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Morris Chestnut

Morris L. Chestnut (born January 1, 1969) is an American film and television actor. He is known for his roles as teenage father Ricky Baker in the 1991 film Boyz n the Hood, groom-to-be Lance Sullivan in the 1999 film The Best Man, as Tracy Reynolds, NBA star in the 2002 film Like Mike, and as the Visitor Ryan in the 2009 TV series V.

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Really? We all are just left hanging waiting for u 2 say it?
it's been a long time since I yelled at a character on a TV show like I did watching the Rosewood finale. Ku…
Having a wonderful birthday with my Rosewood fam!! https:/…
Dear I know you have made your decision, so why keep everyone waitin…
I love Rosie he's such an upbeat and happy guy! Teamwork makes the dream work!…
Exactly Morris! Look within your inner self and pull out greatness.
More, more, more! What's life without Morris Chestnut??
Anthony Brown be easy pitch and Morris Chestnut joins us to debate who's putting on Kap, Warriors now stand. Click here to
makes it in in San Antonio, How cool is that? ,
Any have u can catch our guy now on with & the…
James Evans, Mufasa, Morris Chestnut in Best Man Holiday.. Top 3 Black fathers in film. Not debating this
Paul goes to the gym now, I hope he come out looking like Morris Chestnut one of these days
I still have episodes on VHS. Patti LaBelle, Vivica A. Fox, Duane Martin, Morris Chestnut. That was LONG ago.
Maxwell, Common, Larenz Tate, Kofi Sidiboe, Morris Chestnut, The Cast of the New Edition Story, all in one room ...
I have come to the conclusion that i have a thing for man with bald heads. Joe, Tyrese, Morris Chestnut etc
He's the 1st actor I thought of, too! I also thought of Michael Ealy, Morris Chestnut & Lamman Rucker, but they're all busy!
Semester like Morris Chestnut in every black drama movie..Him or Michael Ealy
Ever since I seen Michael Ealy in that film with Sanaa Lathan & Morris Chestnut, that dude has seemed psycho to me.
Taye Diggs and Morris Chestnut makes my legz weak
OMG!!! Do think they'll have Blair Underwood and or Morris Chestnut on empire.lord! tooo much to deal with right about now
Nas, Morris Chestnut and Blair Underwood are perfect examples. Bless.
Every day I feel like Cuba Gooding Jr. from the moment he saw Morris Chestnut murdered til he cried in Nia Long's lap.
I know Steven be mad when I send him pictures of Morris Chestnut 💀
Start an incredible relationship today. Love yourself.
I have a love hate relationship with Morris Chestnut's looks
It could be worse. my wife DOES know who Morris Chestnut is.
I did an all nighter with & I've finally finished Season 1 I did not expect some many twists & turns
We found someone more delusional than Skip Bayless... Get Morris Chestnut off First Take!
Y'all wanna bome at dre but Morris chestnut curved his first son after boyz n da hood blew.
And I think from a male perspective, we have men talking about their...
Skip like most fans just set themselves up for the big let down.
u need to reply to me if u love God.
loved it. Was the only smile during the Raider Game. Rn4l
yes! She's amazing! And she's on a show named Rosewood with Morris Chestnut 😍
how is that Luke Cage dude not Morris Chestnut?
The fact his name is Morris Chestnut in my phone though 😭
come on Morris you got to admit the Cowboys best chance is with this exact team.
Nah, I'm not a prima donna, but I just don't like being cold and wet...
Luke Cage look like Morris Chestnut older brother
Morris chestnut is iconic.. thats a fine man
I just don't want to think about it.😥😥😥
Catching up on Rosewood...I can't even focus on what's happening because Morris Chestnut is so *** fine.
The Cowboys are playing great, but wants to remember it's only October.
My wife doesn't know who Morris Chestnut is. You think you know a person, and then they disappoint you like this.
I'm so proud of my big brother 😆😆😆 with his Morris Chestnut looking ahh!!
I liked a video Morris Chestnut Indulges and Talks Empty Nesting
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You, me, like Louboutin night. Just don't have a pair.
You looked like a glass of dry reisling--sweet and in a Reidel, beagle. I try.
Exclusive: and give us 3 minutes in heaven and we loved it.
Morris I hope he does a press conference they are forever using his face for seems like any blackman in…
Hey Morris have a great day you Legend
I told Morris Chestnut in August that Dak and Zeke would be the reasons for the Cowboys success. Boy was I right. NOW…
I love me some Taye Diggs and Morris Chestnut!
Taye Diggs and Morris Chestnut in Rosewood gives me life 🔥🔥
The only people I'm more obsessed with than Fab would easily be Morris Chestnut & Omar Epps
Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut are my twins since that celeb lookalike ting idc
This movie ends with Robert DeNiro, Morris Chestnut, Zach Morris & Jeffrey Dean Morgan shooting it out on a bus. Amazing.
Omar Epps is like my husband after Morris Chestnut & after Lance Gross. So much 🍫. 😋
Morris Chestnut's life will never be the same. HE just ran into the baddest Pastor on this side of Heaven.
*** really convinced us that Cuba Gooding Jr and Morris Chestnut were in highschool
Ok so why u ain't use Tyson Beckford or Morris Chestnut?
Uhm really? How about Tyrese, Morris Chestnut, Idris Elba, Tyson Beckford to name a few like tf...
Morris Chestnut is the epitome of daddy AF . God did his thing with that one ..
Morris Chestnut Honoring John Singleton at the Academy's Boyz in the Hood 25th Anniversary…
25 years later and I'm still upset that you didn't duck.
it has Morris chestnut and ole girl from love and basketball
No matter how many times I see I always cringe when Ricky gets shot
Wow! time flies. I had no children then. They are now both in college. Congrats! This movie rocks!
I currently have a new found appreciation for Morris Chestnut. 😍
I Neva wanted to be Vince carter, Morris chestnut, or Michael Jordan..
nice painting and "Boys In The Hood" is an all time favorite movie of mine. Happy Saturday!!!
Wonderful discussion tonight w/ the cast and crew of Boyz N The Hood!
if I was to marry Morris chestnut ain't no leaving me we in this forever bae
Morris Chestnut and Cuba Holding Jnr are really the Kelly and Beyonce of the entire Boys in da Hood cast.
I was also in a room tonight with Angela Basset, and
I guess I don't look like Morris Chestnut featured in NBC s Science of Love
Here's client talking about the infamous shooting scene (…
Here's being introduced tonight at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Boyz N…
Producing is easier, I can just be at the set overseeing the story.
Can't wait to see Jasmine live in When the Bough Breaks (2016) - Morris Chestnut, Regi... via
Waiting for the start of the 25th anniversary screening of Want to hear from &
25th Anniversary of "Boyz N The Hood" theacademy with John Singleton, Morris Chestnut…
Get yuh ricky, Morris Chestnut shot in your back looking boy
Am I the only one madly in love with Big Sean, Morris Chestnut & Idris?!
Excited about the Boyz in the Hood 25th Anniversary tonight at
Morris Chestnut is some fine chocolate 😋🍫
just wanted to know do you remember ? Latoya chestnut
im watching The Perfect Guy with Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut. i love my mans.
I did a film which was considered an independent movie with Dustin Hof...
Who knew Morris Chestnut had a whole album out?
when Morris chestnut got killed in the perfect guy it hurt my heart 😂
3:30am workouts, morning runs along the beach. Refreshing!
Idk why but I think Morris chestnut is a babe
Ummm why is Morris Chestnut working in forever21?
Yes, no killer could keep us ladies away from a date w/Rosie.
Watching one of my favourite oldies the best man... Morris chestnut is so fooine
Rosewood LOL it is a big deal... :D
What’s it like playing mother in shares it all, in this clip!
I just be thinking about how Morris Chestnut was at the alter on The Best Man.
I might not look like Morris Chestnut but I aint no Flavor Flav lookin *** *** either!!! Put some respek on my name!!! 󾌴󾌴󾌴
So is this what I need to do to see Morris Chestnut 󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴. More afternoon laughs 󾌩
Crazzy how the most we remember from this movie is the scene when Morris chestnut is running and gets shot.. smh
I want to see this! When the Bough Breaks Official Trailer (2016) - Morris Chestnut, Regi...
appreciate it and yea man Morris Chestnut and the best man crew need to get together
Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs with an Eric Benet and Maxwell soundtrack kuyoze kube nini Jesu? Miss me.
When Gabby Union told Morris Chestnut she was gonna make him love her in "brothers".Man!
I'm so done with this show. I hope Cookie goes off and find her a fine *** Morris Chestnut, Idris Alba, Shemar Moore man
That was John Singleton directorial debut plus he wrote it. It was cube and Morris Chestnut first film fucc they get that info from lmao
this movie coming out w: Regina King and Morris Chestnut looks like it's going to be so good🙂🙂🙂
I liked a video from BET EXCLUSIVE: Morris Chestnut & Jay Ellis
Prepare to gasp at Regina Hall and Morris Chestnut's new Movie, 'When the Bough Breaks':
It's no surprise that Morris Chestnut; one of the blackest men in Hollywood is typecast as a faithful husband faced with temptation…
Catch me tomorrow on scene with footage of Jay Ellis interviewing Morris Chestnut of new…
my joint had Anthony Fuqua, Morris Chestnut, Michael Jai White.and the 4th was just ridiculous, Malcolm Jamal Warner lmao smh
The Celeblike me matched me with Tyson Beckford and Morris Chestnut sooo should I slide into you lots Dms now or later...
Taye Diggs is in Rosewood? Are they referring to Morris Chestnut, the (Other) Handsome Black Actor?
Morris Chestnut punched scriptures out of Taye Diggs in Best Man.
Morris Chestnut, all I can say is gah *** chocolate supreme, perfect smile, will have ya knees weak 10/10
Ah ah ah cde... these are facts of life. Like you can't hate on chicks digging Morris Chestnut or Jah Prayzah
As I always state, black men like Odell, Morris Chestnut, and Michael Ealy not the likes of me🙄
Shameik Moore kinda looks like Ricky (Morris Chestnut) from boyz n da hood
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yes... Morris Chestnut on the radio. I will be watching tonight!😍
Radio host: "is it hard 4 black people in Hollywood?" . Morris Chestnut: "it's hard 4 everyone in Hollywood..." . -goodman!
Morris Chestnut sounds great, amazing, so "good looking" (in respectful wife tone) even on the radio 😩❤️
I can see how fine Morris Chestnut is through the radio 😭
Morris Chestnut on the radio this so well spoken. Def one of my celebrity crushes
Oh, look. Morris Chestnut and Bokeem Woodbine are in this episode.
Morris Chestnut, Jurnee Smollett Bell and Anthony Anderson at the 47th NAACP Image Awards.…
should I play are just look at this handsome man
OMG!!! This is like the 100th movie I'm watching where Gabrielle Union is datinG/married to Morris Chestnut..
always ready for a challenge, look like you are too. Play to win Morris!!! Play to win!!!
Morris Chestnut is a god. I want my future husband to look like him.
Hey love the show Can't wait for new episodes. Thanks for the follow. Welp, catch ya later.
the challenge I'm taking on is to finish writing my book. The response is good so far and I'm proud of myself!
looking fab! I'm setting a goal to wake up 20 min earlier for me time.
Ya'll know it's this boy's birthday, right?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Have 6 on my PVR. Mini marathon for the weekend :)
Got about 5 women arguing me down on snapchat over this stupid movie lmao I'm just saying Morris Chestnut a better than me because...yeah
People the same color as me. Morris chestnut. Wesley Snipes. Michael Blackson.
The Best Man(1999). writer New York to be best man at a friend's wedding, / old flame. Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, . 12:35 - VH1
Like how the *** did Morris Chestnut not shoot up the church smh if that was me everyone would be dead
The acting in The Best Man is A1. Morris Chestnut's scenes towards the end! Award worthy
The Best Man so unrealistic.. Morris Chestnut locked in the bathroom during his POPPIN Bachelor Party reading a book 😑. Ard.
I just wasn't somebody that look like Morris chestnut in the best man 😍😍 they don't make them like that no more
Morris chestnut was so fine back in the day he still is but 🙄😍😍
Morris chestnut in the best man lawd😩😍😍
Morris chestnut so fine GODOGGET him 😩
Morris chestnut was too fine in The best Man 😍
... I just found out I look like Morris Chestnut ... Couldn't see it until now
Morris chestnut is too bomb for life
he better look like Morris Chestnut😒
They should make a "Vikings of Valhalla" movie starring Idris Elba, Morris Chestnut, Djimon Honsou, Cuba Gooding...
LMAO I can't stand when you reach down and date a not so cute guy for him to play you like he Morris chestnut or something
I ain't gon lie I ain't want u to look like Morris chestnut but I was watching the best man and uhhh yea lol
I'm sure he already knew that tho. 🙈 & 😍🍫🍫
Sometimes I think I'm *** but then I remember how sexy Morris chestnut is 😂😅
You are responsible for what you say, but you're not responsible for what someone misunderstands.
Special K say u so black when you step out your Lexus the oil light come on
😂 this women live in fairy tale land. Only one with a black wife is Morris Chestnut
She just want a super *** a will smith mixed with some Chris brown and some Morris chestnut.
Musiq Soulchild makes me crave that black love that only exists in movies starring Morris Chestnut
Morris Chestnut is the smoothest batch of chocolate
90s Blair Underwood, Morris Chestnut, and Omar Epps changed the game for dark skin brothas😫
Lance Gross or Morris Chestnut...can we just take a moment of silence... yes Jesus 😍😍🍫
People say I either look like Russell Westbrook or Morris Chestnut 😂.
I like to see strong Black men with strong Black women ! Like Denzel 😍 Lebron 😍 , and Morris Chestnut 😍! Not no wack *** Kobe or Kayne🙄 BYE
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Man I would love to marry a man like Morris Chestnut and Taye Diggs ! Tall black successful men , with white teeth 😘😘
Morris Chestnut, Larenz Tate, Omar Epps, to name a few lol
Morris Chestnut as Lex Luther got me in tears.
Martin Lawrence, Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Mike Epps, Will Smith,Cedric the Entertainer and Eddie Murphy are good *** actors.
I ain't representing for the like of Taye Diggs... Morris Chestnut or Tyson Beckford at all
"Morris Chestnut should have thrown you over that balcony when he had the chance.
Rank these men from smoothest to less smooth (but still really smooth). Matthew McConaughey, John Mayer, Derek Jeter, Morris Chestnut.
I like Rosewood but not as much without Nicole Ari Parker as Morris Chestnut's his girlfriend.
Eric Dane & Morris Chestnut can be my sugar daddies. PLURAL.
is ACTING his *** off on I'm currently Catching up on it on Wow! Great show! .
Woke up today thinking it was Wednesday lol got me all caught up !
Morris Chestnut I need me and him in the shower together
The only man I will marry w/o second guessing myself is Morris Chestnut
one of myBest actors can't wait to see it
Morris Chestnut has been married for 20 years
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One of my coworkers is finer than a frog's hair. Like literally looks like Morris Chestnut.
Did we mention we're going on tomorrow (Wed)?! Check local listings & tune in: ht…
What happens when you find out it patient been dreaming about sexing yo' man??
Love is friendship...with a sexy soundtrack.
Morris Chestnut been the love of my life forever
Thank you for hanging this HOT pic up in the studio! 😍😍😍 http…
I'm about to unfollow on snapchat. This man think he Morris chestnut
This semester is the end of Boyz N The Hood and I’m Cuba Gooding Jr. and my grades are Morris Chestnut.
I am really enjoying Rosewood. I like seeing a lead character with optimism.
boxing event at club label on dec 15. Check out the website
Highkey could be the Morris Chestnut of Colorado.
Looking for a director:movie about a rwandan refugee family in period of 1994-97.Can u help?
some people here were I'm from think I look like this guy thanks for compliment but I don't think so
// Good God Morris Chestnut is still fine! *faints*
Why can't a man that looks like Morris chestnut just come into my life & sweep me off my feet & feed me cinnabons shirtless 😔
Okay, let me go to sleep so I can dream about , Allen Payne & a slew of others 😂😴😏😜
Lol he looks exhausted or did knocked him out 😂😂😂😂
I love anything that Morris Chestnut is in.
If only I was of age during the Morris Chestnut, Allen Payne, Taye Diggs & Boris era 😛😍😜
A lot of guys are jealous that gets to work with you Jaina .
I miss you guys. Everyone should know how fun you both are!
Late nights with sleepy and our fabulous director, Millicent Shelton!…
But on the real, Morris Chestnut is the reason why chocolate guys have my heart👌
Morris Chestnut is the most annoying crooked teeth having *** chocolate *** walking.
I never been turned on by a Dominican in 🇩🇴 except my bartender boo that looked like Morris chestnut maybe I was drunk LMFAO
this show is very cool. As always I love your acting Brother.
that's why you find yourself a Morris chestnut type of brotha 😏😂😂
Morris Chestnut and Taye Diggs are old men now. It seems like Michael B. Jordan is about to be the new leader of the dark skin *** now
like new show.. lol those Beautiful lips. Get to close for my eyes to bare
Morris Chestnut is literally the sexiest man ever 😍😍.
is pretty underwhelming but Steven Hill is a total badass who makes Morris Chestnut look like Urkel.
is so good & Shameik Moore gives me a young Morris Chestnut vibe
We can make more than romantic comedies starring Sanaa Lathan and Morris Chestnut
since like grade 5 or 6 its always been Terrence Howard, Nelly, and Morris Chestnut
Morris Chestnut at home clenching his chest rn
On FOX's Rosewood, Morris Chestnut is Lorraine Toussaint's son. He's nine years younger than her.
I don't even have to watch Morris Chestnut's new show to know it's trash. Commercial looked like a trailer for Grand Theft Auto: Nice City
Saw it. Michael Ealy. Sanaa Lathan. Morris Chestnut. Three very compelling reasons to see it for me.
Val Chmerkovskiy & Bobby Brown guest on the Real. Neil Patrick Harris on Live with Kelly and Michael. Morris Chestnut & Dr. Phil on The View
Coming up on Dr. Phil stops by; interview w/ transgender teen Lila Perry; actor Morris Chestnut from only on
Michael Ealy&chocolate Morris Chestnut.omg***this lady is in Heaven — watching The Perfect Guy at AMC...
True Blood vet Rutina Wesley joins Michael Ealy & Morris Chestnut in today's thriller about an obsessed boyfriend, The Perfect Sky.
My two celebrity crushes are ASAP Rocky & the game . My favs are Chris brown & Trey songs 😩 &who holds the key is Morris Chestnut 💯
Looking forward to Looks like a winner!! 😆😙
Advance screening of rosewoodfox starring Morris Chestnut. SEPTEMBER 9th at Doors…
Morris Chestnut is not 6ft tall. Biggest lie on the internet.
Women love Morris Chestnut til they find out he's 5ft8
. Wonderful screen presence for this new era of film. Thanks Morris!!
Atlanta scenesters get sneak peek of Morris Chestnut in
Perfect guy with Morris Chestnut and Michael Ealy comes out 9/11. If Lando won't see it, which of my girl fraaannns will?!
Congrats on the movie and show coming out. You're most deserving of the success. Can't wait to see both! :)
Morris Chestnut and Terrel Davis look like they are related.
I almost thought TI but gotta be someone else. Someone like Ray Rice. 😭😭. Morris chestnut can be Mike tbh
Just want a back massage from a young Morris chestnut looking dude.
I'm not into 'thrillers', but looking forward to this movie b/c you're in it.
Grab a glass of water ladies because is heating up our steam room.
you just mad that Ima a Morris Chestnut/Idris Elba mixture
😆😆😆😆 It's hard in any or . Amazing actors in et Al 👏👏👏
Haircut took me from Chance the Rapper to Morris Chestnut
Can I have a tall glass of dark chocolate Morris chestnut milk with a sprinkle of Idris Elba, please & thank you.
I never knew Morris Chestnut was in Boys in the hood
Morris chestnut is my dads age. 😭 . I don't even care, I'll age over night for him.
Morris Chestnut can use my chest for his nu- nvm
Morris chestnut looks about 10 in boyz n the hood
I always wanted to marry a man that looked like Morris Chestnut. Look at those wonderful teeth when he smiles 😍
Morris Chestnut is just fine. Oh so fine~ why must he die 💔
This *** Morris Chestnut got a show coming out.
On BBC2 at 23:10 Boyz N the Hood starring Morris Chestnut and Cuba Gooding Jr.
Btw, it's my bday and I ran into Morris Chestnut in Calabasas this morning so life is good! (I embarrassed myself but so what.)
Merrit Wever gets to sleep with Morris Chestnut? Hope for us zaftig girls yet! Nurse Jackie rules!
Share your crazy ex story for a chance to have it read by or
Morris Chestnut on being racially profiled and ‘Boyz n the Hood’ 25 years later
Morris Chestnut, Boris Kodjoe, Idris Elba and Michael Ealy are the dream team.
I always thought Morris Chestnut was Chris webber in Like Mike
I've realised that Morris Chestnut is never ready for kids & Jennifer Lewis is always coming in between peoples marriages/relationships 😂
my only regret was too young for Morris Chestnut, my only regret was too young for Boris Kodjoe.
typo *they don't claim him* you know I'm dark skin bru! Morris Chestnut from Boyz n tha hood
Lil Wayne is Vivica and Birdman is Morris Chestnut. Young Thug is Gabrielle Union aka Connie Spalding!
Still waiting for Michael Ealy, Larenz Tate, or Morris Chestnut to get leaked 😏
Lordy my momma *** near on the floor over Morris Chestnut 😒 she better cool out for Johnny get that *** .
Morris Chestnut sound like Floyd Maywhether reading that teleprompter
- Shameik Moore looks like baby Morris Chestnut ..
You know it's my first time watching Boyz N Da Hood .. since when was Morris Chestnut in it ?!?!
but when you're winning Flava Flav be looking like Morris Chestnut!!!
Morris Chestnut was the ultimate 90s man omgaaah 😍😭
Morris Chestnut in that new movie that's coming out. LAWD 😍
my wife, my daughter and yes I am looking forward to this movie!!
Just heard was in London last week 👀
Fun fact: I have the same scar on my chest that has on
I can not guys are two of my favorites
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Can't wait to see it. The trailer was so good for it.
Morris Chestnut is all types of sexyyy... Aah yass boo
Y'all did the most in this trailer. I Can't Wait!
If Morris is not playing your Boyfriend or Husband, I can watch. Lol
sounds like a great movie. Awesome cast
Morris Chestnut and Michael Ealy in a movie together 😩😍. Those are some sexy men
then i get to see two of the sexiest men (Michael Ealy & Morris Chestnut) God ever made ina movie together
Michael Ealy with a mix of Morris Chestnut, sprinkle of Channing Tatum, a drop of 50 cent then a dash of Chris Brown
Jesus. Mary. and Joseph at this trailer with Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut... 😳👀
Name the TV show that Vivica A. Fox, Duane Martin, and Morris Chestnut star in?
Still wanna know how Morris Chestnut and Monica Calhoun had mixed kids in Best Man Holiday
Empire, Blackish, Morris Chestnut and now Megan Good&Wesley Snipes. Blacks are out here in 2015!
Am I the only who confuses Tyrese Gibson and Morris Chestnut?
That moment when you realize that Gabrielle Union was the love interest of Morris Chestnut, Idris Elba and Thomas Jones.
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