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Montell Jordan

Montell Jordan (born December 3, 1968) is an American R&B singer-songwriter and record producer. Jordan became the main solo male artist on its Def Soul imprint until leaving the label in 2003. During his live performances he generally gave more of a rock-oriented performance, with Jordan even going as far as to wear sunglasses while on stage.

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The DJ just segued from Don Mclean's "American Pie" to "This is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan.
BeWytch Me Radio: Now playing Montell Jordan - This is how we do it. TuneIn Player @
Kudos to Glasgow ground staff for the Montell Jordan banger played after scores
Did I just hear Montell Jordan on the speakers at Scotstoun?
Torey Burston walks onto the bus singing Montell Jordan's "This is how we do it". Now we're ready.
Happy Birthday Who can forget this rap classic sampled by Montell Jordan?
I don't care what Montell Jordan says, THIS is how we do it.
My Uncle just sent me a video of himself dancing to "This Is How We Do" It by Montell Jordan while at work.
Montell Jordan got a fire verse at the end of This Is How We Do It but nobody know cuz the dj never spin it that long
This Is How We Do it by Montell Jordan is in Ramada Encore.
Wanna do a 90s thread on 80s to early 2ks on R'n'B & Hip Hop artists like Kriss Kross, Montell Jordan, Will Smith,slick rick etc. But time 😩
Welcome to the final hour on the Avant, Silk, Cheri Dennis, Reuben studdard, Montell Jordan & more with
Jackson Hewitt used that Montell Jordan song in an ad once, and it still blows my mind they didn't change it to "This Is J…
boyz II men, TLC and Montell Jordan with my Mom 😂 was when Susquehanna bank center first opened under whatever name
A year ago hanging with Montell Jordan at ABC upfronts
I added a video to a playlist Montell Jordan Let's Ride Instrumental
Breast Cancer Awareness
Oi Bem will you play good Kanye for the good old days, & for me finishing uni today? if not give me Montell Jordan how we do it
It was sunny yesterday so today I’m showcasing a lovely sunburn . *Cue a group of white ppl singing Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”*
"Yeah, but Montell Jordan's This is How We Do it was 1990s," said people hooked on Meth
This is how we do it by Montell Jordan on Power 98.2 at
It's Friday so of course we're listening to Montell Jordan.
Montell Jordan "This is how we do it" - cover. Jimmie J and the HardDrive @ ...
Impossible to stay still to montell Jordan - this is how we do it 💃🏻
Montell Jordan This is how we do it 1995 🎶💃💃🎶
via Montell Jordan This is how we do it
Montell Jordan and Jeremih lowkey look like first cousins.
Scott Pryor is known for his role as Jack Stone in The List - movie (2015), starring alongside Montell Jordan.
Pssshhh, call me when John Kasich gets Montell Jordan for his town hall.
Escucha en CANCUN.FM: Montell Jordan - This is how We Do It
Note to self: Play "This is how we do it" from Montell Jordan at the wedding. . Cut it after the lyric "It's Friday night-"
Montell Jordan - Get It On Tonight by user674921074 on
With out of the office, and I have reverted to communicating with each other through Montell Jordan lyrics.
I only clicked on it because I thought it was going to be the Montell Jordan video... That was better though...
43. Get It On Tonight - Montell Jordan; this man so smooth, he gets girls for you lmao
In the words of Montell jordan. this is how you do it!
13. This is How We Do It - Montell Jordan; come on now, we all know the words to this, and we will still be on
Lil girl singing montell Jordan is mad dope lol she got soul! Lol
Gotta love it when the sun is shining and your iTunes throws up a gem on random...This is how we do it - Montell Jordan
were you thinking of when the Wolves had Montell Jordan perform at halftime of KG's first game back?
They should make a montell Jordan movie 🤔
I wasn't sure I was gonna like Let Live, but last night he sang TLC, Montell Jordan, Bill Withers and preached about how strong women are.
And last, Envogue, Bell, Biv and Devoe, used to love that poison song, Montell Jordan, this is how we do it, 90s incomparable
Me and and deadass losing our minds to Montell Jordan at the clippers / lakers game.
I wanna throw a dance party and only play Montell Jordan (but lbh that sounds like the prelude to straight Roman debauchery.)
you know me I gotta do a request Montell Jordan once upon a time. Or\and summer of 69 Brian Adams. :-)
Larry Nance Jr. had the best reaction to Jordan Clarkson’s crossover 😂
actually, I bet Montell Jordan would have helped...
There are still people out there who wouldn't dance to Montell Jordan's This is how we do it.
Had a dream that montell jordan hated me
The Party (This Is How We Do It) Joe Stone feat. Montell Jordan is now on That *** Radio
really want to know what that nasty remix is that I just heard of Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It."
Would you believe Montell Jordan wrote that?
Montell Jordan is on dr oz coonin... Smh. He said if lil Wayne and etc are gonna promote sizzurp to ppls kids.. They should help pay bills
Montell Jordan wrote Nobody's Supposed to be here for Deborah Cox
Get your shouts in. Montell Jordan, Sheryl Crow & The Source feat Candi Staton all to play! SteveReed
"Classic "Caught up with Keith Sweat vs Montell Jordan on mzansi magic.😚📺"" This kinder music never burns out. 🔒
wrong Montell. It was Montell Jordan, not Williams, who sang that song?
Kasich, after the Montell Williams endorsement: Nice! 'This is how we do it,' right guys?. Staffer: That was Montell Jordan. Kasich: I know.
You 30 with a baby *** voice sounding like Montell Jordan in Fighting Temptations 🙄
The singer that did "This is how we do it??" Oh wait, no that's Montell Jordan. I dunno then
Happy BERFDAY to of ! People who share your bday: Montell Jordan,Mickey Avalon,and Terri Schiavo!
I just saw a picture of Montel Williams and said THIS IS HOW WE DO IT! But that's Montell Jordan so I'll dismiss myself
Yep... t_aaronmusic went old school on this one!!!. Montell Jordan "This is how we do it!"
I wonder if Montell Jordan gets talk back from the members at his church. his joint still gets spins lol
Montell Jordan had the secret at one time
Montell Jordan was on the Netflix and Chill tip 20 years ago before Netflix even popped up .
What's y'all favorite Montell Jordan song and don't a say This is How we do it lol
Man, these Montell Jordan albums are classic.
Come see Montell Jordan perform the national anthem and at halftime of the Sacramento Kings home game on Fri - Oct 30
i can't remember who it was, but i remember in 2012 one of y'all got Montel Williams confused with Montell Jordan. I'm still offended fyi.
.just confused Montel Williams with Montell Jordan and I about died.
I used to think Montel Williams was Montell Jordan lol 😂
Aint to proud to beg TLC, This how we do it Montell Jordan, Put your hands up fatman scoop,thug passion 2pac, old school
Let's be cuurystaal clear is no Montell Jordan.
Let's be clear. Montel Williams is no Montell Jordan.
Montell Jordan, Michael Gray and Bob Marley but where are you heading for the weekend? Let us know
Montell Jordan came on and I almost starting jiving but I'm at work and that would be frown upon
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It is playing now on
I liked a video This is how we do it - Montell Jordan with lyrics
So it's National Donut Day, it's 6 am, and I've already eaten three donuts...Like Montell Jordan sang, "This is How We Do It!"
The Party by Joe Stone Feat. Montell Jordan, found with Listen now:
I feel like the perfect way to enter the exam hall would be to dance. Like dancing to Montell Jordan's 'this is how we do it'.
Montell Jordan's album "Lets Get It On Tonight" dropped 1999. I was 9 years old. There are songs on it i can still sing word for word
request for opening song for Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It.
Montell Jordan x this is how we do it . Makes you wanna get up and do one of them old dances 😂
Things/people that do it like nobody does according to Montell Jordan:. South Central. Steph Curry. Derrick Rose. Austin Rivers
Eurovision party on Saturday. In the words of Montell Jordan - THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!
Did you ever notice that the beat on Montell Jordan's This is how We do it is actually Slick Rick's Children's Story (mind blown)
'This is how we glue it': Worker gets disciplined for singing his version of Montell Jordan song
Sick! Joe Stone cracked the Beatport top 10 with 'The Party' ft. Get your copy if you haven't already h…
Peace and Love to the vibe lifters... Today will be a dope day. ~Montell Jordan "Falling" ❤
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Montell Jordan. Wasn't sure but the picture helped 😊
Morning Trev.Round the corner from u,work colleague Charles says Montell Jordan.Haven't heard it myself.
ITS OUT GUYS! Joe Stone - The party ft. Montell Jordan,. Coordinated/choreographed and danced by the PDK Family
Cue Montell Jordan: THIS is how we do it!
Montell Jordan: This is how we do it
.talk being in 2 and sing Boyz II Men & Montell Jordan covers:
Lmao she jst got Montell Williams and Montell Jordan confused lmfao "Doesn't Montell Williams sing this is how we do it?" LMFAO
I added a video to a playlist You Are -- Montell Jordan with Chris August (Official Music Video)
hey what's the brand of that purple sweat suit you had on with the bel air Jordan's for that montell interview
Hey Montel Williams, call me when you're Montell Jordan.
Because I did get my tax return, no Jackson Hewitt. ♫ This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan
Last night I learned you don't know true excitement until you run into Montell Jordan in the Warehouse District.
no, Montell Jordan not Montell Williams. Lmao I'll be Rob Dyrdek and you can be Christopher "averagely sized black" Boykins!
Don't forget to shout out Montell Jordan
Well it has been said that successful people understand success. This statement has a lot of truth to it. With that being said are you interested in jn joining celebrities brain McKnight, ti, montell Jordan, in joining an awesome company called 5link. Google celebrities in 5linx and watch the awesome video.
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They got "This is how we do it" montell jordan playin, not much longer before I start tryna dance
Currently listening to Boys II Men and Montell Jordan in the office
Is that Montell Jordan ?. Throw back yes!. you make me say ay ay ay ay ay. Two stepping a bit
This song reminds me of the summer after I graduated HS, when friends & I drank at a bar that didn't card.
You need this song in your life lol. Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It: via
After watching that sermon on music by Montell Jordan , I had to fall back from secular music fr fr 😩 A spirit behind every song yo.
Does A.J. Preller have Montell Jordan's,This Is How We Do It playing on loop, while drinking 5 hr energy from Gatorage jugs in his office?
My neighbor can get mad if he wants to. You're a fool if you don't like Montell Jordan
if there's no montell Jordan on there it's an outrage! Lol
This is the time in the Verse vhen ve dance! With Hammer, Deee-Lite, Montell Jordan, and Shandi on
I'm glad montell jordan reworked the phrasing on his hit song "is this how we do it?"
Montell Jordan's Get It On Tonight, is him being petty as *** with his girl. It still knocks though...
That promo for darts with Montell Jordan's .. This Is How We Do It .. as the backing music .. oh dear ..
Where the food at? Dwyane wade and Montell Jordan trying crash the party.
This is how we do it (Montell Jordan Voice) at la casa de Muñoz on Thanksgiving. Apple cider martinis!…
Why does Montell Jordan have an Shouldnt he be in My Arms Are Too Short To Box With God gospel plays?
Relationship status: Singing "Let's Ride" by Montell Jordan after seeing a few horses.
montell Jordan unsung answers alot of ? s
I woke up to Montell Jordan on my tv && the first thing that came to my mind was twin 😂
Let's ride by Montell Jordan still my song. I want to skrip to that song lol
Montell jordan, Fergie Jenkins, and jacks frozen pizzas
I remember but don't remember these Montell Jordan songs...he has the most forgettable jams ever
Montell Jordan unsung...this is amazing
I never realized montell Jordan had so many hits!
Listening to Montell Jordan brings back good memories
im trynna get turnt like Montell Jordan
now this is music ..Montell Jordan - You Must Have Been: via
Montell Jordan - Get it on tonight, was my matric dance song! What a
I'm listening to Get It on Tonight by Montell Jordan on the 5FM Android App.
HOT TRAXX CLASSICS on Radio, now playing Montell Jordan - Get it on tonight
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
New Montell Jordan! Please support our new music. Get Covered! RT
That's not how Montell Jordan sang it.
interesting. I'm hearing you did pretty ok yourself over some Montell Jordan tunes... ;-)
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It on Listen live on
Cooking up that Latenights-playlist. D`angelo, Erykah badu, Montell Jordan, Joe,...
old school r&b in the salon Get It On Tonite by Montell Jordan with
errr, im listening to Montell Jordan FYI
Jammin. 95' middle school status. Kids night out.. If y'all can remember those days ;)
Montell Jordan,heavy D,teddy Riley Definitely in good company
montell Jordan x this is how we do it🎆🎇
LOL at the girl in the bathroom with a headache singing Montell Jordan.
I'm not gonna complain about neighbours partying past midnight. But I may criticize them for playing Montell Jordan songs past the year 2003
I hear Montell Jordan now: It's Friday night + I feel alright! You'll probably feel better w/ food in your belly when you reach for your 40.
Victory World Music feat. Montell Jordan and Beckah Shae - Shake Heaven: on -
this is how we do it Montell Jordan! 👌
Montell Jordan - This is how We do It is a required piece that must be played every.. Friday
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It: Og dose it like nobody dose
How did I not know the song Get it on Tonight was by Montell Jordan. I'm so disappointed in myself 😔
You should strive to learn something new everyday. Like today I learned that Montell Jordan released 7 albums! I only know 1 single!
's ego hasn't been the same since Montell Jordan told everyone her love was "bout it bout it".
So far the do has played Montell Jordan n led zeppelin lol
This is how we do it, like Montell Jordan.
Great running into Paul Stewart (the man without whom Montell Jordan wouldn't have…
"This is How We Do It" (Montell Jordan Voice) Can you Hear That Song ? If so Click This Video.. Sing it back to me !
I just listened to an interview w Montell Jordan and he said "I went from 'This is how we do it' to 'this is how HE do it'".
I jam out to my Montell Jordan station on pandora.😎😂
Oh, this is a no-R-Kelly playlist, apparently. And you *just* missed the Montell Jordan.
That Montel Williams and Montell Jordan comparison pisses me off so much. Do I look like them or related to them?
Jeremih is succeeding at what Montell Jordan left behind, that Bobby Valentino necessarily couldn't.what are your thoughts?
So when you change your mind, my arms are open wide,. Do what you gotta do, just know I'm missing you. - Come Home, Mont…
Get it on tonight de Montell Jordan c'est trop ma chanson 😍
When the white Ivy coffeeshop starts bumping Montell Jordan. That's *exactly* how we do it, right.
Montell Jordan - this is how we do it .. This song makes me want to just get up and dance
Montell Jordan & Mark Morrison are the best Pandora stations. ❤️
I added a video to a playlist Recording Artist MONTELL JORDAN talks about UNSUNG on Lady Charmaine
Girl can u tell me what's on tonite🎶 alright Montell Jordan *sways side to side*
I've been on a 90's-early 2000s music tear the past few days, Montell Jordan has classics B
Ah, the return of Jazzdom's matriarch. *cues up Montell Jordan*
You don't fight anyone while Montell Jordan is playing RT
To the guy with the Montell Jordan ringtone: you just made my day
Looking after my 11 year old niece today. Educating her on To Kill A Mockingbird, white hot chocolate and Montell Jordan.
Montell Jordan to Jamiroquai and the guy on the dance floor says, "your transition *** , then proceeds to high...
Can i be next Montell Jordan??? Even Though Im Only 6'3 and weigh about 270+ pounds???
THIS IS HOW WE DO IT by MONTELL JORDAN is on Blunt Radio - Listen on
I mean, he did lie about his age...and he did have a sex problem. Plus Montell Jordan didn't have a drug problem.
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I love Billy Hamilton because his walk up song is Montell Jordan "This is How We Do It." He had to be like 4 when that dropped.
remember the Montell Jordan song from the 90s, "this is how we do it"?
Destinys Child, Montell Jordan, Groove Armada, Mims and more in the stack! We're
I'll never come wack on an old school track - Montell Jordan
Pastor Montell Jordan shared with us some very stressful events in his life this past weekend and what he did to...
Straight up coming from the westside *montell Jordan voice
Fun throwback song for the day: Mundane Monday Morning Music: Montell Jordan This Is How We Do It
I miss the one with Montell Jordan's Unsung documentary I have to watch it as soon as possible.
I always got Montel Williams mixed up with Montell Jordan. Follow them both. This is how we do it.
Montell Jordan and Angie Stone blessed movie with their magnificent voices.
In my Montell Jordan Voice.This is how we do it
Just a reminder that the new season of begins this week with an episode featuring Montell Jordan. Make sure you watch!
Trust me u don't lol. Plus Montell Jordan was 90's 😉😁 lol
Premiering on July 30, the 10-episode season will explore the careers of Montell Jordan, Hi Five, Rick James,...
montell Jordan r Kelly 2 can play that game
Hamilton Collection
Let's get it on tonight. Montell Jordan
Our next release sounds like Montell Jordan and Disturbed doing a collab.
LFG ... Jams on today Montell Jordan - Get It On Tonite: via
The only MJ we acknowledge is Montell Jordan.
this on the speakers when you walk in ♫ This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan
The Montell Jordan This Is How We Do It go to on from
Nu op Virtual Radio: Montell Jordan - This is how we do it [Album Version] ♬
You are the brightest sunshine in the darkest night. Arms that hold me when I'm lonely. You're the o...
all these requests... None of them Montell Jordan. What are these people thinking?
if you're playing Montell Jordan at 2 am I'm down.
Montell Jordan once saw how I do it and started doing it like me and was all "this is how we do it" and I'm all like "w…
Of course they would play Montell Jordan
Headed to to spin in the lounge. Which do you prefer Rob Base or Montell Jordan ?
I never thought I would hear Montell Jordan in a piano bar.
But it did give me chance to meet my neighbors. The cutie two doors down. And the party-central apt rockin' some Ja Rule & Montell Jordan.
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love will set you free- Kelly price feat. Love her, montell Jordan, case, dru hill and playa...So 2000
Montell Jordan gets an Unsung episode? Hmm ok. Looking forward to Martha Wash, Hi-Five, and Rick James though
Montell Jordan, Hi-Five, Rick James, Martha Wash and more slated for upcoming season of TVOne's | Singersroom
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"Tom Hanks being adorable dancing to Montell Jordan at a wedding" canceled out by "Tom Hanks hanging out with Justin Bieber at a wedding"
Day 11: "Covered" NEW upcoming album update from Montell Jordan in support of the Victory World Church worship Kickstarter campaign to raise $20K in 25 days- Please share!
"Covered" is the latest Victory World Church Live recorded album led by Montell Jordan that captures the worship sound of Victory.
&This is how Tom Hanks does it, people. &The Oscar winner was a guest at Scooter Braun’s wedding ceremony in excess of the weekend, plainly obtaining himself quite the blast, especially when a classic Montell Jordan track enabled him…
My new favourite video: Tom Hanks singing Montell Jordan at a wedding. Hilarious! --
Eating apple jacks out the box and watching Say Yes to the Dress in my underwear on a Friday night. (Montell Jordan voice)
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It: practicing some of my break dancing from high school while listening to this.
Almost forgot This week's selection is Montell Jordan
Please support our new worship album at Victory World Church! Covered by Montell Jordan via
This Montell Jordan station on Pandora is playing all the 90s cuts while I drive home right now 🙌
"Girl if it's alright let's go somewhere and get it on tonight"-Montell Jordan
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Montell jordan this is how we do it..Wil NEVER get old
it's so fun! My fav is the Montell Jordan. I am a child of the 90s :)
Question: what is "hey i heard this earlier today (in reference to 'Lets Ride' by Montell Jordan)"
“Montell Jordan - This is how we do it Smile by Uncle Kracker 💖
“Montell Jordan - This is how we do it Lost x Chance the Rapper🙌
Hey seat, there is a Montell Jordan song that says "to all my NEIGHBORS, you got much flavor." Is he using "neighbor" in the vernacular ...
I literally idolize my mom for picking me up from a white conservative Catholic school blastin Montell Jordan and Coolio.
Ernie, Montell Jordan has a live project on can celebrate with a 'This Is How We Do It' jam today? =P
Woke up started bumping montell jordan
Covered by Montell Jordan via Will you help me reach a musical goal? I need you-
Montell Jordan was 6'8... Why wasn't this *** in somebody jersey playin in the league!?
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT (Shane & Randi's downtown wedding extravaganz'r), LET's REVIEW.. √ The site of this event is one of the most unique in the city and used to be a mall of sorts back in the mid-to-late '90s and now houses ESPN Cleveland 850 AM. Sparkly dangling things hang from the ceiling, plenty of flexible space, large-a** windows, pillars...and then after it's all over, it transforms back into...a food court. √ The power outlets to plug into at The Galleria are located in either Sakkio Japan or some place that makes salads. I love having choices. I couldn't make this up. .. My apologies to tables & Sorry your table was situated where it was. That ringing in your ears is temporary and should be gone by Wednesday. .. The groom, prior to removing the garter from his bride, ran to the photo booth to grab an astronaut helmet. He then proceeded to do the deed whilst Sisqo's one-hit wonder played in the background. He boldly went where no man has gone before. .. Montell Jordan - "This i ...
Yet another Teddy Riley remix! This one is of Montell Jordan's "Falling", with Shaunta handling the rap. Enjoy!
THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!!! (Montell Jordan Voice) "My liver... Is gonna kill me by the end of the week"
If you can listen to 'This Is How We Do It' by Montell Jordan & not bust out your top of the line dance moves instantly. I applaud you
Order Miche Bag Online!
Day 17 | Song that makes you want to dance. "This Is How We Do It" x Montell Jordan. This has been…
* Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It * was top of the Billboard Hot 100 this week in 1995
I don't think Montell Jordan knew what kind of masterpiece he was creating.
yeah. What's also surprising, Montell Jordan up to $30,000 for that one song.
Lia n Mya r watchn Barbie n all I hear is "im her!" & "Well im Barbie!" Had a flashback to when my older sisters n cuznz would watch "the box" n thought dey wer SWV, En Vogue,TLC, SALTNPEPPA, & Montell Jordans back up dancers!! Lmao
love de song – To Da River by Montell Jordan, from
Montell Jordan really called his gf a chicken in "get it on tonite"
.just told me that Montell Jordan's contract rider starts with THIS IS HOW WE DO IT so everyone else should just call it a day.
I wonder if the guy who was written up is named Montell Jordan.
OMG this Montell Jordan station is bringing back SO many memories!!
I can hear Montell Jordan in my head now
*** !! You can still book Montell Jordan? Im about to start a Kickstarter to raise $20K to book Montell yo!
"The party is here on the West Side, so I reach for my 40 and I turn it up! Designated driver take the keys to my truck!" - Montell Jordan
Montell Jordan knows how to party responsible. That's why he's one of my idols.
I'm "old enough to have Montell Jordan's 'This Is How We Do It' stuck in my head" years old.
Just found myself sauntering around the warehouse singing Montell Jordan - This is How We Do It, in a classic Vic Reeves club remix manner
I have finally found the perfect Pandora station for people close to my age...I mean I live Anthony Hamilton station but Montell Jordan station is perfect for us,..I can't get enough of this
White girls like to sing along to Montell Jordan "This Is How We Do It". Unfortunately, no one seems to want to do anything like 'em.
LOVING today, putting me in a really good mood 😘. Will ya play montell Jordan this is how we do it 👊❤️
Now playing: You Are by Montell Jordan ft. Chris August.You can listen to H.F.R 24/7
Best thing about this story is that Montell Jordan seems to have commented on it! Employee disciplined for singing
Bloke gets into trouble at work for the BEST REASON EVER (via
Anybody wanna lend me $25k so I can get Montell Jordan at Beck's first birthday party?
This is how we do it x montell Jordan>>> this the jam tho!
Montell Jordan is the narrator of my life.
Storm chasers be singin' Montell Jordan - ♫ "This is how we do it" ♫ via
The man, who has not been named, became the bane of his colleagues' lives when he repeatedly broke into his own version of Montell Jordan's smash hit, 'This Is How We Do It'
MY PLAYLIST TONIGHT Toni Braxton-Neva just for a ring & Spanish Guiter Public Announcement-John Doe Avant & Monica-My 1st love Tyrees-Lately Sparkle-Carefull Ruff Endz-Someone to love you Silk-Meeting in my bedroom Dru Hill-Somebody's sleeping in my bedroom Beyonce & Nelson-After all is said & done Sylenaa Johnson-Guess what Usher-Work it out & Slow jam Tamia-Rain on me Maxwell-Fortunate Mary j Blige-I'm going down Montell Jordan-Once upon a time Liberty City-whose's she loving now Joe-The love scene & love don't make no sense Jesse Powell-I will be loving you Jagged Edge-Promise & Let's get married Glenn Lewis-Dont u forget it Dave Hollister-My favourite girl,Baby do those things & I'm wrong
Kickin it with Mike Huff and what do I walk into? His office blasting DeBarge Rhythm of the Night, Bobby Brown, New Edition, Another Bad Creation "Iesha", Blackstreet, Blaque, Montell Jordan, Blu Cantrell, Soul for Real, Shai, Jodeci, Boys II Men, Fat Joe Ashanti, Baby Face, whew!
Coked out karaoke to Montell Jordan...this is why I became a comedian.
TBT: This is from Unity Fest 99 I think...opening for Montell Jordan, The Lox & Goodie Mob!!! So long…
Montell Jordan sings a San Antonio Spurs version of his '95 hit "This is How We Do It".
Almost 20 years later and Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It" will liven up the deadest of crowds.
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