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Morgan Gould

Morgan Leonard Gould (born 23 March 1983) is a South African international footballer who plays professionally for Supersport United, as a defender.

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you are the dishwasher in the Gould estate.
I'm so glad is there when I need to vent.
having 2 of your best defenders sitting out because of a long trip it not good.It only Morgan Gould who will be able to play
I'm looking for someone new, but all I see is you 🎶
I can already tell that tomorrow is going to be a sweatpants day.
Khamabilliat is busy preparing for Morgan Gould .woza weekend
Me talking to Morgan . Me: Go back to munchkin land. Morgan: you mean my house ?. 😂😂
Wish morgan gould was there to punch that ***
If Morgan Gould was there, someone was gonna get a punch a the face. Mayweather style lol.
I'm at delta all the time we can always meet up for coffee.
oh cool! Wish I would have seen you there. It's been forever!
Starting OT for the redhawks. G: . D: Morgan McGrath and Jessie Gould. F: and
Best part of this Saginaw spirit fight was the high fives after.
and I pretty much have the best conversations ever. 😂
nice one Morgan buy me a pair plz nd VOTE Samantha
My co workers enjoy adding to my bad eating habits by bringing me fudge first thing in the morning.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
is/are Patrice Evra, Tsepo Masilela, Peter Odemwingie (Nigerian Player) nd Morgan Gould, they don't know though
I cannot even explain how happy I am to see tomorrow.
I love getting texts from Josh because I know it will will be something about 21 jump street. 😂
Im already sick of this cold weather.
I'm scared, Morgan Gould will knock out soccer players and it will be considered sport.
*** Screw You guys. I don't need you anyways
lol yeah sorry Erika I'm representing Derek on this one.
Morgan's a lawyer. She has this convo saved. See you in court on the 9th
your the one that just didn't understand what I said
okay yall are dumb. This is why I insult you
I thought we were friends, not only do I get insults from Erika, I will now get fat jokes from you too. 😂
I don't understand she clearly said lmfao?
wow way to pull that fat joke over on her like that Derek.
see Erika. Morgan thought it was so funny her *** fell off.
when she gets lost in a paper bag I'm not helping her out 😒
lol Derek we can always get payback.
that's why I just don't talk to her anymore. Got tired of being told I'm not funny.
lol actually no she hasn't. The day isn't over.
I take it didn't say anything mean today?
Tbt with This suit was so cool, which I could have kept it. 😂
happy birthday. You are my favorite part of Have a great year ahead.
If mentions one more thing about bae, I will disown her as my cousin.
I think Morgan Gould is better than Erick Mathoho
lol Kyle I wasn't listening to that song.
Trying to study but is blaring Def Leopard...
I think my professors have weekly meetings to see how they can make my life living *** 😒
Positive thing: Morgan Gould is playing well
Morgan Gould could have buried that one.
can u field Morgan Gould next week saturday plz ...
Morgan Gould is improving at the back game by mistakes and unnecessary fouls!
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Madubanya is bullying everyone on the pitch. Even Morgan Gould.
I'm so glad I'm quiet for my parents when they want to sleep, but when I want to sleep they think it's okay to bang pans and yell.
I am shy, I don't know what your talking about. 😂
lol but I don't have a bae, but you do. 😂
good ques, a panel was convened to punish Morgan Gould, why not a similar one for that violence by
My dad has already stole my heated blanket... 😒
lol thank God you didn't kill us that day. Pretty sure I had a few close calls too though so it's ok lol
My eX galfriend just call me and she be saying "cHipPa y0u'll nEveR eVer find a gAl wh0'll l0ve y0u like i did! " . . . . in my defence , i said "hey dear... i've g0t mAth *** , a 17year olD Coetzee , Matlaba and Hlatsway0 at dah bAck" . . . s0 i d0nt nEed AyaNda Gcaba n0r mOrgan Gould c0z they lack in my defEnce , why d0nt y0u just m0ve oN wIth y0ur lyf than beWitching me t0 Win "MaCufe Cup"
shaka I remember when you skinned morgan gould while you were still playing for Dikwena I'll never forget that day boy
Morgan Gould seems has regain his form BUT I doubt he will be a regular as both Tower & Mashamaite are in terrific form for Amakhosi
CHI: J.Morgan 3 yd. pass from J.Cutler (R.Gould kick is good) CHI 10, ATL 3
Morgan Gould is getting back to his old self, slowly but surely. (Not the one that punches people). Hehe
lol now u talking bubu. Frankie and Morgan gould
Morgan Gould wore that bandana like a real magreeza :"D
Even at Chiefs, Tefu aint better than Morgan Gould and Tower. The young Macheke should also be playing.
Morgan and I are moving to North Carolina. End of story.
Friends are temporary. Harry Potter is forever.
My daughter. She would have been 15 already. I never met her but I love her. . Her name was Morgan ❤️
Nothing sounds better right now then Taco Bell and a nap.
Kaizer Chiefs defender, Morgan Gould, has praised the level of competition within the Amakhosi’s current squad.
goodmorning Morgan pls tell somthin this guy Ekstain how is he adapting & where do u cc him in the next 5yrs?
I'm so glad is in my COM class like who else would throw popcorn at me during my speech? 😂😂😂
stameta no no n no Morgan it won't do u any good,finish n klaar
@ Morgan that thing is not safe bra and we still need you @ Phefeni so please don't consider it
Gould: It's all about the fans: Kaizer Chiefs defender Morgan Gould says he hopes to continue ...
Kaizer Chiefs defender Morgan Gould says playing a team like Platinum Stars is more often than not a bit tricky.
Morgan Gould says Kaizer Chiefs are wary of TKO last eight opponents, Dikwena, despite having beaten them 3 times.
Wow but Morgan Gould couldn't be bothered hey...
Morgan Gould expects a different Platinum Stars in the TKO quarter from the one they've beaten 3 times this...
Tina is making me feel guilty for taking a picture with Morgan Gould shame ne ke mo shapa ka Buccajuju lol. Ke sono.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Shakes Mashaba should have selected Morgan Gould so he can punch those Congo players
"It's always a tough task coming up against Platinum Stars. We just need to do our job." - Morgan Gould
Morgan Gould regaining his old form, slowly but surely.
I've been impressed by Morgan Gould,what a performance tonight
Morgan Gould is solid these days,keeping it so simple
Tshabalala is playing well so far but not convinced with playing Mike Tyson(Morgan Gould) at the back
Lentswe le kae, Drink a bit of petrol, & eat littli bit of graas 😅😅😅. Eish about the game, Morgan Gould weakestlink.
I expect nothing bah a good performance from Morgan Gould. Unnecessary fouls won't be tolerated.
Morgan Gould did well in the last game. Kept a low profile in the game, but did the job well. A fit and focused Gould is a world beater.
u r cute Morgan but u r more especially a good soccer player n one of my favorites, keep it up!
is Morgan Gould going to start, or Mathoho is gonna b back in the starting 11 tomorrow?
So thank for my and candles tonight. No electricity but my house smells great.
“do you like harry potter because i adumbledore you” I though you would enjoy this.
Bryce Moon, Travis Graham, Tsepo Masilela, Morgan Gould, Mosa Lebusa. These are my PSL top 5 favourite players
I've always wondered how I'd die.. This speech will be it. 😩
Hi Morgan, How does the idea of having yo own clothing brand sound? just, completed my studies in Marketing.
Rolling through midland listening to weird Al.
just woke up and saw me sitting in my bed eating Ramen.. she then proceeded to laugh at me...
Robbie Gould flips through a 90's issue of Playboy and takes swigs of Captain Morgan. Bostic peers over from the next locker
Watch out for this name "Ejike Uzoenyi" it will send the likes of Morgan Gould, Tefu Mashamaite and Siboniso Gaxa...
Morgan Gould did well, hay bendinexhala. Parker is on diet though, akafuni ukufaka amanqaku at all
Morgan Gould is not a material, we should try to find a new Center back.
Can someone pls explain to me why morgan gould got a yellow card???
Morgan Gould is starting the game. He gives me goose bumps♥♡♥
I hope Morgan Gould does not excel as a liability tonight...
Eissh, ingxaki nje encinci Morgan Gould...90 minutes is a long walk to freedom for him without making a big mistake.
What is Morgan Gould doing on the starting line up?
I like Morgan Gould in fact he is thee best Cb in SA
Morgan Gould starting with the game, I see GOOD things happening kubomzala
Eish... I dont trust Morgan Gould i totally agree with you on that one
I don't know about you but I never feel quite confident when Morgan Gould starts ahead of's just me, no reply expected.
I wish Chippa could borrow Morgan Gould for the remaining 6 minutes
lol man we r goinq with morgan gould tonight?? I like dat guy
I don't question Stuart Baxter tactics,but taking out an attacking midfielder of George Lebese caliber and put in Morgan Gould a defender???
What George Lebese out Morgan Gould in no no what typ of a substitute is this?
Doesn't matter where I go, someone always knows my dad lol
smh Motoho?? Your first choice CB pairing is Junaid Mashamaite and Morgan Gould
Richard Morgan will bring you the very latest on the Dale Farm Milk Cup in his sports round-up at 5
S/O to for being so clutch, good luck at surgery
you can never be to cocky when you are Morgan Gould
Wish Morgan Gould played a right back position. Gaxa yena no maaan
Whoever is voting now... Please don't vote for Morgan Gould to get in! Re shap dar morao!
LMAO! True bruh but at least we've got out strongest back four, good thing they didn't vote for Morgan Gould
so u ppl prefer to read on a sunday newspaper dat Morgan Gould was at taboo?mixed with salt n pepper,d way u love gossip
don't players report to camp a day before the game? If so why is Morgan Gould going to Taboo tonight?
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LOL I was asking Morgan Gould,,jst checked his TL kwaaa..
Did y'all vote for Morgan Gould when yo here complaining bout him clubbing there's life outside football...
Dj Cleo is now a goalkeeper Morgan Gould is now DJ?
I managed to get four names for you and the womens, Lennox Bacela, Morgan Gould, Tsepo Masilela, Kaizer Motaung Jnr and kuthwa...
So Man U want Hummels mxm out of all the teams why does every1 want Dortmund players why dnt they sign Morgan Gould or Rooi Mahamutsa???
Morgan: "where are you going to cut back in this line of cars?" . Me: "uhh, I'm not really sure..." 😂
"My mom said I can't pray for a bike, so I stole one and prayed for forgiveness"
Chiefs starting 11 and number of votes for the Carling cup.No Morgan Gould and nkatha,Baxter must be mad shame
I don't care who is the new Bafana coach as long he won't select players over the age of 29 except Morgan Gould
someone said she and Morgan Gould would make a good couple
yep,but I was not happy with our defence in the 1st half,special Morgan Gould
Morgan Gould is good defender but His positioning and pace are His weakest point. I prefer Tower and Masha as centreBacks
with all respect to Morgan Gould is too old or slow
Makhosi Morgan Gould is our weak link in defence.
Morgan Gould is in, we gon concede big time Where's Mathoho? Gould shoulda been offloaded durin offseason.
Order Miche Bag Online!
do u know a player called Danie Klate and Morgan Gould?
The onli best thing that can happen 2 Morgan Gould is a long term injury den u can compete 4 de league title
Akhekho u Morgan Gould.Here is a coach who cant see our weakest player in defence.
Just saw Morgan Gould got caught twice with his pants down by Chippa Mpengesi, pathetic
Mara guys Morgan Gould is really struggling in terms of pace.
Yerr Morgan Gould looked so leggy on that Chippa Goal.
Didn't some journo last year on Back Pages say Morgan Gould will use Nkomo surname this year?
The fact that I will be reunited with and in less than a week is just too exciting!
Dragging my *** out of bed at 5:30 am on a Saturday is killing me, but it will definitely be worth it.
" As you older brother I really think you Gould get more modeling gigs
hope you made his day a special one Morgan
they did the same to morgan Gould I wonder who's doing this.
Just Hope Morgan Gould will no longer be MR BOXER this Season,,
"If you make me drop my chocolate, not even tae kwon do can save you." Lolololol 😂😂
Morgan Gould still deserves to be in the Bafana Bafana, he has always did well when given a chance
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Morgan Gould is such a Beast, wish to see him in that jersey.
So this is the BUCIE that George Lebese and Morgan Gould are making a tag team on?
"Perks of dating me: I laugh at my own jokes so you don't need to."
When Thiago was playing Luiz Played like a Demon.. Izolo like Morgan Gould Inkomo!!!
Gatwe story keng ka Morgan Gould and George Lebese mo go Bucie""
The only fearless players mo KC ke Willard Katsande and Morgan Gould. I don't know about others ey
Maybe Piers Morgan will get KP back in England the same way he got guns banned in the US. Hmmm.
I wanna see that movie with Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. Looks good.
BREAKING NEWS!. Morgan Gould is at War with his Team Mate George Lebese over a Female Musician!. According to the...
Bucie’s love triangle revealed Two Kaizer Chiefs players are allegedly at war with each other because of Bucie The Sunday Sun reported that Morgan Gould and George Lebese almost got into a fight over songstress, Bucie. According the paper, Gould had no idea that Bucie had eyes for Lebese. Now two players are said to be enemies. An eyewitness told the paper that after performing at the Kaizer Chiefs Awards in Kyalami last month, Bucie was followed by the Kaizer Chiefs team mates. “Bucie slipped out of the awards and Morgan ran after her in the car park. So did Morgan. Morgan told George he was talking to his girl. But then George said Bucie is MY girl,” the source said. When contacted for comment Bucie told the Sunday Sun that she is just friends with both Morgan and George.
As Amakhosi searching for Musona's replacement ,Bloem Celtic might consider to sell their star Frank Mhango to Kaizer Chiefs,if Morgan Gould would be a part of the deal as Celtic is the market for Centre-back Word coming from Siwelele sa masele Ernst Middendorp is big fan of Gould. • Kaizer Chiefs willing to offer Ajax CT both Mandla Masango and Jimmy Jambo for Keegan Dolly •Bobby Motaung is set to have a meeting with Dan Sserenkuma club this week
If Suarez can get such a ban for biting a player... Lol what should Morgan Gould have got for right hooking a player live? Harsh!
Suarez shud *** play 4 amazulu n morgan Gould will fix his teeth!
Morgan Gould vs Luis Suarez. Whose your money on?
Suarez says these things happen; much like Morgan Gould and his right hook to Kebede
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That ARG guy just pulled a Morgan Gould yo!
Lmao WAR!!! RT"imagine Morgan Gould marking Luiz Suarez!that would be like WWE no holds barred,"
Anganya lo Suarez wenu la eMzansi, we have players like Morgan Gould, he will knock his teeth out with a right hook/uppercut. He is 4 hire.
Sometimes I think we Africans are a bunch of. hypocrites , Morgan Gould punched wits player kebede. n nothing...
De Jong kicked a player on his chest WC 2010, Morgan Gould punched a Wits player in PSL, should they be banned for life?
I wish suarez can bite Morgan Gould he will knock him out one punch,front teeth down
People out here talking about the Suarez bite and making a big deal of it. What about the Morgan Gould knock out punch and went unpunished?
Suarez needs a defender like Morgan 'Floyd Mayweather' Gould with those punches
Suarez must be introduced to Morgan Gould
Luiz Suarez need something and that can only come from Morgan Gouldcup
Our thanks go to Shannon Gould and her friends for collecting signatures for Joe Morgan to drop charges .
this Thabekang guy is not a real deal but better than Morgan Boko Haram Gould
what about replacement for Morgan Boko Haram Gould?
Who is there? What about them? "IamBlackChild: Awu Gaxa and Morgan Gould. Knock knock
What about them? "Awu Gaxa and Morgan Gould. Knock knock
oh Morgan your such a retard..wish I was burnt so I could be a bit tanned 😑
Kodwa iPSL Awards zinobuqhinga guys. They always favors Kaizer Chiefs. If Chiefs won the league I bet Katsande would walk away with an Award. But hard luck Bucs and Sundowns. Coz nango 2011 Jali deserves the award but all awards went to Serero. 2012 Sangweni deserves the award Morgan Gould took all the awards. Last season Chiefs won the league and Nedbank Khune took all the awards. But this year is a different story.
Finally decided to go out and run again, it was actually really nice.
My celebrity crush is my mom , akusho mina kusho Morgan Gould weKaizer Chiefs lol
Morgan Gould grabbing a Tuks playe's d*ck(what part of the game is this?*
"hangin' out / Morgan Gould live experience taboo_jhb" via photorepost_app
Everybody is here!!! by "hangin' out / Morgan Gould at the Rhythm Sessions...
ooh that I lough a lot in Morgan Gould s interview, Celebrity crush is his mother looolz
I wrote this "Chiefs needs a character, they need a Mahamusha..." it wasn't well received then.Now Morgan Gould agreed with me.
What a boring interview by Morgan Gould in . Celebrity crush - my mother. Ha ha ha what da *** is that?
“When someone talks about having a 4.0
My reaction to people in the morning:
Today we welcome our new intern Morgan Gould! We Are excited to have her on board! Welcome to the team Morgan!
I wonder if it would be okay to take my coffee pot to my four hour computer class at 8:00am
really Morgan u tried guyz instead of doing, but well it wasn't mean to be, but my heart is broken, since u lose Nedbank too
too late to say that Morgan we lost the league that time we lost to Platinum Stars,
you guys should try harder next season Morgan plz and stop playing lyk yout gogos
a fair remark from you Morgan. Weldun also to u for all yo endeavors. Better luck next time.
You were 13 points clear Morgan sorry its fetene!
No u didn't try at all Morgan..RT We tried.congrats to Sundowns...
My psl player of the season is Morgan Gould Hahn
Lmao ai mara Morgan Gould ke bari,did any body see what he just did when the corner was taken?
Morgan Gould again? Baxter has really given up! Parker shud be sitting on the bench
Like father like son Bobby is using drugs so players as well has to do the same the likes of Morgan Gould,Nkatha
You Tell Gould - Why don’t you tell Morgan Gould what you think of his performances this season?
no bronze? No Silver no Goldnyana? Unless if they also consider Morgan Gould as gold, it sounds the same..chiefs is a Nyoso stru.
Lol does this mean Khune lost the Fight ? RT"Spot the difference : 1) Euphonik (2) (3) Morgan Gould"
Kaizer Chiefs defender Morgan Gould will come up against a former coach in Gavin Hunt when the Amakhosi lock horns with Bidvest Wits in a Nedbank Cup semifinal match on Saturday afternoon. Hunt previously coached Gould at Supersport United where he was an integral part of his team that lifted the Ab…
I shall see if La Gould is up for an (out of) joint trip x
• Who's the dumbest? (1)SEENZO MEYIWA: who goes to the the bank with a spanner to open a bank account. (2) ITUMELENGE KHUNE: who removes his shoes to enter in a taxi (3) SFISO MYENI: who went to bed with a ruler just to know how long he has slept. (4) YEYE LETSHOLONYANE: who watches news on tv and waves at a news reader. (5) KATSANDE: who lowers his tv volume because he wants to read a text message (7) KLATE :WHO sprays himself with doom to chase away mosquitoes. (8)MORGAN GOULD WHO polishes his shoes to take an ID photo lets keep the fun rolling
I literally can't wait until I bring home my kitty tomorrow. 😊🐱
Euphonik thinks hes some kind of a hero i wish he could do what he did to khune with morgan gould than he will gt wat he want
...Morgan whats gng on in Narturena boss
Only and I would listen to bang your head while cleaning the house lol
The loyalty of Baxter to Parker and Morgan Gould has cost Chiefs the League. I hope in the next games both will be benched or place on the stands. Time, too, to introduce some of the development players particularly, Brendan Konki, Ekstein Hendrik, Chris Matombo, Steven Sibanyoni, Kgotso Malope, Itumeleng Mashobane, Mpho Khumalo, Gabriel Nkathi, Yusuf Bunting, Goolam Bhoran, etc. Siboniso Gaxa, Reneilwe letsholonyana, the less said about them the better.
If by glory he means position 3 yeah they are!!"Gould: We're Two Games From Glory -
Morgan Gould still have hope SMH lol hehehehe Sundowns are the Champions bo abantu akubabuse emakhanda lokho
lol Morgan Gould says 'we are two games away from glory' what an insult to sundowns
the guys who has cost us the league Are Yeye,Nkatha,rusike&morgan Gould
Thats what I told dad, he disagreed lol Then I said i needed a ducky. :)
might as well get it to add to the Gould farm
He baba pls take morgan gould's tv on sunday cos floyd maywethr is fightin so I dnt want him to take notes
I wouldnt have bought anything except litter and food there, so no worries. Theyd break your wallet.
litter and food. They wanted like $10 for a food dish. I can't afford that
no he still needs a few things but they were expensive at pets smart and well I'm not made of money
Apparently it's national best friend day today too. Here's to
Benard Parker,Morgan Gould or Kingston Nkatha. -Which player do you wish to see on the bench these evening?.
The question is: where was Morgan Gould when Khune was being given a hard time by Euphonik?
Pretty excited to spend tomorrow with my Dad.
I'm attracted to people I have no chance of being with.
I can't wait to get my kitty on Friday.
you know, I really wish I would have. Lol
Edwin Letlhogonolo Moilwa's quote... If Morgan Gould was the 1 who kissed and rubbed Bonang's legs...Euphonik would be in ICU.
lol Chiefs would love that bt it won't happen,wat about the rebellious Mark Morgan Tyson Gould?
From now on I will give out phone number to the creeps at Delta.
okay thanks lol I'm a little out of the loop
lol I think it's at someones house but not 100%
Like i will drive over to Gregs if i have too!
I get tired of being a second choice.
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awe Nolan. I will miss you every morning walking into work. I hope all goes well at Western. 👍
Round two of studying for psychology.
"Morgan Kinsler, has a ring to it" smh listening to Morgans obsessions
Ian Kinsler will be my husband someday.
must invite his team mates to go wit him 2 moer Uphonik Nkhatha in the front No Morgan Gould wil finish him
One day Bonang is gonna have Euphonik kak-moered, imagine if Khune was rolling with Morgan Gould on the day...
I can't believe I have to say goodbye to today. I apologize for the tears already.
E jelwe Kaizer Chiefs,yaaka ne re solofetse,akere ba re ba ipeetse league,e ke bonang e ile Pitori,Pirates hae rata e ka ba ja mos ko final ya Nedbank,so Makhozi better prepare ourselves to go empty handed by the end of the season. But the coach stays,yeah I said so,haele sengwe kampa gwa rekisiwa the likes of Morgan Gould,Kingston Nkhatha,Reneilwe Letsholonyane le nxa ke mo lebetse.
I miss Gerrie Nel,can he pls comeback nd cross examine nd proof dat chiefs breaking their noisy supporters hearts was premeditated by favouring Morgan Gould over Mathoho in previous games they drew or friends nd family,still luv y'all nd pls keep dat luv candle burning.
Teko Modise "Victor Gomez"No one "Morgan Gould has picked Katsande as his PSL Player of the Season
Morgan Gould n Kingston Nkhata shuld b ofloaded 2 our reject mother club Orlando Pierats nomakanjan' so dt thy cn mic da top 8 in peace as thy al a bunch of loses hai
When news was announced that Morgan Gould and Eric Mathoho were signing for Kaizer Chiefs at the start of the 2012/13 season, it seemed the writing was on the wall for Tefu Mashamaite. The season before he'd managed just 12 PSL appearances for the club in a dissapointing campaign, and the arrival of two established big name central defenders suggested more time on the bench in future. However, it seems the player failed to read the script because since Gould and Mathoho arrived at Naturena, Mashamaite has taken his game to a whole new level. As a result, he's arguably gone on to become a key centreback for the Glamour Boys in recent times. We put Chiefs' key three centrebacks under the microscope to analyze why Tefu Mashamaite is so important to the cause. The defender's successful partnership with Mathoho is undeniable - together they've kept nine clean sheets and achieved 11 wins in 13 games played. In fact, Chiefs concede just 0.38 goals per match when Tefu and 'Tower' are alongside one another. This i ...
Money kill our soccer period .Eric Mathoho is way better than Morgan Gould,chiefs are only forced to use him because he didn't come cheap to chiefs they use him often Morgan is not that good anyway thus my observation . This money issue also unable the development to take place in our beautiful game nd the sad part is Danny Jordaan said he will priorities development so let's see how it will go
Morgan Gould: The chasing pack is doing what they have to do according to their plans. - (The chase for the top spot on the log)
Morgan Gould, American playwright, author, and poet, is accepted to Brooklyn College MFA Program in Playwriting under Mac Wellman. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, and the 227 passengers and 12 crew members aboard, are still missing. The search continues for the plane, which took off from Kuala Lumpur on March 8
Bernard Parker, will miss the clash with Ajax Cape Town tomorrow night after picking up his fourth yellow card. Chiefs now have Knowledge Musona, Morgan Gould, Reneilwe Letsholonyane and Tefu Mashamite sitting on three yellows, meaning that a booking for any of them against Ajax would result in them missing the Nedbank Cup game against FC Buffalo.
Chiefs' 3 League defeats: 1-3 vs Supersport United (3x CBs to counter Mame Niang, who didn’t play) 0-1 vs Ajax Cape Town (3x CBs) 0-2 vs Platinum Stars (3x CBs) In all three matches above, Baxter started with Mulomowandau Mathoho, Tefu Mashamaite and Morgan Gould at the back, with Tsepo Masilela and Siboniso Gaxa playing as overlapping wing-backs. Each time Chiefs have been behind using this system, the coach has then substituted one of the centre-backs for an attacking player – but by then the damage had already been done and Chiefs were unable to come back.
Soweto Derby ratings by Kickoff ! Kaizer Chiefs 6 Reyaad Pieterse – No doubt he was comfortable despite this being his fourth start all season. First he made a save from Makola’s header in the fourth minute and he could have been caught out by another Makola’s strike and his save, as poor as it looked, was for a corner not back into play which could have presented Pirates with another chance. 7 Siboniso Gaxa – Looked unshaken in defence, but didn’t overlap enough. When he did, he delivered a great cross for Rusike in the 85th minute but the latter failed to control and the chance to end the match as a contest was gone. 7 Tsepo Masilela – Worked his socks off the entire 90 minutesgoing up and back. 6 Morgan Gould – Looked a bit shaky at times like when he almost allowed Sifiso Myeni through in the first half but, generally, he was solid. 7 Tefu Mashamaite – Alongside Gaxa, Masilela and Gould, he kept the Pirates strikers at bay. *9 Willard Katsande – No doubt the Man of the Match. He not ...
Morgan Gould was rock solid today. one of his greatest performance in the gold & black colors
Maradona inspires Mahlangu: May Mahlangu says he took inspiration from Diego Maradona and Morgan Gould to get ...
If I was Stuart Baxter,I'd really not play Morgan Gould because he really deserves to be in the boxing ring.
Baxter’s injury crisis Published: Tuesday, 2014/02/18 Stuart Baxter has a fitness headache with his strikers! Kaizer Chiefs need to make final calls on the injured first-choice duo of Bernard Parker and Kingston Nkhatha ahead of their Absa Premiership clash against Bloemfontein Celtic at FNB Stadium tomorrow night (7.30pm). Nkhatha scored but hurt his knee in the 1-1 draw against Black Africa in their Caf Champions League match in Windhoek on Saturday. Parker did not make the trip in order to nurse his ankle injury. Chiefs won the tie 4-1 on aggregate. Baxter is also not certain if recent signing Katlego Mphela is ready to start just yet because he's not match fit, preferring to slowly introduce him from the bench. The team is also assessing defender Morgan Gould (ankle) while left back is still a problem with Tsepo Masilela still not fit to play. Regular right back Siboniso Gaxa played at left back in Chiefs’ 2-2 league draw against Maritzburg United last week. Baxter said: “I’ll see how the situ ...
Katsande captains Chiefs against Black Africa Coach Stuart Baxter has handed Willard Katsande the armband to lead the Amakhosi through the tunnel of the Independence Stadium, in Windhoek, Namibia. Kaizer Chiefs is here leading with a 3 - 0 aggregate against the Black Africa in the CAF Champions League fixture. Kickoff is at 20:00. Coach Baxter elected to sideline Captain Itumeleng Khune, Pa Gaxa, Tefu Mashamaite, Bernard Parker, Knowledge Musona, Tsepo Masilela and Morgan Gould for this round of CAF games. Baxter continues to rotate and adapt his squad in a congested fixture period while some of the players are sidelined as they are recovering from an assortment of injuries. Fullback Simphiwe Mtsweni makes his debut in the absence of Masilela. Reyaad Pieterse will man the goal posts in place of the regular goalkeeper and Captain Khune. Ivan Bukenya gets his first start since joining Chiefs in July 2013 while the on-form Kington Nkhatha will be leading the Chiefs attack. Pieterse, Mtsweni, Moleko, Mathoho, ...
Ever since Stuart Baxter took over from Vladmir Vermazovic I enjoy watching my team playing. Even if they are not playing well I know they will do what is most important and that is collecting the points.If we lose,we lose fighting. Recently we went 9 games without a lose or draw and that is what wins a team the league title. Baxter has turned Chiefs into a feared side.The boys are willing to fight for him. I also like his management skills. He is able to deal with big name players like Morgan Gould,Mashamaite and Mathoho in the defence. No one is guaranted a place in the startng line up however one can say Mashamaite is guaranted a place but we should not forget that every body needs a back bone.In the middle we have players like Siyabonga Nkosi,Katsande,yeye and Maluleka who recently joined our camp. This players can all start a game and do well. So the coach always rotate.for instance,against Black Africa Nkosi and Maluleka started and they did well. One would think Maybe one between the two will start ...
Premiership champions Kaizer Chiefs won their ninth league game in a row with a 1-0 defeat of title rivals Supersport United in Polokwane on Wednesday night. Man of the Match Bernard Parker got the goal at Peter Mokaba Stadium, which extended Amakhosi's lead at the summit to 11 points ahead of second-placed Mamelodi Sundowns. Chiefs and SuperSport both had men sent off in optional time in the shape of Kgotso Moleko and Enocent Mkhabela. The opening exchanges were scrappy, with Parker heading wide a Knowledge Musona cross seven minutes in. Three minutes later United's Sameehg Doutie fired off target after Morgan Gould did well to deny Lebogang Manyama a chance to shoot in the area. Parker then gave the hosts a somewhat soft lead 16 minutes in, as he curled a free-kick in from the left side of the box. Matsatsantsa goalkeeper Ronwen Williams paid the price for trying to anticipate Gould getting a touch to Parker's gentle delivery, as opposed to covering his goal sufficiently. SuperSport should have drawn le ...
Morgan Gould & George Maluleka still love you my boys,e seng Gaxa fok.Home of champions Matsatsantsa a pitori.
Lebogang Manyama & Thuso Phala start for SuperSport... Morgan Gould must punch one of these two players!!
Tsepo Masilela's injury is really a blow, it will clearly show. Eric Mathoho should have started ahead of Morgan Gould. For Willard Katsande's role, I would have opted for George Maluleke. George Lebese would never have started ahead of Siya Nkosi. That's where I think we have lost this game tonight
Why does Pirates have a tendency of imitating Chiefs when it comes to player signatures yet they det them wrong? 1. We sign Bernard Parker from overseas ; They sign a fat old Benni from overseas 2. We sign Morgan Gould ; they sign Ayanda Gcaba 3. We sign Siyabonga Nkosi; they sign Manti Moholo 4. We sign Musona on loan; they get Thamsanqa Gabuza WHY?
Moleko starts for Chiefs Posted: 5 February 2014 Time: 01:16 pm Kaizer Chiefs coach Stuart Baxter is set to hand Kgotso Moleko his first start of the season when the log leaders take on Supersport United tonight. Amakhosi have a tricky selection dilemma at left-back following an injury to Tsepo Masilela and the departure of Keegan Ritchie to SK Slavia Prague. can reveal that Moleko is in line to play his first match of the season, while Siboniso Gaxa is likely to fill the void at left-back. Baxter had in fact thought of playing the infamous three centre-backs – Mulomowandau Mathoho, Morgan Gould and Tefu Mashamaite – but has opted instead to go with Moleko at right-back and Gaxa at left-back, with Gould and Mashamaite in central defence. Meanwhile, Kingston Nkhatha, who suffered a concussion against Moroka Swallows on January 31 at Dobsonville Stadium, will miss the match as he is being rested. However, Chiefs welcome back Bernard Parker, who missed the match against the Dube Birds as a pr ...
Points in the bag are important - Gould Kaizer Chiefs defender Morgan Gould has emphasised the need to get points in the bag in the Premiership before they start their continental campaign this weekend.
Morgan Gould has called on his teammates to keep up their record run of eight straight PSL wins, with three more points on offer against Supersport United on Wenesday Kaizer Chiefs defender Morgan Gould believes the signing of George Maluleka (Supersport United) and Katlego Mphela (Mamelodi Sundowns) has had a positive effect on the team, who have welcomed the new signings with open arms. Chiefs completed the transfer of out-of-favour Mphela earlier this month, agreeing to sign him on a pre-contract, which takes effect in June when is current deal at Sundowns expires. Chiefs, however, successfully negotiated his early release, in the form of a loan deal that takes him to Naturena until the end of the season, at which time he will officially sign his contract with the Glamour boys. “It’s definitely exciting. The coach and the team has acquired quality players and Chiefs is a big brand,” Gould tells Goal. “People associate Chiefs with winning and if you’re not winning, you’re not living up to ex ...
WWE Superstars schouting for wretling potential talent they coming to SA. Since Andile Jali is gone we only have Morgan Gould and Katsande both the team.,. Do you think they will qualify.
After sitting out six months on the sidelines, Bafana Bafana and Kaizer Chiefs defender Morgan Gould is back in action having fully recovered from the Achill...
About 5 minutes ago, I learned who was playing in the super bowl
Ronaldo did a Morgan Gould on another player
Lorenzo Gordino will bench Morgan Gould in the near future...
Masilela crocked with hamstring injury Kaizer Chiefs may face Supersport United in Wednesday’s League clash minus experienced defender Tsepo Masilela due to a hamstring injury. Masilela picked up the injury during Friday’s 2-0 League win against Moroka Swallows. The defender had to be stretchered off the field in the 68th minute and was replaced by Morgan Gould. He will have a scan on Monday to determine the seriousness of his injury
Mosela watle a re, ke molelo wa dipampiri, a mme ya be e le yone Ao dumalana le ene. ke speed sa parrafin W - Chiefs make it eight wins Kaizer Chiefs beat Moroka Swallows 2-0 at Dobsonville Stadium to extend their winning run to eight matches. Kingston Nkhatha scored the opening goal after just three minutes, finishing past Greg Etafia after being played in by Siphiwe Tshabalala. Knowledge Musona then got the second after the break courtesy of a sublime chip. Amakhosi were all over the Dube Birds in the initial stages and it came as no surprise when Nkhatha drew first blood as early as the third minute. The Zimbabwean marksman benefitted from a great pass from Shabba and kept his cool to shoot past the goalie. Moments later, Shabba could have put Chiefs further ahead when he beat two defenders as he made his way to the box, but his shot was just wide with Etafia at his mercy. Swallows finally got going in the 18th minute when they were awarded a free kick but Dikgang Mabalane's attempt was way over the ba ...
Morgan Gould being asked @ an interview who is the most skillfull player @ the Chiefs camp, and he said its Philani Cele but i disagree baba. George Lebese it is for me!
There was BOXING and then came KICK BOXING and now Morgan Gould invented SOCCER BOXING.Logged out.
Mphela's move to Chiefs doesn't sit me well,What if he flops like Jose Torrellba or Morgan Gould...I knw I can't compare him with Mc Carthy but I doubt him bcs we ill be expecting much frm Him akere.
: may I plz get a follow back Morgan !
take care of that boy Morgan , we need more goals
I wish Morgan Gould could go play in the EPL. Not coz he deserves to, but just so he could punch Ashley Young
Update your maps at Navteq
can take a pic wit you n killer Morgan Freeman
thanks Morgan he must shore us the Gun to Kill the Bucs
I agree with you dawg,morgan gould should be banned from playing,he has assaulted players enough
Hate that i love him. I have always said he is good just that people expect miracles at times. It takes around five years to assemble a championship winning team but he has done it in three seasons acquiring services of internationals, some from Europe leagues. Bernard Parker - Bafana Bafana forward Lehlohonolo Majoro - top scorer run up and Bafana forward Siboniso Gaxa - Bafana rightback Tsepo Masilela - from La Liga, Bafana leftback Morgan Gould - Supersport United captain and Bafana defender Tefu Mashamaite - Bidvest Wits captain and Bafana defender Knowledge Musona - from Bundesliga, Zimbabwe Warriors forward Brilliant Khuzwayo - SA U-23 first choice Kingston Nkatha - Black Leopards leading marksman in the CAF Confedereations Cup Willard Katsande - an unknown who cost less than R1m from Ajax, became Chiefs most improved last season and attracted interest from Frankfurt last season, Warriors midfielder George Maluleka - Bafana midfielder Katlego Mphela - Bafana forward, fourth on the Bafna goalscorers ...
kids ba dlala wrestling on the street,,,one calls himself MORGAN
Ehe basile abantu be Pirates, bathi uKatsande before adlale imatch ubetha ipuching bag kakhulu isparing partner sakhe ibengu Morgan Gould, so tht afike ebaleni senomsindo that's why the call him Salt & Viniger.
Chiefs move ten points clear 31 January 2014, 23:10 Kaizer Chiefs further entrenched their position at the top of the Absa Premiership with a 2-0 win over Soweto rivals Moroka Swallows at the Dobsonville Stadium on Friday night. Goals from Zimbabwe duo Kingston Nkhatha and Knowledge Musona secured the Amakhosi an eighth successive league victory – the first time the Soweto giants have won eight successive games in a single PSL season. Stuart Baxter’s team now sit a full 10 points ahead of second-placed Supersport United (who defeated University of Pretoria in a match played simultaneously in Tshwane) though third- placed Mamelodi Sundowns (11 points behind) do have two games in hand on the leaders. Chiefs flew out of the starting blocks and opened the scoring in just the fourth minute of the match. Siphiwe Tshabalala put Kingston Nkhatha clean through on goal and the striker guided a low shot beyond goalkeeper Greg Etafia to make it 1-0. Swallows were rocked by the early goal and could have been two d ...
Ayeye morgan gould is here.let them have it
That was a foul * Motherf**cker of a referee . Nomvethe was kicked there by Morgan Gould
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