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Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman (born June 1, 1937) is an American actor, film director, aviator and narrator.

Alan Arkin Michael Caine James Earl Jones Tim Robbins Alan Rickman David Attenborough Brad Pitt Helen Mirren Samuel L Jackson Gene Hackman Betty White Stan Lee Rob Reiner Denzel Washington Kevin Costner Dennis Haysbert Eddie Murphy

Ahh Tombstone was also really good, but I love the grittiness of Unforgiven, plus Morgan Freeman,…
Hey everyone go to Nick Cannon’s IG Page and tag me on this post! Come on, don’t you want to hear Morgan Freeman ra…
Nick Saban and Morgan Freeman will be the only two men left on earth bc they’ll outlive death
I might consider Morgan Freeman. At least he has experience playing a President several times. Oooh, or Martin Sheen!!!
The ending of Se7en, but there's just a jelly donut in the box and Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman fight over it because, you…
Deal or No Deal except every box has to be opened by Morgan Freeman while Brad Pitt screams
Have you seen any of the Red movies with Bruce, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, etc? Pretty entertaining!
Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman & Misty Copeland to star in 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,' to be rel…
With all due respect, Morgan Freeman is another "SLIPPERY SLOPE"-His stance on the issues changes like t…
OMG! Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren would be great casting for that movie!
When I read post I keep hearing in my head the bit in Prince of Thieves where Morgan Freeman shouts a…
Lmao bruh... I was at work crying... and the Morgan Freeman part too 😭
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, in theaters 11/2/18 stars Keira Knightley, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and Mackenzie Fo…
New idea, a Nativity scene with - . Chris Pratt shepherding Dinosaurs. The three wisemen played by Morgan Freeman, Ne…
How did Morgan Freeman narrate your life?
I ain't from Memphis and I know the man name Dennis Graham. And no you do not have Morgan Freeman, MS does. Nice tr…
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i didn’t flinch on this one. death gonna die before Morgan Freeman does
Random thought: Morgan Freeman used to be the voice of my conscience. Adam Jens…
Me either. Rick and Morgan Freeman isn't even on Broadway. FT
Charlie's angels with Zendaya, Zoe Kravitz, Lupita Nyong-O and Morgan Freeman as Charlie...
Every movie Morgan Freeman has been in for the last 10 years might as well be called “Almost Dead”
Morgan Freeman to star in a Colin Powell biopic directed by Reginald Hudlin
petition for Tyler, The Creator to replace Morgan Freeman's voice this 2018
Like Tier 1 is Ellen, Oprah, Brad Pitt, Leo, Morgan Freeman, etc. And then you can keep going down the line until…
John Amos dont age. Him and Morgan Freeman are immortal. Think about how old he was on Goodtimes in the early 70s.
There needs to be a playlist where it’s just Morgan Freeman, Sam Elliot & Liam Neeson reading bedtime stories. . Oh and short…
would you rather have Doris Burke or Morgan Freeman narrate your life?
The movie is full of respected actors oscar nominees and winners. Aaron Eckhart, Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Mel…
I added a video to a playlist Bah, humbug! Morgan Freeman on Christmas: 'It's just money'
Unforgiven is such a great movie. I love Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, & Morgan Freeman
Check out this great piece of art by Kim Roebuck featuring Morgan Freeman
All purpose parts banner
Every 10 years there should be a “Grumpy Old Men” remake...starting with Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman then Georg…
If David Attenborough or Morgan Freeman aren’t narrating I don’t wanna watch it
LAKERS:. Hey Kobe, who do you want to narrate your retirement montage?. Morgan Freeman?. David Attenborough?. Kobe: No. Kobe.
I'll say this right now...the day Jackie Chan, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Keanu Reeves & Dave Grohl die I will be a mess.
He was in that movie with what’s his name out of Shawshank Redemption . Morgan Freeman ?. No Tim Robbins
I don't want a Black History Month. Black history is American history. -- Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman, Mel Brooks, Chuck Norris. They're about the only celebrities I trust anym…
Morgan Freeman is a legend. Do u like to watch Bruce Almighty?
It varies with what I'm reading. Don Pardo, Morgan Freeman, and the BBC RP voice are the most likely.
People joke about Morgan Freeman like Bill Cobbs ain’t been playin granddad roles for yo whole entire life
Morgan Freeman as Darth Vader starring in Guardians of the Galaxy
Snoop should take over for Morgan Freeman as the go-to narrator when Morgan decides to retire.
Morgan Freeman filming a movie in Hollywood
Okay seriously does anyone remember the name of the air freshener smell that we called Morgan Freeman’s tears in Foster’s class?? 😭
Am I the only one that hears Morgan Freeman’s voice when I see “Narrator’s voice”?
MORGAN FREEMAN be like stop calling me NELSON MANDELA. 😂
Set your calendars! is LIVE this Sunday at 10PM EST with host Morgan Freeman!. No cable? No problem! Wat…
The story of god with Morgan Freeman.
I'm trying to think of anything I listen to 60 hours of. Maybe Morgan Freeman narrating Planet Earth
I look more like Morgan Freeman than any of your suggestions look like folk
Parts of my bucket list: Meet Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicolson, Dwayne Johnson, and get to a home Kansas City Chiefs game.
We have a huge potential for great fortune and power, as long as we maintain personal integrity. Marilyn Monroe, Mo…
Y’all not about to sit on here and tell me Idris a top 10 black actor like Denzel, Will, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Foxx, Eddie…
Morgan Freeman has a series of documentaries exploring spiritually, the afterlife, God and all sorts of interesting…
Morgan Freeman voice: It will and it will be glorious.
I don't even think Tom Hanks portrayed a president on TV or film? Better get Morgan Freeman, Martin…
Siri Have Kelsey Grammar and Morgan Freeman ever had a warm buttery voiceoff
You're just amazing bhai...Best part is..chehra dekha to Nicole Kidman aur awaaz suni to Morgan Freeman…
Thank God the world is where it is now. You wouldn't call Obama or JZ boy, woimould you. not Morgan…
First flight with Flying If Morgan Freeman is not on this flight, I'm going to be very dis…
Update your maps at Navteq
Morgan Freeman invites you to explore the world with the airline that flies to more countries than any other.
14yo son just saw the trailer for your new film. “That’s Morgan Freeman, Mom. Just let that soak in for a m…
How many Morgan Freeman old people road trip movies are they going to make?
And for the ones that think I'm wrong and won't look it up due to pride, Morgan Freeman once said in an interview t…
Notice how 99% of *** people stopped giving attention to the word, and it's almost completely died out? I'm no rock…
Seriously, you should consider replacing David Attenburough or Morgan Freeman on nature documentaries when they retire.
Morgan Freeman always keeps it real. 💯
Me in Mississippi: Mississippi *** Me anywhere else: Bless your heart! Miss’ippi is the SOUL of this country. My bloo…
Thrilled to be back at for Watch the event LIVE hosted by Morgan Freeman Sunday on
It gets worse !. I just saw Morgan Freeman on Television saying "the Brits are compromised" and advocating…
Everyone scoffed at Morgan Freeman’s attempts to vilify Russia. That propagand…
Love Morgan Freeman, but David Attenborough does a *** fine narration of wildlife programmes.
If you think about it, James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman tickling each other would pretty much be the greatest sounding t…
People say James Ear Jones or Morgan Freeman have the greatest voices of all time... What about Michael Buffer??
For the longest time in the 90s, I did the same thing with Morgan Fairchild and Morgan Freeman.
btw, I like to imagine this series read aloud by James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman or Charles Nelson Reilly.
Narrator's Voice, Morgan Freeman - "And with what he assumed was a vict…
After the earthquake, Sean Penn brought Morgan Freeman's voice to the people of Haiti.
Nat Geo: The Story of God with Morgan Freeman defo worth a watch 👌🏻
Nelson Mandela (aka Morgan Freeman) demonstrates inspiration, consideration and idealized influence as a transforma…
And if Morgan Freeman narrated it, that would be awesome. But no awful plot twist.
my uncle at thanksgiving lunch: Denzel Washington is like a young Morgan Freeman ...
Any of the following would be good with me. Morgan Freeman. Elmo . Matthew McConaughey. Peter Griffin. Stewie Griffin…
Winona Ryder talking to a bunch of Christmas lights in ST1. Tim Robbins & Morgan Freeman in The Sha…
Black Batman:. Idris as Batman. Morgan Freeman as Alfred . MBJ as Nightwing. The guy playing Black Panther as Red Hood…
Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman star in tonight's movie, Million Dollar Baby. Join the action at 21:00 on Sony - DS…
Karen, your Jesse Jackson sounds like Morgan Freeman is his brother!!
I’m a white woman of a certain age, but my god, what about Idris, Denzel, Morgan Freeman, Shemar…
It's cheesy. It has Alan Rickman, Morgan Freeman & Kevin Costner. It has a belter of a title track in Bryan Adam's…
Name a more ironic scene than Morgan Freeman in jail in the Shawshank Redemption.. I'll wait
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Morgan Freeman: I don’t know where to begin on Morgan Freeman so I’ll keep it short and say he is an amazing human…
Last knights leya Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen or leyema transformers?
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, starring Morgan Freeman and Martin Henderson. Directed by Michael Mann, music by N…
Pretty sure it's either John Goodman or Morgan Freeman.
There are people out there with Morgan Freeman narrating their lives while I've got Emo Phillips narrating mine.
Experience Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman, George W. Bush and John Madden all in one show. How? Frank Caliendo is...
and Eric Andre and John Oliver and Keegan Michael Key but no offense where is Morgan Freeman's deep rich voice
Gary busey all day or Morgan Freeman in make up
It's OK, with Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman & the brilliant Little John, I can overl…
Morgan Freeman to Play Colin Powell in Biopic (Exclusive). ‘Marshall’ director Reginald Hudlin will helm the...
~Steven Spielberg will be the director. Morgan Freeman the narrator, Forrest Whittaker producer & it'll be…
Morgan Freeman, Eddie Murphy and Tony Soprano on the golf course.
No, Morgan Freeman is not dead you fake news spreading *** But when he does pass, I hope the headline reads: God Is Dead
Morgan Freeman is NOT dead. Spread the word.
Morgan Freeman is not dead! I repeat, Morgan Freeman is not dead!
Don't get alarmed, this really is FAKE NEWS! We all know that Morgan Freeman is immortal.
Woke up to my wife telling me Morgan Freeman was dead. . He's not.
Morgan Freeman is not dead, confirms comedian Rob Schneider after false reports
By the way Stop posting Morgan Freeman dead
Morgan Freeman is not dead. He is God. Stop the lies.
Gene Hackman, Richard Harris, Morgan Freeman & Clint Eastwood all in one cowboy movie; what more do you need!
"I remember the first time I laid eyes on Andy Dufresne..." (said in Morgan Freeman's voice) 😆. That's so awesome!!!
Morgan Freeman doesn't think Ben Affleck can beat Christian Bale's Batman
Morgan Freeman is still with us and I prefer Samuel L. Jackson's version!
I think & Morgan Freeman & Michael Hudson on Manchurian Candidate set.
Annabelle you sound just like Morgan Freeman to Don Lemon year. G…
10-10 Morgan Freeman delivers the drama in reading of Justin...
Does Morgan Freeman like pineapple on his pizza🍍 🍕? Let's find out!
You can keep Morgan Freeman, I'd rather have the Crypt Keeper narrate my life.
No one tell this guy that Morgan Freeman isn't actually God.
If I had to have someone narrate my life I always thought it would be Morgan Freeman but now I think I'd want it to be DJ Khalid
And then realize who doesn't love Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman shows his love for Girl Scout cookies at the 2016...
Morgan freeman is of good mind and still iconic
Just heard Morgan Freeman is VERY MUCH ALIVE!! Sorry! . My close friend called me and HE WAS UNIFORMED!
Morgan Freeman narrated my trip and fall down the stairs.
In my Morgan Freeman voice,”And just like Chucky and Andy from child’s play, Mike Ditka transferred his brain into…
What do Alan Rickman, Julia Child and Morgan Freeman have in common? They all became successful later in life ►
ben affleck was a very serviceable Jack Ryan, and SUM OF ALL FEARS is an underrated movie. dat cast, though! Morgan Freeman, ciaran hinds
Black babies the day they are born don't look like Denzel or Michael Ealy. They look like Morgan Freeman. If he were 90.
Phrases I wish Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, or Morgan Freeman would say.
they are Pro-military pro-war just like Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, Joy Reid , Rob Reiner, Morgan Freeman
On this date in 1997. Kiss The Girls was first released in theatres. . The first time Morgan Freeman portrayed Alex C…
If only Morgan Freeman were around when I was in high school!
This *** Morgan Freeman got the Lil Wayne dreads like yo rey do a recreation from Da Drought
I can't believe there's never another movie that pairs Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins after The Shawshank Redemption. Their chemistry is 👍👍👍
September 23, 1994, The Shawshank Redemption, starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins, opens in theaters around the Un…
Starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman the movie was released 1994
Today in 1994:Hollywood's all time favourite "The Shawshank Redemption" *ing Morgan Freeman & Tim Robbins, opened in the…
Protect Betty White, Morgan Freeman, and Stan Lee at all cost
Stan Lee released his 1st big comic at 40. Samuel L Jackson got his 1st movie role at 46. Morgan Freeman at 52. You'll die a failure though.
I never want Jackie Chan, Christopher Lloyd, or Morgan Freeman to die. They need to live well into their 100s.
Morgan Freeman should just be the official narrator of EVERYTHING. . Ok. Him and David…
When you see Betty White and Morgan Freeman trending but then click on it and find out they're still alive
The Shawshank Redemption was released on this day in 1994. Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins met up for the 20th anniversary…
National Geographic with Morgan Freeman using Slick Willie Clinton in show about us. Any guesses what will not be talked about??
I was worried about Betty White and Morgan Freeman dying. I never thought about Hugh Hefner
Hugh Hefner dying is the beginning of the end please protect Betty White and Morgan Freeman at all costs
I liked a video BwC S2E3 - Is Michael Holding the Morgan Freeman of cricket?
After James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman is the person who should do ALL voiceovers for any PSA or reg commercial! B…
Like Jack Huston's hot *** and Morgan Freeman are in it and it's still horrible.
Morgan will be missed.
What's everyone waiting for! Morgan Freeman has declared war on Russia! Grab a rifle, put on a Rachel Tsh…
Kremlin and Russian state TV can't seem to shut up about the excellent Morgan Freeman video. Seriously rattled
Why can't we have president Morgan Freeman and VP James Earl Jones. It would be b…
🤣😂🤣 Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones sound British too. They say their drawl is most likely how our Founders sounded.
James Earl Jones, Laurence Fishburne and Morgan Freeman like that same thing
Olu Jacobs is Nigeria's Morgan Freeman, tbh. That man has been old since my childhood. 😩
I guess I'd be okay with Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones at the same time. 😏
Makes you wonder if is trending as part of that Russian cyberwar Morgan Freeman is talking about. 🤔. htt…
Maybe if people hear it in Morgan Freeman's voice, they'll believe it.
Not a joke: Russia Today are seriously freaking out over Morgan Freeman's new anti-Putin video.
This needs to go viral-it's video of Morgan Freeman explaining the scandal via org
I love Jimmy Kimmel, Rob Reiner & Morgan Freeman working hard to fight GOP lies & build our future, but shouldn't it be…
Morgan Freeman talks about Russia's plot to undermine America.
Russia: America is using Morgan Freeman to attack us
The Kremlin is telling everyone not to take Morgan Freeman's video seriously. What it means in the real world: take it…
Morgan Freeman is owned by the media we distrust. I love Russian people!
That's why Morgan Freeman and Rob Reiner are doubling down on the old Russia story they have zero evidence on. Sick…
The big men deliver again in Good job Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin
Tickets are now on sale for Going in Style starring Micheal Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin. Screening on...
I got Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman with alt. Samuel L. Jackson?
I wish I had an iconic voice like Morgan Freeman or Patrick Warburton 🤔 you instantly know who they are from their voice
Movietime: Going in Style (2017) - Directed by Zach Braff starring Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin.
VIDEO: Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin and Michael Caine's automated interview is the funniest thing you will watch...
Micheal Caine, Morgan Freeman, Sam Elliott... they're the type of ppl who's voices you can hear coming out of a gif.
He's the perfect blend of Morgan Freeman and Sam Jackson
Morgan Freeman started acting in movies in 1964 at 27 years old. He didn’t have a starting role until Street Smart in 1987; when he was 50.
I get Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, or Bob Saget to narrate it.
I'll always be a sucker for Mark Hamill, but I also like Robert Downey, Jr, Morgan Freeman and.. oh, wait. You said…
All moved in, had rad food, ran into Morgan Freeman filming a scene on a sidewalk, & my roommate Paul's a great guy…
I've changed my mind from Morgan Freeman; Paul Heyman is my ideal GPS voice. .
Morgan Freeman to get Screen Actors lifetime award
tb to the star-studded cinematic masterpiece that was Evan Almighty. Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Jonah Hill, Ed Helms..THE LIST GOES ON
Actor playing Eric Dondarrion (brotherhood without banners) in has a voice as good as Morgan Freeman.
it would probably sound like Morgan Freeman
Everyone is getting Morgan Freeman to narrate their lives; me, I'm getting Patrick Warburton.
Also do you even know that Morgan Freeman was a…
The rise and fall of America: From Boston Tea party to Russian Pee party . Narrated by Morgan Freeman with sound effects by David Lee Roth.
Hot take: Liev Schreiber is the best narrator in the game, not Morgan Freeman
I need a Se7en 2 about the trial of David Mills and basically just to see Morgan Freeman take his dogs in. Need this movie for peace of mind
In Se7en, Morgan Freeman hunt-and-pecking in the corner of his own office as Brad Pitt takes over his desk.
Morgan Freeman has it right. Let us look at each other as people.
Mom: did you make your bed. Me: yupp. Morgan Freeman: he in fact, did not. Me: what are you doing in my house. Morgan: *flees with cookie jar*
I have gotten 3 voicemails from Morgan Freeman talking about affordable health insurance today. Anyone else?? Just me? Ok.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
looks like my poll for Owen Wilson's voice or Morgan Freeman's voice came to a tie... why did my 6 followers let me down?
Would you rather have Morgan Freeman narrate your whole life or have Owen Wilson say "wow" after every cool thing you do?
The world will end before Morgan Freeman
Great times in Clarksdale Mississippi Last night at Morgan Freeman's Club Called Ground Zero. Ran in to a lot of...
As a patient on dialysis, Willie (played by Morgan Freeman) must find a kidney donor in Own it on Bl…
Morgan Freeman is Willie, the jokester. is out now Digital Download.…
Bar movie update: it's a *** shame there haven't been more 1-on-1 scenes in film history between Robert Guillaume and Morgan Freeman.
He's done Vito Corleone, Trump, Morgan Freeman & Cristopher Walken! Who's next, as Grant reads your iTunes reviews on the pod?!
His dad looks like a fat Morgan Freeman
Deadass thought this was fat Morgan Freeman
Wow, Sir you with in a hollywood release is like having Amir Khan and Morgan Freeman in a Bollywood o…
Olu Jacobs and Morgan Freeman have been old all my life.
How do we change the world?. One random act of kindness at a time. - Morgan Freeman.
Not sure I'm buying Are you sure Scott Baio was initially cast in Morgan Freeman's role as Ellis "Red" Redding?
James Earl Jones has a voice WAY better than Morgan Freeman
should make a Morgan Freeman version of Alexa
Danny Glover, Morgan Freeman, Cecily Tyson and Samuel Jackson will outlive the human race
Yall ridin with Morgan Freeman while I'm trying to get Dennis Haysbert to narrate my life.
Today we saw Taylor Swift, Morgan Freeman, and Melissa Peterman. I tried to find harry styles but sadly didn't.
Wait. Morgan Freeman and Morgan Fairchild are not related?
Se7en is one movie that never gets old. Extraordinary script by Andrew Kevin walker and acting by Morgan Freeman.
Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, any of the Wayans, Tracy Morgan, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman do i need to continue??
All these people wanting Morgan Freeman to narrate their life. With my luck I'd get Larry the Cable Guy.
Morgan Freeman. Larry Elder, Ben Carson. All successful black men that managed to get pa…
Can you imagine Bond surveilling Morgan Freeman talking to R Lee Ermey about how to handle terrorists? I can.
If James Earl Jones is the lightskin Morgan Freeman , who's the white version ?
I would love to see a "voice-off" between Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Tony Todd, Keith David, Dennis Haysbert, a…
I put him up there with Hector Elizondo, Morgan Freeman, Louis Gossett, Jr., etc.
jim - " i've never see Morgan Freeman young. that man been old my whole life " 😂
so like, if everyone says Morgan Freeman sounds like God, then i'd say Alan Watts sounds like Jesus and Bourdain, like John Baptist. there.
180 minutes of a broad tiger tamer starring either Quentin Tarantino or Morgan Freeman
I can listen to Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine talk all day.
Everyone wants Morgan Freeman to narrate things when we should all really strive for Jim Ross to
Tell me you didn't read that in Morgan Freeman's voice in your head !!
Time for great actors; Anthony Hopkins and Morgan Freeman 💜💜 🎥🎥
The legend has narrated the series in such an epic way that you'll forget Richard Attenborough or Morgan Freeman for a while. Such class.
It makes me think of that Jim Carrey movie where he tells the Morgan Freeman version of God, "Smite me oh smighty smiter!" xD
The most distinctive voices to me in Hollywood are Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Johnny Depp, James Earl Jones and Anthony Hopkins.
Man goes to Magaluf on a stag do, everyone thinks he's Morgan Freeman.
My uncle went Magaluf for a stag weekend and everyone thought he was Morgan Freeman
I'm watching interviews of Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin and weeping
Bill Russell looks like Morgan Freeman dressed as Bill Russell
Ok. I have two choices. Both space shows. One narrated by Morgan Freeman, one by Lawrence Fishburne.
Alan Rickman's voice is better than Morgan Freeman's. Fight me
That's what I was thinking. Morgan Freeman hella dry and they should have Samuel L Jackson play Uncle Ruckus
Could get Morgan Freeman to play your dad, Queen Latifa, Will Smith as cuz...? Who'd you choose for RDH?
And with Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman, Richard Harris, the cast is absolutely stellar.…
Will like will smith? See I always though that was Morgan Freeman's job but I guess I was wrong
Goose: No Mav, this is not a good idea. Maverick: Sorry Goose, but it’s time to buzz a tower. Morgan Freeman: It was…
Morgan Freeman's Ground Zero Juke Joint. Remember to sign your name. Clarksdale MS Birthplace of the Blues.
The Robin Hood in 1991 with Kevin Costner had Morgan Freeman in it as a Moor. Dude had a telescope and Robin Hood w…
I'm up watching Kevin Costner & Morgan Freeman in the epic Robin Hood Prince of Thieves like I don't have to wake up at crack of dawn.
"Correct a fool and he will hate you. Correct a wise man and he will appreciate you." Morgan Freeman
Don Lemon is LIBTARD interviewer. Morgan Freeman is a great actor.
Morgan Freeman became an avid Ole Miss Rebel when the powder blue was brought back
Kevin Spacey *killed* as John Doe. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman at the helm of David Fincher made me fall over again with buddy cop films
my sisters & I decided to name our new plants after the 3 most important people ever: Elton John, Morgan Freeman, & Morris Bart
Morgan Freeman turns 80 today. So to celebrate, here are 5 times he kept it real — and cracked us up in the process.
Happy BD greetings from team to Morgan Freeman :) Join us for a safari holiday in
Why thank you!! And happy birthday also to Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman and Jason Donovan!
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The Golden Gate Bridge is 80; when built, Hitler was peaceful, whilst Morgan Freeman, Dustin Hoffman and Peter Cook…
Don Lemon tries to bait Morgan Freeman into agreeing with him. Morgan call Bull 💩 . Typical CNN Reporting
Morgan Freeman and Ben Carson both think poverty is a mindset. Leftists on Freeman: silent. Leftists on Carson: racist…
I'm tryna have the type of success where Morgan Freeman will narrate my life story, he'll still be around I'm sure.
Brad Pitt: read me a bed time story. . Morgan Freeman: once upon a time there were Jennifer and Angelina-
My favorite audio books are those read aloud by Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones
I know people think Morgan Freeman voice is God's but it's really James Earl Jones.
All it needs is James Whitmore, Morgan Freeman, and Tim Robbins.
lol ill see once i see the advice he gave u on tomorrows ep. Also the other 3 wisest r Morgan Freeman,…
How many of y'all read it like Morgan Freeman? 🤔😂
Only if Dave Chapel is Willy and Kevin Hart plays the little boy. Morgan Freeman will be the pops.
& Morgan Freeman should play his grandpa! I'm here for it!
Watched 'Invictus' today. These are the movies which make you love cinema. . Morgan Freeman as Mandela. Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar.
Bill Cobbs always reminded me of Morgan Freeman. demolition man
Morgan Freeman, Michael Cane and Alan Arkin star in GOING IN STYLE, showing tonight, tomorrow and Sunday.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo and Morgan Freeman face a deadly contagion in Outbreak, at 9pm
I'm betting that to him, all older black men with graying hair are pastors, including Morgan Freeman and Michael K. Williams.
Catch Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin in crime comedy Going In Style, plus more great films this week…
Will Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine pull off their plan? 7:00pm at The
ME: Maybe if I text her again, this time she'll respond. Morgan Freeman: She would, in fact, never respond.
ME: He couldnt possibly score another one... Morgan Freeman: He would, in fact, never stop scoring.
Bored and scraping by, 3 old geezers decide to rob a bank in the film Going in Style. Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine are great.
Off to the cinema to see "Going In Style" starring Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin.
Film review: Going in Style – Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin in clumsy heist comedy via
For me, Blackboard Jungle reminds me of films, Lean on Me (staring, Morgan Freeman) +The Principal (staring Jim Belushi)
Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin are GOING IN STYLE - new this week!
GOING IN STYLE. At a median age of 81, Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine portray three old friends now...
I watched a video with Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine and now all I want to do is watch Now You See Me for the billionth time
This weekend, join the old guys for some fun on the big screen. Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin...
Really wanted to play some PUBG or something tonight, but I'm just way too dang tired. Only thing keeping me up is Morgan Freeman
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I added a video to a playlist Lean on Me 1989 with Beverly Todd, Robert Guillaume, Morgan Freeman
Ashley Judd & Morgan Freeman, name a more iconic duo. I'll wait...
But.. but..Deep Impact has Robert Duvall AND Morgan Freeman! (Never seen it, mind)
was wonderful! You must watch as Alan Arkin is my favourite. Obviously Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are fabulous too!
Ok, but does know he's in a movie with Michael Caine AND Morgan Freeman?!?
GOING IN STYLE is now showing here at Waverley Cinema. Lifelong buddies Willie (Morgan Freeman), Joe (Michael...
Oh, I watched and enjoyed the entire movie. Killer cast, Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman, Christian Slater, Michael Wincott.
Guess who's most likely will be seeing Going in Style w/ Morgan Freeman, Matt Dillon, etc tomorrow? ME!🎉😝
No. No. NO! Wesley Snipes Should play Billy Wright, Morgan Freeman should play Gusty Spence & have the guy…
"Le Fay, have you met Morgan Freeman? He is of more importance than you."
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