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Moot Court

A moot court is an extracurricular activity at many law schools in which participants take part in simulated court proceedings, which usually involves drafting briefs (or memorials) and participating in oral argument.

National Moot Court Competition Moot Court Room

Uhmm... Our Moot Court's summer competition has been live for an hour and a half already and I have received ZERO briefs. Tick Tock, people.
LSAT Score?. Moot Court Team Member?. Of course not. These are details only law school students understand. . And onli…
Moot points: Under Shariat Act 1937, Muslim husband can't go to court for divorce; he must do it himself or via clerics
Moot points: Under Marriage Dissolution Act, 1939: a Muslim wife can go to court or Islamic clerics to seek divorce.
Sure... but who reigns him in? Cause he's treated the court of public opinio…
Sort of moot - Trump can not fire a Supreme Court Justice. He could lie and promise...
"Forced" how? Compelled by court of public opinion (which thus far seems to have been moot…
(Doc. 40 ) is granted. Motions 55 , 58 , and 59 are dismissed as moot. The Clerk of Court shall terminate this lawsuit.…
Great to see my old Jessup moot court partner Grant Worden on Parliament Hill today!
Considering sometimes defs are not in court at 10am that is a moot point
Legally ⚖ Coogs participate in a moot court competition conducted entirely in Spanish.
CJ shariat court addresses moot at IIUI .
I accompanied El to the Moot court earlier tonight bcs she had to see her debate lect and they had some sort of debate finals thing going on
Moot court done! Nice experience of giving expert testimony in…
Judge and lawyers are in chambers (the woodshed?). Waiting for court to resume but injunction appears to b a moot i…
Congrats to moot court team on its 1st place win, and to TE coach Brandon Cox!…
OU moot court program ranked second
Heidelberg's Moot Court Team coached was awarded 2nd best Applicant Memorials at intl finals
Meet some of the outstanding graduates:Laura Garcia '17, was active in moot court and clinic work.…
Reminds me of Moot, he went to court so many times, thanks 4chan, his answers were interesting to read. ->RT
Succession got me like... selfies are an escape @ Ukzn Pmb Moot Court
Registrations are now open for the 10th Henry Dunant IHL Moot Court Competition - Pakistan National Round!...
Excellent climate justice moot court by my DLSU international law students m. Squaring off are the Philippines,...
Pak wil lose one more case in int court because army and nawaz at one page just doing drma of saza moot ?when pak w…
Moot Court Society FH Unpad extend our heartiest greetings on this pious Vesak Day 2561!
we should just have a live moot court debate on this. What public venue works for you? 140 characters just isn't cutting it.
No summers off Moot Court members prep case with to compete fall 2017
Only 22 more days before the 2017 SXM Moot Court competition is on!
He is alrwady sentenced to 100 + yrs. You want 200? Wicomico Court has the lead. Any more sentence…
Our team are at Bond University, enjoying the sunshine and preparing for their moot court this afternoon.…
I should remind you that the GSEs did not react when the lower court ruling in favor of Greenberg…
Gets home after a super hectic day plus insane moot court session only to find dinner and dessert waiting for me😍😍😍. ❤❤
Well done👏We won the moot court and we all getting 90%👏 The distinctions are in reach, lets grab them👏
It's the Beginners Moot Final at Norwich Crown Court. Good luck to all finalists!
Good Luck to at Moot Court competition tomorrow!
17 African Law students qualify for final round of the 15th WTO Moot Court
Ma'am, we need our visas urgently to represent India at a Moot Court competition at Adelaide university. Las…
.Moot Court team wins best brief, finishes top 8 at national competition -
"Yeah, obviously it was unconstitutional.". - Literally anyone who has ever taken Con Law/competed in Moot Court.
UWC Law School has always been victorious. Proud to personally know Kessler Perumalsamy((a HARD worker!).
BDU School of law has advanced to the final round in the Second National Moot Court Competition being held at...
I'm knitting special order hats over the break for a $10 donation to Creekview Moot Court. This is Mrs. Isch's-con…
I hope everything gonna be okay tomorrow in the last level in moot court in . I didn't fini…
Somebody should come research and write my Moot Court brief for me
Happy Festivus everyone! My Feat of Strength is to carry a dozen donuts to a moot court.
Cordially inviting all to the 1st Midhun Lukose Memorial Moot Court Competition at Aligarh Muslim University -...
If legislation makes GSE litigation moot, it prevents a lot of FHFA dirty laundry from coming out in court
well that would be for a court to decide, but as I said, he would not get a fair trial so it's really moot.
I just checked & I got my 2nd one at some point. Our moot court grades are prepared but we can't have them yet for some reason
Thats more lile it 😆We taking over moot court next semester.
Oh well ... this decision is a moot point once UK leaves EU. Triple whammy to the Brits.
If yal think me and aren't gonna learn dance and do it in the moot court foyer you got another thing comin! Lmao
Congrats to Loyola's National Moot Court Competition team for taking first place and a best oral advocate award.
Wits legal eagles head to world moot court finals via
is pleased to announce the members of the 2016-2017 Appellate Moot Court Society
Support Yamuna in her quest to win a top interNational Moot Court Competition via
Saying it will soon be moot, the Kentucky Supreme Court rejects the U of L Board of Trustees case
1/3 SCELG's was invited to serve as a subject-matter expert in the Int'l Law Moot Court C…
It's not that the court has ruled it's moot, it's that the court hasn't yet established jurisdiction thus the reque…
Some good news for in the festive season? Or a moot point after - ECJ deems illegal
Sadly you're quite justified, the latest EU court ruling might be entirely moot once brexit happens.
I do not need any cheerleaders at my moot court. And I cannot imagi...
A TCPA defendant's attempt to dismiss claims in MA court fails for the third time. Details here:
Today is the last day to register for Moot Court!
We'll be hosting the wonderful Jean Dreze tomorrow at NUJS with 11:30 am. Moot Court Hall. Be there! Reco…
Open forum today at 1:40 in the Moot Court!
"Yet you’re not allowed to feel some butterflies before your moot-court argument?".
Second Edition of Moot Court Competition organized by OSCE Presence in Albania
International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction in Africa unless Africa gives them jurisdiction. ICC is a moot...
PM and continue trying to block expat voters from Charter rights.
The Higher School of Law students took part in the Moot Court on English Law / / KAZGUU University hosted an op..
Seeking attorney to volunteer as judges for our Feb 4, 2017 – 13th Annual Williams Institute Moot Court Competition
"Liberals want Supreme Court to put expat voting ban on hold before they" lose
Will be interesting whether SCC grants adjournment in Frank v Canada Legislation tabled so feds…
Low key I’m competing in some Moot Court competition on the 16th and I gotta quit the team for 2Chainz
Great to have Chief Justice French officially open the new Moot Court today! thanks!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Avery Horne was recognized by Gaston County Schools for placing first in the state Moot Court competition. Avery...
SA tops at interNational Moot Court Competition
Judging the 2016 Sutherland Cup Moot Court Competition on this beautiful Friday…
Osgoode advances to International Rounds of Price Media Law Moot Court in Oxford, England. https:/…
Good luck to our students National Moot Court Competition this weekend!
African round of ELSA Moot Court competition in Grahamstown -
This week, hosted Fla.'s Third District Court of Appeal in its Moot Court Room!
Today's Court News: MSC moot court; Judge Marlinga to preside over mock trial finals; & more
And I would remind Hugh that when caves on the court will be a moot point by election time.
It's the Supreme Court. Those alleged cases could go that long anyway. Moot point. Suggestion: Hire more knowledgeable people. -VJ
Our Lustrumweek has been a great success so far with a pub-quiz, moot court and career day. Tonight we host the...
Great to see news of a former pupil doing well (in German):
Yet no one knew where it went? I filed a report, summons and all that. But finals+moot court were coming up, I didn't have time to pursue😞
It was only 2 months old with my entire life on it (class outlines, moot court documents, class notes...not yet saved to cloud).
Three out of five Regional Rounds of the 14th ELSA Moot Court Competition are already completed. We would like to...
Temple Law students recently had opportunity to watch moot arguments in Williams v. PA, local case heard by
3rd EUROPA Moot Court Competition will take place on 21 and 22 March 2016.
Hear in our Moot Court, Treforest reading from tonight 6.30pm
Comission of moot court (with Ade mulya and Ashifa at Dominic Hotel) —
If judge had any backbone, would have issued injunction. I guess they r hoping it is moot pt by time of court date
all the best for your moot court competition!!! Be confident
Good luck to 3Ls Pamela Swanson & Bridgette Buchanan, representing at the Wagner Moot Court Comp
Proud to be part of the Uvaldo Herrera moot court team by cardenas_diego
UCI Law team advances to Jessup Moot Court quarterfinals and wins special recognition for brief:
Duke vs Yale in the next round. Sounds more like a moot court challenge than a NCAA Div I basketball match-up
Saturday will be the biggest vs matchup since Moot Court Mania 2011.
Tip to prospective moot court'ers: don't wear a backpack on top of your suit jacket of you want to look like an adult.
"What Do We Do About Syria?" Wallenberg Lecture now in the Moot Court w Prof Harold H. Koh
I beat Yale when I was in law school (BC) during regional moot court competition but I don't think it's quite the same thing
It's a moot point with Scalia's death. Anti-Gun Democrats now control the Supreme Court. Guns (cont)
Yale versus Duke would make a great law school moot court matchup.
Congrats to our LLMs winners of Best Brief for the Taxpayer at the Int'l Tax Moot Court at the University of Leuven!
If Ed Grimley made the Moot Court team, he would sound like Ted Cruz.
The Criminal Procedure Moot Court Tea is off to compete in the John J. Gibbons National Criminal Procedure Moot...
Oh yeaah the Moot court thing. Naah o i came home. How's it going?
but the reality is, by the time the court hearings are over it will all be moot because Apple will have new encryption tech
The local rounds of the National Moot Court Competition are ongoing! Today, it was ELSA Tilburg's turn, and...
TE-coached moot court team places 4th in the nation FDMCC! Congrats team!
nah I can't I have moot court and class
UNH Law congratulates Sarah Kim & Casey Griffith for performance in the Rich Patent Moot Court Competition at Suffolk Law in Boston.
One year ago today I made it to the UK Supreme Court to argue a contract case in the City Scholars Moot
South Africa is the next destination. African Round is coming up!
Behind the scenes at New Law College in preparation for the Moot Court competition.
Colorado Law scored three-peat at 2016 Natl Telecom Moot Court Competition. Congrats on 3rd consec. 1st place win!
Honestly, giving up moot court feels like a breakup but God is opening up so many other doors and it is time to say goodbye 😔
Ten Universities from Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania will gather to compete against each other htt…
Moot court with Justices Atuguba,Torkonoo, and Dotse at the faculty today! Whop
So excited for spring break but first: 15 page paper, moot court, 3 midterms, and another paper🙃🌞
Circular dated 21/3/2015 about College Silver Jubilee Celebrations and Moot Court for the respective semesters - http:/…
Moot Court competition season is in the air. Good luck to all the teams that are competing & thank you for all of your hard work!
Shoutout to my Brother Omorégie & Sister Alexis for doing work in this Moot Court Competition! Representing! ✊🏿
We are so grateful for the support! Thank you for making moot court at STU a success!
Pleased to sponsor moot court team & celebrate their achievements at American Nationals in California!
"I was taught through speech, debate, and moot court to analyze everything. ”
Celebrating STU Moot Court success with partners from
A big win for Bodie Colwell's Maine Law team at the first annual Northeast Regional Duberstein Tournament in Boston:
I thought LSE had a decent moot court...tsk tsk
Congratulations to our Jessup Intl Law Moot Court team, regional quarterfinalists and authors of third-place brief!
Moot court competitions are essential to develop advocacy skills early on. Thanks
Donald H. Steckroth to judge at the 24th Annual Duberstein Moot Court Competition
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Good luck to all teams participating in the National Moot Court Competition on 2/26 & 2/27!
Ted - not everyone has been on a moot court team. Congrats on being a lawyer.
Congratulations to ex intern at Bianca DiBella for winning law moot court competition
Proud to support the National Cultural Heritage Moot Court Competition! Best of luck to all the teams!
Samsung won an appeal in 2nd Apple Case, but really it won the court battle when Apple failed to get injunctions.
First trip away from this monster – in Chicago for the national cultural …
Proud to be able to establish a scholarship for Moot Court at Emory University School of Law.
Congratulations to our BV Moot Court teams. They took 1st and 3rd in their competition. Way to go Broncos!
Hey law student! Are you thinking of joining Read our newest blog post to find out why you should
Congrats to Kate Fulkerson, named "Best Advocate" at the 2016 Catholic University Immigration Law Moot Court Competition!
Yay, my group won our Moot Court case. Now, we can put this project behind us.
COL/cultural heritage law moot court competition begins this afternoon. Subject: Parthenon Marbles, FSIA and act of state
Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall judging moot court finals at Cornell Law School in…
Want to become a barrister? Sign up now for: 'Applying for the BPTC' Weds 2/3/16, 1:30-3:30pm, Law School Moot Court
Going to Mahipal university tomorrow for a moot court competition as a judge.
The moot court and trial teams, this week at competition with Prof. Orenstein.
Best wishes to our President Conor & Moot Court Convener Ailbhe who are competing today in the Intervarsity Moot Competition 🍀
Point is moot for now, since the US court already has sided with Apple.
still debates like in moot court competitions. Clean. Formal. But looks like fake, like an actor playing.
for the Moot Court competitions tomorrow🙌🙌 . Wearing my BRAND NEW Shirt jeans and Blazzer😍. 💄💅💋
Done with moot court. Let's go for some ball game tomorrow. 😁☝🏻️
Thank you to for supporting the Human Rights moot court team.
law students are taking part in the All Kenyan Moot Court Competition at KU Sch. of Law.
At opening ceremony for the 4th edition of the annual moot court competition @
i can't. Nagreready kami for moot court duy. Sorry.
The Jessup Intl Moot Court team competed well in Rocky Mountain Regional competition last weekend
Last lecture theatre for the day: Moot Court.
I actually think we recruited people for moot court today
You look like you're at a moot court competition Marco. Sit down - you're out of your league.
Judge Barry should have dismissed the case as moot in one sentence in light of the Supreme Court decision in Stenberg v. Carhart
But you supported Roberts appointment to the court. Your point is moot Ted.
WLSA would like to congratulate board member Meredith Simons on her success in the 2016 Dean's Cup Moot Court Competition!
Volunteer opportunity for att'ys: coach and/or judge moot court on Bill of Rights at Arlington VA 7/13
My moot court team just presented outstanding oral arguments to a panel of three New Mexico appellate judges. I'm incredibly proud.
Looking forward to the National Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition at DePaul Law-welcome judges and good luck participants!
Cheer on the participants from Sint Maarten at the Moot Court competition in Den Haag
We are proud to support the and the 2016 Moot Court Competition:
Congratulations to on winning its Ninth American Moot Court National Championship.
Also, the relationships I built that I'm carrying with me came from chapel guild, chorale, and Eden Troupe, not moot court.
I love how our school loves recognizing moot court and debate, but not the other 230-ish individuals who are integral to our school.
Don't miss to participate in 6th National Moot Court Competition 2016. . Event Date- 5th and 6th March,2016.
11:30 book launch for prof Bruce Pardy's Ecolawgic in the Moot Court. See you there!
What you should not miss today at 8:00 pm. Moot court!. Only on
Ok. No more politics. No more Moot Court. I'm playing Playstation for the rest of my weekend. I've been working too hard
“USC team wins Asean moot court competition via go Kuya Mark
USC team wins Asean moot court competition via
this is. Great article and is going to be of great help to my moot court argument
"All you need is a court to agree with you, and you're good to go." Our opinions are moot.
Bengaluru law varsity bags DU's moot court award
Bengaluru law varsity bags DU's moot court award - Times of India
NLSIU beats George Washington University at criminal law moot court
Wishing the best of luck to our home team today in the Annual Pre-Law Moot Court Tournament! Go McGill!
Bengaluru law varsity bags DU's moot court award: National Law School of India University, Bengaluru, won the first…
Moot Court and Mute Judges. Great advice for today's judges at finals at CSULB! (I'll be kind). Good luck to all. https:/…
Closing nite..National Moot Court Competition. .held by Faculty of Law UGM... supported by…
No! I don't think I could handle Macias for 2 courses + moot court. Dawson is teaching civil rights!
USC team wins Asean moot court competition -
Great seeing former TTU BLSA VP, Chauncey Lane, at regionals. Congratulations to Mr. Lane and his UT moot court team. Good luck at nationals
Dear Law Students, . Rules of the mootcourt competition 2016 are now available on our website, you can apply now!
//Moot Court Competition//. Have you registered for the ELSA Ireland Moot Court Competition yet?. Registration is...
will a Court have to make this issue moot?
Moot court, wow these high school students😱😱
Runner up for K K Luthra memorial moot court competition is George Washington University, USA
NLU Banglore wins the K K Luthra memorial moot court competition 2016
Justice Chelameswar's address at the 12th KK Luthra Memorial Moot Court in New Delhi!
Justice Chelameshwar addressing the gathering at K K Luthra memorial moot court 2016
FML forgot. therefore pl can sue def. successfully unless def can prove that his statement is true.😂. Ms, let's have a moot court
Men among boys. Could not be happier for my good friends Caleb Engle and for taking home the Moot Court National Championship.
Congratulations to Thurgood Marshall on being named regional champions for the Fredrick Douglass Moot Court Competition.
Congrats to YSU's Andrik Massaro/Jake Schriner-Briggs qualifying for the final 8 at the National Moot Court Competition!
I had him for Moot Court, not evidence, but still very sad. I had Comrade Bitensky for evidence.
At NUJS on 9.1.16 on the occasion of Justice Dr B P Saraf Tax Moot Court Competition- addressing on moot problem
Patrick Henry College wins its Ninth American Moot Court National Championship . We actually don't know which...
technically, I left today open to work on my moot court brief or journal note edits. Clearly, that is going well
(2/2) Rocky Mountain Regional BLSA Moot Court Competition in Denver. Pictured with Desiree and Stan is Coach Chris Staine ('10).
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
My law school moot court problem is all about Harry Potter and and I have never been so excited about school in my life!!! ⚡️
Hustings for the CULS Executive elections is taking place at the Law Faculty TODAY at 16:45 (G28, Moot Court Room)
Law Minister of Gujarat inaugurates 'Moot Court' for law students in GLS college, Ahmedabad.
Moot Court - Fisher vs. Univ. of Texas at Austin.
vague and over breadth, the court must have gotten hold of my 1L moot factum
Waiting for the judge in moot court today for students
First Mini Moot Court is over. and heard arguments...
Day two of European Human Rights Moot Court Comtetition is taking place in NSA Court in Warsaw. Feel free to join us
DEATH PENALTY: Senators consider capital punishment for peddlers of fake drugs |
, , Thank you for your commitment Ulaanbaatar Moot Court 2015
Don't forget apps close next week for the InterNational Moot Court Competition in Mumbai
to successful Moot Court teams of years past! This team represented about 25 years ago.
omg, don't tell me that. I'm dreading next semester. My moot court comp is at WVU in March! But the prob drops Dec 23. 😞
Maybe there's a moot court somewhere that would take him on.
Moot court assessment tomorrow and it's safe to say I'm going to get ripped to shreds 🙃🙃🙃🙃
Reporter arguements for Phil Lyman records release focuses on this Utah Supreme Court ruling from Aug:
Today was my last day of moot court before we leave for the big competition on Thursday. My prof thought my arguments were really strong 👊🏻
Congrats to the Moot Court team scoring 175.5 out of 200 today. 👏
What will SCOTUS do? Moot?Court's expert: Shift voters from 3rd to 4th, avoid wholesale changes in congressional map
Attorney Trent, Grace, and Susanna for Burwell. Freshmen seminar moot court
Congrats to the moot court team for earning a spot at the national competition with its first place regional finish!
studying my moot court arguments like crazy. We leave for Massachusetts on Thursday for the competition 😬
MSU law continues to kick butt. Last weekend one of our Moot Court teams won the Chicago Bar Moot Court Competition. Congrats!
1st SLAMSH ANNUAL INTERNational Moot Court Competition 2016 going to be held on feb 22-24 in Nepal.
are Entertainment Law Moot Court champs for 4th time in 8 yrs! 36 nat'l titles and counting!
Deflate Gate legal discussion going on now at Moot Court Room!
Today we are hosting the Fifth Annual Patent Law Moot Court Competition sponsored by the firm.
Tomorrow, are giving a how to moot talk at 5:30PM in CG85. Hear tips from barristers with Court of Appeal experience!
Congrats to our former summer associate Meghan Cleary, who argued last night in the Harvard Ames Moot Court final.
ThinThread could have protected the 4th & still getting the data needed. moot now though, need a court order to get it
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Justice Kagan presided over the final round of Ames Competition yesterday. liveblogged it:
Avinash Krishnan Ravi, Convener Amity Moot Court explains that Rajnikanth's movies Robot and Shivaji inspired him to f…
Reminder! Workshop tomorrow with David Swanney about 'Advocacy in the Sheriff Court'. 1pm in the Moot Court Room. All are welcome!
ALL RISE is a portrait of the Jessup, an international moot court.Its good if a bit slickly put together.
naaahh don't forget to wear black n white so that no one will notice you in the moot court. If ada yg tau, itu jodoh.
When your FIU Law Moot Court team 4-peats at a HUGE ABA competition ...
UPH takes second place in 2015 FDI moot court
Pia Streicher - Sucessfull in last years Moot Court and now part of the Coaches of Team Tübingen
Theresa Schneck - Teammember last year, Coach in this years Moot Court
Open reading in the Moot Court: poet Tamar Yoseloff | University of South Wales
We're looking forward to seeing you at 17:30 in the Moot Court!
Moot tonight! 6:30pm in the Moot Court Room. Graeme and Lauren v Jessica and Hayley.
. LOL! May have vetting process but assuredly not implemented! And moot as Fed Appeals Court Stay x2!
Congrats! I wish moot court was like college sports and I could recruit her for a team at my school.
Extraordinary young people participated in Jessup International Law Moot Court competition viewed through
Electronic Device Insurance
Tomorrow is moot court competition and I couldn't be more excited and nervous at the same time 😁
Live from Austin Hall: live blog of the 2015 Ames Final! Starts now
Ames Moot Court finals starts in 20 minutes. We will be live blogging the event
Good luck to the Ames Moot Court finalists speaking tonight before Supreme Court Justice Kagan! Do Crimson proud!
Is it possible to watch live? Or will video be uploaded after moot court? Thanks!
Congrats to our students, winners of the National Moot Court Competition Region VIII tournament!
Congrats to all students who competed this past wknd & to Edward Kuester for taking 1st in our Herzog Moot Court Competition!
Many thanks for offering online legal research access for moot court competition. Students in research mode!
Congrats to Matt McElwee, named best oral advocate in the National Moot Court Competition regional tournament!
Moot Court season is upon us and this demands a considerable portion of my time for a few weeks. Moot Court is a...
Praying 4 our Moot Court team. They're competing in the Hassel National Con Law Moot Court Competition at this weekend!
Proud Springfield moment - Claire and Clara, overall winners of the National Moot Court Competition 👏🏼💙
That's official! Justice Margaret McMurdo has just officially opened the USC Moot Court.
True! The remaining 41% of AIKOLIANs need to come down to vote at Moot Court for this final one hour! 😀
LSAT, law school applications, school work, moot court, etc. I'm a busy man
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
(that said, I'll bet the court dismisses for lack of personal jurisdiction and the anti-SLAPP is denied as moot.)
First moot court meeting was scheduled at 9:15 tonight, so I guess I'll just sit here for two hours.
First time working for real on wednesday...Ill be calling colleges/universities to verify their invitations for moot court. So scared! 😱😢
work w/moot court national champion. It's about as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop
Lawyer chips away at charges against Pennsylvania attorney general, calls some of them 'moot': PHILADELPHIA (A...
Just had to present my first oral argument in Moot Court. 🎉
"What did u do all summer?" Me: "uh drink, tan, drink, work, moot court, drunk"
The Fall Oath of Attorney Ceremony will be held on Sept. 22 at 6:30 p.m. in the Moot Court Room & Room 263.
I was talking with a lawyer friend on this yesterday. The problem is the court has decried so much of it moot.
I'd rather find my rich husband acting as opposing counsel in the moot court though
Law College organized a workshop of Moot Court proceedings at Room IMS
Moot court trials... *** near hyperventilated before the hearing
What else they got there in dengkil? Moot court for law students?
So I had my first moot court experience today ! I'm hooked !
How differently and detainees are treated . Apartheid in action
That feeling when you nail a tough question from the judge in moot court.
The Moot Hall housed the court of "Porte Mote" for trade matters, Court Leet for minor offences& the Courts of Kings Pleas & the Treasury.
Kare College opens moot court hall:
Candid photo of our 3 judges during the moot court cracking a joke 😄😄
Moot court judges listening intently
The moot court participants being grilled by the judges. @ Four Points by Sheraton Penang
Counsel for the Applicant in the moot court. @ Four Points by Sheraton Penang
Day 4 of Minutes before the moot court, the teams are still deep in discussion. @ Four…
If I read the decision correctly, the court affirmed the validity of 18USC §922(g)(5). So, it's kind of a moot point.
Moot court 😂👍. Feels like I'm watching an episode of Suits
ALSA LC UI is the champion of the very first ALSA InterNational Moot Court Competition!… (w/ Raoul) [pic] —
It is frightening to think who his advising lawyers are ... claiming the Supreme Court decisions are moot? What?
Went to a Moot Court in Wits last year. . Law degree is hella interesting at the point of the curriculum 😂
So I have to study this by Wednesday and I have moot court same day 😭.
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