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Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew (currently stylized as Mtn Dew in the USA) is a carbonated soft drink brand produced and owned by PepsiCo.

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after school I bought Travis gas, a Mountain Dew, and a bag of sour patch kids and we had a little picnic in the ranger in the rain ☺️
REMINDER: There WILL NOT be batting cage practice for PINTO tomorrow night. Clean up field day is Saturday from 9-5 and Sunday 12-5. Please do not forget to bring case of pop for each child u have on the teams. Shetland- 12 pack Pepsi 12 Pack Diet Pepsi Pinto- 12 pack Mountain Dew 12 Pack A&W Root Beer Mustang- 12 Pack Coke 12 Pack Diet Coke Bronco- Case of Dasani Water PINTO will have practice at the field from 3-5 on Sunday. MUSTANG will have practice at field from 5-7on Sunday. All Spirit Wear order forms/payments are due On Sunday.
My diet this week has consisted of cookies, chicken, Capri Sun, and Mountain Dew.
Doritos, Mountain Dew and Saints Row. Cool kid status over here.
ew Mountain Dew and I haven't had a energy drink in a long time. They make me crazy as well. Not too crazy.
Pepsi cola came to town, Coca Cola shot him down, Dr. Pepper stitched him up, now we all drink 7Up. 7Up, caught the flu now we all drink Mountain Dew.
When you're a parent date nights sometime consist of watching a little league game, eating cotton candy and drinking Mountain Dew! Thanks to my hunny for being the best, hottest date ever!
Mountain Dew can be shot out of a cannon at Busta Rhymes, but god forbid it be touched with goth manfingers.
Mountain Dew for breakfast didn't agree
Nicole gets flowers and a ring, once again, nick got me a Mountain Dew one time.
Let the ULTIMATE Guys Night begin with Alex Heming, Jacob Lee Morris, Nathan Frisbie and Shirish Bade Shrestha. Call of Duty, Pizza and Mountain Dew!
Had a couple Chris Cole cocktails last night. Mountain Dew and tequila Omg best thing ever
I just want to eat a shrimp basket and drink a Mountain Dew
What started off as a disastrous day, turned out ok! Boston butts will be ready by 10 a.m. Mountain Dew tonight!
The men’s rights movement was born out of a cauldron of mixed Doritos, Mountain Dew, Axe body spray, armpit sweat, and …
Listening to Irish music while studying is awesome .. Enjoy it. The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem - Mountain Dew:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
A wild weekend in high school was watching the same five movies and drinking as much Mountain Dew as possible
Watching Bo Ryan's Wisconsin Badgers, I remember attending two of his basketball camps when he was head coach at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. A couple distinct memories from those camps were some buddies pranking me by putting salt in my Mountain Dew and winning the "Hustle Award" one of those years.
official airline of mullet-wearing Florida, this AM at choice of Mountain Dew macaroni or chicken w/ meth
When I was in high school, Mountain Dew used to live under my bed and kick the mattress the second I closed my eyes.
“Can a young female bring me a blue Mountain Dew ... I'll love you long time if you not fat 😁” I gotchu spudyy
I am one happy camper ! I got my 11 men's dove shampoo, I got 5 Axe shampoo , 5 Viva paper towels , 5 Angle Soft toilet paper , 5 Palmolive dish soap , 4 boxs of fruity pebbles, got $3.00 Catalina back on them. Got 2 Colgate toothpaste and got back a $2.00 Catalina on that one. 5 almond vanilla milk. 5 Oral B floss. Got my free Mountain Dew. Got two cans of kippers and 2 cans of oysters. And 1 Clorox bleach. All for $43.00 Oh yea ! Gotta live them coupons baby.
Hunter got so excited cause he found a Mountain Dew, takes a drink, then throws it out the window... 😂
Mom just spilt an entire glass of Mountain Dew on my lap. We are still 3 hours from home with no change of clothes.
He's drinking a blue Mountain Dew and he gave a red one to one of their fans aw
s/o to hunter for throwing a whole can of Mountain Dew at me , i gotcha 👌😒
Mountain Dew. Trynna get that sugar buzz my dawg
I just drank a Mountain Dew kick start and I've been able to manipulate the fourth dimension in between temporal shifts.
Join us this weekend for an Arkansas Children's Hospital fundraiser located at our garden center. See our Mountain Dew wishing well!
SF has changed my life in the last year. I have lost over 65 pounds and feel so much better. I use the product on a daily basis again as, I had stopped taking for 3 months but, never regained any weight. In March 2013 I knew I needed to make a change after a high BP and heart rate scare landed me in the hospital at 36 years old and 100 pounds over weight and found out I had elevated cholesterol levels. I was a Mountain Dew addict. Yes, I say addict because I lived on 2 (2) liters a day. After I got home I was on FB and saw an ad for a group about SF. I checked it out and decided after a couple days to order, figuring I would just be wasting $$$ yet again with no results. BOY, was I wrong. I took SF as directed everyday and increased my water intake until about 1 month later when I became Mountain Dew free. 1st time in over 15 yrs. I also used to track calories, water intake, and calories burned. I started walking at a local park and little by little the pounds and inches came off. I am so ...
Just so everyone knows, Frank Solich was featured on a Mountain Dew can
Like For A Drink -Status Game [] Monster : Your sexy [] Arizona : Your cute [] Coke : Your pretty [] Pepsi : Your funny [] Apple juice- Ugly [] Sprite : I like you [] Diet Sprite : I used to like you. [] Mountain Dew : You should inbox me [] Minute Maid : Your a-m-a-z-I-n-g [] Ginger Ale : STRANGER ! [] Fanta : We should talk more [] Red Bull : I Love you [] Slushie : We should chill [] Water : Ehh [] Powerade : Make this your status so I can like remember the 1k competition n be admin
Listen to this. It's kind of funny. Today I had four-FOUR doctors appointments. In the morning I brought Julien to school with one eye open. I managed to pull myself together for the appointments, I wore my best Mom/professional clothes, combed my hair, put on my bling sunglasses and my black velveteen coat. I looked almost classy(except we all know better). Anyhoo, after four hours of four different doctors alternating from yip, yip yip, language to blah,blah blah blah blah, I was wicked hungry. I felt like a person who had been out all night drinking massive amounts of Ever Clear from a mason jar. I went into the grocery store and went straight for the refrigerated Mountain Dew, I opened the bottle up and chugged it right there in the store in front of the cashier, like I was a criminal escaped from jail, and then I threw another in the cart. It was St. Patrick's Day, so the bakery had made something special. It was like a New England Green Frosted Maple Syrup Muffin and it smelled delicious. I sh ...
By the way, for those that have asked about my diet, keep in mind, if you are not drinking as much Mountain Dew as I was, you probably won't lose weight as quickly as I am. If you want to know more about the diet I am on, contact John Davisson and he will tell you all about it. He is a great coach and holds me accountable and that makes a huge difference.
I honestly think I'm going to die from eating too much sugar. I am sitting here eating a tub of cream cheese icing and drinking Mountain Dew
What's your favorite drink? — Sweet tea, coffee with milk and sugar, Mountain Dew, and that's about it
Kardi doesn't like coffee because it doesn't have that genuine pure sugar and water taste of Mountain Dew.
Sugar Smacks and Mountain Dew for breakfast. Breakfast of champions.
Breakfast of champs this morning included: 4 pieces of French toast with 2 cups of powdered sugar, syrup and a Mountain Dew.
20 oz. bottle of Mountain Dew is about the same of 22 packets of sugar.
NJ is really bad for you. It has the same amount of sugar like Mountain Dew it's also a Pepsi product/they r getting sued
Trivia time... Mountain Dew was originally made to be mixed with whiskey. Any takers?
If a hot tub is too hot ; attach a pool to it... While most of us struggle to keep up with normal expenses such as food, utility bills, and rent, there are those out there with more money than they know what to do with. Maybe they buy a big house on a private island, or spend a fortune on Doritos and Mountain Dew. Of course, we all have different ways that we would spend mass amounts of money. While you could purchase an entire arcade so you never had to put quarters in the machine again, a nice hot tub would also be pleasant. Of course, if you’ve got money to burn, why not get one that has two different levels? The Swim Spa Luxema 8000 is not just hot water and jets, as there’s a 1.48 meter deep pool attached to the back of it. If that doesn’t seem over the top enough for you, there’s also jets galore, an LCD TV and DVD player that come built-in. If there’s not enough money in your bank account for you to not blink an eye at parting with over $60,000, then this might be out of your budget range ...
You can help in the fight against Childhood Hunger in Great Falls today by stopping by Everyday IGA Downtown on Central. from 2pm to 6pm and pick up 12 packs of Mountain Dew 3 for $10.00 or stop by Keith's Country Store 1621 10th Ave. S. and pick up 1 liter bottles of Mountain Dew or Kickstarts for just .99 cents. All proceeds go toward the fight against Childhood Hunger here in Great Falls. A BIG THANK YOU from Pepsi and all of here at Star 101.7.
Here is today's vending machine clues for you to go get Mountain Dew and Kickstart for just 50 cents. All the proceeds go to help fight childhood hunger here in Great Falls. Thank you in advance from Pepsi and Star 101.7 Offers 12 online programs, Associate of Arts or Science degrees, School formerly known as COT, Check by the pool table. Good Luck and thanks again!
Mountain Dew signs on to be one ofsponsors in Nationwide Series
It's a mix of Aqua Velva and Mountain Dew.
Nothing like a nice cold Mountain Dew out of an old school bottle.
On this day in 1907, former heavy weight champion of the world, Stephen Hawking tested positive for Mountain Dew, having …
I did like 200 roundhouse kicks at Build-A-Bear Workshop so yes, make my Big Gulp of Mountain Dew a Double Big Gulp.
What in Dawkins’s name did you just say about me, you insignificant plebeian? I’d like to inform you that I won my local Dungeons and Dragons tournament, and I have orchestrated over 300 confirmed memeings. I am trained in medieval literature and I am the top Mountain Dew sculler in the entire world. You are nothing to me but just another meme victim. I will tip my fedora with precision the likes of which has never been seen at any anime convention, mark my *** words. You think you can get away with badmouthing me on the internet? Think again, noob. As we speak, I am having a group chat with my fellow admins, and your IP address is being traced right now so you better brace yourself for the storm that is coming, fool. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your “swag”. You’re done for, plebeian. I can be anywhere, any time, and I can tip my fedora in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my right hand. Not only am I extensively trained in meme making, I also have . ...
I'M DOING A THING WHETHER U WANT IT OR NOT 1. Where did you take your profile pic? In my room in like 2012 2. What exactly are you wearing right now? Mountain Dew pajama pants, undies, a Flash t-shirt, and my brother's hoodie. 3. What is your current problem? I'm still trying to get over my negative feelings about my performance last night, and I'm sick. 4. What makes you happy most? Singing/guitar/ukulele, Gorillaz, Avril Lavigne, Lecrae, Tigers Jaw, Furnace (which really shouldn't make me happy bc FURNACE), Hannahz, Jordan, and my brother. 5. What's the name of the song that you're listening to? I just watched my video from last night AGAIN, so now my song is stuck in my head. 6. Any celeb you would marry? Tom Felton, Joe Jonas, 2-D 7. Name someone with the same birthday as you? Don Gribble at Riverwalk. 8. Ever sang by yourself in front of a large audience? Twice now. 9. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity? Brittany Howard from the Alabama Shakes. 10. Do you still watch kiddy movies or kid ...
I like nothing more than ice cold Mountain Dew, quality baseball and rap music
been downing this 2 liter of Mountain Dew cold red
This mornings episode of what's in my vape: Mount and do me "Mountain Dew" And Crimson Cow "Red Bull"
all these people love Mountain Dew and I'm over here like CAN I GET A GREEN RIVER?! 🍀🍀🍀
That was some perfectly good Mountain Dew, Mika Brzezinski.
Mika Brzezinski is outlining her campaign of food fascism this morning as she chooses which foods are OK to eat and which are not on Morning Joe. In Mika's world, Cheetos, ice cream and Mountain Dew would be banned.
When the waitress offered Bob a Mountain Dew at lunch, Bob's theory was that the waitress recognized him from last time. My theory was that she noticed he was wearing a Mountain Dew T-shirt. This post brought to you by Bill Johnson, crusher of young dreams.
buy me some Mountain Dew and rice krispies treats and I'll love you forever.
Also helps if you're a frat boy who runs on Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Jason Statham movies that are >=80% explosions.
I dont care if we get anything for josh smith! I would trade him for some pizza rolls and a Mountain Dew at this point
The other day I was in the Tallapoosa Piggly Wiggly. While rolling through the soda isle, a man approached me. He was about 50, had a long reddish beard and wore torn bib overalls, a red bandana, torn dirty shirt, mud-packed boots, and carried an empty green plastic Mountain Dew bottle for tobacco spit. He was straight out of Duck Dynasty, but no camo. He asked me if they had any "bacon soda." I said "Hmmm, there's grape soda, and cherry, and even celery soda; but I don't see any bacon soda." He replied "No, not 'bacon soda,' BACON soda.'" Fire and brimstone seemed to leap from his pale blue eyes. Then it hit me. " mean baking soda?" He said, "That what I said. Bacon soda!" "Where you from?" he asked. "Up north." "Where zackly d'ya mean by 'up north?' "Buchanan," I said, which is true. Buchanan, GA is about 10 miles north of Tallapoosa, and that's were I live. "Uh huh, and where did you live before that?" "Douglasville." That's about 25 miles east of Tallapoosa. "No, no, no," he said ...
So I just took a bath for the first time in years. (no hygiene jokes please). It was a manly bath, no wine, but of course there was Mountain Dew. No candles, But the room was lit by the portable DVD playing Sealab 2021. Not as sexy as Keira Knightley in The Jacket, since there was pretty much an Archimedes situation. Any which way, muscles are extremely relaxed, and I pretty much can’t move right now. And yes, this is important for the rest of the world to know.
How I would love to have a fried pork chop sandwich, French fries, and a ice cold Mountain Dew right now!
Who gets the side of the truck with the patch of ice beside it?! Yep. I did not spill my Mountain Dew when I landed though! Louisville bound with a limp!
3 cans of mountain dew , a bag full of Taco Bell, and pokemon yellow, I mean who really needs homework at a time like this?.
they also say that Mountain Dew can kill rats because of it's acidity.
They shifted from Mountain Dew to Thums Up when he did. Yo !! ;)
I used to drink a big cup of coffee and a Mountain Dew in the morning. I've recently quit the Dew. I really miss the Dew.
Why is Mountain Dew more expensive than blood?
Going to be a mountain dew day.been awake since 3:30.
2014 SA Dew Tour Bootcamp is back! Follow us to get all the details of events!
Drank Mountain Dew for breakfast on my way to class...
My rooms just full of mountain dew bottles
Just saw a guy riding a skateboard, holding a surfboard. Dunno where he's going but I assume there's Mountain Dew there..
Mountain dew and pizza for breakfast. Why not.
Oh my GOSH! Thank you, Mr. Thunderstorm, for keeping me AND the dog awake for most of the night!! Tim N Barbara Everette, get that coffee pot ready!!! It's going to be a long day! Brad Cline, I may even need some of your yellow 5 Mountain
Its meal time chug that dew lol . Remember with our amazing new prices you cant run outta Mountain Dew
Diet mountain dew, baby, New York City. Never was there ever a girl so pretty. Do you think we’ll be in love forever?
I havnt drank pop for almost 2 weeks but the key to night shift is mountain dew
Are there any stores open at 2 in the morning so I can get a Mountain Dew
I really need to stop drinking Mountain Dew 😭
SA’s action sports athletes take to the ramp with and the Mountain Dew Bootcamp Tour:
If "it tastes better mixed with Mountain Dew" is something you can say truthfully about wine you know it is really, really bad wine
# 1 reason why i drink mountain dew is because i was told it kills smerm cells (Not to sure if its true but w.e.) lol and i cant afford any more kids haaha n the 2 nd reason is i just love the taste of it /~'mountain man lol~\
I'm seriously so addicted to Mountain Dew it's actually a problem
I have so much energy right now and I'm not sure if it's from my music or Mountain Dew. Who wants to share their life story or something?
Do you know how many calories a can of mountain dew has?
I swear, someone spiked my milk with Mountain Dew
Oh's here.Mountain's what plants crave
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
20 Signs Of A Quintessential Fan>NO 16>". They have recently switched from to Mountain Dew to "
As I sipped on that Mountain Dew during lunch yesterday, I remember staying to myself "self, you're gonna be up all night". I'm about to turn this thing around though! Tonight instead of counting sheep, I'll count my blessings!
No more mountain Dew for me. I'm up like a crack fiend
Mountain Dew is like coffee for gamers.
I should've never drank that Mountain Dew
sends me to the store for cheese, I come back with bugles and a Mountain Dew Oh yeah and cheese rebe
Probably shouldn't have drank that Mountain Dew.
When i'm getting to the store and the store just ran out of mountain dew.
I'm not sleeping I have had a lot of Mountain Dew an I'm like hyper
How do I live like this /: all I got is cup of noodles, jack, water and Mountain Dew in the studio.. Torturing myself ughh
Its clear that by carbon dating, that MOUNTAIN DEW IN THE BEST SODA EVER MADE
You're no good for me . Baby, you're no good for me. You're no good for me. But baby I want you, I want you. Lana del Rey-Diet Mountain Dew
I hate when restaurants say is mountain dew okay or is Pepsi okay…no it's not okay😫😂
And then there's a Mountain Dew Limeade Kickstart with your name on it calling from the refrigerator. Sleep is overrated!
I wonder if somewhere, in an abortion clinic, a doctor is telling a woman he is going to murder their baby? . *swigs Mountain…
Mountain Dew fan James Mac is well prepared for an apocalypse/disaster/zombie invasion. Can anyone top this?
Mountain dew is the best soda ever made.
ugh i wish i had mountain dew. All we have is pepsi and ive drank like 3 and im still falling asleep
after you get out, I’ll have you over for some Mountain Dew and baseball
Ate Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cheetos and Mountain Dew for dinner. Because I'm an adult.
I drank too much Mountain Dew at work and all I wanna do right now is sleep
. *get's off baconator mountain, re-hydrates with mountain dew baja blast right before getting in hot-tub with Megan James*
The partnership will name Mountain Dew as the sponsor for his upcoming headlining tour “Riser,” which will take place this summer. The tour will also feature special guests Chris Young, Jon Pardi and Chase Rice.
"Everybody needs a nemesis. Sherlock Holmes had his Dr. Moriarty. Mountain Dew has its Mello Yello. Even Maggie has that baby with the one eyebrow." -Lisa Simpson
At midnight I gave up soft drinks! Lord help me resist Mountain Dew or Mello Yello
5. Less than a year ago, Mountain Dew dropped Lil Wayne for offensive lyrics about Emmitt Till, a 14-year-old boy who was brutally murdered in 1955 for whistling at a white woman. You’d think that Nicki Minaj might have learned something from her Young Money boss about referencing civil rights figures in inappropriate ways. Guess not.
Anybody wanna send me a 20 oz. Mountain Dew? I'd love you for always and forever.. My address is as follows.. Orban, Flat 12, 48-50 Alexandra Road South, Whalley Range, Manchester, UK M16 8JA
Remember those shots from 13 of that pipe set up that looked pretty different and even more awesome? Well Danny Davis teamed up with Mountain Dew to build a ...
Feb. 11 Daily Announcements: 2 hour Late Start today: Pd. 1 begins at 9:30. 1st bell is at 9:25. DEW you want DEW something special for your CRUSH this Valentine's Day? The yearbook staff will be selling Mountain Dew, Diet Coke, Orange Crush, Grape Crush, and Dr. Pepper this Monday through Friday at both lunch hours. Cost is $2 per can of pop and will be available for pick-up after school on Friday! Need help planning for college? Whether you’ve been preparing for college for a while or just thinking about the possibility, there’s a lot to do before you or your child graduates high school and takes their next steps. Many important steps should be taken during the last few years of high school. This is when families begin to wonder exactly what they should do next and how to go about it. To help you with the college planning process, the high school counseling office has invited the Iowa College Access Network® (ICAN) to make a free presentation on career and college planning for juniors and their par ...
Stella's great grandma Sachi and her grandpa don! My dad decided it would be a GREAT idea to give Stella Mountain Dew 🙍🔫
Maple Bacon $10 for a dozen. I will also have my yummy Mountain Dew and Doritos cupcakes on Friday $10 for a dozen, if you haven't had one you gotta try them.
I believe we live in a great country and think its great that they help those in need. I know I have been in a position where I needed help because I could not find work. With that beings said I am appauled at the way people are taking advantage of this help. Stephanie Korbel and myself were at the store getting some things for dinner. In line ahead of us was a woman who had 13 12 packs of name brand soda and 3 cases of mountain dew. Now can anybody guess what she paid with. Now as we are walking to our van we see this woman loading hers and guess what she's driving. A brand spanking new escalade with no plates and the yellow paper taped to her window. Here is my issue. I know people who absolutely need help with things for there family because of the current economy but couldn't get help because they make to much money. So how is lady able to get help. Just a little confused at y this is ok
Being so positive all the time really takes a toll sometimes !!! Wish I had the last samurai, a frank rizz cocktail, and a large Mountain Dew ...
I think this baby is jacked up on Mountain Dew!!such a amazing feeling!
Had a good day today with Tre' in Jackson. He did really well in therapy, reaching his goals in Respiratory Therapy; using his right hand a little in OT as well as holding his cup in his left hand to drink; we were shown stretching ex for his legs and feet that we can do for him daily by the PT. He has been practicing driving the new wheelchair with the left hand. He is right handed so lots of changes for him. :) He ate well today and enjoyed the last of his Lorna Doone cookies from one of his goodie bags with his Mountain Dew this afternoon. He was napping when we left after a very long, busy day of Rehab. Thankful to God for all the little baby steps of improvement. Keep praying.
Attended funeral of Larry Owens such a sweet service and a broken hearted mother and sister my sympathy to the family and friends, left there to go get some groceries ( BIG MISTAKE) stood in line at least 41 min. every register going nothing on shelves ,sugar began to drop had to drink mountain dew while waiting then went to Fred's to pick up Rx 9 cars ahead of me at drive in window spent another hour there finally got home at 5:30Pm one tired person still thanking God for the strength to do these things praise HIS holy name GOD IS GOOD
5 likes & I'll answer! 1. Name - madison nicole perryyy . 2. Nickname - madi . 3. Elementary school - beigerr . 4. Tall or short - eh, in between , 5'5 5. Sweats or jeans - jeans 6. Orange or apple - applee 7. Do you have a crush on someone - yes omfg 8. Eat or drink - both? lol 9. Piercings - ears 10. Pepsi or coke - cooke Have you ever... 11. Been in an airplane ? no 12. Been in a relationship ? yes 13. Been in a car accident ? no 14. Been in a fist fight ? no Firsts & lasts 15. First piercing - ears 16. First best friend - Stephanie 17. First award - some *** thing at beiger 18. First crush - nunyyaa. 19. First word - idfk . 20. Last person you talked to in person - Stephanie 21. Last person you texted - aztually texted, texted, brandon. 22. Last friend you watched a movie with - stephanie 23. Last food you ate - pizzzaa rolllzz. 24. Last movie you watched in theaters - hunger games 25. Last song you listened to - trouble - nsnnn 26. Last thing you bought - ptv crewneck . 27. Last person you hugged - s ...
I secretly put Diet Mountain Dew in my thermos to avoid judgment. Granted, I'm spending my day at a school that could single handedly keep the Kombucha industry alive.
How long can one survive off of ramen noodles and mountain dew? Lol
I should have microwaved my Mountain Dew this morning. It's too cold in the shop. Also, I am gassy.
So I went to the store to get those new Mountain Dew Kickstarters. I just drank the limeade and now i'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew. I have so much energy! This is not good!
That code red Mountain Dew is so darn addicting
Well been one whole week without a Mountain Dew! I am so proud of myself I really didn't think I could do it but I have:) the cravings are getting fewer and far between and the head aches are going away:)
If mountain dew or vanilla coke had any slight alcohol in its in ingredients, I would've died from alcohol poisoning a long time ago.
If water tasted more like Code Red Mountain Dew, I'd be more inclined to drink it. Yep.
Brittany: I think you're going to kill someone and you don't even know it because you've been making faces since you got home. Me: idk, maybe. Go fix me some diet mountain dew please. B: *gets up & walks into kitchen* you wanted diet Dr. pepper, right? Me: yeah, sure. B: is that what you said? Me: no, but go with it. Brittany: oh. Well, we don't have diet Dr. pepper. We only have diet mountain dew and diet Pepsi. Me: and you wonder why I'm making faces.
Tomorrow starts the "transformation of a strong Smitty" meaning, tomorrow I start going to the gym on a regular basis. Also, I'll give up on soda...well maybe not Mountain Dew. Gotta get sexy for summer ;) Happy Tess Chase?
Almost drank a Coke today. Thought about it and switched to water. *** un-AMERICAN Coke. Pepsi it is, plus I love Mountain Dew.
Mountain Dew now available in Black Cherry!!???!! Life is good.
anybody who doesn't love a cold fountain Mountain Dew from Taco Bell why are you living what's the purpose
Jared Carl thinks he's cool cuz he can buy a beer while I sit here with my mountain dew ;)
Bonnie and Clyde? Yes, I think I will watch it. ...with Oreo and Chips Ahoy truffles and copious amounts of Mountain Dew
So after reviewing the weather forecast for tomorrow, just wondering Debra Deering, Jan McCormick, Susan Wiggins, and fellow employees, WHO will get stuck closing the building?!?! In anticipation that it may be me, I'm bringing my SNOW 'go bag' in the morning: parka, gloves, hat, smokes, lighter, Cheetos and Mountain Dew...its a long walk home!!
I don't open up to people, I hate talking about my feelings, I'd rather sit at home and watch movies and eat junk food drinking mountain dew then go to some party, I love riding horses, There's only one person in my family I truly look up to, I wear my jacket pretty much 24/7, I love band, I take rock over country any day however I love trucks and bonfires, I want my first tattoo on my right ribcage (yes, i do know it will hurt...a lot) Yes I plan on getting more then one, I believe in God yet I do not believe in sin, I think *** people have the right to get married just like people with different color skin have the right to, My best friend just so happens to be *** and I'm perfectly fine with it!! I hate how people judge just on how you dress or the music you listen to. I'd take music that actually has meaning and inspires people over "music" that talks about f***ing people and drugs. I'm, and I'm sure a whole bunch of other people, are sick of being someone that somebody else wants us to be. Not being ...
The Avenue Team's F-body stretched her long legs again on the GrandSport Speedway asphalt. We must apologize for the lack of digital evidence. Our photographer was a no-show. Likewise our video guy. I'm sure their reasons are quite adequate. The crewchief forgot his camera. Completely understandable. Crewchiefs have a lot on their minds. *** the flunky who loads the junk forgot the chuck for the airtank! But worst of all is the mess we loosely call a driver. His phone was right there. A good camera built in it. Right...there. He usin' the flimsy nerves excuse. So, I guess I'll have to use words. As you may remember, for those of you who follow this "thing", the first outing there were no other cars, much less spectators other than the manager and his wife. This time there were tens of cars there for track time. There were folk who drove their babies out just to find out about the motorsports club. Lots of cool a$$ machinery in the paddock. Even the green car got some compliments. After a member meeting .. ...
Hey guys I found this new delicious drink. Tastes like Mountain Dew.
Just got back from South Dakota with John and grandpa. Learned quite a bit 1. South Dakota is beautiful 2. 28 hrs of Johnny Cash does not get old 3. Old timers are smart, people just need to listen 4. A 2 liter of Mountain Dew can keep ya awake a long time. And finally, this is a beautiful country so make it a point to experience it all
DYNO'S CORNER...50 year Beatles special...Feb. 9th 1964...YES it was 50 years ago today that I recall my mom telling me numerous times to take my Sunday bath early because Ed Sullivan was coming on at 7pm and some group from England called the Beatles were gonna be on TV and no one wanted to miss it. So after a quick, wet toe, I grabbed my little brother and a Mountain Dew and headed downstairs to help my dad try to tune in CBS-channel 2. And then in black and white it happened... a slick-haired Ed Sullivan came out on stage, turned to the rising curtain and said the immortal words EVERY MOTHER SHOULD KNOW...right now on our stage.THE BEATLES Here I was 8 years old,sitting in my flannel pajama's,and I sensed that my world had changed forever. And I never said good-bye to The Beatles once they said hello to me. After their first set,I slowly glanced over at my parents and I wondered if they had gotten lockjaw during I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND or after I SAW HERE STANDING THERE. Frankie Avalon and Chubby Check ...
I always thought it odd that every time our vehicle approached the Hobbs’ house Cory and Kevin were running. I didn’t know until years later that Mrs. Hobbs had taught them to identify all of our vehicles by the sound of their exhaust and get into the safety of the house in case I, or one of my brothers, was coming to get milk. She had a couple of Jersey cows that she milked by hand every day and I suppose that we were her best customers. I learned to drive when I was ten or eleven behind the wheel of a grain truck. By the time I was fourteen I was the proud owner of a worn out green Vega station wagon, affectionately known as The Pickle, and I was well skilled at spraying gravel with my back tires. The Pickle had been sitting off to one side of our driveway with two flat tires and no battery for quite some time before I approached dad about owning it. He said, “Son if you want it, you can have it.” I knew that the starter needed brushes, that the alternator wasn’t working, and it burned oi ...
I think after I finish this 24 pack of Mountain Dew I may have to find me a new favorite more healthier kind of pop... I will miss you Dew!
Coca-Cola came to town. Pepsi-Cola Shot her down. Dr. Pepper fixed her up. Now they call her 7-UP. 7-up caught the flu. Now we drink mountain dew.
Made it 1 week without smoking or Mountain Dew. Missed a couple of days working out though. Going to pick up a treadmill so I can still run when the YMCA is closed.
Salt n vinegar n Mountain Dew we got the munchies
Pawn stars, Mountain Dew and sewing cosplay all before bed cause really weird dreams lol
finally, i have found the perfect description for how Red Bull tastes. "Oh Ick…it tastes like Mountain Dew had a love child with battery acid." - Jem
I pulled into a station for gas and came out with a Mountain Dew, some Fried pork rinds, and lottery tickets! Now that's a true East Tennessean LOL!!
Here is the adept write-up from Indy Power Rankings: 8. Tony Sly-While Tony Sly may not be someone that everyone is familiar with, he is starting to become a force to be reckoned with. Over the weekend he picked up one of his bigger wins as he defeated Gage Octane for the 3XW Heavyweight Championship in Des Moines, Iowa. Call him what you want as he looks down upon you for eating Cheetos and drinking Mountain Dew, but you better call him a champion. He won’t give you any other choice.
But no Mountain Dew flavor... Frito Lay really missed an opportunity.
Take duck hunting up a notch with Dale Earnhardt Jr.! Here's the new Mountain Dew commercial that is going to air during the Super Bowl.
Breakfast of champions: Mountain Dew and a Hotpocket
That "Dale call" Mountain Dew commercial wins. Did you see one better or even worth mentioning.
Early morning delivery *** at work, but made slight work of it. Chillin with bacon sandwich and a Mountain Dew now
6 days left. So close...yet so far. I am about seven of so pages away from completing my comprehensive exam. Then its the editing, revising, and filling in the blanks portion. My final task will be to complete the MILLIONS of in-text citations...but I'm nearly there. I can already smell the pots(s) of coffee that I will need this weekend. If I get desperate...I'll throw in a Mountain Dew and I'll have no problem staying awake. I was watching Star Trek and am now wishing that someone that has read all of these articles had the Spock mind meld powers...I can dream can't I?
Someone should like come over like I have cookie dough, poptarts, flavor blasted gold fish, and Mountain Dew like hey guys.
I think of the March on Washington - but with Mountain Dew and base jumping off the Lincoln Memorial.
I think in order do be an official redneck American you have to have a Mountain Dew in your right hand pabst blue ribbon in your left hand a cigarette in place where your front two teeth should be and mumble every time you talk
We see a lot of weird stuff on the internet, but corn snacks made to taste - and fizz, no less - like the carbonated soft drink Mountain Dew are undoubtedly the oddest thing to happen since millions of adults across the globe simultaneously lied to their children about a bearded man sneaking into th...
Some facts about me: I am a Nintendo fangirl. My favorite video games are any Sonic games. My first Anime was DBZ. I'm 5'10. I have three brothers and one sister. I love drawing. I current collect Adventure Time stuff. I suffer from Social Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder. The only pop I'll drink is Mountain Dew. My favorite Restaurant is Taco Bell. My favorite Pokemon is and will always be Mew. I'm 17 years old. I want to visit Japan and Italy when I get older. Uhm yeah ._.
I seriously want some Mountain Dew. A Code Red and Voltage :D
I got myself a giant code red Mountain Dew from quick check and I don't want it anymore I really just got it cause it's free.
“what every girl wants for valentine's day 👠👙💄💕 just want some pizza and code red Mountain Dew fr😂😂
I never drink pop ever but when I do ill only drink coke, or code red Mountain Dew. everything else is GROSS 😷🙅
Everyday. He'd have a Mountain Dew code red with crushed ice and he'd be good at sports 😂
S/O to my Mountain Dew: Code Red chap-stick that I've had for three years. You've served me well.
““regular Mountain Dew is kinda gross.” All Mountain Dew is gross” not code red.
my contract consists of.. Code red Mountain Dew before games & practices. Bigs dill pickle seeds. 3 homework passes
Nothing quenches my thirst more after a game then some ice cold water, and by water I mean code red Mountain Dew.
I want some Mountain Dew code red please 😫
Finally got my code red Mountain Dew 😍😍☺️
just so you know I'm on my second code red Mountain Dew for the day. Addicted for some reason. Thought of you.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
nah Mountain Dew code red yo big head ***
buy me a Mountain Dew. If they don't have regular get code red. I'll play you in 4th. (:
So if r = 1m, that's 10,000 L of Mountain Dew [ew], so ¬ $20,000 per sploosh. Make it Classic Coke, though...
I like that thought more then it being the Mountain Dew
FQT-3:30AM: Top 5 selling soft drinks in the U.S. are Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Doctor Pepper. Thanks Amy Bongiorno Carrozza and Jennifer Sanville Freed for combining to get the answer correct!
Chip, I'm all jacked up on mountain dew
Just drank a Mountain Dew kick start, now time for bed
Mountain Dew and waffles for lunch at work. 👍😋
Sat on the bus munching mikado and drinking mountain dew. So kawaii :L
Mountain Dew tastes like sugary battery fluid.
This Mountain Dew making it do what it do fr 💚
My cat Sonny will stick his paw in my Mountain Dew & coke & lick it. total *** move
more like these...jus act like u don't see the Mountain Dew there 😂
Someone bring me dark chocolate and pizza and mountain dew and weed and cuddles D:
Gym is a must after that trip that's for sure and I've beaten my addiction to Mountain Dew for those who care :)
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I need to drink a Mountain Dew because I'm not me when I'm thirsty
I'd lick Mountain Dew off ur body yeah no problem!
I just want a Mountain Dew but apparently we have "laws" and I "can't get groceries naked." Thanks, Obama.
I probably shouldn't be having a Mountain Dew at 2 in the morning. But it's whatever 👌
Mountain dew before bed was a great idea!
Can't sleep due to Mountain Dew overdose, just figured this out btw.
I found 2 YouTube channels that have Passions episodes. I could seriously stock up on pizza, hot cheetos, & mountain dew & watch them ALL.
I will personally sign over a life debt to you if you bring me like 12 two liters of mountain dew.
Hi open 9-4 today withi some new flavours we will be making this week as a trial are Skittles,Mountain Dew,Gummy bears,Blue rasberry,Malted milk buscuits,Sour rainbow twists,Juicy fruit chewing gum and cake batter :) these will be limited and available from Wednesday so will take pre orders on a first come first served basis thanks.Only £5.50 for a 30ml bottle
Had one of those Taco Bell Mountain Dew slushy things and i know for a fact i'm not gonna go to sleep anytime soon
Dat *** . I knew I have more Mountain Dew left !!
I know how much likes Mountain Dew so...
Ok lesson learned... Don't drink a Mountain Dew while taking NyQuil! My body is so confused on whether or not to stay awake or sleep. Annoying!
I drank all my Mountain Dew, and then drank all of Jenna's too. She never realized it. Lol
I can't sleep, too much on my mind right now...and drinking that mountain dew polar pop was a bad idea
Order Miche Bag Online!
give me some Appalachian mountain dew and we might have a deal
Does anybody else want to inhale some pizza and drown in mountain dew?
Just drank a whole 2 lt of mountain dew. I think I will now start listening to my husband about healthy eating. He might have a point.
how much money do I have in my piggy bank i need to go on an emergency mountain dew run
For some reason my dad bought me 3 drinks for school :/ water Ribena and Mountain Dew. Rahhh loool I don't get that thirsty
I'm not going to sleep ✊ just took this 5 hour energy and drank some Mountain Dew
She finally went to sleep after she ate all my chips and drunk my Mountain Dew
Remind me to never drink a Mountain Dew again!! I am wide awake and have to be up by 6:00 A.M. Gr.
its Mountain Dew and blue powerade together
then bring me a good movie and some chocolate and a Mountain Dew ok😊
Nothing like drinking your own spit&&mountain dew(: smh... Just my luck...
That Mountain Dew ain't no *** i called my self trying lay down i got bk up and started packing
Chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs with franks red hot sauce and Mountain Dew. Pregnant problems (: lol
Mountain Dew is just screaming my name
do they have separate slushies? I thought Baja blast was just a Mountain Dew soft drink
I just braved the high winds ten minutes ago and walked two blocks for a bag of chips and a Diet Mountain Dew. xD
it's blue powerade and Mountain Dew. make it yourself.NBD
 Meet Pierce The Veil.Watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show live.Go to all of my favorite bands' concerts.Put soap in a public fountain.Learn how to apply fake eyelashes flawlessly.Create a perfect sock bun.Try every single fragrance at Bath & Body Works.Go on a paranormal roadtrip.Have a bonfire with a bunch of friends on the beach.Bake an apple pie with a boyfriend/special someone.Make apple cidar.Carve a pumpkin.Get a tattoo of my favorite quote.Spoon cuddle with a boyfriend/special someone.Meet my doppleganger.Explore an underwater shipwreck.Own clothing from Wildfox Couture.Adopt an Alaskan malamute.Start a slow clap.Host a masquerade ball.Get a diamond tattoo.Create melted crayon.Meet Fall Out BoyLive in Washington D.C. for a certain period of time.Travel to Tunisia.Try hot yoga.Learn how to long board.Party on a New York City rooftop.Meet Ed Sheeran.Travel to Nicaragua.Visit the Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy.Visit the ruins of Chichen Itza in Yucatan, Mexico.Go to Warped Tour with a boyfriend/ ...
he said I want a Mountain Dew with no ice, I gotta save that money
Sometimes I do crave soda though like Mountain Dew or Dr.Pepper, but I resist lol.
"What do you want to drink with you scampi?" "Whatever you're having." "Mountain Dew it is!"
I probably shouldn't have drank a bottle of mountain dew before trying to go to sleep
*** girl are you blue Mountain Dew cause you aren't as good as you used to be
Just choked on throwback mountain dew. It hurt
"I'm out of breath but that's okay." "This Mountain Dew tastes like poison, tastes like I'm drinking bleach."
I knew drinking a liter of Mountain Dew before bed wasn't a good idea.
Just me ,myself and my xbox one. Ohh yeah can't forget the mountain dew. ;)
Mountain dew and steroids don't mx well.
Cutting Cristi lynne off of mountain dew. CAN'T SLEEP! Gr
Hey do you guys think it's safe to assume I can't sleep because of the 88 ounces of mountain dew I had today?
Yeah, too much XBOX and Mountain Dew stuffed in those brains, HA! :-D
So I've come to the conclusion that I buy about 4 coffees a day, and I go through 2 cases of Mountain Dew a week.. I think I have a problem.
My supper tonight? Baby carrots and Mountain Dew... I have plenty of food, what am I even doing...
I have to be up in less than four hours and I just ate 3 pixie sticks and Doritos and drank a Mountain Dew.
I had a much devious plan indeed. Earlier tonight I bought a large bag of skittles and a bag of caramel Milky Way (the kind man working in Walgreens was very persuasive) AND a twelve pack of Mountain Dew for this moment. I am going to have the sugar rush of the century, play video games and crash at some point in the morning, JUST so I can feel well-rested for work tomorrow night. I'm a freaking genius.
Okay, I've spent all day looking through music for songs that i can play on the accordion online and figuring out what will work and what won't so i can assemble a book to play out of tomorrow morning. Now I just have to pick my top 30 favs to start off with, and go from there. Here's everything I've got so far - 10,000 Maniacs – like the weather A perfect circle – 3 libras Ani difranco – both hands Ani difranco – two little girls Antony and the johnsons – hope there’s someone Backstreet boys – quit playing games with my heart Bright eyes – first day of my life Bright eyes – going for the gold The carpenters – superstar Concrete blonde – tomorrow, wendy David Bowie – the man who sold the world Disney – snow white – I’m wishing Disney – little mermaid – kiss the girl Disney – sleeping beauty – once upon a dream Disney – someday my prince will come Dolly parton – Jolene Elliot smith – angeles Erasure – a little respect Erasure – blue savannah song Erasure – ...
Nile river festival was incredible. I would like to thank my sponsors Mountain Dew and Moist Experiences Adventure co. for believing in me and getting me to where I am today. Cheers to Sam and Emily and everyone else who organised and worked. And a bloody mad rooter effort from nik for making constant funnies. Cheers
Well every few months I try to give up soda (mountain dew) but it's so hard... so today I'm back at it again along with bread this time. 🙏for me!!
...many of you know that hubby is from the Seattle/Tacoma area.we are excited because the Seattle SEAHawks made it to the Super guess which team we are rooting for.that's Right! The SEATTLE SEAHAWK! - Is there anyone else out there with the Hankersons.Bring on the Hot Wings, Chips, and Diet Mountain Dew.AND LETS PLAY BALL!
I'm in trouble people ... I"ve drunk almost a whole 2 liter of Mountain Dew and I had a 3 hour nap earlier. I'm very alert!
The guy on the drive-thru told Joselyn Schooley he wants "Green mountain dew". lol
Stream Diet Mountain Dew by Lana Del Ray on Born To Die for free on Grooveshark.
Confession 6: I'm addicted to mountain dew. Without it I get head aches :/
-Okay, so last night, I went to the refridgerator. I saw a Coke and a Mountain Dew sitting next to each other. At first I wanted a Coke, but then I started thinking about Montain Dew, and then I wanted it. After seeing both things; both tastes appealed to me. Wow, even the straitest people can think like a bisexual. Lol
Drive safe it's really bad out. I'm about to do twelve hours with two hours of sleep. Pray for me. I have plenty of coffee and mountain dew. Lol
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Full from a small bowl of mac and cheese and a large mountain dew i got from the shell station. Bloated. Going to bed
FYI.. don't drink a 44oz of Mountain Dew then do roadies in ur truck! lmfao
Time to bring out the cans of mountain dew and some snacks to watch a good movie call Soul Surfer.
This will be me on duty days. Alex Tremmel except probably mountain dew not,beer.
Urgent.plz say quick prayer for my daughter, Tiara Yuh, for cpl hours now she's having sharp stinging pains on her left side. Any way too much soda could do that? She's not much of a soda drinker cuz i dnt allow them at home hardly ever. However, last 3 days she's been on sodas.Mountain Dew mainly. Can't u get some kind of infection from too much soda? I know I sound crazy probably, but idk what else it could be. I'm makin her drink lots of water to try n flush it out. She's lying in a hot bath right now to see if heat will help and I can hear her crying. Any ideas guys?
All this mountain Dew got me feeling lousy
Give her half a tsp of her antibiotic at bedtime they said. no one said it was gonna be like giving her a freaking 8oz bottle of mountain dew! My daughter refuses to sleep!
yea well ill probably be up all friend came and got me cause her boyfriend was gone...then he came back they were kissin eachothers *** o ileft went to sleep and am wide awake! I guess i shouldnt of drank the rest of the kids mountain dew! I anted pop ill pay dearly..will i ever learn nuffin?lol! Will i though?
I just want a code red Mountain Dew
Anyone in Alton bored?? I could really use a Mountain Dew from Hit N Run!
Lets plays soda pong u guys im f***ed up on Mountain Dew and ill whop yo ***
Lord have more mountain dew or chocolate tonight! BAHAAA
So i guess you could say I'm pretty spoiled.First she colors my hair and washes it for me.Then she brings me my favorite drink and snack (mountain dew and Cheetos) for our movie day. Then we find a huge trampoline in the middle of my street and we both go jump on it. And then she cooks me my favorite food (homemade mashed potatoes).I would say I am pretty lucky.♡:)
Mountain Dew got me pissing like a Russian racehorse. :(
I have a hooka pen and I love it. Just saying... The flavors are crazy... Mountain dew Red Bull grape pomegranate. Awesome
My number is 15 . So 15 things I'm addicted too . 1. Nevaeh 2. Fb 3 . Cell phone. 4. Fast food. 5. Fast food. 6. Sleep. 7 Channing Tatum 8 Taylor lautner 9 shopping 10 vactions 11 . Music 12 . Football 13 my friends 14 . Mountain dew . 15 My friends . Lms and ill give you a number and that's how many things you got to tell your addicted too
Sangria Mountain Dew at Taco Bell's aiight but only available inside.
Someone bring me couple cigarettes, Mountain Dew, and something to eat.
Should not have drank that coffee and Mountain Dew sometimes I forget my body can't handle that right now feck..
I tell you I have a friend so dumb ; he tried to climb Mountain Dew . ok one more and I go ; he's so dumb yesterday call ticketmaster to buy a ticket for XBOX live . Chau see you around !!
Mountain Dew tastes better out of the can.
I hear tell mountain dew and chocolate ice cream make an awesome float. No. No they don't. All you people were wrong...
Janice can not sleep comfortably in the bed so while she is dozing in her recliner I hear a loud yell. While dozing and medicated she picked up a full glass of Mountain Dew with lots of crushed ice and fell back to sleep with it half way to her mouth. Needless to say she dumped it right down the front of herself. She sure was wide awake for a few minutes anyway. She's now changed and dry again and back to sleep. And the Mountain Dew is out of her reach.
4 things im addicted to. 1. Mountain dew 2. My sons smiles 3. My man and his ridiculous comments 4. Going for joy rides.
Can't sleep and have to work in the AM. Darn that nap, coffee and Mountain Dew!!!
That awkward moment when you get bored and read the ingredients in mountain dew and realize it contains orange juice?!
Has anyone shared their receipes and they dissapear from your time line? I had some great ones and now they are gone. If anyone has receipes can you share again so I can make copies please and thank you. Especially Nancy Lundgren with her apple turnovers with mountain dew.
Mountain Dew code red has seriously become an addiction🙊
Having my own dancing party in the living room .. Karen Terry. Is ready to kill me... jack up on mountain dew kick start no bed time for me for awhile.. waiting for her to kick me out..
Rolling down the street smoking Marlboro, sippin on mountain dew, with my mind on my honey and my honey on my mind!
I should go to bed but I feel like I'm all jacked up on mountain dew
Ok we REALLY NEED a mountain dew and a pepsi ... STAT!!!
Just got back from up north. Crazy weather. Just missed all the road closings on 94 east by minutes. Also crazy how Minnesota rapes it's citizens by taxation. I filled my tank with 18 gallons of gas, bought a Mountain Dew, 2 rolls of Copenhagen Wintergreen and 2 packs of Marlboro 100's for $94. Just the Cope alone would have cost me about $60 in MN. Shameful!
Wanted: Strong man to open Mountain Dew 2-liter bottle.
This is my big black lab/horse Meryl. She, apparently, does not want any Mountain Dew.
So my cat Muse has been staring into the mountain dew cup for about 5 minutes now. Im not sure why but nothing will distract her from the soda cup. Ryan is fighting the urge to shove her face in it.
I do this sober lol, and I seen my nephew dance like this lol but he was all jacked up on mountain dew lol, and my oldest brother use to dance like this around the kitchen when he would cook, actually both of them do come to think of it, Richie Sepulveda, Jarrod Ravenswaay, Leisheigh Ravenswaay
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Can't think of a better place. Hope they have hot chocolate or Diet Mountain Dew, tho.
For my fellow nerds.this weekend Dungeons and Dragons turns 40. That is in direct relation to the increase of Mountain Dew and Cheetos intake during the past 40 years. May your Keep on Your Borderlands forever remain secure!!
Someone should come over and drink these 34 cans of Mountain Dew with me xD
I'm on my second glass of Mountain Dew trying to make it to the Daft Punk performance but they're not making it easy. Man, it's even more boring than usual this year. It doesn't help that I'm constantly thinking "THIS is the best nominations they could come up with?"
Got mountain dew chips and some cake + no school
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