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Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Valentine Spurlock (born November 7, 1970) is an American documentary filmmaker, humorist, television producer, screenwriter, political activist, bounty hunter, and journalist best known for the documentary film Super Size Me.

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-- Dean Ornish, "He looked like Morgan Spurlock at the end of 'Super Size Me.'"
Films by James Franco and Morgan Spurlock set for Toronto International Film Fest
Just heard your ad about the show on Rats, there is a really good docu on Netflix called Rats directed by Morgan Spurlock
For the last time! Morgan Spurlock did not use to work here before he was famous!. PLEASE. STOP. ASKING
Seattle wrestling owes a lot to these folks and Morgan Spurlock is showing the planet what we here in Seattle...
This Sunday's episode "Once Upon a Time in Springfield" is followed by a 1-hour Simpsons documentary by Morgan Spurlock.
I'd forgotten how much of this documentary is about Morgan Spurlock harassing low paid fast food and cafeteria workers.
watching a movie w morgan spurlock in sociology and all i can think about is the wonder years song where they mention him I hate myself
"The speakers were there to share their marketing knowledge with us."
Morgan Spurlock ate McDonald's for 30 days, so he lived a great life already even if he's dead.
Premiere with blurry appearances from all of my YouTube faves (and a cameo by Morgan Spurlock...?)…
uh I think there was a little movie that exposed McDonald's called supersize me talk to Morgan Spurlock
Proving that the film industry will always make two of everything, following Morgan Spurlock's RATS, there's another one called RAT FILM.
I'm going to have to watch Mondays video. Morgan Spurlock would "eat" that video up.
So happy this movie is finally coming out! Ck out the trailer for "Bodyslam! Revenge of the Banana"
Morgan Spurlock and Louis Theroux did a podcast together.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Making of award winning Eagle Huntress we are proud to be a part of, thanks to Morgan Spurlock's, Warrior Poets.
try once at every meal time for 30 days @ Morgan Spurlock
We know it was you, Morgan Spurlock.
Remember when Morgan Spurlock ate the same amount of Mcdonalds as me in a month and turned it into a documentary
This movie I'm watching on called by Morgan Spurlock got me tripping.. . This documentary was insane to watch fr 💯
you should read this article and watch this episode of Inside Man proves my point
Might not be the depth you want, but the Big Data episode of Morgan Spurlock’s Inside Man was pretty good.
For all you people who don't like digital media, is available on DVD too!
RATS, Morgan Spurlock's documentary-as-horror-film about rodent infestations, is streaming on Netflix:
"not one to watch while eating" Charlotte O'Sullivan on opening in selected cinemas today:…
Rats, film review: Morgan Spurlock lays down the law on vermin ^EveningStandard
Aaah, Morgan Spurlock, the man who gave us the groundbreaking insight that eating literally nothing but unhealthy f…
, Morgan Spurlock was the OTHER producer?! i'm surprised. didn't think he had such interests...
You know, why don't you take him off all this stuff you have him hop...
I think that, I'm sure there are gonna be some teachers who are very...
Rats review – great whiskery snouts shoved right at the camera
oh no, Morgan Spurlock also made a doc about rats
Morgan Spurlock could do a documentary on my recruiting trips. Disgusting.
Absolutely terrifying "Rats" - new documentary film by director Morgan Spurlock
Rats review: never mind Big Macs – Morgan Spurlock's disgusting new documentary will put you off eating for lif...
I had no idea that it was gonna take off the way it did. I though...
Christ, Trump showing up in the middle of this Morgan Spurlock documentary is like Slender Man showing up on an episode of Sesame Street.
Will Morgan Spurlock's The Greatest Lecture Ever Presented live up to it's name? My guess is YES.
I was starting to become impotent through this diet and couldn't ...
Well, even to this day, if I smell a Big Mac, I'm like Pavlov's dog.
Morgan Spurlock’s test of a chicken-sandwich concept was likely more of an exposé of misleading restaurant indus...
I think, after about a week in, I started to get really down. I w...
At my default bar talking about Morgan Spurlock and Michael Moore. Lol
News this week: From the Oscars to Morgan Spurlock, Indiegogo funded films take off
The food is absolutely atrocious, and parents have no idea. Parents are giving their kids
Morgan Spurlock at Advertising Week: People are more open to branded content
In case I've never mentioned it before, I loathe that charlatan Morgan Spurlock.
White guilt slob, go eat more fast food with your buddy Morgan Spurlock
Morgan Spurlock's "Rats": I was more grossed out by the rat-killing terriers than the necropsies and tapeworms.
Next month the Discovery Channel will be showing Morgan Spurlock's documentary, Rats. Will you tune in?
Eating rats with Morgan Spurlock at Fantastic Fest 2016: .  . At this years Fantastic Fest the movie with the h...
I really loved Morgan Spurlock's RATS. It had the tone of CONTAGION and the sound design o…
Movie review: Morgan Spurlock's Rats is one of the grossest movies we've ever seen
I liked a video from Rats Official Trailer (2016) Morgan Spurlock Documentary Movie
Not sure why Morgan Spurlock would make a horror-bent documentary on rats, but he did. Maybe it's just the trailer,…
Morgan Spurlock’s “Rats” trailer is the most horrifying movie trailer of the year. https:/…
Rats: is Morgan Spurlock's new horror doc the most disgusting film of the year? 
Starting this fine Monday off with Morgan Spurlock's "gross" horror-documentary RATS, because
Why having the right agent could make or break your -
Did you know that Morgan Spurlock's documentary, Rats, was inspired by a book by Robert Sullivan? It is!
My two biggest influences are Morgan Spurlock and Boyhood. So I'm going to raise my firstborn solely off McDonalds, and I will film it all.
I wish news would stop happening whenever Morgan Spurlock's Inside Man was supposed to air.
Morgan Spurlock has a show coming out where he has cancer for 30 days then doesn't have cancer for 30 days
Last night I watched Morgan Spurlock's "Inside Man" about shelter animals and i sobbed the entire episode so today my eyes are swollen
The Morgan Spurlock Ted Talk is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
Important investigation of toxins in our daily lives: —of interest
Morgan Spurlock says in order to stay unbiased on the wage gap, he needs to go into the mind of a one percenter
Idea: Morgan Spurlock thing where I go off HRT for a month and take testosterone instead
que interesante! Tipo lo que hace Morgan Spurlock. Cant wait to see it!
So Morgan Spurlock is in WHY? Why not P.T. Anderson, Tarantino, Werner Herzog, or Errol Morris?
top level spoonerism: Morgan Spurlock (maker of movie upsize me) and Stirling Mortlock (former Wallaby )
did you have the goatee in super high me because of Morgan spurlock's goatee!?
I couldn't open up a magazine, you couldn't read a newspaper, you coul...
Every time I DVR Morgan Spurlock's Inside Man - breaking news cuts it off. Knock it off, world!
Morgan Spurlock stopping the use of the phrase "Would you like to supersize your meal for just a dollar more?" Is a real crime.
More Emmy news: In addition, Morgan Spurlock's 20th anniversary special was nominated in the Nonfiction Special categor…
I still can't even look at Morgan Spurlock without craving 30 Big Macs.
What composure on Not sure why Morgan Spurlock tried to make America the only country with race issues.
YouTubers reveal sides you've never seen in new Morgan Spurlock documentary
I don't know. I have incredible amounts of hope that things can change...
No don't do it. Bit coin is like playing the stock market. Watch the show Morgan Spurlock did on it.
So Ben Foster is playing Morgan Spurlock in *** or High Water?…
The is coming up with Morgan Spurlock, Hasan Minhaj, Lizz Winstead, Janeane Garofalo, and more!
A successful campaign is one that touches the heart & mind of viewers -Morgan Spurlock. What are your thoughts, Matthew?
like we're this generations Morgan Spurlock, but we don't admit defeat
Morgan Spurlock teaches my sociology class
Morgan Spurlock is a documentary genius
Holy cow.watching the episode on the Finnish education system. We are doing it wrong. — watching Morgan Spurlock Inside Man
I was a big fan of Morgan Spurlock because of "Supersize me". It's fun to see "the greatest movie ever sold" in class
I was privileged to be filmed and directed by Morgan Spurlock for the Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special 3D on Ice!
I think Super Size Me was a one hit wonder for Morgan Spurlock...
Reporter: And how's the craziest fans?. Morgan Spurlock: Niall has the craziest fans! NIAAALLL! . :…
Morgan Spurlock could make this in to a film documentary - supersize balls
CNN Quiz Show turns into a twerking contest: Behind the scenes: Morgan Spurlock & W. Kamau…
MORGAN SPURLOCK: the Filmmaker on Bacon, Metallica & Monty Python - GQ 10 ...
I'm watching that one supersize me movie by Morgan spurlock
.follows the format of Morgan Spurlock's 'Supersize Me', but affected me on an entirely different level. Watch it. Please.
.Just because they say it, doesn't mean it's true
Help Morgan Spurlock 'call bullsh-t' on the presidential candidates via
Morgan Spurlock Has a New Way to Call "BS" on the Presidential Candidates
Sorry, there's no magic bullet. You gotta eat healthy and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy. End of Story.- Morgan Spurlock
Supercut Me! was that movie where Morgan Spurlock kept getting circumcised
been on a steady fast good diet like we're this generation's Morgan Spurlock, but we don't admit defeat
She could hook up with Morgan Spurlock and really go large
Help 'call bullsh-t' on the presidential debates in this interactive video
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It will only get bad when you pull a Morgan Spurlock and have it everyday.
I really like all of Morgan Spurlock's documentaries that I've seen
I read about a man who claims he lost 60 lbs eating at McDonalds well my book discusses Morgan Spurlock Mcdees documentary almost killed him
is Abraham really just a buff Morgan Spurlock, trying to direct his new documentary about zombies/life in the apocalypse?
CNN has Morgan Spurlock fact-checking the GOP debate. . The garbage fire rages on.
Doug Benson's parody of the Morgan Spurlock parody of the book
i've been living the movie "Supersize Me" lately. Morgan Spurlock was a wuss, this is great.
Hands down to Morgan Spurlock for putting his own body in danger by eating only McD food for a… ★ Super Size Me
Crafted by Morgan Spurlock is now on Hulu, featured in popular documentaries. Check it out!
I can't believe that's not a Morgan Spurlock movie.
we're working w Supersize Me in English class and all I can think of is TIU bc Morgan Spurlock.
Cutting the Cord: Morgan Spurlock embraces options -
Morgan Spurlock spends 30 days in the juggalo family.
Morgan spurlock, the guy from Super Size Me has a documentary series called "inside man" and there's a good episode on guns
You can still watch the entire documentary I hosted for and for FREE:
Here is a great TED talk from Morgan Spurlock that will ask you, what is your brand?
The final leg of the Morgan Spurlock trip. Pancakes and sausage at my beloved Toddle Inn. @ Toddle…
I liked a video from A Day in the Life of Tim Ferriss; A Morgan Spurlock Production
Interesting and different. Reflection on Marketing. The greatest TED Talk ever sold - Morgan Spurlock
With humor & persistence Morgan Spurlock dives into the hidden world of
Very excited to partner w/these stars & charities. Our mission w/ is to engage everyone in philanthropy. htt…
Morgan Spurlock, Miss Indian Southeastern Oklahoma State University, rides in the parade.
Cutting the Cord: Spurlock embraces streaming via
Its like Morgan Spurlock did you consult a physician
Watched a Morgan Spurlock documentary about The Simpsons yesterday. Fairly interesting. Worth one watch.
Should've taken the cue from Morgan Spurlock,.. Did not know fast food causes 'ugly' though,..
"New streaming service features stars curating Shortlists of their top films" - thanks
"Crafted" is an inspiring new doc from Morgan Spurlock. Highly recommend you watch!
Cutting the Cord: Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock embraces streaming options -
It was when I saw Morgan Spurlock barf that Quarter Pounder meal out the car window that I was done eating fast food.
Both of us nearly died from eating McDonald’s. Yet Morgan Spurlock made all the money.
Tribeca SVOD service launches with handpicked titles from John Leguizamo, Morgan Spurlock and more -
A bedraggled and scab-pocked Morgan Spurlock crawls up to his hospital bed after 40 days of only reading the comments.
Great write up from . "praises new SVOD for 'direct delivery' to consumers"
Current feeling: Morgan Spurlock in the last 30 minutes of Super Size Me.
check it out watch The Inside Man on Netflix with Morgan Spurlock
I'm running out of rip off Morgan Spurlock films on Netflix when's the next one coming out?
Documentary filmmaker extraordinaire Morgan Spurlock will be at Advertising Week. Will you?
You need to film it. Turn it into a Morgan Spurlock-style documentary. You'd be a star! :p
Guys! Today I learned from two different podcasts about some WV natives! Bill Withers (think: lean on me) and Morgan Spurlock (supersize me)
Check out The Downtown Project, directed by Morgan Spurlock and The Stitch Factory stories!
Supersize the wages, please...[with thanks to Morgan Spurlock for the popularization of the term]...
Morgan Spurlock's documentaries are so good
.is giving a hauler tour to Morgan Spurlock and guests at
*** so small Morgan Spurlock's new documentary is called Micro Size Me
I was on the stage after Morgan Spurlock spoke and this girl came up and asked me for the water bottle he had been drinking from
Im reading this article that says morgan spurlock said he thinks harry is considering leaving the group as well, like are u ok?
We were watching that morgan spurlock McDonalds documentary and istg I am never eating at McDonald's again ...
Yes, and higher angioplasty prices too.
So I may have just done an extensive interview with Morgan Spurlock and I may be now following that up with some omg and booze.
I liked a video Morgan Spurlock Inside Man: 'And no religion too... ...
I also strangely don't hate it. tho I sorta look like Morgan Spurlock.
didn't see Bieber. Katy was good. But gotta say I was surprised how much I liked One Direction's film by Morgan Spurlock.
Topping the scales at 13st 2lbs. Fattest I've been. That's what a Morgan Spurlock like month will do to you. Time to detox, diet and train.
Award-winning filmmakers inc Morgan Spurlock have made a series of must-see films about small business entrepreneurs
If Morgan Spurlock could do it, you could do it
the guy in the documentary (Morgan spurlock) was trying to learn and he flopped so hard lmfaoo
If somebody makes a movie of Jack Andraka's I'd cast Miles Teller to play Jack. (Morgan Spurlock has made a short already)
I added a video to a playlist Comic-Con Adventures with Roger Corman, Morgan Spurlock, Emily Rose,
Morgan Spurlock's Geeks for Peace curated by Lori Zimmer and Natalie Kates -
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VIDEO: Kevin Smith, Morgan Spurlock and Oliver Stone talk about the business of filmmaking
"Kevin Smith, Morgan Spurlock and Oliver Stone talk business of filmmaking and what inspires them"
Morgan Spurlock talks Zayn Malik: 'He wanted nothing more than to sit in his house and do art' …
Check out Juxtapoz magazine Don Ed Hardy History of American graffiti Morgan Spurlock via
The AC Commons Theatre has some great events coming up, incl: Craig Kielburger, Swan Lake, & Morgan Spurlock.
This Morgan Spurlock episode is now available on Netflicks...
Morgan Spurlock explores the world of puppy mills, shelters and pedigree. Tune in Sunday, 10pm ET/PT...
Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock hosts this CNN original series that provides an insider's view of diverse sectors of American life.
Hi there! I'm a filmmaker. I was just hired for a post-production internship at Morgan Spurlock's (director of Super Size Me and TV show 7 Deadly Sins) production company. I am in search of a room to rent and/or share in NYC (preferably close to Soho) for 3 months starting the week of January 19th. If you know of any possibilities, please let me know ASAP! Thank you so much!
I think most info is out there so probably not. Everyone including Sam participated in Morgan Spurlock doc.
I quite enjoyed that Morgan Spurlock joke in todays vlog. Greatest Movie Ever Sold is under appreciated.
Netflix just added a new season of Morgan Spurlock 's Inside Man, so, bye. The first ep is about paparazzi.
in the world is Osama bin Laden?. The man! Morgan Spurlock is not afraid of no One. Someone listening on!
Rumor: a sulking Piers Morgan is trying to hack his former network, because he thinks Morgan Spurlock constitutes brand infringement.
Morgan Spurlock has a new show on The Network is now being programmed by AARP.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Just finished the Gluttony episode of Morgan Spurlock's '7 Deadly Sins'... I think I'm gonna be sick. And never eat again.
Morgan Spurlock is my spirit animal😌
The series, which is produced by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, is designed to...
well Morgan Spurlock is the guy who did Super Size Me doc. So I want my free account.;-)
Morgan Spurlock didn't fret like this...
The Greatest movie Ever Sold 2011, directed by Morgan Spurlock (doc.)
This series was created by Morgan Spurlock & he's EP on it too.
Super Size Me resonated for me a lot asa dumb 14 year old. I don't mind Morgan Spurlock and think he does decent work generally even...
'30 Days' is a great series by Morgan Spurlock. It really touches a lot of opposing lifestyles, and how 1 must live for 30 days
Monkey Chow Diet: Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald's food. Adam Scott (aka "the last angry young man")...
Morgan Spurlock finds sponsors for his TED talk about sponsorship: via
I just liked "Morgan Spurlock Inside Man: Behind the Scenes" on Vimeo:
My fav. part of this weeks is how they mixed up Morgan Spurlock and
Morgan Spurlock and Tiffany Shlain talk filmmaking in the digital age tomorrow at noon!
Morgan Spurlock, the director of "Super Size Me" who has explored the possibility of a film, part of the Awards Cerem…
We hope you're enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends & family! We can't wait for you to watch CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute on Sunday December 7th at 8pm ET on the worldwide networks of CNN! Anderson Cooper hosts, watch moving stories of all this year's Top 10 presented by special guests Benedict Cumberbatch, Kelly Ripa from LIVE with Kelly and Michael, Kathy Griffin, Taye Diggs, Questlove, Nick Jonas, Rosie Perez from The View, John Leguizamo, Christina Hendricks from Mad Men, Uzo Aduba from Orange Is the New Black, Morgan Spurlock, Quvenzhane Wallis, and Tyler James Williams from The Walking Dead, with music performances by Trisha Yearwood and Sheryl Crow! Here's a little peek:
Morgan Spurlock reveals his favorite One Direction member
I thought One Direction: This Is Us was my favourite Morgan Spurlock documentary but A Brony Tale has just knocked it out of the water
Morgan Spurlock: Garcia order has chilling effects for filmmakers. Actor can be a work for hire w/o written agreement.
.You base all of your knowledge of my country on Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock. You're an imbecile.
Morgan Spurlock stole your credit card???
The greatest TED Talk ever sold - Morgan Spurlock: - What is Your Brand ? :-) ... It probably changes over time :-)
Photoset: Morgan Spurlock reveals his favorite One Direction member
People on Inside Man are so calm when they meet Morgan Spurlock. If I went into a store and he was working, I would be star struck.
– I Am Santa Claus, the Morgan Spurlock-produced documentary that features *** Foley, is streaming on Netflix in...
Morgan Spurlock's answer to the question "Harry or Liam"
Fotoset: Morgan Spurlock reveals his favorite One Direction member
Morgan Spurlock on why documentaries are more important than ever.
I want to do one of those Morgan Spurlock experiments where I'd eat breakfast food for every meal. Mostly looking for excuse to eat waffles
Saw the difference between being a sell out and making a point in Morgan Spurlock's Documentary Best Movie Ever Sold
Miss our Apple Store event last week?Listen to the panel discussion with and
Why Documentaries Matter More Than Ever - Films not only entertain but can shift public perception.
Turning on its head:. The greatest TED Talk ever sold - Morgan Spurlock: via
Morgan Spurlock makes great movies such as Super Size Me telling the truth that big corporations don't want us to hear.
Morgan Spurlock, of Supersize Me fame, takes aim at the US's ridiculous product placement culture in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Can someone explain why people seem to hate Morgan Spurlock?
Documentary films are more important now than ever before. via We love working with …
Watched The Greatest Movie Ever Sold today Directed by Morgan Spurlock about product placement
Documentaries have the power "to turn us ALL into agents of change"
on Why Documentaries are more important than ever
Morgan Spurlock did a good piece on education. It's on Netflix. I suggest it to anyone.
Morgan spurlock reminds me the one direction moviee :(:$):&-
Morgan Spurlock on why documentaries matter more than ever.
"They are the stories of our lives... the stories most of us don't hear" on the importance of
To celebrate tonight's Award I explain why documentaries are so important
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
He loves movies, marijuana and copying Morgan Spurlock. What is Doug BENStONed
DOG'S BREAKFAST FUN FACTS: 1. The newspapers on the wall for Kurtis Wiebe's (episode 7) set are authentic "Stars and Stripes" newspapers from WWII. 2. The photo of the man in the clock in Garrett Clark's (episode 8) set is his father. 3.Gabriel's favourite surrealistic segment thus far is "Kaiju country" (episode 4). 4. Dog's Breakfast's musical DOP is Kevin Eisler. He has shot every band from episode 3 to 8. He was also one of the "men in the glen" in episode 2. 5. There is no set schedule (nor shall there be) for episode releases. It has ranged everywhere from three months (!) to six days release time. 6. Brent Hodge's documentary "A Brony Tale" was at the Tribeca Film Festival and was a huge hit. It will be distributed by Morgan Spurlock's company. 7. Episode 2 (Luchagore Productions) is the largest number of guests interviewed simultaneously. 8. In episode 1, it truly was just orange juice in the coffee pot. 9. Patrick Maliha's set (episode 4) is an actual tiki bar built by Matty Reed of Public Domain ...
Tonight at 9PM, CNN runs a documentary on diverse religions; features Nashville for interviews with Morgan Spurlock.
Photo: scandalrantings: Tony Goldwyn with Morgan Spurlock and Juju Chang at Creativity Con in WASHINGTON DC...
Morgan Spurlock explores Google Glass - Morgan takes pictures, gets directions, researches wine and learns how to ...
Behind that puppy in the window: Morgan Spurlock explores the world of puppy mills, shelte...
Tribeca Film Festival preview: LI Williams and Bryan Cranston will be there. And Eva Longoria. And Michael Douglas. And Robin Roberts, Aaron Sorkin, Morgan Spurlock and Ron Howard. And Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, probably in neutral corners. And thousands and thousands of New York-area moviegoers, who are seldom neutral about anything. There will certainly be some stargazing once the 13th edition of the Tribeca Film Festival opens Wednesday night, promising much discussion about individual movies, the future of cinema and life as we know it. But while hot and cold running celebrities have always been among Tribeca's accessories (the stars mentioned above are involved in various "Tribeca Talks"), it's also a festival for civilians: Unlike Cannes or Sundance, it isn't a festival primarily for industry or press, but for people who arrive by subway, get excited about new movies, actually buy tickets, wait on lines, often enough in a cold spring rain. What they'll see when they get inside? A total of 89 ...
New York (AP) — CNN is replacing Piers Morgan’s prime-time talk show with not one program but several — featuring personalities like Mike Rowe, John Walsh, Lisa Ling, Anthony Bourdain and Morgan Spurlock.
Kickstarter Idea: fund a reality gameshow that pits Dr. Oz, Miss Cleo, Ken Ham, Sanjay Gupta, Morgan Spurlock, and John Edward in a desert island survival game, but the catch is that they get an electric shock every time they say something that isn't true.
Morgan Spurlock, and producted by Simon Cowel, Adam Milano, Spurlock and Ben Winston :)
We are proud to announce three new perks involving directors whom Roger Ebert held in high esteem. One of these directors will visit the school or university of your choice*, screen one of their films, answer questions about their career, offer filmmaking advice, and tell stories about their relationship with Roger. It’s an incredible way for young film fans to learn from three superlative directors, and benefit the school of your choice! Morgan Spurlock  In 2004, Morgan Spurlock directed an independent documentary that took on issues of consumption and obesity. That film, Super Size Me, sent shock waves through the fast food industry, and helped bring to the forefront the obesity epidemic in the United States.  Although nominated for Best Documentary at the 2005 Academy Awards, the film’s greatest achievement was its lasting effect on how we view fast food, and its pivotal role in forcing McDonald’s to remove the 'super size’ option from its menus. Since then, Morgan has been one of the world ...
CASTING ALERT! NATIONWIDE - MORGAN SPURLOCK IS CASTING SUBURBAN TWEENS FOR TV DOC PROJECT Do you have a tween that walks to the beat of her own drum… and is often misunderstood by her peers? Do classmates poke fun at your child for being one of the bigger students in his class, even though he's a healthy and happy kid? Is your child incredibly intelligent or creative but just doesn’t fit in with other kids her own age? Is your tween a recent immigrant struggling to navigate American culture without abandoning his native culture? If you feel your tween child has an interesting story to tell and would be comfortable sharing it, then we want to hear from you! Morgan Spurlock (One Direction: This is Us, Supersize Me) and a popular children’s cable network are currently casting a documentary project about middle school students who feel like they "just don’t fit in.” We are specifically looking for suburban students in the continental U.S. between the ages of 10-13. If selected to participate, ...
Rerun shows for Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Guests will include...comedian Reno Collier, Daily Show Correspondent Aasif Mandvi, comedian/That Metal Show co-host Jim Florentine, high wire daredevil, Nik Wallenda, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. Enjoy the shows and try not to get trampled while you're out shopping!!! In fact, just stay home and drink!!!
Happy Birthday to *Evangelist Billy Graham is 95 *Musician Joni Mitchell is 70 (sung River-one of my favorites) *Actor Christopher Knight is 56 (Brady Bunch) *Documentary maker Morgan Spurlock is 43 (Supersize Me) This day in history In 1874 the Republican Party was symbolized as an elephant in a cartoon drawn by Thomas Nast in Harper's Weekly. In 1929 the Museum of Modern Art in New York opened to the public. In 1944 President Franklin Roosevelt won an unprecedented fourth term in office, defeating Thomas Dewey. In 1996 the U.S. liquor industry voted to drop its decades-old voluntary ban on broadcast advertising. In 1998 John Glenn, the 77-year-old senator and former astronaut, returned to Earth with his crew aboard the space shuttle Discovery. Straight from the
After all of the statistical evidence, and after the Morgan Spurlock, Dr. Sanjay Gupta as well as the many other documentaries and we pro cannabis activists have PROVEN that cannabis is NOT detrimental in any manner to society. No matter how much we prove time and time again, Hypocritical corrupt politicians, special interest groups, and law enforcement lobbyists, and especially pharmaceutical corporations will not permit cannabis legalization. So, we're in for many years of resistance to come. But yet, if you see that cable program "Drugs Inc" hard core narcotics like Crack, methamphetamine, Heroin, and especially pharmaceutical pills and an all new extremely cheap type of flesh eating heroin called krokodil are decimating entire neighborhoods which in some areas resemble Main and Hastings streets in Vancouver B.C. {if you're not familiar with Main and Hastings streets, look it up on youtube} while our government and especially the DEA spend 100s of BILLIONS in monetary resources on a lost war on marijua ...
Kim Kardashian To Be The Subject Of A New Documentary? Plus Rob Kardashian Insists He’s Successful Sometimes worlds collide. Like when really smart and accomplished people team up with Kim Kardashian! Sort of. Morgan Spurlock the acclaimed filmmaker behind movies such as Super Size Me is working on a new documentary about fame and celebrity. Recently Morgan (my fellow West Virginian – woot!) was spotted behaving like a paparazzi at LAX as part of a mob desperate to snap photos of Kim. Morgan's rep told the NY Daily News that nope, he's not a fan or anything – it's all in the name of art. "It's for a project on celebrity and fame, It’s for a project that hasn’t been announced yet. He’s in the field shooting." The subject of the film is apparently the actual behaviors of the paparazzi. From SPLASH, the agency selling the snaps, "Getting mixed in with the large group of photographers waiting, absolute chaos broke out when Kim walked through the arrivals area and although Morgan tried to even shoo ...
Morgan Spurlock : " Noah is one of the most brilliant shorts I've seen in a long time. It just played at the...
“Random Fact of the Day: Morgan Spurlock was asked to direct Justin Bieber and Katy Perry movies. Ending up doing One Direction.”
Doc of the Day: Super Size Me Simple premise, great doc. Well done Morgan Spurlock. 36 Hours to go!...
Uncle Grandpa looks like a cartoon Morgan Spurlock. Resemblance? Is it just me?
Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast, McDonald's for lunch, and Pizza Hut for dinner (in my defense on that last one, Will is having a sleepover). I feel like Morgan Spurlock.
...seen 30 Days with Morgan Spurlock? He does one episode on a Navajo (Native American tribe) reservation and does morning runs.
For a good ten minutes in traffic I was right in front of an older Morgan Spurlock and that was weird.
If you haven't had the chance to hear Morgan Spurlock on the Afternoon Mix yet, we'll replay the interview during...
"But why should these companies want to change? Their loyalty isn't to you, it's to the stockholders. The bottom line: They're a business, no matter what they say. And by selling you unhealthy food, they make millions. And no company wants to stop doing that. If this ever-growing paradigm is doing to shift, it's up to you." -Morgan Spurlock, from film Super Size Me
Morgan Spurlock's mustache makes me feel unsafe.
saw at yesterday. Terrifying for even net-savvy parents. Does for Google what Morgan Spurlock did for McDonalds.
we're watching some show on immigration or whatever an Morgan spurlock hosts it ugh why does everything remind me of the boys
This week at The Alhambra: Rush and an extended fan cut of Morgan Spurlock's One Direction: This Is Us
I feel like Morgan Spurlock after like the 30th day rn
Great video from Morgan Spurlock on teaching and school in Finland: Trust the teachers. No standardized testing!
to that time I met Morgan Spurlock earlier this week. @ 41Ocean
Two sideburns short of looking like Morgan Spurlock to this facial hair. Those eyes though…
Webinar with courtesy of our friends at
Bizarre that Morgan Spurlock's Wiki barely mentions he's directed the 4th-highest grossing concert film of all time
There is time for change in our correctional system! Morgan Spurlock proved that in his 30 day jail documentary.
Internationally, prob Bieber but Morgan Spurlock just made a big film about One Direction, so I guess that's fairly massive!
I just titled my paper "Morgan Spurlock Doesn't Admit Defeat"
If you are a fan of One Direction it’s best to sit down before reading the next sentence. The five-piece band’s movie will be out this August (that’s just two months!) and… wait for it… it will be ACCESS ALL AREAS. Niall Horan revealed the breath-taking news on Irish Radio and as most One Directioners decided what they are wearing and who they are taking to watch the This Is Us 3D, production teams are furiously putting the movie together. The 19-year-old Irish teenager revealed cameras followed the group EVERYWHERE during the Take Me Home world tour… and yes, he includes the dressing room Speaking to former Westlifer Nicky Byrne on RTE2 Niall said: “It is more of a documentary than concert, a behind the scenes insight into what goes in. The fans standing outside the stadium they don’t know what goes on in the dressing room.” He added the movie, sorry documentary, hopefully captures the relationships between himself and group members Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Mal ...
defiantly john m chu as the biebs and supersize me's Morgan spurlock as 1D's movie director :D
yeah. You didnt miss much. They showed a short preview of This is Us & Morgan Spurlock. Then carrots trying to name the bandmembers.
I can't wait until Morgan Spurlock has to make another house payment and directs the Kardashians documentary.
“People know that Zayn is a wonderful singer and that the guy is incredibly talented—but he’s a really great artist as well. He’s fantastically artistic. He’s got a graffiti studio in his house and that’s just how he unwinds. He has friends over and he listens to music and he paints and he hangs out. For him, there’s nothing more important than being home and being surrounded by people that he loves. There’s something really wonderful about that” (Morgan Spurlock, Teen Vogue)
it actually is, Morgan Spurlock did a great job and the Teenage Dirtbag scene was amazing.
Once I found out Morgan Spurlock directed "this is us" I want to see it.
Met a new friend last night. Morgan Spurlock. Great guy
Morgan Spurlock doc about directors and actresses who fight in public.
Has anyone seen Morgan Spurlock recently or is he in hiding and washing the taste of Simon Cowell's *** out of his mouth??!!
— ZAYN MALIK GETTING THE CREDIT HE DESERVES Teen ink Huffingtonpost New University tv3 Examiner The Daily Dot The Advertiser Southern news NY TImes LA weekly NY daily news Variety MTV itv Teen Vogue UT San Diego .. “"It is fascinating when a boy in a boy band does not do what he has been told, and in that regard Zayn Malik is a fascinating character. Half Pakistani, he’s the hot one, and the only gesture toward diversity in what is otherwise a lily-white band. He would—or will—be the breakout star, the one with a solo career. He’s also the only one capable of doing things with his voice that go beyond an above-average high-school musical theater performance. Zayn gets the soulful-ish, croony moments that Justin Timberlake got to sing for ’N Sync and he handles them nicely” ( “The album doesn’t take any particular vocal risks, with the exception of Zayn Malik, who experiences a few breakout moments” ( “You can tell that Zayn Malik is straining to put his be ...
Less than 36 hours in LA but happy to attend a private party on Santa Monica pier with Lew White. Unlimited rides, games, and Morgan Spurlock to celebrate the launch of Leaving for The Big E in a few hours .
Speaking of whole groups of people getting shafted by the government: I just watched 30 Days where Morgan Spurlock went and lived on a Navajo reservation. (It streams, it's maybe an hour long, watch it.) Did you know that not only did we steal their land (among other atrocities) but we put them on a reservation and didn't even give them water rights to the potable water that flows through it? :-(
Morgan Spurlock's current television show "Inside Man" is airing on CNN.  And his latest feature film - One Direction: This Is Us, a 3D documentary following the world's most successful boy-band, One Direction, opened as the number one box office film in the US on its opening weekend in September.
“When you train your employees to be risk averse, then you're preparing your whole company to be reward challenged.” — Morgan Spurlock
My darling friends, I am need of assistance... after a heated discussion with a friend about the merits of Paleo and gluten free diets, I have decided to commence a project. I will spend a minimum of 7 days living by the rules of any purportedly "healthy diet" I can think of, a la Morgan Spurlock. What I need from you all are recommendations... so far my list consists of Paleo, and a raw vegan diet, but I'd like to include at least two or three other possibilities. Victor Galli, Bonnie Benskin, Patty Benskin, Peter Bowlin, and Heather Matthews Cassidy, I'm looking to you.
Watching supersize me in health and when Morgan Spurlock came on I just felt like yelling HE IS THE DIRECTOR OF THIS IS US ONE DIRECTIONS DOCUMENTARY MOTION PICTURE IN THEATERS NOW!!!
Morgan Spurlock spends a day picking fruit and learns how back-breaking the work is.
It was amazing last night at Movies At The Mill Easton. Gershon Hinkson did a beautiful job with creating this artistic event. City of Easton and Merchants Bank hats off to you too. Felt like I was back in my days at Tribeca Film Fest. The feel was definitely there. I was in my glory after listening to Morgan Spurlock and meeting fellow filmmakers and creators from other films for the evening at an informal gathering. That reminded me so much of my Choreographer Circles that they would offer at Taylor and Broome Corner studios in NYC while I was first studying dance in the big city. I will post more pics later and update you more on all my thoughts. Off to rehearsal now at Ballet Guild with AIU company members.feeling so very inspired to create and to kick *** to make this company everything I have every dreamed about. Its time watch out there is certainly so much potential in the Valley for more. I so it last night. Thank you thank you thank you Gershon Hinkson for showing me that!
ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US: Directed by Morgan Spurlock? Is he selling out? I haven't been this conflicted about seeing a film since Werner Herzog directed the "Wizards of Waverly Place" movie.
At the movie theater with Zoë. She’s going to see a concert film about some boy band while I opted for Morgan Spurlock’s latest documentary. WAIT A MINUTE!!!
Join Morgan Spurlock, Holly Conrad, Joss Whedon, and Chris Hardwick as they visit the Machinima offices and hang out for a very special hour-long live stream...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Last two days of One Direction in Dauphin. Plays Sunday and Monday at 1:20 PM Great concert movie if you are a fan. Directed by Morgan Spurlock, the guy from Super Size Me.
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