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Mother Russia

Mother Russia (transliterated as Rossiya-Matushka) is a national personification of Russia, appearing in patriotic posters, statues etc.

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Trump’s Congressional Allies Trying to Manipulate the Steele Dossier to Undercut Russia Investigation – Mother Jones
How is Russia today "Patriot"? Good to see you're being faithful to your mother country.
So blinded by rage at Bernie, Russia, and everything you perceive as harming Mother Hil…
But you have the beauty of your mother, Alexandra, empress of all Russia. 👑👗👵🏻
Maybe they are heading back to mother russia cuz they've been under putin's control all alo…
It was necessary in order to gain victory for mother Russia, Tovarish!
So when is illegal going back to mother Russia as she wouldn't qualify for status?
-Champ thinking of selling ALL his holdings flying to mother & buying out ALL the
To show his support for DACA, Don Jr. Would like to be deported immediately to Mother Russia, so he doesn't have to testi…
See my friends // THE FATIMA //message from our lady mother Mary was the importance to convert Russia before the //…
No problem comrade. I am glad we share the love of mother Russia equally. You have always been a good comrade!
now that i got STG, i guess i'll be only playing mother Russia mt for now
Go ahead and load up that FSB software into your computer and think that Mother Russia isn't stalking
If the Trump/Dem synergy continues, I'm wondering if Dems will forget about Trump's Russia, white supremac…
Whatever mother Russia wants, mother Russia gets. But yea, don't care about ta…
Mother Russia is impervious to Hurricanes. The weak and decadent W…
So does get blamed for Mother Nature like does in the US?
I thought Russia was the reason Trump is president, so why isn't Russia being hit by mother nature's wrath? 🤔
Trump allies are now manipulating the Steel dossier to undercut the Russia investigation - Mother Jones via
Not now please Mother Earth, Peru almost classified to Russia Football World Cup in many years, not now please!!!
Putin is calling back to Mother land Russia Donnie!
In Mother Russia, this joke is tired of you.
Who'd of thought a Russian manager with no experience outside of Mother Russia would struggle so much in The Championship?!
Felix is another Russian brother from another mother.But don't worry,Trump would never cheat on us with Russia.
Now Playing: Iron Maiden - Mother Russia, LOUDEST station in the nation!,
In mother Russia.butthole explores you
''I came to chew gum and lie about my knowledge of any collusion with Russia...and Mother's all outta gum''
I suggest mother Russia should take them in. Best place for them to be. All happy..
Incidentally, IronMaiden's "Mother Russia" influenced one of the biggest hits of KFI by a most…
Rumors that Russia may have dropped mother of all bombs / father of all bombs in Syria.. related?
We the ppl are our own government comrade ! It's not like your mother Russia which I assume you may miss.
O Mother of all mankind, . Lead Russia back home again, . That over a peaceful world . Thy heart may graciously reign.
Russia is already Holy land. Mother of God have gardens in Russia. Catholics are misendurstood message of Fatima
I added a video to a playlist Mother Russia Bleeds - The Train (Part 4)
I'm very busy and important, Avid Gamer, Mother of two, In Russia 😖.
Right after you take a long one in Mother Russia. You and Putin can run through Red Square and hol…
in the heat of the night. in the heat of the day . Sisters of Mercy, Dominion / Mother Russia via
Does McCain & Linda know we have more Marist in our colleges & Democrat Party than all of Mother Russia?. Hillary &…
A 30 year career Journalist is arrested after asking Tom Price about the healthcare bill. America = Mother Russia. http…
A white house in a red square. …. Mother Russia rain down down down. ..
Mother Russia was actually responsible for giving birth to JFK! Rose Kennedy was a plant
I would think you would be elated... Mother Russia (The Soviet Union) is where your Communist ideology was born
Are they working for Mother Russia or SPECTRE?
I love Mother Russia. Putin is a good leader to the Russian people, they are not our enemies
da, mother Russia is of the good likings
you give him a solid line and he plows you like mother Russia
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Thank you Russia, for keeping USA honest: LOL-MOTHER RUSSIA CONFIRMS: UN convoy explosion was a US diversion --
Mother pleads for her 17-year-old beauty queen daughter to return home after learning ... -
.Ahh ... at last Russia & USA share something they'r both GREAT at! Great Mother Russia sleeping w Great White…
oh snap enjoy, you might die bc in MOTHER RUSSIA FOOD EATS YOU
mother Russia-*grabs you by the neck and chokes you*
Went to Moscow for vacation, it's nice to see mother russia.
In Mother Russia, spicy food kills.. . Oh you already said it. Darn it.
I liked a video from Behind the Schemes: Le Cartel (Mother Russia Bleeds)
▸ Police release shocking footage of toddler trying to revive mother after drug overdose (VIDEO) Russia Today
I think it will show interest payments to Putins friends in Mother Russia
I liked a video from MOTHER RUSSIA BLEEDS Launch Trailer
pained to see Mother Russia conducting military exercise with terrorists responsible for fall of USSR in Afg
Sir greatest Respect,Mother Russia will have more gains in the UN Under Hellen Clarke,. Than any other,USA will veto you
Sergei Bobrovsky carries Mother Russia to semi-finals of World Cup-- Good way to get out of the 2-mile run test. Well done Bob!
No surprise Mother Russia make shutdowns of Finnishedland. Make ruin of North Amerika kiddie party at World Tournament
New video up for Mother Russia Bleeds. Obligatory violence warning.
mother Russia care is not for the youth
Arab memes liken to Comical Ali, "the mother of all ceasefires in is still holding.…
Overwatch, Mother Russia Bleeds, Reigns and if you're counting stuff in early access, Factorio is really promising
Dominion/Mother Russia now on the radio show on & I will be back after the silent news
don't stop following me I Hail Mother Russia
2-0 Mother Russia. Leave it to the Russians to ruin everyone else's fun. I really wanted a Canada vs North America matchup.
I liked a video from BLOODIEST FIST FIGHT | Mother Russia Bleeds
What a pass by Ovi! Looks like he wants to this one for Mother Russia! GO Markov Go. Go Emelin go!
So if Mother Russia not beat Finnishland then Kanada and Amerika move to semi finality to play Kanada? Much confuse times
This week Dad and I go back to with Punisher MAX : Mother Russia and stor…
I was not extremely patriotic about Mother Russia. I played their game, pretending. You
*** have you seen the Ural Mountains on Mother Russia lately? If you ask me id say they need a good seizing.
Yeah babe...that's about as big as they come...except maybe in Mother Russia. LOL Sweet, thank you Dae.
~♡ from Mother Russia ♡~ . . Culture on a high level never forget 💖.
The Iron Curtain may be a thing of the past, but Mother Russia is as m...
Kiev near the end of the road. The EU doesn't want Kiev! . The people of Ukraine will return to mother Russia
In Mother Russia it is very cold like really really cold, so accurate poll?
Russia will exchange Hope if it recognizes the sentence - the mother She won't admit it
While y'all recover from tonight's Mother Russia a THE AMERICANS, I'll be fact-finding to determine whom, if anyone, Wants Some!!
comrade our bond will always be strong. Like the winds of mother Russia's winters
In Mother Russia, "Just Say No" is slightly more nuanced. "Just Say No if you don't feel like competing nationally for Russia for glory..."
Glen Hirshberg eerie fantasy about Mother Russia and her people, years after the break-up of the Soviet Union.
In mother Russia as a child Yakupov was taught to turn the puck over at blue lines ... Must think he's gonna get shot if he doesn't my god
And this is one of those alarms that sounds like mother Russia is about to rain down a nuclear apocalypse on your ***
Jussie Smollett's father was Jewish (his family emigrated from Russia and Poland). His mother is African-American
its not a country based on the fact Russia invaded it and it doesn't control part of its own border? I feel sorry for Ur mother
but in Mother Russia, the one you dislike chooses you. Or something... Am I doing that joke right??
Brown Bear mother with cubs Valley of the Geysers, Kronotsky Zapovednik, Russia.
Russia may exchange Savchenko if she pleads guilty of murder, - Nadiia's mother
Breast Cancer Awareness
Don't forget to pick up Max from Mother Russia on your way here! 😉
We're helping HIV-positive mothers give birth to healthy babies in Russia. A mother’s story:
mine are only known to mother Russia (mother Russia)!
Romanov Mother Russia, hmm? Eastern Rite as well, We see? And your problem with Byzantium is?
int. pressure while Russia is selling arms to the archenemy of its "ally". Who needs enemies with mother Russia on his side?!
Because that is what wants. Prepares for. In the name of Mother Russia. Turn a blind eye. And watch as the West disintegrates...
Russia ready to swap Savchenko if Ukraine accepts Russian court's verdict – pilot's mother: Rus...
Mother Russia can rot, for all I care.
finest steel, made in mother Russia, can withstand heat of nearly 100 degrees F
They breed cameramen tough in mother Russia.
Sasha Dith - RUSSIAN GIRLS (Official Video HD) via hello Mother Russia...I love you to :)
when will Mother Russia just crush these terrorists. Then capture Hagia Sofia and Constantinople! Change it 2 Putinople
Cathedral of the Smolensk Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God, . Belgorod, Russia
Who knew Russian songs were so good. Who knew Mother Russia
In the best interest of mother Russia. will be an ally, you get more with sugar tha…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Drinking vodka like they do in mother Russia
Not even mother Russia could handle the cold war.
My mother while playing Battleship: "I'm Russia, I'm not telling you ANYTHING. I'm just gonna blow you up."
"So is Russia the biggest continent or is it Africa?" - my mother
St. Basil Cathedral, Moscow, Russia: built 1555-1561. Main church is Mother of God in the middle + 8 chapels
in mother Russia, traffic cone run around like you
Mother Russia really brought Christmas to Syria by killing 11 terrorist leaders all in one night! Merry Christmas world!
"If it helps, Mother Russia does not celebrate Christmas until January?"
Ow mother Russia!. Union of lands. Will of the people. Strong in command. Once more victorious the red army stands!
Second track into mother Russia and I like what I'm hearing
In mother Russia, they use their own farts to move satellites. Visual description.
- May God Bless Mother Russia on this day of Our Lord's Nativity. May She be inspired by Her rich tradition.
How right Putin is, Russia is a spinoff of Ukraine. Have you ever heard of a colony taking over mother country?Dream
This is trailer for from mother Russia by )) So cool!
Wow! Back to Mother Russia with you. ALL of you!
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. Her mother must be soo proud on this Xmas morning while she's watching Russia from her kitchen...
9-19 come on dude do it for mother Russia MaluNYMets
Mother Russia going ALL in on "your precious Zhenya" putting her PCS above Lena, waiting for when she inevitably breaks KYN's WR.
A short while ago, a airstrike killed a mother and her 3 children in Bashnatrah, w- countryside. https…
Feodora and her mother live in the snowbound woods of Russia, in a house full of food and fireplaces. Ten minutes...
Join most of Ukraine to Russia. The old Kievan Rus belongs with Mother Russia, not with Khazar bankers and...
Its my world Evocation For Saving the World "Save My Mother". From President of Russia With PDF file.
Israel has been talking to Russia for quite some time. Putin, because of his mother, has a great love 4 Israel.
one of my hero's a great man who cares and loves mother Russia I'd fallow him into war and were ever
Happy St Andrews Day there in Mother Sir Thomas Dalyell own knight in shining armour
Natalya Muravyova, 40, Russia/France. . Wife. Mother of 3. Friend said she was "shy, but not invisible." . https…
Mother Russia defends humanity from the Heart! Sincerely, Hyrayl!
Mother Russia - A Hartnell historical, the creme de la creme of the CCs .
On the way to Mother Russia for the next race. This weekens we have Badass Wilson on our minds!
in mother Russia, YOU make feature.
Update your maps at Navteq
Gonna be great when All American CJ Bikini reaffirms her loyalty to Mother Russia.
18C Large Antique Russia Russian Church Icon of the Mother of God "Sign" 38x30in
THE CHAIR (October release) and MOTHER RUSSIA (November release) both get the blank cover treatment!
a blank variant of MOTHER RUSSIA will be out as well - pre-order at your local shop!.
"It is NATO and the regime in Kyiv that is sowing chaos and destabilization" in
Mother: Father kidnapped daughter, took her to Russia
Our friends at bring a metric tankload of PlayStation digital games to E3:
Well I will see what I can do but no guarantees. She is Raw Goddess and MDNA. Give it my best shot for Mother Russia
How about writing stories on Russian economies and banning on export? We have stories for it, the real one for mother country Russia!
Antique Russia Icon Ikone Icons Ikoon Ikona Mother of God of Kazan 19th century
Mother Russia first in technology innovation.
Meanwhile in mother Russia, who would have thunk!
"Mother Russia has yet to be kind to me, Cap. Odds are if you're with me in Russia...all is going to *** " (
And also their superhero team and secret base - yesterday was the Mushy Lanterns in the Pink Semi-Detached House of Mother Russia
Why don't you White Commies pack up and go back to Mother Russia then? SCUMBAGS! Or swim to Cuba for Commie love.
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In Mother Russia, PSN download speeds are fast!
GoodPtsteve...'and all the Russian kids, from across all of mother Russia&its satellites, can afford BBall shoes & a basketball
Nice?! They sodomized in the Holy Mother Church of Russia?! Why they were not thrown in the gulag is beyond me.
The bet mother in the world I don't see her coz she lives in Russia get well soon❤
But, but in Mother Russia, user spies on Windows 10, da?
In mother Russia, mushroom eats you.
"Sisters of Mercy, Dominion / Mother Russia" part of my Goth Phase when I was 15.
The legend that is In mother Russia and wearing Take Flight®. . . Get your gear at…
agree except on the Montgomery part Patton would have pushed them back to Mother Russia. Would've changed history
Meet the Mother Theresa of Marijuana in Israel with Russia TV Cheryl Shuman
Comrade Hillary adopted southern accent again in South Carolina? Can't wait until she visits Mother Russia...
The moon rocks, on the other hand, are mostly in storage at the Johnson Space Center. Or are they? Mother Russia to the rescue.
Of course in 's 'Mother Russia' the milk of human kindness overflows so all who need a home are provided with one.
Mother Russia: Alex Ovechkin's mom made sure he got what he deserved
Challenge Jet-Liner ‘Proud to be Russian’ (£18,000) - A small piece of Mother Russia on your wrist! http:/…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
But Russia's mother was Ukraine with Kiev as capital!
And there was me thinking the Wi-Fi signal in mother Russia wouldn't be that great.
If not for Nadiya, then Russia for her mother Maria & sister Vera.
Tajikistan's unemployed are happy to fight for Mother Russia anywhere in the world.
Just as awesome as Mother Russia in the last !
Russia to redeploy ballistic Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad. No-one tell Mother Foy. She'll get all worried.
The finest electropop from Mother . you are genius!.
Свекровь, Mother-in-law, Schwiegermutter, Belle-mere.. Thieves-in-law is much more common word in Russia :)
This is how cats make money in mother russia via
For once, I'm glad, that we're in the same range as US... But gosh! Look at Mother Russia! ;-)
The classic 1984, along with Mother Russia by Robert Littell, are fantastic, but every time I read them, I check over my shoulder regularly.
From the same morons that want to ban backyard BBQ grills over emissions... these *** would make mother russia proud
MilanoFixed [it] : Mother Russia Urban Freeride Assault: guarda il video su pinkbike
Chechen mother takes two Dutch children to join Isis in Syria. She selfishly prefers this to inferior life in Putin's Russia. Assad=Putin!?
Mother Russia has been dealing, unsuccessfully, with serious issues for centuries.
Mother Russia, hand painted Fender Squire Bass guitar by Annie Haslam commissioned by Nancy Culligan .. it's...
Vladimir Putin will be Putin you outside during the tornado so he and Mother Russia can be alone.
Rusev dare you talk about my daughter is a failure you are a failure and an disgrace a cancer I hate you and Mother Russia.
17 MAR: BBC speaks to mother of Nemtsov murder suspects. Mother of two suspects in…
Being the president of mother Russia and food is not always easy, people are constanly trying to eat me!
Fighting rages near Donetsk airport despite Ukraine ceasefire Russian fascists should not be there, should go home to 'mother Russia'.
Dasvidinya .. Mother Russia ... Enjoyed every second of my trip.. Best trip of my life .. And I'll be back!!
Looking very much forward to meeting Greece's PM Alexis Tsipras next month. Mother Russia is here for you, my Greek people!
10x, i'll try to do my best for mother Russia =)
Space.Mother about son Gagarin.Memoirs.Book in Russian 1985 russia soviet ussr
Not a smart move. : Russian Child seized from Russian mother in | Beyond The Headlines
Insane crowds of happy Crimeans celebrating the reunification with mother Russia.
they want to kick him out of office because he's too soft for Mother Russia
The "Ms *** Cana" pageant got out of hand when the smoking hot fifty year old mother of two from Russia won
Made it to mother Russia. I like my airlines semi-communist!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I find it funny that many in India incl young kids refer to Russia as "Mother Russia". I mean *** And these kids want US degrees BTW
Off to Newtown fair but jumped off bus to get Mother Russia beetrootcake!
REVIEW: A Game in *** Four stars for these pics from Mother Russia's album:
do svidaniya Sweden from the world jrs!!! The hammer has fallen! Mother Russia!
What da fuq did I just see on my timeline. Mickey Rourke boxing in Mother Russia. is confused.
Russian Hockey Team make Mother Russia very proud with gold. Btw I am president, not your bro.http…
We aren't here to entertain, we do this for Mother Russia, and Dmitry Medvedev, another example of a real man.
Dear Mr. President, it is known that you are of Hellenic descent and an Orthodox Christian. Please help Hellas to unite with Mother Russia. Hellas is the pride of the world. What the Germans and the Rotschilds did to Hellas to the Balkans and the world was done in revenge because these countries fought against Hitler. Hitler was a Jewish *** Just like Merkel and Kissinger. This is why the Rotschilds developed the European Union. They robbed all of the countries with this union. They stole their down payments and guarantees. The countries are now indebted to a monthly euro tax from a Rothschild bank in America. With this method of Jewish propaganda they stole 10 countries from Russia. Rothschild propaganda is very strong and they win every country without a war. They bribe all of media. The media bribe the politicians with their propaganda. This how they win every country without a war. They lie to the countries by saying that they will establish one European country. Russia established the BRICS unio ...
*not Graeme Le Saux and David Batty having a yipee ki-yay in Mother Russia...
Admins note. Dear friends and comrades, our group is steadily growing. It means that more and more people are interested in the Russian culture, history and support the policy of the Russian Federation and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The group is created for the exchange of ideas, views, discussions of the urgent issues related to Russia and the place of Russia in the contemporary world. Thank you all for your valuable contribution - interesting posts, important information, sharing of your thoughts and ideas, smart and funny comments, cordial conversations. I salute your courageous and independent mindset, your loving Mother Russia and sharing the pain and pride of Russians despite the dominating rusophobic Western media. I hope together we'll promote peace and social justice in the world. The group is us! Lets make our forum intelligent and fruitful. And let me remind the rules - trolling, expression of hatred, insults,abuse - is banned. All posts on religion are not allowed. Participans ins ...
Kick *** 1 and 2, esp. 2. fav. comic movie to it too much, Jim Carey and Mother Russia, tip my hat to Matthew Vaughn.
"Die Waffen! Legt an!". Followed by awesome guitar. It's just missing the sound of Allied troops dying at the hands of Mother Russia's army.
Igor Akinfeev has disgraced Mother Russia ! Идиот ! Akinfeev do that again & you will be CRUSHED !
they only love their father Marx, Mother Russia and Brother China.
We only beat Canada in 1986 mate. France and mother Russia beat us in the other games.
((I was one of those "all will become one with mother Russia" Russia's...I puke every time I see my archive)(
style not for me. Putting them in prison was great shame and crime to Russia. Mother of Gulag and Pogrom.
Stalin was like a father to all of Mother Russia!
Russia but I am in German at the holiday and for 5weeks I live at my mother sister her daughter house at the moment in eggenf
Happy Father's Day in mother Russia, I didn't get you a card, deal with it.
This will likely be useful for my upcoming trip to Russia:
Mother Russia is not V.Lenin goes on the Pee in Poland...
Mother Russia. Dance of the czars. Hold up your heads. Remember who you are. Can you release. The anger the grief...
Right now sending Mother Russia in Iraq seems a better alternative!
Ruslan was counting on the Siberian Gods to channel the strength of 1,000 grizzly bears and all of mother Russia to KO dude.
Does that mean your mother is Russia
Playing Red Alert fueled my obsession for MOTHER RUSSIA
forgot to tell you I met one of your comrades for mother Russia the other day. 😳
I feel so guilty that I pick up my telephone and call Mother in Russia. I awaken her. It too late for stopping so I am cumming sex.
Lowkey mother russia in Kick *** 2 cud catch it. Lmaoo I lied still
Come on Ali do it for Mother Russia
Tell me, did they teach sarcasm in Mother Russia, or was that punishable by death?
Get strong like rock, not weak like Barack !!! O Mother Russia .. !
*** mother Russia. why is this happening 🙅
Lol at Mother Russia. I'm hoping too man but smarter people than me seem pretty sure Canada is dunzo.
And The Leader of Mother Russia, is not offended by his foreskin removal in Cry-me-ah..after I called a Cossack, a Cocksukxx for
Someone come drink with me for mother Russia and slip into a Russian accent with me (also re-read this in a Russian accent)
In Russia it is custom to haev animal to dying horribly. Is way of Mother Russia.
His greatest regret was never getting Papa John and Mother Russia back together after the divorce
I'll play for him :D. Just kidding, only for mother Russia und Deutschland lolz
Up first, Day Job takes a packed house to mother Russia.
Good luck to mother Russia at world cup
Nahh y'all don't understand it's all about MOTHER RUSSIA!
.America & Europe are providing Dictator Putin & his MOTHER RUSSIA with an ENORMOUS REVENUE STREAM TO WREAK HAVOC IN E. EUROPE!
.WE ARE STILL TRADING WITH MOTHER RUSSIA. Your point makes NO SENSE given what has just occurred in Crimea. . China is LEARNING
Greedy Nazi *** can't stand the light of Truth in the face of Mother Russia! lolol
And then deportation back to home base, aka Mother Russia, don’t omit that,
Russia beckons, though. Any game in St Petersburg! My mother grew up there.
Putin will make sure you will never get a moment of peace and social and economic stability until you bow down to MOTHER RUSSIA
People's pensions in E. Ukraine are around $100, whereas Russians now mostly get upwards of $500. Hence the love for Mother R…
Alaska doesn't count. When do you return from mother Russia?
So, U.S. have spread Syrian civil war on Iraq. Thanks, Obama! Higher oil prices are good for Mother Russia!
Watching kick *** 2 Awesome scene mother Russia destroys 5 police cars and all the policeman in em one by one lol
watch out america Mother Russia returns home tomorrow
I do not own anything from this video. This is for entertainment purposes. Lyrics: Mother Russia how are you sleeping? Middle winter cold winds blow From the...
This is the start to one of my chapters. Constructive criticism welocome.. Family holidays had not been the same for Demyan since, what the British call Boxing Day, Russia in 1991. Yeltsin handed over the keys to the nuclear arsenal and the world was left dealing with the independent Commonwealth of Independent States. Before then life was simple: work was work and holidays, by the Black Sea, in St Konstantin, were holidays. Time spent in the Soviet Riviera, where days merged into weeks, was now a cold war simple memory. He had done well out of the privatisation of Mother Russia. His opportunity came to him simply. When the Soviet Union collapsed he was already in charge of a massive gas and petroleum company. All he had to do was murder any opponents and other claims to the gaseous crown and “Hey presto!” He was the Chief Executive of Russia’s biggest gas export company. So that’s what he did. He fixed it. When the Tsunami of Capitalism hit newly opened Russia, money started shunting into his ...
Got Russia in the work sweep. Ivan Drago, Mikhail Gorbachev, Garry Kasparov. Garry Kasparov, can you hear me? Go on, Mother Russia!
Rusev, who apparently dropped his first name, goes up against Kofi Kingston in the name of Mother Russia and patriot Edward Snowden. -TP
Moscow, Russia – Speaking from the decks of an aircraft carrier adrift in the Pacific, Vladimir Putin winked as he assured Americans to ‘not worry about your government’s shutdown, Mother Russia is on your side.”
WHEW! Alright everyone. I have been working on this ALL DAY in between Readings and radio appearances. BEHOLD! (drum roll please)… PREDICTIONS 2014 SO FAR Below are the current statuses of "Predictions 2014" as of [May 2nd, just over four months into the year.] Here is the Prediction breakdown: There are FIVE (5) Predictions with a "C" before them, for "Commentary". Meaning, they were simply comments or side notes of some kind I hear while channeling my predictions. There are NINE (9) Predictions with a "?" before them, meaning that I could not give a date as to when these will be fulfilled. There are THIRTY SEVEN (37) numbered Predictions which I can say with a fair degree of certainty are "2014" Predictions. HOWEVER! As has been discovered recently, Prediction from 2012 has surely manifested this year, 2014: "Mother Russia will break from it's box." Therefore, we have a long way to go. Suffice it to say, here is where we stand. THESE PREDICTIONS HAVE MANIFESTED: 21 TOTAL 2. "The island of C ...
"The Daily Feast" continues with a horse race in cyberspace: 1. How is that restart button pushing that Hillary Clinton did with Russia working out? 2. Putin does as Putin desires, and Crimea is a prize that he has tucked under Mother Russia's arm. 3. The Ukraine is in peril, and it was not long ago that President Obama was heard (on a microphone that he did not realize was on) telling the one of the Russian leaders to tell Putin that he (Obama) would have more flexibility once he (Obama) was reelected (What has that flexibility resulted in may I ask?).
Vladimir Putin: "I'll cool my jets if is bestowed upon Mother Russia. And the US, I guess" you heard the man, NBC!
When Nick Fury sends Da Punisher out on a mission to Mother Russia, you know this ain't gonna be no cold war. HEATIN UP!
Russia has a new state of the art surveillance aircraft, reportedly equipped with state of the art "spy" electronics, probably stolen by U.S. sympathizers to Mother Russia, since Russia has lagged the U.S. in high tech electronics of various types. So, we have "The Open Skies" treaty with Russia which supposedly offers our access to their air space, and vice versa. The State Department, which has been occupied by globalists has jurisdiction OUTSIDE of oversight by intelligence agencies and the Pentagon. (Other than budgetary). All these officials are quietly and angrily in some cases URGING the President to NOT allow this new aircraft to overfly the U.S for covert spying. The President's own advisors are divided along "belief" lines about this, some with the naive belief that it might "help" Putin be NICER and more cooperative. How about just surrendering now? In a world now dependent on electronic intelligence gathering, this is truly dangerous policy. Hopefully the President (who calls himself a CITIZEN ...
Mother Russia has the numbers, weapons, training, discipline, strategies, tactical & overall superior military qualities over
I drink with my fellow fighters and we drink Mother Russia heavy stuff only!
Likewise infatuated with Mother Russia was Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, who joined Communist Party USA under Stalin.
North Korea and South Korea are shooting each other. Mother Russia took back Crimea and America want to war with them and China, and the middle east. The Brits will ally with the Americans. Japan has nukes and is aiming it at China. People, THIS is World War 3.
A real Red Flag for Mother Russia and Americans who remember history, but doesn't define the Ukrainian people.
Who would have thought that the man so many looked to for hope, change, honesty and integrity in leadership, a new tomorrow and better today for our beleaguered economy would be posturing for war with Putin. Who would have thought THIS would be the man pushing us where the Bay of Pigs avoided, what Star Wars prevented, what my father's generation rallied against. Who would have thought that while we were busy texting and updating our lunch images on Instagram while the genocide continues, unabated and undeterred in Sudan, we would be toe to toe with Mother Russia and she would be laughing at us and daring us to stop her. Who would have thought...
believe me Mother Russia will act if you dare violate it territory and citizen aboard, believe me there is only one president in the world whom i swear my loyalty to, Vladimir Putin. like he said : Mr. Putin, he said. “If Russian forces move into eastern Ukraine,” he said, “what would NATO do?” believe we will retaliate if you provoke MOther Russia.
Sweet Victory for Mother Russia. Congratulations to the people of Crimea. Congratulations Vladimir Putin. Thank you Russia for standing up to the West. Bravo Vikor Yanukovic!
I hear that in tomorrows election or reformation in Crimean area of Ukraine to join or not join new and glorious Soviet Union being passed off as Mother Russia there are two choices on the ballot.1.Yes I want to join mother Russia and 2. the other box says " Just shoot me and my family now.
Why does Mother Russia look like Kurt Russel as Snake Pliskin with a blond crew cut?
Russia continues its "military intervention" into the Crimean Peninsula, apart of sovereign state of Ukraine, in order to assimilate Crimea, once again, as part of Mother Russia. President Obama is trying to organize international diplomatic efforts on part of European & other world allies to persuade Russia to pull out of Crimea and pull back to Russian borders.
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Crimea is an historically Russian territory. The majority of its citizens are ethnic Russian. This conflict started when the Ukraine's government sought closer ties with the E.U. and NATO, an action the elected president vetoed. This led to him being deposed and seeking refuge in mother Russia. Crimea, which is currently an autonomous region of the Ukraine, sought help from Russia and ofc Russia obliged. Crimea intends to hold an election giving voters a chance to either stay in the Ukraine or leave it and rejoin Mother Russia. Now that you are up to speed, let me ask exactly what role the US has in this conflict? Are we expected to force Russia to back off and then force Crimea into the EU even if its against their wishes? Are we to reinforce the new president who arrived at power through a coup while rejecting the elected president? Does our sudden interest in eastern Europe have something to do with the 100 billion dollar drop in defense spending and plans to reduce our bloated defense budget? No matt ...
Perhaps we should see President Obama as pursuing the wily course of Russia’s famous general Kutyernutsov*, who responded to Napoleon’s bold invasion of Russia by retreating back into Mother Russia, confident that the Russian expanse, its harsh winter and the survival needs of its peasants would eventually expose Napoleon’s troops and his folly. Perhaps, by picking the right fights, revealing the Republican extremes, pointing the right direction even while in slow retreat, the president is exposing the right, exhausting their troops, and awakening Americans to meet the challenges of the day. As fanciful as that may be, it is much more plausible than expecting this budget’s long-term direction to take us where we need to go. Was that his name?
WWIII? Many do not know what's happening or why this may be scary so Let's begin In the beginning: Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. Soviet gone=independent Ukraine by Russia. Google for more info. Short story, some people from Ukraine still feel connected to Mother Russia. Now skip a couple years to the beginning: Prime minister Yulia Tymoshenkothe (The guy before the last guy) convicted of abuse of power and goes to jail. (She's free now). She lost to a guy named Victor Yankovych in the next elections as her popularity faded. Now this Victor guy, some hate because of his dealings with Russia. Skip to November, Victor over here doesn't agree with a deal of increasing ties with the EU and breaking down ties with Russia. He stops and the pro-american and pro-eu Ukrainians start protesting, since the president instead chose to increase ties with Mother Russia. Capital city and west Ukraine (the pro-EU) side have protests, and in attempt to control it ,the government passes laws to outlaw protests. These ...
For years one of my favorite subjects of reading was history. Especially European History. If you have ever read anything on Russian History you should notice that what is happening in the Ukraine is a repeat of a 600 year pattern of Russian expansionism. Russia has no natural borders. This creates insecurity. Their belief is the exact same as the good old USA has been sense the Monroe Doctrine. Any where there is an American we have an interest, and more, the right to intervene. I expect that Putin will "annex" the Russian parts of the Ukraine. I expect the Russian public will accept nothing less. And if anything less happens, it would take great courage on the part of Putin. This is all the Russian version of "Manifest Destiny." Only they call it "HOLY Mother Russia." Just thinking. Nothing important. Avoid visiting Russia for a little while. Have a great day.
This status is one I'd rather no one commented on please. Regarding Ukraine, I can see both points of view. To the Russians the Crimea is like The Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, The Channel Islands and (dare I say this) Northern Ireland is to the British. It maybe that in some cities of the rest of Ukraine the Russian speaking majority will also identify with 'Mother Russia'. To the non Russian ethnic Ukrainians and those who want to be 'European', they will want to be part of the European Union, they have felt occupied previously and are sure they don't want to be part of the Russian Federation. There are people of evil intent on both sides. There are very brave people of goodwill and conviction on both sides. Many people on each side will be prepared to lay down their lives for what they believe in. But, the world is now such a small place. The more conflict we allow the more uncomfortable and smaller it will get. If we want a peaceful world we have to compromise, negotiate, give a lot more than we want. ...
"Putin says the people demanding to "go back to Mother Russia" should be taken into consideration." Off course you do, dear..
It is truly stupefying that US Ambassador Susan Rice warns Russia to "keep its hands off the Ukraine", which is adjacent to Russia's heartland, and the capitol of which has for centuries been known as "Kiev, Mother Russia" while the US defines its direct national security interest as being the indiscriminate slaughter of hundreds and thousands of Muslims in the Middle East, half way around the world. We have outsourced the sanity of our relations with the rest of the globe to the monkey house at the zoo.
The events in The Ukraine are momentous, but not simply for what they mean for The Ukraine. They are momentous because of what they mean for Russia. Faced with historic choices between the enlightened Peter the Great and Catherine the Great and their openness to not only the West but to knowledge in its grandest sense including knowledge of where we all are in the grander scheme of life, or those like Ivan the Terrible and Joseph Stalin, with their paranoic insularity and withdrawal from both knowledge and self knowledge, surely the path ahead must be clear. Even Putin must now understand that a recreation of an ersatz second soviet, linked with Belarus and Tajikistan and a subjugated Ukraine is a horrible substitute for joining not only the European Union but the twenty-first century's best hope for Mother Russia, an enlightened vision of its own place in the world. If Putin would but follow not only Peter and Catherine but the third member of Russia's troika of great leaders, Mikhail Gorbachev, he would ...
How many Olympic medals is Russia going to win using non-Russian athletes!? Already, South Korean Ahn Hyun-Soo has won Russia THREE gold medals in speed skating, while American- and Washington State-born snowboarder Vic Wild has won two gold medals under the Russian flag. Five additional Olympians competing for Mother Russia in the 2014 Winter Olympics only became citizens since the 2010 Vancouver Games. It's not surprising--the Russian Ministry of Sport granted "hassle-free citizenship" to any athlete with a world championship or Olympic medal. Enjoy your medal count, Russia. Just know that your success came, in large part, at the hands of foreigners. Those who, until it became financially convenient, pledged allegiances to flags much different than yours.
You could say that the medals won by each of the three ladies who stood on the podium Thursday night at the Iceberg Skating Palace were for three different -- and three very distinct -- recipients. For Adelina Sotnikova, her gold medal was for Mother Russia, which concluded these Games with a dominating showing, with champions in three of the five figure skating events and five medals overall. For Yu-Na Kim, her silver was for herself. It may not have been the color of medal she was hoping for, but all along she maintained she was doing this for her and her alone. It'll look just fine next to the gold she already owns. And for Carolina Kostner, her bronze was for the devoted followers of the sport, those who have tracked her career -- one that's been filled with more highs and lows than a long-term weather forecast -- for more than a decade and for whom she epitomizes what it means to be a true artist on the ice. You never know what you're going to get with Kostner. Equal parts brilliant and maddening, he ...
Day 15 of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi brought Team USA some joy, adding two more medals to their tally, but also a bit of disappointment. The much antiquated semifinal Hockey Game between Team USA and Team Canada took play at Bolshoy Ice Dome. The United States seemed unprepared for the match and due to some lackluster play, Team USA loses to Canada 1-0. They will now head back to the Bolshoy Ice Dome tomorrow, meeting Finland in the Bronze Medal Game. On to some good news for The US today, another Gold medal is tallied from competition at Rosa Khutor. Mikaela Shiffrin won took first place in the women's Slalom final with a time of 1:44.54. She is flanked on the podium by two Austrian ladies who take the Silver and the Bronze. Back in Olympic Park, the men of Team USA finally have some like on the ice, taking the Silver medal in the 5000m relay. Mother Russia just slightly defeated Team USA for the Gold, however, the USA out-skated the People's Republic of China, who won the Bronze. Several oth ...
"Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express" and other crime novels that take place in Mother Russia
Which country has the world's largest degree of income inequality? Is it the US, China, India, Texas, or Mexico? No, put your hands together for the winner and still champion--Russia, where no worker or wage can be too small!! Russia has a 13% flat tax with no legal exemptions allowed. That simple tax code should help citizens and corporations alike. Especially Jews who probably need much Vodka after being forced by their companies to attend Russian Orthodox Christian bible study, or lose their jobs. But why does tax-friendly Russia, with 50% of Legislature being female, have the worst income inequality in the world? Well, stand aside Africa, step back Mexico, smile China and India--you're all looking for second place behind Mother Russia, the new leader in political corruption! I think a flat tax rate with no exemptions, combined with our consumption taxes would help the US economy (Unless our congress were more corrupt than Russia, which will never happen because we *hate* the bribery endemic to o ...
Mother Russia! Any judged sport will have bias but to have a reputable national station suggest a fix? That's big.
WE have a lot to learn from Mother Russia.
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Boris is hiding over Mother Russia's loss on Saturday.
The Biathalon has been changed to just Athalon, because nobody is bi in Mother Russia.
Actually we could use that here. and have suffered foot injuries here in Mother Russia.
you shouldn't play that commercial with Robin Williams saying "Let's win this for Mother Russia" while the Winter Olympics is on..
An amazing early version of The Sisters of Mercy's song, Dominion/Mother Russia .
Irony alive and well in Mother Russia
"I'll tell you what we do... I want you to go on the field, look for anything w an 'O'. We will win this for Mother Russia!"
Actually, beat you and on the Matryoshka Doll story.
they want death of Canadian in Russia or Romania for who mother Russia or your broke *** self to quote God of War...
Going back to mother Russia! Got my african tan and raw love. Wil surely miss the land of the brave.
I'm sorry my fellow Americans, but I'm rooting for Mother Russia to win gold in hockey. As much as I hate their government, I respect the citizenry; those people have faced more hardship in the past thousand years than all of Western Europe and America combined. If you think I'm exaggerating, look it up and see for yourself. The Motherland deserves this.
I am disappointed Mother Russia by Iron Maiden wasn't the opening song for the Olympics
"Kick *** 2" was SO much better than the first one. So much better. Really, the first one *** I don't get why anyone likes it. It's mean-spirited, pretentious, stupid, and Nicolas Cage was the only reason worth seeing it to begin with. He (ahem) kicked *** *Nudge nudge. With that said, this one is still barely passable. I see this as a bad movie that I like. It isn't the worst movie, but the plot in here sometimes is overly careless and forced. For example, Red Mist/Motherf'cker's mom dies, and it's his fault, and then they act like nothing happened. *** !? In fact, Christopher Mintz-Plasse gives the absolute worst performance of his career. His acting is shockingly bad. His subplot is just terribly-written and horrendous. Borderline unwatchable. The whole high school melodrama with Hit Girl is so forced and cliched that it's just embarrassing. There's so many conveniences here, it nearly destroys the movie. The most enjoyable scenes were with Jim Carrey. You would think him giving a heavy American ac ...
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