new never been out of box Sumrall
Santa Claus came to the mall 2 weeks after Halloween it gives me agida- mrs.gagliardi
So I'm thinking of adding visits from Mrs claus and her elf helper along with the Christmas baskets. What do you all think of these outfits? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Hi Santa! Have u downloaded a FREE copy of my new ebook yet? 5 stars! Free download is today only:
4 of 5 stars to The Search for Mrs. Claus by Courtney Daisey
I'm giving away: Mrs. Santa Claus. Angela Lansbury. Check it out -
amusing that the was Mrs. Claus first
the only red dress i have is my Mrs Claus outfit...
The aftermath...This is what goes into getting my mom's Christmas candy supplies each year...The real Mrs. Claus
Mrs Claus 🎅👵 is in the kitchen baking a batch of choc chip cookies. I can't wait to have a taste when they are ready!!! …
Join at Yankee Candle in Williamsburg today from 1-3pm for the Fall Festival! Santa and Mrs. Claus will be there too!
Mrs. Claus and her elf-ettes have been busy decorating the . Gallery for the season - many unusual decorating...
Mrs Claus is such a *** even the label on her knickers say's next
Time to plan a jolly visit from Mrs Claus.
Winter Wonderland lights turn on Nov 21st at 6pm. Santa and Mrs. Claus are bringing reindeer. Cookies & cocoa served! …
lol omg I remember that. What would Mrs.Claus think if she saw that?! 😣🎅
Mrs Claus 🎅👵 and it usually includes of socks, pants and a 3 week vacation to somewhere hot in January!!!
67 Days until Christmas! Elves will be working hard, Mrs.Claus will be beginning to show some self-restraint and Santa will soon be here!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
You should Mrs. Claus and Ell should be Santa Claus☺💕
Just dipped my balls in Mrs Claus' brew cos YOLO
Jordan: "I was Mrs. Claus once, and I SLEIGHED the North Pole"😂😏
Meet Mr Claus, a project in the latest issue of Love Sewing... And you should see his Mrs!
Not fooling me air wick, I know there's no difference between Mrs. Claus' Apple pie and apple cinnamon medley
theory: Snow Queen is actually Mrs. Claus. In the final episode, Tim Allen walks on screen, and takes Carol home
Dept 56 North Pole Gifts From Santa and Mrs Claus Accessory via eBay We love Bonnie...Bonnie McKee that is!!!
Former Town Crier and friend of Mrs. Claus, Betty Kading, dies at 79 RIP Betty via
Mrs Claus ain't given me no more head, someone's on the naughty list.
Some of the chimneys I visit at Christmas are the same size as Mrs Claus's fanny
Might give mrs Claus my North Pole if your get me
A sexy Mrs. Claus shirt? What the *** are you reading? What demonic store is this a catalogue for?
So I'm gonna be Santa or Mrs. Claus for Halloween! Definitely on the prowl for Santa's Little Helper😏🎅
“Dear Mrs. Claus - I slept in my own bed last night and ate all my dinner. And I slept there again and again and again and again” 👵🎅👅
omg how exciting it's gonna be baby santis first time huh? 😄. Lol I wish I was just Mrs claus lol 😂😂
what if the flower was a mean flower, and then winter comes and Santa picks it for Mrs Claus
Santa and Mrs Claus Note Paper stationery letter by Beckadoodles, $6.00
What did Santa Claus ask Mrs Claus when he met her sisters?. Where these *** from?
Havin a Christmas theme for my party so Bagsy being mrs Claus
I loved a girl that wasn't clean. . Mrs Claus? . No kid it was her sister 😂😂😂
≫ Mrs Claus Mirai Haneda brings geeks up to speed in the bedroom
so when I meet you at the end of November a kinky Mrs Claus outfit will happen?😏
Mrs. Burden: "Eva tell Claire who we're going to see later today". "Santa Claus"
last year I dressed as Mrs. Claus so what should I wear this year hmm 👀🎃✨
"I love my Gyno, she's like Mrs. Claus" (referring to gynecologist)
Come see me at Mrs Claus' Craft Fair at Santa's Woods in Blair!!
My sleigh is called Mrs Claus.. Cause she's my other ride
I loved everything about it. Santa and Mrs Claus 🎅👵 are having (cont)
got to be the magical final scene in Mrs Santa Claus starring Angela Lansbury, just amazing
Santa and Mrs Claus 🎅👵 are having a marathon today... What's your favourite and what's the…
once my fam went to NFM to take a pic w Santa &Mrs Claus grabbed my arm& took me to Santa& made me take a pic w him when i didnt even wanna
I have just taken up my ice bucket challenge from Jayne F Wylie and Frank Quinn and oh *** *** *** it was colder than Mrs Claus' kisses :) But all for a great cause. And those of you that i have nominated better get it done or its the Naughty list this Christmas. Maggie Tam Lun, Andrea Porter, Martin Mc Martin Mc Laughlin, Jack Frost, Ryan Bonner, Eóin Gildernew, The Tooth Fairy and Tiernan Mc Hugh. 48 hours and then im updating the naughty list. *** *** ***
Visiting a friend in St Kilda last night, we heard the sound of many people talking loudly as they walked back from a party; it was Santa Claus!and many other Santa Clauses (subordinate Clauses?) And even a Mrs Claus, and several elves, celebrating Christmas in July.
Mrs. Claus trippin balls I think she's had enough
Brand new Mr and Mrs Claus still with tags. Bought new for $24.99 each. Will sell the pair for $20. Stand approximately 2 1/2 feet tall. Beautiful set. Located in Fort Fairfield.
Mrs. Claus and I are going on vacation. If you see an old bearded man on a beach napping, don't wake him up. He needs his rest ;)
Alison Brie in that Mrs. Claus uniform though >>>
I knew Mrs. Claus was the one the first time I heard her call the Tooth Fairy a "gross, tooth-hoarding *** & pushed her down the stairs.
Sneak peek of the elf workshop at Santa Land. Share with your friends ask them to fan page Santa Land if we have 2500 likes by July 1st were giving one lucky winner a $150.00 firework shopping spree! We open the weekend before Thanksgiving 2014! Free 5x7 photos with Santa, thousands of lights, real reindeer, Mrs Clause kitchen with candy, cookies, pies, German roasted nuts. Christmas characters to meet the kids and much more! Come spend a holiday evening with us! Located on Hwy 72 Rogersville!
Compare the Wikipedia article lengths of Santa and Mrs. Claus, respectively. Patriarchy much?
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus Injured in South Pole Sleigh Crash - News - Bubblews
Mr and Mrs Claus are at margaritaville
Mrs. Claus would call you a smart cookie.
Yikes! My first came at 30. And just look at me now!. Start rehearsing to play Mrs. Claus.
you forgot Mrs Claus lol! But I feel so blessed to know that you pretty much know all. That's every artistes aspiration
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
11:30 Representing city at Santa Claus parade launch, with Team Jones and Santa and Mrs Claus.
I love wish is to be Mrs Claus :-)
Man, it's tough times when you see Santa and Mrs Claus hanging out behind the dumpsters!!…
Santa and Mrs Claus are practicing sweeping with the
"Why don't Mr. Claus and Mrs. Claus have any kids?". "Because Mr. Claus comes only once a year." LOL
that friend with the awesome Mrs Claus outfit? How amazing, right?
Sorry, after what I did to her ears last year, Mrs.Claus won't let me near a piercing gun.
Santa loves ALL sweets! Mrs. Claus often has to hide them so he doesn't overindulge too much. ;)
I aint never seen a skinny Mrs. Claus!
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