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Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew (currently stylized as Mtn Dew in the USA) is a carbonated soft drink brand produced and owned by PepsiCo.

Baja Blast Pizza Hut Taco Bell Stephen Colbert Code Red Kent State University

“Mountain Dew was originally made to be mixed with whiskey.” Creek Water
Shout out to this year's NHL All-Star Game Presented by Mountain Dew. Teams will be Dew vs. Diet Dew, good luck gentlemen.
come by my house after...I want a small Mountain Dew drink
Fueled by 5-Hour Energy and diet Mountain Dew, Geoff Collins is ready to lead the defense.
Terrell Williams on DC Geoff Collins drinking Mountain Dew earlier: "It looked like he was filming a Mountain Dew commercial."
if drinking Mountain Dew and gin is a crime then you can call me Osama Bin Laden
Little Jimmy Dickens performs "Mountain Dew" live at the Grand Ole Opry as part of GAC's Noteworthy at the Opry series. Visit for more in...
just to be clear my tongue is green in my snapchat story bc of this Mountain Dew freeze
got that regular AND throwback Mountain Dew
when you find yourself drinking Mountain Dew so you can stay up for watch night service you know you're aging Lmbo
this never even happened. I had a Mountain Dew for breakfast the next morning.
Started drinking Mountain Dew at 930 this morning... The caffeine addiction is real
Mountain Dew before bed was a big mistake
Dieting is making me sad. I just want cake and burgers and Mountain Dew, but I'll just have this water. Yay water. Yay.…
Mountain Dew was developed to be a whiskey mixer.
I really want a big bottle of Mountain Dew.
light man were having Mountain Dew and Doritos
playin xbox and drinkin Mountain Dew for hours man
Hey man, I almost forgot about you. Merry Christmas man. I'll toast a bottle of Mountain Dew for you.
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We had a fun night tonight!!! We wish Keegan and Devon could have been with us but I promise when everyone feels better we will try it again!!! Pizza Hut, lights in the park, singing Christmas carols, and Night at the Museum 3... Now to let them run around until the Mountain Dew wears off :) happy birthday Bug!
What are some adult beverages i can make with: Overproof GIN, Apple Sour Puss, fresh LIMES, Mountain Dew, gummy bears. . AND GO!
I drank a can of Mountain Dew by myself in the bathroom of this Red Roof Inn and now I know what it must be like to do …
TBH Root Beer is kinda grody when its flat though. Flat Root Beer and Mountain Dew are HEGGHGHCK
Courtesy Pizza Hut If you're looking for a snack to chase your Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew, put a call in to Pizza Hut Australia now. The latest in bizarre international fast food creations — bel...
Just wanting some Mountain Dew and French fries
Need to start buying Mountain Dew cans so I can shotgun them in the morning
So thanksgiving I'm with my son and he is playing with his transformers and I get a text on my phone as I'm checking it Christian accidently hits me the phone flies up in the air and I'm juggling it around like a Dallas cowboy WR and my phone lands in a cup of Mountain Dew halfway across the room, *** couldn't do it twice...
Hey ! You want to hang on Friday if there's no WMLC? Play some Smash? Drink some Mountain Dew or Green Tea?
Why would he grab me a Mountain Dew 😤 it Dosent look anything like a Arizona green tea .
Omg throwback😂 going to get jacked up on Mountain Dew tonight 😉 love ya Texas ranger 😘
ISO Call of Duty advanced warfare codes from Mountain Dew caps and Doritos bags
I call it baja Sierra dew or mountain mist blast! Consists of Baja Blast, Mountain Dew, n Sierra mist lol
There's two types of gamers, Cool Ranch Doritos and Dr Pepper, or Nacho Cheese Doritos and Mountain Dew.
I was rolling with the left-over Basil Boy's pizza, cold with room-temp ranch, no Mountain Dew though.
All I want is a large bag of ranch Doritos a Mountain Dew and all the Harry Potter movies.
Jesus Christ 😂we are talking about Lana del ray songs and she have a song called diet Mountain Dew
the road you follow is dark, many lonely nights with Doritos and Mountain Dew. good luck on your 1337 quest padawan.
Brad P opens with Mountain Dew, one of few songs I remember from Sat night radio *** down' as a kid
Drinking an ice cold Mountain Dew and I'm not even gonna regret it tomorrow morning.
It's 1:00 in the morning I'm 8 hours away from the halfway point on my 48 and I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew
Getting me a energy drink & Mountain Dew in the morning for , talking bout energized af 😂 im gone be all over the place at work
He had his lucky charms this morning. And some sour patch kids and Mountain Dew before the game.
As part of a sponsorship deal, the Citadel in ME4 will be renamed to the Citadew and will just be a giant bottle of Mountain Dew in space
I see your Papa John's Frito Pizza and raise you Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew.
I could really go for a Blue Raspberry Nerd slush with Mountain Dew right now. 😍
Hamilton Collection
ICYMI: Stephen Colbert has some very strong opinions about Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew
The Snackularity: Stephen Colbert salutes the genius of "Snackologists" and Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew
First men's basketball game tonight at 7pm! FREE hot dogs & Mountain Dew in DeVos at 5:15 for the Wear ORANG…
Doritos flavored Mountain Dew sounds like a really bad idea
PepsiCo Inc. is concocting a version of its Mountain Dew soda flavored to taste like cheesy Doritos chips, the company stated Friday. The soda and snack giant said it tested the new flavor, dubbed “Dewitos,” on college students. The co...
It is BEYOND ME why these parents send their kids mountain dew for lunch 😫
Our first thought when we heard about Dewitos, the Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew that PepsiCo has been taste-tasting on college campuses? Sounds more like “EWW-ritos” — or possibly a hoax.
Enjoy great Seasonal Savings on Mountain Dew Kickstart 16 oz Cans and Mountain Dew 20 oz Bottles throughout...
They are making mountain dew that tastes like doritos...Dewritos what a time to be alive
Would you drink this? "Just a reminder that Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew exists. http:/…
For Mountain Dew, quenching customers' desire for premium online content is just as important as satisfying their thirst. In late September, the beverage company brought a live-action, 3D, 360-degree Oculus VR video to its Dew Tour Brooklyn stop.
Giving your toddler Mountain Dew basically says you have no plans on putting money in a college fund.
Dewitos is what happens when Mountain Dew and Doritos have babies:
Heading to Madison to get Mountain Dew, Milk and Cigarettes. You know the can't live without items. Lol!
Proof humanity doesn't deserve to survive:
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I can't remember the last time I had a drink of water. Code Red mountain dew is my water. Lol
Can't tell if Dorito Mountain Dew is good,. or complete crap.
Love when my main brings me a mountain dew and Reese cups!
They're making a Doritos flavored Mountain Dew? What, was Dew getting a little too classy and needed to be taken down a peg or two?
Pepsi is testing a Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew. This is the apex of potential horrible morning breath possibilities.
MY PLEDGE: If Dorito Mountain Dew actually makes it into stores, I will come out of retirement and make a meal out of it.
Pepsi is taste testing a DORITOS flavored Mountain Dew.
(November 10, 2014) – Pepsi recently conducted taste-tests of Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew. That’s right, soda that tastes like nacho chips. The arrival of this interesting drink was first reporte...
Francis gives you a handy dandy guide to making your own Dorito Flavored Mountain Dew, just like the folks at Pepsi are testing right now! :) Subscribe to my...
Apparently Mountain Dew has been testing out a new flavor that tastes like DORITOS.
Mountain Dew Kickstart is specially designed to give you the energy to beg your friends & family for money.
I want Mountain Dew. But the blue kind lol.
This could only be the most discusting thung ever:Doritos-Flavored Mountain Dew Is Real via
The only way we Americans can show the rest of the world we are fat & lazy is creating a Doritos infused Mountain Dew!
I can't wait for Reggie to teabag Keighly, sponsored by Doritos® and Mountain Dew®. Do the Dew™.
"nah its Doritos flavored Mountain Dew...which is even worse lol" rather drink nacho cheese
Please don't be real, Doritos flavored Mountain Dew.
Just your Monday reminder that Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew exists.
Pepsi, who makes Mountain Dew, is testing a Dorito's nacho-cheese flavored version of the soda on college campuses around the country. Now, I understand that many college kids would try anything once, but does that mean it's OK to torture them?
New CoD out now! Score an exclusive in-game exoskeleton when you buy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero together with Mountain Dew or Doritos* in store at Walmart. With Mountain Dew 24 packs, Diet Mountain Dew 24 packs or any specially marked Doritos bag. Custom exoskeleton is exclusive to Walmart in the U.S. and Canada through 2/15/15. Downloadable content may not be available on all platforms in all territories.
Just heard that PepsiCo, which owns My. Dew, Pepsi, and Frito Lay has teamed up together with Doritos to make a Mountain Dew flavored Dorito! What are your thoughts? .I like them both, but together, in a chip, not so much! Guess we will have to see, I'm gonna have to try it though!
Pepsi Cola is working on Doreto's flavored Mountain Dew! Eewww!
Alright I'm *** sed.see the people with food stamps 4cases of mountain dew and one gallon of milk.
What looks like Mountain Dew, tastes like Doritos, and sounds just awful? If you guessed "Dewitos," a new soft drink concocted by the food criminals at Pepsi, congratulations, you're qualified to be an executive at America's largest food and beverage company.
Way better than it sounds, I promise: 1 shot Barenjager (Honey Liquer) 2 parts OJ 1 part Mountain Dew Tastes like Guava & Pineapple nectar.
Pepsi is testing a new flavor of Mountain Dew that tastes like Doritos. This would make it the first drink to provide all of the four basic teen food groups: sweet, salty, junk and buzz.
Friends & Ministers of The Well, Happy Monday! I am writing to help keep before us, and invite your help, in blessing the inmates of Moss Justice Center with some pies and some drinks for a Thanksgiving Celebration on November 20th. We will be collecting pies this Sunday (16th) and on Wednesday (19th). We need 15 pies, cut into quarters, and covered in saran rap. We have some of the 2 liters of soda already, but we are looking for 8 more 2 liters of Coke, Cheerwine, Sprite and/or mountain dew. Let us know if you would like to share in this simple act of generosity, kindness and love. Blessings, Pastor Todd
So I saw this morning that Pepsi is testing Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew. After the stifling the initial gag reflex, I thought this is creative, and who knows, it might taste OK. My questions are (1) will they call it Mountain Dewritos, and (2) do you have a choice of creamy or crunchy? -Also, along the food spectrum, on Wednesday the local paper had a long and rave review of a startup BBQ place in town. A couple had finished culinary school and went to her home state of Texas for a while, where they really got into BBQ. They opened Little Miss BBQ in a Phoenix industrial area recently, and it's only about 15 minutes away. I headed over on Thursday to check it out. The write-up said a line starts forming around 10:30, but I made the mistake of getting there just before noon. It was 1:30 before I got to the counter, so I had time to work up an appetite. By then they were out of a few things, but I got a pulled pork plate. It was the best pulled pork I've ever had--a pile the size of my fist that ...
Anyone have some of the advanced warfare codes from mountain dew and doritos they'd be willing to give me ?? Figured its worth a try
Mountain Dew recently conducted taste tests for new flavors at Kent State University. The flavors included Lemon Ginger, Mango Habanero, and
Had a bad allergic reaction to caffeine last night and this morning. It's definitely not unprecedented. No more Excedrin, coffee or mountain dew for me...
It might not be long before you're hearkening back to those halcyon days when you were crunching your Doritos and reaching your red-stained fingers for a bottle of Mountain Dew with which to wash... Lifestyle News Summaries. | Newser
American Horror Story, Call of Duty, Mountain Dew induced coma. That's right, my life is officially better then yours.
So i was listening to the radio on my way to work and they were talking about Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew. They called it “Dewitos” now im the kind of person to at least try something new at least once but that i dont think i could cuz well it dont even sound good lol. They also talked about mashed potatoes and gravy chips,pumpkin pie potato chips and there was another one but i cant remember what that was, now them two i would prolly try ha.
Going off topic here but i feel like this should be mention on any gaming group because we do eat and drink all the good snacks food and beverages during gaming. Apparently, Pepsi company are testing it out Mountain Dew with Doritos cheese flavor.yea, you read it right, here the article
In the last day or so, a specter of horrifying flavor has haunted the Internet. A student at Kent State University in Ohio posted a photo of a Mountain Dew taste test on Reddit. There were a few ex...
Dewritos ?? Really ... Mountain Dew derritos lol yes this was just on the news. Too funny
Well its been almost a hole week since I drunk a Pepsi or mountain dew or ate fried food
Tate's Letter this week.I sure miss him. It's really hard with wrestling starting this week.Dear Mom, i have a feeling that your going to cry when you read the letter infront of the ward but ya ill start thinking of stuff. Do they want the truth or should i suger cold things. But ya this week went by really fast for me and we´have been working hard. My companion pretty much has me do all the talking now and i know the language just fine the only problem is they have a hard time understanding the accent. Tell Grandma Nella that i got 4 letters from here these past 2 weeks and one of them had the pictures that Deklan drew so make sure that you tell her thank you and that i am saving all my letters and hung deklans pics on the wall. and tell nella and nean that i dont know how to send letters to them or if its even possible so their going to have to learn how to use email if they want to talk to me. I got sick last tuesday i just woke up and threw up but we had a lot of important appiontments so i didnt te ...
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PepsiCo heard you like Doritos chips and Mountain Dew soda, so they took Doritos flavor and put it in your Mountain Dew. Yes, seriously.
That time you jumped 50ft of a chairlift. Thanks BRAIN FARM for the footy! Mountain Dew ION Camera Smith Optics Hudsen Collective
Heard on the Radio today they are coming out with Doritos flavored Mountain Dew. Ok you have my attention 😍
Old men around here always smell like bar soap and Mountain Dew...
DUKEGR - Modern Culture Personalized I’m sure many of you out there have had a long night playing video games, writing code, or performing other geeky endeavors that was fueled by copious amounts of Mountain Dew and Doritos chips. Those two snack items probably taste good in combination and if you…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Is a combination of two notable flavors - Mountain Dew and Doritos chips - on the horizon? A report from the Huffington Post says that it is.
Can we start a prayer circle so Doritos flavored Mountain Dew doesn't become a thing.
Not all ideas are good ideas. In a controversial photo posted to Reddit, one man revealed that Mountain Dew has created a new, junk food abomination: a Doritos-flavored soft drink.
I think I just threw up a little... "Dewitos" (Mountain Dew and Doritos) flavored drink...
bruh Mountain Dew with some of that cherry juice and some pop in it get us 1
shows what wars really like. If the military-industrial complex was run by Mountain Dew and Cool Ranch Doritos
... Oh, wait. It's green. Not teal, though, so it's not Baja Blast. So it's Mountain Dew. Cool. As long as it's not diet, I'm happy.
If you go to Taco Bell and get anything other than Baja Blast Mountain Dew, you are a sinner
you can do that for me with 5 layer burritos and Mountain Dew Baja Blast 😩
Someone bring me a Mountain Dew Baja Blast I'll love you forever and ever and ever
So cayman has Mountain Dew white out but not Baja Blast? The god *** disrespect
I usually hate soda but for some reason I love Mountain Dew Baja Blast
My local has named the mixing of Mountain Dew and Baja Blast "The Hulk." Too legit.
for Baja Blast, fav for Mountain Dew. Let's see who wins
Mountain Dew should consider selling Baja Blast outside of Taco Bell.
I was informed Mountain Dew is stopping Baja Blast production in cans. I'm feel crushed.
need a Mountain Dew Baja Blast right now
How does someone get Brisk N' Baja Blast Mountain Dew mixed up? I just wanted a *** brisk!
Mountain Dew Baja Blast is too fire.
just got a free large Mountain Dew Baja Blast freeze from Taco Bell 😐
I mainly wanted the Baja Blast Mountain Dew though
If people don't say Baja Blast don't give them Baja Blast... Some people actually just want a Mountain Dew aka me 😭
remember when we walked in my work and you asked me if you could steal the Mountain Dew lmao
ok thanks for the news is it true that mixing regular Mountain Dew and Blue Powerade makes Baja Blast?
I just realized Baja Blast tastes exactly like Mountain Dew and UV Blue.but no alchohol
Jared starts his week out on the right note with a Mountain Dew and hotdog for breakfast... No bun, just a hotdog.
Cleaning my car out for the first time since summer & to sum it up there's a nick finai sign multiple American flags & endless Mountain Dew
S/O to the people at Taco Bell giving me a free Mountain Dew because the drive through system was out. Made my day.
Tired all morning, drink Mountain Dew and coffee all day, go to bed late because of too much caffeine, repeat.
People who eat Cheetos and drink Mountain Dew at 8 in the morning in class are not people you want to involve yourself with
Told my grandma not to buy me anymore soda and she comes home with a case of Mountain Dew. Ok.
Stopped off at Morrisons on way home from football, Mountain Dew half price. In my element!
Siomai rice + Pringles + Mountain Dew + Michael Cunningham's By Nightfall. Aba, love me if you dare ito.
"Code Red: The Secret History of Mountain Dew" is my favorite theatre production.
Makes me think about Mike Meyers and the Mountain Dew prank.
With the no. of brand placements in BangBang - Pizza Hut, Mountain Dew, Johnsons - surprised they didn't brand Kohinoor as Nakshatra jewelry
I could really go for a big bag of chex mix, a pizza, & a 2 liter of Mountain Dew.
Mountain Dew green is the state color
Now I'm just deleting old tumblrs. Like "Not Gwyneth Paltrow," which was just one post about Mountain Dew cupcakes.
Watch Robert Rodriguez talk about his craft with the Mountain Dew & Green Label Open Call winner, Nathan Balli.
I really want a solar flare Mountain Dew but I haven't found it anymore since the 7/11 in Chicago😢
Well duh. When AIDS and Mountain Dew didn't work we had to come up with something...
I suspect you can get funding from Pizza Hut and Mountain Dew and WoW for that.
I want ice cream and chipotle and Panda Express and Montgomery inn ribs and Doritos and Mountain Dew. I'd be happy.
"Cheyenne, you need to eat more. Mountain Dew and Reese's Pieces do not constitute and entire day's worth of food." YE OF LITTLE FAITH
Peeps in India – Do you adore Hrithik Roshan? Do you feel his is one of the best things to happen to Indian cinema in recent times? Then how about working with him in a film? Excited? We are sure you are. Here is your chance to share screen space with the man himself. Mountain Dew endorsed by Hrithik Roshan invites people to work in an action film with him called ‘Mountain Dew Heroes Wanted‘. Based on the brand’s philosophy of Darr Ke Aagey Jeet Hai, the campaign will choose three winners who will get the fortune of working in this action short with Hrithik. The actor is very excited with this initiative and sees this as an opportunity to connect with the youth who always believe in becoming extra ordinary. If you wish to be part of the campaign, buy a Mountain Dew and SMS the unique code on the back of the label. The last date for participation is October 15. Well, what are you wait ...
25% blue powerade an 75% Mountain Dew. The urban dictionary definition of it is liquid crack.
Dr: You have fluid in your lungs. . Patient: Will I be OK? . Dr: Yes. The fluid is Mountain Dew. You're hella rad & now you…
I literally don't understand you guys buy I'm gonna go get Mountain Dew and cry over I am number four or something
Brodie is at it with the video games and binge drinking Mountain Dew.. Didn't even let it get cold 😂
Pizza Hut, Mountain Dew, and Xbox. All that's missing is . Miss ya buddy!
I forgot the Mountain Dew at Pizza Hut. F my life. That's why my mom shouldn't send me for dinner.
So there is a gangsta flavor Mountain Dew now and it tastes like cough syrup ...
You know you're back in the South when your Walmart has a camo variation of almost everything including Mountain Dew! http:…
Cool photo of Lady Liberty: Diet Mountain Dew baby New York City by moosegurl
Spending my money on K cups, diet Mountain Dew and other things I most likely don't need. (@ Christmas Tree Shops)
Fueled by Mountain Dew, Sammy Batten is finishing up previews of all six Division 1 football programs. Read them here
This man had $100 & spent 90 of it on Oxycodone pills & the last 10 on Mountain Dew & Marlboro Reds.
I want wings and Code Red Mountain Dew
Another classic!!! Steven Seagal in this hilarious Mountain Dew spot
Enter codes from your Dollar General receipts after purchasing your favorite Mountain Dew products. Earn points faster by purchasing Doritos with Mountain Dew and earn (1) bonus point. Rack up your points and redeem them for cool Dew Gear!
Code Red is easily the weakest Mountain Dew flavor.
water, Coke, and Mountain Dew. I think the Mountain Dew is only for Rob.
Food //. It's percy Jackson's birthday but my dad said that the blue Mountain Dew is off limits fav if u cried
Last night I had a dream Mr. Clean poured diet Mountain Dew on my boobs & tony the tiger said "& they're great!" Idk help
People watching at Times Square drinking Mountain Dew and eating Fritos
Creator of Xbox dashboard ads is sorry for all the Mountain Dew tiles
Drinkin a Mello Yello wishing it was a Mountain Dew
To all of the Mountain Dew drinkers out there, if you find a can with Colton Dixon on it, I'd love you forever if you brought it to me! :)
Craving some skittles and a good ole Mountain Dew
Turn on the Air Conditioning, get a glass of Mountain Dew, and play Xbox
Round to *** s for Szechuan ribs, Mountain Dew and a shot of his Xbox.
Has anyone tried that new Mountain Dew solar flare drink?
Off to the studio to record with Matt Jones and drink Mountain Dew and eat pizza
Egg rolls and Mountain Dew. Donny's dinner of champs!
Red Bull, Monster, Nike, Street League, Diamond, Mountain Dew and Gatorade have nothing to do with actual skateboarding.
We're stoked to release the first of four Key Frames video profiles. KEY FRAMES: JESSE ABOLINS takes a glimpse at Jesse Abolins-Reid's journey to becoming a sponsored skateboarder, winning NZ Skater of the Year and landing himself a spot on DEF MFG CO . Watch it now on: by Manual Magazine with support from Mountain Dew - New Zealand.
Looking at these three empty Mountain Dew cans on my desk, can't help but think of and crave Thin Mints.
HOW TO CUT FRUIT LIKE A MAN Brought to you by McDonald's, Call of Duty, Mountain Dew, Doritos and Barack Obama
The hype for Mountain Dew solar flare is real but the drink itself is sub par. I'm not even mad.
"I don't care how bad Mountain Dew is, I'm going hard for OKU." -Matt Rogers
I'm really mad so I'm just gonna sit in my room and play kim kardashian and drink Mountain Dew
A black and white cookie and Mountain Dew from Common Grounds and a new deck from 👍👍
5 Moves the Oakland Raiders Should Have Made This Offseason The Oakland Raiders have had a successful offseason in 2014, but it hasn't been flawless. The team entered the free-agency period with more than $ 60 million to spend, and the demand from the fans was high. They expected the team to make a push for any... Read more on Bleacher Report For restaurants, weather excuse is gone this earnings season FILE - This Wednesday, June 6, 2012 file photo shows a Taco Bell restaurant in Richmond, Va. Taco Bell said Friday, Aug. 31, 2012, that it's adding Mtn Dew A.M — a mix of Mountain Dew soda and Tropicana orange juice — to its breakfast menu, which was... Read more on Yahoo Finance (blog)
This girl up dancing and singing with Canton Jones the birthday song. She talking bout turn up! I'm 49. I need a minute and a Mountain Dew.
Tim Hawkins, Brian Regan, Mountain Dew, and curdled chocolate milk makes for an interesting road trip.
This isnt good! 😂😂 had Mountain Dew at 12:30 am then early this morning had sweet tea .. This is going to be one *** of a day
Available at OUG and Seapark today! Some of the things we will be giving out! -Everyone will get a Say Cheese Burger (Beef/Chicken/Tofu) with a can of Mountain Dew, and Hashbrown. -If it's your birthday today (10th July), we have a rm20 voucher as a gift for you too! -We have limited amounts of Smooshie Juices to give out too (at 5pm). -Project C has sponsored 100 very decadent cupcakes.. it even has a mini burger cookie on top! -inkugram, the guys that turns your Instagram photos into physical copies will be printing all photos taken today with and hashtags. They will also offer free prints to you too! an yes, The Ming Thing and friends 'might' drop by for a visit to help us out! And guess what? All these in the name of Doing Good! See all y'all wonderful folks later at 5pm!
i dont know if it'll cheer you up, but some Mountain Dew would really put a smile on my face. …
Code Red Mountain Dew and Slim Jim for breakfast. I like to think the Macho Man Randy Savage would be proud.
Well... Kirk, John, Chris... Anyone? Let Jonathan Griffin know that he's missing out on pizza rolls and Mountain Dew. A Jon & B tradition.
Random fact of the day: I'm allergic to Mountain Dew
Reese's Cups and Mountain Dew are my life 💜
they call it "Buffalo sweat" when you order it in a bar. you gotta be desperate. mix w Mountain Dew. or Lysol
X Formers Please Read the Album before you comment . This is the most retched form of business exposed . This is how much a Aborted child is worth . When I saw this it made me cry . Now I am out raged . . .Please Share , people need to know the truth about Pepsi and Coke and many many other evil corporations feeding the world aborted human DNA . This is the real business of stem cell research and we are the lab rats . No one knows how this will effect humans in 10 - 20 years . Fact ! Selling Unborn Babies: the Reality of Fetal Tissue Research of companies that use Aborted fades for food flavoring ext . Pepsi Beverages on the Boycott • All Pepsi soft drinks • Sierra Mist soft drinks • Mountain Dew soft drinks • Mug root beer and other soft drinks • No Fear beverages • Ocean Spray beverages • Seattle’s Best Coffee • Tazo beverages • AMP Energy beverages • Aquafina water • Aquafina flavored beverages • DoubleShot energy beverages • Frappuccino beverages • Lipton tea and other be ...
This dude on Mad Men made a Mountain Dew and Vodka like we use to do in high school 😂
Mountain Dew in the morning... Why not?
It's only 9 in the morning and I'm already on my 3rd Mountain Dew 😭😂
Hey *** on the corner... If you're going to drink tequila inconspicuously out of a Mountain Dew bottle, don't pour it into shot glasses, cheer each shot with your friends, and down it with salt and limes. Yeah, I think that's an easy one to see though.
So far work experience has consisted of Mountain Dew and Medway council stories, alongside free ice lollies - I give 10/10 best job
yes please followed by radioactive pies and gummy bear Mountain Dew
Lol you ever seen a sad, depressed 18 year old man cry because he spilled his Mountain Dew?
I'm not lying when I say I just saw a man fill up the trunk of his mini van with 6 packs of 24 oz Pepsi and Mountain Dew.
Just witnessed a man purchase 12 liters of Mountain Dew. There is, regrettably, only one appropriate hashtag.
out of Mountain Dew man I hate my life
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I wanna drink this Mountain Dew tall boy and watch Batman animated series. I live that thug life.
Taco johns and Mountain Dew always remind me of 💕
Today's wake-up song, "Mountain Dew," performed by Leroy Troy on the Marty Stuart Show,
Tyler's Mountain Dew commercial tho, goat and convicts?
lmao I laughed so hard at the Mountain Dew part. So spot on. That's every girl in fish hawk 😂
We're out with Mountain Dew at the PDQ on N. Third St. in Madison until 1p getting you signed up for the trip to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre!
I'M getting some Taco Bell and putting tequila in my Mountain Dew. Then I'm going to watch the bad girls club tonight. Why? Because I deserve it. ^_^
So there's that new Mountain Dew solar flare at 7-11 and I was so close to getting it.
Got my solar flare Mountain Dew super big gulp for a buck just because I'm there so much 😌🙏
Mountain Dew solar flare? not bad but not as good as Baja Blast
Why is Mountain Dew calling black cherry a new flavor? I've been drinking it for a solid 2 months.
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