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Monty Williams

Tavares Montgomery (Monty) Williams, Jr.

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Monty Williams opens up on life after tragedy (by
I was good with Monty Williams and Keatts hire. Don't care for Martin. Ex Illink aren't qualified, sorry. Powell in maybe 5.
They would've hired Monty Williams if he wanted it. Martin stopped doing his job at Cal, that turned off Whitman.
Typical Illinois athletics.. easily could have landed Cuonzo Martin or Monty Williams w/ cash, settled for some mid-major caliber coach..
Post-Apocalypse... episode 3!. 'Monty's Meats' is narrated by Eric Williams.…
Meanwhile Ill already hired their 2nd choice (Monty Williams was 1st) and Washington fired & hired someone in less than a week.
when there was rumors with the likes of Monty Williams, Gregg Marshall and Tony Bennett I was expecting a big name is all
My fav forum comment: "This coaching staff is gonna be awesome once we add Monty Williams as our o…
stupid article. How the *** do you know how Bennett or Monty Williams would've done recruiting Chicago? You don't.
Never ONCE guaranteed Monty was the guy..please anyone show me where I guaranteed monty Williams? I have a few peop…
So when does Monty Williams get introduced as MBB coach? Heard it was a done deal all day. . /sarcasm .
If this Monty Williams/Illinois thing is real then they must have robbed a couple armored trucks
aren't you the guy that said Monty Williams??? Yes, let's trust you👀
Oklahoma-Illinois connection: Whitman may have missed hiring former Thunder assistant Monty Williams, but they land Brad Underwood
i do. Likes to score. Should be fun to watch. And he isn’t Cuonzo, Monty Williams or a mid major coach
A little disappointing after seeing us involved with Monty Williams and Tony Bennett but still a huge step forward.
Update: close friend was wasted last night and does not remember giving me the Monty Williams inside scoop.
Guys, Monty Williams is not Illinois' next head coach. I don't know why this rumor refuses to die. It's just not happening.
Ok guys, you've sold me on an Illini staff of Monty Williams, Tony Bennett, Archie Miller, Gregg Marshall, Scott, Bryce…
Now seeing reports Monty Williams may actually be the guy. Cmon Illinois I can't handle this stress much longer!
Monty Williams is the rumor of the day in Illini land.
not sold on Monty Williams if thats his guy. I just don't believe he is. I think he has zeroed in on Bennett, Marshall, miller.
I think hires Monty Williams. Announcement on Monday after the weekend's action dies down
UPDATE:. Monty Williams - Either no deal or done deal. Flights point to meeting yesterday. I say 90% he's the guy.
But people seem to forget there are 2.3 million other people living in SA area who aren't Monty Williams.
someone flew champaign to Naples so it has to be Whitman offering job to Monty Williams? Isn't he in San Antonio? IDK...
This is next level flight tracking. Monty Williams picking up some heat.
Anything to the Monty Williams rumors heating back up? Is this 4th Meal or just leftovers?
Monty Williams is working in Spurs front office now, expected to be one of NBA coaching market’s elite candidates this…
So why all of a sudden at Monty Williams to Illinois rumors heating up? I thought just 7 days ago that was ended?
If it happens Monty Williams wouldn't surprise me because I have listened to through the whole process
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Then I'm not sure how we hire Monty Williams (a vomit choice).
Haven't we seen this movie before? What about the guy putting the roster together and hiring the coaches? Word to Monty…
Monty Williams will be announced the coach on Tuesday?
Close friend of Whitman told me deal with Monty Williams to Illinois is done. Won't be announced until at the earliest Monday.
Give me Monty Williams or Archie Miller and the Illini will be back ! No more N.I.T.
From my trusted source. Whitmans top 3 candidates for job. 1)Monty Williams 2)Archie Miller 3)Bryce drew...Top 2 will keep walker
Sources: Illinois willing to make Monty Williams one of NCAA’s top paid coaches, but he'll pass. He’s focused on prompt…
Rumor is Illini new coach is former NBA head coach & Team USA coach Monty Williams
We made a mistake in firing Monty Williams...
Monty Williams, Tony Bennett, Gregg Marshall are all good picks for Illini
"Illinois has already whiffed on Monty Williams and Cuonzo Martin." Right, sure they have 🙄
I think his man is Monty Williams. Announcement on Monday
Some random smoke out of nowhere on Monty Williams to as head coach. That's good for keeping the recruiting clas…
FINAL: Gregg Marshall 64, Archie Miller 58 . But the Monty Williams rumblings are heating up so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I’m not sure I buy the Monty Williams to Illinois rumors, but can anyone convince me he’d be a good fit at all?
fans don't count this guy out just yet, Monty Williams:
podcast today is spot on! Check it out.. looks like Jamall Walker and Monty Williams may be a marriage…
For those that dont know the Monty Williams story I encourage you to goggle it. Very heart wrenching and inspiring. Such a…
Breaking: Monty Williams has just been given a pot of gold by a leprechaun dressed in orange. He's considering bringing bac…
Would Monty Williams be a homerun, grand slam, or a double?
Monty Williams got a league average offense out of Greivis Vasquez, Al-Farouq Aminu, rookie AD and Austin, Ryno, and Robin Lopez.
Adrian Griffin doing an amazing job preparing the defense. Considering all the new faces, better than Monty Williams did.
Billy D on asst coach Adrian Griffin with some words on former asst coach Monty Williams
a lot of coaches today were role players. Kevin Ollie for instance. Or even Phil Jackson or Monty Williams
Latest on Darren Collison's court date, Monty Williams' coaching future, Dunn's health, more from out West:
Thabo, Serge, the Beard, Reggie Jackson, Perk, Scott Brooks, Monty Williams, now KD, they ALL have left the Thunder. They'll survive
Monty Williams interview with Hannah Storm on ESPN was outstanding. What an AWESOME GUY, DAD. So much respect for him.
Watch coach Monty Williams drop dimes to Jimmy Butler & Klay Thompson on the football field.
After death of his wife in February, Monty Williams is back coaching with
USA Basketball assistant coach Monty Williams is expected to join the San Antonio Spurs' staff next season in a TBD role…
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Monty Williams talks to me about the loss of his wife and why he's returning to coaching. . http…
wonder if SA tries to bring Monty Williams in as an asst coach. Forgot how close he was to SA franchise
we had a coach like this in Monty Williams.
yeah that is very true they have a very young team. Still can't believe Monty Williams isn't the coach, he got screwed over.
Billy Donovan says Monty Williams will not come back next year.
Billy Donovan says Monty Williams won't be back as an assistant.
Pelicans don't have very good luck. First Ryan Anderson's girlfriend, then Monty Williams wife(though in OKC was once in NOLA) & now BDJ :(
A lot of death around that Pelicans organization. Ryan Anderson’s girlfriend. Monty Williams just left & his wife. Now Bryce. Sad.
best coaching staff in the league...Monty Williams, Anthony Grant, Maurice Cheeks
My coaching want list was Mark Jackson, Brian Shaw, Hornacek or Monty Williams (if he would come back).
why aren't the reaching out to Monty Williams?!?
We could all learn from this... via
and Monty Williams for some reason. Big players coach, like Malone was, yet nothing but crickets?
McLaren could've raced Williams in Russia but fuel saving cost it 50 seconds - Boullier: https:/…
thinking the same thing. Happened last year with Monty Williams.
Nope. Just 'Monty'. Small name for small man.
Monty is just high on himself. All over the landscape. Like Trump.
If you watch anything today, let it be this speech by Monty Williams. Powerful.
Memorial for Monty Williams' wife, Ingrid, who was killed in a wreck this season. 7 is how many in the family.
i see pop is wearing the W7 pin for Monty Williams family. Has he been wearing that since the accident, or is it new?
Monty Williams is sorely missed right now! 😩😩😩
Monty Williams should man up and come back, hope he isn't receiving a paycheck.
you can use red neck all you want to Monty I could care less just shows u havnt got a valid point
good point, he still seemed a bit out of touch w/ his players tho. I'd love to see Monty Williams join the staff
are you a fan of maybe Monty Williams ?
Everyone please keep Monty Williams and his family in your prayers. Beyond tragic.Ingrid was a great mother, wife,…
I would love to see Monty Williams but he must be still grieving but it would be awesome!
I really like Monty Williams. I don't think Luke is quite ready or has clout w/ FAs except Klay - great in a few years.
If I'm the I get rid of Doc, bring in Byron Scott to reunite with and get Monty Williams to come over as the lead assistant
you know who else was a great hire from the Warriors Monty Williams oh wait that didn't work he should have road the hype train
Monty Williams, Mark Jackson, Chris Mullins I can go on but I probably run out of characters to continue
Mark Jackson d fish Brian shaw Monty Williams better options then weak as Luke Walton he only ...
is all about gaming the system. Endorsing supplements and Atlas adjustments. Money under the table. Way to go Monty! 👍
Here's the clue by four: Monty Clift died decades ago.
Monty can work. Gotta do a mean fedora though.
Who's "Monty" and because your premise is false, I'm not going to dignify your paranoid nonsense
Yes or No Monty? Young girls sharing bathrooms with adult men? Cat got your tongue.. or is it Hillary? Same thing..
you didn't answer my question Monty. Do you want little girls sharing a restroom with grown adult pervert men? Yes or no?
Not about religion for me, Monty. About common sense.
YD1 I heard something this last week hope it helps with the missing. It was part of the eulogy that Monty Williams…
why aren't you considering Monty Williams???!
if they wasn't so injury prone. They better than what people think. Well under Monty Williams they was
The lakers will either get Walton or Messina. Honestly I would check Messina seeing as he has the Spurs pedigree but so did Monty Williams..
This dude couldn't post up Monty Williams predaft
Don't know Monty or his family personally but sooo much respect for this speech! Condolences to the Williams family.
Monty Williams would be a good pick up for the young team. But I doubt he will be a head coach next year
Monty Williams, Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson for the lakers and I'm cool.
I hugely recommend you all watch 'Absolutely Anything' on Netflix. Simon Pegg, Eddie Izzard, Monty Python, and Robin Williams.
I have so much respect for Monty Williams. An amazing man of God
Ok...Monty Williams isn't even a top-15 head coach in the NBA
well I guess Monty Williams as a bad coach was fact
year after Scott was fired In New Orleans Pelicans won 46 games with Monty Williams.
I feel bad for Byron Scott but it was the right move for the lakers. Byron Scott is a old school type coach. The lakers need Monty Williams
Hopefully for an encore we hire Scott Brooks or Monty Williams
or...they could call not Monty Williams
When he's ready to coach again. They need to call Monty Williams.
Monty Williams surprises Oklahoma City Thunder ahead of Game 1 win over Dallas Mavericks
Thibs, Brooks, Blatt, Walton all available. Kenny Atkinson more qualified than Rambis. Monty Williams if he wants to
Pelicans should reconsider the Monty Williams - Alvin Gentry trade of coaching staff. The franchise has clearly plummeted.
that's true. Alvin Gentry is bad for his development. Monty Williams was the perfect coach for him.
guessing since Monty Williams was a defensive coach for OKC Thunder they will now sign Tom Thibodeau for remainder of season
Emotional discipline: Phil Jackson, Brad Stevens, & Monty Williams are fine examples: they use smarts & restraint as t…
"It it will work out because God causes all things to work out. You just can't quit; you can't give in." - Monty Williams
Inspiring words from Thunder's assistant coach Monty Williams about his wife at her funeral.
Just sae Monty Williams' speak at wife's funeral...Used to see his wife at Pels games in hall way…
Monty Williams' devastating eulogy for wife as NBA rallies via No, very UPLIFTING
Take 5 minutes and watch this incredible speech from Monty Williams during his wife's funeral. Amazing.
Bryan Gates worked as an assistant to Monty Williams in New Orleans for five years, until last spring
Assistant coach Bryan Gates is back w/ team after he attended funeral services Thursday for Monty Williams' wife Ingrid in OKC.
This is not the first time Monty Williams has shown incredible strength and grace in terrible circumstances
Mitch...just in case you missed this...its a MUSTread...Monty Williams delivers eulogy for his
Article from last season. Showed me the kind of man Monty Williams is. Nothing but respect to that man.. via
Monty Williams' eulogy for wife will give you new respect for the man.
(VIDEO) Monty Williams gives emotional speech about forgiveness at Wife's Funeral:
Just heard the Monty Williams speech in full. What an incredibly brave example of grace under pressure.Thoughts and prayers to both families
Powerful message from Monty Williams. Worth 7 minutes of your time . 1 John 4:16 |
Here's that piece about how Monty Williams was there for Ryan Anderson. Fair warning: you will cry.
"Monty Williams preaches forgiveness for the driver that killed his wife
Monty Williams calls for forgiveness in powerful speech at wife's memorial service:
. This man is so strong! San Antonio loves you Monty Williams
Watch all 7 minutes of Monty Williams at his wife’s funeral. Truth — God's love, grace and forgiveness — was told: htt…
I highly recommend watching Monty Williams speech at his wife's funeral.
Worth your time today: This 2014 piece on how Monty Williams helped Ryan Anderson through tragedy: https:/…
Monty Williams' speech has me speechless, he is a GREAT role model and spoke 100% truth! Pain and all. Praise the Lord for his…
Monty Williams is one of the strongest individuals walking this earth
Man, I just saw Monty Williams' speech at his wife's funeral. Outstanding. What a strong brother! Let's all learn from…
Lasting impression of Monty Williams was how he/his wife cared for Ryan Anderson after his gf died. My heart breaks for Monty & his fam.
Monty Williams is big time man.. His strength and the power of his message at his wife funerals was life changing! Great guy!
Monty Williams speech at his wife's funeral was POWERFUL! To get up there and uplift a room during his situation was…
Monty Williams you're incredible man! Very powerful and strong! So moving watching you. May she continue to live in Paradise…
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Our thoughts are with Monty Williams and his family. Please keep them in your thoughts too.
Monty Williams is a *** of a man. I remember reading he was an amazing source of support for Ryan Anderson after his girlfriend's suicide.
Like chuck said. He's a better man than me. I couldn't imagine losing someone that close. Big ups to you Monty Williams. 🔑🙏🏿
Monty Williams is a better man than me too, Chuck.
Prayers up to Monty Williams and his family. One of my favorite Blazer coaches who truly cared about his players.
I remember reading about Monty Williams's support of Ryan Anderson during his tragedy. He seems like a very good man.
Here is Monty Williams' full 7-minute message at his wife's services today:
A message of love. Monty Williams speaks at Celebration of Life for his wife Ingrid. Watch. https:/…
Wow. Some powerful stuff from Monty Williams on forgiveness today (part 1 via
Memorial Service for Monty Williams' wife Ingrid will be held on Thursday in Oklahoma City
Alabama coach Avery Johnson took time to send his thoughts & prayers to his former teammate/Pelicans asst coach Monty Williams & his family
Here's Ryan Anderson on his visit with Monty Williams today:
The wife of Oklahoma City assistant coach Monty Williams has passed away...
Anthony Morrow, who also played for Monty Williams in New Orleans, on Ingrid:
Prayers for Monty Williams and his family.
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Wife of Oklahoma City Thunder assistant coach Monty Williams dies from injuries suffered in a car crash
Kelvin Sampson says he got a phone alert shorty after Memphis win about friend Monty Williams' wife being killed in car accident
After Ryan Anderson's girlfriend committed suicide, Monty Williams was there for him
Monty Williams and his wife took Ryan Anderson into their home when his girlfriend committed suicide.
My condolences and prayers to Monty Williams and his family.
Please say a prayer for Thunder's Monty Williams and his family. Lost his wife today in a car accident. Very, very sad …
Fam! PLEASE pray for asst coach Monty Williams. His wife, Ingrid, was killed in a car crash today. She was 4…
Praying for my former teammate Monty Williams and his 5 kids!! Ingrid was an outstanding mom and wife! RIP
God bless Monty Williams and his five children.
The Thunder has heavy hearts tonight with news of the passing of Ingrid Williams, wife of asst coach Monty Williams. https:…
Devastating news on loss of Ingrid Williams, wife of OKC assistant Monty Williams. She was involved in car crash. The W…
Prayers lifted up for Monty Williams and his family.
While taking a moment to honor Kobe's last night in CLE, include OKC's Monty Williams, who lost his wife, Engrid, tonigh…
Sometimes there are just no words. Prayers to the Thunder's Monty Williams and his family and everyone who knows and lov…
From Pat Haden to Monty Williams to that Sun Devil Stadium construction worker, today hasn't been the best of days in the world of sports.
Billy D, Monty Williams, and Mo Cheeks sitting beside each other on the bench like...
Interesting note: before KD hit the game-winner last night, Billy D almost called a TO; Monty Williams stopped him.
why didn't the Cavs go after a coach like tom thibodeaux,Monty Williams,Mark Jackson,Larry Brown,Avery? A coach that's proven!
Can't be said enough: Monty Williams did a far superior job w/this Pelicans roster than Alvin Gentry. Monty will get another gig bc of Alvin
Yall fire a great coach in Monty Williams and hire Alvin Gentry who's nowhere near the coach Monty is. Look at us now. Smh
Honestly not sure if Alvin Gentry is a better coach than Monty Williams.
The Pelicans need Monty Williams back. That's how bad Alvin Gentry is.
Kevin Durant showing coach Monty Williams how his step back jumper works. @ Chesapeake…
Monty Williams did a remarkable job when he was head coach of the Pelicans. I wish he could coach the ! .
Do you think Monty Williams not being A Davis coach this year effects his prospective MVP candidate year?
Luke Walton or Jeff Van Gundy or Mark Jackson or Monty Williams that be fine by me. Someone like that
The OKC Thunder has 5 asst. coaches: Monty Williams, Maurice Cheeks, Anthony Grant, Mark Bryant, & Darko Rajakovic. All but one are black.
Billy Donovan and Monty Williams why isn't Andre Roberson on the court guarding Jimmy Buckets??
Billy Donavan might be the head coach but that's Monty Williams team.
I do believe Alvin Gentry will be a great coach for the over Monty Williams.
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Monty Williams horrible Coach DFS wise slow *** offense -Imagine Anthony Davis going from 27th pace to top 6,7 .. . stack
The only reason the Warriors swept them was cause of Monty Williams being a god awful coach
Monty Williams really was a historically bad coach last year with the Pelicans
How about Monty Williams for head USA basketball coach? I'm sure Anthony Davis would be happy.
Erman didn't receive any votes in the Best Assistant Coach section. Monty Williams did. Alvin Gentry was top last season.
Monty Williams was a average head coach but a young one. Gentry is old as dirt with a young spirit and open mind. We're going to soar
coach Billy Donovan chatting with asst Monty Williams just before tipoff.
Still don't know how Chris Paul made it a series vs the defending champ Lakers w/ Monty Williams as his coach & Emeka Okafor as his robin.
Billy Donavan , Monty Williams assistant coach tho so that's good
Simon Pegg + Robin Williams + Monty Python. I hope this film is as funny as I expect it to be! :-)
Absolutely Anything is hilarious. Simon Pegg, Monty Python and Robin Williams. Everyone go see it 😁
should've had Monty Williams go home after he kept scoring effortlessly on him in the post up drills
Seems the Robin Williams/Simon Pegg/Monty Python film is terrible. Shame. Then again who could write a movie great enough for their talent?
I'm on a cruise to Bermuda. One night at dinner I stared at a guy for 30 minutes only to realize that he was not Monty Williams
Just from the trailer this looks poor which makes it sad that its associated with both Robin Williams & Monty Python
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Monty Williams discusses his passion for USA ...
J. Cole concert got so loud Monty Williams complained about the noise.
"Because you all have social media, there's no reason for 2015 to lose touch w/each other." – Gail Carr-Williams
"Be authentic. Do you. Embrace who you are (in context of the other stuff we talked about)." – Gail Carr-Williams
- Decent enough with a few funny moments. The voice cast of Monty Python and Robin Williams steal it.
Monty Williams learning the ways of working with Westbrook at USA Basketball:
I'm watching the team USA practice and Monty Williams running that 2k floppy punch.
Very funny video of LeBron KD Melo & Westbrook going up against Coach Monty Williams in the post Its a MUST SEE
was a fun movie, typical Brit flick. Robin Williams & Monty Python stole the show for me, especially with alien 1/2
Monty Williams wanted to taste what his Pelicans had to go through in the first round
better coach than Monty Williams, Derek Fisher, and Flip Saunders
Thanks Stephen *** Smith for calling racism when the Pelicans fired Monty Williams now that Alvin Gentry is coach.
Monty Williams assistants Fred Vinson and Kevin Hanson appear to have been maintained by Alvin Gentry, both at news confere…
well now you hired a defensive mind in Monty Williams with a defensive coach in Billy D, I think that will do lol
Hearing Thunder, on top of Monty Williams, has had discussions with former Magic coach James Borrego about joining Billy…
domain names
If the Thunder was able to land James Borrego after getting Monty Williams that would be a nice bench with Billy Donovan in his first season
Thunder hire Monty Williams as Billy Donovan's top assistant
Monty Williams will reportedly become Billy Donovan's top assistant with the Thunder
The Thunder have agreed to hire former Pelicans coach Monty Williams as an assistant under Billy Donovan.
Interesting, talked w/James Borrego about joining Billy D's staff in OKC before hiring Monty Williams (h/t
Thunder hire Monty Williams as assistant coach
I really like - REALLY - like the hiring of Monty Williams for OKC. He’s a huge addition for Billy D.
Monty Williams as Billy D's lead assistant? This is gonna be some good stuff.
ESPN latest on OKC's looming hire of Monty Williams as aide to Billy Donovan w/deal to be announced as soon as WEDS: htt…
Awesome that Monty Williams is joining Billy Donovan's staff. Was hoping he'd go *somewhere* for next season, and OKC's a good place to go.
I like Avery Johnson(taken), maybe Monty Williams? STAY AWAY from Mark Jackson, Scott Brooks and Mark Brown.
The rumored rift bwtn Monty Williams & Dell Demps was a bit overblown although there were some instances of disconnect. ~John Reid
Sean Payton was also asked about Monty Williams being fired by neighbor organization who share executive VP Mickey Loomis
Report: Monty Williams regarded vice president Mickey Loomis as his immediate supervisor rather than consulting with GM Dell Demps
executive vice president of basketball operations Mickey Loomis admits head coach Monty Williams was surprised by the firing.
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Monty Williams gone as Pelicans coach. How long before we hear the John Calipari rumblings … Anthony Davis, Tyreke Evans.
Anthony Davis loved Monty Williams... then again, Stephon Curry felt the same about Mark Jackson until Steve Kerr arrived :(
Monty Williams has always reminded me of a young Ray Nagin.
Love that Monty Williams cited Luke Babbitt's development as one of the things he takes most pride in from NO:
Monty Williams: 'The things that I'm proud of... Anthony Davis, Luke Babbitt...'
Monty Williams mentioned 2 things he's proud of from his time as coach: Anthony Davis (obviously) & Luke Babbitt (really??!!??)
Monty Williams is out, and a tranquil coaching carousel could be ready to crank into high hear. Playoff Buzz:
Pelicans fire Monty Williams. What does it mean for Joe Dumars?: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports: After del...
Adrian Wojnarowski / Sources: Pelicans fire coach Monty Williams: Williams, 43, led the Pelicans to the playof...
Pelicans GM Dell Demps told Monty Williams before the season, playoffs or you're out. Monty made the playoffs and still…
Can't believe the pelicans fired Ray Nagin. I mean Monty Williams. Looking back tho. His record blows. Maybe will get some winning seasons
I feel like the Pelicans have a plan in firing Monty Williams. Good coaches out there: Jackson, Brooks, Kevin Ollie maybe
Monty Williams has been fired ... great move by the pelicans cuz he can't coach with his Ray Nagin looking azz
Joe Dumars is not part of the Pelicans offseason plans, while coach Monty Williams and GM Dell Demps are likel...
The are not officially commenting on the length of contracts for either Dell Demps or Monty Williams.
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Ya but Monty Williams doesn't coach the Grizzlies..
Really what "killed" the Spurs is lots of early injuries, a sick conference, and a crisis-mode Anthony Davis, Monty Williams, and Dell Demps
Column: coach Monty Williams easily did his best coaching job this season.
Can't wait to see Monty Williams win coach of the year next year
Reggie reinforcing a proven notion, just because you're great at talking on the court...why is Monty Williams still a coach?
Pelicans coach Monty Williams says Warriors games are too loud. Probably b/c they're cheering for Steph Curry's mom.. htt…
Pelicans head coach Monty Williams says he's not sure if Warriors' home crowd noise is legal:
New Orleans Pelicans coach Monty Williams told wife and kids to 'stay home ... - The New Orleans Advocate
New Orleans Pelicans owner Tom Benson has sent a letter of support to Pelicans coach Monty Williams and gene...
"any sub .500 team in the NBA."only Orlando's intern, Denvers intern, Steve Clifford& Monty Williams are worse than DC
High praise from coach Monty Williams on the
Great job by Monty Williams. Even with all those injuries and his job in jeopardy managed to sneak into the playoffs. Look out for NOLA.
Monty Williams on Ryan Anderson's struggles: "Coach (Ron) Adams, his prints r all over that. I’m sure he’s trying to take certain guys out."
questionable at best. Not as bad as Monty Williams taking Ryan Anderson out when he was scorching hot. Cost them the win.
FAKING NEWS: After the game, Monty Williams removed his mask to reveal he was really Pete Carroll
Monty Williams is at fault but not entirely to blame
Monty Williams should've left Norris Cole & Ryan Anderson in the game last night
Monty Williams looks like the assistant district attorney aka ADA
worse than the likes of Mike Brown, Scott Brooks or Monty Williams who've done a mockery of their jobs
Monty Williams didn’t foul and Ryan Anderson is still on the bench.
Tonight could have gone down in history as The Ryan Anderson Game. Major props to Monty Williams for saving us from that
Ryan Anderson was killing couldn't be checked and Monty Williams stupid *** take him out
Monty Williams flopped man: no looks for Ryan Anderson after his streak, didn't tell team to foul up 3 in 4th w/ secs left, etc.
Ryan Anderson was 10/14 and only really got the ball 1lonce in the last 3mins of the 4th and OT... Monty Williams takes the L
And I thought last night's game was crazy. Steve Kerr just outcoached Monty Williams there. The Pelicans had no...
Monty Williams didn't set Ryan Anderson up at all when it was needed
all on Monty Williams. 1-2 punch of Norris cole & jrue holiday along with a on fire Ryan Anderson gets us up and u stop playing them
*** that Gotta Rumble me. Eric Gordan, Monty Williams, & the Refs from the Bucks Game
At this point expect Sean Payton to walk courtside up to Monty Williams and scream at him like he does Rob Ryan.
Monty Williams needs Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis to touch the ball.
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Why tf did Monty Williams take Ryan Anderson out when they need a W
I feel weird for saying this but if Ryan Anderson doesn't get a chance to tie this game, they need to fire Monty Williams.
Monty Williams has to draw a GREAT play! Ryan better shoot that last shot!!
Monty Williams and Steve Kerr are bad coaches lol. Kerr is the exact same thing Scott Brooks was.
Monty Williams deserves to be fired!
Mike Brown thinks Monty Williams coached that last 6 minutes poorly.
Monty Williams praying so hard right now...
Nice call on Pelicans DAve. This could be interesting. Monty Williams is a good young coach and brow cometh
Monty Williams brushing the hair outta his face so he can see better
Of course Brooks is a victim of perception. Blatt, Monty Williams, Mike Brown, Woodson in ATL, Del *** all in same boat.
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