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Moving Image

A film, also called a movie or motion picture, is a series of still or moving images. It is produced by recording photographic images with cameras, or by creating images using animation techniques or visual effects.

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.When Australian Centre for the Moving Image hit 1.3M visitors they felt they could begin taking more risks. ^SS
What a moving image. Not sure who is comforting whom. Thank you for sharing.
There are none more deserving of a museum tribute.
I'm at Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, NY
School library computers running @ 1 FPS when moving an image in Publisher. Gr8 m8
We'd be thrilled if you'd help us win a Webby for our Mekong climate story Vote here!
Museum of the Moving Image in New York City area is free from 4:00pm to 8:00pm on Apr 15, 2016. More on
The photo didn't capture it, but the image was moving...
Amazing. Moving image type thing of the week. 👏👏
Sidney Poitier retrospective debuts at the Museum of Moving Image:
Anytime Fitness is moving to Ferndale! Stop by and check out our newly renovated space! Join for $1 and meet some of…
I think deserves to win a Webby Award. They're in 4th place! VOTE NOW to People's Voice victory:
.is hosting a town hall tonight at Museum of the Moving Image. Taking qs from hand-selected guests.
Go watch Hitchcock movies this weekend at the Museum of Moving Image in
Hitchcock Weekend is coming to Museum of the Moving Image in Queens -
"Tony Nominee Sarah Stiles & Gary Lucas to Perform Fleischer Brothers Tribute at Museum of the Moving Image"
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THIS SUNDAY at the Museum of the Moving Image at 2pm. Gary Lucas' Fleischerei: A Musical Tribute…
I first saw mine on the Superman blue-screen simulator at the Museum of the Moving Image. Yes,that's how long I've been bald.
Animal Life and the Moving Image. by Michael Lawrence - British Film Institute.
Francis Ford Coppola's APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX (1979/2001) 6:30pm at Museum of the Moving Image.
Cartoon Cats of the Silver Screen Museum of the Moving Image (Nov 29
AGM and Event! Reserve your place, learn about the amazing Moving Image and Sound Archive at More here
Imagine Science Film Festival at the of the Moving Image!.
Also, The Museum of the Moving Image and Socrates Sculpture Park. Take a Citibike. Get Chinese food in Flushing. Chill in LIC
Lighting for Cinematography: A Practical Guide to the Art and Craft of Lighting for the Moving Image. The ...
I'm not binge watching Netflix. I'm immersing myself in moving image archives.
Y'all... I can't get that image of the moving baby out of my head. 💔
Art Unlimited is one of Moving Image Istanbul media partners for second edition of Moving Image Istanbul.
Congrats to for their 2015 ABA award for Best Use of Video/Moving Image
The real v unreal returns in brilliant moving image Planet Phantastic examine the edges of belief...
the moment the image loaded I saw the moving battle background thing
Find out about the science behind the moving image with our friends from Silver Screen
What went wrong exactly? How about doing a fresh install and restoring from an image? Or just cloning the drive and moving it?
Forewarning for those who haven't yet watched the new video: there is an image of a fully in tact baby boy in a bowl still moving.
Enterprise sales have lots of moving parts, stakeholders and agendas. Keeping up with those variables probably requi…
Read more about our fall exhibitions Moving Image and Beyond Measure with Senior Curator
6 Things to Know Before Moving on to a New Relationship :). Tap on image to read those ahead.
Timaeus: The heavens are a moving image of eternity, moving according to number, while eternity itself rests in unity (Timaeus)
LOVE IT and also love the image of you moving like a rat up a drainpipe
You cannot steer anywhere if you are not moving forward
What a bottom!!! I'm still figuring out how to make a moving image my screensaver on my phone! 😍
For a positive image of gaming, try the moving Rein Over Me, which references "Shadow of the Colossus".
This image of mother and child is just so moving, ...
Museum of Moving Image. They have an exhibit about cats on the internet!
NEW Cities in Transition: The Moving Image and the Modern Metropolis by Andrew W
Mani Ratnam’s Roja, Bombay and Dil Se Screening at USA – New York. Museum of the Moving Image.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
New York’s Museum of the Moving Image to Host A.R. Rahman for the World Premiere of his Documentary “Jai ***
Forgot Dil Se had such a dark, tragic ending. (+ Shah Rukh Khan went darker for the dances.) Mani Ratnam at Museum of the Moving Image
distracting me like that with a moving image of you. You're like a window prostitute. But like one I'd like to sleep with maybe.
Museum of the Moving Image by stefstopphoto
I think I am going to the museum of the moving image with the oldest one today.
The image of Time brought thoughts of mortality: of human beings, facing outwards like the Seasons, moving hand...
Museum of Moving Image exhibit. Sally, go to your room.
[In]Transition is a peer-reviewed journal for video essays. Hardcore formalist to more abstract.
Read pt 2 of student Adam combined interests in moving-image media and archives on his
Photoset: Australian Centre for the Moving Image is extremely… intellectual? I never realised how many...
Moving tribute to by Haunting image seeing him drive off into the distance
It's our last weekend of fundraising: spread the world & let's get this film made! For more info visit
that now (2012) Sarah Forrest, Ripples on the Pond: Moving Image Programme
Help make it happen for A Moving Image : A Film about Gentrification on
The most incredible illusion I've seen: This is not a moving image...
by travel_image: Moving the lawn... the hard way!. .
In the process of moving... this cat is being a *** - See full image at
I'm at Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) - in Melbourne, VIC
The active nihilist does not seek a stable self-image, his identity is ever evolving, moving, circulating, towards the point of revolution.
History of media - couldn't find time for the Bowie exhibition :( (@ Australian Centre For The Moving Image) on
Backlit by the sun, Pluto’s atmosphere rings its silhouette in this image from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft. ...
This image of the southern region of Sputnik Planum illustrates its complexity, including the polygonal shapes of ...
Farewell Pluto! Backlit by the sun, Pluto's atmosphere rings its silhouette like a luminous halo in this image ...
I added a video to a playlist Xamarin iOS Storyboard Bug in Visual Studio When moving an image
Feed your inner crazy cat person by visiting the Museum of the Moving Image’s exhibit on Internet cats
But if it's a static image moving up and down, that's not the animating that takes months to do. That's animated that takes 5 seconds.
To belabour the point, if it's a still image taken from a moving picture, it does mean something. Different from a solitary photo.
Does the image seem like it's moving or is it an illusion?.
A museum exhibit focused on cats, and why the internet loves them:
Her image it lasts I know,. She floats along as she goes. She owns the eyes as she flies right through the sound. Moving her body around town
FIVE DAYS TO DONATE! Your neighborhood, our neighborhood - gentrification is everyone's issue.
Even when our death is imminent, we carry the image of ourselves moving forward, alive, into the future.
To connect with your soul, take a deep breath & focus on your heart chakra. With every breath in, image your body moving…
BSA Film Friday 07.24.15 -   Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now ...
swift iOS - When moving speed = 0 ... image still spawns, how do I stop it? I'm generating a 2D platform game whe…
at the Museum of the Moving Image showing the beautiful film "Sailing a Sinking S…
Goodbye Pluto! Final image of dwarf planet reveals strange hazy atmosphere as stunning new shots confirm the '...
we're making a film to talk about the gentrification eating at our communities. Check it out here:
A front moving through the area on the radar image. Areas of bugs/birds can collect along a front, enhancing reflectivity.
John Ford's THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE (1962) 7pm at Museum of the Moving Image.
Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, end of the N line. Really good. Have a cocktail next door at the Astor club.
New York Hall of Science, MoMA and the Museum of the Moving Image have free hours today—see the full list here!
From the Chuck Jones exhibit at Museum of the Moving Image, here are 9 rules for the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.
House Party 25th Anniversary screening!! (@ Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, NY w/
'House Party' 25th Anniversary Screening underway. @ Museum of the Moving Image
Tonight Britain, launch of new book on Moving Image & Installation w & Guy Sherwin / Lynn Loo htt…
now a member of Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image
It’s not Brooklyn but the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens is pretty cool. I dunno if it’s a date but.
Went to the Mad Men exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image. Betty's kitchen, Megan's Zou Bisou dress, all wonderful! Closes June 14.
Excited for the Mad Men exhibit! (@ Museum of the Moving Image for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)
Instructor (f/m) - Foundation courses in Moving Image: German University in Cairo - GUC
Thanks to NewSouth Books for covering the event by Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound honoring Guy &...
Do NOT miss the Mad Men exhibit at Museum of Moving Image! Matthew Weiner's journal.…
Moving Image programme: Corin Sworn, Anne Colvin, Sarah Forrest, Anne-Marie Copestake. Part of "Ripples on the Pond"
Melbourne International Comedy Festival with Joel Creasey! (@ Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) -
creator Matthew Weiner's talk at the Museum of the Moving Image taught us these 7 things - .
I want to see this! MT Inside the new exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image:
Successful Sunday: Mad Men exhibition followed by North by Northwest at the Museum of Moving Image
North by Northwest - one of the few movies that is allowed to be over 2 hrs long! (@ Museum of the Moving Image)
I'm at Museum of the Moving Image for North by Northwest (1959) in Astoria, NY
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Alfred Hitchcock's NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959) 5:30pm at Museum of the Moving Image.
The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York has replicated some of Mad Men's large-scale sets as a part of its exhi…
At a Museum of the Moving Image event honoring Billy Crystal(2003)
Creative Capital, the granting and artist support organization, announced today its 2015 awardees in the categories of Moving Image and Visual Arts. Out of
Creative Capital Announces 2015 Moving Image and Visual Arts Awardees: Creative Capital, the granting and arti...
Announcing the 2015 Creative Capital awardees in Moving Image and Visual Arts!
Leah Turner for Moving Image on "Un-TV: Public access cable television in Manhattan: an oral history"
Sony Pictures Classics’ Michael Barker Named Co-Chair of Museum of the Moving Image's Board of Trustees via
Graduated today with a Higher National Diploma in Media, Moving Image! 🎓
Patti Smith and Darren Aronofsky to Appear at NOAH Screening at Moving Image, 11/17... .
George Eastman House announced today that it will operate a digital laboratory as part of its Moving Image...
FAO short film makers - the 2014 AOP Awards has a Moving Image category (up to 5 mins) and it's open to everyone!
Photo: At the Museum of the Moving Image for a screening of "Love is Strange" waiting for the movie to...
Chuck Jones exhibit and classic cartoons on the big screen! (@ Museum of the Moving Image w/ 4 others)
Chuck Jones created the "Looney Tunes" cartoons. He's the subject of an exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image:
The Chuck Jones matinees at the Museum of the Moving Image, a film noir primer that focuses on killer women and more in this week's Repertory Film.
This is a really excellent deck for really cheap. $50 worth a few times that. So grab it while you can. I was extremely impressed with the stack it has moving images of cars driving, basketball games being played, it's got a ton of options. It is MP3 capable and auxiliary capable. My vehicle died, or I def. wouldn't be selling this. Oh! And already has wire harness. Quick n easy cheap installment for someone looking for a very nice CD that's no hassle in all aspects.
6am radar image with storms moving N'wards - more moving in from France.
Amidst all the horrific news this week, a Chuck Jones retrospective opened at the Museum of the Moving Image last night.
Radar image of the storm in SE Richland/NE Roberts counties. Storm is slowly moving east
I want to visit that moving image museum with bae. ❤️😩 I've been wanting to go for the longest. Finally opens tomorrow.
Tree moving! Surreal photography by Sarolta Ban -
Zoetrope from the Museum of the Moving Image.
What’s Up, Doc? The Animation Art of Chuck Jones Museum of the Moving Image thru Jan 19, 2015
Calling young filmmakers! The Centre for Moving Image Research has 4 bursaries for young people in Knowle West:
What’s up, Doc? Chuck Jones & his friend Bugs Bunny are honored in an exhibition that opens tomorrow 7/19 in NY!
Getting ready to see Dirty Dancing at the Museum of the Moving Image. Will try to refrain from recreating the final dance...
I'm in heaven. The Museum of the Moving Image.
Throughly enjoyed the Museum of the Moving Image today. Well worth a visit.
Just finished The Impossible Knife of Memory. I might have been almost sobbing at the Museum of the Moving Image. Maybe.
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At the museum of moving image... I would have loved a Margaret O'Brien doll as a kid.
Cameron Diaz did NOT have sex with Drew Barrymore, OK? So get the image out of your head.
​USC School of Cinematic Arts grows as new technology emerges
Even if a deal gets made with the FARC, Does have a long-term image problem?
Thunderstorm moving in over south Donegal right now image looking towards the Donegal Fermanagh border
This is the next cultural revolution of SA- the art of the moving image...
I will keep moving forward, I will get pass all the struggles, I will be where I want to be, I will make that image in my head come true!
Weather Update: The storm is still growing & developing, moving towards the South East of UK. Image by Blitzortung.
I started moving everything away from Google a couple months ago. Their image has IMHO changed from inspiring to extremely creepy.
I found it a very powerful and moving image.
Take a look at a montage of all the students moving image work from this year!
With perfect circular motions, the heavens are better suited than earthly movements to measure time. time is “the moving image of eternity.”
Latest exhibit at celebrates creator of Daffy Duck
This radar image of planes being diverted from Ukraine after shooting is crazy. (via http:…
The Museum of the Moving Image Tour kicks off TONIGHT!!!
This is not human-ordinary but a learned trait. Extreme distrust of the printed word, moving image, those are normal.
Extraordinary image from you can see planes moving away from Ukraine airspace
Stunning image of still a Cat.4 moving WNW. The storm has claimed 1 life on Hainan Island.
Yesterday JABberwocky tour guides took to Museum of Moving Image, Sunnyside Pizza and Gantry State Park
Record turnout again! Our Lost and Found Luncheon is a huge success with the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image...
Time is the moving image of reality.
Happy Mandela Day everyone!! Launch of the ‘Mandela Day Shorts’ a new moving image commission from six emerging,...
And then visited the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, just to get this
Moving image in tribute to the fallen:
James Earl Jones will receive this honor at the Awards Gala, Nov 9, at the Museum of the Moving Image
Director Julian Schnabel at the Museum of the Moving Image screening of the Lou Reed concert film "Berlin" (2013).
From the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image & Sound- . Obscure 1934 artist depiction of the downtown movie theatres!
LeVar Burton,Louis Gossett Jr,Leslie Uggams & Ben Vereen at the Museum of the Moving Image tribute to "Roots" (2013).
We are constantly asking how we make inroads into this weird and wonderful profession we have trained for. That always seems to imply fitting in to something that already exists. There is nothing more exciting in the world than witnessing something that says, we are not going to follow a set of perceived rules , we are going to make our own and break yours and we are going to do it so brilliantly to such an astonishing level of theatricality, you will never forget it. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the students on the 3rd year Practice Exchange project at Central St Martins who just blew my mind last night - BA Performance Design & Practice, BA Fine Art, BA Graphics (Moving Image) and BA Sound Design ( London College of Communication) all together in one piece - this is collaboration as an endurance sport, a gig, a piece of live art, a ballet. If this is what the future can look like live performance will be so alive and well in your hands. Thanks to brilliant project leaders Michael Spencer and Peter Bond for . ...
The Louis Armstrong House Museum and the Museum of the Moving Image co-present a Hello Dolly 50th anniversary party with film, song and a lecture this Saturday.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
"Ready for screening of (@ Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) - http:…
DAN BROWNE is another notable filmmaker selected by The Seventh Art, whose work will be shown at Synesthesia III - Film & Music, this Saturday, May 3rd. See his piece, "Recomposition", presented alongside a world-premiere composition by Chris Thornborrow, which has been written for and inspired by the film. About Dan: Dan Browne is a filmmaker, photographer and multimedia artist who is interested in the nature of perception. His films and videos have been shown at over fifty festivals and exhibition venues around the world, including Rotterdam International Film Festival, EXiS Festival of Experimental Film and Video, Centre Georges Pompidou, Images Festival, WNDX Festival of Moving Image, and Festival du nouveau cinéma. His 2012 project memento mori received the Jury Prize for Best Canadian Work at WNDX Festival of Moving Image, First Prize (Experimental Category) at Athens International Film + Video Festival, and the Deluxe Cinematic Vision Award at Images Festival, in addition to being presented as a l ...
We will be filming the final scene for our independent short film I Have Heard the Sirens Sing, inspired by the ancient Celtic legend of the Selkies, mythological creatures who are enchanting women on land and seals in water. We will film in the pool, with a crew of 4 and 4 actresses, we'll be very low-impact and respectful and we'll send an insurance certificate. We'd like to style them from 10:00am - 12 and shoot at the pool from noon to 5pm Wednesday. We will be able to provide credit in the film and a signed print. Our last short film Legend of Lady White Snake won the top 4 awards at the Fashion Film Festival at the Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, was screened at the Lincoln Center NY, the Museum of the Fashion Institute NY, the Pompidou Center Paris, and the Australian Center for the Moving Image, and was featured in The New York Times, London Sunday Times and Muse Magazine. All curvy model "Victoria Secret" types: 1 dark blonde long hair. 1 light blonde shoulder length hair. 3 any color long ...
"DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition" opens at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Absolutely true. We lived down the block from the Museum of the Moving Image, and so it became our rainy day play space. On a good day we'd pack a picnic lunch and take the tram to Roosevelt Island, to play by the lighthouse. When I learned that all public school kids could be transferred to a school where a parent worked, the subway became my gal's school bus. The Central Park Zoo and Carousel continue to thrill. When I was a kid, Central Park West was my backyard. Mom took me to the Lion's library (42nd St.) on the bus whenever I asked. The smell of roasting chestnuts bring me back...
Lakeland College will be moving its Green Bay center to a newly - built location.
Guys I'm in a bit of a pickle. I need a female actress for my moving image project tomorrow. If anyone is interested please message me ASAP!
a fascinating insight into WW1 from those who were there on BBC2 now - image of hand on battlefield haunting moving beyond words
From 1 still photo to a 3d video, a bit extreme but just to show what can be done.
If there's nothing else good about this moving image project, I'm loving listening to War of the Worlds over and over again.
Regional Support Network presents BALTIMORE-BASED (Co-sponsored by Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) and Videofag). The short films and videos by Baltimore moving image artists. Curated by Kate Ewald, Lorenzo Gattorna and Meg Rorison of Sight Unseen. —Tuesday March 18th, 8:00pm at VideoFag, 187 Augusta Avenue.
Reminder: Deadline for F3 Fairbanks Film Festival Submissions March 15th at 6 PM. Make sure to get your films submitted! Items must be hand delivered or postmarked by Saturday, March 15th @ 6 PM. The 8th Fairbanks Film Festival is a juried survey of moving image arts by independent film and video makers, including both amateurs and students. The panel of Film Jurors will consider the technical and creative merit of the work and choose a winner in each category. Screenplays will have a single juror. The jurors will be chosen from industry professionals, artists, and university faculty (statewide) to ensure the broadest spectrum of critical appraisal for the competition. Categories: Feature (Over 40 min.), Documentary (Nonfiction, any length), Short (Under 40 minutes), Music Video (any length), Animation (any length) Screenplays (any length), & Under 18 (Any length.) DEADLINE: Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 6 PM. Entries must be hand delivered or postmarked by March 15, 2014- (hand deliver entries to Fairbanks ...
The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is an artist-run charitable organization dedicated to facilitating excellence in the moving image through media arts education and production resources. Founded in 1981 by a small collective, LIFT has since grown to become one of the foremost centres of its kind globally.
Advance the moving circle upon its revolving axis to the next image, and each image will be seen most clearly through the tube.
hello mate, quick question. What is the band name that sounds like MCR they had a song last year, you liked in moving image
Got an offer from the Royal College of Art for the Moving Image pathway!
Want to get more things done? *DON’T* keep the TV on in the background! We instinctively pay attention to moving images, so when a TV is on, it’s difficult to concentrate on other things. If no one’s watching, turn it off! Agree? Disagree? Please COMMENT below … and SHARE with a friend!
Spov Design + Moving Image presents the opening cinematic sequence for Respawn/EA’s new Xbox One game, Titanfall-
Thanks to Ewan our first work experience student at NDMI
The fractal curve traced by the digits of pi - Happy pi day!
Museum of the Moving Image's First PANORAMA EUROPE Festival Set for 4/4-13... .
Dolls Head, unaltered image captured in oil with a digital camera in a body of moving oil
In The Eye, unaltered image captured with a digital camera in moving body of oil.
Wow, did the House Dems waste what could have been a powerful image if saved for a much more worthy cause...
Yet another national newspaper writes about Manchester and uses a picture of Salford Quays,. Do they share one image?
.I drove by the barrier machine at 7 am and thought surely they wouldnt be moving it that late.
Video: Titanfall intro sequence from Spov Design + Moving Image on Vimeo.Opening movie for Respawn/EA’s new...
CMI (Centre for the Moving Image) took delivery of their brochures promoting screenings and other events,...
Thanks for following. Your background image is poetic and deeply moving
assolutamente Museum of the Moving Image ad Astoria! ;)
This is the most powerful I've seen regarding missing flight.
Colorado’s is moving forward on a statewide platform for diagnostic image-sharing
On our way to the Museum of the Moving Image
My money is my money ppl nd they "beef" wit me is not my focus I smile in they face nd keep it moving
An eventful day of Skills Competitions Wales today: Microsoft IT, AutoTech and Video Moving Image
Our Foundry Studio Annalomax augmented pop-culture and moving image reality not ony for
Not to be missed this unique collaboration of live action painting, music composition, moving image and...
Pitstop screening for (@ Australian Centre for the Moving Image (
Happy birthday, Étienne-Jules Marey, pioneer of the moving image!
If you can see the image moving then then stage 1 of my master plan is complete
Tommy Dassalo: Dreamboat - Australian Centre for the Moving Image - ACMI - Comedy - Time Out Melbourne:
Moving Image Art being discussed here at
Good luck to all finalists competing in Skills Competition Wales Video Moving Image at today!
FYI in case you know anyone.. moving image artists £15k commission in Walthamstow
A jQuery technique that keeps the caption visible by making it stick to the image and “moving” with it.
Someone should tell the Museum of Motion Pictures about the Museum of the Moving Image
From bathrooms to museums: odd sets for Oscar statuettes: The most valuable piece of hardware in Hollywood is the 13-and-a-half-inch (34-cm) golden Oscar statuette, so it is no surprise recipients of the top film honors keep theirs in a variety of safe spots. Emma Thompson, a two-time winner for "Howards End" and "Sense and Sensibility," has stowed her Oscars in the bathroom, or rather loo, of her London abode. "It's full of my most precious possessions," Thompson said. "So it's not as if I'm being rude. It's an important place to me. And the downstairs loo is sort of the place that all your guests use. And it's nice for them to have a go, pick them up." Cate Blanchett, a frontrunner for best actress for her role in "Blue Jasmine" for this Sunday's Academy Awards, has to pay to see her Oscar from "The Aviator." "My Oscar is in a film museum called ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in Melbourne," the 44-year-old star said. "I get to pay a ticket and go see it every now and again." Winners of th ...
‘The Muppet Show’ and Game-Making Workshops ForChildren Jim Henson’s Muppets are always entertaining companions, but during the era of “The Muppet Show” (1976 to 1981), they also had remarkable human guests: Carol Burnett, Steve Martin and Rita Moreno among them. From Monday through next Friday, at 1 p.m., the Museum of the Moving Image will be showing the three episodes featuring those particular stars. The screenings are part of Jim Henson’s World, a series that’s a prelude to the permanent gallery devoted to Henson that the museum plans to open next year. From Monday through Feb. 23, at 1:30 and 2:45 p.m., the museum will also offer “The Game-Making Game,” a family workshop for children 8 and older in which they will learn the systems behind all games, digital and nondigital, and make one of their own, using tokens, dice and other materials. Start from : 2014-02-17T05:00:00.47Z Feb. 17-23 at various times. On every mon,tue,wed,thu,fri,sat,sun,. Museum of th ...
Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Jim Campbell from March 7 - April 19, 2014. The show will focus on the pioneering artist’s most recent series of sculptural light installations. A consummate innovator, Campbell is considered one of the leading artists working today in the field of new media. The exhibition coincides with Jim Campbell's first New York museum retrospective. Organized by the Museum of the Moving Image, Jim Campbell: Rhythms of Perception, on view from March 21–June 15, 2014, spans three decades with an emphasis on his early experimental work. In addition, New York's Joyce Theater will present Constellation, a collaboration between Alonzo King LINES Ballet and Jim Campbell, from March 18 - 23, 2014. The performance will feature an installation comprised of 1,000 light spheres programmed in synchronized interplay with the dancers. A former filmmaker, Campbell moved to interactive video installations in the mid-1980s and has been working with LEDs . ...
now accepting letters of inquiry for Moving Image & Visual Art
Artists, Creative Capital's application is now open! Apply by FEB 28 for awards in Moving Image & Visual Arts.
At the Museum of the Moving Image discussing Django Unchained and promoting... Rebuilding Robert! :-)
New York (Reuters) - Award-winning actor, director and producer Kevin Spacey will be honored for his contributions to films, television and theater by New York's Museum of the Moving Image at its a...
Bob Fosse's ALL THAT JAZZ (1979) 7pm at Museum of the Moving Image.
Giant Freddy Krueger sweater from A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 4 @ Museum of the Moving Image
A lively conversation with Matthew Modine at the Museum of the Moving Image, which offers rare insights…
Artists, Save the Date! accepting apps for awards in Moving Image & Visual Arts, Feb 3-28. More info:
Melbourne is a major Australian tourist destination as well as the country's second most populous city. In 2009, the city was visited by approximately 15.9 million domestic and 1.4 million international tourists.[1][2] Melbourne has a wide variety of attractions, facilities, activities, such as sporting events and cultural and fashion events which are popular with tourists. IBM ThinkPad T40 2678 CPU Fan In 2008, Melbourne exceeded Sydney for the first time in terms of money spent by domestic tourists on a per capita basis. However, in overall tourist revenue, Melbourne earned considerably less. Federation Square is a major meeting place in Melbourne. It is close to Flinders Street Station, the MCG and various other sporting and cultural venues. The square includes several buildings, housing the NGV Australia and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, as well as exhibition spaces, auditoriums, restaurants, bars and shops. IBM Thinkpad T43 CPU Fan Large crowds frequently watch concerts, cultural and va ...
Congrats to Prof Murray Smith who has been made President of the Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image
Just saw the Lou Reed movie Berlin at Museum of the Moving Image. Wow. Really great.
For all my fellow Wes Anderson fans out there, come to the Museum of the Moving Image at 2 pm!! Theres a day long program starting off with The Life Aquatic, followed by a panel discussion with the production designer, music supervisor, and Matt Zoller Seitz, a critic who just came out with a massive book called The Wes Anderson Collection. After the panel will be a book sigbing, and capping the day off with Fellini's 8 1/2 at 6!!! Best part: free admission with your NYI ID!!!
Howard Hawks' A SONG IS BORN (1948) 4:30pm at Museum of the Moving Image.
Howard Hawks' HIS GIRL FRIDAY (1940) 2pm at Museum of the Moving Image.
Howard Hawks' SGT. YORK (1941) 4:30pm at Museum of the Moving Image.
Howard Hawks' BALL OF FIRE (1942) 2pm at Museum of the Moving Image.
SHERLOCK JR. (1924) w/ Buster Keaton. In 35mm at Museum of the Moving Image
15th Mumbai Film Festival . The 15th Mumbai Film Festival (MFF) will open with Hollywood’s much talked about film The Butler, starring Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker and directed by Lee Daniels. The MFF, organised by the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI), will be held from October 17–24, 2013 at three cinema halls in Mumbai. Supported by Reliance Entertainment, this year’s event focusses on cinema from Spain, Afganistan, France and Cambodia apart from Indian films. International restored classics will also be showcased. The line-up consists of over 200 films from 65 countries with films of directors such as Asghar Farhadi and Rituparno Ghosh as well as younger filmmakers. Kamal Haasan (Indian actor-director) and Costa-Gavras (French director) will be honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award and their films will be screened. Here’s a list of films for 15th Mumbai Film Festival: Opening Film 1. The Butler Dir.: Lee Daniels (USA / 2013 / Col. / 132’) International Competition for the Fir ...
Eiko Ishioka at the Museum of the Moving Image: . Eiko Ishioka  was best known as the creator of the cost...
Mayor Bloomberg can’t resist a kiss @ Museum of the Moving Image in Queens @ the launch of a new Jim Henson gallery. htt…
Hollywood Costume Exhibition. (@ Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) - w/ 2 others)
They have the batman outfit here. Have to see it (@ Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) -
Decided to check out the Hollywood Costume exhibit. (@ Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) -
Hollywood Costume exhibition :3 (@ Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) - w/ 4 others)
So many awesome costumes! @ Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
Hollywood Costume! (@ Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) - w/ 5 others) [pic]:
Fun times at Melbourne Writers Festival Program Launch! X @ Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
Melbourne cinematique (@ Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) -
Sponsors help boost arts venue attendance: Melbourne arts venue, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image po...
GMLive Movie Houses of Worship: NYC's Museum of the Moving Image - Film School Rejects: Movie Houses of Worshi...
Madonna, do you dare deny her brilliance? (Okay, and David Fincher's, too!) @ Museum of the Moving Image
I was just about to plug the show that is opening tonight that I am working on (Frankenstein Upstairs at the Secret Theater), when I realized ALL the other wonderful pieces that are also opening, having special performances of tonight (Soundtrack Series at the Museum of the Moving Image, WASABASSCO at the Highline Ballroom, The Brick's Sound Scape festival to name a very precious few). I mean...DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY OPTIONS YOU HAVE TO GO OUT TONIGHT NY? In 3 different boroughs no less you can see multitudes of amazement tonight!!
Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image presents Zoe Beloff’s The Days of the Commune A street production of the play by Bertolt Brecht In the spring of 2012, Zoe Beloff brought together a group of actors, activists and enthusiasts to perform The Days of the Commune (1949) in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. The group performed the work, scene by scene, in public spaces around New York City, starting in Zuccotti Park. Bringing the Paris Com-mune movement into dialogue with Brecht’s radical restaging, Beloff asks us to imagine new possibilities for changing the world in the face of seemingly impos-sible odds. There will be a panel discussion with Zoe Beloff after the screening. Wednesday 12 June 14:00—19:30, Birkbeck Cinema 43 Gordon Square FREE—Limited seats available Booking Essential RSVP to sarah.joshi
Beyond Bandung: Legacies of African & Asian Cultural Unity—A Two-day SymposiumIn partnership with the Institute for Research in African-American Studies at Columbia University (IRAAS) and the Museum of the Moving Image, the Museum for African Art presents two days of intriguing lectures, dialogues, films, and cultural performance examining the long-standing historical, cultural and political ties between the African and Asian continents and their Diasporas.Friday, June 7Day one of this two-day symposium includes lectures, a performance, a panel presentation, and a film exploring the legacies of Afro Asiatic relationships from ancient times to the present day. Presenters and participants include Dr. Runoko Rashidi, Fred *** Dr. Susan Isaacs, Warrington Hudlin, Peggy Choy, C. Daniel Dawson, Dr. Kevin Fellezs, Dr. Christopher J. Lee, and others.location: Columbia University/ IRAAS, Room 501 SchermerhornFree and open to the publicSaturday, June 8Day two begins with a screening of "The Karate Kid," followed ...
Mumbai Film Festival: One of the most promising film festivals in Asia Source” Mumbai with the incredible cavalcade of life is the domicile of thousand dreams. The jhik-jhik of its local trains, the buzz at the Chowpatty, Band Stand, Juhu beach, the gola mania, the street vada-pao and of course, the crowded kingdom of stars; the city is not just Mumbai, but dhichak amchi Mumbai in short. Adding to everything hot and oh-so-happening is the Mumbai Film Festival, also known as Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI). With only 15 years behind it, MAMI is where the heart of India and the stakes of the country's film industry lie. If you did not know 1997 was the year when famous film director Hrishikesh Mukherjee realized the need for organizing an annual international film festival of which the film industry and the country could be proud of. Mumbai being the capital of the film industry in India, the city was chosen for the fest. Aiming to foster a climate of quality cinema, the film festival ...
New York Museum's Jim Henson Gallery Will House Hundreds Of The Muppets of New York have long flocked to The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens, where four stories of exhibits offer a hands-on history to the evolution of the film medium. The museum has been host to a bevvy of traveling exhibits and showcase screenings, but their latest will thrill Muppet lovers near and far. At a special press event earlier this week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg (with some help from Miss Piggy) announced the creation of a special gallery devoted to the works of Jim Henson. Henson and his Muppets have been recurring figures in the museum's exhibits. They recently took in the touring "Jim's Henson's Fantastic World," which included displays of Rowlf, Bert, Ernie, and Miss Piggy in her wedding dress circa Muppets Take Manhattan. The museum has also shown many of the Muppet movies, as well as every episode of The Muppet Show in their in-house theaters. But the newly announced exhibit will be far grander than any before ...
OK, so I won't name names, but the Moving Image contact email received the following request today: "I would like to have my paintings added for review by the Curatorial Advisory Committee for your site, "Moving Image"?" PAINTINGS...(I've checked...they don't move)... As I've said on the blog and in lectures, much of the rejection many artists feel from the commercial system is brought on by themselves through simply not doing their homework. Had this artist spent 10 seconds reading the "about" page of the Moving Image website they would have understood not to waste their time sending that email. Now I have the annoying duty of writing back to explain that those "paintings" don't qualify as 'moving image based artwork" while trying not to be too discouraging. Really, though, take 10 seconds (it's less time than the email took) to DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
11:30 am and the Jim Henson Legacy make an announcement, Redstone Theatre, Museum of the Moving Image, Queens.
Tomorrow night, come see our work at the opening of the Moving Image Fair. We have a cool new ugly piece.
VERY high end stills /moving image producer for top fashion/beauty/luxury brands sal to 100k
Studio resident just got back from Kenya where he ran with find out more
When moving from one file to the next in the Develop Module, Shift + A will quickly crop the selected image to the…
Sorry, meant sister. Beautiful image all the same, and one I found very moving.
Beyond phony softer image rhetoric,House GOP shifting further right on spending than last year via
Create a vivid mental image of yourself as a success. It’ll keep you motivated & moving forward.
UCLU Film Society brings you a new instalment of the annual Festival of the Moving Image. WELL DONE !!!
LUX Moving Image are starting a new critical forum group for artists working with the moving image in London,...
Want your idea on the big screen at cinema in front of an industry audience? Enter now:
LUX London critical forum discussion group for artists working with the moving image now open for new members
LOVE how he kept sticking the words 'film' and 'moving image' in there to make us feel involved.
Image: Rain moving northeast toward and Report your rainfall here!
Get a notification on blackboard from the moving image II - "do you want to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, it's £25" OH MY GOD
All about the moving image this morning. is now open for submissions
The are at today - find out how moving image & sound can improve teaching and learning
Visit for Two or Membership to Museum Of The Moving Image (Up to 53% Off). Four Options Available.
because your an image moving wankaaa!! Jk I dunno all a levels are hard like
my favourite is the one about the road accident, the image of Helen moving the dead body to the side of the road !!
Book now: Outcasting's seminar exploring artists’ moving image from concepts to curation and commissioning at g39...
A still transforms into a moving image
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