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Montell Jordan

Montell Jordan (born December 3, 1968) is an American R&B singer-songwriter and record producer. Jordan became the main solo male artist on its Def Soul imprint until leaving the label in 2003. During his live performances he generally gave more of a rock-oriented performance, with Jordan even going as far as to wear sunglasses while on stage.

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Listening to Montell Jordan with bc why not
Nothing like having Montell Jordan, Bobby Brown, En Vogue, SaltNPepa and NSync accompany you while you're walking.. 🎶🎧
I'm listening to Gotta' Get My Roll On by Montell Jordan on Pandora
This is how we do it by montell Jordan . Best song of the night
If you haven't listened to Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do it" in the past 24 hours, you're doing it wrong.
Dang...Montell Jordan is almost as old as my mom
I added a video to a playlist Montell Jordan - Get It On Tonite
They just played Montell Jordan - 'This Is How We Do It' at Cove 31 aka Rockwood and I got super nostalgic... The right ppl get it.
i tnought Montell Jordan was a lil fruity
Montell Jordan - Get It On Tonite - I was singing this song in a shower ha! Love love this song. ❤️
Montell Jordan: This is how I do it NOW. God: Hmm. Yeah that's great. Just play the classics out there, hot shot. We got a live crowd tonight
y'all gone leave him alone ;-; even if he do resemble Montell Jordan.
There people in this bar that were 3 years old when Montell Jordan's hit was out... Think about that.
This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan is the greatest song of all time. I'm requesting this song at every party.
This used to be my jam back in the day! Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It~
"And that WAS how he did it!"- Eulogy at Montell Jordan's funeral
Lol my manager fonkin montell Jordan talking bout white boy too fly
It's Friday night and I feel alright...Oh. Sorry, I was channeling Montell Jordan for a minute...
In the words of Montell Jordan, "this is how we do it, it's Friday night and I feel alright".
I do love the band that Collegiate has, "Lucky People." Just played Montell Jordan.
And now the elder citizens are dancing. Montell Jordan, Destiny's Child are involved.
can someone drop "this is how we do it" by Montell Jordan...i would die if that happened. i could do my hula hoop dance move. ~
Montell Jordan's "this is how we do it" I know EVERY word! "Never come wack on an old school track"
I wonder if Team Canada listened to This is how we do it - Montell Jordan after their win today.
Listening to 'This Is How We Do It' by 'Jordan, Montell' on '94.5FM Old School 94.5' on my iPhone with ooTunes!...
Friday night calls for 90s jamz This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan on
I wonder if Montell Jordan is still showing people how he does it.
im leaving if they play nothing but spanish music at the dance please play some , Montell Jordan , Next , and ghetto booty shaking music
How does that Montell Jordan song go again?."This is how we do it" lol. This came in today from an...
Download for free at Montell Jordan - This is How We Do It (instrumental)
Montell Jordan this is how we do it was the first song that was playing when I got in the car its going to be a good night.
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Yesterday, the contractors working on the house next door were blaring Tejano so I had to leave and make somewhere else my "mobile office". Today? They are rockin' some Montell Jordan. That, I can work with.
Why Cant We From The Self Entitled Album Montell Jordan (2002) Is it me or is this song unnecessarily long?
New post (Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It) has been published on - - Jordan
Girl Can you tell me what's on tonight, I'm coming to yo crib, have dinner by candle light, we gone watch some tv, we gon play yo CDs, I'm gon be on you nd you gon be on me montell Jordan
Did u know that Montell Jordan has worked with artist Christina Millan, 98 degrees, Deborah cox and sisqo ...
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Falling for you , and I just can't help myself /baby I'm falling . Montell Jordan got me wishin was here ,😞😞 miss u much
NBA LIVE 2001 Soundtrack: Montell Jordan - Unstoppable For more NBA LIVE 2001 content, check out the NLSC at
Montell Jordan "this is how we do it" on the way into work.and get ready for tonight !
Wow, you need to calm it down. Montell Jordan right on the heels of The Proclaimers? Can't handle this.
As Montell Jordan would say: This is how we do it.
Anyone seen that shreddies advert with the ol Doris busting her moves to montell Jordan. That's funny
Montell Jordan always turns a night
Next slow jam on my list ...Montell Jordan Once Upon a Time. ...
Montell Jordan having big fun on his weekly broadcast of "Montellevision" live on BlogTV October 3, 2008. Montell performs "Let's Ride" live featuring comedi...
I wanna throw a 90's style BBQ ! Straight old school montell Jordan , swv ( I'm so into you ) , biggie , tupac , color me bad even some 80's joints mc fadden & whitehead etc all party music. Denim Jumpers , timbs , gold chains , Old English , steel 211's & all that nasty lol. Have the kids out there with icee's & stuff. We gotta pop it off one time for our old heads kind of like a tribute to em. I believe it's possible if everybody get mature for one day. Word I think that'll be iconic every hood invited, no guns , no knives, just crews & music & a bunch of beautiful women. If there's women around I feel there should be no reason for a dude to feel the desire to come in contact with another man unless they're saying what's up! Seriously. But yeah that's my vision lol
Why is Montell Jordan on my Tye Tribbett Radio? .umm when did he make a gospel song?
Yep. That's my dad and Montell Jordan hanging out at a DJ convention in Las Vegas. Yes, this is how we do it..
in my days the party got started with some montell Jordan.
your goal should to be to work montell Jordan into the newscast tonight.
Montell Jordan's this is how we do it will never get old
Let's go somewhere and get it on tonight. (Montell Jordan Voice)
Montell Jordan - Get It On Tonite: lmao this song has been stuck in my head for a while.
Listen to music by Montell Jordan on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized radio.
Wow 105.7 in vegas is killing it tonight. Montell Jordan and Gregory Abbott on the way home.
looks like Montell Jordan circa this is how we do it video
I was about to tell someone 'This is how we do it' but instead I said MONTELL JORDAN
Montell Jordan - This is how we do it still a classic.
Montell Jordan still getting burn at school dances. gotta get your groove on
Just sitting at my desk reading scripts, listening to Montell Jordan while eating lunch, as one does on a Friday afternoon...
Aw man. You can have lunch with Montell Jordan after the convo? Lunch with him or Nationals for a week? Sorry Montell, I gotta go with Nationals
Has a hot date with traffic school. "Turning left on a red" going to 200 South, says police woman Martinez. Doesn't she know?? This Is How We Do It. Montell Jordan.
Er... why did no one tell me there is now a Shreddies advert featuring Montell Jordan's "This is how we do it"?
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It “Smiff n Wessun - Dah Shinin forever one of my favorite records from the 90's”
Still here listening to 90's music. Aaliyah and Montell Jordan in the spin.
Everyone need to listen to DJ Jabble Montell Jordan storm queen remix
In the movie Fighting Temptations, what role did Montell Jordan play? A.)the preacher B.)a convict C.)choir director
The O'Jays, T Bone, Zane and Montell Jordan Down by the Riverside [to da...: via
On my play list 1. Mark Morrison - return of the mack, 2. Mc Hammer - can't touch this 3. Will Smith - summer time 4. Montell Jordan - This is how we it 5. Mc Lyt - cold rock party 6. Naughty by nature - Jamboree 7. Yvette Michelle - every and night 8 Mc Lyt & Xscape - keep on, keep on 9. Alfonzo Hunter - just the way players play 10. Busts Rhymes and Zhane - it's a party... Beat that...Xolani Mntambo, Themba Lethu, Genetic Beats Ceed, Charles Scrooge Mchunu, Molefi Jonas Rampai, Mduh Duzi...
Walking to class crunk as idk what lol got Montell Jordan playing "This is how we do it" smiling for no reason at all but blessed to be alive another day. IT'S FRIDAY!!! TGIF I love my weekends
Sitting back,watching Montell Jordan video right now.
Started my day off wit some Montell Jordan
I was busying myself the other day, when Dr Dre's song popped into my head... Keep their heads ringing. The very beginning of that song, Dr Dre comes on the mic and says... "The party's going on... Thank God it's Friday" YET AGAIN... another song encouraging us to dishonor the truth Sabbath by attending parties. other songs include: Aaliyah back n forth, Zhane mr DJ, Montell Jordan this is how we do it, Johnny Kemp: Just got paid. ALL OF THESE SONGS encourage the masses to dishonor the true Sabbath. Well Thank GOD FOR THE TRUTH!
Laying here just listening to the clock radio play the old school station. I decided I was going lay here til a song I like comes on. Montell Jordan This is how we do it just came on. Lol, I'm so goofy bc I can't help but dance around. Dang, now I have no choice but to get up... Lol at how I was like 5 thinking he was so fine. Lol what did I know SMH..
Call me crazy^^.. Me singing montell jordan ,never alone
Woazers... the playlist at our local so far... This is how we do it and Something for the honeys - Montell Jordan... Put your back into it - Ice Cube... Getting jiggy with it - Will Smith... Poison - Bell Biv Devoe... Scrubs - TLC... 2 skinny white girls DJ'ing and this pub is predominantly upper class Europeans and Italians... Crack up but good at the same time!! lol We come here every week to catch up with our kiwi mates and they've never had a DJ here. Loving these sounds!! :)
Took nap wroke up not feeling good, colon acting up again and when it hits its hits hard, then received an amazing phn call a shocker!world comming to end! my dad and step mom called checked on me said they needed to stay in touch with me more maybe there is hope out there they do love and care for me, that made my day, plz pray for me that I will not be sick put enemy under my feet so i can enjoy weekend going to be filled with fun pack of worship to god, tomorrow night goung with my bff Lisa Williams and my daughter Kristy Gibson to 12 stone church for night of worship and if eveything works winter jam with my son Corey Lee at the Georgia dome fun filled weekend with jesus, man oh man hope Chris tomlin will be there and casting crown and I know the newsboys and newsong and jermy camp these are my all time favorites, and what would really top it off if montell jordan could be there and sing shake heaven now that would get the crowd on there feet, well 1am comes early, so night fb family and friends, lov ...
Day 4: Big Business Advertising for the Small Business DJ, The Power of Music (with Montell Jordan!!!) and How to Build a Better You. I also purchased several DVDs, recordings of all the seminars and the book "Hosting for DJs". Now it's time to head back downstairs for the Grand Finale. - Waylan
I just met Montell Jordan. That was pretty cool. The 17 year old me just lost his mind.
Kicked it old school with 5a! Was that Digital Underground, Montell Jordan, and Dr Dre blasting from those speakers?
Today my minds is in the gutter so please excuse my songs of the day but let me know if you remember them. 12 play by r kelly, let's ride by Montell Jordan, lick by joi, and t shirt and panties by adina Howard, 1 on 1 by 2 live crew :-)
As if Montell Jordan has been hijacked by the grannies advert.
Missed today's Throwback? It was Montell Jordan - This is How We Do It! Listen weekdays at 4:20pm with Ryan Deelon for a trip down memory lane. You might even win a free pizza, made hot by Papa John's Gorham, ME
UMES booked Craig Mack...Montell Jordan...Shaggy.The Mighty Clouds of Joy...Dottie Peoples... Shirley Caesar.Meek Mills.Queen Latifah and Dorothy Norwood for the homecoming concert Thursday night and I can't wait lol
Dope. Watching The Nutty Professor. 'This is how we do it' by Montell Jordan comes on and the 3 boys start head nodding. *** yeah, they know what's up.
I've been singing Montell Jordan al day. What's wrong with me? I need Beysus
Just saw Kade has the same bday as Montell Jordan, Brendan Fraser and Mickey that's pretty impressive.
I always mix up Montell Williams and Montell Jordan. One wants me to party with him on Friday, the other wants to get me a short term loan.
Just imagine Michael Jordan dancing to Montell Jordan's ' this is how we do it' on the Montell Williams show
I was with DJ Mr Chin while he was ACTUALLY scratchin' in MC Lyte & Classic Jigga Man. And with Miss Ko when she buss of Das EFX 'Jump Around' - which the crowd went bananas. Then wanted to be mad when the 2 went into Montell Jordan's 'This Is How We Do It'. But they redeemed with BBD 'Poison' so its all good again!
How do you get Montell Williams and Montell Jordan confused with each other? Lol
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Having a night in and want some brilliant party songs to go with it? Get Dearne FM, Paul Blundell's on until midnight with a huge Donna Summer classic and Montell Jordan on soon...
Everytime Gose comes up & I hear that Montell Jordan track...I think about Tim Meadows' "G-Dog" w/ Anthony Edwards as manager.
Am I the only person who pictures Montell Williams singing Montell Jordan's 'This is how we do it'?
Montell Williams had a talk show and Montell Jordan has this is how we do it
Somethin' 4da Hunnies - Montell Jordan | That's my vibe this tonight at Verona
Just sitting back watching Montell Jordan videos
smashed it tonight, especially that Montell Jordan cover... big things still to come from the lovely
Montell Jordan is 6'8 sheesh lol that's a big a** R&B singer!!
Cue up Montell Jordan because this is how we (do it...
*** at work bumpin this 'Best Of Montell Jordan' lmaoo
Montell Jordan had more than just one jam
OOOHH YEEAH :D that is how you do iiittt!!! (use your best montell jordan voice)
You ever wake up in the morning and be like, 'Why isn't Montell Jordan still a thing?' Just me?
For lord sake Montell Jordan was 6'8". If he's dancing we all should be.
Can i have a modern day Montell Jordan for my husband please???
Montell Jordan is 6'8"?? Huh. Well, I learned something today. .
Nate dogg and montell Jordan looked alike
Montell Jordan is fine fine fine . My gaaah
I had no idea Montell Jordan was 6'8 😳
Ma claims we're related to Montell Jordan from this is how we do it... I'ma do my research this!
I feel like Montell Jordan and Dandre Jordan are related
*** you Montell Jordan and House of Pain for delaying me from getting my work done...
My Jcole station loves playing some Montell Jordan 😂
Audio: beccaguy: new fave best off Azealia Banks’ Fantasea hello Montell Jordan. Download this ish here.
"THIS is how we SCREW it!" - Montell Jordan to unimpressed contractor installing replacement garage door opener bracket at his home.
Milli Vanilli 'Girl you know its true' - Which song did they get sued for again!? Montell Jordan
It's so windy , my shirt is blowing like I'm in a Montell Jordan music video.
please "play once upon a time" by Montell Jordan for my Abuja people.
Massive big up too for playing mine and 's remix of Montell Jordan at the one and only
whites put Larry Bird and the beastie boys on the trading block whites interested in acquiring Gary Sheffield or Montell Jordan
"this is how we stew it". --Montell Jordan, Swedish chef and author of "Will it stew?"
I like this version. i will never get tired of this song. Dave Koz & Montell Jordan - Careless Whisper
The question I keep asking myself is, Is zahara a one-hit wonder just like Puff Johnson, Michael Speaks, Montell Jordan? Or is she waiting for trees to be full of flowers? Am starting to doubt if zahara had that magic frm the beginning?
Here's what became of a Saturday evening spent with pastor Montell Jordan, aka nicest guy in the world...
Reminder!! This coming Saturday is the Remember the 90s party at the Loft Ballroom in Laurel. All 90s Reggea, Dancehall, Hip Hop, R&B and International Music by DJ Majic! Who doesn't LOOOVVE the 90s? I know I do, lol, so come party to some New Jack swing, some Chaka Demus and Pliers, do the butterfly on some Shabba Ranks and Shaggy, do the one-two stepping on some Montell Jordan and R. Kelley and much more!!! Check the flier for more info.
I liked a video from Montell Jordan - The Power of Music @ Victory World Church
Former R&B artist Montell Jordan takes to the pulpit - Atlanta Magazine
The DJ at just followed up Montell Jordan with Kris Kross. Junior high me gives him mad props.
Dave Koz & Montell Jordan collaborate on the love song "Careless Whisper"...traditionally smooth jazz style. Enjoy! DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement is ...
This mix will be removed on June 16th !! Playlist : Playlist : 01 Carl Thomas - i wish 02 Montell Jordan - get it on tonite 03 Chaka Khan - aint_nobody 04 Warren G -This DJ 05 Mary Jane Girl - all night long 06 Brownstone - if you love me 07 Dj Quick ft Nate Dogg - black mercedes 08 Jay-Z feat. Ali...
For what it's worth, I don't think the Montell Jordan version of "This is Doug Loves Movies" ever gets the laughs it deserves.
"It's Friday night an I feel alright, the party's here on the west side" -Montell Jordan
Viceroy is back with another “Jet Life” remix, this time taking on the classic single from Ginuwine. He first caught my attention with his Montell Jordan remake, then a few weeks later he opened up for RAC down at SXSW and stole the show. You know you’re good when the club owner gives you an [...]
Remembering the Song: Montell Jordan on the Endless Life of 'This Is How We Do It'
10 years ago we had me, Montell Jordan & The Simpsons' Monty Burns. Hi, Montel Williams for Money Mutual. If you have no job, we give u cash
Montell Jordan preaches on the power of music.
I want Dom K , Montell Jordan , And Dj Quik on private sessions
So You Wanna Be a Producer? is a full-length insightful and inspirational documentary from Maurice Thompson, ("Back in the Day"-Remix Ahmad, Montell Jordan, Coolio) interviewing some of the hottest hip hop producers in the game. Celebrating 10 years, this DVD includes recording tips and technique...
This isn't the first time I've confused Montel Williams for Montell Jordan. :P
Ima look into it... I really REALLY want my own Talk Show... On Some Ricky Lake, Jenny Jones, Montell Jordan type shxt!!!
Okay so Montel Williams does not equal Montell Jordan. That explains A LOT.
Get into an accident. Say "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!" Nardwuar shows up with microphone and Montell Jordan on vinyl.
now I don't have no problem saying what I like... ♫ "I Like" by Montell Jordan (@ Pearl River, MS, USA)
Montell Jordan playing in the dining hall. The kids know the words- but weren't born when it came out.
I used to think Montel Williams and Montell Jordan was the same person 😂😂😂
Thank You Dierks Bentley...finished my proposal...;-))) Now who's going to help me schedule next weeks menu?? Keith Urban or Montell Jordan???
BLACK FACT featured artist was one of the biggest R&B sensations of the ‘90s, Montell Jordan! Beginning his career in 1994, Jordan was a great singer, songwriter, and producer. He was the main male solo artist at Def Jam Labels until 2003. His main successful hit song, released in 1995, was “This is How We Do It.” This song is so madly successful, it has not stopped being used in movies, TV specials, and commercials since its release. In addition to writing, performing and producing his own work, Jordan also wrote and produced songs for Shea Jones, 98 Degrees, Deborah Cox, and others. Though retired from the music industry since 2010, Jordan is becoming a Worship Minister at Victory World Church in Atlanta, Georgia. While he produced great, fast-paced R&B and Hip-Hop songs, he also made gentle ballads; and one of Montell Jordan’s ballads is “Daddy’s Home.” ---Bro. B.I.B. ---BOOYIKA!
This Is How We Do It ... Montell Jordan sang this for a time such as this.
Summer all the time with Viceroy's "Jet Series" remixes, the latest of which applies tropical disco tones to New Jack Swing king Montell Jordan! Free download!
All the while listening some Montell Jordan
I want to go back in time and tell Montell Jordan that his biggest hit will be used in tax accountant commercials.
I feel old, watching The nutty professor and Montell Jordan came on and I was like Ee! THIS IS HOW WE DI IT!
Montell Jordan gone try to come back.“I missed the memo about these leather pants dudes are rocking! What the world coming to?
Jackson Hewitt using Montell Jordan's "This is How We Do It" in ad is almost enough to make me consider using them. Almost.
Montell Jordan and Raz B can get the *** off the stage too
Two things I have learned this week listening to 90's on 9: 1) When listening to Kris Kross - Jump - you will have the urge to jump., even when sitting. 2) It is impossible to listen to Montel Jordan - This Is How We Do It - and not bob your head.
Does anyone else thinks that Dwight Howard looks like Montel Jordan? They could be related lol
Are we sure Montell Jordan isn't really Dwight Howard?
If they were going to do this, they might as well had Montell Jordan do The intro
It may be 18 years late, but I want to thank Montell Jordan for having a designated driver while partying with a 40.
Montell Jordan, wow, just gone back to memory lane!!. Its awesome how music can do that. Thank guys
The Original Music Video for YMCA - The Village People Copyright recordings, music and lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Can't Stop Productions and Sco...
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Ugh then I turn to cspan and montell jordan this is how we do it is playing and their having the his hop caucus -_-
So wait - is today Jerome Jordan's or Montell Jordan's 50th birthday?
Making a mix for a girl who's into "old school" music. So what are your favorite R&B or rap hits from the 90s? Prefer songs that aren't blatantly inappropriate for an early teen. In unrelated news, when did this household run out of blank CDs?
I didn't know today was Montell Jordan's birthday.
Haven't watched this since Montell Jordan told us how they do it. Forgot Dave Chappelle ...
Hit it hard!! Or as Montell Jordan once said... "This is how we do it.." lol!
This is how we do it x montell Jordan >>
Best Montell Jordan lyrics: "you are what I want girl, she's a chicken." Girls > chickens.
Montell Jordan is the fattest chil ever
Plantation Lullabies is a classic I had the CD but someone borrowed it & got me by returning the case but w/ a Montell Jordan CD in it!
I'm sorry Montell Jordan, I really WANT to wave my hands from here to there but I am neither; A) An OG mack. Or B) A wannabe player.
MJ was the best ever I don't care what anyone else thinks.
Montell Jordan alone in his room crying while jacking off
Somebody please get this *** Montell Jordan song outta my head.
Get It On Tonight by Montell Jordan is that jamjam.
What y'all know about Montell Jordan- this is how we do it
Montell Jordan - Get it on tonight . Old school baby nothing better
Awww montel Jordan! "This is how we do it" making people think they can dance and sing! Your the best!
If I recorded my husband singing in the shower right now...I don't think any of you would believe it. I love that man!
Dave Koz~careless whisper ft montel jordan on ma playlist dis morning follow by Brenda Russell~piano in the dark\morning beautiful people
What's the hottest song to get the party started!?
Montel Jordan, this is a true throwback
My boy in here doing karaoke and doing the moves to Montel Jordan
I walked right by Montel Jordan really...
Ok friends I need your help... I'm looking for some ultimate dance tunes. What was/is your favorite song to hit the dance floor to?? Ex..this is how we do it- montel Jordan, Cupid shuffle, macerena, lets get it started etc. Come one dancers at heart and everyone else... Leave your song choice here v
Guess sometimes its good to walk jus found forty dollars jack
So Montel Jordan is a gospel singer?!
Good morning FB Nation, God woke up early today *its 4:20am - here on da west side (*in my Montel Jordan voice from the song "...This is how we do it..."). Handling a few upcoming music works &fashion group items for BMW M3 & Fashion Group/d'Bellezza Modeling Group/Mode DeJaiz Magazine, LLC in NYC, Miami, LA, New Mexico, & Las Vegas... as well as getting situated with new models, photo shoots, & designers... Later this morning (*well for the whole weekend), gotta hit up work to continue working on the remaining upcoming construction projects... Everyday I'm Hustling - Work Hard - Play Harder... Staying Focus & Staying Blessed... Have to keep dem Stillz sharp 2 pay dem billz...! :-) Have a great Valentine's Day/NBA Allstar/President Weekend everyone...
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Who's going to Perish's white party tonight?
Its Friday night && I feel alright The parties here on the West Side Bigjuicy reach 4 her 40 then we turning up.!
You know it's gonna be a fun night at work when the owner of the restaurant breaks out into a rap from Montel Jordan... Ah yes... i laughed alot tonight!!!
Alright! You know what time it is. Time to find the jammies (Betty Boop for the nosey people) grab the popcorn and the remote and get this party started. I told you I'm a party animal. LOL
Friday night whats poppin on a montel jordan?
It's Friday Night an' we feel alright. The Party's here on the Southside. So we reach for our "Volumes" and we turn it up. Designated tech says he can't get enough.Alright enough with the Montel Jordan references. Come check us in Vincennes tonight with ForeverAtLast and Normandy
What are good songs with the word Friday in them?
I get to see Luke McMurray tonight finally! As Montel Jordan says.. this is how we do it, its friday night, all hands are in the aayyer lol
Day off on Valentines day?? Naw, me and my girl are doing p90 plyos tonight.
New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men will combine for a show on Aug. 3 in Value City Arena.
What do you want to see Ante Up cover ?
Sitting here strolling memory lane. Shout out if you remember montel jordan - this is how we do it.
Besides putting on a great show, New Politics & 21 Pilots involved break dancing in the middle of the crowd, a ukulele and even a tid bit of montel jordan into their show..lets just say I was impressed.
Well BO... My tax lady decided to go back to school... Does anyone have someone or a place they recommend to get taxes done?!
It's weird... I don't have a concert to go tonight.
Slowly but surely, we're getn there!!!
Who remembers montel Jordan this how we do it? So listening to it and the old usher oldies night lol
Pandora Flow! I paid for unlimited streaming and no commericals the best 9.99$... Let's Ride Montel Jordan feat. Master P & Silkk The Shocker.
A lunch date with my Italian sex slave
Flashin' back to the 90's today First up... Montel Jordan " This Is How We Do It"! Comments welcome! Lol
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Blake Owens is going to tattoo a portrait of himself onto my thigh. Okay with it.
I favorited a video Montell Jordan - Bottom Line
Why have I decided to listen to Montell Jordan- This is how we do it, in bed ill never know.. No way am I falling asleep now!
What you know about dat montel Jordan this is how we do it aye
One of my managers has montell jordan's this is how we do it single disc on her desk
Swear if I ever sang karaoke wit a bunch of people in an irish bar I'd sing montell Jordan bet id rock that mug
r&b is dead man. They're tryna revive it! BRING BACK R. KELLY, JODECI, GINUWINE & MONTELL JORDAN!
Feeling Montell Jordan tonight...This is how we do it
Montell Jordan - this is how we do it... Always on a Friday night..
Puts sum money in the jukebox...ahh Montell Jordan - This is how we do it
Eu me recusaria a ter um ringname de "Montel"
Heading out for some early drinking w/ . Would someone please play some *** Montell Jordan!
Bumpin 'This Is How We Do It' by Montell Jordan at because that's the way I do it.
Crap .100 greatest songs of the 90s just came on vh1. Bye bye next 2 hrs of my life. Number 93- Lisa Loeb 95- montell Jordan
My back in the day jams includes some TLC, Lisa Loeb, Sloan and Montell Jordan
On a 90s music listening binge. Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It" just came on. Makes me want to dance like...
Montell Jordan. Wonder whr tht guy is
I just used to discover I Like by Montell Jordan.
In a taxi en route to - get on Stoo Towers street and Montell Jordan - This is How We Do It comes on the radio.
Scratch that! May 16th 1995 on the charts Montell Jordan - This is how we do it
Rolling back the years with Montell Jordan, *** miss them dayz.
It's not Friday without some Montell Jordan on the radio.
Tune of the week- montell jordan, this is how we do it! Choon!
Montell Jordan - 'Get it on Tonight' in my head secretly doing the *Earl Flynn* hands going from side to side
Bumpin to Montell Jordan first album from 95
Running extremely late for work and blasting Montell Jordan cause its Friday Y'ALL
start your day off by listening to montell jordan. THIS IS HOW WE DO IT...its only right.
I would NOT be mad if I never heard "this is how we do it" montell jordan ever again
What should be on our Friday playlist here in the studio??
Snow day calls for a dance off party "This is How We Do it" Montell Jordan ever!
Every Friday I play Montell Jordan -this is how we Do it
Don’t reference This Is How We Do It without expecting me to start playing Montell Jordan. learned the hard way this evening.
Jackson Hewitt should be banned from playing Montel Jordan late at night. I love that song, but it gets stuck in my head. I find myself singing it before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning. Can't wait until tax season is gone!
Montell Jordan is a born again Christian. "This Is How We Pew It"?
Roadtrip songs you hear while searching for an R&B station; and you were tricked: 1. Montel Jordan - This is how we do it; 2. Beyoncé - Single Ladies; and 3. Any Boyz II Men Song!
I invited Montell Jordan & Montell Williams over for a smoke sesh.
I used to get Montel Williams and Montell Jordan confused when I was growing up .
Things About Chris Brown Chris Brown (b. May 5, 1989) is an American recording artist. He made his recording debut in late 2005 with the self-titled album Chris Brown at the age of 16. The album featured the hit single "Run It!", which topped the Billboard Hot 100, making Brown the first male artist to have his debut single top the chart since Montell Jordan in 1995. CONTENTS • Synopsis • Young Star • Acting Turn • Domestic Abuse Scandal Young Star Singer, songwriter, actor. Born on May 5, 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia. Chris Brown is already on his way to music superstardom with his smooth voice, amazing dance moves, and boy-next-door charm. Growing up in a small town of roughly 2,000 people, he was a born entertainer. Brown enjoyed singing in his church choir and was inspired by such musical artists as Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. He also showed off his dance prowess by imitating the dance moves of another one of his idols, Usher. Brown was discovered by Tina Davis, who was w ...
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Skee-lo and Montel Jordan. This is what my Sunday morning has started with!
This stupid Jackson Hewitt commercial has got all the kids singing Montel Jordan! This is ridiculous!
In the last 45 minutes of watching 2 and a half Men, they've run the Jackson Hewitt commercial 12 times. I now hate Montel Jordan more than life itself.
The Jackson Hewitt tax commercial where everybody is dancing to the Montel Jordan "This Is How We Do It" song is HILARIOUS
I get a phone call from my Mom Ms Betty take me to get a room it's cold in the house her's! Ok how about you turn the AC OFF TAKE IT OFF 62 *** it's to early for this foolishness my dumb aZz on my way to Walmart to by a heater mind you theirs nothing warming with the heating/cooling system into the *** HOUSE UGH!MS BETTY *** get y'all auntie Kathy Davis-Gianfrancesco, Patty Davis, Brittney Davis, Debbie Jordan-Davis, Michelle Thomas, Da'sha Bradley
YFM used to jam proper music! Like J Dilla to Robert Glasper and back to Montell Jordan kinda music. Wat happend?
Who else wants to see NKOTB boyzIImen and 98 degrees? I do! Girls trip anyone? Mandy Eakins are you going? Could care less about the last one but the first two heck yeah!
really wish Montel Jordan didnt let Jackson Hewitt use "this how we do it" for their new commercial
Preview and download Shake Heaven (feat. Montell Jordan & Beckah Shae) - Single on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
Montel Jordan come's on at work and everybody on the line is like THIS is HOW we DO it! Sha la la la la ahhh!
I always get Montel Williams and Montell Jordan confused.
Can you name three famous 'Montells'? Montell Jordan, Montell Williams, Montell...? Montell Python?
lol for a second I thought Montell Williams was Montell Jordan and I was like ... so that's where he went
I wonder if Montell Jordan gets paid everytime that annoying Jackson Hewitt commercial comes on?
I hate that *** Jackson Hewitt commercial with the Montell Jordan music play and that fool dancing on the desk. I wanna see a commercial with jokers who doesn't get Money back or owe. Hot ***
Montell Jordan, in case you were wondering where those royalties were coming from, it's Jackson Hewitt commercials. Sorry for the confusion.
I'm glad the Jackson Hewitt commercials are back because I need my daily dose of Montell Jordan.
Whass happening SLC'ers? It's Friday night, and I want to party like Montell Jordan... So tell me, Where's all the puss that needs crushing this evening?
We're spinning Victory World Music - The One (feat. Montell Jordan & Martha Munizzi) - right now on
I didn't know Montell Jordan had a gospel album out...This is how we praise him, South Central (Baptist COCH
Montell Jordan has Parkinson's?? I was thinking Montell Williams has MS. And Pryor. But good news White is still w/us
Wow who knew Montell Jordan is now a worship leader
«Montell Jordan needs to go somewhere with his moneymutual as»lls...u do know thats Montell Williams right
All I ask from you is that you know every single intimate detail of Montell Jordan's personal life/history.
Rehearsal this week.. Learning new tunes : One more night-maroon 5 Gonna die young - ke$ha Everybody talks - neon trees Evacuate the dance floor- cascada U & dat - e40,tpain You can do it (put ur *** into it)- ice cube Genie in a bottle - Christina aguilera This is how we do it - Montell Jordan
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