Morgan Freeman & Samuel L Jackson

Morgan Freeman (born June 1, 1937) is an American actor, film director, aviator and narrator. Samuel Leroy Jackson (born December 21, 1948) is an American film and television actor and film producer. 5.0/5

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They wanted a Morgan Freeman over Samuel L Jackson as president. He presented that image.
That wasn't Samuel L Jackson that was Morgan freeman in Ted 2
I'd rather have Samuel L Jackson narrate my life.. . No offense, Morgan Freeman.. . My life requires multiple uses of t…
Samuel L Jackson gon be the next Morgan Freeman
Explaining to my sister that Samuel L Jackson and Morgan Freeman can't be in the same movie as it would cause a rift in …
Some days I'd like to have Morgan Freeman narrate my life. Other days, Liam Neeson. Today, however, give me Samuel L Jackson.
would u rather get killed by Morgan Freeman or get killed by Samuel L Jackson and Morgan narrates it?
Who has been in more movies Morgan Freeman or Samuel L Jackson? lol
Any movie with Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, or Denzel Washington is bound to be great
Posting a story on Dad tonight. Samuel L Jackson comes on tv - "is that Samuel Jackson. I keep getting him confused with that other guy." Me: "Don Cheadle" dad: "no" Me: "Ving Rhames" dad: "no" Me: "Morgan Freeman" dad: "no" Me: "Laurence Fishburne" dad: "yes!" Me: "come on dad!" Dad: "I also can't tell Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman apart." Oh dad...
You gotta think George Lucas was playing the diversity card when he cast Samuel L Jackson. How much better would Morgan Freeman have been!
SAM KEEPS A JOB!!! Even at age 65 there's no slowing down Samuel L Jackson. The movie star, who was in London to film Avengers: Age of Ultron, displayed his unique way of staying fit and at the top of his game. Samuel Leroy Jackson, has appeared in well over 100 movies and currently holds the record as the actor with the highest grossing film total of all time. Samuel got into the movie business after initially working in the Civil Rights Movement and through it meeting his mentor Morgan Freeman and later director Spike Lee. To help him keep up with his busy movie-making schedule, last year Samuel switched to a vegan diet. He explained that the real reason for this shift in his eating habits was for the sake of his health, explaining with a chuckle that he was 'just trying to live forever'. Thanks in part to the new regime, not to mention his gym workouts, Samuel lost a huge 40-pounds After putting heroin and crack cocaine addictions behind him, Samuel won critical acclaim for playing a drug dealer in Lee ...
Jeremy Wade is right up there with Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson in terms of being just awesome.
Did you know Morgan Freeman was Samuel L Jackson' mentor? That's so rad
Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson and Will Smith are all better than Chris Tucker lol
does else think that Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson should have their own radio station?
If you had to remove one person from the face of the earth, would you pick either Morgan Freeman or Samuel L Jackson?
Pharrell is so cool but not quite on the Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson and Jamie Foxx level
Lawrence Fishburne, Samuel L Jackson and Morgan Freeman in no particular order
A Los Angeles newscaster had to apologize to Samuel L Jackson for mistaking him for Laurence Fishburne. He said, "I'm really sorry, but everybody makes mistakes, even our great president Morgan Freeman."
Samuel L Jackson owns news anchor. "I'm not Morgan Freeman, you moron!"
Allot of people would want Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones or Sean connery to narrate their lives. Me? Give me Samuel L Jackson to narrate mine lol..good vibes
Ok Who been in the most movie? Morgan Freeman, Samuel l Jackson, Johnny Depp?
Imagine a movie where Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman stared in...
Tom Hanks, Samuel L Jackson, Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio, and Morgan Freeman need to be in a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino.
I guess because i really dont watch too much TV, i havent noticed this much. I know movoe stars started doing more TV after the writers strike years ago, but wow.. im wayching Beyond The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, and i see a commercial for Futurescape with James Woods, something with Ricky Gervais, another show with what sounded like William Hurt, i definitely heard Donald Sutherlands voiceover earlier. a Citibank credit card commercial with Samuel L Jackson, and a Kitkat commercial with Jocelin Donahue. how have i never noticed it to this extent before..?
when Morgan Freeman & Samuel L Jackson die I'ma be sad as *** *** they like my grandads..
I believe we have come up with the single best movie of all time. Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Samuel L Jackson all playing bad guys doing bad guy stuff. The plot doesn't even matter.
Denzel, Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Wesley who constitutes the next generation of really versatile strong black actors?
Trying to decide who my favorite black actor is . Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson, Eddie Murphy.list goes on and on.
If my life needs to be narrated, it would be great if Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson and Kevin Conroy(voice of Batman) could narrate the different chapters.
Don Cheadle, Forrest Whitaker, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson are the only black male actors I support. The rest, I'm fine without.
Ben Kingsley needs to be in a movie where Morgan Freeman narrates, Samuel L Jackson yells at him and Daniel Radcliffe gulps throughout.
In convinced that Cuba Gooding Jr, Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman are actually the same person
Do you prefer Samuel L. Jackson or Morgan Freeman? Or are you James Earl Jones kinda ***
Samuel L Jackson, Loretta Devine, Morgan Freeman, Laurence Fishbourne, Mark Wahlberg and Michael Ealy in every movie yo
Who's your favorite actor? — Tough one... Either Johnny Depp, Steve Mcqueen, Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman or...
I want to change my GPS voice to either Morgan Freeman, Emma Stone or Samuel L Jackson.
Thinking either Samuel L Jackson, Jack Black, Morgan Freeman or Will Ferrell for my next new impression 2 do a short video clip.
I would love to be read a bedtime story by David Attenborough , Trever Mcdonald, Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson!
I just want Morgan Freeman to play Sherlock, Denzel Washington to play John Watson and Samuel L Jackson to play Moriarty. Please. PLEASE.
Somebody should make a movie with Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson, Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Willis & Robert De Niro sitting in a room talking
Denzel Washington, Samuel L Jackson, and Morgan Freeman in one movie would be deadly
You mean you're telling me Denzial Washington, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson and Nelson Mandella aren't the same person...
We've had Sammy Davis Jr, James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, and Danny Glove for Black Movie President: When does Samuel L Jackson get his!?
Just got a call from Redbox. I guess I didn't read the description on Morgan Freeman. Apparently he is lactose intolerant. I had scheduled a pizza party\Shawshank Redemption viewing. He's due back at 9pm. Guess, we'll just go to Pands Express. Thinking about renting Samuel L Jackson for Thanksgiving.
I want Tim Curry, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson and Morrissey to read me a bedtime story
So Romney has Clint Eastwood as his celebrity spokesperson. Now Obama has Morgan Freeman. It's not even fair. When I run for president, I'm getting Samuel L Jackson and not even campaigning.
I'm torn on who I'd like to narrate my life. Morgan Freeman is very calming, Mike Rowe...well he narrates everything or Samuel L Jackson? I think he'd bring a certain spark to the everyday mundane tasks. Discuss.
I'm voting for Obama simply because Morgan Freeman was the voice for one of his television campaign ads. Having said that, I may switch my vote if Romney uses Christopher Walken or Samuel L Jackson (in character of Jules from Pulp Fiction).
Who is better actor,Samuel L Jackson,Will Smith,Laurence Fishburn ,Denzel Washington & Morgan Freeman ,put in order?
I want Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, and Bill Cosby to each read parts of my Eulogy as my friends shoot flaming arrows at the raft my corpse is on when I die!
Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman support the President. Where's Denzel Washington maaan. Must be a Romney supporter.
Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Jason Statham, And Sean Connery Are all the people I wish could narrate my life depending on my mood... That would be an awesome life
The only way Id be excited for COD Black Ops 2:Zombies, is if the 4 characters are Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson,Heath "The Joker" Ledger and Jim "Ace Ventura" Carrey.
Morgan Freeman would be an obvious choice. But Samuel L Jackson or Brian Blessed would be pretty enjoyable I reckon :D
if they made a movie about Sylvester Stallone and Jean Claude Van Damme fighting each other, why cant they make a movie about Morgan Freeman & Samuel L Jackson shouting at each other?
I want to make a movie that stars Jim Carry, Will Smith, Adam Sandler, Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Mila Jovavich, and that chick that played Xena warrior princess where they are all *** lovers. Why? I've not a clue but I'm sure it'll make me millions. Maybe have Kristen Steward in it as we'll as a yard gnome or coffee table. Lamp shade? I need sleep. Night.
Want either Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson or Patrick Stewart as my voice on siri
If one person could narrate my life, I wouldn't pick Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson, or James Earl Jones. I would pick Gus Johnson lol
I'm crossed somewhere between wanting Jony Ive, Morgan Freeman, or Samuel L Jackson to do the voiceovers in my life.
The scorpion has officially been dubbed Wesley Snipes. I personally thought Samuel L Jackson was a good name, or even Morgan Freeman...
My dad: How would you like to die then? Me: With Samuel L Jackson yelling at me, Clint Eastwood shooting me, and Morgan Freeman narrating it.
Mars Curiosity has been outfitted with Morgan Freeman's voice and Samuel L Jackson's bad-assery.
Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, or Samuel L Jackson? Those are the three men with the greatest voices on Earth
Petition to have the next Olympics commentators be Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson and Charlie Sheen for all events.
If I didn't Snoop Dogg as my TomTom voice, I'd definitely have Morgan Freeman's. Or Samuel L Jackson... Or some other black guy
*talking about Adam Sandler movies* Mom: He was in that one with..not Denzel Washington. Me: Samuel L Jackson? Mom: no Me: Morgan Freeman? Mom: No Me: Don Cheadle Mom: yes! Him. Me: Oh good I was running out of black guys
Denzel Washington, Terrence Howard, Don Cheadle, Will Smith, and Samuel L Jackson in a movie narrated by Morgan Freeman.>>>>
Da Les and AKA shud move to USA so we will get our Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson it lyk i hv seen those two guys on taxi strikes or cosatu strikes lol lmao Whoopi Goldberg complaining at mashu rank abt d strike lol lmao ©2012
Samuel L Jackson, Maya Angelou, Danny Glover, and Morgan Freeman all watched Jesus being crucified on the cross live in action
I essuma David Attenborough, Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson would be the most popular ones. Mr T would probably be up there too
Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, and Clint Eastwood are the man
Ving Rhames is definitely one of my favourite "not Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington" black movie guys.
More voice favorites-Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson,Samuel L Jackson, Sam Elliot, the person who used to narrate Grizzly Adams..& my dad. :)
I want to have a hard down argument with Denzel Washington , Samuel L Jackson & Morgan Freeman ! It would be EPIC!
Samuel L Jackson is too mean. Morgan Freeman is too nice. James Earl Jones is right in the middle. Mufasa >
Why do Samuel L Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Wesley Snipes & Will Smith have to go around making other black people look bad
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