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Monty Hall

Monte Halperin, OC, OM (born August 25, 1921), better known by the stage name Monty Hall, is a Canadian-born MC, producer, actor, singer and sportscaster, best known as host of the television game show Let's Make a Deal.

Jersey City Bob Barker Wayne Brady Game Theory Bob Stewart Waco Brothers Arsenio Hall Peter Marshall Carl Reiner Allen Ludden

Canadian actress Joanna Gleason is the daughter of Monty Hall.
What is the Monty Hall problem, and why should you care?
Monty Hall (Let's Make a Deal) @ Palm Springs Hamburger Hamlet. Asked him if I could make a deal for his burger. Didn't laff.
On sale 12/23: & the Patience at Monty Hall in Jersey City
Tickets for our feb 4th show @ Monty Hall in Jersey City will go on sale this friday at 10am EST. looking forward to playing…
Answer written · . Problem Solving. · May 17. In the Monty Hall problem, can anyone explain why isn't the probability…
OOP Monty Hall not giving the expected results.
.@ Monty Hall The crowd was signing along like a Dashboard show but they follow closely in the footsteps of
Sports @ Monty Hall : There's a distinct mix of Promise Ring meets Frankie Cosmos. I just wish they were more dynamic.
I'm at Monty Hall for Pinegrove, Sports, Half Waif and Forth Wanderers in Jersey City, NJ, US, NJ
Solving the "Monty Hall" problem with data: Why bias is an unfortunate side effect.
I like this version of the Monty Hall problem because every answer is correct
pls come watch my band play at Monty hall tonight. pls.
if life was just about deals Bob Barker would have been president or Monty Hall.
It's Friday, and my office just had a 10 minute discussion of the monty hall problem.
Pinegrove play WFMU Monty Hall tonight. Important note: this band is good.
what if Dr Monty is named after Monty hall (the game show host with the 3 doors)
yo! Is Monty Hall all ages? I want to bring my brother to your rock n roll show.
Hi there, do you know what the set times are for tonight's Pinegrove show at Monty Hall?
My great-grandma couldn't decide who she would leave her husband for- Bob Barker or Johnny Olsen. Or maybe Monty Hall
Now that's cool!! You boys find me a customizable Force jersey though & I'll play Monty Hall with you!!
If I see anything Team Instinct or Spark related in the vendor hall at I will be a very happy Monty💕
Was great playing at Monty Hall w in our new duo Thx 2 Todd-o-phonic & &
fun fact: Monty Hall is family to me by marriage
Does anybody have 2 extra tickets for the Monty Hall show in Jersey City?
you know what the worst fragment in ztd was? MONTY HALL
Stay or Switch? Try it with Monty Hall Problem SImulator for
Next week in Jersey City! Join us at Monty Hall for a show with + Désir Decir.
Yeah, the guy is the anti-Monty Hall of hostage negotiators. The Jewish guy is still there, tho, notice.
If this election is all about making a deal, then let's get Monty Hall as the candidate for the Republicans
Callabriga Wine cuts through the acidity of Monty Hall.
All purpose parts banner
E.P.I.C. . TONIGHt at Monty Hall in Jersey City. see you there
Jersey City, check out tonight at Monty Hall!
A look at one of my favorite paradoxes, the Monty Hall Problem
BTW I think we should rename the problem from Monty Hall to vos Savant Problem ;-)
If I could choose a superpower, it would be an intuition compatible with the Monty Hall problem via
Tomorrow at Monty Hall with and ... Can't friggin wait
The next LIVE show is August 27th at Monty Hall with music from HOUND and MORE!. Save the date...
[monty hall fragment] . carlos: oh no...I'm choking. junpei: choke on this *** [they high five as zero just stands there awkwardly]
Today posts him starting Monty Hall in ZTD, & after I watch that, I continue with ZTD LP and the one I'm-
Larry Storch, Monty Hall and Joe Wapner are at the house. We're playing Doris Day records on the Sun Porch. With a pitcher of martinis.
the Monty Hall problem very nearly provoked a practical demonstration on that topic :-)
The Waco Brothers blasted some eardrums at Monty Hall in Jersey City. Played originals plus a Clash cover and a Johnny Cash cover. Superb.
Waco Brothers tookJersey City by storm!Hide the women and children,or at least don't bring them to Monty Hall
This is great. Even Monty Hall didn’t understand the Monty Hall problem. But I guess that makes sense.
(Robert L. Pepper) is sitting in with 2nite at Monty Hall ( ) and next 2 nites / . Go!!!
it's a Monty Hall problem variant but I can't quite work out the maths.
Trump wants to be our benevolent Hitler, Monty Hall from *** Take a chance on what's behind Door if u want 2 restore national greatness
That's a throwback zonk, like the kind Monty Hall had back in the day
remember the alamo..pound sand Monty hall
Auditions for the EOU theatre production of Monty Python’s “Spamalot” are from 5-8 p.m. Wednesday, March 9 in Loso Hall, Room 123.
I know the answer to the Monty Hall Problem, but from the depths of my soul I want it to be wrong.
Obama is playing the part of Monty Hall
Monty Hall never presented a prize choice like Wayne just did.
Joe is really struggling with the Monty Hall problem rn.
Majority of plenary talk audience fails Monty Hall problem-- better stats training needed at all levels!
For all the Big 4 talk, Vijay, Ernie, Retief, Monty, Phil all Hall of Famers and couldn't touch him.
Jersey City: WFMU's performance space in Jersey City is called Monty Hall
The Monty Hall Problem shows Ss decision making and the difference between the head and the heart
so Monty Hall, u r well on your way to dividing this country even more - that is NOT how you make it great you tool.
🤔More Hitler crapola?One day DJT is Monty Hall making deals w/Schmuck Schumer & next day he's Authoritarian Adolph?😳
Me, telling a student about the Monty Hall problem last week: “I don’t understand two things. 1:Why isn’t it 50%? 2:Why is it a goat?”
.Yes, that explanation works OK for me. But the truth table gave me the greatest understanding Monty Hall…
Monty Hall? The thing that made it clear to us: 100 doors, pick one, 1/100. 98 goat-doors opened. Pick one, 1/2 it's a car.
The Monty Hall Problem , wee walk down memory lane, some of the best times playin with these boys ♫
we tried to send in Monty Hall but Arafat wouldn't bite.Master deal maker!
Yes! will induct N.W.A. into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at 2016 ceremony
... after i said that answering 56,598 letters about the Monty Hall Problem squashed my interest in mathematics.
Happy birthday Niki Lauda! 67 years young today 🍾🎂. Find out why he is such an legend >>
It's not a big deal. What Monty Hall said once before he got canned in favor of Wayne Brady
If Monty Hall or Howie Mandel had to deal with that issue for their respective shows, they would have resigned as hosts!
The Miller-Sanjurjo effect is definitely the Monty Hall problem of our time
not only does it smell like Monty Hall, it (kind of) is, except Monty hides coins. It's selection bias quasi-Berksons.
Monty Hall made lots of deals over the years not as many as our lawyers and justice system it stinks.
If they were to remake Beat the Clock, I don't know who could be host. Monty Hall was serious but fun, if that makes sense.
The famed Monty Hall problem - an oft requested video finally tackled… (the 100-door example helps!)
and then Monty Hall is next. And then finally, ask them about the rope around the earth problem.
he's a repub? I didn't know that...GRRR! Still, he's the most famous Cdn game show host since Monty Hall hehe ;)
LOL!. And then they writing letters to PM trying to prove their psuedo righteousness.. Hall of Shame for these fakes https…
life eaters at Monty hall right now @ WFMU's Monty Hall
wow a ichiro and montero for a Monty Hall
I'm at Monty Hall for Rye Coalition, Sunshine and the Rain and Life Eaters in Jersey City, NJ, US, NJ
South Carolina (and NH) are shameful. Get ready for a cabinet of Ryan Seacrest, Monty Hall... etc
class show tonight at Newcastle city hall. The full monty was world class
Just sae Monty Williams' speak at wife's funeral...Used to see his wife at Pels games in hall way…
Crap, it's like a real life monty hall problem!
The Monty Hall Problem can be confusing, so I just avoid the whole mess by always picking the winning door first.
Also best explanation of Monty Hall problem I've seen yet.
With a group that large it could be fun to have people pair up and look at the Monty Hall game. +
On Fri. Jan 22, I'll be in PA in Munhall at The Music Hall, just down the hall, behind Monty Hall
I wondered how many people knew what a monty hall was
watching 'Lets Make aDeal' w Monty Hall. gawd,,the new show with ***
I liked a video Monty Hall Problem - Numberphile
The Monty Hall Problem is one of the most interesting paradoxes of our time
I subbed “Monty Hall” in for Anthony Michael Hall and shifted Hogwarts Great Hall up a spot.
I added a video to a playlist DustDaRapper React: The Monty Hall Problem - Explained
At Come hear SVP Monty Sarhan discuss the business of content at in the North Hall
yeah, it's the same faulty logic that means people get the Monty Hall problem wrong.
Manhattan for $24? Even Monty Hall couldn't make that deal, . Listen->
I wish the ghost of Monty Hall would run for president, instead of that *** from The Apprentice
Does Monty Hall have a hot hand? Our new paper provides a bridge between the two (and more!)
2. Also, like Monty Hall teaches us, priors do count. Therein, reasons count. That includes reasons for choosing.
A Bridge from Monty Hall to the (Anti-)Hot Hand: Restricted Choice, Selection and Empirical Practice
I liked a video from binary randomness and the monty hall problem
Monty Python is the Beatles of comedy. Kids in the Hall are the Duran Duran.
Corollary to Monty Hall problem: The religious views you inherit from your parents are less likely to be true...
Monty Hall doesn't host "Let's Make A Deal" anymore. Wayne Brady does mornings on CBS. Hall is still alive & a consultant on that show.
Pick your poison. A rematch with the A roadie in WSH? That's what awaits. I feel like Monty Hall right now...
by joining Royal Albert Hall "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Sing-Along" - Monty Python
Obama to Hold Town Hall Meeting on Gun Violence: The hourlong event will be televised on CNN, and will come da...
Do you know to the most complex maths problem in the world? It's called
Pretending you're watching the movie about the Monty Hall problem so I can never look back.
The Monty Hall Paradox is fascinating and proves just how little I previously understood statistics.
The problem is already solved years before she answer it. N yet less then half academics think she is right?!...
Ok pretend you're making a video about the monty hall problem. What's the dumbest possible title you can think of for it?
Let's Make a Deal is such a complete mind f. Monty Hall should've been a CIA interrogator
I am still troubled by the logic of the Monty Hall Problem, but at least now I have some Swift code to console me:
Monty Hall problem. It still angers me thinking about it.
I'm always surprised how many people aren't familiar with the monty hall problem, and it's a good example of the use of bayes theorem
Only 50% answered the Monty Hall correctly. The correct answer is that switching is wise as it doubles your odds from 1/3 to 2/3.
It’s fun to explain the Monty Hall problem to people and watch them get really mad about the math.
I wanted to feel smart and see if I understood the Monty Hall problem
but you'll never be as popular in the statistics world as Monty Hall
go by a mile I guess? Monty Hall isnt complex, just unintuitive, dont know 3 way light switches...
The Monty Hall problem is so counterintuitive that it has generated apparently genuine controversy:
what timing, right? Right after we discuss the Monty Hall problem!
Fascinating story of Levens Hall Garden by Monty 2nite
So nice to see Levens Hall garden again on Monty Don's new series
The Monty Hall Problem is so amazing, yet confusing at the same time...
Levens hall on the telly box tonight with everyone's favourite Monty... I'd probably even marry Cliff Richard to have that as my garden
Just turned on Let's Make A Deal. Monty Hall just gave a contestant a pair of Haggar slacks.
Watch Levens Hall starring in The Secret History of the British Garden at 9pm on BBC2 on Sunday 15th November!
What a weird coincidence that the Monty Hall problem shows up in Owarimonogatari and I watched the MythBusters episode about that last week.
All these kids playing Triforce Heroes who haven’t heard of the Monty Hall Problem
The factions of the Democrat party are only brought together by one universal trait: Envy. Hence, the Monty Hall candidates.
Now only Kids In The Hall, The State, and Monty Python need to have a televised reunion.
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This is a retail establishment, not a game show. My name badge doesn't say Monty Hall. I'm not going to haggle with yo…
AN idyllic hall in will feature in Monty Don's new TV show,The Secret History of the British Garden
Solve the problem mail to:. Chancellor. University of Missouri. 105 Jesse Hall. Columbia, MO 65211
I dreamt last night that Monty Python were at Felton Village Hall, playing Pink Floyd's "The Wall"...
most ppl explanation of the monty hall problem relies on the idea that monty picks the first door randomly WHICH OBVIOUSLY ISNT TRUE
ok but my friend was telling me about the monty hall problem and it doESN'T REALLY MAKE ANY SENSE TO ME
Breaking: Security forces storm concert hall where hostages held, three attackers killed and 100 people dead
Attack 1 at Bataclan concert hall, at least 100 killed.
I guess its my training. Try the Monty Hall Problem( google) shows how many with reasonable cognitive skills miss logic
Dozens killed in attack at Paris concert hall: security source
Update - French media says police operation at concert hall in is over and two attackers have been killed
Media sources: French police kill kidnappers in Bataclan Hall
Breaking from BFMTV: The hostage situation at the Bataclan concert hall is over, two attackers have been killed.
Three police officials confirm security forces have 'launched an assault' on the Bataclan concert hall
BREAKING: reports at least 60 hostages at concert hall featured in NBC s Science of Love
nah, just a quiet one but out tomorrow night at the Mandela Hall for a bash. Be sure to try one of Fealty's single malt whiskies
Triforce Heroes actually looks pretty fun. You could apply the Monty Hall problem to getting the rare chest at the end too
Islington Assembly Hall, doors 7:30. Monty is in fine voice still!
London is now SOLD OUT! See you all tonight at London Music Hall w & Bring your best…
Off to Islington Assembly Hall on Sat. night Just putting finishing touches to pt.1 of a feature with Monty
archived video of the full Ex/Ken Vandermark set from Monty Hall, if you missed the bcast on Brian Turner's show:
Watch the video of the full concert in Monty Hall from October 23. Thanks, WFMU!
I thought the Monty Hall problem was booze.
Actually the Monty Hall Problem is designed to test whether you understand the first choice impacts the seconds odds
Comedy is subjective, but the 3 Monty Python films were funnier than Annie Hall, and I think the funniest Woody Allen movie was Zelig.
Purple Rain in the Saharan Desert: The Movie. Showing at WFMU's Monty Hall this Sat Nov 14 at 8pm:
Stephen Harper as Monty Hall: the evening show. I’m probably too young to make that reference.
Todd Barry playing Monty Hall in Jersey City on November 5th
This *** named Neko is bringing up Kim Davis in a thread that was about Disney/Monty Hall. I don't like life.
Today's blog: Talking through the Monty Hall problem with kids
Stubborn or switch? A python simulation of choices in the Monty Hall problem:
Monty Hall was pretty underrated in keeping order while making it look carefree. As was the guy from Treasure Hunt
It annoyed me as a kid. I like the 1000 door explanation: . Hehe, kid, get it.
Talking through the Monty Hall problem with kids
The Monty Hall problem makes me so angry
Previous experience w/ boy-girl, red/black card, Monty Hall, etc suggest that prob discussions w/ random interneters is waste of time
Some age old wisdom on Programmer Math Skills and discussion about the Monty Hall Problem.
Do your players know when the are against them?:
Actually, I’m an overnight success, but it took twenty years – Monty Hall
😂It was peanuts to trademark it. So the guy wants 100k + airtime? As Monty Hall would say: Let's Make A Deal!
My husband just confused Monty Hall and Arsenio Hall.
What did Monty Hall do before he hosted "Let's Make a Deal" (NBC, CBS, 1963-76)?
Maybe they're all young mathematicians who want to put the Monty Hall problem to the real test?
That feeling when Monty fights & gives a knockout..& everyone in the hall were clapping & shouting.
On Tuesday tackled the Monty Hall problem. Here's my go at it (complete with emoji!).
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Got tickets to see Dillinger Four at St.Vitus and Blake Schwarzenbach at Monty Hall. Very excited for both of those
Opening a door doesn’t change those 2 facts. Ergo, the other door (“not my door”) => 66%. I love the Monty Hall problem. :)
who knows about Monty Hall problem? I am still can not agree with the solution. %) (google it)
No $$$ left after Thurston Monty 3rd gave away more parting gifts than Monty Hall. Go away 26
.Expect one from me about the Monty Hall problem.
What if there was an item that turned the shuffle cups game into a Monty Hall problem?
Padres are now 11.5 games behind the Cubs for the final WC spot. Expect AJ Preller to become Monty Hall before Aug 31 waiver trade deadline.
I don't have a problem with any of the freshman tbh but I wish some of them could learn to walk in the *** hall without running into me 😐
CHECK IT OUT: Take a crack at this brief BuzzFeed quiz to see how Monty Hall you are!
The Minus 5 Saturday night at Monty Hall! Here they are covering Neil Young via
they're all game show hosts:. Pat Sajak. Alex Trebek. Monty Hall. Wink Martindale. Chuck Woolery
Actually, Im an overnight success. But it took twenty years – Monty Hall .
why didn't you two like Kingdom of Solomon? looks like a pretty good game. I saw you mentioned Monty Hall issues. Can you explain?
Out of Touch is when you set the Monty Hall problem for Hausa people and assume they're trying to avoid the goat
Mean what u say/say what u mean/but don't say it mean-INDUSTRY STD Next up Lets Make a Deals MONTY HALL
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I think I broke the Monty Hall problem. Whenever I run any simulators I always get 50/50 results. Probability always fails me.
I added a video to a playlist Game Theory: Monty Hall, Plinko, and Probability
I like the idea of Monty Hall cutting a deal re Keystone. Door solar panels, Door Windmills and Door pipes
Something has gone horribly wrong when it feels like Monty Hall is asking you to choose an insurance plan.
Mercer returns the same team that beat Duke except for Langston Hall, Daniel Coursey, Bud Thomas, Jake Gollon, Monty Brown & Anthony White!
note this is a bit like the physics equivalent of the Monty Hall problem.
those must be the Monty Hall buttons
I rather have a hot head then cold feet
The table behind me has moved on to a modified version of The Monty Hall Problem… with 1,000,000 doors. . "1 car. 999,999 goats. Good luck!"
Comedian Monty Scott is tackling KFC and cottage cheese right now in Forwell Hall. Check out this free…
Wrap your head around this puzzle and you'll see a bad bet coming before you make it:
great explanation of the Monty Hall problem
K. Whatever. But if you change your mind then text me in study hall.
My 10-year-old daughter is studying probability, so I just walked her through the Monty Hall problem.
well that's why I said it was a modified monty hall
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The fact that monty hall problem on it's own says you should switch was only really recently agreed that you should switch by
iirc, in Monty Hall show the host has a CHOICE to open a door. Kinda curious how interesting of a Game Theory problem that would be.
There should be nothing more important than this to me. From now on there won't be.
For The Team by E-Hall & Murph Ft Monty Cold. Share and tell your friends. Album coming soon
Proud Canadian listening to the Monty Hall episode of what a career!
I remember I struggled with understanding The Monty Hall problem the most part of my high school 😔😔
“The 12 most misunderstood facts in math Called it. Monty Hall was first.
*Monty Hall voice* Better luck next time, and thanks for playing, "GUESS. THAT. *** "
After hearing Chuck Woolery's political opinions, I can't wait to hear those of Wink Martindale, Jim Lange, Monty Hall, and Bob Eubanks!
Sir Richard Bishop + Tashi Dorji at WFMU’s Monty Hall: Full public live performance, recording for air for Brian...
Tonight on CNN: a Town Hall meeting on Town Hall meetings. Hosted by Robert Towne and Monty Hall.
Doesn't Steve Harper understand that ,Charity starts at home. He's like Monty Hall on let's make a Deal, "What do l hear for crude oil."
Mike Konrad: The Right Course For America In Iraq By Steve Straub On June 21, 2014 · . Mike Konrad at the American Thinker advocates a course of action he thinks all Americans will approve of; do nothing and let all sides in the conflict battle it out with each other: After the administration blundered on Benghazi, on the Arab Spring, and Syria, Heaven itself has afforded it one last chance to set itself right. It is almost impossible for the administration to screw it up. All it has to do is nothing. … Even if ISIS wins the Caliphate, it will revert to seventh century technology soon enough. Jordan is scared, now. She might be overrun. Supposedly, she is a Western-oriented state, which has the rudimentary forms of a democracy. Of course, honor killing, and wife beating are still not prohibited; and … Jordan refuses to take in more Palestinians. Time to make a deal. Get hold of Monty Hall and have him tell the Jordanians (and Saudis, too) that if they do not choose Door what is behind Door and Door w ...
The Password was "class." Props to Allen Ludden, who passed on this date in 1981 at age 63. On camera he projected a great warmth, wit, intimacy and endless good cheer to viewers, although his personal life was a bit more complex. As a Phi Betta Kappa graduate in drama, with a Masters degree in English, Ludden was professorially masterful in hosting College Bowl and Password. A public service for Allen Ludden was held at the Church of the Hills at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills on June 11, 1981. Celebrities in attendance included fellow game show hosts Bob Barker, Jack Barry, Tom Kennedy, Bert Convy, Gene Rayburn, Monty Hall, Peter Marshall, announcer Gene Wood, plus *** Martin, Ross Martin (who died the following July 3), Ruta Lee, George Peppard, Jack Klugman, Earl Holliman, Dom DeLuise, Angie Dickinson, Garry Marshall and Carl Reiner. Widow Betty White sat between Burt Reynolds and Grant Tinker. She would later fly with Allen's remains for burial in his hometown of Mineral Point, Wisconsin.
I just got back from the Mecca of information theory, the once and future Bell Labs, and am acutely aware of not being the smartest kid now. Claude Jesus Himself Shannon statue right outside the meeting room, and of the CA folks only I refrained from taking a selfie with it. Cool kids don't have to do that, right??? PS. Sure, you don't care about information theory. Which, colloquially speaking, is why tv news exists ... but it explains why you should always trade for the other door if Monty Hall offers it.
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Later HC Bob Sandberg reveled reporter Monty Hall had offered him a chance to punt or take what was behind door 2/2
Serena Willoughby Toronto Star, Published on Fri Mar 28 2014. Many came out to witness the groundbreaking of the Yonge subway in Sept. 1949. Monty Hall, a Toronto radio personality, hosted the ceremonial groundbreaking at Yonge and Wellington Streets. The first 7.4 kilometres of track would open five years later to much fanfare, coming in way over budget at $59 million. At the time there were also plans for a Downtown Relief Line that would run along Queen St.
I don't know if anyone at GI knows about this, but I thought I'd bring up something. On March 5, game show host Geoff Edwards passed away due to pneumonia at the age of 83 in his home in Santa Monica. Edwards' career spanned more than five decades in both radio and television. He began hosting game shows in 1973 with "The New Treasure Hunt", which ran until 1977(with a one year revival in 1980). Other game shows he hosted included "Jackpot", "Chain Reaction", and the California Lottery's "The Big Spin". In 1985, Edwards filled in for Monty Hall on "Let's Make a Deal" when Hall had laryngitis. What does Geoff Edwards have to do with video games? Well, Edwards hosted a game show called "Starcade" from 1983 to 1984. Billed as the first video arcade game show, "Starcade" was created by James Caruso and Mavis Arthur in 1981. On the show, contestants played the top arcade titles of the day including "Q-Bert", "Dragon's Lair", "Pac-Man", "Donkey Kong" and "Star Wars". The points they scored in their games was ad ...
How do you spend your break? Find out how the likes of Carl Reiner & Monty Hall spend theirs: Watch LUNCH -
I am pleased to report that the following celebrities are still alive: Marian Ross, Al Molinaro, Adam West, Monty Hall, and Abe Vigoda.
Shoot. Wayne Brady has grown on me ever since he started hosting Let's Make a Deal in 2009. Just saw him on Arsenio tonight sampling what he's going to do on his tour which includes being at the Chicago Theater next month. Does he really make Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X and/or Monty Hall look like Bob Barker?
Hollywood heavyweights as they step onto the red carpet for the Palm Springs Film Festival Awards Gala. Difficult to get pics as you can see, and was unable to get pics of all. I did get to see Matthew McConoughey, Meryl Streep, Colin Farrell, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Bono, The Edge, Idris Elba, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Kay Ballard, Ewan McGregor, Steve McQueen (director), Margo Martindale, Harvey Weinstein, and even Monty Hall.
I liked a video from The Monty Hall Problem - Explained
Monty Hall/Bayes' Theorem - ANSWER: There seems to be a lot of undefined...
Hosted "Let's Make a Deal" at our All Staff Meeting today. Eat your heart out Monty Hall.
Channeling Monty Hall or a jazz musician? Or the Riddler?
I'd totally win the what's-in-your-bag game today: glue gun, thread, hot sauce, cinnamon, flat iron, spatula, grapes. Bring it, Monty Hall.
Monty Hall problem: I've already got a car but I'd quite like a goat.
So much for bird brains Pigeons outperform humans in the Monty Hall problem
Fitz aka Monty Hall lets make a deal! You da man dammit!
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Never in a million years would I have thought Monty Hall relevant. I was fascinated!
Lets see your best Monty Hall impression &
Barren spell over Next time hopefully less trite.
caught up - listened to your Monty Hall intv - great story and glad you came away impressed.
they brought up Monty Hall problem "but it shouldn't exist yet"
my dad looked exactly like Monty hall from let's make a deal, lol true
Just listened to the Monty Hall *** Probably my favorite episode yet. Hope I'm that sharp in 46 years when I'm 93.
Are Birds Smarter Than Mathematicians? Pigeons Perform Optimally on a Version of the Monty Hall Dilemma
Monty Hall. He is still alive you know
Interesting idea. The Monty Hall problem all over again. I'll think about that.
Trying to work out if Bertrand's box paradox/ the Monty Hall problem applies to the order split decisions are announced. Too much vodka.
Monty Hall explained: I'm thinking of a star in the sky, guess which one. Now choose: your star, or this other star. Want to change guesses?
I'd go for the Monty Hall problem. I think the world would be much better if people realised how faulty their intuition is.
Even more funny if you mean Monty Hall.
This isn't some Monty Hall game show in Washington. Make a deal! Am disgusted with politicians on both sides of the aisle
I mean a car is better but I'd be satisfied with a goat SUCK IT MONTY HALL AND YOUR 2/3 PROBABILITY
The issue with the Monty Hall problem is that goats are pretty cool and I wouldn't mind getting a goat instead of a car
The with Monty Hall was great. Love the history!
Hey What's an 8% approval rating tell you? Let's Make a Deal. Where's Monty Hall when you need him?
exactly,, The desire to find new people upsets the people you have already gotwenty years, – Monty Hall
"It's time to stop playing politics, and start playing Let's Make a Deal." ~ Monty Hall
Just finished listening to the Monty Hall interview Really interesting. I can't believe he's 92!
I know it solves the Monty Hall problem, but can Bayesian Probability explain how there's ALWAYS a traitor in Shadows Over Camelot?
At least it softens that hideous jacket he's wearing. Must have got it on loan from Monty Hall.
pigeons are better at solving the Monty Hall Problem than humans? guess 'reasoning' isn't our forte after all
An interesting variation on the Monty Hall problem
Have a great Tuesday! Which popular 60’s game show host taught English in an Austin, Texas high school before making it big on TV—Monty Hall, Allen Ludden or Peter Marshall?
Monty Hall's connection to the NHL and Jacques Plante's first mask...
After doing more than 4,000 episodes over the last half-century of his iconic daytime game show "Let's Make a Deal," Monty Hall is finally getting an Emmy Award.
Skimm for June 7th Quote of the Day: “So go rest up by Monty Hall or Esther Wilson – Williams – Esther Williams! Where you belong!” — Kit from “Pretty Woman” introducing the Hollywood life. Williams, a famed swimmer and then Hollywood star, passed away at age 91. Sorry We’re Not Sorry THE STORY: The US government is really enjoying gathering info on what you are up to. A lot of people are freaking out about it. THE WHAT: On Wednesday, the Guardian revealed that the National Security Agency has been making Verizon hand over millions of US phone records thanks to a very secret court order. Then yesterday, The Washington Post said the NSA and the FBI are also getting info on the Interweb life of foreigners overseas from nine US Internet companies. OK, LET’S TALK PHONES. This particular order gave the NSA access to records from April through this coming July — starting about a week after the Boston bombing suspects were found. But it turns out this isn’t the first time this has happened. ...
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Explaining the Monty Hall paradox to theological students is nowhere near as fun as to maths and science students.
Monty Hall, of Let's Make a Deal fame, used to be the color guy on New York Rangers radio broadcasts:
ST. PETERSBURG — Not known for his behind-the-scenes dealings, Mayor Bill Foster is playing Monty Hall and trying to strike a deal to save taxpayers' money.The first-term mayor is guaranteeing that a special election on the fate of the Lens will not take place until Aug. 27, the day of the city's pr...
The "Oh, Mary!" Radio Show will be interviewing, David Michaels, Senior Executive Director of the Daytime Emmy's on Tuesday, June 4, 2013. He will be calling in from NYC. 7:20PST. The nominees can go to this link to find out, Here is some really interesting information about the Daytime Emmy's with B Harlan Boll Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards will be presented on June 16th, 2013 At the Beverly Hilton Hotel Broadcast Live on HLN Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy® Awards Gala To be held at the Westin Bonaventure in Downtown LA on Friday, June 14th, 2013 Game Show Icon, Monty Hall and Legendary Producer, Bob Stewart to receive Lifetime Achievement Awards New York – May 1, 2013 – The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) today announced the nominees for the 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards. The Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards recognize outstanding achievement in all fields of daytime television production and are presented to in ...
thought we might see Montee Ball, instead we got Monty Hall. Let's Make A Deal!
I totally mis heard and thought they drafted Monty Hall. Would have been great if they let them make that deal.
Brent, there was a time that all Canadian references involved either Anne Murray or Monty Hall.
Did you know Monty Hall will be honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards?!
OMG OMG OMG...Monty Hall, Carol Merrill.oh, and Wayne Brady, Jonathan Mangum, and.the EXQUSITELY GORGEOUS Tiffany.
"Let's Make A Deal" celebrating "50" years! I loved that show, even played it in my backyard! Monty Hall and Carol were on the show today!
Keeping It Klassy: FLOTUS on Oscars reminds me of the time Rosylin Carter popped out of door on that Prime Time "Let's Make A Deal" with Monty Hall
Prep Entertainment Report (Prep-Entertainment-Repor) MONTY HALL AND GAME SHOW CREATOR Bob Stewart TO GET LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS NEW YORK (AP) _ Monty Hall and game show creator Bob Stewart will get lifetime achievement awards at the Daytime Emmys later this year. Hall hosted ``Let's Make a Deal,'' which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Stewart created ``The Price Is Right,'' ``To Tell the Truth,'' ``Password,'' and ``The $10,000 Pyramid.'' Stewart died last May, a few months short of his 92nd birthday. His son will accept the award in his place. RICHARD SCHIFF OF ``THE WEST WING'' - SHUT UP AND ENJOY IT! WASHINGTON (AP) _ Richard Schiff has always wanted to star in Eugene O'Neill's drama ``Hughie.'' Now, if he could only enjoy it. Schiff is doing the play in Washington for the Shakespeare Theatre Company. He says often feels a ``sense of dread'' when he takes on a difficult role like this. He says he's been berating himself, saying ``You moron! You're doing Hughie! You wanted to do this ...
Black history moment: Let's take the time out to wish actor and soon-to-be again late-night talk show host Arsenio Hall a happy birthday today! Arsenio Hall (born 02/12/1956) was the first African-American late-night talk show host. Arsenio was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of Fred and Anne Hall. His father is a Baptist minister. Hall performed as a magician when he was a child. He graduated from Warrensville Heights High School in Warrensville Heights, Ohio in 1973. After he graduated, he attended Ohio University, where he was on the speech team with Nancy Cartwright and Leon Harris. He then transferred to and graduated from Kent State University. Hall later moved to Chicago, and then Los Angeles, to pursue a career in comedy, making a couple of appearances on Soul Train. In 1984, he was the announcer/sidekick for Alan Thicke during the short-lived talk show Thicke of the Night (a role for which he has on occasion noted his confusion with Monty Hall). Arsenio was the original voice of Winston Zeddemor ...
I think Kids in the Hall may be the closest we get to a spiritual successor of Monty Python - The Trapper Sketch:
Finally - A Monty Hall Problem Explanation that makes sense, even to me!: Found the Monty Hall thr... vwwatercooled
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I liked a video Game Theory: Monty Hall, Plinko, and Probability
Congratulations to Chiefs Great Curley Culp for making the Pro Football Hall of Fame!
My biggest issue with the Monty Hall problem is it assumes people prefer a car to a goat. I'm not switching doors; I'd rather have a goat!
The Monty Hall Problem: Good luck figuring this one out. I can't!
It's all about the deal. Call me Monty Hall, and let's make one.
Presentation and analysis of the famous Monty Hall Problem via | Dependent probability | 7:23 | 5/5 | HD
Hotel de Ville, Vernon - The City Hall and you could also see this when Monty Don was in Vernon
Monty Hall is from Winnipeg Manitoba and Howie is from Toronto.
Monty gets the Hall of Mirrors to himself! Mon Dieu!
well now that doesn't sound like much of a "multi year" offer to me. C'mon you're Monty Hall right now.
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