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Mother Earth

Mother Earth News is a bi-monthly American magazine that has a circulation of 500,520. It is based in Topeka, Kansas.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Maybe if we start calling it Unborn Baby Earth instead of Mother Earth republicans will be more concerned with its well-…
People with signs heading towards White House on my run, one of which says "Mother Earth is a nasty woman". Another day in DC.
Gaïa, our Mother Earth. On the other hand, Hera, who created Galaxias, the Milky Way. Our Galaxy.
Earth Song • HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I . such a beautiful song to Mother Earth and how we need to take ca…
Happy to the dearest Mother Earth 🌏. . Thanks for everything from Oxygen to Carbon, From Birth to Death, Fro…
The Schumann Resonance is the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and it is a measurement of her electromagnetic field...
The best place for congregational worship is in the open with the sky above as the canopy and Mother Earth below as the…
Is there an instagram account documenting the 40 day journey of dog poop on street, from canine colon to becoming part of Mother Earth
Celebration of Kartini Day & Earth Day 2017, dalam Poetry for Mother Earth; Puisi untuk Ibu Bumi with us at GoetheH…
Starchild in 2001 gazes at Mother Earth, only to be swept up by Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, and Steve Guttenberg
Evo Morales says, "We are all children of Mother Earth ..."
So sweet. Did you collect the shards or leave to the Mother Earth? TBH I'd probably want to collect.
In India we begin our day by touching the Mother Earth to seek forgiveness for stepping on her & pray for her sacri…
This is their wake up call. Mother Earth is sick and humanity needs to band together to help her. Our survival depe…
"It is the way that knows that humans do not have the right to degrade Mother Earth" Russel Means…
India went above and beyond the call of duty for Mother Earth: 50 Million Trees planted in one day! Top that.
Here's why Honey Nut Cheerios pulled its mascot - CNN | what have we done to Mother Earth ☹️
Let's continue to be vigilant in our work.. The greedy are not only continuing to rape Mother Earth. We must stop...
Who better than a coal lobbyist to protect Mother Earth?. Trump to name coal lobbyist as deputy EPA chief: report
CLEAN Business Award winners announced in Congrats to all who help sustain Mother Earth! Read more:…
Evo Morales and the Right of Mother New Zealand river first in the world to be given legal human status
Oh my gosh! I never thought about my lead weights I use fishing. 😳 I'm so sorry Mother Earth. I'll stop right now.💚
Paper business: When giant companies go green to save Mother Earth
We should honor Mother Earth with gratitude; otherwise our spirituality may become hypocritical. Radhanath Swami
Nature’s right to exist gets a boost from key organizations. Law of the Rights of Mother Earth https:…
I am sad as I watch the dismantling of our attempts to breathe life back into Mother Earth. I have tried, open...
The only thing I want is to awaken all humans on the planet that we are living on Mother Earth. Afrika Bambaataa
Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time. For y'all have knocked her up!. ~George Clinton~. The only Clinton I'd v…
Cow is a Sacred Animal. You dont Respect Mother Cow or Mother Earth...only a Myth - "Virgin"Mother Mary!
Good morning Mother Earth: the source of all living things and inanimate things. . From: ANTHONY WILLIAMS . Photo cred…
Raul Ruiz speaks not only for his constituents but for the bigger constituency-Mother Earth& people trying to save…
Mother Earth and Uncle Sam [electronic resource] : how pollution and hollow government hurt our kids / Rena I.…
Beyoncé really out here acting like she's Mother Earth. Get outta here
My heart is with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Native Americans, and Mother Earth tonight. ✊🏽
Join renowned winemaker Robert Sinskey + others in celebrating Mother Earth + her greatest gift to us - wine! 🍷.
Pacific Islander heritage. Young girl goes on journey to find the Demi-god who stole from Mother Earth and restore her home
. The MOON'S ORBIT suggests Mother Earth has a MAGNETIC FIELD similar to the Sun's HOLD on Her!
My favorite birthday gift so far? Rain from Gaia, Mother Earth. — celebrating a healthy future on Earth
I am more in tune with Mother Earth than I have ever been. The blessed power of Gaia herself lies within me. It is my birthright.
Boo Kook! Pizza Port and Mother Earth collab of deliciousness. We also have Boo Koo and Kook,…
Geez now an earthquake off the shore of California? Idk about y'all but I think Mother Earth is upset 🌍
Here she lies,. No one knew her worth. The late great daughter of Mother Earth. On this night when we celebrate the birth. .La Vie Boheme
It's just father sky, Mother Earth, and dear old uncle Tony
Blake & Jared said it felt like the earth was sliding today. I must not be as in touch with Mother Earth. It was...
Just Father Sky, Mother Earth and your dear old Uncle Tony
Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs: Benjamin Fulford Update - November 21, 2016
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
THIS! This is why I get so upset when white ppl say is about Mother Earth. At the heart of the movement, it…
Meditation to the Crystal Cave at the Heart of Mother Earth + Message.
The Goddess in my header... Mother Earth to the female rap game 👑
something so bad in the air tonight, Mother Earth feels confused and panicky, got the tropics feel.
"All that sustains our babies comes from the greater Mother, the Mother Earth." via
Healing from Mother Earth ~ Accept this gift graciously & gratefully, ... contemplate for just one moment the...
thank u for clarifying that Haile Selassie I is connected to Mother Earth came to learn of they JAH they supernatural
Listen to Mother Earth by Banks. Best way to start your day. Or to end it. ❤️
DO YOU KNOW ?. Turtles have been on Mother Earth for more than 180 million years. Baba Prasad Venkatesh II. Sandhya Venkatesh
I stand with Standing Rock, the Lakota, the Sioux, and with Mother Earth. Will you join me? Please?.
To step into the warmth of the lake water to hide from the cold of the wind. Mother Earth has ways of keeping us warm, anyway. Good night.
I push this shovel in Mother Earth. my time is done I have no worth. take me gently sweet hollow hole. and rest forever m…
My dad friends call me Mother Earth lmao!
Dr JI GURU U JI EXCELLENT!! way to celebrate B'Day along with restore green cover of mother earth
ow in the mother earth of god you gave chambers more than holding.Chmbers was the worst ball playing cb i ever saw.Holdig was solid
Lace up your shoes guys! It's time pay our debt towards mother earth.
Mother needs your & She takes from the Portal PLEASE CARE FOR HER ht…
See how hummingbirds craft nests with odd materials like spider silk (via Mother Nature Network)
I added a video to a playlist Within Temptation - Mother Earth [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
$79.95 Sterling Silver cufflinks with tag with mother earth pearl (
Furred and feathered festivities | 6 festivals that celebrate animals | MNN - Mother Nature Network
Thanks Almighty g for Giving this marvelous present to our mother earth. . .
Prepared for colder weather! Mother earth needs the rain so badly out here
Thank you to all the Warriors standing against Keystone & standing for Mother Earth. .
Our culture is everything to us. Our land is everything to us. That is our Mother Earth you desecrating.
What a load of rubbish the earth provides everything we need not meat ask my mother VEGAN for 35yr age 75 & healthy
Honour the Sacred. Honour the Earth,our Mother. Honour all with whom we share Earth. Four legged, two legged,winged ones,…
as the environmentalist that i am, i believe we need to stop ripping beautiful flowers from our Mother Earth & giving them to stank *** ***
53 years ago today, A legendary artist, voice, woman, and mother was brought to this earth. We miss you Whitney.🌹😢 htt…
Mother Earth churning seeds into flowers!
Visiting mother earth. 💛 (@ Christ the King Cemetery in Markham, ON)
What problems can solar storms cause? - Mother Nature Network
It truly is a blessing to walk the Earth the same time as all of you. Hug ur neighbor, call your mother, do a good deed, & believe in urself
Let's be real, if Earth got blown up in an alien war and you left on an escape pod - you'd still exist, just without "Mother Earth".
Our Holy Mother is the earth birth mother of Christ. She is ever present to us, in our lives. I thank her each day. Gracious Dios
brief escape of this human madness,. seeking solace in Mother Earth.
if you return me, to my home port, I'm gonna kiss you, mother earth
Hillary Clinton the Corporate War Monger & a De Facto Closet Racist. If you vote for her you do so at your own PERIL & that…
Mother Earth in the mid point of Ireland https:…
mud slides, earth quakes, and wild fires lol u can't run from Mother Nature g
papis, hola how's the beautiful Mother Earth treating y'all today? 💚
MYRIAD!! THANX!! to Dr ji for inaugurate mega tree plantation drive to restore green cover of mother earth…
Mother Earth in the mid point of Ireland
Whoa! Are you apart of Mother Nature's team?I never saw someone become one with earth without being eaten by the plants before!
Mother Earth. Amazing plant sculpture in Montreal. See more:
Thank you so much for taking care of Mother Earth... Commendable efforts for making it Cl…
maybe they should think Mother Earth giving them a warning
We are made from the substance of our planet. Every animal & plant is a child of Earth. Let's look after our Mother. https…
ji guru Ji! We will plant more & more trees to protect our mother earth
Beautify your Mother Earth By Planting more n more Trees.
Happy Birthday🎉🎉 to the best mother on earth, Idk what i would do without her! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH❤️❤️
Hold travelling agreeable to lift near the mother earth: lhm
Humpback whales around the globe are mysteriously rescuing animals from orcas | MNN - Mother Nature Network
Mother earth She rules until the end of time 🎵🎤🎶
In the darkness of my mother’s womb Father God loved me and He continues to love me as I walk this earth spreading His Word and l…
|We cannot do greatzthings on this Earth, only small things with great love." - Mother Teresa
Mother Earth has been Fracked, strip mined, Drilled, blown up, polluted. Dear Earth I'm sorry... Kris.
Mother Earth is pregnant for the 3rd time!!!
Wow...many many happy returns of the day Amma! Mother Earth needs to be blessed with more daughters like you!
Australian Aboriginals live in Harmony with Mother Earth for +60,000 Years! It took the Pommy's 60,000 Days to End That Permanently
Listening to Mother Earth, a beautiful call for reflection and action from Plum Village
'Can you hear the cry of Mother Earth:. Please wake up, my children, and see what you are doing. Your atomic...
Mother Earth is calling: A special message and call to action from Thay's lifetime collaborator, Sister Chan Khong:
Jason Nelson - Artist, Activist & Culture Vulture, from the Forest. Media Watchdog, Lobbyist 4 Mother Earth & the 99%.
Thanks to my buddies Carey Walker and Tyler from The Wolf for 3 rows back VIP tix at last night's amazing I Mother Earth show at The Park!
- meat and dairy products would be much appreciated by Mother Earth as well as many of our fellow Terran creatures. :3
# Earth Mama. Divine feminine is taking care of Mother Earth.
His Birth, Enlightenment & Death occurred on d same Day: a rare Event in Life of only Person on Mother Earth:…
I want to lie in a field in an enchanted forest and soak up the rays of the loving sun and feel the stalwart support of Mother Earth
areas, healing, politics, and the relentless assault on Mother Earth - an perspective.
Absolutely Love this version - Great EP too. Martin L. Gore - Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth via
Mother Earth forgive us, we are destroying your body; we are destroying our souls.
Black women are vibrating on such a high level, even our men are astounded. Keep being Mother Earth.
If you don't have time to shower this morning don't worry! Mother Earth thought you'd need one and provided!
You want to make a difference to Mother Earth? We want to meet you!   10% Off
. Conserve water of our Mother Earth so there is enough for future birth.
Use your creativity as a tribute for “pachamama” (Mother Earth)
My work here on Mother Earth is to raise the vibration. I am a motivational Empath to help others and guide them. 🕉 https:…
Sin Tax by Mother Earth in Vista CA, Victory at Sea by Ballast Point in SD, and Chicago Goose Island BB Stout
She rules until the end of time. She goes her way. -Mother Earth, Within Temptation
For all you insomniacs :-) Soothing Dutch symphonic metal with paganistic overtones Within Temptation - Mother Earth
"My dream is to take care of Mother Earth." - Maezy Smith, age 5
Western Shoshone Protest at Nevada Test Site for Mother Earth. Western Shoshone Peace and Friendship Walk and Run http…
Men from St Elizabeth Seton Carlsbad will meet 2 p.m. at Mother Earth tap room in Vista CA. Join us!
Hello World. The crisis in the world is climate change. Capitalism cannot cure Mother Earth.
Man has played with Mother Earth like a cheap Friday night Bingo game. Big Oil has won. She is now dying fast. https:/…
Sisters, join me Sunday night to dance for Pachamama, our dear sweet Mother Earth, the mother of all of us...
Mother Earth quakes underneath. Father Sky, up above the sea. God the father, the sky. Son of God, the Sun. Amen Ra, the Eye. B.o.B
Watch this! Foust Elem. students are learning while helping Mother Earth
=== News - 1 new result for [save earth] ===. Students in Guilford County work to save Mother Earth. … Read more at
A great Father Sky but also... a great Mother Earth and even an horned god.
The Coming of the Cosmic Christ: The Healing of Mother Earth and the Birth of a Global Renaissance a Comprehensive
'Mother Earth' . [painting in acrylic on Masonite, by Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean, 1983]
For staff cleaned up ocean beach. Mother Earth sent some weather to test our dedication.
Mother Earth needs no filter. I took this photo in Glacier Bay, Alaska. One of the most…
Juicy - I Mother Earth, at the Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto ON via
Buy your tickets now and celebrate Mother Earth with us on Saturday 4/23/16 at the Albuquerque Convention Center - C…
Help us show some love for Mother Earth today with Joe Mark and Bob Hammond!
Guardians of Mother Earth in Brazil, initiated the w/ puppet theater parade. https:…
My story: "They pollute our resources, they contaminate the air and water. They're polluting Mother Earth" https:…
Tony Perkis: All you need is Mother Earth, Father Sky, and your dear old Uncle Tony.…
Aiming to bring in Maui, Red Hook and Kona beers. Feeling a lot of love for US craft stuff at the minute. Prob some Mother Earth too
No Mud . No Lotus! ~Thich Nhat Hanh . 🌺 Mother Earth is the mud, and you are the flower... You…
Mother Earth is very talented. She has produced Buddhas, bodhisattvas, great beings - Thich Nhat Hanh
anxious & angry riot of drum & guitar, the raucous conduit for their concern for Mother Earth's future
Calling women ALL healers from all backgrounds, wanna be healers, meditation souls, Mother Earth lovers,...
What planet is Claire Elise Boucher from? No way from Mother Earth. We love her.
I'm watching in the dark, switch those lights off ppl and celebrate the darkness for the pale blue dot -Mother Earth. 🌎🌚😜✨
in that sense, is reality. But, Sun is most powerful cosmic being and Mother Earth is beautiful.143
Father Sun and Mother Earth provided the potential for our existence. Inspired life. All living beings.
A half-ton of rage! Mother Earth has had enough. Native American best seller
Ugh. Too much rain. But it helps Mother Earth survive. Blessed be to the Earth Mother Gaia. — feeling positive
Stop the bus. I want to get off. This bus is going to *** This bus is taking you to *** you Heavenly creatures of Mother Earth. Sorry.
Did you know Mother Earth has a heart beat?. Feel drained after time in the city?. It's called…
Have you adapt accordingly to the current needs of Mother Earth? Photo taken in New Englan…
our black Friday was a tornado. Mother Earth looks at us and goes yea -30s winter days your good for the year
My religion is Love. My church is Mother Earth. My life purpose is to share the beautiful message of Love with you. http…
Nothing is more important than passing on a Mother Earth that is healthy and habitable for our grandchildren.
wants to sing for STP, Justice League is ON, STL Rams fans want the CFL, & Metal Shovel?
"you can't even trust the air you breathe, cause Mother Earth wants us all to leave"
All purpose parts banner
Don't think Mother Earth thinks this is cool at all
We know what they can do already -why countries continue to beat up Mother Earth pisses me off
Mother Earth can't give me a bad name
Reiki offering for the healing of Mother Earth tonight 9pm EST. If you're a reiki or energy healer: join me in...
Love your mother, the most beautiful person on this earth Our best critic, yet our strongest supporter
There is only one child on Earth that is mine & I am living with her and her mother, married 15 yrs.
I have a mother with a heart of gold, she's my piece of heaven on earth💞
Been told my whole life by "nonreligious" hippies that I need to constantly pay respects to "Mother Earth" or else there'll be a doomsday.
Who on earth ever calls their Mother 'Mum'?? . There should be Ma card
Who said anything about worshipping the Creation? NWO elite worship Gaia, Mother Earth.
The escaped from mother earth,. How did we get here mom?. From massive explosion day, then...
Gazing through the window at the worl outsidE. Wondering will Mother Earth survive Hoping that mankind will stop abusing her sometime- OZ
Someone get me my boom stick I'm gonna be mother earth!
I see a lot of damage to Mother Earth. I see water being taken from creeks ...
as long as you love Mother Earth, I'm alright with that
To protect our survival on this planet, we must protect the indigenous peoples who know how to work with Mother Earth. Free your mind!
needs your and She takes from the Please care 4 her ht…
The most comfortable place on earth the arms of the mother
The world must return Mother Earth to her rightful Owner: Women. J. R. ~
ji Almighty !!Caring the environment& Mother Earth, is not less than worship of God !!thank you
There’s a reason your mother told you to eat your vegetables, not juice them:
To the great Mother Earth yes I love you so much, it feels heavenly reconnecting with you
The Swamp Princess cleanses a bronze statue of Mother Earth, preparing for the yearly Goddess ritual. (My guess. :) )
powerful event - let's join hands together on our shared resource, the goddess, Mother Earth.
# Of all manifestation of God mother earth stands out truly.You guys are fortunate
Mother Earth gave us all a gift, she made you perfect.
Gaea (mother earth, greek) & Uranus (sky, greek) were the parents of the titans this could've been great but we had to ruin it
Omg Farrah, stfu. You are the worst daughter and mother on the face of the earth.
Recycling is actually super fun. Sweden is big about it! See the variety of bins!😂. Remember to love Mother Earth!❤️🙌 http…
Every animal and plant on this planet is relatively family and related to you and i. We are the earth. The earth is our mother.
Blue &Golden shining surface of our Mother Earth Very beautiful This is blue diamond ring at space
Save it! Mother Earth nurtures us with life and the least we can do is take part in protecting it Day h…
You know, as big as mother Earth is, it's probably blizzarding somewhere all the time.
Not meddle with getting trodden flat hall the mother earth in reference to streamliner fleet: JzQzfE
If there’s one person I would never want to cross on this earth (aside from my mother) ::
Is the scum of the earth. Such a rotten and horrible humn being and a terrible mother. She can't even respond because she knows.
Science has failed our world, science has failed our mother Earth.
The most impoverished people on earth are not the poor, but the lost. - Mother Teresa
I added a video to a playlist The Earth is my Mother(Ancient chant)
me: I hate nature lmao . my crush: I love nature!! I love Mother Earth!! . me:
My Own Holiday has a show on 02/07/2016 at 01:00 PM @ Mother Earth Brewing Com... in Vista, CA
.. MOTHER EARTH can spit you up as well.~.
"Sweet Dreams! May you nestle at the bosom of Sweet Mother Earth... wrapped in soft MoonLight.". With Lullabies...
Our Mother is the sacred Earth. We must unite to stop corporations from poisoning/controlling our land, water, seeds & food…
Described a cafe I want to try in Canada as, "super Mother Earth breakfast goth."
To be honest I thank God everyday that i still have my mother here on earth❤🙏
Recycling and Mother Earth, a thing of beauty.
Any disease with no cure is man made. For every natural illness, mother earth provides a natural cure
lol "My mother is the only person on earth that has ever had the option to legally terminate my existence." -ShowerThoughts. Also: thx mom.
"If you honor your father and mother, “things will go well for you, and you will have a long life on the earth…".
I am from spaceship mother Earth...
Do as much tree plantation as possible, it is our duty to save mother earth.
How on gods green earth do I put up with my mother?🙄🖕
We are beginning to remember and understand that living in harmony with mother Earth is more important than almost anyt…
I swear my mother is the worst texter on earth 😑
Her body gleams white as she returns to her corrupted Centipeetle mother form. She dug deep under the earth to get away.
The wind outside is raging. I wonder what we did. To make Mother Earth so angry. She sent a storm so big. We're used...
Now I'll like to take this time of the day to thank the Mother Earth, thank you mama thank you mama 🌍
The Earth is our Mother. Put your hands in the soil and bring forth good fruits that make good juice.
Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time.
Making Mindful Choices for Both Children and Mother Earth, being eco-friendly and following our philosophy of...
Music has always been a Universal voice of understanding and respect. May Peace Prevail on Mother Earth!. Amy V.
I wanna Thank my Neteru for another day on Mother Earth 😇🌍
Inhale...Take a Pull of your Life...Exhale Greatness.Dopeness comes from The Soul.Balance with Mother Earth …
Russian photographer and mother captures extraordinary images of life on her rural farm
"We called her Mother Earth. Because she gave birth to us, and then we sucked her dry." –Jon Stewart
My mother .. You're a piece of God's heaven walking on earth .. I love you 💛
Mary mother of Jesus Queen of Heaven and earth I love her.
I am almost earth mother banana bread in oven pot of soup on the go ahm! Just a pity my head is banging from too much red wine last night
Define mother ?. Me - wheels of a cart bound to move up and down, all they have go to do is grip the earth under them as firm…
What's going on with humanity proves that we are the devastating parasites of Mother Earth.
We only have one Resolution to save Mother Earth – PREVENTION!. TOMIHO OnRatedK
Country is sick a long time. No where on earth do a legal system deny a child the love of the mother? Only here
Happy birthday to the most dopest woman walking Earth, my mother 💞
Pure beauty. Pure schoonheid. Everything you can see around you, also now,. comes from Mother Earth.
Earth is our mother land and we should be safe it by more tree plantation. . ji is …
Humans never came from earth rather we are alien colonists that have been made independent of the mother planet...
Your mother is the highest door of Jannah,make her the happiest woman on earth and spend lots of time with her.Her happiness is your Jannah.
Perduring witchwork religions as for the mother earth: TfJn
W/my Naomi I thank God for healthy assets as mother give birth son fr melech sheli seed inherit his image makes him as happiest man on earth
My Uncle Laide, been 3 yrs since we committed you to mother earth! As I remember you always u just say Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaehi rajiun
The more we take from the less she will us, simple stuff really for the we are in!
As much as fire omnibus cars divide neck deep the mother earth?: ArTSaMy
Reminder that my debut novel MOTHER OF ABOMINATIONS is only 99 cents for a limited time:
Solar Heater Diagram. How to build one ... -
Delhi hotels the superexcellent locality with respect to mother earth navigators: fkmdHoFhl
Without Mother Earth, we would cease to exist. I think it's time we as a species, start to care for her.
If men spit upon F earth,they spit upon. themselves or they spit upon the chest of their. mother so always respect your land like ur. mother
It's getting sad as Mother Earth is unable to sustain her children more and more.
1day child fish ask mother fish:Mom y we cnt live on Earth?. Mother fish said2her child fish:Dear,its. not a place4fish,its a place of selfish
Little Giant Ladders
"Prevent global warming and Save mother earth"
No matter where your mom is. In Heaven. Or here on Earth! There's nothing like a mother's love
Mother Earth say: "Stop fighting, share with your brother!" We are all canny bairns, Universe wants us to survive.
Every mother on earth gave birth to a child except my mother she gave birth to a legend . *high five mom*
As we begin stepping into 2016, be mindful of mother earth!
Mother Earth will always Remain indebted to these Daredevils Green S Force.
I wish to get a necklace of Mother Earth.. If there's a sword anywhere near me, let it be the one from the Knights of Templar
It is interesting that Ancient Civilizations referred to the Mother Goddess often associated with earth's nurturing. Thanks.
We love how nature's finest ingredients are so colorful and bursting with beauty! Mother Earth…
What I took away from it was people have an insatiable need for control and power...sad to see we need to destroy mother earth. 💔
In a bubble called Earth. Loving Mother to time indefinite.
what happens after the climate agreement we know. like in the past repeatedly the G7 backed out. honor mother earth shall we
"Celebration of Mother Earth was preferred to celebration of the Mother of God, to propagate Neo-Pagan religion." https:/…
Mother Earth gave us all a gift and she made you perfect
World march in defense of mother Earth - drone fly
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Kim Kardashian Did a Fully-Nude Photoshoot in the Desert and Shared It on Mother's Day>>>> htt…
raisin and spiced rum cake. perfect for the... (Four Seasons of Mother Earth (Autumn 2015))
hey lets have some fun & name % big Ttreats to Mother Earth other than you know CO2!
Mother Earth will be pleased. 195 nations agreeing we need to all work together to save our planet.
My happiest day on earth will be the day my mother got the result of having sex with my daddy.
Celebrate the One who knit you in your mother’s womb, who loved you before you were born, who came to earth to bring yo…
Many head of states and reps have agreed to adhere to the bare minimum. I pray that we can take better care of mother earth
as is seeing Mother Earth for the provider she truly is.
rep at praises & the rights of Mother Earth; calls for environmental justice tribunal
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