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Motorcycle Club

A motorcycle club is a group of individuals whose primary interest and activities involve motorcycles.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Arctic Monkeys Staples Center Cystic Fibrosis

Husband: Band name starting with B? Can't think of any. Me: Band of Horses, Beck, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Bowling for Soup. Husband:Thx
of a dear friends Father who was laid to rest today. :'(. He will be... ♫ "Lullaby" by [pic]
I SUPER loved this book. “I know what I want. Just lay back and relax, because it’s not...
“Engines off?” Double D asked? She was the only female in the motorcycle club
Sat Oct 11 rock Brakeman Brewery 5220 W Jefferson in LA for all girl motorcycle club The Velvets
Fight at LR motorcycle club ends with 1 dead
my ex mother in law joined the BMW club of America and immediately started w BIMMER as car BEAMER as motorcycle.
Help make loaded so can use it as a front for her motorcycle club:
And the 5th & final rule of Circle Jerk Club is that if you came here on a motorcycle, you MUST go see Gene for grip-relaxation therapy 1st.
™OMGoddess!!! Idle, I don't do the motorcycle club thing maybe for this reason or hes body is tight now for a...
Easier get out Australian Army or Outlaw Motorcycle Club on compassionate grounds then Collingwood Football Club
I've decided that if I were to start a motorcycle club it would be called "Business Partners of Reason"
❋✾✽As Reapers Motorcycle Club president, Reese "Picnic" Hayes has. given his...
Schwartz & Associates along with Miles Per Hour Motorcycle Club is having an event to raise money for MFFK. We...
The song, 'Lullaby' by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, is absolutely magical
Isn't CSIS just a puppet of the CIA, like all of those other motorcycle clubs are really just puppets of The Club?
I'm giving up on all this college stuff.. just gonna join a motorcycle club or something
ways to be cool:. - leather chess club jacket. - ride motorcycle to SATs. - stay in school but in like a badass way. - type 8008…
36) BRMC-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (2000/2001/2002 [yes]). Brio isn't just about bouncing on a trampoline.This is real dirt
End of an era for the Baja 1000 as Ron Bishop has passed away. TrailBlazers Motorcycle Club, AMA Motorcycle Hall...
This is the future of motocross. Young riders at the Korumburra Motorcycle Club show great sportsmanship and maturity well beyond their years. Good job boys!
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was a great opener for the monkeys though 👌🎶
nobody talking about Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but I thought they were cool :/
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club doin it
That opening song from The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was badass
Hills to Himalayas Motorcycle Club is Organizing 'The Sunkoshi Fundraising Campaign' Its a charity ride and whoever are interested to go there are warmly welcome. Youth Event for helping landslide and flood victims of Sunkoshi In this perilous situation, We are in need of each other, to join hands and invest our time, energy and skills to save lives, to help them cope with their loss and to rebuild communities that have been affected by the destructive land slide and flood. . Can we Contribute Something for the victims.Remember, something is always good than nothing and that our small contributions can affect the lives of several. Programs Details,
it is not alowd for israeli citizen to deal with banditos he Bandidos Motorcycle Club, also known as the Bandido Nation, is a "one-percenter" motorcycle gang[1][2][3] and organized crime syndicate with a worldwide membership.
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Patriots Motorcycle Club The Patriots Motorcycle Club brings together a diverse group of men as full-patch Members and women as Lady Patriots. Our mission is to act as a reminder of what a true Patriot is; exercising our freedom and protecting our right to gather, ride, have fun, and work for good causes. Patriots MC colors are red, white and blue - the only colors of a true Patriot ! Patriots MC strongly and actively supports the Confederation of Clubs (COC) and the US Defenders program
Reasons like this make us proud to be a part of this industry. Young motocross racers from Korumburra Motorcycle Club show great sportsmanship.
Deity of Destruction. Performing at Tomcat West in Fort Worth. August 30 Saturday. They start the party at 8. Come and support these local young musicians. A special invite to Iron Circle motorcycle club.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Arctic Monkeys killed it tonight.
Hi OC Spirit Riders! I received an email through the ambassador contact on our beautiful new WOW website from a retired English police officer. He collects patches and pins from motorcycle clubs and riding clubs across the world and kindly asked if we might have any from our CA WOW chapters that we could send to him to add to his collection. Would you happen to have any OCSR patches or pins, etc., to help out his collection? If you don't - no worries at all! If you do, please let me know and we can figure out a way to get them to me. Thanks much, in advance! ~ Jill
That's it im going to find a motorcycle club and be a hott bikers old lady.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was great but waiting for Arctic Monkeys is terrible :(
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club opened beautifully at Staple Center for the Arctic Monkeys👌
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was so good
The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is pretty amazing, they opened for AM
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Staples Center: oh yeah it's good to see them again!…
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club played whatever happened to my rock n roll and man I got fn horny
Ok, I really kind of like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is gonna get famous one day
Most of the songs that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club plays have intros or patterns like other well known songs
Ah Arctic Monkeys and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club tonight ^_^
precisa ser indie não mas ouve um massive attack, black flag, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, placebo, the kills, jack white que
Staples Center building up nicely.Black Motorcycle Club on stage supporting the Arctic Monkeys
Ok I'm sold on Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Love me some bluegrass rock.
If you could do anything now, what would you do? — Go on stage with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Note to self: Download Black Rebel Motorcycle Club when I get home.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club killin it!
Set times for Arctic Monkeys at Staples Center (Doors 6:30pm, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 7:30pm & Arcti…
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are actually really good, great opening act.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is killing it right now!
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is sounding pretty good right now. I still can't believe I'm seeing Arctic Monkeys again. SO AMAZING.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is opening. Arctic Monkeys are next
Sycosis has a show on 08/09/2014 at 08:00 PM @ God's Son Motorcycle Club in Memphis, TN
I need a rival. I found my soul, let's set it on fire 🔥. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Rival"
About to see some band of monkeys play after Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Being the hottest girl at the motorcycle club house
Southern Arizona Harley Riders Motorcycle Club is hosting the 20th Anniversary S...
The Crimson Ghost organization needs to meet the American Cruisers MC at Riley's Run this Saturday. It starts at 10am in Woodville at the school. This is a charity run we have done for the last seven years to help children with Nieman's Pick Disease. If you want to start a motorcycle club there is proper ways to go about it. You need to learn about MC's before you try to become one. Support your community like you are claiming you will do and meet with other clubs in your area BEFORE you attempt to start a club to discuss your intentions and get your colors approved.
I am not a member of an OMG and have no problem identifying the IO as what they really are. I'm a 43+ years member of the "OUTLAWS MOTORCYCLE CLUB". It seems that most everyone has accepted the OMG classification but, I haven't. . The IO members have been wearing a three piece patch and strutting around for 10 years. Their founders and members are the cops that classified all three piece clubs as OMG's and criminal organizations. Why don't "WE" Classify them as the "Violent Criminal OMG thugs" they are and see what happens? Think about how that would affect them for a change? I don't think they would like that and I'm sure Law Enforcement agencies and military services they are part of wouldn't. We don't have to play their game, it's a *** poor game that two can't play. Stand up and stop letting someone else define who and what we are. Let' see how many of my friends and club members have the nuts to share this post.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
By Tricia Goecks Editor BELVIDERE – With the deafening roar of a Lifeline helicopter hovering over the Boone County Fairgrounds and the engines of approximately 200 motorcycles, the second annual Guns –N- Axes Benefit Ride headed north to the Rockton Fire Station on July 5. As the 200 bikers and their riders left the Boone County Fairgrounds, they were escorted out of town by Sheriff Duane Wirth and a city of Belvidere fire truck. Riders and their passengers reached up to touch the enormous American flag that was suspended over the parking lot entrance. As the group left Boone County and made its way into Winnebago County, the escort transferred from Wirth to members of the Winnebago Sheriff’s Department. In addition to being escorted by the police and fire departments throughout the Stateline area, many of the riders were law enforcement officers and fire fighters in the fundraiser to support the families of fallen police and fire heroes. The ride was sponsored by Fire & Iron Station 53, Blue Iro . ...
The Tauranga Motorcycle Club was formed in 1949 to attract the increasing number of young motorcycle enthusiasts away from their “blasts” along Joyce Rd into organised and legitimate activities. The subscription was fixed at 10 shiilings and events were organised regularly with……For further reading…
Thanks to those that have volunteered. We still need to fill spaces. Please let us know what job you can do so that we can ensure the race day runs smoothly. REMEMBER TULLY MOTORCYCLE CLUB have sponsored the flaggies so it is only these jobs that need to be filled.
Great News.. Claudio's says yes to Motorcycle Clubs and their Colors... .A big Thanks goes to some people in the Long Island Motorcycle Club Community and the Management of Claudio's in Greenport!! They came to an agreement and resolved the recent issue of the "No Colors Allowed" in the Claudio's establishment.
So I want to get men together more often so we can talk and help each other. I figure it's also a good way to get some good exercise in. So what about a flag football league to include churches, motorcycle clubs and civic groups. It's fun, you can get to meet new people and stay in shape. I'm just trying to keep our communities together.
Joe Nicholson with the American Veteran's Motorcycle Club is holding the 2014 Riverwalk Rally in support of America's war veterans
Fire and Iron to ride for Camp Amigo: On Saturday, the local chapter of a motorcycle club made up mostly of fi...
The price right now is only $0.99. It's the first book in a shifter / MC romance series titled Full Moon Mercy. SPECIAL! THE SECRET WOLF A Full Moon Mercy Novel Sitting next in line to run Full Moon Mercy Motorcycle Club, Lucas Trowwer has kept his fair share of secrets. Whether it’s the cover up of murders in town or the fact that all the men that sit at the table are truly beasts on the inside, Lucas knows the line between paranormal and reality is very thin. When bodies start piling up in town, the evidence points to a rival shifter crew looking to take down the MC, and the last thing Lucas needs is to save an innocent woman and fall for her. His trust must now reside in a woman who is beyond beautiful... and completely human. If things couldn’t get any more confusing, a one night stand from Lucas’s past comes forward with news that could change the path of Full Moon Mercy and Lucas is trapped within secrets, romance, and bloodshed. There’s a war brewing in the town of Mercy… and deep inside ...
Pearl Jam tomorrow supported by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! Day off used well!!
** NEW RELEASE! ** SAVING AXE (INFERNO MOTORCYCLE CLUB, BOOK 2) by Sabrina Paige ** Links in comments below! ** Sometimes you have to lose everything to find the one person who can save you. Ex-Marine Corps sniper Axe turned his back on everything he loved when he became the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Inferno MC. The fallen hero was determined to drown out the ghosts of war with an unrelenting path of self-destruction. He had no plans to set foot in his hometown of West Bend, Colorado again. Until the Inferno MC betrayed him. Now, there is nowhere left for him to run, except back to his father's ranch. Where he would come face to face with her. She was the last person he ever thought he'd see again, after an unspeakable childhood tragedy ripped them apart. June Barton. She was his first love, but now she's all grown up. The Navy surgeon gave up her scalpel to return home, tired of losing her patients to war. All she wants is peace and quiet, but when Axe shows up, he turns everything upside down. Can two br ...
One building, a large Christian motorcycle club, and a large traveling group of Amish folk. What are the odds?
Every time I go too the club I always get a blue motorcycle
Just saw Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on a bill for the Arctic Monkeys at the Staples Center. Happy to see they are still touring!
These motorcycle club convos at this barbershop are hilarious, *** Angels *** *** smh
Did all the important things a youth pastor does at bible study – bible study, grilled meat, & listened to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
domain names
remember that GTA Online "biker gang" I wrote about the other day? I got a chance to talk to a member...
I'm completely unsure if this is serious or not
A chat with GTA Online's notorious motorcycle club:
A Chat With GTA Online's Notorious Motorcycle Club: Earlier this week, we wrote about the Reaper ...
Had errbody in the club doin the motorcycle
Being in a motorcycle club seems like a whole lotta hard work…
Fox News people and their Deliverence audience think Rhodes means (Roads) Schola…
Berlin bans *** s Angels logo: Outlawing the motorcycle club's logo is just the German government's latest sa...
"In the 1960s Danny Lyon photographed the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club" - amazing pictures
Outlaws on the open road: Danny Lyon's photographs of the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club via
Selow sore hari🍻 ♫ Promise by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (at Pastbrik?) —
BBC News - Photographer Danny Lyon's seminal project on the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club.
Sons of Anarchy makes me want to start a motorcycle club...who's with me? ✊
Amazing pictures on the website showing the 1960s Chicargo Outlaws motorcycle club on the open road
Fantastic images here on 1960s Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club, photographed by Danny Lyons. via...
What girl you know wear 4 inch heels to the club on the back of a motorcycle...uh this girl
I need a little help fb .I need to know if anyone knows the names of the motorcycle clubs or bikers in washington and or surrounding areas..I have some but not many...please message me and let me know...trying to set up a event for August 16...thank u..
wanna holla @ u about a booking for a party @ Sin City Motorcycle Club n Gary In contact me thompsonnicole81
"it's a motorcycle club? I thought it was a homeless shelter." -
finished Devil's Game (Reapers Motorcycle Club) by Joanna Wylde and gave it 5 stars
I'm part of a motorcycle club now. Got my Harley and everything
"If you are reading this, you are not ready to join our motorcycle club."
Bandidos gang claims branch in Christchurch: Infamous outlaw motorcycle club the Bandidos has announced online...
Real life motorcycle club hanging out at a Timmies, 8:30pm on a Wednesday night. A dozen men loitering, helmets hanging off the right handle
"How the *** am I supposed to start a bad *** mc (motorcycle club) if my mom won't even let me say the f word?!" Lmao Cory. 😂
Now playing Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Let the Day Begin on three clock hours FM
Leather & Lace MC is an international motorcycle club for women that is family oriented. It was established in 1983.
Jun 17 at 7:48 AM Good morning - It is my distinct honor and pleasure to once again invite Military Vehicle owners and Veteran related Motorcycle Club members to participate in the July 4th, 2014 Mokena Parade. As is the past, Military Vehicles will be transporting Mokena VFW Veterans in the parade and will be the first entry directly behind the Mokena VFW Color Guard followed immediately by the Motorcycles. In addition, a Military Vehicle will be transporting a World War II Veteran and honoring his service. One of the Military Vehicles will also be used to honor Mokena resident and hero, recently Fallen Soldier Aaron Teppon The parade kicks off at 10:00 a.m. sharp. The parade will travel west on LaPorte Rd. to Wolf Road, then turn North on Wolf Road to 191st Street. The judging stand and video cameras will be set up in front of the Chamber of Commerce Office just south of the Metra Rail on Wolf Road (west side of the street). PLEASE NOTE: The PRE-Staging area for our entry has changed. We will be meeting ...
A HISTORY OF BIKERS RIGHTS IN AMERICA As Seen By Bill Bish NATIONAL COALITION OF MOTORCYCLISTS About 30 years ago, bikers across America got sick and tired of being told by a bunch of Washington bureaucrats and local politicians who'd never thrown a leg over a motorcycle what they HAD TO WEAR, how they HAD TO RIDE, and what our BIKES HAD TO BE BUILT LIKE!! And over the years, motorcyclists have organized themselves into a viable political force. We are one of the few TRUE grass roots movements in the country. Others may share an avocation, profession or recreation, but they don't share the passion. Bikers have succeeded in taking their passion and turning it into a movement...a "Freedom Movement," because we have the passion for freedom. Freedom is something we believe in, and that motorcycling is just one very enjoyable way to experience it. Well folks, that passion will always be inside you, each of you, the Harley, Honda, Yamaha, BMW or Triumph rider, from the doctor to the construction worker. And tha ...
Fiftysix Clix providing the goods with this shot of Luke Davis at Wollongong Motorcycle Club
Ok, just as a forewarning, I do realize that a lot of statements on this page tend to irritate quite a few people, and this one, will probably be no different. Is that ok? Ok so here it is; I know what you mean when you say it. I totally understand your desire to bring order and accountability to prophetic utterances, however, I am in FACT.a parking lot prophet, wait for it.and so was Jesus!!! Indeed. I prophesy in grocery stores, at water fountains, in shoe stores, at malls, in coffee shops, walking past motorcycle clubs, etc etc. Pastors who routinely BEAT the 'parking lot' prophecy theory, which is the policy that says people should prophesy in the context of and supervision of the Church, normally, haven't put systems in place to refine and encourage correct use of the gifts of the spirit. Now, to be clear, if it is your protocol, that prophetic words need to be written, reviewed, critiqued etc, by a designated authority in the context of the house, then they need to be amply supplied with Biblical in ...
It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of this years Bikefest. It was not an easy decision to make as it is something that is near and dear to our hearts. We have worked hard every year to grow and keep the event going because of the importance to the Cape Breton economy and the motorcycle community. But due to lack of sponsorships and funding, it has made the event impossible to put on this year. We would like to thank our dedicated volunteers and local motorcycle clubs for their support. Also a big thank you to Harold and Wendy Nesbitt from Atlantic Motorcycle Tour Guide for their support from day one.
This week, we’d like to send out a thank-you to the Town of Clark’s Harbour for adopting $100 worth of books for the Clark’s Harbour library. Lockeport Deputy Mayor Alonzo Townsend adopted $40 worth of books. The Weymouth Friends of the Library adopted two books this week, and the Coastal Drivers Motorcycle Club adopted $50 worth of books for the Barrington branch. Countless individuals have adopted books throughout this campaign and we thank you all!
Hello fb ...if you ride with a motorcycle club ..or know of a motorcycle club ..PLEASE MESSAGE ME...please share..
I need to clarify some information about Rolling Thunder. You DO NOT have to be a Vet to be a member. You DO NOT have to own or ride a motorcycle. We ARE NOT an Motorcycle Club, a Riding Club, or a gang. We are an organization. We are always looking for new members. If you are interested and can commit some of your time we meet every 3rd Sunday of the month at Moose Lodge 715 on Lakeside Dr in Lynchburg at 2pm. Come to a meeting and see what we are all about. Everyone is welcome. Bob
JACK E. LEFTWICH, 76, of Winfield, Kansas, passed away Tuesday evening, July 17, 2012 at his home. Born on February 25, 1936 in rural Burden, Kansas, he was the son of Marion Howell and Jessie Augusta (Garoutte) Leftwich. He was raised in Burden and at the age of 9 Jack had his “first job” sanding cars at Melvin Lewis Chevrolet in Burden. At age 10 he delivered ice in the mornings before school and started working at the Kaiser-Frasier Dealership pumping gas and learning to be a mechanic. Jack graduated from Burden High School in 1954. He was a member of the United States National Guard for 3 years. Jack was a mechanic all of his life and worked for Bill Hinkley for several years before owning and operating his own business, Jacks Auto Repair, from 1971 to 2005. He began employment at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts in 2004 delivering auto parts and retired this past April. He was involved in the Square Dance Club, the Motorcycle Club, the Antique Motorcycle Club and the Kaiser-Frazier Owners Club. Jack enj ...
In Country “Vietnam” Motorcycle Club of Michigan– We are 'in country' veterans of the Vietnam War, each member having served at least one tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam. We have all earned the Vietnam Service Medal, and our membership includes representatives from each of the Armed Forces of the United States. We represent all races and ethnic groups, and we enjoy the camaraderie of our brothers in arms, and the healing and friendship of being with others who've shared the same experiences. The In Country MC is a wholly benevolent not-for-profit federally tax-exempt war veteran’s motorcycle club. Our motto is "Vets Helping Vets" and our purpose is to provide moral, mental, and physical support to our brothers and sisters as well as other veterans, their families, widows, and children. We may also assist other members of the community who need financial, emotional, and personal support. We are always there with a "WELCOME HOME - JOB WELL DONE!" for the Vietnam veteran who has never heard i ...
Planning to try the adventure ride Sunday put on by the Hocking Valley Motorcycle Club. I'll let you all know how it goes.
What happens when a reporter looking for a story is thrown inside an outlaw motorcycle club on the verge of war?...
Spread Your Love by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from the album: B.R.M.C.
Organized Chaos, with about 50 members, definitely rides under the LGBT rainbow
Photo : photobigbang: Pink Rebel Motorcycle Club-what women have learned and taught on two wheels-Santa...
Now considering an application in Trinity from the Jersey Motorcycle and light car club.
Happy anniversary Spirits on wheels motorcycle club. Live to ride, ride to live.
Yeah! just renewed my yamaha club membership card with free motorcycle cover.tnx Yamaha Motor Phils
Good Turn out for the Chapparral's Motorcycle Club supper run last night. Good Ride, good food and Good Friends equals a GREAT TIME!
Fingers crossed for a good entry, and crowd attendance, at the Bob Mac Memorial meeting at East Fortune 7th/8th June. This is Scotland's biggest and best Classic bike racing event and attracts some fantastic machinery to compete on a great circuit with facilities which put many others to shame! This year the Scottish Classic Racing Motorcycle Club will host the Scottish round of the Camathias Cup for classic sidecars as well as all the usual solo classes for 250, 350, 500 & Unlimited and Post Classic solos. At a tenner per head admission its a cheap day out and only a short drive on quiet roads from a great road network from Edinburgh. Overnight camping, bar and band on Saturday (11pm cutoff) and two days of great racing. What's stopping you? See you there!
Now listening to Suddenly by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from the 2003 album Take Them On, On Your Own
(Gordon) Johannesburg - “Sometimes I heard crying and screaming, and ‘let me out’, ‘let me out’.” May 29 2014 This was what a tenant on the property belonging to a 36-year-old Springs man – arrested on Friday for allegedly torturing his wife and five children, locking them up in their home for years and possibly raping his teenage daughter – said outside the house. It is alleged the children were subjected to punishments, such as shocks with electric wires and burns by a blowtorch, which were found in the house. The case came to the police’s attention when the man’s 11-year-old son raised the alarm last week after running away from home. The man’s wife is believed to have broken down and told police of the horrors that took place inside her home. But the tenant, who asked not to be identified, said that, in her two months living there, she had witnessed only a snapshot of the horror the family experienced. THE STAR She said that, on one occasion, one of the young children came to her ...
ATTENTION:- due to unforeseen circumstances Mareeba Motorcycle Clubs next club day on the 8th of June has been cancelled. The committee would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused , however John Quadrio will be holding a junior coaching day this Sunday the 1st of June at the Mareeba MX track.Please contact him for details .
A motorcycle club meeting at Cadwell Park recorded on Super 8 cine film sometime in the early 1980's. Lots of old British iron flying around at lightning spe...
This will be a great event, two of many happening globally that day. South Island ride Hosted by Patriots Defence Force Motorcycle Club, Nelson Marlborough West Coast Chapter. Details below. Hauraki Chapter are hosting the North Island ride, meet at Mt Maunganui RSA at 10.45, depart 11.00.
Ladies Motor Cross Coaching Day 22nd June 2014 Where: Traralgon motor cross track. Traralgon creek road Traralgon South Traralgon motorcycle club is running a ladies only motor cross day aimed at teaching ladies the basic skills of motorbike riding in a controlled environment with qualified coaches. Minimum age is 16 years old must have own motorcycle with all relevant safety equipment which includes helmet, gloves, boots and goggles. This day is not for ladies that race but for ladies wanting to learn some basic skills and a possible insight to the sport which they can apply on a track or in the bush. Course starts at 9:30am and finish around 3:30pm. Cost: $50 per person which includes day licence For further info please contact Traralgon motorcycle club after 4pm Monday – Friday all day Saturday – Sunday 0409 904464 to reserve a place.
Watching Seth Myers. No way that was Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Full day of racing at motorcycle club - Naracoorte Herald
No more Port after dinner. "Melbourne bikie gang ordered to remove clubhouse fortifications
Thanks to for covering us and our fundraiser on 6/8!
Melbourne bikie gang ordered to pull down club fortifications
Melbourne bikie gang ordered to remove clubhouse fortifications
Not long to go now, Have you got your copy pre-ordered yet?.
Still looking for a couple more bands to say "I do" for the Wernle Home/ Whitewater Valley Motorcycle Club, Family Benefit at the Fairgrounds on September 13th. Darrell Thomas will be providing sound for the day, so all you need to bring are your instrument and amps. Let's have some fun while doing something great for the kids!
A contest for pinners on Win your choice of book from the Bantorus Motorcycle Club series.
At our May meeting of the NYS St. Lawrence Chapter 17 Warthogs Motorcycle Club last evening, I was privileged to be presented with the W M/C Lifetime Membership Coin of silver, by my Bro. Tracker, Chapter 17 President. I want to thank the W M/C founders from Detroit, MI, and the 10 Brothers with 2 Prospects in attendance for their support... Turnkey WFFW
Okay... London Casey time! This series is hitting in June and it's by far my favorite side project of all time. This is gritty romance set within a motorcycle club... the first in the series tells the wild romance between Gaige and a woman he meets at an illegal fight in a junkyard named Emily. She's beautiful and he's a bad boy biker. They can't get enough of each other and that's right about when the real world creeps into both their lives. Emily quickly realizes how deadly Gaige's way of life is... and Gaige quickly realizes just how far he'll go to protect Emily. Check out the cover for OUTLAW REVENGE (A Back Down Devil MC Novel)
Queensland Police have been visiting social motorcycle clubs to explain the VLAD Act and placate riders in a statewide PR blitz. We caught up with the police in Townsville on...
I've accepted the Ice water challenge from my RPMC brother, Marc Erme. Thank you for the honor sir! Matthew McDonough, Frank Barkanyi, Craig Dawson, and Randy Kuhn are up next. Renegade Pigs Motorcycle Club Forever!!! P.S. I don't know why I erroneously said "Big Deal" was Central Maryland. We still love you in Rpmc Mason Dixon bro! Lol
Here's a to 2012 All Star Challenge at Muskegon Motorcycle Club of Phil Libhart from Mile...
Only 4 episodes into sons of anarchy and now I have to start a motorcycle club.
MAXC RILEY MIRACLE RACE at LCRP We are proud to be hosting our third annual Miracle Race. This race is our favorite race of the year because it has so much meaning to it. Every racer and spectator has known someone or even them personally that has used the Riley Children's Hospital for a friend or loved one. You don't realize how special this place is until you are in need of their services! And we hope and pray you never will. As you all know the Miracle race is to raise money for the Miracle Ride Foundation, we have raised and donated over $60,000.00 since we started the miracle race. This is a great time for all XC racers to come out and support a great cause. If you race XC in the state of Indiana, please come out and show the miracle foundation what XC racing is all about! "FAMILIES HELPING FAMILIES" we are very fortunate in our lives to be able to spend time XC racing with great people. Last year we had 500 racers attend this race. Help spread the word and help us reach our goal of donating $50,000. ...
WOW! We're sending a big shout out to the Northwest Freedom Riders Motorcycle Club! They raised over $2,100 to...
Driving on the 101 freeway. I see a motorcycle club approaching from behind. They come abreast and I check out the markings on their vests. They are the "Weasels." I have heard of the Vagos, Mongols, *** Angeles, and Vikings but the Weasels? I wondered if they were CPAs or worked as bureaucrats somewhere. Only in California where everyone is a winner.
Chris 'Birdman' Andersen will miss his second straight game due to injuries sustained running guns with the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club
Congrats to Jas Love and Loading Pleas E Wait (aka Jordan) for becoming fully fledged Fools this evening..!! Welcome to the gang...erm I mean club..!! Cos were a motorcycle club, not a motorcycle gang 😜 lol xo
Well, looks like it's time for my weekly rant, this week's subject: "Biker Gangs" Listen people ... there's NO such thing as a "Biker Gang" ... I hate this term, and it's the non-educated people that use this term. I was subjected to this article today about the circus/court proceedings in Orlando about the trials of the three cowards that killed Davey Warlocks and two other brothers of the MOTORCYCLE CLUB, and after the 5th time I read the term "Biker Gang", I was pretty much done with the article. It's a biased judgmental condescending article written by a non-informed journalist with illusions of grandeur by putting down a group of people she obviously has no knowledge about, and her ignorance was more irritating as I read on. Here's the thing: I don't care if you're talking Star Trek vs Star Wars ... mud trucks vs lowriders, republicans vs democrats... at least THOSE people are semi informed about WHOM they speak of ... this woman was clearly NOT a person familiar with motorcycles, or even mildly awar ...
CORRECTION: A recent newspaper article noted motorcyle members of the Abate Motorcycle Club. Led the color guard at the grand opening of Full Throttle Motor Speedway. As an associate of the actual club present. I respectfully wish to note. That contrary to the caption.The color guard was performed by mrmbers of the Canadian Veteran Freedom Riders. My deepest appreciation to the C.V.F.R. who accepted my invitation to attend. Also to escort the riders onto the speedway. For both the opening,& parade lap. Standing proudly with the Canadian flag... Is Canadian soldier, & uncle"D"s besti bud. Roger ( Weron Radek Roger). Roger has been on 5 tours over seas. &Including Afghanistan. He carries the scares of war for the sake of our country of Canada, & our freedom. As seen in the pic, & on the speedway with the great Canadian flag on his scoot. Is C.V.F. R. member... My pal... Peter Reed.( The Undertaker ). "TY" my dear friends for attending. Uncle"D" looks forward to shring other events with you all. Be safe. Sc ...
Tell me about your favourite reads this week? . I recently started reading MC (motorcycle club) books and I read...
Don't forget, tomorrow night is the Crescent City Vintage Motorcycle Club's bike night at The Rivershack Tavern.
Let's see how many responses we get! Post up here if you're going to be at “Little Sturgis,” The Victory Motorcycle Club Great Lakes Regional Meet, July 25th - 27th!
*Originally published in the RIDING DESIRE: ALPHA BIKER BADBOYS boxed set* My name is Eve Parker, and I'm as normal as can be. Well, at least I was. His name is Ash, and he's the enforcer for the Savage Legion motorcycle club. I never imagined a man like him would even look at me, let alone pursu...
Just arrived in Valdosta Ga on the first leg to Helen, Ga for the Victory Motorcycle Club Southeast Victory Rally
as a Pilot (from a retired pilot) 22 years old: Graduated from college. Go to flight school. Become hot shot pilot. 25 years old: struggle to get job 29 years old: marry. Have a kid 30 years old: Join airline. World is your oyster. 31 years old: Buy flashy car, house and lots of toys. Get over the poverty feeling. 32 years old: Divorce boring 1st wife. Pay child support and maintenance.. Drink lots of booze and screw around while looking for 2nd wife. 33 years old: Furloughed. 35 years old: Airline recall.. More screwing around but looking forward to a good marriage and settling down. 36 years old: Marry young spunky 25 year old flight attendant. 37 years old: Buy another house. Gave first one to first wife. 38 years old: Give in to second wife to have more kids. Father again. Wife concerned about "risky" military Reserve flying so you resign commission. 39 years old: Now a captain. Hooray! Upgrade house, buy boat, small single engine airplane and even flashier cars. 42 years old: 2nd wife runs off with w ...
THANK YOU for Supporting COFR ! American Knights Motorcycle Club of Illinois 30 mins · This is a local charity that is worth our support. When my best friend was killed in a motorcycle accident, his widow was hospitalized for over a month and facing eviction from a hospital bed. The Children of Fallen Rider's paid her rent and more stopping the eviction. I hope to see everyone there
Hartzler's Ice Cream Shoppe is hosting a Blessing of the Bikes~ Saturday, June 7th at Noon The blessing will be done by 'Sons of God Motorcycle Club' Northern Ohio Chapter Ride in and be blessed! See you there!
Just made pictures at a motorcycle club funeral. I hope my pics turn out good. I'm glad they asked me to be a part of Layin her to rest. I made a promise to Ruth that I would always be good to a special little boy that is very important to both of us and I intend on keepin that promise. To see the love and the things they did to celebrate her life was amazing for this chic to have gotten the pleasure to experience with them. Remembering the fun lovin chic(Ruth)that made me laugh will always be in my mind.
Thank you oodles to the following outgoing Adopt-A Program groups: Bill & Wendy McNair (7 years of volunteer service) and Kirby's Paint & Body (6 years of volunteer service). We welcome the following new Adopt-A Program groups: Fantastic 5 Children's Ministry, Knights Paladin Motorcycle Club and Temple of Truth Free SDA Church. We appreciate you all so much!
Today I say goodbye to all motorcycle clubs.I'm a independent motorcycle rider by way of Chadbourn NC, US Army International, and Myrtle Beach area
Good morning DISCIPLE CHRISTIAN MOTORCYCLE CLUB!! Jer. 32:17 “Ah, Sovereign LORD, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for You.” If He can make the heaven and the earth you surely can trust Him with your problems. Believe that and trust in that! He is great enough and willing to meet your every need.” All power is given unto Him in Heaven and in earth” Know that you have been prayed for on bended knees this morning so pray it forward and walk with THE KING and be a blessing. Amen?
Do you know of other motorcycle clubs or groups near us? When I got back into riding I found it very hard to find local or even nearby groups to ride with. There are actually quite a few. If you know of some please feel free to share them in this thread. Remember, some groups are selective and require particular makes or styles of bike. Read the description before joining.
Dogged by misfortune: Famous Russian biker hound’s motorbike stolen: The dog’s page on Russian social network Vkontakte said that someone broke into Stich's garage and stole his 1998 BMW K1200RS motorcycle, worth just over US$5,000, while ignoring all the other valuables. “That is why Robert and I are orphans today, and many reposts about the stolen motorcycle online did not yield results. I really hope that tomorrow morning I will wake up and the powerful, yellow BMW will be standing outside the house,” the statement reads. Local police are investigating the robbery after the dog’s owner reported the theft. The public is being asked to inform the police if they have any information about the stolen bike. Stich the biker dog became an internet sensation, with thousands of YouTube views of him riding his motorcycle. He was born in 2004 in Kalinino, a village in Russia's Kaliningrad region. He recently became the first Russian member of the Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club. Other members hail from count ...
very much looking forward to this weekend for Hartwell Motorcycle Club's round at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Not only will we be seeing full grids, great racing, we will be seeing all our racing family and no doubt having lots of laughs and fun. It really is a family atmosphere, having been members of this great club since before we had our kiddlets Tayla Street and Jacob Street, Having our kids grow up in this atmosphere coming to the track in their prams, it really does feel like family. Many of the older members have seen these kids grow up and we are told regulary how it is fantastic to see both of them following in the family footsteps
This was sent to me by Jimmy D's son: I want to thank all the MC's that have gave their blessings and condolences to my father and our family! It's a act of love, honor and respect of the motorcycle club from all the brothers and sisters!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and my Dad would have appreciated it!! Be safe out there. Love and respect always from Jimmy D's family
A big heartfelt thank you goes out to Ken Montie and the Dirty Few Motorcycle Club for rescuing a cat that had been trapped up a 60 foot tree for nearly a week. Ken said it had been years since he climbed a tree but when watching you never would have known. Thank you again for caring enough to help complete strangers and their kitty!!!
My motto is we more then a motorcycle club we are a family let's make this contagious spread that love around
I will be DJing a benefit for a beautiful baby girl at the VFW on Sunday June 29th. There will also be a poker run held the same day. Any interested riders or motorcycle clubs please drop me a line so that I can get you all of the details as they come in.
Please, please, please, share this page with all your friends, and invite them, this event is supported by Kent Fire Bike and Wind and Fire Motorcycle Club (Fire-fighters Motorcycle Club). Jim :)
I really want to join a motorcycle club. Who's the best?
For Mature Audiences 18+ Deanna Drake has a past she longs to forget, but won't ever be able to. She's always been the tough one. No one, but her best friend Zara has ever been able to penetrate her cold, hard, shell. Until Griz Griz— a.k.a Grady Daniels, Hawks Motorcycle Club second in co...
It is positively mind-numbing to me as to just how large this country is. One must drive through it in a car in order to see it, as to believe it.! On my recent business trip, I drove through South Dakota on my way to Sturgis. South Dakota in order to buy some T-Shirts for the brother members of the Head Hunters of East Rand, ZA.motorcycle Club. I shot this video to show everyone the wide open unchanging terrain that is the prairie of South Dakota. I hope that this will convey some idea as to the scope of this non-varying landscape. To all of my family and friends back in the greater New York Metropolitan area, this is dedicated to you.
This is a photo of the first Motorcycle club in Victoria BC Canada 1912
Thanks to David Holley for the chance to Adjutant for him. The MC (Not Motorcycle Club) meetings are really quite good if a little slow and/or off topic at times. Im not sure how to summarise the meetings but Id love to answer any questions on said topic if I can. Im not sure if Peter Cartwright or his Adjutant Magnus mentioned it but please send all military units that want to raid to Mournwould (sp?) to plunder the Jotun *OR if you want to support Imperial Armies attach them to either Varsuhkan Army, Golden Axe/Northern Eagle in Kaarsk. Thankyou! And a suggestion, unless its happening already - Would a meeting of Boyars, Generals, Senators and a representative from the Wise Ones, Synod and Covens to feed information to each other be a good idea? I know there are enough going on at the moment but it might be a way to disseminate information throughout the nation - or maybe something so simple as a diary to keep updated? Either way im loving the nation and loving running around. Preferably with less mud n ...
Riders from the Cobras Motorcycle Club and other Leflore County area clubs spent Monday’s holiday paying tribute to three fallen members.
Awesome review of 'Secrets Within' in the new issue of The Big Takeover! with Shirlé Hale Koslowski, Gregory Dohler "Two parts grit, one part polish, is how I would encapsulate Secrets, a seven-cut mini LP courtesy of this Baltimore co-ed trio wherein bass hurler Shirlé Hale and six-string maestro David Koslowski trade off on the mic. An intoxicating mélange of tuneful conveyance, plumes of blaring feedback, and most importantly, quality songwriting culminate in the killer cocktail setting “Threads,” “Violent Bright Sound,” and “The Wire” gloriously alight. Hale and Koslowski paint from a stunning sonic palette, referencing everything from ’90s indie rock to Sonic Youth, Joy Formidable, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and then some. Should their fortunes pan out, Small Apartments will be upgrading to a penthouse suite in the near future." - Neal Agneta
Check out this week’s new releases! Pick your favorite, click on the link below to vote for it and you might win it in our weekly giveaway. Against the Cage: Worth the Fight Series by Sidney Halston Beautiful Broken Promises by Kimberly Lauren Being Sawyer Knight by Nicola Haken Breaking Shaun (Breaking Free) by E.M. Abel and Jovana Shirley Carnal Desire (Severed MC, by K.T. Fisher Chasing Love’s Wings by Zoey Derrick Climbing Out (Hawks Motorcycle Club) by Lila Rose Confessions of a Litigation God by Sawyer Bennett Cut Too Deep by KJ Bell Finding My Prince Charming by J. S. Cooper Four Score (Gypsy Brothers) by Lili Saint Germain Him by Cecilia Scott Holding On To Us (Holding On by A.E. Neal Intercepting Love (A Second Chances Standalone) by L.P. Dover Life After Taylah by Bella Jewel Master of the House by Justine Elyot Perfectly Messy (Effortess With You) by Lizzy Charles Ready for You (The Ready Series) by J.L. Berg Surrender by Tawny Taylor Sweet Destruction by Paige Weaver Take Me On (Pushing th ...
Montana May 2014 Memorial day bike run.w/ the Road dogs motorcycle club.
Out working earlier and saw a private taxi advertising the Fool-On Motorcycle Club while i was in Cathcart. 👍
Cant think of a good title for this one but lets just say I am super bummed. Racing my first AMA District 36 AA race and third pro race at Leoni Meadows up in the woods got off to a decent start and made a few mistakes. Started to find a rhythm and catch my way back up to some of the faster guys went to make a pass front end missed the stump rear end tagged it and sent me for a ride, don't know if the bike got me if i hit the stump or if I just slapped hard enough to break my femur. Anyways shattered my femur into quite a few pieces and broke it down low. Had surgery around 2 yesterday and got a rod installed. Its gonna be a long road to recovery but Ill be back. Cant thank everyone that helped me and has stuck behind me. Leoni Meadows is a christian camp up in the woods and I can't thank the locals enough that were there when i crashed and sat by my side and said a prayer for me amazing the work god can do for you. The whole Polka Dots Motorcycle Club every single club member that helped my dad out and k ...
Get tickets for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at The Observatory on Tuesday, Aug 05, 2014 8:00 PM PDT
Im going to say this once I hope I don't ever have to repeat it again . Yes I am a Prince Hall OES whether I choose affiliate myself with any one from any affilation including International Oes or any other besides PRINCE HALL its my BUSINESS no one in this world owns me Nor can tell me what I can and not do how I choose to live my life is my business don't pay my bills nor feed my family. it doesn't change the fact that Im full Puerto Rican From the Only Liberated Country in the world .yes I will afflilate myself with International Oes as well as with Motorcycle club members and yes Gang members and though this is my life I chose who n what I want to socialize with. PHA is no better then International or any other organization in this world there many haters ugly people as well as back stabbers in every path but for some ugly *** to come at me because they think they gods gift because they black or white or ugly and they think they look better then me Nope what a joke !! I will speak my mind as I chose . ...
Yesterday was a Memorial Day to remember. We left on our motorcycles to go to a service at Lower Lake Cemetery to Honor our Brave who have fought for our Freedom. We met up with the Patriot Guards Motorcycle Club and The Military Honors Team. They invited us to ride with them, we felt honored and had a wonderful day. Sheriff Francisco Rivero and two of his officers escorted the whole caravan to 4 cemeteries and 2 memorial bridges. The women's auxiliary made flower wreaths that were tossed into the creeks. The Military Honors Team did 3 volleys (fired their riffles 3 times) and the Taps always bring tears to not only my eyes but all who were present. I want to thank every one who worked to put up all the flags in the cemeteries.. I have never participated in anything like this before, my heart was touched and I will always remember yesterday. I hope next year you join this group of wonderful patriotic people who honor our soldiers in a beautiful ceremony you will keep in your heart forever... Thank you al ...
For those of you who didnt know and are choosing to post about "Black Bike Week", I want to leet you all know that none of the shootings involved motorcyclists or motorcycle clubs. Stop saying that the bikers are nothing but thugs because we are not! The shootings all stemmed from locals,, (NON-BIKERS). The ones posting that crap are ignorant.
Literally no one knows about Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and it makes me sad because they are SO good
just won Round 1 of GEICO Motorcycle Superbike Shootout at Auto Club Speedway on a Triumph Daytona 675R! h…
Love it when the gym looks like a motorcycle club on sunny days!
At age 16 I went to an Outlaws motorcycle club party. I was asked to leave for partying too hard & hogging the ladies.
Also, check out Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. They're in a similar vein. Dirty as sheit.
It’s nearly that time of year again folk’s! The Rising Moon Motorcycle Club are hosting their 9th Rally, as always there is a theme to it and this time round its Tartan!
Not how we used to hang out & everything but now our mama's is friends & in the motorcycle club together ;p
- not really bed time music, but Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, get in my ears! 🎧
My first ride of the challenge this year, In Ripley, Derbyshire whilst buddies from my Motorcycle Club 'The Blue Knights Law Enforcement MC' went off on their bikes for a ride leaving me to do my hour attempting to catch up! No joy!!
hipster football outlaw motorcycle club, just marries several things I'm enjoying right now. With good room for jokes.
Thinking of starting a hipster football outlaw motorcycle club. Can't ride a bike, though, so that part might be figurative.
Update - 04/29/2014 Catie Michelle is having a good day today, After a rough morning they decided to move her to a different, quieter area of NICU and that seemed to settle her down. She’s still on ventilator, and inside a incubator right now to regulate her body temp and such…..but regardless of those two things… She’s MAKING PROGRESS…. Keep those prayers coming!!! On Another Note: About 25 minutes ago, PIPE HITTERS UNION MOTORCYCLE CLUB showed up here at The Childrens Hospital, they visited for a while, met my wife and were genuinely concerned with Catie and her condition….right before they left, they presented us with a check from their raffle…. Five Thousand One Hundred Dollars($5100.00)….proceeded to tell me more was coming in, and they wanted to make sure our bills were covered and the lights stayed on at the house. THESE GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE! Especially when prior to today, we had never met. Look them up online and here on FB. With all the prayers, online donations, bank donations, g ...
VENOM: DARK RIDERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB by Elsa Day. ***0.99***. Lilly Clarkfeld never wanted this life. Instead of...
Gonna start a motorcycle club, and we're gonna call ourselves "Hijos de la mala vida."
CHARMING OUTLAW: Motorcycle Club Erotica Romance. Bad boy biker reunites with an old flame but can…
We welcome "Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club" as primary sponsor on the modified for the 2014 season! htt…
This is a lot of entertainment for a low price. Fighting To Ride: Bantorus Motorcycle Club by Debra Kayn Motorcycle club motocross to benefit Cystic Fibrosis research
Photos & story of the kind RAF Marham Motorcycle Club giving out Easter Eggs across Norfolk
New Post: Venom: Dark Riders Motorcycle Club by Elsa Day - Elsa Day loves writing stories about characters just be... h…
This is "Mike Halpin defends motorcycle club April, 25, 2014" by from the Public Square on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
After our sons memorial service yesterday, there is feeling of something kind of like "Closure" today... Shawn Chance will always be our Ultimate Warrior. The support from everyone has been amazing. With that said, I have to give a special thanks to the Detroit Highwaymen Motorcycle Club... The Detroit Highwaymen Motorcycle Club presents: "Benefit for Shawn Chance Wilhelm". Saturday, May 10th. @ Detroit Highwaymen M/C Clubhouse. 11983 Telegraph .Carleton, Michigan. Doors at 3pm. Minimum $10 donation at the door Which will Include a plate of food. Pop $1donation . Beer $2 donation. Mixed drinks/shots $3 donation. Live music by: Sativa Nights (rock group) P.O.I. (rap/metal band) Trouble (rap artist) Dice (Detroit rap legend) No Drama.Everyone welcome.
aces & 8's TNA wrestling team, gimmick of an outlaw motorcycle club :-)
Motorcycle club motocross to benefit Cystic Fibrosis research
The Kansas City BMW Motorcycle Club would like to invite all RAMS to our 35th Annual Magical "Land of Oz" Rally, May 30 - June 1.
You have read about it in the August 2013 issue of the BMW Owners News, don't miss it this year! $35 for the 35th Year! For the 35th time in a row the Kansas City BMW Motorcycle Club is hosting the Ma...250 members
Thanks to A Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Club for agreeing to participate. You guys ROCK! Check them out at
That lil chick Colendula Green is really a cool person...She been thru a lot and over came it all and is now living a successful life...She has a *** good heart too.Her and those FOFR motorcycle club do a lot of giving back and helping ppl.U gotta respect that!
On behalf of the Trinidad and Tobago United Freedom Riders Motorcycle Club we want to send out condolence to Roshan’s family in their time of grief _ Rest In Eternal Peace ROSHAN our fallen biker will be missed but not forgotten
I remember when we used to all get together and ride our bikes like we was a motorcycle club. Lmao
Hey, we have some GREAT shirts 4 sale (see photos) and we'd love to have them ALL sold!! How about showing our MC (Motorcycle Club) some support and buying 1 or 2!! Thanks!! Only $20 each!! The NORLANDERS MC !!
Open House Tonight Lone Legion Brotherhood Motorcycle Club 730 till Midnight. See you tonight. PS. I have bike night flyers for you to hang in your clubhouse.
Kicking it tough with the motorcycle club in LV with Gentleman Mc with my Papa reppin Just Us all day every day
Where can i get a ISU motorcycle club shirt at?
The battle begins.. Be patient, I tend to ramble.. The system we call Justice is beyond corrupt. The more we allow it as a people, the worse it will become and before you know it we will be stuck in a police state ( probably too late, its here) I am referring to the well publicized police attack on a popular Motorcycle CLUB in the west end last week. 200+ well armed and armored men swarming in on 10 locations.. The payout?, some weed, a handgun, a firearm and lots of photo ops. 4 officers on one home of a real GANG member would have netted far more. If your confused, have the police answer these 2 SIMPLE questions.. What were your efforts and resources spent on this operation? How many crimes on a daily basis that you respond to are Biker Lifestyle related? . Section 15.1 of the charter protect us and guarantees us that "Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimi ...
We Cruz Too Apparel was out on April 26, 2014 at Atlanta Harley Davidson to support Harley's Angels Motorcycle Club during their 1st Annual Charity Ride. Gre...
Good Morning! An exciting time for the kiddies and some parents! NSW kiddies are back at school! It means we're officially back in action and going to make the most of the next two weeks - reclaiming "progress!" as School Holidays are a slow development time at NCD Headquarters! At 11am today I'll post up a quick networking post :) I'd love to hear from you and your business and what you've been up to. On the cards today: ♦ We're pre-launch testing on the Cessnock Motorcycle Club website. Hopefully ready for viewing by the end of the week. It's been almost 3 months to get this one under way and boy are we excited! ♦ We've just written two quotes, with another 2 to go. ♦ Content Updates for Coronation Kennels and Cattery, ♦ Foundation Development on Hendo Homes new website I didn't get back to touch base yesterday but we also had the pleasure of working on: ♦ Careerbridge Automotive website - coming soon! ♦ Carmichael Estate Bellbird I spent 2 hours last night going through all of o ...
JUST IN: A twenty-two-year-old member of the Mongols Criminal Motorcycle Club has been arrested in the over the stabbing murder of Gold Coast bikie associate Max outside a apartment block in June last year. The man is expected to be extradited to from to face charges relating to the death.
My friend biker toms Christian motorcycle club Just some . at leesburgbikefest this past weekend. The women were awesome
Running the to meetings. Dropping off fliers. Playing motorcycle club of one...
Aaron Sayers - you will be missed by many and loved always. I will be riding Sunday May 18th on the Beth Hemenway Memorial Poker Run in your memory alongside the Vermont chapter of the VTwins motorcycle club.
Thank you to everyone that came out to support two great events on yesterday for Angela Brown-Gore. A special thank you and much love to Wesley United Methodist Church Men's department/ The Brown-Sherer men along with Brenda and Liya, Angela Williams of Angela's Hair Design, Tonya & Fletcher Crawford of A1 car wash, Twan Tweezy Dixon , Sarah Miller Cromartie & The Miller Family, Luveria Curry, Jessie Mae Jamison, Mrs. Christine, Mrs. Brenda Foster, Sed Knox(ShowTime Motorcycle Club), Denise (Frito Lay), DJ Sirlawrence Darby, Jim Boy Williams, Scott Floyd & family, Henry Kiser, Tony Mauney, Jerri D Neal , Stan Byers, Virgil Mackins and team, York ball players (too many to name), Jody Shannon & Lynn Shannon and Bartenis Moore & Umeka Lynch. Thank you so much to the purple shirt girls dream work make the team work! Thank you to all our family and friends for coming out showing love and support to Angela. May god bless each and everyone of you!
Mr. Andy Gibb very Russell Crowe'ish leaving the scene of a crime at a Motorcycle Club in Camden, N.J., mucho mucho MACHO !!
Motorcycle Club. Hi all Haulin' Donkeys. It is getting close to time to leave for our San Rafael Swell trip. Stan and Terry talked and we want to camp where we camped last April. It is in the trees and a great camp site. There were no trees, only sun and rocks by Goblin Valley. I have attached a map with 3 sites on it. We will camp in site one if it is available. We will bring signs and post them at turns to camp. We are leaving Wednesday some time and may drive all the way to camp. You travel on I-70 past Green River and up the swell. Get off at exit 131 and go under the highway. Follow the road going west until it curves south. Turn on the 3 road going right. After the cattle guard look left for camp in the trees. This is our first choice. If you have any questions let us know.
We have a busy week planned, yesterday I stopped down at for our second interview with KHH, Bruce and Lin were awesome! Last night I met a great group of motorcycle riders from the Rt. 66 Riders LTD Motorcycle Club sharing our mission and fundraiser. We will be reaching out to local business with our flyers inviting everyone to our TRIPLE CROWN event in exactly 1 month! We are getting our kids and ideas flowing to be a part of the Annual Laughlin TownFest Parade on Saturday at 10am. We will also have the horses available for hand painting and photos with the kids after the parade. If we have missed your workplace or would like us to share our mission feel free to comment below.. This week is spring break for our JIPS kids, so they have been working hard at the facility and learning horsemanship. :-)
On March 2nd we will be having a benefit at Harvard Bar for Lynn Marion and Clinton Bresnahan. If you haven't heard, they lost everything to a house fire. From 12-2 we will be taking sign ups for the first luck of the draw, with a start time of 2:30. Johnny B is donating a spaghetti dinner which is 8 dollars a plate. The IMC Motorcycle Club will be doing a bake sale and an auction also. If you have any items you would like to donate to the auction would be appreciated. Items can be dropped off to Harvard the week of and including the day of this event. This will be an all day event so if you can't make the first luck please come out anytime during the day. We will have as many lucks as we can fit in. Please plan on this date to show support to our fellow dart members. Thank-you!
Dinner date at some motorcycle club with Andrea
Love listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
I don't think it's a conscious parallel or overlap, though. Or that readers of white motorcycle club books would read UF.
' SALTIRE MOTORCYCLE CLUB ' - is a Scottish [MCC] Motorcycle Club founded by Jock & JD at the end of 2013. ...the Saltire's aim is to promote Motorcycles, organize regular Meets / Rally's / Rides & to recruit new like minded members. Although at this early stage the club is still finding its feet.
It's apparently a "sweet" admission from a new motorcycle club book. I want mace.
Controversial question time: Is "motorcycle club" so sexy and cool because it's less racially coded than a "gang"?
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are what's up
All the wrong you've done will be undone in song ♫ Done All Wrong by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Meet me in the club it's goin down *does the motorcycle* 👊👊😩 . 😩👊👊. 👊👊😩
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's radio is so on point right now.
Mhm should I join motorcycle club... *** yeah 😉
Motorcycle Club Patches. Get your ranks, president, road captain, officer. Shop your rank patches and more at The Cheap Place
Do you have what it takes to join the Chocolate Motorcycle Club?
Poconos' motorcycle club rides to the rescue |
Lori Hartrum says a local motorcycle club's generosity will ensure her son will always have a safe, disabled-accessible place to live.
Hi there. I am looking to get involved with a motorcycle club in Taunton. Can anyone recommend a local club? Please contact Lee Pallant
Like Motorcycle Club books? Check out Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers) by Lili Saint Germain for FREE via
Motorcycle club reaches out to trauma victims
Very cool picture of the Vincent Motorcycle Owners Club in 1953 all wearing matching Barbour wax jackets
It happened at Brands Hatch in August during the British Motorcycle Racing Club meeting.
Motorcycle club reaches out to trauma victims - Longview News-Journal: Local
Poconos' motorcycle club rides to the rescue - Pocono Record
I just downloaded '666 Conducer' by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The Catholic part of me wants to delete it. But the song is so good.
Motorcycle club reaches out to trauma victims via
Gunna form a motorcycle club like Sons of Anarchy 😌
Motorcycle club reaches out to trauma victims via ook in Nederland. Poconos' motorcycle club rides to the rescue
The leader of a Dutch motorcycle club will hold a press conference about his transfer to another motorcycle club. Repeat: press conference.
Sorry can't sleep, listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Special Delivery Motorcycle Club will be hosting our 10th year anniversary on March 8, 2014...We would be happy if you'd join us in this milestone celebration!!!
Mildura motorcycle club working bee tonight for a quick clean up and run over the lawns 5.30 tonight
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club does not have a FB page and I can't really say I am surprised lol :P
Just want to give a shot out to angels motorcycle club-- what an amazing bunch of men!!!
Fringe Motorcycle club 's Bike ... come win this bike by riding our poker runs.. 1st one.. Dirty Poker Run March 15 & 16, checkout for more info.
Llangollen and district motorcycle club
Support your local Motorcycle Club get a tattoo today!
Members of Valley Commandos Motorcycle Club say hosting far-right gig was 'mistake'
Mildura motorcycle club meeting tonight at 8 pm all members and rides please come along
Let's not forget that Australian police have their own Motorcycle Club called Blue Knights!! Do those members get harassed by the VLAD laws?? I think not! Are they going to be pulled over 21 times? Will they be incarcerated unjustly?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Lightweight or Byford Motorcycle Club for Junior and Senior riders in the Perth area of Western Australia
I made this motorcycle club. size about 2 x 5 meters
The Straydawgs motorcycle club is at Adkins Market right now with free water for Lloyd residents. Stop by and pick up a case!!
Calling all MOTORCYCLE CLUBS!! We want you here! Is your club interested in having a ride or event at Rocket Harley this year? Call the store at 256.340.733 to set something up. Peak dates are filling quickly!
The Laredo Motorcycle Club has organized a poker run in memory of a local firefighter.
Veteran Motorcycle Club with Veterans both active and retired
Shout out to: Sin City Deciples MC out of GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Living Legends motorcycle club out of Memphis,TN Notorious Ones MC out of Atlanta, GA DIVINE D'VAHZ MC out of Tyler, TX See you on the Beach in 2014! To add your MC to the list Email bike_clubs
The EZ Riders Motorcycle Club, along with Walmart Super Center, brought smiles, laughter and exciting talks from some of the residents of UniHealth Post-Acute Care of Swainsboro on December 21, 2013. With help from Walmart, they were able to give out fruit baskets to each resident filled with app...
Do any of you listen to Captain Ahab's Motorcycle Club? It'd make me happy if you did, I need validation dudes. DUDES. VALIDATION DUDES.
Christmas party of Alimodian motorcycle club at anchs...
Motorcycle Club Shuts Down Highway For Illegal Marriage Proposal ! EPIC MARRIAGE PROPOSAL Hundreds of motorcyclists shut down the 10 freeway Sunday so one me...
One of Brisbane's newest motorcycle clubs is helping veterans to get their lives back on track.
State motorcycle club blessing if the bikes. 12-5. Pompano see you there beautiful day
At Tri-State Motorcycle Club 2013 looking forward towards 2014 great place to have fun!!
Check out our top 10 videos of badass bands that hung out with us at our Do512 Lounge in 2013! cc: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Diarrhea Planet, the GROWLERS, The Octopus Project, Chali 2na, Allah-Las, Riverboat Gamblers, Wild Child, Black Joe Lewis, Mayeux and Broussard!
Get 6 Free VitaTops
AJS Motorcycle Club at Wanneroo Registration Days: Saturday 4th January 10am to 12pm Sunday 5th January 10am to 12pm Tuesday 7th January 2pm to 4pm Thursday 9th January 2pm to 5.30pm If you are unable to attend any of these dates Ken will be available every Thursday from 2pm to 5pm for memberships. Our first Go-Moto is booked for the 12 January, please let any of your friends know if they have never had an MWA Licence or ever had a Recreational, One Day or Go-Moto Licence they can ride for free to try out the track. Please remember we are a senior track so please don’t contact me and ask me if an under 16 year old can have a ride the answer will be no.!
Last day to bid on tickets to meet Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in London
RASKULLS MOTORCYCLE CLUB PLAY SECRET SANTA TO 31 UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN DAYTON, OH - On Saturday, December 21, 2013 at 4:00 p.m., the philanthropic members of the Raskulls Motorcycle Club will drop off clothing and toys to St. Vincent de Paul Women and Family Shelter in Dayton. St. Vincent’s provided club members with Christmas wish lists from 31 underprivileged children in the Greater Dayton area. The toys and clothes were purchased with funds that the club raised through registration fees, raffle tickets, and silent auction items at their 2nd Annual Ride for the Children this summer. Over fifty Miami Valley bikers showed up to support this charitable cause, and local businesses donated door prizes to ensure a successful event. Raskulls club members took the wish lists to Target, who helped by providing a generous discount and assigning 2 personal shopping elves to aid the bikers in their Secret Santa mission. The Raskulls are a Dayton based Motorcycle Club that is focused on promoting the biker ...
Deadly Seduction is the first novel in The Rough Riders series, which is an Motorcycle Club (MC) series. With so many MC books being released, I want to hear about what your favorite series' are in the genre and what authors you love who have written MC series books?
Happy Release Day Author Kasey Millstead!! Fighting to Stay a motorcycle club romance is now available and be...
I just love my future motorcycle store ❤️❤️. (@ Harley Davidson - Owners Club)
Let the day begin by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
could you please say morning to Shaun and North Wales Goldwing club who are tuned in on their way to a charity motorcycle toy run
One of the members of the Sopranos, an ANC-affiliated motorcycle club, says he has been to every ceremony, that it is his duty
I'm in love without you.🎵 ♫ We're All In Love by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Shout out to Va Nubian motorcycle club !! Tips tonight !!!
The Confederate Motorcycle Club is responsible for more than 1/3 of Brighter Christmas Fund. Thx:
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