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Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge (Red Mill) is a cabaret in Paris, France. It was built in 1889 by Joseph Oller, who also owned the Paris Olympia.

Ewan McGregor Baz Luhrmann Nicole Kidman Jim Broadbent Lady Marmalade Strictly Ballroom Albert Kahn John Leguizamo Dirty Dancing Saturday Night Fever Star Wars Notre Dame

You danced at the Moulin Rouge in a previous incarnation
Ring in the New Year with a Moulin Rouge inspired soiree at Rosmarin at Hotel Providence. Featuring artful...
.is the 5th musical to be honored at Past selections include LES MISÉRABLES, DREAMGIRLS, CHICAGO &…
Did you know the musicals Rent and Moulin Rouge were based on Puccini’s La bohème? This timeless story is one not to be misse…
La Goulue (c.1896) was a dancer at the Moulin Rouge, a the toast of Paris & an obsession of the artist Toulou…
"Where We Buried the Moulin Rouge" by Kerry Layne Jeffrey was published in 2013. Submit your photos now:…
Moulin Rouge ticket bought! . Seeing Strictly Ballroom soon, so just need Romeo & Juliet…
It's all Baz Luhrmann stuff! Which is funny, considering I just told Paris Las Vegas to have Moulin Rouge! LOL
Beck's song on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack (Diamond Dogs) tracks with MGS:V uncannily well.
and of course when Ashley W did the Moulin Rouge! themed skate she had the Red Dress costume for her earlier skates and the White Dress
Satine and the green fairy finally meet ✨✨✨ @ Moulin Rouge
Off the top of my head, other than Rent, which I love: Hairspray, Across The Universe, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Grease.
Baz Luhrmann who directs The Get Down on Netflix, also directed Strictly Ballroom and Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge.. no wait... Bridget Jone... no . Hot Fuzz. wait.The Borrowers!
There's a character in the Clone Wars called Satine and I'm gonna cry cuz that was Naomi Watts name in Moulin Rouge
super late to this but Sacre Coeur is the most god *** beautiful view in Paris. And its like 2 blocks from Moulin Rouge
pray tell: what delights are in a Moulin Rouge besides 1 part Brandy?
A Recut Trailer of Moulin Rouge to the song Send in the Clowns in the style of Mark Kozelek, by
The original Moulin Rouge the year before it burned down, Paris, 1914. Photograph from Albert Kahn museum collection
The main reason, the Khmer Rouge have failed is that--- many of their top leaders exiled in Paris, watching--- the Moulin Rouge!
it's Moulin Rouge with more eyeliner
Win tickets to see Moulin Rouge at St Mark's Church, Mayfair with
David Bowie singing Nature Boy at the beginning of Moulin Rouge literally crushes my soul
Moulin Rouge, Martin Asti, and an evening of Quilting 👌🏻
I feel like Satine dying in Moulin Rouge, while Jim Broadbent sings "the show must go on" at me. . Must *cough* b ready 4 *cough*
Richard Roxburgh of Moulin Rouge predicts social media users will soon get over it
Moulin Rouge! will always be my favourite movie. So beautiful,romantic and heartfelt.Baz Lurhmann is a total genius.
A rare color photograph by Albert Kahn of the original Moulin Rouge in Paris, a year before it burned down, 1914. http…
Moulin Rouge premiered 15 years ago today!
I always forget Ewan McGregor was the male lead in Moulin Rouge. He sings. This is amazing to me.
& Follow us & for your chance to win 4 tickets to a Moulin Rouge themed Christmas party!
It wasn't just Formula E that lit up Paris on Saturday! A big thank you to Moulin Rouge for entertaining the crowd.
Oh la la Paris! You have more than Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Moulin Rouge. Let's meet the bridges:
Watched moulin rouge for the first time last night and I frikkin love that movie. Its still on my mind
I had a rough day but my friends are blessing me with blunts and singing the Moulin Rouge soundtrack w me. Life is always…
you're in Paris?! I'm envious. Visit the Moulin Rouge for me!
The tunnel of love or channel of destiny is on the elephant in the Moulin Rouge & Harold Sidler is played by Jim Broadbent.
Ewan McGregor plays OB1 Kenobi and Christian in the Moulin Rouge. The fireworks go backwards in the rouge but v shaped in V.
And the show goes on. That program meant so much more 2 me than many will know, + I'm so thankful 4 that 1 last skate. G…
Why do I have Moulin Rouge's Elephant Love Medley stuck in my head.
Ok my afternoon plan is to continue the huge clear out whilst reenacting the whole of Moulin Rouge 💃🏼💃🏼
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.” ~ Moulin Rouge
I like Moulin Rouge enough, but Romeo + Juliet stinks
What if they make a Hamilton movie similar to Moulin Rouge format.
Pancake House Technohub playlist is crazy awesome!! Moulin Rouge, The Runaways and now some early 80s rock that i don't know but it's tight
ah good man Henri. .getting down and dirty in the Moulin Rouge
Man used to love off lil kim, she made me realise i loved women, that moulin rouge video was the ting for me back in the day
My best sketch from my time at the Moulin Rouge photo shoot, featuring Jessica…
Morning run listening to moulin rouge 💃🙈
Supper, a river cruise and a show at the Moulin Rouge. Thanks !! ❤️❤️
Was on Mactan Shrine earlier and some people were performing Lady Marmalade from Moulin Rouge and it just felt so nostalgic 😭💕
you said Lil Kim can we talk about the song Moulin Rouge okay I love it
Jim, could you paint John Inverdale doing a can-can with Dame Edna Everage and Claire Balding at the Moulin Rouge?
On Ewan McGregor's birthday may I recommend watching I Love You Phillip Morris? That or Moulin Rouge if you want to go bigger.
Craig Armstrong, best known for composing the scores for Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby, Ray, and Love Actuall...
He is the king of "great concept/terrible execution" what I've seen of SP looks like rewarmed Moulin Rouge clips
rent, cats, moulin rouge, Chicago are like your basics
Thank you to everyone that joined us for Moulin Rouge®-The Ballet! What a spectacular run!
*steps back, eyes wide open* Wow, lady. Ah...Moulin Rouge? Red Dragon Pup? Some little house of pleasure from Paris to Greece?
Watching Moulin Rouge for the first time in like 8 years and I've never loved it more 💋
I watched moulin rouge this morning and dear god Ewan McGregor with dark hair aND HIS VOICE
Moulin Rouge would have coasted clear of that lot. Another flop from Astra Hall. Time to give the game up with her for connections.
thats 2 in a row now that Moulin Rouge has played up and refused to enter stalls does she have to pass a stalls test now?
Gone without Moulin Rouge at Wolverhampton - Rule 4 to follow!
I'll stand hanging if this Moulin Rouge goes in!!
I was given Moulin Rouge as a Valentine's day present now I'm finally going to watch it.
I do think Astra Hall holds fair claims here but Moulin Rouge so solid as an each way. Had to have a right old go.
I'm gonna watch Moulin Rouge again tonight. Im buying tissues and chocolate
Moulin Rouge will never leave me ok, I have watched is at least 2 times a year since I was 4 and I still can't handle it.
come what may, come what may, oh i'll love you until my dying day 🎧 - moulin rouge. I hoppe you know
Moulin Rouge inspired theme for today!
Ugly cried to Moulin Rouge, Ugly crying to life
Check in, let's get ready for Laurens 30th Birthday celebrations 🎉 😘
"Got nowt to lose in the Moulin Rouge and well flash our pants when we can can" Me and leobearuk…
Literally put on the Moulin Rouge on just so I can sing and repeat it
and then I accidentally rewatched Moulin Rouge again. Didn't know I had so much tears. Talk about an emotional roller coaster ride. T_T
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They are loving some Moulin Rouge in Jesolo
"We just discovered this awesome movie called Moulin Rouge" - Italian Gym Federation
Waiting for the coach at the Moulin Rouge attempting a group cancan
The dressing room at the Moulin Rouge, 1924.
I love u in moulin rouge its such a good movie I watch it all the time I fall in love with Christian each time! 😘.love u!!!😘
A contemporary "reboot" of shows in the genre of famous productions like Lido de Paris, Moulin Rouge and Jubilee! http…
I finally beat the pneumonia. I was coughing like Satine at the end of Moulin Rouge. I'm coming to Melbourne in April.
Woke up singing the 'Moulin Rouge' (sp?) soundtrack in my head, desperate to hold a brush and paint and sing in my studio all day...
I can confirm however that we've turned Zagor's Maze into the Moulin Rouge. Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada.
TeeVee/TCM: Fabian surfer flick 6PM > Charlton Heston is Michelangelo in The Agony and the Ecstasy 8PM > Zsa Zsa stars in Moulin Rouge 10PM
Zsa Zsa Gabor & Buster Keaton at the Moulin Rouge, 1959. Photograph by Henry Wolf.
Vanessa Hudgens e Stella Hudgens no photobooth do Cinespia "Moulin Rouge" -...
I've seen parts of Across the Universe and I know that Moulin Rouge in Baz Lurhman. I would love to see both
Feel like pizza and red wine with the following movies to keep me company; Blue Crush, Freaky Friday and Moulin Rouge
Bridget Jones, half of Moulin Rouge, Angus Thongs and perfect Snogging as well as God knows what soppy songs 😂😂😂
Atlanta Ballet's 'Moulin Rouge' shows light and dark sides of Paris - Access Atlanta
I forgot about Le Miserables too, but that wasn't quite the same as Moulin Rouge or Repo The Genetic Opera. It as more serious
Let's be real: the only reason I'm watching Moulin Rouge right now is because of
I liked a video from Moulin Rouge - Unique cabaret by Evdokimov show theater
Actually I have two books about dancers to work on next- one on a Moulin Rouge showgirl and then a NA about a stripper. I'm sensing a theme.
Off to the Moulin Rouge shortly.. Sooo excited but now really poor!!
amazing NY in seaside apt with Goddess &RealMan NWE @ Moulin Rouge FancyD & then cooked for &chilled time with them https…
Which of these was a character in the film Moulin Rouge?. Watch the answer -
MOULIN ROUGE TRIBUTE. 6TH MAY. Moulin Rouge Tribute evening to include a 3 Course Evening Meal and free entry into...
Watching Moulin Rouge and attempting some coursework... Guess which one is taking more of my attention🙃
Guys . i have so many thoughts right now like . moulin rouge au
Phantom of the Moulin Rouge by Lyle Doux via
It's moulin rouge time yes!! It is! Been major long time since I lasted watched :)
The greatest thing you'll ever know is to love and be loved -Moulin Rouge…
This production is vibrant and full of life! Moulin Rouge®-The Ballet comes to Atlanta in February!
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Woah hold up, Moulin Rouge is excellent.
I can't believe Moulin Rouge came out 15 years ago and I only watched it yesterday. I'm obsessed.
Seasons may change, winter to spring... I love you 'til the end of time. - Moulin Rouge!
I'm thinking of saying 'He's got a HUGE mandate' in the style of Toulouse from 'Moulin Rouge!'
Stack bills on bills 'til my backyard's got pools on pools, girls on girls, lingerie and Moulin Rouge
What are we doing in 2016? Singalonga shows 4 Grease, Sound of Music, Frozen, Dirty Dancing, Rocky H & Moulin Rouge:
Next event - Murder at the Moulin Rouge at this
So excited for a month of Moulin Rouge rehearsals leading up to the show. NOT excited to see how unfit I've got over Christmas 😂
Very elegant person sends glass bowl flying, shattering splinters everywhere.. 'It's ok she dances at the Moulin Rouge' we are told..
New Year Night 2016 in Moulin Rouge More you can find on
Step into the 'Belle Epoque' with an unforgettable show at the Moulin rouge, the largest cabaret in the world! 󾮜...
Gar du Nord is beautiful. That's where I stayed. Short walk to the Moulin Rouge and Montmartre. Easy access to the Metro 😊 x
I randomly sings songs from Moulin Rouge and I'm not ashamed.
I look forward to the day when I'm not coughing like Satine in Moulin Rouge.
Thank you so much.Happy new year my dear friend 🎁🎉🎈🎉
burlesque-brigade:. Me as Satine from Moulin Rouge! .  Photo by...: burlesque-brigade:. Me as Satine from Mouli... https:…
Dr. Sengupta shared this song with me- Remembering Moulin Rouge..
When I can't sleep.. I watch moulin rouge. Not even to the good parts and I'm dozing.
The Moulin Rouge is on my list of places to go to.
Enjoy an evening dinner show at the Moulin Rouge the number one show in Paris.
Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge is wardrobe goals
Can't believe Moulin Rouge hasn't been made into a West End show
Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa / The Englishman at the Moulin Rouge - 1892
📷 malinconie: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, At the Moulin Rouge, 1892-1895 and The Salon of the Rue des...
Dancing in the Mouli: Dancing in the Moulin Rouge / Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Looks like the Duke from Moulin Rouge had made a comeback:. Donald Trump's Doctor Says He Would Be T...
Montmartre is primarily known for its nightclub district, with concert halls and the Moulin Rouge theater.
the ICONIC Moulin Rouge cover of Lady Marmalade by and wouldn't exist without
.may not have a # 1 hit as a SOLO artist, but let's not forget that she PRODUCED the Moulin Rouge version of Lady Marmalade
I added a video to a playlist Karaoke Lady Marmalade - Moulin Rouge! *
Moulin Rouge- Lady Marmalade is playing on the day can finish now we have gone out on a high
"The best thing in life is to love and be loved in return..." . -Ewan McGregor, Moulin Rouge 🎬🎥
14 years later and Moulin Rouge still makes me tear up, and I was only listening to the soundtrack.
Watch "Moulin Rouge" themed free skate that won her gold at
Necklaces honoring Gloria Amaral to be auctioned at Moulin Rouge event in ... - The Union of Grass Valley
I've not scene La Boheme but Moulin Rouge is not a romcom!
Rangoon has musical charm of Moulin Rouge, romance of Casablanca, intensity of Saving Private Ryan-Vishal Bhardwaj
"Rangoon is a classic tale that will hv d musical charm of Moulin Rouge, d romance of Casablanca, intensity & drama of Savin…
Ha Well it would've been a start. At least then it would have a guilty pleasure Moulin Rouge vibe.
Other movies that tried too hard: Shutter Island, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Anchorman 2, and Moulin Rouge.
A6: "Here is everything I know about France: Madeline and Amelie and Moulin Rouge.", it's from Anna and the French Kiss :)
A late night screening of Moulin Rouge is always a good decision. 🎬
Watching Moulin Rouge for the first time!
Not a friend goes by where I don't convince them to watch 'Moulin Rouge' with me. I force them to watch it tbh
this man did the Moulin Rouge Elephant Medley by himself. Kudos, good sir!
He met Marmalade down in old Moulin Rouge 🎶
I'm listening to El Tango De Roxanne by Ewan McGregor, Jose Feliciano & Jacek Koman on
All my brothers went to jail trying to live . miss my *** skrew and fella, smooth. We started moulin rouge
I'm listening to Come What May by Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor on
hey new/old mutuals, i'm Ana and i'm obsessed with bands and a movie called Moulin Rouge! Ily ☺️💕
Moulin rouge is such a great movie :(
Sing 'Come What May' from Moulin Rouge...would be beautiful for you two!
A night at the Moulin Rouge was the perfect way to start the Parisian leg of our European …
Our Client The Moulin Rouge mentioned in AM-NY this morning!
I'm 90% sure they just played a song from Moulin Rouge at the game.
"thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love" this line breaks my heart I love Moulin Rouge so much 😢😢
Drinking wine and watching Moulin Rouge, commence romantic bawling in 1h
Moulin Rouge in Paris, amazing show!!! Just *** *** and a lot of dancing. Very impressive
I just want someone who will sing the Moulin Rouge duets with me to be honest
People who did not think that Moulin Rouge was a great movie took it way too seriously and missed the point entirely.
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slightly bummed I missed moulin rouge at the Cinerama! It's probably rad as *** on a big screen
Millions of people searching How to be happy in Google. Answer: just and enjoy it :
*puts on Moulin Rouge soundtrack to drown out feelings*
“how wonderful life is now youre in the world" –Moulin Rouge. Reminds me of YOU. Follow me? Much love, stay saf…
Sweet memories were made at HYP.NO.SIS Moulin Rouge . Get ready to be part of the night as we prepare to...
The entire moulin rouge soundtrack is so incredible
watching Moulin Rouge at the cinema with a friend who worked for Virgin,we wondered why her phone was full of voicemails asking
What movie can you watch over and over again? — mm probably moulin rouge, i really like that movie
The best Baz Luhrmann film will always be Moulin Rouge
When my moms laptop screen gets fixed then we should watch Moulin Rouge
If Liberace and Hugh Hefner collaborated on a cruise ship revue, you'd get rouge.
Nothing like a harmonized, Moulin Rouge melody in the middle of David Levithan and Will Walton's…
Part 2 of Shayne Day: Pink Champagne, yummy cheese, games and all things Moulin Rouge with the…
And Repo! The Genetic Opera and Chicago and Hair and Moulin Rouge as well? ♥
Jim Broadbent's character in "Moulin Rouge" is perhaps the most sympathetic pimp in cinema history. How did that happen?
Moulin Rouge is 1952 drama directed by J.Huston. In the plays both H. Toulouse-Lautrec and his father.
Maurice Guibert Toulouse-Lautrec painting at the Moulin Rouge, c1890. Lautrec's painting of Moulin Rouge htt…
NEW ON VIEW—Toulouse-Lautrec’s Moulin Rouge, La Goulue is widely recognizable but rarely shown. See it in Gallery 242 …
The "like a virgin" scene in Moulin Rouge never fails to make me laugh, just Jim Broadbent covered in a tablecloth running from the duke😂
Photoset: hirxeth: “I owe you nothing. And you are nothing to me.” Moulin Rouge! (2001) dir. Baz Luhrmann
Ashley Wagner's stunning and flattering "Moulin Rouge!" long program dress comes in at for me!. -B
From Frozen to Of Mice and Men, from Moulin Rouge to The Glass Menagerie... What story would you like to see turned into a ballet?
Moulin Rouge is the best musical... and drama, and romance - just the best movie all around
Worth listening to hear Julie Covington sing - John Peacock - Posters of the Moulin Rouge, Yvette Guilbert
Tivoli screens 5 great stories this summer. Tonight, 8pm: Moulin Rouge.
The only way "Moulin Rouge!" could be better* is if John Leguizamo played every role**. * weirder. ** except Jim Broadbent's
50% of my enjoyment of Moulin Rouge is Ewan's singing. 20% is the visual design. The rest is totally John Leguizamo.
Dance at the Moulin Rouge by Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec -
Can we watch Moulin Rouge together and cry and sing along please x
Moulin Rouge. Beginning of Wednesday's walking tour of Montmartre.
I might go to at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, France - Jul 17
442) Not long afterwards, when Vian invited him to his house behind the Moulin Rouge, his host took a book of Cole Porter’s lyrics off the
Most of my knowledge of the condition came from being forced to watch Moulin Rouge!*. *Exclamation mark not mine.
Submarine (my personal favourite), Mr. Nobody, The Darjeeling Limited, Moulin Rouge (so good), Mary & Max (amazing).
Working to the Cloud Atlas score and really wanting to rewatch it. But I owe a Moulin Rouge rewatch first. :)
Want to see the Eiftel Tower, Versailles, the Moulin Rouge and the Champs-Élysées? can take you there!
Saturday May 9th marks a new chapter in Tresor's collaboration with La Machine du Moulin Rouge. The first two...
Breaking out all the french I know for this final right now: Moulin Rouge, Au Bon Pain, Menage a Trois...
Just did my TB training and now will never look a Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge the same again. Congratulations you caused an outbreak.
on Friday night is becoming Moulin Rouge, with live can-can dancers, fireworks and guest DJ's...
Did you know that Jane Avril was the inspiration for Nicole Kidman's character in the film Moulin Rouge!?
looking forward to seeing Strictly Ballroom when it hits Brisbane. Do you think you would make Moulin Rouge a stage production?
Had to watch Saturday Night Fever and Moulin Rouge as homework for my Film Genre class this week. College is awesome
Foto: At the Moulin Rouge, The Dance  Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec  (1864 - 1901) more works by this artist...
Moulin rouge will always be one of my fave films
1 year ago - Lighting the Moulin Rouge green for St. Patrick's Day with 🍀
Kinda hard to pick which version I like more. LOVED Moulin Rouge. ♫ "Your Song" by
I had the BEST dream last night that there was a huge press conference to announce that Moulin Rouge would finally be a braid way musical. 🎶
I always watch moulin rouge whenever im sad
Just realized that moulin rouge actually means red windmill. And it's a real place. Thank you
I need to go home and watch Moulin Rouge
My lecturer said to me that I should research 50 shades for design ideas. And lapdancing clubs. I know I'm doing Moulin Rouge, but still..
Is there ipod dock stations in moulin rouge? ah 2 sleeps to go
I don't trust anyone who doesn't like Moulin Rouge 😒
Courtney: "You sound like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge.". Me: "I have bronchitis, not tuberculosis!"
Paris, what a way to start our Euro tour with 📷 @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge
Everything worked out okay I ended up watching a drag queen named Angel sing Moulin Rouge and I drank more tequila, so
Watching Moulin Rouge. Didn't know Jessie J was in this?!
Moulin Rouge soundtrack getting me through this morning. Yes. Moulin Rouge.
Moulin Rouge, Paris. I love the saturated reds and blacks and the deep shadings of gray in this pho
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I've just been watching Mad Men and there's some excellent brow-game going on there. Also: Nicole Kidman in "Moulin Rouge".
I saw Moulin Rouge in the theatre with an old girlfriend of mine in 2000, between that and R&J I'm sold on Baz Luhrmann
Off to the Salvador Dali museum today. Can't think of a better way to spend my Oh and Moulin Rouge tonight!
19 Feb 1978: Played with Kerry curled my hair. Watched Jean Brodie. Watched Moulin Rouge. Feel a bit sick my back is aching.
Ok, Play Time!How many songs from the Beatles (as a group or just Paul, John, Ringo and George) are there in the famous film "Moulin Rouge"?
If Ewan McGregor doesn't give you chills when he sings in Moulin Rouge then wyd
overwhelmed after seeing 'Moulin Rouge' for the first time in my life. can sing, *** it!
Nicole Kidman is 5'11"?! How have I never noticed this until right now? Evan McGregor must've been wearing heels in Moulin Rouge!
that awkward moment when Christian from Moulin Rouge is Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars 😳😦
Can-can dancer taking a break at the Moulin Rouge, Paris, 1953
Christian Louboutin - Shoe Fever -  If you have watched the Moulin Rouge (one of my all times favourite...
My spirit animal is John Leguizamo's character from Moulin Rouge
on skating to "Moulin Rouge!": "It speaks very much to how my career has gone".
It’s not over yet. Ok I know its January 10th. I’ve been home for a while – but my New York high has not worn off just yet. Baz Luhrman is one of my favorite directors. The fact that he’s an Aussie (ok ok, I have a thing for Aussie accents – shoot me!) – a fellow Virgo – and can ballroom dance – doesn’t factor into the equation. He’s got a style that’s colorful, complex and orchestrated. This translates well into films. Years ago, I fell in love with the film Simply Ballroom, before I even knew Baz Luhrman as a director. The film takes me back to the days of ballroom dance lessons and competitions. What is funny today, was not so funny back then. The film Moulin Rouge was big. Australia even bigger. It only stands to reason that he would be a natural pick for the remake of The Great Gatsby. That style is signature. I was anxious to see his work with wife, costume designer, Catherine Martin, producing holiday windows for Barney’s. She’s no slouch either – remember that r ...
One should never meet a person whose work one admires; What they do is always so much better than what they are! -Jose Ferrer, Moulin Rouge
I'm blocks away from the Moulin Rouge sitting in my hostel bed eating orange tic-tacs to distract myself from the fact I can't buy anything.
The cinematography in The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge is breath-taking. Thank you, Baz Luhrmann. 💚
oooh la la ~ join the Best of the Best at Summit Chase Country Club for an evening of Moulin Rouge!
Day 1 - Eiffel Tower, Sorbonne, Notre Dame, Pont des Arts (key bridge added a key), Louvre, La Defense, Sacre Cœure , Cafe Deux Moulins (two windmills restaurant from the movie Amalie), Moulin Rouge, Arc De Triomph, and last but not least Luigi's Pizza next to the hotel. Tomorrow on to Prague.
So sorry to read the news that Las Vegas pioneer and my FB friend Dr. Sarann Knight Preddy passed away this morning at the age of 94. As someone who made history in that city, I can tell you I stood on the shoulders of this grand dame. She was the FIRST black woman in the history of the state to ever have a gaming license when she opened the Tonga Club. She later purchased the historic Moulin Rouge, Nevada's first integrated hotel/casino. Back in the day, entertainers like Nat King Cole and Sammy Davis Jr. could perform on the Las Vegas strip, but they couldn't sleep there as the Strip was segregated. People of color who today visit Las Vegas and stay wherever their money can take them can thank her and some of her great colleagues like Dr. Bob Bailey and Rev. Marion Bennett who both beat her to heaven by just a few months. Rest in peace, Sarann!
Shout out to Ashley Wagner for skating to the Moulin Rouge! Soundtrack
Long Way Down Picture Collection Up For Auction In Vegas January, the Bonhams Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction offers collectors and enthusiasts an amazing array of motorcycle memorabilia. On Thursday 8 January, a large photographic exhibit of actors Ewan McGregor’s and Charley Boorman’s ‘Long Way Down’ motorcycle journey will go under the hammer… After circumnavigating the world in 2004 with BMW R 1150 GS motorcycles on their epic ‘Long Way Round’ journey, actors, adventurers and pals Ewan McGregor (Star Wars, Angels & Demons, Amelia, The Island, Moulin Rouge) and Charley Boorman (Emerald Forest, By Any Means, Race to Dakar) began another great motorcycle expedition, called Long Way Down. Their new challenge – this time on BMW R 1200 GS bikes – took them on a 15,000-mile trek from the northernmost tip of Scotland, down to the southernmost tip of Africa. Riding through Western Europe and Eastern Africa, Ewan and Charley mixed their love of GS motorbikes with the irresistible lure of far-flun ...
Still hopelessly in love with the Moulin Rouge soundtrack ❤️
A cup of tea, chocolate chip chunky cookies, Moulin Rouge and my super comfy bed :) yay
Only my mom can get Mulan and Moulin Rouge confused 😂
Rockin out too hard to this moulin rouge soundtrack
Daisy and Paige.get your diaries out.we must have at least one slot for dinner and Moulin Rouge...I've not been able to watch it for over 2 years...your mama needs you.X
When this is all over, I'm going to watch Moulin Rouge with some absinthe and have a good cry.
“The dressing room at the Moulin Rouge, 1924 back then is where I wanted to live .
Just learnt on French TV you've been to the Moulin Rouge in my home town ! Awesome :-)
NEW lipstick shades are now available online! Master the art of seduction with our Moulin Rouge red:...
Guys! If somebody is going to Paris on Christmas and would like to watch a show at Moulin Rouge, I have available 2 tickets for december 25th at 23:00, they cost € 114 each. If you're interested just let me know.
“The dressing room at the Moulin Rouge, 1924
Watching Moulin rouge for 1000 time this year 😂
Genuine conversation with Aron: Aron: who was it who died in Moulin Rouge? Me: Nicole Kidman Aron: Of AIDs? Me: No, of Consumption Aron: Of Alcohol? Me: No! It's Tuberculosis! Aron: Is that an STI? Me: No Aron, TB!!! Aron: Oh.
The dressing room at the Moulin Rouge, 1924
As you liked Joseph Catté's mash-up so much, i found an older one that is quite invigorating as well! And i will only do this once, so don't ask me again: Dance of the Day contains scenes from the following movies "Dirty Dancing,Flashdance,White Nights,Perfect,Saturday Night Fever,Blue Skies,Pulp Fiction,High Fidelity,Clerks 2,American Pie,Billy Elliot,Footloose,True Lies,Grease,Honey,Phantom of the Opera,Step up,Step up 2,Moonwalker,West Side Story,Moulin Rouge,Mary Poppins,7 Brides for 7 Brothers,Rocky Horror Picture Show,Strictly Ballroom,Happy Feet,Singing in the Rain,Fame,Fame2009,Save the Last Dance,Mamma Mia,Mask of Zorro,Coyote Ugly,Wild Hogs,Get Smart,Airplane, A Knights Tale,High School Musical and Austin Powers" of DID IT! Switch to HD & ENJOY my little dance junkies song: "Footlose" by Kenny Loggins *COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT NOT INTENDED* "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, t ...
Now, I can't get it out of my mind!. Come What May - Original Film Version. Nicole Kidman. Moulin Rouge. http…
I gues I'll just listen to The Moulin Rouge, RENT and Frozen soundtracks today
'Moulin Rouge' is now on foxmovies # Paris 1900 greatest things you 'll ever learn is to love and be loved 💟 .M..oulin rouge
And now Moulin Rouge. They're trying to depress me to death.
Dinner Cruise with La Marina de Paris and Moulin Rouge Show! Book now:
This just in: An *** American bought pink fuzzy handcuffs from Moulin Rouge and got them confiscated from TSA and gave them a good laugh
Watching moulin rouge just to top off an amazing day
Wow gorgeous! I arrive at the Moulin Rouge and gladly take my seat. I have been looking forward to this the last two days now.
our fireworks finale was Come What May from Moulin Rouge. I can die happy now
If there is no guildie day this Saturday people are welcome to come hang out at the house. I will most likely be watching movies in the evening so that's also a thing. If you're wanting to come and see a particular movie Saturday night just let me know and I'll try to get it. ^_^ Right now the only planned movie I have will probably be Moulin Rouge
Okay guys.I'm not sure I'm diggin' American Horror Story this season. It is more grusome than psychologically frightening. And I certainly am NOT a fan of the Moulin Rouge-esque musical numbers in almost every episode. Sigh.
I think I need a trip to Moulin Rouge wearing Bijan or Turnbull & Asser when I make my first million!!!
forcing Kieran to watch moulin rouge with me
Who looked at the sea of fandom and said, "you know what all of those need? A moulin rouge au"
Last ray of the sun at Moulin Rouge . .
ok fine I've watched enough angel to know that one too. Never saw moulin rouge.
Moulin Rouge on repeat ♥ best five dollars I've spent in a while
I'm watching moulin rouge and it just reminds me of you two! 🙊
Guys, just saw you at Moulin Rouge in Paris at the end of October. It was my first visit to Paris, and you were amazing!
"Tunnel song" no it's Elephant Medley from Moulin Rouge bye
Congrats Martini Italian Bistro - Moulin Rouge has been named a 2014 winner!
That moment when you are watching Moulin Rouge (for the millionth time) and you realize that Harold Zidler is Professor Slughorn...
Moulin Rouge with Kayleigh, who's gonna cry first?
Outside things may be tragic, but in here we feel its magic. Outside it may be raining, but in here it's entertaining -Moulin Rouge (2001)
gets a makeover! Come out this Saturday to see it transformed into a sexy Moulin Rouge inspired cocktail lounge!
Off to watch moulin rouge with my girl for her birthday :)
Well JLaw in SLP...Gwyn in Shakespeare, Annette in American Beauty, I'd argue Nicole in Moulin Rouge.
Baru dpt bluray Moulin Rouge. Cant wait to watch it again!!!
Gonna watch the moulin rouge and have a bit of a sing song💃
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