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Monte Ellis

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I bet more than half of the "fans" don't even know Jason Richardson, Monte Ellis, or Baron Davis...
people didn't even know the warriors were a team when monte Ellis was the starter
Todays fans dont know who Baron Davis is or Monte Ellis.. and Nate Robinson was in GS lighting it up too
I say trade Jahlil Okafor, for someone like Monte Ellis. Let Ben play point and they can do good ! And get Noel fully Healthy
stop lying, you was a lakers fan like the rest of cali back when the warriors had Monte Ellis and Don Nelson. get outta my face k
Monte Ellis jus threw the smoothest dime
I ball like Monte Ellis.. I got more *** then Elvis
If the cavs and Brian Griffith can get Monte Ellis and this is the key, a true 5 aka Tyson chandler they will be tough with korver.
I'm still kinda salty Monte Ellis left Dallas
I feel like Monte ellis I got more *** then Elvis
Why Dak Prescott look like Monte Ellis left the NBA, hit the gym, changed His name and switched sports lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I used to be a real warriors fan blowing people out dropping 50 with Monte Ellis on 2K lol
Pretty cool if monte Ellis was still on the warriors
Where was all these warrior fans when it was Monte Ellis and Stephen curry πŸ˜‚
Pretty sure Monte Morris is the Perry Ellis of Iowa State πŸ˜’
lmao, I can remember some players like Steve Blake, Andrew Biedrins, Monte Ellis, and Jason Richardson, etc.
you not a warriors fan you don't even know Jason Richardson or monte Ellis
Surprised you didn't say Monte Ellis πŸ€” But respect that
A trade that my make sense 4 Monte Ellis from the Pacers heck he still can play and I'm sure he wants a real chance at winning a title
Monte Ellis is so embarrassed to be Monte Ellis he is wearing a mask.
Just trying to ball like Monte Ellis
Monte Ellis is playing with a mask on his face...your point?
A Pickering man told me this tonight and I threw my phone."Monte Ellis is better than Kyle Lowry".
Goldn State actually gave up Monte Ellis, who was loved by the fans in Golden State at the time. Now D’Angelo might be sacrificed
When you find out you're related to monte Ellis πŸ€”
he can't. He got the monte ellis syndrome
Remember when GSW traded Monte Ellis and the fans hated it? Similar feelings here with CJ. Championships > prolific duos
The excavation of a cave, during work on the Belo Monte Dam in ParΓ‘, unearthed a snake weighing 900 pounds and measuring 3…
monte Ellis about to drop bombs on you all night
and I bet half of the people who know curry right now didn't know him when Monte Ellis, Stephen Jackson and the crew were on the team in 09.
BET "warrior fans" weren't actual fans when Monte Ellis was Currys duo. I actually liked Ellis more then curry at t…
People gettin tight cause Baron Davis and Monte Ellis got buckets
MontΓ© Morris: 4th game with 20+ points and 0 turnovers this season (tied for most such games among major conference play…
I hope the Pistons do pull off some big trades. I've been hearing Paul George & Monte Ellis. For Stanley Johnson, T.Harris and a Draft pick.
trailblazer backcourt is way to small a lot like was at GSW when it was Monte Ellis and Curry we know how that turned out...
People ask who I model my game after.. offensively it has to be Russell and Monte Ellis.. Defensively.. TONY ALLEN ☝🏽st team all Defense!
Stephen Jackson Baron Davis and monte Ellis all scored over twenty points in the 2007_2008 season
Stephen Jackson Monte Ellis and Baron Davis all averaged over twenty points in a season and that was in the 2007_2008 season
Pj Tucker, Steven Adams, Will Barton, Monte Ellis (but old and washed up)...
Paul George is a career 42.5% shooter from the field. Monte Ellis is averaging only 10 ppg. Plus you'd be looking at a VERY small backcourt.
I find it extremely weird that I rapped about Monte Ellis and Jeff teague playing together a year before that trade happened.
Monte Ellis and David Lee needa get back to the warriors tbh where even is monte
I don't fw Steph now I used to when he first came to the league and Monte Ellis ran GSW
hella they don't know that tho they don't know who Monte Ellis is πŸ˜‚
Where was all these GSW fans when Monte Ellis played ? Or what bout Baron Davis? They probably don't know they names πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Y'all probably don't even know who Monte Ellis is πŸ€”
Still don't understand why Curry wasn't like this back with Monte Ellis smh
Here go the GS "fans" bet y'all ain't know the Warriors when they had Jason Richardson, Baron Davis, and Monte Ellis
Pacers needa get rid of Monte Ellis and see if they can get Jimmy Butler or D.Rose.
Monte Ellis was top 5 SG with the Warriors. In a league with a healthy Kobe, D-Wade, Ray Allen, Joe Johnson, and others.
I just wanna know. Who actually cared about the Warriors in the Baron Davis and Monte Ellis days??
I missed the old Warriors when Monte Ellis and Steph was together and Ellis Scoring 46 every other game just about
monte Ellis and G hill trash compared to Toronto guards?? πŸ€”πŸ€”
please please please discuss the fact that Monte Ellis has an enormous Golden State logo tattoo on his back!
Monte Ellis really blew the game for the pacers. Terrible shot selection at the end of the game.
2k b cheating for Monte Ellis every time I play this ***
Paul George puts up *** there 40pts. All Montè Ellis an George Hill had to do was put up at least 25pts combine but they couldn't
Monte ellis better step tf up , ridin Paul George back all series
right could've been a good *** OT game ... Whole time Monte Ellis lost the game ... He a whole nut
neither does Monte Ellis bone headed possession before that
*** happened to monte Ellis man he used to be nice
If PG had another good scorer like him the pacers would be okay cause Monte Ellis ain't doing what he did last year
Why Monte Ellis waste 11 seconds to hit a *** lay up when they're down by 3 πŸ€”
Monte Ellis shouldn't have been inbounding tho. Too short and took forever.
This isn't the same Monte Ellis that used to get buckets on the daily smh
Monte Ellis need to show up he has been terrible
Pacers give it away on their last play, Monte Ellis should never gone for a layup and that play should set for a three points.
The I don't get was why Monte Ellis was throwing the ball in like he ain't the most clutch on that team
I'm almost certain the last play was NOT drawn for Monte Ellis to drive
our ball w/ 2.7. Give it to Solomon Hill, PG, or George Hill. Monte Ellis is stupid for shooting that layup
This L is solely on Monte Ellis lmao he a mf imbecile πŸ˜‚ If the pacers was my team fr I a be heated
Monte Ellis couldn't have heard the play frank Vogel drew up during the last timeout
Monte Ellis looks like Kirko Bangz on the lowww..
probably thinks Monte Ellis is an Allstar... That's the hack he is. Can't wait till he is gonzo! .
Wow! Monte Ellis must not know subtraction. Down 3, dribble for 8 secs. and shoot a contested runner! was right about him Friday!
That's why Monte Ellis can't stay with a team. He shoulda took a back step with Steph and he shoulda let PG13 get buckets just now.
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To be fair I'm working under the assumption that Monte Ellis didn't get the ball and just lose his mind.
Is monte Ellis stupid or is he dumb??
What the *** did monte Ellis just try to do man πŸ€”
I honestly think monte Ellis just wings it on those plays
What is Monte Ellis doing going for a 2 when they are down 3??
Monte Ellis didn't know they needed a three?
I guess Monte Ellis didn't know what the score was huh
Monte Ellis always doing crazy stuff man
If you've never watched him before that was typical Monte Ellis right there.
Why does monte Ellis have the ball at the end of this game?? Paul George?
Why does monte ellis have the ball in that situation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Monte Ellis been in the league like 12 years or what ever and still continues to take bad shots
Did Monte Ellis realized he had to take a 3pt
Selfish and dumb by monte Ellis smh
Monte Ellis is the dumbest why you driving the ball when y'all need a 3
I feel like Monte Ellis just be throwing up Hail Marys when he drives to the basket.. All of his shots been so wild today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
And the could have had Curry instead of Monte Ellis in the Andrew Bogut trade πŸ˜“πŸ˜±πŸ˜­
I ain't say he did I am pointing Monte Ellis deserves the credit not George
Monte Ellis has always been a Spurs killer. Oh well. Would have been nice to gain more ground on GS but some nights aren't easy in the NBA.
What a strange occurrence ..monte ellis has a big game vs ..this has NEVER happened before..WTH?..
Monte Ellis the reason the Pacers won tonight always been a Spurs killer regardless what team he plays for
Monte Ellis is a notorious Spurs killer
Monte Ellis is on my list of players I despise the most in the NBA.
I hope y'all fine Monte Ellis for that flop
Monte Ellis has been so huge for the Pacers πŸ™πŸ½
I am starting to wonder why the paid Green 12 mil, but Monte Ellis got 10 mil from Indy. Ellis used to torch us on Dallas.
*** just got basketball skills..just like Monte Ellis
Most of y'all Warriors fans don't even remember Monte Ellis being the man when he was there.
Parsons *** he is a liability. why would we maxx this guy out. What was wrong with Monte Ellis ?
What team does viktor aladipo play for ? What position monte Ellis ?? Cmon no generic mainstream players
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Bruh there weren't warriors fans when monte Ellis was on the Warriors and that wasn't even that long ago
they just gonna say Baron Davis or Monte Ellis ...
it's all about Monte Ellis baby lol
if it wasn't for you would be the same player you was when you had Monte Ellis
There was this time a few years ago when the Warriors were at the bottom and traded Monte Ellis, and the fans boo'd the owner in the Oracle.
MORE: Manning called John Elway, Joe Ellis and Gary Kubiak on Saturday night.
maybe he is better than monte Ellis πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Then he charges Monte Ellis who is clearly outside the circle and gets the and 1. *** with these refs? Be consistent, it's your job!
All these Golden State fans didn't exist when it was just Monte Ellis there except
I just realized before Steph Curry was the man in Golden State it was a monte ellis 😊😊
If you claim to be a Golden State Warriors fan and you don't know who Baron Davis is or Monte Ellis. You are on the bandwagon.
But people didn't know he played with Monte Ellis in Golden State they don't know basketball
I been a fan of curry since he was playing with monte Ellis
*** knew bout curry since he was a young bull wit monte Ellis & the ugly *** jerseys
and to think the bucks had a choice between him and monte Ellis in the Bogut deal! 😬
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I remember a couple years ago when I was living in NorCal the Warriors traded Monte Ellis. Their fans raged.
Wasn't none y'all Warrior fans when Monte Ellis was playin. Don't even know who Baron Davis is... Or Jason Richardson!
I remember when Baron Davis Monte Ellis and Steven Jackson used to light it up for Golden State.
How genius does the Monte Ellis trade look, today?
Everybody a warrior fan now but was you with them win they had Monte Ellis?πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
I remember when I came up with the Warriors in 2k, this was when *** Monte Ellis was kicking it in GS
Thanks Paul George for putting the on your back in 4th but we'll have Monte Ellis shoot the crucial shot that would've sealed it.
It's all Klay right now smacking a little sense into Monte Ellis's head. 12-6 Warriors against the Pacers. Steve Kerr is happy to be back.
I miss when the Bucks had Brandon Jennings, Larry Sanders & Monte Ellis πŸ˜•
More importantly Monte Ellis needs to go back to the Warriors
Did you trust the process when the Warriors tried to build their franchise around Monte Ellis?
Some British female lastnight said JCole sing better than Drake & Monte Ellis the best player in the NBA I was like *** u talkin bout lmaoo
I owe an apology for a long time I thought we should've kept monte Ellis instead of you I was tripping my bad.
I think James Harden is Monte Ellis w/charisma. And I don't think I'm capable of being convinced otherwise.
Stfu monte Ellis you're as loud as grandma
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i think butler did foul him, I'm a chicago bulls fan to heart and a realist, so with that being said monte ellis
False. Just a vet like a Monte Ellis or something like that
Love having Monte Ellis in Indiana. Can always create a shot. Probably the best on the team.
Yo Monte Ellis looking like Ray Allen out there.
Monte Ellis hit the Ray Allen in the Finals
Monte Ellis hitting big shots since when πŸ€”
If you're looking for confidence, check out Monte Ellis. Takes a lot of guts to take a shot at the buzzer right after missing one.
Monte Ellis is garbage. He caused turnovers and took ill advised shots. Not his shooting night either
Monte Ellis isn't Derrick Rose. Rose would've hit that shot
Monte Ellis thought he was Steph Curry. Tf he shooting all the way back there for? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
How does Monte Ellis always kill the Bulls in crunch time
Monte Ellis made that and it was such a terrible shot. Gotta be a nightmare coaching him.
Monte Ellis is gonna on be N Fool tonight
Monte Ellis must have hit a Chicago night club last night...
That was the weakest foul i have ever seen called.. Monte Ellis throws an elbow and gets FTs out of it?? ***
What s up with monte Ellis tonight ??
Brooks just broke off Monte Ellis' ankles
Thankfully for the Bulls, Monte Ellis is playing a D-league rookie.
That *** monte ellis was hoopin in some bin23 13's *** ! But luckily he changed shoes on the sideline lbsπŸ˜₯
Why is Niko not in the *** post?!? He has Monte Ellis on him. POST THE *** UP!
Please put my boy monte ellis back on the warriors
this was back when we had Monte Ellis bet this won't happen now! Curry is way better than that. he got crossed tho.
Steph Curry been that *** especially when the warriors had monte ellis!
Lmao Golden State used to have Barron Davis & Monte Ellis, how the times have changed
*** aint even know who he was bruh. smh. been knowing bout him since Monte Ellis was in GS.
No L's in 2016 like my name is Monte Ellis
Remember when people were freakin out bout the warriors trading monte ellis to make room for more playing time for curry? EL OH EL
If you know Monte Ellis, youre legit
Monte Ellis is quickly getting back into that scoring form of old. Let's keep an eye on him
I guess I'm late ah knowing about Monte Ellis being on the Pacers
Mabuhay Philippines! i'm from Cam. Sur Monte Ellis played for BUCK & MAVS but where is Monte now?
Kemba exceeds expectations. He'll be looked at like Monte Ellis and I. Thomas though
Monte Ellis is better than Kyle Korver period
As monte Ellis' points go up, PG's points go down. I need them to both be great together lol
Monte Ellis with 26 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists! 😍 nice game!
Monte Ellis 26 points what did Paul George all sudden stop balling Ellis don't even get enough attempts off get 26 points atl d *** u doing
Watching Monte Ellis light it up at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indy!
27, 21 after first quarter. Monte Ellis has 10 points, Paul George 5 (2-of-8 shooting). Jeff Teague (Pike) has 6 points.
Monte Ellis don't play no defense but always wanna shoot
It would be so crazy if the warriors picked Paul George in the 2010 Draft, Curry and George and maybe Monte Ellis omg
I liked them when they had Monte Ellis and David Lee. Before curry. But the bulls will always be my team
I still remember fans booing management for trading Monte Ellis for Andrew did that work out?
Monte Ellis just told Paul George to clear out. That is really
*** deal by Riley. Could've got multiple players for that amount of $$ including Monte Ellis
Should I start Kevin Martin over Monte Ellis since monte is DTD?
i don't have ANY faith in the Cavs to win a title. . Paul George & Monte Ellis . Melo back. Jimmy B & D. Rose. The Raptors . Jabari…
So my "My Player" just got compared to Russell Westbrook , Monte Ellis, James Harden, and Lebron James
Linda, has Monte Ellis signed with the Pacers yet???
*speedy Claxton β€œAll imma say is, if yeen been a Golden State fam since Monte Ellis played stay off my TL πŸ˜Šβ€
There's wing players in the FA heat can look at. . Monte Ellis. Aaron afflalo . Gerald green
Pacers should shoot for a Rodney Stuckey and Solomon Hill for Monte Ellis. And a draft pick for Isaiah thomas
my best player is monte Ellis Yall good Fam
Sounds like if Monte Ellis doesn't opt in the Mavs will be forced into a rebuild.
"Monte Ellis wont be Maverick's main priority if he opts out".Funniest joke I've heard since 2011 FA when Tyson Chandler wasn't a "priority"
i know 2 Baron Davis and monte ellis
Where these Warriors fans was at when it was Curry and Monte Ellis? πŸ˜•
Monte Ellis and curry together in 2010 that's why I liked them
Crazy everyone hopped on this Golden State bandwagon just in time for the finals, But you knew Montè Ellis was the star before Curry right?
Warrior fans don't remember when they had Monte Ellis
I always invision Igoudala sounding like Monte Ellis.
I was a Golden State fan when they had Barron davis and Monte Ellis 😴😴
I'm not a fan of neither team but I hate "the they winning now fans" *** was you when monte Ellis was there 😭😭😭
Golden State are all bandwagon jumpers yall prolly ain't even know monte Ellis was there
I been a warriors fan since monte ellis was playing for the warriors !
Lol where did all these warriors come from Yall wasn't struggling with Darrell wright in monte Ellis 😴
I been a Golden State fan since monte Ellis was playing SG there
What if the warriors still had Monte Ellis lol
David Lee finna give that work like he use to with Monte Ellis
Yall think monte Ellis would've been helpful? 😭
When we first drafted Curry I was mad because he & Monte Ellis looked identical on NBA2K .
how about monte Ellis why no one ever mentions him as a target for any team ever. When he left bucks he hardly had any offers
Guilty Wives by James Patterson and David Ellis Monte Carlo violence murder
Happened with Ray Allen Andrew Bogut Monte Ellis and Brandon Jennings
So monte Ellis is leaving the Mavs more than likely. *** that's not good news at all
Reminds me of the Dubs getting rid of Monte Ellis to get Bogut but allowed Curry to step up.
The Warriors need Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Al Harrington, and Monte Ellis to win this Series
The Warriors need to win it for Andris Biedrins, Baron Davis, Monte Ellis, J Rich, Steven Jackson and Al Harrington!
been with the Warriors since monte Ellis 😏
Monte Ellis,, Bradley Beal,, Jimmy butler all doing way better than wade this season
yes sir, was a warriors fan since monte Ellis and when Baron Davis played ***
Lebron My Favorite Player. Golden State been my team since they had Monte Ellis
Monte Ellis and curry was struggling back then
Half ya'll *** didn't even know who Steph Curry was when Monte Ellis was the star of the team.
I liked them better when they had Monte Ellis
yeah i did since dude went to Davidson or and when Monte Ellis was the man over there
I like players that keep the same mannerisms throughout the game. No pouting&or whining just hooping. Monte Ellis type cats
Monte Ellis wouldn't be going out like this
Warriors need Monte Ellis on those layups.
that was a long time ago.that was even b4 Monte Ellis trade.
some don't even know that's where monte Ellis came from
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Monte Ellis where you at fam you would make anything and everything
Half of the new warriors fans dont know who monte ellis isπŸ’―
I'm a fan no matter what! I've always been a Golden State fan since Monte Ellis was on there πŸ’―
really? I hate when people assume I don't know who Baron Davis, or monte Ellis, Ronny Turiaf, or any of the warriors greats are.
Man I remember when the Warriors was Baron Davis, Monte Ellis, Corey Magette, Steven Jackson *** These bandwagon fans don't even know
it doesn't matter if Monte Ellis shoots in the red, that's a made shot
Wasn't this many warriors fans when they traded monte Ellis for bogut
Been a Curry fan since monte ellis played on the warriors
I cant keepm talking about when they had Monte Ellis and how no one knew Steph Curry because Monte was out shinning him but imm stop
When you been a Golden State fan since 05 when Monte Ellis & Baron Davis played for them. πŸ™Š
Were ppl been when curry had Monte ellis? 6 yrs this man been in the NBA and ppl just jumping on the wagon
aww man lmao I thought I look more like monte Ellis
I feel like I haven't seen the Warriors lose a home game ever since Monte Ellis was there.
That's weak bruh monte Ellis ain't made an all-nba team yetπŸ‘€
Him and Monte Ellis use to be ballin
Remembering back when warrior fans were hella mad we got rid of Monte Ellis instead of curry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Monte ellis has been in the league for 10 yrs. geez. Straight out of high school.
β€œMe & Monte vs anybody on the court we. Winning πŸ’―β€ monta ellis ?
He came up after being in Monte Ellis' shadow for long. That's what happens when you get a ball hog in your team
Kill, Fame Reek do look smoove like Monte Ellis πŸ˜‚
I know Monte Ellis in Dallas thinking.that could have been me in Golden State
I feel ya, and I dont care, I still miss Monte Ellis!
Thank you Don Nelson for not caring what anyone said when we had Monte Ellis, and you still drafted with the 7th pick.
Monte Ellis really used to be my favorite player when he played for the Warriors
I knew steph would get MVP eventually, thats been long overdue since him & monte Ellis use to fsu a few years back. yall been sleepin on him
If you known me for a while then you would know that I been a warriors fan way when they had Monte Ellis and Andres beidrens my team special
steph exceeded everybody expectations, ppl thought GS was crazy when they picked steph over monte Ellis, now look at him
I want Monte Ellis to play with Steph Curry again😭
I don't want anyone that can't play defense like a Monte Ellis. I want like a Wesley Matthews type guy
Monte ellis in a Golden State jersey??
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I really hate Bay Area teams sometimes first the Warriors trade Monte Ellis and now the A's trade Cespedes 😭😭😭
Remember when GS was debating on if they should trade Monte Ellis or Steph?!?! ...Yeah
β€œMonte Ellis was my favorite warrior” *Baron Davis
Monte Ellis was my favorite warrior
I guess Thompson replaced Monte Ellis at GSW. Cause now his combo with Curry is lethal.
Steph and Klay is a better version of Barren Davis & Monte Ellis for the Warriors.
Refereed Monte Ellis's kid in flag football today...then he showed up in a all white Bentley
they have parsons under contract and they need to retain Monte Ellis. They never get big free agents.
what kind of numbers do you think Monte Ellis will average next year, and will he make the Allstar team
I didn’t know Monte Ellis came straight out of high school
- Swagg from 3 point cuz my swagg Monte Ellis.
Maybe they could draft Towns and then throw some dough at Gragic or get Monte Ellis.
My mama just went to lunch with Monte Ellis 😳
the Magic need to get a shooter/scorer. I would say Monte Ellis but they like their guards even if they can't shoot
Just realizing with Iowa State v Kansas next yr. Matchups will be Monte v Mason, Georges v Ellis, and McKay v Diallo. Wow is all I can say!!
Chauncey Billups/Monte Ellis love child. Chauncey turned into a great distributor but he wasn't initially
Deandre jordan, Lamarcus Aldridge ,Chandler Parsons, Monte Ellis, Devin Harris and Dirk coming off the bench for 2015-2016 ?
youve been backing Rondo forever, even at the expense of Monte Ellis. U should be clowned for this
I wonder if monte Ellis would mine coming off the bench and being a sixth man of the year player
Just saw a Monte Ellis in our parking garage. I waved at him while wearing my hat lol
Not a Lebron James or KD fan never been 🚫 I like people like Monte Ellis and Jamal Crawford 😈
Go gome Monte Ellis .. go home . Dallas Mavericks houston rockets
Dwight cleared Monte Ellis out the way πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
monte Ellis needed help from teammates and also TO (turnover)killed they momentum
Dwight Howard bodied monte Ellis on that put back dunk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Heat fans, who would you rather have? Monte Ellis or Gerald Green?
what did you think of the referees tonight? Between their calls and monte Ellis hoarding the ball I don't what was worse
ik you seen Monte Ellis get hurt wen we was down by 3 come on now , yal rockets fu boy
Monte Ellis is a regular season player he's not built for the playoffs
Monte Ellis was playing possum. He just wanted a moment to be remembered since he didn't do shot this series when it mattered most... –  10% Off
If monte Ellis not in a Mavs uniform next year, I will not be watching Dallas
Hate to see this for Monte Ellis but glad James Harden going on
my *** Monte Ellis look like we wanna cry yo
I want Monte Ellis in Miami next season
Monte Ellis face after he was laying on the ground while the crowd was cheering was depressing af
Wow harden's push off on the three and the bulldoze over monte Ellis... obviously wants Houston to win this series
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