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Morro Rock

Morro Rock is a volcanic plug located just offshore from Morro Bay, California, at the entrance to Morro Bay Harbor.

Morro Bay San Luis Obispo Los Osos Sequoia National Park

The Tribune Editorial Board has some advice for would-be Morro Rock climbers: Don't do it
From the archive of my blog: : Sunset at Morro Rock - Daily Photo
Morro rock from sweet springs again, tinted monochrome. Which do you prefer? Let me know
Morro rock from sweet springs nature preserve. In my set of new prints for my walls
Morro Rock rises from the Pacific mist beyond the yellow hills.
He says it was his first time seeing Morro Rock — so he climbed it.
Yeah, seriously! I'm just glad it didn't turn into a second man falling off Morro Rock
They obviously never seen the video of the man falling off of Morro Rock 👌😐
Illegal Morro Rock climber makes it all the way to the top
Illegal Morro Rock climber made it all the way to the top
Luckily the hiker is safe. Unfortunately climbing Morro Rock doesn't come cheap.
Crews on scene of rescue at Morro Rock.
A hiker made it to the top of Morro Rock. First responders are working to get him down. Updates to come.
Morro Bay rock in Ca. from 46 west.
We love our Morro Rock bedding in this yurt-inspired vacation home! via .
Doing hoodrat things with my family at Morro Rock Beach. Scroll. ➡➡➡.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Morro rock, my old stomping grounds, brings back fond memories.
tribute to Linda Ronstadt tomorrow at Morro Bay Wine Seller!
Looking head on to the giant Morro Bay Rock.
Morro Rock, a State Historic Landmark, was formed about 23 million…
A skateboard museum by the water with the worlds 2nd Biggest Skateboard? Yes please. @ Morro Rock
We can never pass up a good face cut out thingie. @ Morro Rock
Near the end of our Mountains of Fire tour, we stopped at Morro Rock, where the wind was 21 mph! Kitesurfing was...
Morro Bay , Welcome to Morro Bay , Morro Rock , picture taken while i was at Morro Bay
The World is only as complicated as you make it. @ Morro Rock
agreed. Prime views of the bay and Morro Bay rock.
After the Rain. Morro Rock in Morro Bay, CA. The green is getting intense, give it some sun and it will be brilliant
Morro Bay is up North in Central Ca. A small town very beautiful It has a giant rock that people try to climb then get arrested
Sunset, Morro Rock, CA, from our trip to Morro Bay last week. Nikon D7000 and Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens,...
Morro Bay Rock on California coast change over 26 million years (Nature)))
California road trip is full of hidden surprised to last a lifetime including the
A beautiful, windy day at the Morro Bay rock 😊
Morro rock looks so cool. It's closed until like may though
I almost died, but we made it to the top of Morro Rock!
Otter Rock Cafe on the Water in Beautiful Morro Bay presents this weekend's lineup!♡
Some delicious Clam Chowder in this cute little beach town with an incredible view of Morro Rock…
6.5.16 Day 42, way off Mile 566.3. My journey up the coast ended at Morro rock. From here …
Inscription Rock got me thinking about climbing... @ El Morro National Monument
Staring at Morro Rock smoking on a blunt and sippin on some bombay. Life's good.
"Everything I want the world to be..." 💙 @ Morro do Pai Inácio
Storm on the way: Morro Rock from Highway 46.
As above, so below. Another from Morro Rock,
The waves crash near Morro Rock. I was able to freeze the moment forever with my camera.
Looking forward to visiting Otter Rock Cafe in Morro Bay tomorrow night Come on out and enjoy
Celebrate our 10th year with a chance to win a Morro Rock pendant!
Throwback to my trip to Morro Bay a couple years ago. I miss that *** rock so much.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Seagull, it's what's for Dinner. Taken at Morro Rock last month.
MATTHIAS CLARK Musician has a show on 03/10/2016 at 07:00 PM @ The Otter Rock in Morro Bay, CA
April 2nd: Wine Pairing Dinner at Windows on the Water. An eclectic menu and magical views of Morro Rock and...
This was one side of the beautiful Morro Rock..
Almost forgot to post this sick photo from Morro Rock at Sequoia National Park!
The scenery does inspire me. The pic quality isn't great, but if you look really hard, you can see Morro Rock and the Pacific!
Surfed Morro Rock today and it was really sick and yeah the locals new I was from San Diego. Lots of neoprene
Thankful for all my blessings. My friends my family and the sun on my face. @ Morro Rock and Beach in…
I dey go buy football morro. I dey want turn player then rock United some. Fellaini gimme hope
Me, my husband and a big ol' rock. (Volcanic plug more accurately.) @ Morro Rock
Nothing like chillen next too Morro rock🌁☁️
Morro Rock ☀️ You big giant at the edge of the sea, welcoming boats into the bay. @ Morro Bay Rock
Each day I've been running along the coast of Morro Bay, either to the rock or along the marsh land.…
don't be afraid to make a few waves @ Morro Rock
Sunset run at Morro Rock. 12 minute mile; super fast for me!
I'm not too far from Pismo Beach or Morro Rock ;)
My Presh at Morro Bay Rock bundled in his jacket.🐶
Did you know is pet friendly? Walks on the beach and prime surfing by Morro Rock!
One of our first stops earlier this year on our PCH road trip. Morro Rock, the last in a chain of…
We got the morro rock on chromecast?!?!! NIKKA WE MADE IT
Morro Rock & the beach are always so breathtaking! Photo:
Situated on a bluff that overlooks Morro Rock and the Embarcadero, Blue Sail Inn offers incomparable views, along...
Morro Rock from the estuary in Los Osos taken on a nature walk yesterday... The calming effect of the beauty here...
Morro Rock at Morro Bay Estuary. Really peaceful and beautiful here. Perfect place to camp for a…
love Morro Rock. My sister use to live in Los Osos.
Filming at Morro Rock in the Sierras today! Joe made it to the top, tired and scared. New episode hits Youtube monday
My new home Beachfront property, I'm moving up in the world. @ Morro Bay Rock
Looking back across the harbor from Morro Rock.
and enjoying a few bottles while overlooking the rock in Morro Bay! Loved our visit yesterday!
Ferry to Channel Islands from Oxnard, lie on the beach in Santa Barbara, paddle board out to Morro Rock (or whale watching) (1/?)
Photographing Morro Rock is fascinating in that every angle takes on a different personality. From…
I also recommend Morro Bay sea otters, always there, usually very close to shore in same place, near Rock.
looking toward Morro Bay north of Cerro San Luis. The chain of hills and volcanic rock known as Nine Sisters.
Playing Last Stage West Tonight in Morro Bay Area 6-8pm!! What a beautiful day it is here!! @ Morro Rock
Shot of Morro Bay rock on the north side at sunset. - by
Eating some chili, checking out the morro rock sunrise pic
Amazing picture from Mark Ray, check out the shadow of the stacks on The Rock at Morro Bay.
A surprisingly clear day in Morro Bay, CA feat. the awe-inspiring land mass known as Morro rock. Photo by Mike Baird
Moro Rock | Not to be confused with Morro Rock; Dave and I once almost planned separate vacations until we realized…
I liked a video Feeding Squirrels at Morro Rock Beach in California
Morro Rock in the morning by Vanessa Kay Learn :-
Morro Rock in the morning by Vanessa Kay
Getting ready for dinner and Watching the sunset down behind morro rock off the balcony of our room…
I hope there's a secret cave in this cool random rock off the beach. @ Morro Bay Beach
Antenne setup on Black Hill with Morro Rock in the background
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Morro Rock. Literally 2 seconds before my camera got soaked by the ocean.
I went on a motorcycle ride with some dear friends of mine today. ( Helen Vinokurova, her husband Jerry Craig Vinokurova and Daniel Davidson ) Jerry and I started at his and Helen's home & met Helen and Dan at Templeton Market. We then headed to Cambria to hang out at Moonstone beach for a while. Then we were off to Morro Bay's Hofbrau for some lunch. We checked out the breakwater out at Morro Rock. From there we took off to Baywood, Cuesta by the Sea and Los Osos to look at the Back Bay. Finally we stopped Home Depot parking lot in San Luis Obispo where we took these pictures and parted ways! Great day, great ride, awesome friends!
Morro Bay-Morro Rock (now a protected bird estuary), and the seals that were just really entertaining to me lol
Public shout out to my 1st brother Ben.. Born on a school bus on a hippy commune south of Nashville Tennessee on April 12th 1978. Fell out the back window at Morro Rock in 1980 busted his head and had a vision to be a left handed artist with blue eyes always staring at the sky... Summer Solstice year 2000 while driving on I-5 northbound past Stockton California at 4am 2 asleep in the back, Ben riding shotgun and keeping me awake, a UFO appeared in the sky and swooped down on us and I almost wrecked the rented SUV. Public shout out to my brother and good friend, Ben, soon to be famous artist, lost his virginity at a Korean massage parlour.
Hi guys, I was cruising around a website that had old retro scifi pulp fiction magazine covers and pictures, and look what I found. Looks like you got buzzed back in the 50s, when the future was super cool, LOL!!! I didn't know Morro Rock harboured a secret air base. ;-)
California Dreamin'. Looking north toward Morro Bay (you can see Morro Rock on the left in the background) on January 5, 2014.
Looking for inspiration for Morro Bay's basketball tanks at see Morro Rock in their header image.
Seaguls don't listen to the advice to not poop in your own bed. @ Morro Rock State Natural Preserve…
A family of otters at Morro Bay. @ Morro Rock State Natural Preserve (Morro Rock)
Holy Moly! An Egyptian Sand City sprang up today at Morro Rock Beach!
nor cal...morro rock not too far from San Luis Obispo, I'm going up there when I come home cuz my BFF goes to school there
twas pretty legit. That's morro rock in the background. Looks tiny from that view..
Cover photo is Morro Rock, landmark in Morro Bay, CA . Taken on our recent road trip back from So Cal.
Father and son surf lesson. Scenes from near sunset at Morro Rock in Morro Bay, CA, 30 Nov. 2008, du
View from Morro Rock in Sequoia National Park! Over 350 steps and totally worth it.
Tonight we are staying at Morro Bay, which is named after Morro Rock, a very large rock in the middle of Morro Bay. We walked the causeway out to it. Then after we were back on the mainland, I took a picture of it just as the sun was setting behind it. This is a very beautiful and peaceful place As we were walking back to the mainland we were entertained by some sea otters playing near the shore.
Yesterday we got a call at TMMC for a CSL out by Morro Rock on the beach side He is a young healthy yearling that didn't need to be captured. However there were so many people trying to chase the poor animal back to the water or get close enough to take a picture with it that we where forced to put it through the traumatic ordeal of a capture. If you see any animals on the beach that aren't supposed to be there, don't touch it, don't talk to it, just leave it alone. If you believe it is injured and needs medical attention call TMMC or call the police or harbor patrol who will call us and we can come take care of it with proper training and as little stress and further injury to the animal. Thank you all so much for your help! I also have an update on the CSL- ALI he got to the hospital at Monterey Bay and we discovered he had a broken jaw. It was also decided that he can not be release back into the wild because of his attachment to people. Since he needs to be placed in a facility, the doctors have decid ...
Waves crashing and rock scrambling at Morro Rock
Walking out to Morro Rock with Jim and
After Hiking to the top of Morro Rock we went on a hike and saw beautiful trees and flowers-the flowers were amazing as was the company and the hike- benefit of today was I finally dropped 1 1/2 pounds after no new loss in over 4 months or so!! Yay!! 105 lost
Morro Rock: a 581-foot volcanic plug located just offshore of Morro Bay, CA (a volcanic plug is a…
Driven To Share Science shared Brent Haywood's photo. "Morro Rock is a 581-foot (177 m)[1] volcanic plug located just offshore from Morro Bay, California, at the entrance to Morro Bay Harbor. A causeway connects it with the shore, effectively making it a tied island. The area surrounding the base of Morro Rock can be visited. The rock is protected as the Morro Rock State Preserve. Climbing on the rock or disturbing the bird life is forbidden by law." - Wikipedia TY Dob Francise
In Los Osos. You can see the famous Morro Rock from there.
Yay last week of July my family and I will be staying 8 days in beautiful Morro Bay I'm so excited. The house has awesome ocean and Morro Rock views. Three blocks above the Embarkadero and two blocks from Dorn's Restaurant. We are very blessed. God is good.
Another view of Morro Rock, sigh. Love it!
Headed west on I 40. Bound for LA! Been almost 6 years since being there. Looking forward to a fun shoot, catching up with friends and meeting new ones!
Dsnort dia 10/2 no Grito Rock leopoldina - Dia 11/02 Carnarock Juiz de Fora e 13/02 no Morro do cruzeiro no Encontro do Clube do Vôo livre (entrada franca)
Track # 8: Children of the Night Lyrics: I'm getting ready I'm in the mood to fool around It's time for action Now the boys are back in town So turn up the m...
no me gusta tener mi xbox sin HD no puedo ver mis conersaciones bien a
From Jeanette Trompeter: Bet I'm missing an awesome sunset on the beach tonight! This is view from KSBY parking lot.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
We had excitment at Morro Bay today. We went for our morning walk, and there on the beach were trucks, trailers and beach buggies and men all dressed in black. The company, Quixote had brought all this equipment in to shoot a comercial with Pay Dirt, and the big rock. We were amazed at all the equipment it took. We watched as the crowds gathered, but security wouldn't let you near. It truly was amazing how much work it takes to make a commercial.
Sitting here in Morro Bay I wonder what movie there filming on the south side of the rock
Assisti Rock of Ages e me deu uma saudade do Axel Rose da década de 90.
This afternoon, Lisa and I were at the foot of Morro Rock watching the sea otters and their babies. Real cute, but, more on that never. It wasn't too difficult to notice 4 boys floating around somewhere between the ages of 9 and 10. The seeds of trouble. They were fiddling around about 15 feet from my position. The red flag they were waving around was in the form of 10 lb. rocks being tossed, by them, in the sort of direction of the sea otters and their little tiny babies. Something had to be done. Something had to be said and soon. I turned in their direction and took strides that would close the gap quickly. We made eye contact with one another and then I said the following: "Say boys. I didn't come over here to tell you to stop throwing rocks into the water near this flotilla of sea otters. No, I just wanted to tell you that if you were observed by the game warden doing this, I can sell you an extended warranty that will guarantee you making a very unpleasant phone call to your parents. Th ...
Watching 'Ghost Ships' on Bio channel.the place where this was filmed is called Morro Bay, California.same place that I worked on a charter boat and a commercial fishing boat in 1986 with my friend JT Tougaw.check out Morro Rock in the background and the 'Battleship Guns' smokestack arrangement of the PG & E plant in the background!!
What a great morning we had with Paul Bessemer and his lovely wife, Yedida Bessemer! We went to the beach, ate brunch, and hung out at Morro Rock watching the otters frolic. Thank you, Paul and Yedida, for a wonderful time! Enjoy your journey, and drive safely!!!
Welcome to Morro Bay, the Gibraltar of the Pacific. Your better nature awaits you among our miles of unspoiled beaches, nature trails, and estuary. Enjoy amazing food from our numerous restaurants while enjoying views of world-famous Morro Rock.
Andrew L.'s Review of Morro Rock - Morro Bay (5/5) on Yelp: How do I write a review of a rock? I'll use my words...
Morro Bay, California. Official Website. Everything. Morro Bay is wonderful seaside village on the Central Coast of California. Morro Rock is one of the great Pacific Landmarks. A nature lover's paradise with fishing, surfing, kayaking, hiking, birdwatching, biking, dining and entertainment
Rock harbor church in Morro Bay needs you to come to their sat. Morning food bank. They have an over abundance of food this week. (j)
Get $20 in food and drink at The Rock Espresso Bar in Morro Bay for only TEN BUCKS!
Morro Rock, so photogenic, she never takes a bad picture. Beautiful, peaceful, monumental and sacred. For this, and so much more, I am thankful. Thanks JoJo for the photo!
The next wave went over our heads. @ Morro Rock State Natural Preserve (Morro Rock)
Sittin' on a rock by the bay... @ Morro Rock State Natural Preserve (Morro Rock)
The highlight of my day was lil' Christian Morro saving Jonathan Williams life from belaying to his death on the rock wall
Morro Rock, Morro Bay, on this our beautiful Central Coast.
One of the best afternoons ever.thank you Giovanni's fish & chips, thank you Morro Rock & surfers in the...
I really like this one. This from from my day trip a few weeks ago.
Many memories from my life and visiting and living on the Central Coast of Calif.
Driving home from Sequoia after 2 blissful days in the woods. Hiked to Morro Rock, then toured Crystal Caverns. Quiet and awe-inspiring!
"My room is the g spot, call me mr. Flintstone I can make your bed rock" morro de rir com essa piadinha na música!
I got bi*ch slapped yesterday. The blow didn't come from usual suspects, it came from the freakin universe. Rigi & I were on our predawn prowl. Me wearing my fabulous camo neck scarf. This time we went to Morro Rock. After walking for a while, I felt the need for a break and noticed a new bench right near the jump off spot to the surf break. I sat, Rigi continued her sweep of the area. I sat for quite a while, watching the waves, remembering the last time I caught a really thick, scary, heart in the throat, wave, was a few years ago right here on the day myself and 30 other surfers did a paddle out and scattered my friend Bill's ashes. Bill and did a lot together. We sailed locally and in Mexico. Surfed,drank, fought,hugged, laughed and cried . He died while surfing right here. I wouldn't have even been out in those huge waves that day if it wasn't for Bill's memorial. It was one of the best waves of my life. I must have sat there on that bench for quite a while, because it was now getting light. Rememb ...
The "reduced" project described as "Box 4" will sweep within 1.4 miles of Morro Rock, along the sandspit to the south and out into the Estero Bay, EXACTLY where these Harbor Porpoise live and play.
I'm in San Luis Obispo for the next couple of days for a water polo tournament. We are actually staying in Morrow Bay . I love this little town and the big Morro Rock that seems to have fallen from the sky and imbedded itself forever on the shores of the pacific. Tomorrow I'll take my team down to the wharf between games for really fresh fish & chips.I live coming down here. It's a lovely place.
Season for Peak Fees: 05/15 to 09/15 Morro Bay State Park features lagoon and natural bay habitat. The bay's most prominent landmark is Morro Rock. The park has opportunities for sailing fishing, hiking, and bird watching.
Had an awesome trip taking Rebekah Judkins to Cal Poly SLO. Almost every "coast access" exit we go off and found some cool places. Enjoyed Hofbrau Morro Bay for their chowder and hand carved roast beef. Morro Rock was pretty cool, found tons of hermit crabs eating one of their buddy's and fighting over the shell. The campus and downtown San Luis Obispo, California was very hip and young. What an awesome place to grow. Don't forget my last piece of advise: "stay away from stupid people" :)
Had a nice time at Cambria, stayed at Captain's Cove Inn, it was a nice comfortable room. Great price too. Visited Hearst's Castle, went to Morro Rock with our Son Ron Jr. and our Daughter-in-law Ruby and Grandchildren. We rode on an electric boat with our son as the captain. Ate at some great restaurants. Ate an Olalliberry pie from Lynn's bakery, it was delicious. Nice to be home, but need to return back there soon to visit a light house and go for a different tour at Hearst Castle.
The story of Morro Bay's Morro Rock is fascinating!
Morro Rock @ Morro Bay, CA, we have always wanted to live there. The closest, we got was San Luis Obispo.
thing to do in Morro Bay CA: Morro Rock! It's a GIANT rock. And it's infested with adorable ground squirrels.
"You Know You Grew Up In Los Osos/Morro Bay If..." --If you haven't seen it already, you may want to check it out. People have posted some pretty great memories. Some of these were after my time living there I think. :) You make fun of the people from the valley who vacation there... Hate... valley people because they are nothing but "Fresnoids" and "Bakersfield Rednecks" to you... Have ever been to Montana De Oro just to chill... Know EVERY person from your elementary school to high school... Just tell people who don't know where your from that you are from SLO... Then you realize that they don't know what SLO means... You know that Los Osos and Morro Bay share the Los Osos Middle School and Morro Bay High School... You have no high school spirit at all... Have ever had to point someone in the direction of Morro Rock...even though it is right THERE... Or you have just pretended you do not know what "the rock" is... You skipped school to go surfing or just hang out on the beach... Have ever had a culture ...
The inaugural Central Coast Oyster Festival is scheduled in Morro Bay on Saturday, June 16, from 12 to 8:00 p.m. This event will be held on the Morro Bay Golf Course overlooking Morro Rock and the farm operated by the Morro Bay Oyster Company. Oysters will, of course, be the main cuisine of the e...
Kite enthusiasts and spectators celebrate a colorful tradition at the Morro Bay Kite Festival on the beach near Morro Rock on Saturday.
Tomorrow and Sunday we will be at Morro Rock for the Morro Bay Kite Festival.. Great times, Great food, and a 200 foot kite..Yeah, 200ft.
Morro Rock, the ancient landmark towering 576 feet above the entrance to Morro Bay, was named by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo during his voyage of discovery up the California coast in 1542. The last in a chain of long-extinct volcanoes, Morro Rock soon became a landfall for Spanish galleon...
Shot with Nikon D300 and Nikkor 18-200mm @ 18mm. Update: The Seven Sisters is reference to the series of volcanic peaks that stretch from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay. There are indeed seven of them, although this picture only shows 5 or 6. The final one in Morro Bay is the famous Morro Rock.
Photographic Prints of Kayak rental and Morro Rock, City of Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo County, from Robert Hardi...
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