Morning Joe & Cory Booker

Morning Joe is a weekday morning talk show on MSNBC, with Joe Scarborough discussing the news of the day in a panel format with co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist. Cory Anthony Booker (born April 27, 1969) is the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. 4.7/5

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MT about to be on Morning Joe with Cory Booker re childhood obesity & initiatives to fight it. Summit today in DC
It has been an incredibly inspiring morning with "morning joe" Joe Scarborough, Cory Booker, Paul Hawken, and Biz Stone on how the worlds business leaders are taking charge in the green revolution.
At Greenbuild in San Francisco with more than 8,000+ folk in the Plenary Session.panel led by Joe Scarborough and Nika Brzezinski from Morning Joe.talking to the Hon. George Pataliputra and Newark Mayor Cory Booker
Listening to Joe and Mika of "Morning Joe" interview Gov. Pataki and Mayor Cory Booker at Greenbuild conference in San Francisco
Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough from Morning Joe introduce Mayor Cory Booker and George Pataki
Morning Joe team takes stage with Cory Booker and George Pataki.
watched Cory Booker on Morning Joe this morning. I think I'm in love.
Cory Booker just quoted the JSA motto on "Morning Joe". "Democracy is not a spectator sport!"
Does Washington love Newark Mayor Cory Booker over his Meet The Press comments calling the Obama campaign's attack on Romney's time at Bain Capital 'nauseati...
Joe Scarborough took aim at Newark Mayor Cory Booker's comments following his "Meet The Press" appearance on Monday's "Morning Joe."
It must be tough running for President. Last week Romney's surrogates (John Kasick, McDonald) were stepping on Romney's economic message, saying the economy is not that bad in their states. This Sunday on Meet The Press and earlier today on Morning Joe, Obama surrogates (Cory Booker, Harold Ford, Jr.) trash his economic message against Romney's Bain capital. Bring out the damage control!
Mediaite shared the following link and had this to say about it: Joe Scarborough and the Morning Joe panel took aim at Cory Booker's "hostage video" Monday, the folks at Morning Joe had a laugh over Newark Mayor Cory Booker's recent Meet The Press comments -- and his subsequent backtracking video -- over both sides' focus on what...
I heard Cory Booker's interview on Morning Joe this morning. I agree with him in terms of the campaigns should be discussing big issues. I also agree that the president's first attack on Mitt's connection with Bain is weak. The home run or knock out punch is to simply say its not relevant to running the United States. I would love to debate Mitt on this topic.
Cory Booker When are you going on your buddy Morning Joe's show again. Wasn't Joe having just a little to much fun with your attempt to speak the truth yesterday. Cory this man is not your friend. MJ is a small government conservative. he uses his concerns for education and sympathy for any social issue as a tool to hide his primary mission which is the destruction of the enemies of capitalism.
Morning Joe regulars, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker, star in this fun parody video that sends up both of their public personas. The video, which was shown last night at the New Jersey Legislative Correspondents Club dinner, riffs on Booker's re …
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