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Moon River

Moon River is a song composed by Johnny Mercer (lyrics) and Henry Mancini (music) in 1961, for whom it won that year's Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Audrey Hepburn Andy Williams Henry Mancini Frank Sinatra Lake County Danny Williams Holly Golightly Strictly Come Dancing Blake Edwards Johnny Mercer Paul Potts

Shine like moon in the night sky, flow like river to the ocean. To the Love.
I watched Under The Same Moon last night and I had a dream I was drowning while crossing the river. 😪💔
“ Thoughts lying on top of a river at night where there’s no one, the moon is up, and cherry blossoms are flying in the air.”
Sun rising/ moon still reflecting on the river.
- huge grey rock which stood by the shore of the river, and was litten by the light of the moon. And the rock was grey, -
The river must be calm to reflect the full moon..
The only part I can even remember is the part where she sings Moon River and that gets endlessly re-shown.
Full moon over London's South Bank, and River Thames makes you fall in lov…
Lyrics from "Moon River" embroidered along the train of a Paolo Sebastian wedding gown.
Super Moon - art & culture, artist Rosella Namok from the exhibition
We're after the same rainbow's end, waiting round the bend. My Huckleberry friend, Moon River, and me
Between Mary and Moon River and the cochlear implant show has destroyed me 😭😭😭
🎶Moon River, wider than a mile, I'm crossing you in style some day.🎶
Tribes documentary - Tribes in amazon river of amazon dancing with moon ... via
Looks a great hotel, babe!You're the Audrey Hepburn of Cyprus!Moon River?
Thx for the Like on Moon River man, 1 of my fave songs ever. Hope ur well. Now following! W71P42
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
It's so weird to see one of the places i hang out the most at basically submerged by rain + river
ONLY ONE MORE SLEEP!. Santa arrives in Carrick On Shannon tomorrow at 4pm. He'll be arriving to town on Moon River...
Two best versions of ‘Moon River’ are the original sung by Audrey Hepburn, and my dad’s.
. when my thoughts. speak too loud. I listen to the river . and the moon
Moon River pandora radio is everything
singing Moon River to Lang Lang's piano proves it. We need an album if standards from her. Love her stuff forever but that voice
I just did it again except this time it was just Dreams by Fleetwood Mac & "Moon River" and now he's asleep again. omg my ovaries, they ache
People that don't think that password and moon river waltz aren't some of shinees best Japanese songs are senile
Moon River 🌕💙 "Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. then your love would also change.". William...
The moon hangs over Rifton town. Rifton is divided in 2 parts by a river. Im still working on part 2.
The moon, the river, the camp, the resistance.
Staunton River 30 Rustburg 14 with 7:04 left in the 2nd qtr
Listening to Moon River and remembering when I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's with
Aww bless that OAP singing moon river ☺️If that was June singing I'd be in floods of tears 😭😂
I added a video to a playlist Moon River
A view from Grianan tonight towards St Johnston. The river Foyle is under there somewhere. Wonderful fog filled view…
This sushi place just started playing a woodwind arrangement of "Moon River" and wow I really didn't need to feel anything more today
I would love to show you my at 190 Moon River Trl
Moon River by Frank Sinatra is number 2 in Brunei Darussalam top 100 songs
Love Andy Williams, especially Moon River and his Christmas albums.
"Ever since I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's, I've been trying to write Moon River". Neil Hannon at .
My neighbors in Manhattan aren't nearly this lovely, Audrey Hepburn singing "Moon River" in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' (1961).…
There's such a lot of world to see..🎼 ♫ Moon River by Audrey Hepburn & Henry Mancini (at Zona Nora) —
It's At noon & 6pm we're playing music by Henry Mancini & others. Music like Moon River & Pink Panther.
I liked a video Moon River by Nora Aunor
Moon Falls is located on the Moon River, just outside the village of Williams - Lake County, Oregon https:/…
Thanks for coming to Casino Rama. Thanks for singing Moon River :) .
I like Logan more this third time around on Gilmore Girls. Ugh and Rory making the moves during Moon River. BUT HES STILL NOT JESS. Ugh.
When I heard 'Moon River', at first I thought it was just a nice song, but ...
A Moon River cruise on the river shannon is only a few clicks away...
Our Summer 2 Night Package includes a leisurely afternoon cruise on the River Shannon with Moon River. Check...
Listening to "Moon River" by Andy Williams makes me want to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's
Five-minute interview: what gives her the 'mean reds' and Moon River
ooh, dream maker u heart breaker wherever ur going , im going ur way🍃 ♫ Moon River by Andy Williams
New CD-Moon River & Me: A Tribute to Andy Williams is available for pre-order! See my blog for links
Okay, enough politics and sports for the evening...cue Moon River, Breakfast at Tiffany's is on TCM.
I dare you to drive through manhattan at night listening to Moon River and not shed a tear
If you need help dealing with rainy day, pre-SXSW traffic rage just sing a bunch of curse words to the tune of "moon river" it werked 4 me!
Moon Falls is located on the Moon River, Lake County, Oregon!
THE RIVER by Patrick Jones, a short book from the bestselling author of THE WOLF’s MOON
Last song I willingly listened to was moon river from bayo 2 because of course it was
Full Moon rising over sand dunes at the interview river, West Coast of Tasmania. On of my favourite images from a t…
3/32 the Nile River shine when the moon cast its light over it. "Life has such small treasures that humans take for granted." Tia shook
So Moon River was actually referring to her legs being more than a mile? Oh my god...
There's no denying it. Moon River is my all-time favorite song
I just want a good Taiwanese Drama to watch after Moon River or else I would be forever stuck with Mu Liu Bing. 😩😩😩
Moon River Brewing Company in Savannah, GA. As featured on Ghost Adventures. And I'm here with my best friend.
morning moon--. the string river to face. on the sky. - by little Pobot
Heard the song Moon River.. I miss you Dad so much 😢
Let's walk, along the river, where this shiny gloomy moon keeps on telling us, where love, should exist.
Moon River is my favourite song of all time
Moon river wider than a mile. I'm crossin you in . style some day. Old dream maker you heartbreaker.
Warrandyte River under an emerald moon. That sounds quite poetic really.
I'm obsessed with Bayonetta vers of Moon River
Listening to Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival, on the album: Green River (40th Anniversary Edition)
The sights and sounds of the evening aarati at Ganges river in on the Full Moon 22 Feb 2016 (1/2) https…
Moon River - Breakfast at Tiffany's . If a man sings this to me, I will officially love you forever!!!
Audrey Hepburn used her own voice to sing Moon River in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Now You can Dance with Me, You Have a New Heart. The Tango to Moon River. I'm crossing you in style.
Moon River might be too high tempo for a Scottish League Cup final.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
River Cruise in Kampot, Cambodia on the Full Wolf Moon (January 2016): via
Down by the river in the full moon light,. We'll be fallin' in love in the middle of the night
Fighting with Moon River in the background felt quite nice. Didn't fit completely, but felt nice.
THE river sleeps beneath the sky,. And clasps the shadows to its breast;. The crescent moon shines…
Watched a busker play this on a violin today . Moon River - Breakfast at Tiffany's via
That black moon shinin on the river. That black moon shinin on meee
Thanks Galaxy. You took a perfectly good tune, "Moon River" and bolloxed it up with rapping.
In a few hours I'll be uploading photos from today's trip to a dilapidated farmstead // river-front antique mansion
Guess where we're at... After Church meal with Val! (@ Silver Moon Diner in Middle River, MD)
Moon River by Diana Panton is so beautiful and dreamy
It was a gorgeous day at Styx River Resort for a parade. Lots of beads, stuffed toys & moon pies.
I added a video to a playlist To the Moon | Part 3 | River
I will never understand how we can put a man on the moon and a river on Mars but can't cure cancer. It makes no sense.
Why, everytime I hear "For River" (soundtrack from To The Moon by - I can't hold my tears and avoid to start crying?
i have included a well, a river rfxn of a moon, a bridge, train stations, ramen and beers. I just lack cats and coffee
Valentine Offers from FBM Holidays: FBM Holidays have some new special offers. Moon River…
I obviously need to someday create a picture of a Moon and a river so I can fontplay the Borges quote onto it :)
I added a video to a playlist Bayonetta 2 - Moon River (Bayonetta Version)
One more of the moon while fishing tonight. Such an awesome night on the Onkaparinga River.
… spilling trucks & hazardous loads into the Moon River? 2/2
Best Audrey H film has to be Bkfast at Tiffs Predictable but I just ❤️ it. Moon river with guitar. U could not want for more!
I cant wait to be a mummy and sing moon river to my child
january moon -. ice on the river -. I can't stop counting. the many ways. home.
Lovely evening for a run along the river
pag gusto ko talaga, nagagawa ko. Learned how to play Moon River in less than an hour. Record-breaking! Polishing needed though. 214 is next
Hugh Panaro received standing ovations throughout his program tonight at What a Phantom he was. Closed with…
I'm not a huge fan of covers, but man, Morrissey's Moon River gets me
The and have come much later. eulogises natural bodies: Fire, Sun, Moon, River, etc.
I added a video to a playlist Harrison Craig singing Moon River on TheVoiceAu
Plus Rory pulling Logan away from the party while Moon River plays in the background when Miss Selene calls her Audrey Hepburn all the time.
Check out my Moon River (Audrey Hepburn Cover) . It'd be cool if you'd listen it and tell me what …
Audrey Hepburn's version of Moon River is my favorite from the movie
Was Tracy in singing La Vie En Rose a nod to Holly's Moon River in B'fast @ Tiffany's and
We're after the same rainbow's end, waiting 'round the bend. , My huckleberry… ♫ Moon River by Jane Monheit —
To the lady who sang Moon River with us from her bed across the ward in Whipps Cross with tod…
What's the best Johnny Mercer song: Come Rain or Come Shine, One More For My Baby..., Moon River, Days of Wine and Roses, Summer Wind?
I'm listening right now Bill Frisell - Moon River
Uncle Jabadiah on line 2, miss ya... like a cryin' river to a dryin' moon.
it's the little things! seeing her face on that field was priceless! Plus spending time with Jimmy was the best! Nicest guy!
Not gonna lie...I got tears in my eyes when I realized just how much that meant to her. Such a softie in my old age 😜
That's truly special. I am so glad she is being encouraged to achieve her dream. 💙
keanftFORD: My huckleberry friend, moon river, and me DJP.
thank you! It's been an overwhelming experience. it is hard to really express how happy has made my little girl
In reading that, the love for your family and your appreciation of that trip really comes through. I think you did well! 😄
My huckleberry friend, moon river, and me DJP.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I've just watched episode S01E30 of Moon River!
I've just watched episode S01E29 of Moon River!
moon_river_poet: Ever thought about operating your own site? Check out http:// fanvictor "dot" com for more…
It was nice to catch a fish that I didn't even have to measure. @ Moon River
Watching Moon River right now. I bet it get when she meeting "her guy"
I have to read the synopsis then! What i'm watching right now is Moon River and Sassy, go go...
A flight to start. A pint of Boucane to follow. @ Moon River Brewing Company
Why/How did johnny originally have the desire to go to the moon if he forgot his first encounter with river?
I should sleep but I must finish moon river
Bir in thoroughly charming Savannah. (@ Moon River Brewing Company in Savannah, GA)
Morning walk along the Chama river. Note the moon in the sky! @ Elkhorn Lodge
I've just watched episode S01E28 of Moon River!
moon river. Its taiwanese but one of the best idol dramas. Its a romantic comedy but not too heavy on romance. must watch!
My wife did do a very good job making an outfit similar to the one River wears in the "Day of the Moon" episode.
I hope this is Blue Moon and not Animas River blowout water!! At the Fly Fishing Rendezvous…
WHAT IS LOVE? (baby don't hurt me) now imagine if that song was abt in love MOON RIVER OF BLOOD: h…
~moon glints through the mist as I wait in the bushes beside a silver river. Bare trees stand proudly,~
Moon River Brewing Company on Walked in, waiter offered to clean a table. After 20 minutes, the table was st…
Don't forget Half Moon Boo is tonight, 5-6p at the corner of River Mist & Cambrian!
Oh dream maker . You heart breaker . Wherever you're goin' .. I'm goin' your way 💕💕. Moon River 🎶🎶
'The Wolf's Moon' AND 'The River' from 29th to 31st October... via
Anyone watched the Taiwanese drama 'Moon River'?? I have a question about it
Graham Elliot on ‘Moon River,’ sung by Andy Williams (with an almost but not quite Morrissey tale) via
Hey, Peeps! Check this cool cover of one of my favorite songs! Moon River (Mancini) by via
The drunk guy on my street singing 'Moon River' is really making me want to watch Breakfast At Tiffany's.
We’re after the same rainbow’s end. waiting ’round the bend,. my huckleberry friend,. Moon River and me. .
Composer Henry Mancini teaching Audrey Hepburn how to play Moon River - Breakfast at Tiffany's signature song.
I just heard a song called Moon River and the first thing I thought was "Ace you ***
Moon River being murdered in that Galaxy ad. could they not come up with an original song
Man who hasn't spoken for 3 years joins in singing along to Moon River. Extraordinary discussion about music and the brain on
Here's a new video for you folks.My performance of the beautiful old classic 'Moon River' - Thanks to Houston...
Moon River. Wider than a mile. Crossing you in style. Someday
We must be swift as a coursing river. With force of a great typhoon. With strength as a raging fire. Mysterious as the dark side of the moon
Photo: moon-waves: jah-feel: ~A little bit of sweetness by the river~ ~Terrebonne, Oregon~ xx
After last night's super moon an extremely low tide and the river is like a mirror, beautiful.
Foto: foldan-blaed: River beneath the old abbey ruins. My favourite spot on the way to work.
Enter to win $25 Amazon gift card from author D River
I love you over the river and to the moon 🌝
.has revamped 'Moon River'. Check it out in our
It's not "Moon River", it's "Moon Lake" This is a beautiful home on a quiet street in lovely "Lake at Cherry Lane"...
River is comming back to DW. I'm so excited for this
Doctor Who - Season 9 - Alex Kingston (River Song) Returning for the Christmas Special
Dawn light, fog and moon over the Pieman River
Super moon photographed from American River, Kangaroo Island on the 30th August 2015. Cheers Gillian Rayment.
Here's a song for you then, sung by my hubby & singing partner!
Honoring author-activist Pearl S. Buck with a work of dance theater via
New artwork for sale! - "Blue Moon over the Mississippi River" -
I aim my skateboard outward above me with both hands and jump from the top rail of the bridge diving into the river below.
Some of my favorite moments are those of quiet nature. Wading up the Long River in the rain. Wandering the desert dunes under the moon.
We were laying by the river when the moon started dripping 🌔🎶🎶
I added a video to a playlist Ann Margret - Moon River
Last night's moon rise over the river @ DuSable Bridge
Our first dance at our wedding - our song was "Moon River" by Frank Sinatra. Had no idea we would be…
moon river from Breakfast at Tiffanys - perfect for your voice
Spent a lot of time in the forest breathing fresh air, drinking fresh river water and moon bathing at night. I feel like …
If you're planning a trip to the take a few tips from
I'm lying in bed with my blind open looking at the river & the's so bright tonight 😻🌙
Lawrence Welk Orchestra is playing Moon River on Hollywood Candlelight and Wine Lawrence Welk Moon River
This is my jam: Moon River by Andy Williams on Dean Martin Radio ♫
incorrect numbers, but Moon River studios still working to have roads started in August. Sound stages to follow in fall. $FONU
Listening to Moon River (Instrumental Cocktail Party Version) by Ray Conniff, on my Echo!
Moon River by Danny Williams is in Ramada Encore. Download it now at
Here's me on Shock reception of La Traviata. & on Holly Golightly. Was this close to singing Moon River. …
Listen to Frank Sinatra - Moon River by blog Projeto Eutanasia on Wherever u go
Made famous in Breakfast at Tiffany's, discover the history of Henry Mancini's Moon River
Glen Campbell, Neil Young, Matt Monroe, Pharrell Williams, Bob Dylan on the Brazen juke box today and Williams version of Moon River, magic
Listen to Moon River - Patricia Lynn Feat. Adam Moore by Patricia Lynn on
the Olde pink house. Or if you want a bar that also is a brewery then go to Moon River
Oh how beautiful is the craft of Kundan, we love to showcase it at Moon River
On this date in 1964 "Sinatra Sings Days of Wine and Roses, Moon River, and Other Academy Award Winners."
We're after the saaame rainbow's eeend,. Waiting round the beeend. My huckleberry frieeend, Moon River, and me~
Moon River by Danny Williams is in The Black Bull, Richmond. Download it now at
My iPod is in a weird mood today. The Black Swan score followed by early John Mayer and 2 different versions of Moon River? Sure, I'm down.
I liked a video from Moon River, Henry Mancini - Vanessa Sundstrup, harp
Drunk On The Moon, Grapefruit Moon, Pink Moon, Moon River, and the list goes on and on... Just Moon Songs.
Typical Hollywood mentalities.Universal told Blake Edwards to cut Moon River from Breakfast @ Tiffanys because it sucked!
Hey Savannah beer-savvy friends, I'll be bartending at the outside Beer Garden bar at Moon River tonight! Swing by!
"Lying on our backs and countin' the stars where the cool grass grows down by the river in the full moon light..."
A twilight moon rises above the Kamniske mountains and Slovenia's Sava River Valley by Steve McCurry
Quick Moon River Flashback.was the one and the two
Bright moon lights the River Thames, from St. Paul's Cathedral to the National Theatre
Happy Birthday Jerry Butler! "The man who cut the very first record of 'Moon River' has a very special place in my thoug…
Food for thought... Let me make you breakfast in bed, lunch by the river, or dinner under the moon light! Who want it?
Wer waiting around the bend my huckleberry friend moon river and me
Moon Mind. Tuesday, December 9th. Today's Intention: Open your heart wisdom and let it flow like a river of...
Setting Moon over the Minnesota River just before dawn this morning.
“There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They... h…
You say you’ll give me eyes in the moon of blindness. A river in a time of dryness. A harbour in the tempest.
One of the most beautiful tracks in film history: - London FILMharmonic Orchestra: via
“Moon River (Climax Mix)” by Bayonetta 2 OST + Keeley Bumford is my new jam. Listen:
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The moon is bright. The stars are shiny. . The river is flowing. The mountains are standing. . People are not...
Saw this guy snorkelling in the Canning River under the newly risen moon
Moon River by Grant Green from the album: The Complete Quartets With Sonny Clark
fabulous! We're old fashioned *** it will be a slow dance to Moon River. Then it's non-stop disco till sunrise :-)
Been listening to Moon River since yesterday. I wanna know the real meaning of this song so bad.
chevy chase in a new LNP advert explains how GP tax will effect you while singing moon river >
The answer to today's What's That Word on 102.3HFM was MOON - Moon River, Moon Shine & Moonbeam
My favourite American movie from the past is Breakfast at Tiffany's with Hepburn and Peppard and the song moon river.
Moon River will always be my favorite song. Forever.
This morning a beautiful 2 mile run along the river with the moon on one side and the red morning sky on the other. Crispy & cold, perfect!
Check out this item I found on eBay: £7 gets u new endless river street hassle harvest moon live rust and 2 others
We love this gorgeous wedding cake supplied by Moon River Bakery, currently featured inside our wedding boutique! x
now i'll have that Moon River song playing in my head for the rest of the day
Down by the river in the pale moon light, we'll be falling in love
"Moon River" by Andy Williams is my favorite song rn.
Update your maps at Navteq
she said she liked slow I linked her with symptoms and moon river waltz
Moon river, off to see the world...
We're after the same rainbows end. Waitin round the bed my huckleberry friend. Moon river and me
mom walked in while I was singing moon river by myself and then we did a duet love my mom
They are all amazing! If I had to choose JUST ONE only, I'd choose 'Moon River' my huckleberry friend.😍
Moon River sung by Audrey Hepburn always chokes me up lol, hilarious when you're waiting in a shop and it comes on.
u know one of them is Moon River the only moon river I know is in Savannah Ga
This year has a lot challenges to big world, Time of sing 'Moon River' duet with Paul Potts is his big 'One Chance' !
Video: Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly: Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Moon River
Really does. She mightn't be a kind of virtuoso style Diva, still, grasped my heart like Holly Audrey Golightly's Moon River.
It's Like You Never Had Wings Today's offer on "It's Like You Never Had Wings" is here: more deals What i like about you: the complete second season Monster hits karaoke - female country hits Ashes to ashes It's never too late and you're never too old: 50 people who found success after 50 It's like we never said goodbye No. 32 I will never let you down As you like it (folger shakespeare library) Love me like you mean it Immer Moon river A delicate fade Ominous realities: the anthology of dark speculative horrors It's never been like that William shakespeare: as you like it No. 19 Singularity Sif ex sumaga oki kiki demonized statue sculpture Everything i never told you: a novel It's like you never left Brave nu world Love like you've never been hurt (summer lake 1) It's like you never had wings Like it never happened.
Black moon shinin on the river, that black moon shinin on me👌🎶🎶
Thursday Disc of the Day-Prime Time Voice reinvent 40s swing in 2014. Numbers include-Moon River, Hit the Road Jack.
Early start today, travelling to Branson MO. Performing with Daniel at Andy Williams 'Moon River Theatre' for next few weeks
never liked Moon River as performed by AW, but oh my, truly love your rendition, first time I've ever really liked the song xx
' Moon River' cover from the Choccy advert, when the posh girls sits in the back of some bloke's mo…
Purple River Dream Catcher to the Moon Centered by DreamCatcherMan via
Have you seen this: Not So Super Moon. via
Check out my girl Lily singing like an absolute angel
Union is a raging river running toward the sea. Tonight the moon kisses the stars. O beloved, be like that to me.
Serenading with Frank Sinatra and Moon River. He doesn't appreciate it. Also sanity is gone
The river was the muddy yellow shade of the moon. I did all I could to stop rolling. But I was falling through. I was everg…
I added a video to a playlist Danny Williams - Moon River
I added a video to a playlist Andy Williams - Moon River
one of the best battle themes that isn't Moon River, Tomorrow Is Mine or Alraune's theme
I've caught myself humming Moon River about 15 times today.
BBC1. Strictly Come Dancing. Donny Osmond sings Moon River. Heimdall blows his horn, Fenris breaks his chains and Bifrost is shattered.
My mum's watching Strictly Come Dancing and Donny Osmond is doing a pained sort of karaoke rendition of Moon River and it feels like an elderly male relative is dribbling moist battenburg cake into my ears.
Even classic rockers Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton love "Moon River"...
If I could listen to only one song for the rest of my life. It'd be Moon River, no doubt.
Moon River has to be one the best song to fall asleep to.
Moon River- Breakfast at Tiffany's by Paul Potts from Cinema Paradiso. Old dream maker, You heartbreaker. Timeless romantic
* Things we like playing! * [let’s all add to this list! make sure you add song + chord links!] TRAIN - Hey, Soul Sister You Feel My Love - make it easier hit “-3” so it starts on G…but it’s really beautiful in its original key, and not too hard!) - Somebody that I used to know. - Let it be - Creep a Uke version…there are lots ) PLAIN WHITE T’S - Delilah (practice your picking!) PIAF - La Vie En Rose (the HIMYM version!) IDOL (NOUVELLE VAGUE version) Dancing with Myself CROW MEDICINE SHOW- Wagon Wheel SIMONE (and the MUSE version) - Feeling Good HEPBURN (Mancini) Moon River of course, JASON MRAZ, I’m Yours and Lucky…and Somewhere over the rainbow. Look those ones up, they are everybody’s first song! :D
protestors in Ferguson, MO, should take it to Branson because Andy Williams is still singing "Moon River" goddammit
me 2 I'm going to lipsync Moon River by Andy Williams ! - see you there
Paul Anka by Moon River from the album: --
I'm crossin' you in style some day... ♫ Moon River by Frank Sinatra
I visited my friend, Palmer Kane Allen, on his channel the other day (I love Palmer's voice and as I also loved his version of Moon River, I asked him if he would allow me to put my vocals next to his. Palmer was very kind and accepted and so here is the result of this collaboration. I hope you will enjoy this cover. Moon River was written by Johnny Mercer and composed by Henry Mancini ; it was originally sung by Audrey Hepburn in the film by Blake Edwards, Breakfast at Tiffany's which was released in 1961. It was performed by Andy Williams at the 1962 Oscar Awards and was awarded the Oscar for Best Original Song. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. FAIR USE ONLY. Je suis passée voir mon ami Palmer Kane Allen sur sa chaîne l'autre jour (J'aime beaucoup la voix de Palmer et comme j'ai aussi beaucoup aimé sa version de Moon River, je lui ai demandé s'il accepterait que je pose ma voix à côté de la sienne. Palmer a eu la grande gentillesse d'accepter et voici donc le fruit de cette collaboration. J'e ...
I added a video to a playlist Patti Page - Moon River
I need to get someone to slow dance with me to Moon River//Audrey Hepburn
Done nothing all day. I mean, nothing. I was due for a 'do nothing day'. Tonight Terry and I are going to Randys Icehouse. I'm singing Moon River'. (kidding, Tom) Probably KD Lang, Tracy Chapman, Melissa Etheridge.(do I see a theme?) I'll order a burger, eat half, watch Terry drink Shiner Bock, eat the rest of my burger and hear him sing. Johnny Cash or Johny Brice? either will be fine. (Sure do miss Johny and Amy) Then back home to make my famous 'Terry drank one too many Shiner's at Randy's, he's hungry again', three egg omelet. Everyone needs a 'do nothing day'. " Catch your breath. Take your mind off important stuff and sing like a fool."
Awesome shot of the Big East River...water that travels the rugged terrain stretching from to and on to the Moon River and Anybody ever paddled the whole thing?
Indian villagers participate in an annual fishing festival at Haripur in Bhargavi River
I can't listen to "Moon River" and NOT fall in love with Audrey Hepburn all over again.
A Blue Moon on the Chicago river is a great way to end the week ☀🍻
I smile and shake my head looking out to the river slowing as I see the swans. "You don't unnerve me Mr. Graves. You >
> Always warm. I shake my head listening to the river as says that. I lift my head and furrow my brows. "Why would you >
Audrey sitting on the window ledge with a ukulele singing Moon River will forever be my favourite film scene
“Wi-Fi now available on the moon but not on River Ridge.
Just found a cover of moon river by Morrissey! My life is complete~
Moon River was on Tv and just took me back go how much I love that song
Moon River - Breakfast at Tiffany's: awww Audrey always reminds me this... lovely
The winner of this week's is a personal favourite chosen by Rich Maunders, Moon River from...
Audrey Hepburn's Moon River makes me cry every time. I feel like I shouldn't be listening to this rn
Then she steps into the river. And I just stand by the moon. Thinkin' 'bout a ghost I hear at night
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