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Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew (currently stylized as Mtn Dew in the USA) is a carbonated soft drink brand produced and owned by PepsiCo.

Mello Yello Pop Rocks Code Red Earl Sweatshirt Taco Bell Russell Westbrook Sierra Mist

Who spiked my moonshine eggnog with Mountain Dew?
High schoolers get creative and race a Mountain Dew mile: High school ...
Which one of my friends wanna bring me Mountain Dew πŸ€”πŸ™‚
Man, I miss biking to North Grove Carryout & sitting on the ridiculously hot brown bench to mow down some Reese's Pieces and a Mountain Dew
Why don't they sell Mountain Dew again? It was my best soft drink.
Earl Sweatshirt says present-day Eminem fans "probably drink way too much Mountain Dew".
In conclusion, my blood is now Mountain Dew.
"Or you'll crack open a Mountain Dew and you'll be drinking and it'll like just turn to blood or whatever."
*wakes up covered in blood and a strippers hi heel in hand*. jesus no more Mountain Dew's b4 bed for me
Earl Sweatshirt: "If you still follow Eminem, you drink way too much Mountain Dew." .
Stop by DECA & try the NEW Mountain Dew kickstart! Kiwi Strawberry or Pineapple Orange Mango! $2.25 & so good πŸ˜‹
New freestyle biditch. Mountain Dew by Hunter C. Robertson on
will someone plz bring me a Mountain Dew? room 304 in Seminole Nation. k gr8 thx.
. . . that's either a Mountain Dew slogan, or from a vampire Twilighty thing. . . .
Hunter just poured a whole 2 liter of Mountain Dew (that I just bought 3 hours ago) down the sink Bc "we can't have sodas in our apartment"πŸ™„
TFW you're all hopped up Mountain Dew at 3am watching 3-Headed Shark Attack instead of sleeping. is in it so it's all good.
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Derek: Man I'm going through Mountain Dew faster than a redneck on a weekend!!. Me: Derek that was literally the worst analog…
What is Heath Slater doing in this Mountain Dew commercial?
Why does Mountain Dew always make their new flavors a limited time only it makes no sense
Dude you know we only drink Mountain Dew
I spent the whole day eating Doritos and Chinese food while only drinking gama and Mountain Dew, now I'm paying the consequences
This girl in the break room is literally drinking Mountain Dew & a monster @ the same time.. Ok that's a heart attack waiting to happen 😁
Mountain Dew makes my teeth feel weird halfway through a bottle. Dunno how people down so much of it.
Space jam at work... I am getting paid to watch space jam and drink Mountain Dew...
If you say Dale Earnhardt jr. 3 times in a row, you either turn into a double barrel shotgun or a 2 Liter of a Mountain Dew.
"Mountain Dew in the morning because I've lost all control of my life." -Mike
Hey can I buy Mountain Dew in the Trump Tower? Doritos, perhaps?
I think them along with Mountain Dew are going to sponsor Chase Elliott next year
JCU students, ur Streak of the day: He prefers a glass of ice cold Mountain Dew than hanging with his girlfriend
must be a local issue because my Taco Bells nearly have my food ready before I get my Mountain Dew and sauces.
7 Mountain Dew, 2 Game Fuel, 1 Power Aid, One bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, One bag of Chex Mex and 3 and a half hours to go!
Mountain Dew and yogurt... You're going to be vomiting your brains out
All I drink is AriZona green tea, coffee, and various forms of Mountain Dew.
Mountain Dew game fuel flavor tastes exactly like Hubba Bubba gum it's so good
If you've ever chugged a Mountain Dew while listening to Nickelback, congratulations, you're now eligible to vote in West …
I stocked my fridge with Mountain Dew and I'm just waiting for my roommates to flip
Mountain Dew, the law and all. hope you can understand, Walker.
Haven't had pop (or soda as the southerners call it) in 2 weeks!! That's the longest Stretch since high school for me. I miss Mountain Dew.
Baja Blast gotta be the Moet of Mountain Dew
In need of a baja blast Mountain Dew
I'm hyped up on Mountain Dew tonight, that's why I can't sleep... King: oh man, Diet Dew!!
is there some sort of Pepsi shortage every store I go to has no Pepsi 1.5 liters or 1 liters only diet or Mountain Dew
"Diet Coke and diet Mountain Dew make my heart sing!"
Someone should go buy me some diet Mountain Dew
spilled diet Mountain Dew on myself but LUCKILY I'm wearing this adidas raincoat in bed to shield myself in situations like these
I made try my diet Mountain Dew and he threw it away πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
the importance of Mountain Dew in everyone's MLG diet
360 wine glass with Doritos and Mountain Dew, how fancy
I've been sleeping on Mountain Dew Code Red my whole life and I just wanna tell it that I was wrong and I'm sorry
"High on Code Red Mountain Dew and ibuprofen" πŸ‘Œ okay T-DogπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My nights consist of Mountain Dew Code Red and grizzly wintergreen pouches
but why does my Mountain Dew Code Red taste like peanut butter
"Do the Dew unto others, as you would have others Mountain Dew unto you."- Code Red Jesus
in a town in America moms apparently fed children Mountain Dew in milk bottles. Watch 'That Sugar Film'
Watch: Russell Westbrook stars in new Mountain Dew commercial - KOCO Oklahoma City
It would be vodka and Code Red Mountain Dew with a Norco rim
I got the legendary edition, which has a Mountain Dew: Code Red IV drip and UNSC-insignia laser engraved bedpan
if I had a wish it would be for a life time supply of Code Red Mountain Dew
Did you order the Code Red?. "You're god *** right I did!". OK here is your Mountain Dew anything else?. "Yes, fries"
I used to call Mountain Dew "bad cheetah" as a kid because of the advertisement back in 2003 something??
Chip I'm all jacked up in Mountain Dew. Walker Texas ranger (talledega nights)
Is there a positive correlation between fertility and Mountain Dew consumption bc Forsyth county could make a really good case for it
itz like everyone is 21 and going out to a bar, and Im home liek. "Mountain Dew"
Bought my standard Mountain Dew from Poundland and one of them's already open... Oh
Does Lana Del Rey really have a song called diet Mountain Dew ***
If you mi. Pop Rocks with Mountain Dew it will kill your D&D character.
online advertisements make me so angry and the smooth lemon-lime blast of Mountain Dew is the only thing that seems to take…
Single *** refrigerator be having 2 El Pollo Loco Cups with watered down Mountain Dew in it 🌚
Had a dream I was basically a white trash pirate. Me and my owl were badass and drank Mountain Dew beer.
When your stepdad Terry drinks all of your Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew is putting out limited edition Russell Westbrook cans starting Oct. 12:
I got some honeycrisp the other day but need a couple granny smith for a recipe I have using Mountain Dew. :)
Haven't had a Mountain Dew in a week! Instead, this green tea with lots of honey is supposed to do the job.
Most everyone in Louisiana calls soda coke. (even if you order a Mountain Dew, etc.) Confuses the mess out of this North Carolinian.
product placement in video games! Rockstar and Mountain Dew seem to be in all my games lately.
Yea drinking that Mountain Dew did not help my body calm down.
Drinking diet Mountain Dew & finally responding to everyone on FB...thank you for your patience!
"Oh man, I'm feelin' tacos tonight. Mountain Dew, maybe? Hm," Josh hummed softly as he thought about what to order, -.
Unironically drinking Mountain Dew from a mason jar.
I'm lying in the bed. Drinking a Mountain Dew. I need a sponsor. Do they have those for lazy *** moms who just wanna travel to rock shows?
Drinking at least two cups of Mountain Dew to stay awake till my next break
Drinking a diet Mountain Dew. This is big news people
While she is drinking a Mountain Dew and eating Cheetos
When Bartz kidneys failed after drinking Mountain Dew
Thanks past Kaylin for taking two naps today and drinking Mountain Dew before bed now I can't sleep
I now remember why I tried to quit drinking Mountain Dew πŸ˜‘
Dudes! I'm drinking tea instead of Mountain Dew. Don't pass out. Seriously.
I've got a gut feeling that I should start drinking coffee in the morning instead of Mountain Dew
Ryan brought me a Mountain Dew and a dove milk chocolate candy bar to my house!😍 I love him so much
I would like to thank Mountain Dew and Marlboro reds because there gonna get me threw today
Well I've officially been off the Mountain Dew for 2 months. I'm not craving it anymore, I'm still not a fan of...
haven't drank Mountain Dew since that one went around
Girl that drinks Mountain Dew during every 9am accounting class brought in a liter of it today.
Does JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry the King Lawler actually open and drink Mountain Dew?? # WWEnoc
Charlie has Mountain Dew in a Dale Jr water bottle and somewhere a bald eagle screeches and Joe Dirt starts chanting USA
[inflates bouncy castle in back yard]. [digs a moat around bouncy castle]. [fills moat with Mountain Dew]. ME: This is …
I don't drink soda, but when I was pregnant... Mountain Dew Code Red..all I wanted.
Wish I had a Mountain Dew white out & some grey goose lol I'd mix me up some Gray Hulk
Anytime of the entire day will I never turn down Mountain Dew Code Red. You can wake me up at 4 am and I'll chug a bottle
Code Red Mountain Dew aka the way to my heart
Just had the new Mountain Dew. My top 3 are still Baja Blast, Code Red, and the original.
I just drove to Taco Bell just for Mountain Dew.
My teacher just said Code Red and the first thing that comes to my mind is Mountain Dew.
As long as you only have the regular Mountain Dew, it's fine. If you shift to Code Red...well it's just too late.
I'm drinking Mountain Dew Code Red at nine in the morning if you wanted an indication of how my life is going
I need a giant bag of Doritos and a Code Red Mountain Dew
Every Time I drink Mountain Dew Code Red or blue I can't sleepπŸ˜”
I spilled Mountain Dew: Code Red on my Thrasher mag hat and now I have the extreme powers of two Shaun Whites.
Gimme some Mountain Dew Code Red and a ripstick so I can relive the childhood I never had.
that was around the time And1 had been sponsored by Mountain Dew and Code Red had just come out.
The best combination and Code Red Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew Code Red is so glorious.
Why wouldn't you want Code Red? It's the best kind of Mountain Dew.
"wow I didn't know they sold Mountain Dew white out!" *is actually ranch soda*
Snickers bar in Billy Hamilton's left pocket, can of Mountain Dew in his right.
I have no idea what I just watched other than I'm pretty sure we all just got 420 Mountain Dew montage'd by Palace.
Note to self, don't drink Mountain Dew before you sing at choir practice.
Guy in Coke shirt: "Not feelin your Mountain Dew shirt man" . Me: "Oh I guess you're more of a Coke guy?" . G.I.C.S: "Nah I don't drink soda"
"A man who stole a snickers, Mountain Dew, and a zebra cake and then starved to death in jail."
Stucker had us take notes for 10 minutes and talked about Mountain Dew for the REST of the period πŸ˜‚
My diet today consisted of a small bag of chips, blue Mountain Dew and music by and
All purpose parts banner
Who knew Mountain Dew cupcakes were a thing?!?! No maple syrup but still awesome:)
If you mix Pop Rocks with Mountain Dew it .ill kill your D&Dzcharacter.
I'm never sure about Mountain Dew, but tastes nice with a shot or two of vodka @ Treasure Lake…
Just tryna jam to the new Mountain Dew radio commercial
to acquire Steve Cishek, owner Jeffrey Loria's passwords from for a bag of Doritos and a Mountain Dew.
Thanks to Hannah for spilling Mountain Dew all over me at eat n park πŸ˜•β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‘
I liked a video from Mountain Dew DewShine
There are a large number of people in this area who seem to have a psychological addiction to Mountain Dew.
Knowing about how sugar can be destructive, I'm reluctant to finish my Mountain Dew stash..
Speaking of which, want me to buy you more Mountain Dew? :3
"Bruh, What the heck?! Why couldn't i sleep at all last night?". *slowly looks at two empty Mountain Dew bottles*. "You can't be serious..."
someone come over & watch a movie w me & bring popcorn & Mountain Dew & hey why not throw in some flowers & ask me to be ur g…
Woke up throughout the last three hours just to chug Mountain Dew πŸ˜‚
Wild night last night.. Stayed up till 4 with the bros. Had 2 liters of Mountain Dew and this chick almost showed us he…
Whiskey was to be mixed with Mountain Dew.
If you mix Pop Robks with Mountain Dew it will kill rour D&D character.
Lana Del Rey - Diet Mountain Dew(HD) Lyrics via *Do you think we'll be in love forever?
Let Ma drink the blue mountain dew & all she could ever answer was "perggh pertama Aku minum air ubat ni" πŸ˜‚
it looks like Poland might have its own Mountain Dew bottling operation; unlike what's in the U.S., it might have real sugar.
time for more Mountain KFC seriously the only place that sells this now? oh and the mountain it is obviously harv…
Can I get some Mountain Dew on me pancakes mum
He drinks a whisky drink, he drinks a vodka drink, he drinks a single plum floating in perfume served in a man's hat, …
I am packed with chips n mountain dew time to watch gangsta
Mountain Dew are back with a Dew and Doritos promotion for Black Ops 3 Zombies, rewarding Double XP
can all of ya'll help me get Taylor Swift to send me a bottle of Mountain Dew
not even kidding though can you send me a Mountain Dew lol
I drank mountain dew and have never regretted anything more in my life and 100% mean it wow
About to go eat the whole box of fruit snacks & drink some mountain dew πŸ˜‹
randomly got obsessed with 1989. mind sending me a 20 oz. bottle of Mountain Dew so I can listen to it with more fun?
Baja blast Mountain Dew is the best
Anybody know if they still sell the baja blast Mountain Dew at Valero
Airy gargled mountain dew because he had a smartie stuck in his throat
dude no you're the Mountain Dew god the most beautiful thing in the world
Same way you dont like Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew was supposed to be made to mix with whiskey. Try it out!
Me and just beat guitar hero world tour In one night. It took 8 and a half hours, Skills, and a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew
It took 8 hours, 2 liters of Mountain Dew, A full family sized box of Cheezits, but me and beat Guitar Hero: World Tour!πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈ
Too much Mountain Dew. Not enough rhythm and coordination.
It's serious, Mountain Dew and chips are on the board! She charged my eagle with her giant and made it! Ouchy! Ha ha h…
*Chillin' with my uncle* . Timmy: Jake there's Lone Star, Coors, and Jim Beam and Mountain Dew, help yourself boy. Me: That's a *** bet
Worth reading the entire Q&A, b/t and Flip. But Caron Butler/Mountain Dew news is far more up my alley than I'd like to admit.
Ummm.what??? . "If a mouse is submerged in a fluid with the acidity of Mountain Dew, the following will occur...
If your washing down your vitamins w a diet Mountain Dew, do they still work?
Diet Mountain Dew is an oxymoron. Where are these people that drink Mountain Dew, but also care about their own health??? They don’t exist.
Oh just drinking an afternoon diet Mountain
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Yes can I get a large Mountain Dew with half of it diet Pepsi , I'm trying to watch my weight
I'm outside swimming listening to diet Mountain Dew and this is bliss
I'm on a low sugar diet but I caved in to the Mountain Dew sampler. I am n00b.
Up until a few months ago, diet Mountain Dew was totally one of my guilty pleasures. I've gone from 1 diet soda...
It is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and diet Mountain Dew kind of morning. Pops would be proud.
I used to play the heck out of the Tony Hawks Pro Skater games and Halo 1...and drink gallons of Mountain Dew
But So tired of the Mountain Dew dog dancing & the Snowboard "bird arrow" ad. Lol, In a perfect world we'd have no ads
Club *** cool ranch Doritos, and Mountain Dew will always remind me of
Drake got a smoothie today, I told him to get a spinach kale one. He said the only thing green I'm drinkin is Mountain Dew
"Mountain Dew, Doritos, & Halo. that's what I used to live off of." ok Marcus
Baja Blast tastes like watered down Mountain Dew . But ay first post on my new phoneee || …
Drank 7 two liters of Mountain Dew Code Red and woke up in a movie theater watching Entourage
ill just stick to my double downs from KFC and jugs of Code Red Mountain Dew
with me, and I'll jam it into your colon, bottom-first. Mountain Dew or GTFO
I bet Mountain Dew Code Red and fireball would be good together
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Matt Painter as a Mountain Dew because Purdue lol
me too man... Little Debbie brownies, and Code Red Mountain Dew.
No where near done for the day, and all I can think about is that ice cold Mountain Dew Code Red in my yeti in my work truck...
I just want a Code Red Mountain Dew not a sangria flavored one 😑😑😑
I'm sorry I replaced the office fire extinguisher with a bottle of Mountain Dew: Code Red
Made myself some Code Red Mountain Dew cookies, my hands burst into flames when I tried to play Sunset after eating them.
Chilling in the yard with my tablet attached to ear buds and a can of Mountain Dew Code Red (my favorite), my summer mix
hopefully no Mountain Dew scandals at this jam.
If you haven't given up sugary drinks like Mountain Dew, maybe this will convince you -
Lost all my chap sticks in 2 days including my Mountain Dew one. Looks like Code Red MD lip balm will have to do.
And she got that booty and I like the way it moves.Code Red like Mountain Dew.
ate Reese's and Code Red Mountain Dew
Do you think they sell confederate flags and 2-liters of Mountain Dew like a buy one get one kinda deal
remember that one night I wanted a red Mountain Dew but you said you ran out and then the next day you were drinking one ://
Selling junk food and Mountain Dew in the hospital. Clever. It's like pizza night at Planet Fitness. Keep the customer coming back.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
May the gods be with you on your quest to Mountain Dew nirvana.
If you pass out before number 8, the Mountain Dew gods will forever shame you.
.and went on the "Mountain Dew & Doritos diet." Both gained 80 pounds, lost their teeth, and stopped after two weeks.
Mountain Dew is the nectar of gods.
I have found the cure for hiccups America. It is Mountain Dew voltage and it is the nectar of gods
On this date in 1940, William H. Jones blessed the world with the nectar of the Gods and named it "Mountain Dew"
Whenever I drank, I always ended up at a gas station, buying a peppermint patty and Code Red Mountain Dew. IDEK man.
I prefer water over everything lol but I'm killin Mountain Dew this morning so I can stop nodding off on the sales floor πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³
Girls who drink Mountain Dew in the morning are weird.
an old man came in and bought a Mountain Dew and a diet Pepsi and said he's drinking mountain dew rn so his wife thinks he's drinking diet πŸ˜‘
About to get me a diet Mountain Dew and go wash my truck!
only got diet Mountain Dew just to make this
Babe dosent approve of my corn dog and Mountain Dew diet πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
Every time I see a Mountain Dew kick start commercial I just wanna PARTAY
Dogs paddling across the river Styx that has been filled entirely with Mountain Dew.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I said to get Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper not Mountain Lightening and Dr. Thunder... . That's the very last time I send …
when your friend doesn't have blue Mountain Dew at her house
Tech N9ne lands at on Mountain Dew's "Green Label" Power Rankings -
Are you a human? Do you have eyeballs? Maybe a hand or two? Use at least one of those things and get a cold Mountain Dew from
If you're in concourse E or F at o'hare. Sky bridge bar & grill is the only place to get diet Mountain Dew. Everything else is Coke.
I know, right? Drinking a Diet Pepsi?? I would've figured Bill for a Mountain Dew fan (unlike Wallace) ...
I need me a nice cold Mountain Dew πŸ‘…
I had a dream that this hardcore kid I work w made fun of my sideburns and then I told him code orange sounds like a type of Mountain Dew.
Unrelated: if you ever find yourself explaining how the world works based on an episode of South Park. Stop. Put down the Mountain Dew. Exit
I swear man in 7th grade I was the king of Mountain Dew, linkin park, beef jerky, and fedoras.
Take me to the sacred grounds where I can drink Mountain Dew uninterruptedly for extended periods
I ask Ryan for a Mountain Dew about once every few hours and bless his tall heart he always gives me one
The 2007 Houston Texan football team drank nothing but Mountain Dew from their first day of training camp to their last. They finished 8-8
Enjoying a Mountain Dew and watching Paw Patrol (my favorite anime)
This is awesome. Only I want a"Hug me" Mountain Dew machine. Or better yet, a "Hug me" Mike's Hard Lemonade machine.
I think this Mountain Dew kickstarter was too much for me 😩
One gentleman has such fine tattoos on his arm as: a can of spinach, the Mountain Dew logo, and more!
Mountain Dew is trash and you're only going to see me drink it if 1. I need the sugar and 2. The other option is Pepsi.
It's strange to me that this lady bought her seven-year-olds diet Mountain Dew. Why diet? Less sugar? Still.
My aunt Sharon just sent me a snapchat of her drinking Mountain Dew πŸ˜‚ this is why 40 year olds shouldn't have snapchat.
and jenny will stop drinking Mountain Dew. . Help save her.
I drank a monster & a can of Mountain Dew this morning, and crashed from my caffeine high around 2:00 so I'm super tired πŸ˜‚
Found out Pink Lemonade has less sugar than Mountain Dew and Lays Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese tastes alright
I'm just gonna say it.. Mello Yello is better than Mountain Dew
My little cousin asked could he put sugar in his Mountain Dew as if it wasn't already sweet enough
Cherry Coke Zero was sent by the Gods of diabetes to make me forget about ever wanting a Mountain Dew again.
Happy international bestfriend day your basically my sister I love you and your Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew is too XTREME for me but Mello Yello is just my style
Hey yall just stopped in to say that Mello Yello and Mountain Dew taste the same
I wanted to get Mountain Dew but my mom said that the stuff rots teeth so we instead got Mello Yello
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Bring me hot tamales and Mountain Dew and I'll love you 5 ever
Continuing my strive for a sugar coma by having gummy worms & Mountain Dew for lunch.
are you sure it's not the Mountain Dew isle at the cub foods in on coupon day?
Pine-Apple stuffed chicken breaths for dinner. Excellent and delicious. Also a Mountain Dew
actually we all know the number monster truck, women unappreciative beverage is Mountain Dew
She comes back in here with this cheap *** nasty syrup that is not Aunt Jemima and this cheap *** canned soda that is not Mountain Dew
Uncle Sam drives a hummer H3 out of the back of a C-130 & lands at Yankee Stadium, & gives everyone a free Mountain Dew.
Baja blast Mountain Dew is addicting af
Mountain Dew is white peoples grape soda.
plus kick start is Mountain Dew. If you haven't noticed Taco Bell is like mountain dews biggest distributor lol
I'm running on Pure Adrenaline, the latest energy drink from the nutritional geniuses at Mountain Dew. It's purple. My heart hurts.
Tin foil hat people: There is no military takeover. Are ya'll jacked up on Mountain Dew or something?
What moron came up with the name for Mountain Dew's dew shine? Say it out loud for a try before putting it out there
~ Hey Linda-Lee... I love Mountain Dew and you Love Dale Earnhardt.. so how about this combo huh .
I asked for dandelion wine and she gave me Mountain Dew
I bought 96 cans of Mountain Dew. I think they'll help me get through Ni No Kuni.
Cheap *** lip balm haul!. Sierra Mist tastes just like ✨happiness✨ while the Mountain Dew tastes like Air Freshener 😫
The only soda that's worse than Mountain Dew is Sierra Mist.
Ah I'm not a big soda guy but I liked Mountain Dew the couple times I tried it.
The giant Jimmy Butler, Mountain Dew billboard in River North is awesome. Glad Jimmy is getting the endorsement deals he …
white people, mike matheny, cheddar popcorn, bein hypocritical, Mountain Dew, pick up trucks where the bed is never actually used
I take exception to Mr. Pibb's inclusion on his list. Pibb is to Dr. Pepper what Mello Yello is to Mountain Dew … BETTER.
I get that red Gatorade and that blue Mountain Dew πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ˜‚, purp got me drinking that πŸ’€
Code Red Mountain Dew is the only thing keeping me awake
Math final in the morning *buys several cans of Red Bull and Mountain Dew*
Dear MLG... I want to ask you something important, that is which I should consume... Mountain Dew ... Or Mountain Dew Code Red?
Nap: βœ” . Hot shower: βœ” . Fresh bottle of Mountain Dew: βœ” . Time to knock the rest of this paper out of the park 😌✊
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