Morning Joe & Mark Halperin

Morning Joe is a weekday morning talk show on MSNBC, with Joe Scarborough discussing the news of the day in a panel format with co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist. Mark Evan Halperin (born January 11, 1965) is the senior political analyst for Time magazine,, and MSNBC and serves as a board member on the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College. 5.0/5

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.and his fellow monster are publicly shaming Mark Halperin's victims cuz they won't give him absolution.…
friend Mark Halperin goes after on . Mika really thought victims s…
Mika Brzezinski apologizes after saying she tried to put Mark Halperin in touch with his victims https…
Given their endless criticism of Trump and Weinstein, I assume Halperin has made his last Morning Joe appearance?
mark halperin I like watching U on Morning Joe & your show With All Due Respect..but I can't stand that hateful partner of yours, John H.!
Mark Halperin get a life. you cannot get blood from a stone. Move on, go vote for your love trump we know.😡😡😡😡
Then Mark Halperin goes on Morning Joe to say Trump was totally normal and subdued last night.
Peggy Noonan is a regular on Morning Joe. Same group of yahoos who snicked when Mark Halperin called Obama a *** on live television
The President said what all thinking Americans know. Mark Halperin called him a *** " Couldn't be any clearer. Morning Joe is generally a three hour Presid...
Mark Halperin suspended over Obama remark on Morning Joe (video) - Tim Mak - v…
Mark Halperin is so awful that even my millisecond-length view of him as I flip channels past MSNBC's "Morning Joe" calcifies my oatmeal. He isn't a reporter, pundit, writer, or wit -- he's a court...
Watch for our own John Heilemann and co-author Mark Halperin discussing their new book 'Double Down' (excerpted in the magazine here: on NBC's Today show tomorrow at 7 AM, followed by MSNBC's Morning Joe.
GUESS WHAT MICHELLE OBAMA REPORTEDLY DOES WHEN SHE SEES SOMETHING SHE DOESN’T LIKE ON HER ‘FAVORITE’ MSNBC SHOW Nov. 1, 2013 10:10am Mike Opelka 270 5.3K 31 2 185 Related:Barack Obama,Michelle Obama How would you feel if you knew the president’s wife were watching your TV show, and when she saw something she didn’t like, fired off an email to one of the most powerful and most feared people in the government? According to a new book, that’s exactly what’s happening. Image: The new book “Double Down: Game Change 2012,” which makes the claim that President Barack Obama considered dropping Vice President Joe Biden from the ticket during the 2012 campaign, also talks about first lady Michelle Obama’s monitoring of the media. In a segment Friday on MSNBC “Morning Joe,” Politico’s Mike Allen reported that one of Michelle Obama’s favorite television programs is on the liberal news network. “Mark Halperin and John Heilemann (both MSNBC contributors) reveal one of Mrs. Obama ...
Tina Brown has told Joe Scarborough that she wants Mark Halperin's gig on Morning Joe.
"'Morning Joe,' instead of entertainment news updates, has a former member of Congress wave a newspaper at Mark Halperin for a while."
Mark Halperin adds real class to Morning Joe (also Harold Ford Jr) Why can't we have more real class at table? Why does mush rule?
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As NewsBusters has been reporting all morning, the folks on MSNBC's Morning Joe almost unanimously came down on the Obama administration for using the Internal Revenue Service to intimidate its political opponents.
Jay Carney is the same *** who called NBC to cry that Mark Halperin called Obama a *** on Morning Joe.
In the event that anyone think that Morning Joe is becoming formulaic and predictable, I present the following clip. While discussing President Obama's press briefing yesterday (in which he showed a feisty, if not combative style), host Joe Scarborough asked regular contributor Mark Halperin what he...
I won't know what to think about Bob Woodward's latest until Mark Halperin weighs in on Morning Joe.
TRUE FACT: "Tomorrow on Morning Joe: Mark Halperin" is the most common phrase in English.
WTH. Been up all night and tune into Morning Joe and the insufferable SE Cupp AND Mark Halperin are on. Sweet Jesus why?
We will have full coverage of the fiscal cliff deal vote tomorrow morning starting at 5:30amET on Way Too Early with guest-host Mark Halperin. Joe and Mika are back on Morning Joe starting at 6amET. We'll talk to Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA). Join us!
Meecham is a regular guest on Morning Joe. He in between Harold Ford & Mark Halperin.
From Joe Scarborough to John Heilemann, Katty Kay to Mark Halperin to Willie Geist, it was unanimous on today's Morning Joe. Whatever the substance, whatever the policy, Republicans would be making a massive political mistake by opposing the possible nomination of Susan Rice as Secretary of State. ...
Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough -- along with frequent show panelists Mike Barnicle, Steve Rattner, Jon Meacham and Mark Halperin -- weighed in on the issue of bias in media as part of 92Y's Campaign for the American Conversation.
Mark Halperin, on Morning Joe, has no sense of humor about himself. He can't be much fun to work with!
8:45 a.m. E.T. My colloquy with Senator-elect Tim Kaine from "Morning Joe": MARK HALPERIN: I want to move you from electoral politics to governance. The big issue for everybody is now going to be the Fiscal Cliff.
7:32 a.m. E.T. My Take on "Morning Joe": Joe Scarborough: What was your take on the speech? MARK HALPERIN: The President was not just gracious; he was fantastic. That was one of the, I think that was the best speech of the whole campaign that he gave.
The panel of "Morning Joe" examined the political dimension of Hurricane Sandy on Monday, with Joe Scarborough saying that the disaster froze Mitt Romney's momentum.
Morning Joe – Romney lied about binder Mika Brzezinski, co-host of “Morning Joe” discusses the ramifications of the disturbing news that Romney lied during the debate about the “binders of women”. Mika also pointed out that Romney’s portrayal of women’s work needs seemed reflective of an archaic and demeaning perception of women and went on to note that women should be concerned about Romney, particularly if they combine all that with the assumption that Romney does not support the Lilly Ledbetter Act which guarantees equal pay for women. The panel includes economic analyst Steve Rattner and Time’s Mark Halperin, who analyze comments Mitt Romney made during Tuesday’s presidential debate at Hofstra University, and in particular that his “binders full of women” for staff positions when he was governor of Massachusetts.
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7:40 a.m. E.T. My "Morning Joe" deconstruction of what the Gang of 500 is thinking Thursday morning: Willie Geist: The President, again, has leads in all these swing states, margin of error leads in some places.
Mike Huckabee news bulletin. "If you don't vote Republican you are going to burn in *** " or something like that. "I love the smell of civil discourse in the morning," said by me. Why am I not surprised to hear anything and everything these days as some in this country cannot help but show their true colors like John Sununu, the Donald, Hucabee, Morning Joe, Mark Halperin, Rush and now Geraldo points out that there is bloodlusting in reference to Fox news and Benghazi. As if we didn't know that real time extremism in many forms on Fox is not the order of the day. Some people in America are still in love with their own twisted version of their view of nostalgia and will, through any means necessary, make yesterday a part of today so they can get their country back, repeal healthcare,have freedom or... you know the rest if you have been paying attention. Those who fainted over Colin Powell's endorsement of the president were the ones Malcolm X spoke of long ago when he opined about an old saying in this c ...
Mark Halperin discusses on Morning Joe how the Obama campaign is losing ground (October 30, 2012)
Mark Halperin told the Morning Joe audience that Team Obama has shifted to defense along a rather long blue line, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Minnesota. Perhaps we should include Oregon in that mix. Barack Obama won the West Coast state in a Pacific breeze four years ago, 57/41, but today can’t get above 47% (HOTAIR)
Mark Halperin and Joe Scarborough discuss how voters want President Obama to outline a second term agenda (October 22, 2012)
Today at work I took an old binder (we use computers these days) and wrote WOMEN on the spine. I placed it on the bookshelf closest to the entry in case Mitt strolls into the Seattle Department of Transportation Maintenance Yard looking for some outstanding workers. This a.m. I endured "Morning Joe" and 4 or 5 other men tell the only woman present what matters to woman when voting for a President of the United States. You are wrong Mark Halperin (sp?), BINDERS MATTER!!
Analysis by Joe Scarborough's two guests -- "Game Change" authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann -- shows that Romney has a good shot at defeating Obama.
With a national debt surpassing $16 trillion and a pending "fiscal cliff" that threatens to send the economy into recession, both presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, agree on the need for entitlement reform and tax reform, but both candidates lack some specific details about which reforms they would support. "Let me ask you, in a second term, what is the president proposing to do to reform Social Security, save if for future generations, and will it involve lower benefits for anyone or higher taxes for anyone?" Time magazine journalist Mark Halperin asked David Axelrod, chief strategist for the Obama campaign, Monday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." After Axelrod said Obama would reform Social Security in a "balanced way," but offered nothing specific, Halperin repeated the question: "What's his proposal?" Axelrod answered that the specifics would be up to Congress. The Romney plan is to cut all the tax rates by 20 percent while also doing away with deductions and credits. The amount raised by ...
Morning Joe kicks off its 5-year-anniversary week on Monday with Mark Halperin, Harold Ford Jr., Politico, Chris Russo, Mike Florio, Bob Woodward, David Johnstone, Yves Durif, Brian Sullivan and more
ime's Mark Halperin: "I think mistakes have been made and people will regret it.If Obama wins and goes on to become a hugely successful President, I think, still, people will look back and say it just wasn't done the right way." — MSNBC's Morning Joe, October 28, 2008 - its rare to hear liberals in the media admit bias but heres 1 example before Obama was elected.
Video on What Did We Learn: Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist, Jon Meacham and Mark Halperin tell us what they learned today.
Joe Scarborough and Mark Halperin were both ridiculed on the MSNBC The Cycle by the panel for their biased coverage of the presidential campaign in this morning’s MSNBC Morning Joe show.
Mark Halperin, Dan Senor, and NOW, NOW, Newt Gingrich. This is the best Morning Joe ever. They are closing the Olympics strong.
If it weren't so scary, the power of our media, watching Joe Scarborough descend into almost abject panic and increasingly strident right-wing rhetoric would be funny. But, it isn't. Morning Joe on msnbc is considered by many a reasonable alternative to both the blatant republican campaigning on FOX and the idiotic pablum dished up daily on the network morning shows. Unfortunately, Scarborough seems to have been given free reign to spout gibberish and his producers give him softer and softer walls to bounce it off with a steady stream of right leaning to fringe "guests" - Brian Sullivan, Dan Senor, Campbell Brown (sooo sad) and hacks like Mark Halperin.
Now that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act and declared it Constitutional, both the GOP and the Democrats are defending their positions on health care. The Morning Joe panel – including MSNBC's Alex Wagner, Time's Mark Halperin, Donny Deutsch, and the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart -- discusses.
Mark Halperin made some good points about internal Egyptian politics on Morning Joe today
Mark Halperin, a regular on indicates he hates SCOTUS decision on health care.
Video on Top Talkers: The Morning Joe panel – including Time's Mark Halperin, the Council on Foreign Relations' Richard Haass and Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner – discusses the outcome of the Egyptian elections, the expected Supreme Court ruling on the president's health care ...
On MSNBC's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough was flummoxed by a new CBS News/New York Times poll that shows Obama's support among female voters plummeting five points over the last two months, from 49% to 44% with Romney up 3 from 43% to 46%. Remember the gender gap, Mark Halperin? What happened? Scarbor...
Consider this balance for MSNBC. After the Morning Joe panel openly scoffed at the Barack Obama campaign’s attack ad on Bain Capital yesterday, Hardball came to Obama’s rescue in the evening. Chris Matthews chatted with David Corn and Time’s Mark Halperin about how difficult it will be for Mitt Ro...
all you have to do is watch Mark Halperin on Morning Joe & you'd know he wants to sabotage Obama since day 1
DON'T BELEIVE IN MEDIA BIAS? CHECK THIS OUT. Time magazine’s Mark Halperin appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe yesterday to discuss Obama’s “evolution” on *** marriage. Halperin blatantly states the following about the media coverage of this issue. “The media is as divided on this issue as the Obama family. Which is to say not at all. And so he's never going to get negative coverage for this," Halperin argued. Sure, "The Republicans will say this is a flip-flop and it's wrong public policy. But when you have almost the entire media establishment on your side on an issue in a presidential campaign, it's very hard to lose politically.” A TIP OF THE HAT TO NEAL BOORTZ FOR THIS TIDBIT.
Following President Obama’s confirmation that he does indeed support same-sex marriage, Time magazine’s Mark Halperin confirmed the media’s overwhelming support for the president on the issue. On Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Halperin said despite the potential political risks Obama no...
MSNBC senior analyst and Morning Joe regular, Mark Halperin, just finished up an interview with Andrea Mitchell where he said there is
PS it's from last year. Mark Halperin is back on Morning Joe and actually got the education secretary to fess up support for *** marriage.
Moments ago on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Education Secretary Arne Duncan gave his unequivocal support to marriage for *** and *** couples. Asked by journalist Mark Halperin if he supported marriage equality, Secretary Duncan replied without hesitation, “"Yes, I do."
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan endorsed same-sex marriage Monday, following Vice President Joe Biden's comments Sunday saying that he's "comfortable" with *** marriage. Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Duncan was asked by Time's Mark Halperin whether he believed it should be legal for same-se...
How can MSNBC get the egos of Morning Joe and Mark Halperin in the same studio at the same time?
MSNBC suspends contributor Mark Halperin for &and unacceptable&comments on Obama on &Joe&
Mark Halperin on Morning Joe, assessing POTUS presser: "I thought he was kind of a *** "
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