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Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew (currently stylized as Mtn Dew in the USA) is a carbonated soft drink brand produced and owned by PepsiCo.

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NBA. The kings traded the best center in the game for a used tampon and a diet Mountain Dew
roses are red. violets are blue. Grant Hill drinks Sprite. not Mountain Dew
And the Award for Best Country Performance goes to *drum roll* Mountain Dew!! Let's give it up for Mountain Dew everyone!!!
If I had to describe Cannon Falls to someone not from the area I'd sum it up as "a Mountain Dew bottle filled with dip spit"
Win tickets to see Syracuse Basketball from Mountain Dew!
"Can't see ya' bein' bad. Don't say bad if ya' just rob a store for one bag of Doritos or a bottle of Mountain Dew."
Annual reminder that the Mountain Dew commercial with the upside down car and Hoobastank starred Channing Tatum
preach it girl!!! I love you more than Mountain Dew and you're still my partner in crime
I'm gunna be that coach with a Mountain Dew and candy at every practice and every road trip
Mountain Dew and raisins and Listerine candy mouth
I've started working out, trying to lose a little bit of weight but I can't stay away from pop and candy, especially Mountain Dew and Reeses
Mountain Dew, Red Bull, ADIDAS and Samsung... 4 brands that "get" experiential marketing.
it wasn't blood he just spilt Mountain Dew Code Red on his clothes and tried to be a tough guy about it.
The Gamer God claims his place at the table, a slice of cheese pizza in His left hand, a bottomless chalice of Mountain Dew i…
Ur telling me Mountain Dew is unhealthy but I see u doin 8 shots of 'Kim Jong Un Nuclear Bomb Vodka' so I win
I once got a Super Extreme DUI when I mixed my Mountain Dew with Twisted Tea and skateboarded through the m…
Christopher is wide awake with all day energy! No more Mountain Dew.
I send my gf to the store for an orange soda and some snickerdoodle cookies...she came back w Mountain Dew and no cookies
Kickstart your mid-day study session with a free Mountain Dew at the new Badger Market in Memorial Union, while sup…
absolutely and a fountain for Mountain Dew!!
To it. 24/7 games, Mountain Dew fountains, cheerleaders all look like Mary Anne, etc. and Butch Jones is King .The other day
Mountain Dew, Doritos. Passing over our village. I'm edgy as fk
Mountain Dew is such an xenophobic, islamophobic white ppl drink
White Trash Cologne: The stale smell of cigarettes with the sweetness of Mountain Dew
Get the same effect by drinking Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew. Tastes better. Lol.
Diet Coke (The Houston take on Mountain Dew (The Denver tonight. See? I could be on that after midnight show or whatever
How dead week is going:. Paid for Mountain Dew at vending machine. Got diet Mountain Dew. Threw it in the trash.
great! grabbed a diet Mountain Dew on accident. 😭😷 maybe it's a sign amanda...
was fun to ramble and make bad picks and talk diet Mountain Dew... thanks guys!
white rum and if you buy diet Mountain Dew you'll get extra high
Not that he said I gotta stop drinking Mountain Dew and go on a diet πŸ˜­πŸ’€
If your child is going to town on his pacifier between chugs of Mountain Dew he's too young for soda. Oh but wait, it's diet.
Lol @ beritfart whining abt boycotting Kellogg's. Didn't realize that made up a foundation of your diet along w/Mountain Dew & meth did you?
I can't even finish a third of my dinner lately even without breakfast or lunch, my diet consist solely of Mountain Dew.
So I put money in a soda machine and pressed Mountain Dew and Diet Pepsi came out. Was that machine throwing shade??
when she says she doesn't like diet Mountain Dew
Diet Dr. Pepper is admittedly the best, but diet Mountain Dew comes in pretty close, right down to phlegm production
Just wanna listen to Quicksand with my bro boys and and drink diet Mountain Dew lmao ;p
Taking diet pills with Mountain Dew is the definition of what a loser I am right now/forever
I accidentally bought diet Mountain Dew, that's how my day is going lol
A John Crowley martini is just Mountain Dew , Doritos and tequila
All we need is for one World Weaver to invite Brian over for Mountain Dew and Cheetos and we'll hit one more stretc…
This is what I've been waiting for. Rest assured Mountain Dew is now my jam for the revolution.
I had a massive sugar rush earlier and now I have Mountain Dew πŸ˜‚
16 Tablespoons! Of Sugar in 1 can of Mountain Dew. It's death in a can
is there a problem with the supply of sugar free Mountain Dew? 3 of my local stores have been out of stock for over a week.
I buy Mexican Coke. It has the cane sugar. Pepsi's only decent product is Mountain Dew.
Mountain Dew challenges gamers with a RM20 grand prize
"If losing isn't bad enough. I got knocked out by a 25 year old virgin who has never tasted Mountain Dew" -
all I want is a dark chocolate dove bar a Mountain Dew and you too to hold me
Ugh blood work at 11 today so I'm supposed to be fasting. Does diet Mountain Dew count as a no calorie liquid? :|
Triggers are listed on the bank of the character doctor octopus when you injected Mountain Dew into your blood stream
Do you think Karl Barth ever chugged massive amounts of Mountain Dew & pulled all nighters to write theological papers? I like to think so.
ugh, I would die without the morning jolt of caffeine from coffee. It feels more intense than even Mountain Dew!!
This is awesome! Incase you missed it, Danny Davis, Sean Malto & the rest of the Mountain Dew team throwing down...
SuperSnake – Skateboarding Vs Snowboarding: Twice the extreme! Danny Davis managed to get his Mountain Dew bu...
One cosmetic change at Cheel this year is tiny Pepsi and Mountain Dew ads on the ice opposite the ECAC Hockey logos between the blue lines
Championship presented by Mountain Dew guys watch nd enjoy the battle
the India's Largest 9 week Gaming championship..A chance to best gamers to have their profile in Mountain Dew battle
Mountain Dew organises largest gaming Championship with 75000+ entries, finalists are going to battle their way towards top!.
Hunter Strickland is at Applebee's getting lit off of Mountain Dew and SoCo right now
Mountain Dew, Doritos. Acid rain pours from the sky. All the Twix are gone
"Because, my troll side told me to do it like Mountain Dew."
Don't trust anyone that listens to tech n9ne. They're most likely a juggalo who drinks Mountain Dew and smokes Virginia slims.
Imagine falling for someone only to find out they are addicted to Star Trek and Mountain Dew.
I added a video to a playlist The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem - Mountain Dew
Golden Grahams and a diet Mountain Dew is basically the breakfast of champs πŸ™ƒ
Between the two flavors of Mountain Dew: Baja Blast and Pitch Black. is what I would prefer staying in stores.
I bet Mountain Dew pitch black would make killer lean
Sam: I want Dr. Pepper. Or any cold pop. Not Coke or Pepsi. And not Mountain Dew. Dr. Pepper
I used to have a toy replica of your Mountain Dew car. I'd love to see that paint scheme come back!
A room full of Russians jacked on Mountain Dew are guessing Lilly King's email password right now
Every mornin is like a replay of the previous... Mountain Dew, poptart, running late, speeding, and Kelsea Ballerini lol
"Bro hand me a Mountain Dew, it's under the shark"
"When I play video games I have to be drinking Mountain Dew and eating cool ranch Doritos" said this Waiter to his customers just now
Me laughing at the top 10 Mountain Dew name votes
A relaxing night for me consists of laying in a tub full of Cool Ranch Doritos and topping it off with my Mountain Dew martini.
Dear Ryan Bundy, if you do manage to escape jail, stop by one of our 109 stores where the Mountain Dew is always ice cold.
If you don't like Mountain Dew you don't wanna hang with family
Mountain Dew, Doritos. Passing over our village. 1v1 me m8
living off of flaming hot Cheetos and Code Red Mountain Dew
we get it, you hate religion and Code Red is your favourite Mountain Dew flavour.
I see Mountain Dew Code Red on store shelves the past 10 years, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone drink
anything peach, Code Red Mountain Dew, Sprite and rootbeer.
My daddy told me Mountain Dew: Code Red would make my thang shrank. I was young, couldn't risk it. I ain't know how much I was gone have.
Not big on pop but Mountain Dew Code Red is πŸ”₯
I could really go for some Mountain Dew Code Red... Ashle get out of work
More like pizza rolls..funyuns..jolly ranchers and Code Red Mountain Dew
your best friend was little Debby's cakes and you only drank Mountain Dew Code Red
I have sipped from the cup of despair, and it tasted of Mountain Dew: Code Red.
I bet he has a thing of Mountain Dew Code Red A bag of honey barbecue Fritos
Website Builder 728x90
they were out of Code Red Mountain Dew & while I was pouting Matt made one out of Mountain Dew cherry Pepsi and cherry slushy πŸ’—
stfu you look like a ranch dorito dipped in Code Red Mountain Dew that's in a bag of lettuce
There's a gas station in Michigan that's giving away free Mountain Dew Code Red all week I'm here 🀘🏼
Mountain Dew Code Red, you're my hero.
Now all Man Utd fans are going to be behind Portugal on July 10 because of 'Thrownaldo'.. U will know why Moses Golola climbed Mountain Dew.
All white people have pizza rolls and Mountain Dew in their house
Not drinking pop is not getting easier with time! I want a Mountain Dew so flippin bad 😝😝😝😝
I don't get why drinking a liter of Mountain Dew before a meet is bad it's pure energy for me to run my sub 50 400s
I'm eating snacks and drinking Mountain Dew for dinner :)
is that you drinking Mountain Dew before the wedding lol
*Drinking all that Mountain Dew when she's done.*
Currently drinking a beer but portia thinks it's Mountain Dew
Why Monster Beverage Corp. wants to take on Mountain Dew with its 'Mutant'
If life were a Mountain Dew ad, we'd all have snowboards, tattoos and live recklessly. Much like drinking Mountain Dew is recklessly living
I'm lowkey getting an adrenaline rush from my anxiety. Or is this from this Mountain Dew that I'm drinking πŸ€”
I will never forget the day this white girl shunned me for drinking Mountain Dew because it was "a white trash hillbilly drink"
*Puts dip in...300 lb man drinking a Liter of Mountain Dew lectures me how unhealthy my habit is* πŸ™ƒ
Teacher: "Rin stop drinking Mountain Dew in class you're not allowed". Me: *drinks Mountain Dew while staring teacher directly in the eyes*
convo happened cuz i was drinking and described it as Mountain Dew-esque.
Do you reckon that mace and Danny's store have gang fights at night, Mountain Dew and aero flying everywhere
They call it that old Mountain Dew. @ Keuka Lake
Pizza and Mountain Dew do go together like rhythm and blues
Some pizza ranch and Mountain Dew sound bomb rn
This is unattractive but a cigarette and a Mountain Dew sound fantastic right now. Idk why
On we should take a pledge to drink only Mountain Dew to make our stomach green.
20 ounce Mountain Dew mix it with a 2 with my nephew smoking Pepe Le Pew
Has anyone seen that gray (grey??) OKC Thunder hoodie Russ was wearing in that Mountain Dew commercial? Can't find it online
Virtual Reality Great VR trailer shown for Mountain Dew, here at IAB Canada's event at Pinewood Studios.
I bet Donald trump drinks Crown Apple with Mountain Dew and calls it a Whiskey Sour
South Park is the Mountain Dew of television
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
if you like Mello Yello over Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew scales up VR content strategy with Shazam, dedicated hub - Mobile Marketer - Software and technology
"Brought to you by Mountain Dew, the official soft drink of the Revolution". MLS game or Trump rally?
On a very strict Mountain Dew and cigarettes only diet and I want to die
That is an understatement! This is what happens when your diet consists of Froot Loops, Kool Aide and Mountain Dew.
Summer has made me more feminine. At work, I drink Diet Coke and then at home, diet Mountain Dew.
1 scoop of preworkout taken straight to the dome chased by diet Code Red Mountain Dew at the house & 2 cookies on the way to the gym ladies!
"you know I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew like Ricky Bobby" -
true dat. Also today at a fast food joint they told me they didn't have Diet Coke but they had diet Mountain Dew πŸ€”
Is it me or is everyone on snapchat having a fantastic feast tonight? My dinner will be Mountain Dew yogurt and more Vicodin...
Another day, another Taco Bell / Mountain Dew video game contest that I didn't win. Curse you monkeypaw for ever wishing for Crystal Pepsi!!
Oddly enough, every time I drink a Mountain Dew, Julius Randle dunks on me
One time, my Cousin Ronnie drank a garbage can full of Mountain Dew & then drove his dirt bike at full speed into the s…
I just watched a dude check out with two 2 liters of Mountain Dew, a black cape, and a game box of Magic the gathering. Thank you Walmart
And for my next magic trick, I'm going to make four litres of Mountain Dew disappear
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
FYI: Trump will lose if there was a vote for a new Mountain Dew flavor the same day as the election.
Hey, good news if you always thought you had to choose between a car and Mountain Dew.
Put some cough syrup in a Mountain Dew
For you, yeah. Nothing like the Mountain Dew song to make people feel better. You feeling better? :-)
Mountain Dew ! last one.for sure the store in the morning.
I remember when oomf use to get me puppy chow & a Mountain Dew everyday πŸ˜‚.
my French professor drinks Mountain Dew every morning.
A woman drank Mountain Dew, and 2 pots of coffee a day until she was 29 when she died of a massive heart attack.. Oh, she HATED WATER.
I like the taste of Mountain Dew but I want to drink something that looks like motor oil.
If you mix Pop Rocks with Mountain Dew it will kill your D&q character.
I would willingly drink Mountain Dew by the gallons tat stain my lips with Sierra Mist
Looks like a Mountain Dew. Thinking its Mountain Dew. Take a drink. Ummm not Mountain Dew. Sierra Mist. 😑
Someone bring me a Mountain Dew slushie... Plz
he's probably a Braves fan with a flattop hair cut and a mountain dew bottle for his dip
it's Mountain Dew I swear I gave it to my mam she's fine swear
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
So I tryed the Mountain Dew pitch black and it is awesome DEFINATELY TRY IT OUT AND THE BAHE BLAST
He probably does nothing but play minecraft, drink Mountain Dew and eat pizza pockets all day
That Mountain Dew kick start commercial is so funny to me lmaoo
Seriously it's the only mountain dew I like.
sugar is not enough. Mountain Dew or a few red bulls is called for
Chip I'll come at you like a spider monkey! Chip I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew!
Got a diet Mountain Dew, surprising better than regular Mountain DewπŸ˜‚
Bring me pizza and Mountain Dew pitch black and I will love you for ever
I went to the store to get milk, I left with cigarettes and a 2L of Mountain Dew
At Farm & Fleet.broke down and got a 12pack of Mountain Dew...took one out and drinking it down isle.Farm &...
. Given the health issues in the USA attributable to Mountain Dew..particularly kids teeth...why are you selling in SA?
Put some cough syrup in her mountain dew
is this comment racist to Mountain Dew?
Gonna play some bo2 brb Mountain Dew break
"I've literally never seen anyone suck Sprite down as fast as you. It's like video game people and Mountain Dew" - Grady
is it actually good? I've only ever drank just the regular Mountain Dew
This is the best flavor Of mountain Dew I have tasted.
I suck at birthdays but it's (kinda still) my new lumber jack reppin, Mountain Dew loving best friends birthday
I'm in have not seen this Mountain Dew flavor in Forever
I have replaced Mountain Dew with my own urine in 1566 bottles. Code Yellow will be a smash hit with the niche *** drinking community
nah cleaning my room, took a break to enjoy some Mountain Dew lmao
I watched you survive on a diet of Mountain Dew and Doritos for two years. Who you playin’?
Mountain Dew and ginger ale taste very similar to me
10:35 am game on your hubby's rehab stint calls for popcorn & Mountain Dew 😬.
PSA: nobody cares what flavor of Mountain Dew you want to keep
It doesn't matter how many times I try it, I will always hate Mountain Dew 😷
Taco Bell ain't have regular mountain dew, root beer, regular pepsi, lemonade, and not slushies 😭 what y'all on a drought?
In response to the Gatorade thing the other day, my aunt Karen told me to super glue the Mountain Dew shut (they're Dad's)
Just 25 cents for a Mountain Dew, man. Yet another reason the 70s ruled.
I'm all hopped up on Mountain Dew man my fingers all tingling
Little Giant Ladders
Hey go to and vote for Mountain Dew Pitch Black! It's better than Baja!..
I'll take a jack and coke please. "Will a jack and mountain dew be fine?" Uh no?
Mountain dew is the pancea for my illness
Mountain Dew kickstart commercial's are always so freaking funny
"Daddy, what is Guy Fieri?". Well, when a hedgehog and a bottle of Mountain Dew love each other very much...
you the type of *** to get a sugar rush from Mountain Dew
. A taqueria that serves Mountain Dew... There are the end times.
Surfs up guys n gals!!! Now Stocking various flavors of Mountain Dew including this beauty. Grab them while you...
Having a regular Mountain Dew for this first time in over a year... It's way sweeter than I remember.
I just had the most 90's dood afternoon: Cargo shorts/Little Caesar's pizza/Mountain Dew/anime.
I can't believe diet Mountain Dew is a thing
Happy 4/20 everyone. Smoke a bowl of Doritos in a Mountain Dew bong.
If you eat a bag of skittles with a diet Mountain Dew you will fart out a retarded unicorn.
diet Mountain Dew seems pretty good tbh
That fatigue-stick is winding up. :P I'm on a steady (headache-supported) diet of Sudafed and Mountain Dew.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
What's so bad about diet Mountain Dew?
And work. Diet was initial step and got easy as time went by. Started by ending Mountain Dew intake
The Little Caesar's workers just gave me FREE crazy bread, marinara, AND a Mountain Dew. I am on cloud 9. Lil' mama is eatin' good TODAY ppl
Feels like the Hawks missed some sponsorship $ not getting Mountain Dew to pony up on those shirts.
why does the Hawks accent color look like Mountain Dew pee tho
I'm craving a Mountain Dew looking at the Hawks crowd.
Lauren hart has been pounding Mountain Dew all day and hyped up for this game!
Mountain Dew is the Crystal Meth of sodas
Thinking life is just one big Mountain Dew commercial
Man driving a riding lawn mower with one hand, bottle of Mountain Dew in the other
Love it when I order a Mountain Dew and they don't tell you, "We only have Coke products". . Then they hand me a Mellow Yellow. Come on man.
Got a mellow yellow today and instantly remembered the time told me how much better it was than Mountain Dew cx miss those guys
Today's healthy meal: Chicken Greek salad with a side of chips and a Mountain Dew to drink.
I miss going to and basement and drinking all the Mountain Dew and eating fudge rounds.
Mountain Dew is giving you the chance to see the Lakers final regular season home game:
if two wrongs don't make a right, explain to me why Mountain Dew and Taco Bell are such a winning combination
rivalled only by the Mountain Dew that was ALMOST called "Hitler did nothing wrong" or "Fapple"
Fun fact: 8 oz cans of Mountain Dew make me feel like a giant.
I heard that mountain dew can be used to make a glowing marker... (Β°_Β°)
This isn't a political statement. I just really really like Mountain Dew.
Yesterday I watched paige beat herself on the head with a Mountain Dew bottle then proceed to tell me "it feels good"
Both the light fixtures in this room have Mountain Dew bottles on top of them?
My eyes are starting to get it is ..or a mountain dew
this woman just mixed Mountain Dew sweet tea and pixie sticks and fed it to her daughter she also drinks coffee every morning.. she's 2
I like sun drop better than mountain dew its
Caroline is drinking Mountain Dew right now. It's 9:10 in the morning wyd
Rob says he can work 24 hrs ,sleep a few hrs,pull another 18! claims Mountain Dew is the ticket!
Roses are red. Violets are blue. I just ate 4 Big Macs. And a large Mountain Dew.
Sprite only red necks drink Mountain Dew
House is vacuumed, mopped and scrubbed down all before 10am... I'd like to thank Code Red Mountain Dew for this accomplishment
Mountain Dew Code Red mixed with full throttle has me bouncing off the walls rn
wait so a dark soda is better than a Mountain Dew? I have my smuckers pb&j πŸ˜‹
You see a dude with an American flag, eagle, or skull tatted & know most his paycheck goes to Mountain Dew, beef jerky & Axe b…
Finishing today off with Mountain Dew on If I should fall from grace with God. Got to raise a glass to the legend Ronnie Drew!
when you ask for dr.pepper but they give you Mountain Dew instead...
Me- Are you hungry?. Dad- No, I ate some Cheez-its and drank a Mountain Dew. Me- ... Dad- My diet has suffered since mom left...
have you ever had diet Code Red Mountain Dew!? That's also quite splendid!
Accidentally bought a diet Mountain Dew from the venting machine and now my whole day is ruined.
Midterms diet: Mountain Dew kickstart and pop tarts
my buddy and I used to drink a lot of diet Mountain Dew. He mispronounced it once and now it's forever diet dountain moo.😁
its power shoots a green liquid, it's gotta be Mountain Dew
I am going to do everything in my power to drop the Mountain Dew for a while... I will miss you green gremlin!
Maybe there could've been a Factory Explosion, so there's now a Mountain Dew lake in the Yukon
the menu at my house 24/7 is: . cigarettes. Mountain Dew voltage. various varieties of ramen. mini kit kats for dessert
"If drinking sweet tea don't kill me Mountain Dew will" wise words of George Jones
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Mountain Dew, Doritos. Spring colors dance through my mind. Tears return to soil
why Tommy joe say this was Mountain Dew 😭😭😭 this alcohol πŸ’€
I drank a Mountain Dew for the first time in forever today. Feel like death... 😳😷
I bet you taste like Mountain Dew and Starburst.-Lois Griffin
Happy 19th Birthday Cal Naughton Jr., hope you get all jacked up on Mountain Dew and cause some anarchy πŸπŸŽ‰πŸ”ž
Mountain Dew launches at Pakistan’s first ever Electronic Music Festival
Still can't believe I took a giant swig of straight cigarette ash and Mountain Dew last night. Not on purpose of course, but Jesus.
Blood Diamond was directed by Edward Zwick. Go drink another Mountain Dew and try again.
11:08 P.M.still going strong at the robotics center.with some help of trusty Mountain Dew of course.
Mountain Dew three new flavors launched at Pakistan’s first ever Electronic Music Festival
smh a fellow West Virginian representin for 2 liters of Mountain Dew. No flat brim for Aaron!
Pakistan had it's first Music Festival, last weekend, thanks to Mountain Dew, which launched three new flavors...
Mountain Dew launches three new flavors at Pakistan’s first ever Electronic Music Festival: Lahore,Β 21 Februar...
Showed up at the Mountain Dew's Electronic Music Festival in Lahore Pakistan, organized by JBnJaws...
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