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Morgan Fairchild

Morgan Fairchild (born Patsy Ann McClenny February 3, 1950) is an American actress. She achieved prominence during the late 1970s and early 1980s with continuing roles in several television series, in which she usually conveyed a glamorous image.

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Funny thing is I was just saying the same thing to my wife… Morgan Fairchild. Universal keeping Morgan Fairchild in a cage?
RB, I'm a nobody, but I do know only a few women that fall into the Morgan Fairchild Syndrome and let me tell you,…
With my lovely wife Morgan Fairchild yeah that’s right
Watching "the initiation of sarah" (1978) with shelly winters, morgan fairchild + morgan brittany!!! Life is good!
Let me tell u what's sad ppl, over the last few years I've made contact with a few Celebs on here, mostly brief con…
Otani, yeah, and so is my wife...Morgan Fairchild...yeah, that's it...Morgan Fairchild. (you're probably…
I saw that TV movie tho and it was scary. The dorky witch telepathically locked Morgan Fairchild in a scalding shower
Hope everyone has a great Morgan Fairchild Monday!!
Proud to be followed by Madame Morgan Fairchild whom I had loved as Constance Carlyle in the Flamingo Ro…
Turf toe? Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket. And I was with Morgan Fairchild.
It was Morgan Fairchild who wrote...yeah... that’s it...Morgan Fairchild...she told Comey to stop.…
Never seen this?? OMG, its a slasher take on Phantom of the Opera. Pauly Shore, Morgan Fairchild, A MUST SEE.
Love dogs? See me in release Wiener Dog Internationals
McConnell *** at impressions. how are people supposed to know he's doing Tommy Flanagan if he doesn't say "my wife…
Dog movie fan? See me in release Wiener Dog Internationals
I sing the Sherman Hemsley/Morgan Fairchild Old Navy Performance Fleece song in my head at least once a day.
I think I may be watching the worst *** movie ever on Netflix. Aaaand Morgan Fairchild plays a madam. Lmao!😂😂 help.
Wow! My era but I missed out on her. Probably too busy knocking them out over Loni Anderson and Morgan Fairc…
For the longest time in the 90s, I did the same thing with Morgan Fairchild and Morgan Freeman.
“The ghosts of Christmases past, along with all 44 previous presidents. And Charles Dickens. And, uh, my wife, Morg…
So it was all made up? Yeah. Sure it was. And I'm married to Morgan Fairchild. Yeah...that's it. That's the ticket...
I just had breakfast with Morgan Fairchild.
My wife is... Morgan Fairchild! Family fave is Jimmie Moore in the Wedding Singer. You were hilarious.
Yeah yeah, that’s the Ticket. I’m not benefiting from the tax bill... & neither is my wife, yeah, Morgan…
I would like to see Donna Mills, Morgan Fairchild, Victoria Principal, Susan Lucci, and Joan Van Ark in front of...
When I was in college I told my buddies I slept with Morgan Fairchild. Does not mean it was true.
Watching 'Touched by an Angel', it is guest starring Morgan Fairchild
When you stay home sick and it seems Morgan Fairchild’s date to Monica & Chandler’s wedding is also Emily’s dad, bu…
started dating Morgan Fairchild. Yeah, that's the ticket. girlfriend Morgan Fairchild, whom I’ve seen naked. 😂 Genius! Thanks for the Characters you created!
Remind of Jon Lovitz's liar character from SNL. "My girlfriend, Morg…
All time Texas beauty Morgan Fairchild, only been dreaming about her for decades!
Well the same message is coming across in the "Morgan Fairchild" episode. Obviously it is about pets. My Freki is c…
Morgan Fairchild, one of my favorite actors, but, also a kindred spirit, my having served on the SAG Boar…
Hi Project Falsum. My name is Snake and in the 1970s I spent some time with Morgan Fairchild in the Nevada desert (…
Yeah, yeah...the Access Hollywood tape is, uh, is rea...I mean,'s fake. Yeah, that's the ticket. It wasn'…
When it's available. Have I ever told you about working at the Windmill Dinner theatre with Lake Highlands' Morgan…
And just likes to honk your boobs while u sleep cause he’s checking for cancer! Yea n his wife is M…
Of course he has. Pathological liar...yea, that’s the ticket...Morgan Fairchild
Hope everyone has a great Morgan Fairchild Monday
I cannot believe I get all my science news from Morgan Fairchild!
Morgan Fairchild is wearing a fat suit right?
Morgan Fairchild has looked the same since the 80s
". I was with my girlfriend... Morgan Fairchild - yeah. Whom I've seen naked, yeah... that's the ticket."
2/is @ Hillsborough in Tampa. Is anyone in FL thinking of adopting animals now? This lil family caught Morgan Fairc…
Some positive news, murdering Sheriff doesn't get the job in this administration. Hey! Mor…
Coffee with a Cop on 9/23 @ 9a - Starbucks (515 SE Everett Mall Wy). Sgts Fairchild & Morgan will talk with community me…
That puffy faced Morgan Fairchild dropped dead in the hotel room! I was glad about that! Nicole go…
Morgan Fairchild would win the Oscar for the Angelyne movie.
Do y'all remember FASHION HOUSE with the lovely Bo Derek and my Dothraki queen mother Morgan Fairchild .It's on Hulu!
If u would have told me in the 80s Trump would b pres and MORGAN FAIRCHILD would be one of the biggest voices of resistance against him...
Seeing Peter Bergman on the PIR stage was very confusing. I hope Morgan Fairchild does the Showcase.
Morgan Fairchild, Nathan Lane and Vlade Divac filling out your starting 5
"I'm so hungover! . Way too much Sex On The Beach last night! . Can you make me look like Morgan Fa…
You guys need to get Morgan Fairchild (as a special guest on Dishin Days.
You want to see a freak show, Morgan Fairchild last month on Days Of Our Lives. Seriously, it's worth a peek.
Best thing about my job is I get to marry Morgan Fairchild
Ty Morgan,such a great Lady, and I mean Lady, like the term used to be used! And its freaking Morgan Fairchild!!!😉
a dream show, nite time Dynasty type soap, you, Donna and Morgan Fairchild.
I hope that DOOL isn't bringing you back to kill you. That's what happened to Morgan Fairchild.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I'm pledging 87 billion! No make that a trillion! Yeah, and my wife Morgan Fairchild is delivering it personally!
After all the rhetoric from Morgan Fairchild towards the president. I'm compelled to believe that she and all the l…
Hi, Is it possible for you to have Morgan Fairchild as a special guest on your DishinDays show?
Was always partial to Morgan Fairchild back in the day...
Jon Lovitz brings Morgan Fairchild into the conversation
And slept with Morgan Fairchild. Yeah, that's the ticket.
First episode with Chandler's mom. Morgan Fairchild was so beautiful
Morgan Fairchild Looks! this is the kind of portrait photography I dream of taking
I liked it but I am more of a Knots Landing girl. Give me Morgan Fairchild or give me death!
Even if she was wrong, which she is not,I'd have to agree, shes friggen Morgan Fairchild for christs sake!
I have liked Morgan Fairchild as "Anjelica". Wish she had more episodes. She has been refreshing.
Jess Walton, Kimberly McCullough, Morgan Fairchild in the latest soaps news.
Only cuz your friggen Morgan Fairchild, *** I'd click the shut off button to my own life…
I'm the only one who is going to miss Morgan Fairchild's plastic surgery as Anjelica Deveraux. It's lonely.
And then getting struck by lightning while making love to Morgan Fairchild.
Morgan Fairchild's been a hoot as Anjelica Devereaux. And since the stint was so short, I'm glad Judith Chapman wasn't asked back
Poor Morgan Fairchild. She never had a chance 🤣😩
So hot(Guy face when Connor is describing his experience with Morgan Fairchild lol).
I love Morgan Fairchild. . She is one of my Celebrity Crushes.
It's a Hall and Oates, Morgan Fairchild, cruising your red 560SL with the top down kind of Southern California day
WATCH TV icon Morgan Fairchild talk about her love of acting, appearance at Alhambra Theatre & Dining, & her classi…
Are there two Marlanas on or am I just not seeing clearly from the other room? And is that Morgan Fairchild??
Her. Face. Doesn't. Move! Morgan Fairchild is driving me nuts!
Wasn't even sure that was Morgan Fairchild playing Angelica...she gained a lot of weight & if she had "work" done, it's a terrible job!
Fairchild Air Force Base! The Red Morgan Event Center wants to know who's got the best salsa in town! Call the...
Met Morgan Fairchild on a NYC subway. Saw my flowing red hair and asked me "what makes…
Morgan Fairchild looks like she was birthed at the DuPont factory. YIKES
I, I, stretched out my arm. Ya, that's it my arm. I was thinking about you, ya that's it, my girlfri…
Trump has made my girlfriend fear for her reproductive rights. I'd let you meet her but she lives in Canada.…
Did you know TV legend Morgan Fairchild has a longstanding connection to Jacksonville?. See her in Dixie Swim Club…
Love your take on Morgan Fairchild love her!
but why does Morgan Fairchild, Chandler's mom in now look like a sex doll
Deidre Hall, Morgan Fairchild, Lauren Koslow & Thaao Penghils were easily the MVP’s of this week. . Well and The Writer™, of course.
Yeah, that's the ticket! Next I'll save the economy with three pesos and a chain letter, thanks to my wife, Morgan Fairchild.
And then he composed love sonnets in perfect iambi…
It was Kathleen Turner that played Chandler's dad on Friends. Morgan Fairchild played his mom.
Marlena/Hattie p9:scenes-unless you want to add Morgan Fairchild who is just as knee slapping good.DH says she&Judi forged a deeper bond+
Trump and his wife, uh, Morgan Fairchild, beat Andre the Giant and The Rock in tag-team wre…
Starring Morgan Fairchild Opening TODAY at AMC theaters! SCALES: Mermaids are Real Trailer via
Mom: Have you seen the movie "The Bucket List" with Morgan Fairchild? . Me: Don't you ever disrespect Morgan Freeman like that again.
YouTube Comment:. morgan fairchild sign my cast when i visit set of show. good see her here cant beleive time hthats gone by.
Yeah that's the ticket and he also wanted to spend more time with his girlfriend Morgan Fairchild
WTELF did they upholster Morgan Fairchild in? Is that a suit made out of discarded hawaiian shirts?
Mermaids are real... Morgan Fairchild is not
I would still have sex with morgan Fairchild
Miss Morgan Fairchild has still got it! Love seeing her fueling the fires on Days of our Lives!!
Deirdre Hall and Morgan Fairchild in scenes together.
Really, what has happened to Morgan Fairchild..?
Morgan Fairchild looks like she has barely aged a day.
Just catching up on DOOL. Oh wow Morgan Fairchild -i can't not look.
Playing Hattie must have been too much fun! Especially opposite Morgan Fairchild.
Morgan Fairchild has lost it...her looks and her acting ***
Lmao it look like Morgan Fairchild wearing a Morgan Fairchild mask but yes she's amazing
Wait. Morgan Freeman and Morgan Fairchild are not related?
Multi-tasking this week, trying to get into to support while packing/moving. Morgan Fairchild!! OMG. And Wow
LONG after. Errr...I mean, Starcraft2 came out after. yeah, that's the ticket. And I'm dating Morgan Fa…
If John and Marlena could finally be happy, that'd be great. Used to like Morgan Fairchild but her character is rather annoying.
What's worse is that it didn't fit well. She's Morgan effing Fairchild. She deserves better--including better plastic surgery.
Steffy needs to get the stick out of her *** and have less plastic surgery. She and Morgan Fairchild could be twins
Today he brought back Hattie, the ex-con who looks like Marlena! Then revealed that she's working Morgan…
Not so out any minute now Morgan fairchild's face is…
Love Hattie! Not liking Morgan Fairchild in this role at all. She needs to go and keep Hattie!
Morgan Fairchild and Deidre Hall plotting on rocking Salem on Days of Our Lives today! Fabulously talented fun!!
Morgan Fairchild and together is such a great idea.
So I'm just gonna say it.Morgan Fairchild's lack of facial movement is VERY distracting. She has NO expressions!!
Deirdre Hall was funny and made Morgan Fairchild tolerable
u couldn't do better than Morgan Fairchild? She had so much plastic surgery- she can't even turn her neck 😨Ridiculous!!
Ok. This is going to sound terrible... But Morgan Fairchild looks INSANE in this show right now. . 😂
Who is Morgan Fairchild supposed to be?
..I was in NYC... with Morgan Fairchild..., Comey shared this dossier. to blackmail me, yeah Comey…
Morgan Fairchild has finally grown into her voice! She sounded like this 20-30 yrs ago...
-breaking news interview with Judi Evans on playing dual roles. -interview with Morgan Fairchild
I turned it on today. Didn't recognize 1/3 of the characters. And another Marlena look alike story? Ugh.…
Thing I learned from the gym TVs today: Morgan Fairchild is now on Days of Our Lives.
Based almost exclusively on Cali margin. And I'd bet all my folding money you were not married to Morgan Fairchild.
Update your maps at Navteq
We will also never know whether I am married to Morgan Fairchild
Deidre Hall & Morgan Fairchild are playing off one another FABULOUSLY. And hysterically
When heiress and child labor cheerleader Morgan Fairchild becomes Sec. of Education, how badly will she damage the public schools?
Morgan Fairchild ran her hands though hair to make sure it was real! roflmao
yeah thats the ticket yeah, then he was going to have dinner with Morgan Fairchild, yeah
‘Dixie Swim Club’ stars shine with comic performances from Morgan Fairchild and others
Morgan Fairchild the grandmother of dragons
In the credits of Guardians, Tommy Flanagan is credited as playing Tullk. Along side his wife... Morgan Fairchild. Thats's the ticket.
We get it, you don't like Hillary Clinton. But now I have to turn off Morgan Fairch…
HOT rumor is that Donna Mills or Morgan Fairchild are going to portray... sit down. no - SIT DOWN. Ava's mom.
Wathing ep with morgan fairchild, jacklyn smith and ann margaret
These were definitely the best years of SNL! Miami Vice era. You were all great! Jon, I miss the…
"Yeah, I just made that up" "Me and my wife, Morgan Fairchild, we made it up together"
"The last three women who were me.'. Lyanku Gyru. Morgan Fairchild. Rachel McAdams
How dare you leave out Morgan Fairchild?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Rusty Kuntz with Morgan Fairchild! Well, 1-va,va,boom!!! And 2-when I grow up I want to be the Rust-Man!!!
I hope I look HALF as beautiful and elegant as Morgan Fairchild when I reach her age in 3 or 4 decades. Timeless Be…
Oddball copy writer Morgan Fairchild encounters cold-blooded murders that she cleverly solves with her vindictive deduction skills.
Morgan Fairchild back in KC, talks Bette Davis, nighttime soaps and her acting career
I fn hate you trump lovers, idc if your a bum or Morgan Fn Fairchild I'll spit right in your face n worry about it later u bring that to me
somewhere, Morgan Fairchild is very proud of her mini-me 😏
did Morgan Fairchild have a daughter?
If Stella Stevens and Morgan Fairchild had a daughter it would be you.
Up Next: Morgan Fairchild will be on to decry the distopia that is Malibu thanks to Obama era policies. But first h…
Trust me, I would much rather hear Denny Matthews talk about his Morgan Fairchild bobblehead than listen to the rest of this game
For some random reason the face in this pic reminds me of a a young Morgan Fairchild lol. Weird, I know!
I've talked with Celeb Morgan Fairchild on here, who told me she was at Trumps tabl…
And lookey here, Morgan Fairchild. The great guest stars just keep coming.
That's not a stink good luck charm...yea, it's Morgan Fairchild, that's the ticket!
"Oh player!" Royals coach Rusty Kuntz's hair is real: Morgan Fairchild proves it
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Saw this and spent way too much time wondering why KC released a Morgan Fairchild bobblehead. Didn't realize thumbn…
The Royals are 0-1 in games attended by Morgan Fairchild this year.
Not even Morgan Fairchild can bring the Royals luck. Loved her in Shawshank and Seven, by the way...
And here I thought Morgan Fairchild was the slumpbuster the Royals needed.
With that hair it almost looks like a Morgan Fairchild bobble head.
Rusty Kuntz, tonight's bobblehead and actress Morgan Fairchild who surprised Rusty with an appearance prior to BP.
she is talking about A Perfect Ending Nicole Conn's film starring Barbara Niven, Jessica Clark and Morgan Fairchild.
My dream this morning was a movie-type thriller involving a kidnapped pug starting Joe Don Baker, Morgan Fairchild and Harvey Keitel.
Nurse pitch in lunch, Morgan Fairchild movie on hallmark channel in the breakroom. Nice lil Sunday.
Surely I'm not the only person who thinks Morgan Fairchild should start a podcast.
Morgan Fairchild's portrayal of romance author in PERFECT ON PAPER is both hilarious & insulting. Like the Anna Wintour of romance authors.
I was married to Morgan Fairchild :-)
Tommy Flanagan and his wife.Morgan Fairchild.yeah that's the ticket.
In others news, same "Govt Source" confirms that he is married to Morgan Fairchild.
didn't he sleep with Morgan Fairchild?
Order Miche Bag Online!
Morgan Fairchild. I was probably around six. 🤣
"Even Morgan Fairchild"? She's been working on this issue for over 30 years!! YOU?
I slept with Morgan Fairchild 20 to 30 times,hard to tell but number of times,maybe it was Morgan Freeman? Nope, was CAPT Morgan!
how the heck did Morgan Fairchild become the girl all us liberals pine over? She's dynamite!
Gonna miss my stage family! Morgan Fairchild makes for the best stage Mother ever & Ben's not a…
Tommy Flanagan for President in 2020. Then Morgan Fairchild would be FLOTUS Yeah, that's the ticket
gets shot in the hand trying to save Morgan Fairchild from evil scientist. Evil scientist makes a clone of Peter from the blood.
*facepalm* Good job I can't take anyone that looks like the love child of Morgan Fairchild & Britney Spears seriously
Trump calls Meryl Streep one of Hollywood's 'most over-rated actresses.' Trump's idea of a great actress: Morgan Fairchild,
I was a little fat pudgy kid with big thick glasses, and I was quie...
Priscilla Presley took over the role. I liked her better than Morgan Fairchild and other actress though. Thought
a drunk friend was chatting up a blonde lady in a bar "You look just like Morgan Freeman, sorry I meant Fairchild"
Saving the world via medical research or going off to Gobi Dese...
What triggered a migraine for me may have no effect on someone e...
I'm a little upset that I lost my ONLY liberal Celeb in Morgan Fairchild. We used to chat often but after Trump won, she won't answer me now
Morgan Fairchild is on tonight's Young Maverick. I remember when I introduced her on a conference call.
Parade of Queens on this Jacqueline Smith, Morgan Fairchild, Susan Anton, & EPic performance from THE Ann-Margret
As I said to my wife.uhhh Morgan Fairchild... Yeah...that's the ticket. Morgan Fairchild (whom I've seen NAKED!)
Morgan Fairchild in Sherlock Holmes and the leading Lady with Christopher Lee & Patrick…
"Uh, that's my wife! Morgan Fairchild! Whom I've seen naked...Yeah, that's the ticket!"
My wife...Morgan Fairchild yea, that's it.that's the ticket.
Harry falls for guest star Morgan Fairchild! Watch Empty Nest today on
plz do a bad *** movie!!! this one features Morgan Fairchild as a madame
Got RTed by Martina Navratilova and Morgan Fairchild today, so feeling pretty good about myself.
Growing up in Texas, you were either pretty or smart. Smart did...
not that you're chopped liver either! ;) But Morgan Fairchild!
Good evening America, the Russians hacked the election aaand Morgan Fairchild is my lover.
I always wanted to invest in Morgan Fairchild Semiconductor.
I was meant to be a star. I come from Hollywood. 😂 Morgan Fairchild & Melissa Gilbert inspired my mom.
The Church Lady, Nathan Thurm, Tommy Flanagan (and his girlfriend: Morgan Fairchild!), and Doug & Wendy Weiner are
"The Initiation of Sarah" is A++ it may be a "Carrie" rip-off but it has Kay Lenz, Morgan Fairchild, and Shelley Winters (!!!)
Morgan Fairchild and John Lovitz...Yeah, that's the ticket!
What? No "Phantom of the Mall" with Morgan Fairchild, Pauly Shore & Jonathan Goldsmith? Gotta add that one!
I really use to enjoy the show Flamingo Road with Morgan Fairchild.
.just said. "I know more about renewable (energy) than anyone on earth." . Him and John Lovitz' wife..Morgan Fairchild
CNN is pushing Morgan Fairchild on Trump, and Frank Rich gets snitty when dares criticize the media. The media has failed us.
The fact that Morgan's middle name is Fairchild makes me very happy because that's also whom I was named after 😎
and it looks like Morgan Fairchild found a time machine.
except for Morgan Fairchild, you really are an amazing person
The original (TV) initiation of Sarah with Morgan Fairchild
Morgan Fairchild thanked me this morning. So I've got that going for me. Which is nice.
'Yeah, I misspoke...I misspoke. That's the ticket! As I was just saying to my wife, Morgan Fairchild... "
Hah! Had good laugh about this with my wife, Morgan Fairchild.
it was not next to Spencer's but you could redeem your tickets for a Morgan Fairchild poster.
Did he finish each story with, "Yeah, that's the ticket!" and then pretend to call Morgan Fairchild?
Does anyone think Donald Trump saw "The Seduction" one too many times. Megyn Kelly is HIS Morgan Fairchild
I love it when people think we are the Morgan Car Company. Morgan Fairchild made the same mistake.
I get really tired of getting painted up all the time. Basically, I'm a bum...
and he got to go to town on Morgan Fairchild
Finding Morgan Fairchild is the only reasonable solution.
February 3, 1950. Morgan Fairchild is born. Gotta be the reference. 🙃
The Amazing and Amazingly Beautiful and talented : ) That's Morgan Fairchild in case you didn't know
Greetings Morgan Fairchild, Thoughts of joy. Firebird by Stravinsky. Salukis are my favorite dogs. Dawn's bliss, KvA
echoes of Morgan Fairchild in the face
So is still with me, even if Morgan Fairchild isn't
His wife, uhhh, Morgan Fairchild.was very disappointed when this happened.
Sure you are. And you've seen your wife, Morgan Fairchild, naked.
Why is CNN using a photo of Morgan Fairchild from Flamingo Road in its Hillary Clinton graphic?
We're watching "Honeyboy," starring Erik Estrada an birthday girl co-star Morgan Fairchild; "TV's reigning sex symbol," claims the box.
Morgan Fairchild was born on February 3rd, 1950. You may know her best as the scheming Jordan Roberts from...
When I read Morgan Fairchild, I always hear it as said by her husband, Tommy Flanagan.
he also forgot to tell us that his wife is Morgan Fairchild...
Morgan Fairchild-perfect as 'Queen Hippolyta' pictured with the rest of Paradise Island Royalty
I hear her campaign manager is Morgan Fairchild...yeah, that's the ticket...
my pugs, Morgan and Fairchild, did not like the intro of the new Vanderpump baby
Lyin' Brian Williams, aka Tommy Flanagan, will be back on NBC. He'll bring his wife, Morgan Fairchild, & his Father-in-Law, Morgan Freeman.
omg! Just found out Fashion House is on Hulu. I can't wait to watch again with Morgan & Fairchild my pugs
I'd be married to... Morgan Fairchild. Yeah. That's the ticket.
Comporium is going to be very concerned with how many times I typed "Morgan Fairchild" into the internet today.
happy birthday! But hey even better with Morgan Fairchild awesome beauty ! Oh yess!
I would do horrible filthy things to Morgan Fairchild... 😁😜
I think he'll save a burning pet store, and then a movie of his life will be made starring James Brolin & Morgan Fairchild
Is it just me or does that Power Girl look a lot like a young Morgan Fairchild?
he made no move to get price. Never called his agent. It was widely reported. Anyways morgan fairchild told me
Morgan Fairchild, actor, b. 1950. Not a huge fan but I gotta say she looks beautiful in this picture
Little Giant Ladders
I don't want to get my hopes up.. but I'm mostly sure that Morgan Fairchild is my spirit animal.
Just between you n me once i exhaust Dallas, I'm heading to Flamingo Rd I'm addicted to Morgan Fairchild .
I'm blocked by Michelle, Maura, Vanessa, Carolyn & Morgan Fairchild lol
Just saw Morgan Fairchild doing a commercial for planning your own funeral. Was Peyton Manning not available?
Reminds me of the old Jon Lovitz SNL character. 'Ya that's it, a Climate Scientist. And so's my wife...Morgan Fairchild'.
Morgan Fairchild commercial for burial planning.
For all of our friends, here's another great Baby Boomer show to check out hosted by the lovely Morgan Fairchild!...
Brian Williams returns to TV after 7months of dating Morgan Fairchild
Here is the correct ranking of the Friends: Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, the monkey, Morgan Fairchild, the fountain, Brad Pitt that one time, Ross.
I added a video to a playlist THE SEDUCTION (1982) Morgan Fairchild 1
If you're near a tv put it on creme de la creme of cameos is on, Jaclyn Smith, Ann Margret, Morgan Fairchild &Susan Anton
Another Commentary suggestion: The Slammin' Salmon? Especially your opinion on Donkey Punching Morgan Fairchild.
Never 2 late 4 more of The Lady Morgan Fairchild! : ) You'd make the most photogenic, photographed, quoted president of all time.
Hi least you, Greg & Morgan Fairchild know that I took that pic.Yet again no credit!!..boring.
I think Morgan Fairchild over at 3rd needs a set of specs tbh
Have you met my wife...Morgan Fairchild...yeah...thats the ticket!.
I am really on a roll watching Hallmark movies. Tonight's included Morgan Fairchild and tbh,
All about Morgan Fairchild ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Awe the fact that Morgan Fairchild's real first name is Patsy 😀😍
I first remember him in the mini-series The Dream Merchants opposite Morgan Fairchild
I was the pope once, but I had to quit, on account of my wife, Morgan Fairchild...Yeah, that's the ticket, yeah...
meet my wife. er Morgan Fairchild, yeah. That's the ticket!
Omg Tahnee Welch is in a Sleeping Beauty movie musical with Morgan Fairchild. She looks like baby I have to watch. 😍
Photo of the Week: Falcon Crest Photo of the Week!Ana-Alicia and Morgan Fairchild at the Spago Restaurant in 1...
thanks for sharing Morgan Fairchild, have a great Monday :) (insight by
"14 tours in Afghanistan," and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night with my wife, Morgan Fairchild. That's the ticket!
Poor Morgan Fairchild, advertising for burial planning. Bet she never saw that coming when she entered Hollywood.
yep! Morgan Fairchild was the star. Don't ask how I pulled that out of the recesses of my brain. Lol
Watching Walker Texas Ranger and Morgan Fairchild is advertising They've got my demographic down.
Watching Friends re-run, yelled "ooh, Morgan Freeman!" when Morgan Fairchild walked in. Yeah, nope.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Bernadette Peterss, Donna Mills and Morgan Fairchild look great. Somehow, they have defied the aging process.
Makes me think of exchange with Morgan Fairchild! 😘
OK. That's it. Nothing can make ya feel older than Morgan Fairchild pitching burial insurance on TV.
No Woman Alive has Mastered the Art of being Elegant and somehow staying HOT at the the same time as Morgan Fairchild has.
I've been following this wonderful lady for ever and my vote would be Ms Morgan Fairchild.
Is it true your "witness" will be accompanied by his wife, Morgan Fairchild?
Hope you like reading this reminiscence! You are awesome!.
Sure, I had a threesome with Morgan Fairchild and Gary Coleman - back in the '80s it was just a thing you did.
My friend can you follow my friend Morgan Fairchild she is a sweet heart and very intelligent
Hilary Duff on The View looking like Morgan Fairchild on Oprah in 1985.
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