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Montrose Beach

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An arm that washed up near Montrose Beach is believed to belong to an Elgin woman whose son has been charged in con…
Chicago: Human arm found near Montrose Beach dog park
They were searching around Montrose Beach before. I believe the suspect shared info about this location.
Police: Human remains found near Montrose Beach believed to be those of Gail Peck
Human arm found near Montrose Beach dog park
Police: Human limb washes found near Montrose Beach
Human limb washes up along Montrose Beach via
UPDATE: Human limb washes up along Montrose Beach
JUST IN: A human limb washed up on Montrose Beach this morning, police say:
A human limb washed up this morning near Montrose Beach.
Police: Human limb washes up along Montrose Beach
So blessed to call my best friend. He’s a good’n. @ Montrose Beach
Beach cleaning at Montrose! We’re all set so if you’re in the area come and join us meeting opposite seafront splas…
Check there's a cruising page you can see what's close. I've had fun near montrose beach
A body was found in Lake Michigan near Montrose Beach on Tuesday afternoon, police said
Friends,. This beautiful dog was "forgotten" at Montrose Beach today. Please tag anyone who may know something.
Some interesting local news... 😃 (Montrose beach, Lincoln Park, its all in the neighborhood)
Is there decent parking at Montrose Beach? I havent been there in a minute..
Montrose dog beach can make it a reality!
Montrose Beach my og said it's safe
You are all invited to CK Illinois' Summer Reunion ! At Montrose Beach on July 9th from 12-4 pm! Bring your sunscre…
Catch me at montrose beach tomorrow 😝
Today was perfect. So relaxing at montrose beach 🌊
Woof! Here's where to take your favorite canine this summer:.
Really gonna get this volleyball for Saturday cause y'all know how I'm coming . Saturday @ Montrose Ave Beach
Wow, the Montrose Beach sand is really hot to walk on barefoot this morning.
Carving of a Puerto Rican flag in the stones at Montrose Beach the The Loop Rock Girl a ZZ Top bikini! . ✌🏻️ shot at Montrose Beach ✌🏻️
I just wanna buy a bottle, go to Montrose Beach, and talk about life w someone. 🙄
It's a perfect day at the . Swim advisory for Rainbow, 63rd St., 57th St. & Montrose. For information…
Hi, I have a dog service, if your have a dog, treat he/she to a trip to Montrose Dog Beach by using our service. Thanks You
Beach day with beautiful souled humans ❤️ @ Montrose Beach
We made new friends at Montrose Dog Beach this weekend! Learn about more about our new facility with Mutt Jackson...
You really must experience standing here on Montrose Beach, Day or Night. .
At montrose beach and I just took a hit & a shot cheers to summer 17'
Montrose beach with the dogs today anyone? Lemme know!!
Wish I was at montrose beach getting drunk instead of work😭
Montrose Dog Beach is the best place on earth
This doesn't get old. Beautiful day! @ Montrose Beach
Ragnar finish chute against the gorgeous background of Montrose Beach, Chicago and Lake…
Sounds like police are still blocking the exit ramp from NB Lake Shore Dr. to Montrose. Due to large crowds at the beach.
I wanna go to montrose beach but none of my friends are down ☹️
Shout out to the guy who found my wallet today by Montrose beach, Googled me, called me. Technology is amazing.
Someone come meet me & at montrose beach we have tequila 😊
Lovely 5 minutes at the Lake with these two! @ Montrose Beach
Divers are searching for a young girl in Lake Michigan off Montrose Beach
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This South Sider is so far on the North Side I'm in the nosebleed section--> . Montrose Beach. 😂😂😂
Spend a Saturday morning with and us as we clean up Montrose Beach!
Join Adopt-a-Beach w/ & for World Environment Day at Montrose Beach!
When I was 13 I was in a lifeguarding competition and it was my beach, Montrose, vs a different beach, 41st Street
What a fun day at Montrose dog beach with my sweetie & my girls! — enjoying the day
Skated from Roosevelt to Montrose beach. Legs are in pain, but the weather was fresh
I wish it was Wednesday night on Montrose beach. 😞
Did I dream about seeing the Montrose beach fire side event on FB? I know it's tonight but I can't find it anywhere anymore!?
Robberies this weekend at... Montrose Beach: Lane Tech: Ane more:
Always classy, never trashy, a little bit sassy. || Prom 2k16 was lit. @ Montrose Beach
Prepping for that closing show (@ Montrose Beach Studios in Chicago, IL)
Finally home after a grand evening. (@ Montrose Beach Studios in Chicago, IL)
And then there's the people that got robbed in the Montrose Beach parking lot. cc
I just checked in at Montrose Dog Beach on and earned the Unleashed badge!
Mid Saturday beach hangs. Montrose beach come see my lame ***
Little Giant Ladders
Just landed at Montrose Dog Beach and it is beautiful!! Come grab your pups some treats!!
Thanks Andersonville! Had a blast as always. Headed to Montrose Dog Beach now! Can't wait to see all the beach...
Montrose beach right now. Come one come all. Bring what you'd like.
Ready to sleep like a child. (@ Montrose Beach Studios in Chicago, IL)
my interest in an event for the baha men at montrose beach is the most action any of my FB RSVPs have ever gotten
Beach volleyball begins in June! You don't want to miss it! Monday nights at 7pm at Montrose Beach. Sign up...
A2: When it's nice out, I WALK. Here's a pic from my favorite 'walkable' beach in Chicago, Montrose.
The ladies love and I like go play ball! @ Montrose Dog Beach
hailing Montrose Harbor: "Do you see a swimmer 200ft out from the beach?" No reply from harbor master
That "on-land" artificial surfing experience by the lakefront may still be happening.
So tempted to not work (@ Montrose Beach Studios in Chicago, IL)
Chicago Surf has big plans that could make Uptown a destination for surfers across the city
Gompers is not Welles Park. Clark Park is not Welles Park. . Montrose Beach is not Welles Park. McDonalads Parking Lot is not Welles Park.
Chicago's hidden gem-The Dock at Montrose Beach. Details on http…
nothing like an overcast beach day @ Montrose Ave Beach
Don't miss the beach/BBQ/Baptisms this Sunday afternoon at Montrose Beach! The festivities kick off at 4:00 pm!!...
I'm doing a pet portrait day at montrose beach! Sign up here:
I was going to tell you to go Montrose beach! Every Wednesday from I think 7 to 9 or 10 is reggae night!! 💃💃
Finally made it to the beach after brunch with my family. @ Montrose Ave Beach
"I'm about to give you lots of good luck!" - 🐦 @ Montrose Ave Beach
Won my soccer tournament in Montrose beach Chicago, Illinois 👍
To the lady who squashed a spider this afternoon at Montrose Beach
ya go to Montrose Beach or something
Go to this link --> and click "What do these numbers mean?" under Water Quality Information table.
Sunbathers are actually on a beach in Scotland! @ Lunan bay, Montrose
My hobbies include watching white people burn @ Montrose Ave Beach
CPD closing down access to Montrose Beach "for about 20 minutes" to clear gridlock.
Always have my back.. those are my best friends!! 😍☺️😛 @ Montrose Beach…
8/16/15: swim advisory at Montrose Beach based on water quality.
no wine we on yac today. Montrose beach around 2.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Join me next Sat in Chicago for the Spikeball Grand Slam at Montrose Beach. 120+ ppl thus far!...
Open water swim session with the Brit @ Montrose Bay Beach
Saw the Blue Angels but with way less crowds @ Montrose Ave Beach
Chicago Air and Water show had quite the backdrop today. @ Montrose Ave Beach
Went to the Montrose Dog Beach today and saw the Air and Water show!
my mom lives off the lake at Montrose beach 😭
Montrose Beach, Chicago. This was a weekday evening.
8/15/15: there is a swim advisory based on water quality at Montrose Beach.
Here's my sun rise time lapse, at Montrose Beach this morning.
Watched the sunrise at Montrose Beach this morning. Great way to start the weekend.
come support the love birds August 22nd 10 am montrose beach chicago
airshow also viewable from Montrose beach. 8/15
Montrose Beach now becoming extremely popular due to crowds coming to hear music. Working with Park & Police for crowd control.
are so sick flying over Montrose beach!
Contemplating going to this Montrose beach party tomorrow? Idk. I'm in a rut...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Big friendly lug was dumped at Montrose beach and now will be euthanized if someone can't step up and foster...
URGENT This guy was picked up a couple of days ago by CACC after being tied left tied up at Montrose beach, he is...
A nuclear Nike Hercules missile at Montrose Beach (now the Lincoln Park Yacht Club) during a readiness drill. (1959)
Time-lapse of Montrose Beach being evacuated as Sunday's supercell t-storm moves in
Get your tix for the Whiskey Wine & Swine Pig Roast Tasting Event at Montrose Beach this Saturday from 1-4pm!
3 legs left of the Ragnar Relay. Meet the Reside Riders at the finish on Montrose Beach at 5:30pm!
Here are a few more shots from the Montrose Beach, Lake Michigan shoot in September.
when Montrose Beach blew up this summer someone went on for 2 minutes w/ IDs while all *** was breaking loose.
Katie & Eric engaged at Montrose Beach with some fun props, a framed Chicago skyline
The pond out back from my Montrose house smells just like Gowe Beach
Motorcycle discovery, someone is sculpting the trees at Montrose Beach. @ Lawrence Beach
Bit baltic for building sand castles lol — at Montrose Beach
Crazy colors at the dog beach for a Friday night ball session @ Montrose Dog Beach
Training w/ for the Stop by this Sunday before/after taper run beach - free therapy!
Heavyweight Dub and Kinky P crushed it last night @ The Dock at Montrose Beach! The weather was absolutely...
Love the new track at Montrose Harbor! Very motivating... @ Montrose Ave Beach
Buena Beach Bar & Grill opens, keeping summer going at Montrose Beach
Appreciate whoever hacked this problem at Montrose Beach
I mean, could they be any cuter? Loved photographing these two last weekend at Montrose Beach.
No one will know how much this girl means to me. @ Montrose Beach
We are rocking until 10pm today at the Dock on Montrose Beach!
Playing a show in Chicago, IL at 7:00 PM today at The Dock at Montrose Beach
that is just at Montrose beach right?
Hey Chicaho! Come to The Dock at Montrose Beach tonight for a FREE reggae party with Ted Sirota…
SUN is SHINING! Don't miss TED SIROTA's HEAVYWEIGHT DUB at THE DOCK at Montrose Beach TONIGHT! JUMP UP will be in...
Montrose Beach the new Beach to be at in Chicag - Local Visionary Planning Cafe and Surf Park For Montrose Beach
I've lived in Wicker Park & near Montrose Beach, work in the Loop and I'm a Columbia College grad. (cont.)
Sam Adams is this Friday at Montrose Beach! Showing the movie Wedding Crashers. Are you going?
Whatever happened on Montrose Beach is a prime example of why we can't have nice things.
Smh to all the people who were posted at Montrose beach. Its bad enough Chicago got a bad rep.
At least two police officers were hurt breaking up a fight at Montrose Beach. Nine people were taken into custody.
If you were one of those people assaulting Police at Montrose Beach last night, I hope you woke up covered in bees. Me? I woke up to breakfast in bed, because I'm good enough, smart enough, and least one person likes me!
Maybe the Montrose beach is the only beach with water quality probs today after the violence ystrd cuz ppl dumped their drugs w cops showed
Might go to the beach later today if the weather hold up. And no not north ave beach or montrose beach I don't go to those.
Nine people were taken into custody and at least two officers were injured in a melee at Montrose Beach on Chicago’s North Side Sunday night.
Party at Montrose beach yesterday got out of hand /.- Why do some have to ruin it for all of us ?
Lmao danm I wanted to go to Montrose beach to lucky I was workin and not out there lol
Montrose Beach was shut down early Sunday night, after a police officer was struck with a bottle while responding to a fight.
I will be celebrating my Birthday at Montrose Beach Sunday.Bring protective gear for your heads
Things got out of hand last night at Montrose Beach..
Sad to see what happened yesterday at Montrose Beach. There are personal videos going viral of them assisting in throwing bottles at cops...
It is super hot. Montrose Beach, in the city of Chicago; Sweaty eyebrows. Bullets, without names. And my niece, Taniqua Smith, working two fulltime jobs, to make ends meet. Matured at the ripe age of 23. Come one, come all. Tickets going fast.
I swear to god you pathetic Mexicans who did this give all Latinos a bad name. No permit, garbage left behind...SMH
Four officers injured in Montrose Beach melee:
Those who frequent Montrose Beach (bikers, runners) note an escalation in violence this summer, and the need for greater police response.
What an embarrassment to the Hispanic community what people did at Montrose Beach.
VIDEO: Bottles thrown at police breaking up Montrose Beach fight
Chicago police were investigating an out-of-control situation that left a big mess at Montrose Beach. At least four police officers were hurt trying to break up a brawl Sunday night at an illegal concert. Nine people were arrested. CBS 2's Susanna Song reports.
No mames, didnt know the incident at Montrose beach was started by a tamborazo. Then people ask why everyone is racist to mexicans smh
- Another quiet weekend in the city, right & .
what happened at Montrose insane! no type of respect for the CPD!!. *** these officers leave their home every morning not knowing if they are ever coming back..
Montrose Beach mostly clean now, aside from hundreds of bottle caps, litter soaked into the dirt after the morning rainstorm.
If you guys haven't been to the dog beach lately, you should check it out, don't worry about all that Montrose Beach shooting & fight news
If it was only possible to hate montrose beach any more than I already do
I just got an ABC text alert to watch the news at noon to see the coverage about a "HUGE FIGHT" at Montrose Beach. Really??? Why can't we all get along, people???
😩😩 ppl was fighting up at Montrose Beach
Videos are pouring in Montrose Beach party.
Four officers injured in Montrose Beach melee
Swear I am not drinking anymore crazy things happen. Like going to montrose beach and watching people attack the police and the police kicking us out yesterday!!! Helicopters flying around squad teams!! Crazy no more drinking lol
My sister just told me about what happened at Montrose Beach. Trashhhyyy af.
Four Chicago police officers were injured and a squad car was damaged when a fight broke out among a large crowd that had gathered for a concert near Montrose Beach, officials said.
Clean-up finished from garbage left after big fight at Park last night.
WATCH ABC7 To Go LIVE at noon for the latest on a huge fight at Montrose Beach
To all you ratchet motherfukers. Keep ya *** at montrose beach. 👊😳😁
Four officers injured in Montrose melee
9 people arrested after brawl near Montrose Beach; 2 police officers hurt.
9 in custody after officers hurt during fight at Montrose Beach.
4 police officers injured in fight at Montrose Beach. At least 10 arrested.
Police responded to a call around 7:30 p.m. of a large group fighting in the 4400 block of North Simonds near Montrose Beach.
Yesterday got real at Montrose beach doe
Sarah and Neil's beach maternity session is featured on the blog today :) Gotta love baby bumps and grassy...
“Four officers were injured when all *** broke loose at Montrose Beach Sunday night.
Two Chicago Police officers were injured while trying to break up a fight Sunday night at Montrose Beach.
Four officers hurt in Montrose Beach fight.
4 police officers injured in Montrose Beach melee. At least 10 people were arrested.
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Watch this video carefully. Black folks get shot holding phones. White people throw bottles at cops? …
Who cares about Montrose Beach its been ghetto since the late 80's. no problems..
Video just in of bottle throwing at Montrose Beach! Thank You to our friends.
CPD super Garry McCarthy says he's "frustrated" reporters r asking about the Montrose Beach incident at news conf on gun seizures.
Montrose beach has been a war zone this summer. rip to my fav late night swimming beach of all time
Video of the fight that started at Montrose Beach. Thank You to our friends.
Officer struck with bottle while breaking up large fight near Montrose Beach
The latest developments on the shooting near Montrose Beach, a report on the Pride Parade festivities, new details on the World Cup viewing party & more coming up at 10 with *** Johnson , Cheryl Scott & me. I hope you enjoyed the weekend!
kickin off beach yoga season! FREE hour session SUN JUNE 1 830 am we'll meet near the Dock at Montrose Beach 200 W. Montrose Harbor Drive Chicago, Illinois 60640 bring a big beach towel instead of a yoga mat and warm layers just in case. share with friends and message me if you can make it!
Check out this video for a small taste of Ragnar Relay then sign up to run Madison, WI to Montrose Beach, Chicago with a team of 12 friends in 2 vans on June 6-7. Go to:
The Chicago Surf Shop and our good friends The Real Gone joined forces to party at Montrose Beach, we had a blast.
I just wish I was at the beach rn..
Lost 2 pounds. This year I'm going to North Ave beach not Montrose
Kick back this weekend, but be listening Mon. 2 win tickets 2 c Boston & 6/21 on Montrose Beach! CLICK
Montrose dog beach, where o where is the sand?
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Front Row Seats for Boston/Doobie Bros on Montrose Beach June 21. Listen for a Boston song in 2pm hour today! KHiTS 104.3
Pre-dawn exploration in the Chicago snow. @ Montrose Dog Beach
Un-happy Friday! I just heard from Chicago Park District and they told me ALL July weekends are already booked at Montrose Beach. Yikes! I responded immediately citing 13 years of partnership and they are now re-reviewing for potential options. I need as many LIKEs and best ultimate wishes possible ASAP. PLEASE!!!
Back to local birding after a week in San Diego on the ABA "Birding Rally" the week before last. I saw five snow buntings on Montrose Beach this morning. I love this bird, not because it is a harbinger of cold winter weather to come, but because it's both a really sweet colorful little bird, and because it's a species that I first saw on the beach at Sandy Point State Park outside of Annapolis, Maryland, probably in 1972 or 1972, with Robin Chalez Tzannes, Paul Bell, and perhaps tutor Howard Fisher. The Illinois list is up to 266 species for 2013. The US list is up to 377 for 2013. The life list is up to 480 in the ABA area (US and Canada, although I haven't been to Canada this year). The next twenty species are going to be harder than the 46! I picked up in and around San Diego and the Salton Sea.
Also: re-watched his "ghost town live" videos. The videos from Montrose Beach and Graham Elliot's kitchen are particularly great
Still here in Chitown, never made the connection Monday am. I was traveling standby and 30 others were before me. Another learning experience. I am traveling to New Mexico this fall for an art adventure and a conference, will take the 24 hour train ride anyday to avoid the airport. Replacing my visit to Sooncomeland (Negril), I am taking some time to enjoy my lifetime homebase Chicago and a few of our museums. Will be doing Plein Air watercolor/painting/pastel on Montrose Beach at the most beautiful Dunes nearby including our magical bird sanctuary on the first day with no sun, soft wind, waves, if anyone wants to join me. Bring your favorite transportable medium, water, and folding chair. Next week Thursday my 1st open day. keep u posted.
The Dock at Montrose Beach is a bar restaurant in Chicago surrounded by sand, sun, volleyball courts and Lake Michigan, serving great food and drinks
Story and Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Anthony Taylor Soldiers assigned to the 85th Support Command left Madison, WI, on foot June 7 to represent their unit as the 85th Road Warriors run team in the Ragnar 200 mile relay race from Madison, WI, to the finish line at Montrose Beach in Lincoln Park. This year was the fourth year that the soldiers from the Arlington Heights-unit participated in the two-day event. Runners of all skill level backgrounds, from novice to marathon runners, took part in the race. “Four years ago, a few of us [soldiers] got together to find something to really challenge us and to push us to our limits - and here we are four years later,” said Sgt. 1st Class William Keys, senior human resources sergeant. “It’s one of those love-hate relationships. You love it when you start, but by the end you hate it and never want to do it again; but a week later you’re ready to sign up again for the next year.” Keys said that this race is unlike others traditional races with a start point a ...
Tommy Edwards is havin' fun at Montrose Beach as Huey Lewis & the News plays live!
Ready to watch Blackhawk hockey at a bar on Montrose Beach.
85th race fans: Staff Sgt. Ciprian Neagoe has officially left the last exchange. The rest of the team is headed to Chicago at Montrose Beach to receive him at the finish line. The current anticipated completion time for the 200 miles is 29 hours and 30 minutes. See you at the finish line!
America Brain Tumor Association run! Still time to head to Montrose Beach for the 8:30 start. beef72…
Wavefront Music Festival Wavefront Music Festival is a three-day electronic dance music festival returning to Chicago's Montrose Beach on July 5th, 6th, & 7th, 2013 and follows in the tradition of the great summer fests in Chicago, taking advantage of the warm weather and the city as a destination f...
Relive the warm sands of Montrose Beach with this Spotify playlist filled with alumni from the 2012 Wavefront Music Festival: excited for 2013? Enter our 12 Days of Wavefront ticket giveaway to win FREE tickets: We'll be announcing another winner tomorrow at noon!
Haven't been out here this early in a long time! @ Montrose Beach
On Saturday, September 29, 9 a.m. to noon, join others from St. Luke's to participate in the Montrose Beach Dunes Stewardship . (Meet at the beach house at Montrose Beach.) The 29th will be a celebration of National Public Lands Day, so many types of volunteers will be present at the dunes and it wo...
Fueled-up jet skis zip across the waters off Montrose Beach
Saturday, September 8 at 3:00pm in CDT at Montrose Beach
Anybody wanna meet up at Montrose Beach, get some sun and watch the planes circle around? It’s loud and awesome but not that crowded.
On Thursday evening, July 26, I headed down to Montrose Beach--Chicago's most famous birding beach--after work to look for a couple of uncommon shorebirds--American Avocet and Willet--that had been reported there earlier in the day. The avocet was easy to find, but the Willet was nowhere to be found...
This past week-end was FUN! Katie was at Wavefest, an electronic music fest at Montrose Beach, and I was in Lake Geneva with 2 of my friends.
1st Annual Wavefront Music Festival production and logistics impressive, in some ways much better than Miami's Ultra. Long-live Wavefront Chicago on Montrose Beach for years to come! - please just expand the programming to include more matured electronic dance music...
Ticket Description: Wavefront Music Festival, Chicago’s inaugural beachside festival, has added a Friday night preview party to kick-off the full weekend of electronic dance music taking place at Montrose Beach. Friday night’s preview party will include live shows by Serge Devant, Lee Curtis, and Be...
I'm spinning some reggae on Montrose Beach form 5pm till 7pm but it goes unitl 10. Its at this new bar called The Dock 200 W Montrose Harbor Drive. Its right next to the field house shaped like a boat. Come out and hear some righteous tunes.
Hey Hey...! Goin' down to Montrose Beach for my buddy Larry's party with a surf band at 6:30 tonight-YABADABADOO...!!! And tomorrow its the Midnight Rider Band unplugged at R&R Crossing in Russell at 4pm so come on out and party with Mark, George and I and maybe we'll let you jam too...!!!
Saturday, June 9 at 6:30pm at The Dock at Montrose Beach
Grant Park Protestors are calling for a Montrose Beach rally.
Unfortunately even though NATO has come to an end the Protestors continue on with a large group in Grant Park which may reportedly be heading to Montrose Beach. Prayers to our law enforcement that they're able to bring this nonsense to a peaceful end.
Union, Evanston, Red Mango, Joy Yees, Evanston, Sun Wah, Gino's North. Lickity Split, Rub, Margie's, Doc's at Montrose Beach .My Birthday week is over. Thank you family and friends for joining me to celebrate this week. Air and H20 the rest of the month!
Went to Montrose Beach in Chicago with Steve and the dogs today. Never been there before and the best part was that there is free parking and the huge beach was practically empty. We then had lunch at Billy Goat Tavern. (Does anyone remember that old John Belushi Saturday Night Live skit with the "cheeseborger, chesseborger, no coke only Pepsi" line? This is the restaurant they based that off of. The cook talked just like that. It was funny.).
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Jet skis allow up to two riders to zip across waters off Montrose Beach with gas included
Wavefront Music Festival scheduled for June 30 - July 1 at Montrose Beach.
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