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Mostly Harmless

Mostly Harmless is a novel by Douglas Adams and the fifth book in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

Douglas Adams Ford Prefect

The hate pretty much died when people watch K-ON! with a fresh set of eyes and saw it was mostly harmless.
They are huge, harmless, and mostly live outside. Doesn't help.
National writers do it all the time. Mostly harmless, but annoying.
I'm not hiding, and nobody even knows about my place. I mean, HYDRA does, but they're mostly harmless.
Do be warned: there has been an increase in ghost spottings on the Harvard campus. This one's named Misty, and she'…
I've tried 2, mostly harmless, just did not eat the cheese spread or a cheese soup, being the intolerant person I am :p
Seems like you need education. In light use, mostly harmless thou…
You said this before. How is it working out? North Korea is mostly harmless. Unless you back them…
Next you would have us believe he's Mostly Harmless...
See. Librarians are mostly harmless, really!
Sounds like Raynaud's syndrome. I have it, but it's mostly harmless.
It started the day after, when the front page of the was filled with glowing coverage of his mostly-harmless strike
'Radical' academics: mostly harmless and ineffectual. Worth a read
Gotta say, now I'm just confused. Is it just high-level connection info (arguably mostly harmless), or more?
Four eggs to kill and four mostly harmless larvae leaving vile but easy to follow slime trails to destroy. That's a dreadful to do list.
Mostly harmless, right?. No, wait, that was another guidebook. Never mind.
Thats going to happen with everything. Its mostly harmless.
Ahh, so another example being Lala from MonMusu. Pushing the dark messenger of death thing when she actually mostly harmless.
They're fairly harmless to humans, they can sting but it's rare that they will. Mostly they get rid of…
There are the Soros-is-behind-it-all types, mostly harmless, and then people asking about the Malmo ghettoes without a hint of irony.
yeah, we're all mostly harmless sorts who lead really normal lives outside of putting on an animal costume periodically. XD
I'm just a shameless flirt. Mrs Trust knows it and would tell you "he's mostly harmless". I'm no…
Peep my Q and A with Mostly Harmless. Just having a little fun.
19. Mostly Harmless is not canonical and if you bring it up in a conversation about the Hitchhiker's series I'm probably going to mock you
Trying to convince Wednesday to calm down & be gentle on People who were mostly harmless to him .
No, not really. I hardly think she noticed. She flirted a little, but it was mostly harmless. I could…
You could add "mostly harmless" and "doesn't bite... hard... much... if you're good..." t…
Except the Clampetts were mostly nice & harmless.
IU has rookie cops thru CJ dept, mostly harmless kids, but any time there are that many cops in Bloomington bad things are happening
Well they aren't seen as just harmless it's mostly because they are mentally ill and dont understand th…
But he is legit just... mostly harmless. Throughout the entire season. I keep wishing someone else…
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm mostly joking and hope it's harmless, but the big sign at my last job was cheaper lunches and cutting smallcorners.
That's perfectly fine. ^_^ It might get a bit raunchy, but it's mostly harmless and funny. I'll probab…
Eels scariest on night swims! Mostly harmless, tho curious. Got some big ones too (will post vid when back in town if it works).
These guys have serious army envy. So dangerous when they deal mostly​ with harmless civilians.
Listened to 47% of Mostly Harmless by xDouglaskx Adams. Try and get it free:
"Mostly harmless." didn't know he was describing me, but that comes as close as 2 words are likely to.
For that matter the cow is a gentle and mostly harmless creature. Just saying.
“You live and learn. At any rate, you live.” - Douglas Adams (from Mostly Harmless)
Such profiles, which are mostly right-inclined, will not be taken to task by .for it's busy curtailing harmless criticism. (2/2)
Received the new Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. After the election entry for earth has been modified from 'mostly harmless' to 'stay away'
[ ] — the time being. Although drugged, rendering the detective mostly harmless, fear and confusion in that brilliant —
Do you want to know? I can assure you that they are all non-toxic and mostly harmless...
There are as many as 10 varieties of warts, the most common considered to be mostly harmless.
They're useful little fellows, and (mostly) harmless to humans.
I regret that if Douglas Adams were still with us, he would have to change Earth's classification from "Mostly Harmless."
Yeah, he's mostly harmless without anyone -really- paying attention to him much anymore.
So, on it's own - yes, bad move. On further consideration - yes, bad move, but in this specific case, mostly harmless.
I'm a little disappointed you didn't make a "Mostly Harmless" reference in there.
Dry eyes reduce quality of life a ridiculous amount for a "mostly harmless" thing. This makes perceptions of docs vs patients vary hugely.
Join commander Angel Rose on her journey through the Elite universe Full of adventures book by amazing
You get my vote! I really enjoyed your book Mostly Harmless and I eagerly await a sequel. I'm still enjoying book :)
Come and work at ITV Meridian! They're a mostly harmless bunch apart from me and I'll be gone by then anyway!
I went orange ... Mostly harmless and probably still snowed in 😂☃
Dear Queensland, your insects are mostly harmless but you clean table surfaces with allergens. But you knew that.
Ah, list-makers. We're a weird bunch, but harmless. Mostly.
I know. How ever, they are mostly harmless :/
Very happy with my performance against ringing for the Mostly Harmless guys. GG's all around
rough day for CSGO =/ losing to main & premier teams in Detonate and Mostly Harmless XD
After losing to Detonate, EF then lose to Mostly Harmless and will not be attending the Americas Minor this time around. ***
I shrug. "Mostly I just keep my head down. He's mostly harmless."
And that picture is just an illustration of one of them. It's mostly harmless, and even cute, but it's also got an element of that in it.
My Romanian Sat Nav is mostly harmless but does have this redeeming message upon start up
NEVER! Animals mostly r such beautiful harmless creatures, that give so much to life than they take. He's too good 4this world
that third pick...we have those in our pond xD. scary af, but mostly harmless
At times she was strange and dangerous, but mostly she was sweet, scared and harmless.
Hurray! I've completed the 'Mostly Harmless' quest in Mystery Manor game!
oh okay. That's a lot more harmless than I thought it would be. That's mostly SFW.
It helps productivity, it tastes great and it is mostly harmless, the perfect drug!
8. They mostly harmless. Cute Libertarians who are at least prone to embracing a smattering of progressive issues -- *** rights etc.
Got signed up for CCHQ and it all looks very exciting. Is "Mostly Harmless" the pilot you guys filmed already? Are you not hosting?
Our dear friends over at Mostly Harmless are launching on Check it out! https…
Love & are you a fan of can own Kate's audio book on an awesome 4Gb UBD today!...
MOSTLY HARMLESS Douglas Adams 1st/1st HC hitchhikers guide to the galaxy book 5
Most aggressive online supporters: Trumpists, followed by r mostly harmless, not
Sorry, I don't buy "mostly harmless". They beat people up and demonstrate destructive mob behaviour
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
This won't get a bounty on their head though. Trump supporters are *** but mostly harmless.
Research confirms Rena disaster was mostly harmless
would you describe and the institutions as Mostly Harmless? :-)
ICYMI: rookie hazing got an early start. Mostly harmless stuff.
thanks and I am not mostly harmless! I am totally hatful!
. He's eccentric, but mostly harmless. Still, I wouldn't wander into a room alone with him.
Did you know raw potatoes are poisonous ?. (Although, a single one is mostly harmless.)
Mostly harmless econometrics signed by Steve Pishcke :)
I've been fondly described as "mostly harmless" and "not as likely to kidnap your children as one would expect."
ok! Well if you're looking for a group to hang out with, were mostly harmless ladies and gents 😄 And dunno how in a hurry you
On page 74 of 240 of Mostly Harmless, by Douglas Adams: Vomit strikes again. This seems ...
what?? Rugby players are mostly harmless.
Look at this nice old guy, I bet he's mostly harmless
Think on those wacky ideas from way back. Mostly harmless - but GOP won't think so
Trolling is quite funny when it's mostly harmless and it causes a bite from a celeb but the comments about Jamie Vardys daughter are vile
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Ya and don't take it to heart an all personal.. They just laugh it off, knowing mostly its all in fun & harmless
you mean like upgrading the entry from "Harmless" to "Mostly harmless"?
According to the city, the jellyfish are mostly harmless, but man o' wars may be hiding among them
But hopefully the Creator doesn't mind a recolor and edit. I mean, it's mostly harmless.
He's harmless, all bark and no bite, mostly. Not that I know anything about it... *whistle*
That was efficient and mostly harmless. Dean still looks strong. No complaints
I actually like it tho. Earth. Mostly harmless.
this must be a city problem. We have Patagonia people here but they are basically harmless. Mostly.
Lest you still think Mussolini was "mostly harmless."
C'mon do the decent thing and unblock Dobbo, he's mostly harmless! 👍😊
well it's more of a documentary about a zoo in the UK. They were keeping those Canadian (adorably cute & mostly harmless) pups
The quotes are harmless mostly, agree. But they're narcissistic entitlement too.
On page 160 of 240 of Mostly Harmless, by Douglas Adams
Like I mess around with people all the time in mostly harmless ways (unless we play TTT or SS13, then it may harm you).
I'm harmless. Anything you hear is mostly a lie.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
My mistake on one, I jumped two Mostly Harmless guys and thought the cops would help with one... nope.
But Mr. Devane is mostly harmless in peddling gold and great comedy.
Just 7 seconds in an the Wild force Howard to cover the puck. Mostly harmless.
Hi. I love your feed so I'm following you. I'm a bit peculiar but harmless. Mostly. I write humor & horror & humorous horror.
↯Antipodean Opaleye. Mostly found in New Zealand. One of the harmless dragons, unless hungry." He smiled.
Some silly, (mostly) harmless April Fool's Jokes for the office. Have fun and be safe! :D
Don't look like a geek with this shirt! Mostly Harmless T-Shirt
mostly harmless vinyl customs did the Taz I love it, did the R2D2, love collecting, need more shelves
I think it's mostly harmless tho, don't understand the extreme irritation on here.
Oh, is harmless. Mostly. Except when he drools or has a panic attack.
He's like a benign wart... he grows on you over time and is mostly harmless. =-)
Yah but they cool and mostly harmless
I do like the HHGG-inspired rankings on Elite Dangerous: Trade Rank: Mostly Penniless, Combat Rank: Harmless, Explorer Rank: Mostly Aimless
I've had those since I was 14. They suck, but they're mostly harmless.
Why don't we just learn to live with a little bit of addiction? It's mostly harmless, as opposed to pain   10% Off
This looks like rust. It's mostly harmless, mostly.
Mea culpa...'twas the mostly harmless Jess attempting humor
your Javascript code is full of bugs. mostly harmless bugs, but it's full of them. port it to Typescript, and you'll see what I mean ;-)
please my vicious Jaja He's a great fan of your work. Don't fear the mustache, it's harmless mostly
And is mostly harmless if you keep proper backups as has been best practice for 40 years.
it's creepy. I have the exact same green paring knife. Use it for avocados, mostly. Sharp but small...seemed so harmless...
A Little Bit of Banality: "Nielsen is a mostly harmless farmer/insurance agent, but he makes… |
don't mind he doesn't get out of his cage much. He's mostly harmless.
I think it's a problem when a mostly harmless jab at the GOP is made into a thinkpiece but HRC's jingoism and capitalism is ignored
*** repertoire: divisive, but mostly harmless topics; for example:. The pronunciation of gif. Pineapple on pizza. Salt & vinegar chips
Thoughts on "Mostly Harmless" by Douglas Adams *[Spoilers]*: I just finished reading Mostly Harmless, and I wa...
.in theory, I could impersonate you with ease. In theory. I know it's mostly harmless, but I'm just saying.
What animal that is mostly harmless now would be terrifying if it could fly?
Get your friends real good with these prank ideas. They're really not THAT bad...
Yay, I finally managed to upgrade my combat ranking in Elite Dangerous. . I’m now Mostly Harmless.
While I realize raccoons are mostly harmless, I've seen too many movies with small animals latching onto people's faces to search for them.
We used to get a lot of them around my house, mostly harmless though. Now only get the odd one every few years
True, they are harmless mostly. Is zootopia even worth seeing though? I might see it if me and my sis can get out.
This *is* a problem. Clearly, Ford Prefect was correct in saying humans are "mostly harmless."
are mostly harmless, they might represent an attempt to reunite Iraqis has failed)
Harmless side effects of course! Yes your hair will harmlessly turn green but... Mostly harmless, you see?
I talk a lot of game but I'm mostly harmless. Those girls who blush at the thought of dirty words...they got layers you won't believe.
This is not good news... Mostly harmless we will replace the rare case of complications for children having...
Mostly Harmless, Love to inform u that iPhone 6s giveaway is running now. By all means, please check my Bio now xD
Yeah, I didn't think you'd have any issue with us. We're mostly harmless.
they're mostly harmless to people. Check your clothes/gear for them before you put it on. They'll freak you out though.
Not going to condemn Trudeau for what he said about US. Mostly harmless comment. But fawning supporters, stop making excuses.
Stay hydrated. Stay calm. Don't panic. This is all mostly harmless.
I thought “Mostly Harmless” was the last book, and I recall I didn’t particularly like it.
Hey, Why don't you ask to unblock me and let him know I'm (mostly) harmless. Thx.
Did yours start as robust but mostly harmless chest coughs? This plague is full of trickery.
4 of 5 stars to Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams
Even if the CAMH GIC's methods were somehow mostly harmless, they sure picked Most Dislikable Guy to be in charge
it's the mostly harmless that got me! Thx for following
I forgot how great the illustrations in mostly harmless are
At least our crazies are mostly harmless. That may be the most striking difference.
I find it alright, but I'm not sure it's useful enough to be anything but mostly harmless.
On the plus side, at least my fetish is mostly harmless. 😁 📷
sort of overreacting on the opposite end. Mostly I think it's harmless snarking but there are definitely people who wont stop.
Help our funkiest studio Mostly Harmless Games to pass the Steam Greenlight process!
shall do, I was looking into the hammers of slough, then realised that it may be spoilers for the rest of mostly harmless.
- don't be. It's mostly for show. The food's mostly harmless. It's only crime is its nutrition value. *heh*
Joe, at "Mostly Harmless Drivel," tells us about hobo Loving Vincent Hugsalot, in "As the World Spurns."
Yeah. I get those too on occasion on my art. They're mostly harmless.
I don't hate Coldplay's music. In the words of Douglas Adams, mostly harmless. Wouldn't buy it, but I wouldn't set fire to it either.
meh... Bunch of nurse sharks.. Mostly harmless
If a slime mould, likely to be weather-related and mostly harmless?.
Its not have sung today! And bats or well Is the Confessor is finding is a mostly harmless one of history too Never mind
Best case seems to be Bernie, but with no ability to pursue goals due to Republican Congress. Since he seems honest, a Mostly Harmless 16-20
I hoovered a lot and I don't rly think that will have solved the problem but. Hopefully less silverfish?? weh. (they're mostly harmless but)
she doesn't seem to post much and neither do I *shrug* seems mostly harmless.
No, they provide a fairly benign way of delivering nicotine for those who choose to do so. Mostly harmless.
and I feel like he'd be less terrible than the current batch aka Mostly Harmless
Differentiate between methane, firedamp, mostly harmless, and Mercaptan. finally
I have yet to have this happen lol. Sometimes I do get the lingering fur who hasn’t been socialized yet. Mostly harmless though
Mhm! So if I bite, its harmless. Mostly. I still have sharp teeth.
she probably knows we're harmless(mostly) but mb doesn't want to open up any cans of worms. Just blame her aspi-ness
Fair enough Oyinbo mostly gets used on here in a derogatory way but the word itself is absolutely harmless 😊
You bring out the bad boy in me, Lillia, but it's just harmless flirting.mostly ;)
Anybody got a couch I can crash on in Phoenix, AZ on Feb 18? I'm mostly harmless. Slide up in my DM's.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
you should. We're mostly harmless. Mostly. . Maybe not 🤔😒😁😂
I'm mostly harmless. It's only human.
I'm harmless really. All I do is talk *** and have daft arguments about music. Mostly.
50% done with Mostly Harmless, by Douglas Adams: Note to self: 38min into disc 3
my point joan is that most *** are just that *** mostly harmless this bloke is not like that hes a RWRN idelogue
Listening to Guide to the Galaxy by the „mostly harmless“ Tom Ron
Gary Webb opens Dark Alliance with a Senate hearing on cocaine wherein experts report that it's mostly "harmless."
Its mostly on him but your saying the casino is harmless and nbd if they take you home and everything you got?
"Well, you won a few battles, they upgraded you.". "What does it say now?". "Mostly Harmless.". "Mostly Harmless!"
I tell her Bob is my friend's older brother who's obsessed with me but I humor him because he's mostly harmless
Apologies. They're mostly harmless, just a little too high strung.
Wikipedia is the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I may be Ford... Lots to say but most of it will be edited down to: Mostly Harmless.
For years the conventional wisdom has been that virus is mostly harmless, a mosquito-borne agent that can
Ah, you're referring to Discount Chocolate Eve? It's silly, but mostly harmless.
no, fights are for actual losers. Arson is fun though, and mostly harmless
there is the Douglas Adams thing though... "Mostly Harmless" ;) As centre-left voter, not too many options for my transfers.
I'm harmless, mostly. You're gonna have to fight with & for my loyalty tho.
It's more like "a spider must have gotten in through a crack somewhere, it's making me a bit uneasy, but it's mostly harmless.."
don't be. I suffer from that same addiction. It's "mostly" harmless. I have a shelf & a sweatshirt.
Oh my god, this poor kid. He's only 14, and he's mostly blind now, because he didn't know that the harmless...
My Sir Patrick dreams are mostly harmless, so I'm not complaining either, but I would definitely prefer Jean-Luc. *pout*
GitHub: One of our mostly harmless robots has suspicions about your PreibischLab organisation. Very motivating, thanks a lot ;)
Yes of course. He's mostly harmless, but he can be a bit annoying.
Conor, Jon, and Josh an interview with Mostly Harmless a while back, you canlisten tout here:.
I definitely used to be more obsessive -- meditation helped a lot. Mostly it's harmless but sometimes you want it to stop.
The worst part of games on CBS: Phil Simms. His analysis is so bad it hurts the games. An announcer should be mostly harmless, and he isn't
. "Mostly Harmless, Everyone is kind of a *** here" . -Updated entry to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-
Audible, try it free - 30 day audiobooks free trial from Audible |
Sorry no stream from me this week but you can always listen to Elite: Mostly Harmless (now on Audible) instead :)
Rule of the imp handbook: pranks are meant to be fun and (mostly) harmless. 😈
I'm a little way in and wondering if I should have re-read Mostly Harmless, it's been a while.
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Throw caution to the wind and go book your tickets for this show now:
I read "Mostly Harmless" first. I've always been bass ackwards.😝
this is hilarious, your bot thinks I'm not human "One of our mostly harmless robots seems to think you are not a human"
Game 2, halftime score: My Little Ponies 107, Texas United 10 (scored by Mostly Harmless in the last jam)
YEAH its ok tho the link seemed mostly harmless
LMAO I learned from a young age they're mostly harmless
I'm fine. He's mostly harmless other than being a babbling *** Just hope he doesn't expect me to answer the door next time. Ha
Interesting look at sovereign citizens and common law. Mostly harmless crackpots, but add Trump and the internet ...
Chakra is Microsoft's milestone as the new IBM: old, rich, "mostly harmless." Forgive the past, leverage the goods.
...Still the movie has three (two nerdy & one non-nerdy) disgraced professors create a business where they capture mostly harmless ghosts...
I don't know, I have very mixed feelings about it, it just kind of rubs me the wrong way but thats just me ... Its mostly harmless, I hope!
imho this was much better than their earlier song, 'Kinda Zany but Mostly Harmless Fringe.'
well at least lizards are mostly harmless, except for Gila monsters and large monitors
Check out this review did for & Mostly Harmless Pictures new film https…
Somebody snarking at ST4 for having 42 cases. No that was just how it turned out, Mr Hipster. Mostly harmless, as the saying goes.
Christian opinions vary. Seems harmless to me. Baptism mostly for benefit of parents.
As a huge pothead, this. Weed is mostly harmless either way. Don't care enough to get mad tho, I'd smoke it illegal or not.
Why are the South Africans hassling Mos Def? Don't they know he's Mostly Harmless?
Hi all,. Just a quick note that after a long and hard fought battle, ALL our . Official Elite: Dangerous audio... https…
Welcome to Trumpton Police The only non-PC PC in Trumpton - mostly harmless via
Wikipedia, the unabridged version of the 'Mostly harmless' entry in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
They even go at it on you tube when they aren't even part of the thread of comments- something to do, and mostly harmless.
Ford Prefect needs to return. I'm not so sure "Mostly Harmless" is quite accurate anymore.
If I was with some boys I'd be ok, but with a preggo wife she wanted to be back before they 'surfaced' - mostly looked harmless
Yeah I get the feeling you're harmless.mostly anyway.
Like Arthur Dent in Mostly Harmless, I really enjoy making sandwiches. Most of the time I find myself layering...
finally bought Mostly Harmless on Saturday... This is where I'm reading it.
Mostly Harmless by and Turned Out a Punk by are me. Big influence on mine/this one
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Choking the world a little bit softer, with kinder, gentler hands. "Mostly Harmless" complete album
Here you go... new and improved, mostly harmless...
I get banned for making emblems over something mostly harmless, yet you allow people to run around with emblems of *** Good job
I know they're mostly harmless but that slot on the Late Late about people importing deadly spiders as pets nearly killed me.
Always plotting over at ... I do love my mostly harmless hobby.
lol I'm mostly amused by them cause their stupidity is harmless XD
And he leads a double life, but he's mostly harmless. He still adores Tom Koehler's mom, and he would never think to hurt her.
Eh, not a very effective idea or execution, but seems mostly harmless.
just a bit of harmless fun that my kids have absolutely no interest in. I watch it on my own mostly!
→ The Moth Moth swarms annoying and creepy, but mostly harmless AUS
Moth swarms annoying and creepy, but mostly harmless * 31
Photo: Moth swarms annoying and creepy, but mostly harmless ∞ 79:
thanks. I feel the same. jump in with us anytime. we mostly harmless. lol
Greetings from the Restaurant at the End of Universe. Food here is Mostly Harmless. - D. Adams
I'm not ashamed to say I'm a bit weird, weird but (mostly) harmless. What I just saw is a disturbing weird. Creep!
Moth swarms annoying and creepy, but mostly harmless ∞ * 21
Mostly Harmless &, the last 1 is called And Another Thing
David Braben lends his vocal talents to audio book Elite: Mostly Harmless.
I delivered a pizza to him when I worked in Holloway Road/Islington. Was reading 'Mostly Harmless' at the time. Starstruck.
//Likewise. Hi there! I'm Andi and I'm mostly harmless, lol. ;)
Is this who are when nobody's lookin whose mostly harmless?
I liked a video from Mostly Harmless - E012: Sheep Farm Update and Next Year's Plans
Did you know they are very poisonous? Luckily their fangs are so small they are mostly harmless to humans.
Sunday is sorted playing whilst listening to Mostly Harmless by
In space no-one can hear you laugh... except maybe your robot, Doris.
lol that's been going going on for days! Managed to take out a few clippers and Eagles, plus one asp with my mostly harmless eagle
Looking forward to relaxing with during those quiet moments between the stars: Elite: Mostly Harmless
Brewing in process. Southbound Series getting lit up. @ Mostly Harmless Brewing Company
Tazers are mostly non-lethal, almost harmless to bystanders, and come equipped with cameras
My debut performance reading the audiobook of Elite: Mostly Harmless is available to download, unabridged & DRM free!
Out shopping with my girlfriend. That is, she's shopping & I'm reading Mostly Harmless kindle version by my phone.
I was up until 5 this morning fighting pirates in the Kini system. Made over a 100,000 credits and got to Mostly Harmless.
Day 3 bedridden with some kind of genetically engineered super virus I've just read Mostly harmless by it's awesome!
How to buy Elite: Mostly Harmless - my dark-humour sci-fi novel based in the Elite game world http:…
... and then couldn't parse the rest of the conversation. He's Mostly Harmless
Come on, unsuspend my favorite jihadi - he's (mostly) harmless! A clear parody account.
As a local myself, can't answer that ;-)) "Mostly harmless", in Douglas Adams' words. Generally friendly, esp in north
We're mostly harmless. :) And having 2 parallel conversations, which is bizarre. Off now to look for stray cat/beer. Later!
Join the continuing adventures of as Angel Rose from Mostly Harmless in
Late Christmas shopping? Two audiobooks now available to buy and download at &
What, Gabe? He's Yahtzee's best friend. He goes a bit alpha male at times, but he's mostly harmless
I am sure that the study concluded that the other half was merely stupid, but mostly harmless.
gibberish, mostly. But harmless funny ones. And no, they're not. which is why it's a bit baffling lol
So is the media; most everyone focused on (stupid but mostly harmless) Hollywood gossip rather than the serious threats.
Braben adds his vocal talents to Elite: Mostly Harmless. imagine
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Sure, the Instagram purge was fun to watch. Mostly harmless. But its a great reminder that shortcuts in life always miss the point.
Corrosive weather, unbreathable atmosphere, shady characters. Welcome to Slough.
I liked a video from Mostly Harmless - E014: Get These Torches Outta Here!
So, Jack Tasker, 10 books that have stayed with me the most, eh? These probably aren't the cleverest books I've read, but are certainly the ones I can go back to time and time again and still enjoy... The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams. (I'm counting the first four books as one entry here, but I'm like that. Not the fifth one though, I really don't enjoy Mostly Harmless) The Dark Half - Stephen King Good Omens - Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman Mort - Terry Pratchett The Brentford Chainstore Massacare - Robert Rankin 1984 - George Orwell War of the Worlds - HG Wells The Hound of the Baskervilles - Arthur Conan Doyle If Chins Could Kill - Bruce Campbell The Colour out of Space - HP Lovecraft So yeah, I'm apparently all about laughing, totalitarian states, unspeakable monsters from space/the darkest corners of your imagination, and B-Movie actors. Seems legit.
We discuss PvP victories and the future of The Elder Scrolls Online with Mostly Harmless
You can now order Elite: Mostly Harmless eBook online here - 10% of profit goes to :D
Jay and I are getting rid of a bunch of our books.  I'd love to share these with our friends.  Here is the first round of cuts.  If you see something you'd like, comment on here, or better yet private message me with your address and I will gladly mail them to you!!! Mostly Harmless - Douglas Adams The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini Maniac Magee - Jerry Spinelli Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen Ghost Ships, Gales, and Forgotten Tales of the Great Lakes - Wes Oleszewski The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks A Bend in the Road - Nicholas Sparks The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks Dear John - Nicholas Sparks The Choice - Nicholas Sparks The Rescue - Nicholas Sparks Dewey (library cat) - Vicki Myron From Baghdad With Love - Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman Tuesdays with Morrie - Mitch Albom The Dogs of Babel - Carolyn Parkhurst Drifting - Stephanie Gertler (amazing book!) Cirque Du Freak, A Living Nightmare - Darren Shan Brave New World - Aldous Huxley Pride & Prejudice - Jane Austen Fearless Fourteen - Janet Evanovic ...
This is the second best month for Mostly Harmless. Maybe if reposts on FB, it will be the BEST!
A pic of Super Typhoon Haiyan bearing down on the Philippines tonight. Mostly Harmless?.
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