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Mother Russia

Mother Russia (transliterated as Rossiya-Matushka) is a national personification of Russia, appearing in patriotic posters, statues etc.

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Going back to mother Russia! Got my african tan and raw love. Wil surely miss the land of the brave.
I'm sorry my fellow Americans, but I'm rooting for Mother Russia to win gold in hockey. As much as I hate their government, I respect the citizenry; those people have faced more hardship in the past thousand years than all of Western Europe and America combined. If you think I'm exaggerating, look it up and see for yourself. The Motherland deserves this.
I am disappointed Mother Russia by Iron Maiden wasn't the opening song for the Olympics
"Kick *** 2" was SO much better than the first one. So much better. Really, the first one *** I don't get why anyone likes it. It's mean-spirited, pretentious, stupid, and Nicolas Cage was the only reason worth seeing it to begin with. He (ahem) kicked *** *Nudge nudge. With that said, this one is still barely passable. I see this as a bad movie that I like. It isn't the worst movie, but the plot in here sometimes is overly careless and forced. For example, Red Mist/Motherf'cker's mom dies, and it's his fault, and then they act like nothing happened. *** !? In fact, Christopher Mintz-Plasse gives the absolute worst performance of his career. His acting is shockingly bad. His subplot is just terribly-written and horrendous. Borderline unwatchable. The whole high school melodrama with Hit Girl is so forced and cliched that it's just embarrassing. There's so many conveniences here, it nearly destroys the movie. The most enjoyable scenes were with Jim Carrey. You would think him giving a heavy American ac ...
THE MOTHER CALLS (RUSSIA) 91 m (excl. plinth). When the memorial was dedicated in 1967 it was the tallest...
error: know 6 Arends no in Danmark but in Russia, in Udomlya, not in S.-Pb, az Grandfather of my mother.
You've done a marvellous thing. May I introduce you to ? He's writing from Russia.
We will win this for Mother Russia 💪
I'm home y'all. Mother Russia didn't take me thing time
Was just watching olympic women's curling, so many >8/10 hbbs, esp team mother russia, such a retarded sport though, lol.
I will drink this vodka for mother Russia
I wonder how many Gold Medals Zangief is going to bring home for Mother Russia?
So.. can I go back to Mexico or go to Russia now? Too many morons here who can't see that A mother and father are only two people. Not more
nosochi2014's photo Russia is arresting Circassians in Sochi. REALLY HATING MOTHER RUSSOA RN.
not looking forward to mother Russia at all
Now Mother Russia must to make play games against Norwegia in quarter finalities. Many shames to play minnow country not goodness
Now I make cheer claps for Mother Russia Curl Ladies. Not great Ice Bowlers but WA WA WE much hotness
We will win this for mother Russia 😠✊
I just chanted "WIN BIG FOR MOTHER RUSSIA" while watching the Olympics with my parents and they just ignored me lol
So somber with mommy in Mother Russia.
I'll be so glad when we are done reading this *** mother Russia book! It continues to be the death of me!!
Mother Russia was one of the realest, most gangster villains I've seen in a movie.
or Visconte needs 2 go Somewhere like freeze his *** off in mother Russia hockey league or something. America doesn't need him
While I thoroughly enjoy watching the Olympics in general, I'm done with NBC. Fawning over mother Russia, whitewashing their history, having an unhealthy fetish with ice skating and now badgering Bode Miller during an emotional, private moment. NBC is an embarrassment.
Someone do a in mother Russia joke.
Not too hard actually, I competed in the 92 olympics for Speed walking. Took home the gold for Mother Russia.
Thanks to my mother who let me stay at home. I'm feeling myself so bad.
we had a joke at work where we had a note on wine that said "In mother Russia you don't date the bottles, the bottles date you."
The word “matryoshka” comes from “Matryona,” a popular name for girls in pre-revolutionary Russia, related to the Latin wo…
--Fourth: As Tchaikovsky's depressed about losing his mother to cholera(?), Russia does his best to make him happy again. --
Sorrella Rose Womack. "We will win this for mother Russia!" Brandon Moore has no clue what I'm talking about.
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In mother Russia, you no wear hat. Hat wears you.
Let the anthem of freedom ring through mother Russia! Let those who made this country free be marked in history
The Olympics have gone 2 my moms head . She yells Mother Russia TV when Putin appears & is going 2 Afton Apls to snowboard 2morrow
In mother Russia you do not walk on snow, snow walks on you.
There is a Russian judge, who shall remain nameless, attempting to silence my commentary. He claims I am overwhelming the newsfeed and diverting attention from Mother Russia. But I'm an American. ;)
Jr bulldogs took second place in the tournament this weekend.lots of fun and excitement! Good job boys... you tried hard and played hard. One more weekend to go.we know you can do it (as the boys it for "mother russia")... ie. for those of you who dont know . that a line from a candy bar commercials :)
A childhood memory that I am sure some current or former Mansonites will remember. In the mid to late 50's B-52 bombers made numerous low level runs over Manson and other local communities as well. What I remember are the sonic booms they produced and me doing face plants in the Zook yard when these planes flew over! My Mom Helen who was a God fearing Mennonite would curse a blue streak as the sonic booms broke a number of windows in our house. She would come out of the house madder than a wet hen shaking her fist at the now long gone plane/planes. The face plant I alluded to occurred when I would see a giant shadow that scared the bejesus out of me!!! :( The sonic boom would occur just shortly afterwards. I am sure the B-52's originated out of the SAC base in Omaha. I swear the planes were just several hundred feet off the ground and hauling *** !! Practicing for bombing mother Russia I am sure!
I DON'T KNOW WHY THE ATHLETES DON'T JUST REFUSE TO COMPETE. The conditions are so bad that it is amazing no one has been killed. Tell Mother Russia to shove the 51 billion up their ***
We were watching ESPN and they were talking about the Olympics. Why did Izzy ask me ""Dad..Do you love Mother Russia? ""You love Mother Russia right?"" LMAO
Everyone is in trouble just like home in mother Russia lmfao
It makes me happy that Ovechkin can play for Mother Russia in Sochi. I am, however, still not rooting for him.
Do you really win a medal for "Mother Russia" if you've been skating for another country for your entire life?
Just thinking mother Russia lost a real great guy last December when Mikhail Kalashnikov sadly passed away,a true great man he was.!
Good bud for Mother Russia. gotta have a good weed To get them all women high. Lol
Fear not Mother Russia. This tournament isn't over by a long shot. The Americans were FAR outplayed in that game and the Russians lost in a skills competition. Apparently in international hockey you can keep rolling the same shooter in the shootout? ALL.HAIL.MOTHER.RUSSIA!
Good job again USA in the men's hockey team. We are so proud of you. Just beat Mother Russia again and that will send a powerful message back to Mr. Putin.
Presidents tournament playing in the finals let's win this for mother Russia
USA bested mother Russia in hockey last night great game
Go team USA hockey.what an awesome game against mother Russia
I have 3 thoughts this morning... 1- CUSE it seems, is destined not to lose. And they better not Wednesday when I go lol. 2- USA USA USA USA ! USA hockey team sweeps thorough to the quarter finals ! Sorry MOTHER RUSSIA ! 3 -And I think I've heard enough about the *** football player. Who cares!! Great he came out of the closet, good for him. But espn and the public want to make him a " media darling ". No pun intended . I hope the Dolphins draft him. Imagine the shower talk with Richie incognito and the boys will have lmfao !
Hockey fans, I hope you got a chance to see the OT and shootout victory against Mother Russia yesterday. What a great game, somewhat reminiscent of the Miracle On Ice game in 1980. I never heard of T.J. Oshie, but now all of America has a new hockey hero...Go USA!
Fans may have to do a very hard thing...and that is root for "Mother Russia"... because it is common knowledge that if Team Russia does not win a Gold Medal in Hockey, the team will 'disappear'. aka Bobrovsky goes 'bye bye'.
"Great win for Mother Russia, No Siberia today for you!" Putin
you know.I think everyone should quit giving Mother Russia a hard time about the conditions at Sochi.just remember.we made the whole world listen to Nickleback at our Olympics.
Thank God Mother Russia- Bode does get it done, and walks out with his sixth olympic metal. And how awesome is it for Andrew Weinbrecht to land the Silver. Go USA!!
Mother Russia y'all sure are sore LOOSERS!!!
Taking my grandson to awana games practice this morning and he looks at me and says... let's win this one for mother Russia. Yes, he was quoting the Robin Williams commercial.
I'm curious, hope I'm not the only one but have you ever saw the Snickers where Robin Williams plays a football coach and screams "WE WILL GO OUT THERE AND WIN IT FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!!" And the other coach says eat a snickers.well yeah.hate to say it but every time I see the Russian coaches yelling at their players that is what I think.sorry, but it is!
Just chillin in my room tonight, who for? For mother Russia
Just watched USA take it to mother Russia once again!
We won against mother Russia!? Since I couldn't watch it, the movie "Miracle" will do just fine.
WAHOOO! 200 likes for Mother Russia, we've got an exciting month ahead of us with gigs in Saltash & Newquay Thanks for the continuing support from our faithful comrades and a big hullo to our new ones! MR xx
Oshie single handedly defeats mother Russia. It is a sad day for ruskies everywhere
And USA hockey wins it against the Mother Russia team that is stacked! What a game. USA USA USA!!!
Good job U.S on beating mother russia, can't wait to show you how its really done, sorry boyz ain't gonna be no shoot out to save you this time around
The USA Hockey Team takes down Mother Russia 3-2 in a 8 Round Shoot Out! It is just the Preliminary Round, but I enjoy watching Russia lose in any round. USA! USA! USA! Suck It Putin! Rod
Great shoot out by oshie and quick, suck it mother Russia !
Datsyuk will receive much vodka and all of Putin's daughters for his performance for Mother Russia today.
.sod the FA Cup when it's mother Russia v USA in the ice hockey.
Lets go usa need this W against the mother russia!
Meanwhile in Mother Russia, camera takes pic of you.
The 2014 Sochi Olympics are in full swing. Athletes from all over the world have gathered in Mother Russia to celebrate an age-old tradition and battle for physical superiority (Sadly, somewhere al...
"Mother Russia meet your newest golden girl from America."
"Mother Russia, meet your newest Olympic champion: Jamie Anderson from South Lake Tahoe, with the gold."
I was just watching Russian Olympic men's skater Yevgeny Plushenko, putting in a practically flawless performance. I thought I saw a large silver cross dangling from his neck? Could it be that he believes in a Higher Power than Mother Russia?
Dear NBC - You say you are the "home of the Olympics" yet I don't see any sports. Also, I understand you want to tell me stories of Mother Russia but I just want to see the games. I like the insights on the participants but can you show me the athlete participating? Right now I'm seeing a cooking show about favorite kitchen tools. Maybe if you showed the commentator going down the luge on a big spoon I would feel better.
Advice of the not betray mother russia or you will accidently die on a set of knives.
In Mother Russia, bathroom doors locks you.
CBC's Coverage of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. I'll preface my comments by saying that I'm a big supporter of the national broadcaster. We have a wonderful network and we should support it with everything we've got. However (you knew something was coming, right?) the commentary during the opening ceremony of the Olympics, with our Peter Mansbridge and Don MacLean, and Heather Hiscox and Jian Ghomeshi, and whomever else I might have missed, was mediocre at best and embarrassing to say the least. For instance, did you know that Einstein was Russian? Yes, according to Peter M., the great scientist was a son of Mother Russia. Not only that, but Einstein had time to direct that great film, The Battleship Potemkin. What's that, you say? It wasn't Einstein but Eisenstein...oh, my apologies, or rather, Peter apologizes for this small error. Maybe my ears deceived me when I heard him pronounce the name. Okay, I'm picky. My point is that someone should have provided notes to Mr. Mansbridge so that he ...
NSA Spying; America caught with its pants down     Phone calls may be taken down and used in evidence against you     The kettle is boiling over the insults of the EU by State Department senior official Victoria Nuland following her use of an expletive to describe the EU when talking to the American Ambassador to the Ukraine. In addition to the kettle the German chancellor Angela Merkle is spewing steam with the revelation that the United States State Department has such low regard for the European collection of sovereign states.        Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland referred to the EU using a graphic swear word, in a conversation with the US ambassador to Ukraine. The EU, US and (unofficially) Russia are all involved in talks to end months of unrest in Ukraine which has to do with whether the Ukrainians become part of the EU or whether former Mother Russia gets to Lord it over them once again. Ms Nuland has been forced to apologise “for these reported comments”.     The Ukrain ...
So I hear, Bob Costas got Pink Eye from not washing his hands after being on the toilet all night with a case of the Putins'.Well played Mother Russia, Well played. Gold Medal count. Award-Winning Announcers=0, Mother Russia=1
I remember when things in Mother Russia were always so much better than the U.S. Heck, things have gone so down hill they replaced the Russians with North Koreans in the remake of Red Dawn. Sign of the times...
"Mother Russia always superior" yes it is. We shall return home soon
I am having a really, really hard to get my mother to grasp the concept of national personifications (Like Britannia, Marianne, Mother Russia, etc). Someone halp.
Do not doubt that Red Army paratroopers who jumped into snow banks behind German lines at low altitude without parachutes during WWII, helped to kill German soldiers that American troops, including my father, did not have to face. Characters in my novel of the assassination of President Kennedy have this heroic Red Army experience in common. They were brave, and they helped save Mother Russia from Hitler's troops at the gates to Moscow. They eventually advanced to the top of Soviet Military Intelligence, where they recruited a top American spy in the Pentagon, who told them that the Americans were going to kill their president in Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963. See I'll send you a signed copy of "Watchman JFK's Last Ride."
Watain are now ready to announce the deflowering of Mother Russia in the beginning of March. These shows have previously been wrongly announced for other dates but the following are the only right ones; 5 March RU Moscow, Volta Club 6 March RU St Petersburg, Zal Ozhidaniya We look forward to join forces with the Eastern Front and let the fires of the Gods rage across the tundras...
“A large black woman…” Famous in Mother Russia for being essentially being our version of Kim Kardashian, TV personality and sometime political...
In mother Russia this is like a gorgeous day 😂
Back in Mother Russia this weather was summer.
About to watch Kick *** 2. I hope it is as good as the first one & the comics. Excited to see Mother Russia in full swing!
The number of Russians seeking asylum in the US has increased since an August law seen as hostile to *** people
Me and my so beautiful mother ladygaga in Russia
Mother Russia's really goin I just give in at this point?
watching the Italian Job (reboot), and I notice the mother Russia thugs drive my car. cause you know, I'm so hood.
One man, one shovel, one pair of headphones, and one will to survive.FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!!
Thanks to mother Russia, USA is out 😈😈😈
mother russia is the only woman I ever loved
Iron Maiden - Mother Russia EMI UK (P) 1990 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd
The shovel beats the knife in Mother Russia.
In Mother Russia, one does not beat the cold: the cold beats you.
That vid I saw on worldstarr is crazy...some dude really murdered his mother to get her life insurance money smh
Looks like we live in Mother Russia
Canada's junior team moves on to the WJC semis (while Team USA got the boot from Mother Russia). And "Community" is back. Life is good.
greetings from mother Russia. Sorry the mission was unsuccessful.aleksandar Kolarov
A friend smuggled this back from Mother Russia for me:
"Today is the day of our glorious victory, for ourselves...and for Mother Russia."
so you become one with mother Russia, da?
Every time I go to the punk section of hmv with my mother russia hat, I get a lot of weird looks from ppl with touqes and lip piercings
Dmitri and I much booze canned after Mother Russia victorious. Now time to execute vodka funnel for Kanadian happiness peoples
everyone knows that they did it for mother Russia
But I never officially said Miley look better then Mother Russia! I just made a face
Increasing numbers of Russians are seeking asylum from homophobia in the US
Mother Russia thanks for being the hint and thanks God for giving me the way i got my chance
“Lot of bling on that ref. From Mother Russia
. "Please tell us of this In Mother Russia joke we keep collecting on USA wiretaps. We don't get it."
One of the many reasons our staff is hard at work fighting for immigrants and asylum seekers in 2014:
Fleeing a law seen as hostile to *** people, Russians head to New York for New Year's Eve
USA is officially out of the Gold Medal race, thank you mother russia.
More and more Russian LGBTQ people are leaving their country. Well, DUH. Douchey laws will do that.
and they lost to mother Russia so thats even better!
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same like Before, tapi pake Mother of Russia!!!
U.S. of NAY! American Exceptionalism dismantled by Mother Russia at
Dmitry, in Orion Community, Russia, is longing for a ‘Godparent’. He lost his mother in 2013. Will you help him?
who would like to travel with me on the trans-siberian railroad with me in the future and visit all of mother Russia?
I had a *** moment and I HAD to Google the girl on Avicii's "Wake me up" video. God bless mother Russia. Her name is Kristina Romanova.
My sister was running with her dog and yelling "lets do this for mother Russia!"
Would rather see USA in WJC than Mother Russia but oh well...the team to beat is Sweden this year.
Mother Russia many victorious. Not surprise beats Amerika. Dmitri and I commence celebrates with vodka funnel and bowl of bo…
headed to mother russia soon :D-- two weeks out of the country is going to be awesome!!!
Get that mother russia year, 4 SURE!
2014 has hit Mother Russia, it is coming America... Are you ready?!
Mother Russia does Father Christmas much better than Uncle Sam
What the mother Russia is goin on in Russia?
Mother Russia will not bow to your threats! Unless you are Finnish. In which case your threats may be considered, at least.
Nice to see Mother Russia old Soviet school in Asia! :) Good morning, Vietnam!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
...seriously saw Mother Russia at the LRT Churchill station!!! Lol
Dear, mother Russia, I am coming to meet with you.
In mother Russia, soft drink get you smashed
Going home to Mother Russia for a short vacation
Mother Russia do not suffer, I know you're bold enough. I've been around the world and I have seen, your love...
Mother Russia is by far my favorite villain of all time. take that as you will, but I just watched Kick *** 2
Booked my ticket! Mother Russia I shall be seeing you soon!
On demise of Gen Kalashnikov: May Mother Russia rise again, just to tackle the parasite called, Washington DC. RIP Hero Of …
Mother Russia has lost a most valued son.
ticketjes al gekocht!!! Mother Russia i'm going to celebrate a New Year with you)
Mother Russia... If you don't have adrenaline, you can't kill her. lol
do you have a problem with Mother I have to contact the Russian mafia, or...?
Mother Russia really knows how to be a badass...Glad I hired her...Gotta make sure she doesn't kill Mindy, though.
In love with Mother Russia from kick *** 2.
Outside my train winow, Mother Russia ( going to Archangelsk)
Meanwhile in Mother Russia...An OJ is not just an OJ...
Ok looks like i can have Mother Russia today, people still interested? If so, ill make an event.
Just an average day in Mother Russia.
HEY GUYS. I'm back and better than ever. Just getting ready for the winter olympics in meh home country of Mother Russia. You all have supported me so much YOU ARE THE BEST FRANz EVER without all of you, meh dreams would not have come true. You're all so aMEHzing. I know I gave away my identity, aka Anna Pavlova, and I'm glad you still love meh for meh, and not the super famous Russian olypmic gymnast Anna Pavlova, which is my real identity, Anna Pavlova. This is why i actually did go MIA (MEHssing in action) for the last few months. The paparazzi found out I was hiding out in FRANklinville, so I had to flee back to Mother Russia. I love you all so much, and thank you for all your support even after my recent surgery on mEH MEHninges. I had meningitis after slipping on ice on meh way to skool in Mother Russia. So glad my pal Randy Davis was there to help meh in meh time of need. Meh olympic career really depended on this, and a true friend is the one that sticks around during a time of need. So thank you ...
Much great. Mother Russia . Most loved. All hale doge
In mother Russia, vodka drinks you.
dm me please I am begging you. DO IT FOR MOTHER RUSSIA
Today I was visited by high fashion mother Russia.
In mother Russia, we like our vodka as we like our women: pure and strong.
Mother Russia is as capitalist as Murica is
His mother is Russian. He grew up in JP but lived in Russia temporaly when he was kid. Nice guy indeed.xx
in mother russia they put YOU in a bottle..
Flashback to the fur hat in Mother Russia.
The snickers commercial in which Robin Williams is like "WE SHALL WIN THIS FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!".. Gets me every *** time
We will win this for mother Russia 😂😂😂
Mother of the last czarina of Russia!
. I'm sorry but this article reminds me of Robin Williams commercial - "let's do it for Mother Russia.."
LOL Mother Russia killed so many people in Kick *** 2
Why didn't they have and one of you guys fill in like when was in MOTHER RUSSIA!!!
wow we need to get a psychiatrist like mother Russia from kick *** 2 to control you
not as good as the first, but a few funny moments, mostly mother Russia and the police, 3/5
"Remember when thought Heineken beer was Russian... 🇷🇺 "do it for mother Russia!"
Secret santa ...lmao and mother russia
Thank you mother Russia for you wonderful Vodkas
Watching kickass 2. Mother russia is pretty bad *** :)
Wopow for mother Russia it's my girls birthday today
Thank you MOTHER RUSSIA for this sublime liquid
Viva mother Russia. U brought Russians & cold to Egypt
This January 2014, CHRIS PINE goes all out against Mother Russia in the movie JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT together with KEVIN COSTNER, KEIRA KNIGHTLEY and KENNETH BRANAGH.
Yes I did mother Russia proud now going to Japan !!!
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In mother Russia, we have dog powered car!
Back home in mother russia in a week )
In mother Russia hatchet throws you
It feels like mother Russia outside.
No news available this morning, folks because, apparently, some Yahoo is playing politics as usual with my email service. And I'm so sick of politics as usual played by the population more, quite often I suspect, than by the politicians themselves. Particularly those who are well hidden and obscurely situated within the Internet companies. So today all you’re going to get is a quite true story. I’ll call it “Just How Far Had Government Already Gone Before The Republican Revolution of 1994?” Chapter 1. My life has been a freakin' soap opera since March 30th, 1993, when my fourteen-year-old son received a gun catalogue in the mail addressed to him from a sportsman’s organization which included among the wares Uzi’s and other automatic weapons “FRESH from the bowels of Mother Russia!!” I immediately typed a quick letter to the district’s Congressman expressing my concern (though I don’t believe in gun control) that it had come addressed to a minor, selling guns by mail. Since I w ...
Spending Christmas in mother Russia! No words to explain my excitement!
The United States of America has a relationship with Kingdom of Sweden. We are the peeping Toms, hope Mother Russia won't find out.
Mother Russia in Kick *** 2...LOL what a woman. Scary very scary...
In Mother Russia... I don't always drink vodka! But when I do! It's in nuclear submarine!
In Mother Russia... You do not drink vodka! Vodka drinks you!
In Mother Russia... You don't wear mustache! Mustache wear you!
Finally got Russian visa today! I go to Mother Russia for a first time and it should be intense visit :)
Chris Pine is going up against Mother Russia in “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.” Opens January 2014
Meanwhile, in Mother Russia, the barn cats revolted ...
In Mother Russia, we don't eat breakfast, breakfast eats us.
Mother Russia is having twins. Two chances to see Three Sisters...or watch it twice. Today. Varscona.
Holy *** mother Russia is my new favourite villain
In Mother Russia jokes dont make you laugth. They make you feel fear
Our lovely lady of the day, Svetlana Bilyalova, comes to us from mother russia, and she is stunning!
Mother Russia and UAE's Dubai. Final round: May the odds ever be in your favor, let the games begin. Final round.
In Mother Russia, coffee write status updates about needink to drink you to wake up in mornink.
ZMEY GORYNICH - Welcome to Mother Russia!! Check us out on our pages, comrades!
I will win for mother Russia Alyssa Henderson
happy birth day to mikhail Timfeovitch Kalashnikov november 10 1919 best fire arms designer on earth ak47 accept no subsitute ar15 stoner rifles are pieces of crap they jam and are under powered 556 nato is for *** 762 is what is all about he is 94 today and must be in great shapei hope i meet him soon and Vladimir Putin he most be a great person i hear he lives modestly and he most be so down to earth not like american clewbrities i would like to hang out with him and god bless the wise leadership Vladimir Putin and his beautiful tiger Mashenka and i cant wait to go to Russia and hang out with all Russian blonde women long live Mother Russia
We can win this 4 AUSTIN show the luv show em WE CAN WIN THIS FOR MOTHER RUSSIA
You will all become one with Mother Russia, da? ^J^ (HOW ZE HOLY *** DID RUSSIA HACK MY ACCOUNT!? - I can hack it to all accounts ^J^ you know that, da? - AH!)
Holy mother of Mother Russia it's colder than Kunlun.
We will win this for mother Russia idk
Sorry I said "mother Russia" in my Yakov Smirnoff voice when you pinched my nip
"The new sparkling single that comes directly from HOT Mother Russia is "Mi Mi Mi"."
Every time i ejaculate, I'm going to say "ohhh, for mother Russia" in a Russian voice.
This message is for all my friends/family.As you may know the 2014 Winter Olympics are in Mother Russia and I need a small team of 4 people who want to join the Curling team with me. Let me know thanks!
When you read what Shostakovich was put through in Mother Russia by the Marxists this really isn't too funny . . . .
Best things to say during sex: -WHAT TEAM!? -Are you feeling it now, Mister Krabbs? -Shark Bait Hoo Ha Ha! -Let's win this for Mother Russia! -What's your gamertag? -PULL THE LEVER, KRONK!
Mother Rachael Neustadt’s fight to return sons from Russia blocked by Moscow court: A former teacher whose Rus...
I want to thank Mother Russia for her hospitality the last few weeks, leaving now but coming back very soon!!!👊
*one of the perks of being n mother russia ;)"we all know Russia gets Scandal episodes …
"Ok, guys, I want you to go out there and hit anything with an 'O.' We will win this for Mother Russia!!"
Thanks for 100 followers it's about *** time
Kickass 2 was surprisingly hilarious. Mother Russia gets my vote as most badass female villain.
I liked a video from Galacticraft Space Race For Mother Russia
Guys were in third place we have to win this for mother Russia !. One Direction
So, yesterday I ran in just my boxers towards 6th graders yelling "Go Mother Russia!".What a night.
In the initial phase of the Bolshevik Revolution, when the destruction of Mother Russia and the mass murder and slaughter of millions of Christians began in earnest, of the 556 important functionaries of the tyranny and Organised Evil that was the Bolshevik State there were: 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Latvians, 15 Germanys, 1 Hungarian, 1 Karaite (Jewish community of Crimea) and 457 Ashkenazi, International Jews. Overlords of Chaos. The Jewish Conspiracy.
"Kim Jong Il acquired his first 12 MiG-29s from Belarus in 1995, just as North Korea plunged into famine. An export version of a MiG-29 costs about $35 million... The following year, North Korea bought 18 more MiG-29s from Belarus and Mother Russia. The total purchase cost of thirty MiG-29s works out to over $1 billion... At the height of the famine, in 1997, North Korea’s grain deficit was estimated at 1.9 million tonnes. During the famine years, the average price of corn was around $120 a tonne. That works out to an annual cost of $228 million to close North Korea’s grain deficit during each of the famine years. If you divide $1.5 billion by $228 million, the cost of these MiG-29s could have more than covered North Korea’s food deficit for six and half years, a period that spans the duration of the famine. If Kim Jong Il had imported corn instead of these MiGs, there would have been no famine. Now, divide 2.5 million dead by 30 MiG-29s. You arrive at a cost of 75,000 lives per aircraft — roughly ...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Mother Russia will be all dressed up and spooky for our next gig on Halloween at the Brass Monkey! Come on down!
I hear The Iron Curtain is an old cold war term for Mother Russia.
KickAss 2 mostly *** but Mother Russia and Hit Girl save it from being horrible. Aaron Taylor Johnson is the new Orland Bloom
You wanna know who the most beautiful women are?. Mother Russia and Lady Liberty.
September 19. Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev is to “Evil Empire” what Don Rickles is to the Entertainment Industrial Complex. Little Nikita brought his act to Tinsel town today in 1959. First he chowed-down in the Twentieth-Century Fox commissary with Marilyn Monroe, Gary Cooper, Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra, then visited the set of “old blue eyes’” latest movie, CAN-CAN (1960) , where he called the film “immoral” and quipped that in Mother Russia “we are in habit of admiring the faces of the actors rather than their backsides.” The kooky Commie’s day in Hollywood is most famous for the hissy fit he threw when he was told he couldn’t visit Disneyland (supposedly on security grounds). “Is there an epidemic of cholera there or something? Or have gangsters taken over the place that can destroy me? Then what must I do? Commit suicide?” ( Funnier than Yakov Smirnoff, am I right? “Disneyland is people trap built by mouse.”) Boris Badinov instead spent the afternoon looking ...
A gang accused of murder and mugging in Mother Russia is buying up Manhattan's luxury apartments
Putin does not just hunt wild animals. He has bagged himself a Barack Obama. Congrats to the President of Mother Russia. Salut.
When Yasser Arafat became too much for the Jewish state, when Litvinenko decided Mother Russia was not mother...
Just finish watching the premier of It's all about Hit Girl and Mother Russia.
congratulations to the 'Mother Russia' and to Vladimir Putin!
My sister won't stop telling me 'in mother Russia' with weird jokes I'm scared
Sending bravery to LGBTs in Russia. The rise in government abuse is archaic. Hosing teenagers with pepper spray? Beatings? Mo…
subplot: Paying no mind to sleeper agent speculation is default reaction number 1 in Mother Russia's sleeper agent training guide.
THE EDWARD SNOWDEN SAGA: CLIMAX (2) - These countries may stare Uncle Sam in the face now, i doubt they can keep their gaze for long under the pressure of sanctions by US and allies - they'll cave, EVENTUALLY. Besides, how on Earth does Snowden intend to get to those countries with the 'air barricades' in place. I think he can save himself a lot of worries to come by dumping asylum and marrying Chapman. Uncle Sam will only huff and puff at Mother Russia. Gran may be old but she's still one humonguos and dangerous COW. Well... I think Snowden will first wait till the last hour then marry Chapman to make it look like a desperate attempt. Anyhow, It is a desperate attempt...
On the same day Cascade's Brooklynn Snodgrass touched down in Mother Russia for the final prep of the FISU World Student Games in Kazan the rest of your fearless Cascade crew braved their own Northern Journey to the wilds of Edmonton for the comined age group and senior provincial championships. Day 1 events included the 100m freestyle, 200m butterfly, 50m backstoke, 1500m freestyle and the 4x200m FR. On the Age Group side of the meet (15&U boys and 14&U girls) the fast and furious 100m dash got off to a bang with plenty of best times through the earlier finals leading up to our first medal in the event - Achilles Neilson in the 13&U final. Neilson swam with poise and contril going out in 29.2 and back in 29.9 to drop a few more 100ths off of his best time (done in the prelims) to grab silver in 59.28. Next race was the 200m butterfly and club's first gold of the night came in the form of Adrian Szentmiklossy taking it to the field in the 13&U final. Adrian was happy to swim with the pack through the firs ...
Just woke up and found out this: Apple Online Store has finally hit Mother Russia 😄
Today is 22, June. On this day in 1941. Nazi Germany began the "Drang nach Osten", the Drive to the East, by attacking Russia. The Russians were taken completely by surprise. Serene with the knowledge of their strength and falsely secure with the 1939 Nazi-Soviet Non-Agreession Pact...The Russians were not expecting Hitler's invasion. As my friend Sasha, who I met in Minsk, explained: "With our tanks and numbers, we could not believe that man with the funny mustache would dare to attack us! Were we ever wrong! Our tanks were paper bears...Mother Russia, however, sacrificed enough of the strong men inside of them to finally stop the Nazi Blitz at the gates to Moskva(Moscow). But it was a near thing"... Sasha went on to tell me about the terrible losses inflicted on the Russians by the cruel Nazis. He lost all of his family. The brutality shown by the Germans was horrifying to hear...To quote Sasha again: " We were less than the dirt under their feet. They were "the Master Race" we were "Mud People". The wa ...
And now we go to war with Mother Russia because Putin allegedly stole Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring.
Mother Russia never sleeps. War is cold, but not limited to daylight hours, Comrade.
What?! Jules Verne who writes Around The World In 80 Days is a French. Why don't you become one with Mother Russia, da?
Hey play Lifted by Do it for Mother Russia.
GOD DAMMIT. Where have I put my RA2 discs this time
That's one way to grow old childless.
5 Ridiculous Things you Probably Believe About Islam: A very funny and enlightening piece from While some things are a bit simplified much of it is on point and there are a few new interesting facts that aren’t well known.A conservative commentator recently made headlines by claiming 10 percent of all of the world’s Muslims are terrorists. An amazing claim, considering that equals 150 million terrorists and if each were to pull off an attack killing just 40 people, they could exterminate all non-Muslim life on earth.Either they’re not all that dedicated to terrorism, or the claim is utter insanity. [By Jacopo della Quercia] Well, if there’s one thing everyone thinks of when they hear “” it’s “friend of Islam.” Which is why we feel compelled to clarify a few misconceptions for our readers. Also, there is no way this article will ever come back to haunt us in any way.  Quran & Bible: Myth & Reality: on terror' actually aimed at Islam: Public opinion polls show tha ...
For all the flaws that Indians like to point out about India, India is a rapidly developing country known to be the largest democracy in the world. Let’s trail back to 1952, the year that changed our fate- the year 1st General Elections were held, the year that explained why Bapu had chosen Chacha Nehru to be his successor.   India’s first general election, as Ramachandra Guha points out in ‘India after Gandhi’, was ‘the biggest gamble in History’, majorly undertaken by Jawahar Lal Nehru. A 5 year old country, seated on a thorny pedestal, encompassing 17.6 crore people of whom 85% couldn’t read, was thrown into universal adult franchise. The terrain was diverse and horribly difficult. At places, bridges were constructed just to ensure that people reach polling booths on the Election Day.   Criticisms on all corners: A maharaja told an American couple that any constituency that sanctioned Universal Adult Suffrage in a land of illiterates was ‘crazy’. Organiser, a weekly by RSS hoped tha ...
A silly bit of Russian ingenuity...
Let's become one with Mother Russia, da~?
For many years we as Americans have been led to believe the Cold War ended simultaneously with the Berlin Wall being brought down. Folks don't delude yourselves; that refrigeration unit is still working just fine...and is as cold as ever. The proof is well substantiated by the weaponry, of one type and/or the other, that is being shipped by Mother Russia to our enemies in such countries as Afghanistan; Iraq; Iran; North Korea; Egypt; and Syria. We must stand forever vigilant in the face of our enemies...ready if necessary to do battle in any way; shape; or form, that is deemed necessary for our survival. My father retired from the U.S. Air Force, as a Master Crew Chief, in 1966. He was part of SAC (Strategic Air Command)...and crewed such great bombers as the B-52 and B-47. There was nothing wimpy about our Presidents back in the day believe me, as we were totally for our own...and in a case such as Benghazi we would have been there Johnny on the Spot to save those brave Americans, who in my opinio ...
Oh my mother Russia, land of stupid laws...
Insert status update with overused encouraging words.
Cars are bigger and faster, but Bears are tough.
Here's another children's filmstrip I illustrated back in the 1980's. The Dragon Teeth was part of a series of filmstrips , Monsters of the Greek Myths, prod...
A Letter to the Australian Public So many letter writers have explained how this land is made up of immigrants. Maybe we should turn to our history books and point out to people why today's Australian is not willing to accept the new kind of immigrant any longer. Back in 1900 when there was a rush from all areas of Europe to come to Australia, people had to get off a ship and stand in a long line in Sydney and be documented. Some would even get down on their hands and knees and kiss the ground. They made a pledge to uphold the laws and support their new country in good and bad times. They made learning English a primary rule in their new Australian households and some even changed their names to blend in with their new home. They had waved good bye to their birth place to give their children a new life and did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture. Nothing was handed to them. No free lunches, no welfare, no labor laws to protect them. All they had were the s ...
DINAHUI tonight. Bring it on, mother Russia
The self-identified “author of the Patriot Act” has not only turned on the act, but was a no-show to NSA briefings
My dear comrades: I asked that we meet early, before the heat of our sun becomes too intense. This stairway, to which I never imagined I would be returning, keeps some indelible memories of the years when I began to become aware of our era and our duty. One can acquire knowledge and awareness throughout one’s lifetime but never in any other stage of one’s existence will a person again have the purity and selflessness with which, being young, one faces up to life. At that age, I discovered my true destiny.   Thus it is inevitable that, at these moments, I am accompanied by the memory of so many comrades whom I knew exactly 65 years ago. It was during the first week of September that I entered this University, the only one in the country. It is best that I don’t even try to ask for each one of them, and I just hold on to the memory of when they were all young and full of enthusiasm and, as a rule, selfless and pure. I am extremely encouraged to have present those who today, as we were in yesteryear, ...
Just seen a letter in the Andover Advertiser regarding the signs on the way into Andover that say 'welcome to Andover in test valley'. They are crap. What would you like to see on the signs? I'd like to see something positive, something Andover is good for. Please dont just list all the empty shops, teenage pregnancies or the fact that half the town has been on Jeremy Kyle. THINK POSITIVE!
It’s a special moment when an uninformed person such as the half-term Governor of Alaska calls Obama voters ‘dense.’ Palin’s attempt at comedy failed miserably as did Conservatives’ attempt at obtaining a majority by allowing a failed politician to speak at the Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority c...
Channeling Despair and Longing Into Chechen Anthems Sign In to E-Mail This Printer-Friendly Reprints Save Article By SETH MYDANS Published: November 22, 2005 MOSCOW - Her songs have the sound of rubble, of buildings battered into submission by war, and of the rough and brutalized people who continue to make their lives in Grozny, the capital of war-torn Chechnya. Sergei Kivrin for The New York Times Sergei Kivrin for The New York Times Liza Umarova in a Moscow recording studio. Songs about Chechnya and the toll of its separatist war, she said, come to her "when it starts to hurt." Audio Excerpts: 'Grozny, Hero City' | 'Chechen Woman' More of her songs are available on Liza Umarova's Web Site Forum: Popular Music They are raw, urgent and sentimental, songs that have pushed their way up from ruins the way weeds and bushes have grown from shattered and empty houses. The singer is Liza Umarova, 40, herself an artifact of the decade-long separatist war in Chechnya, a single mother struggling to support three c ...
Russia seems to regress to the Middle Ages a little more each day
In Mother Russia you don't earn Super Bowl Ring, you just take it
U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano is pushing legislation he says will require television watchers be given a warning before their television set starts to watch them back.
Here is the deal, I need you guys to link me pages to like. Blue tag them in the comments. All your favorite pages.
Leaving Dover, flight back to mother Russia is tmr
Palin spoke on the final day of the three-day gathering of social conservatives, a crowd by which she’s always been well-received.
Moscow! Tonight! The A2 Arena! Our final night in Mother Russia. Let's go...
Why western authors are in love with Mother Russia via
It's time to pray for Mother Russia. +
In Mother Russia, stealing Super Bowl rings is sign of a good president.
Superman. A Bad movie or a Bad Audience As most may be aware the new superman movie is out. I have not seen it thou some of you have and have posted negative comments on it. But is the movie really that bad or have we become such TV / Movie heads that it nearly becomes impossible to create a good movie. The book amusing ourselves to death does a real good job at exposing the damage that entertainment does to our minds, families and social order. Just contrast this with just 45 years ago. I remember as young kids it was literally horrifying for us to watch flying monkeys carry off Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ. The witch literally terrorized my brother for years. I know people who after watching the exorcist were psychologically damaged for life having never recovered. For that reason I have never seen it. The movie Carry literally scared the daylights out of us so that we as teenage kids had to sleep in the same room for weeks afterwards. As an adult I watched one Freddy Krueger movie in the mid 80's. ...
If you still believe ANYTHING the ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA (that is our MEDIA today) SAYS then please take a number and wait for the next STAGED EVENT THAT THEY WILL REPORT AND LIE ABOUT! NEXT!
we will win this for MOTHER RUSSIA ✊
I wish it was the 1980s and Mother Russia had chosen me as a secret KGB operative working in the suburbs of Washington,DC
I love Prince Philip - he is my only respected member of the royal family. His stoic attempts at humour - (which nobody gets) are a yardstick - re his attempts at immediate familiarity/commonality - based on the fact that he had NO familiars, as a child - the poor boy was left entirely alone - and made light of it - what a gent. We all know 'Nanette' and all that -but E2 got it, and they are a wonderful, knowing team.. I hope he stays well - he makes me laugh. A trooper. xxx
In Mother Russia, Bloody Mary made from actual blood of mountain goat.
After 5 months of teaching and several lessons on my hometown, British culture, slideshows of the UK etc students still ask 'Are you back in America?' Ah!!!
"Patriots owner Robert Kraft admits that Russian President and 3 KGB guys stole his Super Bowl ring" in mother Russia, ring wear you
"Robert Kraft: Vladimir Putin stole my Super Bowl ring. " I'd root for mother Russia before the pats anyway
1.What is the full form of YAHOO? Yet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle 2. What is the expansion ( Full Form ) of ADIDAS? ADIDAS- All Day I Dream About Sports 3. Expansion of Star as in Star TV Network? Satellite Television Asian Region 4. What is expansion of "ICICI?" Industrial credit and Investments Corporation of India 5. The 1984-85 season. 2nd ODI between India and Pakistan at Sialkot - India 210/3 with Vengsarkar 94*. Match abandoned. Why? That match was abandoned after people heard the news of Indira Gandhi being killed. 6. Who is the only man to have written the National Anthems for two different countries? Rabindranath Tagore who wrote national anthem for two different countries one is our 's National anthem and another one is for Bangladesh- (Amar Sonar* *Bangla ) 7. From what four word expression does the word `goodbye` derive? Goodbye comes from the ex-pression: 'god be with you'. 8. How was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu better known? Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu is none other Mother Teresa 9. Name the ...
Robert Kraft says Vladimir Putin stole his SuperBowl ring but in Mother Russia they don't steal rings, rings steal you
A lot of people read what I write on here and what I say and think that I believe in conspiracy theories; but this is far from true. I believe in what makes sense to me.   Please allow me to explain the difference.   In any given major nationwide story, what you hear when the story first breaks is very different to what you hear at the end of the investigation.    Many people mistakingly put this down to investigations uncovering more things; but if this was the case then why are we so wrong early on? And it isn't just about them not getting enough information. It is about people lying to us.   The most common reasons for any national government to lie to their people are as follows:  The person who did the crime is still at large and they don't want people to think that they are incompetent so frame someone else for it (usually someone who is guilty and generally a bad guy) while secretly going after the real bad guy anyway.The crime is so much worse than we think it is and they don't want people t ...
The first avenger... Super Soldier. This is what Mother Russia has done to Captain America
I feel nervous but I always feel nervous before I do something that is worth doing. If I didn't do things because it made me nervous I'd probably never leave the house!
We will win this for mother Russia !
Bloody polish in morrisons. Please speak English. Ur in England!!! It's rude to speak in ur language and ur getting in the way.
When PML-N won the election, so my mother asked me to purchase wheat for whole season.I asked my mother" Why" She said that whenever Nawaz Sharif became prime minister, there was flour shortage in KPK, and this time the same will happen.Now.No one can transport wheat or flour from Punjab to KPK.It will need personal approval CM Punjab.
Greetings comrades. As we say in Mother Russia, have nice day!
I think I should tinker with a couple levels maybe pull an esd somewhere then I might actually have something do.
The 4th wave of emigration and the stone of separation from Mother Russia.
Sometimes I have nostalgia for Mother Russia... But ah, I cannot return... ((
Adam got us bagels for breakfast! He wins the Best Husband award! (Admittedly it does not seem difficult to achieve this award...)
England: *stand besides a magic circle, a magic book in his hand* kekeke, now I will summon the beast that will definitely scare that bloody American git! *do some incantation, as the magic circle began to shine* England: Oh thy great dem-- *Magic circle dark out, Russia's head sticking out* England: BLOOY *** Why is Russia here?!
Which team are you supporting in the Confederations Cup? 1- Brazil 2- Spain 3- Italy 4- Japan 5- Mexico 6- Uruguay 7- Tahiti 8- Nigeria -WJ
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. A pity that one could not photograph the interiors. A pretty unique looking church with gorgeous wooden and golden interiors and where peace is instantly felt. Amongst the few I have seen, I would rank it next to St. Peters Basilica in Vatican.
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