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Mount Rushmore

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a sculpture carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore near Keystone, South Dakota, in the United States.

South Dakota Mount Rushmore National Memorial Crazy Horse Gutzon Borglum Black Hills Grand Tetons Bruno Sammartino Len Bias Crazy Horse Monument Donald Trump Corn Palace

you have a Mount Rushmore for the best, but what about a guilty pleasure one? I have tatanka, el matador & earthquake
New faces planned for Mount Rushmore. Seth Godin, Trish Bertuzzi, Chris Voss and Mike Volpe ready to rock your world…
If they're Oglala Lakota then they can flip off Mount Rushmore and I get it.
screw Mount Rushmore, or Grand Canyon I'm taking a road trip to that South Carolina Hotel !!!
we are embracing debate..Mount Rushmore of Chicago bars
Donald Trump jokes about being added to Mount Rushmore - the internet answers
If we're going to add anyone to Mount Rushmore it should be Willis Carrier, who invented modern air conditioning.
Jordan Morris is gonna end up on Mount Rushmore one day when he scores the winning World Cup goal on U.S. soil
Name it "Coward's Wall." It could rank up there with the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore via
Gerrard or Liddell? Moran or Fagan? Who belongs with the three kings on LFC's Mount Rushmore? Cast your vote now... ht…
Jim Vance...George Michael.Glenn Brenner.members of the Mount Rushmore of local broadcasting and great memories o…
Mount Rushmore sculptor Gutzon Borglum also created the Seated Lincoln statue in Newark, NJ.
92 years old. In hospital one day, back working Habitat for Humanity the next. A humanitarian Mount Rushmore would be four…
Enjoy your journey-Mount Rushmore is worth seeing, but The Crazy Horse Monument has much more to offer, it's amazing & beautiful!
I for one am shocked that this Mount Rushmore of human excellence is anything less than stellar.
If the Dallas Mavericks had a Mount Rushmore, the faces on it would be Dirk, Dirk, Mark Cuban, and Dirk again. . . .
Little Giant Ladders
. Mount Rushmore of meanest coaches (not listed). Mike Ditka. John Gruden. Bill cowher. Coach buttermaker (bad news bears)
Bikers on the iron road as they approach Mount Rushmore through the rock tunnels
Sam Hinkie is a first ballot Hall of Famer and belongs on the Mount Rushmore of the NBA front office
what's your Mount Rushmore of wrestling? Mine: Cactus Jack, Bruiser Brody, The Undertaker and Arn Anderson.
Close-up of Lincoln Head at Mount Rushmore under construction, South Dakota, 1937.
A man who's face belongs on the Mount Rushmore of all-time great coaches in the state of Arizona
"Took part in Alcatraz Island & Wounded Knee, helped organize the occupation of Mount Rushmore in 1971.".
Mount Rushmore of over achieving underrated Florida Football recruits:
St. Lucie West Centennial: Who's on your football Mount Rushmore? - TCPalm
Favorite Sox player, it's not even a Mount Rushmore, it's just a statue of Mo taking Troy Percival deep!
Paul Pierce, Tracy McGrady and Chris Paul are on my Mount Rushmore for most over hyped NBA players all time
Mount Rushmore of "what ifs" in sports. Len Bias doesn't snort a line. D Rose never got hurt. Sean Taylor isn't shot. Iverson chooses football
Name your Mount Rushmore of personal favourite broadcasters in your lifetime. 1. Vin Scully. 2. Joe Bowen. 3. Gary Thorne. 4. Jim Ross
Gabe () gave me the best weekend! Mount Rushmore, the cave, a great little hotel in Rapid City, and Needles…
So we leaving John Starks off Basketball's Mount Rushmore now?!?! FOH!!
Hamilton Collection
Meet the the man who cleans famous monuments, from Mount Rushmore to the London Eye
Sarah Palin, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent posed for a photo at the White House. They are the Mount Rushmore of…
Fun fact: 90% of Mount Rushmore was carved with dynamite and over 450,000 tons of rock was removed.
Stop confusing Mt. Rushmore with top 4 current battle rappers. Look at Mount Rushmore. Are any of those *** still in…
Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King should be on Mount Rushmore. G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time).
Moriah might be on the Mount Rushmore of birds.
.is officially with John C. Calhoun, Nathan Bedford Forrest, & Roy Cohn on the Mount Rushmore of All-…
I think I might replace Brandy on my Mount Rushmore of crazy black female celebs with Janet Jackson. Brandy is just jealous of Monica. Lol
Join Kline Tours for an 11 Day/ 10 night tour to Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Jackson Hole...
Mount Rushmore - the Feminist Version (as our U.S. paper money soon will be.) Personally, I like Andrew Jackson's p…
Mount Rushmore of game show hosts with Graham. Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert. Recently, "basket full of junk".
If you're making a WWE "Mount Rushmore" without Bruno Sammartino, you're wrong.
Is there any doubt the Mount Rushmore is Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin & The Undertaker?
Serious question-with 9 F4s(4th best) and 6 title games(3rd best) is Roy Williams now the 4th face on the Mount Rushmore of col…
Happy Birthday Gutzon Borglum! The Mount Rushmore sculptor was born on this date in 1867.
Birthday of Gutzon Borglum, sculptor of Mount Rushmore (and part of Stone Mountain).
150 years since birth of Gutzon Borglum,. Controversial sculptor known for getting Mount Rushmore done.
American sculptor Gutzon Borglum was born in 1867. His most famous creation is Mount Rushmore, which depicts...
Enjoyed some time this week with one of the faces on San Diego's sports Mount Rushmore:
WSJ article in which Judge Joe Anderson, and others, put Vinny Gambini on the Mount Rushmore of Hollywood lawyers.
Morgan Freeman, Dustin Hoffman, DeNiro and Pacino would like a word...but yeah, that's half of a Mount Rushmore.
Yeah, put him on Mount Rushmore already. No overt racism today! Just an environmental nihilist at the agency charge…
the Mount Rushmore of WWWF/WWF/WWE, the 4 Presidents: Willie Gilzenberg, Hisashi Shinma, Jack Tunney & Gorilla Mons…
On the Mount Rushmore of individuals who I attribute my current love for film are Ingmar Bergman, Al Pacino, Roger Ebert...a…
Creepy weasels abound on the Left: Ron Wyden, Richard Blumenthal, Al Franken, Tim Kaine--a Mount Rushmore of cringe.
"And so tonight the Mount Rushmore of resistance to the policies of this presidency is now all women: Ann Marie...
If Obama were a white man he would be on Mount Rushmore. If Trump were a black man he would be in prison. .
Mount Rushmore of Most Punchable faces currently in sports:. Matt Stafford. Ezekiel Elliott. Grayson Allen. Kevin Bieksa. in no particular order
that would only raise expectations: e.g. Memorial in DC, Mount Rushmore, DJT national holiday?
Travel to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Bighorn Forest, and the Great Plains!…
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Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a sculpture carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore, a granite…
Mount Rushmore of Boston athletes. Who makes it? Bill Russell, Bobby Orr, Ted Williams, and Tom Brady according to Bob Ryan.
The Corn Palace is more impressive than Mount Rushmore. Have to make the Corn Palace every year.
. SD has Mount Rushmore 🙂. We also have the world's only Corn Palace in Mitchell 🌽.
Sorta reminds me of Ayers Rock, or Mount Rushmore, in the way it immediately stands out in a drab backdrop.
If a Mount Rushmore of fitness were ever created, it has to include Jack Lalanne, Arnold, Jane Fonda & Richard Simmons.
easily a Mount Rushmore episode for me. Patrick Stewart was sensational as Number One. Another hidden gem!
Carol Brady has to rank in the Mount Rushmore of TV Moms. Amazing how the Brady Bunch has endured through time.
definitely on the video game Mount Rushmore
Sam you're tasked with designing a KC sports landscape Mount Rushmore. Who do you have in (college and pro ok)?
Love Ray Lewis, on Mount Rushmore of LBs. But gotta say I face-palmed. "Murder" is not a term I'd use with Ray Lewis
Mount Rushmore of horror directors would have to include Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, and George Romero.
I'm on the Mount Rushmore no questions asked
Imma get a Mount Rushmore chain with Jay Electronica, Charles Hamilton, J Dilla and MF DOOM
I want to see Mount Rushmore one day just for the simple fact such a ridiculous thing exists.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
the Marlon McCree fumble is one of a Mount Rushmore in Chargers loserness
Famous heads. They should remake Mount Rushmore with these.
Marc Ronson deserves to be on Mount Rushmore for his work on Back to Black
This is how the Mount Rushmore of Prog should look like
At Mount Rushmore these presidents are so stoned
For whom is Mount Rushmore named after? American History
My fashion Mount Rushmore back in the day.
Someone should photoshop a mount rushmore of the M16, FAMAS, Vector, and Model 1887s
We shall never forget this WackPacker who is on the Mount Rushmore of WackPackers & a GIANT of…
The changing of Lincoln to Trump on Mount Rushmore.
How you'll feel if you come with us to the Badlands, Black Hills, and Mount Rushmore. Thi…
if emojis had a Mount Rushmore, this would be it ➡ 🐐🌮👻😜.
Was Cubs-Indians Game Seven the best game ever? Does it make it to Mount Rushmore? Our top 10.
loving the mount rushmore album. Fantastic music :P
That's very nearly a Twins Mount Rushmore. Add Harmon, Kirby (RIP both of you), or Kent and I think you may just have it.
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Turns out there is a huge secret room in Mount Rushmore, and we never knew!
If you loved the Mount Rushmore Concert, (onestly who didn't love it?) join us for the rest of the season!...
is it too early to put them on the other side of Mount Rushmore?
Mount Rushmore will be changed to 4 Trump heads.
75 years ago, was completed. Celebrate with this awesome article.
Mount Rushmore - Thankful America has had great leaders, Washington, Jefferson, Rosevelt and Lincoln. May God bless…
Today we learned about Mount Rushmore and drew our own faces as "stone carvings"!
These guys (Peter O'Toole, Oliver Reed, Richard Harris and Richard Burton) look like the Hellraisers…
If Hip-Hop had a Mount Rushmore, who would get the 4th spot? 🤔
Amazing America! Mount Rushmore is awe inspiring. Our country has had some incredible, principled leaders.
I think so too considering Mount Rushmore was built on their ancient burial ground because Custer discovered gold there
That would have been cool but I am still so eager to pay this monument a visit
what does Chicago's mount Rushmore look like now?
jatnael FINALLY understood my Mount Rushmore joke
.interviews the last surviving worker for its 75th anniversary: Pho…
If Trump gets in they're gonna have to take a chisel to Mount Rushmore
Met someone from Chzecslevsokia at Mount Rushmore and they had the coolest accent ever😮😎
with a mount Rushmore of legendary clones on it
I liked a video Mount Rushmore: A proud symbol of America
Just saw this for first time this year...
yup the world now is to pc that show grew Me up . Its why prime time Kelly Bundy is on my Mount Rushmore
need a dab the size of Mount Rushmore.
This day in history. 1941. Mount Rushmore, sculptures of Washington, Roosevelt, Lincoln, but Jefferson was erased by t…
First and now today. After that we have to interview the don Like a Mancunian Mount Rus…
Does this guarantee Theo a spot on Jewish Mount Rushmore?
They better start chipping Donald Trump's face in Mount Rushmore
Who's on your Mount Rushmore? I think I'd have to go with Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, Murray Rothbard, and Ludwig von M…
Who the 4 characters y'all putting on an anime Mount Rushmore?
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, DeVante Swing, Teddy Riley, R Kelly and Babyface are the Mount Rushmore of 1980 to 1999 R&B
: "I'll visit Mount Rushmore when they put Reagan on it." ~Sam Elliott, on
Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse: Discovering the Spirit of the Black Hills
I want to go to Mount Rushmore or Niagara Falls in two weeks who's joining?
Me and Mart are going to Mount Rushmore tomorrow
75 years of a boon for tourism, creativity (Photo courtesy TripAdvisor)
weenie move bringing up steve's impeccable athletic career. Mount rushmore of WHS athletes
Only two out of the first five presidents are on Mount Rushmore. Those presidents are Washington and Jefferson.
My dad just called Mount Rushmore president's mountain... I'm so done 😂
the Mount Rushmore of power moves has already been done so I was amending it. A new list would've been a pwr rank
made it big now doing Hanes ads. Mount Rushmore of underwear ads, Michael Jordan and Dan LeBatard
You not having the Mr. Plow song is punishment enough beyond the obvious Mount Rushmore snafu. Cmon Clem.
Networking with other CVB's at the Upper Midwest CVB conference at Mount Rushmore. The lighting ceremony was very...
Exactly..I mean. Show him being carried by Pyramid of Giza, the Great Wall of China, Mount Rushmore, etc
75 years of Mount Rushmore, a boom for tourism, creativity:.
Yes, Roosevelt NP (with grid line, for Mount Rushmore in the morning,
.who comes for the matriarch like that tho lmao. she's on our Mount Rushmore dog
I always wondered what the Canadian side of Mount Rushmore looked like 🤔
BEARD FACT: People wanted to add Chuck Norris to Mount Rushmore, but the granite was not tough enough for his beard. http…
October marks 75 years for the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
he has literally sired a Mount Rushmore of millennial names
instead of Mount Rushmore it could be just us 4 😂
Besides Mount Rushmore and the Badlands. Our Shortstop Tim Gassman describes the hidden gem of South Dakota...Canova htt…
75 years of Mount Rushmore, a boon for tourism, creativity
what rock group has four men that don't sing?? MOUNT RUSHMORE! Ba dum tss
Power rankings is kinda a Mount Rushmore
Someone who is on the Mount Rushmore of Suplexs
Mount Rushmore of Canadian Singer Singwriters Neil Gord Joni & Bruce - eh Bernie how about that !
Tom Hanks is definitely on my Mount Rushmore of actors.
Had a dream I saw Mount Rushmore and someone in my party said "you're face will be up there soon instead of the dollar bill"
U better not call off next Tuesday when we work together or else you're off my Mount Rushmore of all time top Lady Huskies
Mount Rushmore is not its first name. It was called Six Grandfathers. 🇺🇸
Your forehead is gona look like Mount Rushmore when I'm done with you.
I wish I was into the indies during the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling stable in PWG
He will have his face on Mount Rushmore
Breaking down the mount rushmore of WWE refs with
I want this framed and hung next to the Mona Lisa. The Mount Rushmore of GOATS
yeah I have no idea lol. statue of liberty? mount rushmore? guns? O
We almost froze but we made it to Mount Rushmore! An absolutely amazing sight
Looks like Teddy is getting a facelift @ Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Love him or hate him, but Cena is on the mount Rushmore of wrestling. Great marches with everyone, money promos. Legend.
What rock group has four men but never sings?. Mount Rushmore
Read the history of Mount Rushmore and the Blackhills to understand why we all must stand with
give me your Mount Rushmore of long snappers next please
What is your mount rushmore of bad ideas ?
So, I saw Mount Rushmore today, and I feel a way. Let's be honest: this is what supremacy looks like.
Why take grandma table cloth and used it on his table for his Mount Rushmore blog😂😂
Not much else there except for Mount Rushmore Park.
and I should mention: there are two other series in my Mount Rushmore of "why do people love these snotty games"
The often missed side of Mount Rushmore.
Flights booked for next years holiday can't wait! New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and Vegas baby!!! 🇺🇸
"Mount Rushmore is the tallest mountain on Earth, that's in like Asia right?" oooh wow okay
When is going to do the Mount Rushmore of backyard baseball players?
two of the best in the world KO & Adam Cole. I want The Mount Rushmore to invade WWE.
Mount Rushmore before construction, the Black Hills, South Dakota, circa 1905. http…
Mount Rushmore, but the heads of Chester Cheetah, The Kool-Aid Man, The Pillsbury Doughboy and Little Debbie
Can't wait to be at the Tetons tomorrow, yellow stone, glacier national park & Mount Rushmore this week but I have to survive the car first
Holly looking at Mount Rushmore: "Okay, so what's with the guy with the mustache?"
and the sight seeing begins, Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Black Forrest and Crazy Horse today😄
The four faces carved into Mount Rushmore are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.
Raiders fans, Hall of Famer Mike Haynes joins Sports on Tap...and is Brett Favre on your Mount Rushmore of Quarterbacks?
There should be a comedy Mount Rushmore just to put her on it. Happy Birthday Lucille Ball.
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Kid Dynomite! is not on my Mount Rushmore: 1. Barney Fife. Fred Sanford. Hawkeye Pierce and Gilligan!
Forever on Mount Rushmore: founding member & Hall of Famer Don Carter was born on this day 1926
"I was photoshopped" - late entry for Mount Rushmore of excuses for
Me: Mount Rushmore (Top 4) of wildlife . Scott: can they be extinct?. Me: No. Scott: *** I hate all the new ones
John Derbyshire, Milo Y and Ann Coulter at the same event? All you need is Pat Buchanan to complete an Mount Rushmore.
Love going to the Starbucks on Mount Rushmore road and seeing that Jared is working...he's just the sweetest this early in the morning!!
Just spent 10 min trying to face swap with the Mount Rushmore presidents. What. Is. The. 21st. Century.
My promise, is that I will make Mount Rushmore into Mountain Dew Rushmore, and it will have Classic, Diet, Code Red, and Whiteout.
HI First Lady. If you two visit Mount Rushmore, I hope you can attend Sturgis Motorcycle Rally,Aug.8-14. Bikers4trump & all.
📷 Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, and Custer State Park…and of course BUFFALO
I can't believe nature made mount Rushmore. Crazy how nature work like dat
Really excited to go too Mount Rushmore National Memorial 😀
Mount Rushmore of Katz hotdog hashtags right here
We will go on a road trip to visit Mount Rushmore!
Nothing makes you feel more patriotic than being at Mount Rushmore for Fourth of July weekend🇺🇸
have you guys seen "The Room"? It's on the mount Rushmore of bad movies.
the 15th is my 21st so please change your Mount Rushmore to the 16th
How did Mount Rushmore come to be?: The carved monument is celebrating its 75th anniversary
if there was a cod Mount Rushmore, who do u think would be on it?
So today we made it into South Dakota and we visited Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument and also fed donkeys 😇
LeBron's building a case to be on the NBA's Mount Rushmore, but it won't be too easy.
it's Mount Rushmore season all over the place
Spent the day with my dad and Ashley being nerds at Mount Rushmore and the Reptile Gardens!…
Len Bias would be on NBA Mount Rushmore if he lived. My father, a bball encyclopedia, called him & Bill Walton the best players he ever saw.
So the giant lava thing comes out of a pool of lava in a evil villain base inside Mount Rushmore.
pretty much, he's in the top 10, or Mount Rushmore of American cinena, or whatever your grading scale would be.
What Mt. Rushmore was suppose to look like but ran out of funding.
Boston is TitleTown. You can be on that Boston sports Mount Rushmore. Come here...and win. We need ya
It's only a 10 hour drive to Mount Rushmore 😂 anyone down?
I'm so excited to go to Mount Rushmore tomorrow and watch fire works.😍🎆🇺🇸
New artwork for sale! - "Mount Rushmore Closeup with American Flag" -
Go see the all new Mount 'Kiss Our *** Obama" Rushmore
Hey Siri FANART made me mount rushmore
Our granddaughter, Ocean, went to Mount Rushmore with her best friend's family. Reunion is covering 3 states. Hugs!
mount rushmore of permissible recruiting decorations STAT
Leave it to us to randomly meet at Mount Rushmore.
Idk about you but Mount Rushmore was looking good today
Carving Mt Rushmore was an incredible feat, here's our top 5 facts:
more like Mount Bum I right?
Greetings from Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Hope you all are enjoying your summer!
Hey what's your Mount Rushmore of fireworks?
.and now I can add Schilling to my 'Blocked by' Mount Rushmore. Curt, meet &
The four worst inventions in the history of mankind (the Mount Rushmore of bad ideas if you will):
What's on your Mount Rushmore of American tourist spots?
I don't think Bill Simmons gets enough scorn for introducing "the Mount Rushmore of ... " because it really is an annoying way to categorize
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Today's agenda was mount rushmore and bear country USA. Cheyenne Wyoming next stop.
what's your Mount Rushmore of beverages?
Teaching my aunts how to delete messages while looking at Mount Rushmore
all Im thinking about as I look at Mount Rushmore is that Phinneas and Ferb episode when they came here
I would never actually construct an NBA Mount Rushmore, cuz that'd mean illegally confiscating land from the Lakota na…
“In modern history, there are two figures that belong on the Mount Rushmore of women’s sports-Billie Jean King and Pat Summit,” Mary Jo Kane
If the state of Tennessee had a Mount Rushmore, Pat Summitt is on it.
Lionel Messi is on my Mount Rushmore with Lebron Jordan and Magic
Did LeBron James just knock Wilt Chamberlain off Mount Rushmore? The King made his case in his epic Game 7 victory...
Beating the 73-win Warriors is LeBron James' best argument for getting a spot on the NBA's Mount Rushmore...
How are you gonna keep LeBron James off the NBA's Mount Rushmore after his epic Game 7 vs the Warriors? You can't...
Secret room found behind famous monument on Mount Rushmore – take a look inside
I'm thinking Omaha Zoo or South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore
Dorsey, Highsmith, Eddie "Downtown" Brown, jimmy Johnson. . Mount Rushmore too small for the 🙌🏼.
Convo wit the homie. If there was a sports Mount Rushmore we got Jordan, Mohammed Ali, Babe Ruth, Tiger Woods but who wud the NFL player be?
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I'd like to welcome Steve Simmons to the Mount Rushmore of sports media blowhards and trolls joining Skip and SAS
KFed, Nick Lachey, Gabriel Aubry and Tom Arnold are on the Mount Rushmore of Kept Men
Delly, Mike Bibby, Pablo Prigioni, and Patty Mills gotta be my Mount Rushmore of Point Guards.
Morley Safer belongs on a Mount Rushmore of journalism, next to Dan Rather and Mike Wallace, says
And so the begins. Denver, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Zion, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and the Badlands
Interesting factoid for you: Hill City High School, my alma mater, holds their graduation on Mount Rushmore
What does General Custer have to do with Mount Rushmore?
No surprise that 3 of my Mount Rushmore of awful NBA referees are doing this game 1. Scott Foster 2. Ed Malloy 3. Ken Mauer…
When you thought Mount Rushmore was a ski resort
During the early 1980s, the music industry was dominated by "the Mount Rushmore" foursome of Michael Jackson,...
Which four musicians would you put on your Mount Rushmore?. Prince, Micheal Jackson, Nat Kung Cole, & Luther Vandross.
has to be on Minnesota's Mount Rushmore, right? Who joins him? Mayo Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Bob Dylan, FS Fitzgerald?
Prince, Whitney, & MJ really not with us anymore. I could seriously cry right now. Like if black music had a Mount Rushmore, they'd be it.
Thinking about starting a petition to add S. Truett Cathy to Mount Rushmore
Anne Curtis-Smith and Bruno Mars are whistling in Maui. Diarrhea is visiting Mount Rushmore. Miley Cyrus is taking a dump on a pilgrim.
A friend asked me for my Mount Rushmore of TV characters (I limited it to comedy):. George Costanza . Hank Kingsley. Ben Katz. Gob Bluth
Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Spearfish Canyon, Bridal Veil Falls, and Devils Tower are in the plans 😁
Mount Rushmore convos have taken over the world.
My blonde moment was thinking Mount Rushmore was in Washington. 😂😂
A sports talk radio host that utters the words Mount Rushmore should be fired on the spot. Lazy *** radio.
Mount Rushmore of Pa. HS football coaches in my lifetime: Curry, Pettine Sr, Mike Williams, Rimpfel.
Who should be on our Mount Rushmore of Boston sports? Here's suggestions
Guess the State: Known for its 'Black Hills,' the rugged 'Badlands,' Mount Rushmore, the Lakota native american...
Has anyone ever been to Mount Rushmore?? Thinking about taking a road trip down there this weekend
Kinda messed up that Queen Latifa isn't on Mount Rushmore but I'll get over it
Geno is on the coaching mount Rushmore
Why was I cursed with a forehead the size of Mount Rushmore, and a cows lick so I can't even cover it up? 😡
I maxed my car out at 117 in South Dakota on the way to Mount Rushmore. I was doing 90 most of the way there though. 😂
fun fact: Mount Rushmore is Americas attempt at binding the four headed stone monster that once ravaged the country
South Dakota - Mount Rushmore Stamp. I have this stamp framed and displayed in my office. 3-cent sta
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This is Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. . This is the view from the other side - North Dakota.
this years lineup has 2 of my personal hip-hop Mount Rushmore, and 4 of my top 5 best lyricists alive.
Is it too soon to start talking about for Mount Rushmore?
Tammy Pettis have you heard this story before? Pretty funny
BREAKING NEWS -- US Secretary of State John Kerry discovered to be a runaway Mount Rushmore sculpture!
I think Joey should b on Mount Rushmore. Great idea!
If you were carving football's Mount Rushmore face would be on it
Will anything else ever be added to mount rushmore? Or will there be something similar in a different location?
The faces on Mount Rushmore really are built right out in the middle of nowhere.
I knew they were saving that space on Mount Rushmore for someone special. Be that someone, and Make American Great Again!
2012 South Dakota working on mount rushmore -
Mount Rushmore. Biggest hill in the world,
They call me Mount Rushmore because I like better in person
Already said Barry Sanders with Sayers, Ryun and Riggins. That's the Mount Rushmore right now
Do you know what the biggest building in the US is? . "Mount Rushmore" . .Sarah pls
I wanna get and myself's faces on my body posing as Mount Rushmore...
Each head on Mount Rushmore is 60 feet high, and the entire project took 14 years and about $1 million to complete.
More than 2 million have visited Mount Rushmore in South Dakota
woops COTA works too. My second choice was Mount Rushmore but it's whatever
Pockets full of dead presidents like Mount Rushmore!
D'Angelo Russell is now on the Mt. Rushmore of snitches:
you are on the Mount Rushmore of my Vegan Lifestyle. ..thank you Joe
Put Christie next to Charlie Weis on the Mount Rushmore of "LOL lap band surgery".
We completed our mission earlier today. @ Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Who would you put on a "Mount Rushmore of WWE"?: Hi all, Im not the biggest WWE fans but i really enjoy watchi...
"We can be Americans best if we are not Americans first. The promises that God has made will outlast Mount Rushmore."
. Excellent Likeness . Someday TRUMP'S Likeness will be Cut Into. Mount Rushmore . You're first up for the Commission!
If you could choose any four people in the world, who would you put on your Mount Rushmore?
Frosted flakes are Mount Rushmore of cereal
Donald Trump President Trump North Korea White House Taylor Swift Trump Tower President Donald Trump Steve Bannon Islamic State Middle East Lincoln Memorial Sierra Leone George Washington Premier League Champions League Mindy Kaling Central Park Ivanka Trump President Richard Trumka Both Sides North Carolina Civil War Robert E. Lee Jo Cox Supreme Court Kim Jong Oprah Winfrey Former Miss America Serena Williams Elvis Presley South Korea Johnny Depp Hong Kong Maria Sharapova Bill Gates West Brom Amazon Prime Olivet Nazarene University Public Health Mitch Trubisky Odell Beckham Long Island Kim Kardashian West Kim Kardashian Steven Soderbergh Luis Gutierrez Latin America New Jersey Good Game Weekend Update Republican Senator Red Cross Andy Warhol John Oliver Elon Musk Justice Dept Hillary Clinton New Game Jeff Flake Natalie Cole Last Gasp Bella Hadid Mutual Fund Mount Rushmore Laura Ingraham Manchester Arena Nottingham Forest Wells Fargo Northern Ireland Cook County Ed Sheeran National Park Service Jimmy Fallon New Zealand American Free Trade Agreement Mike Pence North Korean Roman Polanski Conor McGregor Top Chef Solar Eclipse Shonda Rhimes Big Ben Ghost Story Super Bowl Costa Brava Nigel Farage Daily News Heather Heyer Air France Princess Mary Karlie Kloss Lake District Johnny Vaughan Janet Daley Antonio Conte Ant McPartlin Joseph Priestley Riyad Mahrez Tim Stanley

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